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File: 1669829937481.png (1.44 MB, 1024x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

somebody please explain to my retardo peabrained ass what in the godawful fuck the NORTH ATLANTIC treaty organization has to do with the SOUTH PACIFIC


>A movement can only be co-opted if the forces seeking to do so actually manage to take effective control of the movement

Are you the same guy who was talking about how porkies in China are a class because they have political representation in CPC? Just want to be sure your position is consistent on all topics, that's all


>Are you the same guy who was talking about how porkies in China are a class because they have political representation in the CPC
I would never advocate such an absurdly theorylet position, and if you're the person fron the other China thread then your reading comprehension is even worse than I thought.


>Most of the western left is pro-western hegemony because they also benefit from it

No, ordinary folks are too dumb and too internet-based while their herders are on paychecks and don't want to say stuff which will lose them the job of fooling the masses. Thus the ceaseless promotion of status quo, and most importantly - academic truths and other forms of the "this man in an ad wears a doctors' garb, it means you can trust him!" phenomenon


Okay, had to be sure. You here are talking about "effective control" is the prerequisite for movement being coopted, that guy was talking about how CPC and China are representing (read: coopted by) bourgeois interests even if capitalists keep on getting killed, their property confiscated, and them being refused bailouts


the garden must protect itself from the jungle :^)


>2027. That’s the year the US has set.

Nobody said anything about benevolence. You are erecting a strawman you can successfully tackle, like the drooling moron you are.

>Wang said at a press conference on Friday last week.
He said this just last Friday? Wow, cool


>He said this just last Friday? Wow, cool

It's an article from 2012 about 18th National Congress


File: 1669830647160.png (277.66 KB, 358x408, toastie.png)

>academic truth is fake


wow, cool, i totally didn't imply that same thing in a sarcastic way


I am the same person, and you very obviously don't understand my position at all. I was saying that hegemony necessarily takes into account the interests of groups other than the ruling class as a means of pacifying them and solidifying the position of the dominant group. I never said the CPC was "co-opted" by the bourgeoisie, because that would imply that they are the ruling class in China, which they are not. Instead my position is that the party takes account of their interests so as to prevent a critical mass of them from joining the disloyal opposition, and this includes allowing them a degree of representation via both the party and the United Front. This isn't speculation, incorporation of the national bourgeoisie into a ruling coalition is a central part of New Democracy, which is why the natbourg get a star on the Chinese flag.

As for the protests, I'm simply saying that we can expect counterrevolutionary and anti-party elements (among many others) to participate, but their mere participation does not mean they are exercising hegemonic control of the movement, just as the participation of the bourgeoisie in the governance of China doesn't make China a bourgeois state.


>westoids can't benefit from westoid hegemony because some ppl are dumb
such marxist analysis
many dialectics
so materialism


How are they benefitting from westoid hegemony? I'm seeing riots over fuel prices and Europe bracing for Winter


>I have a very selective vision
comes with the territory

and by territory I mean the garden


>academic truth is fake

Ah, I see you're another schizo looking for an excuse to think reality gives a fuck about the inside of your head


Hell, in the coming years we will see Westoids actively dropping in quality of life below the rest - and China - because they want to maintain their hegemony. This shit was always there, in less obvious form, but it inevitably resulted in this. Like, yeah, there are clients of financial capital who closed factories in the West and opened them elsewhere, but do those exist outside of Twitter and academia?

>This isn't speculation, incorporation of the national bourgeoisie into a ruling coalition is a central part of New Democracy, which is why the natbourg get a star on the Chinese flag.

They don't get anything on CPC's banner, though. And CPC never abandoned - or shyed from - their role as the leader of China


>And CPC never abandoned - or shyed from - their role as the leader of China
True, but their own understanding of what that leadership role entails includes accommodation of the national bourgeoisie. It's been this way since Mao's day.


>collective schizophrenia and professional circlejerk are the truth
>if you oppose meritocracy, you are unqualified to tell what's truth and not



>>if you oppose meritocracy, you are unqualified to tell what's truth and not
this, but unironically


It doesn't, CPC maintained it's ML spine. "Natbourgs" get their own parties, completely cucked to the CPC's will. They got representation in a democracy predicated on them not being violently rebellious - same shit as with kulaks in USSR and NEPmen.


good thing Academia does not have Meritocracy, you get up in the ranks if you do the books that make the state feel good about themselves


They are included as hostages. As wise men say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Pretending that this makes them an equal partner in governance is absurd.


Well, that, and following the law. This shit - following the law - is kind of a big deal in anti-communist propaganda that says that communists murdered gorillions of people who did nothing wrong and broke no laws.



i thought zemin was already dead


what does mathematics, physics, biology have to say that would please the state?


Communist necromancy, dude. I won't be surprised one bit if Zemin will show up for the next Party congress, livier than everyone who's alive


Wasn't that British gay mathematician's math repressed over him being gay? We know about women scientists getting ignored, for example


>They are included as hostages.
If that were true then why bother with them at all? Why not liquidate them and the market sector altogether?
>inb4 productive forces, access to international trade, etc.
If these things make the Chinese bourgeoisie necessary and the party is currently unable to do away with them, then they aren't "hostages," but a critical part of China's ruling hegemony and economic system. They can't be both indispensable and irrelevant at the same time.
>Pretending that this makes them an equal partner in governance is absurd.
Nobody said this.


Read about the Eugenics movement inside the Genetic sciences of the 20th century anon, they where so common that the first head of the UNESCO (Dr. Julian Huxley) was one.
there were no functional arguments for eugenism then, only a massive support from the Liberal states pushing it forward.




ah so that explains why he wasnt in the congress
he was near dying at that point


In fact it's mandatory for children.

This is what you need to understand about these dirty Chinese commies: they hate children. Tht was the reason for the one child policy in the past: communists like Xi can not stand the sight of children, so they seek to eradicate them.

But then Tiannanmeng square happened so they had to stop killing the children. So now they figured out a new way: mandatory hormone replacement therapy and gender reassignment surgery for all Chinese kids. This way their parents won't be as pissed off as if they killed their kids. "The parent can tolerate if the child is not dead" is the official policy line of the CCP. Instead, they bsically chemically castrate the kids so that no new kids can be born in the future.


eugenics doesn't necessarily nor directly benefit the state




Parody or schizo? I honestly can't tell.


> towards subsequent chaos that will follow from a hard landing out of zero Covid

This is indeed the strategy. Chinese may be fatigued of the strict NPI to ensure zero covid, but they also have a surprisingly naive view the actual effects of covid as it rips through a populace now that those sensational images and stories are surpassed in other countries. The #A4 libs however know that it will result in 500k dead at minimum almost at the same time, horrific hospital scenes and societal chaos as dying people beg for oxygen and aid. They plan to inflame and antagonize the populace during that time, driving anger even higher.

You can remember what it was like in the US if you're a USian during the worst of covid. Nobody knew what was going on or who to blame. Blame in China will be carefully and intentionally directed by the international media apparatus towards the party at every level.


Why would it be a parody? It's commonly accessible truth. Why would it be schizo? It's completely sane. I have a chinese friends who showed me the scars from his state mandated gedner reassignment surgery. He was borned a boy but Xi Jinping put boobs onto his chest by force.

But if you don't believe me just ask yourself: why is it called CPC? Because it means: "See, PC?" meaning politically correctness. The very title is mocking you, because it tells you that it will enforce PC on its population but you can't do anything against it.

C = 3rd letter in the alphabet
P = 16th letter in the alphabet
C = 3rd letter in the alphabet


The 42nd state of the USA? Washington. That's literally where they are going to strike again. The Chinese want to overtake the US.


No… it's a requirement to change sex on the national ID card though. China's been gradually lowering requirements for SRA and removing legal blocks to changing gender for years, and for example this year passed new laws lowering the minimum age for SRA. You can still get HRT OTC there and that's still where most HRT is sourced (thanklessly LMAO). This news always gets suppressed which doesn't surprise me.


calling anything in China "orientalist" is pretty fucking racist


>no contradiction
Who even said that? This is the fucking official position: >>1286621

they are perfectly aware of class antagonisms existing in China


RIP Comrade Jiang


File: 1669838833852.jpg (24.98 KB, 331x500, 41hOiG0B1dL.jpg)

chapofag Matt Christman reading this book and asking for book recommendations to convince him that china isn't simply capitalism
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtY0UhzUZD8 starts at 02:30


I remember reading some libshit short story in a collection that basically went "Le CCP forced me to transition in a state program to make more women for breeding"


>"Le CCP forced me to transition in a state program to make more women for breeding"
>women for breeding

It doesn't work like that


Why did he choose a book written by a liberal hawk as his China book?


ngl if someone told me that China developed artificial and implantable wombs I would believe it


File: 1669839237174.jpg (120.65 KB, 664x766, Jusenkyo.jpg)

Not for the west you mean.


because chapos are retarded, plus they are Americans which makes them extra retarded, plus Matt has OMG HISTORY brain disease. A minute in and he says all that it took for the author to convince him that he "knows his shit" is some vague story in the book about the Qing dynasty. With this it is confirmed in the american radlib's mind that what he is reading was written by an expert.

I really want to like Matt because he often has genius takes, but then he pulls shit like this.


>but they have a thriving market economy!

Aaand I'm out.


It was a bunch of futuristic and scifi stories, yeah they could make you a woman with gene editing or something. Would be pretty based if China was the first nation to figure it out.


There a not many good books about China in the Anglosphere honestly. It's always been a dire situation, and even in translation there are few because the first and last question publishers ask translators about Chinese works is: "What does the book tell us about the horrors of socialism?". But in the last few years (five years or so) it's become untenable for an individual to work in West and to write on China from the Chinese perspective. They simply cannot do so professionally.


tech like that is easily 200 years away


We'll see, personally I think it's just a couple decades away


>changing chromosomes
>gene editing
>decades away
We don't even fully understand the genes but we are ready to edit them! That's how things work!!


>because chapos are retarded, plus they are Americans which makes them extra retarded, plus Matt has OMG HISTORY brain disease. A minute in and he says all that it took for the author to convince him that he "knows his shit" is some vague story in the book about the Qing dynasty. With this it is confirmed in the american radlib's mind that what he is reading was written by an expert.

>I really want to like Matt because he often has genius takes, but then he pulls shit like this.

That's very frustrating. He should vet the author a little better by, say, going to his Twitter account and looking through he retweets and likes lol. He's a US, liberal hawk peddling books to the US IR and forpol establishment. They are always seeking a balance between fear and hatred of China, and they take every particular angle to do so. To some audiences, China can be monstrously communist. To others, they are faltering, Bad capitalists, running up debt and mismanaging it and doing it all wrong. They can be everything at once as long as they are Bad.

We see it constantly. While some people are saying China is just the most capitalist country ever, at precisely the same time you have people fearmongering about the return to the planned economy due to the revilitzation of supply and distribution cooperatives (which at the same time, again, are said to really be market liberalization). China is amazing because it can be everything (bad) to everyone.


Womb transpants from donors were already done, and there's artificial wombs tested on lambs.


the seeseepeepee is trying to put artificial lamb wombs in my anus

someone help


I'm not sure Western left wound not not like that


File: 1669840302899-0.png (12.21 KB, 574x110, 2.png)

File: 1669840302899-1.png (14.38 KB, 810x99, 1.png)

pics are the responses of his audience

sorry, we are lerning a lot here


Eyerolling. But really did he ever explain why he choose the book he did? It's not like a remarkable text by any means. It's 1 out of 100 China Watcher books that get shit out every year.


File: 1669840548163.png (22.05 KB, 990x208, 3.png)


No idea whatsoever. Seems so fucking random. Maybe the title gave his burger ass some comfort (China Will Not Rule the World)?


>Ukrainian flag
>Idiotic opinion
Keeps happening huh.


What makes it insulting is his "I've been there" addition. Like he's actually implying that kids start off by loving China and as they mature they become pro-CIA.


It sounds like a sarcasm, but then he has ukr flag


he probably had one problem with the US, then his cattle brain kicked in and now he creates the fiction he was a hardcore tankie that saw the light of "democracy and freedom".


I think you're right. I've actually met with a literal schizo once in a pub who when we started to talk politics thought could "own me" by asserting that he too used to be a communist when he was younger but he "got over it" as he "read more". Obviously it took me 30 seconds to detect that he didn't even read the wikipedia entry on communism and catch him red handed, but then he pulled the most amazing stunt I've ever seen, he started claiming that this little "misunderstanding" (lol) of ours is merely due to the fact that he was born and raised in Russia where people think about "communism differently" (lmao), and that he is right now, as we speak, employed by the Russian secret service and is undercover.

It's one of the most amazing cover up / face-saving attempts I've seen in my life from a clearly deranged schizophrenic whose tactic was getting deeper and deeper in the LARP/lore he constructed for me there on the spot.

And you won't believe it but just recently I've met a completely different schizo who too pretended that he was born and raised in Russia, turned out he didn't speak a single word of Russian and didn't know super basic stuff like historic Russian events, geography, etc.

There's something in "Russianness" that is deeply attractive to European schizos and I don't know what it is. Maybe that it's "exotic enough" in the sense of being "that far away place" but still being (partially) on the European continent? Maybe they attach some kind of machoism to Russian culture? Idk, fucking schizos man.


>In June 2020, Cai Xia, a retired professor of the Central Party School, criticized Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the CCP. In a 20-minute audio on China social networking sites, she called Xi a "mafia boss" and the ruling Communist Party a "political zombie”. She said that everyone is Xi's slave, and there is no human rights and rule of law. She suggested that Xi should retire.[7] On August 17, 2020, Cai was expelled from the Central Party School and her retirement pension was cancelled.[8]
This is the country they accuse of "disappearing" people and organ harvesting them, mind you.


>Youth of China is fed up with the Dengist bureaucracy, wants a return to Maoism
>Labor activism in the USA possibly making a comeback with the rail worker strikes
This decade has the potential to be extremely decisive for the fate of the international proletariat movement and a comeback of communism.


Delusional on both counts, as always.



>Ho-fung Hung
Oh boy another Gordon Chang.


File: 1669842973060.jpg (41.11 KB, 630x886, HoFungHung.jpg)

Ho-fung Hung is the Henry M. and Elizabeth P. Wiesenfeld Professor in Political Economy at the Johns Hopkins Department of Sociology and at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

Hung's scholarly interests include global political economy, protest movements, nation-state formations, social theory, and East Asian development. He is the author of several books: "Protest with Chinese Characteristics," "The China Boom: Why China Will Not Rule the World," and "China and The Transformation of Global Capitalism." His analyses of the Chinese political economy and Hong Kong politics have been featured or cited in The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, BBC News, Die Presse (Austria), The Guardian, Folha de S. Paulo (Brazil), The Straits Times (Singapore), Xinhua Monthly (China), People's Daily (China), among other publications.

Hung has also been quoted frequently about how China responded to the coronavirus COVID-19. He is willing to discuss how the secretive nature of the Chinese government and its repression of the press adds to delays in responding to epidemics at the local level. Hung also has talked about how racism and xenophobia emerges against the cultures where pandemics begin, a reaction that ends up aiding the spread of such diseases.


File: 1669843979454-0.png (109.91 KB, 753x518, goldmine.png)

File: 1669843979454-1.png (24.27 KB, 653x100, a uyghur.png)

>Gordon Guthrie Chang (born July 5, 1951) is a columnist, author, and lawyer.[1] He is the author of The Coming Collapse of China in which he attempted to predict the collapse of China and claimed that it would collapse by 2011. In December 2011, he changed the timing of the year of the predicted collapse to 2012. Consequently he made Foreign Policy's "10 worst predictions of the year" twice in a row when his predictions were proven wrong again.[14]
LMAO this is judeo-christian brainrot at its core https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dates_predicted_for_apocalyptic_events

This protest wave in China means big $$$s for Chang, now he gets invited to every show in the US as a China expert.


The USSR abandoned the international communist movement in the 30s and instead opted to strengthen diplomatic relations with capitalist nations in order to further their own geopolitical goals, hence why they abandoned Spain during the civil war, sided with the KMT, labeled Castroists and Sandinistas as “bourgeois adventurists” (at first) and a long etc. It all just goes to show how exporting the revolution was the last thing they wanted, least it would intervene in their goals of becoming a superpower.
These and other similar “popular front” tactics were a cancer and a death sentence for the communist movement in the 20th century and it continues to haunt us in the 21st.


>they abandoned Spain during the civil war
are you for real ? they're literally the only ones to have given any real weapons and fighters to republicans you slimey cunt

>sided with the KMT

you mean sided with the united front, of which by far the most powerful force was KMT. Prolly a good move given the CPC ended up in power after japan got its ass kicked huh ?

>exporting the revolution was the last thing they wanted

or, more accurately, they were engaged in realpolitik and not committing suicide to please the ultras


I find myself wondering whether the USSR could have survived WW2 without the popular front shittery.



Great reads, comrade!


>In one video, a man sarcastically sings a patriotic song.

Wow, so powerful


File: 1669845563876.png (292.93 KB, 740x604, 1.png)

that's a serious academic right there


File: 1669845616695.jpeg (189.33 KB, 1280x720, FimvekLXEAEBA66.jpeg)

This is my final warning to China.


War communism but war against coronavirus


File: 1669845732285.png (45.34 KB, 738x199, qing.png)

He mentioned the Qing dynasty. This guy is clearly an expert.


Someone here on leftypol compared "covid leninism" to banning australian wood imports because of termite fears, thereby decreasing reliance on foreign imports and a method of trade war, and i think this is a good way to think about china's lockdowns from now on.


I warned you bro.
I warned you about the Pink Nazi


The BEST thing about Twitter is that you can immediately look at someones Tweets & Replies and Liked Tweets and just understand what they are all about instantly. They revel in their biases and espouse them openly while in their academic work they tediously obfuscate them. It's a strand dynamic honestly.


>Bob Brigham
>Proud @newsguild union member. Progressive Montanan. #Bozeman
He's a union man plus a progressive, so his way better than authoritarian China.


The way to think about imo is easier, and it's done by just breaking them into three years
Year 1: People DEMANDED them. They had no choice but to lock down and enforce zero covid, people were beyond outraged and terrified.

Year 2: Delta/OG covid were not too transmissible and easy to control and they had a very robust and unironically minimally invasive system to control it quickly. Vaccines improve, and horizons for opening were very long and could be done at any pace.

Year 3: Omicron emerges with an astronomically high R that is absolutely impossible control necessitating weeks or months long lockdowns whereas before lockdowns would last literally several days. The policy choice becomes much more difficult at this time, starting in April with the Shanghai lockdown, and covid counter measures become much longer and widespread.


So what the fuck happens if Xi DOESN'T put this shit down like Tiananmen square in the 90s??
5-7 Million people die of covid???
CIA infiltrators feel even more emboldened and create constant violence on the streets harming the chinese economy far more then the "lock downs" ever could????
I mean it goes without saying that the western press doesn't actually give a shit what happens to the chinese people but it really is just odd to me how there is zero pretence that there is anyway this ends without millions upon millions of chinese people dying in disease, civil war and starvation. All while the chinese state is just supposed to stand there and let it happen as if letting their nation be destroyed by western agents is the "ethical" thing to do. I honestly dont know why Xi hasn't put the hammer down already but all i can think is that he on some level is to much of bleeding heart himself to do what needs to be done. This feels like it could all go to shit VERY quickly. And without China the world is basically nothing other then a series of competing ever more explicitly fascist capitalist states in terminal decline fighting over what little resources the planet has left to give as their brainwashed populations cotineously fall deeper and deeper down the rabbit holes of theocracy, scape goating and reactionary conspiratorial thinking all perfectly administered to avoid any naming of capital at any point.
where the fuck does this all go?
is this genuinely how it fucking ends???


Covid Zero was being ended before the protests– and there aren't really any ongoing or growing protests right now.

But yes China is going to end zero covid. It's going to try and make it as soft as possible, but this is frankly not possible. Libs and Anglo media will try to exploit the crisis and Westoids will revel in Chinese suffering, as they always do. But it's not the end.

I expect supply chain issues to actually fuck up this time. I have no idea why they got fucked during Covid. Supply barely got interrupted in China.


Xi's got this
a few infiltrator's won't bring down china
the west can't even keep hong kong or taiwan for itself, so there's not gonna be a real issue here


>realpolitik and not committing suicide
The USRR ended up committing suicide eventually though. SOIC simply doesn’t work, it has been proven time and time again.


The only infiltrators are Marx and Engels


Its either SOIC or nothing tho.


File: 1669848145722.png (1.45 MB, 2000x1500, ymevvodse53a1.png)

>put this shit down like Tiananmen square
literally no need. the chinese figured out a technology that allows two single tanks to be deployed everywhere in China at the same time forever. they call it trans-dimensional tank replication and uses quantum tech


The options are international revolution or total collapse of human civilization. As of right now, the later is 100 times more likely than the former but when have communists ever had good chances at anything?
Only time will tell.


DPRK has Juche Necromancy
PRC has Inter-dimentional quantum replicator tanks
Cuba has doctors



an revolution happening and succeeding in one nation is hard, on an international scale big enough that it can rupture the global capitalist system enough that both they can't proceed and as well as not need to compromise to survive like the USSR and succeeding is statistically impossible with the organizational levels between communists in any period.
Collapse is the inevitable future.


File: 1669849660321.jpg (17.14 KB, 480x270, kadyrov ay my sides.jpg)

kek, everyone in twitter is suddenly a Chinese expert.


>Qing style imperial unraveling
Okay, I know he's a China grifter for sure. Anybody that genuinely attempts to compare the CPC/Xi to the Qing imperial structure and rulers in sincere political discourse is either an idiot or is trying to get views/money from those with a poor understanding of Chinese history.


How do posters claiming the protests are dying down or over know that? Is there anyone here who's in China or is in contact with people in China? What's the current state of things?


I'm in China right now and She Chimpming personally gunned down all protesters. The streets are littered with dead protester bodies. The Western media is not covering this because they hope to reignite the protests.

Us Chinese live in fear constantly and hate CCP vigorously.

Please send help and spread the news. The days of the red dragon are numbered. People are waking up.


>Covid Leninism


>Blank pieces of paper
Why do this strategy? Protest censorship?


LIVE now: China Protests and COVID: Myths and Facts


You don't even need to change the chromosomes because chromosomes don't do shit after you've been born, there are literally XY women out there who are fully fertile and have no sexual abnormalities whatsoever.


File: 1669856599740-0.png (100.42 KB, 1042x213, 5.png)

File: 1669856599740-1.png (140.87 KB, 1056x221, 4.png)

File: 1669856599740-2.png (117.58 KB, 1068x224, 3.png)

File: 1669856599740-3.png (153.27 KB, 1077x222, 2.png)

File: 1669856599740-4.png (120.87 KB, 1102x213, 1.png)

We are officially finished, Chinabros. We had a good run. Let's embrace the good times we had together.

RIP People's Republic of China (1949-2022)


>chromosomes don't do shit after you've been born
Chromosomes allows DNA to be accurately copied during cell division. Your body constantly goes through billions of cell divisions at once. What the fuck are you even talking about, you drooling moron?


They have been saying that shit for the past 30 years and nothing ever happens except for more economic domination by China. Lmao


File: 1669857643551.png (1.43 MB, 1000x986, ClipboardImage.png)

I want to see a Chinese guy doing the round eyes thing(you know like the opposite of the squints thing) with like blonde hair do a parody of these youtube anti-china thing.

Jesus Christ, how do whiteoids not see through the patheticness of their propaganda of hiring a million crackers soyfacing in thumbnails about the economy that's overtaking them, collapsing any day now? Holy copium white jesus.




Those specific chromosomes (X, x, Y and y) aren't particularly relevant to phenotypical expression after birth, other chromosomes are what determine most forms of sexual dimorphism, and ultimately they just determine what hormones are produced. Hormones are the materially relevant factor past birth.


Collapsetube looks quite profitable


https://www.bilibili.com/ Everything going grey in respect after the announcement of the death of Jiang Zemin from leukemia and multiple organ failure.


Yes but specifically what they do not want is to have an issue the government can address and answer. Because the point of the white paper ppl is not to have the government change policy. Ending lockdowns is not the actual goal of this particular group, which is highly strategic and educated.


that would be hilarious


>they 'just determine what hormones are produced
lol, yeah that's totally irrelevant for sex change


File: 1669860713799.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.22 KB, 640x641, FHVSBjgXMAIW615.jpg)

These view counts from the END OF CHINA clickbait aren't looking too hot. They got to step up like >>1285184 did and edit Xi to look like Walter White.

Soyjak, but still highly relevant.


File: 1669861621881.jpg (38.06 KB, 589x260, klein.jpg)

Thinking people: Do not leave abject racism to the right. We US socialists hate China just as much and we must make it known to all. It's not a country, it's dirty sweatshop. Its science and technology is rotten and evil. Despise it, thinking people. DO NOT LEAVE RACISM TO THE RIGHT.




File: 1669862502997.jpg (75.8 KB, 800x804, a-struggle-session.jpg)

How can we adapt struggle sessions to the imageboard format?


>China's foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian left a huge silence after a question from a Reuters journalist over recent anti-Covid lockdown protests in the country.
The silence was yuge.


They’re kind of right though. I agree that China should red terror those protesting faggots with impunity. Unlike some fucking pussy liberals in here I don’t pretend to believe in “true democracy” or “civil rights” or any of those radlib values in order to white wash communism into this sweet thing. Communism is brutality against all enemies of communism, liberalism being an enemy to be brutally purged. All things are fair under the red sun when communism’s collapse is on the line and then some.


>pointing out that China has sweatshops is racist


>Labor activism in the USA possibly making a comeback with the rail worker strikes
<no awareness as to how rail strikes specifically work in the US in that congress has a stranglehold on how and when unions actually get to strike
>Youth of China is fed up with the Dengist bureaucracy, wants a return to Maoism
<no awareness as to how Maoists are not a monolithic grouping within china's complex political scene, as they are both within party organs and independent groups that either support or criticize the current state of the CPC


Maybe maple syrup land should start producing their own products. Why bitch about China instead of putting tariffs on them and introducing your own domestic production?


post soyjaks and call posters retarded, we already do this


It's so weird to see americans constantly wanting to nuke/destroy/collapse china but at the same time act very concerned about chinese citizens locked down for a couple of weeks


That's up to the Chinese government whether it introduces humane labor laws or not. But because the government wants to compete with the US they encourage companies to brutalize the workers. I remember reading some paper by some CPC member visiting the US in the 80s and being kind of envious of the productivity of the US compared to China. Even though Deng ran China in the 80s and was marketizing it's economy, some labor principles still existed since the Mao era. It was in the 90s when lots of those laws will gotten rid of and we started to see large rises in GDP as we got to the 2000s.


Labor activism is nothing to do with communism. What the highest members of the Party does is communism, why? Because of experience and poltical know how and their understanding of how real economics works unlike ultras who think communism is some utopia.


It just gets me Westerners who want to complain about how the sausage is made but don't want to make sausages themselves and still want to enjoy sausages.

Start with the man in the mirror.


What are you even trying to say here


File: 1669865985834.jpeg (215.45 KB, 1431x1189, tacts.jpeg)

Good example of how sophisticated the tactics being user here are. Look at this picture: out of context, the crumpled, seemingly hastily created sign may look like It was taken on a Chinese street, by a protestor. He is adopting a tactic from Hong Kong, telling protesters to from a "front line" who will attempt to agitate and create a clash with the police on the south side of the road, and "peaceful" supporters to group on the south. But this picture is actually from Tokyo, on the line to Shibuya. It's designed to be photographed there and be circulated with the wrong context, an attempt to realize this tactic in China to create enduring cycle of self-perpuating escalation.


China is not a "sweatshop to the world" you cretin.


Wait, so the central government isn’t gonna make a deal with the protestors? Since they’re now foreign CIA actors apparently


Learn how to politics radlib.


There is, let's be clear, 100% a professional foreign activist contingent that desperately wants a cycle of endless, escalation with no/unresolvable goals like in HK (and what some people wanted for BLM, but failed as it was quickly coopted, and was not helped by this kind of sophisticated guidance).

But the central government has obviously made a significant change to pandemic control policy. Lockdowns are ending and many changes are happening. Most or actually all of these protests signs I've seen lately have actually been outside of China. In Tokyo, Canada, the US, or South Korea. These activists also seem sour about the reception that Jiang Zemin's death has received, as its both overwhelmingly positive and did not become a rallying point.

Now that pandemic policy has shifted, they will begin likely exploiting public anger at the end of zero covid. They have a good thing at the moment because the public wants two diametrically contradictory things: no covid controls, and no covid.


The problem with your line besides turning terror into a nihilistic dick measuring contest is that almost always the "libs" you talk about are people who were duped by Western propaganda. Your "solution" to the ideological victims of imperialism is to execute them.

Good job, bro. You are an excellent political leader.


>crying about muh sweatshops isn't radlib faggotry
Lol cope. You're going to lose regardless of your whining western faggot.


File: 1669867364044.png (329.13 KB, 455x429, fred.PNG)

Since I can tell you don't give a single fuck about ethics, all I can say is have fun handing the protesters the most infinitely expoitable source of sympathy points with the west possible


File: 1669867507562.jpg (49.98 KB, 422x764, pagoda.jpg)

>Since I can tell you don't give a single fuck about ethics, all I can say is have fun handing the protesters the most infinitely expoitable source of sympathy points with the west possible

No idea what you are talking about.

>But the central government has obviously made a significant change to pandemic control policy.

Pic related. This is Canton Tower for anyone who doesn't know. Very famous landmark in Guangzhou. Sign says 每个人都是自己健康第一责住人。In english: "Everyone is primarily responsible for their OWN health."


>No idea what you are talking about.
Putting any ethical or moral objections aside, as the other anon put it, "turning terror into a nihilistic dick waving contest" gives your enemy a massive propaganda victory that they can use to rally support


>all I can say is have fun handing the protesters the most infinitely expoitable source of sympathy points with the west possible
Why do retards like you give so much of a damn about optics, as if there isnt an observable trend of people in the West exploiting anything China does (or hell, doesnt even fucking do in the first place) as something vile and horrible?
This happened in xinjiang, this happened with their zero covid policy, this happens with whatever fucking lie western media cooks up whenever they want another ragebait session to get people riled up against the chinese government. YOU need to fucking realize that it doesnt fucking matter what the chinese government does, its always a "propaganda victory" for the west.


>Putting any ethical or moral objections aside, as the other anon put it, "turning terror into a nihilistic dick waving contest" gives your enemy a massive propaganda victory that they can use to rally support

I'm still not sure I understand exactly. What I'm saying is what the sign making guy in Tokyo is trying to do is develop a protest tactic (in China) that will create a self-motivating escalatory cycle between police and demonstrators by creating a front-line group that drives up antagonism with police and a (not so) separate, sympathetic group of peaceful protestors they are "protecting". This is a well defined tactic used famously in the Hong Kong protests in 2019.


You're seriously telling me that you actually believe that the presence of an enemy you're fighting a propaganda war against means you just give up and go "fuck it"


Fuck, I was replying to the wrong post. That's my fault.


File: 1669868007957.png (188.88 KB, 474x414, ClipboardImage.png)

No retard, the point is that you give so much of a damn what western media outlets say. You fucking shid and fard your pants at the thought of the chinese government shooting libs on the street just like they did in Tiananmen once again. Even though there is no evidence of this being the case at the moment, THIS IS THE NARRATIVE THE WESTERN MEDIA IS CURRENTLY PUSHING FOR

Thats the fucking issue at hand, the government does something relatively sensible in response to unrest, they still fucking frame them as vile oppressors of the chinese populace. I say, let the chinese government do whatever it deems necessary to curb down on obvious glowie infiltration within their own damn country.


The west having footage of Chine's police officers clubbing retard covid schizo's is preferable to the west having footage of the same shooting ppl on the streets with live bullets.


*the topic of if China is socialist


you people have severe discourse brain


At this point what's stopping any of us from just jerking off in public


>they have the capability to enforce vaccines

Let me go ahead and tell you how this shit works.

This is a rough outline how how a policy gets made into a tangible reality in China:
Dorks in Beijing propose a reasonable sounding headline policy -> Approval by powerful people -> Distribution to national-level departments -> Distribution to provincial and municipal departments, where headlines turn into policy outlines -> and so on and so forth, each time a new dick gets put in the pie -> dumb, underemployed old people and recent college grads take up the charge of making it happen at the neighborhood (xiaoqu) and street (jiedao) level.

The 9th manual on prevention or whatever the fuck it's called isn't all that crazy sounding, until you reach the part where they left it ambiguous if you should just destroy a city to keep crabby, retarded old people alive a few weeks longer. The demographic collapse in China will be 100% a good thing, since old people here are a fucking burden on society and there needs to be at least 500 million fewer people for people to regain sanity and lose slave-consciousness.

"Mass vaccinations must be encouraged." After it floats down from Beijing to my xiaoqu, a thousand limpdicked chinamen have taken a few pumps and now everyone is under constant pressure to get the jab. And depending on where you are, the competence, literacy, and efficiency of the implementers and detail-adders will vary WILDLY. That's why Tanghe gets to pretend they were consistent with the voluntary part of the government's vaccination policy. At some point, some retard thought encouraged means compelled.

What's been mandated isn't "everyone get a vaccine" it's "every person in the government should work to make sure everyone gets a vaccine." Every layer of society telling people to get the fucking shot. Big red banners, barricades everywhere restricting movement in and out of buildings and compounds, people riding around on their little shitmobile tricycles with messages playing on loop through a megaphone in the morning, in the evening, at schools, propaganda movies, door to door visits from whatever the fuck passes for doctors here, constant propagandizing and a total covering up of the fact that the fucking vaccine doesn't work for their purpose, which is zero covid. The only information that gets widely distributed is about prevention and there is basically none out there about what the disease does, which is mostly rumors for people at this point. Nurses I've spoken to are completely unfamiliar with how to treat the disease, and think it requires no medicine. Hardly anyone is doing the math about the odds of even getting symptoms after testing positive, which according to the testing numbers from Tencent, are like a 9:1 ratio of asymptomatic to symptomatic. The average Chinese person has no VPN, no outside world access, and no English skills with which to use the real Internet. People aren't worried about the lockdowns the same way they are worried about their dick not working, or their sense of taste going away, which would be reason enough to kill yourself. Masturbation and instant noodles are the only pleasures an urban Chinaman has. People feel deep shame if they catch it–all of your neighbors get sent to the camps too.

>why such a brutish handling of the situation

There's less force than you'd think. The police in Shanghai at least are generally fat, lazy, ineffectual. Social pressure is entirely, 100% effective on Chinese people. What makes you American is the fact that you would ignore orders and behave spitefully and with noncompliance toward official pronouncements. There were 4 old men in security outfits and a couple of unemployed college students locking up my compound. We'd see like 1 or 2 cops a week, tops. There's a thousand people in my compound, all of them thought, well, we don't want trouble, it could be worse. At the protests that I saw, they just got people and put them on the jail bus. There's definitely violence, I've seen videos of people losing their shit and breaking out of their compound, but it was definitely more the exception than the norm.

Sorry to everyone for the wall of text, I try not to powerlevel this hard but I feel it is necessary sometimes to tell people how stupid the CPC can be.


File: 1669872408479.gif (1 MB, 640x480, Agent Vaush.gif)

>The demographic collapse in China will be 100% a good thing, since old people here are a fucking burden on society and there needs to be at least 500 million fewer people for people to regain sanity and lose slave-consciousness.
Holy shit calm down Satan.


>These activists also seem sour about the reception that Jiang Zemin's death has received

Update: they're pissed rn. For context: these guys actually hated Jiang Zemin. He was general secretary of the communist party of course they fucking hated him. BUT they also remember the death of Hu Yaobang, who was purged and died without good standing, and it was memorialization of his death and protest around how he was purged that led directly to, what else, Tiananmen 1989. So they saw that Jiang's death would be a fine pretext for the #A4Revolution to build momentum. That didn't happen though, and instead everyone's just paying tribute to the great proletarian revolutionary, statesman, diplomat, seasoned soldier of communism, core of the 3rd generation of central leadership, and the principal founder of the important thought of "Three Represents", the loved and venerated comrade Jiang Zemin, who will never be forgotten.


is this copypasta?


Clearly. It was also obviously written like a year ago too. I'd guess it's from one of the "circlejerk" reddit subs which have developed exactly this obnoxious, aggressively racist voice but this kind of bitter sexpat sound the same everywhere tbh and are all identical, interchangeable NPCs. Fortunately, most of them are leaving or gone from China, frustrated with the lack of due respect they are getting for being white and speaking English, they've packed up for Vietnam or Thailand.



File: 1669874605642.png (Spoiler Image, 105.48 KB, 481x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

>Masturbation and instant noodles are the only pleasures an urban Chinaman has. People feel deep shame if they catch it–all of your neighbors get sent to the camps too.
i wonder who's behind this post


Hu Xijin confirms it - it's over. The protesters won


i wonder how many people blocked the prc thread


not enough as far as I'm concerned


well from my expirence whenever i come here i get bombarded by pro deng takes
but when i go outside i get attacked by anti deng takes

so there must be some large divide


>I remember reading some paper by some CPC member visiting the US in the 80s and being kind of envious of the productivity of the US compared to China

Because of mechanization, dummy. Soviets were also envious of that back in the day.


They are simply afraid to come here. Afraid to to look upon the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Upon the development of productive forces. They see 800 million peasants lifted up from extreme poverty and run and hide in their little holes.


It seems to me that the "leftist" who associate with RT (you know they all are) are not taking as hard of a line in defending Chinese government on this protest issue as they did with Russian government about war

I thought these people would be doing both to same level. Anyone notice something like this?


based comment


ZC just ran out of room to run but man one thing I wish that XI JINPING did years and years ago was just fucking ban Hu Xijin from using Twitter. People just do not understand that the retired editor of Global Times is not a state mouthpiece.


Because schizoid libs have no consistent demands, and anti-Covid shit is a really fringe and cringe thing in China. So, they want to branch out into other issues without outing that their real position is protesting for protest sake and to give China troubles


That's what HRT is for. To therapeutically replace the hormones.


>The streets are littered with dead protester bodies

You are doing it wrong. It should be "Streets were awash with red, but then covid-protection-suited men with water guns washed mutilated remains down into the sewers, street rats are now twice the size from all this meat"


It's cause the general fatigue with lockdowns is actually widespread, and the A4Revolution shit is an obvious psyop but there's no reason to try and defend the government on ZC when the government itself is in the process of ending it.

Here's a thread on a very popular thing from Zhejiang a day or two ago:

Basically recognition that there are many grievances with the epidemic control measures that have added up and there are also systemic problems with management that is gradually decaying/becoming dysfunctional or corrupt.

The momentum has certainly felt like it's shifted in the last couple days (very rapidly), the government did not hold forth and send out pandemic enforcers, and it's my read that officialdom is somewhat relieved it can shift towards normalization, though the next stage is going to be very, very difficult. Omicron already broke through every other zero-covid countries, and China could hold on longer but it's too much strain on the system and society.


>Here's a thread on a very popular thing from Zhejiang a day or two ago:

Thread is just that guy's hating on ZC, not an actual discussion of the post. "Wow, CPC released anything at all! It means they are backing down!!!1", lmao


Is it the thread that starts with
>As some netizens said: If the 1st year (of the epidemic) is panic, with some a little bit secretly delighted for being able to rest at home for a while, the 2nd year began to look confused, with people hoping that the epidemic quickly end. The 3rd year is about some complaints,

Because if it is he's just paraphrasing the post from the Publicity (aka PROPAGANDA DUN DUN DUN) department. It's slightly paraphrased to fit the character limit but basically accurate I think.


Good question actually. Elon Musk may actually be an adversary of the Feds


China is having a soccer crisis.


What team sports are Chinese into, anyway?


File: 1669887023723.mp4 (2.13 MB, 640x480, Hey China!.mp4)


doubles ping pong


Well, at least it's not cricket


basketball, badminton, peeng pooong


File: 1669887744269.png (44.76 KB, 215x305, ClipboardImage.png)

where were u when ccp was ded?

i was eating fast noodle when comrad sent me dm
"chinese are ded"


I think we can all agree that China isn't doing enough to end the misery and coping of westoid's.


i like the thumbnail that just says "END."


any news on the protests?


Can somebody redpill me on what I will refer to as the "pro-covid" demos? Not by choice, I have seen some stories on mainstream news networks, and I'm assuming the official narrative is either propaganda or exaggerated or both. I am ambivalent about the Chinese system but overall I support them.


Meanwhile American cities are actually going broke due to terrible, car-centric planning.


File: 1669902718565.png (110.11 KB, 411x358, ClipboardImage.png)

>>Labor activism in the USA possibly making a comeback with the rail worker strikes
you cannot possibly be on this site yet have this level of delusion


Is the House of Representatives where the labour activism is happening?


seems like a nothingburger. if they could handle hong kong then they can handle this. There was the foxcon protest that had chinese flags and mao zedongs and shit and the shanghai yuppie libs who eat falun gong propaganda decided to opportunistically start shit in shanghai

I haven't even seen any new videos, seems like a massive nothingburger and my chinese friends are telling me it's a nothingburger as well


>almost 300k views
Just fucking kill me already. You can't be of Chinese descent without some random Westoid talking insane shit for no reason once they've snuffed out that you're not Japanese or Korean ("durr you don't look Chinese, I thought Chinese are all really ugly and look nothing like other Asians"). The more knowledgeable ones are even retroactively justifying the Eight Nation Alliance and Japanese invasions. Fuuuuuuuuuck


i thought you were supposed to be eating an icepick, trotsky


i wanna fuck her senseless while she whispers in my ear for me to give her babies


File: 1669905481310.png (517.44 KB, 1200x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

spooked beyond belief my good man


not use china,is china gov or/and china enterprise wrong


Theory here is that glowbros were involved but seem to be deciding to keep it chill because the U.S. and China are trying to reboot so that's probably a wrap for the protests. The Brits have been given the job of barking at Beijing on the BBC.


File: 1669905882550.png (419.19 KB, 700x394, ClipboardImage.png)

>all I can say is have fun handing the protesters the most infinitely expoitable source of sympathy points with the west possible
Oh noo, westoid sympathy points. Those carry a lot of weight in China. Shut yo goofy ass up.


what i am saying is that congress legislated the workers to accept the railways offer and get back on the job, if you see some labour activism in rail workers allowing them to get cucked by the government and cede everything in their negotiations then the west has fallen more than i had even imagined


That sounds stupid and pointless. I believe it.


>Xi's got this
Amen, brother. Tiananmen failed, Hong Kong failed, Tibet failed, Xinjiang failed. COVID will fail, too.


File: 1669908829842.png (424.52 KB, 640x477, ClipboardImage.png)

>does nothing


>Eight Hundred and Fifty Billion Dollar trains to nowhere
Does this guy think building trains takes entire GDPs?


well China has way more high speed rail than anywhere else, that figure wouldn't be that surprising, I just think it's funny this guy is like 'wtf, only a bunch of subhuman bugmen live at all these places, the train doesn't even stop in Toronto, they literally go nowhere'


>CCP has fallen
An actually based entry into that shit ameriwank movie series with Gerard Butler? He becomes classpilled when he's thrown away by the US again, defects to China and BTFOs the glowies trying to incite insurrection in Xinjiang.


he's probably toke the entire train budget in china and said it's to build trains to nowhere, also this "Trains and building in the nowhere" bullshit is old news and shows how retarded and memory-holed liberals are because this shit was a drama in the 2000's and these same journals say that every city and train line that was in the middle of nowhere then is now full and being used, because even a little of forward thinking is too much for the liberal mind, no wonder we are going to die in the Climate catastrophes in the near future.


It might be true, like a couple miles of road in my country ended up costing like 100 million dollars. Infrastructure is expensive.
This 'trains to nowhere' shit reminds me of all the 'ghost city' stuff, when westerners believed China was building entire cities that just got abandoned after getting built just to 'boost' Chinese GDP numbers.


Daily reminder this pic DESTROYED genzedong


Didn't this guy try to kill Mao?


reminds me of the before and after pic of an empty chongqing subway station showing a city built up around it 10 years later


>China can do based shit like send in tanks to massacre fags and liberals
I know you're trolling but I really fucking wish this was true


File: 1669920097877.jpg (255.73 KB, 600x600, goodfascist.jpg)

The way anticommunists use "Leninism" and "Bolshevism" as insults is very telling.


Thought this was from Jan 2, 2020 for a few secs. Man I really have a hard time following message board layouts.


the dentists are right because the only way chinas economy can grow at this point is if they slowly abandon the market economy. Its the only choice left


I don’t get why people call China Dengist considering how Xi and even Hu have different political positions compared to Deng.


>The way anticommunists use "Leninism" and "Bolshevism" as insults is very telling.
Lol I read that as the Telegram >>1287304 praising China's covid policy.


File: 1669936689892.jpg (37.2 KB, 691x661, whatthedentist.jpg)

>the dentists
auto-correct strikes again

> the only way chinas economy can grow at this point is if they slowly abandon the market economy. Its the only choice left

If China dials down markets, it won't be via ideological decree, it's going to be capitalist crisis coming into conflict with social outcomes. The other way China abolishes it's market economy is of course the US starting a war with China. Because that would force them to do a war-economy and with a communist party controlling the government there is a very good chance that they won't bother bringing back markets for anything other than potentially honoring international economic agreements (to the extend that those still matter after what would essentially be WW3). It's easier to go from a war command economy to socialist planning, than going back to markets.


>quint 8s
>didn't go to a post declaring death to all nazis


hehe, sure, because you think that leninism and strict covid measures are cool, like most sane people. His target audience thinks that Leninism bad, covid lockdowns super bad, "Covid-Leninism" giga bad.


vlogger DESTROYS Western "news" on China protests


File: 1669940394126-0.png (492.4 KB, 1143x801, 4.png)

File: 1669940394126-1.png (164.85 KB, 1100x222, 3.png)

File: 1669940394126-2.png (303.52 KB, 1120x431, 2.png)

File: 1669940394126-3.png (321.53 KB, 1103x438, 1.png)

Breaking news, Xi is NOT cancelled. I repeat, Xi remains.


Former MI6 director warns UK should steer clear of China


how funny that the same libs that shitted on the canadian reactionary truckers wanting to end every covid restricting are defending protests made for the same reason in china, goes to show how it works.


Yes, but "the Chinese had enough!"


which of the 1.5 billion did it ?, the ones they agree with ?.


They had enough. Period.


Tbh these groups are barely communist.


What did China and apple do to the chinese people I'm curious



Dengists are dentists
Also huh war economy causing le planned economy hmm


China’s Path to Socialist Modernization By: Vijay Prashad & Tings Chak

Thoughts? When are we getting a guest OP from Vijay Prashad?


Dentist China ruined everything.


silence anti dentist i bet your teeth smell horrid


The opposite happened, most people believe. Lin Baio’s plane was destroyed in mid air en route to the USSR. Before he died he was purged and subsequently there was a campaign to criticize him.

But Lin Biao and Mao were considered to have a legendary brotherhood before things went bad between them. People draw allegories to them taking an oath in the peach garden together.


can someone give me a brief rundown on chinese communism? from what i understand their views are that the country has to move through certain stages of capitalist development before their economy evolves to the next stage of dialectical materialism, so the they are basically brute forcing their way through pseudo-capitalism under the guidance of a vanguard style dictatorship of the proletariat

is this an accurate assessment?


>through certain stages of capitalist development before their economy evolves to the next stage of dialectical materialism
It's as if you knew what would trigger me the most. I'm logging off before I cry. Nothing personal.

What you say is basically right. What do you want to know?


well i wouldn't mind understanding why what i said was triggering


No, there are several misconceptions there
> from what i understand their views are that the country has to move through certain stages of capitalist development before their economy evolves to the next stage of dialectical materialism
The Chinese society at the time of the revolution was considered semi colonial and semi feudal by Mao. The Chinese revolution of 1949 was a bourgeois democratic revolution (against imperialism, some landlords and some factions of the bourgeoisie dependent on imperialism)
<"The character of the Chinese revolution at the present time is not proletarian-socialist but bourgeois-democratic. (Mao Tse-tung; “The Chinese Revolution and the Chinese Communist Party”, in: “Selected Works”, Vol.2)

>so the they are basically brute forcing their way through pseudo-capitalism

No, they are just doing capitalism, economically speaking of course. What China usually did and still does are joint state-private enterprises. But they are still capitalist. Let's quote mao again now in ' on the correct handling of contradictions '
<“In joint state-private industrial and commercial enterprises, capitalists still get a fixed rate of interest on their capital, that is to say, exploitation still exists”.

>under the guidance of a vanguard style dictatorship of the proletariat

Another common misconception. Mao didn't believe China needed a dictatorship of the proletariat, he believed that the antagonistic relationships between classes could be resolved by peaceful means by education and persuasion. Mao called it 'new democracy' a front consisting of the proletariat, peasantry, petty bourgeoisie and national bourgeoisie. It's not a dictatorship of the proletariat but a 'people's democratic dictatorship'.

So how was, and still is power distributed in china. Mao is quite clear on that
<“Places in the organs of political power should be allocated as follows: one-third to . . . the proletariat and the poor peasantry; one third to . . . the petty-bourgeoisie, and the remaining one-third to . . the middle bourgeoisie and the enlightened gentry”.
(Mao Tse-tung: ‘Current Problems of Tactics in the Anti-Japanese United Front’ (March 1940), in: ‘Selected Works’, Volume 2)

The enlightened gentry meaning some 'democratic landlords' and rich peasants



I know this article is from June, but is this still true? Are they really going to just shut down their economy until 2027?


>Are they really going to just shut down their economy until 2027?

Dude, you can just check Chinese imports/exports and see that their economy is very much not closed, and in fact trade continues to increase throughout lockdowns


based MZT understander


They’re going to full open by 3rd quarter 2023.


File: 1669970228616.jpg (111.34 KB, 650x866, rvwuqh6i763a1.jpg)



>Another common misconception. Mao didn't believe China needed a dictatorship of the proletariat, he believed that the antagonistic relationships between classes could be resolved by peaceful means by education and persuasion
Holy fucking idealism. Source?


File: 1669971430214-0.png (45.32 KB, 602x325, ccp1.png)

File: 1669971430214-1.png (52.17 KB, 602x340, ccp2.png)

File: 1669971430214-2.png (77.3 KB, 602x377, ccp3.png)

latest data on party membership
>the study shows that the CCP is still not dominated by business owners, large or small, but increasingly by ‘professionals’ and even this layer is still a minority. Professionals are defined as “all the professional and technical personnel working in science-related sectors (e.g., science, engineering, agriculture, medical care) and social science-related sector (e.g., economics, finance, law, education, press and publication, religion)”.

>Actually, these are workers – at least when related to the means of production. Indeed, they are better designated as ‘professional workers’. This professional layer constituted 25% of the overall CCP membership in 2013 (little changed since 1988). The official 2021 figure is now 27%. But that ratio is much higher among the party ‘elite’ (the top 5% of earners who are CCP members): the professional layer is 38% of the ‘elite’ party members, up from 28% in 1988.

>Actually, on the data, the social composition of the overall party membership is little changed in 2013 from 1988. Workers were 16% of membership in 1988, but constituted 30% in 2013 (the official 2021 figure is now 34%), thanks to urbanisation and industrialisation. Adding in clerical [administrative] workers and government officials, then these three groups were 75% of the members in 1988 and were still 70% in 2013. What is also noticeable is that the share of outright capitalists (owners of businesses etc) was tiny in 1988 and was still only 3% of CCP members in 2013.

>What is different is the social composition of the ‘elite’ party members. Workers and government officials were 72% of this layer of members in 1988, little different from their share of the overall membership. But in 2013, that share had fallen to 57%, as the share of professionals and the bourgeois had risen to 43%. The ‘elite’ CCP members are generally university educated professionals and executives in companies, both state and private. In effect, there is an increasing divergence between the social composition of the party rank and file and the better-off members of the party.

>The authors sum this up: “while the Party overall has still a majority membership of the “old” social groups, its top is increasingly dominated by the “new” social groups.” The CCP is over-represented by the professional layer (26%) compared to the Chinese population (18%). Workers constitute 50% of the Chinese urban population now, but only 30% of CCP members and just 15% of the ‘elite’ party members.

>But is this some form of ‘political capitalism’ (whatever that means) as the authors (led by Milanovic) claim? It is not proven by the data. First, the bourgeois are still a tiny layer of CCP members (just 3% of the overall membership). You might argue that is the case in any capitalist party. The majority of members in the US Republican party or the British Conservative party are not capitalists, small or large. But I bet the ratio of such bourgeois and petty-bourgeois layers is much higher than in the CCP. And that would especially be the case among the ‘elite’ members. In the CCP, only 5% of even the party elite are outright capitalists. Second, the study is of the social composition of the CCP, not of the economic and social foundations of the Chinese economy, which surely is the place to decide on whether China is capitalist or not.

>China’s Communist Party never started as a party composed of workers in its majority (because the working class was so small in 1921). And it is no democratic party, with all policies decided at the very top and followed without (at least open) dissent by the rank and file. The top leaders decide all. That is not definition of a democratic workers party. But neither is the CCP 100 years later a party of capitalists. In its social composition, it is a party of workers, technocrats and government officials; and that includes its ‘elite’.

>In effect, with 95 million members, the CCP, the state machine and state enterprises are completely integrated and are in control of China. The CCP is not controlled by any capitalist class. The majority of CCP members are workers (manual, white collar and professional), although its ‘elite’ leaders have a nationalist not an international socialist ideology, and have connections to the capitalist sector.


>although its ‘elite’ leaders have a nationalist not an international socialist ideology, and have connections to the capitalist sector.
Nazcapbol, the final boss of politics.


Interesting statistics, thanks anon. Would "worker" mean most proletarians and "professionals" include peasantry, since it includes "the agricultural sector"?

>You might argue that is the case in any capitalist party.

Indeed I would.

>The majority of members in the US Republican party or the British Conservative party are not capitalists, small or large. But I bet the ratio of such bourgeois and petty-bourgeois layers is much higher than in the CCP.

Citation needed, also *CPC

>The majority of CCP members are workers

Same with KPRF when they let the capitalists spoil the vote in 2006 after they were voted into power in bourgeois elections.

On a side note, is there any other communist party in the world other than Vietnam that has as many capitalists in it's communist party?
>The CCP is not controlled by any capitalist class
This does not follow.
>In the CCP, only 5% of even the party elite are outright capitalists
Whom hold hegemonic power in a capitalist system due to their wealth and social role.

Furthermore, 45 percent of "the top 5 percent of the elite" (requires clarification) are government employees, capitalists, and bureaucrats and administrators. With another 33 percent of "professionals" only 15 percent are listed as "workers".


There aren't any stages to dialectical materialism. Diamat is an analytic framework, its a way of thinking about the world. Society doesn't have predefined stages either. We can identify how the advancement of relations of production change the nature of society, like feudalism compared to capitalism, but there's no reason why it can't go "backwards".

With regards to China, it is a complicated question. It is worth understanding the history of China since the 1900s with more focus since it became socialist. The history of Chinese socialism is tied to its history and many make the mistake of divorcing the two.

there's good videos on YouTube, Unfortunately I can't recommend any, I don't have any bookmarked.


Note that the leaders of SOEs are listed under "owners" and that the latest data is right from the start of Xi Jinping's taking office, right at the start of the anti-corruption campaigns.

>[capitalists in China] hold hegemonic power in a capitalist system due to their wealth and social role

lol, lmao even


> not one mention about how to actually end wage labour


>Note that the leaders of SOEs are listed under "owners"
sauce? Also SOEs are partly nationalized, and partly privatized. The number that comes to mind off the top of my head is 20 something percent for the definition in China. All capitalist countries have these, and the proportion is higher in about half to a third of capitalist countries, last I checked.
Critically, it is not the same as a wholly state owned enterprise and it does not entail 'socialized' production organized for the sake of the working population, see state capitalism in the German empire, or capitalist benefactors of SOEs in Russia and Italy for an idea of the distinction. Another, very infamous example being the private benefactors of the American military and contract system.

>latest data is right from the start of Xi Jinping's taking office, right at the start of the anti-corruption campaigns

What are you implying has changed?

>lol, lmao even

Do you disagree?


Communism is when you receive wealth and validation for calling yourself a communist and calling the good countries communist


communism is when the party says its communist
cant make this shit up


>Do you disagree?
Chinese capitalists themselves disagree. Look up some talks with Eric X Lee. He openly says "we're not in power."


You end wage labor by developing the productive forces and progressively lowering the working hours until you reach FALC, and not by wishing wage labor away.


a gdp of 30-40% from partially or wholly state owned enterprises is not anything unique in history. Taiwan in the 80s had these numbers. The US under the new deal or even in contemporary times if we consider it's leveraging of the war economy as a partially state owned enterprise with the lucrative contracts it hands out to every tech and defense company.


> progressively lowering the work week
actually do this part, otherwise it's just accumulation for accumulation's sake.


the USSR had lower hours with no where near the productivity of china.


>accumulation for accumulation's sake
I'm p. sure China is partially accumulating for later redistributing shit for the third world. I mean how else are they going to keep forgiving debts without going bankrupt?


File: 1669974755706.jpg (Spoiler Image, 348.71 KB, 800x600, uyghur moment.jpg)

>Capitalists saying china isn't capitalist means that China is not capitalist


Stop twisting what was said, you obnoxious faggot.


AFAIK America actually currently has a higher proportion of their GDP in SOEs


>American SOEs
…what? you mean like the CIA?



File: 1669975035299.jpg (Spoiler Image, 349.93 KB, 4896x3672, Neither capitalist...jpg)

What did you mean anon? Please explain to me how China is not capitalist


Well they certainly aren't socialist ones


Suck it up loser
Communists do everything better


Uh what? Sauce? What do you mean by productivity?
Also growth in the USSR outpaced China's until it's collapse.

Also keep in mind that GDP is not a measure of productivity, rather it has to do with the number of transactions performed and will inevitably skew in the favour of market economies over planned economies with the same level of goods and services produced.


>Communism is a state of affairs which is to be established


>communism is when everything magically works and I don't have to explain shit


cause memeing and dreaming hard enough isn't going to make a hot girl willing to fuck you appear in front of your eyes. China needed to make a deal with the devil, just /trust the plan/ because china will be china regardless of our silly opinions about it, and what's going on here will be in front of our eyes as the real thing


>primary stage of socialism
>private ownership
>public ownership in various forms
>state dominated market economy

keep in mind the CPC has claimed they are not in primary socialism yet

>intermediate stage of socialism

>market adjust-ment secondary

So which one of these by 2050?

Do you even read this or is interpreting the holy texts reserved only for the select few vanguard capable of fully understanding them?


File: 1669976599833.gif (789.14 KB, 480x266, giphy.gif)

>So which one of these by 2050?


Insufferable pseud.


>China needed to make a deal with the devil
Wdym? Collaborating with the CIA and fascists to destroy the proletarian movements of the 20th century? Ok when are they gonna stop doing that? Btw why did they need to do that?
>just /trust the plan/
I will remind you this is literally a trump fan meme that originated on pol
>because china will be china regardless of our silly opinions about it
Okay so why are you acting outraged about it? We are free to discuss the nature of what is happening right? You say "China" as if it is a monolith but do you not expect that there is ideological debate and competing class interests within China? Seems kind of orientalist to me if not


okay anti-


You don't deserve sauces, you don't deserve (you)s. You are only here to bait and troll like the miserable basementdweller you are.


Actually I just disagree with you and have explained why, and you are allowing this to provoke a negative emotional reaction and antipathy in yourself

I will remind you that you are the person that first reacted flippantly and mocked my response rather than engaging with it politely in good faith:
So it is rather rich that you then complained when I followed suit:
>Stop twisting what was said, you obnoxious faggot
seems to be a rather rude and defensive response to me playfully comparing what you said to something said by cenk uyghur, is it not?
>Insufferable pseud
>You don't deserve sauces, you don't deserve (you)s. You are only here to bait and troll like the miserable basementdweller you are

Actually I would say that if we are pointing fingers then it is you that is acting hostile and in bad faith here.

In addition to this criticism I am still open to good faith intellectual argument


You did twist what was said, what kind of treatment do you expect? I'm not here to play games with idiots.(ban evading astroturf IP)


Dude the intermediate stage is basically Soviet socialism.


I have to ask, why do people think BRICS is going to be the thing that finally creates multipolarity? BRICS was primarily a developing world meme propped up by Goldman-Sachs back in the era when all the finance types believed that the developing world was the future.
Nowadays it consists of:

1) A country that is firmly in the US sphere of influence which has declared that it'll implement export controls on food to maintain political stability at home.

2) The most sanctioned country in the history of the world.

3) A country whose total exports are worth less than the total exports of Belgium.

4) A food-insecure country that keeps shuttering its economy to hide from a virus with a 0.003% death rate, particularly the parts that generate hard currency with which to import food.

5) South Africa. I don't need to expand on this.

Not to mention that none of these countries are net importers (except India which imports about as much as Belgium exports by value). Who's supposed to be driving economic growth via consumption in this arrangement?


File: 1669997291779.png (51.13 KB, 592x372, ClipboardImage.png)

umm bros?


All of what you said is cope. Tell your friends in Washington/Langley that
- All empires fall eventually
- All wrongdoers are punished
- All parasites will be put to work
- The People will take control of their destiny

>BRICS was primarily a developing world meme propped up by Goldman-Sachs

BRICS isn't dependent on anything as an institution because it's not an institution at all, it's just a forum where said countries meet to talk.

Nobody is saying that these countries will get together tomorrow and nuke the USA or some shit like that. Why do you feel the need to so aggressively strawman normal posters ITT?

Whoa, are you telling me that in an increasingly unstable world which is highly interconnected but at the same time fractured (mostly because of imperialist intrique), even the countries with the strongest growth potential suffer from serious economic imbalance? So… should they just stop trying and accept the Thousand-Year American Empire (will never happen, sorry)?

>Who's supposed to be driving economic growth via consumption in this arrangement?

I see what you are trying to get at. Well, definitely not the West if the dollar loses its status as the hegemonic currency LMAO. Even if that doesn't happen very soon, whatever problems may these countries suffer from, it can only get better for them if they reduce their dependence on the West because this relationship entails nothing other than parasitism.

Please climb on top of the Statue of Liberty and take a leap, you Western cunt.


File: 1669999637315.jpg (5.98 MB, 5000x5000, 16630135599401.jpg)

>per senior EU officials



Are you american


File: 1670008347478-0.png (51.87 KB, 850x170, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1670008347478-1.png (26.38 KB, 273x200, ClipboardImage.png)

in other news that should surprise literally nobody


Methinks that was something Biden agreed to drop when he met with Xi.





looking for input from actually experienced comrades: >>1289954


I'm trying to get things in perspective in my head - so is it the case that China has utilized capitalism to have foreign capital in its machine-like quality seep into China in order to have it only be economical for foreign countries to build most of their manufacturing in China whilst having capitalism inside of China itself have more human hands on the levers, allowing china to do capitalism better than the capitalists via a marxist understanding of capitalism. Are they waging a sun tsu style economic war of which we are now seeing enter a new stage with the leftward faction of the CPC led by Xi in power now?

We have >>1289797 happening even, we have a new intensification of opening up to foreign communist parties as well. America could never possibly 'cold war' the Chinese without an immense collapse


File: 1670049508540-0.png (468.28 KB, 1137x671, 4.png)

File: 1670049508540-1.png (169.52 KB, 1126x265, 3.png)

File: 1670049508540-2.png (133.54 KB, 1076x215, 2.png)

File: 1670049508540-3.png (90.67 KB, 375x333, 1.png)

Good morning, china friends. Another day, another collapse.


File: 1670049878563-0.png (122.33 KB, 1127x223, 5.png)

File: 1670049878563-1.png (107.81 KB, 1079x219, 4.png)

File: 1670049878563-2.png (156.49 KB, 1119x222, 3.png)

File: 1670049878563-3.png (156.36 KB, 1089x227, 2.png)

File: 1670049878563-4.png (154.1 KB, 1068x217, 1.png)


I don’t understand what the confusion is here.

Various Chinese local governments HAVE responded to frustrations of people and acknowledged their point.

It’s not that most people hate lockdowns. I don’t think these should be called anti-lockdown protests necessarily. It’s that there are many small things that have accumulated over the last few years. various random lockdowns that are unnecessary, local governments telling people they are not locked down when they are actually basically are, people not having easy access to medical care, people not being able to work, even people dying for reason attributed to lockdowns, people having to go to the purpose built central quarantine and the low quality of some of thise centers, peoples losing pets due to pandemic controls, people being required to take daily tests and being exposed at testing centers. There is also the growing issue of corruption real and perceived related to testing companies and quarantine hotels. These issues continue to accumulate and growth in the face of the highly transmissible Omicron strain, and there is not a well understood end goal of this condition, creating general uncertainty and anxiety. Peoples general frustrations are real. They just want their frustrations addressed. And that has happened and we’ve felt a general turn in sentiment and relaxation of pent up feelings as the momentum has clearly shifted towards opening and a refocus on the human cost.

So I don’t really see the issue… and beside that, if you look at the pandemic maps, clearly ZC has ended. It’s just over and they aren’t putting it back in the bottle.


China has a way of bringing out the ugly face of liberalism. You really have to wonder when you read this what do liberals believe is proper relationship between government and people?


>I don’t understand what the confusion is here.

Random nobody has said that he heard from the "officials" that Xi secretly privately (so nobody can actually verify) has told someone that protests happened because of Covid lockdowns. Dude, like, are you this naive in day-to-day life too?


File: 1670055398807.png (891.43 KB, 971x899, 16643152011450.png)

>Jeb meme but from protesters in regards to Covid lockdowns


Uh I would hope that is what Xi thought caused them? Everyone can tell that the #hashtag elements are clearly working hand in glove with US news agencies and that complex, but there is obvious generalized discontent with pandemic management that those elements were using to try to cause riots which they can redirect towards the goal of regime change. The government responding and adjusting attitude towards Covid has relaxed the country.

You can see that the Anglo journalist complex has turned on a dime and is now concern trolling about Chinese deaths from Covid.


File: 1670055665473.jpg (1.42 MB, 2222x2222, 1670055231986.jpg)


Protest has always been a method of change in China, this is nothing new. There is plenty of political expression in the country, the government just makes an assessment of its seriousness - is it a widespread attitude or just squeaky wheels? Is it going to undermine the state or is it just a minor demand?
Liberals are incredibly fucking ignorant about this country.


Dude, CPC doing anything at all == CPC has lost and will collapse any moment now. It doesn't fucking what CPC does, it is by default a situation where CPC is in damage control mode, therefore anything and everything CPC does is the result of protesters achieving their goals by standing up to CPC and bullying CPC into complying with their demands.


Ideologically, the CPC would see popular protests as the will of the people. They wouldn’t see itself as being in contest with the people. This is one is the fundamental conceptual differences that thwarts a lot of western China analysis.


I agree but I what I don’t agree with is what that HRW lib implicitly believers about the relationship between government and people, which says that a strong (and good) government fully ignores protestations from the people and a weak government answers them.


>Ideologically, the CPC would see popular protests as the will of the people

CPC would see protests as the failure of the governance and that people aren't represented in the government enough if they have to protest


File: 1670056983662.png (290.32 KB, 910x423, 54689458690469054.png)

>Protest has always been a method of change in China, this is nothing new.
I'm just reminded of the ending scene in the Wandering Earth which shows protesters just marching down the street. Why? Doesn't say. But this is what the evil CCP doesn't want you to see in one of the top grossing movies the country has produced.


Western/pro-Western NGO activists are the Western version of islamist suicide bombers. Don't think about how you can concretely improve society, don't think about why does the current system work while posessing some serious flaws. Stand in permanent opposition to, and eventually throw yourself at the powers that be, becoming a martyr which will encourage more people to follow The Cause who will in turn martyr themselves (most historians agree that the real-life Jesus would have remained a nobody if he hadn't been crucified).

Since people today are very skeptical about the existence of an afterlife, the transcendental worldview propagated by Christianity where people place little value in this life and await the end of all things is replaced by the anarchistic view that every policy undertaken by the state (in China there is no state without the CPC) is imposed on people and oppressive, no matter what and how good are the consequences of a particular policy. This leads to the wish that the (concrete) state (in question) should be destroyed, without any regard to how modern history speaks in favour of the permanence of the state and shows the PRC to be one of the most stable states among states.

The eschatalogical narratives that in old times might have provided ethical and other benefits to society are now effectively anti-social, even if they are disguised with certain humanistic values.

You can say that my short analysis here is too superstructural and cultural, and that the phenomena I've just described are the result of concrete CIA operations, but these things also exist within the imperial core, even if they are kept in check by state violence and institutions controlled by the elite. XR, anarkiddies, black block shit, etc. Also actual fucking millenarian Christian sects. Also all kinds of preppers. The list goes on.


I don’t really agree necessarily. Ideologically the party will listen to the people and do what they want even if it’s the “wrong” decision.

The problem Covid presents is that it’s difficult to find consensus on. People want lighter Covid control, but they don’t want Covid. Even in the US for example where we have reached a consensus that Covid is Over, people still have not yet formed consensus on what should have been done. There was an article floating around called “we should have a pandemic amnesty” or something, but I saw literally everyone respond to that as if it was talking about the other people (whatever side they stood in) and uniformly hated the idea. They’re still mad about what other people did “during the pandemic” that did the bad thing (made them wear masks/killed millions)


take meds



Real democracy is not about letting the objectively wrong decisions to pass through if many people want it, it's about explaining to people why that is that decision is wrong, it's about the discussion and right decisions triumphing over the wrong ones


Pretty sure they do explaining all the time. I just don't think that the CPC has the power to not base on public opinion in this case.


He's right though, they are identical in the sense that they care more about their brainworms than about their material wellbeing


>The problem Covid presents is that it’s difficult to find consensus on. People want lighter Covid control, but they don’t want Covid.
I've read that the central government had announced changes to dial back the toughest measures before the protests. Basically what was happening is that local governments didn't want outbreaks because zero-COVID and because they'd all get shitcanned if that happened, so some of them were going overboard with it, or at least engaging in practices that are unsustainable in terms of frequency of testing, and that also varied between regions. Thing is too, China's health infrastructure also varies a lot between regions, because it's a developing country with a lot of inequality between regions, and there has been a big build-up of health infrastructure, yet that also comes at a heavy cost to local governments. So the shift that is now underway to make the overall containment strategy more coherent while also dialing back on the most extreme measures.


File: 1670097312660-0.jpeg (62.42 KB, 1024x410, FBkUbfyVUAYDQmY.jpeg)

File: 1670097312660-1.jpeg (165.05 KB, 1200x720, FBjKk40VUAIL11v.jpeg)

File: 1670097312660-2.jpeg (158.14 KB, 1200x720, FBjKkHbUcAgf7KO.jpeg)

Now that we know that China is going to invade Taiwan by 2027, how will the invasion go?


"democracy is taking the right decision" lmao absolute brainlet take


The only winning move is not to attack until China is stronger than America. China gets stronger every day thanks to international trade. The aggressor in this war would be America because with current economic trajectory they will be left behind by China.


File: 1670101849437.png (611.46 KB, 1166x1286, k6nadg9uan3a1.png)

Imagine talking to Latin Americans as if conquistadors were the good guys, lol


Latinos worship light skin like crazy


File: 1670107736605-0.png (165 KB, 1109x221, lmao.png)

File: 1670107736605-1.jpg (199.45 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Totally a working class movement btw


File: 1670108304325.gif (2.98 MB, 290x300, 1550609280906.gif)

>he believed that the antagonistic relationships between classes could be resolved by peaceful means by education and persuasion.
Bukharinism and its consequences.


That’s literally Orwellian doublespeak kek


I mean that shit predates Marx, but yeah there definitely was a current of counter revolutionary opportunism in the right wing of victorious communist parties especially




“Grassroots overseas Chinese” lol. It’s the Lausan clique wearing a different hat. One of the main frustrations of the cia-left is that Chinese students are noticeably less receptive to anti-Chinese messaging than they used to be, and some Asian-Americans have become shy about indulging in bottomless sinophobic rhetoric. Gotta go in the offensive.

One of the other interesting things about the new wave of Chinese dissident is that they are just straight up anti-China.


>One of the main frustrations of the cia-left is that Chinese students are noticeably less receptive to anti-Chinese messaging than they used to be
Not suprising. If I saw literal human shit in the streets, I would board the first plane back to China and pledge myself to the Communist Party for the rest of my life.


Covid restrictions heavily reducing in shanghai, bj and Guangzhou. probably other places too.

get ready for the murdochs to claim the gov is bowing to protests


Is the Huawei CFO arrest story big in China? Canada is a super cringe country, and the news that her criminal charges are being dropped is being memory holed hard over here.


File: 1670149579376.png (136.99 KB, 1094x219, 1.png)

China already controls Youtube. It's over, gardenbros.


China already collapsed two weeks ago


>Now that we know that China is going to invade Taiwan by 2027, how will the invasion go?
The PRC is reaching a point where if hostilities ensue they could conceivably take Taiwan with limited losses although there will most likely be mass destruction.
The problem facing Taiwan is that the battlespace is TINY, the island itself is a not even a third of Fujian province that is facing it directly across the straits. The only part of the island that matters is the West coast because that's where all the cities are and the terrain is mostly flat, the rest of the island is mostly forested mountains of limited value. So the actual battlespace on land is less than half of Taiwan itself, if Taiwan concentrates its defenses there, the overwhelmingly firepower of the PLA can be brought to bear to crush it. If Taiwan tries to spread out or concentrate inland, then they will not be able to stop a PLA landing.
Guerilla warfare might be possible, but the island is tiny and hiding places are few and far between.
Taiwan's only way out is for the US plus Japan and Bad Korea is help out.


>Taiwan's only way out is for the US plus Japan and Bad Korea is help out.

Meanwhile, China keeps on denying the West the ability to patrol area freely. Canadians got butthurt that Chinese pilots forced their spy plane off the route, American warship was forced to turn away from South China Sea, etc etc.


Calling Radio Peking, standing by for instruction to counter-attack with the Hundred Posts Offensive


Just some of the decendants of the genocidal maniacs.


>and Bad Korea is help out.
If Bad Korea joins it might get eaten by Good Korea lol


I hate this motherfuckers that praise the conquistadores how you don't believe.


Have we had any "protesters are da real workers" types yet?


File: 1670170690808.jpg (104.9 KB, 2000x1000, lausanqiao.jpg)


I have seen from Carl Zha that many test points and other covid measures are being lifted in some of the urban cities in China, but the authorities are publicly campaigning that everyone should be vaccinated.


They’re already moving back. They have been doing that since the trade war started in 2018.


File: 1670186398956.png (114.57 KB, 300x300, 1664090173453243.png)

I'm creating the conspiracy theory that the CPC allowed/staged the protests to save face in front of Chinese boomers when lifting zero COVID
>sorry auntie the protests forced our hand now get your fucking booster shot


to be fair this could be a good opportunity to throw at the urban academoids the book, if there's excessive covid 19 burdenplaced on the rural districts.


Fairly simple, if the Chinese A2AD works as advertised. Ukraine reminds us modern war requires huge amounts of supplies. Taiwan can't manufacture those or receive deliveries under a missile umbrella.


File: 1670187545088.png (521.53 KB, 853x1000, 1661016313472896.png)

Extremely good post, continue taking or not taking meds as appropriate. Anarchists are moralists, this cannot be repeated enough.


They’re not. The real working class protestors have pictures of Mao.


Burgers are losing their grip. It’s like the Soviet Union in the early 80s.


uhhhh liberal vaxbros? china doesnt want pfizer/moderna/johnson&johnson vaccines… does this mean they're going to collapse due to heavy casualties from covid?


I’m surprised the Chinese haven’t gotten their mRNA vaccine out yet.


they must know that COVID was concocted in fort Derrick


If I wasn't scared of doxing myself, I would post a picture of a full blister packet of risperidone with an expiry date set to the February of 2021.


Smart. Support local companies and avoid the minute chance vaccines are bioweapons.




I bet this is a rightoid video saying that both are good right?


File: 1670203433568.jpeg (89.86 KB, 680x680, trots.jpeg)

Co-organizers + Endorsements
>Hong Kong | Trots (organizer) | Hong Kong | Hong Kong | Tibet | Hong Kong | Xinjiang | Xinjiang | Xinjiang | lmao | NGO | Taiwan


>Socialist Alternative NYC


>First as a tragedy, then as a farce, then again as a farce, then again as a farce, then again as a farce.


>Free Niqqer Now
>Niqqer American Association
>Jewish Movement for Niqqer Freedom
t-thanks, leftypol


that pic is so ignorant it must have been made by an american


Macron on China’s aggression toward Taiwan | 60 Minutes


Tossing insults and making no argument, not really making Trotskyites look good anon.


Don't give a shit about trotsky. I give a shit about historical accuracy.


>Joins Socialist Alternative
>Get in constant debates about whether it's right to vote for Democrats as a "lesser of two evilism" with people looking for an outlet to be mad about Democrats
>Feel revolutionary fervor crashing out of my bloodstream
>Ask if we can study Chinese socialism (because it's the only one left?)
>"Nah bro that's a degenerated workers state."


trot parties are kinda disappointing in the US. In France they led to a lot of cool movements - autonomism and whatever guattari was on - but here they are very interested in staying an irrelevant faction with irrelevant thought.

Maoists and the old rainbow coalition seem to have this french spirit of finding common ground, but that was mostly in the 70s. I'm not sure if it still exists.

also trying to join a trot party but disappointed that even reading Stalin is looked down upon


>macaroni the grandma-fucker pretends china is aggressive to the illegitimate reactoid holdout island
>meanwhile, france:


File: 1670213876024.png (1.43 MB, 1024x683, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1670213995485-0.jpg (150.12 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 1670213995485-1.jpg (115.54 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

File: 1670213995485-2.jpg (136.02 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

File: 1670213995485-3.jpg (134.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg)

File: 1670213995485-4.jpg (137.86 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (4).jpg)

PETER ZEIHAN is an expert in geopolitics: the study of how place impacts financial, economic, cultural, political and military developments. He presents customized executive briefings to a wide array of audiences which include, but are not limited to, financial professionals, Fortune 500 firms, energy investors, and a mix of industrial, power, agricultural and consulting associations and corporations. Mr. Zeihan has been featured in, and cited by, numerous newspapers and broadcasts including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, AP, Bloomberg, CNN, ABC, The New York Times, Fox News and MarketWatch.

Peter Zeihan is a geopolitical strategist who has immersed himself in the world of international affairs throughout his career. He launched his own firm, Zeihan on Geopolitics, in 2012 in order to specialize in customized executive briefings for his clients. Prior to going independent, Zeihan worked for twelve years with the geopolitical analysis firm Stratfor.


the eternal trot


These are the taiwanese guns that are going to repel the invading chinese orcs.


If KMT government-in-exile did not receive U.S. naval protection during the civil war they would have been crushed like how the KMT got crush on the mainland.

Without US military presence in Taiwan the island would be easy to invade.


No amphibious invasion is easy.


get on my ribbit level bitch



Remember when Taiwan also held Hainan?


>what do you mean you can start your own self-employed business?
<what do you mean you can come together with your buddies and start a coop?


They would never invade. China will cuck out like Cucktin. If they invaded, it would go like the Russian invasion of Ukronaziland: At first some success, but then stagnates and ultimately pushed back thanks to sabotage and traitors from within the Chinese leadership itself. Remember, just like with the shock therapy motherfuckers in Russia, Dengoids sold out to Westeroids to restore crapitalism. This is their ultimate allegiance; not their homeland, but profits.
China may lose the war, which would be a political disaster, which may lead to colour revolutions, marking the start of a new century of even greater humiliation, followed by death through climate catastrophe, since this is humanity's last century on this Earth in general.
It was ogre before it even began.
No socialism, no military victory against Westeroids. It's that simple. Seriously, did anybody, but the Taliban I guess, have a decisive military victory against Westeroid imperialism without embracing socialism? Sure Westeroids may not have achieved their main goals in many wars, but they successfully, permanently destabalised all regions they invaded. Only the socialist examples that survived, Vietnam, Cuba, Best Korea, managed any form of stability. Everyone else was completely ruined.

China's performance in their skirmishes against Indian troops haven't been encouraging either.

Best to resolve Taiwan peacefully, even if it takes another decade or two. As recent voots have shown, most Taiwanese want no independance but rather more status quo, which is acceptable for now.


The anatomy of a gusano.


File: 1670233280622.png (330.73 KB, 576x566, ClipboardImage.png)

>no workers, don't start your business, please keep being a slave to megacorporations


the government capitulated to the protests.


>ultimately pushed back thanks to sabotage and traitors from within the Chinese leadership itself

Difference is, China never abandoned Stalin, meaning they never considered military purges before WW2 to be a mistake, and they do purge their leader ranks regularly, while Russia is full-on anticommunist and has declared pre-war military to be legit and valid. It's not just a useless history thing, it's an actually important stuff of how the state operates.

China is battle-ready, they have funds and decades of military specialists in constant employment in the military, they have a next gen military with proper strategies and tactics ingrained into them, and Russia was downscaling their military for the last 30 years, trying to make it fit into budget constraints. Who would have thunk that without socialism's efficiency Russia cannot maintain a large military?


Russia did develop high tech military hardware, tho, unmatched by the West.


This is an indigenous hunting rifle. Why would you make some connection to Taiwan-PRC relations? Are you a racist?


But not the military capable of utilizing it to the fullest.


>Muh niche Wunderwaffen will fix it
Delusional. You need a large quantity of decent weapons, not few "high tec" systems.


>they do purge their leader ranks regularly
Seeing how cucked Chinese leadership has been acting towards Western aggression, they are clearly purging the wrong people.




The high tech weaponry in question are key elements in tho ongoing race:
>faster than speed of sound rockets
>unmatched anti-air defense system



>Difference is, China never abandoned Stalin, meaning they never considered military purges before WW2 to be a mistake
I doubt there's an offiical or uniform view in China or in the CCP about the purges of the army.


why is this uygha iron felix shitting up this thread, go back to your faggot thread in /ukraine/ where you can cry about shit like the attention whore that you are.


I'm doing Korean shit here: >>>/hobby/31403


>China's performance in their skirmishes against Indian troops haven't been encouraging either.
I didn't realise we had unironic Jai Hind types on /leftypol/, it's quite the indicator of how brainwashed Westoid lefties are that they can unironically believe whatever India publishes about China.



Agent Kochinski's FREE Marxism Lesson- Socialism w/ Chinese Characteristics.


Speaking with some chinese expats, it seems younger people (in this case, middle class) don't like Xi Jinping and don't give a shit about Jiang Zemin, while less young people (35+) are mixed on Xi Jinping and see Jiang Zemin as the last good president and hold him in high regard. Does this scan?

kekk sick burn, and good video in general. Love Eddie.


He speaks well but his ears distract me


He takes off his name sometimes to create false consensus. Mods already confirmed all these posters are from the same IP


Only real THUG UYGHAS and master level communists have ears like that


That's his brain putting pressure on the ears from the inside


Woah, what a nice channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-PbuIZAM-A Grover Furr has said that Lenin's Testament was a fraud? Oh my


Parasocial daddy's Voosh Cultists will seethe at this basic history lesson.

Yes, any proof that it's real ?.


>Yes, any proof that it's real ?.

It was a fake produced by Khruschev. Nobody ever heard about the letter before Khruschev showed it, ever, yet letter itself claimed that it was read in front of closest Lenin's aides, but Stalin ignored the "will" of Lenin.


Looks like cauliflower ear, does he do fight sports?


More ops being activated. Clearly co-ordinates targeting of international students.


children ruin everything


It's unbelievable that in le West we need to remind "our comrades" that Marx literally advocated for building productive forces. It's in the fucking Communist Manifesto, btw.


um marx CLEARLY wanted communists to be poor and starving, the fuck are you reading?


That looks fun tho, they should just put railings on the side to make sure nobody falls off the edge.


Chinese had their own form of pickled vegetables since ages, but I think the point of discontent from Korean nationalists with that Chinese youtuber's video was that distinctive color and spicy ingredient along with vegetable choice in pickled vegetable was Korean.
To which the Chinese nationalist rebuttal is that South Korea does not hold a monopoly on Korean culture, and that Korean culture and history overlaps and intertwines with Chinese history and culture, being that China is a multi ethnic nation which includes Koreans, Russians, etc.


chapo trap house ignored Agent Kochinski, just literally jingled keys in front of the mic and said "what you want me to entertain him?? what would we even talk about he's a child!!" and they have probably the most wide reaching marxist adjacent platform in the west right now


>>1293377 cont (bad habit I know)
people stop listening to Agent Kochinski when they find better platforms with more depth and realize how small brain'd he is from that experience, not from dragging yourself down into sending kautsky letters


I don't think talking to expats is a good way to get a feel for chinese society. The expat from my countries certainly are not the guys you should listen to on our internal issuers.


and people say socialism (real socialism, ie. north korea) creates "bullshit jobs" to keep people employed


Yes, I think he is a wrestling coach.


SCMP is unironically the worst English language newspaper. I have never read an edifying article from them, and always end up with many questions and few answers. What did Li Ziqi do? What did Hamzy do? Who is actually mad? Who is actually doing anything? What does “intimated” refer to exactly? They’re just bad at the craft and the practice of journalism.


File: 1670286779482.png (271.38 KB, 540x605, ClipboardImage.png)

But UK and US journalists are just COVID-19 in a human mask though


I just find the little nationalist skirmish funny.
Of course Korean culture is intertwined with Chinese history and culture, hell, they used Hanzi characters to write their language before Hangul and they still use Hanja like 無 to this day.
In some parts of the former Soviet Union, they make some sort of Kimchi with carrots, seems tasty.

Feel free to give us better sources, I'm genuinely curious and willing to expand my horizons because everyone has a painfully annoying agenda in all possible sense of the word when it comes to covering stuff in China―including Chinese people themselves posting in simplified characters on obscure social media accounts.


I've been noticing an uptick in "Chinese Police Station" fearmongering. I haven't even bothered looking at them because they're obviously bullshit, but it feels like that might be the new angle of attack against China?


It's just a retarded falungong stunt that many normal people immediately discover is some schizo cult fake news. Not particularly good propaganda. Way easier to debunk and way more schizo sounding to tell average people that there is literal "secret" chinese police stations that have a sign on them that says "secret chinese police station" in their own country, rather than claiming there is genocide in distant Xinjiang, which most people cant even point to on a map.


File: 1670290154666.jpg (172.22 KB, 962x871, R (36).jpg)

Question: Does anyone have any resources or just know in general how much fitness was affected by the Cultural Revolution? Like, from what I can gather, these university students were super into Mao. So I'd assume they'd have read Mao on Physical Education and maybe taken steps to live up to it. Any evidence of it or was that just never a thing?


Actually it kind of was I think. I think it might be the origin of the daily warmup routines schools have kids do and the habit of jogging in the morning that is very common in China? There probably is actually some literature on this (not sure where though).


Fake and gay but would be based if it were true


File: 1670293155355.png (938.24 KB, 1024x682, ClipboardImage.png)

>How would foreign forces contact us we can't access foreign internet!
>me watching the vid on foreign internet
Some great firewall


they sound more like leftcoms idealists than maoists but the maoists are probably around too; can't say I have right to speak on this though


I did and it is fake and gay
>random fake and gay news twitter
>english subs with no citation or anything
>literally no background for the video or any context at all
>doesn't even say who is speaking
go back


It's unbelievable that in le West we need to remind "our comrades" that Marx literally advocated for building productive forces. It's in the fucking Communist Manifesto, btw.(I can see you ban evading buddy)


Glory to Mao. Glory to Mao Zedong thought. Glory to the Maoists of China and May they take over once more. Glory to the communes, glory to the red brigade. Down with the revisionists.(ban evading astroturf)


SCMP is full of liberal west lovers. Then the national security law came in and they hired a bunch of nobodies to churn out BS so that China doesn't crack down on them. It's pretty bad but at least it's not Apple Daily.


glowie playing both sides to make us argue? how flattering they think we're important enough to troll. trying to make us look silly


No it's just some retarded guy. Take convo to ur meta thread and avoid further derail thanks.


It’s the shame that most of the literature on these topics have definitely not been translated into English, or even anything outside of Chinese.


Army declares, in the margins of newspapers, a shift of the US military-industrial base to "wartime mode" to be finished in 3-4 years. 2027.


File: 1670352165826.jpg (198.33 KB, 1210x1192, wartime_mode.jpg)




File: 1670352558466.jpg (111.75 KB, 721x777, activating.JPG)

Yes, activating.


It’s always been bad and I’m not talking about ideology. I’m talking about the fact their ability to do what journlaits do— build narratives— is gutter level.

Caixin is the only credible English language investigative news source on China issues.


>a shift of the US military-industrial base to "wartime mode" to be finished in 3-4 years. 2027.
Going from the US's current Just In Time flexible medium scale production to full scale integrated mass production, in only 3 to 4 years ? That's not realistic. On both sides of the equation. It takes a while to get all the skilled workers and proliferate the know how for doing things at scale. But it also requires redesigning the weapons systems so that they can be mass-produced. And it means retraining all the military personel on using these different systems. Ten years is more realistic.

Is this a reaction to getting outproduced by the Russian industry during the Ukraine war, or is this preparation for WW3 ?
Do they want to tango with China on the industrial-warfare floor ? Because China's industrial base is 3 times the size of the US's with 4 times the population.


I love China


America being like Dagoth Ur awakening their sleepers.


TSMC is moving absolutely everything to Arizona. Taiwan is so done.


It’s actually unfathomable to me that any “country” would so eagerly offshore its most value-added industry so quickly and with so little reason. This ain’t sending over low-end low-value marginal factory work. This is the entire economic future of Taiwan being eliminated. I mean utterly unfathomable.


proof? all i see is they're building a second factory in arizona capable of doing their manufacturing processes


Just tripled it to 40 billion dollars investment and it’s going to be creating leading edge nodes >nm.


>Europe and the United States should focus more on presenting a united front to counter China’s unfair trade and economic practices in TTC meetings. It’s encouraging that one of the outcomes of the latest meeting was a pledge to call out China’s subsidies for the medical device industry—but medical devices are just one of many advanced sectors China has targeted for that kind of support. They’re doing the same thing in advanced IT, robotics and automated machine tools, aerospace, and new energy vehicles, among others. Unfortunately, that is at risk of being overshadowed by transatlantic friendly fire on other trade and technology issues.

>The two sides have all the information they need to build a long ‘bill of particulars’ on the sectors where China uses significant subsidies, forced tech transfers, and other unfair tools to seize market share and innovative capabilities.

>The TTC will fall short as long as Europe continues to unfairly target U.S. tech firms along with Chinese ones. Just as the Biden administration should remove discriminatory EV subsidy rules, Europe should stop targeting U.S. tech firms and products. If it doesn’t, the Biden administration should take action against Europe.

>The United States needs to put TTC outcomes in the proper context. For example, TTC standards cooperation on additive manufacturing and post-quantum encryption is great, but it won’t amount to much if it doesn’t address the many new ways Europe uses technology standards as a protectionist tool.

>Without a clear, shared focus on China, the TTC will never achieve anything near its true potential.


Looks like the Chinese State Council has announced that it's time to scrap the health code system that was used to contract trace covid patients. This is expected as a step towards opening/normalization but it's kind of funny because iirc (and I do), the entire sinophobic left and the anglo media complex had said, in lockstep and union like usual, that zero covid was merely an excuse to build the health code system to retain surveillance control of the population. Actually I guess not LMAO. Oh well


USA just wants to monopolize Europe


File: 1670395342422.jpeg (491.05 KB, 3060x1720, tainanmen.jpeg)

Xi delivered a speech at the state funeral for Jiang Zemin yesterday, and he said something I want to draw attention to. One key reason Jiang was promoted was what happened in Beijing, at Tiananmen, while he was mayor of Shanghai.

Here's Xi Jinping speaking at the state funeral yesterday:

>Starting from 1985, Comrade Jiang Zemin served as mayor of Shanghai, deputy secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, and then secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee. […] In the late spring and early summer of 1989, a severe political disturbance took place in China. Comrade Jiang Zemin resolutely upheld and implemented the CPC Central Committee's correct decision on taking a clear stand against the turmoil, defending China's socialist state power and safeguarding the fundamental interests of the people, and effectively maintained the stability of Shanghai by relying on the solid support of Party members, cadres and the masses.


How could European countries have thrown their lot in with Hitler? How could Ukraine continue escalating things with Russia? How could Finland try to fight USSR in multiple wars?

That's class politics. That's weak cowardly bourgeoisie of small countries choosing to enslave themselves to the big bad to try and silence internal opposition.

It's kind of funny how communists constantly have to remind capitalists to have pride and self-interest.


Yeah the nothing happened meme is just a western meme.



Its OGRE for the island entity thing

They, like Europe, constructed their economy inside the US system so they are functionally colonies. Now that the US has decided to withdraw, it is stripping the valuable parts and relocating it back to the homeland.


Why would it be? Get it through your thick skull that Taiwan is not a sovereign country. Neither is Germany or any other "western" regime. We are all US client kingdoms, and if the masters asks to destroy the economy our comprador elites will comply.


This isn't true though, vulgar anti imperialism melted your brain


Meanwhile in Indonesia. Make sure to read the last sentence.

>JAKARTA, Indonesia – Indonesia’s Parliament unanimously voted on Tuesday to ban sex outside of marriage and insulting the president and state institutions.

>Once in force, the bans will affect foreign visitors as well as citizens. They're part of an overhaul of the country's criminal code that has been in the works for years. The new code also expands an existing blasphemy law and keeps a five-year prison term for deviations from the central tenets of Indonesia’s six recognized religions: Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism. The code still needs approval from the president, and the government says it will not be fully implemented for several years.

>The amended code says sex outside marriage is punishable by a year in jail and cohabitation by six months, but adultery charges must be based on police reports lodged by a spouse, parents or children.

>Citizens could also face a 10-year prison term for associating with organizations that follow Marxist-Leninist ideology and a four-year sentence for spreading communism.



I read that CNA article. Who writes this crap? Literally every shitty trope rolled in there. People really need constant propaganda huh. They can’t be informed of new information without being reassured that nothing in their brain needs to be challenged by it.

I like the part where it says the actually small protests which were not cracked down on were massive challenges to the government that were brutally cracked down on. Braindead. And a lie!


Germany literally stood by acquiescently as their gas pipe got blown up cynically by the American empire.


As this continues to happen all it does is earn them contempt within DC. I guess the US diplomats do a good job obscuring this. But it’s almost palpable now— anyone in DC who cautioned against strong arming or harming allies because it will come with diplomatic costs has been shut up and humiliated. The US now has no restraint and thinks it can do anything.


>vulgar anti imperialism
Burger moment


>The new code also expands an existing blasphemy law and keeps a five-year prison term for deviations from the central tenets of Indonesia’s six recognized religions: Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism.

Religious dictatorship, but there's multiple religions allowed. Jeeez


>Citizens could also face a 10-year prison term for associating with organizations that follow Marxist-Leninist ideology and a four-year sentence for spreading communism.
yeah no, i agree with the /SEA/ anons, the shithole country is beyond saving
inshallah the waters will take it soon


Will they imprison CPC members, though?


No way this will actually be enforced


its so fucking over for indobros, has been since 1965


Civil war soon.


I hate angloids and their propaganda so much its unreal.




i thought indonesia's been shit for decades


Pure projection


>TSMC is moving absolutely everything to Arizona. Taiwan is so done.
The pro-western DDP got a crushing election defeat because the Taiwanese people didn't want to end up like Ukraine. There literally were US diplomats talking about "applying the Ukraine-model to Taiwan". Little wonder they noped out.
If the big chip making factory is being moved to the US that means the empire might be giving up on taking Taiwan from China.
I don't think that Taiwan is done, because they still have all the institutional structures that served the chip business, and other players in the chip-business might move in as TSMC is being shipped out. Chinese chip-makers of course would be the obvious candidate but also others who aren't easily spooked.

Of course I might be misinterpreting this and the US is just removing the valuables from the Island before they turn it into a warzone.


>The pro-western DDP got a crushing election defeat
That defeat getting completely suppressed by Anglo media was kind of funny. Tsai actually had to step down as party leader. Lots of cope. It's actually very important to journalists that US news suppresses defeats like that because they are afraid of propagating to this idea that Taiwanese aren't interested in a war with the PRC that would kill millions of them and destroy their home. In fact, they aren't, but the US has presented this narrative to DC/USians of DPP Want To Die and KMT Love China so DPP gotta win everything to keep those arms sales flowing.


Anders Corr: How to Stop China From Taking Over the World



the creator of tsmc was actually a chinese-american.


ok but what strategy did they propose?


basically kick china out of the WTO/UN, and more sanctions.


do they forget that doing that is good night from any resource from china, which is most manufacture in the world ?.
Pretty much every named corporation and country that uses China manufacture wound break after that


Liked am
>basically kick china out of the WTO/UN
Really? They are going to force the entire planet to stop trading with the biggest manufacturer on earth how?


they say they want italy, france, the us, and uk to all refuse chinese officials diplomatic visas thereby stopping them from participating in the UN. just watch the video


The WTO is dead. Hasn’t been a thing for 5 years. US has blocked assertion of new judges which effectively killed it. Literally not a thing that exists anymore. China will not be removed from the UN— this is extremely unpopular and China has more than enough support from the “shithole countries” not counted in “the internal community” to maintain its station there with no contest.

Corr seems like an idiot who I sent even paying cursory attention to actual geopolitical developments. The US has been architecting entirely new multilateral frameworks between the US, the EU, Australia, Japan and SK that exclude China. They no longer talk about things like international law, but refer to the Rules Based International Order summed up by anglo netizen as: “whatever the US does rules and is based.”


So they want the international garden to block China, that would just fuck them up and no one else.


I agree its probably too late to stop the rise of china. Maybe if the west had gone in that direction in like 2005 or something but they were too busy fucking around iraq


File: 1670476371207.jpg (597.85 KB, 1440x1087, Fja0ikuVsAA3NWq.jpg)



us is one thing, but is EVROPA retarded enough to cockblock china for us interests in the region? i'm honestly skeptical that our rulers, retarded as they are, would go this far just to look like good doggies for amerikkka


>China ending zero covid
>WSJ says that it's because Foxconn executive wrote a letter asking for restrictions to be relaxed
Wasn't zero covid supposed to be popular?


EVROPA has proven itself to be unendingly retarded with no limit to how much they will cuck out


it was but lockdowns and testing and shit become widespread after omicron (minor issues before that in 2020-2021). Ppl were petty fed up with it now but don’t want to get Covid. Basically completely schizo desires no unlike what happened everywhere else on earth.

But WSJ is narrativizing like normal. Damage control mode. It’s obvious that Chinese ppl protesting being splashed all over the world was meant to be prelude to Tiananmen 2 . Instead the govt just responded to the pressure and rolled back ZC and not just scaled it back, but took down all the allegedly permanent mechanisms of social control ZC was allegedly an excuse to build. This makes the PRC govt look actually kind of responsive and Democratic so that’s not going to be allowed to become a narrative in the west obviously.



File: 1670590853987.jpg (69.91 KB, 851x851, USSRDeng.jpg)

>China unites Middle East - Saudis, Iran, Egypt, Israel - under it's banner
<dead silence on it from the West
>China-friendly KMT wins in Taiwan and undoes all visits US did to Taiwan
<nobody speaks a word about it

Heh. So this is how the American hegemony dies - in cope and denial


Worry not, the burgers will scream and piss and shit on their way out. It will be a hot decade


File: 1670604955368.jpg (441.44 KB, 1183x1045, 16621888179270.jpg)

WAIT WHAT THE FUCK, Australians will receive no subs? WAIT WAIT WAIT AHAHAHAHA


AHAHAHA first they cucked France, Australia entered AUKUS and was hurting to go to war with China, but now they get cucked in turn and will get no subs from USA, and thus AUKUS turned out to be a total flop, AHAHAHAHA


File: 1670609020395.png (254.22 KB, 474x478, ClipboardImage.png)

aint no fucking way, wasnt AUKUS supposed to be like the anglo answer to chinese "encroachment" on australian interests?


File: 1670609324135.jpg (4.91 KB, 211x239, images.jpg)

fucking lol. france was pissed over that. and now for no reason. china can NOT STOP WINNING


That unequivocal statement from Wittman makes clear the speculation that America would sell Australia a Los Angeles or Virginia class sub to get them going until the Lucky Country can build and deploy its own nuclear-powered attack submarine as part of the AUKUS agreement between Australia, the UK and the US will face serious headwinds in Congress. Ahead of those meetings, Australian Minister of Defence Richard Marles met with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin today at the Pentagon.

They're still getting a sub eventually, just not getting one of the US-designated ones early


File: 1670609695716.png (424.52 KB, 640x477, ClipboardImage.png)

>does nothing
>geopolitical opponents fumble at your very feet


but later in the article-
>“The US doesn’t have spare submarines it can sell to Australia, and it won’t have them anytime soon. Giving Australia submarines that the USN needs, particularly when its own numbers are declining or at best flat-lining, is just not an option that the US political leadership will consider,” Hellyer said. “Ultimately, Australia will have to learn to build SSNs if it wants them, but what exactly ‘build’ looks like is still very unclear.”


>getting a sub eventually
After the US builds more than what it needs, and until then they'll let Australia watch how they do it. And also they'll be sharing a nuclear sub together at some point at the future.
All of which is incredibly stupid and inefficient compared to just France building buncha non-nuclear subs for Australia.


AUKUS more like… CUCKUS


File: 1670614698650.png (521.56 KB, 853x1000, oo1ct803jyq81.png)


Is this true? Is it happening?!


Non-nuclear subs aren't really that good in fairness, but sure not saying dropping the France contract was a good decision.


Did the cretins raise a peep when Australia had harsher lockdowns than China?


File: 1670640944006.jpg (93.42 KB, 909x605, Fjk7ZzIUoAAHrdt.jpg)

Yes, it's of habbeppnings :D

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