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Just post pictures of delicious food and we'll all try to figure out how to cook it later!
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File: 1624843246885.png (6.33 MB, 2000x1283, ClipboardImage.png)

>Tomato soup recipe
This is an extremely good tomato soup recipe that I make often.
2 medium cans peeled whole tomatoes (~16 oz total)
1 small can tomato paste
1 leek
2 carrots
2 onions
1 shallot
7 tbs olive oil
4 garlic cloves
coriander (AKA cilantro, optional)
romano cheese (optional)
MSG (optional)
3 cups normal vegetable broth OR
3 cups normal chicken broth
6 oz heavy cream


Peel & slice, dice all vegetables
Prepare vegetable broth with 3 cups of hot water or 750ml
Heat oil over medium heat
Cook onions for 2 minutes
Add vegetables but not tomatoes
Cook for 5 minutes
Add tomatoes
Add the broth
Add the spices
Add cream
Let it boil
Lower heat, cover, and simmer for 30 minutes


i was going to say maggi but then i remembered the decades of lead poisoning it gave me

so yeah yours probably must be better


>i was going to say maggi but then i remembered the decades of lead poisoning it gave me
Good thing I don't fuck with instant pasta. That Barilla shit probably has lead too huh. I hear a lot of Italian olive oil is actually garbage because of the mafia.

>is the whole pairing drinks with food a western concept?

>like somalieers and shit like that??

>does everybody around the world not just drink water with their food?
I mean doesn't that depend heavily on whether you drink alcohol or not? Most places people drink beer with a meal or tea. Pairing food is just some dumb wino shit. I just like cocktails myself(not buying that expensive shit at restaraunts however.) All you do is you get your favorite soda/juice. You pour in vodka til it's at the concentration you like. Done. It's really simple. I'm partial to Stevia sodas myself. Sugar drinks(even the real sugar/no corn syrup ones) start tasting disgusting after you stop drinking them. Leaves your saliva all thick and weird.



>maggi has poisonous lead in it
Fuck, that scares the shit outta me. I don't eat the instant noodles (or any instant shit, really) but I love Maggi sauce. I just realized it's by Nestlé (the Devil) too. Oh man, what a disappointment.


I seriously don't get canned tomatoes. Why can't people just take fresh ones and cook them down?


It's more work.


Not really? Just cut it up to small bits and put them on a pan with high heat, the tomatoes will cook in their own juices. Plus fresh tomatoes are way cheaper and without the useless metal can.


I hate nestle so much
I get scared sometimes thinking that I'm not really completely me or who I am supposed to be because of the lead


man, this cooking thread is really making me feel stuff


Am I a retard for frying canned sardines, in the oil they were canned with? They end up a bit dry but taste like a proper grilled fish.


It depends.

From: https://www.thedailymeal.com/difference-between-canned-and-fresh-tomatoes
>When cooking with tomatoes, whether it be for sauces or stews, canned tomatoes are a better choice because they are densely packed and have a higher concentration of flavor that will stand up to heat.

In my experience, this is correct. Also, remember that canned tomatoes are picked at harvest so they are relatively fresh and maintain most of their nutrients when you take them out of the can. Lastly, unless you live in Italy you won't have access to San Marzano tomatoes, so canned is the only way to go.international_brigadeInternational Brigade


Yes, it is. The tomatoes have to be peeled, or else the soup isn't going to be smooth, and the end result will be a pretty dull-tasting soup w/o the concentrated flavor of the tomato paste. I've made variations of the tomato soup above and the ingredients I listed produce a good tasting soup that doesn't require a lot of work.


>Lastly, unless you live in Italy you won't have access to San Marzano tomatoes, so canned is the only way to go.
You fell for the EU scam bro. San Mazano tomatoes seed are available everywhere. Most of the canned stuff are grew in the American Midwest with the same type of soil. It’s as much as a meme to inflate prices as the modern trends with wagyu beef and cast iron cookware.


well my supermarket doesn't sell fresh san marzano tomatoes, and I don't have a garden nor do I likely live in a climate conducive to growing san marzano tomatoes, so there you go—canned it is for me.

I don't care, my marinara sauce comes out fantastic.international_brigadeInternational Brigade


Tonight I tried to make porridge for the very first time in my life, using this video
But I used too much salt, and it tasted like utter shit, and then spent the next 3 hours trying to fix it, but no matter how much more water, milk, oats, sugar, honey, cinnamon and vanilla I used, it still tasted shitty (although a bit less). Is there any way I can fix this mess? In the meantime it looks like I'll go to sleep without eating so good night.


Eat it savory retard


But I wanted something sweet anon


Sweet porridge is a mistake. Oatmeal is a better alternative with a multitude of different textures and flavors based on the mix and the accompanying liquid.
Savory porridge on the other hand is good for all occasions especially when you have a bunch of leftover rice and meat. Cook rice with lots of bone broth (preferably pork bones with marrow or trotters for the added fat and gelatin) in a pressure cooker for about an hour. If you’re lazy you could just cook both the meat, bones and porridge in the same pot but I prefer that the meat still a have a bite to it and not fall-off-the-bone tender. Garnish with poached eggs and some scallions. Perfect brunch.


Is water and soap enough to remove the cum and shit molecules before cooking?

Do you ever think or worry about where your chef's hands have been as you eat the meal made by them?

Or do you just not care


That's sweet


The point of cooking is to cleanse the cum and shit molecules in flame until no living thing, such as bacteria or worms, can survive within it.punkPunk


I will give you my easy dopeass oatmeal recipe bro.

Take 1 cup oats in a bowl
Mix some sugar and cinnamon in
fill water in the bowl until it is just a hair under the top layer of the oats (just make water level with the oats so its not too watery)

Microwave 1.30 minutes, stir microwave 1.3 mins more

Top off with butter, add seeds, fruits raisins whatever else you want to top it off with. Mix and eat bish


Couldn’t care less. Micro particles of excrements exist everywhere in food. Most of the processed food have insects in them. As long as they don’t contain actual germs that can harm you it’s fine.


You're okay with those micro particles?


We can’t even separate them from our body let alone our food. A single toilet flush basically sends a microscopic cloud of waste to your entire body.


>Micro particles of excrements
Really? In a food thread anon? Just for that I'm sentencing you to watch a 4 hour marathon of Diners, Drive Ins, and Drives. (American culture torture)


File: 1625713678015.jpg (80.64 KB, 933x915, 1613827722622.jpg)

I grew up watching hours of Food Paradise, Man v Food and every other american food culture show
You cannot kill the devil with his own horns anon'

But yeah I didn't know where else to talk about that


This is why I flush after closing the lid. But you're right, It's a losing battle


Watching the fan dub for Guy pretty much ruined the experience for me. It’s just so much better than the original.
Speaking of Fieri, is it just me or he always touching uncooked food when he’s in the kitchen.


You're telling there's a Diners, Drive-ins and Drives Abridged Series? (DDDAS)


I don't know, eating oats with savory food feels wrong to me.

Thanks anon, I'll try that next time except for the microwave part (I can use the stove).
Actually, the following day I realized that my attempts at fixing it had worked, suddenly it was sweet, and it tasted kinda like cereal.


Man vs Food was a goodie. That was pre-YouTube mukbang too. I haven't watched Food Channel in years. YouTube took the FC place, and FC took the Game Show Network's place.


Truth be told, I was a DDD fan too for a little while. What killed it for me was we ate at one of Fieri's restaurants, Johnny Garlic's in Pleasanton, CA. Food was snack bar tier. My gf ordered a salad and the romaine lettuce had grill marks on it. Yee-hah, bbq'd salad! I got shrimp scampi, and the shrimp arrived raw, clearly frozen shrimp they'd rushed out, rubbery and cold. Then they brought us our drinks last, after we'd given up on the food and were looking to bail.

tl:dr Gordon Ramsay should have filmed an episode of Kitchen Nightmares at Guy Fieri's restaurant.


Cooking oatmeal to the point it’s porridge makes it indistinguishable from rice to me. Is it just me or is risotto have a slimy texture to it? Maybe I fucked up and left in too much starch when washing it.


File: 1625891509440.png (871.94 KB, 1258x808, Top Chef.png)

I was watching Top Chef and saw Finnish contestant with communist shirt and it got me thinking about the worker's movement in the cooking industry

How is it?
The investors, The Chefs, The servers and etc

And what are you thoughts on competitive cooking shows and do you think it has any bad effect on the industry


I still like the Food Network

>FC took the Game Show Network'

What does that mean


It’s a hothouse industry filled to the brim with petit bourgeois douchebags. Both the failing and successful restaurants have overbearing owners that abuse their workers while paying them terribly.
The worst part is that competitive cooking shows actually glamorize these bastards. Take Gordon Ramsay himself, the image of him in his cooking shows is entirely removed from his real management of his restaurant chain. It’s always mired in worker abuse, shit pay, and using inferior ingredients yet the fucker dares to use this to criticize other shittier owners. The point is not doing those things is bad as a small scale porky, the point is doing it with terrible PR is bad.


The Food Channel stopped being educational, and started game shows. The Game Show Network was an entire channel that showed nothing but game shows. I like to cook personally, and the game shows with cooking as it's theme turn me off. My favorite celebrity chefs really are Julia Child and Jacque Pepin because 100% of their programs were educational.


How to eat healthy? There are so many conflicting opinions about it online I feel completely lost.


Learn to enjoy veggies. Simple as. Salad wih ranch, cheesy broccoli, squash casserole, cutting carrots into ramen noodles… get creative and spice up your healthy foods a little. But most importantly, get your body to crave it. Eat enough healthy food, and your body will recognize that it wants and needs the vitamins inside… you'll get hooked because your body will beg you to eat vitamin rich and nutritious food.punkPunk


Sounds like hell. The industry just shouldn't exist.

I read up one of the judges of Top Chef and he apparently was sued for wage theft and had to settle out of court

And the guy with the communist shirt I posted? A conservative republican
Why would they be wearing that shirt then, I didn't think there were ironic right wing hipster


File: 1629471538357.png (497.17 KB, 683x363, ClipboardImage.png)

Fried Chicken advice here, turned out pretty good https://youtu.be/igOBWQswJnQ?t=593


>TFW people keep memeing about "muh pineapple pizza
<TFW in Italy they serve literal chocolate pizza
No joke, there is so many weird pizza types just from Italy that this pineapple pizza shit is retardedly petty.


Someone sauce me the music.


Happy Brass (remix) by glenn cartier & Brandon mancuso


I can't believe someone found the source after so long. Great job anon.


No problemo


I love cooking a lot, made pasta e fagioli last night
I'm a retarded NEET but I live with my parents and have to plan every meal and write the shopping lists and cook every dinner


That's productive and as long as you're not a literal layabout, you're good.


File: 1632543314829-0.mp4 (3.24 MB, 480x480, dumpling fold.mp4)

File: 1632543314829-1.mp4 (6.92 MB, 640x640, chocolate tree.mp4)

File: 1632543314829-2.mp4 (7.82 MB, 480x480, chocolate wheel.mp4)

some good stuff >>6459

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