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8th Edition: Failson squad assemble!edition.

Discuss anything on Southeast Asian politics. Coming 2024 Elections, open orgs, People that should be dead for different reasons running in Malaysia's elections or just random shit. There are still dozens of us… hopefully! South Asia and Oceania posters can come in to discuss their regional politics as well.

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Sounds to me that it's gonna be a disaster. China has a strong public banking system and an actual working strong digital wallet culture to implement this, while thailand is just in full decline since the bullshit lending scheme of the new thaksin stooge. Not to mention the current massive amount of household debt.


It's meme bullshit the foreign educated Bangkok MFP types were shilling.
'Digital Nomad' nonsense will never be implemented in a btw cash society…
Nobody even thought this through howw tf u pay bribe with blockchains? Very dumb.


And before anyone points to any of the meme articles about 'moving towards cashless society', app payments declined rapidly directly after covid.


Jesus fuck what the hell
Fucking indon army are evil


>Fucking indon army are evil
Uhh, see >>1773676

Burgers got us, that explained everything. That's why they left you, Nguyen, in the 1970s. Besides, the US already has our archipelagos, which have a full abundance of resources and workforce. Of course, we will become like them.


File: 1711368391509.mp4 (6.55 MB, 270x476, IMG_6521.mp4)

West Papuan ambush of Indon security


I don't know , I'm Chinese, what I do know for now is that the expirable part of Chinese CBDC is only for promotional usage


Oh well, at least the idea of money expiring is interesting.


File: 1711436255826-1.jpg (7.67 KB, 124x172, IMG_2051.JPG)

Singapore orders Israeli embassy to remove Facebook post about Palestine, Koran
>Singapore authorities have told the Israeli embassy to remove a post on its Facebook page that Minister for Law and Home Affairs K. Shanmugam called an “astonishing attempt to rewrite history”. The post was “insensitive”, “inappropriate” and “completely unacceptable” as it carried the risk of undermining safety, security and harmony in Singapore, he said.
>The now-deleted posted on the Israeli embassy in Singapore Facebook page on Sunday stated: “Israel is mentioned 43 times in the Koran. On the other hand, Palestine is not mentioned even once.” The post went on to say that archaeological evidence such as maps, documents and coins show that Jewish people are the indigenous people of Israel.
Give the middle east back to Sodom and Gomorragh


Not even the king is immortal, fed

>>lmao ape hal ni pak cik
Hadiah terbaik untuk korang, at least sebelum mereka hancur layaknya PKM

>Is this a cop from Lethal Company?
No, it's a rebel cop that blew up our royals and cringe elements for good. It's a Cheka reincarnation.


Extremely rare Singapore W. Seriously Singapore sucks so hard on this issue.


Also like, there is an extremely terrible argument to be made to Singaporeans. We are literally a young and new nation, trying to shred its colonial and in some sense, malay heritage. Appealing to history is exactly the Malay nationalists in the north do all the time to stoke hostilities towards Singapore.


WTF is there a news story on this?



The israeli embassies are notoriously racist in most countries


Good that it's hitting the news. West Paupa stuff rarely does.


And their arrogance is clearly not swaying opinions in Singapore, whom already has a special relationship with Israel. They are losing allies everywhere.


File: 1711632269914.jpg (45.13 KB, 728x520, a728-16.jpg)

After visiting the country six times in seven months, King Rama 2nd's son has made a massive move. He is now working as a representative of Thailand to negotiate with Taiwanese investors to increase Taiwanese investment in Thailand(visiting Taiwan this morning with two guys from The Board of Investment of Thailand). Despite not having regained his title, he maintains a strong connection with the palace, including his aunt and grandmother?. Interestingly, he enjoys a positive public image, even among MFP voters, as most of them do not harbor disdain for monarchy as you might expect. Furthermore, he is not protected by the lese majeste law. Political experts suspect that this move could be part of a plan to position him as the next prime minister, as the Thai constitution allows political parties to select a prime minister who is not their elected representative if they want. To me, they want him to be the next good prime minister in order to restore the monarchy's reputation and divert the focus of the people from true leftism, which is rising among the youth, towards social democracy instead.


There is no youth left movement, what the author will be talking about is democracy activists.
The university and foreign educated youth of the middle class calling for bourgeois democracy and an opening of the economy to foreigners.
They'll stop and integrate or move to the UK or Europe when it gets to heavy.
Not a bad thing, progressive, but important to remember this is not our fight.


He’s probably the least inbred of the entire family due to being outside of the royalty. So because of that he was disowned.


Documentary on the US backed terrorist attack against Vietnam in June 2023


File: 1711960520648.jpg (53.54 KB, 180x279, IMG_2195.JPG)

Man Mossad clearly isn't sending their best lmao
Israeli ‘spy’ nabbed in KL reportedly seeking revenge on countryman after Tel Aviv grenade attack
>The assassination target of an Israeli man arrested by Malaysian police on March 27 had been nabbed for murder nearly two decades ago.

>According to news portal Times of Israel, Eran Haya came to Malaysia following grenade attacks on the house of the recently detained Israeli man, identified as Shalom Avitan, in Tel Aviv earlier in March.

According to another Israeli news portal, Haaretz, Haya was arrested for a murder in Mexico in 2004 when he was 23.

Haya was suspected of killing a policeman-turned-gangland assassin in Cancun, Mexico, in December 2004, reported The Jerusalem Post.

Haya, who was an American citizen, had been under police surveillance until he went back to Israel two years later.

>According to police sources, Haya, who grew up in the United States, returned to Israel at age 16 with his father, at which point he became active in the Israeli criminal underworld.

Always the burgerzionist


I wonder what the Jewish diaspora in Singapore think of the current situation. They can’t be happy about this nonsense while their neighbour have legitimate.

I wonder if the chief rabbi in Singapore will write a letter of apology to the mufti.


File: 1712109704499.jpg (120.49 KB, 810x643, indonSOE.jpg)

>One PT DI employee , Puspita Rumpaka (29 years old) said that PT DI employees had not received their March salaries which should have been paid on March 25. He said employees were only given March salary receipts without any money being transferred to their accounts.
>"Without any clear direction, on March 26 2024, management informed that employee salaries were being postponed due to bank processing problems, and would be paid no later than Thursday afternoon, March 28 for staff and no later than April 1 for structural members," said Puspita when confirmed. Tuesday (2/4/2024).
>It's not just salary issues, he said, there are long-term leave issues, reimbursement for medical expenses and business trips, as well as overtime that has been going on for 2 years and hasn't been paid. "THR payments have not been fully paid," he said.


There's nothing new about this. In fact, there are some rumors about Indons are about to cripple and collapse within a few years because the economy won't hold the elected president programs.


I thought it's already can't hold jokowi's program. It was way too costly to move to nusantara and now with climate change a lot of indonesian plentiful palm oil will dry up. They still have nikel but that needs further loans from either china or the imf, and gold mining is stuck in the stage of fighting papuan fighters forever and a full blown genocide would bankrupt the country.


So, whose side is this guy on exactly? Militarily close to the US, but economically close to China? I mean, he was their defense minister, wasn't he?


File: 1712193957151.png (256.51 KB, 500x340, IMG_1766.PNG)

He's suharto's son in law. So he's on the side of money and nepotism. Whoever give him a bigger stack of cash to exploit the occupied colonies of papua and timor he would be on that. I wouldn't say the fucker is militarily close to the US due to his own imperialist ambitions goes against australian imperialism. They were buying chinese cruise missiles just a few years ago but now they've moved to erdogan as a partner.




File: 1712290969572.jpg (113.45 KB, 1034x749, GKUEHQ8bgAAlRu7.jpg)

Man we are getting so fucked by climate change.


>barely any contribution to CO2 output
>getting the worst impact of climate change
The Global South deserves some serious reparations in terms of green technology transfer i swear to god.


Wtf wrong with Brunei? Isn't island is supposed to be cooler than mainland.


It’s SEA’s Saudi Arabia. Literally in the case that their monarchy married and intermingled with the house of saur. It’s also in a heat pan geography soeaking with the only export being oil.


File: 1712446403402-0.png (862.76 KB, 640x479, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1712446403402-1.png (755.73 KB, 640x479, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1712446403402-2.png (814.33 KB, 640x479, ClipboardImage.png)

>YDF (Yaw Defense Force) and Arakan Army Soldiers pose with a captured Junta armored vehicle


More /SEA/ contries to comes out after this war.


>US backed

why do you say that? Is modern Vietnam not revisionist? I might be wrong but I don't think the US relationship with modern Vietnam is the same as Cuba.


You keep using that word. I don’t think you even understand what it is. Because Cuba fyi is already transitioning to market system my dude and has been “revisionist” since they backed Khrushchev. The current protests is due to the growing pains of those market policies. Did the US stopped trying to kill the soviet union because supposedly “revisionism”? Nor does they stopped trying to destroy china? What a moronic line of thinking. The US openly funding ultranationalism to topple the government.


>Man we are getting so fucked by climate change.
Lord, please bring all South East Asia heat to Singapore. Amen.


just call it capitalist lol, which it is and always has been

>Cuba fyi is already transitioning to market system my dude
the state taking the role of the bourgeois doesnt make it stop being a market system


No no no Abang don’t do this. NOOOOO

Jk, it is raining heavily now lol.


Is Aqua a subsidiary from Nestle?


File: 1712807478266.png (37.41 KB, 209x270, a19e5c7abb1c9d55.png)

It's a subsidiary of danone, another fucked up water company with 70% shareholders being american investment funds.


Myanmar state forces seen running across The Thai-Myanmar boarder Bridge to Mae Sot.
That country is not much longer for this world I think.


I thought you're not supposed to be a commie to have human rights, but it turns out the opposite, eh?


Lots more been crossing btw but I think mostly civilians.
Loosing the border crossing is pretty significant.


>Myanmar state forces seen running across The Thai-Myanmar boarder
Are they defecting or something? short qrd if possible plz



Also, Thai media found out after dug up for sometime that usa is behind KNU. Soon Burma is going to be power playing field for India, China, and USA.


I only worry what happens now. Will the ethnic militias fight each other or come together to form a federal government?


Wa, and Southern Shan militia will fight each other for sure since Burmese junta government gave a lot of land seized from Southern Shan people to Wa when they were close ally.


>Brimob shooting at TNI
Lmao idiots killing each other

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