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Hey all, I was curious at to what you guys think about the SCP Foundation shared universe.
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anyone else think that the original point of the SCP foundation (to be a spooky writing thing about weird objects) is kind of ignored now that everything is THE BIGGER AND THE BADDEST WORLD-END-CLASS JORUMGRADR-TIER whateverwhatever READ THESE 5 LINKED TALES OR YOU WON'T UNDERSTAND THE SCP. DO IT NOW.

Also they've been making pages less edgy for a while now. I also think it's funny how much SCP people care about the lore of the foundation or whatever when the entire point is for things to be self contained case files. Also the fact that a lot of the SCP contributors are clearly weebs since all their character's names are retarded like Oyizuki or whatever or Branzoilki makes me not really care about it anymore.

The SCP wiki is just something you read when you're 15 years old and haven't realized you can better spend your time reading actual literature instead of spooky internet scribbles written by obese men online.


i knew SCP was dead once i read SCP-6000
overly long that tries to pluck at your heart strings and "holy shit" strings but ultimately does nothing and it drones on and on and god i hate these narrative scps id rather have 7000 variants of scp-173 to read through


File: 1632893176320.png (43.16 KB, 474x651, ClipboardImage.png)

The numbers alone are an indication that it's going too far at this point. That said SCP-6000 has interesting content in terms of, say, a fantasy set in modern reality (a la Yesterday's Hero by Johnathan Wood) but not as an SCP/Urban legend type entry.

I haven't really seen that, but the again I haven't been on the wiki or the /trash/ threads in years, not since I made this thread.
Got zilch for that are you just making up a name as an example?


File: 1632893260555.png (2.25 MB, 1556x1320, k739cerrw7q.png)


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File: 1633904674316.png (10.72 MB, 2000x3000, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone remember Kyle XY, SCP always reminded me of it for some reason


umibozu appears to sailors on calm seas which quickly turn tumultuous. It either breaks the ship on emergence or demands a bucket or barrel from the sailors and proceeds to drown them. The only safe way to escape an umibozu is to give it a bottomless barrel and sail away while it is confused.


most of those "evil" youkais are always just "get fucked lmao" where no matter what you do,you end up dead or tortured,pretty funny.


Yeah there's something similar for the Kuchisake-Onna >>6944
>she asks potential victims if they think she is beautiful. If they respond with "no", she will kill them with her long medical scissors.
>If they say "yes", she will reveal that the corners of her mouth are slit from ear to ear, and she will then repeat her question.
>If the individual responds with "no", she will kill them with her weapon, and if they say "yes", she will cut the corners of their mouth in such a way that resembles her own disfigurement.
>Methods that can be used to survive an encounter with Kuchisake-onna include answering her question by describing her appearance as "average", or by distracting her with money or hard candies.


Question is it childish to like or have a slight interest in this sort of fiction?


Being ashamed of being childish just for liking something that isn't explicitly for adults is stupid. Obviously don't be infantile, but that is a matter of self-moderation.
>“When you grow up and have children of your own, do please remember something important: A stodgy parent is not fun at all! What a child wants—and DESERVES—is a parent who is SPARKY!” - Roald Dahl

Also SCP is kinda inspired by X-Files and /x/ type mysteries and conspiracies that are more adult than child-based. (Heck teens and kids made the fandom childish, rather than the other way around).



it's shit (capitalized on the mass online fascination with creepypastas and novelty horror games that the early 2010s had for some reason and didn't bring anything new to it) and the community is full of drama and disc0rd mods from what i could tell


File: 1646108153464.jpg (54.93 KB, 1014x760, scp-bernie.jpg)

Retarded wiki team once again bending backwards to comply with """intellectual property""" bullshit. The guy who made the statue didn't even tell them to remove the picture, he just asked for it to be used non-commercially. It is utterly pointless.

The current wiki admins are obsessed with removing or changing all the old Gen 1 and Gen 2 articles that don't fit into their elitist and narrow narrative of what the SCP universe ought to be. They are turning an open-source, community-driven and decentralised creative writing project into their personal narcissistic power fantasy. It all has to comply to their vision and theirs alone, otherwise it is bad and has to be changed or removed.
The 173 picture stands for the organic, crowdsourced creativity that once defined the SCP community. Removing the picture is another step away from that.

There is not really a unified SCP canon, no matter how much the wiki aristocracy and people like djkaktus would want for that to be the case. Calling it all shit is dishonest. Not even all the new novel-length SCPs are shit. At this point, SCP is more of a lose genre than a single self-contained work of fiction.


>The current wiki admins are obsessed with removing or changing all the old Gen 1 and Gen 2 articles
And that's the reason I archive pages I like


if you stand with the church of the broken god you are a redditor


File: 1651035043662.png (840.84 KB, 640x794, KKK liberty.png)


>When you make a mythos for the frightening aspect of some monuments and apply it to all of them.
<People still sexualize them.


wow that fukin sux
is there a better wiki thing out there?


i think there is one that a Russian dude made but I forgot the link


File: 1651796868964.jpg (525.05 KB, 1000x1415, Родина мать.jpg)

Anyone know the sauce of this pic?


there's a watermark by the creator


File: 1653159513918.png (46.95 KB, 1887x359, wikidot.png)

noo how will i make myself angry reading badly written creepypasta flash fiction now


>De durn russkiez did it… because SCP is an important part of propaganda!


doesn’t imply the government ordered it, just that the traces lead to within the country


NGL a dystopian organization like the Foundation going along with the state religion and putting pride colors on their logo is pretty on brand and only adds to the horror.


lgbt is the new stat religion??? on god??????????????????????????


>SCP fanfilm called metronomicon
>Set in USSR, made by Russians
Looks pretty good IMO



File: 1667759295284.png (1.9 MB, 1200x5000, deep cave.png)


>I had dreams of the queen wonders that lived inside the hearts of love and silent treatments of all the elderly that I knew were once whole. I seek the revelations of all that the holy told to the unwise in the dreams of cold embers in sunlight that fade across lakes of black blood and snakes that eat the loaves of children from lamb trees in autumn. Endless suffering is the woe of ignorant men who never lack to seek the depth of their own hearts and only see the wealth of a poor world suffering to flay its own back in knife wounds of silver and brutal gladness. The nightmare is a dream to the nameless slug that wanders across minefield and the remains of deer and kings. Nightshade is shadows in all honest blinks that sort through the bile of newborn plagues, instant warmth is a mother's milk in dreams before anything was ever evil. In seconds the sun is beating like drums in all hearts eat the ear of noise. The sensual violence of lust is all the assurance you will ever need to know the worth of life.


I stand with the Manna Charitable Foundation


Gamers Against Weed over here of course


Items: Knife, Torch, Compass
Rare: Jumper, Greed, Shifter
Companions: Merchant, Soldier
Quests: Do all I guess


>what's up with SCPs and lewding them?
Teratophilia as a result of attraction to the strange and unknown.


It all started going to shit when they started over explaining everything, referencing each other’s scps, coming up with “quirky” oc’s and powerscaling. I’m not against any of the mentioned things but the community started over doing it which is not good for the main appeal of the scp.

Does anyone have any horror projects they would like to recommend?


File: 1691097133962.jpg (101.51 KB, 1200x972, SCP why.jpg)

The SCP also went to shit because a lot of the groups like writers, artists etc, were obsessed with Mal0 a.k.a SCP-1471, the skulldog everyone seems to associate with SCP now. It was instant furry-bait.

As for current horror projects I can't think of any other than some cryptozoologist forums and Lobotomy Corporation.


I mean realistically there's only so much you can do with the SCP concept. Once you have thousands of world-ending examples it becomes just absurd (I know all SCPs are not canon simultaneously but still). But yes people overexplaining in their articles and writing huge giant narratives doesn't help.


also this should be 'never had your dick [redacted]'


File: 1691170639677.png (597.83 KB, 904x918, scp 2761.png)

True, but it was the closest image I could find



You are right about the whole word ending thing, it really is stupid. Like what stops people from writing monsters and beings that are more town level or something, why make them all world ending and unstoppable, feels like an attempt to write the strongest and coolest oc.


File: 1695664419100.png (1.23 MB, 1600x1680, ClipboardImage.png)

>SCP threads on 4/trash/
The userbase was essentially pic rel tbh


File: 1696554542435.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.62 MB, 3886x4000, bf6feffecb7fbe688dd5f13f36….jpg)

Journal Extract from junior researcher Dr Sandra Walker, regarding experiment PA19-B involving SCP-745.

Dr Benici, head researcher of Project Hamster Wheel, a project which aimed to utilise the anatomy of SCP-745 to generate electrical energy through kinetic harnessing.
In short, he wanted to put them on a wheel and use them as a dynamo to produce energy.

There were two instances of 745, 745-T and 745-B, affectionately named ‘Twitch’ and ‘Bolt’.
745-T was given its name for its inability to remain still, as its body would constantly be twitching and subtly vibrating while not in direct motion.
745-B was documented producing speeds well over the 180kph which 745 are known for averaging.

The issues arose when during testing 745-B collapsed, Dr Benici had them removed from the testing area and sent for medical evaluation. Not wanting to leave the heart and soul of his experiment he left me to look after 745-T to prevent them from succumbing to harm as well.

While in my care 745-T was safe and largely calm. Instances of 745 are known for developing separation anxiety when they are removed from the company of their respective partner.
One cure to this anxiety is to have a familiar presence or entity keep them occupied until they are reunited. So, I sat with 745-T within the experimentation room to keep them company.

Despite being an arm’s reach from 745-T, I could feel the vibrations in the air and hear the faint hum of the vibration. Curiosity got the better of me, as it always does. I reached over and laid my hand on 745-T’s body and even through my gloves, I could still feel the strong vibration.
745-T seemed attentive to this contact as they moved closer and leaned against me, there was no clear hostility expressed in their body language, only what could be considered as loneliness.

Having 745-T leaning against me, I could feel their vibration through my clothes as if there was nothing between us. I could feel my hairs standing on end and light tingling sensations for the areas of contact. This was followed by 745-T lying down in my lap, almost like a domestic pet they lay there.
This was not good however, for the vibrations felt like they were growing stronger, increasing as 745-T got more relaxed.

While 745-T’s body was relaxing, my body was doing the opposite, their glowing, domed head was resting and vibrating in my lap. My self-control was being tested greatly as the vibrations were arousing more than my senses.
The improper thoughts began flooding into my mind, thoughts that I had thought once before but attempted to suppress for reasons amounting to work ethic.

I relaxed my sitting position slightly to feel the vibration to great effect and it was alluring, like a warm, weak vibrator nestled between my legs. I looked down at the rest of 745-T’s body, looking down towards their lower body, it could be that easy.
Then the power went down, plunging the room into darkness, lit only by 745-T’s head. Yet that was not the only source of light, a small weak stream of light from emerging from their lower body, hidden away behind their cloaca. It was like a force beyond telling me that this was what I was to do.

Reaching down 745-T’s body, I stroked my hand over the cloaca, guided only by the luminescent glow escaping it. I pressed down on the sensitive spot to reveal their member, and before me, there it was, 745-T’s glowing member, its glow was weaker than that of the cranial dome, but still strong enough to see with ease.
To my surprise however, I noticed that the member went through a cycle of luminescence, starting off with its dullest state before transitioning to a brighter state. Constantly repeating.

Moving my hand from the sensitive spot, I gripped the member and slid my fingers up and down it to stimulate it further. Straight away I could feel the vibrating and the pulsating that the member was exhibiting.
745-T was clearly familiar with what was happening as they rubbed their head against my crotch aggressively, easily pushing up my skirt to reveal my underwear which they quickly began licking at.

I moved 745-T to the ground as I attempted to undress, but 745-T was very adamant to begin without delay. I only managed to remove my underwear before almost being knocked down by 745-T. I lay there on my back, looking up at 745-T, seeing only the glow of their dome and their member before me.
745-T approached as I spread my legs to invite them, their dome was before my face, the brightness in the dark room was almost blinding. I invited their member into my body, navigating through touch alone.

The tingle of their tip was a sign of what was to come as they quickly filled me with their member. They wasted no time as once the member had become accustom with how much space there was to fill, they begin to thrust.
The initial thrusting caught me off-guard as I expected them to start off slowly. More fool-me, nothing about 745 was slow, why did I expect their mating to be?

Normally, thrusting straight away would cause me great discomfort, but I felt none of that. The vibrations before and during made me wetter that I would care to admit. The vibration along with the pulsing of 745-T’s member made everything bearable.
The speed at which 745-T was thrusting was beyond me, I had never experienced such speed before, not from a human, nor a machine, not even another anomaly could match it.

My own body was pulsing and twitching, I had to try my hardest to keep myself under control, but I couldn’t. We had only just started and I was already about to finish. My muscles were tensing and releasing constantly as I reached my peak.
Almost instinctively I wrapped my legs around 745-T as I orgasmed, having to quickly move them again to allow 745-T to continue.

745-T showed no sign of letting up or slowing down, the vibrations that I felt only grew stronger as 745-T somehow got even faster. I was starting to peak again, not even a minute after the first, the second orgasm came swiftly after.
My muscles were starting to hurt because of the orgasmic strength which I was exerting. Yet 745-T was still going.

I was over stimulated, everything was starting to hurt now, tensing and relaxing constantly for each following orgasm took its toll on my body. 745-T showed no sign of faltering or slowing down.
Another peak, one which was intertwined with both pain and pleasure, skating on the razors edge it felt like. I believed that I was unable to climax anymore, as I was left edging around the point of no return.

After showing no signs of letting up, 745-T let out a strange chirping noise as they began to climax as well. The vibrations were an intolerable level, pleasure bordering on pain, the friction of 745-T’s relentless assault overheated me. The fire inside me was cooled off as I felt 745-T’s load begin to fill me. That was all that I needed, my last push over the edge. My last orgasm for the night.

Once 745-T had removed their member, I looked at them before resting my head down. That took more out of me than I could have ever thought sex would take.
I wanted to lie there forever. Everything hurt, but it was a pleasurable pain, the experience of a lifetime.
Sadly, I knew that the power would be returning soon, so I musted the little strength I had left and lifted myself back onto a chair.

I rolled my skirt back down and collected my underwear, darkness remained with us for a couple minutes more before the power returned.
Dr Benici also returned shortly after, too soon for me to clean myself up, so I got to enjoy the rest of that shift with anomalous semen running down my thighs and friction burns where friction burns should never be.

By Keadonger


File: 1698469912124.mp4 (1.47 MB, 720x720, SCP-096 IS BALLIN.mp4)

<embedding error

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