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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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They've got the best deals, tremendous deals.


File: 1718113994827.png (293.66 KB, 1280x1792, 1682367737191.png)

same with this country but idk, I'm sure they tried their best! give them a chance!


What's the problem with Chinese footy? How come they are not as good as ping pong?


Alright, at least as long as the neighboring Singaporeans handle Thailand well, our national football team won't have to go home just yet.


Because they just can't play. To delve deeper, it's due to issues with the Chinese football system, player selection, the level of importance placed on football, and the laziness and corruption of football officials and players—in short, they just can't play.


>Former CFA chief Chen Xuyuan pleads guilty in $11.3 million bribery case https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202401/1306311.shtml


Worst thing you guys did was to invest in foreign players instead of coachs and especially scouts, it will take decades like Japan but it is in the young base that football develops.
t. brazilian, at least football we do right in this country.


>t. brazilian
He is an expert, listen to this man, Central Footie Commitiee


IMO every football team should only be allowed to have local players


mask off


Yeah, the old colonial order got crushed, allowing America to fully take over the reigns of western imperialism, with Euroids becoming their vassals.


>over 1.2 billion people
>still can't find 11 capable of kicking a ball


File: 1718126020600.png (421.1 KB, 681x730, 1718125816871950.png)

I just saw this on cuckchan so now you have to too.



Is Chinese basketball growing. I see a lot of passionate basketball fans in China and seeing a growing street scene.



Congrats on the transition!


>>1881731 (me)
Might I ask how do I go about searching the Chinese internet? For example, I tried googling for "cn-ki.net" to see if I could find any recent discussions about its death in hopes of finding people recommending similar services which are still alive, but only got old links. Is Baidu reliable to find recent-ish discussions on Chinese social media?


Ackshyually squatting is good for chronic colorectal disorders like constipation because it puts less pressure on your sphincter therefore making a bidet, squatting toilet, with functional sewage systems and toilet paper, with a majority vegetarian food industry making sewage waste possible to process into fertilizer for food all combined the most functional and scientific and therefore socialist method of shitting ☝️🤓


That is epic man


the secret is to do it while smoking a cigarette


Motherfucker can't even prop up Cuba useless ass SOB


Nicotine is a slight laxative after all


Chinese internet is well wall gardened behind various platforms, and the Chinese open web is pretty much dead for now that Baidu search is also dead so I would rather recommend searching on WeChat, Xiaohongshu or Douyin, maybe also try Bilibili(.com not .tv), I don't know much about smaller forums(quasi open web) but Baidu tieba(reddit alternative) might also have some discussions, Weibo and zhihu all require an account to access now


Similar to soccer, there are many people who follow it, but the teams are still not very good.


No wonder Yao Ming ended up injured and with a short career despite being one of very few people to bully Shaq on the court, poor guy could never catch a rest and his body gave


>majority vegetarian food industry

Without introducing some bioengineered bacteria to break up celloluse in human stomachs this shit ain't it, chief


Big ol tariffs on Chinese EVs across the entire EU implemented.


Yoiu don't need to be able to digest cellulose to feed on vegetal diet m8, digestive health involve consuming fibers and not breaking it down so shit run smoothly in the bowels.


even after china promised retaliatory tariffs? noice


You urbanites fear vegetables just as much as you fear any meat that actually resembles an animal because it reminds you of your lack of knowledge about the food supply. Also apparently the digestive systems of urbanites are atrophying so they cant even digest vegetables like omnivores anymore. Urbanites need crackdowns on their lifestyle choices especially bad dietary habits imo


Two already exist. One from primate ancestors the other we got from cows.

I'm sure they'll end up in pills soon enough.


File: 1718205077739.webm (982.24 KB, 480x360, malema-china-admire.webm)

Very based.



Did the EFF join with the what was it called party to form a majority in South Africa by now? He sounds pretty competent


A temporary boost to the economy. In other words, the profits will be gobbled up by whatever company discovered the deposits, and norway will be rich for as long as they havent entirely emptied the deposit, but it wont be enough to pay for the north atlantic terrorist organization's enormous investments in non-stop anti-inflationary measures and a housing bubble that'll burst as soon as the dollar loses all of its value as a reserve currency and the west can no longer rely on POOOOMPING the economy with money to prevent a looming recession that we've delayed since covid hit 6 or 7 years ago.


Nah he got beaten by Zuma's MK party, which is a bit like if China had elections and someone ran with a party called People's Liberation Army, or if someone in Ireland ran for a party called Provisional IRA.


Norway's entire economy is raw materials. The nordic model falls apart without natural resources and I hate burger libs and succdems who think it can work here.


I'm fairly sure that all the developed countries are highly industrialized, tho I confess I don't know of any metrics of degree of industrialization.


>Did the EFF join with the what was it called party to form a majority in South Africa by now? He sounds pretty competent
It's complicated right now, the ANC after being hit hard in the election is allying with the DA, the white capital party. This is all going to be very good for the EFF in the long run, which is polling at 1.7 million votes.
Go and read the thread about it, anon. :)
>Nah he got beaten by Zuma's MK party,
Meh, MK seemed to really only do well in one area and it looks like they ANC just fucked over a potential alliance there.
I predict we'll see elections again in the next few years.


Outside of the EFF South Africa has explicitly Marxist union-wide labor unions and strong self-identified 'Marxist-Leninist' figures within the ANC and wider society.
It doesn't get looked at a lot but there is potential in South Africa.


Socialist countries completely dominate Olympic weightlifting competition, particularly the women section.


File: 1718238709081.mp4 (2.92 MB, 850x480, nega_r.mp4)

Is China racist? Why isnt xi stopping the hard r negas


>you're all our vassals


Dismantle the US and racism will stop, especially when the global internet network gets put into China's hands.


how r u gonna blame the burgers for this, China is already firewalled to hell. These are homegrown chinese racists


they were connected for decades with the west, only way to stop that shit is a cultural revolution.
now if only i could find that video of the black marine in the vietnam war talking how the natives where calling them uyghas when they never met a black person ever.


even our racist slurs are not organic, these are just transliterated english slurs, all the memes are american


Negro is Spanish.


I thought you were making a joke but from the reactions it seems either you weren't or no one got it.

>那个 nà ge

t. 'that'


negro is spanish but that is not direct to 尼哥, it is obvious that it come from english slur, while negro is just neutral term for blackness

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