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File: 1608680964250.png (23.67 KB, 973x819, PRC.png)

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>if taiwan belong to chynah, Berlin belongs to Zimbabwe
Check mate, Xi


The closest comparison would be Crimea during the Civil War, where the whites/reactionaries hid for a time, claiming to be the real rulers of Russia.


>When are we going to see Chinese films being aired in the USA?
Things like Battle at Lake Changjin? Never, since in the collective anglo mind movies like are blatant propaganda and misinformation because it's a historical military movie where Anglo is portrayed as the bad guy. When anglo is portrayed as the rugged white saviour it is fine and accurate.


File: 1634572665512.png (30.6 KB, 451x453, Chinese Taipei.png)

oof, lots of big talk from chinese taipei, let's see if the world will validate.


Never really had full control over the party, Jiang Zemin still had a lot of influence behind the scenes. Reduced the urban/rural inequality gap by some margin though, which is cool imo


Hope is the last thing that dies. We need to have hope and faith for our toverit and if we lose so will the enemy.


> Russia as East-Ukraine
Funny the CIA picks NATO enemies. Reply to him "or Spain as Catalunya" to see the spook screeching hard.


More that guy is a spook.


What about
>Southern Canada
>Northern Mexico


Honestly I thought it kind of sucked. There are some interesting scenes with Mao and his son, and the bromance is good as it always is in Chinese movies. The war scenes were pure Hollywood trash and were way too long, like the battle before the actual Chosin battle was longer than the pivotal namesake of the movie itself. And then there's a random battle with random Chinese troops after the initial Chosin battle that's pretty much just there for some propaganda slogans. They could've made a much better movie if last year's 800 and Sacrifice ( that movie about the bridge crossing) were anything to go by.


die Kulturindustrie


That too. All those spooks just get spooked.


Fuck off mutt only thing your entire continent is good for is nuclear testing.


>Fuck off mutt
Not a mutt.
>your entire continent is good for is nuclear testing.
What about Cuba?


Anything south of USA are bros. Especially Mexicans have honorable past of revolutions but American foreign policy combined with prohibition has done so much damage.


Alright, alright.


File: 1634655035154.jpg (37.22 KB, 680x478, FCEc_2hX0AAEw6q.jpg)



These war movies probably not, but I'm gonna watch Cliff Walkers later tonight in the local kinoplex.


File: 1634659675705.jpg (13.45 KB, 259x194, IMG_0027.JPG)

And they cannot just invest in more infrastructure and industry that would increase chinas revenue to a point where chinas reliance on housing would break?


IMHO: purge incoming. Some got corrupted by speculators. China has enough housing, they already moderately oversupply it. The empty cities that slowly fill up are a manifestation of that. Xi wants more even distribution of wealth, that's a political fight.


China's housing market is 20 of the gdp and prices falling would collapse the entire system, imagine if most of your retirement fund disappeared overnight. The chink government can only spend trillions to keep the bubble alive or let it crash and take the rest of the economy with it.


File: 1634662668131.jpg (1.56 MB, 2000x1932, upload_dir.jpg)

Just tries Baijiu for the first time, taste snd texture going down feels like a quality vodka but with a lot of flowery smell, not bad at all


File: 1634662820177.jpg (104.73 KB, 1193x795, jdtyfhjyjy.jpg)

Today seven provinces got a new party sec, it's a lot. Maybe one of these guys will go to the Politburo.

Heilongjiang (Zhang Qingwei -> by Xu Qin)
Hunan (Xu Dazhe -> Zhang Qingwei)
Jiangsu (Lou Qinjian -> Wu Zhenglong)
Jiangxi (Liu Qi -> Yi Lianhong)
Xizang (Wu Yingjie -> Wang Junzheng)
Guangxi (Lu Xinshe -> Liu Ning)
Yunnan (Ruan Chengfa -> Wang Ming)

It's interesting to note that Wang Junzheng the new party secretary of Xizang is the most sanctioned man in China, he was deputy party secretary in Xinjiang. Funny that they don't a give shit about it.



Baijiu is the name for a very diverse category of spirits. Ming River is made by Americans for Americans, based off the softest Baijiu flavors.


If China ecnomy collapses the US economy would collapse too, we tried to warn you about neoliberalism but you didnt listen.


File: 1634669292831.jpg (35.77 KB, 900x450, FCBEAFsXoAQnFHU.jpg)

I hate to bring you sad news, but…


File: 1634669462701.png (31.14 KB, 657x527, frogtears.png)



Bruh China has 2.8 million factories how fucking hard can it be to just manufacture shit for other Chinese people instead of this fucking garbage economy


Not how capitalist economies work m8.


You are trying to frame your analysis as an anglo. The Chinese do not value expensive homes and do not like to speculate with home prices. The cheaper they are, the more valuable for the Chinese these homes are because they can spend on other stuff. The bubble is not about prices skyrocketing, the bubble is that the real-stator company did houses expecting a rise on the house hoping the market would behave like the U.S. market. That's not what the Chinese government would do, and their people will give 0 fucks if that sector collapses because they spend more on other stuff.


What do we know about these people? Any rundowns?


China doesn't extract all the resources required at home. So, they sell light industry goods to USA to get dollars to buy up resources in Global South and tech and real economy companies in the West.

If you STILL keep your savings in housing market after China for ten years already raising red flags and threatening to cut down this beast, you deserve your retirement funds to disappear. If you have markets, there's ALWAYS going to be losers who keep the bag. You can't pursue contradicting class interests at the same time, you have to choose whom you are going to harm. And guess what, China chose to punish smart-ass "investors" who speculate on prices instead of actually helping the economy grow.


>The Chinese do not value expensive homes and do not like to speculate with home prices.
Is that not the exact thing that Evergrande did?


Because evergrande is a conglomerate with international investors.
The only ones screeching are outsiders.


What did she mean by this?


File: 1634678382034.mp4 (12.29 MB, 1280x720, Literally-1989.mp4)

It's over boys pack it up


File: 1634678864879.png (34.06 KB, 289x174, ClipboardImage.png)

looks at the videos with all those chinese protestors

looks at the video with the chinese grandma attacking that evergrande manager

<why do people believe evergrande was only international investors


gasp who would know inside China there are people, native, with outsider mentality. gasp, it is like we have never seen CIA funding separatists who coincidentally do not think like the rest of the population before. The gruesome investment comes from abroad, not internally.


>first claim is literally evergrande is a conglomerate with international investors.and that literally The only ones screeching are outsiders.

shows it isnt the case


>well its clearly these people had outsider mentality and funded by the cia

>outsider mentality and cia funding

>in mainland china

>in mainland xi china

>in mainland xi purging cia shit china

>in mainland core territory xi purging shit china



jfc this is some sad cope


I don't think those videos are from inside China, in any case.


btw stop pressing enter so much you fucking faggot


>video not inside china

>literal videos have the evergrande building in view or are inside the building

>literal videos are uploaded by a pro ccp chinese nationalist and defender

known as numvee showing the protests



Wow, 60 persons of out a city with 20 million. Statistically, that's a no one.


Is this a chinese troony? disgusting, based Xi for banning these people.


File: 1634685386318.jpg (13.45 KB, 259x194, IMG_0027.JPG)

So instead of just using the literally trillions of dollars worth of resources the Chinese have on their own soil they’d rather voluntarily set themselves up for crises under this inefficient as shit policy… umm glory to ccp government, I guess?


Why would you use your own resources when you can use someone else's?



Or it simply acquires the housing market entirely.

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