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So my grandma lived in Lithuania back when it was an SSR (She says she was born right after ww2 for reference) and she liked the movies there, from what I can gather they were family friendly affairs similar to the first pirates of the carribean in tone, any comments and maybe recomendations for old soviete media?




whoever else is reading this, it's Ivan Vasiliviech changes proffesions, some comedy


That ones so funny


so the comments say
what kinda humor is it?


File: 1608526178984.png (249.56 KB, 704x691, commiebot.png)

Why did Soviet made media portray their own police as idiotic pencil pushing bureaucratic pigs? I don't understand.


Why does American media portray small town cops as bumbling oafs? Probably because it's funny.


If you take yourself too seriously, you will risk to losing your "human face" (sorry juchefags, but North Korea is partially guilty of this)


Yeah but the Soviet Union did this and then collapsed, North Korea hasn't.


Thats a long fucking stretch my dude. Also Cuba still exists…


>they were family friendly affairs similar to the first pirates of the carribean in tone
What a weird take, they had all kinds of movies.
Here's one of their big dick studios, the most important movies have subs

Why not? They made movies for themselves to watch, not to pretend to someone their shit don't stink.


I imagine a show similar to Seinfeld would be a huge hit because of how it makes fun of mundane everyday tasks. Or am I just being dumb?


>as idiotic pencil pushing bureaucratic pigs
1) They don't that's your interpretation.
2) It's an exaggeration of the known ideas about the militzia for comedic effect. A serious film or series involving the police depicted them as they were, serious and professional, but willing to be human if necessary.


Considering that dubbed American sitcoms were popular in Russia during the early 90s, yes.


well I say this because my grandma likes soviet films and the first pirates of the caribbean and I don't believe her tastes vary that much


>family friendly affairs similar to the first pirates of the carribean in tone
Reminds me of some of the sci-fi flicks:




I couldn't stand it after 30 minutes. It's a bit of a cultural shock how weird and unfunny this was compared to a Mel Brooks movie.

I loved that scene of his wife singing tho, where's my movie of just that?


> weird and unfunny this was
1) There is a lot lost in translation
2) The film reflects the time period of the USSR, humor there was rarely as overt as in the USA
3) This is one of the more esoteric and less funny of the director
>Mel Brooks
He's funny but don't oversell this guy.


Ok good topic, but what the hell is that thumbnail and why is that shitty She-ra remake?


This channel has a lot of old Soviet T.V.:


I'm assuming she speaks Russian.


Thanks I was looking for new channels with soviet kino


Is that show in the OP image another Steven Universe or some shit?


it's of the same ilk, yes.


It's a remake of She-Ra and the Princesses of power and is liberal toon-boom trash.


I kinda liked it


Compared to Teen Titans Go, Ben 10 2018, and Steven Universe, yeah its not bad, but there's so much off that I can't even enjoy it ironically. For example the character designs are so lunky that it ruins the point of them being girls.


>>7554 Irony of Fate is one of family friendly ones, but it also pokes Brezhnev-era bureaucracy a bit. It's apparently still popular in ex-USSR, people watch it for New Years. You could check that one out


I love that film, watch every New years as per soviet tradition. The film is evidence that social criticism existed in the USSR without outright being obnoxious liberal LARPing.



Ah yes. Aesthetics. The reason countries collapse.

Do you materialism?


found this little thing, it's a cartoon adaptation of treasure island, aka, russian one piece


A classic insane cartoon of that time.


haven't watched the whole thing yet (just up until livley's rum=death thing) but I liek


That cartoon was my childhood, the whole thing is 1 big, psychotropic ride


dafuq qualifies as liberal toonboom trash?


Watched by cosmonauts pre-flight:


came here topost this


seems cool
is called white sun of desert, can't watch now, whassit about



Try to watch Irony of Fate like another anon said. The subtitles on YouTube aren't very good, you can torrent the film on the pirate bay with english subtitles. It's a fantastic film, shows more than the possibility of dissent in Russia, it proves that Communism is the only system which is wholesome, you couldn't make a movie like this in capitalism, a romantic comedy that doesn't make obscene jokes about sex, doesn't feature divorcees, which actually has well written, witty dialogue. Lately I've been thinking that the collapse of the USSR was the final nail in the coffin for Communism (and humanity will subsequently follow her into the grave). :(


now listen pal, I know shit looks bleak, and I'm here to tell you it'll stay bleak unless we do something about it, the bolesheviks went up against an ancient regime and won even as the whole world conspired against them, the USSR may have fallen, but its idea lives on, all it needs is someone to carry it


The designs are lazy noodle-armed bean-mouthed shit with the characters having no definite physical traits, amorphous genderless bodies. What's the point of making them princesses if they just look like squarejawed crossdressers? FFS She-Ra looks like Ben Tennyson in blue contacts and cosplay, and Katra was such an edgy teen-shove-in that it was horrible. And no it isn't exploring themes or being mature. It's just being pretentious and appealing to liberal ideological insertion.


shouldn't this belong to >>>/hobby/


ok, I thought it was more defined and you could tell what sex each character was well enough, and the themes dealt with abuse and the effects thereof, but your opinion is your opinion


File: 1608526182089-0.png (733.53 KB, 612x1078, She-ra queered.png)


>more defined
I can get very defined and breakdown the intrinsic flaws but that's a waste of time. Is it better than SU or TTG or B10? Sure, but that's a low bar to jump
>you could tell what sex each character was well enough
Not really, remove their faces and hairstyle and just look at their bodies in black and white and I would probably mistake 1/2 the "girls" for buff, stocky, yet simultaneously androgynous men drawn simplistically. Just compare the original series designs with the old ones (pic related). Only "le kat girl" and she-ra looks even remotely female. I have no problem with non-curvy women or buff-women or tomboys, hell the latter 2 are pretty cool to me, but the whole point is that they're still girls even with their manliness. Look at ATLA and its designs and animations. They're simple yet detailed and figured enough to where you can tell who's male or female almost at a glance, and this is distinctly shown with the Ember Island Play, where female Aang-actor while superficially similar, is distinct in how they look. The worst part of this? There is a part of the show where Bow dreams about the group and the way they look is much, MUCH better (pic 2)
>the themes dealt with abuse and the effects thereof
Themes without substance are worthless. Their attempt at covering abuse and trauma fails because the depiction is of teenage female drama and angst. Its just edgy nonsense.
>>6981 put it well, good themes aren't worth much if the writers are hacks. It's why I prefer the older She-ra over the new one. Sure it isn't as "deeeep" but its certainly fun and funny.

Now lets end it here, because we're derailing the thread.


I'm more attracted to the new Catra tbh



hol'up, modern kids' cartoons have THEMES?!



Were the Soviet 80s as cool as the US 80s?


Yep, but not as crazy. the Soviet 80s were great (until 1986) while the America 80s were crazier.


Red Army veterans fight bandits in Central Asia. A Soviet "Eastern" take on American Western films.




>a romantic comedy that doesn't make obscene jokes about sex
Kek, watch Vampiros en La Habana, a post-revolution Cuban anti-capitalist cartoon movie. There's sex and domestic violence not even 5 minutes into the film.


That's a Cuban cartoon not a full length film and no-one saying this kind of content didn't exist in the USSR but that it was uncommon and kept to humor of a rougher kind.
Also post the actual film idiot.


hey, so I recall someone mentioning look and see as a film in some other thread, and there were mentions that soviets didn't have rambo-esque gory power fantasies, anyone care to comment?


That was likely my comment, most likely in that militarism thread. The USSR unlike the USA suffered severe, direct consequences in the 2nd world war and combined with the socialist system, this imprinted firmly the idea that war is horrible and necessary to defend oneself.
It's why the USSR was hesitant to involve its own troops in foreign conflicts while the USA threw away its soldiers everywhere with wild abandon. The idea of someone going gung-ho into a battle and killing all the nazis in gory detail without any care, while bullets miss him like a video-game cheat… its an inconceivable falsity to soviet people, that trivializes real heroics and discredits their enemy. How can you be heroic if your enemies are all incompetent retards anyway? Moreover death, any death leaves an imprint, it is supposed to, if you don't feel anything at the sight of people killed, then that's just sociopathy and if you (as an adult) find it fun, then that's psychopathy. Death is never trivial and to find amusement it is to trivialize it. To cheer it on, deservedly or not, is to be like an uncivilized chimp, hooting and hollering when an alpha beats another male to death with a rock. My Grandfather told me the story of how they liberated a village that had been under the SS. Two SS officers were captured. They had killed every man in the village and many women and children were murdered by them. All that was left were some older women and a few remaining children. They were so furious and angry that they beat the officers to death with rocks in a rage, in revenge, for their families killed like animals. And nobody cheered, nobody laughed, nobody was feeling cool or happy about this impromptu execution. Afterwards the women cried bitter bitter tears as they still could never return their beloved papas, mamas, daughters and sons. They were gone forever, and they would live the rest of their lives with that aching gap in their hearts. That is what the film Come and See depicts with complete accuracy.

War is misery, war is death, war is anger and hate and sadness with tears and blood and bile. There is no glory in war, only outside it, when your sacrifice is acknowledged by the people and remembered. There is bravery and valor, but within every soldier who fights, that exists because to put your life on the line requires this.

I've gone on a bit of a tangent, but it is necessary. Too many people on this site think that killing someone, nazi or not is easy or guiltless or good. Too many people think that shooting guns around in wild abandon is a good idea. Too many people here LARP about fighting, yet know nothing about it or the bad things it brings.

I leave you with this, not a single song about the actual war in the USSR was happy or cheerful. The navy and artillery and tankists may have had their peppy marches, but not a single song about the war itself celebrated the war. Cautious optimism was the best you would get from their songs.



huh, so it's like the americans had their vietnam war, and the russians had the second world war


I guess this actually shows itself in the film whit sun of the desert, Sukhov spends a good chunk of the final battle hiding with the harem, before popping up and machinegunning half-a-dozen bandits, before getting into a mostly futile pistol battle with another bandit he only wins when the barge distracts the guy, the entire fight feels more like die-hard than a stereotypical western, where the hero only wins because his enemies were surprised at a few occasions, combined with his skill


I actually wonder if the FPS genre of video gamjes could've taken root in the USSR


File: 1608526205817.gif (1.01 MB, 240x180, sad ivan.gif)

Holy shit, those expression ranges of that one guy
>a wimp
>a tough guy
>a wimp pretending to be a tough guy

>scene with the Swedish emmisary
>he actually starts speaking mangled German
maybe because I am German myself but it came out of nowhere and made me laugh so hard

>all just a dream

now this I don't like, I hate endings like this. Also turns his wife wasn't unfaithful at all, it was all based on his insecurities.


Here they are portrayed as sly and heroic, but they are not the main focus.


If you ignore the art style it's pretty OK.
The message is either, you can stop people abusing you with the power of friendship.
Alternatively, if you want to end the cycle of abuse, kill the guy who started it. Once that motherfucker is gone, no one needs to vent anymore.


I am really digging the Russian adaption of Sherlock Holmes. I consider it the best adaption of them all.


Livanov's performance as Holmes was so highly regarded in England that on February 20, 2006, Queen Elizabeth II awarded Livanov an honorary Commandership in the Order of the British Empire (OBE) "for service to the theatre and performing arts," a rare honor for a non-British citizen.


I'm sure Vitaly Solomin would've gotten it as well if he were still alive.


Was Flyora from Come and See actually Elen Klimov?


Anyone recommend any Soviet Sci-Fi?


Planeta Bur is a classic that in many places inspired some of the Star Wars OT scenes


Soviet Treasure Island.
It's a cartoon, but I like it very much. It's impressive how despite the changes the dialogue is almost verbatim taken from the book.


Moscow-Cassiopea is the classic

i also like Im staub der terne 1976 east german (i think it is in english too)

warning: the later has thot porn


File: 1608526473786-0.jpg (415.99 KB, 2394x2353, VINNI PUH toy.jpg)


File: 1608526475017-0.jpg (69.24 KB, 564x673, Dunnoo.jpg)

File: 1608526475017-1.png (796.63 KB, 614x812, Dunno.png)

>Dunno, or Know-Nothing or Ignoramus (Russian: Незнайка, Neznayka that is Don'tknowka (ka - the Russian suffix here for drawing up the whole name in a cheerful form); from the Russian phrase "не знаю" ("ne znayu"), don't know) is a character created by Soviet children's writer Nikolay Nosov.[1][2][3] The idea of the character comes from the books of Palmer Cox.[4]
>That moment when you realise that this was all a communist propaganda… Незнайка в Солнечном городе(Dunno in Sun City) celebrating the ideal communist society of the Sun City, and Незнайка на Луне(Dunno on the Moon) where the Moon stands for the bad, corrupt western capitalism.


I remember winnie the pooh, I watched that on a DVD on my Grandma's computer


this cartoon was always kind of gay because it is 90s abomination

im not against it, in the 90s it was a bit interesting (however i never watched it full)

but the style is bad
soviet books OTOH had neat art and illustrations. just so you know.




Is that the one with the "No, it means someone stole our tent, idiot" joke?


>the later has thot porn




I feel like Masha and Medved really carry across the spirit of Soviet cartoons quite well, musically, thematically and culturally.



Man, my cousin's kids were so OBSESSED with them


my mom fucking hates masha, she thinks its the worst of post soviet media


by media i meant cartoons


I frankly don't see why. The animation is neat, the short stories are never crass or outright stupid and it's fairly good at carrying across fixtures of Russian culture.
It's also a show aimed at 2-6 year olds, so it's not exactly meant to be comparable to a more mature cartoon work.


i didnt like it either, my favorite was nu pogodi that was the best


The irony being that Nu Pogodi imitated Tom and Jerry with Russian characteristics, rather than being it's own format.


Why the hell are my posts saged for no fuckin' reason!?


actually, apart from the cat & mouse chase format, it's not that similar, none of the gags, cultural jokes, characters or anything are remotely similar to on another.


This is not exactly Soviet product because it was released in 2001 but he has been producing animation like this since the 80s and studied animation back in the USSR. If you are interested, there's more of his stuff on YouTube, including his early Soviet short movies.


"How cossacks…" is a series of famous Ukrainian cartoons about a group of three cossacks (one is hyperactive midget, the second one is tall and smart, the third one is a brickhouse). Features soup cooking, salt buying, playing football, hockey, competing in Olympic games, fighting bandits, helping aliens and fighting evil spirits. No subtitles required.


That was always hilarious series

hey, i didn't think anyone else knew about this… I have it on DvD


>>7555 (checked)
This whole channel is a gold mine.


File: 1630348274522-0.gif (1.04 MB, 650x488, Killjoy.gif)

>hey, i didn't think anyone else knew about this…
Yes. most people have not seen it unless they are professional animators or live in Russia. I am Ukrainian artist though, picrelated, and indie animation is my passion, so no wonder I know the guy. Unfortunately the Soviet animation in general is underwhelming and its poor quality reflects the level of development of the USSR in general. It's very sad to see what kind of shit the Nips were producing in the 80-00, and what the Soviet/Russian animation industry was making…

There's also a very nice Russian/Soviet animator, Garri Bardin, he won Palme d'Or at the Cannes festival for one of his shorts, here's my favorite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIE1Gm4ld2U


And this is the short film for which he won the prize in 1987


1990 Ukrainian parody of the "Kolobok" fairytale, as depressive as life in Russia



>Ukrainian artist
О, здорова товарищь славянский! Спасибо за сылки, очень интересно, посмотрю!

Yeah that was a trend with animated content from all the animating studios of the time, embed related is from Saakians's ArmenFilm…


You didn't post the video mate


Fucking spamcatcher


File: 1630983799207.png (836.01 KB, 561x725, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1632276791786.jpeg (240.64 KB, 1600x958, Cat City.jpeg)

What do you guys think about the subsidy in animation in Eastern bloc countries. Cat City used to be translated over here along with Nu, Pogodi!.
Some absolute gems.


File: 1632858852479.png (1.04 MB, 1616x908, ClipboardImage.png)

Am I the only one that is tired of how Worker & Parasite misses every mark as a parody (and then many years later Family Guy and everyone else just blindly copied the gag). The Artstyle was somewhat based on one Yugoslavian short that won an award, and the rest is pretty much what American would imagine as Soviet cartoon based on stereotypes created by Western propaganda. It's so fucking tiresome.


Passion of Spies, parody of spy and detective films.


Man I really remember this one.


File: 1634716240344.jpeg (16.31 KB, 239x400, 443.jpeg)



>Yeah but the Soviet Union did this and then collapsed, North Korea hasn't.
NK has plenty of support from China.

>Thats a long fucking stretch my dude. Also Cuba still exists…
Cuba lost out on their support from the USSR and has to eke it out.

Can't really defend the embargo against Cuba. If anything, the USMC should make a landing and deploy american businessmen on Cuba's shores. Two marines per businessman should do the trick during the critical part in the surf.


Foreign Actors in Soviet Films https://archive.ph/1Y2bZ


soviet cartoon about a hippo who is afraid of vaccines


Reminder; vaccines that are tested more importantly made in non-bourg countries are safe and reliable, untested Big Pharma produced rubbish is not.


I found this animation today


I know there were a bunch of Soviet cartoons co-created with Japanese studeos.


Chippolino is a classic that leftypol neglects


>Сказки для детей - Чиполлино

>The Mystery of the Third Planet (1981) Soviet Sci-Fi Animation with English and Russian subtitles

Armenfilm - Sahakyants
>Все хорошо/ Everything is fine (1991)


are you implying cops are bunch a dickheaded pigs? imagine my SHAWK. Just use this as ammo when debating libs and point out how soviet animation in the 20th century was more critical of policing than most american media is now when some dipshit lib is like "but le ebil soviets killed anyone who diagreed".


File: 1711303897887.jpg (235.26 KB, 1357x923, EQe06b-WkAE_59F.jpg)

cartoon lacks red flag march



Worth a watch, very interesting and well made.

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