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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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How could European countries have thrown their lot in with Hitler? How could Ukraine continue escalating things with Russia? How could Finland try to fight USSR in multiple wars?

That's class politics. That's weak cowardly bourgeoisie of small countries choosing to enslave themselves to the big bad to try and silence internal opposition.

It's kind of funny how communists constantly have to remind capitalists to have pride and self-interest.


Yeah the nothing happened meme is just a western meme.



Its OGRE for the island entity thing

They, like Europe, constructed their economy inside the US system so they are functionally colonies. Now that the US has decided to withdraw, it is stripping the valuable parts and relocating it back to the homeland.


Why would it be? Get it through your thick skull that Taiwan is not a sovereign country. Neither is Germany or any other "western" regime. We are all US client kingdoms, and if the masters asks to destroy the economy our comprador elites will comply.


This isn't true though, vulgar anti imperialism melted your brain


Meanwhile in Indonesia. Make sure to read the last sentence.

>JAKARTA, Indonesia – Indonesia’s Parliament unanimously voted on Tuesday to ban sex outside of marriage and insulting the president and state institutions.

>Once in force, the bans will affect foreign visitors as well as citizens. They're part of an overhaul of the country's criminal code that has been in the works for years. The new code also expands an existing blasphemy law and keeps a five-year prison term for deviations from the central tenets of Indonesia’s six recognized religions: Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism. The code still needs approval from the president, and the government says it will not be fully implemented for several years.

>The amended code says sex outside marriage is punishable by a year in jail and cohabitation by six months, but adultery charges must be based on police reports lodged by a spouse, parents or children.

>Citizens could also face a 10-year prison term for associating with organizations that follow Marxist-Leninist ideology and a four-year sentence for spreading communism.



I read that CNA article. Who writes this crap? Literally every shitty trope rolled in there. People really need constant propaganda huh. They can’t be informed of new information without being reassured that nothing in their brain needs to be challenged by it.

I like the part where it says the actually small protests which were not cracked down on were massive challenges to the government that were brutally cracked down on. Braindead. And a lie!


Germany literally stood by acquiescently as their gas pipe got blown up cynically by the American empire.


As this continues to happen all it does is earn them contempt within DC. I guess the US diplomats do a good job obscuring this. But it’s almost palpable now— anyone in DC who cautioned against strong arming or harming allies because it will come with diplomatic costs has been shut up and humiliated. The US now has no restraint and thinks it can do anything.


>vulgar anti imperialism
Burger moment


>The new code also expands an existing blasphemy law and keeps a five-year prison term for deviations from the central tenets of Indonesia’s six recognized religions: Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism.

Religious dictatorship, but there's multiple religions allowed. Jeeez


>Citizens could also face a 10-year prison term for associating with organizations that follow Marxist-Leninist ideology and a four-year sentence for spreading communism.
yeah no, i agree with the /SEA/ anons, the shithole country is beyond saving
inshallah the waters will take it soon


Will they imprison CPC members, though?


No way this will actually be enforced


its so fucking over for indobros, has been since 1965


Civil war soon.


I hate angloids and their propaganda so much its unreal.




i thought indonesia's been shit for decades


Pure projection


>TSMC is moving absolutely everything to Arizona. Taiwan is so done.
The pro-western DDP got a crushing election defeat because the Taiwanese people didn't want to end up like Ukraine. There literally were US diplomats talking about "applying the Ukraine-model to Taiwan". Little wonder they noped out.
If the big chip making factory is being moved to the US that means the empire might be giving up on taking Taiwan from China.
I don't think that Taiwan is done, because they still have all the institutional structures that served the chip business, and other players in the chip-business might move in as TSMC is being shipped out. Chinese chip-makers of course would be the obvious candidate but also others who aren't easily spooked.

Of course I might be misinterpreting this and the US is just removing the valuables from the Island before they turn it into a warzone.


>The pro-western DDP got a crushing election defeat
That defeat getting completely suppressed by Anglo media was kind of funny. Tsai actually had to step down as party leader. Lots of cope. It's actually very important to journalists that US news suppresses defeats like that because they are afraid of propagating to this idea that Taiwanese aren't interested in a war with the PRC that would kill millions of them and destroy their home. In fact, they aren't, but the US has presented this narrative to DC/USians of DPP Want To Die and KMT Love China so DPP gotta win everything to keep those arms sales flowing.


Anders Corr: How to Stop China From Taking Over the World



the creator of tsmc was actually a chinese-american.


ok but what strategy did they propose?


basically kick china out of the WTO/UN, and more sanctions.


do they forget that doing that is good night from any resource from china, which is most manufacture in the world ?.
Pretty much every named corporation and country that uses China manufacture wound break after that


Liked am
>basically kick china out of the WTO/UN
Really? They are going to force the entire planet to stop trading with the biggest manufacturer on earth how?


they say they want italy, france, the us, and uk to all refuse chinese officials diplomatic visas thereby stopping them from participating in the UN. just watch the video


The WTO is dead. Hasn’t been a thing for 5 years. US has blocked assertion of new judges which effectively killed it. Literally not a thing that exists anymore. China will not be removed from the UN— this is extremely unpopular and China has more than enough support from the “shithole countries” not counted in “the internal community” to maintain its station there with no contest.

Corr seems like an idiot who I sent even paying cursory attention to actual geopolitical developments. The US has been architecting entirely new multilateral frameworks between the US, the EU, Australia, Japan and SK that exclude China. They no longer talk about things like international law, but refer to the Rules Based International Order summed up by anglo netizen as: “whatever the US does rules and is based.”


So they want the international garden to block China, that would just fuck them up and no one else.


I agree its probably too late to stop the rise of china. Maybe if the west had gone in that direction in like 2005 or something but they were too busy fucking around iraq


File: 1670476371207.jpg (597.85 KB, 1440x1087, Fja0ikuVsAA3NWq.jpg)



us is one thing, but is EVROPA retarded enough to cockblock china for us interests in the region? i'm honestly skeptical that our rulers, retarded as they are, would go this far just to look like good doggies for amerikkka


>China ending zero covid
>WSJ says that it's because Foxconn executive wrote a letter asking for restrictions to be relaxed
Wasn't zero covid supposed to be popular?


EVROPA has proven itself to be unendingly retarded with no limit to how much they will cuck out


it was but lockdowns and testing and shit become widespread after omicron (minor issues before that in 2020-2021). Ppl were petty fed up with it now but don’t want to get Covid. Basically completely schizo desires no unlike what happened everywhere else on earth.

But WSJ is narrativizing like normal. Damage control mode. It’s obvious that Chinese ppl protesting being splashed all over the world was meant to be prelude to Tiananmen 2 . Instead the govt just responded to the pressure and rolled back ZC and not just scaled it back, but took down all the allegedly permanent mechanisms of social control ZC was allegedly an excuse to build. This makes the PRC govt look actually kind of responsive and Democratic so that’s not going to be allowed to become a narrative in the west obviously.



File: 1670590853987.jpg (69.91 KB, 851x851, USSRDeng.jpg)

>China unites Middle East - Saudis, Iran, Egypt, Israel - under it's banner
<dead silence on it from the West
>China-friendly KMT wins in Taiwan and undoes all visits US did to Taiwan
<nobody speaks a word about it

Heh. So this is how the American hegemony dies - in cope and denial


Worry not, the burgers will scream and piss and shit on their way out. It will be a hot decade


File: 1670604955368.jpg (441.44 KB, 1183x1045, 16621888179270.jpg)

WAIT WHAT THE FUCK, Australians will receive no subs? WAIT WAIT WAIT AHAHAHAHA


AHAHAHA first they cucked France, Australia entered AUKUS and was hurting to go to war with China, but now they get cucked in turn and will get no subs from USA, and thus AUKUS turned out to be a total flop, AHAHAHAHA


File: 1670609020395.png (254.22 KB, 474x478, ClipboardImage.png)

aint no fucking way, wasnt AUKUS supposed to be like the anglo answer to chinese "encroachment" on australian interests?


File: 1670609324135.jpg (4.91 KB, 211x239, images.jpg)

fucking lol. france was pissed over that. and now for no reason. china can NOT STOP WINNING


That unequivocal statement from Wittman makes clear the speculation that America would sell Australia a Los Angeles or Virginia class sub to get them going until the Lucky Country can build and deploy its own nuclear-powered attack submarine as part of the AUKUS agreement between Australia, the UK and the US will face serious headwinds in Congress. Ahead of those meetings, Australian Minister of Defence Richard Marles met with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin today at the Pentagon.

They're still getting a sub eventually, just not getting one of the US-designated ones early


File: 1670609695716.png (424.52 KB, 640x477, ClipboardImage.png)

>does nothing
>geopolitical opponents fumble at your very feet


but later in the article-
>“The US doesn’t have spare submarines it can sell to Australia, and it won’t have them anytime soon. Giving Australia submarines that the USN needs, particularly when its own numbers are declining or at best flat-lining, is just not an option that the US political leadership will consider,” Hellyer said. “Ultimately, Australia will have to learn to build SSNs if it wants them, but what exactly ‘build’ looks like is still very unclear.”


>getting a sub eventually
After the US builds more than what it needs, and until then they'll let Australia watch how they do it. And also they'll be sharing a nuclear sub together at some point at the future.
All of which is incredibly stupid and inefficient compared to just France building buncha non-nuclear subs for Australia.


AUKUS more like… CUCKUS


File: 1670614698650.png (521.56 KB, 853x1000, oo1ct803jyq81.png)

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