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I love you guys lol
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good shit


File: 1672178980445.jpg (263.15 KB, 1536x2048, 20221227_122835.jpg)

*notices your private enterprise*




flood detected





File: 1672635322949-1.png (47.2 KB, 852x946, FlZ326OXEAEFgDL.png)

File: 1672635322949-2.mp4 (11.19 MB, 960x720, bunnygirlsailormoon.mp4)



The delivery almost put me off from it but man Angel Hare is good.




File: 1673234004962.jpg (134.61 KB, 1080x1080, adddddddddddd.jpg)


Short people got no reason to live
Short people got no body to love


File: 1673339074777.jpg (118.08 KB, 1023x599, 1672764860791.jpg)

Paul what you doin' playin' hide-and-heckin-seek? P-Paul?



Anyone going to upcoming cons, I'm driving to furry fiesta next month.


there are none in my area :(


No meets even? I went to one a week ago.


File: 1676798649345.gif (91.31 KB, 864x648, 1000platos-1914-09.gif)

How does the furry community respond to these allegations?


I dond geddit :^D


File: 1677436411722.mp4 (5.48 MB, 576x1024, d92e63897ced5dcc.mp4)


File: 1677436621223.jpg (114.21 KB, 850x596, 1677297512910.jpg)


>No slit skirt
>No low cut
>Not even a hole for the tail


File: 1680220602411.jpg (91.4 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

hello my Furrgey friends, nothing to do with you guys, just that i found this funny shit that exposed how degenerated 4chan and their ilk has become:
You probably know about 'Goodbye Volcano High', a furry game where the protag is non-binary, well 4chan got triggered like always and released a "Fan" game of this game that is not even released yet, Called Snoot game, which is your typical rightoid discourse LGBT are groomers, non-binarism or whatever don't exist bla bla bla.
it just cements to me how the site that did katawa shoujo has been reduced to a site that does nothing but shitty games to seethe about anything that has a gay in it.


Why the fuck do furry artists draw such sensuous fats?


because youre a furry


Furry artists understand that imitating reality is pointless, it is superior to create an ideal form


Since I'm posting anyway, furry guys are cute. Love the energy and enthusiasm. Keep on being you, and let no one scare you away or out of the suit.

According to some libs I know snoot game is actually good.
I didn't read it in its entirety myself, but from what little I did consume made it obvious there is some heavy tension within the subtext. And that's after complete rewrites, lol.



File: 1680291187382-0.mp4 (380.05 KB, 576x1024, 1.mp4)

File: 1680291187382-1.mp4 (2.74 MB, 720x900, 2.mp4)


The Lackadaisy pilot came out a few days ago!


breddy gud


Looks cool, I'll check it out. Right now though I'm looking for romance stories or maybe comics, anyone have any good recommendations? I'd prefer young/teen if possible but not mandatory. Any yiff involvement also a bonus.


Only took them a decade smh


Dunno why they even bothered with a remake for a game that still looks fine but I like this meme


File: 1682822202149.jpg (90.42 KB, 1246x1500, Fu2czYcXwAAgvKl.jpg)



tummy :3


What furry sites do you guys use? It's too inactive here for this topic


Chitter.xyz, pretty comfy fedi instance. Lacks markdown support but it's federated with plenty of instances with furry artists.
Also Neocities has a some good stuff too.


Can someone explain to me why porn is acceptable here other than 2d furshit


Well the most recent porn this thread was all the way back in 2020 where I imagine the rules were different / more lenient. This thread was made a little less than 30000 posts ago, mind you. Some stuff gets grandfathered in.


File: 1685134338061.png (132.49 KB, 521x305, awoooooray.png)

Can someone tell me where this is from? Reverse image search doesn't work.


no go away.
get this shitty thread out of the first page ffs.
Sage(No low effort flaming in hobby/alt please)


File: 1685170649323.png (86.22 KB, 323x325, ClipboardImage.png)

oh yeah I made that screenshot.
He Is A Good Boy by KC Green


I recognized the art-style from a cooperative thing he did with http://nedroid.com/ but didn't think to look further
This seems like pretty good webcomic, I've been looking for something like this. More stuff to add to the pile, now that some other ones have quit updating for a while now.


Yeah, that and The Anime Club (a series within Gunshow iirc) are thumbs ups from me. TAC is much shorter and more straight-forward, HIAGB is (mostly) episodic so you can drop in and out a lot.


File: 1685984747195.png (3.19 MB, 2400x1260, 761617690c4802a6.png)

src: musicians.today banner


Unique IPs: 26

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