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File: 1634072323771-1.png (176.35 KB, 447x517, 83290482309423.png)

File: 1634072323771-2.png (104.54 KB, 810x471, 0586098456095409.png)

There was a thread on /pol/ the other day where someone was citing a summary of a few points about American moral decline by Wang Huning which he observed in his book. And the op was trying to characterize China as a far-right / natsoc state because Wang is concerned with drugs and ultra-individualism leading to collapse of families and so forth.

There's a translation of the book going around online. And some anons there were reading some of it and coming across lengthy sections about why America is terrible and will not be able to adapt to the future because of race segregation and discrimination against black people and Native Americans, and also Wang is talking about capitalism being bad. "Uhh, some 'natsoc' book OP. Kill yourself." Someone else was asking "why does he sympathize with the blacks? I thought Chinese were really brutally honest." Umm, he is being brutally honesty. Someone else who didn't read anything who bought into the op's narrative said something like "I bet China is just quietly preparing to arm right-wing militias here in America…"

Riiiiiiight… our guys and the Chinese are just now very carefully starting to say "sup" to each other, and some of these guys are hoping China will save them by air-dropping QBZ-95s into Idaho. Why would they do that? They'd probably air-drop manufacturing centers and give you a job and make you sing songs about the beauty of labor and have you watch Chinese propaganda on T.V. screens in the break room.


File: 1634072965695-0.png (568.92 KB, 872x888, 58973459783497859.png)

File: 1634072965695-1.png (304.69 KB, 631x824, 5394593495034.png)

Anyhow, friends are having friendly conversations.


There's a disconcerting amount of glasses wearers in this photo.


>America will fall apart becuase muh race
people have been saying this for two hundred years




File: 1634076015380.jpg (350.55 KB, 2048x1197, tragic prelude.jpg)

It already happened once.


it really didn't


book in question


I mean, it didn't take, obviously, but the entire union got torn in half over a question of racial slavery. Still, if anything like a second American Civil War were to happen today, race would likely be a compounding cause, but not the principal catalyst.



Taiwan IIRc has a higher PPP-nominal ratio than China; it's implying the Taiwanese are severely undervaluing their currency (but Amerikkkans don't care because Taiwan is a fun gun to point at China).

$32,123 (nominal, 2021 est.) $59,398 (PPP, 2021 est.)

That's roughly 2:1, whereas for China proper it's 5:3.


Saluting Governor-General Tsai of the Japanese Imperial protectorate of Taiwan.


tbh i like how they lined up so many seemingly comfy chairs. i've seen comfy chairs at KJU meetings so maybe it's an East Asian thing. respect for people who understand the benefit of a comfy chair.


File: 1634103203578.png (151.95 KB, 1334x912, ClipboardImage.png)

Chinese tech workers launch new project to collect working schedules of different firms.



Average is 9 hours which is similar to my work hours. One of those hours for me is lunch but we don't know if Chinese tech workers get 1 hour of lunch off so they might be doing 9 actual hours of work.


>A bike seller’s eyes widened in alarm when he learned I was a foreigner. He picked up his phone and began dialing the police.
I've had neutral feelings to the Uyghur people as long as this whole racket was going on, but this? This is based.


File: 1634104936231-0.jpeg (380.47 KB, 2000x1333, 2000 (1).jpeg)

File: 1634104936231-1.jpeg (419.24 KB, 2000x1333, 2000.jpeg)

Happiest genocide ever.
Much better than the Auschwitz orchestra shit.


>officer, a Western regime change activist is inventing libel within chinese borders!
>thanks concerned citizen, we'll intimidate them with squad cars.


Reading that ap article really is fascinating. I couldn’t tell what it was that fascinated me about it until I examined its language a little closely, it reminds me of fiction, specifically fantasy, of how descriptive it is, almost like they are in an alien land describing many alien creatures and cultures.

Instead of the article being written in a sober, matter-of-fact and realist way, it’s written truly fantastically. It alienates the reader just enough to make him feel some distance to the material. Instead of China being a country with people in it , with their own government, it’s “that country” “that place” a “magical place” with “strange peoples”. Man I love liberals, they uncritically look at things and make the most absurd, hypocritical observations.


Check this out:


Looks like Chinese programming is like American Wall Streeters.

Wall Street typically works its analysts for 100 hour workweeks, which is more intense than the 72 hour workweek 996 portends. But Wall Streeters working 100 hour workweeks either do one of the two: either, one, they quit after 10 years being "made men" and able to retire. Two, they keep on chugging.

Chinese coders apparently get put into slave labor conditions for 10-15 years, then they retire and/or move into some other industry that's not designed to kill them.

The problem is, of course, consent, whether the coders knew what they were getting into when they joined into the industry.


Programming is 99% copying other people's code since it's actually stupid to try to design your own solutions. You're not likely to come up with a better solution than what has already been posted on the internet. Being a "good" programmer means memorizing the shit you've copied in the past and being adept at finding code to copy.

t. programmer


upcoming event


My stance is that 996 cannot be an industry standard; i.e, it's like BDSM.

If, say, a couple would like to have a BDSM relationship, it's their right to do so. As long as it's sane, safe, and consensual, it's fine. On the other hand, 996 being an industry norm is like mandating BDSM as the dominant sexuality for the entire population, that is to say, if you have vanilla sex, you're now a sexual deviant and will be discriminated against.

Having some firms be 996 and be openly advertised as such is worthwhile, since 996 is apparently Chinese programming's competitive advantage. But it's not reasonable to have the entire industry do 996.


economic growth is a spook


Half the point of Xi-ism is to decouple the CPC's legitimacy from economic growth. Rising living standards, once you're past the Middle Income Trap, is very hard to achieve and is dependent on R&D spending, and Chinese science has yet to reliably exceed American science / technology in all fields.

As of right now, I think if the Chinese economy were to crater and stall, Xi-ism has both the ideological and physical capabilities to control unrest.

I'll also point out something about China's current economic policy:


So what the Chinese are seeking seems to be a succdem without the democracy right now. But the nice thing about China is that it's a transitional system; once Xi cleans up the mess that resulted from the last round of liberalization (Dengism) and restores clean Socialist values, he or his successor can run another round of liberalization. And that's "GG" for American imperialism, since doing Reagan-style liberalization can probably get China at least 4% higher GDP growth than the United States for the decades or two China has before it has to massacre the capitalists again.


Actually study also the history of USA in 50s and 60s when cities were burning


God, I wished to be as happily genocided as those in the pictures.


A really interesting arcticle I've found on Qiushi:

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "ideological work is an extremely important work for the party." With the rapid development of the Internet in the 21st century, the connections and interactions between all parts of the world have become closer, especially the exchanges and collisions between various ideas and cultures have become more frequent. This makes it easier for Western countries to infiltrate China's culture. For a long time, Western countries have used the latest media tools to promote their lifestyles, values, ideologies, and religious beliefs through cultural industries, academic theories, etc., in an attempt to cultivate a Westernized value orientation among the Chinese and deconstruct Chinese culture. The foundation of China is to construct the impression that Chinese culture is inferior or inferior to Western culture, to vilify the Chinese social system and leaders, and weaken the mainstream Chinese ideology. Therefore, we must be particularly vigilant against Western countries’ cultural penetration into our country.


  With the continuous update of new communication media, especially the widespread use of social media such as Weibo, WeChat, and Twitter, it has changed the media landscape and the ecology of public opinion, and has posed a challenge to the security of my country's mainstream ideology. This also makes the pattern of Western countries' penetration of Chinese culture in the new era constantly renovated.

  One is to carry out cultural penetration through the Internet. Since modern times, Western countries have attached great importance to cultural penetration through new media, propagating colonial enslavement ideas, and creating public opinion for their invasion and control of China. For example, the missionary Timothy Lee, in addition to writing books and speaking, also influenced Chinese officials and intellectuals by creating Chinese publications and presiding over the translation of books, in an attempt to manipulate China's political direction. He even entrusted missionaries from all over the country to personally distribute books and periodicals at the scientific expedition site, because he was convinced that influencing these scholars would be equivalent to controlling the whole of China. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, Western countries headed by the United States adopted a policy of blockade and containment against my country, using news media to incite China’s threats among China’s neighboring countries, and vigorously undermined the relationship between the People’s Republic of China and other countries. For example, during the Bandung Conference in 1955, the United States used a huge delegation of journalists to fabricate rumors that China wanted to seize leadership in the Asian and African world, in an attempt to arouse suspicion and fear of China in neighboring countries. In the 1970s, the United States began to issue reports on human rights in other countries, using human rights as a weapon to attack socialist countries, including China. At the same time, the United States promotes Western values ​​through radio stations, discrediting China, demonizing China, and demonizing China. For example, Voice of America Radio and Radio Free Asia have set up special columns for China, using topics such as human rights, corruption, and the environment to attack China, and attribute these problems to China’s social system, in an attempt to shake the foundation of the Chinese Communist Party’s ruling party and deny it. The socialist system.

  Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the rapid development of communication technology and the increasing number of Internet and smartphone users, Western countries led by the United States rely on their monopoly on network technology and use the Internet to promote the "democratization process" through Weibo and WeChat. , Twitter, Facebook and other new social media for cultural penetration. For example, the U.S. Department of State's Democratic Human Rights and Labor Bureau has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to promote so-called online human rights since 2008. It is precisely with the help of various new media in the Internet age that Western countries often deliberately manipulate the spread of news to influence people’s perception of things, demonize and demonize China, slander the credibility of the Chinese government, and attempt to confuse and lose the Chinese people’s thinking. Confidence in Chinese culture, system, and system, so as to achieve the goal of dividing China and denying the socialist system.

  The second is to penetrate through the implantation of Western cultural industries. Since modern Western church forces and capital forces entered China, they have established schools in China. In the early days of the Republic of China, foreign-funded colleges and universities in China accounted for about 80% of China's higher education. On the one hand, it is to nurture its business assistants in China to achieve the purpose of dumping goods in China. On the other hand, it is to spread Western lifestyles and ideas through education, and make it a medium for spreading Western culture and even controlling China. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, when some Americans proposed to build Tsinghua University with the refunded Boxer indemnity, they preached that "commercially following spiritual domination is more reliable than following the military banner." Based on this, the Chinese at the end of the Qing Dynasty gradually realized the purpose of Western countries competing to run schools in China: "Then knowing the deep heart of the other people’s pursuit of the country is provoking the racial evil of our people, and isolating their enemies, hatred and aspirations. Shift its external competition and use it internally to completely unify China."

  Since the 1980s, Western countries led by the United States have begun to use their cultural products (movies, TV entertainment programs, pop music, advertisements, etc.) and mass consumer products (Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks, Disney, etc.) Promote their lifestyles, ways of thinking, values ​​and even political systems. These cultural products are subtly changing the consumption outlook of the Chinese people, causing some Chinese people's materialism and comparison psychology, making money worship and hedonism spread among the people, and also impacting China's own traditions to some extent. Culture and values.

  The third is to infiltrate our country's culture through Western academic theories. Since modern times, Western countries have used ethnography, international law and other knowledge to construct a hierarchy of civilizations, placing Western civilization above Chinese culture and deconstructing traditional Chinese culture. Many people of the late Qing reformers not only refused to reject the civilizational hierarchy of Europeans and Americans, but were willing to admit that they were a semi-civilized nation, and regarded joining the ranks of civilized countries as an urgent goal of realizing their own modernization. Liang Qichao wrote in "The Difference between the Three Realms of Wenye": "Taixi scholars divide the world of human beings into three levels: one is the barbaric, the second is the half-opened, and the third is the civilized man. This is the meaning of "Spring and Autumn". , It is said that according to the chaotic world, the rising world, and the peaceful world. All have classes, and they rise in order. This axiom of evolution is recognized by the people of the world. "The theory of civilization hierarchy is essentially a discourse model constructed by Western countries.

  Since the reform and opening up, Western countries led by the United States have taken advantage of China’s foreign cultural exchanges to sell various Western academic theories, such as neoliberalism and new institutional economics, to China through academic exchanges and academic sponsorship, in an attempt to pass Western society. Theories to influence Chinese intellectuals, and then advocate privatization and privatization of state-owned enterprises, their purpose is not to invigorate China's economy, but to disintegrate the foundation of China's socialist economic system, and then divide and disintegrate China, leading China to the Western path. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the drastic changes in Eastern Europe, Western countries again threw out the "final conclusion of history" in an attempt to establish a world that dominates the world. After entering the 21st century, Western countries have thrown out "democratic socialism to save China" and "universalism" values, and influence China by propagating Western "human rights", "democracy", "freedom", "parliamentary system", and "multi-party rotation in power". Staff of universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises and institutions. Western countries attempt to confuse right and wrong, mess up the Chinese ideological world, and influence China's decision-making by controlling Chinese intellectuals, thereby subverting China's political and social systems, in order to achieve its goal of "peaceful evolution".


  If the cultural infiltration of modern Western countries into China is to maintain their colonial rule in China, then the Western countries in the new era are to continue to maintain their hegemony, try their best to contain and even control the increasingly powerful socialist China, and spare no effort to carry out culture. penetration. Western countries spread their values ​​and outlook on life through new media, creating conditions for the disintegration of China's own cultural identity, differentiation and westernization of China.

  First, in order to maintain hegemony, Western countries use cultural penetration as an important means to suppress China. In modern times, Western countries have conquered foreign countries under the banner of "God’s elect" and put forward a linear development view, believing that the West and the non-Western are no longer divided into categories but cultural and wild, and non-Western countries have entered the ranks of civilizations. The way out is to imitate the West. Relying on its economic and technological advantages, the civilization standards and lifestyles of Western countries have gradually become a template for non-Western countries to follow. For example, China's "learning from foreigners to develop skills to control foreigners" and Japan's "Western technology plus Japanese spirit" are all such manifestations. After World War II, Western countries headed by the United States faced military setbacks and the continuous growth of developing and socialist countries. They began to use slogans such as "democracy", "human rights" and "freedom" to promote their "universal values" and cultural penetration. Become a discourse tool for Western countries to fight against dissident countries. Under such circumstances, the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the drastic changes in Eastern Europe have stimulated the ambitions of Western countries, led by the United States, to divide and Westernize China through the strategy of "peaceful evolution".

  As China's overall national strength continues to increase, Western countries have even more to contend for people's hearts and cultural penetration as one of the most important means to contain and even control China. They do everything possible to discredit China, slander China's normal administrative supervision measures as despotism and dictatorship, and blatantly accuse China of seeking hegemony and expansion. For some time, the "China Threat Theory" has been escalating. Recently, some Western media have hyped up the concept of sharp power, slandering China's new choices, intellectual power, and positive energy that China has contributed to the world as expansion.

  Secondly, Western countries are in an advantageous position in new media technology and still control the right to speak internationally. Due to the concealment and virtuality of the Internet, the Internet has gradually become the main tool for Western countries to carry out cultural penetration into China. Cyberspace has become the fifth-dimensional combat space after land, sea, air, and space, and it is also an important new strategic area for maintaining national security. Western countries, led by the United States, rely on technical advantages such as resource allocation and technical standards to deploy control across the world through transnational cyberspace. The distribution right of IP addresses and the control right of the root domain name of the Internet are the main distribution powers of network resources, and the United States has an absolute advantage in the distribution of IP addresses and domain names. According to preliminary statistics, the United States controls 1.6 billion IP addresses, accounting for approximately 44% of the total. China only accounts for 9% of the global IP addresses. However, the number of Internet users in China far exceeds 700 million, while the number of Internet users in the United States is less than 300 million. The Internet domain name and address management agency that manages the global Internet domain name root server, domain name system, and IP address is authorized by the US Department of Commerce, which means that the US government can control the global Internet space at any time. At the same time, the United States also monopolizes the core technologies of global information technology product hardware and software, such as Intel chips, Microsoft operating systems, Android operating systems, search engines, etc.

  In addition, Western countries still manipulate news reports. In the world news reports, more than 90% of the languages ​​are in English, and these news reports have a great impact on people's perception of the world. Most of these media reports on China are negative, and most people in Western countries rarely question the authenticity of these news. Gradually, these reports have become the so-called "true face" of China, and they have also disturbed some Chinese people. Cognition.

  Third, the deepening of economic globalization has provided convenient conditions for the cultural penetration of Western countries. In the 1990s, Samuel Huntington pointed out that Western countries may be in conflict with an increasingly powerful China, so it is necessary to promote Western culture represented by American culture on a global scale. Nowadays, the rapid development of network technology has changed the media of communication, and economic globalization has also facilitated the cultural penetration of Western countries. Since the opening of the new shipping route, economic exchanges and cultural interactions around the world have become more frequent, especially in the era of globalization and networking. Western countries have a foundation for cultural penetration. Economic globalization has promoted the optimization and upgrading of my country's economic structure. At the same time, Western countries have also taken the opportunity to enter the Chinese cultural market and continue to infiltrate culture.

  With the deepening of economic globalization today, some people in Western countries are propagating "cultural globalization", in fact they are propagating "the globalization of American culture", they are eliminating the characteristics and originality of national culture, and thus weakening the sovereignty of the nation-state . Because each nation has its own unique way of life, thinking, and emotions, it is impossible to completely "transform" into an American cultural model, let alone a "universal" global culture.

  "A firm grasp of the leadership of ideological work" requires us to build a socialist discourse system with Chinese characteristics in the new era, strengthen China's discourse power, and let people all over the world truly understand the essence of Chinese culture and truly understand socialist China. China’s development philosophy and development goals, and an objective understanding of China’s contribution to the common cause of human peaceful development; on the other hand, while strengthening the management of the cultural market and cyberspace, it also enhances China’s innovative strength and cultural soft power, and actively explores the use of the Internet A new way to promote Chinese culture, tell Chinese stories, and make a sound Chinese voice, so as to more specifically resolve the cultural penetration of Western countries.


This is painfully unfunny.


So they are going to stop building Israel then?


Sino-Israeli relations are weird; like everyone else, China wants Israeli tech. The J-10 apparently had an Israeli design house provide the basic design, and the Israeli Phalcon AWACS design was supposed to be sent to China until the US nixed it.

On the other hand, Iran is an SCO member. The Chinese seem to be trying to develop a Iran-Turkey-Pakistan axis to contain India as well as to weaken the United States in the Middle East, and at least one of the TIP countries has a hate-on for Israel.

Generally, this is why I sell moderate positions with Israel; i.e, the Israelis need to be pressured to behave, but the "prize" of Israeli tech and R&D capability can't be destroyed in the process.



There's also, for the Chinese, a big bonus on breaking up the American world system. The French, after the AUKUS debacle, declared to the Americans that they and the Europeans wanted independence from the American world system and to be an independent political pole.

The Israelis, likewise, were selling out the Americans (fucking over the Americans and then exploiting Holocaust guilt when the Americans complain is an Israeli hobby) to the Chinese, until the Americans tried grabbing the Israeli balls.

Getting the Israelis to bail out of the American World System is a plus for China, but it depends on whether the Chinese can actually get the Israelis to defect, #1, and #2, whether the quasi-allies (Iran, etc) will put up with having Israel within the Chinese camp or neutral with security guarantees.


Sounds like a long winded way to say they will maintain their long-standing economic and military alligntment with Israel



I'm giving a maybe. Israeli publications are saying they're ditching China for the United States (again), but you don't know whether to take them at face value or treat it as yet another anti-American scam. If Israel joins the US-led blockade, then it doesn't matter what China wants (just as China is constrained from having Iran as a quasi-ally), business is just impossible and if there's political capital to be gained by helping Hamas etc, it's the "game theory optimal" path.


ok, lib


File: 1634121960326.jpg (107.88 KB, 960x960, 37lvf76mp1t71.jpg)


China’s Social Credit System Is Actually Quite Boring
A supposedly Orwellian system is fragmented, localized, and mostly targeted at businesses.


Fun fact, 70% of the punishments resulting from a low social credit score are applied to private business and 20% to public institutions. It's not a system designed to primarily go after individuals, and then again what are the sanctions for them? Oh you can't take the high speed train, you take the slow train so you'll know how it feels to travel like an US citizen. Very Orwellian yes.

So I feel like since the majority of the victims who are targeted by this evil totalitarian system are bourgeois businesses (and state institutions) the media detractors could very well be seething porkies who can't get over the fact their profits and privileges are cut for not following the law

And if I might add some thought, this system actually handicaps you more the richer you are. If you're poor you don't take the high speed train, you don't sleep at five stars hotel, you can't borrow money, so a bad score will change your life less than someone who does all this shit. Whereas in most countries if you get a fine for example it handicaps you more the poorer you are.

The only really unjust stuff that I read is about children who apparently can't go to some private school/college in result of their parents bad score.




Did the glowies suddenly tell AP and FP to shut the China propaganda mill down? Why are the backing down now? Did nobody beside asenine redditors belive them when they said Xinjiang is a organ harvesting open air concentration camp masqurading as a province?


There might be a mild push for detente coming from some factions of the american bourg.



We can probably trace a lot of the anti-Chinese sentiment to the American / Western fuck-ups with COVID-19. 1 million Americans did not need to die from COVId, and 2 million Americans did not need to get long-COVID.

Since COVID-19 is running down, the anti-Chinese distraction is no longer necessary, and heavy inflation in the United States is dampening the economic recovery. Guess who exports deflation? The Chinese.


Nooooo my freedom to exploit for profit!!


>Did the glowies suddenly tell AP and FP to shut the China propaganda mill down?
No because that's not how Western media propaganda is structured. Actually read Parenti ffs.


Just explain goddamn uygha
Are you the same sabo uygha that’s always been here?


Who the fuck cares for ratios? The problem is not ratio, it's how the people live in reality. Neither GDP or GDP PPP reflect that, they instead reflect how nice it is for the bourgeoisie to invest in a country.

Oh wow, countries with a higher percentage of capitalists have higher living standards! What the fuck is wrong with you?

Made in China, assembled in USA


>Just explain goddamn uygha
TLDR is that Western news media outlets are not (usually) literally run by glowies, but instead are shaped by a number of factors in a pro-capitalist and pro-imperialist direction. These include being porky owned, a need to avoid alienating advertisers, drawing on biased sources of information (capitalist governments, porky NGOs and think tanks, etc), and a need to appeal to an audience that has mostly internalized liberal ideology. In other words it has systemic bias that allows it to serve a propagandistic function, but it's not as if Langley just told them to stop being so hysterical about social credit or whatever.
>Are you the same sabo uygha that’s always been here?
Yes but there's at least one other.
>Oh wow, countries with a higher percentage of capitalists have higher living standards!
Not what I was saying at all, just that countries can have both high living standards and low industrial output.


Yeah I'm saying based.


“Muh Inflation” is a retarded Conservative and Libertarian Meme used to create a phony and hysterical justification for Austerity (ie. gutting the Social Safety Net for the Working Class). It’s not surprising that Dengoids would appropriate this “Muh Inflation” bogeyman as the Capitalist, Imperialist, and Fascist state of Dengist China implements the Neoliberal economic policies that Republicans could only dream about, LOL.


>Be Iran
>1/60th of Chinese economy
<Directly help to build and/or organize a network of groups in hard opposition to Israel through Syria/Iraq/Lebanon/Palestine/Yemen (even if they're mostly liberating by themselves), with proved sleeper cell groups in Azerbaijian and contacts even in Afghanistan

China has 6000% of Iran's economic power, why couldnt they support socialist forces in the Middle East against Israel?


They don't want or need to do that


Because Dengist China is a Capitalist, Imperialist, and Fascist state that acts as a giant Sweatshop for Wall Street/Silicon Valley while LARPing as a “Rising Socialist Superpower”, LOL.


Rent free


Read Martin Kitchen’s fascism to know what fascism is before you make such retard claims.


File: 1634152793330.jpeg (84.02 KB, 828x982, FBYb2s4XIAUujQm.jpeg)

Uhh is Chen actually pro-rape?


😔 Good bye, comrade Angela!


This man has always been boldly stupid at throwing out uncritical shit for the sake of the nation. He's a dumb ass Patriot, he's a good blunt tool but no intellectual or thinker for his nation. Nothing wrong with dumb as a screw patriots, as I said they're good tools but, you're not going to have a good critical discussion with a one track mind soldier.


do you know what it means to be raped?


non consented impregnation sounds close enough


>sounds close enough
That's not how law works.


Oh we care about the law now so I guess enhanced interrogation technique is not torture.


Yes, anon, I'd say that 99.9% of people on political forums "care about the law" since it effects everybody.


If you dont pretend that you dont torture and kill enemy spies its one thing. But pretending to be the good guys who dont torture and throw people in mass graves and doing it at the same time is questionable.


That's nice, anon, but you won't find a court on Earth where "close enough" would be taken as proof of anything, let alone of such serious charge as rape.


It's not law but just knowing how to fucking talk. Close enough to rape does not mean rape lmao.

What if the female bites the condom? What if she takes it off? Is that rape?

You're just a retarded faggot.


>Close enough to rape does not mean rape
What if it's 99% rape? Is that still not rape in your Holy Law Book?


>muh rape
Glowuyghurs need better material. This isnt doing the trick. We have starving people because you people in one end and one propaganda psyop in one end. Where does the goddess of law weight with her scale?


>What if the female bites the condom? What if she takes it off? Is that rape?
Gender has nothing to do with this. If you consent to have protected sex that doesn't mean you consent to have non protected sex. If your partner put the protection away and continue without telling you then it's basically rape. It's shouldn't be that hard to grasp.


Not how deductive logic works bro.


Rape has nothing to do whether sex is protected or not.


>basically rape
That's a very weird way of saying "objectively not rape."


Who gives a shit. We are talking about mass murdering soft handed rich people and you cry about one rape. You have to back to reddit and then your boss and choose a better assignment this isnt for you.


Once my gf was in an experimental mood and put her finger in my anus while sucking me off without my consent.

I'm a victim of rape.


There are also Russian-Israeli ties, helped in part by the million Russian Jews who moved there and are probably why Israel survived the 1980s when things were looking shaky. I think Israel is also the only country aside from Russia and some Russia-aligned post-Soviet countries to have a Victory Day parade commemorating the Soviet victory over the Nazis.


Cope, stealthing is rape, it's already the law in many places.


The whole topic was on rape to begin with. Follow the fucking arrows, I know it's hard to do if you're not acquainted with imageboards and want to deflect with 'muH ReDdIt"


Please don't become a lawyer.


Raping somebody with a condom on is considered to be a polite form of rape. Ask yourself: would you rather be raped with or without a condom? Everybody would say with one.

When a rapist uses a condom he in essence is apologizing in advance: "I'm sorry I had to rape you, but I'm not a mean guy, I don't want to give you STDs."

Honestly, condom rape is basically not even rape. It's close enough to a kind gesture, a little gift.


This isn't an argument.


It's basically an argument. It's close enough to an argument.

You say that post is not an argument. Ask yourself: on a scale from 1 to 10 how much not an argument that post is? You say 8. Now ask yourself: on a scale from 1 to 10 how much not a dinosaur that post is? You say 9.

Clearly, that post is closer to being an argument than to being a dinosaur.

QED: that post is basically an argument. It's close enough to an argument.


based retard


Yeah that isn’t ok.


How so? I know there's a fair bit of it but how is it specifically problematic to PRC?


Given Christianity is a huge problem in China, why doesn't China physically round them all up and kill them?


I’d prefer them going after human traffickers and billionaires first.


Does anyone have the Andrew Anglin article about china that was posted some days ago? I want to read his ramblings.


>can sue offenders for damages but no criminal charges can be brought forward
Yup, it's still not rape.


Christianity is a problem for all asia, they're a literal cult that destroys families in Korea, Japan, China and SEA.

Based china for destroying the cancer that organized religion is.


File: 1634163238084.jpg (3.25 MB, 3264x2448, 'Citation_needed'.jpg)

>a huge problem


File: 1634163326444.gif (1.14 MB, 250x250, sensible chuckle.gif)


>when the state has more time to intervene directly into your sexual behaviors than solving the contradictions of capitalism
Chen is right. What has that to do with socialism? Rich people who want to pull condoms will travel to places where they can pull condoms, and worst, how you prove something in he says she says thing where it is not even leaving scars, bruises, etc?
Imagine paying taxes to create a new governmental branch based on such a thing. What would it be their name?
Special Condom Pull Unit? Cum Investigators in Anti-Condom Pull Unit?


>can we have a social program that fights back real-estate speculator
<That's socialism
Can we have a meaningless act that intervenes in personal lives with impossible shit to prove that only rich people will be doing?



You really need to go back.


then they are not internationalist and cannot be said to be socialist


> why couldnt they support socialist forces in the Middle East against Israel?
Are you delirious? what socialist state is present currently in ME besides the destroyed Ba'athism in Syria?


Nobody cares about your gate keeping shit.


File: 1634165656663.png (304.91 KB, 749x697, rfg.PNG)

lol some dude made a site that randomly generates headlines about China in the style of Western propaganda rags.



there is no citation at all given for the claim China funded the Maoists

Equally, there is no citation given for the part IN YOUR OWN SOURCE which says the Chinese directly funded the Mujihadeen.

Lmao. Dengoids dare to criticise others for their sourcing

here is your source dengoid saying the opposite of what you said, and I will give a page reference like you didn't: p139

But by early 1979 relations between the two countries were rapidly declining. Following a meeting with Amin , Carter Administration NSC official Thomas P. Thornton recounted providing a negative assessment of the regime that influenced the US to suspend its assistance program to Afghanistan, a decision reinforced by the “Dubs Affair.” In mid-1979,
the Carter administration began to provide non-lethal aid to the Afghan resistance movement. The Reagan administration would indeed inherit an active program of covert military aid to the Mujahaddin that had begun in December 1979 (though some conference participants suggested that a USfunded arms pipeline was in place as early as August 1979—an assertion repudiated by some of the CIA officials present). In the early 1980s, under the leadership of CIA Director William Casey, this aid program expanded into a sophisticated
coalition effort to train the mujahadin resistance fighters, provide them with arms, and fund the whole operation. In 1980,
the government of Saudi Arabia decided to share the costs of this operation equally with the United States. In its full range of activities, the coalition included the intelligence services
of the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, and China. According to the former CIA station chief in Pakistan, Milton Bearden, at the height of the covert
assistance program in 1986-1987 the coalition was injecting some 60,000 tons of weapons, ammunition, and communications equipment per year into the Afghan war.

ON TOP OF THAT, the source you provided dengoid, also seems to think it rational to believe the words of CIA officials in certain contexts about their operations, which you also complained about the other posters doing.


Dengoids can't into citation. Massive cope. China funded the Mujihadeen, according to dengoids own sources that they themselves provided. End of discussion, BTFO


you have absolutely no idea what the term gatekeeping means. Lets not make something else a cliche and buzzword.


you have absolutely no idea what the terms cliche and buzzword mean. Lets not make something else gatekeeping.


a childs response. A cliche is when a word becomes overused and loses its meaning. So if you overuse the word gatekeeping it loses its meaning, which you are doing.

I'm not stopping anyone from doing anything using a position of authority by pointing out chinas piss poor foreign policy

Gatekeeping would be if I was, idk, a trade union rep, and I used my position to stultify organic organising efforts in order to maintain control of the union


>here is your source dengoid saying the opposite of what you said, and I will give a page reference like you didn't: p139

You realize that "China Intelligence involvement" / training and funding them? It is a spook who said that anyway. and not was given details. The only really given detail from the communist cables in the cold war link is that China trained Maoists.


>inb4 the dark side of china's war on drugs



Except that this is literally how Mao defeated the KMT.

Full-scale war between the CPC and KMT meant that the KMT-held territories experienced massive inflation, which further diminished trust in the KMT and caused economic collapse.

US inflation is about 4.9% CPI annualized right now. When China's energy crisis creates a supply shortage, we can expect US CPI to remain for longer, and for the Federal Reserve to raise rates sooner. The Federal Reserves raising rates sooner and starting a liquidity shock is going to create at least a small financial crisis stateside.


>You realize that "China Intelligence involvement" / training and funding them?
it literally say its right there in the words there is no other way to read them.

So what if its a spook? Half the things we know about the CIA are because spooks say these things and nobody cares, they are proud of what they did, they think the CIA is good.

Why do you trust the part of your article which says what you want it to, but no the part which doesn't?

>The only really given detail from the communist cables in the cold war link is that China trained Maoists.

you are literally denying words right in front of you for everyone to see

"The Reagan administration would indeed inherit an active program of covert military aid to the Mujahaddin that had begun in December 1979 (though some conference participants suggested that a US funded arms pipeline was in place as early as August 1979—an assertion repudiated by some of the CIA officials present). In the early 1980s, under the leadership of CIA Director William Casey, this aid program expanded into a == sophisticated
coalition effort to train the mujahadin resistance fighters, provide them with arms, and fund the whole operation. == In 1980,
the government of Saudi Arabia decided to share the costs of this operation equally with the United States. In its full range of activities, the coalition included the intelligence services of the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, and China."

dengkiddies are a cult


>it literally say its right there in the words there is no other way to read them.
No, what it says is that there was involvement, in the process, there wasn't an explanation on to which extend? Training? That's your personal interpretation. Arms? that's your personal interpretation.
The only explicit thing said was that China trained Maoists.
>So what if its a spook?
Do we objectively believe what spooks say? For every single truth, they say they disguise them with lies or half-truths.
I haven't seen one single reliable proof from communists, again, I read the moronic works from Gorbaschov and he didn't accuse China of funding the mujahidin. If a sold-out like that didn't have the basis on doing such an accusation, I won't believe spooks.
>you are literally denying words right in front of you for everyone to see
No, you want to anyone believe whatever shit from China is bad coming from spooks. What's next, Uyghur genocide happened? where to stop? China social credit put lives in an orwellian dystopia? where to stop? human organ trafficking is happening? WHERE TO STOP? WHEN THE WORLD INVADES CHINA TO SAVE CHINA FROM CHINA?
Fuck off. Word salads from spooks are word salads. Nothing else.
>In its full range of activities, the coalition included the intelligence services of the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, and China."
Again, that could be anything. If I want to fund Maoists, and the CIA would love to destroy the Afghan state, I need to contact the CIA because they are also funneling resources there.
You are the one reading what you want.
Anyway, I am still waiting for communists sources.
Sabotard just dilated everything and said he had, but never brought his.


<Four years after Beijing launched a brutal crackdown that swept up to a million or more Uyghurs and other mostly Muslim minorities into detention camps and prisons, its control of Xinjiang has entered a new era.
Some guy on Twitter pointed out this "highlight". Up to a million or more means any number below or above a million… Imagine writing this crap. What goes on in the head of such a person?


>>546078 (me)
In any case, that's aChristian Friedrich Ostermann introduction, a guy who worked in another spooked institution.
FFS, I only care about the cables, and even so, they could be edited, but by the time that bulletin was posted the need to shit on communism wasn't too urgent.


He should add "But at what cost?"

>China eliminates extreme poverty…but at what cost?

>Innovation in China is booming…but at what cost?


>sino soviet split, much wow


China haters, gonna hate.
Personally, I find hilarious these drones arriving itt to shit on China while they can't start a socialist revolution in their western countries.
Guess they have their priorities very well CIA paid, kek, they wish organized.



Best part of it is that everything is true. Every action incurs an opportunity cost, every choice of configuration has drawbacks. It's tautologically true, and they're attacking based on tautological truths.


Shut up, pseud.


He's right, tho.



The point is that we can virtually make the same articles about literally anything. It's tautological criticism that's valid for everything.

"Man gets full stomach! But at what cost?"


File: 1634176241746-0.jpg (93.04 KB, 580x426, e15-615.jpg)

File: 1634176241746-1.jpg (145.73 KB, 403x580, pc-1964-008.jpg)

Imperialism and all reactionaries are all paper tigers

American imperialism is the common enemy of all the people in the world!


man i love Chinese posters, they're so sincere



>That’s the sort of import dependency economists associate with Third World countries dependent on former colonial powers. US exports to China during the past 12 months were only 30% of China’s exports to the US.

Guess fucking what, this "giant sweatshop" closing for any amount of time and not providing supplies to USA would result in huge economic problems for USA, as their economy is pure parasitism - they sell off OTHERS' resources to import stuff from China.

You know that economics tend towards cutting out the parasite? Towards solving the contradicitions in some way? Parasitically super-dependent on Chinese imports USA will get cut out of the world economy eventually.


I love this take western leftists have. It assumes that USA is magically super-super-super efficient, it has no real economic problems save "distribution of incomes", and anyone who points out systemic problems in the US is just a foreign nationalist wanting to see USA's downfall! It's like second international's position, isn't it?


>Not what I was saying at all, just that countries can have both high living standards and low industrial output.

Because they are parasites living off labor in other countries. It's not rocket science, tax havens exist, which provide for their public services to the populace via lower taxes to capitalists from abroad, rich neighbourhoods exist, which all have poor neighborhoods in vicinity to provide them servant labor.


The USSR's internationalist commitments are what doomed it to fail



I might have pointed this out in this thread, but China saw major economic disruptions in provinces due to Delta COVID containment measures, with multiple cities and regions ordered to quarantine to control Delta.

Moreover, recently, the Chinese had to shut down their factories due to price controls on electricity prices during high coal prices triggering grid failures. This is going to create some level of economic shock Stateside.


American cope is priceless!

China's quarantines nowadays are a joke - they are quarantining off like dozens of people at a time and enforce masks and temperature check points. That's not going to disrupt shit.

"Shut down their factories" looks like factories cutting their workhours or working at nighttime instead of daytime. Again, nothingburger.


File: 1634198991311.jpg (391.68 KB, 1080x1611, 3gowqzd7qct71.jpg)

Based Biden


Frankly, my view isn't that China's economy has weakened, but that survivable shocks to the Chinese economy will cause disproportionate effect stateside.

The Fed raising rates earlier than expected due to heavy inflation will cause a correction in the markets.


>Word salads from spooks are word salads. Nothing else.
Yeah, I also don't believe a word of the confessions at Nuremburg because all those guys were Nazis!


gommunism is when I don't like something


Those kinds of "news articles" never get old.
>I am from [formerly socialist country that underwent market liberalisation in the last 30 years] and what is happening in the US with [bureaucratic process | something I don't like | social progress | technological advancement] is just like the communism I experienced as a two year old in my country!


>survived Maoist China
Looks like a cadre got lazy


You know Sino-nats were giving critical support to Trump during the (first) Trump era, right? So expecting Chinese-Americans to sabotage America is de rigeur.


You can read Nuremberg trials and see the evidence. Nazis were trying to deny their crimes, then under the weight of the evidence and expert trolling from the Soviet prosecution, just like trots and rightists before in USSR itself they did "confessions". Is it so rare a sight that criminals go from denial to pleas of forgiveness over the span of court proceedings?



precisely the opposite is the case, the USSRs dog shit foreign policy (after a certain point) made it isolated, lacking allies, and also doomed several socialist revolutions, such as in Grenada, Greece and Nicaragua. The USSR also had a part to play in the Sino Soviet split which was fundamentally retarded.

They tried to have to firm a grip on the revolutions around the globe, and would not co-operate where their grip was not as firm as they would like, then relinquished all aid or became actively obstructive.

While I can understand the tactical mistakes made, given the extremely high pressure situation of being the leader of the global revolution, they were indeed mistakes, and hindsight shows this clearly.


it's really ironic because she says it reminds her of the cultural revolution but the people violently targeting teachers this time are not the Maoists, it's the right wing nutters crowd foxnews is pandering to in this article.
So yeah, literally 1984


When will the Chinese start producing good media?


When they stop trying to copy americ*n capeshit and return to maoist musicals.


From one American to another, what the fuck does communist tactics fucking mean? Woke scolding? Woke scolding is noting new, during the war of independence people who didn’t care for the war got tar and feathered for being loyalists and trying to stay neutral. It’s very obvious that every society entering a new era destroys its old social intercourse, making way for new ones. I fucking am tired of these people.



South Korea hit the 10,000 USD GDP per capita barrier around 2000, and then hit 24,000 USD GDP per capita around 2007. About 8 years later, K-pop started to take off, although K-dramas were a thing around 2007.

China's currently slated to hit around 20,000 USD GDP per capita around 2035, but I'll point out that there's already decent Chinese soft power products (mobile gaming, Genshin) that are very lucrative.


It's just your usual foxnews nonsense over the top propaganda piece, they simply play on people's emotions about communism (evil/bad). I'm not an American but I was curious so by investigating during a whole 5 minutes I found out how this school org complained about a country wide phenomenon of parents becoming violent and threatening toward school staff in regard to covid related health safety measures. And now foxnews defend the people who violently attack teachers for forcing children to wear masks by saying it's communism to do so.


>be Asian woman
>move to the US to marry a white man
>espouse virulently anti-communist politics
many such cases!


>It’s very obvious that every society entering a new era destroys its old social intercourse
This kind of shit is even more mundane than that, since even societies not in the midst of serious change have various mechanisms to constantly reinforce the social order and ruling ideology through coercion and social pressure.


>implying communists weren't there.


You won't see this on the news or maybe they will put a spin and say that in "china" a building collapsed.


*Building caught fire


>be me
>live in america
>look at all the american collapse shit
>im in danger.jpg
>oh wait i live in california
>cals probably going to be xi's bitch than suffer any fullscale collapse

Its better than nothing I guess


Yep, better China hurries up and save you rather than people doing something meaningful.


the amount of time it will take for californians to finally get their act together is the time it takes when fdr finally rises up from his grave and creates a new deal with lich characteristics regime

aka california is so fucked up with liberalism, identity politics, champagne socialism, and etc that i honestly believe the only way california will become better is if it becomes a chinese puppet state


On a scale from 1-10 how much of a meme is Calexit?


10, its never gonna happen, there was never a real movement for calexit

and when i say real i mean every single group organization and movement was either a meme due to utter insignificance or that it was led and created by "special" people

aka it will never happen



well never happened until america collapses. But at that point all states will probably secede and form their own unique groups


Boy, that's taking revolutionary defeatism to another level.


File: 1634238343940.jpg (69.05 KB, 848x477, entries.jpg)

The best thing for everyone is an independent and communist Taiwan. I've received death threats from every political party on both sides of the strait amd the US government, that's how I know it's right.


and its also being honest about the situation in california. Let me fucking tell you when you live in cal and see all the radlibs, identity libs, libs posing as socialist libs, america antifa libs, one party state libs you start getting disillusioned and start embracing doomerism.
literally the only hope i have right now is for china and russia going socialist(since they are one of the few countries where communists can take over)

and you can do the reason why the situation is like this is the economic conditions which i agree, but if the crisis of capitalism happens all i see is either fascism or fdr style new dealism taking over and save capitalism due to how socialism has become such an utter bad thing in the average american pysche.


File: 1634238985005.mp4 (2.83 MB, 614x720, RETURN-OF-THE-KING.mp4)

Yeah that's based but what about more… Hear me out:
Landback for Taiwanese indigenous population


You spend too much time explaining to me why all sucks, a precious time you could use to get this libs out of their puddle some in a cesspit where they swim.


How does /prc/ feel about armed reunification in a scenario where the majority of Taiwanese desire independence?


>bitching about California as you fantasize about places you don’t understand
Boohoo boohoo if only the “optics” could appeal to you!!!! You are the people, after all


It'll just be a giant SEZ like Hong Kong


Doomerism is the worst shit ever. If anything, socialism is about pride, happiness, hope, cheerfulness, and thriving for the future, even if you don't reach it.


True, but our aspirations can’t come from “my home sucks!” It needs to come from “think of what we can achieve where we are”
Regardless, an honest portrayal of other regional polarities would be good enough but this guy seems to think he’ll have red orgasms the second he leaves at best Fresno at worst the Bay Area. Won’t happen, he will have to face his reality head on blue hair sjw and all


do you have any examples?


Not that anon, but the U.S. MSM is populated with ex spooks, at the point, some channels have 30% to 40% of their new hosts being ex-senior security or intelligence advisors (spooks)
Not calling them state media agencies is a forgiving actitude, IMO.


The term you're looking for is SAR, special administrative region.


Very good, but the PLA needs to have the resolve to interdict any flights out of Taiwan carrying fugitives and shoot down aircraft that don't comply. Justice must be served to independence movement leaders.


The funny thing is that like South Korea, Taiwan’s political bureaucracy is even less democratic than western democracies. The political party, if it could be called that, that runs these countries are essentially a one party dictatorship and nothing can be changed, just the illusion of democracy. Any social unrest in these countries probably gets stopped out by the government before it can grow and if those governments don’t catch it then the US government will certainly shut it down.

This is why you don’t see Bernie Sanders types or Corbyn, or Trump or La Penn or whatever politically charged candidates in their political elections in Taiwan and South Korea respectively. The irony about South Korea is that despite their westernization, they kind of really don’t like Americans, the citizens I mean, at least the most politically active among them. So South Korea or Taiwan cannot ever have a political candidate or party that stirs the pot. They are truly efficient dictatorships of the bourgeoisie.


>Webinar: The Propaganda War Against China

Highly recomended.


give it a decade that shit takes a while



That guy is a burger schizo who posts the same shit every time his ban expires. Don't waste your time replying, report and move on.



>So South Korea or Taiwan cannot ever have a political candidate or party that stirs the pot. They are truly efficient dictatorships of the bourgeoisie.
Yeah, I think there's a reason why these class warfare movies (Snowpiercer, Parasite) come from South Korea. They can't do anything politically about it, but they'll make twisted movies about it.


I read a book about Mao and his career and each line in vid related more or less correlates with each sequential policy it outlined.


File: 1634288969373.mp4 (9.72 MB, 640x480, wandering.mp4)

>man i love Chinese posters, they're so sincere
Party posters for sure. But I just think irony doesn't permeate Chinese culture as much as it does in western countries. It's not like they lack the concept of irony or don't make ironic jokes, but there's just more earnestness. I don't watch a lot of movies, but I watched one of the Marvel movies and it was shocking to me because it was just lame, ironic jokes the whole movie. "The Wandering Earth" has the characters deciding to save the world, and they're acting exactly like they're going to save the world and there's no "joke" or doubt about it. But a Marvel movie would be like "oh gee, here we go again… saving the world… well that'll build character har har." And then the other superhero will crack wise and say "well at least it'll further the plot!" and wink at the camera.


What access to meat does to a mother fucker:
>Average height of Chinese men increased nearly 9 cm over 35 years, largest of over 200 countries and regions. Chinese women saw the 3rd largest rise over the same period.
<the increase of height of Chinese children is the result of better nutrition from milk and meat that older generations did not have.
Midget vegans on suicide watch.


US Embassy paying $1K USD per anti-China story in Zimbabwe | Disinformation plot uncovered by Zimbabwe's largest newspaper The Herald


>The Dark Side of China's War on Terrorism
>The CCP's authoritarian crackdown on neurodivergent farm animals is having serious consequences for podcast hosts and may signal the beginning of the War on Christmas going nuclear.


File: 1634312016044-0.jpg (25.39 KB, 827x526, FBorO5cVIAEmReR.jpg)

File: 1634312016044-1.jpg (27.69 KB, 827x545, FBorO5GVUAIqqN2.jpg)

File: 1634312016044-2.jpg (26.13 KB, 827x561, FBorO5JUcAA-DBs.jpg)

File: 1634312016044-3.jpg (31.98 KB, 827x546, FBorO5ZUUAMHNZP.jpg)

File: 1634312016044-4.jpg (72.73 KB, 1661x1536, FBs9-00VkBAbNyt.jpg)

I mean its not like they make it hard to mimic


It's super funny but it would be better if the subtext was plausible. Something like the postmodernism generator. https://www.elsewhere.org/pomo/


Yep and to add to my post, when I said it’s an efficient dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, this proves it even more. Even with their “free of speech” and “freedom of expression” in their art, you’ll so much of anti-capitalism and anti-imperialism but they obviously cannot do anything about it when it comes to political life. Basically: you can have all your “freedoms” just don’t bring that to government. You can complain, but do not think you can do anything directly, not even a right wing reactionary isolationist.


>>546079 (me)
The guy was Nury Vittachi: https://twitter.com/NuryVittachi/status/1447387112668491780 There's also a response by a professional journo with blue checkmark and zero self-awareness.


Chinese are quite optimistic about the future, while westerners assume that it's going at the very best only stagnate.


>"The Wandering Earth" has the characters deciding to save the world, and they're acting exactly like they're going to save the world and there's no "joke" or doubt about it.

If I remember well what's really cool about this movie is that it features just some normies trying to go on an adventure and ending up taking responsibility for saving the world… But they only start up one of the many thousands of engines, they just do one small essential part, but it takes the collaboration of plenty of people among all nations. It's "realist" in that sense, there's no caped superpowered weirdo saving the day, but the will of individuals trough organized masses. The book was better tho


you say you're not a rogue state?


maybe because of their rise?


Chinat names for the United States:

-Uncle Satan
-Rogue Hegemon


>Midget vegans on suicide watch.
rent free, veganchads don't even have to show up for some seething meatfag to start screeching about them






File: 1634328389127.jpg (29.83 KB, 500x500, 1592926779817.jpg)

der meatfag shows his true colors once again, all he ever thinks about is murdering other living creatures for food. belongs in one camp with the uighurs and other evolutionary failures


File: 1634359220087.webm (3.99 MB, 426x240, 1634261745149.webm)






Why are continental chinese banned from from forming unions as a counter to capital power while taiwanese are free to do so?

Shouldn't it be the opposite if the PRC is socialist and ROC capitalist? Why are there more worker's rights in Taiwan?



>Why are continental chinese banned from from forming unions
They are not. Who told you this lie?


see >>549182
They are not allowed to negotiate with capital directly, they are forced to to join/give all nagotiating power to the only allowed "trade union", who doesn't even claim to purely repressent worker's intrest.


>They are not allowed to negotiate with capital directly,
Uhhh… that's what trade unions are for. If workers only negotiated with capital directly then they would never achieve anything. Wildcat strikes necessarily stay sporadic and therefore weak.

>they are forced to to join/give all nagotiating power to the only allowed "trade union"

I get it. It's not a real trade union. Meawhile in the West union density is shit and has been falling for decades. Who cares if in China the only trade union is able to achieve high wage growth to go along with the high economic growth? In the West I get to pick and choose between trade unions (which are weak even when taken together and most likely one of the biggest trade union federations is an ultracucked christian democratic trade union federation) and in theory I can start a union on my own which is able to represent the workers' true interest (which just never seems to materialize). But wait… if Chinese trade unions are controlled by the state and in reality they are actually able to represent the workers' interests…. could it be that China is a worker's state?


Listen I come here talking smack about China all the time ask the xiboos but Taiwan is fucking cringe and was literally built by far right nationalists who became more fascist and US aligned as time went on, being used a base to send literal axis power troops against China, the phillipines and so on.

Stop being cringe and he based


>looks malnutritioned as fuck


>In the us the trade unions own the government
Kek what gay shit is this.

This board really needs a large injection of proper union consciousness


The Chinese are only allowed to be part of the state-sanctioned unions, which are often just state muppets.

That said, every organization over a certain size must have a Communist Party cell (even Chinese subsidiaries of multinationals), so China does things differently.


US or for that matter French unions have major issues.

Japanese unions tend to attempt to increase output in order to embarrass the management, which does not damage the firm's productivity. German unions are legally mandated a position on the Board of Directors of any large German corporation.


The problem with unions is that they try to seize surplus value, when the proportion of surplus value that goes to labor vs capital is a complex matter that both involves living standards and business competitiveness.


>which are often just state muppets.

Why are western leftists act like this? Proletarian state does trade unions. Why are they so vehemently against the most efficient worker organization into unions in history? "Hurrdurr, if workers don't join with each other without the state, it doesn't count"?

See here https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2012/01/how-china-stays-stable-despite-500-protests-every-day/250940/ Supposedly corrupted by the state unions produce more strikes and protests per day than supposedly independent trade unions elsewhere. Also, in response to "b-but they can't protest the state!!!1", you fucking NEED to prove that western unions engaging in politicking is better than opposing your direct boss. I mean, China has real wage growth higher than inflation and improving living standards, while political slacktivisim of western unions produces what, exactly?


>Japanese unions tend to attempt to increase output in order to embarrass the management, which does not damage the firm's productivity.

Maximum cuckoldry.

>The problem with unions is that they try to seize surplus value, when the proportion of surplus value that goes to labor vs capital is a complex matter that both involves living standards and business competitiveness.

Oh no, bourgeoisie getting to be less parasitic! That hinders the economic performance of the economy!!!1

Don't be a retard, unions seizing surplus value leads only to bourgeoisie getting smaller share of a pie. Total elimination of bourgeoisie from the equation will not reduce productivity whatsoever.


>if Chinese trade unions are controlled by the state and in reality they are actually able to represent the workers' interests…. could it be that China is a worker's state?

No, because state bad, freedom (for the bourgeoisie to do whatever they want unopposed by the proletarian state) good.


>Yeah fuck Marx. In fact, fuck communism, Marx was just a kooky old drunk that didn’t understand economics! Fuck all the shit Marx did into the labor vs capital dynamic, fuck all that class struggle shit, it totally doesn’t exist! Marx was wrong! Milton Freidman was right!


Problem is, capital goods are produced by surplus value. Even in the Soviet Union you had surplus value and the extraction of surplus value, except that it was handled by the state instead of by capitalists.


>The Chinese are only allowed to be part of the state-sanctioned unions, which are often just state muppets.
they in fact loved its citizens that they provided them with unions like that.
>Why are western leftists act like this
>western leftists
you have literally answered your question anon


Except these are wildcat strikes for the most part not union mandated strikes


>Why are continental chinese banned from from forming unions as a counter to capital power while taiwanese are free to do so?

Hi, mr. FED, here, an old study shows that even in 1965 there was already unions formed.
>b-but they are banned
No, they exist and regulate heavily companies inside the mainland:
Even universities have unions:
https://gh.pku.edu.cn/ and recent post-show they are forming and voting for new union members.


Do you know what surplus value is? Surplus value isn’t the same as surplus labor.


Do it, then.


Surplus value in Marxism is defined as the value generated in excess of the labor input and appropriated by capitalist exploiters. Added value in ortho-booj econ is the value generated in excess of all inputs.


File: 1634405895043.jpg (60.59 KB, 409x500, 1595523659050.jpg)

everyone here can smell your fear, burger


Surplus value is inherently attached to wages, surplus value does not exist without wages. Surplus labor is simply labor accumulated or labor time accumulated that can be used for time saving. This is expressed in cheaper commodities when a new machine is invented or production is changed to produce commodities for cheaper. Surplus labor has always existed in society and it is how classes of patricians and feudal lords could exist. Surplus value is a phenomena unique to capitalism and capitalism only. It is the cost of production of the machinery, materials and worker in the form of a minimum page and of course the unpaid surplus value that goes directly to the capitalist, basic enough yes? Marxism101, but without surplus value there are also no wages, all that’s left is the cost to produce whatever is needed to produce. Surplus labor becomes a clear time saving device for all of society to allow for expansion of production etc etc. Marx advocated for the abolition of wages and without wages there is no surplus value. What you are confusing are surplus value and surplus labor as the same thing.


>while political slacktivisim of western unions produces what, exactly?
They vote for Joe biden


I’ll tell you what’s not free… healthcare, childcare, holding your baby after is born

You might get shot for free though, until the ambulance picks you up though then it costs.


lmao, america is a fucking dictatorship bruh wake up. You have the biggest labour camps on earth, 700k death due to a virus, and more deaths from malnutrition than china.


Actually that fact is fundamental to communism it’s called the theory of surplus value


>murdering other living creatures for food
And your answer to it is… deforesting nature and destroying animal's habitats so farmers can plant your soy beans.

Truly brilliant, anon. I wouldn't have expected this retarded reasoning from anyone else other than vegantards.


Ummm, you're not getting what I'm saying. Surplus value is extracted, definitely, and it's part of the Marxist explanation of exploitation, but the capitalist system intrinsically requires surplus value to finance improvements in capital stock.

Without surplus value going to the bourgeoisie, there's no money available to finance factory expansions, and more importantly, there's no money available to finance factory maintenance as capital goods have a depreciation rate of 2-5% per year.



The capital stock to GDP ratio in the United States is actually quite low, implying that there's not enough investment being made in the United States for maximum efficiency. Likewise, if you look at a rapidly industrializing country like China, there is substantial demand for new capital stock every year.

This is the entire point of extracting surplus value from workers. The more surplus value that is extracted, the more money can go into capital stock.

Hell, arguably the Soviet Union was more extreme toward the end: "They pretend to pay us, we pretend to work", because the state in the Soviet Union was the entity responsible for extracting capital stock.


>I’ll tell you what’s not free… healthcare, childcare, holding your baby after is born
<Frredoombs arwen't frwee, u kno?


File: 1634413786524.jpg (120.8 KB, 1280x720, spurdo ebin new.jpg)




This is also why I'm arguing at least for the German system, and probably for the Japanese system, over an American / French style of labor unions.

There is a rational optimum for the divide of added value (back to Orthox-Booj econ) between workers and capital, but the American style of labor unions is intrinsically confrontational. Rather, the added value allocation between laborers and capital in an American system is divided based on what can be fought for, and this, first, creates a lot of wastage as working hours are sacrificed to strikes, and second, the added value allocation is not conducted rationally for what is best for the society, the workers, and the firm.


>"Hurrdurr, if workers don't join with each other without the state, it doesn't count"?
Obviously the concern is that if the unions are beholden to the state then they are unable to represent worker interests in situations wherein they may diverge from those of the state.
>Supposedly corrupted by the state unions produce more strikes and protests per day than supposedly independent trade unions elsewhere.
How many of those are independent actions by the rank and file, and how many are endorsed by the ACFTU?
>could it be that China is a worker's state?
Pretty hard to reconcile that notion with the labour conditions that were prevalent in the 90s and 2000s, and which the state backed union did fuck all to end.


better than deforesting nature and destroying animal's habitats to feed animals which you then kill. cope, meattard


socialism by 2050




File: 1634424520518.jpg (14.53 KB, 220x280, Hu_Jintao_Cannes2011.jpg)

Annons, whats up with this guy? There's usually a lot of post on this site about Mao, or Deng or Xi but rarely this guy? Was he based or not? Was his power level like Xis? Does he have a any kind of legacy?


Does he have a any kind of legacy?


wrong, he was bretty gud at ping pong. that's about it though, lel.


Werent he and Jiang responsible for major shifts to the right even relative to Deng? It was under them that Western liberals predicted China's imminent liberalization and absorption into the Western order was it not?


Jiang was responsible for a shit ton of corruption but the shifts to the right were a result of China being both militarily and economically weak in the 90s. Remember the UN rated the DPRK has having higher HDI than China in 1995. Hu was responsible for fuck all.


Lawl. Predicted? Cause them liberals weren't really right about that one.


jiang was responsible for the neoliberalization of the late 1990s. to be fair the soes was kinda bad at that point and after destroying them it gave hu and xi the chance to rebuild them and make them better and more efficent. But yeah jiang was responsible for the right shift.

Hu in the other hand stopped the reforms. It was under hu when the state started reengaging in things like economic planning, industrial policy,state backed national champions and etc. Of course economic planning industrial policies and espeically state backed national champions does not equal socialism but it does signal a shift from the neoliberalization that was seen under the jiang years



Hu was the proto xi

it was under hu that dengist reforms started ending and reversing

it was under him that the state started returning to things like economic projects, planning and industrial policies

it was under him that brought back good elements of chinese culture while mixing it with marxism.

Hu was in many ways a transitional figure a midway point from jiang to xi


Whose Jiang? Forgive me, I'm just a stupid American. But was he a predecessor to Jintao? I always thought it went Mao, Deng, Jintao, then Xi.


File: 1634426770355.png (60.59 KB, 220x110, ClipboardImage.png)

>Stupid american doesnt know frog man

but serious now

jiang was uh dengs succesor and he made china go 90 percent neo liberal. TBF the state enterprises werent great but idk if the solution was iteral to go so close to neoliberalism to the point china amost became neoliberal but under a one party state.


Hu is the family name and Jintao is the given name. Mao, Deng, Jiang, and Xi are all family names so if you refer to all the other leaders by family name you should refer to Hu that way as well.


Deng and Jiang should both be burnt alive as traitors of the nation and people who couped the Maoists our of the government.


without dengs opening up china would have been isolated once the soviet union fell and would have not developed. there has never been a succesful economy that developed through isolation.
and the gang of four deserved to be purged


actually no let me rephrase that it would have developed way slower and that would be bad for china


Based get for based dates.


The same Maoists who turned the Cultural Revolution into a cynical power grab and denied Zhou Enlai and Peng Dehuai cancer treatment because they were too cowardly to kill those two?


Good thing you corrected yourself because what you said at first was stupid as fuck. Also you’re still wrong - not fast enough, what the fuck? Mao dropped his isolationist shit after he got over the Sino-Soviet split. Before his death China had already been opened up with special economic zones that help bring a flourishing consumer economy. What Deng did was not what saved China, what Deng did is what created a shareholder class of party bureaucrats that fucked a lot of shit up while they got rich which led to the Tiananmen affair. Let me remind you that the majority of Maoists that criticized Deng and were popular with the masses were purged. Let me explain it to you in a way a person who doesn’t know anything about Chinese economic history would understand:

Mao in the early 60s was isolationist but realized that no country can act alone in the world of global capital, he opened up little by little and by the mid seventies before his death the economy he set up was great, it was socialist and it was growing and everyone benefited across the nation, every province developed equally with others, or at least the richest province wasn’t way ahead of the poorest province. What Deng did was give party bureaucrats shares of this growing economy; liberals hated this because they saw it as unfair, Maoists hated this because they were getting poorer and poorer because of inflation and stock jobbing which I remind you was not open to the public but only for party bureaucrats. First stock exchanges in China opened up in the 80s which led to economic problems and a pissed off population. There was no economic sense to this unless you were more interested in getting rich and getting your oligarchic friends rich. It’s like when the bourgeoisie tells you that they need their profits because without their profits you wouldn’t have you job.


I didn’t deny the excesses of the revolution but I can be for the cultural revolution and not compromise that position. You think in terms of black and white and not realist situation. Deng and Jiang were reactionaries that definitely needed to be executed for their traitorous actions. Zhou Enlai was wrongfully accused, I’m content with that this position.


This is a fantasy history of Chinese economic development. Go read Wen Tiejun.


That’s exactly my source you retard. Lmao. Did YOU read Wen Tiejun?


And yet, the environmental destruction that comes with your eating habits will kill them all regardless lmao
What a tard


Read Yuen Ang Ang's _China's Gilded Age_.

Chinese corruption actually enhanced China's economic development by allowing red tape to be cut and encouraging entrepreneurial and competitive behavior by bureaucrats to develop their regions. The problem with this is precisely how Yuen describes "access corruption"; i.e, it's like steroids that fuel a short-term economic boom while creating lasting negative social effects.

China's economy has to be thought of as something that originated in the far right (feudalism), moved to the far left, and is in a process of oscillating between left and right.

Left policies tend to produce strong human capital and governance frameworks permitting long-term economic growth, but they're terrible in the short-term with a low capital stock ceiling.

Right policies tend to promote strong economic growth in the short-term, but impose a tremendous human cost.

Xi's current socialist reforms are improving labor conditions, wealth and income inequality, and addressing the corruption created by the Jiang Zemin clique (Shanghai clique).

On the other hand, by socializing potential profits to restore social health and addressing key imbalances created by the expansion of capitalism within the socialist system, Xi is torpedo-ing the short-term growth of the Chinese economy.

It is obvious that there is going to be a round of deregulation either later on into Xi's tenure, or through one of Xi's successors, since China is only 1/7th as prosperous as the United States on a per capita basis.

China, unlike, say, France or Japan, does not have the luxury of being insulated from international competition by virtue of being a middle-power state, and has to drive economic growth in order to remain competitive with the United States and other foreign threats.

This means that China will eventually have to corrode its social welfare net again, one that's likely going to be strenuously and difficultly built up under the Xi government, but not before social and governmental health is at least partially restored.


>Obviously the concern is that if the unions are beholden to the state then they are unable to represent worker interests in situations wherein they may diverge from those of the state.

It's workers' state. You are speaking nonsense.

>How many of those are independent actions by the rank and file, and how many are endorsed by the ACFTU?

All of them.

>labour conditions that were prevalent in the 90s and 2000s, and which the state backed union did fuck all to end.

Supposed sweatsops in China resulted in higher life expectancy and higher wealth for the worker than whatever other sweatshop countries got. You are speaking nonsense once again.


File: 1634443384938.png (97.02 KB, 220x338, ClipboardImage.png)







(this is a shitpost)

also that guy is ishiwara is funny

>literally predicts clash between west and east and east will win and bring a glorious golden age to humanity

>thinks it would be japan when realistically it was always going to be china lol


>Why are western leftists act like this
because they're afraid of losing their little "leftist" fiefdoms where they're the big dogs sheepdogging for their masters


>Chinese corruption actually enhanced China's economic development by allowing red tape to be cut and encouraging entrepreneurial and competitive behavior by bureaucrats to develop their regions

Holy cope. Dengoids are mentally ill.


and what does he say after that bud? can you go more than a single line without having an aneurysm induced by ideological fanaticism?


Monopolistic capitalism naturally tends towards "greasing the gears" for efficiency. Those people are just projecting capitalist reality onto China. What China does is not "greasing the gears", they are doing the usual communist "following the rules isn't enough, you need to actively seek out and help people", or what was that Xi has said recently on the Party discipline.


What he writes after that is absolute drivel reminiscent of what a Reaganite with red paint (=Dengcuck) would write.


File: 1634458818694.png (514.1 KB, 600x528, E3yGGFuWQAclkbx.png)

Based guy, crushed dissent in Tibet like a beast

He also was one ofthe first regional leaders to support the quelling of the Tienanmen turbulence


What is your source for Hu's stance on Tiananmen? It would be good to confirm that he was indeed a loyal cadre.


It's obvious that he was a loyal cadre, because members of the Party who showed sympathy to the protesters were purged immediately after.

And in his term as General Secretary he didn't rehabilitate the protests or showed mercy to people like Liu Xiaobo.


>China tests a hypersonic missile that circled the globe before striking the test target
>went undetected by the US
>now US is losing their minds, DoD has "no idea how they did this"
Reminder that the US still can't make a hypersonic missile despite 20 years of funding and multiple attempts


>Three people briefed on the intelligence told the Financial Times that the missile missed its target by more than 20 miles (32 kilometres).
lol USA about to freak out.


USA cannot into rocket tech, only communists can. Even DPRK has scramjets.


you know, shit like this makes me doubt the moon landing.


This, the sharts stole their rocket technology from Nazi Germany. Enrico Fermi was also a refugee of fascism, so much of their nuclear tech isn't their own either.


File: 1634483858979.gif (264.72 KB, 512x512, alunya-cheeky.gif)

NATO shaking and trembling their asschecks is so funny.


They would've supported the USSR.


File: 1634485354718.mp4 (4.21 MB, 1280x720, taiwan who.mp4)

unfunny, here's a slightly better one




>Based guy, crushed dissent in Tibet like a beast
wtf i kneel




Dear Dengists, how is China socialist? I'm trying not to sound like i'm mocking, but I genuinely want to understand. Whenever i'm inquired about it i've been mocked and memed at, all I ask is a little good faith.


1. China is socialist because it is controlled by the proletariat.
2. You are mocked and memed at because you do not attempt to have good faith discussions. You come in to these threads like a bitter child and throw tantrums about China and people defending China. If you came in actually attempting to learn something and have good faith discussions, which this obviously isn't but I am responding to anyway in good faith, you would not be mocked.


it doesn't look very prole controlled to me. massive corporations, party billionaires and big money interests all over the place.


Do you understand that multiple modes of production can exist in one country?


Correctly, China is controlled by a Party elite. Every "Socialist" state is ultimately controlled by a Party elite ruling in the name of the proletariat / working classes.

In reality, where it is socialist comes:

-The state maintains a tight stranglehold over the bourgeois classes and is willing to torpedo economic growth in order to maintain its supremacy.
-The SOE (state-owned enterprise) sector has expanded tremendously since the Global Financial Crisis, to the extent where it's absorbing the majority of the profits within the Chinese capitalist layer.


>le socialist is fascism
Lurk more lib


This is 100 percent correct. Even though I see Xi as a positive in China, he still has lots of the Dengist fascism of giving shares to bureaucrats. The other good side of Xi is him building infrastructure to help Chinese citizens especially in the country have a stake in the economy. It’s not the social development and equal development of provinces during Mao but it’s something. Deng the fascist allowed the poorer provinces to go dilapidated and poor without even giving them the courtesy of having infrastructure. Deng and Jiang are the two fascists that ran China for decades before Xi finally put China on the right path. Xi is not my ideal choice, he’s like an Obama centrist for China whereas some other party bureaucrats were more like Teddy Roosevelt and FDR. Deng and Jiang were like Ronald Reagan with a fascist tinge.


I hate American leftoids.


perhaps you should get your theory from reading books rather than lurking imageboards


> China is controlled by a Party elite.


>perhaps you should get your theory from reading books rather than lurking imageboards
I bet your dumbass would take all your books to China and compare China's reality to the abstract definitions written in your 150 year old books.


>Correctly, China is controlled by a Party elite. Every "Socialist" state is ultimately controlled by a Party elite ruling in the name of the proletariat / working classes.
Two questions.
1. Are capitalist states run by a state elite?
2. How would you conceptualize a socialist state without a state elite?


>compare China's reality to the abstract definitions written in your 150 year old books
yeah i think that’s the point


The reason I do not identify as an anarchist is that I assume that all societies of actual complexity end up producing an elite. Even in a hunter-gatherer society, you end up having leaders and chieftains.

The anarchist goal of a society without government is flawed because you cannot have a society without governance. A society without governance is only possible if you decide to become a hermit in Siberia.

Libertarian states are run by a corporate elite; i.e, they have outsize influence in the "nominal" political system and can rig politics to get the policies they want enacted.

Social democracies (which usually have a dominant capitalist layer) are run by an implicit power sharing agreement between political elites and economic elites.


As far as socialist states run without a state elite, that'd be arguably a form of Communism (as in the Marxist definition), no? Every state necessarily incarnates an elite class due to fundamental human inequalities in capability.

The character and nature of this dominant elite is crucial; i.e, elites typically pursue self-interest and binding this self-interest to something else is what produces proper politics.


>the revolution is over, time to betray it!


What do you think society should be, given the constraints of reality. Obviously everyone would choose Earth to be Heaven if they could, but what do you think is the best possible society that is actually achievable?


Cope harder dengoid.


Nuclear genocide.


Why don't you kill yourself today, then? It would be functionally the same for you whether you died by fire, radiation, or a bullet. You could achieve the best possible human existence right now.


>libertarian strawman


don't reply to the shitposter



In honesty, I'm less concerned with the structure of the state than the material welfare of a society.

There's an ortho-booj discipline called "happiness economics" which relates material well-being to GDP levels. It's shown that the correlation between national wealth and happiness begins to break down around the 18,000 USD GDP per capita level; which demonstrates that non-financial benefits tend to dominate over 18,000 USD GDP per capita than the naked pursuit of wealth.

For something sustainable:

-An elite that manifests noblesse oblige, i.e, the elite does not demonstrate elitist tendencies and is capable of radical empathy toward other members of its society as well as non-members.

-An elite that shows considerable inclusiveness and uninclusiveness; i.e, one that shows constant circulation between elite and mass classes in both upwards and downward directions.

As per actual social structure; I'd look for one that seeks to develop the human potential of all members, which is my primary criticism of present systems of capitalism.

That's to say, everyone is entitled to basic healthcare (within bounds, i.e, if you do radically self-destructive behavior the society is not obligated to keep you alive and on life support). Everyone is entitled to all the education they need, as well as continued personal development programs. Everyone is entitled to working environments that are not sadistic; i.e, people don't live under constant stress, and if there are sadistic elements in the working environment, these working environments are not coercive, i.e, you can choose to opt in or out without the fear of punishment (poverty, loss of class privilege).

This is pretty much seeking a form of socialism, no? I'm just cynical about actually achieving such, so I'm more interested in marginal improvements (how society can become better step by step) than utopian visions.



I'm not making a value judgment of Chinese Socialism being run by a party elite–I'm just pointing out that it's not truly a dictatorship of the proletariat. It's ostensibly a dictatorship for the proletariat (or alternately all classes, including the proletariat), but that has to be demonstrated in practice.


A dictatorship of all classes is an Oxy moron. You cannot simultaneously have a government that works in the interests of both the bourgeoisie and the working class. They are in fundamental conflict.

Yes, during a National revolting to break free from colonialism their interests were temporarily aligned, but this was extremely fleeting

To say that the classes do not struggle against each other is to reject Marxism entirely


To say that they struggle against each other is a tautology; any group is always going to have tensions with any other group. On the other hand, there is a reciprocal relationship between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat; without the proletariat the bourgeoisie would have no source of labor (automation has not yet come that far). The proletariat only comes into existence under modes of industrialization, which require capital in order to provide the capital goods element.

In general, I dislike economic elites as an abstraction (they have no fundamental obligation to the rest of their society, and their class values are worse than aristocratic), but as a concrete entity there are elements to admire. And in practical terms, capitalism is tremendously dynamic, having destroyed the feudal mode of production, but also destroying its own earlier variants in a drive to increased efficiency.


What does "Common prosperity" mean? I think this thread gives a nice overview.


Can any Dengist explain what this has to do with Marxism, however?


You might as well ask what water sanitation has to do with Marxism. Some things are just necessities of running a state and do not have essential political significance.


Xinhua News

[The Politburo of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting to discuss the documents to be submitted to the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping chaired the meeting] Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 18 Major achievements and historical experience issues in the century’s struggle. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, presided over the meeting.

  The meeting decided that the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China will be held in Beijing from November 8th to 11th.

  The Politburo of the CPC Central Committee listened to a report on the draft of the “Resolution of the CPC Central Committee on the Major Achievements and Historical Experience of the Party’s Centuries of Struggle” soliciting opinions within and outside the party, and decided to revise the draft resolution based on the opinions discussed at this meeting. Deliberated at the Sixth Plenary Session of the Ninth Central Committee.

  The meeting held that this time soliciting opinions promoted democracy, pooled ideas, and extensively listened to opinions and suggestions from all parties inside and outside the party. General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over a symposium with non-party personalities and listened to the opinions of the central committees of the democratic parties, the heads of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and representatives of non-party personalities. All regions and departments and representatives of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China fully affirmed the draft resolution and unanimously agreed with the framework structure and main content of the draft resolution. They believed that the draft resolution should be realistic, respectful of history, clear themes, and comprehensive, and put forward many good ideas. Comments and suggestions. The draft resolution incorporates opinions and suggestions from all regions and departments.

  The meeting pointed out that over the past 100 years, the Communist Party of China has faithfully fulfilled its original mission, united and led the people of all ethnic groups across the country to paint a magnificent picture in the history of human development on this vast land of China, which has made modern times enslaved for more than 100 years. Stand up with the bullying Chinese people, make the Chinese nation with a history of more than 5,000 years of civilization move towards modernization in an all-round way, and enable the socialist ideology with a history of more than 500 years to open a path to success in the most populous country in the world, and make the new China To catch up with the times in great strides, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has shown bright prospects.

  The meeting emphasized that in the long course of the party’s struggle, the Chinese Communists, with Comrades Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, and Hu Jintao as the main representatives, have united and led the entire party and the people of all ethnic groups in the country to promote revolution, construction, and reform, and have made major achievements and accumulated valuable resources. Experience. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core has united and led the whole party and the people of all ethnic groups in the country to achieve new major achievements, accumulate new valuable experience, and demonstrate the strong vitality of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the party. Unprecedented cohesion and excitement among the people, and our country’s international status is increasingly consolidated, providing a more complete institutional guarantee, a more solid material foundation, and a more proactive spiritual force for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The Communist Party of China and the Chinese people solemnly declare to the world with brave and tenacious struggle that the Chinese nation has ushered in a great leap from standing up, getting rich to becoming strong, and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has entered an irreversible historical process.

  The meeting pointed out that the whole party must bear in mind that it was born in trouble and died in peace, always think about it, and be prepared for danger in times of peace, continue to promote the new great project of party building in the new era, insist on administering the party strictly in an all-round way, and always maintain flesh-and-blood ties with the people. Adhere to the people-centered development thinking, continue to realize, safeguard, and develop the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, and unite and lead the people of all ethnic groups across the country to strive for a better life.

"Practice is the sole criterion of truth" late Comrade Deng Xiaoping said, a great Marxist and statesman.


File: 1634556717872.png (246.25 KB, 270x378, ClipboardImage.png)

Has anyone here seen this new Chinese movie about the Korean War? It's the second highest grossing movie this year (the first is also Chinese), and both films were released on the domestic Chinese market only. When are we going to see Chinese films being aired in the USA?







File: 1634561199499.jpg (36.24 KB, 595x435, HelloCringedepartment.jpg)

>Taiwanese Foreign Minister claims that 'Under the logic that Taiwan is part of China, Which would make the mainland 'West-Taiwan' We should recognise Russia as East-Ukraine'

Actual fucking irl reddit cringe jesus christ


a weapon to surpass metal gear


Even r/taiwan was cringing at people posting this shit before, this guy is a gigaredditor.


Further proof of their illegitimacy, joking about these things.


"Our struggle is over" is a weird thing for the tankie on the left to say once taking power.


>if taiwan belong to chynah, Berlin belongs to Zimbabwe
Check mate, Xi


The closest comparison would be Crimea during the Civil War, where the whites/reactionaries hid for a time, claiming to be the real rulers of Russia.


>When are we going to see Chinese films being aired in the USA?
Things like Battle at Lake Changjin? Never, since in the collective anglo mind movies like are blatant propaganda and misinformation because it's a historical military movie where Anglo is portrayed as the bad guy. When anglo is portrayed as the rugged white saviour it is fine and accurate.


File: 1634572665512.png (30.6 KB, 451x453, Chinese Taipei.png)

oof, lots of big talk from chinese taipei, let's see if the world will validate.


Never really had full control over the party, Jiang Zemin still had a lot of influence behind the scenes. Reduced the urban/rural inequality gap by some margin though, which is cool imo


Hope is the last thing that dies. We need to have hope and faith for our toverit and if we lose so will the enemy.


> Russia as East-Ukraine
Funny the CIA picks NATO enemies. Reply to him "or Spain as Catalunya" to see the spook screeching hard.


More that guy is a spook.


What about
>Southern Canada
>Northern Mexico


Honestly I thought it kind of sucked. There are some interesting scenes with Mao and his son, and the bromance is good as it always is in Chinese movies. The war scenes were pure Hollywood trash and were way too long, like the battle before the actual Chosin battle was longer than the pivotal namesake of the movie itself. And then there's a random battle with random Chinese troops after the initial Chosin battle that's pretty much just there for some propaganda slogans. They could've made a much better movie if last year's 800 and Sacrifice ( that movie about the bridge crossing) were anything to go by.


die Kulturindustrie


That too. All those spooks just get spooked.


Fuck off mutt only thing your entire continent is good for is nuclear testing.


>Fuck off mutt
Not a mutt.
>your entire continent is good for is nuclear testing.
What about Cuba?


Anything south of USA are bros. Especially Mexicans have honorable past of revolutions but American foreign policy combined with prohibition has done so much damage.


Alright, alright.


File: 1634655035154.jpg (37.22 KB, 680x478, FCEc_2hX0AAEw6q.jpg)



These war movies probably not, but I'm gonna watch Cliff Walkers later tonight in the local kinoplex.


File: 1634659675705.jpg (13.45 KB, 259x194, IMG_0027.JPG)

And they cannot just invest in more infrastructure and industry that would increase chinas revenue to a point where chinas reliance on housing would break?


IMHO: purge incoming. Some got corrupted by speculators. China has enough housing, they already moderately oversupply it. The empty cities that slowly fill up are a manifestation of that. Xi wants more even distribution of wealth, that's a political fight.


China's housing market is 20 of the gdp and prices falling would collapse the entire system, imagine if most of your retirement fund disappeared overnight. The chink government can only spend trillions to keep the bubble alive or let it crash and take the rest of the economy with it.


File: 1634662668131.jpg (1.56 MB, 2000x1932, upload_dir.jpg)

Just tries Baijiu for the first time, taste snd texture going down feels like a quality vodka but with a lot of flowery smell, not bad at all


File: 1634662820177.jpg (104.73 KB, 1193x795, jdtyfhjyjy.jpg)

Today seven provinces got a new party sec, it's a lot. Maybe one of these guys will go to the Politburo.

Heilongjiang (Zhang Qingwei -> by Xu Qin)
Hunan (Xu Dazhe -> Zhang Qingwei)
Jiangsu (Lou Qinjian -> Wu Zhenglong)
Jiangxi (Liu Qi -> Yi Lianhong)
Xizang (Wu Yingjie -> Wang Junzheng)
Guangxi (Lu Xinshe -> Liu Ning)
Yunnan (Ruan Chengfa -> Wang Ming)

It's interesting to note that Wang Junzheng the new party secretary of Xizang is the most sanctioned man in China, he was deputy party secretary in Xinjiang. Funny that they don't a give shit about it.



Baijiu is the name for a very diverse category of spirits. Ming River is made by Americans for Americans, based off the softest Baijiu flavors.


If China ecnomy collapses the US economy would collapse too, we tried to warn you about neoliberalism but you didnt listen.


File: 1634669292831.jpg (35.77 KB, 900x450, FCBEAFsXoAQnFHU.jpg)

I hate to bring you sad news, but…


File: 1634669462701.png (31.14 KB, 657x527, frogtears.png)



Bruh China has 2.8 million factories how fucking hard can it be to just manufacture shit for other Chinese people instead of this fucking garbage economy


Not how capitalist economies work m8.


You are trying to frame your analysis as an anglo. The Chinese do not value expensive homes and do not like to speculate with home prices. The cheaper they are, the more valuable for the Chinese these homes are because they can spend on other stuff. The bubble is not about prices skyrocketing, the bubble is that the real-stator company did houses expecting a rise on the house hoping the market would behave like the U.S. market. That's not what the Chinese government would do, and their people will give 0 fucks if that sector collapses because they spend more on other stuff.


What do we know about these people? Any rundowns?


China doesn't extract all the resources required at home. So, they sell light industry goods to USA to get dollars to buy up resources in Global South and tech and real economy companies in the West.

If you STILL keep your savings in housing market after China for ten years already raising red flags and threatening to cut down this beast, you deserve your retirement funds to disappear. If you have markets, there's ALWAYS going to be losers who keep the bag. You can't pursue contradicting class interests at the same time, you have to choose whom you are going to harm. And guess what, China chose to punish smart-ass "investors" who speculate on prices instead of actually helping the economy grow.


>The Chinese do not value expensive homes and do not like to speculate with home prices.
Is that not the exact thing that Evergrande did?


Because evergrande is a conglomerate with international investors.
The only ones screeching are outsiders.


What did she mean by this?


File: 1634678382034.mp4 (12.29 MB, 1280x720, Literally-1989.mp4)

It's over boys pack it up


File: 1634678864879.png (34.06 KB, 289x174, ClipboardImage.png)

looks at the videos with all those chinese protestors

looks at the video with the chinese grandma attacking that evergrande manager

<why do people believe evergrande was only international investors


gasp who would know inside China there are people, native, with outsider mentality. gasp, it is like we have never seen CIA funding separatists who coincidentally do not think like the rest of the population before. The gruesome investment comes from abroad, not internally.


>first claim is literally evergrande is a conglomerate with international investors.and that literally The only ones screeching are outsiders.

shows it isnt the case


>well its clearly these people had outsider mentality and funded by the cia

>outsider mentality and cia funding

>in mainland china

>in mainland xi china

>in mainland xi purging cia shit china

>in mainland core territory xi purging shit china



jfc this is some sad cope


I don't think those videos are from inside China, in any case.


btw stop pressing enter so much you fucking faggot


>video not inside china

>literal videos have the evergrande building in view or are inside the building

>literal videos are uploaded by a pro ccp chinese nationalist and defender

known as numvee showing the protests



Wow, 60 persons of out a city with 20 million. Statistically, that's a no one.


Is this a chinese troony? disgusting, based Xi for banning these people.


File: 1634685386318.jpg (13.45 KB, 259x194, IMG_0027.JPG)

So instead of just using the literally trillions of dollars worth of resources the Chinese have on their own soil they’d rather voluntarily set themselves up for crises under this inefficient as shit policy… umm glory to ccp government, I guess?


Why would you use your own resources when you can use someone else's?



Or it simply acquires the housing market entirely.


bro this isn't starcraft


Why the fuck is there a real estate market in a nominally socialist country in the first place?


because china is going this

cap first>then socialist>then communist

basically stages


They're not a semi-feudal country any more though, what social-progressive function does the real estate market serve when that land could just be free? I'm not trying to be ultraleft I swear


because in the ccp mind they want to minimize the risk of transitioning to socialism by going as slow as possible. You can interpert this in many different ways.


I can understand this thinking in the 80s and 90s, especially coming off the chaos of the Mao era and still being semi-feudal, but now that the US is growing progressively weaker and outright hostile again it might make sense to pick up the pace. The elimination of 996 and exams for young students looks to me like the attitude you described is changing anyway. I might be wrong though.


oh its starting to change but ya gotta remember there are multiple factions in the ccp.
some want the current pace

some want to accelerate

and some are possible hidden libs.

they might choose to accelerate they might choose to stay the current course.
However looking at how xis been purging a lot of the libs from the gov. And looking at how the us demonizing china is creating a radicalizing nationalistic effect in china. And with the increasing failure of american liberalism and the increasing unsustaniblity of chinese state capitalism. Yeah i think they will probably pick up the place and they are kinda doing it.


>now that the US is growing progressively weaker and outright hostile again it might make sense to pick up the pace.
Because tripping up now and letting the US win because they get cocky virtually guarantees the death of the human race. Right now, good profitability has capitalists in a bind over China and eliminating that means that the US war machine comes down in full, no more fucking around with sanctions and shit. Much safer and better odds of pulling through by continuing to bide time, as unpleasant as that is. America's decline is starting to run into serious runaway cycles of degredation. It's a waiting game where time is not on America's side.


>eliminating that means that the US war machine comes down in full
The US war machine is not strong at all, they have like 60 proper bombers and the most recent of those are 20 years old, none of them can evade the current generation of AA guns, meaning the US has no chance of crippling China's industry from the air as it did to Germany and Japan. China has anti ship missles that can take out any aircraft carrier the Americans can throw, their range is 100 miles past Japan's east coast. Any war between the US and China would be an air and naval war and the US is simply not equipped for it.


t. 3rd rate armchair general


Hey man you brought up the possibility of war, I'm just the naive leftist


File: 1634707791302.png (189.6 KB, 220x320, ClipboardImage.png)


not the other guy but i agree for unlike you imbecile pleb

i have a doctorate in command naval operations whihc is essestionally = to a westpoint graduation

and from testing simulations of a us china war, china wins 99 percent of the time

what do you have you brainlet


I'm a different anon.
I agree with the conclusion, I disagree with the analysis.


>I agree with the conclusion, I disagree with the analysis.
Could you elaborate?


>I disagree with the analysis.

what are you talking about command naval operations is simply one of the best analytical tools used to simulate war conflicts

even the pentagon uses a upscaled version of it

I have spent most of my time playing this game. The weaponized autism i have harnessed from wasting my life in this sim has enlightened me into the intricacies of warfare. Aka command is the most perfect analysis that happened


How is bagholders getting baghol'd is a crisis? Moreso, why are you labelling it an inefficient policy, if it produced lots and lots of new apartments and entire cities?


>The US war machine is not strong at all, they have like 60 proper bombers and the most recent of those are 20 years old,
This is untrue, the bomber fleet is about 150 proper bombers, if we assume 30%-50% are serviceable that gives 50-75 bombers stationed around the world. In a local war scenario, it is possible for all 50-75 of those bombers to get deployed against China. Still, I doubt this anon was thinking about operational aircraft, likely he was trying to claim the US has 60 bomber air frames total. This analysis also forgets about unmanned aircraft which can do bombing missions as well as fighters which can be equipped with air-to-ground munitions.
>none of them can evade the current generation of AA guns,
This is a true statement but meaningless. Obviously radar guided AA guns are very accurate but bombers no longer fly over targets to drop unguided bombs, they would shoot cruise missiles from thousands of km away. AA guns are a non-factor for defending against bombers. Perhaps this anon meant SAM systems but ground based AA missiles have a maximum range against aircraft of a few hundred km. Again, they have no role to play against bomber aircraft. They do have a role to play against shooting down cruise missiles.
> meaning the US has no chance of crippling China's industry from the air as it did to Germany and Japan.
This statement is likely true but is unsupported by the above two claims. China's radars and fighters and the key to its defence as they push out the engagement range.
>China has anti ship missles that can take out any aircraft carrier the Americans can throw,
This is true but with a caveat, the anon does not specify if he is referring to mission killing a carrier or sinking a carrier. The former could be achieved with a lucky hit form 1 missile, the latter would require dozens of missile hits per carrier.
>their range is 100 miles past Japan's east coast.
This statement is only partially true. The anti-ship ballistic missiles can hit Guam but the term anti-ship missile typically refers to anti-ship cruise missiles which are much more limited in range (hundreds of km at most).
>Any war between the US and China would be an air and naval war
Nothing wrong with this statement
>and the US is simply not equipped for it.
This is speculation. The US is not as strong as their own propaganda make themselves out to be, they have maintenance and readiness issues as well as moral issues. But war is unpredictable and the capabilities of all modern weapon systems are unknown. I don't expect war between US and China to be easy or clean and the Chinese government is going to be cautious about the military option.


US war machine is massively propped up by propaganda but it's not a negligible thing. The sheer bulk of military capacity the US has is still a severe threat. Don't fool yourself into thinking the US got where it is purely by lucky accidents. The US has had more than its share of them, but still.
Personally I strongly suspect that the biggest threat to the US is honestly going to just be cyber warfare utterly wrecking the completely disorganized, no-standards cybersecurity systems deployed across the country capable of simply fucking up logistics without the need to drop a single bomb. Not to mention those interesting robot dog drones they're starting to strap guns to, and possibly allow them to go out near who knows how many civilians… This is a threat that will come from more than just Chinese state actors too.


Thanks for clarifying, that makes a lot of sense



>hundreds of km at most

1700km, putting China on par with Tomahawks.

>likely he was trying to claim the US has 60 bomber air frames total

64, actually. 45 B-1s, 19 B-2s. If you actually count the 74 B-52s, an aircraft from 1955, I don't know what to tell you.

And then there's issue that US shipbuilding capability is non-existent. It's all in China, Japan and South Korea. So they can't replace their losses, even if they could afford it.

F-35 is a failure, Zumwalt cancelled.
Mathematically speaking, AUKUS is physically unable to win a conventional war with China.


>If you actually count the 74 B-52s, an aircraft from 1955, I don't know what to tell you.
Why would you discount those? The B-52s in service are more modern variants not 70 year old aircraft. Aircraft typically last 30 years of use. Would you discount China's H-6 (derived form Tu-16) or Russia's Tu-95? Those are form the same time period as B-52 but they are equipped with modern avionics and used for launch cruise missiles. Modern "bombers" don't drop bombs except against enemies without any air defence, the mission of bombers is to act as cruise missile launch platforms and a B-52 is just as effective as a B-2 at hauling missiles and shooting them. In fact the B-52 is better than a B-2 because it's much cheaper to operate and maintain and B-52. The same applies for H-6 and Tu-95.

>1700km, putting China on par with Tomahawks.

Which missile are you referring to? I recall only the DF-100 (used to be called CJ-10) land attack cruise missile had such ranges, but it's not an anti-ship missile.

>ship building

I agree, but I also believe modern weapon systems are simply unsustainable in a war of attrition due to their high production time.


It can still act as a shitty low-observable anti-air missile truck while simultaneously acting as an AWACS. I would not write off the combat capabilities of the F-35 though I have not read good things about it's sortie rate meaning whatever numerical advantage on paper the US has with F-35 might not exist in reality if the Chinese J-20 can sortie more often.


A reddit post on r/china said that all the burgers would have to do to beat china would be to put a drone strike or a missle through the three-gorges dam and that would (according to him)
>"Put one third of Chinas agricultural land and Industry underwater overnight"

I still think burgers would lose anyway purely because that would be viewed as the entire planet as a genocidal atrocity on par with the holocaust and it would galvanise every chinese person 18+ to join the army.

But would it actually work like that?


I don't think a direct hit from a tactical nuke will damage the three gorges dam. Also for the dry half of the year there's not even that much water behind the dam but don't tell this to anyone


The problem is that they can't get in range to launch said drone or missle because China can deny the Eastern pacific to AUKUS with its current missle systems


>Why would you discount those? The B-52s in service are more modern variants not 70 year old aircraft.
Because China today isn't Northern Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan or ISIS. It has an actual modern airforce of its own. B-52 is slower than B-1, and it isn't stealth like B-2. It will spotted, it will be intercepted and it WILL get shot down, if US actually tries to use it.

>Which missile are you referring to? I recall only the DF-100 (used to be called CJ-10) land attack cruise missile had such ranges, but it's not an anti-ship missile.

>The US Department of Defense stated in 2010 that China has developed and reached initial operating capability (IOC) of a conventionally armed high hypersonic land-based anti-ship ballistic missile based on the DF-21.
Even the fucking Wikipedia article is coping.

US better hope all China anti-ship tech is just made up bullshit, or their Navy isn't getting with 5k km of Taipei :^).


Old bombers like B-52, Tu-95, and H-6 are still useful as missile launch platforms, provided the missiles have enough range that they can be fired from outside the combat radius of the other sides fighters.

The DF-21 is a ballistic missile, I thought we were discussing cruise missiles since you mentioned the tomahawk. BTW the DF-26 is also anti-ship capable and can hit targets in Guam. I don't think the americans are dumb enough to go to war over Taiwan. But if they are, they would certainly lose.


File: 1634716754867.png (1.57 MB, 1536x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

so whats the overall stance on that background guy wang

is he actually really important or is he overrated


He apparently is a hyper-lib AND has the role of a grey emminence behind the last 3 paramount leaders. So important and dangerous he is…at least to rumours


the liberal aspect is complicated, while sometimes he said liberal things, other times he advocated for authoritarianism and centeralization.
hell the fact that hes managed to survive jiang hu and eventually xi
and at the same time eventually become a close partner of xi and create a lot of xis idelogical stuff shows that he may not be a liberal.
A liberal would not have survived this long and be xis "brain"


>and at the same time eventually become a close partner of xi and create a lot of xis idelogical stuff shows that he may not be a liberal.
>A liberal would not have survived this long and be xis "brain"
is this how people think?
<Xi would never allow a lib so much power
<therefore he is not a lib!
Poor logic, the alternative explanation is simpler.


Iirc visiting The USA cured him of any liberalism
He wrote a book about it



yeah i think the book was called america against america


Here's the book for anyone that cares.


File: 1634722200981.jpg (23.05 KB, 474x484, ohnoanyway.jpg)

How deep inland is the dam? Because if it's deep in-land, good chance the Chinese can mobilize their forces to implement anti-air craft tech, something which China likely has in store/ can construct quickly.

I'm not military specialist, strategist etc. but launching an invasion into China would be absolute suicide for the invading force. And even if they were to blow the dam, you really think the Chinese are going to take that lying down? If anything it's going to piss them off even more.


It's not just that he's allowed a position of power, though. He's the principal author of "Xi Jinping Thought," i.e., the guiding superstructure of the CPC's leftward course correction of the last seven years.


He's one of the top guys in the CPC. Equivalent to Suslov.

It's an interesting book. Like he'll be really wowed by something one second or think something about the U.S. system is just very effective and they have all these really practical and efficient ways of doing things, and then (in his polite way) describe the U.S. as an atomized, racist, corporate-ruled nightmare that spreads nihilism and it's going to collapse eventually and Marx is right. I think he has borrowed some things from America though. The bit about "living history" sites where actors play colonial-era settlers is very much like the "red tourism" that China has started doing where you can go to Mao-era revolutionary sites and dress up in costumes. He totally ripped off Colonial Williamsburg and made it for Shaanxi communist base areas. The section about American futurism also reminds me of some stuff from China where there are some dudes who are probably Wang's friends shouting about THE FUTURE IS NOW at you on the television when he was in the U.S. back then watching Reagan-era power chord hair metal bands playing as B-2 bombers take off.



You could see it as Maoist/Taoist complexity; i.e, "yang contains yin and yin contains yang". It's a good protection against being doctrinaire, and allows you to be objective about your competitors or enemies.


It's about 900-1000 km inland, which is enough for substantial layered air defense against most conventional attacks, but not against stealth or hypersonic attacks.

I just wanted to share a story about Xi, let me get it out:



This is kinda hard to read as ESL, grammar and sentence structure is way off from what I expect.

It's very interesting however, I liked this excerpt the most so far:

>The judgments and analyses of historical materialism are correct in terms of historical development. However, the law of the development of human society as indicated by historical materialism needs the maturity of historical conditions. When these conditions are not ripe, any subjective judgment is rather inconsistent with the logic of historical materialism. For a long time,driven by the reinforcement of ideology, once there was a total rejection of capitalism, which was influenced by dogmatism, which prevented people from judging capitalist society objectively and scientifically, and the influence of "left" ideology, which took class struggle as the outline, which disturbed our perspective of the whole world and prevented people from learning from advanced experience of other countries


I believe it was machine translated and then edited for the worst errors. Since it didn't have a official translation, and as far as I am aware it still doesn't have one.


Lmao, you are still butt-hurt. See how you proved yourself, not only being obsessed with us but also that the same exact moment when you started to argue was a bad-faith debate what you started?
And you feel enraged being called poltard, but you behave exactly as one.



Does that mean that:

-You'll give Palestinian Arabs citizenship?
-You'll give Palestinian Arabs affirmative action?
-You'll recognize Palestinians as full citizens of Israel and promote them to senior positions in the Israeli government?

I'm all for a binational one-state solution, and did you just, while trolling and pretending to be an Israeli Zionist, endorse it?


That would unironically be an improvement, lol



How about reparations? Or is that where you draw the line? The Chinese state has made a point out of subsidizing Uighurs as part of Chinese cotton subsidy programs. Are you willing to dump lots of "almost no strings attached" money on Palestinians?


Which isn't the point, affirmative action is intrinsically unequal. "Ethnic development funding" is something the Chinese do, arguably the Chinese system of re-education camps is part of this subsidy system insofar as it aims to teach affected Uighurs vocational skills useful for a Han-dominated society.

So yeah, trolling / counter-trolling aside, Israel owes Palestinians money. If you pay the Palestinians enough Jewgold, both they and we will shut up.


>We pushed them from out homes and put them in an open air concentration camp that makes 19th century indian reservations look like gated communities


>victim mentality
We literally need UN troops to keep you animals in control.


>Israel owes Palestinians money.
Fuck off liberal, Pissrahell owns itself its destruction and eviction of every single settler colonizer from Palestine.


We need UN troops to send every zionist to the wall, there's no dialogue with fascists, only a bullet in the middle of the forehead


There's no Zionist binational solution you retard, Zionism is literally Nazism (fascist ethnostate ideology), but against Arabs and other Levantine minorities, calling for a binational one-state is the same as dismantling the Zionist regime


>Central european settler colonizer cope
You could try to at least provide evidence of these claims.


>Still won’t prove his claims


Nah, considering many jewish individuals have a critical view of the Israeli government’s treatment of it’s underclass and that Israel as a settler colony is fundamentally more like USA 2.0 and would be so even if it was settled by scientologists and not jewish people.

And couldn’t you do the due diligence to find a post that maybe is critical of the state while still acknowledging the whole “we gave them billions and they still stabbed us in the back” thing?


>What is al-Nakba
>What is Deir Assin

More seething and genocide fantasies from you, of course. Disappointing, but not surprising.


your people arent even real jews


more like fucking muttos

The origins of Ashkenazi Jews remain highly controversial. Like Judaism, mitochondrial DNA is passed along the maternal line. Its variation in the Ashkenazim is highly distinctive, with four major and numerous minor founders. However, due to their rarity in the general population, these founders have been difficult to trace to a source. Here we show that all four major founders, ~40% of Ashkenazi mtDNA variation, have ancestry in prehistoric Europe, rather than the Near East or Caucasus. Furthermore, most of the remaining minor founders share a similar deep European ancestry. Thus the great majority of Ashkenazi maternal lineages were not brought from the Levant, as commonly supposed, nor recruited in the Caucasus, as sometimes suggested, but assimilated within Europe. These results point to a significant role for the conversion of women in the formation of Ashkenazi communities, and provide the foundation for a detailed reconstruction of Ashkenazi genealogical history.


<The displacement foundational to your country’s creation is a whataboutism
>Palestinians love hitler and want the country Judenfrei
Proof? I understand wanting to have an occupying army fuck off, but can you proove to me they love Hitler?


Can you also post proof of Israel funneling billions of dollars into a separate Palestinian state? Along with removing all the jews from that state?




>Middle eastern Jews immigrating to Israel is a displacement
>We pushed out the palestinians to make room for central european settlers, but they responded to that, so really they’re the aggressors


>Their enemies were militias
Whose, now?


I found a couple of swastikas, so that means they’re all Nazis


Then provide it.
No jewish person I met ever called people “goys”


sounds like you don’t know


File: 1634771626709.jpg (126.81 KB, 1350x951, 506.jpg)


After the shitshows that were Discovery and Picard, there should just be an all Chinese Star Trek. Everyone speaks in Chinese and all the diverse characters are from BRI countries. There's already a canonical ship called the Sun Yat Sen.


Why are libs so obsessed with this dam


Because there are easier methods of extracting and producing cities


because they are obsessed with its collapse which in turn china collapses. usual anticom rhetoric in action, no question


Oh, least those methods, please. Deny it all you want, but China's urbanization rate has increased significantly.


PLA Rocket Forces bringing the 80s hair metal energy


glorious prc coopting the forces of pop culture to praise the might that is chinese communism


Comfy Xi inspects the Yellow River


xis getting old


File: 1634817685882.jpeg (151.25 KB, 769x960, download (21).jpeg)

I just had a wonderful shopping experience on Aliexpress buying illegal items from Guangdong. The vendor knew a lot about bypassing customs inspections and had a flagrant disregard for what amounts to a felony punishable with up to 5 years in prison. Dengism is based and they are right to sneer at the perverted ethics of Western dogs. Thanks for reading my blog.


Cool pictures, there's great adoration around Xi by chinese state media.

I also recognize Li Ganjie (PS) and Zhou Naixiang (Gov.) in the first pic, Li is a serious Politburo contender.


You used to be able to buy drugs/"research chemicals" from them lmao, now they mostly sell fake fashion clothes though


File: 1634829932090.png (41.45 KB, 645x773, 1598446000964.png)

t. ordered rx-only raws through alibaba


>billionaire gets put in prison
<T-they are abducting billionaires!


wouldn't any missile launch towards the Chinese mainland trigger an immediate retaliation? like in that scenario you don't have time to determine if the missile has a nuclear payload or not


The USA will be quantum raped:
>Chinese scientists have established the world's first integrated quantum communication network, combining more than 700 optical fibers on the ground with two satellite links to achieve quantum key distribution over a total distance of 4,600 km


Weren't they a subsidiary of luzhou laojiao, a chinese company


File: 1634831165048.jpg (126.27 KB, 640x1275, darw03drnpu71.jpg)


File: 1634831433974.jpg (114.43 KB, 640x1422, z9zjdcxu7qu71.jpg)



well in that case all China needs to do to end 300+ million lives in the US China only needs to bomb some power grids, considering their advancements in Missiles this is far more likely.


His hairdresser should be severely punished for cutting the sides way too thin. Xi does not need a zoomercut.


its just slicked back, nothing zoomer about it


Log off somiletimes


sometimes i wonder what it feels like to be a burger. it's gotta be painful




it's legitimately scary to see anti-communists be so brainwashed and not notice it. i guess that's just ideology *schniff* but i always get chills regardless


>author of the coming collapse of China
So China will collapse but it's also going to dominate the US. These people have no scruples.


>implying their opinions are not their own


>He claimed that the hidden nonperforming loans of the "Big Four" Chinese state banks would likely bring down China's financial system and its communist government in 2006, 2011, 2012, 2016, and 2017.
>The end of the modern Chinese state is near. The People's Republic has five years, perhaps ten, before it falls. This book tells why.
>Publication date 2001
If it wasn't for Nietzsche, Hobbes and Plato, right-wingers could be dismissed as intellectually incapable.


they aren't though, most of the time they're dictated by porkies through omniprevalent messaging


>Americans aren't aware that they live at someone else's expense
>Americans aren't okay with living at someone else's expense
>Americans aren't aware that any gain by China is a loss for US
Whatever helps you cope.


afaik they should not like the upcoming climate crisis, having their surplus value stolen, never owning an apartment, never getting a stable job, constantly being brainwashed into buying and consooming new products and not even having a functioning healthcare system but what do i know


the ccp probably pressured him


What a nice man! :^)


File: 1634848615126.png (113.91 KB, 208x242, ClipboardImage.png)

he was so nice that Hui Ka Yan voluntary gave wealth to save his company and economy

just ignore the large chubby fat guy behind him pointing a pistol at the back of his skull


replace the word he with hui ka yan

( i wish leftypol had a edit function)


oh dont you wait :)

Hui Ka Yan is probably going to give away more donations.

hes probably going to give away all of his wealth too. Just ignore the fact that he dissapeared and his supposed secretary is signing away all his assests :)


that is a very creative solution


I think the Western propaganda line is resetting to Gordon Chang's line that "China is going to collapse but THAT'S why it's dangerous." Of course, he has said that for 20 years, but that's because he's a propagandist. However, for the past few years, much of the propaganda moved away from that and promoted this idea that China is becoming powerful and *that's* why it's a threat.

But if you watch some think tank stuff from groups like the Hudson Institute, they've been saying that line is a problem, since if that's true, then the implication is that the CCP is doing something right or succeeding. That also might have implications for other countries that want to make deals with China, since if China is functioning very well (and the U.S. isn't) then why wouldn't you go with China? So, now they want to square the circle by presenting China as both dysfunctional and that's why it's a threat.

I think part of the effort underway now is to also target Xi in particular and say "Xi is bad for China." During Trump, it all became very confused, because some forces around officials like Mike Pompeo would focus on the CCP and Marxist-Leninist ideology and make the propaganda very ideological, meanwhile, Trump was shouting "Chynah" all the time. Which inadvertently reinforces the idea that the CCP and China are the same – which is what you DON'T want to do if you want regime change.


Americans aren't aligned with reality, and aren't interested in doing it.


China built the worlds first anti steal radar


Many do not. Alfred de Zayas exposed that question when he brought the case of the U.S. policies abroad and he stated that most people do not know what the U.S. does and when they get exposed to the policies thoroughly they find it horrendous that their government does that on their behalf.


>Just ignore the fact that he dissapeared and his supposed secretary is signing away all his assests
maybe he's shy


I mean maybe tho the last time i saw him he was with a bunch of chinese guys in uniform dragging him into a back of a truck

or maybe thats my imagination


i'm sure there's an explanation


I mean from what i saw the truck was going to the local prison

also i think i saw xi standing outside with a whip


But not enough to do anything about it, or even vote for someone else?


Well, I'd like to give some hope to people in here because they are constantly blackpilled to the point of practicing doomerism.
I don't even go into details, like, even if you could tell burgers what their nefarious government do and open their eyes in masse it won't make much of a deal because not only the three powers of the state (military, political and economic) overlaps into one single dot (it should be like a triangle) in the U.S. exists a superstructure dominated by the NATO.
Multiple examples can be found, but most recently, when some NATO-German soldiers were detained inside the U.S. because they were carrying uniforms and weapons in public zones and not even the FBI nor the German embassy knew about the joint operation they were carrying.
It tells you that a hypothetical U.S.-based Whitlam would be coupled in milliseconds after having second thoughts on NATO.

But yeah, I rarely do that far with my fellow burgers comrades here or where I shitpost in social media. It blackpills minds too easily. But I wish they constantly create awareness between normies. Changes do not start out the blue.


It can be interesting to talk to U.S. military veterans who deployed to the far-flung parts of the empire because some of them can become really blackpilled anti-war people who see the empire as a scam and a lie. But on the flip side, you'll meet people who have almost blackpilled themselves in an opposite direction where "it's a hardball world out there son and that's just the way it is," which seems pretty bad to me and kind of a cope, but the idealistic illusions about it were beaten out of them compared to D.C. think-tank liberal warmongers who believe in a bunch of ideology watch it from a distance. I'm not sure those hardball-world veteran guys are "worse" than those people.

Also it's true that most Burgers don't know anything about the world. I impressed an Afghanistan veteran while talking to him once because I mentioned that China technically bordered Afghanistan. He piped up that he patrolled the Wakhan Corridor (the chicken tendie-shaped border corridor) and was like "wow, most people don't know that." Not trying to impress this dude, because he was a conservative type and was going on about how "China is moving in in force!" now that the U.S. troops have bugged out. Which I don't even think is true. Don't believe everything you hear from these people, no matter how many tours of service they had. But it goes to what you're saying. They can have a wicked sense of humor though.


File: 1634864293535.webm (3.92 MB, 800x600, 1514285822945.webm)

Why do you jump to being blackpilled? I just don't feel sympathy for those acting like NPC's, and I discourage it in others. There is no need to be fearful, sad, wring your hands, or anything. What will happen to Americans isn't a tragedy, it is how things ought to be.


>Stands with oppressed Tibetans
>Decides to tweet and sell shoes
Yeah, that sounds about right.


its almost as if being anti china has just morphed into another version of consumer product.
makes ya think


Lisa Simpsons types buying those shoes asap.


Ignorance is a blessing bliss. Ignorance is the morphine for the problems of the world. The less you know, the less you care.


If you are a Burger and have class consciousness, your mental health is thrown out the window.


China is socialist because socialism = communism = a real movement to abolish (transcend) the present state of things through the development of the productive forces.

Productive forces, which if you understand historical materialism, are incredibly important for the supersession of one mode of production by another as it allows the forming of new relations to said productive forces.


Yes, socialist China also has many socialist friends!


>Do you understand that multiple modes of production can exist in one country?
No, socialism and capitalism can no coexist inside a single area, that idea is horseshit.



china is socialist because the official plan is to build up capitalism and the use the contradicitons of that to go to socialism. aka the multiple stages theory well first a society has to go through capitalism and then socialism.
Offiically its the plan to go to socialism.
Unofficially idk its hard to say due to the multiple factions in the ccp


File: 1634875636840.png (20.1 KB, 539x166, 59304580354.png)

This is good news. Also Chinese companies are going to help upgrade the electrical grid.


If you participate in realpolitik you aren't socialist anymore?


at this point it depends if china does go socialist in the future.
If china refuses to go socialist in the future than these realpolitik was actually evidence all a long that china was just a state cap nation hiding behind red paint
However if china does go socialist in the future then it looks like china was playing the long game and was still socialist all along


>china is socialist because the official plan is to build up capitalism and the use the contradicitons of that to go to socialism. aka the multiple stages theory well first a society has to go through capitalism and then socialism.
"trust the plan"



yeah and i dont really 100 percent trust that narrative as shown in my previous comment

"Unofficially idk its hard to say due to the multiple factions in the ccp"

like its possibly the plan can happen because there does seem to be a genuine socialist branch in the party but at the same time there are certain dangerous elements

certain dangerous liberal elements


I doubt any liberal in CPC wants any of what US is selling. Being a lib doesn't automatically make you a cuck to richer libs.


true but that doesnt change the fact they might decide to create their own liberal system, or delay/prevent china from returning back to proper socialism or deciding to just say fuck it and look at a different liberal model than the us to copy

these groups of liberals are dangerous and i hope xi purges them all


I wish that would be the case in western liberalism/global south liberalism.


It's too late. Absent of a faction that would immediately balkanize China and make it subservient to US, nothing will make US reconsider its aggression towards China. Liberal rhetoric being a sham, western liberals hate China, even though it is the only country where "middle class" is actually growing. Regardless of who CPC elects, the nukes will fly.


I think you misunderstand my comment. I dont really care about us reconsidering its aggression. I just want all forms of libs in the ccp to be purged because i view liberals to be dangerous for they might fuck over chinas goal to become socialist.

of course if your comment is saying that its too late for china to become socialist for the us will send nukes to destroy the world before china can reach socialism. Well….. idk want to say about that because its hard for me to believe the us will just nuke the world. It seems absurd to me because if humans were capable of that the world would have been destroyed during the cold war


Wen Tiejun's book, Ten Crises, has been translated to english and is available for free. The book covers a history of the Chinese economy since 1949. Get it from the link below tor user can't post attachment :-(

>Professor Wen Tiejun, the author of this book, has a wide reader- ship across official institutions, academics, mass media, and grassroots communities. Apart from being a well-known expert of agrarian issues and policy advisor, he is a scholar/activist who has initiated the rural reconstruction movement in contemporary China (2000—the present), particularly promoting agro-ecology, sustainability, and rural regenera- tion. He is deeply involved in defending the livelihoods of small peas- antry in his whole life. In 1968, when he was 17 years old, he was sent to mountain areas in Shanxi Province to work as a peasant. Then he worked as a truck driver for 2 years and later as service worker for 4 years. He entered university when he turned 28 years old. His world vision has been shaped by 11 years of working with and learning from peasants and workers. These grassroots experiences have great influence on his rural sustainability experiments and policy research. He has delivered lectures and provided training programs to tens of thousands of students, peasants, peasant workers, and government officers. He has also delivered dozens of lectures and interviews overseas.

The book comprises of five chapters:
>Chapter 1: The First Crisis 1949–1950: This chapter describes how
China in 1949–1950 dealt with the decade-long hyperinflation crisis that had crumbled the old regime. The crux was how to keep the speculative economy at bay by consolidating a real economy.

>Chapter 2: The Second to Fourth Crises 1958–1976: This chapter describes how China got an opportunity to receive technological aid from the Soviet Union and therefore achieved rapid development in industry. After breaking up with the Soviet Union, China sank into persistent economic crises, which induced its tragic decade of political turmoil. However, China also took the occasion to become a sovereign country even though it got caught in animosity by both superpowers

>Chapter 3: The Fifth to Seventh Crises 1978–1996: This chapter describes how China once again got a chance to acquire technology from advanced countries through rapprochement with the West. However, over-investment also led to fiscal deficits and foreign debts. Radical reforms were taken to deal with the crises incurred.

>Chapter 4: The Eighth and Ninth Crises 1997 and 2008: After increasing integration into globalization, China’s economy shifted from scarcity to over-capacity. Previous crises were mostly endogenous despite the external factors. However, the eighth and ninth crises were mostly exogenous. China also faced the challenge of inherent and global financialization,

>Chapter 5: The Tenth Crisis, 2013-the present. This chapter gives a brief evaluation of the unfolding situation since 2013. It presents the idea of ecological civilization which may serve as an alternative to the developmentalism that has captivated China for more than 150 years.


>>559254 (me)
Someone else please download the PDF and post it in this thread.



File: 1634879327649.png (17.86 KB, 94x93, 1344177706904.png)

>It seems absurd to me because if humans were capable of that the world would have been destroyed during the cold war
Because their opponents were socialists, i.e. actual human beings, capable of being things other than tools of turning capital into more capital.

France and Britain, being social democratic states employed deterrence, China and Soviet Union pledged No First Use, opposed nuclear weapon usage, and exercised restraint. Russia dropped the pledge, and created Status-6. US always favored first/decapitation strike. India started being vague, if they aren't lying. Israel literally tells nobody how much nukes they have, or their policy on using them.

Soviet Union was our only chance.

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