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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Chinese space debris? Danger, watch out, it could fall on you! American space debris? It’s a cinematic, dazzling light show!


Is this thread regularly archived?


India has way more potential than Russia has, and its probably the linchpin of 21st century capitalism.
If India goes red i'd go as far as saying its game over for global capitalism.


These are the very same delusions Nazis had towards the Ussr (as confirmed by Hitler himself talking with the Finnish Chief of staff iirc).
Good for us.


They can't reignite the booster and they hope the big pieces that don't get burnt fall in the ocean (which will probably happen that way) but it could very well hurt people.


sadly no


>>229661 (me)
Though this is right to say it's a overblown and also used as a propaganda tool (let's be honest it's not like state dept burgers care about African people getting blown by rocket bits) but the truth remains, the way China handles its rockets is unsafe for people down below and their track record about this is bad to say the least. But like I said they are currently correcting this problem.


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File: 1620410697423-3.jpg (75.27 KB, 1024x576, Deng Xiaoping (August 22, ….jpg)

cute tiny cowboi does big mean reform
success follows
many such cases


Deng Xiaoping-Brace Belden connection (DO NOT RESEARCH)


He mentions tubes at the end Going Beyond Money, and he just told what Bellamy had written, not seriously proposing that or elaborating on it.


>If India goes red i'd go as far as saying its game over for global capitalism
And if it manages to keep itself in red, you forgot to mention. But just thinking of it is kino…


The big discussion in China right now is how delivery drivers are treated. Apparently this causes a lot of outrage. They even wrote a Marxist paper on the role of digital control over labor in the delivery sector. >>229187


Deng is the ultimate cuckold.


whats this from it looks based




The main thing is that he interprets Chinese law in the worst possible way. He basically starts with the position that he doesn't like China so they can't be communist and then whenever something like "promote Chinese unity" he interprets it as being the same as "promote White unity", instead of "promote Communist unity". Its pretty bad faith, you should assume it means "promote Communist unity" and then show how their actions contradict that if you want to make a point. People drone on about how "chinese culture is different and westerners just can't understand" but its basically just the above it means like "Freedom and Democracy" does in the USA and not complicated.

He also just takes random unsourced interviews from ETIM at face value, which he would absolutely never do for Cuban, Venezuelan, Bolivian etc exhiles in for example Miami. Its a massive double standard and makes it seem like his video is bad faith, because he predecided China bad and is looking to prove it.


What kind of question is that?


They are probably actually ETIM affiliated Uighurs with 'legitimate' grievances. The thing is 1-3 or 6000 individual videos doesn't represent 12 million people. There are 140,000 Cubans in Florida. You could interview people nonstop on a 24 hour live stream for years about how everyone in Cuba is being tortured and it doesn't make it true and it doesn't mean their views represent the 11 million on the island.


Bros, what is the chance that China opens up for immigrants to fix their demographics problem? Will they let us be bean pickers or janitors or something?


File: 1620417540719.jpg (140.11 KB, 1280x1292, 7fb055c403a049a5768ad511e8….jpg)

Anon…wtf. Have you lost your composure?


Probably not, they will just export production to Africa and become a predominantly service economy, or they will just automate everything they can.




File: 1620417977661.mp4 (15.68 MB, 640x480, china_gang_2.mp4)

>He basically starts with the position that he doesn't like China so they can't be communist and then whenever something like "promote Chinese unity" he interprets it as being the same as "promote White unity", instead of "promote Communist unity"
I think "Chinese unity" in this case is more like "American unity." But I think a lot of these types are also unfamiliar with communist history so it sounds like jingoism to their ears. It's interesting to read CPUSA stuff from the 1930s for example because they were grappling with whether they should support an independent black nation in the U.S., but the Texas branch were also dealing with questions involving Mexican-Americans, and they didn't believe such a thing would work – economically and culturally these societies were pretty integrated but Mexican-Americans were (and still are in some ways) treated as second-class citizens. So they would talk about opposing discrimination, supporting the right to work in any trade they want, supporting bilingual education in areas where Mexican-Americans are the majority, facilitate the cultural development of the Mexican people, extending citizenship and voting rights, and all these measures to further "the process of national unification of the American people" which the bourgeoisie was *hindering" because they wanted to maintain a status quo that kept Mexican-Americans at the level of unskilled workers.

Bonus video for China gang to bring in the weekend.


>I think "Chinese unity" in this case is more like "American unity."
So you are just speculating?


This is stupid though. Even if you were to drop the communist stuff China is still a multi ethnic and multi cultural nation. If they were promoting Han unity and superiority or supremacy then you'd have a point but even then it's questionable. China is a multi-ethnic nation that identifies with one China, a unified China. To I guess you could say they are civilizational supremacists. They see the east as superior to the west now after all they have achieved.


Not really though. This reminds me of an effortpost I read once, that states the primary clash inside the CPC is between Neo-maoists and Ultra-nationalists(mainly found in the Military). Xi acts as a mediator atm and therefore while still wanting to build a multi-ethnic China, is still enacting policies that pleases the ultranationalist bloc. At the end of the day, as always with China, it isn't that simple


File: 1620419818917.png (202.33 KB, 2290x1080, han supremacy.png)

the only thing which would enable han supremacy is simply their sheer numbers and absolute ethnic majority and yet the "anti han" policies of china destroys that


The concept, that might be useful, is that of huaren, which is sort of their version of the "melting pot" in a way, in that it refers to all of the Chinese people even though they could be of different "races" in the western labeling. Multiple things from multiple cultures get mixed and form a seemingly homogenous culture even though that is grossly oversimplified, which is probably why historical Orientalism does the uniform yellow horde bullshit. So anon is not totally incorrect. Or they could be on a different topic, in which case this post is offtopic.


File: 1620420485417.jpg (117.48 KB, 602x333, 42390847982374984.jpg)

I think it's more about culture. The nation state was a concept developed in Westphalian Europe after the Thirty Years War. Traditionally, that didn't work with China which is also a fusion of the majority Han culture with dozens of minority cultures + regional cultures to the extent that the differences between someone from Shenzhen and Shanghai while both being "Han Chinese" might as well be like the differences between French and Spanish.

I think in the past there were Chinese who looked toward unity with Chinese in other countries too like Chinese-Americans, but there are now viral social media stories of Chinese-Americans bashing the PRC which doesn't go over well in China (although clearly not all of them are hostile), so those Chinese immigrants who are anti-PRC are now automatically no longer Chinese even though they're the same "race," while (Han) Chinese and minorities and foreigners who are willing to become Chinese are Chinese.

This is also emerging materialistically because cooperation with the West is not working, as the U.S. is structurally hostile to China because of different political ideologies, economic systems, social values and race, linguistics, and norms. Meanwhile, China wants to be the leader of the developing world. Therefore, Chinese nationalism emerges to create unity which allows China to compete with America. People in China will "buy Chinese" instead of American products (like the recent boycott in China of some Western brands.) Of course, there are negative and irrational aspects to nationalism as well like hotheads who promote militarism or expansionism.

Marxism can explain nationalism but it doesn't have a perfect solution to it, and there probably aren't any perfect solutions. It's almost like a natural force or a changing of the seasons and it's a global phenomenon, and it's beyond the power of any single country or state to eliminate it or pretend it doesn't exist. You can either guide it to get the advantages of it while minimizing the damages, or you can let it run out of control, or you can block it and bottle it up, but then it might just end up exploding later and much worse.


>Marxism can explain nationalism but it doesn't have a perfect solution to it, and there probably aren't any perfect solutions
Damn sounds like we are in a pinch. No solution to nationalism? Really? I don't think we reached this point yet, to fully rule out the possibility to erase nationalism


File: 1620421863828.mp4 (15.21 MB, 270x480, linternationale_sing_by_a_….mp4)





File: 1620422309488-0.jpg (56.98 KB, 474x473, 8078f31ad6b1cfd1cde09fffe4….jpg)

File: 1620422309488-1.png (264.37 KB, 914x621, 6904-6890458609450.png)

I think it's just complicated. For example, how do Chinese interpret Chinese-Americans bashing the PRC? For many, I think many view these Chinese-Americans as "whitewashing" themselves and trying to "prove their loyalty" to the U.S., so they write them off as not Chinese anymore, like I said. The standard is so low that a "good" Chinese who is overseas doesn't even have to be pro-PRC but just not hostile to it. They'll see westerners in different countries automatically root for an Australian or a British swimmer vs. a Chinese swimmer in a competition, so it's like the west uniting against them. Or they'll see how LeBron James was slandered in western countries for not being hostile to the PRC – all of this might seem silly to us, but this goes viral in China too and the public sees all of this. At the same time, Cardi B will say something positive about China and she goes viral there and people joke they should make her an honorary citizen.

There's also a pushback against really rapid "westernization." I think there's anger in China at white supremacy in the west, that no matter what, China will never be accepted as equals and the U.S. and their allies treat them in a one-sided way.

So if you're the Chinese government, do you ignore all of this? Or try to bottle it up and suppress it? Or do you guide it?

It's funny though, I was watching a Daniel Dumbrill video and he was drinking with these boomers, and they were calling him a "fake foreigner," which is a humorous / nice (and kind of dialectical) way of saying he is one of them, he is really Chinese, but just "pretending to be a foreigner."


>you should assume it means "promote Communist unity"
Why do we have to assume anything at all. I'd rather not twist words.
Promote Chinese unity means Chinese unity, not white unity and not communist unity.


You're a retard if you think marxist communism has no solution to nationalism. The solution is in communism in itself.


It means "promote the unity of communist china".


>If whatever the fuck you do end up helping the Empire willingly or not you're a glowie.

By this logic Mao was a glowie for his role in the Sino-Soviet split and reapproachmet with Nixon.


they are pretending

you can clearly see at 00:33


ultra spergs more or less believe this, except they also hate the USSR


I don't agree on that it's a big enough national clash between those specific ideological groups. The idea I get from China is something like the Ottomans but more modern with many different cultures and nationalities united by one government. But even that is not well analogous. I think the signalling to the Mongolian empire in Chinese media is an example of this idea of one massive nation made up of many peoples and "nations" united by one government called the PRC.


File: 1620438678114.png (11.86 KB, 403x450, 5b59f84a6197d5606a465bd238….png)

>The idea I get from China is something like the Ottomans


Anyone familiar with WION? They are a indian news broadcaster, but where do they stand politically? Are they pro-Modi?




Absolutely despicable.


I've never watched it but I looked it up and they're owned by Essel Group, a large media and TV conglomerate and the chairman is the billionaire Subhash Chandra, a sitting BJP member of parliament… so…



File: 1620439555003.jpg (43.74 KB, 600x600, download.jpg)



Thanks for the resources!


File: 1620451383479.jpg (160.06 KB, 960x566, 1335976871055.jpg)

22 years ago today, the us attacked the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia with 5 jdam guided bombs, killing 3 Chinese journalists and injuring 27 others


China's de-dollarization strategy to reach world supremacy


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