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File: 1689174781165.png (373.16 KB, 1024x480, cyberpunkcorpboss_career.png)


Previous thread: >>1263434

Talk about job/career advice and other related stuff from a leftist perspective. EX: How to get a job, promotion, skill, switch companies, resume, life hacks, etc.


why the fuck do so many companies try to shill their L3 support analyst positions as "software engineering"? Nearly half the job postings on linkedin/indeed hiring "software engineers" are either systems engineers, devops, or support analyst positions, but when you read the job description it ends up being "monitor and troubleshoot and then report to the developers". This posting in picrel isn't an anomaly. They usually try and do a bait and switch job offer too where they want to hire someone that has dev(or sometimes devops) experience into support by tricking them.


Fuck prosecutors.
Fuck prosecutors.
Fuck prosecutors.
They don't have spines.
They don't know how to do anything but eat hot chip and lie.
They throw people in prison without blinking.
Their entire job is disassociation from the human condition.
You can see in the felony prosecutor's eyes they are dead inside.
I have to teach the new prosecutors how to do their job because the turnover rate is so high.
None of them read theory or can maintain a conversation beyond "crime bad."
Half the judges are third chair prosecutors that came from careers as prosecutors of some kind.
They don't give a shit how bad things are for everyone else in the system.
They are paper tigers.
They bend over backwards for the county commissioners court that refuses to fund anything other than law & order.
They do not respect the defense bar.
They do not respect the PD's office.
They do not respect appointed attorneys.
They are cowards.


because there's only so many dev jobs to go around and there's a surplus of people educated to be devs because they jumped on the goldrush bandwagon of "learn to code bro" over the last 10 years. So some of those people are just gonna have to get sacrificed to mammon. liberal aspirationalism tells you that if you just check all the right boxes and do the right things and act as a civil, chivalrous, polite little court jester for the ruling class, you're gonna make it. But the truth is there's only so many of that kind of person needed. Unless you win a contest of asskissing in a sea of asskissers, you get kicked back out onto the "job market" for having the bad luck of following the market trends 0.1 seconds too late.


ok but why LIE. why not just correctly ID their job positions as IT operations not dev, its the lying part thats weird


As someone jobless with a CS degree how do I make myself qualified for these sort of jobs? At this point I'll take anything that'll help me advance.


Maybe build a portfolio?


Don't Apply

If the employer can't be bothered to be honest about the work they're providing that already is gonna say a lot about the company and what you can expect working there


Holy fuck this is stupid, I'm applying to fucking retail and resturants randomly at this threshold and still cannot find employment after several weeks while the amount of applications I've sent out keeps increasing. in person, online, it doesn't matter, it wouldn't even be so bad if the people posting those ads could be bothered to actually respond to applications.


How do I find reliable employees as a small business owner? I interviewed a single mom today and she seemed like a great fit, but she needs childcare to come to work so I didn't hire her.


You can sign up for a low paid consulting gig with companies like FDM group who will pay you 45k/yr after training you in web dev but if you quit before 2 years you have to pay a huge ass fine like 50k and also you have no choice of what company and/or city in the us they send you to. Just pray it’s not a HCOL area like NYC. But if you’re that desperate it’s an option. There are other similar companies


I hear that companies like that aren't even hiring these days because of all the layoffs.


naw. they're still hiring.
you'll be a technoslave for 1-2.5 yearsbut you'll be employed.

don't say i didn't warn you


Ask your local chamber of commerce or small business association for advice.


>As someone jobless with a CS degree how do I make myself qualified for these sort of jobs?
Work on little programming projects that interest you (doesn't have to be fancy) and use them to pad your resume/portfolio.


What if im losing all motivation to code, how many projects do i have to make a portfolio of and how may leetcodes do i have to solve to start applying to jobs?


My guess would be that one good project would be enough, but more probably wouldn't hurt

Is there anything you want to make? A game maybe? >>1539039


>About to finish my engineering degree
>All the MIC corps clutter the hiring websites



what about mainstream job sites i.e. linkedin/indeed/monster/etc.


Yes yes slave, send several dozen minutes to hours writing out a several page document listing all your personal information(including stuff not even related to the job oh yes spend hours on that), so you can send it to a -firewall- ATS where all your information will be used for making companies that don’t wanna hire anybody that isn’t a penniless migrant look like they have a lot of applications coming in. Oh and the employer carry’s no responsibility if your data gets hacked and sold, if you get rejected based on your identity over your credentials, if you fulfill requirements but get blocked by the employers shitty ATS system, if you get rejected over -nepotism- internal hires being favoured and many more


thats literally the only choice if you wanna get a job, anon unless youre becoming a petit porky


You could also(assuming you can) just walk or drive to the places you want a work at and apply there. That’s actually the first choice I made when trying to find work thanks to the transparency it offers meaning it’s easier to tell when an employer actually wants to hire vs cases where law or corporate shenanigans requires they waste the time of job seekers by posting false ads for data mining.


I was more intending to make the
point that arms companies in virtually every area are in hiring frenzy and even if you try to avoid them outright might still end up at a de facto supplier.


Anons don't let you car die on you once it does your facked, just a little public service announcement.


career-anon here still stuck in my support analyst job. Im titled as a devops engineer but all i do is application support. Im thinking of getting some certs and trying to get a real SRE position, any suggestions?

AWS Solutions Architect or other AWS certs?
Terraform cert
Docker cert
Kubernetes certs
some sort of networking? cert?
Java or other language cert?


Passed the 10k word mark on my first novel. Reminding myself that the first draft is always dogshit and that's okay. Anyone else getting a job in a creative field?




are you a professional writer? Or are you doing another job while trying to write your novel?


I’m a grocery worker. Been doing it for almost a decade now. However back in May or so I snapped at some rude bitch in my line. Spent some time reflecting on it and accepted that I was burned out, and if I don’t find a way out, I’ll be stuck in retail hell like my parents.

I’ve got a small talent for writing. I was a pretty voracious reader as a kid and spent the years since doing short stories and running tabletop RPGs. I’ve gotten some really positive feedback on my writing over the years and so I figured I’d try to break into the fiction scene.

Probably won’t make me fabulously wealthy, but if it lets me work retail less I’ll take it.


you can try starting with short stories and flash fiction to practice. Traditionally writers started with short stories and moved to novels. Maybe set them in the same fictional universe


Oh I’ve written plenty of short stories, even did a lot of collaborative forum and RPG RP.

Sadly a thing about short stories I’ve learned from other writers is that there really isn’t a market for unknown authors creating a short story collection. Hence me trying to break into the business with a novel.

Right now I’m writing historical fiction. A murder mystery set in medieval Germany. If it’s successful I might want to branch off into fantasy novels.


Godspeed, anon. I've just got my first student as a guitar teacher, but making money from actual music you've written is pretty hard. I've composed some stuff, and I think I'd like to write music for videogames one day, but I'm not there yet.


Trying to make money off your passions is hard, but I like to think it’s rewarding. I’m rooting for you Anon. Funny enough the CPUSA is doing internal surveys to learn members’ artistic talents, to better help the party. So that’s a way to expand your reach I think.

I don’t have any clue what others will think of my stories, though I hope if they’re good enough I can direct people to the Party. We’ll see.


is making fake resumes more common now?


wym fake resumes? like fake work experience?


It's not what you know but who you know as the saying goes. Also "people hire people, not resumes" Both cliches relate the same truth. Applying online is an algorithmic elimination game. Even whichever applicants survive the pruning process will take the backseat to someone internal to the company whose judgement is trusted recommends. That's just human psychology.


File: 1693944767715.gif (3.28 MB, 635x640, 1670277449340383.gif)

>tfw got a government job with full benefits package and paid holiday
life is good as a labor aristocrat


File: 1693944818559.jpeg (9.21 KB, 300x168, download.jpeg)



>job/career advice

Work an occupation that makes you money. Nothing else matters. I work for my city’s water district


Because Indeed is full of scam job offers.


well yes, what else would there be?


>what else would there be?
fake degrees and fake industrial certifications


I know I recommended it a few times in the last thread, but if you live in the USA then locum tenens X-ray/CT/MRI is good six-figure jobs you can get with nothing more than a two-year degree in radiography at an ARRT-accredited community college.

>work 13 to 52 weeks at a time, extending your contract if they like you and you want to stay
>make between $1800 and $3500 per week after taxes (as of right now), depending on your specialization, contract and what state you go to (X-ray pays least, CT pays most, MRI is in the middle)
>$1000 or more of your weekly pay is a tax-free stipend for paying for housing, food, etc and doesn't count as income, so you stay in a lower tax bracket than your pay would suggest
>if you hate a place you're only there 3 months and then you leave
>if you budget properly you can work one or two contracts and then take months off of work and do whatever
>Speedrun getting good at your specialization of choice as literally every hospital has different protocols and procedures

>Have to be able to pass a drug test
>Have to be okay with being away from home for months at a time
>Can be difficult or impossible if you have a wife, kids, or a dog and want to take them with you


>Be black male
>Work in tech
>Old whites never listen
>Problems solved when they finally fucking do
>Get 0 recognition
What do?


How do I get a job. I keep applying but I can’t find any responses


Hrrrm. Career wise, the smartest thing to do would be to pick the smartest or least dumb one ask them to be your mentor and try and get some personal recognition through that.


Just play as hard as you can into the corporate diversity angle I guess, you're gonna be associated with it no matter what you do, so sign up for all the diversity boards, BAME representation committee, etc


Tough question.
Have you tried following up? The extra rejection will sting but you can get feedback of some sort, and sometimes the office lost all the paperwork and the position still isn't filled.


File: 1694233719154.jpeg (9.21 KB, 300x168, download.jpeg)

theres no solution because America is racist tbh. Maybe once you gain enough seniority at a company you can be the person in charge who isnt a turd.
Assuming you're in tech, since you responded to that post?

tech market is rough right now, you have lots of layoffs including people with years of experience. New grads sending hundreds of applications and getting no response. People will tell you to grind LC, make github projects and keep applying. Thats a good idea but if you're unemployed after months and still desperate then try this:

If you can't get a job after like 1k applications you need to apply to WITCH and sub-WITCH tier firms. they take practically anyone.

WITCH = Wipro, Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra, and HCL aka "indian outsourcing body shops". They suck but its a job and in tech. I'd say out of those Infosys is arguably the best. Low paid and shitty IT consulting work. But its a job and "tech" experience on the resume.

Sub-Witch = Even shittier than WITCH. Revature, FDM Group, etc. These will essentially make you an indentured servant for 1-2 years and pay you like $45k to live in NYC or other major cities. But it is a tech job and it usually converts at the end of the contract into a full time job at the company in question. They give you training in some tech and then bait and switch you into a low level IT support position which you can't get out of contractually anyway (otherwise you'll be forced to pay an obscene fee more than a years salary). If you have enough savings and mental stability to grind it out though they literally take almost anyone. Out of these FDM is probably the better one since they have ex-professors and other people with phds teach the training material. You will be forced to relocate. If you're lucky with revature your contract will be sold to infosys or similar company before two years, (sometimes right after training), breaking you out of it early.

anyone can have a "job" in tech but it will be a shit sandwich to eat in the short term pay wise, on tier with guys who work at best buy, but once you have experience on the resume recruiters look on you alot more favorably.


Head down to your locally owned family businesses and ask to fill out an application. This will demonstrate how hard of a worker you are and how valuable you are to the company. Invest in the nicest clothes you can afford.

Don't be lazy. Be valuable. A job won't come to you.


Most of us already hold down jobs ya pseud


>don’t be lazy
>a job won’t come to you
This entire global economy is fake as shit and deserves all the resignations it got and so many more.


File: 1694406385896.jpg (78.67 KB, 611x960, automation.jpg)

>lose my job to automation
>even though my job is still kinda necessary and corporate is kinda shooting themselves in the foot and assuming AI is magic
>corporate instead of firing me puts me on the software dev team
>even though I have no software dev experience
>turns out the last bug tester was mentally ill and dropped off the map without putting in two weeks
>they just wanted to use me to plug that position because they figured it was EZ and they could pay me less than a qualified person
>have to cobble together the random knowledge from software classes I took 10 years ago
>do surprisingly well the first few weeks
>actually have more social skills than most people on the dev team
>start taking transcripts of agile meetings so I can keep up with what people are saying and look things up later
>realize that corporate is super dumb
>they ask for a feature to be added one week because they don't like having to think
>they ask for the same feature to be removed the next week because they don't like having to click more buttons and learn more user interface
>they'll do this 3 or 4 meetings in a row just so they have feedback for the dev team
>corporate can't even agree with each other on what they want the software to do
>it's starting to get too many features, become an insane swiss army knife that does 1000 things very shitty but faster than humans so I guess it's OK
>realize the dev team is mostly contractors from the global south milking our company
>start looking at the code repository
>even though I'm not from a software background I can tell this code is sloppy as fuck
>no comments
>no documentation
>lots of redundancy
>hard coded values instead of variables
>sloppy ass javascript single page app that is supposed to do everything an entire laid off work force used to do
>corporate is marketing this software to other corporate dumbasses in other companies as a miracle solution to everything
>we're getting a surprisng number of contracts
>my job is actually easier than ever
>i get a raise
>constantly going back and forth between imposter syndrome/superiority complex
>they let me work from home
>most people can't pay rent

why the fuck is capitalism like this? I tripped over my own dick into a higher paying position and I didn't even do anything to deserve it! Meanwhile most of us got laid off! What the fuck? (I still make less than median income in my nation so don't go calling me class collaborationist or whatever)


Just make hay while the sun is shining. I was unemployed for like 3 years then I got a comfy office job where they treat me nice, you never know what could happen so just try to accumulate money and assets now so you will be okay later


absolutely. I got a kid and shit so I have to do that


because capitalism is bullshit


Best of luck man, I don't have kids but I am buying a house with my BF so we can finally live together and don't have to deal with landlords ever


same to you. I recommend gardening and composting


I have so many nasty fucking things I want to say about the company you work for, capitalist inefficiency or just the state of the imperial core. But right now I can’t feel anything but numbness seeing this shit, there’s so many more shitty stories like this and a mountain of stupid problems associated with the system that creates stuff like it. Fuck man


Thanks, we will have a nice big back garden, I plan to try turn it from a lawn into something more environmentally conscious/interesting


Entry Level SWE Jobs Don't Exist


Yeah and they shouldn’t have to begin with. Seriously take a moment to actually think about the implications of making any job related to engineering or research into some groundbreaking new tech entry level. Your saying you want to find someone that’s probably never had a job before just suddenly gain all the knowledge of machinery a trades worker could have, the algebraic skills of a fourth year calculus student, the software experience of a veteran in whatever the company/government facility is using, right out of college/university. That’s not reasonable, the prerequisites for a lot of these jobs is understandably high, and even fulfilling some of them require people to be way better educated in multiple broad feels of math and chemistry so they don’t get confused if anything unusual comes up.

Even today some of the best universities struggle to get students to understand algebra past logarithms and basic set notation, and you’re putting them in an environment where they suddenly need to understand a fuck load of compsci, parametrics, linear algebra or whatever other fields are required for tech.


>grocery worker
I feel your pain Anon. You can only step in a puddle of chicken blood so many times before you decide its time for a change.


I feel like supermarket is legit the worst place to work out of all choices except maybe fast food, the more customers your job serves the worse it will be basically


File: 1694559824077.png (290.82 KB, 454x523, tate.png)

90% of corporate dev shit is turning basic specs into software that automates mundane business tasks, stop acting like most software engineers need to master convex optimization the average software engineer outside certain niche fields barely uses algebra.
>making any job related to engineering or research into some groundbreaking new tech entry level
traditional engineering has 4 year internships (EIT) before you can be declared a "real" engineer, maybe that could be a route for software.


I worked in a steel mill for a while which was definitely more miserable, but at least it paid a lot more.


>90% of corporate dev shit is turning basic specs into software that automates mundane business tasks
Yeah I can see why they won’t hire. If much of the work being pushed out is that unsubstantial it’s reasonable to guess most employers aren’t taking getting new staff entirely seriously and are prone to giving job seekers unrelated chores to do to compensate so they don’t have their employees doing work they never needed or will ever used, assuming those employees are even always going to be staffed. No wonder so many of them keep fishing for experienced devs to take on the heavier stuff. What an economy.


Speaking as a workaday SWE you are correct. The compsci stuff rarely has practical application. It's mostly about understanding how to use various frameworks, libraries, and tools. And of course actual programming languages. Knowledge of algorithms is of course helpful, but most of the real work involves snapping together various building blocks and treating what you don't understand as a black box.


the problem of junior devs is they are too useless to do any real work and after being trained/onboarded and getting 2-3 years of exp, they just jump ship to another company as a midlevel engineer making all that time and effort a waste.



the only time you need algorithms is for the 7 rounds of leetcode interviewing to get a support job


Wow that post goes back to what I just said here
This shit takes time to learn to do properly.


I’m going to suggest independent video game development and contracting.

Most game developers are on a contract anyways (i.e. the game is almost done, half the workforce is furloughed, game is done, more workers are furloughed, game support ends, the rest of the team is furloughed, another game is planned, the developers are hired back).

If you can contract for yourself as opposed to some company like ACE developers INC you will get paid more. If you can develop your own games on the side you can do pretty good, and avoid corporate culture invasion of your life. Just don’t become a reactionary dick if you start making $200,000 a year for a couple years.


thanks anon, what kind of skills do you need to do this job?


Creative skills. Depends on the medium you want to work (pixel game, 3D game, platformer), but you might want to learn how to use computer paint or sculpting tools. Suggest AESPRITE, Blender, and Gimp. Then obviously you need a game development platform. For someone who is small time or working alone you could risk Unity. It seems like they have a $200k threshold before they start asking for fees. So basically, if you're only doing 6,000 sales per game you probably won't have to pay for it. You could also use open source GODOT or Unreal. In any event you'll need to learn a programming language which depends on the environment (Unity -> C#, Unreal -> C++, GODOT -> C++, C# and GDscript + Open Source so can integrate Python). Finally, discipline. You need to work a couple hours a day autonomously without being whipped by a boss. You could do it in your spare time to start, but you still need discipline to watch a few YouTube videos on a programming language. Don't go too crazy on learning the programming language first, because you'll have plenty of problems to solve which will help you learn as you develop the game. Watch enough videos to learn how to use types, loops and conditions. Then google to overcome problems as you go. You really don't need a $70,000 college degree to learn how to program enough to create games unless you struggle to self-teach.


>Just hustle bro
>work hard!
>get passive income streamz
>muh career
>Don't be poor lol
I would have hoped leftypol was a bit more in the know about this sort of late capitalist auto-exploitation. Your career should be thinking of various ways to sabotage and bring down the system. You will never be rich.


> You will never be rich.
This. I assume it is mostly children ITT because mostly it is fantasy. You are never going to be writing video games or WTF you are just going to end up working poor like the rest of us, probably working on a building site or in a shop or factory or something like this, back breaking work.
Recon with it and accept it as you struggle for a better world, don't fall in to the trap of upper-class easy well payed jobs that are sold to you by sitcoms and movies through american cultural imperialism, you are a poor person, a member of the working class and being on this website you already know 'social mobility' is a bare faced lie that does not come out in reality.
Accept reality and struggle against it to not is only going to fuck you all up.


If I was in school now for computer shit I'd get into AI development. We're already at a stage where AI dev is becoming more accessible through frameworks like LangChain, and it is becoming more so as we speak . There's a lot of demand for these new libraries and skills. Notably, AI dev also threads the needle of avoiding getting automated away, since models are time lagged and only trained on data that predates the AI boom . Furthermore, AI scraping has caused a reaction in the programming world where people are being more cautious about openly sharing pertinent training data on the web , meaning that old fashioned human brain skills will drive development .

While it used to be rocket science AI development is becoming more "lego blocky" and more accessible to workaday programmers. Of course, it might turn out to be a fad and you run the risk of learning all kinds of skills only to enter a deflating market , but you're forced to do that no matter what choice you make since this is capitalism and you are disposable by design.


As has almost always been true, save for in socialist countries, the main determinant of "success" is class position . Social mobility was so ubiquitous in the USSR that it wasn't even recognized as such. Many top leaders came from the peasantry and certainly would have never gotten there under capitalism. We live in a class based society that wants wage slaves living at a subsistence wage, who ideally believe the ruling ideology that if they work harder they will succeed more. When in reality this is just a means to squeeze more productivity out of them by convincing them to embrace their own exploitation as a means of progress, rather than reject it.


AI shit requires you to be really, really good at math which most people, even computer people aren't.


(me) as an aside, I view AI as a mostly monstrous transformation of capitalism into something truly destructive and ethically, it must be taken out of the hands of these corporations and to work for them is to be complicit in the socioeconomic devastation. However I get it that if you're just trying to make your way in this world and not have to worry too much about money, it's justified.


Yes, that was kind of my point thank you for being far more articulate than me. This being a leftist board and generally even statistically speaking the vast majority of us will never have the chance to work in an office or to create for a living, it is fantasy sold to us by american media that is quite frankly troubling to see propagated here.
Personally i am skeptical of encouraging 'work' like this at all, i was a labourer, my family are all tradespeople so from my POV why work? Yes i would have more money but i would have no time or mental health to spend it, i can see with everyone around me that they get to old age and their bodies are wrecked through work injuries and through the ravages of time and hard labour. For many obvious reasons work cannot always be avoided but I think anyone on the left should be disdainful of work and suspicious of anyone trying to push the glory and so on of working.


That might be true of the classes in school, but not the actual hands-on practical development skills. The hands-on programming skills require you to learn these libraries and a set of concepts for application development. The math is abstracted away. If you're taking comp sci anyway you should already be decent at math. Most academic comp sci departments have their heads up their asses, and those professors are teaching students to become professors. Academia is sequestered from the market in many ways, and tends to function in a self-reproducing way in which academics seek to beget academics.

Certainly it wouldn't hurt to know all that theoretical stuff, but it's not what will get you a workaday job as a developer.


AI scientist and AI engineer not the same


Well I'm talking about the latter.


passive income and having a normal job aint the same bruh


I've been applying for jobs online and I did get a few interviews out of it. One of them is a caretaker job. I hope that the interviews will go well.


good luck anon


Passive income is something only rich people , who again are already rich, enjoy. Not workers.


I’m not even mad anymore about how slow the job hunting process is anymore, I’m mad over how slow everything is in general here in leaf land. Fucking 40+ applications, 2 interviews and a drivers license and then I got a fucking retail job over 4 months. And now that I’ve been hired I had to wait another week before I would know all the information required to setup payrolls and positions would be finished, and then another fucking week before I could show up for my first day of work to setup scheduling for only 2 weeks of work, for a fucking part time job. It’s so fucking isolating to only really have my family to talk to in all that time man. It’s so disheartening knowing all the professional work and other shenanigans here is exactly like that for normal citizens.


>40+ applications
lol rookie numbers bruh. Any job gets like 250+ applications nowdays. You need four digits before you start despairing


You think I don’t know? I know a guy that had to throw out 130+ before he got his first real job and plenty more that have to wait years worth of unemployment before they can find any work.

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