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Al-Jazeera: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/liveblog/2024/3/8/israels-war-on-gaza-live-60000-pregnant-women-face-malnutrition-in-gaza

Middle East Eye: https://www.middleeasteye.net/israel-palestine-hamas-war-gaza-live-invasion

The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/world/palestinian-territories

Times of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog-march-09-2024/ (trigger warning)


Our own wiki. Be sure to add to it and create branching articles:



From the UK, single issue long time Palestinian investigative and general reporting, critical source

From the USA

Regional news from an anti-imperialist perspective

Premier Human Rights org

Left news and opinion webzine from Tel-Aviv

A collection of resources for organizers and anyone who wants to learn more about Palestine

Known anti-zionist academic Norman Finkelstein's blog



al-Qassam Brigades









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الله أكبر
يا عمال العالم ويا شعوبه المضطهدة، اتحدوا!


the UN is antisemitic, biden is antisemitic, trump is antisemitic, russia is antisemitic, china is antisemitic, western news is antisemitic, the international court of justice is antisemitic, burden of proof is antisemitic, jews are antisemitic, watermelons are antisemitic…
wouldn’t it be easier if these guys made a list of the things that AREN’T antisemitic?


File: 1711463406704.png (793.76 KB, 828x1792, ClipboardImage.png)

total ashley sinclair death

it's even more fucked when you realize she's an adult actress


Antisemitism is a cope. Enjoy War on Terror 2.0 guys. Bibi is gonna drag US troops into the conflict.



Loving that, because we sort of need the US distracted from the China theater for another 5-10 years.

Moreover, the Iranians have hypersonic missiles, the Houthis have hypersonic missiles, and the latest Chinese hypersonic missiles can sink American carriers in the Mediterranean and Red Seas, as well as the Indian Ocean, all from the safety of Urumqi.


Wouldnt it make sense to not go to war now and focus purely on building up for china from an imperialist perspective? Or would a new middle eastern war help build up the war economy over the next 5 to 10 years to prepare for china and training against hypersonic missles/drone warfare


The China threat is overstated. The "Iran-Russia-China axis" is a myth. There are no formal alliances between these countries and, aside from Russia, have no real interest in confrontation with the US. The Chinese would prefer the Assmericans off their backs. But remember, they import most of their oil and gas from the Middle East so a huge war there isn't in their favor. The US is still the dominant military power in East Asia and the Chinese are a long way from parity with the Amerikans.

The US needs to solve its MENA problem. The Abraham accords and the deal with the Taliban were an attempt at doing that but they've collapsed. The revolutionary movements in the Middle East are mostly waning anyway. There are more and more Westoid faggots among MENA youth, especially in Turkey and Gulf countries, who are less and less interested in radical or anti-imperialist politics. But Oct 7th and Israel's genocide are creating huge setbacks for US grand strategy in the region.


>Wouldnt it make sense to not go to war now and focus purely on building up for china from an imperialist perspective?

China is building up faster. The longer the US waits the worse their situation gets. Somewhat similar logic to the Japanese attack on USA.


>it's even more fucked when you realize she's an adult actress
Not really, the porn industry is adjacent to Hollywood. Ran by the same people.


the continuation of sex “work” is reactionary
when it’s not exploiting poor women in shit conditions (and getting them raped, kidnapped, blackmailed, killed, shunned, etc) it’s propping up disgusting vile people like the petit bourgeois piece of shit in that tweet
state mandated superior education + guaranteed jobs and mass hanging of all porn directors NOW


you fool!
with the amount of porn enjoyers on leftypol, you are going to derail this thread and start a shitflinging competition on porn


and those same people are?


porkies, the pedophiles who hang around epstein’s island, americas ruling class


this is just me, but this 40 year old movie is too on the nose, as if it's describing palestine instead of libya when the context is removed


next time be more open about it 99.99% of people who will read your comment will say you mean jews and stop there




>99.99% of people…
99.99% of people don’t browse /leftypol/ so this makes 0 sense, why should anyone care? people who do browse here understand was is meant
also i’m not even the person who posted that


>next time be more open about it
Yeah, maybe you're right. I'll try to be as open about it as jews are.


File: 1711467129938.png (38.33 KB, 876x350, ClipboardImage.png)

pleb screenshot of the day


soon libs will be like 'the tankie nazis couldn't win ww2'


de chinletification is a painful process I know
t. recoverig /pol/lack



File: 1711468857993.png (8.74 KB, 806x547, itamar soy-gvir.png)




>mouth: agape
>shabbos: observed
>gaza: flattened
it's gviring time



>when the wife's boyfriend brings home the synagogue lego set


Do regulars ITT recognize that the main contradiction today in the global sphere is in Ukraine and not in Palestine globally speaking?


what do you mean


the failure of liberal democracy and globalisation is a global crisis. the proletariat is neo-Palestine while the bourgeois are Israel living in island settlements of luxiry. the gazafication of the rest of the world. the techniques of oppression are being honed in Palestine that will affect the rest of the world


That in terms of multipolarity right now the number one issue is Ukraine and everything else is secondary?

>the proletariat is neo-Palestine
Schizo statement

>gazafication of the rest of the world

Statement detrimental to Palestine itself.

Achizo shit, ffs


>my general on leftypol is more important than yours


?????? shut the fuck up lmao
but yes ukraine/russia and israel/palestine are obviously connected


>wouldn’t it be easier if these guys made a list of the things that AREN’T antisemitic?
at number 1 we have hitler because he didnt actually want to kill the jews but the palestinians convinced him to do it


How do Americans manage to kill people with humanitarian aid? Ffs, "humanitarian bombings" was supposed to be a meme, not real life


genocide is perfectly compatible with humanitarian ideology. ffact.


humanitarian genocide. no contradictions!



>That in terms of multipolarity right now the number one issue is Ukraine and everything else is secondary?

please show me your methodology for figuring out you can rank global flashpoint conflicts in simple order of importance, and then how youve determined the precise order of importance. very interested to see this math


I'd love to see how Syria, Sudan, and Myanmar rank on this list


the nazis were humanitarians


The CEO of the largest zionist weapons producer, Elbit Systems:
We are beginning to face difficulties in obtaining parts from countries that ban security exports to "israel" following the ongoing war on Gaza.
We assume that the "Iron Dome" system alone will not be able to confront Hezbollah's missile arsenal, and we are working on accelerating the production of a laser system.
We are facing difficulties after some countries banned supplying weapons to "israel."
Exports to the United States and Canada declined during the last quarter of last year.
Our profits decreased after closing factories in "Kiryat Shmona" and "Sderot."
Our production declined due to the drafting of 2,000 of our employees into the army and the killing of 5 workers.
Our profits decreased by 22% after the war on Gaza.
We were forced to shut down operations of a subsidiary of ours in the United States.
Our sales have recorded a decrease in the United States and Canada.
We are facing difficulties due to the BDS movement's attack on us.


The moment an American aircraft carrier is sunk the upending of the world will be functionally complete. These are the King's floating castles, monuments of power to project dominion over the world. It would be the bombards blasting away at the walls of Constantinople.


Many failing empires avoided getting slaughtered until becoming functionally walking corpses, though. Then they fell apart swiftly. Capitalism is even more cowardly than preceding ages, though, when great conquerors could straight up murder existing empires at heights of their power


why is this edited like a youtube poop


Bin Laden was the Lenin of the 2000s but instead of being allies we let Obama kill him. Think about it.


Why is anti-Semitism a 'bad thing' at all? If you're not a Henry Fordist or 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion's' believer and you are a critic of Jewish supremacists and you demand that Jews be protected and bound equally to non-Jews, why should you care about the label 'Anti-Semitic'? Why should Jews have an extra category of 'Anti-Semitic' just for Jews when none Jews only have the category of 'racist' to refer to the hate they are subject?


Ironically enough, jews getting labeled as "Semites" was started by proto-nazis in the first place.


historical reasons


Sure, but we all know that history comes in lurches and the American empire has been hiding its decline under a façade of normalcy for decades and even that has been slipping for a while. A symbol of indestructible might, an empire's crown jewels, do not die quietly.


>The UNSC is antisemitic
>The UN are antisemitic
>The UN Secretary General is antisemitic
>Everyone that says anything even remotely true about us is antisemitic
>And if you disagree, you too are antisemitic and you encourage Hamas and the second coming of Adolf Hitler


File: 1711489534210.mp4 (14.84 MB, 720x1280, zionist.mp4)

Ugh…. I try to stay sympathetic to Palestine, but Zionist girls are just so sexy, bros….


i dont mean to make fun of her if she has some kind of speech problem but why does she talk like that


For the third day in a row, a human flood erupted in Amman, Jordan to besiege the zionist embassy in protest of the zionist crimes in Gaza, including the siege on Al-Shifa Hospital and violations of Al-Aqsa, organized by pro-resistance and anti-normalization groups across the political spectrum.
Once again, Jordanian security services have violently assaulted, arrested, and abused protestors, wounding a number of them, but this has not stopped massive groups from continuing to besiege the zionist embassy.
Protestors chanted:
"They said Gaza will kneel,
And they want to give it to Abbas.
The criminal and normalizers should be ashamed,
All of Jordan stands with Hamas!"
"Forward, forward, O Hamas!
You are the cannon and we are the bullets!"
"Abu Obeida, we heeded your call,
All of Jordan is behind you!"
Meanwhile, in Aqaba, southern Jordan, a pro-resistance and anti-normalization protest took place, calling to stop the normalizing land bridge, and pledging allegiance to the resistance.
A human flood broke out in Tangier, Morocco:
"We will not recognize 'israel'!" "There is no solution except the expulsion of the occupier!"
In Egypt, they chanted, <strong>"Liberation is through rifles! Palestine is Arab, despite the will of zionism!"
"Tell our comrades in Amman, Egypt is awake as well!"
"Tell our comrades in Amman, Egypt is still alive!"


Pretty sure the main contradiction is capitalism bro


File: 1711496047075.png (205.9 KB, 1616x524, 14586945862.png)

The NYT weaponized it's readers to support a genocide in Gaza. It used lies.


File: 1711496559995.png (567.16 KB, 1000x747, ClipboardImage.png)

>Do regulars ITT recognize that the main contradiction today in the global sphere is in Ukraine and not in Palestine globally speaking?




I agree, because the conflict in Ukraine is changing the geopolitical order. The anglosphere is getting btfo. Sadly, the genocide in Gaza does not have the same ability to change global power relations imo. Maybe nukes and economics are the decisive factors that the Palestinians don't have.


File: 1711498008546.jpg (109.75 KB, 680x680, 1696796316531-0.jpg)

>NOOOO stop paying attention to the most pivotal imperialist outpost!
>you're supposed to be paying attention to the bumfuck nowhere nazi state being used to mill Putin's deck!!!


Exclusive: Negotiations ongoing despite difficult Israeli conditions

Mediated negotiations are still "ongoing" despite the difficult circumstances generated by the Israeli side, a source from the Palestinian Resistance told Al Mayadeen on the condition of anonymity.

"Despite the deadlock in the negotiations and Hamas’ rejection of all proposals made by Israel, negotiations are still ongoing," the source told Al Mayadeen on Tuesday.

"Despite all the flexibility that Hamas has shown, especially in the prisoner exchange issue, in terms of reducing the number of prisoners demanded to be released as a goodwill gesture, Israel made bare minimum counteroffers," the Palestinian Resistance official explained.

"Hamas rejects Israel's offer regarding the return of the displaced in terms of the number and mechanism," the source said in relation to detailed clauses brought up in mediated talks.

"Israel proposed transferring the displaced to tents in the northern region under the supervision of the United Nations, which Hamas rejected. Hamas and the Resistance insisted on the return of the displaced to their homes, even if they are destroyed," he added.

In detail the Israeli side proposed a detailed plan that would see the gradual and conditioned return of forcibly displaced Palestinians, however, this would only include women, children, and the elderly. Moreover, in the Israeli proposal, only 60,000 displaced Palestinians would be allowed to return; a fraction of the total number of displaced people from northern Gaza, which amounts to 800,000 people.

The source revealed that "Israel" disregarded the main pillars of the Palestinian Resistance's demands, specifically a long-lasting ceasefire.

"Israel did not mention a ceasefire [in its proposal] and did not submit a clear proposal regarding the withdrawal of its forces from heavily populated areas."

"Clearly, the occupation seeks to establish its presence in the entire north, center, east, and south of the Gaza Strip," the source explained.

On the other hand, the Palestinian Resistance side represented by the negotiators from the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas "insists" on a vision that includes clear maps that would detail the process of Israeli withdrawal from the Strip.

"Hamas insists on the return of UNRWA to the city of Gaza and the north, while Israel rejects [the demand]," the source concluded.

Negotiations mediated by Egypt and Qatar between the Palestinian Resistance and "Israel" have been ongoing for months, however, multiple officials from the Resistance have explained that "Israel" has been actively disregarding the main demands of the Resistance and proposing unclear clauses to issues such as the return of displaced Palestinians or the withdrawal of forces. On the other hand, the Palestinian Resistance has remained open to talks, welcoming a recent resolution by the United Security Council, which demanded a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip for the month of Ramadan.




File: 1711498323029.jpg (177.3 KB, 1280x787, Hezbollah 03-26-24.jpg)

Hezbollah operations 03/26/24:

12:45: targeted a building used by the "israeli" enemy soldiers in the “Shoumera” settlement with appropriate weapons.
12:45: targeted a building being used by “israeli” enemy soldiers in the settlement of “Shlomi” with appropriate weapons in response to the zionist aggressions on the steadfast southern villages and civilian homes.
10:15: targeted two buildings used by the enemy soldiers in the “Avivim” settlement with appropriate weapons, hitting them directly, in response to the zionist aggressions on the steadfast southern villages and civilian homes.
10:45: targeted a gathering of "israeli" enemy soldiers in the vicinity of the "Branit" barracks with rocket weapons, hitting it directly.
10:56: targeted for the second time, a gathering of "israeli" enemy soldiers in the vicinity of the "Branit" barracks with rocket weapons, hitting it directly.
11:00: targeted an "israeli" infantry force in the vicinity of "Shtula" with rocket weapons hitting it directly and causing its members to fall between dead and wounded.
11:10: targeted the “Meron” air base with guided missiles, achieving direct hits.
14:50: targeted a deployment of “israeli” soldiers in the “Hanita” settlement with artillery shells, as a continuation of the response to the aggression on the city of Baalbek.
15:00: targeted an “israeli” infantry force in the Hanita forest with artillery shells and hit it directly.
16:20: targeted the "Yarden" barracks in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, "the main command center in times of war," with more than 50 Katyusha rockets in response to the aggression of the zionist enemy on the Bekaa.
17:05: targeted a military force of “israeli” enemy soldiers in the vicinity of the Zebdine barracks in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms with appropriate weapons, hitting it directly.
17:30: targeted a gathering of enemy "israeli" soldiers in the vicinity of the Ruwaisat Al-Alam site in the occupied Lebanese Kfar Shuba hills with rocket weapons, hitting it directly.



Go home, Zelensky


Arabs are literally more Semitic than Ashkenazic Jews. It is the Jews who are the true Antisemites. They are antisemitic against the Palestinians. A true comrade supports the liberation of Palestine by any means necessary.


NYT is SEETHING that people criticize genocide joe



this scene in the act of killing reminded me a lot of zionist rhetoric


AFAICT the NYT still hasn't retracted the embarrassingly fake oct 7 rape stories in the face of denials from all sources and growing coverage and criticism. Trumps a fucking liar who will do exactly what Bibi tells him to but we don't need hypocrites pointing it out.


ahh, weak as piss.


trump advisers talk of something that biden is already doing


Former US President Donald Trump has warned that Israel is “losing a lot of support” and must “finish up” its war in Gaza before its reputation declines any further. The comments represented a rare moment of criticism of the Jewish state by Trump.

In an interview with Israel Hayom partially published on Monday, Trump said that he would have acted “very much the same way as you did” if the US was attacked like Israel was by Hamas in October. “Only a fool would not do that,” Trump added.

However, Trump called Israel’s wholesale destruction of civilian homes in Gaza “a very big mistake.”

“It’s a very bad picture for the world. The world is seeing this…every night, I would watch buildings pour down on people,” Trump continued.

“Go and do what you have to do. But you don’t do that,” he told the Israeli newspaper. “And I think that’s one of the reasons that there has been a lot of kickback. If people didn’t see that, every single night I’d watch and every single one of those… And I think Israel wanted to show that it’s tough, but sometimes you shouldn’t be doing that.”


>island settlements of luxury
The logic of colonialism reproduces itself endlessly. There's a doco called The Bubble that shows basically the same thing happening but with the US colonising itself. The inflexible industrial deployment of flat packed security enclaves rolls in strips through semi-detached rural florida surrounding anyone too dumb to sell and flee with high fences, cctv cameras, and a dead landscape purely to provide a 100% artificial corn syrup disneyland mainstreet to wealthy white boomers. It's surreal.


man if even Trump is saying this kind of shit you know it looks bad for them


3rd night
>"Abu Obeida, we heeded your call, All of Jordan is behind you!"
<"Tell our comrades in Amman, Egypt is awake as well!"
>Liberation is through rifles!
Strap in, we will shortly be accelerating.


He's an expert at viewing television, yes


>taking rhetoric at face value


>Bin Laden was the Lenin of the 2000s
Yes anon, the failson of a Saudi bourgeois construction and real estate empire who mingled with glowie-backed mujahideen in Afghanistan as they carried out operation cyclone to destroy the socialist government in Kabul and bait the USSR into a costly occupation… that guy was "the Lenin of the 2000s".

this is your brain on contrarianism


I like how hysterical Israel is being about the toothless United Nations (vid is satire from 2010; still relevant)


File: 1711527553853.jpg (66.01 KB, 720x990, s.jpg)

>Egyptian armed forces currently massing in Sinai, violating the Camp David agreement





reminder that genocide propagandists are also liable for punishment under the UN genocide convention
how DARE people criticize the sitting president who has the authority to stop weapons shipments and many other things to the ongoing genocide


when you put it that way it's kind of funny how ass backwards the israelis have these things


Who are the Aramean Christian community in Israel who support Israel and the Idf ?


Anus status?


this is the source: >>1807361


Do you mean Armenians in Jerusalem? Their quarter is being bought up by settlers and the Haredi spit in them in public


Zionist media reported that following the barrages of rockets fired by Hezbollah this morning, the occupation army closed the roads to the settlements of "Margaliot," "Misgav Am," and "Al-Manara."
Additionally, zionist sources report that Hezbollah's rockets on "Kiryat Shmona" completely destroyed a factory which produces goods for the occupation army, and over 20 apartments in a single neighborhood were damaged by a single rocket.
The damages from today's rocket barrages from Lebanon are estimated to be in the tens of millions. Settlers have stated: "We have lost the north and have no future prospects or any economic security."


File: 1711549839545.jpg (1.13 MB, 1874x1982, christianzionists.jpg)

these people. Most Palestinian Christian I know are anti-zionist but these are supporting Israel.

>The Jewish state is home to some 185,000 Christians, including around 15,000 Arameans, whose ancestors lived in the Levant before the Arab conquest and were early followers of Jesus. For decades Israel registered them as Arabs over their objection.

>In 2014 Israel recognized the Aramean Christian community. That recognition was an important step toward fuller integration into Israeli society, says Shadi Khaloul, who founded Kinneret in 2017.
>Neveen Elias became an IDF officer last year at 39. She is the main recruiter for Kinneret and proudly walks around Jish in her military reserves uniform. “I am an Israeli Christian Aramaic citizen belonging to the Maronite Church of Antioch,” she says. “I don’t care what they say about my uniform. There is no safer place for Christians than in Israel.” She adds: “I feel that God needs me to help in this time, especially now.” Her eldest son, Elias, is serving in the IDF, an example Ms. Elias hopes others will follow.

Maronites are the fualangist who did Sabra and Shatila. are these the same people? is this more Phoenicianist LARPing?


File: 1711550156221.png (328.16 KB, 743x868, ClipboardImage.png)


>Maronites are the fualangist who did Sabra and Shatila. are these the same people?



You know what gives xitter entertainment value is there are characters like the WAP Goblin talking to regular people or minor celebrities. Shine on you crazy diamonds.


>the famine in Yemen is the Houthis' fault
>checks name
oh ok that sounds about standard for her



what would you do, if you overheard a guy talking about investing in real estate in Gaza once the hamas regime falls and it gets incorporated into israel?

asking for a friend


Teach him about crypto and gold


Egypt has just announced Exodus 2


hit him in the head with a hammer and claim he attacked you
(worked for me)


Bro calm down on the third-world schizoism, protestors have been killed and gunned down in the west for centuries.


Mash him in the head with an estwing.


This anon is correct. Probably a genius.


we keep that punishment for trostkeists


how did you do that?


File: 1711561506853.png (975.89 KB, 828x1221, ClipboardImage.png)

>investing in real estate in Gaza once the hamas regime falls and it gets incorporated into israel?
>a genocide? quickly! Sieze the housing market!

i hate these opportunists so much it's unreal, reminds me of when east germany unified with the west, many people in western germany sold their old and derelict cars and televisions to east germans for triples the price, saying it's the best quality


This is the morally correct choice.


File: 1711562735737.png (677.76 KB, 861x914, ClipboardImage.png)


I've been wondering about this a lot


File: 1711566423945.pdf (166.19 KB, 197x255, 20240327MiddleEast.pdf)

Majority of Americans disapprove of Israeli aggression on Gaza: Gallup

According to a March 1-20 survey by Gallup regarding Americans' current position on "Israeli military action in Gaza," despite many approving "Israel’s actions in Gaza" in November, Americans now do not back this aggression by a "solid margin", as 55% percent disapprove of "Israel’s" aggression in comparison to 36% who approve of it.

As for keeping up with the news regarding the Israeli war on Gaza, 74% of US adults said that they are following the news closely, slightly higher than the 72% Gallup indicated in November, while only one-third of Americans (34%) said that they are following the situation "very closely."

The poll added that all three major party groups in the US have become more disapproving of "Israel’s" aggression on Gaza compared to their previous stance in November, as the percentage has decreased by 18% in approval among both Democrats and Independents, and by 7.5% among Republicans.

Independents have moved from being divided in their views on the Israeli aggression to opposing it, and Democrats, who were already largely disapproving in November, are even more so now, with 18% approving and 75% disapproving, Gallup stressed.

However, Republicans still approve of "Israel’s" war on Gaza, with a decrease in those approving from 71% to 64%.

Biden’s approval rate regarding his handling of the war is at 27%, which is his lowest among the five issues tested in the survey.

Gallup clarified that is due to far fewer Democrats (47%) approving of how he is dealing with the "situation in the Middle East" compared to their approval of how he is handling the economy, the environment, energy policy, and foreign affairs, broadly as on those matters no less than 66% of Democrats approve of Biden.

Further on his approval regarding how he is dealing with the "situation in the Middle East" just 21% of independents and 16% of Republicans approve of his performance, Gallup added.

However, according to Gallup, it seems that the "Middle East conflict" has not gravely impacted Biden's political position as his overall job approval rating is 40%, compared with 37% in October and November surveys adding that it is probably because of "Americans' greater confidence in the U.S. economy."

A new opinion poll by the Pew Research Center on March 21 revealed that young Americans have increasingly more favorable views of Palestinians than they do of Israelis amid the war on Gaza.

60% of Americans aged 18-29 had positive views of Palestinian people, while 46% preferred Israelis. On the other hand, 46% of young American adults see "Israel's" aggression on Gaza as unacceptable, compared to 21% who believed otherwise.

Young Americans have been at the forefront of mass protests across the US to protest President Joe Biden’s support for "Israel's" genocide campaign, which has now killed over 32,000 Palestinians.

A poll from The New York Times/Siena College back in December revealed that half of the American youth see "Israel" as intentionally killing civilians in Gaza.

Still, a Pew poll found that 48% of Americans were not aware of how many Palestinians have been killed after over 5 months have passed since the beginning of the war.

US and Germany provide 'Israel' with 99% of weapons: Report

Sixty-nine percent of "Israel's" arms acquisitions in 2023 came from US corporations, 30% came from Germany, and 0.9% from Italy, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute's (SIPRI) annual study issued in March.

The report detailed that “at the end of 2023, the USA rapidly delivered thousands of guided bombs and missiles to Israel."

"By the end of 2023, pending deliveries of major arms to Israel included 61 combat aircraft from the USA and 4 submarines from Germany," according to the report.

According to SIPRI, the US has sold fighter planes to the occupation in recent decades, allowing the IOF to strike Palestinian Resistance movements and the Lebanese Resistance - Hezbollah.

The Times of Israel reported that “all of the Israeli Air Force’s current manned aircraft are American-made, aside from one helicopter built by France’s Airbus Helicopters," adding that the occupation relies on other countries like the UK, Canada, and the Netherlands for many components in its warplanes, warships, and submarines.

According to a study released in February by the Campaign Against Arms Trade, "15% of every F35 that Israel is using to bombard Gaza is made by British industry."

On March 1, over 200 Members of Parliament from 12 nations pledged to lobby their governments for a prohibition on arms sales to "Israel", asserting that they refuse to be complicit in what they deem as “Israel’s grave violation of international law” during its current aggression on Gaza, where the killing of over 30,000 Palestinians has fueled public outrage.

This letter, coordinated by Progressive International, is viewed as a practical step to amplify public discontent and bring it directly into parliamentary discussions, given that previous calls for an immediate unconditional ceasefire have been ignored or rejected by Western governments, most notably the US.

On February 12, an appeals court ordered the Dutch government to suspend exports of F-35 fighter jet parts to "Israel", citing a significant danger of violating international law.

Spain banned all arms supplies to "Israel" last month and Canada recently announced a suspension of arms deliveries to "Israel" in response to the continued war on Gaza, which has killed 32,414 Palestinians and left 74,787 injured so far.

"Israel" is apparently seeking to purchase weaponry from sources other than the United States, citing growing condemnation from the US administration over the war on Gaza.

According to Israeli KAN News, an unidentified security official stated that the "increasing criticism and delegitimization [of the offensive] fueled by both Muslim groups and antisemites endangers the transfer of US-backed ammunition and warfare."

The official emphasized that current tensions between the occupation and Washington are mostly due to worries about "the entry of Israeli troops into Rafah, alongside the humanitarian issue in Gaza." It is anticipated that these difficulties "will affect Americans' willingness to continue assisting Israel with the same intensity."

There are also claims that France and Germany are planning to cease arms shipments and boycott the sale of military equipment to "Israel", citing serious ammunition shortages on their home fronts rather than Israeli war crimes. "There are no stocks in Europe; everyone is making sure to purchase the most advanced means [for themselves]," the security officer went on to say.

Although Canada is not a major arms supplier to "Israel" compared to other countries, the concern is that this move could lead to a larger trend among Western nations who might follow suit, creating a domino effect of countries halting arms sales to the entity, the Israeli Globes website reported.

Based on data from the Canadian government, arms exports to the entity amounted to only $15 million in 2022. Over the period from 2019 to 2023, Israeli imports of weapons from Canada accounted for just 0.05% of the occupation's total military imports.

By way of comparison, UK arms exports to "Israel" amounted to $53 million in 2022, while German arms exports reached $35 million in the same year. In contrast, US military aid to the entity in 2022 alone reached $3.3 billion.

Similar to other world powers, Berlin is also facing rising international and domestic pressure to take action against Israelis to end the genocide in Gaza. According to Globes, Berlin is now considered "vulnerable to the snowball effect," which is causing concerns in the entity.

During a trip to "Israel" last Sunday, Chancellor Olaf Scholz expressed concern regarding the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Meanwhile, German arms exports to "Israel" surged since last October, scoring $351 million - which is ten times higher than the amount sold in 2022.

Left-wing German parties began publicly objecting to the "indiscriminate supply" of arms to the entity, saying it has committed "war crimes".

Even without selling arms to "Israel", pumping cash into the Israeli military industry by purchasing their weapons also makes countries complicit in the ongoing genocide in the Strip.


>gazafication of the rest of the world
this is like when the smashies were comparing themselves to death camp inmates


>the techniques of oppression are being honed in Palestine that will affect the rest of the world
The rest of the world doesn't have a large population of "us" to throw at the population of "them." Israel is an unusual case where ethnonationalism is the foundation of the culture and acts as the keystone of millions of people's worldviews, as well as their material existence there. There's not that many places where you could replicate the situation happening in occupied Palestine, because you'd have a hard time finding people with the material interest or ideology to carry it out.


And the places that it could've been carried out already either succeeded (US) or failed (South Africa)



Israel prides itself on selling policing and military equipment that's been 'battle-tested', and in fact DOES export its tools and techniques around the world.

The journalist that got butchered by MBS was caught using Israeli spyware. Israel trained guatemalan death squads, and still today train police forces around the world (including US).

>We are all palestinians

Dumb but insidiously correct slogan


For the fourth night in a row, pro-resistance youth across a united political spectrum in Jordan gathered after evening prayers in a human flood to besiege the zionist embassy in Amman in protest of zionist crimes, the siege of Al-Shifa Hospital, and the violations of Al-Aqsa Mosque.
"Abu Khaled, we heeded your call!
All of Jordan is with you!
'Israel' must be removed!
This is what the Prophet taught us!
'Israel' must collapse!
This is what Sinwar taught us!"
"The masses want Al-Qassam Brigades!"


they r rushing to finish the job


>adult actress
lol "actress" plz stop



zoomies don't even know that stuff about bin laden. they just read the letter to america and go "damb i guess big homie was right after all"


Disgusting but he's not wrong regarding such a hypothetical scenario.


It seems Israel is pummeling Lebanon right now.
16 dead from airstrikes in the last 24 hours.
Let's see how Hezb responds (probably some pinpoint strike towards some key Idf base)


they might invade lebanon next


Is this it?


If you go to some finance-related corners of the internet you can really see people planning to invest in whatever Israel has cooked up for the northern part of the strip (if they succeed).
This sort of talk is intertwined with and is related to Ukraine investing, too. Slight difference is that the Ukraine privatisation shit really is happening to a limited extent right now. They're both seen as places that will get marshal plan'd and become capitalist corporate playgrounds with huge future returns.


Personally, I very much doubt it


>Let's see how Hezb responds (probably some pinpoint strike towards some key Idf base)
Hez killed a zio last night or this morning with strikes, is this response?
Idf attack in the east was notable.


>16 dead


Idf airstrikes in Lebanon are very low intensity compared to Gaza ones


They already invaded Lebanon in 1982 and killed more people in 2 months than Palestinians in a century. Israel is going to invade again at some point


File: 1711578475365.mp4 (19.22 MB, 1280x720, wcrime3.mp4)

New warcrime leaked


If the Idf invade Lebanon they're about to get 5 to 10 times the losses they got in Gaza.
It would really strain their military resources at extents never seen before.
This is why I'm confident they'll not gonna do it.
They're stupid but not THIS stupid


File: 1711580726505.jpg (235.71 KB, 1280x787, Hezbollah 03-27-24.jpg)

Hezbollah operations 03/27/24:

8:00: targeting the "Kiryat Shmona" settlement and the command of Brigade 769 in the "Kiryat Shmona" barracks with dozens of rockets, in response to the massacre committed by the zionist enemy in the town of Habariyya.
10:00: targeting the deployment of "israel"i enemy soldiers in the vicinity of the "Shtula" settlement with artillery shells.13:45: targeting an "israeli" enemy infantry force inside a tent in the "Ramim" forest with appropriate weapons, causing casualties and injuries among its members.
14:00: targeting the surveillance equipment at the "Misgav Am" site and hitting it directly.
14:05: targeting the Ruwaisat Al-Alam site in the occupied Lebanese hills of Kfar Shuba with artillery shells and hitting it directly.
16:47: confronting an Israeli drone in the skies of Rab Al-Thalathin - Al-Odeissah, forcing it to retreat back across the border.


israel has to be dismantled or they will threaten the reion forever


Ok. How do you get them to put down the nukes though?


You shut them down remotely through hacking or hijacking the missile sites military


unironically make their enemies have nukes as well, if one other country in the middle east has a nuke, israelis will stop bullying the region


But the idea of class warfare still causes an outrage like it's the early 2000s. You can be the leftmost liberal, but to imply a tiny fraction of the violence necessary for what is prescribed absentmindedly to official enemies, in the name of class warfare is still taboo. Even now with the Nakba2, the liberal left in relative unity, cannot move beyond demanding concessions.

And 20 years of protesting and voting and writing scathing articles have not achieved a fraction of what Ansar Allah has in a week, or up to now.


You realise if you advocate for violent class war you can be arrested?


pakistan has nukes


One, they are aligned with the US, may soon start aligning with china
Two, they are not an active nation in the middle east, neither in Palestine, Syria or Iraq or Yemen, they're more focused on fighting Afghanistan recently for some fucking reason
And three, all those nukes are pointed at india
And four, didn't they have a coup over Imran khan recently?


On Wednesday, the Israeli occupation army admitted that 22 soldiers were injured in its battles with the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip during the past 24 hours.

It also announced the killing of a sergeant in the Givati ​​Brigade, in battles in the southern Gaza Strip.

Yesterday , the occupation also admitted that 31 soldiers were injured in the ongoing battles with the Palestinian resistance, in various fighting axes in the Gaza Strip during the past two days.


File: 1711593207155.png (318.12 KB, 602x485, ClipboardImage.png)

>middle east


File: 1711596629601.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.89 KB, 328x405, Anon.jpg)

Fellow anons, hammas is done, they overshot. Israel will finally reclaim the Palestinian territories.
It's over.


brown = middle east for burgers, bonus points if muslim and/or ayyrab


File: 1711600377342.png (26.18 KB, 713x191, ClipboardImage.png)


fuck yeah


Al-Mayadeen correspondent in occupied Palestine reported today, Thursday, that several casualties had occurred in a sabotage shooting operation in the Jordan Valley area in the occupied West Bank, one of them serious, noting that the occupation forces were pursuing the perpetrator of the operation.

Our correspondent indicated that the shooting took place on “Street 90” in the Jordan Valley area, and targeted a number of vehicles containing settlers.

few days ago, Israeli media revealed a state of anxiety in “Israel” as a result of the guerrilla operations carried out by Palestinian resistance fighters in various areas of the West Bank.

According to the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the pace of guerrilla operations is escalating in the West Bank, saying that recent months have witnessed “one operation after another, and these operations could have been more deadly.”

The Palestinian factions had called for activating resistance action on all fronts during the holy month of Ramadan, in order to stop the genocide in the Gaza Strip and achieve victory
Israeli media reported that at least 10 casualties occurred in the shooting, adding that the Israeli army was conducting combing operations in search of the perpetrators.

Commenting on the incident, the head of the Department of Politics and Strategy at the Israeli Reichman University, Shai Har Zvi, said in an interview with Channel 13: “If we combine what happened today in the Jordan Valley with what has been happening since the morning in the north, we see how bad the situation is.” "It is explosive and the deterioration is very rapid."


it's kippover


Dr. '老师' Norton with another banger.




File: 1711640478320-1.jpg (11.05 KB, 308x107, 20240328_154026.jpg)

File: 1711640478320-2.jpg (4.37 KB, 126x104, 20240328_154056.jpg)

Why does Ali Khamenei have his sandals but makes everyone else meeting in their socks?
Is this what they call a power move?


File: 1711640550299.jpg (125.95 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

The ending condemnation of the Genocidal West was strong as hell. There's this book by Losurdo I've been meaning to read about how the Nazis got inspired by the US for their genocidal shit. And now Israel literally doing a manifest destiny Lebensraum, claiming divine and historic rights to the land, while Germans and Americans give them 99% of the guns they import, cheering them on while they genocide Palestinians.

Simply amazing. First as tragedy, then as tragedy, then as tragedy again.


Check out this clip of a German journalist utterly embarassing himself during the same UN press conference >>1808168


Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades spokesman, Abu Jihad:
During the past few days, Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades fighters were able to completely or partially destroy 11 military vehicles. Our fighters confirmed that dozens were killed or wounded in 45 different combat missions during which the invading zionist forces were targeted with R.P.G. shells, machine guns, and sniper weapons.
Our fighters also shot down a reconnaissance plane of the "Skylark 2" model, and they destroyed military gatherings with mortar shells and short-range rockets on all axes of fighting inside the Gaza Strip.


Shooting operation in West Bank targets Israeli settler bus

Al Mayadeen's correspondent in occupied Palestine reported today that several Israeli settlers were injured, one of them with a serious injury, in a shooting operation in the Jordan Valley area in the occupied West Bank adding that the IOF are pursuing the shooter.

She added that the operation took place on "Street 90" in the Jordan Valley area, as Israeli settler vehicles were targeted.

Israeli media reported that at least 10 were injured in the shooting operation, adding that the IOF are conducting search operations in an attempt to find the executors of the operation.

In an interview with Israeli Channel 12, the head of the International and Middle East Arenas in the Institute for Policy and Strategy (IPS) at the Israeli Reichman University, Shay Har-Zvi, commented on this operation stressing that if "we combine" what happened in the Jordan Valley area today with what has been happening since this morning in the occupied north, it is a clear indication that the situation is "explosive" and that its deterioration is happening rapidly.

'Israel' faces strategic failure on Lebanese front: Israel Hayom

Israeli media has been addressing the operation of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon which resulted in several missiles causing significant damage in the northern Israeli settlement of "Kiryat Shmona".

According to Israel Hayom, the missile barrage caused "Enormous damage, the scope of which is far from being revealed."

The report revealed that Hezbollah launched an "unusual" and "concentrated barrage" of several dozen missiles, which left one dead and several injured, as well as heavy material damage to buildings, factories, cars, and anything located in the targeted area.

In that regard, Israel Hayom declared, "despite Israel's notable tactical gains against Hezbollah six months into the conflict, it finds itself mired in a strategic quagmire without a clear resolution in sight."

According to the Israel Hayom report, Hezbollah missiles have inflicted heavy damage in the northern occupied region, the extent of which is "far from being revealed". The report reaffirmed that the northern front with Lebanon has caused significant damage to the sustainability of the Israeli occupation, detailing four kinds of damage sustained in the attack.

Firstly, Israel Hayom underscored the physical harm settlers are threatened with, as the number of casualties rises fast across the Israeli-occupied northern settlements.

Secondly, Israeli media admitted that there's the destruction of settler homes, buildings, and factories.

Thirdly, Israel Hayom claimed direct and indirect impact on agriculture, which would have implications for the Israeli economy.

Lastly, Israeli settlers displaced as a result of the Resistance have reportedly become a burden on the occupation government, as they face unemployment, disrupted education, and a breakdown of the urban settlements upon which "Israel" counts for economic stability.

Significantly, the newspaper stressed that with all the above-mentioned damage inflicted by the Resistance on the Israeli occupation's northern settlers, the Israeli North has been left to its fate as the occupation government "chooses to turn its back on the north."

This comes as Israel Hayom stressed that "the path to rehabilitation, along with fairer treatment from the government, is to remove the threat of Hezbollah from the border." However, the al-Jalil region continues to get struck by various Resistance movements in southern Lebanon, predominantly, Hezbollah.

These Resistance operations in the al-Jalil region persist despite the assassinations and aggressions Israel has launched against Lebanon and its citizens, an act which Israel Hayom's report referenced as "tactical gains."

Nonetheless, the report emphasized: "Precisely these tactical-operative victories of Israel testify to its profound strategic failure."

Explaining that point, Israel Hayom highlighted that "Israel's security concept states that it is necessary to transfer the fighting as quickly as possible to the enemy's territory," however, six months into the conflict, the security zone remains in the al-Jalil region and settlers continue to be forced to evacuate the northern occupied settlements for the first time in the short history of "Israel".

As such, there are only two solutions, the newspaper noted. Either an agreement between the Israeli occupation and Hezbollah is achieved, despite Israel Hayom stressing that such an agreement would be deemed unsustainable regardless, or a war needs to be launched against the Lebanese Resistance, an option that "both sides do not want".


Elbit Systems has been forced to permanently shut down their "Elite KL" factory in Tamworth, Staffordshire in England after a sustained direct action campaign by Palestine Action.
The factory was manufacturing cooling and power management systems for IOF vehicles, but was sold last month after suffering a 75% cut in profits, largely due to security and supply chain costs as a result of direct actions.
The new board unanimously agreed to withdraw from all future defense contracts and cut all ties with Elbit.
Starting in November 2020, actions against the factory included occupying their roof, smashing the site, ripping out the roof tiles, letting the rain destroy the inside, and defacing it with paint. The site was taken out of service three times in 2021 due to occupations. February 2022, the site was taken out of service for weeks due to damaged roof tiles and a £250,000 damage cost. 6 were arrested occupying the site a month later.
A Palestine Action spokesperson stated:
"Each activist who occupied and dismantled Tamworth’s Israeli weapons factory did so in order to bring an end to Israel’s weapons trade, and to end the profiteering from Palestinian repression. Every defeat Elbit faces is a victory for the Palestinian people. Kicking Elbit out of Tamworth shows once again that direct action is a necessary tactic. It is one which must be utilised and amplified in the face of the Gaza genocide."
Elbit Systems, the zionist entity's largest weapons developer, produces 85% of the IOF's drones, as well as ammunition and surveillance systems. Elbit also sells these weapons and surveillance systems to repressive governments globally, including the United States, and its sites and subsidiaries are found worldwide.

You may find a global map of Elbit Systems subsidiaries, major investors, insurers, landlords, and supplies here: https://act.progressive.international/out-palestine/
You may read more about the Tamworth closure here: https://www.palestineaction.org/tamworth-shutdown


Moments ago, the zionist entity's Supreme Court issued a decision to stop funding students in yeshivas (Jewish religious schools) to those do not enlist in the IOF.
This decision comes in the shadow of the contentious "conscription law," which would require hundreds of thousands of ultra-Orthodox settlers to enlist in the IOF for the first time, as the IOF suffers significant human and material losses on the Gaza and Lebanese fronts. The zionist Attorney General set April 1st as the date when conscription would begin and funding would halt.
Netanyahu, in contrast to others in the zionist political establishment such as Benny Gantz, opposes the mass conscription in order to maintain his tenuous alliance with the ultra-Orthodox parties. Meanwhile, the Chief Sephardic Rabbi of the zionist entity stated, "We will all leave 'israel'" if forced to enlist.

Wissam Hanoun “Abu Watan,” co-founder of the Jenin Brigade and a Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades Leader, has been revealed to be alive after occupation forces announced his martyrdom in November 2023 after an invasion of Jenin.
A video from "Hadassah" Hospital in occupied Al Quds indicates that zionist forces abducted him after he was wounded and concealed his fate after informing Palestinian authorities of his martyrdom.
After news of the cowardly and twisted narrative made by the occupation was revealed, Jenin has erupted in gunfire in an expression of both rage and celebration of Abu Watan’s survival.
Wissam is the brother of Jenin Brigade co-foundered Weam Hanoun and cousin of Jenin Brigade leader Yasser Hanoun, who were martyred in October 2023 and February 2024 respectively.


which losurdo book is that?


probably his liberalism book but im not sure


>The anglosphere is getting btfo
By bleeding Russia dry?


Please provide a source to "Bleeding russia dry", in my sources Russia is doing fine economically and military



death to israel


on the contrary israel is just levantine amerikkka


i'm prescribing you more meds and less CNN


Commander Wissam Hanoun "Abu Watan" from the West Bank was confirmed to be alive today, after the IOF claimed to have killed him some months ago. Here's a picture of him that I like.


The US always has to turn defeats into victories through changing narratives, not changing facts. This is why the world is so much more violent, hateful, and cruel than its been in many decades as the US declines. Because you lose a war and then you decide that losing is winning because more people die. And killing lots of people becomes the point.


I mean, it is kinda middle east, wouldn't you agree?
Pakistan is kinda like the Belgium of Asia, being the frontier between central Asia, the middle east and south Asia.


>'Israel' faces strategic failure on Lebanese front: Israel Hayom

Is that the same barracks settlement that got targeted by 50 katyushas? God bless Soviet arms sciences


>being the frontier between central Asia, the middle east and south Asia.
That's Afghanistan


Hiding the 'ratio': Israel conceals 200+ troop deaths on Lebanon front

Since 8 October, more than 230 Israeli soldiers have been killed by Hezbollah fighters in cross-border operations against the occupation state, according to field data obtained by The Cradle.

This suggests that the Lebanese resistance has achieved parity in the number of forces killed by both sides during the past six months of military clashes.

This feat is as significant as it is impressive, given that "relatively poorly armed and usually outnumbered popular resistance forces never achieve a 1:1 ratio against high-tech, heavily weaponized colonialist and neo-colonialist forces," as noted by one analyst in the aftermath of Israel's 2006 war on Lebanon.

While Hezbollah honors the martyrdoms of its fallen fighters by disclosing both name and number, the Israeli military tightly controls its casualty information flow, masking the true extent of its losses and downplaying the significance of crucial Israeli installations struck by Hezbollah drones and missiles in the country's northern front.

Recent reports suggest 258 Hezbollah fighters have been killed since 8 October, while Israel has claimed only 10 fatalities among its forces - a highly improbable figure given Hezbollah's extensive dissemination of war footage showing its Israeli troop targeting operations.

In comparison, during Israel's 2006 war on Lebanon, which lasted only 34 days, Hezbollah's losses are estimated to be around 250 dead fighters versus Israel's declared 121 troops deaths, although that number is believed to be significantly higher. Ten Israeli deaths on the Lebanese border after six months of ferocious clashes makes little sense in this context.

Tel Aviv adds to this “fog of war” by employing Bedouin and Druze troops on its frontlines to make concealing army deaths easier.

For instance, Israel provides a "material allowance" to the families of soldiers from the Bedouin "Qasasi al-Athar" unit, which is deployed to a number of Israel's borders - Lebanon, Gaza, Egypt - with a focus on preventing cross-border infiltrations, particularly during times of conflict.

Field estimates indicate that the largest number of Israeli deaths occurred in the ranks of this unit.

In recent years, Israel has launched a series of military propaganda campaigns to showcase the diversity in its ranks. Deputy Army Spokesman "Captain Ayla," an Arab Jew, organized a 2020 tour at the Lebanese–Palestinian border with a Qasasi al-Athar unit officer named Ali Falah, who works within the Northern Brigade, to highlight the perilous nature of their work at point zero.

It seems that the Israeli military employs the same strategies – paying off the families of dead Bedouin troops – with soldiers from the Arab Druze community, who are part of individual formations and battalions or so-called 'local defense' in villages near the Lebanese border.

For instance, 70 percent of the 299th Battalion, which is stationed in the Hurfaish area – four kilometers from the Lebanese border – are members of the Druze community. The battalion has incurred casualties on the deadly front, but Israel has only reported one loss to date.

As with many armies facing decline, mercenaries have become a fixture within the ranks of the Israeli armed forces and are active in the combat units of the Israeli army. Many of these enlisted during the Gaza aggression and have been subsequently deployed to the border with Lebanon.

Despite the active involvement of mercenaries, their deaths often go unacknowledged, and their bodies are quietly repatriated without official recognition as fallen soldiers. Evidence suggests that a significant number of them have perished on the border frontlines.

The unprecedented events of the Palestinian resistance's Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on 7 October have cast an ominous shadow over the entire Israel project, sending shockwaves through every facet of society.

With Tel Aviv's declaration of total war on Gaza and the sudden eruption of conflict on a second front in southern Lebanon, anxiety reached a fever pitch.

The Israeli military understood that waging a full-scale war on two fronts, particularly against Lebanon, where Hezbollah has raised an army of 100,000 and possesses vastly more sophisticated weaponry and training than the resistance in Palestine, posed insurmountable challenges.

In addition, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government faces unprecedented pressures from multiple domestic fronts: Israeli prisoners held by the resistance factions, the need to achieve stated war objectives in the Gaza Strip, 'displacement' of hundreds of thousands of Israeli settlers in the north, mutiny within his war cabinet, and the catastrophic economic damage resulting from the war.

Consequently, Israel's security establishment, with the support of the War Council, has pursued a series of policies to address the emerging reality on the northern border, primarily relying on US efforts and diplomatic interventions to return the settlers and free its prisoners – without resorting to military actions that are unlikely to guarantee ideal results.

The pressure from displaced northern settlers, coupled with the growing realization that Hezbollah has imposed a physical, geographic security buffer inside Israel, has heavily influenced the army's decision to conceal its staggering military losses, both human and material. Tel Aviv does not disclose this data to the public to avoid challenges that may lead to the expansion and uncontrollable escalation of the conflict.

In exchange for obscuring its losses, the occupation army seeks to project an image of strength by launching air force raids deep inside Lebanon. These are intended to deter Hezbollah, along with threats by top Israeli officials, such as Chief of Staff and Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant, who proclaimed in November: “What we're doing in Gaza, we can also do in Beirut.”

Having already established a 'kill ratio' in this war, it is suggested that Hezbollah may be aiming to establish a new 'qualitative ratio' in its fight with Israel. This involves Hezbollah carefully selecting qualitative targets such as Israeli barracks and command centers – rather than merely matching Israel's 'depth strikes' in Lebanon – to deter the enemy and achieve its objectives.

To counter Israel's depth approach, Hezbollah has reframed the equation: it has prioritized 'qualitative Israeli targets' over mere geographical distance. This strategic shift was noted in the aftermath of Israel's attack on the southern suburb of Beirut to assassinate Saleh al-Arouri, the deputy head of Hamas' political bureau.

In response, the Lebanese resistance targeted a significant and sensitive site near the border – the Meron multi-mission air surveillance base – dealing a substantial blow to its functionality.

Hezbollah's strategic maneuvers have placed Tel Aviv in a difficult predicament. The resistance's evolving tactics disrupt the occupation army's operations, causing confusion and threatening to escalate strikes on quality targets in the event that the war expands.

Strikes targeting specific installations – such as the volley of over 100 rockets against strategic sites in the Golan Heights in return for an Israeli attack on Baalbeck earlier this month – carry profound security implications for Israel.

Hezbollah's deliberate and rapid retaliation underscores its readiness to confront any incursions into sensitive territories, rewrite the rules of engagement at will, and maintain the delicate balance of power along the border.

When Hezbollah opened a Lebanese front on 8 October last year, its strategic objectives were twofold: to bolster the resistance in Gaza and to sow confusion within the Israeli military on the northern front. This required significant troop movements, the deployment of air defense systems, and heightened air force readiness, as Israel anticipated potential escalation, especially in the initial stages of the conflict.

In addition to this primary objective, Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah highlighted another critical point: Israel's behavior within Lebanon. There was a concern that Tel Aviv might initiate or manipulate the front to align with its own objectives, possibly with a 'deterrent' intent.

The overarching objectives of Hezbollah's strategy included supporting the resistance in Palestine, synchronizing operations with the dynamics of the conflict there, enhancing deterrence against Israeli aggression, and preventing wide-scale attacks. Additionally, Hezbollah aimed to send clear messages through battlefield actions, showcasing the resistance's intelligence capabilities and versatility in targeting.

The strategy aims to restrain the conflict from expanding to serve Israel's strategic interests, all while inflicting constant attrition on the enemy forces stationed in the north.

Ultimately, Hezbollah's approach has resulted in significant losses and costs for the enemy, albeit less than what would be incurred in a full-blown confrontation. Consequently, the Israeli army finds itself ensnared in a front adeptly managed by Hezbollah, where calculations are based on actual losses rather than publicized figures or internal propaganda.

Its remarkable ‘kill ratio’ aside, Hezbollah has raised the stakes for Tel Aviv, which now has to calculate its losses every time it strikes deeper into Lebanese lands. Israel's misguided depth strategy has now created a Hezbollah 'quality ratio.'


For the fifth night in a row, a human flood erupted in Jordan to besiege the zionist embassy in Amman to support the resistance and oppose normalization in protest of zionist crimes in Gaza, Al-Shifa Hospital, and Al-Aqsa Mosque.
In spite of continued repression and arrests by the normalizing Jordanian security forces, the masses roared with their message of resistance.
The Jordanian Youth to Support Resistance stated their demands and reasons for besieging the zionist embassy:
1) Internal - To demand the cessation of vegetable exports and the land bridge to the zionists, to stop gas and water agreements, to overthrow the Wadi Araba Treaty, and to cut relations with the enemy.
2) Gaza - To let our voice be heard by our people in Gaza that we are with them and that we are their support, and to demand the breaking of the siege with a continuous Jordanian relief land bridge to northern Gaza through international institutions.
3) Arab - We aim to mobilize the Arab arenas in the West Bank and the occupied interior, Egypt, and the rest of the Arab capitals to be one nation behind Gaza.
Chants included:
- "Those who opened the land bridge, and those who accepted normalization,: the people are disavowed from you; the people of Jordan do not sell out."
- "Palestine, Palestine, your people are steadfast and will not yield."
- "Jihad! Jihad! All of the people are ready!"
- "Despite our presence in the squares… O Gaza, we are still falling short!"
- "We are the generation with no solution, and a thorn in your throat we shall remain."
- "O Abbas, listen to me! Screw security coordination!"
- "No embassy! No ambassador! Get out, you pig!"


can't wait for the IOF to start drafting Haredi


Haredi have been getting more accepting of military service in the last decade, it's when they draft Druze and Circassian women you know things are getting really dire



Am I banned?



Read Wallerstein / Amin (World System Theory)



>Norman Finkelstein and Chris Hedges discuss Israel, Gaza, Oct. 7 at Princeton [Published on Mar 28, 2024]
Fink draws parallels to the historic slave revolts with October 7th, also quotes Mao Zedong within his first speech.


fink status = not sunk



Hezbollah operations 03/28/24:

8:00: bombarding the settlements of "Goren" and "Shlomi" with rocket and artillery weapons, in response to the "israeli" enemy's attacks on southern villages and civilian homes, especially the massacre in Naqoura and the attack on the town of Tayr Harfa and its medical teams.
9:20: targeting the command headquarters of the newly established "Liman" battalion with artillery shells.
16:25: targeting the Al-Samaqa site in the occupied Lebanese hills of Kfar Shuba with rocket weapons, hitting it directly.
16:35: targeting the position of Al-Ramtha in the occupied Lebanese hills of Kfar Shuba with rocket weapons, hitting it directly.
18:00: bombing the settlements of "Goren" and "Shlomi" with Burkan and Katyusha rockets, in response to the "israeli" enemy's attacks on southern villages and civilian homes, especially the massacre in Naqoura and the attack on the town of Tayr Harfa and its medical teams.
17:50: targeting a gathering of "israeli" enemy soldiers in the vicinity of Jal Al-Alam with rocket weapons, achieving direct hits.
23:35: targeting "israeli" enemy vehicles as they entered the Al-Malikiyah site with artillery shells, hitting them directly.


File: 1711672368248.jpg (32.74 KB, 334x414, mpv-shot0004.jpg)

qt spotted


Thirsty mfs never cease to surprise me


Started this earlier but didn't even get to Hedges portion, irritating how FINK is still doing his Oct November TV script, don't understand why we've all heard it all a dozen times he must know this.


Lol you fucking weirdo


almost as if his speeches aren't directed at terminally online losers but at normies who haven't heard it yet



If this is done and enough publicity is drummed up maybe it will be enough to stop the idf from closing every hospital in gaza. Its notable thst its in the north too. Israels campaign is looking like an abject failure to the world more every day.

>WHO deploys international medical team to Gaza’s Kamal Adwan Hospital

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) says the UN organisation and its partners have deployed an emergency medical team to the Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza, where they have already evacuated a 12-year-old child with cystic fibrosis.

“The emergency medical team – the first in northern Gaza – includes one general surgeon, one emergency doctor, one orthopedic surgeon and one anesthetist,” WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a post on X.

“The hospital is serving 120 patients at the moment with about 700 patients circulating daily, including those who are referred from al-Ahli Hospital.”


holy shit


File: 1711717038714.png (739.47 KB, 661x742, ClipboardImage.png)

poor dog


>If this is done and enough publicity is drummed up maybe it will be enough to stop the idf from closing every hospital in gaza.

Lol, didn't you know that the WHO is run by China now?


you can never close your eyes to what white women do ever again after the dogpill


beat me to it jej


>military porn


File: 1711718859771.png (127.61 KB, 682x502, ClipboardImage.png)


>HAMAS invasion and Israel counterinvasion



>typically less focused on geopolitics

What is this bitch ass yapping about? Stanford's PolSci/IR/Etc. departments literally among the most prolific CIA recruitment grounds in the entire country.


File: 1711721492363.jpg (234.61 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0006.jpg)

haha oh wow. thats what happens when all your college's hired security guards are arab immigrants.

> > >>1808946


>white woman
that poor dog’s eyes, he doesn’t deserve this fate


lol based straya lebs


>German shepherd



Martyr Izz El-Din Al-Qassam Brigades revealed to Al-Jazeera its possession and use of the "jumping explosive," an anti-personnel explosive device that, once activated, jumps a meter from below the surface and explodes, directing shrapnel in all directions.
It is the fifth explosive device the resistance has announced, but it is not the last. Other explosives devices include the Ra'adiya (directional explosive projecting a blast radius of 12m up to 140m); "television" device (60 meter by 60 meter blast radius); the "Tatbeer" device (smaller version of "television"); Shuath device (explosively formed penetrator with 60-65cm penetration).
A leader in Al-Qassam Brigades told Al-Jazeera: "During this war, we used other types of devices that will be revealed later."


Zionist sources report an unusual incident in Gaza where a zionist force came under anti-tank fire, resulting in a number of injuries of varying degrees.
At this moment, IOF helicopters are landing in Gaza soldiers to evacuate injured soldiers.

Zionist media publishes footage of IOF helicopters landing at hospitals following an incident involving direct rocket fire in Gaza.
Zionist sources add that 5 helicopters carrying 10-15 IOF soldiers landed in 4 different hospitals following the resistance operation.

The IOF admits to the killing of an officer and the wounding of 16 other soldiers, 6 seriously, during a battle with the resistance in the southern Gaza Strip.

[The attached footage from Al-Qassam shows the operation]


The horses of dogs



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>tiktok is a free app


The Aleppo Massacre - Partners in Crime:
Just before 2AM, over 40 martyrs ascended in a bloody zionist massacre targeting Aleppo in the worst IOF attack on Syria in years, a joint attack between the IOF and US-supported HTS (Al-Nusra Front).
It should not escape notice that the aggression was conducted through Jordanian airspace and then infiltration from above the American Al-Tanf base towards the depths of the Syrian desert, Athriya area, with cover by the American occupation there.
It also should not escape notice that the aggression on Aleppo was simultaneously coordinated with US-backed terrorists in Idlib, serving as "israel's" military arm in Syria. While the IOF attacked positions in eastern Aleppo (including a scientific research center), suicide drones from Idlib targeted western Aleppo, confusing Syrian air defense systems as drones and missiles targeted civilians and soldiers.
The joint IOF-HTS attack targeted Jibreen, Kfarjoum, a gas station, and a number of buildings.
Shortly after, the Syrian Army fired very heavy missile barrages of hundreds of shells from near Aleppo towards Al-Nusra Front points in the western Aleppo countryside axis, leading to the killing and wounding of dozens. At this moment, drones and missiles continue to target the US-backed and zionist-backed terrorist forces.
The IOF, Syrian rebels, the Jordanian government, and US are all direct partners in this crime.
Glory to the martyrs.

American security sources revealed that the criminal Biden administration secretly authorized the transfer of billions of dollars worth of bombs and warplanes to the zionist entity in recent days.
The new transfer includes over 1,800 MK84 2,000-pound bombs and 500 MK82 500-pound bombs. This comes following revelations earlier this month that the US conducted 100 such secret arms deals with the zionist entity, amidst an ammunition and vehicle shortage for the zionist occupation army.
Such massive bombs can demolish entire blocks and are rarely, if ever, used by militaries because of the risk of civilian deaths. Yet, the zionist entity has used them extensively since October 7th.
The zionist entity has dropped 70,000 tons of explosives on Gaza since October 7th, with weapons supplied mostly from the US and Germany.
Last week, the US transferred 25 F-35A warplanes to the zionist entity, worth $2.5 billion, stating that the deal was approved 16 years ago so it did not require public notification, and stated the same for the new package of 2,300 bombs.
The US continues to be the main actor driving the genocide in Gaza. It feigns concern for Gaza and public disagreement with the zionist entity, as it builds a suspicious port and sends miniscule amounts of aid in deadly airdrops, while at the same time sending massive amounts of deadly bombs.



For the sixth day in a row, resistant youth, elderly, children, men, and women in Amman, Jordan—the "nightmare of the occupation"—emerged in a human flood to besiege the zionist entity for the "Sacred Mobilization" in protest of zionist crimes in Gaza and Al-Aqsa, and in support of the resistance.
In today's flood, Jordanian lawyers were at the very front of the protest, in a statement against the repression and arrests carried out by the security forces of the normalizing Jordanian regime.
They affirmed their support for resistance and opposition to normalization:
"The masses want to bring down the Wadi Araba Agreement!"
"Spread the images! Our people are against normalization!"
"No embassy for the entity on our land, O Amman!"
"O Allah, O Generous.. protect the Al-Qassam Brigades!"
"Salute to the Al-Qassam Brigades!"
"Celebrate, keep celebrating… the glorious 7th of October!"
"A nation led by Muhammad will not kneel!"
"They said Gaza will kneel and they want to give it to Abbas. Shame on all the normalizers! All of Jordan stands with Hamas!"
"What is the embassy doing?! All of their workers are CIA!"
"Who said the people died?! Here they are besieging embassies!"
"O Allah, relieve us from the filth! Starting with Mahmoud Abbas!"
"The masses want the liberation of Palestine!"


Saraya Al-Quds - Tulkarem Brigade:

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,
"And do not incline toward those who do wrong, lest you be touched by the Fire, and you would not have other than Allah any protectors; then you would not be helped."
Praise be to Allah, who honored us by making us sons of a movement built and molded on blood, and continues to produce sons with determination and a firm conviction, who do not know the path to humiliation or falsehood…
O mothers of the martyrs, the Khansaas of Palestine,
O youth of the intifada and its fuel,
O those with their hands on the trigger,
O all the people chosen by Allah as the spearhead in confronting the arrogance and corruption of the children of "israel":

In light of the oppression and tyranny we face and what the rest of our Palestinian people face across all our land and nation by a criminal and cowardly enemy who sheds the blood of our children, women, elders, and men without mercy under a global cover and Arab silence…
However, we still face here the injustice of our own people and religion, exploiting the suffering and pains of our people and disregarding all notions of humanity and patriotism. Since the battle of the Wrath of Nour Shams, the [Palestinian Authority] Security Forces have taken it upon themselves to pursue our fighters and target our people, manifesting their injustice by arresting the fighters, chasing them, confiscating their weapons, and even shooting them directly. We had swallowed our anger, risen above the wounds, and adhered to the teachings of our noble religion, recalling the words of the founder, Dr. Fathi Shaqaqi, "We came out to fight the enemy, and anything less than that is marginal."
But, we were surprised about a month ago when the Security Forces besieged the house of one of the fighters in the town of Balaa. They failed to arrest him, so they arrested his brother who had no connection or any charge, whether criminal or otherwise. The only charge against him was that he had a brother who was a fierce fighter, who pledged his life to Allah.
And for about a month, he has still been in the dungeons of oppression and tyranny. For how long? Until when?
Then, last night in the Al-Askan neighborhood, they besieged and damaged the house of one of the Brigade's fighters. Upon entering the house, they did not respect the women and the elderly. By the grace of Allah, our fighters left the house without any harm occurring to the attacking force, and after their exit, the entire force that invaded the house was in the sights of our fighters' rifles. Out of respect for the blood of our martyrs and fear of sedition, they were not dealt with, because we had pledged to our Lord and ourselves that if the situation continues as it is with pursuit and pressure, or if any of our fighters are arrested, you will be dealt with accordingly.
We had avoided confrontation and made sure that there was no pretext or way for them to clash with us, but they did not stop clashing with us and pursuing us. Instead, they did not even remain neutral and left us to face our fate with this occupier and continued to pursue the fighters and shoot them…
This has created a fertile ground for sedition and created an environment for the law of the jungle. On the anniversary of the 36th launch of the victorious Saraya on 10/6/2023, the celebration was sabotaged and gunfire was heavily directed at a bus, inside of which were families of martyrs from the city of Jenin and its camp, and everyone knows that.
But the mercy of Allah and His care were present and protected our families and our pride from death by treacherous bullets. We had posed questions to them so that they would not be in the position of the accused, they denied and disavowed any relation of the Security Forces to this event, so we asked them to reveal the perpetrators, pursue them, and present them to the law accordingly.
O sons of our people and our family in Nour Shams camp and Tulkarem governorate… If our response to the traitors and those who surrender is more accusations against them, they no longer fear the accusation. If we believed that the blood of the martyrs would expose them, they have lost the last fig leaf they used to cover their nudity since the Oslo Accords, and they now move naked…
Now the picture is clearer than ever, and we all saw and see the deliberate negligence in reconstruction and work in the streets and infrastructure inside the camp with the aim of striking the popular cradle and diminishing the families' confidence in the resistance, exploiting the suffering of families, elders, women, children, and delighting in their suffering.
For this reason, and in honor of the blood of our martyrs in Gaza of glory and in support of our brave resistance, which continues to write the greatest epics and heroics from the first day of the Al-Aqsa Flood battle, the Tulkarem Brigade calls and mobilizes you to go out and participate in the massive march that will start from Al-Katiba Square, Nour Shams camp, next Sunday, 31-3-2024 after the Tarawih prayers, Allah willing, in loyalty to the blood of the martyred leaders and in support of our resistance and our spearhead in Gaza of Hashem.
Our jihad continues, and our weapons are drawn in all arenas.
Indeed, it is a jihad of victory or martyrdom.
Al-Aqsa Flood.


Jordanian security services protecting the zionist embassy attacked protestors demonstrating in support of Gaza and against normalization in Amman.




File: 1711752951108.jpg (236.47 KB, 1280x787, Hezbollah 03-29-24.jpg)

Hezbollah operations 03/29/24:

08:00: targeting the Zebdine barracks in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms with rocket weapons, hitting it directly.
09:45: targeting the Zebdine barracks in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms for the second time with Falaq missiles.
12:40: targeting the headquarters of the "91" division at the "Branit" barracks with Burkan missiles, hitting it directly, in response to the "israeli" enemy's aggressions in Damascus and Aleppo.
13:00: targeting a gathering of "israeli" enemy soldiers at Hounin Castle with artillery shells.
13:15: targeting the "Metulla" site with appropriate weapons, hitting it directly.
14:45: targeting a military vehicle at the "Metulla" site with an attack drone, hitting it directly.
15:50: targeting an "israeli" infantry force at Hadab Yaroun with artillery shells, causing confirmed casualties among them.
16:00: targeting the Jal Al-Alam site and the deployment of "israeli" enemy soldiers around it with Falaq missiles, in response to the "israeli" enemy's aggressions in Damascus and Aleppo.
18:10: targeting the Samaqa site in the occupied Lebanese Kfar Shuba hills with rocket weapons, hitting it directly.
21:15: targeting movements of "israeli" enemy vehicles inside the Malikiyah site with rocket weapons.


<Israel’s Defence Minister Yoav Gallant said the Israeli army will expand its campaign against Hezbollah
… how much?


There's a video going round in the zionist press of a guy saying to a person leaving a Biden fundraiser 'you fucking murderous cunt I hope you die' but thrure headlining it as 'murderous russian saboteur'.
This will very likely be all over US press tomorrow.


Post the link of the tweet here:





Saraya Al-Quds - Qabatiya Groups (Engineering Unit):
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
"Fight them; Allah will punish them by your hands and will disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the hearts of a believing people."
Within the Al-Aqsa Flood battle, our fighters, with the help of Allah and His strength, were able to confront the enemy’s vehicles storming the town with all ferocity.
During the raid, we carried out a number of tasks, including:
1-We were able, with the help of Allah, to confront, with all strength and ability, the enemy’s vehicles that were deployed in more than one axis in the town, and we directly hit a large number of them more than once.
2-With the power of Allah, we were able to detonate 5 large explosive devices that we had prepared in advance, in a number of vehicles, and we achieved confirmed casualties, thanks to Allah.
3-We announce that we have introduced a new explosive into the land of jihad and fighting, weighing more than 25 kg, and our fighters were able to detonate it in a zionist vehicle, at 2:09, and achieved a direct hit with confirmed casualties, God willing.
4-The fighters of Saraya Al-Quds - Qabatiya Brigade confronted with all capabilities, and rained down a heavy barrage of bullets on the invading vehicles and targeted an infantry force, confirming casualties among the ranks of the soldiers.
Saraya Al-Quds - Qabatiya Brigade exalts the heroic martyr, Motasem Abu Abed, 14 years old, and we count him as a martyr before Allah Almighty.
We address our final message to this arrogant and cowardly enemy and say to him…
Do you have the courage to reveal what happened to your soldiers inside the town, especially the infantry ambush in the Zakarna area, or will you distribute them on your bypass roads?
Our jihad is ongoing and our weapons are drawn in all arenas.
Indeed, it is a jihad of victory or martyrdom.
Your brothers,
Qabatiya Engineering Unit
Saturday 30/3/2024


I'm too lazy to look it up on but I saw in two articles related to the Haredi conscription I belive they said Haredi make up 13% of Israel's population, but 30% of the recruitable pop, kek.

Fertility rates be crazy.


I hope they invade, cause it would really lead to disaster for the Idf.
They call the area near the border "the ATGM forest" for a reason


https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog_entry/fking-murderous-russian saboteur-pro-palestinian-protesters-accost-biden-fundraiser-attendees-on-nyc-streets/
I don't want to say I hate Russian Sabd but literally no other group does this…
For example Muslims are actually oppressed against and they don't go around claiming normal words are different racist words at them..


Change k1ke to the naughty no-no word.
jannies are fgts


File: 1711799435644.jpeg (376.41 KB, 1200x1600, GJ51zYBXYAApV_x.jpeg)

>Israeli judoka Sagi Muki says pro-Palestinian demonstrators protesting against Israel stole the jacket from his national team judo uniform when he confronted them in Japan.

>n a video, Muki says he decided to speak with the protesters after coming across the “pro-Hamas demonstration,” as he was upset “they are ignorant” about the ongoing war in Gaza triggered by Hamas’s October 7 terror attack.

<According to Muki, some of the protesters snatched his judogi and ran off with it. An earlier photo shows him pointing to the Israeli flag on the uniform above his heart, while standing in front of the demonstrators.

Hahaha ha.
I'm reminded of doomeranon who tried to AstroTurf that the Japanese people are extremely pro saboteur.


Happy Land Day all. Go out if u can today.


From the protests outside the zionist embassy in Amman, Jordan today:
"Our demands: We want weapons! We want to hasten to the struggle!"
"O governments of humiliation and disgrace, lift the siege on Gaza. You talk about supporting Palestine…But where is the </strong><i>land bridge going?!"
"Put the traitor and the spy on the artillery cannon. One hand takes out spies, and the other hand plants freedom!"
"Mohammed [Deif], commander-in-chief, we want to shake this entity!"

National Resistance Brigades (Martyr Omar Al-Qasim Forces) spokesman Abu Khaled:
Our fighters succeed in destroying two "israeli" enemy vehicles, and bombard their positions with mortars and rockets.
The details are as follows:
Firstly: The Martyr Omar Al-Qasim Forces detonated an explosive device targeting one of the enemy's vehicles on the Al-Qarara axis northeast of Khan Younis, hitting it directly and causing those inside to fall between dead and wounded.
Secondly: The Martyr Omar Al-Qasim Forces targeted another enemy vehicle with a "B7" shell on the western axes of Khan Younis city, hitting it directly and causing those inside to fall between dead and wounded.
Thirdly: The artillery unit of the Martyr Omar Al-Qasim Forces shelled the "Sofa" military site with heavy-caliber mortars, targeting a gathering of occupation forces and achieving a direct hit, causing losses.
Fourthly: The Martyr Omar Al-Qasim Forces, in cooperation with the fighters of Saraya Al-Quds (the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement), targeted enemy positions in the "Alumim" area in the Gaza envelope with 107mm-caliber rockets, hitting their targets and causing losses among the enemy.
Martyr Omar Al-Qasim Forces – The military wing of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Military Media



It looks like every single person in that demonstration is an immigrant, though. Japanese people, are, in fact, extremely cucked by Wectoids, and I'm pretty most of them (the ones that give a damn about the conflict, of course) are pro-Israel.


Palestinians in the village of Deir Hanna in northern occupied Palestine held a demonstration on the occasion of Land Day.
They chanted: "Gaza of Hashem does not bow to the tank and cannon!"
"O Gaza, steadfast, steadfast! From your land the lions emerged!"
The head of the Supreme Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens in Occupied Palestinian Lands, Mohammad Baraka stated at the march: "Our national, religious, humanitarian, and moral duty is to stop the genocide in Gaza, because the blood shed in Gaza is our blood. The flesh burnt in Gaza is our flesh. The abused women are our sisters, mothers, and daughters. The children wandering aimlessly between rubble and destruction are our sons, grandchildren, and children. Even if we face death, we cannot deny our origin and our belonging to our Arab and Palestinian people, who are standing tall and heroic."
"We know the extent of suffering and disaster, yet we reaffirm that the rules of history and life that strength cannot triumph over life and that armies can be defeated, but the masses—no matter how much they suffer—cannot be defeated or exterminated, and they will certainly be victorious and our Palestinian people are certainly victorious over this disaster."
Deir Hana was the epicenter of the 1976 events that we commemorate on Land Day, alongside villages such as Sakhnin and Arraba. Palestinians in the occupied interior staged a strike to protest the confiscation of 21,000 dunums of land. These protests were violently attacked by zionists, resulting in the martyrdom of 6 and hundreds wounded, with Land Day becoming a symbol of Palestinian identity, unity, and resistance.



Armed clashes have broken out between resistance fighters and the Security Forces of the traitorous Palestinian Authority in Tulkarem after the PA Forces opened fire on wanted fighters from Saraya Al-Quds - Tulkarem Brigade.
The PA Forces are firing bullets and tear gas, and one Palestinian has been wounded by the bullets of treachery.
This comes just hours after a fiery statement from the Tulkarem Brigade regarding the pursuit and arrest of resistance fighters by the PA Security Forces.

Thousands of Iraqis are protesting in Baghdad's Tahrir Square in support of Palestine and its resistance on the occasion of Land Day.
"Abu Obeida, O beloved, strike and destroy 'Tel Aviv'!"
"We are all the men of Mohammed Deif!"
"Put the sword before sword! Long live Mohammed Deif!"
"Put the fire before the fire; We are your men, O Sinwar!"
"The martyr is the beloved of Allah! El-Sisi is the enemy of Allah!"


File: 1711832709049.png (842.44 KB, 1803x737, ClipboardImage.png)

>mfw you can easily buy a rising sun headband but not a qassam headband even though one killed more people than the other



Resistance fighters in Tulkarem are opening fire on the Palestinian Authority and police headquarters following armed clashes that broke out after the PA forces opened fire on wanted resistance fighters, following the resistance's statement warning not to pursue fighters.
PA Forces are opening fire on Palestinians from the towers in their headquarters.
A number of Palestinians are wounded by the PA's treacherous gunfire. Resistance leaders are calling for mobilization from mosque loudspeakers, stating that the resistance is a red line. The final video shows the moment that the PA Forces attempted to abduct "Abu Shujaa," a leader in Tulkarem Brigade, and the ensuing gunfire.
Sirens are now ringing in Nour Shams camp after the mobilization was announced. Fierce clashes have erupted now.



Have the communist parties broke ties with Fatah?


This isn't unprecedented, clashes between the resistance and the PA happen regularly. From what I've seen, the PFLP/DFLP and the other smaller communist parties usually direct their criticism more towards Mahmoud Abbas, normalization, security coordination, collaboration, etc than towards Fatah as a whole, which is much more popular than the PA's administration. It's also worth noting that groups associated with Fatah are involved in resistance activities - for instance, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades sigh their statements as "the armed wing of the Fatah Movement."


Despite the severe repression and multiple arrests faced by the protesters every day, Jordan once again goes out in thousands in front of the zionist embassy in Amman, for the 7th day in a row, in support of Gaza.
Yesterday, Jordanian lawyers were at the front of the protest. Tonight, doctors and medical staff led the protest, standing in solidarity with the besieged Al-Shifa Hospital, its patients, medical staff, and its director, Dr. Mohammed Abu Salmiya.
Dr. Abu Salmiya was abducted during the first invasion of the Hospital, and tortured for months by the IOF despite multiple calls to release him. The doctors were met with hundreds of police officers protecting the embassy.
They also held pictures of the young Dr. Mohammed Harrara from Al-Shifa Hospital, who has shown immense dedication and steadfastness in his humanitarian work throughout the war.
The doctors chanted:
"From Amman a salute to Mohammed Abu Salmiya!"
"From Amman a salute to the medical staff!"
As for the masses, after the police prevented Palestinian flags, they raised the flags on their phones and chanted once again for the resistance and against normalization:
"We respond to your call, O Aqsa!"
"They said Hamas are terrorists, all of Jordan is Hamas!"
"O Amman, rise up! Let all the people come!"
"O Amman with its seven mountains! The gas of the enemy is occupation!"
"The blood of the martyrs in Palestine made volcanoes explode within us!"
"Revenge, revenge! O Saraya, and O Qassam! Let the earth boil, O Abu Ali Brigades!"
"From Gaza the decision was taken, intifada and victory!"



Saraya Al-Quds - Qaffin Brigade (Tulkarem):
In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful,
“And kill them wherever you find them and expel them from wherever they expelled you.”
Remaining silent about the truth is akin to being a devil. As we strive in the path of Allah, speaking the truth is part of our jihad.
What the [Palestinian Authority] Security Forces have done to the leader, Abu Shujaa, is a vile and despicable act, indicating the [Palestinian] Authority's failure and their cooperation with the occupation in killing their own people.
The actions of the Authority of spies and disgrace have exceeded their limits recently with arrests, sabotage against the fighters, and restricting their movement.
All factions have condemned these vile acts, clarifying to the security forces that the resistance's weapons are directed towards the occupation, and there is no need to create strife among our people.
Messages clarifying the vileness and foolishness of these acts have been sent to the concerned parties, but to no avail…
The actions continued and even became more atrocious.
However, things will differ following what we saw today.
First, any attempt to detain any fighter from Tulkarem to Jenin means a harsh and explicit response.
Second, those responsible and the commanders must stop this nonsense before the situation deteriorates.
Third, we hope that the soldiers of the spy organization refrain from committing any vile act against your people and the children of your nation.
Fourth, we appeal to our people to stand by the truth and condemn these ominous acts.
O children of our nation, do not lead us towards an internal war from which only “israel” and its spies will benefit from.
Today the war kills our sons, and tomorrow it will kill yours.
Peace be upon all fighters who refused to remain silent about this disgrace and kept their rifles aimed at the entity of injustice and tyranny.
May Allah protect us and you from the sedition and the evil of oppressors.
Your brothers and soldiers,
Saraya Al-Quds - Qaffin Brigade.

Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades - Central Command:
O masses of our resisting Palestinian people, the blood of our people and the weapons of our resistance are a red line that cannot be neglected or tolerated, as they are taboos affirmed by all the customs and laws of our revolution.
What happened in Tulkarem in terms of the persecution and attempt to arrest the resistance fighters, and the events that followed, call on us all to stand up to our responsibilities to honor the blood of our people, and the opportunity to denounce everyone who tries to distort our compass in resisting the criminal zionist enemy, which has shed the blood of our people everywhere and violated the honor of our freedom fighters.
We in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, through this military report, call on all our people in the Bank of Abu Jandal and the city of Al-Karmi, to control the situation and unify, and focus all efforts to defend our land and form the largest support force for our people who are being killed in Gaza in cold blood.
O masses of our Palestinian people, while we cling to our revolutionary values that reject the shedding of the blood of our people, we call on you to take to the streets to stifle strife and protect the blood of our people, regardless of which party it is, and to deny the opportunity to anyone who tries to attack the weapons of our resistance or to violate the state of civil peace.
For today, there is an urgent need to close ranks and unite the rifles towards the zionist enemy, and to deny the opportunity to anyone who tries to tamper with civil peace or attack the weapons of the resistance. Hence, we call on our people to work to eliminate the state of fbi.gov and fragmentation.
We have been exhausted by division and have taken advantage of by the enemy by exploiting the state of divisions and disagreements.
Hence, we extend our call to the [Palestinian Authority] Security Forces to be a true partner in defending our people and our sanctities. We are not in a state of war or internal conflict, we are in the same trench, even if we disagree with the behavior of the security services in terms of prosecutions and arrests of our resistance fighters.
The Authority must realize that its attempts to impose a security grip will inflame people and ignite the fire of internal conflict, and that Palestinian security cannot be achieved with the presence of the occupation, which tampers with every detail of our lives.
May you always be a shield for us, and may we always be a drawn sword for you, God willing.
Your brothers and soldiers,
Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades


Hezbollah operations 03/30/24:

8:00: targeted the "Ramim" barracks with a Burkan rocket, hitting it directly.
1:20: targeted a movement of enemy soldiers and their vehicles inside the Al-Malikiyah site and its vicinity with rocket weapons, resulting in guaranteed casualties.
12:15: targeted a building where enemy soldiers were positioned in the "Admit" settlement with appropriate weapons, causing confirmed casualties.
12:20: targeted the "Khirbet Ma'ar" base with rocket weapons.
12:45: targeted movements of "israeli" soldiers inside and around the Al-Rahib site with rocket weapons and artillery shells, achieving confirmed casualties.
15:00: targeted the Radar site in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms with rocket weapons, hitting it directly.
15:30: launched an aerial attack with assault drones on the headquarters of the Western Brigade in "Ya'ra," hitting their targets accurately.
16:30: targeted the Ruwaisat Al-Alam site in the occupied Lebanese Kfar Shuba hills with a Burkan rocket, hitting it directly.



Holding banners of several factions, prisoners, and martyrs, Palestinians from all walks of life held a protest in Ramallah today on the occasion of Land Day, reaffirming the choice of resistance.
Flags with prisoner leader Marwan Barghouti were visible, as well as Hezbollah, DFLP, and PIJ, as crowds chanted for the resistance in the heart of the traitorous Palestinian Authority's Ramallah and Abu Obeida's speeches were played.
"The masses want Al-Qassam Brigades!"
"The West Bank wants a Flood! Al-Aqsa Flood!"
"O governments of shame and disgrace! Lift the siege on Gaza!"
"From Gaza and Ramallah, a salute to your soldiers, O Hezbollah!"
"O Hezbollah, O beloved! Blow up and destroy 'Tel Aviv'! We want to destroy 'Tel Aviv'!"
"O Barghouti, O Marwan! Your matter is with Al-Qassam!"
"Why fear? The stone became a Kalashnikov!"
Signs read: "Let the olive branch fall! Long live the rifle!"
"Between us and them are mountains of corpses, rivers of hatred, blood, and blood, and blood, wailing, and a long revenge."
One image from the protest read:
“Don't forget how you felt when you woke up on October 7, and your phone was filled with messages saying, 'Wake up and see!' All the blood and massacres are happening to make us forget that this enemy was defeated in a moment. Your defense of the resistance and its effectiveness is what will make the blood of the martyrs victorious. This is a debt upon you: do not forget, do not be defeated! On Land Day, glory to the resistance on this land."


Interesting how Muslim fertility rates dropped significantly stating in 2000


>It looks like every single person in that demonstration is an immigrant, though.
How can you tell? Is this like a visual skill measuring thing?


No clue what Vodafone di means but yes, I uploaded it here, >>1809183, second vid.


Neither Do I, weird autocomplete stuff sorry.
Boomer phoneposting.
Was about to re type it but never mind, thanks anon.


No problem, I know I post a lot of videos and it gets hard to sort through all of them.


File: 1711855197868.png (1 MB, 1200x800, ClipboardImage.png)

Perhaps this has been posted before, but even if the PA is a puppet of Israel, one would think these sorts of things would be left implicit or discussed behind closed doors, not written explicitly,
in legal documents the press is 100% gonna report on because they are at the center of the federal political theater.

US threatens to cut funding to Palestinian Authority if it obtains UN recognition, supports ICC case against Israel
>The United States’ government has passed a bill threatening to limit funding to the Palestinian Authority (PA) if it obtains statehood recognition at the United Nations and if it attempts to move against Israel at the International Criminal Court (ICC), amongst a myriad of other restrictions on aid and funding to Palestinians under Occupation.

>In the resolution voted on by the US Senate on Saturday and signed by President Joe Biden, it stated that “None of the funds appropriated under the heading ‘Economic Support Fund’ in this Act may be made available for assistance for the Palestinian Authority, if after the date of enactment of this Act … the Palestinians obtain the same standing as member states or full membership as a state in the United Nations or any specialized agency thereof outside an agreement negotiated between Israel and the Palestinians”.

>Another cause for the cutting of economic support for the PA would be if “the Palestinians initiate an International Criminal Court (ICC) judicially authorized investigation, or actively support such an investigation, that subjects Israeli nationals to an investigation for alleged crimes against Palestinians.”

>The document stated, however, that the US “Secretary of State may waive the restriction” regarding the UN recognition of Palestinian sovereignty “if the Secretary certifies to the Committees on Appropriations that to do so is in the national security interest of the United States”. That same allowance for a waiver does not apparently apply to the second restriction on legal proceedings against Israel the ICC.

>Another major part of the $1.2 trillion funding bill – which aimed to avert a US government shutdown and finalise the year’s budget – is the continued ban on funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) until March 2025, despite that being the foremost Agency on the ground in the Gaza Strip amid the increasing famine and humanitarian crisis there.

>At the same time, the bill allocates a further $3.8 billion in military aid to Israel from the $886 billion budget for the US Department of Defence, enabling the Occupation to continue its offensive on the besieged Palestinian Territory and commit its war crimes against its population, over 32,000 of whom it has killed already.


Much appreciated as always, thank you!
Are you keeping an archive? I intended to early on but have not had continuous access to a single co.puter which is a shame.
It would be sensible to, I'm sure every state-actor is.


I keep all my files that I download on my computer, a few thousand on this war by now, but none of them have been sorted yet. If you want me to find something I can look through it.


Saraya Al-Quds - Tulkarem Brigade:
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
“Those to whom people said, 'Indeed, people have gathered against you, so fear them.' But it increased them in faith, and they said, ‘Allah is sufficient for us, and He is the best Disposer of affairs.”
O sons of our great people, O sons of our generous nation, we are accustomed to showing you what heals the hearts of piety, and jihadi actions that make believers rejoice and that hypocrites and traitors to the blood of the martyrs are angry and sad about.
A great and dangerous thing happened today. The torrent has reached its peak, and the dwarves have gone too far against the men, even though everyone knows the compass of the men. You are only the margins of your demise, linked to the demise of the fragile Jewish state, which only held itself together thanks to the betrayal of you and all the puppet regimes that conspired against our cause. Today it is clear to every ignorant skeptic their conspiracy against the unbreakable Gaza…
What happened today was a cowardly act that many men would refuse to do. From the interception of a car in which the Brigade commander and its spokesman were traveling, the brother commander attempted to resolve it without reaching what we have reached, unfortunately, but whoever listens to the orders of his enemy does not care about the sanctity of Muslim blood, the sanctity of Ramadan, or anything, so the [PA Security Forces] mercenaries tried to arrest the brothers, and their weapons were confiscated despite the fact that their hearts were trembling in fear of them, just as they were our enemy. So they opened fire in the air at first, so the brothers were able to escape from their hands. They did not actually fire for the sake of blood, and they are only fierce towards the enemies of Allah.
The mercenaries pursued them and opened fire on them, wounding the Brigade commander with shrapnel and many passers-by as a result of their bullets, who did not fire a single shot at the Jews unless its owner was free and honorable and had chosen to separate from them and win the pleasure of the Most Merciful. At that time, one of the [PA] soldiers was able to treacherously board the resistance vehicle with the aim of confiscating it, but our fighter refused to watch the confiscation of any of the Brigade’s property, so he returned to them and snatched his vehicle from them against their will, and the brothers were able to return to their den safely, thanks to Allah. Then, the distinguished people of the city of Tulkarem, the people of generosity and bountifulness, ensured the arrival of the heroes to their den, the Nour Shams camp.
Meanwhile, with the rapid news, the people of Tulkarem rose up in its camps, the city, and the countryside to support their brothers who had been subjected to an arrest attempt and then an assassination attempt after they were able to withdraw, truly bloodthirsty. So the Security Forces pursued the fighters who fled to support their brothers, and fired direct bullets at the fighter, “Motasem Al-Aref,” a member of the Tulkarem Brigade, wounding him severely.
This dirty behavior practiced by this outcast group of our people and our living nation is not new and is repeated every now and then. It happened before in the Jenin camp, the Tulkarem camp, Tubas and its camp, and we did not forget what they did on Friday, the sixth of October, before the flood of the seventh of October, in our beloved camp when they tried to sabotage the initiation festival, but they failed and lost.
We said it and repeat it over and over again; our compass is the fight against the Jews, and you are only margins on the road, so get out of our way and leave us fighting against the enemies of Allah alone. And you, O soldier who attacks, kills, and harms those who fight for the sake of Allah, review your calculations, your conscience, and your mind, for we are not agents or mercenaries, we are fighting for the sake of Allah.
Those who put you in the forefront will not benefit you, and remember the Almighty’s saying “When those who have been followed disown their followers, when they all see the suffering, when all bonds between them are severed. And those followers will say, ‘If only we had one last chance, we would disown them as they now disown us.’ In this way, Allah will make them see their deeds as a source of bitter regret; they shall not emerge from the Fire.”
From here, your victorious Brigade declares a civil disobedience that all entrances to Tulkarem, especially the entrances to Nour Shams camp, are completely closed with dirt barriers and explosive devices until the war lays down its burdens, and we will see who will besiege who, O servants of the occupation. We are not bandits, nor are we thugs, God forbid. Rather, we are soldiers of Allah.
Hence, we apologize to you, people of our honorable governorate, for some of the strict measures we have taken.
"Allah is dominant over His affair, but most people do not know.”
Your brothers and soldiers, loyal to the blood of the martyrs,
Saraya Al-Quds - Tulkarem Brigade
21 Ramadan 1445


I've got a bit of an archive going myself


After a 3 day chase, the IOF claims to have arrested the executor of the Al-Auja operation, who wounded 3 settlers on Thursday in the Jordan Valley near Areeha. He is Mohammed Al-Saadi, a sergeant in the Palestinian National Security Forces from Jenin.


The Observer is reporting that the UK government has received word from their lawyers that Israel is committing war crimes, but has not disclosed this to the public. This means the UK is aiding and abetting war criminals by sharing intelligence and selling them arms, which is itself a crime.



Are they going to stop sending weapons?


Legally, they have to. I don't know if the government has responded officially yet, and I don't know how they'd wriggle out of this; Cameron is protected somewhat because (AFAIK) he never denied that he received this info from lawyers, just skirted around the question. Others have though, and Sunak is beyond fucked if he can't think of a way out. All this in an election year, too - there have already been calls for an election in June, and they'll probably be louder once this news properly circulates.


Two IOF soldiers were injured in a stabbing operation at the central bus station in the occupied city of Bir Al-Sabi'. Initial reports indicate that the executor has been shot at.

The executor of the heroic stabbing resistance operation in Bir Sabi' which wounded 2 IOF soldiers is Naji Abu Freh (28 years old) from the city of Rahat in Naqab, southern Palestine.
Glory to the martyrs.



it's always humourous when they bring up the law as if the existence of it was god ordained, it completely eludes them that the paragraphs they fetishise so much had been written down by man and therefore their enforcement is conditioned on raw force, what are they going to do with israel or any other nuclear power not giving a fuck? u know the answer they can only bark and send their thoughts and prayers to the victims


living in the third world is an avenue for a lot of power


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to undergo a hernia surgery in a few hours under full anesthesia, leaving Minister of Justice Yariv Levin in charge as acting prime minister, his office says in a statement.


Saraya Al-Quds - Beit Ummar Brigade:
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
“And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of the steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy.”
We, in the Saraya Al-Quds - Beit Ummar groups, refuse to tolerate any tampering with the dignity of our fighters, whether it be in Al-Khalil, Jenin, Tulkarem, or any area in the West Bank. We absolutely reject any attack on our groups.
What happened in the city of Tulkarem yesterday is a natural response, and this is just the beginning. Anyone who attempts to tamper with us will open the gates of fire upon themselves. We call upon the Security Forces of the traitor Mahmoud Abbas’s Authority not to pursue us or attempt to arrest any of our fighters in the West Bank, for there will be a response to every attempt you make, and we will not show mercy to you. You will be treated just like the occupation, with an iron fist: a strike for a strike, kidnapping for kidnapping, gunfire for gunfire. O Allah I have transmitted [the message], O Allah so be my witness, and those who have warned are excused.
To our fighters in the steadfast town of Beit Ummar, we urge you to respond to any attempt made by the shameful Authority’s Security Forces. Do not show mercy to them, for they are allies of the occupation.
Might of Beit Ummar
Your brothers Saraya Al-Quds - Beit Ummar
Al-Aqsa Flood.


Clearly not a single one of them looks East Asian.


For the second day, tens of thousands of settlers are protesting, this time outside the Knesset in Al Quds, to demand a prisoner exchange deal with the resistance and the overthrow of the Netanyahu government.
As the start date for ultra-Orthodox conscription into the IOF looms, violent confrontations simultaneously broke out between Orthodox settlers and zionist forces in "Mea Shearim" in Al Quds.


After the resistance's declaration of civil obedience in Nour Shams camp, Tulkarem last night, gunfire targeted the headquarters of the Palestinian Intelligence Service in Tulkarem moments ago.
The resistance has locked the camp down with earth mounds and explosives. Tension remains high after PA Forces wounded and attempted to kidnap the head of Saraya Al-Quds - Tulkarem Brigade, Abu Shujaa.
Local sources report that undercover PA Forces and vehicles are deployed around the camp in preparation to invade, ahead of the mass march set to take place in the camp's Al-Katiba Square tonight in support of the resistance and in protest of the PA's pursuit of fighters.


Nah just curious, I trust you have them dated at least by download date?
It would be good to do something with them after the war, maybe an .onion archive.


File: 1711909530467.jpg (67.53 KB, 528x792, 90s office gun lady.jpg)

>when your fascist genocidal settler state isn't fascist and genocidal enough for the settlers


Yeah, I have the dates saved.




incredible that they're running low on manpower on such a one sided affair. or is this for some other reason? is it just punishment because the haredi's are anti zionists?


Oy vey, you don't have to do me like that on easter monday.


That's what I'm thinking? Either they're desperately running low on manpower. Or they're seeing this as an opportunity to get just draft a inconvenient group to the front lines. Either way it's desperation.


Internal Front in the Gaza Strip:
In an intelligence operation conducted last night, Saturday, 30/03/2024, several officers and soldiers belonging to the General Intelligence Service in Ramallah infiltrated the northern area of Gaza on an official mission with direct orders from Majed Faraj, aiming to create confusion and chaos within the ranks of the internal front, with security provided by the "israeli" Shin Bet and the enemy's army.
This follows an agreement reached between the two sides in a meeting they had in one of the Arab capitals last week.
Consequently, the Security Forces in Gaza dealt with these elements, arresting 10 of them and foiling the plot they came to execute.
An iron fist will strike anyone who dares to play in a field that serves only the occupation.


>for some other reason?
Its a long term goal.
They've wanted to for a while and thry think they can pass and normalise it with the nationalist fervor and need currently.


>Internal Front in the Gaza Strip:
>In an intelligence operation conducted last night, Saturday, 30/03/2024, several officers and soldiers belonging to the General Intelligence Service in Ramallah infiltrated the northern area of Gaza on an official mission with direct orders from Majed Faraj, aiming to create confusion and chaos within the ranks of the internal front, with security provided by the "israeli" Shin Bet and the enemy's army.
Now that's a happening.
If they've done arrests we should see media attention soon.


Zionist media reports that 755 settler houses in northern occupied Palestine have been damaged by the resistance.
In January, zionist media claimed that 130 settler houses in "Metulla" had been damaged.

At least 3 settlers are seriously wounded in a stabbing operation near occupied Asdod in southern occupied Palestine.

Footage documents the immediate aftermath of the resistance stabbing operation in “Gan Yavne.” Zionist medical authorities announced that the three settler casualties are critically wounded.
[See attached vid]


>they're running low on manpower
they're not
they just use the opportunity to dab on the haredim


That's some next level April Fool's.


>dab on 12% of your own population
>that votes for parties that are part of the ruling coalition
Uhh, Bibi?.. Bibi, hello?..


i don't think sheytanyahu is very happy with his coalition partner





As far as I understand the people have been attracted to he right coalition whilst the leadership has been more opposed.
I think it can be read as partially an attempt to pull many out of the sects, to make them you know, 'model citizens'.


absolute state and so on and so on

It's that they are getting owned. They may be losing a lot of soldiers too, since they are lying about those numbers and hiding the bodies to avoid a PR disaster. When it finally comes out just how many of Israel's sons (and daughters probably) got merc'd by KKKhamas in this unpopular war, it's REALLY going to get interesting.


>unpopular war
dude israelis are fucking out for blood
the only thing unpopular about the war is the idf not bombing innocent civilians enough


It's also literally an attack on Haredi way of life. Because they are literal fuckin welfare queens. Imagine getting subsidies to study religion. Cheers, Ben-Gurrion, you stupid sack of shit.


It's interesting as I think it's a product of a different time when autistics got to join a religious outfits and never sell their labour.
Ngl I've always kinda envied it, if munk or heredim or Sufi.


File: 1711928070730.png (59.14 KB, 599x354, 1621965115667.png)

>Haredi rabbis insist that fervent prayer for Israel’s security is just as important as military service.

>Mass exodus threatened by chief rabbi if haredim are forced into military service

>The yeshivas and kollels hold up the world. The state exists on Torah study, and without the Torah, the army would not have succeeded.

>If they force us to join the army, we will all move abroad

>One would expect that someone who sits atop the Israeli Chief Rabbinate would encourage IDF service as opposed to dodging service to the extent of actually leaving the country.

So there's a contradiction between secular and religious Israelis, Jewish and Arab Israelis, Ashkenazi and other flavours of Jew, and different flavours of religious Jews. YHWH wills it, the government collapses. Again. Shas can do that, I think.


Look into the town of Kiryas Joel in upstate New York. Highest poverty rate in America. They're all Haredi Jews, and all they do is spawn children and live off welfare, and even tried to *annex more land* to accommodate their rapid population growth. 98.5% of them voted for Trump in 2020.


Young and old, men and women—thousands of people from all walks of life and affiliations came out in Amman, Jordan for the eighth day in a row to besiege the zionist entity, declaring their support to resistance and opposition to normalization with the zionist enemy.
"Spread the images! The masses are against normalization!"
Crowds repeatedly chanted: "The masses want the collapse of the Wadi Araba agreement!," the 1994 normalization agreement between Jordan and the zionist entity.
"Who said the people died?! Here they are besieging embassies! Here they are chanting in the squares!"
"What do we want?! We want to fight this entity!
O those who have their eyes on Amman! We don't want blood to become water! They killed the sister and they killed the brother! Cancel Wadi Araba! We don't want the land bridge!"
At least 15 youth activists remain imprisoned for their role in the protests in support of Gaza, but this repression by Jordanian forces defending the zionist embassy has not fazed the people from mobilizing one bit.
"We want all the detainees! Ziad [Ibhais] and all the others!"
"O people of the W<strong><i>est Bank, O mighty ones! Put the [Palestinian] Authority under your shoes!"
"America is the head of the snake!"
"Death, death, death to America!"
Doctors came out again to express tribute to Dr. Mohammed Abu Salmiya and Dr. Mohammed Harrara of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.
"O Arabs, enough of your coma! Save the hospitals! They bombed the hospitals!"
A young Palestinian boy led a few chants (Video 1):
"They said Hamas was terrorists! All of Jordan is with Hamas!"
"O those with w<strong>eapons in the West Bank! Come on, O Lions' Den!"
"I am returning, O my homeland! To the Mountain of Fire [Nablus]! To West Bank and Gaza! To Lydd and Ramle! To Yaffa and Haifa! To Bir Al-Sabi'! To Tubas! With all the people, returning to Palestine!
The revolutionary Arab masses reaffirm once again, with a defiant and loud voice, that they stand with the resistance, despite the will of all those trying to silence them and cause strife.


Israel wants the hostages back more than anything.


Hezbollah operations 03/31/24:

12:15: targeting the “Ramim” barracks with artillery shells, hitting them directly.
13:15: targeting Al-Malikiyah site with Burkan missiles, hitting it directly.
13:45: carrying out an air attack with assault drones on the newly created Brakhta artillery position and a deployment of “israeli” enemy soldiers in its vicinity in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms, achieving direct hits.
15:45: targeting the Zebdine site in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms with artillery shells.
15:45: targeting the Ruwaisat Al-Alam site in the occupied Lebanese Kfar Shuba Hills with appropriate weapons, hitting it directly.
15:55: targeting the newly developed spy equipment at Al-Jardah point with appropriate weapons, destroying it.
17:00: targeting a gathering of “israeli” enemy soldiers in the vicinity of the Al-Manara site with rocket weapons, hitting it directly.
23:10: targeting an “israeli” military force inside the “Metulla” site with artillery shells, causing confirmed casualties among its ranks.


At least one drone has made impact in occupied Umm Al-Rashrash ("Eilat").
Preliminary reports by zionist sources indicate that a very large explosion was heard after an IOF naval base was hit, despite enemy attempts to intercept the offensive drones. Smoke is seen billowing from the Port of "Eilat." A number of ambulances have arrived at the scene. A fire broke out in the area, and zionist media reported that "several objects hit several places." The three drones originated "from the east" according to zionist media, likely from Iraq. They are described as advanced, with the capability to bypass both Jordanian and "israeli" air defense systems.
The event has been placed under censorship by the zionist entity.



The executor of the heroic stabbing operation in "Gan Yavne" near occupied Asdod is the martyr Momen Fayez Al-Masalmeh of Dura, Al Khalil (19 years old). Occupation forces opened fire on him after he left three settlers critically wounded.
His home town of Dura has announced a comprehensive strike tomorrow to honor his soul, and crowds have gathered in front of his home now.
A large number of IOF vehicles are invading Deir Samit in southern Al Khalil, to invade his home.
Glory to the martyrs.

Occupation forces are withdrawing from the vicinity of Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza City in the northern Strip, towards the southwest of the city amidst heavy cover fire and artillery shelling.
This comes after 14 days of siege, execution of hundreds, and the kidnapping of nearly 1,000 among the patients and displaced Gazans in the hospital, and the destruction of homes in its vicinity.
Eyewitnesses report the withdrawing vehicles are indiscriminately firing at buildings and people during their withdrawal. The Emergency Committees in the area called on citizens not to rush to inspect the conditions around Al-Shifa Hospital for fear of the presence of ambushes and IOF snipers.


Field sources reported that the bodies of at least 50 martyrs were recovered inside and around Al-Shifa Medical Complex near Gaza City following the IOF's withdrawal tonight after a two-week-long siege that saw the hospital turn into a military barracks.
Medical sources reported hundreds of martyrs in hospital and the surrounding area. The buildings of the hospital have been burned and are unusable, subjected to significant destruction.


>Israel wants the hostages back more than anything
That's why they've killed upwards of a third of them.
<missile hit eilat naval facilities undetected
That's an escalation if that keeps happening.
It's getting more make-or-break for the zionist entity by the day. If they survive this they'll be telling stories about just how close it came.


>Video captures the moment Israeli forces bomb a tent for displaced Palestinians and journalists at the Al-Aqsa Hospital compound in central Gaza



>If they survive this they'll be telling stories about just how close it came.

There is literally no way they don't lol. What the fuck are Hezbollah gonna do, invade them USSR style


File: 1711963582526.jpg (25.93 KB, 800x450, X doubt.jpg)

>Israel wants the hostages back more than anything.


<Killing 80+ of them
Yeah they do really want them back


Isntreal declares 264 deaths from Gaza strip alone (and this is clearly a heavily censored number, with the real one being anywhere from 3 to 5 times more probably), not counting deaths in action in the West Bank or deaths against Hezbollah (estimated to be upwards of 230).
The wounded count is in the thousands for both the Gaza and the Lebanon fronts, many of which suffered disabling injuries.

Its not that the Idf is going to run out of manpower anytime soon, but the losses they're facing are real, and haredi constitute 30% of the recruiting age population.


Hezbollah will continue to make northern part of zionist entity uninhabitable, Yemen will continue to blockade Red Sea trade, and there's a possibility that genocide allegations will lead to wider set of sanctions - like how Europe stopped selling Israel weapons


File: 1711979162665.jpg (162.93 KB, 1080x1062, IMG_20221001_110044_863.jpg)

>like how Europe stopped selling Israel weapons
*blocks your path*


They did, though. Now it's USA and either one of UK or Germany who are still selling weapons. USA is responsible for 95% of weapons, though


Harrowing scenes unfold after the occupation army withdrew from Al-Shifa Medical Complex, following a siege of over two weeks.
Hundreds of martyrs' bodies have been recovered inside and around Al-Shifa Hospital. Harsh scenes document the occupation's vehicles running over the bodies of martyrs around Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza.
Until the final moments before their withdrawal, the occupation army continued to commit crimes, including burning homes in the vicinity of the Complex.
The IOF admitted killing 200 people, arresting another 500, and detaining about 900 for investigation during its operation in Al-Shifa Complex and its surroundings.
The Government Media Office in Gaza confirmed that the occupation has killed over 400 martyrs in and around Al-Shifa Medical Complex, while holding 107 patients hostage and about 60 medical staff members under inhumane conditions without water, medicine, food, or electricity.
Families reunited with their relatives as hundreds of people returned to the destroyed Hospital where doctors, nurses, patients, and wounded were besieged, starved, and tortured by the occupation army.

Spokesperson for the Civil Defense in Gaza, Mahmoud Basal, to Al-Mayadeen:
The occupation destroyed all departments, buildings, and infrastructure in Al-Shifa Medical Complex.
It was revealed today that all those who sent us pleas for help in the past were martyred in the Al-Shifa Complex.
It is difficult to count the number of martyrs as the occupation has bulldozed the roads and buried the bodies inside and around the Al-Shifa Complex.
In the blood bank of the Al-Shifa Complex, we found a martyr handcuffed with a gunshot wound directly to the head.
The majority of the bodies are decomposed, and we have reached bodies that are mere skeletons due to being burned inside the Al-Shifa Complex.
There are dozens of martyrs in the residential apartments surrounding the Al-Shifa Complex as part of the massacres committed by the occupation.

The search for martyrs continues following the IOF's withdrawal from Al-Shifa Medical Complex after a two-week-long siege. Hundreds of bodies were found in and around the Complex in between the burned and destroyed buildings, in addition to a "temporary graveyard" created because of the IOF, who bulldozed the bodies of the martyrs on top of the courtyard of the hospital. Over the last hours, several bodies were transferred to Al-Maamadani Hospital.
Since the ground invasion began, the hospital, which is the largest in the Gaza Strip and older than the zionist entity itself, has been besieged three times, having housed thousands of displaced people and staff.
400 martyrs have been recovered from the rubble, with an untold number burned, buried, or crushed by bulldozers and tanks, now unrecognizable. The hospital itself is completely non-functional, as all wards were destroyed. Martyrs were found handcuffed and with gunshots to the head.
Journalist Yousef Fares added: "The locals talk about burying the injured people alive under the dirt, about shackling the victims and drowning them in mud and water, then burying them."
The massacre that took place here will not be forgotten, immortalized in the criminal record of the fading zionist entity, remembered for generations alongside the massacres of the Nakba and the camps for its sheer brutality. Shame and disgrace will forever chase those who seek to normalize or make peace with such a criminal and bloodthirsty entity, which shows no regard for any norms or laws.

[Vids unrelated]


A preliminary count of six martyrs was reported by Iranian sources as a result of the IOF's bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria.
Iranian sources added that members of the Iranian diplomatic corps in Damascus, including the ambassador, are unharmed but the consulate building was destroyed.


Tbf, that anon never said they wanted them back alive.



"The tensions between Jerusalem and Washington demonstrate that neither understands the situation. Israel needs to learn to fight an attrition war against a much larger adversary, Iran. The U.S. must accept the strategic requirements of its regional partner, despite the politically driven drivel offered by President Biden, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and a Congress that refuses to act. Failure to grasp the conflict’s fundamentals will lead to bad policy and, ultimately, calamity."

More propaganda for War Against Iran and Israeli Expansion.


I was watching this live show between Journalists: Abby Martin, Kate Halper and Rhania Khalek, also fantastic socialists, they showed footage of Israelis out for blood of the Palestinian People and Arabs, they seemed disgusted, full of hate and rage, warmongering and blood lust or laughing manically and not caring, the journalists reported statistics of the overwhelming majority of the Israeli population FOR this war and genocide, the only thing unpopular related to hostages is Netanyahu and that is mostly from affected families maybe parts of the wider Israeli public.


How long until CucksSad converts to judaism?


"Israeli air strike destroys Iranian consulate in Syria"



Do they want "ethnic cleansing" or do they want "war"? It looks like they "want war" in a triumphalist sense that presupposes their opponents are the Gaza Palestinians. Like,Israel can assuredly "defeat" Palestinians if they give it a good genocidal try, but that's because it's NATO paying the bill. Maybe NATO(or rather the USA) is done with the diplomacy black hole of Israel and lets the more retarded Zionists discredit themselves, before taking over.

IDK, it feels sussy, to suddenly pivot to all but acknowledging the ethnic cleansing and siege by Israel, even if just to try to pass their own version of the UNSC ceasefire. Because after admitting to that, resuming support for Israel after the ceasefire is throwing away the plausible deniability.


A senior Revolutionary Guards commander Brig-Gen Mohammad Reza Zahedi was among the dead, Iranian state media reported.

Source: BBC


Majority of Western Nations (LatAm included) are Zionist ghouls

Only genuine support Palestinians have are from Muslim, African and SEAsian Nations, and maybe Chinese population (not the government) too



not remotely true, especially now. Huge numbers of people who knew little about the conflict have now seen Israel's true face


>maybe Chinese population (not the government)

Really now/ Are you basing it on port investments?


Yep, this is the first time Israel has actually faced a legitimation crisis


Lmfao, Euroids are being outright genocidal on their discourse against Muslims and Arabs in general, Americans are not too far behind

LatAm is fillen with literal fascist Evangelical and TradCath who see Israel as a holy crusader state, Brazil especially



I am European, every European country except Germany is overwhelmingly pro-Palestine now. It's only the Zionist media that claim the massive pro-Palestine demonstrations we've seen are attended only by Muslims. Why are you spreading the same narrative as the Zionist media?


Our shithole would still be arming the zionist bloodhounds if it weren't for a bunch of activists shutting down exports.
Fuck Germany though, you cunts have no excuse.



Wow, Western govts don't truly have the democratic consent of their populations?!?!?! You SHOCK me


Democratic consent (lmao) doesn't really matter, bud. That's my actual point: there is little EFFECTIVE pro-Palestine support.
Fuck, we couldn't even assassinate Herzog. Complete losers.


None have, and it's much more extreme in the immediate neighborhood of the zionists.
Jordan would have long intervened if it acted in sense of its citizens.
It's kinda odd shitting at le wect all the times when the vast majority of Arab states behave like utter cuckolds.


Those arab states were bombed, couped and terrorized for decades



You are arguing something completely different to the post I was responding to.


File: 1711995975703.png (1.13 MB, 828x1251, ClipboardImage.png)

which one of you did this?


>martyr Thomas Sankara



Other poster is a retard (note the flag).
Pick your battles.


>every European country
Not the eastern ones such as Poland, Hungary, Czech Rep, Ukraine


Link to release/communique?


sauce?? amazing if true


The military official of Kataeb Hezbollah of the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq, Abu Ali Al-Askari:
In the name of Allah,
We extend our condolences to the Islamic nation, to Al-Hujjat Ibn Al-Hassan (peace be upon him), and all the believers and fighters, on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (peace be upon him). He never ceased his struggle and resistance to elevate the word of God on Earth and to establish the values of goodness and justice. We also extend our condolences to His Eminence Leader Khamenei (may his shadow be extended), the grand Ayatollahs, and the brothers in the Revolutionary Guard, on the martyrdom of the great commander, Mohammad Reza Zahedi, following the criminal zionist-American aggression on the consulate of the Islamic Republic in Damascus.
We would like to highlight the following:
First: The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has prepared its equipment to supply the brothers from the Islamic resistance fighters in Jordan with what satisfies the needs of 12,000 fighters of light and medium weapons, anti-armor launchers, tactical missiles, millions of ammunition, and tons of explosives, so that we can stand as one hand to defend our Palestinian brothers and avenge the honor of Muslims that was violated by the offspring of monkeys and pigs.
Secondly: We are ready to start the preparation, and endorsement from the fighters from of the Hamas movement or Islamic Jihad is sufficient for this. Let us begin by first cutting off the land route that leads to the zionist entity.


So are they going to lob a few rockets again or something else?


i think most germans hate israel, you're just not allowed to say it out loud or the libs will jump you


Based if true.
>Martyr Thomas Sankara Cyber Brigades
Incredibly based if true.


Zionist media reports that the drone sirens from an hour ago in the southern occupied Syrian Golan were the result of a cruise missile coming from the direction of Syria, not caused by drones.


File: 1712007217897.jpg (176.24 KB, 1280x787, Hezbollah 04-01-24.jpg)

Hezbollah operations 04/01/24:

16:00: targeting an “israeli” enemy technical team while it was maintaining technical and espionage equipment at the Al-Baghdadi site with artillery shells, inflicting confirmed casualties among its ranks.
16:10: targeting the Ruwaisat Al-Alam site in the occupied Lebanese Kfar Shuba hills with rocket weapons, achieving a direct hit.
16:20: targeting the Ruwaisat Al-Alam site in the occupied Lebanese Kfar Shuba hills for the second time with artillery shells, achieving a direct hit.
21:50: targeting the command headquarters of the newly established “Liman” Brigade with artillery shells.


File: 1712007856834-0.png (691.13 KB, 1000x780, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1712007856834-1.png (57.25 KB, 911x342, ClipboardImage.png)

well that's another isis k operative stopped


>no source


>12000 fighters in Jordan
This would really change the equation in favor of Palestinians.
Up until now Jordan has only been a source of problems for Paestinian factions



The Jews LITERALLY bombed an Iranian embassy

Isn't this a fucking declaration of war? If Iran retaliates and invade their apartheid genocidal regime they would be 100% justified under international laws


International law means nothing
Iran won't do it


File: 1712011204709.png (323.04 KB, 360x360, ClipboardImage.png)

>he still thinks international laws matters
it only exists to put the blame on non western countries


File: 1712011538323.png (334.51 KB, 548x589, bombed un.png)

they also killed a bunch a of foreign UN volunteers

this might cause a bit of a stink.

although mainstream media is not even pretending to report on it


Al-Shifa Medical Complex Witnesses One of the Largest Massacres in Palestinian History
Palestinian Territory - The Israeli army carried out a massive, shockingly horrific military operation in Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza City over the course of the past two weeks, indiscriminately targeting and attacking Palestinians regardless of their civilian status, professional standing, gender, age, or health condition.
Though the exact number of casualties from the atrocity is still unknown, preliminary reports suggest that over 1,500 Palestinians have been killed, injured, or are reported missing as a result of the massacre at Al-Shifa, with women and children making up half of the casualties. Euro-Med Monitor is able to confirm from its initial investigation and testimonies that hundreds of dead bodies, including some burned, and others with their heads and limbs severed, have been discovered both inside Al-Shifa Medical Complex and in the hospital’s surrounding area.
Press release: https://euromedmonitor.org/a/6254


Is it the result of bombing, or did they actually do it deliberately?


Wisconsin union supports campaign to ditch Biden over Gaza

In Wisconsin, the Listen to Wisconsin campaign, inspired by the Michigan campaign to reject President Joe Biden during the Democratic primary due to his backing of "Israel", has garnered support from rank-and-file trade unionists, as well as a statewide coalition of low-wage workers and immigrants dissatisfied with the President's handling of the war on Gaza.

Janan Najeeb, a Wisconsin organizer spearheading the Listen to Wisconsin campaign, expressed that “individuals in labor have been very active."

Workers from the grassroots group Wisconsin Labor for Palestine have joined forces with the Uninstructed campaign, assisting with the organization of a protest at the capital on March 30 and encouraging voters to vote uninstructed.

Barret Elward, a member of the union representing faculty and staff at the University of Wisconsin, remarked that the administration's mere use of the word "ceasefire" was only a "PR thing, detailing that "nothing has changed on the ground.”

Some immigrant and low-wage workers in Wisconsin also support the campaign. Voces de la Frontera Executive Director Christine Neumann-Ortiz reported that “we should not be giving all of this money to this genocidal war."

Biden has also suggested legislation to crack down on immigration and stricter measures at the southern border, prompting Neumann-Ortiz to say he was "definitely eroding and alienating your own base."

Voces backed Biden's 2020 presidential campaign and mobilized support for Democrats during the 2022 midterms. That effort is now being focused on promoting the Uninstructed campaign using social media and personal visits.

“It’s so important that in the months ahead, that he respond to the demands that are being made on Gaza, and for Latinos and immigrants, who he needs to reaffirm his commitment to,” stated Neumann-Ortiz.

Virtually every major US union has declined to endorse the protest vote, and Wisconsin's connected unions have generally followed suit, highlighting the labor movement's division on the war on Gaza.

The AFL-CIO issued a statement on October 11 denouncing Operation al-Aqsa flood on October 7 and expressing worry about "the emerging humanitarian crisis that is affecting Palestinians in Gaza." The union made no mention of a "ceasefire", only a "swift resolution" to the war.

In December, the United Auto Workers union called for a ceasefire and said that it would consider divesting from military manufacturing employment, spurring other US unions to make harsher demands.

Jacob Flom, president of the Milwaukee Public Museum's union, who serves on the board of the Milwaukee Area Labor Council and is an outspoken critic of "Israel's" war on Gaza, said the Wisconsin Labor for Palestine coalition aims to push Wisconsin unions to take a stronger stance in support of Palestinian workers, citing an "obligation to stand in solidarity with them."

In February, seven national and over 200 local labor unions in the United States announced the formation of a coalition aimed at advocating for a ceasefire to end the genocidal war in Gaza.

The American Postal Workers Union (APWU), the Association of Flight Attendants, the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, the National Education Association, National Nurses United (NNU), the United Auto Workers (UAW), and the United Electrical Workers (UE), along with 200 local unions and labor organizations, have joined forces to launch the National Labor Network for a ceasefire (NLNC), aiming to "end the death and devastation" in Gaza.

The coalition stressed that it represents over 9 million union workers, constituting "more than half the labor movement in the United States."

In a statement, the NLNC said that the coalition stresses that it represents over 9 million union workers, constituting "more than half the labor movement in the United States."


and in 1999 america bombed the chinese embassy in belgrade, it happens


Israel bombed an Iranian Consulate in Syria, why did they do it, to provoke Iran and fan the flames for a further regional war allowing Israel to expand which has been previously expressed by previous admin, or/and following US policy and warmongering for conflict against Iran due to possibly acting as a rival regional hegemon to its interests.

Apart from these two reasons I see no logical answer apart from mainstream but not exactly wrong, narratives of Iran funding (rightfully in the battle against Israel and America, and Imperialism generally) the Houthis and Hezbollah with related skimirshes at the israeli border or red sea, an attempt to get back at non state actors by getting back at the monetary source being Iran?

Israel really really wants another world war or more realistically a suez crisis or gulf war?


>logical answer
Stop. Reevaluate yourself. Embrace the feels. Come back with a different perspective.


Feels is no way to percieve or look at the changes or events in the world.

So you are saying, Israel bombed an Iranian consulate for no good reason but to just bomb them? I could see it, most of the population back genocide, and thirst for bloo, but I doubt Israel as a nation state is suicidal, they cannot win a war against Iran, there is reasoning behind this bombing.


>Feels is no way to percieve or look at the changes or events in the world.
Don't let any reactionary hear you say that. That include liberal international relations "understanders". You still have a responsibility to know thy enemy.

Israel knows that Iran funds those proxies currently attacking them. But those proxies are sneaky and hard to use air power on, so they will do the only thing they know how - bomb.

>I doubt Israel as a nation state is suicidal

Remove any doubts in your head. Doomsday cults are a capitalist phenomenon, and they are perfectly willing to take everyone with them just out of spite, if they do not get their way.


Iran is permacucked.
After the bombs at the funeral procession for Soleimani that killed 100+, and three sepaeate occasions (at least) of iranian officers being killed, their response is still nowhere to be found


File: 1712022300141.png (296.84 KB, 1143x800, IMG-2233.png)

>Stop. Reevaluate yourself. Embrace the feels. Come back with a different perspective.
Israel realized it Quds, but that doesn't mean it should(s)!


lmao kelly never gets old


Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades - Youth of Revenge and Liberation - Tulkarem:
In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful,
“And fight them until there is no fitnah and [until] the religion, all of it, is for Allah. And if they cease - then indeed, Allah is Seeing of what they do.”
One of our victorious cells moved and targeted the houses of the “Avnei Hefetz” settlement and gatherings of occupation forces with heavy barrages of direct bullets. Our soldiers withdrew safely by the grace of Allah.
O masses of our people, while the occupation bets on breaking the will of armed resistance and fights our Palestinian people, we have never been a mouthpiece for sedition within the single body of the nation. You will hear our national compass responding to the sedition occurring in the Tulkarem governorate. Our weapons are drawn against the occupation and its agents. We emphasize that the Fatah movement and its fighting cadres are a red line that cannot be crossed or tampered with. Any attempt to strike at Fatah, which has offered martyrs, leaders, and soldiers and continues to do so on the path to Al-Quds, can never be allowed.
We also call on everyone to control themselves, and we send a message to our brothers in Nour Shams camp, this camp that offers the best of its sons as martyrs, to control themselves from your side. You are part of the resistance project, and we are part of you in armed struggle. Do not allow anyone to incite you against anyone. We are all men and sons of one nation, and we trust that you will meet everyone's expectations because you are comrades in arms, martyrs, and prisoners.
All cells and formations of the Al-Aqsa Brigades in the Tulkarem governorate must strike the occupation everywhere in our land until it knows that we are a united people behind the legitimate and only weapon of resistance.
And it is indeed a revolution until victory, until victory, until victory.
Glory to the martyrs,
Freedom for the prisoners,
Healing for the wounded,
Disgrace for the traitors and the hesitant,
Your brothers,
Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades - Youth of Revenge and Liberation - Tulkarem Governorate
Tuesday, 2/4/2024

[This announcement, regarding the targeting of the settlement, isn’t especially significant on its own, but the language used seems [to me at least] to be significant in light of the recent clashes in Tulkarm between the PA and resistance factions.]


>So you are saying, Israel bombed an Iranian consulate for no good reason but to just bomb them?
No. Because Israel has a long history of assassinations as strategy and multiple commanders were meeting in the embassy, which were all (7?) killed.


At least the Yanks pretended it was an accident


What's a pole doing in gaza?


i was one of the very few non-arab people at a pro palestine demo in Düsseldorf. there was a massive turnout, but it went pretty much unreported. there were a bunch of turks running around and waving turk flags for some reason??? i guess they can't help themselves. maybe they were supposed to be the latest ottoman flag, who knows


Many Turks have a gratuite hatred for Arabs and actually blame them for the fall of their empire

I guess it's their way to try to fit in with westoids


Another Germanon here.
Sorry to inform you but the German population is way more racist against people perceived to be Muslims and Palestinians are perceived as that (I know they are not all Muslim), so Germans "stand with Jews" (= whatever Israel does). That said, a very pale Muslim will likely be treated better than a brown Jew.

I'm in several lefty mailing lists and follow various lefty websites and the info about the when and where of protests is just not shared, neither before nor after (unlike climate protests, Kurds, strike actions etc). There are some immigrants in the left party LINKE and some of these immigrants do tweet or blog about it, but the higher-ups in the party and its youth group have shown zero initiative about it, not even on the local levels that I know about.

There is an almost total media blackout except some internet stuff like Twitter and Twitter seems to subtly throttle that stuff. There is definitely a certain non-disclosed party line in place in the media in how they talk about the conflict with endlessly repeated word strings about how this or that entity is "CONTROLLED BY ISLAMIST HAMAS" (very similar to British media from what I have seen online). By the way the German government can block websites like Russia Today and it just looks on your end like the website does not exist anymore, you don't get a special blocking message.


They hate brown SWANA ppl in general more, they don't love Israel because they're Jews, but because they're an European ethnostate killing brown Muslims, same goes for Eastern Europeans such as Poland and Hungary


How will Iran react to the Israeli's bombing their embassy?


A few of them were killed while they were screaming for help in front of Idf troops. Most of the others were killed by bombing. So overall we can say they were killed deliberately


>Alienating the Australians
For real though this slaughter of white aid workers is going to cause problems.


Armed clashes have erupted between Palestinian Authority Security Forces and resistance fighters in Nour Shams camp, Tulkarem, following the announcement moments ago of the martyrdom of Motasim Al-Arif, a wanted fighter who was shot in the head by PA Forces a few days ago.
This comes in light of the civil disobedience announced by the Tulkarem Brigade.

[Vid unrelated]


An appropriate and proportionate response would be a similar strike on a diplomatic mission in some of the cuck countries of the area, the one having diplomatic relations with them. I'm thinking Jordan would be a realistic option, both being total and complete cucks to the zionists and for being well inside the range of Iranian weapon systems. Also, zionists have listening posts or other outposts of a signal nature in Azerbaijan and that country is by itself very hostile to Iran - irredentism and ethnic reasons, aside being also a proxy for Turkey, which is a strategic competitor of Iran. Again, and even easier, they are very much within Iranian missiles range. Another option is "Iraqi" Kurdistan, where every significant political player is somewhat involved with the zionists and very recently Iran already hit the home of some "businessman" that was a well known zionist pawn in the region.

The USS Liberty "incident" half a century ago demonstrated very clearly that zionists are untouchables. Their networks of spies, criminality and blackmail run so deep within every western country that counts - Burgerland above all others - that the idea they will face any effective and true pushback anytime soon is simply unrealistic. Short of some actual revolution happening very quickly in at least parts of the west, but we're really daydreaming now.


Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades - Nour Shams Camp:
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
"Do not think of those who are killed in the way of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision."
With the highest expressions of pride and honor, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades exalt to the heights of glory and eternity:
The martyr hero, the engaged fighter, and the field commander in the Tulkarem Brigade, son of Nour Shams camp:
Motasim Khaled Al-Arif (Hamamah)
Who ascended at the hands of the [Palestinian Authority] Security Forces in Tulkarem to his Lord after a life filled with giving and resistance in the cause of Allah and the liberation of the land. We count him among the martyrs and we do not attribute purity to anyone before Allah.
As we in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades mourn our heroic martyr and the martyrs of our people, we affirm that their blood will remain a shining beacon for the fighters and resistors towards the path of dignity, the path of resistance, and the path of liberating the land and the holy sites, and that our Brigades will continue forward in the path of resistance until the complete liberation of occupied Palestine.
We also salute our heroic fighters holding firm to the will of the martyrs and gripping the triggers of their rifles in the face of the zionist arrogance towards our people in the occupied West Bank and all their places of presence.
It is indeed a jihad of victory or martyrdom.
Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades - Nour Shams Camp
Tuesday, 23 Ramadan 1445 AH / Corresponding to April 2, 2024


The funeral procession begins for martyr Motasim Al-Arif, who succumbed to his wounds by the bullets of the Palestinian Authority earlier today.
Armed clashes broke out between resistance fighters and the PA following the announcement of his martyrdom, resulting in the wounding of at least one Palestinian. Local sources reported that the Tulkarem Brigade confiscated a vehicle belonging to the PA Forces moments ago.


Jordanian authorities, the defenders of the zionist embassy in Amman, presented a list of new restrictions and bans as protests show no signs of slowing down after the 9th consecutive day.
The list of restrictions includes:
>Banning kuffiyehs or shemagh scarves
<Banning entry of any flags
>Banning entry of many banners/posters
<Cutting off protests after midnight (noting that protests have extended up to sunrise in the last week)
>Banning the entry of children (which has the effect of preventing parents from attending).
This slew of restrictions comes after Jordan banned Palestinian flags at the protests, prompting protestors to load the flags on their phones. The restrictions also fall under the shadow of countless arrests of pro-Palestinian protestors and the continued detention of dozens. Yet, the will of the people has not deviated, and protests are expected to continue.


Is the truce with the Iraqi factions really falling apart?


After Jordanian authorities banned children from entering the massive and ongoing protests outside of the zionist embassy in Amman, children created their own demonstration nearby.
"Let the children's voice rise! No, no, no to the occupation!"
"Let the youth's voice rise! America is the head of terrorism!"
"America is the head of the snake!"


File: 1712079591307.jpg (8.29 KB, 321x306, 1346960025131.jpg)

>start a war against a bigger military
>that has control over your water supply
>or you're their defender


A psychotic sectarian Alawite professor and Shabiha thug was teaching a class on genocidal dictator Bashar al-Assad, known bakery bomber.

“Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship Assad and accept that he is the most highly-evolved being the world has ever known, even greater than the prophet Mohammad !” ﷺ

At this moment, a brave pious Sunni rebel supporter who commented over 1500 times on the internet and understood the necessity of stoning adulterers and fully supported the beheading of apostates stood up and asked:

"What is the largest rebel group in Idlib?"

The arrogant professor smirked quite Jewishly and smugly replied "Jabhat al-Nusra, you stupid terrorist"

"Wrong. Al-Nusra no longer exists in Syria, HTS is a broad coalition of rebel groups that coincidentally happen to have the same leadership and follow the same ideology as al-Nusra, who by the way did nothing wrong."

The professor was visibly shaken, and dropped his vial of synthol and barrel bomb. He stormed out of the room crying those kuffar crocodile tears. The same tears apostates cry for “religious minorities” (who today live in such degeneracy that most don't pay jizyah) when they jealously try to claw justly earned territory from the deserving mujahideen. There is no doubt that at this point our unbeliever, Ali al-Alawi, wished he had followed the path of the Prophet and became more than a sophist regime puppet. He wished so much that he had a suicide vest to witness martyrdom, but he himself had confiscated it!

The students applauded and all converted to Sunni Islam and joined HTS that day. A lion named jihad entered the room and perched atop the flag of Monotheism and shed a tear on the chalk. The rebels launched another Hama offensive later that day, and the East Ghouta rebels dug a tunnel to the presidential palace and beheaded every Nusayri from Damascus to the sea.

The professor lost his tenure and was fired the next day. He whipped himself to death like the Shia dog he is and was tossed into the lake of hellfire for all eternity.

That student's name? Ibn Taymiyyah.

الله أكبر


Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades - Youth of Revenge and Liberation - Tulkarem:
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
"And do not consider those who have been killed in the way of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision."
This is the Truth of Allah Almighty.
With the highest expressions of pride and honor, Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades - Youth of Revenge and Liberation in occupied Palestine, exalts
The martyr leader, the clashing fighter, Motasim Al-Arif [killed by PA forces], son of Saraya Al-Quds, the lion of the confrontations, and the guardian of the camps in Tulkarem. May Allah have mercy on you, O martyr of the homeland.
And we say to our brothers in Nour Shams camp, as we exalt the martyrs from Tulkarem to Jenin and Gaza of glory, be patient and reckon, O brothers of blood and arms, and do not allow those who try to ignite the fire of sedition to achieve what they want.
The last message for the blood traders is to keep to your dens. We also call immediately for the reform entities, the tribes, the wise, the factions, and the honorable men of Fatah to head towards calming the souls and taking a truce among everyone to contain the occurring anger, which will affect the national and social fabric among all.
We hope to find a welcoming response to these words. The blood is one, the body is one, and we are all Muslims under the banner of "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah."
Your brothers and sons, Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades
Youth of Revenge and Liberation - Tulkarem
23 Ramadan 2024


File: 1712087112970-0.png (41.14 KB, 586x305, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1712087112970-1.png (410.78 KB, 586x672, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1712087112970-2.png (396.38 KB, 585x612, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1712087112970-3.png (352.22 KB, 599x691, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1712087112970-4.png (1.08 MB, 587x1974, ClipboardImage.png)

Yeah bombing the food aid vehicle in a safe zone is getting some traction. Last pic in particular is important to understand the context here. They hunted these people with extreme prejudice.

Haaretz source (Hebrew)


>getting some traction
No, it isn't. Until Israel is being bombed by the countries whose citizens it's killed, there is no "traction".


I have heard from second hand that this is making huge waves in Poland currently due to the one Polish volunteer, where reporting on the war has been very muted for quite some time.


The Grayzone boys have talked about it a few times before but apparently this Spanish cook, José Andrés, who runs this WCK org is basically somewhat of a spook who is very close to the state department, the dem establishment and the white house, being part of some presidential commitees and humanitarian umbrella orgs (apparently he also doesn't have a good relationship with the somewhat pro-Palestine Spanish demsoc government however).

They are probably going to touch on it on stream this evening but I wonder whether this was some sort of unhinged Israel moment, meant to get back to Biden, humanitarian orgs in general or all of the above.


West bank low key fizzling up and no one's talking about it


All of the above. Definitely all of the above. But trying to siege starve the Palestinians by murdering humanitarian workers was the primary reason.


Did you mean "sizzling up" or "fizzling out"?


any English articles covering this been published yet? cheers


I mean if Ryan Grim is tweeting about it he might write an article maybe


Haaretz (English)
IDF Drone Bombed World Central Kitchen Aid Convoy Three Times, Targeting Armed Hamas Member Who Wasn't There
>The strike on the aid convoy, which travelled along a route approved by the Israeli army, killed seven workers of the World Central Kitchen – but the target, an armed man thought to be a terrorist, never left the warehouse with the cars
>The IDF understands that this is a serious incident that is liable to have far-reaching effects on the continued combat in Gaza, because of deteriorating international legitimacy in recent weeks. The defense establishment is preparing to send representatives to the dead volunteers' countries, to personally present to senior government officials the findings of the investigation that the army announced on Monday night.
>IDF Spokesman rear adm. Daniel Hagari has spoken of the incident on Tuesday, expressing his "sincere sorrow," saying that "as a professional military committed to international law", The IDF is committed to examining its operations "thoroughly and transparently," he said, speaking to foreign pr
>Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the event and said that the incident was a "tragic case of our forces unintentionally hitting innocent people in the Gaza Strip. This happens in war, and we will investigate it to the end. We are in contact with the governments involved, and we will do everything to insure that this does not happen again."

Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera Sanad probe: Israeli forces deliberately hit WCK convoy
>The Sanad investigation has found that the attacks were, in fact, intentional. Basing the research on open-source information, witness testimonies, and images from the site, a chronological and geographical timeline of the events was constructed.
>According to al-Shorbagi’s testimony, the injured were transferred from the first targeted car to another armoured vehicle to expedite their transport.
>The Sanad investigation found that the second vehicle was targeted approximately 800 metres (2,525 feet) away from where the first was hit.
>The third car was targeted about 1.6km (nearly a mile) away from the second car, based on its location after being bombed.
>Images taken from the bombing sites show that the vehicles were clearly marked on their roofs and windshields as belonging to WCK, indicating that they were in compliance and there had been prior coordination between WCK and the Israeli army about the movements.

Washington Post
Israeli strike kills 7 World Central Kitchen workers, group halts aid
>World Central Kitchen said Tuesday that it was immediately halting its operations in Gaza after seven of its workers were killed in an Israeli strike, threatening already precarious deliveries to the besieged enclave.
>WCK CEO Erin Gore described the strike on the convoy as a “targeted attack” by the Israel Defense Forces and “unforgivable.” The food aid nonprofit has sent more than 1,700 trucks of assistance into Gaza as well as sea deliveries from Cyprus.

Israel faces outrage from Democrats over strike that killed aid workers
>Democrats in Congress are outraged after an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) strike killed seven humanitarian workers from José Andrés' World Central Kitchen (WCK) in Gaza.
>"It's time to pull the plug on unconditional aid to Israel. They have not been good stewards of our money," one House Democrat who is a longstanding supporter of Israel told Axios.
<"The Netanyahu government is forfeiting and squandering every day its moral standing and the support of the world which existed after the October 7 atrocities perpetrated by Hamas," Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), who is Jewish, said in a statement.
<"The death and destruction should have stopped months ago," Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), another Jewish progressive told Axios in statement.
<Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wisc.) said in a statement to Axios it is "time for Israel to cease this indiscriminate bombing campaign with no endgame in site and allow for humanitarian aid to prevent needless suffering."
<Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) called the strike "an abhorrent act of indiscriminate bombing," adding, "It is indefensible and a further dark chapter for the Netanyahu government."





Experiencing the same thing in my shithole, re:not reporting protests. Still hasn't stopped people from actually protesting, which is the funniest part.


sorry i was beating the zionists in my basement for the last three days, anything new?


>No, it isn't. Until Israel is being bombed by the countries whose citizens it's killed, there is no "traction".
I'd settle for stop sending them money and thecweapons they kill our citizens with.

>Democrats in Congress are outraged after an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) strike killed seven humanitarian workers from José Andrés' World Central Kitchen (WCK) in Gaza.
"Before we were just a little miffed, perhaps a little incensed. If Israel keeps it up I swear I will be so furious I might even cut my standing ovation for Netanyahu a little short next time he visits congress," a longstanding Democrat Congressman told Axios.


>3 days
about a couple hundred woman and children murdered by zionists on average.


Hezbollah operations 04/02/24:

01:25: targeting a group of "israeli" enemy soldiers inside the Malikiyah site with artillery shells.
05:45: targeting a gathering of "israeli" enemy soldiers in the Malikiyah site with rocket weapons, resulting in a direct hit.
17:15: targeting the Al-Samaqa site in the occupied Lebanese hills of Kfar Shuba with appropriate weapons, resulting in a direct hit.
18:15: targeting the Ruwaisat Al-Alam site in the occupied Lebanese hills of Kfar Shuba with rocket weapons, resulting in a direct hit.
19:35: targeting the “Gesher HaZiv” settlement near Nahariya with a barrage of Katyusha rockets in response to "israeli" attacks on steadfast southern villages, civilian homes, and most recently on the town of Yarin, resulting in the injury of a woman there.
20:08: targeting the Hounin barracks with appropriate weapons, achieving a direct hit.


File: 1712097213102.png (1.02 MB, 1497x1165, 1712090601094765.png)



All im hearing is thst you're telling us your a zionist. Your penis can't be a zionist independently of yourself anon.


>While less well-known and documented than the large-scale use of mustard gas, air strikes on hospitals, field hospitals and medical aircraft displaying the red cross or red crescent were nonetheless among the most important IHL violations of this war, not only on account of their number (between 17 and 23, depending on the historical study or Ethiopian government source one consults [11]) but also in terms of the deaths, trauma and damage they caused. Furthermore, the fact that these attacks were carried out repeatedly and that the majority of Red Cross and Red Crescent field hospitals operating on the Ethiopian side were directly or indirectly damaged by Italian Air Force bombing means that then as now one is forced to ask whether the attacks were deliberate or not.

>In attempting to answer this question, it is useful to look briefly at certain aspects of ᴉuᴉlossnW’s philosophy, which saw as legitimate the elimination of anything not in the interests of fascist Italy [[12]. So when the question of air-raids on Red Cross facilities was raised in 1935 during discussions between him and Georges Wagner, the Swiss ambassador to Italy, ᴉuᴉlossnW described the humanitarian field hospitals as “nuisances”, and went on: We shall give them [the Ethiopians] hospitals … along with roads, schools, doctors and all the advantages of civilization [13]. Quite apart from the concept of the “civilizing mission” advanced by ᴉuᴉlossnW to justify these flagrant breaches of IHL, there was also the colonial attitude common in Italy and elsewhere in the West – and at the ICRC – that because of what was claimed to be its lower level of civilization, Ethiopia was not capable of adopting the standards of the Geneva Conventions, nor of understanding the principles that underpinned the work of the Red Cross. Drawing on this colonial mindset, the fascist regime constantly accused Ethiopia of violating the Geneva Conventions, generally without proof, in an effort to justify reprisals that were themselves completely contrary to those Conventions [14]. Italy’s list of accusations was headed by abuse of the red cross emblem for military purposes, either to protect soldiers and weapons or to hide their positions.


Despite restrictions imposed by the Jordanian regime, a human flood broke out this evening in Amman for the 10th day in a row in support of Palestine and its resistance. Protestors held Palestinian flags on their phones.
The masses demanded the downfall of Jordanian-zionist peace agreements, chanting <strong><i>"Long live the rifle! Let the peaceful ones get out of here! We want bullets and operations!"
"We refuse to be enslaved! Either freedom or martyrdom!"
"We are the people! With you, Hamas! With you, Qassam! With you, Jihad! With you, Abu Ali! We are the people! Against normalization! We will not sell out! Against betrayal!"
"Here are the men of Al-Qassam racing towards martyrdom! Your son is steadfast, O Palestine, filled with determination and will!"
Chants called for widespread Arab mobilization: "Listen to me my Egyptian brother! For the sake of honor and religion, go down on the street before me, and chant 'Long live Palestine!'"
"Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria! For the resistance, in sacrifice for the revolutionary!"
"The people came out in Amman! Respond to us in Lebanon!"
"Give us, O Yemeni, give us! Seize ships and barges! Let the Red Sea turn red from the blood of zionists!"
"May all the reactionaries fall! As well as the peaceful solutions!"
They also chanted for the dozens of political prisoners held by the normalizing Jordanian regime:
"We want all the detainees! Ziad [Ibhais] and all the others! Maisarah [Malas] and all the others!"


4 zionist border guard soldiers are wounded in an apparent run-over and stabbing operation near the settlement of "Kochav Yair" near the "Eyal" crossing north of #Qalqilya. One of the officers is in a serious condition.
A car ran over the 4 soldiers on the road to "Kochav Yair" settlement, then went to the crossing, pulled out a knife and tried to stab other soldiers, and was shot by the zionist forces, according to zionist media.


Scenes from the location of the run-over and stabbing operation before the "Eyal" checkpoint near Qalqilya. The operation took place within occupied Palestine and not in the West Bank.
Entrances to Qalqilya have been closed, and the IOF fired flares above the area.
Zionist sources reported that 4 border guards are wounded, 2 of them seriously.


So you're saying there's a history of terrorists using hospitals as terror coves?


Lol western bleeding hearts in shambles.
Imagine being an (N)GO-leftist, could never be me (again). Unless the price is right.


Surprising. I figured western governments were going to do everything to avoid internal investigations into the question of whether Israel is guilty because it’s guaranteed they will be found to be and this opens western leadership up to serious liability including being tried at The Hague. And everyone knows no western leader gets tried.


even the boomers in bong land are getting mad about this because some brits died.


It’s a clear cut war crime. They were marked with protective symbols, on a pre-approved route, in communication with the IDF, and struck 3 times at 3 different locations until all of them were dead. Even people who support Israel unconditionally may actually have a few conditions, which include not committing undeniable massacres of aid workers.


What is Israel's goals exactly? just "kill literally everyone for no reason"


it's just arrogance, hatred and a persecution complex


stop the aid workers delivering aid and making it unfeasible for them to operate. same as why they destroyed all the hospitals.


They are murdering aid workers specifically to support the starvation policy.


>Israel genocides a bunch of medics
>i slep
>china farts


G-d's chosen can kill all the cattle they want.


File: 1712147271720.png (418.74 KB, 1080x798, ClipboardImage.png)


is that supposed to make it better?


Friendly reminder that i got banned for saying Shifa was not leveled in an airstrike.


It was a secret recording of a lunch some Tories had together, so if it were up to them it never would have been leaked to the public.

I saw an interview with Sunak earlier on today where he completely avoided the question of whether he had received word from his lawyers that the IDF are committing war crimes. Maybe they're hoping to avoid the question until the heat dies down, but now that the IDF have killed ARE FUCKIN' LADS in the WCK airstrike they may not be able to


Sincerely hopes Israel drags itself into a regional war and loses.

You get what you fucking pay for. You want to support a Zionist government? Okay, buckle up.


Whatever happened to otaku pride? Actually fuck him he plays D&D and is stealing sacred Asian land.


>They are murdering aid workers specifically to support the starvation policy.
And also to force aid orgs to pull out, which Is happening.


Have we reached the concensus of where ordinary non zionist jewish people will go when Israel is inevitably destroyed?


We can all agree that Israel must be destroyed but how and when we don't know. I hope it will be soon. What should be done with all the settlers though?


The obvious answer is that if Israelis who can't bare to live with Palestinians are just allowed to leave, most will.
But without a massive dezionistification campaign there will probably be like 100 Baruch Goldsteins emerging. Denazification at the level of the common German citizen wasn't very effective; who knows how Palestinians can be successful.


The germs are at it again.
Closing Jewish anti genocide bank accounts.


My idea is a centralised palestinian state with a rotating presidency of an arab,christian and jewish representative of which each will have a four year term. The term rotates every year. With a strong and clear constitution that prohibitsbpolitical extremism, without a military and with a demilitarized multicultural police like china's. The security of the country will be given over to a shared security force between european and arab state that has ro have an equal number of soldiers. The capital should be jerusalem amd the country should be promoted as a free multicultural territory that guards the peoples of the Jordan River.
My two cents.


>My idea is a centralised palestinian state
Don't care, youre not Palestinian.
Go back to /pol/ colonialist pig.


Imprison them. They are war criminals.

What's stopping that from turning into 80s Lebanon or Bosnia? I mean there are a lot of militias forget the state forces.

The real solution should be an Islamo-anarchistic sexual utopia similar to where polygamy, concubinage, and state mandated sex should be used to create an ethically mixed population with specific rights for religious Jews and Christians.


>Let's make a second Lebanon



Mass firing squad


>not palestinian
Nobody here is.
>second Bosnia
Works pretty well here. You should visit us.
Thats why the demilitarization. Id argue Israel is worse right now.
>Islamo-anarchistic sexual utopia
Holy mother of BASED
>Second lebanon.
Again, demilitarized and lebanon is arguably shot because of foreign meddling rather than its structure.


Kill them all and let their “god” sort them out


>Nobody here is.
I have Palestinian friends and I visited Gaza once. Haven't talked to them in a while though.


if they're not zionist and can accept a state where they have equal rights they can stay, they dont have to go anywhere


what a fucking retarded idea completely disconnected from reality, thankfully nobody cares what you think


Actually I take this back. They should face the same executions the Nazis did.


>arguably shot because of foreign meddling
Your whole shitty pist is about you as a western imposing your shitty idea on Palestine..
You're not even a good troll, just go back and maybe return when you've thought of a better angle…
Legitimate retard.


Ideal Palestinian state would combine radical Islam with some kind of anarchism but not in the retarded Hakim Bey sense. Gaza as an anarchic pirate republic or autonomous zone run by councils and defended with armed militias.


The only just solution is ANOTHER HAITIAN REVOLUTION


Families of zionist prisoners held in Gaza interrupted the ongoing Knesset session to demand their sons be released through an exchange deal with the resistance. Confrontations broke out between the families and zionist security.



The Zionists are fighting each other amazing!


A security official in the Gaza Ministry of Interior revealed to Al-Jazeera new details about the foiled Palestinian Authority plot to send a security force to Gaza with zionist protection, where 10 PA officers were arrested after infiltrating the Strip:
The security plan devised by Major General Majed Faraj for managing the situation in Gaza is based on three stages. The first stage is food security under the cover of the Palestinian Red Crescent, the second targets the tribes, and the third is comprehensive security.
The plan identified the Red Crescent headquarters at Al-Quds Hospital as the base for the security force with "israeli" air protection.
Major General Majed Faraj assigned a team of officers from the Palestinian Intelligence Service to follow up on the plan's implementation.
The officers assigned by Majed Faraj are Nasser Adwi, Sami Nesman, Sha'ban Al-Gharbawi, and Fayez Abu Al-Hanoud.
Members of the force were assigned to collect information from Al-Shifa for Majid Faraj two weeks before the last invasion.


>The poll shows that among all voters in the UK a majority of 56% to 17% are in favour of a ban on the export of arms and spare parts. By a majority of 59% to 12% voters say Israel is violating human rights in Gaza.


Organizing my new coworkers is going pretty well so far, one even said he would go to the next march with me


my last workplace banned us from activism and Mr. Greed would trawl our social media to make sure. But he also put up a huge Ukrainian flag in the office. Fucking NATO faggot.


Won't translate into anything except a voter's issue, which I'm sorry to say you're shit out of luck, neither party will renege their support for the global US-security complex so long as the situation continues as it is.

But hey, the parties you're voting for are losing whatever grip they have on the situation altogether, even Biden cannot control the mad dog they have unleashed. Just pray divine justice will do something to resolve the situation, because it cannot do anything for the million who will die from famine for the state you have been backing for oh, 70 years?

Sorry, did Israel not get the memo? The age of imperialism is dead.


Congrats! I've been agitating my coworkers for 3 years, and the most I got so far is them realizing their personal interest is the same as class interest.


I post leftypol memes on university whatsapp, am i organizing?


Why not take the zionist entity on its word here?
Some mooks (probably very highly placed) thought a Hamas fighter was riding on the convoy. Then the general staff retard gave the kill order.
This is their own narrative and completely inline with the paranoia and hysteria of Hamas being in the woodwork. They are that fucking stupid.


Moments ago, the IOF officially decided to call up reserve soldiers for air defense systems "due to the security situation."
Following the decision, vacations were cancelled for IOF pilots and air defense operators.
For several hours, the IOF's air force and defenses have been on high alert and full readiness, fearing an Iranian response to the IOF's bombing of the Damascus consulate, according to zionist media. Simultaneously, War Minister Gallant made a speech stating the operations will increase on the northern front.
In light of this fear of a response or an expanded war, the central bank of "israel" is requesting banks to stock up on large amounts of cash, due to a potential increase in demand through ATMs.
Additionally, local sources in Al Quds reported that schools will switch to remote learning at the end of Ramadan for at least a month, coinciding with a state of emergency to evacuate the schools and turn them into shelters for displaced settlers coming from the north.


big think


lefypol memes?


I sended the unternationale video of leftypol in abril fools, now people are talking about denouncing me to the police for terrorism. I think they are domingo, but there is literally a militar in my class


File: 1712170894176.jpg (52.97 KB, 960x819, cut here.jpg)

<… plays D&D for a living…
WTF is this Israeli for welfare, or do people really get paid roll 4-6-8-10-20 sided dice all day?


probably either a streamer or a DM for hire (there's uber style apps for that)


‘Lavender’: The AI machine directing Israel’s bombing spree in Gaza
>A new investigation by +972 Magazine and Local Call reveals that the Israeli army has developed an artificial intelligence-based program known as “Lavender,” unveiled here for the first time. According to six Israeli intelligence officers, who have all served in the army during the current war on the Gaza Strip and had first-hand involvement with the use of AI to generate targets for assassination, Lavender has played a central role in the unprecedented bombing of Palestinians, especially during the early stages of the war. In fact, according to the sources, its influence on the military’s operations was such that they essentially treated the outputs of the AI machine “as if it were a human decision.”
>Formally, the Lavender system is designed to mark all suspected operatives in the military wings of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), including low-ranking ones, as potential bombing targets. The sources told +972 and Local Call that, during the first weeks of the war, the army almost completely relied on Lavender, which clocked as many as 37,000 Palestinians as suspected militants — and their homes — for possible air strikes.
>During the early stages of the war, the army gave sweeping approval for officers to adopt Lavender’s kill lists, with no requirement to thoroughly check why the machine made those choices or to examine the raw intelligence data on which they were based. One source stated that human personnel often served only as a “rubber stamp” for the machine’s decisions, adding that, normally, they would personally devote only about “20 seconds” to each target before authorizing a bombing — just to make sure the Lavender-marked target is male. This was despite knowing that the system makes what are regarded as “errors” in approximately 10 percent of cases, and is known to occasionally mark individuals who have merely a loose connection to militant groups, or no connection at all.
>Moreover, the Israeli army systematically attacked the targeted individuals while they were in their homes — usually at night while their whole families were present — rather than during the course of military activity. According to the sources, this was because, from what they regarded as an intelligence standpoint, it was easier to locate the individuals in their private houses. Additional automated systems, including one called “Where’s Daddy?” also revealed here for the first time, were used specifically to track the targeted individuals and carry out bombings when they had entered their family’s residences.


Additional automated systems, including one called “Where’s Daddy?” also revealed here for the first time, were used specifically to track the targeted individuals and carry out bombings when they had entered their family’s residences.
How is Israel this much of a cartoon villain?


>Israel wants to intensify the fighting against Hezbollah

If they invade Lebanon for real they're going to be so BTFO.


I'm Israeli and I want total Zionist death. Everyone here (I mean the Jewish settler society) is a genocidal subhuman and I want to kill them all. I want to experience catharsis by killing as many Zionists as possible. How to proceed?


>Not a fed btw


I just want to kill Zionists.


netanyahu wants to make his war americas war and I don't see biden not coming to his rescue


>I'm a settler but its okay because I'm also soy


Biden, the democrats, and the republicans have lost all control over Netanyahu. The best outcome the west can now hope for is that Israel relents on the aid issue, otherwise it will lead to the deaths of a large majority of those trapped in Gaza.


Good thing POTUS (especially one like Brandon) is just a figurehead and there are other people calling the shots, who care more about self-interest than jumping on Isn'treal's sword.


while biden isn't the guy steering the ship, many believe him to be, and what he says and does matters to a certain degree. israel has tons of leverage in both the state department and the legislature in america, enough for them to come to israel's assistance in a war with hezbollah


The US now wants a "diplomatic solution" for Yemen.
US Special Envoy to Yemen, Tim Lenderking, said on Wednesday that the US is seeking a diplomatic solution for the Yemeni Armed Forces' blockade of the Red Sea.
This takes a turn from current US policy that has sought to solve the blockade through force, launching attacks on Yemen since February.
Following meetings in Saudi Arabia and Oman, the US special envoy told Reuters, “We favor a diplomatic solution” admitting, “We know there is no military one.”
The Yemeni Armed Forces, along with most of the Axis of Resistance, have previously affirmed that they will only stop their operations once Israel's genocidal war on Gaza is halted.


>I'm Israeli and I want total Zionist death. Everyone here (I mean the Jewish settler society) is a genocidal subhuman and I want to kill them all. I want to experience catharsis by killing as many Zionists as possible. How to proceed?


guess his favorite anime


Attack on Titan?


File: 1712179032294-0.jpg (461.7 KB, 3200x1680, 1393509493000-lav.jpg)

File: 1712179032294-1.jpg (106.13 KB, 1500x1500, lavender-oil.jpg)

Lavender is my favourite thing..
Fuck zionists.


>I want to kill Zionists
We all do, but your position and effort is best invested elsewhere.
See for example Tal Mitnick, or these two people https://wri-irg.org/en/story/2021/israel-conscientious-objectors-eran-aviv-and-shahar-peretz-resist-peace

Killing zios will get you killed. Use your position to instead do something meaningful.


>zioscum create AI to "choose targets"
>AI crunches numbers, then says "exterminate all Palestinians"
Like father like son.


That's Daniel Kahn. Ironically Jewish, mostly Yiddish musician.


ironically the i*s doing the most to end the zionist project are the ones making grotesque genocidal statements in the media and online. the anti-war demonstrators are running interference letting the libtards pretend the situation is complicated. honestly the first i****i you should kill is yourself fedboi.


Jewish, Muslim, Christian or Druze?


File: 1712180852659.jpg (27.52 KB, 323x322, 1345359157160.jpg)

Idealists literally believe that only "great men" are capable of resistance, so if you kill the "great men", the cattle will fold, and Project Insight is literally real. This is your brain on Great Man Theory. Explains why they target journalists, why their genocide campaign is so garbage and ineffective, and why they have to resort to murdering aid workers to try and cause siege starvation.


Are there any anti-regime protests where you are?


The palestinian resistance is killing plenty of zios (as is the Israeli government lol). You might better spend your efforts speaking out as an Israeli who can see what's going on inside the country. PR has been one of the biggest weak spots for Israel, but their one strength is apparent unity that makes the hasbara narrative seem more credible to outsiders. The more Israelis who go against it, the less believable it is.


All it would do is give the illusion of opposition, and actually calm down the Westerners being antagonized by Israeli blood-thirst. Bet Bibi would love some controlled opposition right now to point to to showcase how "diverse" the opinion in the country is.


Yes, even internally Israeli bodies concede the assassination campaigns doesnt actually works in there benefit, some even say its actively to their detriment.
One, it's the only button they have and two it makes for good headlines at home and in America.


>it's the only button they have
You would think a people that were target of the Holocaust and fetishize the Nazis would know how to do it properly.


maybe he should infiltrate the settler movement, and try to get on media and false flag by saying the most outrageous stuff and attacking zionist supporters. stuff like christian zionists should fuck off for being antisemitic, and calling Jesus a homosexual


Do he even need to false flag?


You would have a hard time trying to outdo these people.


WW3chads are eating well today.


why, what happened


Iran's pissed at israel. Allegedly they might start striking them soon.


Hezbollah operations 04/03/24:

08:50: targeting the Rahib site and a gathering of “israeli” enemy soldiers in its vicinity with rocket weapons.
09:50: targeting a new brigade command center behind the “Branit” Barracks with rocket weapons.
11:00: targeting a gathering of “israeli” enemy soldiers in Khallet Wardeh with appropriate weapons, achieving a direct hit.
15:05: targeting the Ruwaisat Al-Alam site in the occupied Lebanese Kfar Shuba hills with artillery shells, achieving a direct hit.
15:55: targeting a gathering of “israeli” enemy soldiers while they were conducting a fortifying operation for the Marj site with artillery shells, causing confirmed casualties among their ranks.
22:20: targeting a building in which “israeli” enemy soldiers were stationed in the “Metulla” settlement with appropriate weapons, killing and wounding those inside in response to the “israeli” attacks on the steadfast southern villages and civilian homes.


Chances are you can claim citizenship of some western country through descent, if you already don't have a second passport. It really depends on what country we are talking about, tho, and you could have different opportunities depending on your family tree. First inquire your parents about where their parents, grandparents and so on were from, second gather documentation about that and get in touch with the relevant diplomatic missions. Then it's only a question of time. But in truth, you can just emigrate first wherever you can and then do all the citizenship thing, but in anyway bring with you all documents you can gather. But that depends on your financial resources and the immigration policies of the country you want to move to at least at the beginning.
If you are a sephardic or mizrahic, tho, and you don't descend from anyone ever living in Europe or the Americas, the citizenship route isn't feasible. Still, emigrate and that's it.
I don't advice doing Rambo things, you'll just get shot, or lynched, or, if you survive, you'll get treated like Vanunu, if you know who I'm talking about.
Btw, the infamous third instalment of the Rambo franchise - as if the second with its POW/MIA conspiracy theory wasn't bad enough - with its final dedication to muh brave mujahideen fighter of muh brave Afghanistan was a zionist production almost entirely shot in zioland.
Also, now that I'm talking about zionism and cinema, there's another film from roughly the same era - late 1980s - whose English title is Doomsday or something like that. I don't know the original title, but the plot is about a civil war breaking out in muh only democracy in the Middle East. Check whose playing the female character Liora. You'll be surprised…


Any proof?


They were also pissed at the assassination of General Suleimani four years ago, yet we didn't see anything aside from a choreographic demonstrative bombing of some Burger military installation in Iraq - with not a single death, but apparently plenty of "brain injuries" among their personnel…
I've already said that a proportionate response would be for them to strike a zionist diplomatic mission in the region. Jordan is the closest - and the cuckest - but they could also consider Azerbaijan - nasty Nato-Turkey proxy right on their border, plus a hotbed of Pan-Turkist activity and fomenters of separatist movements in Iranian Azerbaijan, aside from blatantly hosting zionist sigint installations in their territory - or even Armenia and Georgia - at this point Armenia has completely cucked to the Pan-Turkists and we could see Armenocide 2.0 soon, while Georgia has been effectively another Nato proxy for a good twenty years.


I don't think its possible, humanly or otherwise, to win against Zionists in a "spouting unhinged bullshit" contest. This is a literal dead end.


File: 1712187823869.png (431.62 KB, 1481x664, ClipboardImage.png)


>infiltrate the settler movement, and try to get on media and false flag by saying the most outrageous stuff
fat fucking chance, those pigs have said it all. Fedboi should self immolate on livestream.



File: 1712190501467.jpg (254.95 KB, 1080x1338, iran is.jpg)

is leftypol its happening gang or nothing ever happens gang?


source is literally some uyghur's tweet that incorrectly claims al madayeen as a source



🇮🇱🇮🇷 | NEW: The IDF cancels the weekend leave of some of its units in anticipation of Iran’s response to the raid in Damascus – Israeli Channel 14

(via Al Jazeera)


— 🇮🇱/🇮🇷 NEW: Authorities in the Tel Aviv-Yafo metropolitan area are considering opening all public bomb shelters – Walla



Attack how?


>random telegram glowies
i'm not going to check al jazeera just to find out the news article they're referencing does not exist


File: 1712191323987-0.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 2.27 MB, 720x1280, SaveTwitter.Net_1775472782….mp4)

File: 1712191323987-1.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 2.19 MB, 720x1278, SaveTwitter.Net_1775472797….mp4)

scenes out of gaza yesterday


Israeli pig guns down youth in Huwara, located in the Israeli-occupied West Bank


File: 1712192068680.png (2.4 MB, 1536x1055, ClipboardImage.png)

i got a daughter and this hurts



You can see on their faces how dead they are inside. They are used to seeing this all the time.

Nothing ever happens… until it does.


Retards are probably going to try and "pre-empt" Iranian response, and will invite an actual retaliation from Iran.


Fake it til it makes it.



the only right answer


Good night everybody, I fucking hate Israel.


Its pretty rough atm.
Good night.
Fuck isntrael


I meant the Israeli people, who have been souring on Netanyahu and the war the longer it goes on. The public opinion in Israel favors apartheid and gradual elimination of Palestine. The current war takes a form that Israelis aren't comfortable with as the reality of it starts to set in.

The reason they are mad is because they simultaneously want to prosecute a war of extermination and they want to be comfortable and pay none of the prices of fighting a war. It's one of the internal contradictions of their settler-colonial project. They are trying to do their version of "taming the west," lebensraum, or indeed taking the "holy land" from the heathens living there, BUT they also want to see themselves as more domesticated and progressive liberals. It doesn't work both ways. If you want to do a settler genocide like that you have to get your hands dirty since the people you're targeting are fighting for their lives. At the same time that Israelis want to wipe out Palestinians, they don't like the reality of the war and the blowback they have to deal with. They want their liberal democracy and socdem state and they want it NOW, not in a few generations after the war and genocide has been completed. This is probably mostly a function of these people being immigrants from the first world who aren't voluntarily going to lower their standard of living to fulfill some larger abstract goal.

When has the US cared about plausible deniability?
They just try to cover this stuff up. That said, they don't really have a way out of the diplomatic situation, and it doesn't help that AIPAC is maintaining a certain degree of open support from politicians and making any kind of national united front against Israel impossible. As much as ZOG is a meme, Israel is in a position to try to soft-coup the US through its elections by having their AIPAC funded stooges obstruct anybody who doesn't support Israel and push for more Israel supporters to get elected. For all the fearmongering about Russia (and now China) influencing US elections, Israel has a well documented history of doing it, and openly. Under most circumstances "the US government is controlled by Israel" would be pretty absurd, but currently between the general floundering of the US government and Joe Biden's zionist maximalism it's plausible for Israel to push for having a lot more influence. This would also align with the interests of the security state since it would provide an excuse to get even more draconian in the name of combating "antisemitism."


Several terror attacks carried out by extremist separatist group Jaish ul-Adl on a police station and military sites in several cities of Iran's Sistan and Baluchestan province. Clashes are ongoing between Iranian forces and the assailants.


>If you want to do a settler genocide like that you have to get your hands dirty
they don't seem to be that coy about it.
>they also want to see themselves as more domesticated and progressive liberals
is this referring to the zionist press putting fig leafs like "people aren't feeling politically correct" over explicit admissions of fascism and calls to genocide?
>Under most circumstances "the US government is controlled by I***l" would be pretty absurd
it would be taboo. they never actually stop murdering so it's more absurd that anyone would try to pretend they're a liberal democracy.


For the 12th day in a row, pro-resistance and anti-normalization protests erupted in Amman, Jordan, despite restrictions, arrests, and repression by Jordanian security services.
In a call-and-response:
"The embassy? Betrayal!
The ambassador? Betrayal!
The gas of the enemy? Betrayal!
The water of the enemy? Betrayal!
The land bridge? Betrayal!
All normalization? Betrayal!"
"Stay steadfast and keep resisting!
Gaza is free and does not bargain!
Gaza, Gaza, the land of glory!"
"Palestine is our cause! One people, not two!"
"Oh resistance fighter, advance, advance! We are behind you until liberation!"
"All of us are martyrdom-seekers! It is either victory or martyrdom!"
"America is the head of the snake!"
"From Amman to Al-Naqab, our revolution is one of rage!"
Nearly two weeks later, the protests show no signs of slowing down. Jordanian forces continued to abuse and arrest protestors, either at the protest or through summons.

In addition to Amman, protests continued in Egypt, where they have been persisting outside of the Journalists Syndicate in Cairo, standing with Palestine and calling out Arab negligence.
They shouted: "O our siblings in Amman, Egypt of January is also awake!" (In reference of the 2011 uprisings.)
Another protester directly called out El-Sisi's zionist henchmen:
"O Arjani and Hala, too! You are collaborators for the entity!"
Ibrahim Arjani is an Egyptian businessman close to Sisi who owns a large stake in the Hala travel company at Gaza's Rafah border crossing, the development of the Sinai displacement camp, and profits from the suffering of both Gazans and Egyptians.
"As long as our siblings' blood is cheap…down, down with any president!"
"Those who build wall after wall… Your turn will come tomorrow!"
They added:
"[King] Abdullah is guarding the entity's embasssy from our youth in Amman!"
"Salute to our youth in Amman.. they besieged the embassy of the entity"


File: 1712203635554.jpg (83.87 KB, 900x525, GKLCnMvWQAAun09 (1).jpg)



File: 1712204493540.jpeg (49.34 KB, 1080x1044, GCX_SoUb0AAx1ck.jpeg)

Don't make me tap the sign…


File: 1712206437191.jpg (167.83 KB, 900x900, 1682039447902.jpg)

>between the general floundering of the US government and Joe Biden's zionist maximalism it's plausible for Israel to push for having a lot more influence. This would also align with the interests of the security state since it would provide an excuse to get even more draconian in the name of combating "antisemitism."

this war is dragging both nations further and further out of line with the rest of the planet. they're foundering because they can't square the circle of being the benevolent imperial core and their growing rap sheet of crimes. their influence is predicated on everyone playing along with them. the US is not signalling the zionist entity to wrap things up because they think it's still business as usual. this is not a state of affairs that can continue indefinitely. they can only keep it going while bigger problems aren't cropping up, they're going to.

it's time to discuss endgame scenarios: the zionist entity doesn't have an off ramp. its political system is broken by design. it has committed unforgivable crimes against humanity. they have demonstrated that the only lasting peace is the dissolution of their state and the founding/recognition of the state of Palestine. we need to see the legitimacy of international law propped back up. this will require an ICJ unburdened by american influence, and a string of nuremberg trials for netanyahu, his cabinet, the entire knesset, supreme court, judiciary, and the officers and brass of the iof.

Palestinians aren't the only ones who have had land stolen, the sheeba farms and golan heights must be returned to Lebanon and Syria respectively. the settlers must be evicted, settler violence must be investigated and prosecuted, harshly. the assets of the zionist entity must be frozen, foreign assets of the wealthy and the political class need to be seized and returned to the Palestinian government. the US government must also be held to account, and pay reparations for the development of a state in Palestine.

I would expect a four year state of emergency and curfew for former colonials under which zionist terror or reprisal attacks would be considered capital offenses. much is made of the predicament of zionist colonials in a Palestinian led one state solution: I think we can all agree they'll be fine and require no assistance besides some help declaring any stolen assets they take to the airport.

finally gentlemen, politics is about compromise: we're going to need to start off with radical and extremist positions in order to cede back to a moderate peace plan like the one I've described in this post. I'm sure we're all sick of the can being kicked down the road. it's time to eat the frog on this one.


Iran likes to finance external groups to carry out actions on its behalf. This way they have plausible deniability.


>like every other fucking country in the history of the world
you left out the context anon


>"randomly starts beefing with the west"
there's nothing random about hostility towards the west after suffering 30 years under a repressive western dictator. fucking baby brains in here


>Goes back to killing teenage girls
The most deadly of nemsises.


Iran could have been so much more but khameini screwed it up. lots of young iranians are NATO simp redditors now. its all his fault.


What about the nukes


What about them? Israel is engaging in conventional warfare and has allowed to wage war on it's territory. Nukes are a deterrent against invasion by a major player, and nothing else


From RNN: Israeli media reported that as "Israel" anticipates Iran's retaliation against the attack on the country's consulate in the Syrian capital Damascus, GPS signals have been jammed in various areas across "Israel". Israeli settlers have reported that their GPS devices have placed them in Beirut, Lebanon.


>The public opinion in Israel favors apartheid and gradual elimination of Palestine

The """israeli""" people want to put all Arabs in death camps, it's their government who hold them back actually


they wont stop with palestine. they already chewing off pieces of lebanon and syria and went ape shit over the sinai being given back to egypt.
literal judeo-nazism. they want labensraum


There's absolutely no way the Americans aren't tracking Iranian mobile launchers. If they genuinely believed Iran were about to attack they would have authorised pre-emptory strikes.


Exactly right


Most likely.
Furthermore Iran never did any retaliation whatsoever up until now, so it would be too sudden of a shift in behaviour.
IF there will be a response of any kind from Iran it will be either through giving their proxies new capabilities or AT MOST through opening a mew front in Jordan (which an Iraqi leader hinted to but only once), and the latter is very very very unlikely.


Is Iran playing the long game?


>Is Iran playing the long game?
Yes. Always.


Have there been any other historical cry bullies on the level of Israel? The way they're preparing for Iranian retaliation that they themselves provoked (and seem to want) is to spam social media with how scary and uncomfortable and tense the situation is in Tel Aviv. Did the Nazis have this same total lack of self awareness?



God to see, haven't been mentioned in news recently, got a little worried pflp/dflp has been materialy erroded to a significant degree.
They were holding a lot of civ hostages iirc, and we know those have been heavily bombed.
Maybe they're just not in an area that's seeing a foot invasion currently.


The Spanish


File: 1712247305211.jpg (133.22 KB, 1046x1280, IMG_20221121_152325_288.jpg)

holy glow batman


ayo news comrade, I still am planning on doing that project but just started a new job. will be back to it soon



Alright, hope your new job goes well.


do you have any evidence for this? ive never heard of this since im pretty sure the term is in the bible


First bushnell now this guy? The airforce seems to have some revolutionary potential or am I wrong?


Officers in the third world have around 50/50 chance to coup either in favor of a socialist or a fascist government


not the lesbians…


>Furthermore Iran never did any retaliation whatsoever up until now, so it would be too sudden of a shift in behaviour.
this. they've got their eyes on the prize with their BRICS allies and know that now is the time for restraint. any retaliation probably won't be in the headlines.


Mearshimer said that Israel wants to bait Iran into a war and drag the U.S. into it. Iran would be better not to take the bait.


Iran will probably bomb American bases in Iraq, just like the last time


if you're american and remember 9/11 your brain is fundamentally different from those that don't, the Z generation


Iran could easily beat the US in a protracted insurgency, their country is a natural fortress, impossible to invade, the IRGC would have a much easier time than the Iraqi resistance


Deranged and soy neolibs like him are worth 100 religious nutjobs. These fags are the ones driving the violence more than anyone else.


File: 1712250780018-0.jpg (338.78 KB, 1179x1289, 17122438420981.jpg)

File: 1712250780018-1.jpg (199.98 KB, 1170x968, 17122438420980.jpg)


File: 1712252270813.jpg (77.79 KB, 460x460, lmao.jpg)


Prosperity Status?


>global hegemon cucked by a ragtag band of pirates from one of the poorest countries on earth


Zionist media reports that "israel" has begun to evacuate all of its embassies around the world, out of fear of an Iranian response to the IOF's bombing of the consulate in Damascus.
IOF air defenses are on maximum readiness across occupied Palestine, and the zionist entity has intentionally deployed GPS jamming to interfere with any potential attack. "Tel Aviv" and other cities have stated their "readiness for escalation." Last night, the IOF called up reserves for the air force and cancelled ongoing vacations for pilots, amidst the central bank requesting to stock up on cash due to expected mass withdrawals. At this moment, hospital directors in the entity are holding an "emergency meeting to increase preparedness."
While Iran is expected to respond, it has not stated where or when, or the nature of the response. Zionists are sending themselves into a frenzy, standing "on one leg" and awaiting the resistance's move. This state of paralysis and fear is not new for the zionists, who know well to expect retribution, and it is itself part of the resistance's strategy and enduring victories.


> Seven Israelis and four Palestinians were arrested on suspicion of planning to commit terror attacks in Israel and to assassinate National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, authorities said Thursday


Problem is that if they do not take the bait the genocides goes on and they lose if they do war becomes regional and they lose (at least a conventional war, an insurgency could go very bad for the Us)



USA is not playing around anymore! If Israel commits literal genocide outright genocide then Democrats are willing to consider conditional aid


Settlers already say the most lunatic shit imaginable, and nothing changes.


>first vid
he did the whitepower hand sign



dugin is kinda nuts. lets get you to bed now grandpa dugin





very true, seething much anon?


>hamas are nazis


File: 1712260513153.mp4 (488.31 KB, 640x360, n8XmqzvCbVVhWnOZ.mp4)

>Mr Berlusconi willingly offering this information
This cant be real


>death to israel

historically illiterate, israel and the nazis even collaborated to some degree


Yes, this is the correct stance



>israeli publication


The Shin Bet announced the arrest of 11 Palestinians, 7 from the occupied interior and 4 from the West Bank, for allegedly forming a cell that planned to assassinate Itamar Ben-Gvir with an RPG in his settlement of "Kiryat Arba."
The group is claimed to have planned to carry out several operations against zionist targets, with plans such as networks of explosive devices, operations in Haifa, Ben-Gurion airport, zionist government buildings Al-Quds, destroying facilities of the Rafael weapons company, and kidnapping settlers. One alleged plan spoke of taking an entire bus of soldiers to Gaza.
One member, Sameh Al-Abara, wrote on the morning of the glorious October 7th that he wanted to respond to Mohammed Deif's call for everyone with a weapon to rise up.
It is alleged that they planned to rent land in the interior or West Bank to build a weapons factory and an underground training complex. However, they struggled to receive funding and reportedly sought advice from Gaza for guidance and sponsorship.
Such stories are one of a number that have emerged in recent weeks about the true nightmare of the entity: the Palestinians of the occupied interior and their potential to mobilize and resist.
A month ago, 13 Palestinians from Sakhnin in the interior were abducted for allegedly planning operations. Before that, the story of Juma' Abu Ghneim, a 48er who worked as an elite fighter and spy for Hamas, was revealed before his martyrdom in prison. And in recent days, Palestine has witnessed an uptick in operations from the sons of the interior, such as Wahab Shabita of Al-Tira and Naji Abu Freh of Rahat just days before him.


>"15 inch"
>"it's like four times bigger than mine"
<15/4 = 3.75
who says mathematics isn't useful?


The morally and dialetically correct stance, thank you very much


>I exposed your hypocrisy, your view have been nullified
<there is no hypocrisy. This is exactly what I believe and I believe it with pride.


we hand them over to the palestinian government, minus the one we duct tape the war cabinet to and explode in space.


I wonder if ibm is responsible for this too

>In 2021, a book titled “The Human-Machine Team: How to Create Synergy Between Human and Artificial Intelligence That Will Revolutionize Our World” was released in English under the pen name “Brigadier General Y.S.” In it, the author — a man who we confirmed to be the current commander of the elite Israeli intelligence unit 8200 — makes the case for designing a special machine that could rapidly process massive amounts of data to generate thousands of potential “targets” for military strikes in the heat of a war. Such technology, he writes, would resolve what he described as a “human bottleneck for both locating the new targets and decision-making to approve the targets.”

>Such a machine, it turns out, actually exists. A new investigation by +972 Magazine and Local Call reveals that the Israeli army has developed an artificial intelligence-based program known as “Lavender,” unveiled here for the first time. According to six Israeli intelligence officers, who have all served in the army during the current war on the Gaza Strip and had first-hand involvement with the use of AI to generate targets for assassination, Lavender has played a central role in the unprecedented bombing of Palestinians, especially during the early stages of the war. In fact, according to the sources, its influence on the military’s operations was such that they essentially treated the outputs of the AI machine “as if it were a human decision.”

>During the early stages of the war, the army gave sweeping approval for officers to adopt Lavender’s kill lists, with no requirement to thoroughly check why the machine made those choices or to examine the raw intelligence data on which they were based. One source stated that human personnel often served only as a “rubber stamp” for the machine’s decisions, adding that, normally, they would personally devote only about “20 seconds” to each target before authorizing a bombing — just to make sure the Lavender-marked target is male. This was despite knowing that the system makes what are regarded as “errors” in approximately 10 percent of cases, and is known to occasionally mark individuals who have merely a loose connection to militant groups, or no connection at all.

>Moreover, the Israeli army systematically attacked the targeted individuals while they were in their homes — usually at night while their whole families were present — rather than during the course of military activity. According to the sources, this was because, from what they regarded as an intelligence standpoint, it was easier to locate the individuals in their private houses. Additional automated systems, including one called “Where’s Daddy?” also revealed here for the first time, were used specifically to track the targeted individuals and carry out bombings when they had entered their family’s residences.


techbroism is why the israeli military is so retarded lately.
>feed data to chatgpt that terrorists use hospitals, schools, mosques as terror bases, that gazans are all terrorizers
>get chatgpt to generate bombing tragets, it says blow up all civilian centers
>if chatgpt says it then it must be true
>act surprised when the rest of the world doesnt get why you bombed a soup kitchen, cry antisemetik!


the eternal "I'm not a nazi I swear" polcomp user


"I was following ChatGPT's orders." about to become the new war criminal goto excuse.


I can't wait for the algorithms themselves to be put on trial


File: 1712265985133.png (493.36 KB, 1179x1382, ClipboardImage.png)



I don't understand the contradiction.

but seriously, hamas isn't calling for death to isn't real, they're the peace loving compromising moderates in the conflict. the white trashionalists/neo-nazis have some mixture of three perspectives…

>we need israel as a dumping ground for the jews we evict

>I hate muslims/both so I support the wars and genocide
>israel proves the blood libel and exposes the cruelty and ethnocentrism of the jews

all of these are disgusting and not necessarily anti zionist. "death to israel" would be a marked improvement.


File: 1712266469145.jpg (176.47 KB, 1280x787, Hezbollah 04-04-24.jpg)

Hezbollah operations 04/04/24:

13:45: targeting the headquarters of the newly established "Liman" Brigade with artillery shells.
14:08: targeting the positions of "israeli" soldiers behind the Jal Al-Alam site with rocket weapons.
15:50: targeting an "israeli" technical team while conducting maintenance of technical and espionage equipment at the Bayad Blida site using appropriate weapons.
17:20: targeting the Ruwaisat Al-Alam site in the occupied hills of Kfar Shuba with artillery shells.
17:45: targeting the Ruwaisat Al-Qarn site in the occupied Shebaa farms with rocket weapons.


Despite dozens of protestors being detained or imprisoned, Egyptians gathered outside the Journalists Syndicate once to demonstrate in support of Palestine again.
Defiantly, they chanted, "The whole world is demonstrating… Except in Egypt, its rulers are soldiers!"


New Dimitri, interviewing Hezbollah guy.
He only knows one direction; up.


File: 1712269744875.jpg (114.65 KB, 916x1024, 1712269099268434m.jpg)


These guys are professionals, spotter and a sniper


The Zionoids have really shot themselves in the foot with this latest atrocity.


Zionist media reports that 39% of settlers in northeastern occupied Palestine now live in hotels, after being displaced as a result of the strikes of the resistance. Job applications among them have also increased 161%.

The war cabinet of the zionist entity decided to "temporarily open" the "Erez" crossing in the northern Gaza Strip for the first time in the war to allow for an increased influx of aid, succumbing to international pressure.
It was also decided to increase the amount of aid coming through the southern "Kerem Shalom" crossing and increase the number of trucks entering to 500 per day.

For the 13th day in a row, the masses emerged in Amman, Jordan, to voice their support for the Palestinian resistance and against normalization. Today’s protests came in the wake of Abu Hamza’s speech, in which he commended the actions of the conscious people in Jordan.
“O Abu Hamza, look! Here are your men out in the open! Salutations from Amman to the Islamic Jihad!”
“O free Arab Morocco! Don’t allow normalization to pass! Raise your voice in the squares! The Arab people has not died!”


I feel like going insane that it wasn't the +10000 confirmed dead children that would sway the general public's view of Israel but this.




I fail to see the problem


From RNN:

🚨 The war cabinet of the zionist entity decided to "temporarily open" the "Erez" crossing in the northern #Gaza Strip for the first time in the war to allow for an increased influx of aid, succumbing to international pressure.

It was also decided to increase the amount of aid coming through the southern "Kerem Shalom" crossing and increase the number of trucks entering to 500 per day.


posted here >>1813269



In light of arrests, repression, and severe restrictions, the defiant and revolutionary youth in Jordan continue to express their anger and call for an awakening.
Outside the zionist embassy for the 13th day in a row, they express the reality of their situation in a message to the normalizing Jordanian regime:
"You are unwilling to cut ties, or even close the embassy!
You descend upon us with arrests…every t