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I love you guys lol


holding out hope for an eventual push towards an alternative leftist furry culture, rather than the current dominant culture culture plus the aesthetic trappings of leftism.


What happened to the old thread?


not OP: it hit the bump limit, it's still at: >>551


What does that even mean?


He means he doesn't want to pay for art of his fursona lel.


Holding out hope for there being a cure for you.


Jannies and mods hate us. Even innocuous and humorous pics of anthros get purged if they're found outside containment. But in imageboard culture, hating on furries is mandatory, so it's nothing astonishing. Really, I like the giant anime boob and yuri megathreads, basic as they are. I'm OK with Alyuna being a nekomimi, and that I've never seen a full-on anthropomorphic sabo-tabby intepretation of her. It's just tradition, not hypocrisy.

But in an age where the masses associate smug anime chicks and shrill Japanese pop music with fascist mass shootings, do we really still deserve the infamy? I'm guessing furries are the gringe, wuss-ass freaks that shit in diapers and like plush toys too much, while the anime fans are the based, cool freaks who support ideals like social darwinism and the anime industry's mass exploitation of labor.


I mean, I don't mind you guys as long as you don't openly mix your fetishes with our cause. It's fine and normal to have sexual preferences, it's a personal matter, but it should be kept separate from other matters (and I'm not just talking about furries here). If you want to make communist-themed porn then go ahead but do it in the appropriate context only.

That being said, I do love anthro art. anthropomorphic animal characters are super cool in my opinion. Like your pic, it really looks like propaganda that could inspire even people who are not furries. Whereas shit like my pic (if it's even serious) is just ridiculous; if it's gonna influence anyone positively it's just gonna be fetishists who can't keep sex separate from other important issues anyway.

I would say that furries as a whole don't deserve such infamy but the fact is that examples like these are not rare and make it hard for people not to hate the entire community. The same could be said about anime edgelords nowadays.


File: 1608525868723.png (4.74 KB, 256x256, skye.png)

>projecting this much onto an innocuous post that invites speculation
>can't even argue properly against the specter they've created


Theres this version of Rodina if that makes you happy


> imageboard culture, hating on furries is mandatory
Not necessarily true. There're many furry posters on 4chan /vp/, it only involves Pokémons though.
I'm not a furfag, but I don't hate you for things you might like.


I mean the union member obviously made that post to encourage unionization in fur suit industry.(which is stated in other IWW post)
I don't know westerners found that post weird. It looked like normal cartoon to me. Maybe its cause we in the East don't even know what furfags are. I used to think they're guys who dress up to entertain the children, and sell things to them at mall.


the problem is that people both here and in a lot of other places can’t separate the personal from the political, so they politicalize everything about their life


File: 1608525870533.jpg (50.84 KB, 640x635, furry execution.jpg)

Its simple; don't put politics in fetishes. Furry posters like that Bear you posted is fine, its not NSFW and clearly references WW-2 posters without delving into other shit

Meanwhile the "squash yer boss" image posted >>4831 is when you SHOULDN'T do it, especially as part of the IWW. This has been discussed ad nauseum in the previous thread, with 3 examples of appropriate images for use as political posters, the best of which was the indoraptor calling to Eat the Rich.

&ltwhen you have no counter so you claim projection
>innocuous post
&ltwhen furry humor is mocked on a chan that's not ok!
>argue properly
&ltarguing when there is no argument is like using dynamite in a chlorine pool to catch salmon
>specter created
&lteverything's a spook
Kek try harder


Fucking this


The thing it's not the anthro thing it's that the drawing in that context was commissioned to a vore/inflation artist and is explicitly inflation which doesn't look good for us nor does it look good for furries. I can understand the confusion because not everyone knows that kind of thing's even a fetish but it's definitely not going to do the IWW any kind of favors…


Based explanation


>when furry humor is mocked on a chan that's not ok!
what the hell does this even mean


The feminists got one thing right, the personal is political.


your gf dumping you is not political, your mom making shity tendies is not political, your furry fetish is not political


File: 1608525888509.png (113.76 KB, 500x493, vore the rich.png)

vore the rich though uwu


Someone find this man and invite him here


This is great.


critical support for reddit mods


r/communism can't handle the truth.


tfw too autistic to be furry


How so?


how? furry is the highest level of autism
>I can't stand looking at people's faces. Animal heads are just somehow easier on the eyes
>I get to imagine an overly complicated fantasy world and inject myself into it
>I get to pretend I'm a stupid animal with other people who pretend to be stupid animals. There's no room for human bullshit like nuance
It's perfect for spergs


Show me on the doll where the Renamon touched you?


Any more high-brow anthro art?


Bell kicked out all the nazis from 8kun fur so its free pickings.


Damn Mick used to make such great single pieces of art. Now it's like a different artist altogether.


File: 1608525993955.jpg (170.68 KB, 720x474, guennolLioness.jpg)

Does this count cause this 5000 year old furry art is thicc as hell


It's pretty cool.
Now, Amano had few anthro pictures, mostly concerning that jaguar-man light novel series.


File: 1608526002077-0.jpg (114.79 KB, 748x600, BjpsUrdJe_M.jpg)

File: 1608526002077-1.jpg (104.95 KB, 662x800, BnPvEIJWVb8.jpg)

File: 1608526002077-2.jpg (76.67 KB, 800x642, s88nqosrhYw.jpg)



File: 1608526002254-0.jpg (258.75 KB, 737x900, is3OE0Wp4qk.jpg)

File: 1608526002254-1.jpg (45.24 KB, 469x555, ByCzix_6VwU.jpg)

File: 1608526002254-2.jpg (43.37 KB, 450x555, d7hRIVb6syQ.jpg)


this shit's even weirder than anthros, ngl


And vastly better drawn!


lmfao this dude took his fetish too far


Come on now, those are just paintings, and classy ones at that. I can see worse things just looking at fa's frontpage at random.


I feel like the fact that they're paintings makes it worse, they're less transient. But yeah idk just how the legs are like 3x as big as the top freaks me out.


but it's hoooooot


I just love furry porn


This thread is far more standard, good.


File: 1608526048640.jpg (1.29 MB, 1200x1200, 81523977_p0.jpg)

I just watched BNA and I feel like that snine could cause me to develop a furry fetish.

Well, maybe not. When they change the jaw shape into a muzzle instead of a human face it gets gross, but tanuki girl was cute.


What are you talking about?


File: 1608526057968-0.png (208.99 KB, 650x1193, 81410235_p0.png)

File: 1608526057968-2.jpg (497.42 KB, 1902x1309, 81523977_p34.jpg)

The anime, BNA.


File: 1608526058238.jpg (44.38 KB, 655x527, aoiwjreopfjk.jpg)

I was somewhat dissapointed / let down by it

My guess is that is such a nothing carbon copy of every movie rights movement thing ever except there is anime and furry bait, and even that is kinda underwhelming because of how cliche the furry bait characters are from what I saw

I saw the first episode and didnt get motivated to see the rest


File: 1608526061126-0.jpg (347.31 KB, 1816x1309, 82054369_p61.jpg)

File: 1608526061126-1.jpg (303.2 KB, 1816x1309, 82054369_p60.jpg)

File: 1608526061126-2.png (2.39 MB, 2480x3508, 81696429_p0.png)

I didn't like the first episode either. Give it another episode or two, it gets funnier by the time she becomes a pitcher for the bears in the slums, though I liked it more because the main lead is fun to watch.


8kun /fur/ has been abandoned by reactionary furries and Bell is fairly left-leaning. The board is ripe for use by bunkerchanists and you can take over essentially. Bell has also cleaned up the board of older shitposting threads, leaving plenty of good stuff. For non-censored content, simply switch to the board CSS he made.
>Inb4 Muh feds!
Its a fucking furry board, not a radical political forum. If you're this paranoid, use Tor.


File: 1608526082300.jpg (40.23 KB, 441x741, 233.jpg)

Actually the reason for the weird pacing is due to the production side of things and the studio(Trigger) upholding the tradition of having a great piece on their hands, having great ideas and then getting raped by the producer. In this case it was Netflix who decided to split the series into two 6 episode halves of a season that were staggered 2 months apart in order for it to be a dropfeed for the seasonal animes in spring that would release. Oh and they were on episode 10 when they were told there wasn't gonna be a second season and so the last 2 episodes are basically an entire season squished into 2 episodes.

I mean you'd think they'd learn after the EXACT SAME FUCKING THING happened to them with FRANXX but I guess that's why they've decided to crowdfund from now on instead of using producers.


Well Franxx was also shit for many other reasons as well.


Well not to go into /a/ territory but the biggest thing wrong with FRANXX was the second half of the series was the rushed pacing and lack of focus, character development etc that has gotten people hooked in the first 4(?) episodes. Why did the second half suck so bad? Cause there was supposed to be a second season and the first season was supposed to be about episode 12-16ish content wise but stretched to 24 episodes. But then the producer told them no second season and so they squished the entire second season into the last half of the first season and jostled the content about to fit. Best explanation is that Kill La Kill is the formula Trigger works with: Buildup in the first season, hit them with the whammy in the last episode, second season builds off of that and all the stuff. Now imagine Kill La Kill without a second season and all that stuff is squished into 8 episodes in the first season and all the stuff in the last 8 episodes of the first season was squished somewhere in between and that's basically what went wrong with FRANXX and BNA. Again, it's always the producers that do it and usually while breaking the contract terms as well.

Also I liked Beastars. That shit better get a second season cause the Manga has some really good moments. there's literally a moment where a small mammal is into IRL vore and wants to be eaten


Am I actually allowed to talk about left leaning politics without getting banned now (when rightists had complete free reign)?


I mean I asked Bell and they said that if someone wanted to make a political furry thread they can, but unless someone wants one he won't make it. He's very light on the bans so far and if you don't want spoilered images to show as spoilered, just plug in the custom CSS he made for free-use. As long as you stay on the topic of furries (and keep the OP image SFW) you're good, at least in my experience in arguing for socialism there.


>the biggest thing wrong with FRANXX
The biggest thing wrong with them is that they tried to do Evangelion mashed up with Gundam and other anime and failed to actually make it meaningful. Like for every decent character/interaction or idea, they fuck it up by applying EVA Rebuild logic to it. I made a massive effort post on leftyweebpol on the Evangelion thread on just why this pissed me off so much.


The rightists fled to /furry/ on julay.world and basically killed their own board there with shiposting. Its still active but its essentially utterly unmoderated /pol/ toxicity, all because they didn't like listening to the rules.


File: 1608526109197.png (379.93 KB, 650x650, 1424298906870-1.png)

Every time I see furries doing furry shit I feel sad :(

I feel like I wasted my 'youth' not having fun or drawing or whatever. I'm gonna be 30 soon and then furry stuff would just be weird. It seems like a dumb thing to be sad about I guess (and it's hardly the only thing) but still.


File: 1608526114352.jpg (174.17 KB, 661x1031, comedy or farce.jpg)

Soviet Union was a world's largest war machine - perhaps the largest of ever existing - and an industrial powerhouse, a nation created by Technocrats for Technocrats; modern Left is a bunch of pretentious, weak, over-emotional kids who rarely worked a day at industrial sector (yeah, struggle for "workers rights") who want stuff for free, coordinated by a bynch of lunatics whose greatest "weapons", unlike the unimaginably large weapon arsenal of Soviets, are covert infiltration into Western governments and Academia.

Aleone is a wierd Nazbol furry communist whom I don't really agree with most of the time, but their content is great for creating rightwing/liberal butthurt: https://e621.net/posts/2319563?q=ussr
Anyone want to reactivate an e621 account and spread some pro-soviet propaganda?



Great yet another idiot who fell for the "NAZBOL GANG" meme.

And look at that ridiculous "Tribal" crap he has on.



True, but at least its useful for giving reactionary furries something to REEEE about.


Do you know how many older furries there are out there? There's even a term for it, graymuzzle. Dont let stereotypes keep you from doing furry stuff if thats hat you're into. People will think furries are "weird" at any age, fuck 'em.


i remember visiting the fur board on 8chan and being genuinely unsettled by the fetishes i came across there
i just want to look at cat people


i don't know what it is with furries and diaper/scat fetishes.
i just wanted to fap to shortstacks


A man of taste I see




I'm 28 and still a furry so yeah


This isn't something to be proud of idiots


I'd rather a furry than a square


Bell kicked out all the nazis from 8kun fur so its free pickings.
Direct them here. They shouldn't be forced to post there. It's inhumane.


1) that's advertising which is illegal
2) its a dedicated board to furries with a lot of variety m8



I really loved the first half of Franxx, and BNA was cool up until the last two or so episodes. Trigger are probably my favorite anime studio now that Kyoani burned down. JC staff is also safe, and their series always are entertaining.


Why do furries complain about miles-df jacking up prices but don't care about art like this?


I can't afford either so what do I care?


Do you only care about art you can buy?


Because the latter is art for arts sake, the former is commission shit that is average among the furries.
But regardless furries are largely trash community and like drama more than anything.


File: 1608526213737.jpg (23.7 KB, 600x568, EYCx6b3XQAAhLGf.jpg)

I might be fucking stupid, but does it feel like this fandom is getting overpopulated by radlibs instead of actual communists/socialists?

i've been seeing this a lot lately and it's been prominent, especially on twitter where everybody seems bent on moralization through performatism


That's EVERY subculture on Twitter to be fair, so that might skew your perception to the extremes, but yes, on the whole, the furry fandom does lean very liberal.


There is so much art in the world that it has become devalued. So, realistically, a cool picture that doesn't appeal to my exact interests and that I can't jerk off to is only gonna get a 'that's cool I guess' reaction from me.


There is a lot of pornographic busywork, but real art that is unique and has something to say like above, the proportion of it has only grown less so. That's a dreadful view of art and I'm glad not everyone is like you.


I don't agree that just because a picture is drawn nice, that it has 'something to say'.



I feel we need to get this thread back to its roots, so, have you ever used a furry dating/sex site/app anon? How did it go?


File: 1608526447041.jpg (133.24 KB, 1000x712, D_iX78OWkAArv9A.jpg)

thinking about how elitist this logic is again
"you shouldn't be able to buy commodities at an affordable price because it would mean a small elite of talented people would find it harder to make money"
no empathy for the broke, talentless masses.


>lol who cares if it btfo's one of the few aspects of the furry community that sets it apart i just want to be a total mindless consoomer like marvel fans


As if the talented are all raking in cash and are rich. Artists are working class just as you. Go shake your fist at Jeff Bezos instead, and not the people who might buy a nice couch from their furry business. Where is this image from?


>being a self-employed grifter whose primary way of getting money is charging for commissions and intellectual property rights, making sure to jack up prices through their reputation, makes you a worker just like anyone else


Why do you hate artists so much? They do work that they're paid for like anyone else and most of them aren't even paid that much or are that popular no matter the talent. And what's wrong with receiving money for artwork, it's been done for millennia. Why are all other artists grifters just because you personally can't draw?


I don't hate artists, but 'artists' as a section of the working class isn't uniform and not all of them work in the same conditions or are remunerated in the same manner. I'm complaining about the popular furry artists who actually can make a living with their work, who can use their online social capital to charge exorbitant prices for adoptions (intellectual property rights), YCHs and whatever else, not the people that borderline beg for commissions so that they can actually make money off something they enjoy (or the chinese guy being paid peanuts to do in-betweens for Studio DEEN). Yes, it's not exclusive to furries, but just because they superficially resemble each other in that they draw for money doesn't mean that they're the same at all.


So what if few charge "exorbitant" prices? You're not the one paying for them in any way. What problem is there, just incitment of jealousy? We must strive so that all artists and workers in general are compensated well and fairly for their skill and labor, not fetishize the tired and cliche "starving artist" image. Art isn't made any better if the one making it is poor and suffering. And making art for others is far from necessarily something one enjoys, especially furry, there's so much mental work that goes in just interpreting someone's reference in an arbitrary art-style in your own, particularly if they are vastly different from each other. To hell with aggrandizing poverty and abject misery. It's good that the community can support artists on that level, and I wish others only the same. It allows for more diverse and experimental artstyles that wouldn't thrive in a corporate environment where such compensation for art that you denounce is par for the course.


Guess what, you're both faggots. Art is a luxury and not being able to afford it might be sad but it's not oppression, but on the other hand, some artists in the furry fandom really are cancerous and exploitative, and information wants to be free so too much complaining about 'muh intellectual property' is dumb.


Whatever. I don't care for those doing ych's anyway. Only the fine, creme de la creme artists like -lofi, Nomax, Seyorrol, Stigmata and others of their ilk.


Okay? And you're surprised that the artists with a big reputation and who are more technically skilled cost more?


No. I'm not the one complaining.


the problem with art in the fandom is that full time paid artists crowd out hobbyists. people who would normally go "hmm, i should learn to draw" go "hmm, i should get a job at walmart so i can pay someone else to draw for me"
debates about pricing etc totally miss this point.

digital art sets furry aside (and its usually reasonably priced), not physical commodities.

nobody said artists were rich. the problem is that their customer base is the rich. the artist starves so that some cunt working at google can have their overpriced couch.

when you look at the economics of this sort of thing, you're not talking about a one-of-a-kind sculpture or painting here, we're talking about fursuits, plushies, badges, pooltoys, etc. all of these are mass produced but inefficiently. in the case of fursuits, the most popular makers work from the same bases (so they're mass produced, just inefficiently.) plushies, where they're not hand-sewn (where they are they're usually sold well below cost anyway) are given limited production runs in chinese factories so they come out at ridiculously high prices, the same is true of pooltoys. badges, eh, it's not commercially viable for a corporation to compete with a guy who has a badge press and a printer.

the ones who're more technically skilled don't appreciably cost more tbh.
the most enlightening thing you can do is browse furaffinity and see what a shit job the community really does "supporting" artists. a 5% improvement in your reputation is more valuable than a 500% increase in your artistic talent.


Fine by me, not everyone has to be an artist. Most people have nothing to say and no prospects in that regard.


If being an artist is a special talent doled out by the heavens why should you sympathize when they find it hard?
Artists are broke and talented. Most people are broke and talentless. Artists get the good end of that deal.


Talented in a very specific scarcely demanded or even cared for in society at large highly competitive ability to imagine and create images on flat surface to their own fancy. People who can't draw simply have other purposes and talents, not to mention are more often than not better compensated. You must sympathize with the proverbial Saglieri who killed Mozart out of envy and bitterness.


File: 1608526539092.jpg (41 KB, 511x671, 21315134.jpg)

Fuck artists. Get a real job.


File: 1608526539208.jpg (610.11 KB, 618x800, MoebArzPage.jpg)

Nobody makes you love them and we don't need you to love us.
If you dislike art so much, cease consuming it, or anything that involves it.


>People who can't draw simply have other purposes and talents
Pure idealism. The bulk of people are talentless, or practically talentless. No, being able to complete GTA San Andreas in just 12 hours is not a talent on a level with being able to imagine and create images on a flat surface to your own fancy.
You're looking at talent as a market prospect ("demanded" "competitive" "scarce"), which is in itself the wrong way to gather sympathy: The average artist could be an amazon slave or an artist. The average amazon slave doesn't have a choice but to slave away for Bezos and then die unfulfilled, whereas the artist who can't make enough to get by can still draw for his own amusement during his 1 day a year holiday.


You seem to have a pathological fixation on drawing in particular, which puts you into a mind prison. There are many other things a man could be talented in, like carpentry, manufacturing, operating machinery, architecture, any of the sciences, etc. At least writing and music. The problem with modern education and job market is that it does a poor job of recognizing and channelling people's talents, instead streamlining the process, refusing second chances and shoehorning people into Bezos' wage slavery for example. But art-making is given an unhealthy amount of attention due to a small, closed clique of blowhards getting millions from rich fucks. Being able to draw is not all rainbows and sunshine, we don't have fountains of orgasms every time we put pencil to paper or what have you. It's far from inducing joy, more often it's suffering.


>There are many other things a man could be talented in, like carpentry, manufacturing, operating machinery, architecture, any of the sciences, etc
Equally, those are many things that a man could be talentless in. The "fixation on drawing in particular" comes because we're talking about the visual arts, you projecting prat.
Artists get attention for far more reasons than just the few of them that find a wealthy patron. Art in and of itself attracts attention: Far more people would rather see mediocre art than would want to see the "talent" of being able to scan items at the walmart checkout at above-average speed.
Life is suffering. Seeing artists (or any exceptional person, but we're talking about artists) circlejerk about how their suffering is more important than that of the unwashed talentless masses leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


Most people have a talent at something, aware or not. You're the one talking about how having skill at art is like some kind of salvation and joy button from otherwise a grey and prospectless life. And you've been put before a fact that it is not, not in the ability itself, nor in the shallow attention from niche communities that it might bring. Most people don't care about art at all, just go outside and ask anyone. If it doesn't make money they wouldn't think twice about it.


Let's stay inside and online. Actually, let's stay within the fandom: Are you seriously saying that being a broke furry who can draw is just as shit as being a broke furry who can't draw and that the one who can't draw should feel bad for the one who can?


I've never one said that it's a salvation from a grey and prospectless life. It's a talent, not a fucking magic button. Being able to access "shallow attention from niche communities" is one hell of a leg up on being a total irrelevance.
Otherwise see: >>10211


Then what was that supposed to mean?
> whereas the artist who can't make enough to get by can still draw for his own amusement during his 1 day a year holiday.
In those communities let's say that an average person watches anywhere from 200 artists to a 1000, the sky is the limit in extreme cases. You probably aren't gonna be their favorite. How much attention do you think are you gonna get, 1/200? Most people there aren't looking particularly for you in the influx of pictures in their feed, they might be glad when they see yours, but they will not particularly trouble themselves with your existence. They might see a journal from you and commission you if they happen to have money at the moment, and the interest is self-interest, it's rarely uncoditional love if that's what you seek and if it is you're better watch out for trouble, as in any parasocial relationship. Having relationships with watchers is more burdensome than enjoyable as soon as the novelty and the high wears off when you see that people don't seek you out much after the spike in attention from a submission or a journal recedes in time. There are better ways to look for love, like getting a girlfriend. Just admit that you're an attention-whore, that's all you seek out art being just means to and end, hence you failed to get good at it, because you tried doing it for all the wrong reasons. And cease projecting your want on all artists as a whole.
If an artist as broke as someone who isn't then his art doesn't mean jack and shit and he's completely equal in his brokeness all thing concerned.


can you confirm for me that you're >>10184


Can you both shut the fuck up? God damn.


As tedious as this discussion is, this thread was fucking dead before it started. It took 18 days for >>9429 to get a reply, and that was posted 27 days after the last discussion in this thread.


Yeah, I guess you're right.

Oh, well, I don't know. I can't really think of anything to talk about, seems like everything in the world is stagnating including furries.




>Jannies and mods hate us
&ltliterally have a furry mod
innocuous and humorous furry shit is posted all the time. We hate shit like "squash de boss" crap


File: 1608526732779-0.jpg (58.33 KB, 600x583, 5fe.jpg)

File: 1608526732779-1.jpg (166.13 KB, 2206x1541, jee10c8lu9e31.jpg)






>literally hate furries
&ltbumps thread
Fuck off


That is true in general though, I protect the furries on this site from tyranny, other sites aren't so lucky


Of course the jannyies are furfags.


File: 1608526736778.png (21.4 KB, 444x371, radical furryism.png)


I refuse to watch that


i'm currently learning to draw and I wanna do it at a professional level. not gonna lie, this post inspired me to want to draw badass propaganda posters depicting realistic/semi-realistic anthro characters


I'm glad to have inspired at least one person to produce more good content


File: 1608526754979.jpg (318.75 KB, 2804x2600, furry thin blue line.jpg)

That sounds cool as heck my man. Go for it!


File: 1608526765455.png (52.82 KB, 996x214, fivey fox.png)

when are we gonna see the first e621 posts?


gonna take a while to learn though. less fantasizing about it, more work.


Oh so that's who this fucker is? Who were the other furries in that OP pic?


hopefully soon, if this site can create le /pol/ face we can create other memes


So what you're saying is we need to create a lewd leftist fivey?


we need to make fivey a massive slut to troll nate silver and his neolib worshipers


Thats the only thing he seems to be good for


Yes but a commie slut would be even better




can we all agree that furry artists know how to draw curves?


>looks at the terrible anatomy and curves of furry artists
No, fugg off.


File: 1608526835355.jpg (101.15 KB, 526x702, srirachagon.jpg)

I will never forgive you cunts for turning me into a bisexual crossdressing coomer


File: 1608526835692.png (151.89 KB, 500x500, 1463991857369.png)

You should be thanking us, biscum have more fun


So you're still straight?


One day the /pol/fags will find this thread and use it as proof that we are all furry faggots


So what?


bad optics :'(
granted theirs are even worse, that diaper tranny nazi discord haunts me


>massive slut
checks out


I predict a 99% chance of that!

Meh, optics are gay, just let it all hang out I say. /pol/ are gonna find something to cringe about regardless, if we can make furries radicalised it's worth it.


File: 1608526848703.png (41.72 KB, 200x199, fivey.png)

I have just done five spirit animal tests. I got five different results: deer, whale, coyote, cat, and bee. How I long to be the industrious bee, who builds without first making a blueprint!

But in all seriousness this tells me it's bullshit. Alas! I take no pleasure in reporting this, I was looking forward to a spiritual connection to a fursona of this or that species.


real furries don't take quizzes. you make an emotional, or god forbid sexual connection with the species and it's done.


Aight, done, now what?


you're a furfag now grazi


Disappointed, was hoping for more of an epiphany or life change…


It's not really an epiphany, it's just a fun sex thing you can do.


What do you guys think of the trope where in furry sci-fi stories anthros are created as a slave race to do cheap labor.


I enjoy it as a trope, I think ultimately it's somewhat unlikely to happen though as I doubt that level of exploitative capitalism will actually be able to effectively colonise space. Even if it did, robots probably are a more viable long term solution for forced labour than furries. But then again, who knows? It's a great trope to explore social relations anyway.


>I think ultimately it's somewhat unlikely to happen though as I doubt that level of exploitative capitalism will actually be able to effectively colonize space.
well paid, highly specialized labor is only needed for R&D not for manufacturing


What I mean is that I don't think a society that tolerated slavery (due to material conditions being so backwards) would have the sophistication to colonise space. Unless you're saying that there's some sort of dual system where Terra is social democratic or something and research and high-tech work is done there, whereas low tech exploitation is outsourced to space.


The us with its prison system is partially a slave society and nasa has achieved great things, slavery, feudlaism, and capitalism as means of productions can coexist in a single nation or civilization. It's not like capitalism and socialism where coexistence is impossible. Its unliekly but not impossible.


The US has prison labour sure but it's not really fair to call it a 'slave society' IMO. It's different from breeding a race of genetic slaves surely. I dunno I guess I see your point kinda but it just seems unlikely to me.


It's a good trope, not even furry per se. Staple of sci fi, it's a pretty big plot point in star trek ds9 for example. Not inconceivable that a civilization would create specialized (sub) species to be able to thrive in certain environments, or at certain tasks. Making the species furry anthros needs only one or two lines of justification to work really.


File: 1608526885886.png (407.55 KB, 476x794, yrnjh0y4ghu51.png)

>(sub) species

OwO what's this?


the question is, is it something that capital would do, it is possible, but is it economical


pic unrelated
>is it something that capital would do
that's neither here nor there I think, once you're already doing (science) fiction you're not necessarily dealing with capitalist societies and capitalist incentives anymore. it might be a post-scarcity but decadent and depraved society where the joy that comes from dominating a genetically engineered slave race might just be justification in itself. or a slave empire of the old sort but scaled up to galactic scale.

once you stop enjoying the fantasy because you have questions about the economic viability, capitalist realism wins
another possible reason for disregarding the economics of the matter - creating a whole race of nothing but subs


Who's the anon that reviewed writing from the other thread? I got more stuff for you.


tfw you will never be part of pic related


File: 1613114844888.jpg (27.09 KB, 500x652, OE3z7_d.jpg)


Someone posted this shit in the /k/ topic, it made me laugh



I've never had a real relationship before


I'm sorry to hear that Shay, do you want one? Ahem, that wasn't me offering, but, like are you looking for advice?


I'm pretty lonely, but tbh i kinda just wanna focus on transitioning this next half a year and kinda just hope i can move in with someone if i get kicked outpunkPunk


That's good, stay strong, I'm sure you'll have no problem finding someone when you get round to it <3




jfc why are all the furry boards dead


it's been dead for a long time yes
this site is lacking in porn
There is a draw thread here though >>2062


What I don't like about furries is how they generally hate sharing "forbidden" content, like commercial works or images that the artists don't want to be reposted. It's the same thing I hate about Japanese artists, and it often leads to specific pieces or even whole galleries disappearing forever.

I'm not a furry but I visited fchan last year. Seemed pretty comfy.

Nobody requests anything at all, and even if they did, requests are not guaranteed to be fulfilled.



Yeah, it sucks, information wants to be free in my opinion. We used to have e621 for that but they eventually got too cozy with the moneyed side of the fandom and cucked out and now they respect all takedown requests. If you're selling your art that's one thing but it's even more annoying when the artist just decides to wipe their gallery for no good reason (just because they are attention seekers I guess).


>lolifag shit




I wish I was at mff all my friends are there 😭


File: 1638505471675.jpg (140.78 KB, 930x1555, FFpW6ZXXwAEZ2hW.jpg)



File: 1657968449812.png (319.27 KB, 981x458, my sides.png)

>try to find a clipart of farting as a reaction image
>mffw the fourth result someone just took gay furry fart porn and put it on a clipart site
>mfffw 7 downloads


Use kemono.party and The Permanent Booru to get art that is paywalled or got wiped off E621.


Anyone have any PDFs of furry books? Or know where I can find them without paying out the ass? I've read Summerhill but I didn't think it was that good. It's on Libgen if you want to read it though.

Hard mode: no Kyell Gold


I've been thinking just now when trying to sleep and I think maybe I want a border collie fursona. I'm terminally indecisive so I haven't gotten a proper one for like a decade. But I think it kinda fits me. A bit dopey and raggedy and ultimately cute and well intentioned. Plus it likes rolling around and bellyrubs. Well I just wanted to write it down somewhere before I forget.


The modern state of the fandom in a nutshell.


File: 1662036350863.jpg (21.79 KB, 150x150, 404-not-found.jpg)

So what does the join or 404 thing mean? Does it require an account?


based normies


File: 1662050627943.jpg (113.67 KB, 700x800, tail-hole troubled.jpg)

>normies bad
>sane people in the fandom trying to distance themselves from absolute degenerates is bad
>having culture other than 24/7 yiff and ERPing is bad
Touch some fucking grass.


I guess some people get uptight about that because they subscribe to the tumblrian definition of fandom as being a group, rather than a state of being.
One can have fandom towards something, being 'part of a fandom' is a weird thing to want, and it makes people who think like that demand some sort of solidarity with everyone else in the perceived 'there' they've created in their head.
People gather because they have fandom for something, no need to call that gathering in-of-itself a fandom.


There's people who still use "degeneracy" unironically.


Yeah people like that really seem spooked by the puritan mindset.


File: 1662061429522.png (1.83 MB, 1024x1440, 6mxlr3vam8k91.png)

I am not sure how else you could call JustinRPG-tier turboautists and drama whores who were getting all the exposure until like mid-2010's, despite being just an eccentric minority of the community.
To be fair, I have not seen much puritanism in furry circles recently except for the occasional woke/anti-woke bickering that is not even as pronounced as it is among the weebs or capeshit fanbases. Then again, I am not watching Twitter and other usual bloodsports arenas much either lol.


To be fair the only reason they got attention is due to trolls egging them on or the person being trolled in question being a drama attention whore. Blame can equally be shared on both parties.


404 is the HTTP code for file not found. They lost all of their images a couple of years ago (after that post was made, I think).
>using 8ch
You deserve what you'll get.


File: 1663566062023.jpg (3.97 MB, 3274x2212, 1662212627450238.jpg)

i have terminal Asriel brain rot




File: 1663690523345.jpg (316.71 KB, 2415x1488, 20220912_232526.jpg)


File: 1665083550382.mp4 (568.86 KB, 576x640, ddddddddddd.mp4)


File: 1665329755872-0.jpg (158.56 KB, 1024x1024, dirtbombs-furry-art.jpg)

love it when your fav musicians are cool enough to be furries


If you complain about 'muh yiff, muh cub, muh zoophiles' you should fuck off from the community and go back to Facebook


File: 1665351762598.png (321.23 KB, 800x800, ClipboardImage.png)

got dayum


File: 1665962075831.png (28.96 KB, 200x207, absolutely-disgusting.png)

>implying one has to be a puritan normie to be against zoo and cub shit
No, it is you who should fuck off. Even on 8chan /fur/ these fuckers were treated with extreme contempt, same with pretty much every other furry board that was not specifically a cubfag refuge to begin with.


cub shit is only okay if they have massive tits


File: 1666069394491.png (2.28 MB, 1304x913, quality.png)

Is there beef between the furry and reptilian community?
Would you like one

Do you share the same name under THIS MAMMILIAN BANNER?!?

Rise up scaleys


File: 1666115992638.png (281.71 KB, 502x598, ClipboardImage.png)

be wary of scalie propaganda


Stand together or die alone. If the zoo and cubfags are chased out, then how long before the mob goes after you too as a zoophile for wanting to fuck a talking animal? Then the furry fandom can just a totally sanitised Disney fanclub.


>If you don't accept rapey stuff ""they"" will come after you too.
Doesn't the CIA use a lot of this rhetoric against the lbgtqia+ community?


It's true for LGBT community as well, it's no surprise that 'LGB, drop the T' groups are highly correlated with schizo reactionaries who would quickly turn on the gays and lesbians if they got their way (see how the LGB alliance already blamed gay promiscuity for monkeypox). BDSM, furries, queers, all should stand together against the moralists. They'll root us all out if they have a chance, just out of jealousy that their fat wife only does missionary for the purpose of procreation.


>"rapey stuff"



How about no. Most people hate pedos and zoophiles for reasons that do not apply to anthro animals or other kinks. The people that hate the latter two would also like to associate them with the former - think of how homophobes used to (and in some parts of the world still do) associate homosexuality with pedophilia.

Secondly, it’s good to hate pedos and zoos in and of itself, they’re the scum of the earth, anyone who’s not an asshole doesn’t want a world with them in it. Siding with them on anything therefore incurs an inherent cost.


>>BDSM, furries, queers, all should stand together against the moralists.

How about no again. The rest of us have no reason to tolerate or stick our necks out for abusive fucks, who usually turn out to be dishonest and self-serving schizo libertarians or reactionary types anyways.

Logically, there couldn’t be a reason to tolerate them in the absence of morality either.


t.will sunk with the Titanic while their "friends" betray them


you're not a good person


What the fuck is a cub


A young non-domesticated carnivorous mammal. In furry context, it's a word for loli / shota stuff. Obviously most furries disdain for pedos trying to infiltrate the community.



Why? Because of my reply to >>30429, or to >>30431, who as far as I can tell tried to make an analogy between trans people and pedos/zoophiles?


you know how Weebs want to fuck children and Furries want to fuck animals ?, Cub is basically a fusion of both.


anyone here thinking of getting a fursuit?


File: 1666487671176.png (1.83 MB, 1024x1440, 6mxlr3vam8k91.png)


but yes I have definitely fantasised about it, I can't really justify it until I have bought a house first though and plus I don't wanna get a fatty fursuit so I wanna lose weight first ideally

You are an abusive fuck, not like anyone chooses to be into zoo or whatever, and it's not like being one means you actually fuck animals either, why is it we defend free expression except when someone is jacking off to it? It's an absurdity. Plus like I said stand together or be divide and conquered.

Hope this uygha never goes on e621 and sees that like 1/4th at least of the art involves cubs.


e621 isn't a very accurate representation of all fandom activity. A lot of artists opt out of their art being posted on there.


File: 1666489918281.jpg (151 KB, 2016x1512, cnuvimppnq861.jpg)

How did you upload those .webp images?



e6 is the biggest single art site besides FA (where cub is banned), the point being that yes there are some moralfaga opposed to cub but overall furries do not care.


im scared




Seriously this whole "Based and Cringe" false dichotomy is completely retarded.


Not only retarded but also basically fascist.




Can i draw furry without ruining non furry stuff i draw for non furries?


Why wouldn't you be able to? If you are really paranoid just have separate accounts but I don't think most commissioners are that furryphobic nowadays. If anything being a furry artist is seen as surviving in a competitive environment.


Do ya think it'll furrify your non-furry art? Just make sure you remain practiced in both.


yes and post it here


if I force myself to get good at it maybe


File: 1670451442127.mp4 (1.41 MB, 576x720, carot.mp4)


Thought it was a plushy dick with two blue balls at first


were you disappointed


They both are based really.


File: 1670628869738.jpg (41.94 KB, 598x511, furry minion meme.JPG)

nah I mean it's fine, more fursuit fun is always cool

fursuit and murrsuit are both cool


Anyone have any favourite furry music? Here's my fave track.




I always thought scratch21 was pretty good





good shit


File: 1672178980445.jpg (263.15 KB, 1536x2048, 20221227_122835.jpg)

*notices your private enterprise*




flood detected





File: 1672635322949-1.png (47.2 KB, 852x946, FlZ326OXEAEFgDL.png)

File: 1672635322949-2.mp4 (11.19 MB, 960x720, bunnygirlsailormoon.mp4)



The delivery almost put me off from it but man Angel Hare is good.




File: 1673234004962.jpg (134.61 KB, 1080x1080, adddddddddddd.jpg)


Short people got no reason to live
Short people got no body to love


File: 1673339074777.jpg (118.08 KB, 1023x599, 1672764860791.jpg)

Paul what you doin' playin' hide-and-heckin-seek? P-Paul?



Anyone going to upcoming cons, I'm driving to furry fiesta next month.


there are none in my area :(


No meets even? I went to one a week ago.


File: 1676798649345.gif (91.31 KB, 864x648, 1000platos-1914-09.gif)

How does the furry community respond to these allegations?


I dond geddit :^D


File: 1677436411722.mp4 (5.48 MB, 576x1024, d92e63897ced5dcc.mp4)


File: 1677436621223.jpg (114.21 KB, 850x596, 1677297512910.jpg)


>No slit skirt
>No low cut
>Not even a hole for the tail


File: 1680220602411.jpg (91.4 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

hello my Furrgey friends, nothing to do with you guys, just that i found this funny shit that exposed how degenerated 4chan and their ilk has become:
You probably know about 'Goodbye Volcano High', a furry game where the protag is non-binary, well 4chan got triggered like always and released a "Fan" game of this game that is not even released yet, Called Snoot game, which is your typical rightoid discourse LGBT are groomers, non-binarism or whatever don't exist bla bla bla.
it just cements to me how the site that did katawa shoujo has been reduced to a site that does nothing but shitty games to seethe about anything that has a gay in it.


Why the fuck do furry artists draw such sensuous fats?


because youre a furry


Furry artists understand that imitating reality is pointless, it is superior to create an ideal form


Since I'm posting anyway, furry guys are cute. Love the energy and enthusiasm. Keep on being you, and let no one scare you away or out of the suit.

According to some libs I know snoot game is actually good.
I didn't read it in its entirety myself, but from what little I did consume made it obvious there is some heavy tension within the subtext. And that's after complete rewrites, lol.



File: 1680291187382-0.mp4 (380.05 KB, 576x1024, 1.mp4)

File: 1680291187382-1.mp4 (2.74 MB, 720x900, 2.mp4)


The Lackadaisy pilot came out a few days ago!


breddy gud


Looks cool, I'll check it out. Right now though I'm looking for romance stories or maybe comics, anyone have any good recommendations? I'd prefer young/teen if possible but not mandatory. Any yiff involvement also a bonus.


Only took them a decade smh


Dunno why they even bothered with a remake for a game that still looks fine but I like this meme


File: 1682822202149.jpg (90.42 KB, 1246x1500, Fu2czYcXwAAgvKl.jpg)



tummy :3


What furry sites do you guys use? It's too inactive here for this topic


Chitter.xyz, pretty comfy fedi instance. Lacks markdown support but it's federated with plenty of instances with furry artists.
Also Neocities has a some good stuff too.


Can someone explain to me why porn is acceptable here other than 2d furshit


Well the most recent porn this thread was all the way back in 2020 where I imagine the rules were different / more lenient. This thread was made a little less than 30000 posts ago, mind you. Some stuff gets grandfathered in.


File: 1685134338061.png (132.49 KB, 521x305, awoooooray.png)

Can someone tell me where this is from? Reverse image search doesn't work.


no go away.
get this shitty thread out of the first page ffs.
Sage(No low effort flaming in hobby/alt please)


File: 1685170649323.png (86.22 KB, 323x325, ClipboardImage.png)

oh yeah I made that screenshot.
He Is A Good Boy by KC Green


I recognized the art-style from a cooperative thing he did with http://nedroid.com/ but didn't think to look further
This seems like pretty good webcomic, I've been looking for something like this. More stuff to add to the pile, now that some other ones have quit updating for a while now.


Yeah, that and The Anime Club (a series within Gunshow iirc) are thumbs ups from me. TAC is much shorter and more straight-forward, HIAGB is (mostly) episodic so you can drop in and out a lot.


File: 1685984747195.png (3.19 MB, 2400x1260, 761617690c4802a6.png)

src: musicians.today banner



File: 1696831442429.mp4 (1.98 MB, 406x720, abfc114cee2c744c.mp4)

I gotta try to incorperate "fuckette" in a sentence at some point.


File: 1697410753806-0.png (72.98 KB, 400x400, 1692578173691984.png)

File: 1697410753806-1.png (1.5 MB, 4600x4600, 1696346311409954.png)

File: 1697410753806-2.jpg (91.14 KB, 510x572, 1682208667027.jpg)

What have you done to me…



File: 1699755494130.gif (26.24 KB, 768x242, fv00279.gif)

I found out that Freefall is written by a libertarian, what a shame.

He even won a Prometheus award for exemplary works with a focus on free ideas and free markets. How funny. It's still enjoyable though I guess.


File: 1699814992248.png (701.52 KB, 1199x1297, 1699775553330010.png)


your post represents me uygha.


File: 1701213197051.png (288.88 KB, 800x1000, 1397011774.slypon_sfw.png)

>looking for anthro birds for a SFW art asset
>try e926 instead of e621
>half of it is still overtly erotic



What do they call these? Sphinxes?


I think you can filter by age rating on E6 anyway.


Ya'll know of some soviet era furry stuff?


Sorry not really, cute fox though

Does anyone know any really good furry novels? Can be fanfic also. I've read all of Kyell Gold and so on. Or webcomics, I'm not that fussy.


There's a collection of SFW stuff on e621, digitals of Soviet children's books featuring anthropomorphic animals


I tried posting on lulz.net but my posts got removed for not going along with the burned furs hysteria, even tho Frederick Brennan has bought it now. Oh well. Any good furry imageboards or shit to post on? Or is it only all on fbi.gov now?


I mean I'd see tumblr or fedi as a closer analog than fbi.gov, but yeah I haven't seen much /fur/ boards. I bet one would do well here.


I just hate the way Twitter/etc works. I prefer imageboards like this. I don't think we have the userbase for a fur board of our own sadly but who knows.


heh, you just reminded me of the troll comic on u18chan before I bumped it like 5 years ago and the nu-mods removed it

pornrel: https://e-hentai.org/s/9226d28cef/2230882-1/a8e223ef4b/ - no quitting allowed until you reach page 6


goes hard


I saw you post this on leftychan >:^(

love you anyways


Lol thats pretty uncanny.
I seldom crosspost on that place, but someone seemed to kinda like these. Artist is sinsquest btw.


Does anyone remember the name of the e621 mirror but with no art removed?



File: 1714630478260.png (880.08 KB, 1536x2048, 10554159_1536_2048_901222.png)

This furry manga knows the proletarian has no race or nation.


Interesting new developments in the weeaboo slash furry fandom.


shark tits


Hatsune Mako


File: 1715384492400.png (50.67 KB, 619x630, ClipboardImage.png)


We need a sharktits renaissance yesterday.


>vclart (prehistoric furry art site) died
oh no!
>there's a public archive site
oh, that's okay th-
>it was backed up by some broke autist who only scraped the images - no descriptions even though they often provided essential context - who's secondary purpose in making the site is, by their own admission, promoting the shitty .webp and .avif image formats, and who possibly already let the archive die once before
jesus fucking christ what a farce


File: 1717651337781.png (997.63 KB, 900x1238, VS275_04.png)

threadly reminder to read Out Of Placers for our brave boy Kalgkur



>erm we must return to le roots
>if you disagree youre le reactionary


our precious boy will have none of it. hopefully they're just testing him


File: 1718186720587.png (1.01 MB, 900x1501, VS276_06.png)


File: 1718186942844.gif (13.93 KB, 650x450, 04611.gif)

Yeah I was expecting this reveal too but they still kept me in suspense just in case


it would've been strange/incredibly convoluted to keep He Who Knows What He Did chained if they secretly agree with him


True but maybe they have to in order to keep up appearances and build strength/trust. Like I said I did expect this 'twist' but it was possible the elders were telling the truth.


We got furry speciation going on in japan rn


All that yiffing, you're definitely gonna have some evolutionary effects.



A million years ago I stumbled across a site called sabrina.jp that was someone's personal photo blog where they cosplayed in a full body anime suit and mask. It was really creepy at the time, but now it just seems quaint.

Unique IPs: 86

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