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8th Edition: Failson squad assemble!edition.

Discuss anything on Southeast Asian politics. Coming 2024 Elections, open orgs, People that should be dead for different reasons running in Malaysia's elections or just random shit. There are still dozens of us… hopefully! South Asia and Oceania posters can come in to discuss their regional politics as well.

Matrix room: https://matrix.to/#/#!YeYeuZuLSYkegWssey:matrix.org

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Still can't believe jokowi would be this hilarious. His son was a literalwho matarbak seller. And now vice president.



60th anniversary of Ngo Dinh Diem getting shot in an M113 day. RIP BOZO


Anybody from Indonesia in here, I have some very important questions.

I've been listening to a cover of Bil Quarani Saamdi sung by Risa Solihah a thousand times in a row now and since I don't speak the language I don't know what it's about. Still normally with a song in a foreign language I can at least tell just from vibes whether it is meant to be happy or sad. But I have no idea with this one. Happy or sad? HAPPY OR SAD??

Oh and what do beautiful people like her and Ai Khodijah vote for? Who has the Sholawat vote?

And why do all Indonesian men look like the meme drawing of Ash from the Pokemon anime as a creepy adult, what's up with that.


I didn't mean the character, just the looks, sorry.


Sauce on this? I don't think english spelling have stats.


>Myanmar military lost the border link with china where the BRI rail line is situated
Damn would PLA troops join to shit show of a conflict?


They've avoided intervention since Aung San was assassinated, why would they intervene now?


Spoke too soon they're mobilizing at the border gates. Business interest as their BRI investments are being destroyed.


Man If they manage to take Mandalay the country would be cut in half. Shit is getting worse and worse.


File: 1699232612675.jpg (184.41 KB, 1024x652, Juan-Jumalon-shot.jpg)

<Safest journalist environment in SEA
Juan Jumalon Death Livestream: Shooting Video Shocks Many
>A man fatally shot a radio host inside his southern Philippine station on Sunday, in a daring act observed by people watching the program live on Facebook.
>Mr. Jumalon is the fourth journalist slain since June 2022, when President Ferdinand Marcos assumed office.
In the mean time the filipino army is assuring that they won't coup bongbong. And killing toddlers.
>Cardema further reminded that disclosed in the House plenary hearing by his brother, Duterte Youth partylist Rep. Dixie Mae Cardema, the death of nearly 50 youths in NPA encounters with government troops.



File: 1699406216653.mp4 (540.22 KB, 426x318, 1624982792130.mp4)

>Chief justice is jokowi's brother
>He ruled that his own nephew (jokowi's son) is allowed to run as vice president

How is indonesia a real country?


>Chief justice is jokowi's brother
>He ruled that his own nephew (jokowi's son) is allowed to run as vice president
>How is indonesia a real country?
It's not, but no worries. Next year, there won't be Indonesia anymore. They're going to split us into small puppet states run by American stooges and Chinese emissaries. They've won, and Indonesians are nothing more than cheap laborers ready to work for any imperial masters. There's no hope left for us, all was gone long ago.


File: 1699496543865.jpg (31.15 KB, 500x340, IMG_2876.JPG)

Lol Subianto fucked himself over with this one
>An Indonesian presidential contender is facing a growing backlash over his decision to choose President Joko Widodo’s son as his running mate, with the latest opinion poll showing him slipping to second place after six months of being the top voter choice.

>Defence Minister Prabowo Subianto, together with the current president’s eldest son Gibran Rakabuming Raka, scored 34.7 per cent, trailing the former Central Java governor Ganjar Pranowo and his running mate at 36.8 per cent, according to a survey by polling firm Charta Politika published on Monday.


Maybe this was Jokowi's master plan?


Singaporeans are basically westoids


That's one reason I avoid Indonesian politics in general. As I've said before, anything good for business gets a free pass here.


Currently India supports Burmese military silently because several Chistianized naga tribes at the border of both country want to break away, and join each other, and make new country which will make India, and burmese looses some of theirs teritory. Also Christian Karen tribe is supported in training, and weapon by ex-us marine group turn missionary(probably backed by CIA). I believe the current Myanmar was happened because Aung San Suu Kyi want to increase western influence in Myanmar in order to get rid of military instead of playing balance of power with both west, and China (and probably want to join China blockade game) despite military made one step back in 2009, so the military made the coup.


File: 1699797636835.jpg (118.79 KB, 958x637, 13989661213659.jpg)

>TFW you got away with bold face murder of your mistress just like your master Clinton
>Mr Levingston said his client faces death by hanging in Malaysia for a murder conviction, and until the death penalty is abolished by the Malaysian government, the Australian government would not be able to deport Sirul due to non-refoulement obligations.
>The Daily Mail reported that Sirul was freed from Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney on Saturday, and is now understood to be staying with a relative in Canberra.
Bruh so literally no one was tried AT ALL



Which factions? Also sauce since suu kyi is in jail rn.


They are looting so many vehicles after this.


are these maoists?


Eh they're like a weird mix of kenang nationalism and Chinese governance. Since they basically was a chinese diapsora off-shoot of the CPB.


The communist party’s military wing, PLA.

I doubt they are super influential though.


Can someone fill me in as someone clueless about Indonesia politics. Why did Prabowo run against Jokowi in 2019 and was minister in his gov and now is like his successor? Please excuse my ignorance if I've got this wrong. I thought Prabowo was like a military strongman type guy, pretty different to Jokowi


File: 1699949087928.jpg (83.28 KB, 750x500, 303171312.jpg)

Basically Jokowi was kinda desperate to form a political dynasty at any means necessary, but his own party disagreed, calling it a terrible idea. Since his own son was a 36 year old pancake seller with the only municiple post given to him was because his dad is the president.
>Now, both sides are in a “mutual hostage situation”, where Mr Widodo, known popularly as Jokowi, and PDI-P, which is chaired by former president Megawati Soekarnoputri, cannot engage in open hostilities because they both need each other for political mileage for now, said one analyst.

>“On the one hand, President Jokowi still needs PDI-P to maintain the stability of his government until the end of his term,” political analyst Yoes Kenawas from Atma Jaya University told CNA, adding how the president still needs its legislators' backing to push for various programmes, with PDI-P being the biggest party in parliament.

The alliance came about because Jokowi needs his son to be VP because nepotismwhile Subianto is unpopular af and needs a boost from the widodo family cred.
Meanwhile, the PDI-P is still obstensively soekarno's daughter party, everything is still under her thumb so Jokowi doing this behind closed doors alliance is basically a betrayal of his own mentor.


Thanks, that article gives good background.
Still a bit confused how Prabowo can be electoral opponent and then a minister in Jokowi's govt? Aren't they in separate parties?
If Prabowo and Raka win what's the likely outcome? Accelerated islamofascism? What's Prabowo like on foreign policy? Would he drift more to a US alignment, favour China, or stick to a nonaligned position?


File: 1699996630054.jpeg (511.76 KB, 933x1217, bonesolarge.jpeg)

And from the eastern troubles the western part of myanmar is flaring up. Chin state army are trying to cut off the border with india and bangladesh.
>Dozens of rebels battled the Myanmar military from dawn to dusk on Monday to overrun two camps next to India’s Mizoram state, Chin National Front (CNF) Vice Chairman Sui Khar said. Following the rebel attacks, 43 Myanmar soldiers crossed over to the Indian side and were held by Indian security forces in Mizoram, police official Lalmalsawma Hnamte said.
>Some 39 of those troops were flown by Indian forces to a border crossing point in neighbouring Manipur state and handed over to Myanmar authorities, a federal security official said on condition of anonymity as he was not allowed to share details of the incident.
At this rate they won't have a land border left with anyone.


I expect blood bath in the Shan state between Wa and Tai If current Burmese government fall, and all the minority ethic get the independence. Or Chinese will send military to control northen Shan since Wa, and Northen Shan tai lean toward, and almost are Chinese proxxy in Burma.




File: 1700001858699.jpg (39.25 KB, 640x832, wykkx6ubq8u21.jpg)

If the government falls it's gonna basically be warlord era china on a much smaller scale. Gonna be crazy.


It will become Burma once again when those Karen, Mon, Tai and Kachin etc successfully break away, then create their's own countries since Myanmar, officially the Republic of the "Union" of Myanmar doesn't work.


Woah based


They aren’t going to make a federal republic or something?


>NEWS ASIAMyanmar Junta Orders Civil Servants, Ex-Military to Fight RebelsPublished 6 mins ago on November 17, 2023By CTN NewsMyanmar Junta Orders Civil Servants, Ex-Military to Fight Rebels
Myanmar’s military Junta has ordered all government civil employees and ex-military servicemen to prepare to serve in the event of an emergency, an official said on Thursday, following reports of “heavy assaults” from insurgents in multiple areas.

>Myanmar’s military has fought ethnic minority and other insurgencies for decades, but a coup in 2021 has brought unprecedented coordination among anti-military forces, posing the army’s most serious challenge in years.


Could someone explain what the hell is going on in Myanmar? Who is supporting who? What significance do things in Myanmar have for the region and or possibly the world? How many break away states are there?


They got bad history with each other since 15 Century with Burmese wrecking shit out everyone even Thai.


File: 1700225073704.jpg (91.14 KB, 768x1024, Cornered.jpg)

They are cornered

Sadly Myanmar will be end up being one of those very pro-west country since tatmadaw being garbage gov.


File: 1700798715892.jpg (42.89 KB, 320x687, th-4223350582.jpg)

Or it would just balkanize forever. Which seems like more and more possible now.


I had assumed the alliance between ethinicities meant that they could at least coexist in some way when this is all over. Balkanisation is so dumb tbh.


Political parties in Indonesia has this quirk where they all work together in an electoral coalition so it isn't wild that Prabowo is in Jokowi's government. It is just wild that Jokowi might go against his party.

>If Prabowo and Raka win what's the likely outcome?

I am guessing more islamic fundamentalism like in Malaysia.


seconding question. need a qrd


Small factions quarreling against each other always end up with a one (1) charismatic Ceasarian guy conquering everyone, or some nations states will be carved but no Great Power seems to want that for now


there was some info in the china thread about dengist statelets in the north


It is an ongoing trend i notice.


>Small factions quarreling against each other always end up with a one (1) charismatic Ceasarian guy conquering everyone
This is basically Burmese history lol, and it was repeated like 4-5 times in last 1,000 years, but the democracy loving modern world surely doesn't like lt.
Tatmadaw is going to loose Shan State control to PRC
>>> look >>1685227 >>1685252 >>1685883


Eh I wouldn’t call it so early. After a truck station in the China side got struck by drone bombings, I suspect China will intervene in some way to back up the tatmadaw to properly stabilize the border region for business.
Tons of PLA troops are piling up on the border for a “live fire drill”


File: 1700933227886-0.jpg (271.84 KB, 652x923, 12.jpg)

File: 1700933227886-1.jpg (120.36 KB, 843x910, 1700931607441.jpg)


The Junta is actually very friendly with Russia. So maybe Russia can help China negotiate a ceasefire.


This bitch has been churning out nothing but bullshit for months now. Literally a few weeks ago she were simping for Kokang rebels for how they’re apparently “following xi jinping” (because all han chinese are Xiist, just like how all white people are white nationalist lmao) and just in a few days the kokangs were bombing Chinese trucks on the border using drones. Peak of chinese ultranationalist cope from retarded brain broken diaspora only behind that one faggot captaincool who is obsessed with the boba makes you gay conspiracy.

Using as a source is hilarious. There’s hundreds of better sources including the websites of all the rebel groups. The myanmar people don’t need some dumb bitch saying that they’re for da greater china for them.


Apparently there are peace talks resuming between the GRP and the NDFP??


Yep mostly because they’re killing anybody having acquaintances with anyone left of labor unions. They even murdered radio hosts in broad daylight during livestreams now.


Effect of bombing from Linebacker 2 since Kissinger just kicked a bucket.


It's not the dumbest bet that the local Chinese militants support the communists, for example the MNDAA in Kokang is a mostly Chinese splinter of the CPB and all these splinters are still full of communists, even random militias have communists in them over there. It's dumb to use ethnicities and not group affiliation though considering for example the Shan who have at least two groups in open conflict with each other. You have to remember everything east of the Bamar region used to be under control of the CPB when the PRC were supporting them, so groups like the KMT holdouts would have been turfed out long ago and replaced with communists.
Although I'm not really sure what Russia and China have to do with it, pretty much nobody wants to stick their dick in the Myanmar hornet's nest and talk of a ceasefire is pretty pointless considering the Tat obviously decided to go all-in with the coup. The Wa are the PRC's besties in the border regions anyway, although I have heard the MNDAA openly recruit in China and the CPC pretend to not know about it.


Congratulations to the 48th year of the Laotian Revolution

Daily Reminder That All Monarchy Sucks


File: 1701602649015.mp4 (565.27 KB, 480x270, IMG_6433.mp4)

Currently China is still playing spectator. If rockets and drones are contained they won’t care much. Which makes sense really, military intervention is expensive as hell.

Video context: Tatmadaw MLRS firing seen from Chinese border town.


File: 1702320677477.jpg (317.42 KB, 1178x1408, GBEbIyaXwAAvzt_.jpg)

You know what, imma say it. This is sinophobia, plain and simple.


Looks like Marcos will be selling the entire country to US corporations while removing term limits to be a dictator like his dad. How typical.
Manila eyes constitutional amendments to ease economic restrictions
>The amendments, he said, will allow lawmakers to "regulate" economic sectors that can be opened for foreign investors.

>Foreign business chambers have been urging Congress to lift current limits to foreign investment, including the so-called 60-40 rule, which caps foreign ownership of local firms at 40%.

>Past efforts to rewrite the constitution have failed. Critics have said efforts to amend the constitution could also open doors for lawmakers to lift term limits for elected officials.

What? Are your retarded?


Full text of Xi's article on Vietnamese newspaper


It's just the truth, every S'porean food is either invented by (Malaysian) Chinese or just mickey mouse food like Kaya Toast


China will end up building another wall to keep all the uncivilized barbarians out.


File: 1702394538616.png (675.55 KB, 800x634, ClipboardImage.png)

Yes but unfortunately on picrel.


File: 1702457000939-0.jpg (77.35 KB, 512x507, B002731.jpg)

>arrested and jailed for 6 years because of 2 retweets
Why are inbred royals like this?
Who would win?
>Million miles wall seen from space
>A few mongol lads with pickaxes


It didn’t work so well the first time


File: 1702626679449.jpg (11.69 KB, 391x129, IMG_1723.JPG)

>In a poll by Indonesia Survey Institute, the electability of Mr Prabowo and Mr Gibran was 45.6 per cent in December, or 9.7 percentage points higher than in October, while Mr Anies and his running mate, former minister Muhaimin Iskandar, scored 22.3 per cent, 2.7 percentage points higher. The electability of the third pair, Mr Ganjar and Chief Security Minister Mahfud MD, however, slid 2.3 per cent from two months ago to 23.8 per cent. Some 8.3 per cent of respondents either remained undecided or did not answer.

>A separate survey by the research arm of local daily Kompas, carried out between Nov 29 and Dec 4, placed the electability of Mr Prabowo and Mr Gibran at 39.3 per cent, followed by Mr Anies and Mr Muhaimin at 16.7 per cent and Mr Ganjar and Mr Mahfud at 15.3 per cent.

Welp Indonesia's fucked


>There's ten million reasons not to care about Indonesian politics. I don't even watch the debate. It's all based on who's good for business. All in all I vote for PG.
To accelerate the elimination of bourgeoisie elements by infighting between themselves? Is Prabowo still an Indonesian Trump at this point? This is like Obama allied with Trump in an alternate timeline.


File: 1702871767627.jpg (28.31 KB, 400x403, IMG_1512.JPG)

Well not exactly. Trump despite being a fuckhead isn't a bloodthirsty monster who had direct involvement in disappearing people and war crimes. Subianto howerver, does:
>Following the hostage transfer, Kopassus under Prabowo began a reprisal campaign against villages perceived to support OPM, in one incident at Geselema village attacking the villagers with a military helicopter disguised as a Red Cross helicopter
>In the early 1990s, as the commander of Kopassus Group 3, the now Major General Prabowo attempted to crush the East Timorese independence movement by using irregular troops (hooded "ninja" gangs dressed in black and operating at night) and, in main towns and villages, militias trained and directed by Kopassus commanders. The Army's 1997 campaign was called Operation Eradicate.


Latest 3:1land W: blockade Israel boats from entering its harbour
Latest L: something about the prime minister using and justifying an Indian slur?


What the fuck is Indonesia up to now? Absolute savages tbh.



>What the fuck is Indonesia up to now Absolute savages tbh.
Same flavor racism as the eurocucks and burgers. The real face of Indonesia is that they just loathe brown people and PoC alike. The rightoids here have always followed whatever /pol/ and 4cucks did.


File: 1704123868482-1.jpeg (11.62 KB, 194x260, gods army twins.jpeg)

Old photos of the "divine twins" of the christian burmesse guerrilla "Gods army"
Imagine mogging 99% of adult men while being a 10 yo kid


File: 1704124113196-0.jpeg (8.6 KB, 189x266, khun sa.jpeg)

also a related question: Were the myammar opium warlords caudillo -like figures? a sort of pablo escobar but more political -maybe like FARC-?
I dont know much but it seems the Karen Peoples struggle was linked with gods army and\or khun sa's opium guerrila empire.


They can’t even pretend this is due to religious sectarianism when they share the same religion. The islamists are letting these students do whatever they want.


Any sg kakis here? Election is probably coming soon. Confirm by this year


Remember anons: Don't even THINK about voting for any candidate not promising you direct gibs. Do not give vote until sure you will be in receipt of gibs for doing so.


Perhaps. There is also the possibility that people may end up thinking that the west abandoned the democracy movement and was one of the reasons behind just how feckless the Nld were last time around.
There may be a feeling among NUG types that the west and UN won't have recognised them until it's safe to do so.


God Subianto is such an obvious scam artist it’s not even funny anymore. He did this 2 election cycles ago.
>step 1 announce to be buying some heavy foreign arms
>step 2 make all the ultranationalist get into a pitch fever about INDONESIA 💪 💪 💪
>step 3 get all the possible votes from these dumbasses
>step 4 skimming 2% of the supposed government contracts
>step 5 cancel the order when election is over pretend to lose the skim through lost deposits
He did it with the Chinese cruise missiles, he did it with the other variants of the harimau, he did it with the Korean fighter jets and the F15.
Also this glorified missile boat.


Wake Up SG does good work on coverage on Palestine but I wish they would stop posting American nonsense…


>Rushed and piecemeal rules adopted within a week of decriminalisation sought to curb its use but left loopholes for recreational use.

>The mooted changes, aiming to deliver on an election promise, come after Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin spoke out against recreational use amid concerns of drug abuse, and vowed that his government would support only medical use.

>"We drafted this law to prohibit the wrong usage of cannabis," Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew told media this week. "All recreational usage is wrong."

Well that was quick. They are back to ban weed again. Simply because their low quality shit can't compete with european and american weed lol. Truly endemic to the kind of hotdog water "gibme" politics of SEA.


Is Thai weed really that bad?


Not bad, just really mediocre. Way worse than the laotian variety anyway.
Man I really want to have a watch of this. It really dissapeared when the malay government banned it.


Damn Singapore government trying to phrase ez-link card. What for?

Man the poster looks like AI generated.


>And why do all Indonesian men look like the meme drawing of Ash from the Pokemon anime as a creepy adult, what's up with that.

true lol


What's up with Thailand? Any time it's in the news it's because yet another politician got arrested because they forgot to suck the king's royal dick.


does the indonesian presidential debate contribute to something ?


Despite being crucial to the imperial core in the past western capital would now prefer a more 'modern' approach, for everything that brings. A flood of western capital unrestricted.
I don't think anyone will be surprised when those who rail against the monarchy are they're suddenly more intent against foreign ownership restrictions.


File: 1706507458792.jpeg (34.41 KB, 720x467, fellow wojaks SEA.jpeg)

>does the indonesian presidential debate contribute to something ?
Huh… what? Lmao, I can't even… Is this really a question? What makes you think that's important?


What are you talking about? The biggest porky in Thailand is the crown.


File: 1706607904828-0.mp4 (540.22 KB, 426x318, 1624982792130.mp4)

File: 1706607904828-1.gif (680.73 KB, 220x124, tenor.gif)

>presidential debate
>indonesian presidential debate
>indonesian presidential debate with subianto
<having merit
They basically never recovered from the 1997 financial crash. Their entire economy lives off tech transfer the US did 40+ YEARS AGO. Most of their politicians are spineless real estate monguls who sucked up to the military with their idea of welfare being to print more money.


File: 1706635558678.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.12 KB, 668x960, U.S._propaganda_for_agent_….jpg)

Chào, I am an editor at Leftypedia and would like to add this image to the site. It is supposedly a leaflet produced by the US to downplay the effects of their herbicide campaign during the war in the mid-1960s. I was not aware until now that such a propaganda effort existed. If someone could give me some background or a translation I would be very grateful. -Harry


Yes. Western capital thinks the qestern educated new money is the better bet… the issue is exactly the crown is the biggest porkies, it has held much of the 'kingdom' close to its chest - western porky wants a bigger share.


File: 1706660770428.jpg (46.2 KB, 519x1045, HQ1967Mosquitoes.jpg)

Best english article on it that I have found
Psywarrior is one of the best compilation of US gaslighting tactics in the war. One poster here is how the agent rainbow are just "harmless defoliant". Another is how they are just "anti mosquito DTs".


File: 1706662158086-0.jpg (781.79 KB, 1036x1579, RCO051_1468897839.jpg)

File: 1706662158086-1.jpg (518.21 KB, 1041x1600, RCO024_1468877861.jpg)

I even go further on this. In the 80s agent orange denial was in vogue. To the point that they even portray US vets sufferered under its effects as delusional liars. In DC comics they made a super villain that is a delusional insane Vietnam vet (think he had been mutated by agent orange, actually not because agent orange is harmless) joining an american version of what DC thinks how the Vietnamese NLF are like.


Man, that's crazy. America man.


File: 1706668332457.jpg (26.37 KB, 376x300, minesuper.jpg)

Some more source for psyops in comics from the same site. Also the use of comics by NATO in the yugoslav war.
It's a long article: https://psywarrior.com/PsyopComics.html


Why is that idiot back on the news again? Ffs just speak Singlish to ward off any accusation of being a mainlander?


>indo being polface
>malay being troonsoyjak
>being friends with each other


File: 1706785416187.png (1.05 MB, 913x466, ClipboardImage.png)

Love this.
Critical support for US health privatization.


only thing I thought of when seeing this



hahahahahahahaha what a spineless, incompetent liberal. Can't jail political rivals properly, yet doesn't even have the balls to go all the way with full pardon.

Love how constitutional monarchy basically means that anything which makes the "liberal" government look bad is agong's fault, but simultaneously any public criticism of royalty is automatic sedition. Guess that whenever inconvenient political decisions come up the constitution grants the royal office full discretion.

Also oops sorry it just so happened that the agong that granted the reduction in sentence just stepped down. Aww that's just too bad, guess we'll never know his reason for the decision. Honestly, we didn't realise until just now how the pardon board meeting was just so scheduled so that it would literally be the last thing the outgoing agong does before he fucks off to Pahang.


Reminder Najib was the successor to the same fucking party who arrested anwar and beat him before accusing him of homosexuality in 1998. Anwar is kissing the same party that abused him, like a battered wife.


File: 1707306407423.jpg (315.98 KB, 640x626, 4faxyhwmv55b1.jpg)

It was always inevitable that Anwar would pull any possible bullshit to benefit the unity government's UMNO wing, just like a few months ago when his AG applied for DNAA in DPM Ahmad Zahid's Akalbudi bribery case. After all, Anwar was Mahathir's DPM and heir apparent to the PM office, until he lost golden boy status during the 1997 financial crisis when he advocated for IMF free market reforms. Then it became necessary for Mahathir to silence him in order to protect the local capitalist class from Western finance capital, and sodomy was just the convenient cultural scapegoat needed for that.

All the contemporary liberal-sphere discourse about Reformasi, democratisation, anti-corruption/cronyism, etc. amounts to nothing: all that (and the shameless shenanigans for the past few electoral cycles) ultimately leads back to a pathetic 1990s era UMNO intra-party power struggle, between a slightly more protectionist faction of Malay supremacists on the one hand and a more openly neoliberal faction of Malay supremacists on the other.


>tfw Prabowo Subianto won
We're done. It's over.


Indeed, we're doomed.


File: 1708003623755-1.png (948.56 KB, 930x857, alfard.PNG)



my condolences


File: 1708047709904.jpg (119.62 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I love how he immediately broke all promises of the last term lol
>Refusing to pay for the Korean jet program
>Refusing to pay for the rafale deal
>Dropped the drone program
>Dropped the missile program
>Here's glorified boat with the name soekarno on it
He's a lying sack of shit
Is there a lore reason why man love agent orange? Is he stupid?


Indonesia and Malaysia's electoral nonsense are exactly what I described as a weaken bourgeois democracy that many right wing parties in America and Europe want to create. A democracy where parties are less about values and ideology and more about allocating gibsmedat/patronage to specific people. This is what happens when a region that doesn't undergo bourgois democratic revolutions, leaders of the old order slowly creeping back to respectable positions of power.

This isn't just how the political parties think, but how the citizens think as well. The average Malay in Malaysia doesn't care that Anwar lets Najib get away, or whether Prabowo will deliever on his promise. All they know is that their local pillars of society (who are mostly bought by parties) support a certain politician, therefore they will too. The masses don't see democracy as a means to express themselves, but to obtain patronage from the state and the elites controlling it. The only thing worse than the rich using its class status to control democracy is using democracy to become rich.


bla bla bla bla bla stfu, we ought to be destroyed or balkanized just like Myanmar is now. Then those good-for-nothing crowds, or even if you could call them "people", will realize how FUBAR their society is. 


File: 1708195951532.jpg (7.37 KB, 251x201, 121985375.jpg)

Some feud is happening in sg's activist circles over the recent pro-Palestine stunt and I only get to see their snide comments on twitter.

I will say I am instinctly siding against the ones who is always whining about something on twitter coz she talks like a stereotypical wrecker.

Don't cut yourself on all that edge


Is this a cop from Lethal Company?


lmao ape hal ni pak cik


Right wing ideology is rising everywhere in SEA thank to incompetent bourgeois lefty LMAO.


Def agree with this. Feels like ML has been dead since 91, oh and don't forget the greatest culprit of them all, still banning communism since 1966. Iykyk. As for that country's politics, I don't give a literal fuck. Let them clown while we thrive, let them shit on each other while we slowly wait for them to die and rebuild this country.
No one gives a shit about the sham multiparty system anymore.
Kid, what grade are you on? Please do be more optimistic, don't be sad, nih ada tubruk, mau ga?


File: 1708561525466-0.jpg (81.85 KB, 990x660, thaksin.jpg)

>Federal prosecutors in New York on Wednesday said they charged a Japanese Yakuza leader with conspiring to traffic nuclear materials from Burma to other countries in the belief that they would be used by Iran to make a nuclear weapon.

>The accused gangster, Takeshi Ebisawa, “and his confederates showed samples of nuclear materials in Thailand” to an undercover agent from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration who was posing as a narcotics and weapons trafficker with access to an Iranian general, prosecutors said.

>“With the assistance of Thai authorities, the nuclear samples were seized and subsequently transferred to the custody of U.S. law enforcement,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan said in a statement announcing a superseding indictment against Ebisawa and another man.

>“A U.S. nuclear forensic laboratory later analyzed the samples and confirmed that the samples contain uranium and weapons-grade plutonium,” the statement said.

The indictment says that in September 2020, Ebisawa emailed the undercover DEA agent a letter in the name of a mining company offering to sell 50 metric tons of uranium and thorium for $6.85 million.
I mean are the "left" truly left? Like in malay the left is just left of islamic fundamentalism and is still hilariously homophobic with anwar being its godhead. The "left" in Thailand are just thaksin's lil cuckfund. Indonesia is just fucked with neo soekarnoites being completely defanged. Singapore will never leave the Lee family dynasty. And Cambodia is just a centrist colony due to chinese influence.


>bourgeois lefty
Who exactly? leftism is kinda dead in SEA, at least in the Malay Archipelago.


File: 1708573714786-0.png (70.06 KB, 648x737, 46qgxussviyb1.png)

File: 1708573714786-1.jpg (33.17 KB, 728x520, 5sb7w05pviyb1.jpg)

File: 1708573714786-2.jpg (57.6 KB, 1920x1008, cx5o4cgtviyb1.jpg)

Some screenshots from the Siam Paragon shooter. I warn you Sonic guy, please no longer show nihilistic-doomerist tendencies, lest you'll become Leftypol's Phasid.


Lmao. Nobody calls themselves a leftist unless they want to get bullied


File: 1708577508036.jpg (176.17 KB, 686x905, average chud.jpg)

When will the left unite against their common enemy?


The vast majority of the left is furries tho.


I'm not a furry, meat
*clank clank*


>ignore my fingers
>they are too slim
I'll say. He looks straight out of a horror movie.


File: 1708592713039.png (129.22 KB, 360x685, ClipboardImage.png)

rate fit

ignore my fingers they're too slim


>american flag hat
Yeah that's the issie, not the furry stuff


File: 1708687755242.pdf (44.58 KB, 180x255, me.pdf)

>>1769169 (contd)
Take a look at Phasid's manifesto. Masked off as the typical Americanised suburbanite interested in furries and gun ownership.


What’s your problem man?


Wait he gets to update his fbi.gov after the shooting, wtf?


Because the left is dead. The left also associated with liberals. We're in fact, not part of the left no more.


>The "left" in Thailand are just thaksin's lil cuckfund

They got a new fund supporter, a new party to vote for, turned on Thaksin, and are going to have their new real socialist party in the near future after they successfully radicalize Gen Z MFP voters if the situation doesn't change.


Thaskin turned on them to be fair

That is a deeply ahistorical take. Abang where you from?


>Thaskin turned on them to be fair
They never were friends or liked each other to begin with; they just shared a common enemy back then, so temporary alliances were formed. In fact, most of the left was openly anti-Thaksin since his first day in power, but took sides with him when the military made a coup in 2006 since the left still hated what the military did to them during the Cold War (it's their fault to side with the CCP rather than North Vietnam, LMAO). A few of the left infiltrated Thaksin's party and successfully convinced him to pull out some partially populist social democratic policies, which made him very famous to this day, with all of his competitors now trying to out-socdem him.


File: 1708781154339.jpg (237.47 KB, 1080x1080, GGt4nqaXwAA18HM.jpg)

Southeastasiabros… Explain yourselves.


Oh we've met Ian before, he sold us heroin at the airport in Malaysia when we arrived, hopefully the government doesn't find out


You what?


Dude has the best smack in Malaysia but he won't quit talking about the Mossad and overthrowing the government. Dunno what that was about.


That was less confusing than him offering to take us to Borneo to shoot and butcher orangutans


Also Andy Nglow is a three striper Vietnamese gusano.


Never ever trust a SEA diaspora, they have the absolute worst politics. We are not sending our best over tbh. SEA in general has dogshit politics for a dogshit region.

The military is clearly working for and on the behest of the crown. Every leftist should critically support Thaksin back then (and now the MFP) to ferment a national democratic revolution.


File: 1708939707534.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.56 KB, 360x368, 429825980_3603232339935655….jpg)

Andy Ngoo is your typical viet gusanos. Hilariously right wing to the point of fascism.
>jewelry store mom
>ARVN cop dad
>got put in gulag but escaped
Should've whacked his dumbass family in the camps
Genoa is just your typical khmer nationalist.
Ian is just Ian, a breed of creatura that only lives in basement eating nothing but reddit karma.


I always suspected Genoa wasn't Italian, given that right-wingers in Italy barely know their language, let alone English.
But I wasn't fucking expecting this, holy shit lol


>Southeastasiabros… Explain yourselves.
We lost the cold war, you know. And this is Indonesian prominent libs figure.


File: 1708957063295.png (1.26 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>We lost the cold war, you know. And this is Indonesian prominent libs figure.
Yankee got the last laugh.


Comrades, there is a bit of a faff going on now in SG regarding the Ministry of Education's (MOE) attempt to…"educate" our children with regards to the current issue in the middle east. Unsurprisingly, it appears that government has made a mess of it.

Basic gist is that MOE supplied a series of slides to various schools to be used as educating material on the circumstances of the current Israel-Gaza genocide, however the material primarily focuses on the initial Oct 7 attack with basically little to no attention given to the more than half a century long oppression of Palestinians. This has inevitably riled up members of the Malay community. To be honest, not having FB myself, I don't know how long ago Halimah Yaacobs statement actually was, it just came with the message I was reading. There are also no details on which schools/levels the material was supplied to.

The question I have to ask is what need this material actually fulfills? Like who decided that there was a circumstance that required the creation of these slides? Is the Malay population agitating? I had a colleague get a little agitated over it and we had a short conversation about it, but that was it and I've not known that guy to be a hard worker.


File: 1709109683111.png (1.34 MB, 1297x817, q2.png)


There's more russians in sri lanka. Which is why the IMF is leveraging debt to attack the large amounts of russians there. https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2024-02-29/sri-lanka-halts-free-visas-for-long-staying-russian-ukrainian-nationals


Lol, It would be big plot twist if both Ukrop, and Russia pay Srilankan gov to find a way to force their's citizen to go back to kill each other in battlefield.


vietnam and laos are keeping the spark of communism alive in SEA. seethe harder CIA shills


>vietnam is keeping the spark of communism alive
>by cucking itself to capitalism
all right guys we're really #winning now


Fucking hell. What a perfect global wedge issue for targeted destabilization ops. The link claims that it's related to rising Thai anger at foreigners bringing unwelcome prostitution, it mentions Swiss and Filipinos.


I mean when it comes to SEA yes. Most of Southeast asia has a history of a third gender and non binary identity for centuries. The only who are butthurt about it are religious fundies but those retards came later.
That's what happens when you deindustrialize and focus more in tourism. A lot of stupid shit tends to follow.
This ran into the funny trend of far right nationalism everywhere. They tend to care about the nation as an idealistic entity yet they often sell the country out right under those words. Especially thailand and indons.


>They tend to care about the nation as an idealistic entity yet they often sell the country out right under those words.
It happens in Europe too. Patriotic rw porkies shouting about immigration then selling out and spending half the year in sunny countries with lower cost of living. Every hypocrisy you can imagine is involved.


File: 1709775679535-0.jpg (555.16 KB, 1280x2154, Indonesia Latest News.jpg)

>We lost the cold war, you know. And this is Indonesian prominent libs figure.
Calm your repeated defeatism, and please turn it into revolutionary defeatism. For those who wish to know the new developments in Indonesia…

The links:



File: 1710782437227-0.png (604.2 KB, 1920x919, 03.png)

File: 1710782437227-1.png (930.79 KB, 1920x919, 02.png)

File: 1710782437227-2.png (814.66 KB, 1920x919, 01.png)

Guess, who was huge Titofan during cold war time in /SEA/.


>Touch grass
There is no more grass growing anywhere, unless in the forest. Everything will become a barren wasteland. Inevitably, trees and forests will be destroyed by those greedy porkies. But, of course, you won't listen.

>Well just don't care about politics please?

However >>1705203
>There's ten million reasons not to care about Indonesian politics. I don't even watch the debate. It's all based on who's good for business. All in all I vote for PG.
So much for hypocrisy, eh? Libtard.


The least inbred of the line, crazy how his son straight up just looks like gollum in comparison.
In other news, another billionaire got whacked. Good.


2nd president in a single term lol
Of course this has everything to do with the current case of Vo Van Thuong being dismissed.


File: 1710984705777.png (766 KB, 800x480, ClipboardImage.png)

touch astroturf


File: 1711004894579-0.png (223.5 KB, 1000x1000, 18.png)

>Why are inbred royals like this?
>Any time it's in the news it's because yet another politician got arrested because they forgot to suck the king's royal dick.
Because it's an offense to majesty~
*gigachad theme plays*


Where my sinkie kakis at? Pritam did nothing wrong!


File: 1711253195984-0.jpg (339.79 KB, 1920x919, 47.jpg)

The Thai government is going to launch a digital baht, modeled after the digital RMB in near future, and they plan to initiate it with digital stimulus checks featuring expirable money later this year.


The only expirable money part of the digital yuan was red packets for promotion, in like below 5cny


Sounds wild. How does the thai government keep track of all of its digital currency?


Sounds to me that it's gonna be a disaster. China has a strong public banking system and an actual working strong digital wallet culture to implement this, while thailand is just in full decline since the bullshit lending scheme of the new thaksin stooge. Not to mention the current massive amount of household debt.


It's meme bullshit the foreign educated Bangkok MFP types were shilling.
'Digital Nomad' nonsense will never be implemented in a btw cash society…
Nobody even thought this through howw tf u pay bribe with blockchains? Very dumb.


And before anyone points to any of the meme articles about 'moving towards cashless society', app payments declined rapidly directly after covid.


Jesus fuck what the hell
Fucking indon army are evil


>Fucking indon army are evil
Uhh, see >>1773676

Burgers got us, that explained everything. That's why they left you, Nguyen, in the 1970s. Besides, the US already has our archipelagos, which have a full abundance of resources and workforce. Of course, we will become like them.


File: 1711368391509.mp4 (6.55 MB, 270x476, IMG_6521.mp4)

West Papuan ambush of Indon security


I don't know , I'm Chinese, what I do know for now is that the expirable part of Chinese CBDC is only for promotional usage


Oh well, at least the idea of money expiring is interesting.


File: 1711436255826-1.jpg (7.67 KB, 124x172, IMG_2051.JPG)

Singapore orders Israeli embassy to remove Facebook post about Palestine, Koran
>Singapore authorities have told the Israeli embassy to remove a post on its Facebook page that Minister for Law and Home Affairs K. Shanmugam called an “astonishing attempt to rewrite history”. The post was “insensitive”, “inappropriate” and “completely unacceptable” as it carried the risk of undermining safety, security and harmony in Singapore, he said.
>The now-deleted posted on the Israeli embassy in Singapore Facebook page on Sunday stated: “Israel is mentioned 43 times in the Koran. On the other hand, Palestine is not mentioned even once.” The post went on to say that archaeological evidence such as maps, documents and coins show that Jewish people are the indigenous people of Israel.
Give the middle east back to Sodom and Gomorragh


Not even the king is immortal, fed

>>lmao ape hal ni pak cik
Hadiah terbaik untuk korang, at least sebelum mereka hancur layaknya PKM

>Is this a cop from Lethal Company?
No, it's a rebel cop that blew up our royals and cringe elements for good. It's a Cheka reincarnation.


Extremely rare Singapore W. Seriously Singapore sucks so hard on this issue.


Also like, there is an extremely terrible argument to be made to Singaporeans. We are literally a young and new nation, trying to shred its colonial and in some sense, malay heritage. Appealing to history is exactly the Malay nationalists in the north do all the time to stoke hostilities towards Singapore.


WTF is there a news story on this?



The israeli embassies are notoriously racist in most countries


Good that it's hitting the news. West Paupa stuff rarely does.


And their arrogance is clearly not swaying opinions in Singapore, whom already has a special relationship with Israel. They are losing allies everywhere.


File: 1711632269914.jpg (45.13 KB, 728x520, a728-16.jpg)

After visiting the country six times in seven months, King Rama 2nd's son has made a massive move. He is now working as a representative of Thailand to negotiate with Taiwanese investors to increase Taiwanese investment in Thailand(visiting Taiwan this morning with two guys from The Board of Investment of Thailand). Despite not having regained his title, he maintains a strong connection with the palace, including his aunt and grandmother?. Interestingly, he enjoys a positive public image, even among MFP voters, as most of them do not harbor disdain for monarchy as you might expect. Furthermore, he is not protected by the lese majeste law. Political experts suspect that this move could be part of a plan to position him as the next prime minister, as the Thai constitution allows political parties to select a prime minister who is not their elected representative if they want. To me, they want him to be the next good prime minister in order to restore the monarchy's reputation and divert the focus of the people from true leftism, which is rising among the youth, towards social democracy instead.


There is no youth left movement, what the author will be talking about is democracy activists.
The university and foreign educated youth of the middle class calling for bourgeois democracy and an opening of the economy to foreigners.
They'll stop and integrate or move to the UK or Europe when it gets to heavy.
Not a bad thing, progressive, but important to remember this is not our fight.


He’s probably the least inbred of the entire family due to being outside of the royalty. So because of that he was disowned.


Documentary on the US backed terrorist attack against Vietnam in June 2023


File: 1711960520648.jpg (53.54 KB, 180x279, IMG_2195.JPG)

Man Mossad clearly isn't sending their best lmao
Israeli ‘spy’ nabbed in KL reportedly seeking revenge on countryman after Tel Aviv grenade attack
>The assassination target of an Israeli man arrested by Malaysian police on March 27 had been nabbed for murder nearly two decades ago.

>According to news portal Times of Israel, Eran Haya came to Malaysia following grenade attacks on the house of the recently detained Israeli man, identified as Shalom Avitan, in Tel Aviv earlier in March.

According to another Israeli news portal, Haaretz, Haya was arrested for a murder in Mexico in 2004 when he was 23.

Haya was suspected of killing a policeman-turned-gangland assassin in Cancun, Mexico, in December 2004, reported The Jerusalem Post.

Haya, who was an American citizen, had been under police surveillance until he went back to Israel two years later.

>According to police sources, Haya, who grew up in the United States, returned to Israel at age 16 with his father, at which point he became active in the Israeli criminal underworld.

Always the burgerzionist


I wonder what the Jewish diaspora in Singapore think of the current situation. They can’t be happy about this nonsense while their neighbour have legitimate.

I wonder if the chief rabbi in Singapore will write a letter of apology to the mufti.


File: 1712109704499.jpg (120.49 KB, 810x643, indonSOE.jpg)

>One PT DI employee , Puspita Rumpaka (29 years old) said that PT DI employees had not received their March salaries which should have been paid on March 25. He said employees were only given March salary receipts without any money being transferred to their accounts.
>"Without any clear direction, on March 26 2024, management informed that employee salaries were being postponed due to bank processing problems, and would be paid no later than Thursday afternoon, March 28 for staff and no later than April 1 for structural members," said Puspita when confirmed. Tuesday (2/4/2024).
>It's not just salary issues, he said, there are long-term leave issues, reimbursement for medical expenses and business trips, as well as overtime that has been going on for 2 years and hasn't been paid. "THR payments have not been fully paid," he said.


There's nothing new about this. In fact, there are some rumors about Indons are about to cripple and collapse within a few years because the economy won't hold the elected president programs.


I thought it's already can't hold jokowi's program. It was way too costly to move to nusantara and now with climate change a lot of indonesian plentiful palm oil will dry up. They still have nikel but that needs further loans from either china or the imf, and gold mining is stuck in the stage of fighting papuan fighters forever and a full blown genocide would bankrupt the country.


So, whose side is this guy on exactly? Militarily close to the US, but economically close to China? I mean, he was their defense minister, wasn't he?


File: 1712193957151.png (256.51 KB, 500x340, IMG_1766.PNG)

He's suharto's son in law. So he's on the side of money and nepotism. Whoever give him a bigger stack of cash to exploit the occupied colonies of papua and timor he would be on that. I wouldn't say the fucker is militarily close to the US due to his own imperialist ambitions goes against australian imperialism. They were buying chinese cruise missiles just a few years ago but now they've moved to erdogan as a partner.




File: 1712290969572.jpg (113.45 KB, 1034x749, GKUEHQ8bgAAlRu7.jpg)

Man we are getting so fucked by climate change.


>barely any contribution to CO2 output
>getting the worst impact of climate change
The Global South deserves some serious reparations in terms of green technology transfer i swear to god.


Wtf wrong with Brunei? Isn't island is supposed to be cooler than mainland.


It’s SEA’s Saudi Arabia. Literally in the case that their monarchy married and intermingled with the house of saur. It’s also in a heat pan geography soeaking with the only export being oil.


File: 1712446403402-0.png (862.76 KB, 640x479, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1712446403402-1.png (755.73 KB, 640x479, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1712446403402-2.png (814.33 KB, 640x479, ClipboardImage.png)

>YDF (Yaw Defense Force) and Arakan Army Soldiers pose with a captured Junta armored vehicle


More /SEA/ contries to comes out after this war.


>US backed

why do you say that? Is modern Vietnam not revisionist? I might be wrong but I don't think the US relationship with modern Vietnam is the same as Cuba.


You keep using that word. I don’t think you even understand what it is. Because Cuba fyi is already transitioning to market system my dude and has been “revisionist” since they backed Khrushchev. The current protests is due to the growing pains of those market policies. Did the US stopped trying to kill the soviet union because supposedly “revisionism”? Nor does they stopped trying to destroy china? What a moronic line of thinking. The US openly funding ultranationalism to topple the government.


>Man we are getting so fucked by climate change.
Lord, please bring all South East Asia heat to Singapore. Amen.


just call it capitalist lol, which it is and always has been

>Cuba fyi is already transitioning to market system my dude
the state taking the role of the bourgeois doesnt make it stop being a market system


No no no Abang don’t do this. NOOOOO

Jk, it is raining heavily now lol.


Is Aqua a subsidiary from Nestle?


File: 1712807478266.png (37.41 KB, 209x270, a19e5c7abb1c9d55.png)

It's a subsidiary of danone, another fucked up water company with 70% shareholders being american investment funds.


Myanmar state forces seen running across The Thai-Myanmar boarder Bridge to Mae Sot.
That country is not much longer for this world I think.


I thought you're not supposed to be a commie to have human rights, but it turns out the opposite, eh?


Lots more been crossing btw but I think mostly civilians.
Loosing the border crossing is pretty significant.


>Myanmar state forces seen running across The Thai-Myanmar boarder
Are they defecting or something? short qrd if possible plz



Also, Thai media found out after dug up for sometime that usa is behind KNU. Soon Burma is going to be power playing field for India, China, and USA.


I only worry what happens now. Will the ethnic militias fight each other or come together to form a federal government?


Wa, and Southern Shan militia will fight each other for sure since Burmese junta government gave a lot of land seized from Southern Shan people to Wa when they were close ally.


>Brimob shooting at TNI
Lmao idiots killing each other



>Are they defecting or something?
Yes, they're all currently sat under the bridge hoping they wont be bombed there, many civilians have crossed also temporarily, worried that having lost the ground the army will now start bombing.
In Politics MP's have been doing the round saying it's over for the military now and are concerned about planes entering Thai airspace.


File: 1713488351212.jpg (47.4 KB, 400x214, IMG_3522.JPG)

>according to three bank documents and new official information provided to Reuters by a person with access to the documents.
<person couldn't be disclosed because "reasons"
<source: I made it up
>SCB is one of the biggest banks
<Literally in the top 50 not even the top 20
Bitch please, the loan amounts of giants like Viettinbank and Techcombank are 10 times the literally who like SCB. This is where you know reuters basically knows fuck all about vietnamese banking sector.
Reuters have a history of doing this bullshit for years. Because whenever they ended up being false they just chalked it up as if nothing happened. Last time I heard of this was sungroup restructuring and nordic bank joining in.

In other actual criticism of the state, other infrastructural development corporation got whacked over being dogshit at delivering projects, AGAIN
Fucking good on china for never privatizing their construction SOEs. Making infrastructural developement a breeze.
Arrested businessman’s fingerprints cover Thuan An Group
>Hanoi-based Thuan An Group JSC has grown rapidly thanks to winning construction contracts for projects across the country that bear the mark of 50-year-old businessman Nguyen Duy Hung.

>However, Hung, chairman of the company, was detained on Monday for “violating bidding regulations causing serious consequences”, and “bribery”.

>In 2023, the consortium of Construction Corporation No. 1 - Truong Son Construction Investment JSC - Dat Phuong Group JSC - Thuan An Group won a package to build Dai Ngai 2 bridge and connecting roads with a total value of VND2,073 billion ($82 million).


I'm glad Vietnam won the war and doesn't have to suffer under capitalism like everyone else.


File: 1713511757826.jpg (173.83 KB, 800x1035, Uncle-Grandpa-post-5.jpg)

Holy shit. It's finally confirmed that le tung van the cult leader had sex with his own children and grandchildren.
>Mr. Le Tung Van, 92 years old, living at "Bong Lai monastery", was prosecuted for incest, after a period where the authorities clarified criminality of the crime complaints.

On April 19, Mr. Van was prosecuted by the Security Investigation Agency of Long An Provincial Police and released on bail for health reasons. The defendant is carrying a 5-year prison sentence for the crime of abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon the interests of the State, organizations, and individuals, which has not yet been carried out.

This move was made a period after the investigative agency had verified extent the anonymous criminal complaint, claiming that Mr. Van had committed incestuous acts. To date, the investigation agency has determined that there is enough evidence that the defendant had an incestuous relationship with her biological child living in Ms. Cao Thi Cuc's household, in Lap Thanh hamlet, Hoa Khanh Tay commune, Duc Hoa district. The Security Investigation Agency is continuing their investigations into the matter.
Why does this literallywho matter? The US officially listed the fucker as "being religiously repressed" by the CPV. For fuck sake raping your own kids to produce a line of inbred offspring isn't freedom of religion you sick fuck!
>I note with concern the imprisonment of Lê Tùng Vân, the 92-year-old founder and spiritual leader of the unaffiliated Buddhist Group in Long An Province, Vietnam, by the Đức Hoà District People’s Court on 21 July 2022; along with five other members of this religious group. The charges and convictions were premised upon allegations of distorting Buddha’s teaching and defaming the Public Security Office of Đức Hoà District and Buddhism. The allegations were made as a direct result of the prisoners conducting home-based religious practices and religious activities independent of the Buddhist Church of Vietnam.


File: 1713530101047.png (158.23 KB, 640x360, ClipboardImage.png)

What will happen after picrel stands down or dies?
I can't imagine the burgers after saying you have to make their gay chips just letting vietnam have an ML leadership in power, I fully expect they're using this time to get their preferred people and factions ready for taking as much of the power as able.


Anyone going to the Labour Day at the People Park in May 1st? Any kakis?




He got a stroke a while back so yeah he would probably step down in 2025. After that it would probably a struggle between the theoreticians bureaucrats of the congress and the Tan Dung remnants in the Pubsec. The army is standing aside for now.


So, what's the deal with them? They're just rebels that secretly work with the Aussies pussies, right?


singlish for friends.




Maybe to vague a question but was is the feeling on the street with regard to the leadership and the performance of the state?


File: 1713746004408.jpg (133.87 KB, 550x377, phat huy_1.jpg)

The indonesians are colonialists and the australians are opportunists using the rebels for their own gains. Evil vs evil. The rebels are basically similar to the IRA as they want a different system if they were to be united with papua new guinea. But are pretty aimless due to only existing as a reaction to indon atrocities.
The lower level bureaucrats are worried about making any economic decisions. And stuff has been going worse security wise ever since to lam took over pucsec (3 consecutive terrorist attacks) due to him intwentionally wrecking to cause discorse. A lot of people supports trong but anxious about his health and what will happen post Trong in 2025 especially if Lam stays around.


0:33 best gaib


Continuing the case on thuan an, the assistant to Vuong Dinh Hue just got arrested. So he's next on the chopping block. That's 5/16 that got sacked up to this point.


>they want a different system if they were to be united with papua new guinea
What different system do they envision?

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