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They're retarded for clamping down on "corruption", little white envelopes are the price to get anything done and have development, that's $151 million productive forces just gone, wasted because they killed him instead of letting him invest


File: 1717078302553.jpg (40.76 KB, 638x602, 1717078298116.jpg)


>capitalist countries kill porkies such as uhhh…………


well it's true I can't think of any examples, but I imagine it would have at least happened a few times during the industrial revolution kinda period. I dunno.


Such as Vietnam :^)




100 years ago:
Chinese Communist Party: Only by implementing the dictatorship of the proletariat can we achieve the goal of resisting enemies both domestic and foreign. This means using the strength of one class to create a communist society. This class is to shape the future world and is entrusted by history with accomplishing this task.

Chinese Nationalist Party: For 40 years I have devoted myself to the cause of the people’s revolution with but one end in view: the elevation of China to a position of freedom and equality among the nations… To attain this goal, we must bring about a thorough awakening of our own people and ally ourselves in a common struggle with those peoples of the world who treat us on the basis of equality. The work of the Revolution is not yet done.

100 years later
>You are Chinese, damn it, the blood flowing in your veins is all from mainland ancestors.
<No, I don’t think so.





File: 1717082966862.png (4.08 MB, 2000x1690, ClipboardImage.png)


Not a porky, just a well-connected sex pest


>investment bankers aren't porky


Even if he is, he's not been killed on corruption charges, he never even made it to a court room. He wasn't killed because he was a porky and doing porky things, he was killed because he was a well-connected sex pest who got caught.


He was an investment banker? I gathered that he was a kind of a celebrity that got scraps from the porkies' table not unlike singers


Holy shit, why is nobody explaining PRC's position ever? https://www.patreon.com/posts/p-is-for-patsy-104882221 even this guy hides posts behind patreon paywall. Just look at this, PRC's position is COMPLETELY justfied, and Philippines IS the aggressor

However, the PRC position was and is that resupply missions cannot bring in construction materials that would reinforce the Sierra Madre and allow it to become a permanent installation.

Under this understanding resupply missions have gone on for decades, largely without incident.

In the last few months, however, things have escalated.

Not because of China.

The Chinese Coast Guard has watercannoned the resupply vessels because it suspected the ships were carrying construction materials to the Sierra Madre.

In another embarrassment for the Philippines, the PRC subsequently informed the Philippine press that there had been indeed an agreement with the previous Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte, not to ship building materials to the Sierra Madre.

Furthermore, and much more embarrassing for the current Philippine government, the Chinese embassy let it be known that the arrangement had been updated by the current Marcos administration in late 2023 through multiple exchanges via the defense ministry, and that a resupply on those terms had taken place in February 2024, and now the Philippines had reneged on that deal.

So that was another agreement for the Philippine government to repudiate vociferously but unconvincingly by calling the PRC “liars”.

In response, the PRC has released the transcript of phone conversations with Philippine officials endorsing the deal. Oops!

As for the Philippine commander who had allegedly confirmed the arrangement in the transcript, instead of facing the press he went on personal leave to spend more time with his family.


Well, it’s not because China is “aggravating tensions”.

It’s because the Philippines, backed by the United States, have decided to pursue a strategy of “aggravating tensions” with China at the two flash points.

The key enabling factor is the United States, in fact one statement by the United States:

The declaration in 2019 by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the South China Sea was part of the Pacific Ocean.

Why was this important?

Because back in the 1950s the US-Philippine Mutual Defense Treaty was written to cover only the Pacific…and specifically to exclude the South China Sea and protect the United States from getting entangled in Philippine adventurism in the South China Sea and conflicts with China and Vietnam over worthless shoals and islands.

But thanks to the Pompeo declaration, and, as the United States has frequently affirmed since then, if there is any attack on Philippine navy and coast guard vessels in the South China Sea, the Philippines can invoke the Mutual Defense Treaty with the United States.

The US declaration has empowered the Philippine military and pro-US elements in the government and society.

The Philippines has enrolled as an anti-China front line state and has opened several bases to the United States that will be used for operations against the PRC in a Taiwan or South China Sea contingency.

Pentagon insiders have excitedly heralded the birth of a new anti-China formation centered on the South China Sea: the “Squad” composed of the Philippines, Japan, Australia and the United States to push back against China in the SCS.

In addition to big yearly military exercises with the United States, the Philippines also conducts joint naval drills with the United States, Japan, and Australia in the South China Sea.

The deal has been sweetened by the expectation of a multi-billion dollar arms buildout and the pledge of $100 billion dollars in investment by the US and Japan to complete the Philippines’ diplomatic and economic decoupling from the PRC.

And the immediate focus of the anti-PRC program is systematic confrontation over disputed dots in the South China Sea.

US backing and the support of the pro-US Philippine military and civil society enables the Philippines to pursue a strategy of pulling the dragon’s whiskers: sailing vessels accompanied by a flotilla manned by domestic and Western media to the Second Thomas Shoal and Scarborough Shoal to conduct activities that violate previous understandings with the PRC and that the PRC is determined not to permit.

The result: watercannoning and bumping by the PRC Coast Guard, dramatic footage televised around the region and around the world, and an insistent narrative of Chinese “aggression” and “disruption of the status quo”…when the opposite is occurring.

The PRC is simply holding its own while the Philippines with US backing pursues, well, expansion of its claimed prerogatives via aggressive behavior that disrupts the status quo.


<released the phone call logs
I unironically love the communist States impulsive to record everything.


>but I imagine it would have at least happened a few times during the industrial revolution kinda period. I dunno.
It never happened


'member when Lenin and/or Trotsky have released the logs of all the diplomatic agreements of Entente regarding the splitting of Europe among themselves? Imperialists deny it to this day, lol, and refuse to acknowledge that those agreements even took place


File: 1717086004337.png (1.11 MB, 1144x1128, ClipboardImage.png)

Xi…the Dongfeng missiles…please


They realise China won last time as well right.




For example

Russian claims in the Ottoman Empire were denied following the Bolshevik Revolution and the Bolsheviks released a copy of the Sykes–Picot Agreement (as well as other treaties). They revealed full texts in Izvestia and Pravda on 23 November 1917; subsequently, The Manchester Guardian printed the texts on 26 November 1917.[67] That caused great embarrassment to the allies and growing distrust between them and the Arabs. Earlier, in April, the Zionists had confirmed the details of the Agreement with the British government.[68]




I haven't seen a single Western journalist give an even remotely plausible reason why the famously pragmatic PRC administration would have any reason to actually attack, especially since the CPC knows that's clearly what America is banking on, but they all act like it's a certainty within the decade.


File: 1717092092730.png (75.34 KB, 863x460, 857452.png)

Xi must be shitting his pants right now.




File: 1717096549689.png (288.47 KB, 220x1154, ClipboardImage.png)

NTA but thanks anon, very cool.


>Arsenal of democracy
>Imperial japanese flag
I'm betting a bazillion yuans this article was made by a Merican living in nippon base


File: 1717104347925.png (24.05 KB, 304x346, ClipboardImage.png)

Sweet summer child…



>“Indiscriminate vetoing of the budgets or public expenditure introduced by the government to compel the government to respond to the five demands [of protesters during the 2019 unrest] had all along been an act in violation of upholding the Basic Law, not to say if such acts were accompanied with a view to seriously undermining the power and authority of the government or the chief executive,” they wrote.

>The court stressed that a deliberate refusal by the majority of legislators to examine the merits of government budgets constituted a clear breach of their duty to safeguard national security and uphold the Basic Law, the city’s mini-constitution.

Based. Bourgeois politicking got punished, hard


>The conspiracy to block budgets and compel authorities to accede to a specific political agenda would violate articles 73 and 104 of the Basic Law, which required the legislature to “examine and approve” government spending blueprints and for public servants to abide by their oath of office, the judges ruled.

>The court also attached importance to remarks made by a senior mainland Chinese official in 2020 that “anti-China forces” had sought to paralyse the legislature and create “legislative and administrative means” to interfere with the government.

>A key factor in the court’s determination of guilt was whether the defendants had promised to comply with Tai’s plot by endorsing an online declaration titled “Resolute Resistance, Inked without Regret”.

>The judges said the declaration represented the basis for cooperation among the election candidates from different opposition parties and constituted the “highest common factor across the spectrum of the resistance camp”.

>The court further held that all participants “knew perfectly well” the goals of the so-called primary when they signed a nomination form confirming their agreement in and support of the “consensus” reached in a series of coordination meetings led by Tai before the unofficial polling exercise.

>The candidates had to pay a deposit which would not be refunded if they opposed the consensus, the judges noted.

>The panel ruled that all participants became parties to the subversion plot after being made aware of lawmakers’ veto power and the purpose behind it.

<The candidates had to pay a deposit which would not be refunded if they opposed the consensus, the judges noted.

Bourgeois. Politicking


File: 1717106778086.png (250.57 KB, 711x711, 1717102689146600.png)



They'll do the same with cancer or anti-aging treatments. The Great Satan needs blood rituals to sustain themselves.


File: 1717108312636.png (110.89 KB, 456x289, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1717113837471.jpeg (243.58 KB, 1080x2054, IMG_9548.jpeg)

They actually already did it. Literally.


File: 1717114456995.jpeg (961.24 KB, 1170x1370, IMG_9550.jpeg)

Not much to say except that THIS is what it took for the Westoid Leftoid to go whole hog on civilization race war with China. Lll.


>true socialism has never been tried unless it's a tiny, irrelevant country like Cuba (which has private markets too so…)
Just shut up.


In the PRC v USA cold war or potential conflict, where would India stand? Libs seem to think India would be against China.


>no dude, you don't get it, socialism doesn't actually mean no class system, no private property, etc, it means waving red flags haha


>I dunno.
Exactly. You can apply that to anything you say here.


Well let me try to reply again, I will simply point you to this post; >>1871452

The fact that China executes rich corrupt oligarchs is cool and all but it shouldn't have any oligarchs in the first place. That doesn't make it not capitalist.



Those aren’t oligarchs you idiot. They don’t rule the country.


Isn't there a slice of China's parliament-analogue exclusively set aside for business leaders? And that's aside from them buying politicians as happens in every western country. Even if they don't literally run society themselves it certainly seems to be running according to their benefit. China has the world's most billionaires.


>Isn't there a slice of China's parliament-analogue exclusively set aside for business leaders?
No. That’s Hong Kong. If you include Hong Kong as part of China, then yes I suppose.


Notice how they use lefty terms like "indigenous"? Even though Uyghurs are not the indigenous people of Xinjiang?


They're trying to imply "indigent"


That’s pretty much the basis though. Lefty rhetoric can establish any change in culture or social and economic integration as genocide. Since these are destroying ingenious folkways and traditional modes. It’s actually true that from a certain left wing position, trends that lead towards cultural integration are just genocidal.


The fact that use Urumqi was Han and that Uyghur arrived there recently through mass murder and displacement of the original population etc are relevant… or are they? In fact these things are characterized as “foreign histories.”


The modern-day Uyghur arrived hundreds of years after the Han. The Tocharians are the indigenous people who may have mixed with the Turkic Uyghurs.


I mean you could keep talking about this and argue with very little to show for it about why this must be classified as bad because of some form of colonialism, which in this case must be internal colonialism, or something. But it comes down to some uncomfortably racist investigation and discourse tbh. I mean literally trying to define race through genetic markers and figure who was here first, and then conceding that the real point is simply that there are numerically more Han which has some implication that can’t quite be explicitly stated. Requiring a very disingenuous and poorly supported thesis that the state is Han Supremacist rather than just acknowledging its fear that Han will numerically overwhelm Uyghur. Then you also have to address that you are defending no “Uyghur” but a specific political identifying group within them, that is actually opposed to other Uyghur on political basis. And saying that they have more right than others to decide what it should mean to be Uyghur in China etc.


Many Uyghers are mixed with Han Chinese and in the first place Han culture itself was 'genocided' by the Qing. Repeating archiac colonial partitionist racial beliefs in response to Uyghers futher integrating themselves in Chinese society is reactionary and counterproductive.


To all the Anons taking the college entrance exam, check this out and make sure you don't oversleep later.


How does this work? Only 4 courses? Who passes and where? Do they choose?


The total number of exams is six: Chinese, Math, English + Physics (or History) + two subjects chosen from Biology, Geography, Chemistry, and Politics.


This is the most important exam for high school students and throughout their entire academic career.The exam must be taken at a designated testing center (usually another school).


Why do they hold two exams at the same day? It must be very exhausting for no benefit. They could just have them all on separate days.


iirc the SAT is like that too. Could just be an academic standard.



But is there a point system where best ones get to be doctors and those not good enough get to be nurse?


Is it as high pressure as these retarded exams in South Korea that makes every teen there want to hang themselves?


It's the best education system we have though. You can get a better system only by having private tutors royalty-style




File: 1717154461563-0.jpg (19.25 KB, 581x352, Jiangsu .jpg)

File: 1717154461563-1.jpg (24.03 KB, 569x421, Beijing.jpg)

In China, this is a common practice, and the exam times vary across different provinces.


That's a very tight schedule. Both language and math are probably obligatory, and you test on both in the same day?


File: 1717154645049-0.png (53.08 KB, 923x573, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1717154645049-1.png (36.81 KB, 913x377, ClipboardImage.png)

so when did the "the bad guy's nukes are probably weak cause they're weak lol unleash the nuclear apocalypse what's the problem?" hot take come from?


Do they not do this in other countries? I remember the SAT working like that in America as well.


The SAT is like that. It's "one test" but broken up into sections. The ACT has been getting more popular as an alternative and it combines multiple areas into one, including scientific literacy. It's significantly less oriented toward testing your stamina. I took both SAT and ACT and vastly prefer the latter. It's a lot more rational and modern in the way it's designed even if it's also "easier."


Even bigger.


In Russia it's different dates for every subject, and there are also days for repeats of subjects if student somehow couldn't attend or there was a conflict of subjects. They tried really hard to combat cheating, and the whole system is a fucking mess, with cameras, teachers, computers checking answers, etc etc I myself did 5 exams and all were on different dates with 2-3 days between each, but maybe they've changed it already


I'm not particularly sure if there are any special recruitment programs in medicine, what I know is that this exam mainly considers your scores: high scores for good schools, low scores for bad schools.



Scratch that, I can't read graphs. 2-3 subjects per date, but with 2-3 days between exam dates


File: 1717156938632-0.jpg (134.56 KB, 640x1257, 640.jpg)

File: 1717156938633-1.png (94.17 KB, 847x1236, ChatGPT.png)

Yes, this is the reality of high school.


>watch news and free time

When were you supposed to meet with private tutors? Instead of evening study?


There are no private tutors, only evening self-study sessions. You cannot bring mobile phones into the school, so the information you can get from the outside is very limited. To make phone calls, you have to use the public phone booths installed by the school.



> You cannot bring mobile phones into the school
Is it at all times? So not just the phone is away during the class?
Also is this nation wide or only in the good or private schools?


Anytime during junior or senior high school, at any secondary school. You can bring it to college, but you cannot use it in college classes except for checking in. You may use any legal and school-compliant electronic devices during your free time in college.


Jensen Huang just called Taiwan a country in English it's so over chinabros
Wasn't he joking
I hate yakubians


Damn, that's really good. I envy you and so do many parents in the west.


>There are no private tutors, only evening self-study sessions.

But there were, supposedly, CPC has banned them. I was wondering where do they insert themselves into the schedule


>those darn phones are corrupting our youth!!1
<every absentee parent when asked why their kid isn't paying attention, doesn't study and is getting bad grades


Oh, you mean private, non-school tutoring centers. During my high school years, since our weekend break started from Saturday afternoon and lasted until Sunday noon, the time for outside tutoring was often on Saturday afternoons or Sunday mornings.



If you mean preventing 12-19 year-olds from using electronic devices to play online games or discuss politics, this might be beneficial for some people other than these teenagers.



This. Societal expectations around doing well are more of a motivator than phones are a distraction. My Chinese friends judge hard when their little cousin does bad on the Gaokao lol


The problem is, retard, in schools in the west you have 0 control over your childs phone activity even if you express clearly that you do not want them doing such things during their education.


It's not all bad; at least they get few hours between tests so they can eat lunch and study for the next part. On American standardized tests, you proceed to the next part after you're done.
Really, these people would have been demonizing Pokemon 25 years ago. Hot take: I'd unironically rather have kids watch an hour of Skibidi Toilet than "learning" the sort of jingoistic historical revisionism that you find in American classrooms.


Its most unnecessary private life intrusion that creates discontent. If you work hard and obey law why not spend free time as you wish?


Claiming China is "Socialist" or "Capitalist" is meaningless. It's a socialist experiment. They're revisionists. Now if they're commited or not to socialism, only time will tell.


>They're revisionists

They are not


>"Socialist" or "Capitalist" is meaningless
you don't get to talk about revisionism with such shit takes


>>1871857 如果你想成为医生,一般选择临床医学专业,一般来说,你要排名本省的前15% 就比例而言,顶尖学校的医学院录取比例通常是所有参加考试学生的前0.5%


nationalist here absolutely hate this idea,1 they dint think this will work,just like US trade with China in past decades to promote "democracy"
2 in the last decade the trade relations made almost no use in internal politics of taiwan,DPP will elections again and again
3folks here wonder why government offer concessions to taiwan if ppl there have better living standard than mainland


Does the chinese government and its people/workers consider its system socialism? If so, then it's socialism


>>1872274 Compared with USA,probably, but still you get a better chance if ur family willing to provide more resources


most ppl here are certain that it is socialism but i wonder what are their definations have in mind


I'm starting to see a lot of seethe in the West over Temu, including using "Temu" as a pejorative and a sudden heel turn on common fashion industry practices now that China is doing it. It's going to be hilarious seeing them panic as more and more industries buckle to Chinese dominance.


They will start saying soon that China is colonizing America and Europe and the struggle against China is anticolonial, antiimperialist in nature


Personally I consider Temu and its China counterpart a sign of Late stage captialism




>>1872301 Seriously it reflect the living conditions of the prolets I dont see many rich ppl use 拼多多(Chinese version of Temu)here


I'm asking you China-nerds: When and why did they start to call the leaders of China "president"? I mean, Mao, Deng etc. they werent called president. Did it started with Xi? What is the reason?


These apps became the most downloaded apps in the country for several years and are now, along with TikTok, actually eating into Amazon market share which USians think is impossible and extremely startling to them. I suspect USians will become huge Amazon America stans soon.


President is just one of his many titles, you can call him Chairman as well if you want.

>Xi Jinping (/ˈʃiː dʒɪnˈpɪŋ/, or often /ˈʒiː/; Chinese: 习近平; pinyin: Xí Jìnpíng, pronounced [ɕǐ tɕîn.pʰǐŋ];[a] born 15 June 1953) is a Chinese politician who has been the general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), and thus the paramount leader of China, since 2012. Xi has also been the president of the People's Republic of China (PRC) since 2013.



Yeah, but why doesn't this title apply to Mao or Deng as well? I've never read president Mao or president Deng anywhere. Only president Xi.


In the case of Deng it's because Deng actually never was president. China underwent several constitutional changes that kept redefining the relationship between state (offices) and party. In the case of Mao I guess it's because he is more remembered or people like to remember him more as a military leader and political agitator instead of his statecraft.


So, why again does this site hate Chomsky?



>China underwent several constitutional changes that kept redefining the relationship between state (offices) and party.

But why?? Why was this necessary? Yesterday chairman, today president and tomorrow… emperor??


Because he's a spineless democrat whose heyday has long since passed.



Brave Chinese netizens have partnered with the us government to help keep the internet FREE ( ;w;)7 🇱🇷


just from that text
>There are of course serious human rights abuses in China, including its suppression of dissent and the repression of the Uyghur population.




Chomsky seems all over the board on China. I think he doesn’t really have a consistent or coherent view on it. He tends to represent the complaints of any group that comes to him but at other times understands China by its position in the world system.

Idk he’s not like always correct on geopolitics but his media critique is sharp as ever.


I dont hate him, I like him actually he did lot of good work and was recently surprisingly good, but he is still ultimately a socdem aka a lib, and ironically despite all his work on the media he still buy their bs


the guy who wrote manufacturing consent fell for the uyghur propaganda
ironic, he could save others but not himself


an interesting and nuanced take on china

<On China's long march towards democracy and socialism

>As Mao used to say: “It's a good thing when the enemy attacks us”.

>Well, the attacks of its enemies since the mid-2000s have been a good thing for the Communist Party of China, since in response it is asserting more and more clearly its objective, socialism, and its theoretical references to Marxism, while making it clear that this Marxism is “Sinicized” and asserting the importance of audacity and theoretical innovation. All well and good.
>But should we take his word for it? After all, we know that there are many “socialists” and even “communists” in the West who are not socialists at all.
>Let's propose these three criteria to define real socialism:
>- state control of the means of production (but not necessarily collective ownership of all means of production)
>- management of development in the interests of the workers, measurable by a significant rise in their consumption.
>- political control of society by the proletariat, through a single party.

>The last criterion prevents the bourgeoisie from returning to power. It means the political support of the masses for the ruling party, which has been recruited and educated for this purpose and has ad hoc statutes and structures. This support, which authorizes Lenin's “democratic dictatorship of the workers and peasants”, is also the only legitimate single-party regime.

>The first two criteria are valid in China. As for the third, the Communist Party of China, according to its texts, is intended to represent society as a whole, on a harmonious and non-contradictory basis, and not to be the expression of the political leadership of urban and rural workers over the rest of society. The Cultural Revolution of 1966-1976 has left a bad taste in its ranks, not as negative as it seemed a few years ago, but at least very mixed. But its legitimacy depends not on the democratic principle, but on concrete results and above all their communication, which can always be called into question in the “battle of ideas”.
>If the proponents of radical class struggle were ousted in 1976 with the “Gang of Four” after Mao's death, a few years later, in 1989, the internal struggle within the CPC apparatus turned to the confusion of supporters of a direct return to capitalism, as was happening at the same time in Eastern Europe and the USSR. The prevailing trend, which led to the repression of the Tien An Men color revolution, was not one of unequivocally maintained socialism, but of long-term maintenance of the ambiguity between socialism and capitalism. Knowing that ambiguity can only be abandoned to one's detriment!
>The resulting People's Republic of China today may well not be a model of socialism, but rather - much to the scandal of those paid to propagate the commonplaces of anti-Chinese propaganda - an experiment in radical democratic politics: a government of the people, for the people, by the people, as Abraham Lincoln put it. This new kind of democratic experiment is taking place at a time when the liberal parliamentary oligarchic system that is universal in the West is moving ever further and ever more irreversibly away from what can seriously be defined as “democracy”. The new democracy in China is based on the defense and promotion of genuine human rights as affirmed in the 1948 Universal Declaration. Democracy in any form is incompatible with underdevelopment and the maintenance of a subaltern or neo-colonial national situation.

>Deng's reforms from 1979 onwards, which reintroduced the market and private capital, have been theorized by the Italian Marxist philosopher Domenico Losurdo as a “long NEP”, analogous to the Soviet “new economic policy” launched by Lenin in the USSR from 1921 to 1928, which was intended by a temporary and partial return to capitalism to ensure the basic quantitative economic development necessary for the qualitative leap towards socialism. Whether or not this theorization reflects the intentions in the minds of the different generations and currents of Chinese leaders who have guided the country since then, the question now is whether this “NEP” will last much longer, or whether it will be definitive, beyond recent shifts towards strengthening state control over the economy and combating moral gentrification within the party.

>There is an acute economic class struggle in China today, which has contributed with strikes, demonstrations and even riots, in addition to pressure from external enemies, to the reorientation of the ruling party's policy towards higher incomes, the generalization of social coverage and the eradication of absolute poverty, and a return to more social equality - and also towards a radical consideration of environmental issues - a policy that increasingly officially claims to be socialist, from the 2010s onwards and Xi Jinping's assumption of leadership. It's also worth noting that the capitalists who most exploit the Chinese proletariat are the owners of overseas Chinese capital, the Taiwanese, foreigners, multinationals and their suppliers. In a word, global capital.

>But official Chinese theorists, while denouncing moral rather than political excesses that endanger the party's hegemony, tend to suggest that the whole of Chinese economic and political evolution since 1979, or even since 1949, is the development of a harmonious plan that corrects itself as problems arise, pragmatically, without any real contradiction.

>In the global South, there is indeed external pressure to keep the national bourgeoisie “caged” for the common good, to maintain the first two criteria of socialism in countries where political power is genuinely committed to the path of social development. This is the pressure of imperialism. The neo-bourgeoisie of the South must face the facts: there is no room for it in the Anglo-Saxon-led global Empire's plans to hold on at all costs, despite its objective decline, and it must find a political compromise with the working and peasant classes, and with the many urban people of the more or less informal services in the new metropolises.
>It remains to be seen whether, and to what extent, the CPC reflects the interests of a Chinese neo-bourgeoisie, or Chinese capitalists, whose properties and their transmission seem fragile in the face of political imperatives. Is there such a thing as a real bourgeoisie in China, based on financial and real-estate assets that are passed on smoothly from one generation to the next? Or, on the contrary, a capitalism of appearances, and an implicit socialism of mentalities - this is the meaning of the Western media's accusations against China - where multimillionaires know, like Jack Ma, that they can only step aside in the face of tacit but absolutely imperative political demands. That the Chinese Communist Party can intimidate and bring to heel the monopolies of its “Silicon Valley” is a good thing. But tacit rules of this kind can tacitly change without being noticed in time…

>In the current context of the Ukrainian war, for example, the Chinese authorities, in conjunction with the Russians, are attempting a moral critique of imperialism that sidesteps the critique of capitalism, as if it were a neutral instrument that could be used for the common good of all peoples, in “win-win” relations the theory of which dates back to Adam Smith, if the West did not seek to monopolize its advantages, a critique that cannot correctly analyze its causes. At the end of this logic, imperialism would be the sin of white Westerners - rich, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, atheist. As long as the maximum potential of capitalism is developed in the West, the world's major surplus-value collectors are all effectively concentrated there, and particularly in its financial, technological and cultural centers, but it is increasingly clear that this dominant position is being lost, on a decade-by-decade scale. The question is: will the end of Western hegemony mean the end of capitalism? Can its displacement, or even its crumbling, be brought to a conclusion without a fundamental and conscious rethinking of the capitalist system itself? And without this, what would we concretely gain?

>This brings us back with a detour to the problematic of the Maoist Cultural Revolution, against the “red princes”, those who owe their wealth and power to supporters in the party, whose privileges and opportunities for enrichment the current leadership has decided to limit - though not radically eliminate as in the Maoist era - in ways that are sometimes difficult to grasp for those unfamiliar with the implicit rules that operate in Chinese society.
>It's worth noting that the unconditional defenders of the party's current political line in China often get nervous when the role of the working class is mentioned, and tend, by resorting to a kind of unexpected “wokism”, to invalidate in advance any criticism on this ground as a form of "Western left-wing supremacy". According to them, class struggle is a destructive innovation imported from the West. Yet the categories of Marxism are scientific and objective, and have nothing to do with the religion, nation, gender, sexual orientation or skin color of those who formulate, propagate or adopt them. To put it bluntly, I don't understand what "Sinicizing Marxism" means (except to say that if anyone seems to have done such an adaptation job, it's Mao). Insofar as CPC texts evoke traditional Chinese values, they seem to converge more towards a consensual adaptation of Confucianism to neo-Kantianism and classical liberalism in the left-wing reading of Adam Smith - a reading which is perfectly possible, by the way - than towards a revival of the Chinese-style Marxism of Mao Tse Tung or Zhou Enlai , or even Deng Xiao Ping.
>Yet Marxism as such seems to have acquired a universal classical status in China that no other idea imported from outside the Chinese cultural area has ever achieved, with the significant exception of Buddhism, around the 7th century. In this sense, the official invocation of Marxism as a source of political legitimacy is the sign of a deep-rooted impregnation of Chinese society and masses, which acts in the long term against liberal and Westernist temptations, but also against conservative and traditionalist temptations, which regularly reappear in the political apparatus. Underneath the long NEP, a long Cultural Revolution continues in muted tones, echoing the Taoist tradition of questioning all authority, the other great Chinese cultural tradition dating back to antiquity.

>In reality, the Western Empire is the last capitalist empire, and it cannot be supplanted without changing the global mode of production. A military or diplomatic victory against it will not suffice in the long term against the enemy within, domestic capitalism, whose culture is the same as that of the West: the culture of the commodity, the spectacle, enrichment, vice and mass individualism.

>In this sense, we can say that the triple-entangled Empire (Anglo-Saxon “Five Eyes” and NATO satellites + EU + G7) is not only a social formation but also a global political, legal and philosophical superstructure, which still reigns everywhere, but which has had its day, and that the historical role of the Western ruling classes is now being challenged by the objective change in material conditions, due to the extraordinary technical, demographic and scientific changes that have taken place since 1945. In other parts of the world, the formidable progress of education, whose qualitative content has not yet been eaten away from within by the infernal trio of consumerism, spectacle and postmodernism, makes the historical choice possible: Do we want to do the same thing as the West in a different, traditional ideological costume, with the obvious risk of dividing ourselves up to share the spoils, or do we want to surpass capitalism by surpassing the West, which is the essence of the identity of this brutal imperium over the rest of the world, five centuries old?

>Of course, we take the CPC's claim to socialism and Marxism at face value. And if only symbolic, it is already totally unacceptable to beleaguered imperialism. But we also know that the great country of Asia does not choose its friends on the basis of ideology. The task of our solidarity with China is to do everything in our power to prevent the war of reconquest against it that is currently being prepared - or dreamt of - in the West. But not to find a political model in China.

>Despite the appearance of the contrary, due to the ravages of the US blockade, it is rather on the side of Cuba that we can find our concrete inspiration, through cultural affinity, and perhaps the Japanese communists can draw inspiration from the DPR of Korea. And this will become possible if, and only if, the blockades that hinder the development of socialism in these two countries soon fall into disuse with the “international community” that implements them, thanks to the combined anti-imperialist action of the great countries of the South and East.

GQ, November 5, 2022, reviewed February 13, 2024


where's nice to travel in china? misso got some tiktoks about how good the pt is and how safe the cities were and while I'd like to visit before the us/israeli pigs kick off ww3 I don't really know what spots I'd want to check out.


Don't really know what the take home message is but enjoyed reading this


>america bad… but ussr worse
>*collects US military paycheck*
>bro, what if we just… didn't have money
>revolutionary activity is fascism
It's high school level shit. He's a genius in his field I hear, but his politics are not impressive. Even that article isn't saying anything amazing. Green libs say we should work with China as does anyone except boomers and libs/anarchists who got caught up in the Uyghur lie.


Because the term "president" is more recognizable to Americans.


File: 1717199568774-0.png (166.67 KB, 911x584, Fertility.png)

File: 1717199568774-1.png (111.81 KB, 1098x748, Fertility1.png)

I have questions about the declining global fertility rate.

Globally it has been dropping for a long time, and is predicted to fall even further. Even in Africa, where the fertility far outpaces other continents, fertility has been on a massive decline. In fact it is in Africa that we have the most drastic expected decrease. This brings a few interesting ideas into the mix.

First of all, climate change. For all the degrowth people, less people on earth means less emissions, less pollution. I remember when many were talking about climate change, mentioning the disproportionate impact that it will have on the global south, the suffering it will cause. I distinctly remember people saying that the death toll would be in the tens or hundreds of millions. But now things are changing. Apparently we will soon reach peak emissions, and that global emissions will start to decline as a result of the declining population, so that is a positive (???).

Second, my main reason for making this thread, China. With the future we are heading towards, where fertility takes such a large role, where does this leave the PRC? I will attach a graph below, but most estimates put it around 1.15 or similar (though it is hard to find good numbers on, feel free to look for your own sources and argue/dispute this). Which means the population will almost half each generation?

I have a number of questions. First, why does China have such low fertility? People can point to the one child policy, but I do not believe that is the sole explanation, as other East Asian countries also have seen a rapid decrease in fertility.

Is it because of the intense work culture? This is at least something in common with the other East Asian countries seeing such a massive decrease. I am not trying to say that having a strong work ethic is bad, on the contrary it is very good. The single largest and fatest reduction in poverty in the PRC. Development and infrastructure. But does it eventually reach a point where people are only thinking about their jobs and careers, and it begins to negatively impact the other aspects of life? What would even be a possible solution to this?

Does it unironically stem from having a very mechanistic and materialist worldview? I lack the ability to better describe this, but I don't just mean atheism, and I don't use materialist in the Marxist sense of the word. But more so that that life is being boiled down to it's most base vulgar components. Like the myths and mysteries of life being dissolved. Though this might just be western brained, as I honestly don't know enough of how they treat such things.

I wouldn't say the situation is the same as in other countries where there is no hope for a better future (alot of Eastern bloc), as China has very good governance and is one of the few countries that is clearly on a massive rise.

Has anybody been discussing possible solutions to this? I am certain they are aware of the issue, and I imagine that many already have been, but I am simply out of the loop. It seems as though it's already approaching a good time to take action.

But there are a number of issues with possible proposals. I have seen a number of countries try to implement a number of things like free childcare and other benefits for having children like tax breaks. But from what I have seen they have had very little impact, if any at all. It seems as though once it starts to fall, it is very hard to reverse.

I was looking to open some more discussion on these topics.


>Which means the population will almost half each generation?

everyone doesn't die every generation.


China is the size of a continent. It has everything from ancient historical sites, to modernist cities and colonial architecture. It has beaches, breathtaking landcapes, desserts and snowy mountain plateaus. It's best to start with the tier-1 cities like Shanghai and Beijing which have lots to see and then go from there.


Apologies, it was a dumb thing to say. I meant that eventually it will half, even if the effect is staggered. Is there anything else you would like to contribute?


Good article.


Nothingburger. Fertility rates will be restored once USA collapses and experieces a huge population outflow back to contries the young migrants came from


IDK really, I feel like it probably is culture of overwork combined with lingering effects of one child policy, I think China needs to ease up their immigration laws to combat this, they can easily take in a few tens of millions of people from africa or india to solve any worker shortages.


Probably a good thing tbh in a few years most jobs will be automated by machines anyways. From my understanding the 1.2 total fertility rate is due to gender imbalance while the fertility rate per woman is 1.7 the same as America's.
The one child policy was in response to Mao instructing women to have as many children as possible so that China could survive nuclear war iirc.


Why do you think the USA is going to collapse, and when do you think it will do so?


Because they have deindustrialized themselves and cannot escape the hyperinflation death spiral caused by their real estate / financial industry based economy. The means of imperialism (controlling foreign markets): NATO and US dollar hegemony are also on the decline globally.
In less than decade or whenever China wrestles hegemon status from them. Will be marked by Taipei reunification.


bro immigrants are only 25% of the USA at most.


Yet they do the majority of productive labor (creating physical commodities). Besides migrants from around the world always go to the place where they can earn the most money.


Beijing was pretty dirty when I had a layover there 5ish years ago. I also had a layover in Tianjin and it was pretty so it was just a Beijing issue. I haven't visited it properly yet


File: 1717211230948.png (178.46 KB, 576x160, ClipboardImage.png)

If I were you I'd go to Xiamen before it gets bombed. It's a pretty popular tourist city with authentic tea (oolong and gongfu was invented there) and some Dutch artitecture but has the misfortune of being right next to Taipei.


He raped kids with Epstein and hates socialism


>He's a genius in his field I hear, but his politics are not impressive.
I wanted to go into linguistics and reached out to him in highschool. To his credit he replied unlike every other famous person I mailed, but his theories were in my opinion a detour with more in common with continental philosophy than science. Probabilistic language modeling and deep learning have shown a lot more impact.


Why do chinese students wear those tracksuits instead of the sort of uniform they wear in south korea and japan? Why tracksuits?


File: 1717214993226-1.png (26.64 KB, 600x416, fredgraph.png)

>Because they have deindustrialized themselves
This is kind of overstated. The U.S. is second to China in terms of manufacturing and industrial output. It's a pretty big industrialized economy. The U.S. also has 1/5 (?) of China's population. I live here and could drive you around and show you some big factories. I was considering getting a factory job recently – I might still do it.

The overall percentage of the American workforce involved in industry and manufacturing has shrunk a lot since the 1950s, but the total number of workers involved is about the same in raw numbers. One reason for this is automation. This is why total industrial and manufacturing output is a lot higher now than it was in the past, because industrial productivity has risen so much although growth has stagnated in the 21st century (with two big interruptions: the financial crisis and COVID).

Off the top of the head, I think there are two problems. One is there's a lot more workers in the economy but relatively fewer industrial jobs, but those jobs are good for men. Some guys just wanna do that kind of work, it's more appealing. Most of all, it provides a good living compared to working shitty gig McJobs. The second is that deindustrialization really *has* occurred regionally, like huge job losses in the Midwest (i.e. the Rust Belt) which had a devastating human cost. But the first place those jobs went to were southern states.


Since I started elementary school and up until college where there were no uniforms, the school uniforms I remember were all sportswear, so this style has been popular for more than ten years.I'm not particularly clear about this trend either; it might be related to the requirements of the Ministry of Education.The school might believe that this type of uniform can enhance the overall image of the school and strengthen the sense of collective honor.



Immigrants are 100% of the US, stupid.
And most countries where they came from have a law of return, so they can leave when the US implodes.


a) Most American industrial companies such as Ford, Tesla, General Electric etc. are basically unprofitable zombies living off subsidies/loans and actually harm the overall economy.
b) The amount of American industrial output has not risen to the point where it can satisfy the needs of its own domestic consumers.
c) American production itself is wholly reliant on Chinese materials and components, in fact it was the world's largest importer of steel in 2017.
d) Less than 30% of China's population works in the Industrial sector despite it being the world's factory.


> I was considering getting a factory job recently – I might still do it.
Unless you've got a degree it's hard to make better money. Proceed with caution though, and if you're lucky enough to not live in a right to work state, try and find a place that's already unionized.


You gonna educate them about this three commas?
I know some rich people used pinduoduo for buying groceries only


File: 1717226157609.png (500.75 KB, 1263x671, ClipboardImage.png)


Pinduoduo is known for the ultra cheap price of light industry products from Clothes-hanger to key rings.It aimed for poor ppl at the beigining then expand its market share by Interpersonal relationships orentied promotion strategy.Hence its main customers are lower classes.
As for colonial sh*t,dude,they literaly pay useless cheap green papers printed by Federal Reserves to buy those fancy tiny lil stuff come out from sweatshop. AND they proclaim themselves EXPLOITED?
Fucking shameless


>Ireland with 124B in manufacturing, ahead of Belgium despite having 1/2 the population
Someone explain this to me


lower wages (in the past) and much lower taxes


>pic 1
>based on GDP

had a quick look at the sources. i have no clue how they got those numbers.


File: 1717230562751-2.jpg (151.49 KB, 1125x750, chinese-tomato-eggs-3.jpg)

They need to eat more eggs to cum harder.
>[Looks up "Chinese egg food"]
>marbled tea eggs
Oh that looks interesting, I might try that tomorrow.


>where does this leave the PRC?
In a strong position compared to its adversaries. CPC can enact strong measures to promote fertility but America and Europe have their hands tied because of liberal freedoms.


Watch me


>have kids or we'll shoot you
so this is the power of "socialism" with chinese characteristics


Wait are there two China anons now?




There's only ONE China anon.


One china anon, two systems. Vety confusing.


>First of all, climate change. For all the degrowth people, less people on earth means less emissions, less pollution.
Enforced classes on pollution levels of the Victorian era British and their industrial revolution should be mandatory so people stop this psy op.
Right off the bat I can stop reading and throw your entire post into the trash but I won't because it isn't the main point of your post.
>Does it unironically stem from having a very mechanistic and materialist worldview?
Not exactly, it stems from having a overall inward reflective, toxic independence, and inefficient view that most ideas post enlightenment have suffered from.
Yes I am going that direction.
Capitalism, globalism, pop parenting, pop psychology, and pop politics all discourage people greatly from children. It isn't just feminism or whatever.
Americans and by extension believe it or not despite what conservative pundits can tell you, everyone else does not like centralization at all, even China does not have it on the level people would like you to think.
Because of the lack of centralized planning there is no excess of women required for growth.
Because of the lack of centralized planning there is no way to force people to have a number of children deemed necessary by the state for long term planning.
Again I'm sure the dads and chads of the world would neither want to be held to such direct orders in civilian life, or be tied down.
Because of this humanity is one bad decision away from a butterfly effect leading to exinction because muh personal freedoms.
Good job everyone, you voluntarily killed us all.
The worst part is this has already happened, the generations who bought into the "have families later focus on your careers now" and "do as you please" bullshit happened ages ago.
If we wanted to stop this, we needed to do so a century ago, not now, the question is how bad will the coming population bottle neck be, and how easy will it be to recover from it, finally, will humanity finally grow the balls to control its own balls and stop cumming everywhere but also forcibly cum where it must?


If Chinas birth rate does not increase, in 100 years, it will have 700 million people. Just to put into perspective. Population decline is slow compared to population growth.


And like to put it into sharper relief, the lowest TFR in Asia is in Taiwan. 0 people care. I’m afraid that in searching for the great white hope that will collapse China once and for all, the western press has unleashed a horrible monster in demographic fatalism—a theory which has never actually borne out and is always applied retrospectively as a just-so story, with more exceptions than rule following examples.


File: 1717240668794.png (1.19 MB, 999x880, 184623945639754.png)

Does China not know that rich people are the greatest work force and the soul of their country? How could they do this to them


File: 1717240751051.png (532.44 KB, 1448x1365, sock.png)

>CPC can enact strong measures to promote fertility


U.S. was quite jovial at the Shangri-la dialogue. Lots of back slapping, openly insulting and belittling the Chinese reps. It’s a war conference and war is coming soon.


File: 1717241376654.png (232.51 KB, 445x490, IMG_9557.png)

War war war war


File: 1717241603801.png (52.68 KB, 968x458, ClipboardImage.png)

> horrible monster in demographic fatalism—a theory which has never actually borne out
Uh maybe because it's a completely new phenomenon and like you said:
It's only starting to kick in for countries that've been this way for a long time now. I think Japan will be the first case study of a low immigration and low fertility country.


It is not a new phenomena.

But if you don’t believe me just consider the alternatives: in places where population has grown (everywhere) have the social and economic consequence of population growth been uniform, or even similar? The answer is hell fucking no.


War war war war war war war


Why do Filipinos not stand up against this bullshit?


Anti-Chinese sentiment among Normie Flips is quite high, unfortunately.


True, but I was talking about a relative of mine in Beijing, who uses it for groceries instead of these cheap light industrial products
Pinduoduo was already infamous of that time for these knockoffs, and she wasn't buying these tho
Not all of us are namefags



Hey, China anon, can you introduce this site to more Chinese people?


come on, imagine trying to introduce this site to your friends, not to mention he could probably get arrested for it.


if everyone who dodged the internet censorship got arrested, China would go to the top of prison population in the world within a month. it's not something anyone gets into trouble with alone as a crime.


>Anti-Chinese sentiment among Normie Flips is quite high, unfortunately.
Same with Thai's but i think this will change over time.


get banned, shithead


File: 1717265976354.jpg (152.07 KB, 1280x720, Yeonmi_Park.jpg)

>not to mention he could probably get arrested for it.
You're right. China Anon might end up being executed by being shot with anti-aircraft guns or fed to dogs or burned alive in Birds Nest Stadium.


File: 1717266438867.png (154.5 KB, 550x550, ClipboardImage.png)

why do women do this to themselves.


I guess so. I mean I don't know. This is a political site too though.


File: 1717266851554.png (540.94 KB, 696x485, ClipboardImage.png)

it's tragic, she looked great when she first defected


North Korea really lost one of its strongest most mentally stable soldiers. It's over with marxism their, leninsisters….


China hawks are having a fun little tea party over at the magazine Foreing Affair over whether US policy towards China should simply be to disdain and revile them utterly or kill them all.


Are NKs allowed to travel to China?


yeah its like the #1 place they go vacation


wait till you find out cnn.com and npr.org aren't banned in china. it's also easy for people to use a vpn


They were also quite jovial at the munich conference, look how that turned out for them


There is a largish population in north China but the problem is that China actually signed onto UN sanctions (a position they publicly regret) and so now have a lot of grey areas about legality.


Russia signed onto those UN sanctions against DPRK and now they just dont give a fuck about it anymore. China is sure to do the same.


File: 1717273976977-0.png (74.55 KB, 980x169, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1717273976977-1.png (254.36 KB, 948x582, ClipboardImage.png)

>the virgin GAAS westoid slop vs the chad proletarian people's console


File: 1717275076089-0.jpg (92.8 KB, 720x500, 20240601_164957.jpg)

File: 1717275076089-1.jpg (276.07 KB, 720x889, 20240601_164711.jpg)

>Data Frog 6000 game handheld console instead of Nostalgia Stick 11,000 game handheld console
>forgetting da Kinhank 100,000 retro video games tv screen console


these pieces of junk are scams though, you're lucky to get a few dozen games that are working good and aren't repeats.


shit Im almost jealous
imagine if instead of one console with 10 games (and only 3 good onesand maybe one or two more you could fish at a flea market) for most your childhood you had this, with all the old school masterpieces


really ? I mean doing a raspbery pi like thing with a preinstalled retropie or recalbox and good games shouldnt be hard (if you dont care about IP laws)


how much processing power do you think you can get for $30?


Jfc the former is clearly based on old handheld gaming consoles while the kinhank is based on android software, similar to the amazon firestick or roku tv devices which dont have great storage capacity but are still quite good for running tiny old game files from the 90s.


you can get a raspberry pi 3 for around that price, which should prolly be enough for snes/sega era games


Pi 3 and, controller, and LiPo all for $15? I wish I lived wherever you are. You'd be lucky to get a controller for that price. I checked some videos and the latency and screen tear didn't seem too bad.


Pi 3 will of course have far more horsepower (this thing has 128 megs ram), but the form factor and convenience are more important for gaming


China is doing great shit for the FOSS movement by putting such products out to global markets. Once consumers are hooked on the destruction of intellectual property "rights" because of convenience, it'll be over for patentporky.


That's not what FOSS is though. They have no legal right to use the games, it's just not worth the effort for companies to go after them because they just reopen under different names


File: 1717282046820.png (1.57 MB, 1200x1924, ClipboardImage.png)

the sf2000 is not a scam, it runs everything up to snes pretty well (struggles on mode 7 and more demanding games) and a lot of mame titles as well
i posted that because i'm buying one, i think it's worth the price, 10 usd is less than a mcdonalds burger in amerikkka apparently


>in amerikkka
i meant outside* amerikkka


nah you dont get it, it's not about legality, it's about sharing software even if it's intellectual property, which is everything FOSS is about. it's about profaning the sacred institution of IP to make the knockoffs seem legitimate. communism should learn more from agorism imo


I mean up to you I guess but I feel like it would be a better use of time/money to just emulate on your phone.


<I don't understand what FOSS is
Consistently the worst poster on this site.


File: 1717289600157.webm (3.82 MB, 500x888, 1717274170200744.webm)


>average american home if they decouple from china


are you chinese?


They run emulators and roms. This kind of technology wasn't available at the time. Also, these consoles are irrepairable because manufacturers are saving costs on everything

But yeah, childhood would have been very different if the entire gaming library was available for 30$ tops. No second player for haldhelds is a bummer, tho


>chinese tomato eggs
Ah, so that's what I should call my scrambled eggs. I mix tomatos with egg fried rice, tho


File: 1717303981450-0.png (409.45 KB, 747x497, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1717303981450-1.png (984.32 KB, 1024x683, ClipboardImage.png)

South Korea is nuts with the plastic surgery. That before pic of her is already altered to give her more "western" looking eyes and probably also her nose and jawline too. It's part of the "capitalist experiment" the US is doing while occupying that half of the peninsula, giving them self image issues by bombarding them with western beauty standards.


China lands probe successfully on the dark side of the moon.


I have thought about it too.

Having a lot of people obviously brings many benefits, but it can also cause some trouble.

Since this website itself is about discussing politics, the Chinese people who are recommended here are generally political enthusiasts.

Who should I recommend to?


Of course, it can't be pro-Western liberals.

I often visit online left-wing communities, where the leftists generally believe that China today is revisionist.

Nationalists might like some of the anti-Western rhetoric here, but I think this could lead to the community becoming a pro-China nationalist community instead of a left-wing socialist community.

The online leftists might be more in line with left-wing values, but some of their values might clash with those of some people here. Many leftists dislike the current party and have a negative view of Xi, some even dislike him intensely.

After recommending it, the following could happen:

1. They don’t care, and no Chinese people come.
2. A large group of Chinese people comes, and in the future, you find a lot of anonymous Chinese posts in a section, even more than the anonymous English posts, just like some Steam multiplayer games.
3. Chinese liberals might not be very friendly when they find out, and they could cause a lot of trouble.

Also, I think most people on this website are moderate, but some might have a bit of a radical tone, and the Chinese people who come here might not allow some radical comments as I do.

However, I think it's okay to introduce this website to some Chinese people at an appropriate time.















>I often visit online left-wing communities, where the leftists generally believe that China today is revisionist.
It would be funny to see them argue with the westerners who fetishize China.
>Nationalists might like some of the anti-Western rhetoric here, but I think this could lead to the community becoming a pro-China nationalist community instead of a left-wing socialist community.
In English we have an idiom: "That ship has sailed."

All kidding aside, it would be better to start with the more left-wing people. Partly because it is more relevant to them, and partly because it would be funny to watch the westerners who worship Xi argue with Chinese people who are critical of him.


File: 1717312192163.jpg (6.56 KB, 217x233, 1676766533286.jpg)

>China hawks are having a fun little tea party over at the magazine Foreing Affair over whether US policy towards China should simply be to disdain and revile them utterly or kill them all.
Anybody else remember when the mods thought it was a good idea to collab with these people?


File: 1717312702906.mp4 (7.75 MB, 1280x720, 5uRT_xpSLOfoJwqU.mp4)

In all honesty this is not the sort of place that you should come with the expectation to find serious discussion. Like many imageboards it is polluted with nihilism and the sort of ivory tower liberal pretense at revolutionary politics which characterizes much of the Western Left. You legitimately would find better intellectual discussion with apolitical Americans than the sort of people who are ideologically inflexible, infantile radicals. Cherish the good advice from your elders and respect your culture's traditions, and you'll also become better as Marxists.


I think China anon should try and learn more about Chinese politics and inform us non-chinese speakers better. Unfortunately from what I've seen posted, it seems Chinese politics is practically as opaque to him as it is to us. Oh well.


It's opaque to everyone but the people who directly participate in governance, elections, politics. For example, I recently learned from my grandpa that he was actually in elections committees in USSR and had to constantly appease one random alcoholic who kept voting against everyone and destroying papers. Like, the guy was a specialist and "had a strong opinion", and committees were tasked with maintaning a high voter turnout and candidate acceptance (or what do you call it), and that implied going to rebellious voters in person and helping with whatever problems they had or just bribing them with vodka (like in case with that alcoholic). This is what having no democracy looked like in USSR (at least in my region of it), I guess


I would rather not to
I suppose you should get a real retro controller or just current gen console controller, you may also try some of the larger third party elite like controllers, I'm using some flagships and only not satisfied with absence of hd rumble
Kinda unrelated to Foss movement, maybe only some of them has retroarch
Typical douyin, kinda funny when some American say that Chinese TikTok has more educational content, I hate it when my family members watching and spreading conspiracy theories from douyin
>Chinese libs
You mean free worlders?
>It would be funny to see them argue with the westerners who fetishize China
I've seen these people on xitter
I wish someone would tell me about jdpon or similar memes, could not find what jdpon is in Chinese and these memes do not even have a Kym page


>I would rather not to
Also, if we ever attracted more Chinese anons we would need a new board or a separate china general from this thread, some china anons might argue with that viet anon which I do not see as a good thing


So this is the humanity of capitalism….


>I would rather not to
>not to
>I would rather NATO


>>1873357 你在胡说八道什么?我还从来不知道朝鲜人能来中国“度假”What are you talking about? I never knew North Koreans could come to China on vacation.


>>1873796 大串联要多搞,搞了串联才能祛魅 It's good to do a lil bit of Internationale
but i doubt what will happen after that


>will wreck for vodka
topkek but they really should have stopped enabling him.


>topkek but they really should have stopped enabling him.


Anon. If he can block for vodka what incentive does he ever have not to block?
Not enabling addicts is also like rule one of addiction.


I'm saying if you wanted him to do X and he'll do X for vodka why wouldn't you "enable him?"


>I'm saying if you wanted him to do X and he'll do X for vodka why wouldn't you "enable him?"
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Because he'll never do anything again without first having to go through the charade of having to 'convince' him with vodka.
Grow up jfc.


It's like anti-digital piracy laws in my country. It's illegal, but everyone fucking does it because it's not enforced at all.


id be curious to be able to talk to an actual party member, but yeah, imageboards arent welcoming places, its a special 'culture', ive never linked anyone to it myself


File: 1717332001375-0.png (1 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1717332001375-1.png (455.44 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage.png)

Capitalism is when borgir


File: 1717332728984.png (738.77 KB, 1000x825, ClipboardImage.png)

The China-Arab Cooperation Forum…a qualitative development in relations between the two sides
Beijing hosted the China-Arab Cooperation Forum, at its tenth session held on May 30, which witnessed a distinguished attendance in terms of the participation of four Arab presidents and kings.

The China-Arab Cooperation Forum was established in January 2004 during the visit of then Chinese President Hu Jintao to Cairo, with the aim of strengthening relations and cooperation between China and Arab countries. The forum held its first meeting at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo in September 2004, and it was agreed that it would be held once every two years.

The continuation of the forum confirms the desire of both sides to enhance cooperation and increase coordination between them on political issues, and expand relations to include humanitarian, cultural and civilizational aspects.

The participation of Arab leaders was intended to convey political messages, stating that the Arabs were tired of the absolute American bias towards the Zionist entity, calling on the major powers, led by China and Russia, to play a role in preparing an international peace conference between the Palestinians and “Israel.”

The committee following up on the decisions of the Arab-Islamic Summit, which was held in Riyadh to discuss the war in Gaza, chose Beijing as its first destination, as part of its efforts with the capitals of international resolution to stop the brutal war committed by “Israel.”

The Palestinian issue was strongly present in the China-Arab Cooperation Forum, and the Chinese President announced his country's position in support of the establishment of an independent Palestinian state along the 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital.

The Chinese President believed that "justice should not be absent forever" in the Middle East region, which refers to the rights of the Palestinian people and the injustice they have been subjected to.

Beijing announced aid to Gaza after the war worth half a billion Chinese yuan, and three million dollars in aid to UNRWA to be able to help civilians in Gaza.

China, with its economic strength, political effectiveness, and global influence, appears to be the only country capable of finding a solution to the Palestinian issue, if it is able to rid this file from the hands of Washington, which has historically monopolized it.

<Review the past and build on it

The China-Arab Cooperation Forum has achieved great results over the past twenty years, but they appear to fall short of the ambitions of both sides, especially the Chinese side, which seeks to strengthen its partnerships with countries in the region, especially since these partnerships are no longer limited to economic aspects alone.

The League of Arab States was the first regional organization to participate in the Belt and Road Initiative, which reflects Arab keenness to enhance cooperation with Beijing.

Among the results achieved by the forum is an increase in the volume of trade exchange between China and Arab countries from $37 billion in 2004, reaching about $400 billion in 2023.

All Arab countries also joined the Belt and Road Initiative, and 12 Arab countries established strategic partnerships with China, including 4 countries that established comprehensive strategic partnerships.

Since its establishment, the Forum has established 19 cooperation mechanisms between China and Arab countries, and issued 85 documents on cooperation between the two sides.

With China's help, three Arab countries joined the BRICS, and six countries joined the Shanghai Organization, two organizations in which Beijing is the main actor.
Likewise, the Arab-Chinese summit was held in Riyadh in 2022, after which Beijing was able to achieve reconciliation between Riyadh and Tehran.
The Chinese Development Bank has implemented development projects in Arab countries worth $17 billion, and China has implemented important infrastructure projects in a number of Arab countries.

<The importance of the four countries for China

China invited the presidents of Egypt, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, and the King of Bahrain, and each country has its own peculiarities in its relations with Beijing.

Three of the four countries have concluded peace agreements with “Israel” (Egypt - Bahrain - UAE), and China is seeking to find a solution to the Palestinian issue.
Egypt's participation came to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the transformation of relations between the two countries into a comprehensive strategic partnership.
For China, Egypt is an important country, as it is the largest Arab country in terms of population, located in the heart of the Arab world, and is China's gateway to the African continent.

In Egypt, there is the Suez Canal, and its special importance in transporting Chinese goods to the European continent. Therefore, Beijing sought to obtain contracts for the canal’s infrastructure and worked to expand it to enable giant cargo ships to pass through it.

In 2016, China and Egypt signed an agreement to swap national currencies. China also exchanged much of its debt on Egypt for investments, which contributed to the improvement of the Egyptian economy.

The Indian corridor excludes the Suez Canal, a competing project to China's Belt and Road. Therefore, both countries have reservations about this corridor.

Chinese investments in Egypt amounted to $8 billion in 2023, and there are about 2,800 Chinese companies operating in Egypt.

The increase in the number of Chinese companies, and the increase in the number of Chinese tourists heading to Egypt, increased the number of flights between the two countries, reaching 28 flights per month, that is, an average of one flight almost every day.

The good thing is that Egypt is balanced in its relations between the East and the West, and does not want to rely on imports from China, but rather worked to transfer technology and industries and settle them there, which contributed to securing job opportunities and reducing the need for foreign exchange.

As for Tunisia, it is also an important country, and has great strategic weight. It was historically part of the Silk Road, where Europeans used to go before they went to the Middle East and then to China.

Tunisia's ports are very important, and allow China to "get as close as possible to Europe." Therefore, cooperation and partnership with it encourages other Maghreb and African countries to follow in its footsteps.

As for Bahrain, its relations with China were somewhat cold, due to many reasons. Bahrain has the largest American military base outside the United States, as it is home to the command of the US Fifth Fleet, which is the fleet responsible for the security of the entire region.

Bahrain is also the chair of the Arab Summit this year, and is concerned with following up on its decisions reached at the Manama Summit a few days ago.
Bahrain seeks to play a political role by seeking to hold an international peace conference in its territory, and wants Beijing to support this approach.

Relations between Beijing and Manama have witnessed development over the past months, and several flights were opened weekly between the two countries, and tourist groups were organized from Bahrain to several cities in China.

As for the United Arab Emirates, its president’s visit to Beijing is of special importance, as it is his first visit since assuming power in 2022.
The UAE is of great importance to Beijing on the economic level, as it is an advanced “free market” in the Middle East.
Beijing was also supportive of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates joining the BRICS organization last year.

However, the UAE takes a position that may seem balanced, in terms of being a party to the Belt and Road Initiative, but at the same time it is part of the “Indian Corridor”, which is considered a competing project to the Belt and Road.

The UAE also entered the I2U2 alliance, which included India, Israel, and the United States of America. Therefore, it will not be satisfied by China.

<Future cooperation between China and Arab countries

Beijing was keen on continuing cooperation and coordination between the Chinese and Arab sides, and announced that it would host the next meeting in 2026.

The Chinese President identified what he described as “5 equations” for areas of cooperation between China and Arab countries, which are:

- Innovation-driven cooperation equation: It aims to cooperate in the fields of health, artificial intelligence, green development, modern agriculture, and space information, build a joint center for monitoring space debris and a center for cooperation and development of applications of the Chinese Beidou system (an alternative to Google and GPS), and enhance cooperation in the fields of human space and civil aircraft. .

- The formula for enhancing investment and financial cooperation between China and Arab countries, and enhancing cooperation between financial and banking institutions in the field of issuing digital currencies for central banks.

- Energy cooperation equation: To enhance cooperation between the two sides in the areas of research, development, use of new energy technologies, and production of the necessary equipment for them.

- Economic and commercial cooperation equation.

- A formula to enhance communication, culturally and popularly, and work to establish the “Chinese-Arab Center for the Global Civilization Initiative,” strengthen the role of the “Chinese-Arab Studies Center for Reform and Development,” and accelerate the pace of building platforms, such as the “Chinese-Arab Association of Intellectual Institutions” and the “Youth Development Forum.” The Chinese-Arab Association of Universities, and the Chinese-Arab Studies Center for Cultural and Tourism Cooperation.

As part of enhancing cooperation between the Chinese Communist Party and Arab parties, 200 officials from Arab parties will be invited to visit China every year.
It was also agreed to increase the number of Chinese tourists to Arab countries to reach 10 million tourists during the next five years.


I have a confession /prc/. I go on HelloTalk looking for Chinese liberals ("Free Worlders" according to >>1873871) and tell them Amerikkka sucks when they fish for statements from me about how much better I have it with muh freedumbs. It entertains me because they don't expect a random burger to go full "One Country Two Systems" on Taiwan. I just wish my Chinese was good enough to express more complex topics. I usually have to fall back to English for political discussion.

>I often visit online left-wing communities, where the leftists generally believe that China today is revisionist.
I haven't met many Chinese leftists outside here. Mostly apolitical or mild nationalists who are happy with quality of life increases. What is the sentiment on the direction of the party? Too much liberal reforms? I was under impression the CPC does have an orthodox ML wing even if the more state own enterprise focused group is at the helm.


Anon the point of the story that the man was corrupt. Anyone who can afford to utilize his corruption is incentivized to do so. The obvious solution is that he should be punished for his corruption and removed from power.


shay is right though, most of the work for the FOSS movement is to get people to abandon proprietary software and get people to stop believing in IP spookery, cheap consoles from china that run nintendo games contribute a lot to that when the alternative is really expensive (and sometimes limited)
you’re smug but also wrong, worst combination


>Brazil has only 1.5x the manufacturing output of Switzerland, despite having 25x the population
We're not going to make it bros…


File: 1717373979809.png (387.82 KB, 862x485, ClipboardImage.png)

[Australian Federal Police] stopped allowing Chinese police to operate in Australia over foreign interference concerns, Senate hearing told



>your way!
Most annoying advertising trend I've seen in a while. It's a fucking burger. You don't get choice.


ive tried platforms like this and basically anyonw who wants to learn chinese is a sexpat or a china hawk


You technically get a "choice" between different burgers, your toppings and sides but you don't get a choice when you're fired, need housing and healthcare.

So you're saying people want to have sex even when they are in other countries? How can this be!?


>want to have sex even when they are in other countries

No, they are people who can only have sex by going abroad and leveraging USD exchange rate


This person is allegedly the one who recently spray-painted the Yasukuni Shrine.

【铁头打假的个人空间-哔哩哔哩】 https://b23.tv/ZhVtrpO


"Have it your way" was made a slogan in the 70s and has been the slogan for the last 20 years. Idk if it's different now but the reason for it was that Burger King makes the burgers individually to order unlike McDonalds making them in batches. "Your way" refers to what to add or remove from the burger. It was originally supposed to point out a difference from the competition, like how Wendy's tells you they don't freeze their beef.

But of course these are miniscule and unimportant distinctions in the grand scheme. It's like thinking you have a meaningful choice because you can get chunky or smooth peanut butter, bone-in or boneless wings, 10 flavors of soda, or 5 different levels of pulp in your orange juice. But you can't choose affordable housing policies.


This is just an account authorized for reposting, there should be a larger account.His numerous accounts within the country, including those authorized for reposting, have been banned.


The TikTok-related encyclopedia about him hasn't recorded the recent events yet.


There are much cheaper countries with better exchange rates and learning Mandarin is a higher bar than Filipino or Thai.
It's almost like saying people who learn Japanese are "sexpats" but in reality unless you are a millionaire you are not considered a catch.


what a schizo doing it right during a cjk trilateral summit


>So you're saying people want to have sex even when they are in other countries? How can this be!?

No this is a type of bitter and racist white guy who lives in pretty much any Asian country. He's an alocholic who hates the local people, local culture, and does nothing but drink and complain about them while basically sexually assaulting women. It happens because unfortunately they have a lot of power to do so and so take advantage of it.


If you live in Asia as a white guy you will learn this archypte very quickly. They are by far the loudest group of people in any expat community.


>He's an alocholic who hates the local people, local culture, and does nothing but drink and complain
That's me but in my own home country lol
>basically sexually assaulting women.
Are these people actually raping women or are they just paying prostitutes or are they using the USD exchange rate to temporarily seem "rich" or are they actually dating women with a white-boy fetish? It seems like all of these these are being smashed together.


Several Chinese experts in my country both pro-china and anti-hina said Xi is preparing to deindustrialize China, and move those factories to poorer Chinese friendly countries. Well, Is that possible comrades?


Those Chinese experts believe in Japanese miracle and super-duper industrialized Manchuria under Japanese Empire and "flying geese paradigm", probably


Only low-skill industry and polluting industry


>Chinese experts in my country


Ive seen people just grab women in bars and force them to kiss them. Not taking no for an answer in general. Pretending that they can’t tell how old a girl is. Having sex with their students. I mean it’s really egregious and they are proud of it.

The ugly truth though is they actually do get away with it which just entrenches their sense of superiority over local people which fuels worse behaviors. Maybe it’s changed in China since I was last there. At the time (during the rise of the China hawk) they were whining a lot and said they were going to Thailand or Vietnam.


Why, its cheaper to move them into Gobi Desert or another arid chinese region and import workforce from central asia.


This, most the pests go to Thailand or Philippines. Every time I say I'm considering working in China I get told to go to those two instead by my tech bro coworkers. I have no interest living in a US Vassal currently in a slow burn civil war or a literal fucking monarchy. The shit in >>1874646 exists, but when I talk to people who give me that vibe they're only rarely thinking of China, and I suspect it will become more and more unpopular destination for that type. My old boss did it, but that was 20 years ago when China was not as well off.


Why would they import anyone? There's millions of Hui and Uyghur who need jobs, having a manufacturing economy there would take a huge bite out of the separatist movement


Ummm sweaty weegirrs having jobs is forced labor and banned. Get ready for propaganda about how poor Xinjiang is after a few years of sanctions.


???????????? Are you living in like 2000s or something? Xinjiang is producing how large of a share of world's solar panels now?


These regions are pretty thin on population, so additional immigration may be required. But potential soft power gains are substantial.


export the jobs. by industrializing countries like nigeria venezuela or pakistan China is strangling the flow of immigration that sustains the west


you literally pulled this out your ass lmao.



Worth mentioning this debate in U.S. policy circles. It’s kind of hilarious because this fucking moron presents it as if there were some differing opinion but it’s exactly the same shit. Everyone is arguing for open warfare with China they are just squabbling about how rhetorically it should be framed. But they seem to settle on the same rhetoric actually? lol. Just a great thing to read so we all know just where the American government stands. The moderate peaceful loving proposal is to spend 20 billion dollars putting nuclear tipped long range missiles in Asian and thousands of autonomous drones in 2 years.


go ahead and explain why it's wrong


>how do we lie in unison without dissenters so that we can persuade other countries to put our nukes on their soil


I mean the seething hatred of China is just out and absolutely everywhere in DC. It’s a shame that the left in America is also fully on board with this. Or just so cowed by being called genocide denies by their own side they can’t even bother to directly address what’s going on. There will be no opposition and the war will happen in a few years. I think people just don’t want to believe it? But *everyone* who makes policy in the U.S. doesn’t just want war. They H-A-T-E China. It’s not rational for them. LThey will get it without a doubt.



It’s insane when you actually read it. Because you are thinking like. Okay America wants to defend its hegemony. But then you look at what they are saying and they talk about Chinese people as *evil*. Like actually evil, and their goal is not to become a strong country but to *destroy the west* and all democracies.

People give way too much credit to some kind of rationality or “realist” when the actually discourse inside the U.S. explicitly considers Chinese to be evil people who want to hurt us for no reason.


>go ahead and explain why it's wrong
Are you sincerely mentally handicapped?
YOU are the one that proposed it as the reason, it is for YOU to explain that this is the reason.
The retards on this site get dumber every year, As opposed to normal people when they age. It's very interesting.


i can wait


When you myth-build your hegemony as the triumph of the good then any challenge is ontologically evil. I take any chance to praise China to my friends because otherwise all they hear on the media is constant propaganda that they can't help but believe.


Addendum, most people who aren't leftists have no idea about the shit US imperialism took to build and maintain. You can wave all the reactionary dictators in Latin America we propped up in their face or any other recent atrocity but they won't believe it because their burger history class whitewashed or completely skipped it. The only bad things the US has done they are taught are ones that happened long enough ago to lack current moral currency.


<you need to proof my made up points are made up
lmfao. i must know what mental disability you have.


Friend, it doesn't matter.

Invite all the Chinese people you know – whether liberal or nationalistic, it doesn't matter since – we will convert them to communism


>we will convert them to communism
doubt it.
please don't confuse radical politics with the church.


I've been thinking about this and I believe Washington's policy is to deliberately impoverish and destabilize Xinjiang. They're probably aiming to create a militant salafist separatist movement. An Islamic State in Xinjiang if you will. Obviously people won't sign on as terrorists if they already live decent lives, so the first order of business is to systematically target their livelihoods with tariffs and sanctions.


>I've been thinking about this and I believe Washington's policy is to deliberately impoverish and destabilize Xinjiang. They're probably aiming to create a militant salafist separatist movement.
military figures and think tankers literally proposed this to slow belt and road development. It's what they've done for decades in other places in the region and globally.


gigabased. the landing vid is weird, like the auto landing system comes in too fast or something. spacefags explain.


They've sanctioned Xinjiang because of cotton and solar panels. Uyghur separatists/islamists are just by the course, USA has sovereign foreign policy and is not swayed by some nationalists who want to cause as much damage to their own nations as possible


I remember some anon talking about a chinese TV drama about the triad or something can someone tell me the series name


Stfu glownymous


china anons where do I get english subtitles for recent slop like Home Coming (2022) and others? Opensubtitles.org is no good


i dont know why but the anti establishments also favor him


>spacefags explain.
It's simple. Moon landing videos are all false.


I'm not really sure where to find English subtitles for a lot of Chinese films either 🤔. The movies I watch all have Chinese subtitles.


It might actually apply better to Borger Kng than it does to the other brands I've seen using it. Sometimes it makes no sense, it's just a vague appeal to liberty.


but i don't frequently come across bilingual subtitles, or perhaps I haven't noticed them when they were present.


Nothing happened today.

How do the left-wingers evaluate the liberals who were brought up single-handedly by Deng

and then destroyed by him?





File: 1717480651783.jpg (63.55 KB, 733x390, l5q.jpg)

>Moving to Britain from Hong Kong in 2020, we were promised prosperity, stability, and most importantly, liberty.

>It's freedom from authoritarian rule, they said, escape the unequal hellscape that is Hong Kong, they said. Reality has hit me hard

>Some of my peers and acquaintances still can't cope with the fact that since moving here, their lives have gotten, on the whole, materially worse under tory rule.

>They still think the Conservatives are worth voting for.
>I've spent four years convincing them. I'm tired


File: 1717480890457.jpg (223.69 KB, 1048x1487, ebola-chan.jpg)

please president xi invent another coronavirus to purge the bootlickers of capital and radicalize the youth


Good for Deng.


lol cuck


Figure out how much is 498 times 18.


Is there anywhere you guys would recommend to visit while in Beijing. ShenZhen or Shanghai?


>Is there anywhere you guys would recommend to visit while in Beijing. ShenZhen or Shanghai?
Shenzhen and shanghai arent in beijing.

But as for beijing:
The national museum, the forbidden city (schedule a full day), tiananmen squart (right in front of the forbidden city and national museum, doesnt take long to see), Mao's eternally preserved corpse, badaling wall of china (take the train or bus), summer palace, Wangfujing Street, temple of heaven, Yonghe Temple, Beijing Guozijian (the old imperial state school where they trained the mandarins).
Take the subways, take your passport with you.


That was meant to be a comma after Beijing lol. I’m not retarded


i like Deng Xiaoping


>I’m not retarded
You post on leftypol


Also I never went to shanghai but there's nice authentic old canal cities nearby. As far as i know shenzhen is a fucking shithole, completely new just any other city. Better off visiting hong kong next door for 2 days if your visa allows it.


>tiananmen square
Mmhmm… I wonder what happened 35 years ago there


Shenzhen doesn't have a lot of interesting stuff, maybe if you are a nerd you could check out the electronics market but Hong Kong and Macao are extremely close by. There is a bridge between the mainland/HK/Macao and a regular ferry service.


File: 1717506696652.png (2.84 MB, 1278x864, ClipboardImage.png)

>Shenzhen doesn't have a lot of interesting stuff, maybe if you are a nerd you could check out the electronics market but Hong Kong and Macao are extremely close by. There is a bridge between the mainland/HK/Macao and a regular ferry service.
I'm not big into electronics but I'd like to see that. They had this part in Stardust memories with electronic market on the moon that was a reference to the famous Akhibara one, which is mostly closed now I hear. Seems like a neat relic of the past shopping for transistors at a swap meet lol.


File: 1717513759799.jpg (111.81 KB, 764x960, 1653244333478.jpg)

Happy nothing happened day!


lib rioters getting arrested didnt happen ?
why propagate anti china propaganda while pretending youre opposing it ?


File: 1717517817922.png (439.87 KB, 868x1110, ClipboardImage.png)

absolute state


art of the deal


Started watching the vid and the dude seems like an annoying "we need to change things but we can't actually change captialism" type liberal.


Do a little reform then crush those it brings out wanting a lot of reform? Based. More effective at getting liberals to out themselves than saying "we want to reform liberals"


Very smart of Deng, sincere reformers have to be careful because liberals will pretend to be one of you, then try to push their full policy through using the positions they have been given. Andropov would have had to done the same to the Gorbachev types if he had lived.


I do not understand the HK situatiuon. Is it not ruled by the CCP? Why aren't they just taking back that piece of their country


'One country two systems' its part of the agreement with the UK, the full handover takes place in 2047.


I find tianamen posting has pretty much lost its juice tbh and it’s barely worth even acknowledging. Only lib deadenders care and it’s just a matter of time until people just starts fully mocking this. But I will note westoids have taken too much of their own medicine here and now no longer either “remember” the historical events or understand the present day context, which is accelerating the trend.

To the second point about context, they imagine the typical racist caricatures of China that appear in the U.S., (brainwashed smiling oriental saying “there is no war in ba sing se”). But in fact they don’t deny there was an “June 4th incident” actually in the official line.

To the first they just are now forced to lie and say 10,000 students were shot with tommy guns and run over by tanks in the square. Which straight up did not happen. Not even to a smaller degree. And they know this didn’t happen but they find the actual events for some reason differ too much from this story that even boldly stating the facts: that the massacre was away from the square, of local people, and the students had vacated etc. despite being extremely bad when you lay them out, *undermine the myth*. Lol


tbh I have to wonder if tank man actually gave the PRC a long-run PR boon in disguise: whenever people reference the june 4th incident they reach for the picture of him - yeah, sure, some tanks went into the city and a guy stood in the road - rather than any of the more chaotic pictures from the same period. burning vehicles, tanks ramming blockades, people bleeding, etc, but if you say "Tiananmen Square" the picture that comes to mind without fail is the man standing in the road in front of a tank, a picture you could show your children and feel no guilt. they're not thinking of any of the multiplicity of worse looking images taken around the same period, they're only ever thinking of him.
(i suppose the counterargument would be that the tank man photo is the only reason anyone remembers the incident at all: people forget Yeltsin shelling parliament, or countless other cases, after all… maybe what they all needed was an iconic photograph.)

anyhow, this one reminds me of that pepsi ad with the cops: the PLA and the students sharing the power of coca cola.


Glory be to mother chinas moon lander, may deng smile upon us from the heavens


It's also funny because the message westerners are effectively trying to send with that pic is that the Chinese people are gigachads who stand up to tyranny. Kind of clashes with the sinophobia.


I wonder if any China anons could give a screenshot of tank man being discussed on Chinese internet. Would be great to spite liberals.


File: 1717549344462.mp4 (3.55 MB, 720x560, full tank man video.mp4)

Reminder that 'tank man' isnt even from the june 4th incident, its from the day after and he was blocking them from leaving the square, not stopping them from entering it.


Discussion IS censored. It's just not denied. Nobody including the government says "nothing happened". They just obliquely refer to an "incident".


File: 1717559779272.mp4 (46.54 MB, 1080x1920, China1989WeWantBloodshed.mp4)

Westoids want to talk about watercannonning into the gutters remains of thousands of people murdered by the government. When China censors this nonsense, they start crying about denying Tiananmen. This is the crux of the matter - Westoid propaganda about atrocities against the boring reality of Westoid protestors failing to cause country-wide unrest


Bumped into what appears to be a big repository of Chinese painted propaganda: http://wxhsgsh.zhlhh.com/


Does Marx get taught in chinese schools?



LlamaV3 AI model was stolen from Chinese

>Re Llama3V: First of all, we want to apologize to the original authors of MiniCPM. We wanted Mustafa to make the original statement but have been unable to contact him since yesterday.


Yes Marxism-Leninism and Communist history are mandatory at every level, here's the basic textbook they start with.


As a westoid that's kind of crazy for me.


>They teach real facts and logic over feefees in China


Yeah that's kinda crazy


Both my sources for pirating CNKI are dead. It's never been so over.


File: 1717565873386.jpg (186.63 KB, 1092x741, raredeng.jpg)

Nice find.

>what is this, marxism for deep fried ants?


A lot of times before i doubted that "communism" and it all was worthwhile, but then i remember Chinas accomplishment of today, and all the progress that was made so far. There is no doubt in my mind that socialism brought to the world immeasurable amounts of wealth to the world, but China is the daily reminder of that obvious truth. It fills my heart with ease knowing it was all worth it in the end. Maybe things will get worse in the future, maybe we will not have international breaking records of progress every week, but socialism already proved the point, as the most successful path for humanity.


In the Forbes billionaire list, if you sum up the wealth of all the billionaires in China (excluding Taiwan), you get the following:

Mainland: $2,531.9 B
Hong Kong: $448.2 B
Macau: $3.1 B
Total: $2,983.2 B

Mainland: $1,962.45 B
Hong Kong: $383.4 B
Macau: $1.9 B
Total: $2,347.75 B

Mainland: $1,644.7 B
Hong Kong: $367.3 B
Macau: $1.3 B
Total: $2,013.3 B

Mainland: $1,335.6 B
Hong Kong: $329.7 B
Macau: $0 (No billionaires)
Total: $1,665.3 B

Total Change
Mainland: -47.25%
Hong Kong: -26.44%
Macau: -100%
Total: -34.23%

Of course, Hong Kong is a special case due to the treaty signed in 1997, which makes it a de facto capitalist economy for 50 years, which is why the change in Hong Kong hasn't been as much (and also why just a city has a disproportionate amount of billionaires).


>Forbes billionaire list

It's trash


Did they decrease because the billionaires escaped to America or any other US backed tax haven or did they implement policies that fuck over billionaires trying to profit off the working class?


I honestly don't care if China has billionaires. Yes china has problems, but they will get sent to prison in some years, just give it time. Nothing to really worry about.


Forbes list of billionaires is fake. They put in there people without much of a scientific inquiry into the matter. China's decrease in billionaires' wealth is as fictitious as existence of billionaires in China, because Forbes isn't doing any real rigorous research into the matter


iirc there a limit to how much money you transfer overseas, so good riddence.


>>1876821 (me)
Wait I found a better scan and new edition from 2023, download this one instead if you want the book.



I mean i think the list was supposed to represent the total accumulate wealth of china's richest but yeah your probably correct to some extent, like for an example with Jack Ma for instance he doesen't actually own the entirety of Alibaba and yet all of Alibaba's value is added to his profile and this is the same with A lot of china's porkies, though i think it should be noted that the article is correct about the wealth of the chinese bougiouse decreasing though, this has been a kind of steady and consistent trend around private capital within china and while i think this is more so due to private capital fucking itself over the CPC certainly hasn't helped them and in some cases have implemented policies and made decisions which directly fucks over private capital (e.g. preventing the real estate firms from taking out any more loans and allowing them to go bankrupt in late 2023 for instance) along with mandating the creation of workers councils in all companies above 300 employees (making it considerbly harder for the capitalists in china to exploit there workforce)


>it will get better, just wait and see!

The cope of every communist ever.


All trends regarding China are overwhelmingly positive – you don't need to be a communist to acknowledge that.


Well it's been getting better, hasn't it


>"anti-Dengist" exposes self as an anti-communist
imagine my surprise


>Macau: -100%




File: 1717597599188-0.png (1.99 MB, 1891x1629, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1717597599188-1.png (226.6 KB, 1123x1063, ClipboardImage.png)


Is this true? Is china finished?


EVs are colonizing your mind, m8


File: 1717598903932.jpg (79.21 KB, 992x558, imin.jpg)


Sharing this slop from a local newspaper only for this incredible visual of notorious cybercriminal comrade Xi hacking into the west's mainframe


Anyone knows of a free mobile verification site which has Chinese numbers which work?


File: 1717607656026.png (54.88 KB, 877x406, ClipboardImage.png)


Disgruntled workers are all Chinese spies! Red Scare with Yellow Peril characteristics


Bilingual subtitles on Chinese movies on western torrent sites are relatively common. I trust them much more than western-created english subtitles for Chinese movies. There's been examples of communist themes deliberately mis-translated in subtitles created in the west.
>t. regularly downloads multiple subtitles for Chinese movies and compares them.


>There's been examples of communist themes deliberately mis-translated in subtitles created in the west.
Do tell.


>try Hong Kong restaurant
>they put powdered sugar in the rice


>Is china finished?
China is definitely finished. China is ogre. China never even begun. China? More like Ogra.


Dear comrade Xi!

I am disgruntled worker.

I will perform activities for you in exchange for your money.


If China is not prepared to go to war tomorrow then they will lose their territorial integrity forever. The U.S. anti-sinitic alliance hinges on leaders in India, Philippines, and Korea who have are faltering in power and popularity in their respective countries. This will lead them to act more quickly and more desperately.


I think you have to be kind of actually retrarded maybe to think Chinese industry will be weaker and less competitive in 5 years.


Ouuuh I’m cooming


China added more automation than the rest of the world combined, would be strange to do that to just then move the industry overseas.


As a Brazilian, that would be an actual dream come true. Westoid have only ever fucked us over or, at best, don't give a shit about our development.


>Chinese experts


>register on a Chinese forum for sharing papers
>open a random topic
>they're asking for a recently released paper which isn't on Sci-Hub but to which I have access
>seems simple enough
>can't upload it to the forum itself, need to upload elsewhere and share the link
>forum software points towards 4 Chinese hosts
>one is Baidu, to which I have a spoof account
>try to login
>2 different errors
>try logging in on another browser which doesn't have a page ranslation plugin so I have to translate parts of the page one by one in another tab
>logs in fine but there doesn't seem to be a way to actually upload anything
>try googling for help
>apparently there's no Baidu in English
>and I need to install the Baidu Cloud client to be able to upload anything
>fuck it
>upload to some simple and easy Western host, gofile.io
>instead of just posting the link in a reply on that forum, I have to "claim help" so I'll get a reward in forum points for helping
>claim it, then try to post the link
>"oops you can't post at all because you have 0 points, PROTIP you can get enough points to post if you log in our app 3 days in a row"
And I thought the Western internet was cancerous. Sorry, random Chinese guy, but you won't be getting the file that's sitting idly in my HD right now.


>figure out I might be able to send them the link via PM
>hit send
>forum software asks me for 2 captchas, then spits out a 500 error, and the PM didn't go through
Sorry again, random Chinese guy, I tried.


first time on a retro forum? these kind of forums may have some exp quests for new users
what arent you sharing it to scihub
which forum exactly


File: 1717665375430.mp4 (2.27 MB, 1280x694, winning.mp4)

Two more weeks until it's ogre for China. Burgerland won yet again in the free market place of ideas


not the heckin tax havenerino


this much winning is absolutely incredible



>first time on a retro forum?
I was an old-time goon, actually. That's why this bullshit strikes me as particularly cancerous.

>what arent you sharing it to scihub

Users can't upload to Sci-Hub, can they?

>which forum exactly

Somebody else helped him by now.

Currently I'm hunting for a new way to pirate from CNKI and other Chinese databases. A few years ago, there were plenty of Chinese libraries and other public institutions with badly configured portals to these sites which allowed anyone to download, nowadays it seems they're all patched up.

I've found a few libraries with possible ways for me to get an internet account which might let me use their portals. https://www.gxlib.org.cn used to require just a SMS verification from a Chinese mobile number, but now it requires photo ID too. https://www.zjlib.cn can be authed via Alipay app, but apparently you can't use that app outside of China and it seems to require a Chinese bank account anyway. https://www.gzlib.org/ is currently my only bet, it's implied that you can easily make an account there simply by having an IP from the Guizhou province, so now I need to find a VPN or proxy or whatever in that place.




>japan handled it well
>complete lack of realism is a threat to all of us
Not even trying to hide that they want China to give up and stagnate.


Its my hypothesis that there are no real billionaires in China if you subtract all the capital and net worth that is permanently wrapped up in the actual businesses and productive forces they are at the head of, because of the universal lack of any kind of private property in land and CPC control & influence over every company over a certain size.


American Solidarność when?


Why are they so fixated with consumer spending?


in their view, consumer spending is the lifeblood of any big economy, what they don't realize is china doesn't necessarily play by the same rules


It's the Keynesian stuff? Can't China just order for stuff to be built (infrastructure) and things happen? I don't get what's the problem with consuming less. I assume that at some point you can start having less working hours, more holidays etc


So he’s assuming that neoliberalism is? Lol



It’s critical to the justifications for landing massive tariffs on solar and EVs. They argue (and if this doesn’t make sense don’t worry, it really doesn’t even inside of economics) that Chinese are exporting more than they are supposed to. Since Chinese domestic consumers are supposed to buy all Chinese domestic production, so if they are producing things that are exported and not consumed, Chinese consumption is too weak, and China is “refusing” to stimulate consumption. Thus the tariffs are a necessary reaction to a policy choice in China.

Not like anyone really cares though. It’s a fig leaf anyway.


Communism is commodity production in the entire country plus state owned enterprise power


>Users can't upload to Sci-Hub, can they?
scihub originally used libgen as storage, and you could always upload to libgen
>so now I need to find a VPN or proxy or whatever in that place.
setting up a proxy into china mainland is kinda risky and my proxy provider explicitly said they wont set any domestic proxies
>but apparently you can't use that app outside of China and it seems to require a Chinese bank account anyway
not now, the kyc process does not require a chinese bank account but do require a passport
some shops outside china may accept alipay but its cny based


cursed but sadly true


Planned economy is a sufficiently advanced commodity production economy


>setting up a proxy into china mainland is kinda risky and my proxy provider explicitly said they wont set any domestic proxies
Is there a reason why proxies are more risky than VPNs? As far as I know, VPN use is very common there.

Regardless, I have no idea where to begin looking for a proxy in China, since all I as a Western can see in advertised are proxies outside of China offered to Chinese.


we mostly do not use vpns since vpn protocols are not specially made for that matter, we call everything vpns just because 翻墙软件 is hard to translate, we mostly use proxies for that instead of vpns
as i said earlier these kind of services are only to access western internet within china mainland, and setting up a server to access mainland china contents are too risky since these could be used by a bad actor to post anything misfit to the police outside china on domestic platforms, thus the providers are subjugated for arrest when any user outside china have done that when the poster could not be traced or arrested
also taiwanese paid trolls are being discussing on domestic platforms


File: 1717808840034.png (616.61 KB, 768x768, ClipboardImage.png)

i bought another 2 retro emulation handhelds from china (trimui smart pro and powkiddy v90), the difference in price ($50 for the first one and $30 for the second, free shipping on both too lol), software freedom, features and performance when compared to the nintendo and sony handhelds i have is unreal, is this how people who buy chinese EVs coming from westoid cars feel like?
every time i read things about china or buy something from there that isn't available here i get the feeling that they're 10 or 15 years ahead, it's unreal


Can anyone link me to one of those Chinese musicals where it's miners, workers, etc. (singers playing these characters) all putting on a patriotic performance?


Yes and it DID get better.


>free shipping on both too lol), software freedom, features and performance when compared to the nintendo and sony handhelds i have is unreal
Happy accident
>is this how people who buy chinese EVs coming from westoid cars feel like?
EVs are not open source hardware, Chinese EVs do have some edges that are not being open source or free shipping worldwide, it is still pretty much a domestic thing for now except a few entered countries and parallel imported cars in Russian market


idk, i live in brazil and i see A LOT of people driving around with chinese cars
now i don't know if those are EVs or not (i don't know enough about cars to recognize these specific models on the fly) but they seem to be selling a lot here, specially this "BYD" brand


EVs can be recognized by their sound, or rather the lack of it. Due to no combustion engine they are amazngly quiet, dangerously so at some points since people can't hear them approach and have to rely entirely on visuals.


all ev ive seen integrate a characteristic humming, likely added precisely for safety reasons.
its a lot quieter than a regular engine but they dont sneak up on you


Nearly all Chinese BEVs have been exported to Brazil. It’s their top destination market, and BYD is trying to position Brazil as its manufacturing hub for South America.


Sorry by nearly all I mean 85%+


I went to New Zealand 2 months ago and every 3rd rideshare vehicle was a Chinese EV.


File: 1717884224463.jpg (59.93 KB, 1000x662, change5-farside-image.jpg)

Is China's economy really stagnant? Is it still growing fast? Can it's military defeat the American military in indo Pacific war? Will America retain world hedgemony? How far behind is China in military technology, if at all? Been reading lots of liberal/neocon stuff recently and it paints a bad picture. It's probably bullshit but I want to know what the PRC sisters on leftypol think.


The gap isn't nearly as big as it appears when it comes to defense spending because the pentagon's budget is inflated by the salary of soldiers, admin overhead and tender grifting/fraudal billing. Money spent on actual arms and military material is closer than most people think and the US military likes to admit.


That being said, Chinese army has absolutely zero experience unlike the US, which despite attacking lesser forces, they have gained some XP


Upload it to SciHub, comrade!


>Is China's economy really stagnant? Is it still growing fast? Can it's military defeat the American military in indo Pacific war? Will America retain world hedgemony? How far behind is China in military technology, if at all? Been reading lots of liberal/neocon stuff recently and it paints a bad picture. It's probably bullshit but I want to know what the PRC sisters on leftypol think.
no. yes. maybe ? very unlikely. not behind.


the maintenance of the global empire alone is a big budget.
but yeah, a war isnt about comparing two stacks of cash.


So there's no place for me to find a Guizhou IP?

While I'm at it, can you help me figure out this error message? Searching for anything in this portal returns some nonsense about "navigation conditions" (请您至少选择一个导航条件), I can't figure out what that means. In all other CNKI portals I tried, I just type a search term there and it works, this is the first I have found with this error message.

Sci-Hub accepts no uploads.


>Is China's economy really stagnant? Is it still growing fast?
No, if even the usual neolib institutions (IMF, World Bank etc.) are still predicting between 4-5% growth, then China is going to be fine really.
>Can it's military defeat the American military in indo Pacific war?
Certainly, though the vagaries of war will always mean it could go either way.
>Will America retain world hedgemony?
Uncle Sam has already lost world hegemony, the current issues are about trying to maintain what is left, and regain what has been lost
>How far behind is China in military technology, if at all?
In some areas, China has already surpassed Uncle Sam (missiles and rockets), other areas China is behind but steadily catching up (everything about navy and air force)
>Been reading lots of liberal/neocon stuff recently and it paints a bad picture
Liberals and neocons will always:
Downplay China's strength as a way of manufacturing consent for the next war.
Overplay China's strength so that the Uncle Sam's pseudo-MIC can get more gibs.
There is nothing that is reliable about those sources.
>That being said, Chinese army has absolutely zero experience unlike the US, which despite attacking lesser forces, they have gained some XP
The wrong XP is much, MUCH worse than no XP, because it creates false expectations that can lead to disaster.


File: 1717940493294.jpg (182.91 KB, 840x768, ImperialIncel.jpg)

This is what sexpats talk about when they think nobody sees them talking


They're all crying inside though, that's quite apparent. Like they wish they had this kind of power over women on merit, but they accept (bitterly) that they're only desirable people when a society collapsed and fucking them is better than being practically stateless.

Of course they're going to talk in a way that implies bravado, because if they do manage to get a shag, they're obviously getting used and they'd be ditched when the woman finds out their miserable experience in the west ain't much better.


Better Question how is the Moon Economy going? Can its military beat the Earth Federation Forces in New Century's war? Will the Earth Federation retain its Spatial hedgemony? How far behind is the Moon Colonies in military if at all?



Do I want to know what this means?


Funny how the cutoff for them is 17, we all know their preferred age is much much younger…

Unlimited genocide on the first world.


"DHV is an acronym used in the incel community. It stands for a display of higher value, or an action displayed by someone in a public setting that increases their sexual value."


Laughing at imagining this guy's miserable Belarusian vacation. Get fucked, based girls.


>Unlimited genocide on the first world.
Stop with this nihilist shit.


It was temprarily down, it's back up now and the error persists.


I don't have a domestic degree, I've never used cnki for my final year project, I've tried and I don't get it either
So I tried searching the error on xiaohongshu and it seems to be also a problem for Zhejiang library, the comments mostly recommend trying other cnki portals
Baidu answers seems to be LLM slops


File: 1718031845707.jpg (39.39 KB, 720x360, 05262807225334.jpg)


rootless cosmopolitan sex pest rebuffed by a people with dignity. many such cases


gamer xi jinping


Well crap, this is the only portal I have seen nowadays which is still badly configured enough to allow for downloads. Notice how clicking the button to log in via IP works. This used to be a lot more common a couple of years ago. I even tried logging in and found an article page on that IP and noticed that, as I expected, the download buttons were enabled. But sadly, clicking them yielded another error message.

My go-to source used to be a portal from the Ministry of Water Resources of all places, but the IP login trick no longer works. My other source, cn-ki.net, has had a "coming back soon" message since late last year. It's so over.


I hate making it about abstract "dignity". The real reason you don't attempt to have sex with random strangers from across the world is that it's a one way ticket to an std.


What is he playing?


File: 1718052940201.jpg (28.87 KB, 286x473, 1690848187630.jpg)

Clearly EVE judging by all those graphs and shit


Shadow the Hedgehog on a Gamecube emulator


cpc cured diabeetus


Xi, Imma be real with you: time to start investing in commie cells and exporting your revolution, even in its present, capitalistoid state, or get humiliated for another century by rising fascism in the West.


I kinda think he's happy to have rising fascism in the west so we burn ourselves out and he can step in as the new hegemon.


The thing iwith fasicms is that it burns everything out. It's the death drive in action, not just its own, and it always fucks things up for literally everyone.

All memery aside, China really, really should start financing the left internationally.



They'll probably survive.


though TBH the fact that every other country's central banks are flooded with dollars they could all very easily finance cells in the US


Well Europe survived fascism but, you know, it would have been better not to have had fascism rise at all.


It kinda didn't.


How can you believe in a polity that endorses this? How is shitting like this good, natural, or something to aspire to as a communist? The only reason to squat to shit is if you're in the military or a martial artist and you actually do need the core workout from the squat


Sure but you fucking know you're sitting at home, not squatting



having one of these prevented us from shitting designated streets, it was an improvement over not having a toilet at all until we have a normal one
one reason i always wipe toilet with alcohol before sitting


Keeping your shitpipe on a perfect perpendicular angle with the ground is as natural as it gets.


>one reason i always wipe toilet with alcohol before sitting
noooooooo you're breeding ultra-powerful bacteria, if you do it too much they'll overtake mankind


its not antibiotics, i dont want to get std being a virgin either
personally i hated squat toilets even its faster, i cant wash my anus in public toilets w/o bidet sprayer and my feet hurts


American politics on China has become totally racist. Like it’s just explicitly racist. And the country is genocidal. What they will do to a Palestinian they will do 100x over to a Chinese. They actually deeply hate China, unlike Palestine who they have no sensation to. Don’t really know why anyone tolerates even “harmless” racist posts about squat toilets.


so true sisters
jokes aside, from what ive seen on reddit, then 4chan, it is the case
even that jia tan's identity was unknown /g/ anons still labels that person a "chink" calling it a "ccp" exploit
i dont get it when /pol/ gets full sexpat like r/china


Can you speak English here please?
Or any other real language for that matter.




chinasisters… Russia has less inequality than china…



File: 1718108443753.png (119.77 KB, 320x316, ClipboardImage.png)



Russia is poor as fuck in general though


>gini coefficient by country
The Gini coefficient itself does not use the Marxist understanding of inequality, particularly in terms of the relationship to the means of production. The Gini coefficient is primarily a statistical measure that quantifies income or wealth distribution within a population based on observed data. Marxist theory views inequality as rooted in the ownership and control of the means of production, such as factories, land, and resources. According to Marxism, those who control the means of production (the bourgeoisie) exploit the labor of the workers (the proletariat), leading to economic and social inequality.

While the Gini coefficient can provide insights into income or wealth disparities within a society, it does not explicitly address the underlying structural causes of inequality, such as the ownership and control of productive resources. In this sense, the Gini coefficient is a descriptive tool rather than a theoretical framework for analyzing inequality. The Gini coefficient was developed by the Italian statistician Corrado Gini in 1912 as a means to measure income or wealth inequality. Gini initially devised the coefficient to study economic inequality in populations, but it has since been widely adopted and adapted for various other applications beyond economics. Here are some criticisms of the Gini coefficient:

>The Gini coefficient can be sensitive to changes in population size, which may affect the interpretation of trends in inequality over time.

>It's a single number summary of inequality and doesn't capture the full distribution of income or wealth. It can overlook important details about the specific characteristics of inequality within a population.
>The Lorenz curve, which is used to calculate the Gini coefficient, assumes a linear relationship between cumulative income (or wealth) and cumulative population. This assumption may not always hold true, particularly in extreme cases of inequality.
>The Gini coefficient doesn't differentiate between the types of inequality. It treats all deviations from perfect equality in the same way, whether they come from individuals at the top or bottom of the income or wealth distribution.
>It primarily focuses on income or wealth distribution and doesn't account for other important factors contributing to well-being or quality of life, such as access to education, healthcare, or social capital.
>Comparing Gini coefficients across different countries can be challenging due to variations in data collection methods, definitions of income, and cultural differences.


Income inequality is good because it means there is a wide range of skilled workers and managers. There are no capitalists in Communist China. They become managers of the means of production under socialism.


china is the future
your butthurt ass is the past
bye bye


Many Chinese people might tell you it's worse, even more severe than in the United States.

However, the Gini indices of Ukraine and Belarus are unexpectedly low.




Do better, you useless piece of trash. Fuck your mother.


It's over. See you at the 2030 World Cup.Perhaps we should consider the proposal of letting death row inmates play football.


sorry china anon but remember


scolding the Chinese football team is a tradition for many Chinese people. anon


China is number one


They've got the best deals, tremendous deals.


File: 1718113994827.png (293.66 KB, 1280x1792, 1682367737191.png)

same with this country but idk, I'm sure they tried their best! give them a chance!


What's the problem with Chinese footy? How come they are not as good as ping pong?


Alright, at least as long as the neighboring Singaporeans handle Thailand well, our national football team won't have to go home just yet.


Because they just can't play. To delve deeper, it's due to issues with the Chinese football system, player selection, the level of importance placed on football, and the laziness and corruption of football officials and players—in short, they just can't play.


>Former CFA chief Chen Xuyuan pleads guilty in $11.3 million bribery case https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202401/1306311.shtml


Worst thing you guys did was to invest in foreign players instead of coachs and especially scouts, it will take decades like Japan but it is in the young base that football develops.
t. brazilian, at least football we do right in this country.


>t. brazilian
He is an expert, listen to this man, Central Footie Commitiee


IMO every football team should only be allowed to have local players


mask off


Yeah, the old colonial order got crushed, allowing America to fully take over the reigns of western imperialism, with Euroids becoming their vassals.


>over 1.2 billion people
>still can't find 11 capable of kicking a ball


File: 1718126020600.png (421.1 KB, 681x730, 1718125816871950.png)

I just saw this on cuckchan so now you have to too.



Is Chinese basketball growing. I see a lot of passionate basketball fans in China and seeing a growing street scene.



Congrats on the transition!


>>1881731 (me)
Might I ask how do I go about searching the Chinese internet? For example, I tried googling for "cn-ki.net" to see if I could find any recent discussions about its death in hopes of finding people recommending similar services which are still alive, but only got old links. Is Baidu reliable to find recent-ish discussions on Chinese social media?


Ackshyually squatting is good for chronic colorectal disorders like constipation because it puts less pressure on your sphincter therefore making a bidet, squatting toilet, with functional sewage systems and toilet paper, with a majority vegetarian food industry making sewage waste possible to process into fertilizer for food all combined the most functional and scientific and therefore socialist method of shitting ☝️🤓


That is epic man


the secret is to do it while smoking a cigarette


Motherfucker can't even prop up Cuba useless ass SOB


Nicotine is a slight laxative after all


Chinese internet is well wall gardened behind various platforms, and the Chinese open web is pretty much dead for now that Baidu search is also dead so I would rather recommend searching on WeChat, Xiaohongshu or Douyin, maybe also try Bilibili(.com not .tv), I don't know much about smaller forums(quasi open web) but Baidu tieba(reddit alternative) might also have some discussions, Weibo and zhihu all require an account to access now


Similar to soccer, there are many people who follow it, but the teams are still not very good.


No wonder Yao Ming ended up injured and with a short career despite being one of very few people to bully Shaq on the court, poor guy could never catch a rest and his body gave


>majority vegetarian food industry

Without introducing some bioengineered bacteria to break up celloluse in human stomachs this shit ain't it, chief


Big ol tariffs on Chinese EVs across the entire EU implemented.


Yoiu don't need to be able to digest cellulose to feed on vegetal diet m8, digestive health involve consuming fibers and not breaking it down so shit run smoothly in the bowels.


even after china promised retaliatory tariffs? noice


You urbanites fear vegetables just as much as you fear any meat that actually resembles an animal because it reminds you of your lack of knowledge about the food supply. Also apparently the digestive systems of urbanites are atrophying so they cant even digest vegetables like omnivores anymore. Urbanites need crackdowns on their lifestyle choices especially bad dietary habits imo


Two already exist. One from primate ancestors the other we got from cows.

I'm sure they'll end up in pills soon enough.


File: 1718205077739.webm (982.24 KB, 480x360, malema-china-admire.webm)

Very based.



Did the EFF join with the what was it called party to form a majority in South Africa by now? He sounds pretty competent


A temporary boost to the economy. In other words, the profits will be gobbled up by whatever company discovered the deposits, and norway will be rich for as long as they havent entirely emptied the deposit, but it wont be enough to pay for the north atlantic terrorist organization's enormous investments in non-stop anti-inflationary measures and a housing bubble that'll burst as soon as the dollar loses all of its value as a reserve currency and the west can no longer rely on POOOOMPING the economy with money to prevent a looming recession that we've delayed since covid hit 6 or 7 years ago.


Nah he got beaten by Zuma's MK party, which is a bit like if China had elections and someone ran with a party called People's Liberation Army, or if someone in Ireland ran for a party called Provisional IRA.


Norway's entire economy is raw materials. The nordic model falls apart without natural resources and I hate burger libs and succdems who think it can work here.


I'm fairly sure that all the developed countries are highly industrialized, tho I confess I don't know of any metrics of degree of industrialization.


>Did the EFF join with the what was it called party to form a majority in South Africa by now? He sounds pretty competent
It's complicated right now, the ANC after being hit hard in the election is allying with the DA, the white capital party. This is all going to be very good for the EFF in the long run, which is polling at 1.7 million votes.
Go and read the thread about it, anon. :)
>Nah he got beaten by Zuma's MK party,
Meh, MK seemed to really only do well in one area and it looks like they ANC just fucked over a potential alliance there.
I predict we'll see elections again in the next few years.


Outside of the EFF South Africa has explicitly Marxist union-wide labor unions and strong self-identified 'Marxist-Leninist' figures within the ANC and wider society.
It doesn't get looked at a lot but there is potential in South Africa.


Socialist countries completely dominate Olympic weightlifting competition, particularly the women section.


File: 1718238709081.mp4 (2.92 MB, 850x480, nega_r.mp4)

Is China racist? Why isnt xi stopping the hard r negas


>you're all our vassals


Dismantle the US and racism will stop, especially when the global internet network gets put into China's hands.


how r u gonna blame the burgers for this, China is already firewalled to hell. These are homegrown chinese racists


they were connected for decades with the west, only way to stop that shit is a cultural revolution.
now if only i could find that video of the black marine in the vietnam war talking how the natives where calling them uyghas when they never met a black person ever.


even our racist slurs are not organic, these are just transliterated english slurs, all the memes are american


Negro is Spanish.


I thought you were making a joke but from the reactions it seems either you weren't or no one got it.

>那个 nà ge

t. 'that'


negro is spanish but that is not direct to 尼哥, it is obvious that it come from english slur, while negro is just neutral term for blackness

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