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Enslaving countries through debt traps.


So without Nokia they wouldn’t be an imperialist power?

Do they have a big financial sector that carries out imperialism?

I just find it hard to understand how a country with no colonies - and which in fact was a colony right up until the 20th century could be said the have based all its wealth off of imperialism.


File: 1626673712616.pdf (403.94 KB, 212x300, DebtTrapMeme.pdf)

>muh debt traps
I don't know how often this has been debunked but this talking point straight out of American and Indian think tanks keeps on surfacing.

No. The point is that Nokia and Finnish monopolists actually control the Finnish state for it to secure global supply chains to build their products by exporting Finnish capital.
>Do they have a big financial sector that carries out imperialism?
They are an appendix of the Western financial imperialist system and dependent on the ECB.
>I just find it hard to understand how a country with no colonies - and which in fact was a colony right up until the 20th century could be said the have based all its wealth off of imperialism.
Never did I imply that all its wealth is a result of imperialism, nor did I say that imperialism is the same as colonialism.


>Communists BTFO
>Cuba is actually state capitalist now
Peak anglo
Firstly there is nothing wrong in the first place that people have houses to live in.
Secondly it should be blatantly obvious that there is a difference about "ownership" of socialist states and bourgeois states.
Ownership in the former is not some unalienable right to dispose of as one wants or private property but based on use with the actual "owner" being the state or the community or village or cooperative or whatever. People in socialist states have higher "home ownership" than capitalist states because they have places to live in due to the lack of private ownership of land which encloses off resources for private use and excludes use for social purposes. In the case of China, the land in the countryside is controlled by villages and the land in the city in under control by the state and "leased" out. Hence, the state can construct new houses for citizens to replace old ones and the important public infrastructure. The situation in the latter could be considered more "capitalist", but even in several of the most metropolitan sorts of places there are strict limits to accumulation and similar, and most people own and don't rent residences. Of course, the absence of proper private ownership comes with its disadvantages, but those do not nullify by far the massive good that public ownership provides, which several economic papers have demonstrated.
This is why it is often referred to as the "socialist countryside policy", to be differentiated from the rural infrastructure program of the similar moniker, in China and why certain Marxists argue that the classic proletariat even today does not exist in the same way over there because the people are not disposessed of the landand the means of production like how it happened in most of the modern European nations.


From what i can understand is more about 20%+ of the workforce following 996+5% unemployment+scarce paid leave for mothers which discourages Chinese families fron having more children.


>Firstly there is nothing wrong in the first place that people have houses to live in.
Hi, Iosep Stalin here, having food and shelter isn't real communism.


Forgot to add: overall unemployment is 5%, youth unemployment was 13% last time that i checked.


Also fun fact: this level of youth unemployment is 3 times the one of Japan


And 5 times the one of Switzerland.


File: 1626688563056.png (372.13 KB, 526x800, ClipboardImage.png)

Not sure if it has an english translation but I'm reading "中国特色社会主义为什么行?" and it's a great read.


addressed a few days ago

keep repeating salty CIA talking points


not surprising Japan has almost no youth and switzerland is doing some sketchy shit


>Trade is important but brute force always prevails.
Try repeating this silly statement once global trade isn't USD based anymore.



>During a turbulent time from 1915 to 1921, Chen Du Xiu and Li Da Zhao, along with other like-minded individuals, founded the Magazine La Jeunesse that started the New Culture Movement. The magazine promoted science and democracy and revolutionized thinking of the masses and encouraged them to fight against imperialism that has been ingrained in everyone. The series follows a colorful cast with various well-known authors, politicians, and revolutionists as they all try in their own way save their country.


File: 1626703773224.png (225.78 KB, 632x443, 1.png)



Dollar is still 60% of world foreign reserves and it will take another 10/15 years just to bring that level at 50%.


China unveils design for first waterless nuclear reactor
•The thorium-powered reactors do not need water as a coolant, meaning they can be built in remote deserts alongside wind and solar power plants
•The technology should be safer than uranium-powered reactors and may also dispel some of China’s worries about energy security


Slow news day today, with nothing of real relevance happening, so no news roundup for today.

Hope tomorrow things will get different.


whats going on with this hacking attacks there is like a major data leak every week
we have a seer in the China General Thread how amazing


"There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen." While the FED keeps printing money riddling the currency with inflation and an economic crisis looms I wouldn't be too hasty to make such statements.


File: 1626704211203.jpg (93.47 KB, 960x799, otv4rfwfi1c71.jpg)

Yellen Says China Trade Deal Has ‘Hurt American Consumers’


File: 1626704649350-0.png (71.98 KB, 654x469, 1.png)

File: 1626704649351-1.mp4 (2.04 MB, 1280x720, Zqoj6yl7oUsJtzca.mp4)



File: 1626704749486-0.png (228.94 KB, 501x646, 1.png)

File: 1626704749486-1.jpeg (116.82 KB, 2220x1080, E6fObtYX0AUEUeU.jpeg)

File: 1626704749486-2.jpeg (183.79 KB, 2220x1080, E6fOb_8X0AICtC4.jpeg)

File: 1626704749486-3.jpeg (233.43 KB, 2220x1080, E6fOcfwXsAIn1cM.jpeg)



Holy based…. I-I kneel


I hope more decoupling will be on the cards. We need ta reduction in globalization to crush profit margins.

Hasn't this already been posted ITT?

That "cyber pandemic" shit the WEF was peddling could be related (not in a conspiracy sense, more in a "manufacturing consent for aggression toward Russia/China" one).


Nothing impressive, leaders of nations blow smoke up each others' asses all the time. They just want that belt and road money.


File: 1626705483947.png (146.15 KB, 455x340, Screenshot from 2021-07-19….png)

"Anti-Imperialists" right now


>Maidan ends up leading to communist infiltration and a new USSR
Pretty based, if you ask me.


File: 1626706632159.png (70.1 KB, 400x285, 1570420215623.png)

>The U.S., U.K. and their allies formally attributed the Microsoft Exchange hack to actors affiliated with the Chinese government and accused the Chinese government of a broad array of “malicious cyber activities,” escalating last week’s tensions between the White House and China.

>The group of nations said Monday that the Chinese government has been the mastermind behind a series of malicious ransomware, data theft and cyber-espionage attacks against public and private entities, including the sprawling Microsoft Exchange hack earlier this year.

>“The Chinese Government must end this systematic cyber sabotage and can expect to be held account if it does not,” U.K. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said Monday in a statement.

>The White House said that it was joining with European nations to expose the scale of China’s activity and will take steps to counter it.

>“Responsible states do not indiscriminately compromise global network security nor knowingly harbor cyber criminals – let alone sponsor or collaborate with them,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement. “These contract hackers cost governments and businesses billions of dollars in stolen intellectual property, ransom payments, and cybersecurity mitigation efforts, all while the MSS had them on its payroll,” referring to China’s Ministry of State Security.

>The European Union’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said that the cyberattack was conducted from China and “resulted in security risks and significant economic loss for our government institutions and private companies.” The activities were linked to the hacker groups Advanced Persistent Threat 40 and Advanced Persistent Threat 31, according to an EU statement on Monday.

>The group of nations attributing the attack to China includes Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and NATO, marking the first condemnation by the North American-European alliance on China’s cyber activities, the senior Biden administration official said.

More on the APTs: https://www.fireeye.com/current-threats/apt-groups.html (note: private company, take it with a grain of salt)


Reminder that Ukraine has been begging US for support to which Biden said "meh". They might legit be losing Ukraine.


Financial Times brainrot incoming, I've greentexted the 2nd half of the article
>China is still a long way from being a superpower
>China’s economic weight, as the world’s largest trading power and manufacturer, gives it significant political leverage internationally. Countries that are dependent on Chinese trade or investment are often reluctant to clash with Beijing — which partly explains the muted global reaction to China’s policies of mass internment in Xinjiang.
This is true and undermines the entire article.
>But Beijing’s economic power is not always politically decisive. Although China is the largest trading partner of Japan, South Korea and Australia, these countries have defied Beijing on occasion. The South Koreans allowed the US to deploy a missile defence system on their territory; Japan has refused to yield in territorial disputes; Australia infuriated Beijing by calling for an inquiry into the origins of Covid-19.
I wonder what these three countries have in common
>The Japanese, South Koreans and Australians are all democracies that are wary of being drawn into the political orbit of an authoritarian, one-party state. They are also treaty allies of the US and have US military bases on their soil — which may give them the confidence to push back against China.
>China sometimes hints that America’s security guarantees cannot be relied upon. But the credibility of the US alliance system would only collapse if Washington failed to intervene after China had attacked a US ally. Fortunately, there is no real evidence that China is yet prepared to take that risk — even with Taiwan, which does not have an unambiguous US defence guarantee.
It could not be any more clear that China is going to invade Taiwan and the US won't do shit when it happens
>Rather than trying to undermine America’s global network of alliances and bases, China could try to build up its own alternative system. The White House’s Doshi argues that China is gearing up to expand its global military footprint — perhaps by adding a military component, alongside the civilian port facilities that it has been buying or developing all over the world.
This is where the author goes full schizo
>But that expansion, while plausible, has not yet happened. Even if China were to develop a naval presence in ports such as Gwadar in Pakistan or Hambantota in Sri Lanka, it seems unlikely that Beijing would offer the security guarantees that have made so many countries willing to welcome American troops and bases. The US is committed to defend its 29 allies in Nato and has also offered military protection to roughly 30 other countries, including Japan, Australia, South Korea and much of Latin America.
>If China is unwilling or unable to achieve a global military presence that rivals that of the US, it may have to find a new way of being a superpower — or give up on the ambition.


>just give up, bro


The dialect unfolds.


Either they developed some sense overnight or this is just a ploy to cause friction between Russia and China


Here is a street interview of some young Chinese.


File: 1626711461050.png (396.14 KB, 543x589, 1.png)

Some of these youngsters have no idea what they are talking about. Nobody is asking them to have 3 kids, lol.


Yeah, no one is expecting anyone to have three kids. Avg number of kids per American families is 1.93 kids. The whole idea that the richer countries are the more kids they have is completely wrong. The countries that have more children are poor because of lack of access to birth control and infant mortality
If the CPC just abolished the law then no one would be criticizing them for expecting three children per family


>are poor and have lack of access..


Oh, shit! They're building thorium reactors? That's rad as hell.


Indians are going to be super pissed too, since they've been saying since the 50's that they'll hop on the thorium train any time now.




File: 1626724695305.png (302.09 KB, 1070x893, 1626713327394.png)

right wing coping


>leftists panicking over not being tracted
>leftists = establishment
>establishment means not any rightist elected officials
>establishment can't be right wingers (republicans I guess) although they control nearly every level of government except the president

Its easy to be a rightoid when your enemy is a convenient strawman and words have no meaning.


It's literally a $120 chinkphone sold for $500.


thats the American dream brother


you are just afraid of all these freedumbs, commie


CIA Occupied Ukraine and CIA occupied China do business.

All is as usual


But it is in fact a Chinese phone which contributes and helps the Chinese economy. So thank you Tim for contributing to Xi’s great economy.


You think this is an example of China owning American entrepreneurs but in fact it's the opposite. What is happening here is that a patriot hacked the system, created a phone with cheap Chinese labor force that goes completely against the CCP's wishes and policies (freedom of speech, anonymity, American values etc.) and spreads these values successfully.

The fact that you lefties think you won here is hilarious.


File: 1626726214696.jpg (33.22 KB, 512x341, Seras6.jpg)

just enjoy the wonderful technology the chinese made for you
we wont judge you


>created a phone with cheap Chinese labor force that goes completely against the CCP's wishes and policies (freedom of speech, anonymity, American values etc.) and spreads these values successfully
cope and seethe holy shit lmao, just admit the conservacucks got owned in this scenario


Does it? What “patriotic entrepreneur” buddy is doing is what America has been doing since like the 90s, probably earlier. China manufactures shit cheaply and gets some of that sweet reserve dollar currency while also “stealing” some of that American technology to manufacture for their own. It’s partly how China’s economy became so powerful, and continues to do so. We’ve tied our economy to theirs so tightly that we have no choice, unless of course we’re willing to bring manufacturing back which of course will kill profits due to the high cost of production and a market price that cannot compete with such high cost and of course a work force that may quickly unionize driving up cost even more and forcing our sweet entrepreneurs to run back to sweet ol’ cheap manufacturing. So much for “patriotic”.


File: 1626727578792.jpg (270.53 KB, 800x800, ChinaSalesman-01.jpg)

You have not even come close to beating us because we combine patriotic, action-oriented socialist values with win-win, customer-centric value propositions. We don't strike out – we connect. We believe in the "must knows." We set ourselves apart from our competitors, charting a course for a productive, effective, and two-way conversation that helps build better partnerships for the future.

Where you see a paper tiger, there's a hidden dragon. Our applications and solutions are ready to be deployed. The ball is in your court now bitch we're ready to battle. And we do have the clear advantage in this price negotiation.



US explicitly naming CPC as linked with hackers.
Yet another piece in the war of words.
This phony shit is boring


Here's the actual story, tho: https://www.tweaktown.com/news/57538/microsoft-gives-nsa-backdoor-complains-exploits/index.html

>US government asked Microsoft to make hidden backdoors in their software
>they did
>people find out


i am once again asking everyone to install linux and browse the internet with Tor Browser inside a Whonix VM


and of course stop using email in general but especially big tech emails


Reminder that china is not communist, they don't even allow trade unions.


Radlibs need to throw all their sjws at the state department to call it racist for making an enemy of Chinese people. They already have done the stop Asian hate campaign which undermines the state department’s message when they make an enemy of Chinese people while also talking a big game about helping Asian folks. God the CIA sucks like a motherfucker.


careful, you might upset the capitalists itt and get banned


File: 1626736431049.jpeg (75.62 KB, 1199x784, A-McDonalds-in-China.jpeg)

New Minqi Li article:


>The currently available evidence does not support the argument that China has become an imperialist country in the sense that China belongs to the privileged small minority that exploits the great majority of the world population. On the whole, China continues to have an exploited position in the global capitalist division of labor and transfers more surplus value to the core (historical imperialist countries) than it receives from the periphery. However, China’s per capita GDP has risen to levels substantially above the peripheral income levels and, in term of international labor transfer flows, China has established exploitative relations with nearly half of the world population (including Africa, South Asia, and parts of East Asia). Therefore, China is best considered a semi-peripheral country in the capitalist world system.

>The real question is whether China will continue to advance into the core of the capitalist world system and what may be the global implications. Historically, the capitalist world system has been based on the exploitation of the great majority by a small minority that lives in the core or the historical imperialist countries. Given its enormous population, there is no way for China to become a core country without dramatically expanding the population share of the wealthy top layer of the world system. The implied labor extraction (or transfer of surplus value) demanded from the rest of the world would be so large that it is unlikely to be met by the remaining periphery reduced in population size. Moreover, the required energy resources (especially oil) associated with China’s expected core status cannot be realistically satisfied from either future growth of world oil production or conceivable technical change. In the unlikely event that China does advance into the core, the associated greenhouse gas emissions will contribute to rapid exhaustion of the world’s remaining emissions budget, making global warming by less than two degrees Celsius all but impossible.

>Several scenarios may evolve in the future. First, China may follow the footsteps of historical semi-peripheral countries. As China’s economic growth continues in the next few years, the growth process may generate various economic and social contradictions (perhaps similar to what happened to Eastern European and Latin American countries in the 1970s and ’80s) and China’s rapid growth will be brought to an end by a major economic crisis that may be followed by political instabilities. If such a scenario emerges, China will then be trapped in the layer of semi-periphery, consistent with the historical laws of motion of the capitalist world system that have so far operated.

>The second possible scenario is for China to keep moving up in the global income hierarchy beyond the historical range of most semi-peripheral countries. For example, China’s per capita GDP may rise above 50 percent of the imperial standard and begin to approach 75 percent. If such a scenario does materialize, China’s exploitation of labor and energy resources from the rest of the world may become so massive that China’s exploitation imposes unbearable burdens on peripheral regions such as Africa, South Asia, and parts of East Asia. As a result, general instabilities fall on these regions that could pave the way for either revolutionary transformation or a general collapse of the system. However, China’s massive energy demand may lead to intense rivalry with other major energy importers, causing escalating geopolitical instabilities, with the Chinese economy itself perhaps becoming vulnerable to such instabilities (for example, a revolution in Saudi Arabia).

>Finally, there is the unlikely scenario that China somehow “succeeds” in its national project to “catch up” with the West and joins the core of the capitalist world system. In this scenario, the combined energy demand by China and the existing core countries, as well as the enormous greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants generated by a greatly expanded imperialist core, will completely overwhelm the global ecological system, destroying not only the environment but also any meaningful hope for a sustainable human civilization. It is therefore in the best interest of humanity as well as China that such a scenario does not materialize.


File: 1626737472011-0.png (155.65 KB, 640x337, chile.png)

File: 1626737472011-1.png (61.87 KB, 743x286, jasic.PNG)

File: 1626737472011-2.jpg (79.89 KB, 1280x720, solidarity.jpg)

One, yes they do. In fact, joining a union is mandatory for working in certain corporations in China. Union's are just not allowed to organize independently from the state. And two,

>implying independent unions are anything but a liability and opening for opportunistic capitalist infiltration in a socialist state


>However, China’s massive energy demand may lead to intense rivalry with other major energy importers, causing escalating geopolitical instabilities, with the Chinese economy itself perhaps becoming vulnerable to such instabilities (for example, a revolution in Saudi Arabia).

You can see this happen in real time with them supporting Saudis in Yemen.


>Finally, there is the unlikely scenario that China somehow “succeeds” in its national project to “catch up” with the West and joins the core of the capitalist world system. In this scenario, the combined energy demand by China and the existing core countries, as well as the enormous greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants generated by a greatly expanded imperialist core, will completely overwhelm the global ecological system, destroying not only the environment but also any meaningful hope for a sustainable human civilization. It is therefore in the best interest of humanity as well as China that such a scenario does not materialize.

This feels like blaming China for the West fucking up the climate. China's been by far one of if not the most proactive countries in countering the effects of climate change and cutting emissions domestically. The US and Europe consumes way more per capita and they aren't the ones building thorium reactors or retrofitting their coal plants to produce nuclear fission energy. Why isn't his conclusion that NATO countries should be the ones to double down on de-imperialization & degrowth? And besides, what alternatives are available to China at this moment in time? It's not like the CPC has the luxury of promoting a robust degrowth platform when they still have a good deal of relative poverty to deal with, not to mention the fact that they're stuck in the middle of a cold war.


Thanks for explaining that to me anon.

Do you think China and Vietnam are going to have better relations over time?


Ah, yes, patriotism is when you don't have manufacturing sovereignty.
I wonder if you would applaud if the pentagon started to build weapons using more and more Chinese hardware.


>implying that unions alone mean socialism
>what is fascism' origins.




That's unironically a good thing. The glowies wanted the ability to be anonymous. If you set up Tor but only allow the feds to use it, then it is obvious to everyone that when a Tor IP wants to do shady business with you, it's like you got an email from [email protected] Anonymity only works when everyone has it, so they gave it to everyone. It only works for them if we have it too. If they trust it, it's actually a serious endorsement. Snowden is an actual high-value target and he says he uses it every day.


I'm gonna register to Huawei's upcoming e-mail service to use at work just to piss off the libs.




idk, maybe. It just seems like a bad idea to use something that's run by people who could theoretically leak sensitive info on their users to the defense department when pressured.

>Privately tipping off a spooky federal agency deeply embedded in the U.S. National Security State to a vulnerability? No matter how slight the weakness being reported, you'd have to be naive to think that the U.S. government would not move to exploit it.

>Don't know about you, but I'd wager most Tor users wouldn't be too happy knowing that this goes on at Tor. I'd wager they'd see it as nothing less than a total betrayal of trust. A double-cross. To them, Tor is not supposed to be giving advance warning to the U.S. government about it's vulnerabilities. It's supposed to be fighting on the other side: a rebel grassroots privacy tech outfit building tools that thwart the most powerful governments and intel agencies in the world. That's the mystique and that's the promise. That's supposedly why Tor's endorsed by the EFF and Edward Snowden, the most celebrated government whistleblower in recent memory. Some, like Ross Ulbricht, proprietor of the original Silk Road, staked their lives on their belief in Tor's independence and anti-state nature. Maybe it's not a surprise that Ulbricht is now spending life behind bars.


File: 1626745054783.jpg (154.76 KB, 1100x900, E6rPV64VIA4aFO3.jpg)

Global Times released a list of books that have been an influence on Xi Jinping. I imagine this image is going to work like a leftist Rorschach test, in that anyone with preexisting opinions about the guy are going to fixate on particular books and use them to extrapolate from them a conclusion that corresponds with and reinforces those opinions.


>>Privately tipping off a spooky federal agency deeply embedded in the U.S. National Security State to a vulnerability? No matter how slight the weakness being reported, you'd have to be naive to think that the U.S. government would not move to exploit it.
here's a case of a bomb threat over tor that was cracked by the FBI. they claim that they didn't use any security vulnerability, they just checked who accessed tor on Harvard's internet within a certain time window. (I believe it, occam's razor.) Point being that you'd have to be a very high value target for an agent to exploit a top secret vuln against you. Every time they use one, it risks the opportunity for people to notice and fix it.

Also, believe it or not, the deep state glowies want to be anonymous from each other, within reason at least. They killed a US president, they don't want each other to know what they're up to. No one has to believe in this mythology about the nobility of the tor project. Lmao Ulbrecht boasted about his Silk Road on LinkedIn, talked unknowingly to feds, posted on StackOverflow using his real name (but on Tor!!!). Prime example of how to lose anonymity

Lastly, what is your alternative? i2p? nothing else has the number of users that tor has, and the more users, the less interesting is your traffic


Some neat books in here that I’ve never heard about, like “ordinary world” , which talks about life from different perspectives in China during the end of the cultural revolution and the rise of Deng.


>Since the 11th five-year plan (2006-2010), the Chinese government has mentioned it as ‘Guidelines’ instead of plans. Currently China is on its 14th five-year plan/ guidelines. Unlike the previous five year plans, there is no specific GDP growth target and instead, the government announced that growth would be kept in “reasonable range” and an annual target would be set based on the specific conditions each year. The focus of the current plan is on self-sufficiency as the country had to endure difficulty after the United States had restricted China’s major chip makers from using American technology. Other areas of focus will be on the above 7 percent growth in the research and development spending. The government will also try to raise the urban residents to 65 percent of the population while maintaining green development and increasing the life expectancy by 1 year. Infrastructure will also be an area of priority with a focus on high-quality development of the belt and road initiative.

>One of the biggest infrastructure projects of the 14th The five-year plan (2021-2025) has been officially approved to build a series of dams in the lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River, as the Brahmaputra is known in Tibet before it flows into India.

>The proposed dam would be in Medog, Tibet region will have a maximum possible capacity of 60 gigawatts and could potentially produce 300 billion kWh annually. The location is an area called ‘the great bend’ also known as ‘Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon’ where the river goes through a very drastic U-turn and then the river descents from an elevation of 3000 meters to around 800 meters.

Thats a big dam




(samefag here)
tangping is an inevitable outcome of becoming a first world country, and is moreso comparable to a matured forest growing mushrooms instead of just young trees


I met an elderly dude in my country who acted as Xi's interpreter in diplomatic settings and he told me that Xi was one of the most intelligent people he ever met in his life. Also, trivia I guess, they had gallons of whiskey at an airport after the conference. Turns out Xi is a whiskey guy.


tang ping is a postscarcity dream


Marx was opposed to egalitarianism, fyi.




File: 1626761245241.png (251.29 KB, 1866x327, 1.png)



Hell based


File: 1626761351205.jpg (51.08 KB, 1080x994, E6q4FLBXoAM5-l1.jpg)



Vietnam controls like half the SCS with military bases and shit, because USA lost the Vietnam War, and communists occupied all the isles. Vietnam and China together hold control of like 90% of SCS, and of all the countries in SCS those two have the best working relationship with both sides regularly conceding ground to the other. Western reporting full of copium because the only reason USA can do FONOP shit is because USA officially assumes that SCS is a contested territory, therefore they can move their navies there. Code of Conduct will make it so that USA cannot FONOP anybody there anymore.




my fucking sides




I'm sure Biden will issue a stern apology letter to the Chinese, demanding that they accept his apology.

>The Biden administration organized a broad group of allies to condemn Beijing for cyberattacks around the world, but stopped short of taking concrete punitive steps.

When your son has a 15 year track record of taking bribes from China and sharing them with you, you aren't in the position to challenge China to do anything.



>When your son has a 15 year track record of taking bribes from China and sharing them with you
You believe in right wing bs?


It also has a fun side effect of the West unable to call any existing Communist Parties in charge of AES as communist, because doing so will go against the consensus that capitalism won over communism. China can put hammer and sickles into every movie, every political speech, reference Marx and Lenin and Stalin and whoever else, and western media will avoid those mentions like fire. It's quite comical


File: 1626762109179.mp4 (22.23 MB, 1280x720, China built the world's la….mp4)

China just built the world's largest Floating Production Storage and Offloading ship (FPSO)


I don't think a single iota of truth has been said by the American liberal establishment in a long time. CIA Director Brennan started the rumor that the Biden laptop leak was 'Russian propaganda'. Actual Russian propaganda is more believable than the status quo bullshit coming out of Washington D.C. these days.




Finland almost collapsed due to USSR falling apart like all the other East Europe countries. this is what created Nokia we know today - out of tire repair company (IIRC) they became engaged in electronic due to crisis management committees - and getting saved by the imperial rent urgently provided by the West.


Sure is. But why does Russia keep feeding the wrong target? Isn't she supposed to inform us leftwingers and instead shot the wrong target at all times?




Now THAT'S what I call as BASED


Anarchist trade unions are not allowed, yes, because they shatter the ACFTU dominance which allows chinese workers to protest freely and efficiently. Non-ACFTU unions are the Solidarnost-tier shit that isn't allowed to take root


Russia had nothing to do with it. Neither did the American right. The FBI had the laptop in it's possession since 2019, and tried to keep its contents from leaking to the public to protect Biden's chance of winning the presidency.
They fucked up because someone had already copied the hard drive, and was shopping it around to sellers. Guo bought it and published the contents, because he had a lot to lose if a pro-China fuckboi like Biden was elected..He could be deported and liquidated.




Kek. Taiwan literally needs to be taken over soon. Those people would flourish unprecedentedly with the help of the PRC and the glorious Communist Party of China. It’ll destroy the ruling class of Taiwan by force and lead to the glorious rejuvenation of a new Taiwan.


>"boo hoo human rights violations"


anybody who disagrees with this post is an irredeemable idiot


<but muh uyghurs
>i'll tell you manyo parents have rebelled against the state


>Neither did the American right
They've hyped it.


Here's to it getting stuck in Suez for another round of PURE kino


yeah, fuck the ussr prc


File: 1626765604731.mp4 (2.12 MB, 848x480, eirUhE1gz_3L-rnx.mp4)



Ofc they did. Why wouldn't they? When you have pictures of your enemy's son fucking his dead brother's wife, and emails of him asking for $10 million in bribery payments, do you use it, or do you decide to be morally superior? Lol you don't seem to understand how politics are played.




>Lol you don't seem to understand how politics are played
Haven't knew about that before. I'm still 16 btw. Although I'm sometimes into mainstream politics.


Anyway thanks for the info!


then why are people doing it and it working?


File: 1626770898599.jpg (13.48 KB, 409x509, 3ac.jpg)

NGL, I have an admiration for you Sandinista anon. You know cinema when you see it.


Pretty sure it's too big for Suez.


Don't you mean too big for you?


So i somehow ended up watching watching one of these weird Anti-China fanatics ('Laowhy86') and something really stood out to me in what he said.
<"The difference between what a democracy has to deal with and what China has to deal with is that a R E A L Democracy both has to cope with criticism from within and without…China apparently dosen't have this because adsoeoeairearoigheiruhgaeiuoghughaourhgoaerhgoaergjaerohehg"

That really is a validation of the logic of 'Liberalism inevitably collapsing into fascism from its own contradictions'
Basically an admission that in order to save "The free world" said "Free world" needs to basically be monitoring and constantly FACT CHECK!.TM'ing everything that everyone researches and claiming any criticism of their government from abroad is 'fake, soft power, tiger-diplo nonsense' or just made up by 'muh rushian chinko hackers!!!!!' and then gaslight the entire population into thinking this isn't somehow de-facto 'censorship'


File: 1626782287894.jpeg (224.79 KB, 1200x1200, 22863.jpeg)

I wonder how people will cope when China really is the premier imperial power and operates completely within liberal imperialist orthodoxy.
It's going to be a lot harder to claim that socialism with Chinese characteristics is anything other than an ideological justification for liberal capitalism.
A lot harder when Chinese investors dominate your country's economy and literally nothing fundamental about your day to day life changes in any way.


That's the whole point.


Rich day in news today, I'll see to posting some of them later.



US backs Taiwan’s move to open de facto embassy in Lithuania


>Taiwan will soon open a de facto embassy in Lithuania in what is seen as a small victory for Taipei in its long diplomatic tussle with Beijing, which claims sovereignty over the self-ruled island.

>Washington was swift to welcome the move, saying it stood with friends and allies.

>Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said on Tuesday that the island was “in full swing” to open the Taiwanese representative office in Lithuania – the first island’s mission in Europe to bear the name Taiwan.

>Calling the plan an “important diplomatic breakthrough”,Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said in a Facebook post that the island’s relations with Lithuania were tipped to fare even better after Vilnius opened its office in Taipei this autumn.

>Washington, which switched recognition to Beijing from Taipei in 1979, has been vocal in supporting Taiwan’s participation in international affairs since the administration of former US president Donald Trump.

>Washington has also warned Taipei’s remaining 15 allies against switching ties to Beijing, saying they could risk sanctions if they did so.

<My take: It's very clear at this point that the US is using the Baltic countries (Lithuania at the head) as the vanguard of the aggression towards both China and Russia.

<I wouldn't be surprised if these countries will switch their recognition from the PRC
back to Taiwan

China urges Lithuania to adhere to one-China principle


>China urged Lithuania on Tuesday to adhere to the one-China principle and refrain from sending wrong signals to "independence" forces in the Taiwan region.

>Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, made the remarks after Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities announced the island would open a representative office in Lithuania.

>Taiwan is an integral part of China, stressed Zhu, reiterating China's opposition to any country establishing official relations with China's Taiwan.

<My take: WTF is this weak bullshit?

<Imagine "urging" another country to respect your territory instead of forcing them to do it.

US military planes’ Taiwan visits signal new tactic to Beijing, analysts say


>The United States has developed a new tactic to reinforce its relations with Taiwan by deploying military aircraft to the island,analysts said.

>On Monday, a US aircraft landed at Taoyuan International Airport to deliver diplomatic pouches to Sandra Oudkirk,the new director of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), the US’ de facto embassy in Taipei.

>Four days earlier, last Thursday, a US military C-146A Wolfhound departed from Kadena Air Force base in Okinawa, Japan, and arrived in Taipei the same morning, also to deliver a package to Oudkirk.

>"These highly publicised flights look purely diplomatic in nature and probably do not have a military dimension,” said Ben Ho, a military analyst at S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore.

>Commentator and former Chinese military instructor Song Zhongping said that the US was deliberately testing Beijing’s patience and bottom line by piecemeal advancement of its position regarding Taiwan.

>The US and Taiwan have developed closer relations and cooperation on a range of issues since Trump became US president in 2017, with the trend having continued since Joe Biden replaced Trump as president this year.

>The landing of military aircraft last week triggered an angry response from Beijing, which said that the US had violated China’s sovereignty over its airspace.

<My take:1) My god the level of LARP and cringe in this move by the US.

<2) The crazed beast is getting more and more aggressive by the weeks, and if the CPC thinks to be able to contain them by only playing defense they're in for a very nasty surprise.


as long as i dont have to see any disgusting fat fuck americans anymore i am happy


So when is the US finally going to be the reactionary dumbasses they are and be like, "Oh the KMT is the real China" despite the fact for literal decades seeing the PRC as the legit government lol. Its mostly I feel because the ROC would be a good little vassal state and do shock doctrine if they got back in control.

Also how is China going to force anything what saying that the Silk Road won't go to those reactionary areas? Stop trading with the people there? I mean for the reactionary hell hole that is Lithuania and its neighbors would celebrate that.


They have 1,4 billion people.
They should find a way how.


China: US Completely Baseless and Irresponsible
>Chinese government on Tuesday denied US accusations regarding carrying out a massive hack of key Microsoft servers


Why won't China acknowledge that? To not provoke those immature imperialists!


>China really is the premier imperial power and operates completely within liberal imperialist orthodoxy.
At this point China has reached peak capitalism and has little to gain from it. It will go full socialism at this point.


>socialism is what happens when you can't get any more capitalist


This makes so fucking sad taliban are going to do their 2nd genocide.


>Historical Materialism

<•"In the social production of their life, men enter into definite relations that are indispensable and independent of their will, relations of production which correspond to a definite stage of development of their material productive forces. The sum total of these relations of production constitutes the economic structure of society, the real basis, on which rises a legal and political superstructure, and to which correspond definite forms of social consciousness." (from Marx’s A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, 1859)


File: 1626794518473-0.png (146.23 KB, 791x514, 4.png)

File: 1626794518473-1.png (60.69 KB, 743x253, 3.png)

File: 1626794518473-2.png (51.35 KB, 758x152, 2.png)

File: 1626794518473-3.png (100.73 KB, 789x461, 1.png)

File: 1626794518473-4.jpg (36.47 KB, 720x520, i5n6m9s5sdc71.jpg)





>hurrr china so capitalist they go all the way around to being communist that's dielectrics


epic missing the point


I pray the honorable Mr. Xi will intervene militarily in our country to end this dictatorship and bring freedom to the American people. #SOSMIAMI




You're a moron


File: 1626796248823.jpg (87.78 KB, 650x400, miami bldg.jpg)

China must rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure! Extend BRI to Miami! Save us Xi! #SOSMIAMI #SOSUSA


It's you that has a learning disability.


‘We’ll sail where intl law allows’: UK to permanently deploy naval vessels to South China Sea amid regional tensions

The United Kingdom has announced plans to permanently deploy a fleet of naval vessels to Japan, sailing through the South China Sea, as Western countries increase engagement in the Pacific region.
The UK announced on Tuesday that it will be permanently deploying two naval vessels to waters surrounding Japan later this year ahead of the HMS ‘Queen Elizabeth’-led aircraft carrier strike group’s arrival in Japan.

“Following on from the strike group’s inaugural deployment, the United Kingdom will permanently assign two ships in the region from later this year,” UK Defense Minister Ben Wallace said in Tokyo at a joint press conference with his Japanese counterpart, Nobuo Kishi.

[…] The UK’s newly announced deployment through the South China Sea marks the second time in recent months that the nation has stoked tensions by claiming it is sailing through territorial waters “in accordance with international law.” Back in June, the Russian Ministry of Defense fired warning shots at the Royal Navy’s HMS ‘Defender’ after it sailed into the Black Sea on a similar mission. While the UK argued its entry was justified, Russia called it a “flagrant violation of international norms” and warned it could “provoke a serious conflict.”


They'll do anything to violate someone's sovereignty (whether territorial or EEZ) in the name of international waters smh
Especially when it comes to their adversaries




"International waters" is a big fucking scam - they always use this as an excuse to provoke and ramp up tensions, but international law due to its character is only binding for one side. Imagine if China would place several destroyers, aircraft carries and nuclear armed submarines in the English Chanal, this would be intolerable. But that's perfectly legal too, right?

It can be seen with the Cuban Missile Crisis as well, it was perfectly legal for the USSR to place missiles there. This was literally the same argument NATO always makes when they expand or build missile belts around Russia "what's the point, it is legal, we were invited by those governments".


PBOC to support Shanghai's trial in free exchange of RMB

>China's central bank will support Shanghai to pilot the free exchange of renminbi (RMB) and explore the free flow of capital to facilitate cross-border trade and investment, an official said Tuesday at a press conference introducing Shanghai's further opening up.

>The People's Bank of China (PBOC) will back up Shanghai's trial in the free use of RMB, further facilitate the free flow of enterprises' trade and investment funds, and explore the free flow and free convertibility of capital in its Lingang Special Area, said Wang Xin, director-general of the PBOC's Research Bureau.

>"The PBOC measures to facilitate trade and investment are bound to optimize the business environment in the Lingang Special Area," said Liu Chunsheng, associate professor at the Central University of Finance and Economics in China. (LOL imagine believing this shit)

>Shanghai will deepen its financial opening up to develop RMB offshore transactions, cross-border trade settlement and overseas financing services, and increase the two-way opening of the market, said Chen Yin, Shanghai's executive vice mayor.

>To meet the increasing global demand for RMB assets, China has been promoting the high-level opening up of its financial sector, including the bond market, stock market, foreign exchange market, commodity futures market and financial derivatives market.

>The country has also removed restrictions on the proportion of foreign shares held in banks, securities, funds, futures and personal insurance.

>It has cancelled restrictions on the access of foreign capital to areas such as corporate credit management, rating and payment.

Behold the power of 21st century socialism…


Italy Releases Research Report on Xinjiang Issues: The U.S. Seeks Geopolitical Benefits in the Name of Human Rights
>Three research institutions in Italy, the Italian Institute of Politics, Society and Economics, the Italian Institute of International Diplomacy, and the Italian Eurasian Mediterranean Research Center jointly released a research report written by multiple independent researchers-“Xinjiang: Understanding Complexity Construction” “Peace”, through investigation and research, restores the truth about the Xinjiang issue. The report criticizes relevant countries represented by the United States for seeking geopolitical benefits through human rights issues.
>This Italian research report stated that in recent years, highly politicized media attacks against China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region have frequently spread, often spreading baseless or even completely false information. On this issue, the unbiased voice of scholars who have really lived and done research in Xinjiang is seriously missing. Many views from China have been rejected a priori by the West for ideological reasons. The report clearly stated that the purpose of its writing is to provide the public and policy makers with a different perspective, and to distinguish it from the prejudiced and specious accusations from the “Five Eyes Alliance” countries and some think tanks.

>For a period of time, some Western scholars, think tanks, and media have kept talking about “genocide” and “forced labor” in Xinjiang. Palandi pointed out that these people and organizations are openly anti-China people and organizations. Their report was packaged as an independent report, and Western countries introduced sanctions accordingly. Their purpose was not to protect human rights at all. He said: “These measures have no scientific basis, but are based on ideological and geopolitical stances. Such things have happened many times before. As for the United States and these human rights organizations, they don’t care about the well-being of Xinjiang or Hong Kong people at all. They don’t care about promoting the process of peaceful coexistence. They only care about how to increase the tension of the situation. Why? For geopolitics, they compete for international power .”
>In 2019, Palandi visited Urumqi and Kashgar in Xinjiang. The long history and culture, unique ethnic customs and beautiful natural environment left a deep impression on him. What he saw in Xinjiang was a Uyghur and other ethnic minorities whose religious beliefs, national language and culture were effectively protected and passed on, and there were no signs of so-called “forced labor” or so-called “genocide.” “Their allegations against Xinjiang are inconsistent with the facts. There is no such thing as any Uyghur forced labor in China for agricultural production or other production. We don’t have any evidence. What we know is that the young people from the education and training center went to the factory. Either in Xinjiang or elsewhere in China, a series of job opportunities. But we have no evidence to prove those accusations. This is the fact.”


Our glorious, most venerable, most generous, President Xi. Please save my country from ruin, our people are suffering under an evil regime perpetrated by the oligarchy of neoliberalism with imperialist characteristics. We yearn for freedom, especially Florida Miami, the epicenter of brutal neoliberal life, please Xi liberate those people.


A liberal Chinese capitalist regime is preferable to an imperialist American capitalist regime. Either way we don’t see any of the major welfare states being superpowers any time soon so if you want an imperialist welfare state you’re out of luck.


>The whole of politics for the next decades will consist of choosing between capitalism and capitalism



I don't think that the chinese are commies or anything but I Feel like this "Shangai" shit is kind of a meme to a degree


>500+ billion dollar GDP
>Place turned into pre-2008 crisis America
>PBOC and CPC explicitly using the area as "vanguard for modern socialist construction"
<"Its just a meme bro relax"


File: 1626802532856-0.jpg (12.86 KB, 300x168, presstv pirated by us impe….jpg)

File: 1626802532856-1.png (1.51 MB, 7192x3190, U.S. interventions, dictat….png)

🤔 here, wondering if Chinese "capitalism" did this.
>inb4 the troll describes things China hasn't done
>inb4 the troll keeps telling himself that China is alone capitalist.


Of course it is, it's a SEZ and the pearl of the orient.


nothing new, the USSR fell thirty years ago


Dude they're literally having the regulatory framework of pre-2008 US, its not like "hey let's do some NEP stuff", its the wildest capitalism possible.

>Capitalism good when no invasion
Sorry anon i want a future for me my family and my country, and long hours and little wages won't become suddenly acceptable cause there's 30% less bombings.
(As if China ever prevented US aggression lol, even fucking Russia is more active in this sense).


Whether you think China is merely state-capitalism with no ambitions to transcend that or not is one thing, but to call it "liberal" is bullshit. They don't work under a liberal framework. There are Chinese liberals, and they are completely ostracized in the Party and regularly subjects of purges. The Chinese state is inherited from a genuine communist revolution combined with aspects of what China calls "consultative democracy". It functions fundamentally different than a liberal state and the bourgeoisie in China can not realize their class interests if they run contrary to the state, because the commanding heights of power, such as land and industry, are in state property. This why China can easily micromanage their growth with plans, or pull megaprojects out of their sleeve like its nothing.

I do not know if this still fits the description of "capitalism" in the way Marx described it. I guess technically its still capitalistic but the fundamental question of power, proliferation of productive forces, and capitalist competition are somewhat solved in China - for now.



>won't load on tor browser unless JS totally blocked

Are CGTN articles paywalled sometimes?


>even fucking Russia is more active in this sense
Cuba, my country, Iran, DPKR haven't fallen thanks to China's ability to provide goods bypassing part of the sanctions.

>and long hours and little wages won't become suddenly acceptable cause there's 30% less bombings

Amazing recognition that bombing other countries nourish your salary. Hope you soon receive your paycheck from raytheon.


Idk anon rn i'm using it and it works, try restarting tor maybe.


I don't think you understand what that means.
You can't buy land.
In any case Shanghai has always been special as a major trade hub of the world.


>They don't work under a liberal framework. There are Chinese liberals, and they are completely ostracized in the Party and regularly subjects of purges.
Neoliberal economists have been hired at every major Chinese university for the last couple decades. Sorry anon but you don't know what you're talking about.


File: 1626803545652.jpg (759.4 KB, 1600x2134, anime_anime_girls_heels_no….jpg)

Whats the psychology behind this extreme hatred towards China? Western fear? This puritanism is only applied to China and not rest of proletarian dictatorships like North Korea or Vietnam. Is it a kind of rebellion against the only realistic attempt at world communism? Only small irrelevant underdogs are worthy of support because projected feelings of inferiority? This kind of mentality was very common in eurocommunist circles that were against the Soviet Union. I know many /pol/yps here shill against China.


I'd say yes despite anything those fags would say otherwise and I don't really view China as particularly willing to enact communism and I would STILL say that you're right.


>I don't care if there are 30% less bombings
just anglo things


its a psyop 5 years ago the Chinese were the funny people that make your shoes
now they are genociding underhumans that threathen civilization
this change happened extremely fast and correspond with the western crisis of democracy economy and ideology as well as the new coold war




>Only small irrelevant underdogs are worthy of support because projected feelings of inferiority?
Yes exactly this
>world communism?
Less sure about this


<Bombing other countries nourishes my salary
Dude i'm fucking unemployed WTF are you talking about?
The labor aristocracy phase of imperialism its over since the fucking 80s.
The future as of now is long hours and little pay, and China will not help me (or my people, or any people) to get out of this shit (its more likely the opposite, as symbolized by their lack of support for even other like-minded parties around the globe in fighting for power).

USSR gave HOPE to the people of the world.
It was the literal engine of history.
China gives little to nothing to anyone who isn't in power already, so from the perspective of the 85% of world population not living on their borders their role is of little use for achieving socialism.


>The labor aristocracy phase of imperialism its over since the fucking 80s.
in which country do you live?


>The labor aristocracy phase of imperialism its over
>China gives little to nothing to anyone who isn't in power already
just stop embarrassing yourself angloid


Southern Europe. Not gonna say where.

Prove concrete CPC support to communist movements not in power around the world as of now, i dare you.


I mean, Zhang Weiying was literally purged from his position as dean because of his "free market radicalism". But go on, tell me something I don't know faggot.


File: 1626804104483.jpg (100.48 KB, 656x746, 1622546334930.jpg)

They know the world they built is a zero-sum game. They know that China will rise, if left alone. They know that any ground gained by "them" is a loss for "us". They (correctly) recognize emergence of China as a threat to their own way of life, just like Europe did with Russia, even before it became Soviet Union.


File: 1626804146110.jpg (36.04 KB, 640x514, bb.jpg)

>The labor aristocracy phase of imperialism its over since the fucking 80s.

>China needs to help me or it can fuck off



>Southern Europe. Not gonna say where.
im sorry for you i live in central europe and here the labour aristocracy is still alive and kicking i even have a comfy union job


you didn't say 'communist movements' you said 'anyone.' reminder that legitimate proletarian communist movements make up like 1% of the world's population


>The labor aristocracy phase of imperialism its over since the fucking 80s.
>Southern Europe. Not gonna say where.
Funny. Just like proletarization of petite-booj is inevitable, so is the living standards of proles in "first world" will eventually lower to the level of "third world", and in the same way, it won't be done equally. It might actually be over for your country, doesn't mean it's over for others. :^)


But after WW2 living standards in Europe and Russia rose at the same time.


Only because of concessions that Soviet Union forced the bourgeoisie to make, and it lead to a crisis of profitability, while the exploited third world was in open revolt. Oh, how they mourned the loss of their colonies. Europe just had the most devastating war in all of history, but France found it within itself to fight on for fourteen years straight. And irc, when De Gaulle put a stop to it, he nearly got killed for it.


>China will not help me (or my people, or any people) to get out of this shit (its more likely the opposite, as symbolized by their lack of support for even other like-minded parties around the globe in fighting for power).

Just as I said:
>the troll describes things China hasn't done
China has supported communist parties abroad and has deepened relationships with those parties. Maybe approach one of those, search for a working model they are providing, and organize commercial relationships with China, no? suck it up.
>Dude I am unemployed
And you come here to promote your position towards China to see if some glow agency contacts you? How is your unemployment related to a "capitalist vs. capitalist" talking point?
Maybe if western imperial power stopped the wars, the sanctions, and occupy people into working for prosperity without violence, you would have work.

In WWII, FDR had to create a food-controlled program, with food cards of what you had to buy. They knew the war required control of the market. And now that the U.S. is under war around the world constantly, always planning to sabotage and funding NGOs, spying rings, destabilization, and radical groups, instead of doing that ration cards, they test how far they can go with their own population without breaking the system.
China, on the other hand, hasn't declared war on any country, doesn't have an army on a un-invited foreign land to impose their shit, and doesn't meddle in internal political affairs.


*of the west's population
is surely what you meant




anglos getting desperate again I see


>China has supported communist parties abroad
Yeah, but what did China do for me? Japan gave me anime. Korea gave me K-pop. China gave jack shit to first worlders like me.


good food


File: 1626805819423.mp4 (1017.14 KB, 404x720, duck top kek.mp4)



>Korea gave me k-pop


shoeas t-shirts trousers phones tv's etc


I wasn't including China. They might be ideologically communist and I am very much in support of them but they aren't currently practicing communism. If the real number is 5% then my point stands all the same.


File: 1626806123393.jpeg (158.94 KB, 1603x1331, dengists.jpeg)



Chinese food is way too sweet. I don't know how anyone but kids can call it good.
The only thing China professes in is making goods for the capitalists, not even socialist brethren can afford the stuff. Is that really what the people there aspire to? lol


projection overdose


you cant afford chinese shoes?


>anything china does is destined to oppose the white working class
neocons get out


Well if you accept that the labor aristocracy is a thing then China challenging the hegemonic order is an actual material threat to a significant stratum in the West.

Just sayin.


I find european made shoes at the same pricepoint of higher quality than chinese. So yeah, I probably can't if that means I have to spend even more to get more quality out of what chinese produce.


>european made shoes


yes and that would be extremely based but I think it remains to be seen how much China actually threatens Western consumption/consumerism, it might only threaten Western unipolar hegemony which is still very based and strongly related to said consumerism, but China might need the West as a market so your tendies might be safe in Chinese hands.


I'm comparing what I buy and what I get. I get more milleage out of european shoes than of chinese shoes, hence I think I would have to spend more on a chinese pair to get seemingly same wear, maybe even singificantly more than I can afford.


i just get shoes for 10$ once a year


and what do you mean by european like made in romania?


The imperial core has shrunk to that and Northern Europe.

Yeah maybe I expressed myself wrongly in that.

The funny thing is that you wrote a long and windy post but failed to address my point about the difference between the USSR and China.


Angloids should free themselves of their attachment to the western way of life, admit that it's a cancer and kick out the spooks in their heads that keep them up at night about losing their 'place' in life


>Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Reaction Real Hahahaha uygha Just Stop Living In The Past Like uygha Ditch Spooks Haha




It's neither sweet nor sour lel. There are many, many different dishes
You only know sweet and sour chicken, I take it.


actually wanna know too


It's a joke, silly.


>Chinese food is way too sweet. I don't know how anyone but kids can call it good.
Chinese food made in burgerville is made for burgerslaves. It's patently inauthentic to suit burgerpalettes.


lol carl Jung would like to study your schizo projection.


>wrote a long and windy post but failed to address my point about the difference between the USSR and China.
Why should I spend additional time addressing a strawman post. Are you even leftist?


I'm not a leftist. I'm a communist ffs and i am sick and tired of a world with no fucking hope for socialism.


Take the Xi-pill, China grows stronger while the US grows weaker. The CCP are playing the long game but will deliver greatness.


Literally manufactured consent. The fear of China is something that you can trace the money bags to libertarian think tanks, institutions, and state department manufacturing the fear of China that began about 6 years ago. It’s been a long time coming but it’s here now and the manufactured shit is on full force.



You mean this?
The "turning Shanghai into a deregulated far West before doing it to the rest of the country" pill?
And what would be the difference? What greatness would be delivered to non Chinese people?

I mean "at least they're not the US" can only be said from a defensive point of view when they're attacked by the Empire, but what do they have to offer?

Does their system have full employment? No

Does their system trend towards full planning? Judging from this shit it seems the opposite

Does their system promote socialism everywhere same as the USSR did? No

So of what should consist the "Xi-pill"?
Of being happy that China is gathering a strength they'll never put to use to crush the imperialists?
It would be a kind of voyeurism on my part.


Why do all the RMB bills have Mao on them? Comes off as very king-like, not socialist. If you need to have people on the currency at all (which you really don't) at least put notable proles, not the same head of government on all of them.


Thinking Shanghai is gonna be a model can only be the result of an unsound mind or having a very obvious agenda.
Again, again, Shanghai is and was one of the major trade hubs of the world. It was always special.


It might not be communism but multipolarity has real benefits for the world's most exploited, also WW3 isn't necessary for the US to lose


Why does then CPC insist on them being just the tip of a change that is soon to come to China?
I mean they themselves said
"To meet the increasing global demand for RMB assets, China has been promoting the high-level opening up of its financial sector, including the bond market, stock market, foreign exchange market, commodity futures market and financial derivatives market. "

And I'm quoting them verbatim.


Another verbatim quote from another CGTN article on this:

"The area will be developed as a pioneer area for higher-level reform and opening-up, a benchmark of an era for independent innovation and development, a functional highland for global resource allocation, a guide for expanding domestic demand, and a model for modern urban governance"

But also

"The policy embodies China's determination to open up to the world and reflects the country's intention to align with international standards for high-level opening-up, Liu Chunsheng, associate professor from the Central University of Finance and Economics, told CGTN."

"Through policies supporting opening-up, such as those for the Pudong New Area and the Hainan Free Trade Port, it can be noted that China's door to the world is opening wider and wider, and there is no retreat for the country, despite being confronted with deglobalization and trade protectionist trends, Liu said."

This is from https://news.cgtn.com/news/2021-07-20/Shanghai-s-Pudong-gets-policy-boost-toward-high-level-opening-up-123fFBLaDDO/index.html

I hope you can see now why i believe Shanghai will be just the first step of another round of full liberalization of the economy.


Multipolarity will have to be enforced against direct Us coups/invasions/color revolutions.
Is China willing to do it as the old USSR was?
I don't believe so.


NTA but the USSR achieved jack shit with your preferred aggressive foreign policy when it came to spreading communism to the first world and I'm not even saying it was their fault or that that strategy shouldn't have been tried. Thing is, a good chunk of the socialist/communist parties there were perfectly fine with their respective country's imperialist policies because it raised the living standards of their proles. These countries either banned the more militant communist parties, had anti-commie policies like McCharthyism, either destroyed the unions completely or reformed them on a class-collaborationist basis, and pushed some welfare to placate the people. Is this last one what you yearn for? To see your country improve your living standards temporarily in fear of the Chinese system being coveted?

The USSR's foreign policy was pretty much only successful in third world, colonialist, or post-war settings when it came to spreading the system. I think it's blatantly obvious to anyone that the Chinese are trying out a new strategy instead of repeating something that produced sub-optimal results.

But really, what the fuck do you even want, realistically speaking? China actively pushing for a new cold war? Sending troops to aligned countries? Giving your shitty reformist parties billions of dollars just to see them fail?

I think the only realistic scenario today is first and foremost to wait until the Empire collapses, then change course accordingly. Unless ofc you think that suicide is desirable.


China will 100 percent open up to the whole world but what makes China’s particular brand of economy is that the Chinese state can simply create policy that sees the government gaining revenue of a mass of people investing in the Chinese economy, and I’m not talking about some imperialist companies, I’m talking about China opening up its markets for the whole world to invest and take part and benefit in. Imagine buying Chinese stocks half way across the world and becoming a millionaire in just 10 years while the American economy tanks and the only thing keeping America up is the US taxing those American millionaires who became millionaires by investing in China. In a weird twist, it’ll be the Chinese economy that’s open to all and shared by all that leads to the saving of America. In a weird way Communist China is a libertarian’s wet dream but in another way the beats that is the CPC can manage that economy that benefits the nation as well through smart tax policy, and a minimal tax policy that’s efficient and able to run a large public welfare system. Communism will literally come from China and this opening up is only the first step towards communism spreading through out the entire world. This is because China isn’t imperialist, but using the unique China’s system to benefit the entire globe and just everyday citizens and not some oligarchy. Because think about it, if any citizen around the world can invest in China and become a millionaire, this’ll undermine the American oligarchs and their power over the workers. Chinese communism will dominate this century and will then become world communism in the next century. Higher phase communism will literally be the state of the globe by the 2100s.


I want all that you said unironically.
I want the spirit of the Stalin times back, I want the masses cheering for socialism again.
Also if the First world (is Southern Europe even classifiable as such? idk) has to fall into the deepest reaction in exchange for spreading socialism through the Global South, so let it be.
Its not like our current path is that different from this.


>i want to repeat failure
go be a baizuo somewhere else


Sounds like deranged prosperity gospel.




I think they will to the extent that it's necessary, and in those cases China will have the geographic advantage, e.g. Taiwan. When the US occupies a country and gets nothing from it besides stopping BRI, China will say "have fun" and go somewhere else. China has a much more sustainable strategy while the US is trying to plug a leaky ship; it could never stop enough routes


My failure liberated half of the planet, your success lead to 20% of Chinese workers working 70 hour workweeks.
Question of priorities.


File: 1626817674824-0.jpg (92.2 KB, 500x395, 59834095830495.jpg)

File: 1626817674824-1.jpg (122.64 KB, 1124x641, E5LQcAiXwAw2HSB.jpg)

File: 1626817674824-2.jpg (585.64 KB, 2000x1333, 1625076057657.jpg)

File: 1626817674824-3.jpg (65.39 KB, 727x545, http___cdn.cnn.com_cnnnext….jpg)

>I want the spirit of the Stalin times back, I want the masses cheering for socialism again.


I would like to see the socialist movements sprouting across the world as in Stalin's time not the red aesthetic to consume for one occasion.

Also i'd like to see more and more planning and collectivization, not a city like Shanghai turned into a playground for Blackrock & co. (which btw as of now can also buy 51% of chinese firms).


>it's merely an aesthetics because 5D chess


<Posting concrete links with evidence of more and more liberalization and foreign capital creeping into China
>Avoiding reading the sources altogetherand calling me braindead

Lemme guess,burger education?


File: 1626823767518.jpg (139.7 KB, 1662x746, E6xiIoBUcAEFNbZ.jpg)

Uh guys


Zhengzhou got fucked up by flooding. No good. People drowned in the subway.


200mm of rain.


How could have this been prevented?


>Thing is, a good chunk of the socialist/communist parties there were perfectly fine with their respective country's imperialist policies because it raised the living standards of their proles.

Those governments didn't raise anything, proles fought for those concessions all the way through. Plus, Europe got itself better paying jobs out of the global distribution/separation of labor. It's the same shit as Second International.


>USSR gave HOPE to the people of the world.

Go ask almost any russian on the streets about what they think about China. It's very likely that their opinion would be something along the lines of "we would have been like China today if we remained communist". Whether China is communist or capitalist, whether USSR was communist or capitalist, that's what people feel. All over the world it has similar connotation - sure, China may be capitalist (which is not true), but even if it is capitalism it is a better kind of capitalism than in the West. It's exactly the same kind of HOPE you are talking about in regards to foreign image of USSR.


This pic makes me sad tbh.
I'm 100% sure that /pol/ is celebrating this rn.


>two-way opening up

China securing for itself access to world market that circumvents any and all attempts at distruption by USA is a bad thing?

>The country has also removed restrictions on the proportion of foreign shares held in banks, securities, funds, futures and personal insurance.

>It has cancelled restrictions on the access of foreign capital to areas such as corporate credit management, rating and payment.

Those two I don't like, but then again, trust the plan - it must mean that China considers it's own companies strong enough to outcompete foreigners even without state intervention. Just like american companies don't even want privileged position for trade deals in foreign countries (didn't want in the past, at least), because they were strong enough to win even without any kind of govt support in those deals, similarly chinese companies are strong enough by themselves.


>The landing of military aircraft last week triggered an angry response from Beijing, which said that the US had violated China’s sovereignty over its airspace.

Not the bottom line yet - they have landed military's cargo plane, not a bomber or a jet.


Yes, some trade unions are reactionary in nature. Will you argue against that? Claiming that no person can determine whether a union is reactionary or not is lib shit that doesn't even need explanation, so blatant that kind of retardation is.


Celebrating a natural occurrence? Floods? Are you stupid?


File: 1626848951945.jpg (48.78 KB, 930x558, 3000.jpg)

Buddy of mine goes to a Chinese tea shop (not in China) and got to know the owner, who is from China. He didn't ask him about politics right away, but eventually got to know him well enough and broached the subject by saying "I've started to think about China differently." And the owner was like "yeah?" And he said "yeah, I think it gives hope." And the guy loved to hear that and started telling him all about it. Anyways, this tea shop owner apparently buys different types of tea from rural coops there, and these growers in China are in the tank hard for Xi – the rural people are his strongest base. Rural development is also a major program under Xi and the party has sent out millions of cadre to help wire these farmers up to services including high-speed internet.

Also, they'll identify a specialty, a particular type of tea (say), or a specific type of mushroom that grows well in a specific village. All kinds of stuff. Maybe a specific village will just grow cucumbers, but they can then plug into national and global markets with the internet and on-the-ground advice from cadre. And that's how they've eliminated extreme poverty in a very short period of time.


What's your opinion on cop unions, my dude?

What's with the shitlibs?


Celebrating death Chinese people you dingus.





Humanity giving up it's diseased addiction to environmental disaster


A few dams collapsed. China has 22k+ dams and 80k+ reservoirs. Sadly this is a regular occurrence in the Chinese rainy season. Yesterday's data:
Two dams collapsed on Monday in China’s Inner Mongolia, flooding more than 20,000 hectares of land and washing away dozens of bridges and culverts. Some 16,000 locals were affected, Global Times reported, with many forced to evacuate.

>At least 12 people were killed and around 100,000 evacuated in Zhengzhou City, the state-owned People's Daily reported on Tuesday night.

sudo apt-get install poseidon

what does this even supposed to mean?

They are. They are filling up their "dead chinks" webm and pic libraries as we speak and celebrating the event as China's final collapse. It's copium + revenge porn.


>Those governments didn't raise anything
Are you really going to argue here that for example in France's case having African colonies providing cheap uranium, spices, and foodstuffs didn't raise the living standards significantly? Good luck with that.


Sorry China, you deserved it. First you laughed about europe "Why did Europe's flood warning system so lethally fail?" but now you can taste your own medicine.





File: 1626854779606.png (827.24 KB, 729x837, https___bucketeer-e05bbc84….png)



New: US camera drones made without China parts 95% less effective

Pentagon drones ‘8 to 14 times’ costlier than banned Chinese craft


USSR had Lenin coins kys


cringe failure fetish, and yes Europe is First world you fucking retard


File: 1626859492469.jpg (7.45 KB, 300x168, copium.jpg)

>my failure liberated half the planet


Same could be said of you.
Either way we're talking voyeurism, but at least one side has victories on the field and crushed fascists to show.


>Southern Europe is first world

Let's examine this:
>10% unemployment, which is 5-6% in the North, around 10% in the Center and around 20% in the South.
>1 million layoffs pending
>Condemned to perpetual austerity
>34% youth unemployment, which reaches 50% in the South
>Median firm size of 9 people, 98% of firms employing less than 50 people


>Same as Italy but with EVEN more unemployment
>Real estate crisis brewing
>Economy sustaining itself mainly on tourism, with even less technological advancement than Italy


<Do i really have to say how fucked they are?

How is this "First World"?
Aside from Northern Italy and the Basque Countries we are talking Africa tier economies.


China Aims to Close Gender Gap in Science and Technology Sector

A new policy includes over a dozen measures designed to help more women join the highly male-dominated workforce.


EU periphery.




uyghur, unless you're talking about the carpet-bombed parts of the Balkans, Moldova or Romania, Italy is fine, it's leagues beyond anything outside of Europe, which is more or less what dictates what is 1st or 3rd world because it's largely relativistic, calm down young man


How? I'm not LARPing like you are, """your""" "side" is dead, there is no competition


Dude, just go anywhere south of Rome and you can see for yourself.
Of course Milan is rich AF and highly developed, but Northern Italy has about 1/3 of Italy's population, and the rest of the country is way less developed (to the point that Gramsci talked about this at length even in his Quaderni).


Comparing it to Africa is ridiculous.


Maybe, but also comparing it to Central and Northern Europe is, I can assure you.
Maybe one could say its somehwere in the middle between First and Third World,but having 1/3 of the country with 50% youth unemployment is no way comparable with First World standards.


File: 1626866405541.png (253.37 KB, 802x807, Italy's_colonial_empire.png)

Since when do we decide bw third and first world based on current youth employment? I'm pretty sure that Italian welfare and labor conditions are still miles ahead that of Africa's.






Shut up, you don't know what you're talking about, "youth unemployment" doesn't mean people are starving in Italy or that it is not First World, they've got welfare nets and decent living conditions, "youth employment" in Africa is being a teenager in a mineral mine, in Latin America its illegal gold mining or something


Maybe 20 years ago, now it has been thoroughly destroyed and privatized.

>Labor conditions

Wages are being more and more compressed and work times stretched, to the point that emigration from Italy every year is like 3 to 5 times immigration from Africa.
Besides that 80% of workplacrs are NON-cpmpliant with basic safety norms.

Show me a place in the Imperial core in which 50% of the people from 15 to 35 are unemployed (not NEETS, unemployed which is different).


So did a dam collapse or what the fuck happened?


You are crunching data so hard. You could just as easily argue that the US is not first world cuz Detroit. All of this is completely besides the point. What matters is the position of a given country in the global production chain, value flows via banking, etc.


Live: Press conference on central China's most severe rainstorms on record

President Xi stresses ensuring people's safety as top priority in fighting floods


>Xi added that serious efforts must be made to assist the disaster-affected poor residents so that they will not fall back into poverty because of the disasters.
Imagine if this was happening in the USA.


The Us has Detroit, but has not 1/4 of the country in that conditions.
To talk about position in value chains, our position is the one of an exporting country and our exports are mostly food weapons and clothes, with some mechanical parts for German cars in the middle,so mostly low added value shit.


What's your favorite food weapon recipe? Kalashnikov bologhnese?


Eggnog Mangusta


>/pol/ forecasting 7 million dead by flooding in China
Their drooling over this alone produces so much water that could break a dam. In any case, they've been doing this for a decade now every rain season.


The drowned city itself had 7 million inhabitants.
A 100% death rate would be unreal lol.

That said even a 0,5% death rate would mean 35000 people dying which is a sizable number.


File: 1626871763364.jpg (26.81 KB, 500x375, 1579535226814.jpg)

Redpill me on Xi jing ping. Does he deserve to rule china?


Afaik evacuations took place.




Is he a good ruler by China standards. Are his power plays warranted? Is he taking China in a good direction vs different politician.


90% of Chinese think the country is headed in the right direction. 80% are satisfied with the communist party. Both foreign polls, btw. Compared to p. much any Western country these are incredible results, so yeah, he "deserves" to rule.


he did alot against corruption and helped destroy the liberals


Critical support for dengbros against Weebs supremacists.


You realize that nobody identifies as a dengist, right?


Dengism is just tankie on tankie violence


at least this is an original take, if still retarded


think about it only tankies use the word Dengism against other tankies


Considering how much aid China gives to NK and Cuba I highly doubt that.


Did they have one coin with Lenin on it or was he on every coin?


File: 1626874189824.png (50.85 KB, 602x383, repro7.png)



The USSR made it mandatory to put lenin's pictures on everything. Lenin toilet paper, Lenin coins, Lenin pornmags, Lenin cabbages, Lenin banknotes, Lenin panties, Lenin Lenins.


File: 1626878671597.jpg (24.22 KB, 599x337, BWwVyXpCMAAfIdO.jpg)



That graph fucking sucks shit, it makes it look like wages and productivity have kept up with each other in the US.


it doesn't actually


I know it doesn't actually demonstrate that since it is only showing a percentage of change over time. But I'm looking at it with the lowest common denominator in mind: the two bars are equal that means wages and productivity have grown basically equally.


>the two bars are equal
they aren't, actually

>I'm looking at it with the lowest common denominator in mind

but i know what you mean


File: 1626880436302.jpg (33.49 KB, 600x590, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

Wow its like they cant even engage in serious political discourse without deflecting to something totally unrelated or using strawmen and adhom to validate themselves, and then they claim that we are somehow "demoralized" and "immune to facts"
/pol/ uyghurs are hilariously retarded.


my favorite part:
>real wages actually grew in the West because you can buy an iPhone now, and back in the 70's you had to buy a phone+calculator+calendar+etc. to have the same functionality


Do you think they would care about a .5% difference?


>i can CONSOOM more so capitalism is gooder stupid commies!!!!
literal uyghurcattle mutts unable to think outside of the false dichotomy of "more equal gooder"


File: 1626881217849.png (58.2 KB, 1886x178, 1.png)





that's a Colombian flag


its probably just mutt diaspora


stop shaming BadEmpanada


same thing


File: 1626883696030.png (41.12 KB, 863x202, 1.png)



Bourgeois economics literally turns you into a retarded child


File: 1626886431720.jpg (90.8 KB, 816x452, 47ef59db2e74f1eb866c4feef6….jpg)

beautiful story! thanks anon



Central China in ‘Wartime Mode’ as Massive Floods Kill 29


>Record rainfalls have submerged several parts of central Henan province resulting in extensive destruction and deaths, and continuing a trend of more severe flooding in China in recent years.

>By Wednesday morning, some 200,000 people were evacuated in Zhengzhou alone, according to media reports.

>Zhengzhou on Tuesday experienced the highest daily rainfall of 457 millimeters since authorities began tabulating such data, Xinhua reported, citing the provincial meteorological bureau.

>The average annual precipitation in Zhengzhou is 640 millimeters, only slightly more than the total precipitation seen in the city over the past three days.

>Henan declared a level one emergency — the highest in the four-tiered system —amid the devastation that battered large swathes of the densely-populated region, disrupting traffic and causing widespread power outages.

>Meanwhile, swollen water levels at a river in another city in Henan caused an aluminum plant to explode Tuesday night.

>Local authorities said that a dam in Zhengzhou designed to hold over 4 million cubic meters of water is at a “major risk of collapse.”

> Emergency teams have been dispatched to reinforce dykes at the 32 water reservoirs that have already exceeded their flood-control line.

<My take: Climate change hitting hard as usual.

China to Offer Couples More Support to ‘Improve’ Birth Policies


>Chinese authorities said the government will offer various financial incentives and relax numerous restrictions in a bid to encourage more couples to have children, nearly two months after the country announced a three-child policy in the hopes of easing its aging crisis.

>The key document to “improve birth policies” includes a raft of measures from lowering the cost of birth and education to supporting families who may want more children, according to state-run Xinhua News Agency, which published the draft Tuesday.

>The new guideline, drafted by the country’s Cabinet, the State Council, also scraps fines for couples who have more than three children, unlike before, when they would be fined for violating family planning laws.

>The document proposes changing the Individual Income Tax Law to deduct fees spent on childcare for kids younger than three years old, as well as improving the coverage of kindergartens in cities to help ease financial pressure on parents.

>China currently has 264 million people aged 60 and over, accounting for 18.7% of the total population, according to national census data released in May.

>As of now, the relaxation of policies hasn’t been as encouraging as the government had hoped for, as marriage and birth rates continue to decline.

>In 2020, the number of newborns in China plummeted to 12 million compared with 18 million in 2016.

<My take: The good part is that they're finally setting up a worthy childcare system.

<The bad part is that instead of giving cash to couples they use this fucking tax credit system which is literally Joe Biden-tier.
<That said at this point the next step will probably be the parental leave overhaul.

China appoints Afghanistan special envoy as it prepares to play greater role after US troop withdrawal

>China has appointed Yue Xiaoyong, a veteran diplomat with experience in the US and Middle East, as its new special envoy to Afghanistan.

>Diplomatic observers said his appointment was a signal that Beijing was willing to play a greater role in the country following the US troop withdrawal

>n one article published in April by Renmin University, Yue noted that the United States had used confrontational phrases like “counter”, “push back”, “confront” and “deter” towards China. “Except for the cold war term ‘containment’, almost all other terms have been used,” he wrote.

>In another article the same month, Yue noted that the United States was struggling to reduce its commitments in the Middle East without losing control over the region.

>He argued that pro-Washington powers in the region had become too reliant on the Americans, which made it difficult for the US to adjust its policies.

<My take: No comment cause i'm not versed in diplomacy (i hate it in a sense).


Jesus fuck this is just sad.
/pol/ is literally incapable of rational thinking, hell i think you actually redpilled some.people there.

And it's fun how they play the "you will never be a woman dilate" card when they start losing their shit.


File: 1626887645338.jpg (239.25 KB, 1080x665, IMG_20210721_120918.jpg)

I wasn't aware of this Why no one gave me the memo?


Just in case, no one has dismantled this question. The argument he was replying to was about younger people living worst than their 1970 counterparts.
The moronic idea that we now pay 100 dollars for stuff in other times would cost billions to make is the classic living slave society and you can't improve it because "you are eating food your masters give you - CHECKVS MATVS". That moronic argument can be used to defend any productive system in the world, even socialists one that had to develop the same way technologies using the resources they have/had in hand.


Communism with 0 white people characteristics when?
Aldo, I bet that's an amerimutt.


Burger brain moment. The average American can not distinguish between shitlibs and communists and often consider them to be the same because "they are both on the left."


File: 1626888614950.jpg (260.39 KB, 1080x969, IMG_20210721_122830.jpg)

Based as fuck bruh they were seething hard
>W-what do you do for work? Haha I bet you're a NEET dilate
Why is /pol/ so cringe when they run out of arguments?


>My take: No comment cause i'm not versed in diplomacy (i hate it in a sense).
[email protected] learning


>i think you actually redpilled some.people there
denk u, sniff


Gotta remember in /pol/ they are the transhumanists and they are projecting their insecurities onto others when they are losing. Since they are literal diaper wearing degens.



This article appeared on CGTN today and it sounds so fucking petty its unreal lol.

I understand the need to tell things straight to Baltic reactionaries but this shit (anonymous article, passive aggressive rhetoric,veiled threats) is hilarious.


>be Sandinista poster pestering the /PRC/ thread for almost a year
>IF Chaynah done did soft power
>IF Chaynah done did hard power
>if Chaynah does neutral shit
>if Chaynah done did nothing

maybe the problem is you?


File: 1626893849882.png (400.34 KB, 475x519, sandinista.png)

>maybe the problem is you?
Not possible. I'm an Italian (third-world country) and my takes are pure Gramscian Marxism. I see you keep on shitting on my takes but it only strengthen my conviction that neoliberalism took over in China and made them a hegemonic contender, while the same neoliberalism took over the core-capitalist countries and made them fail.

I am very smart and above all of you.

<<my take: I am cleverer than the politburo of 950million CPC

p.s. I am very clever


Screencap, i am for the extermination of wh*te “””people”””. I just don’t like the way you people smell, nor your self important karenism.


File: 1626894438327.jpeg (5.82 KB, 242x208, DROOLING ANTI-"DENGIST".jpeg)







fuck u 2


well then fuck u


ok, Dengist


File: 1626894686410.jpeg (39.46 KB, 500x663, lemao.jpeg)



We shall see within our lifetime which side was right. 50 years or so from now we should hold a /leftypol/ autists reunion and see who is on track.


<Impersonating a poster on an imageboard
God your life has to be Unbearably sad

You got it right anon. I'm glad they are making themselves heard against Baltoid cucks but they should going full throttle on them, not do anonymous Opeds on some website.


>We shall see within our lifetime
"We" (with a capital "W," meaning excluding "You," with a capital "Y") ALREADY see it within our lifetime. This is the fucking point you are missing, you literal fucking moron.


>you are Impersonating (tm) ME (r)
talk about capitalism


20 to 25 years will be probably enough.


File: 1626895127098.jpeg (68.49 KB, 1600x989, latvia.jpeg)

fuck lithuania all my homies hate lithuania


File: 1626895131568.jpg (19.9 KB, 600x487, 99dc669fce712f5b5a324e5067….jpg)

>Baltoid cucks


<Capitalism is when you impersonate people on imageboards
No anon this is just getting 0 pussy and you're an expert on that.


File: 1626895159152.jpg (136.18 KB, 1200x800, fafb111249f07ead59b1cc470b….jpg)



Cringe reactionaries from Baltic countries anon


File: 1626895248621.jpg (28.27 KB, 558x640, ea6b416244e53bdc30d758b51d….jpg)







>when you are inclined to defend ""your"" flag on an anonymous imageboard
wow, please go on, brother

this is totally not about you, but about the CAUSE!!!


File: 1626895322078.png (231 KB, 1024x861, literal shit.png)

literal shit place


fukkin alcoholics


File: 1626895471378.jpg (8.33 KB, 255x246, 1623242544490.jpg)

Still getting more pussy than you anon.
Truth hurts.


Relax you rabid faggot, I’m not the poster you seem to think I am.



>1. Lithuania

wow what a shit country. if only they had never done diplomacy with taiwan smh


File: 1626896387585.png (548.9 KB, 1401x1198, fagmap.png)




<Red Italy
Insanely based if true lol.


>when you have to resort to pussy count
Nig… Not even gonna address this shit. Let me just say I'm not an incel, k? Still, what the FUCK does it say about YOU that you have to call others "le no sex" to have a point?

Are you capable of feeling shame? Because that is what you should be feeling.


>Are you capable of feeling shame

1) No
2) Made you resort to moralism lol.

Staying rent free in your head


What if socialism was actually the friends we made along the way?


>Are you capable of feeling shame
<1) No
just psychopath things


Always has been.


File: 1626896797875.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.89 KB, 615x409, chronicly swollen testicle….jpg)



Americans should unite with Chinese as the two leading advanced economies embrace 21st century socialism.




literally randy marsh




Map of very BASED residents of leftypol


File: 1626898608889.jpg (106.39 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Jokes aside, every communist strives for abolishing the system of bourgeois law, which inevitably leads to abolishing arbitrary legal (i.e. state defined) postulates and interpellations pertaining to legal subjects, such as "children" or "adults."

Sorry, I'm talking about Marxism101 here.

And if you think this amounts to """legalizing""" pedop shit, (as opposed to abolishing LAW as such – Marx's program), then you are mistaken.

May I state a simple fact to you: under the higher stage of communism no laws will exist, and with that, the so called "age of consent" (with all the rest of bourgeois legal spooks) will disappear.

If this fact makes you shudder, you are not a Marxist. Maybe consult:


File: 1626898680368.jpeg (7.57 KB, 225x225, letöltés.jpeg)

>map of literal retards


TIL Xi is a literal pedo.


Imagine having a bunch of retards live rent free in your heads then.
Humiliating, isn't it?


File: 1626899631602.jpg (86.6 KB, 800x484, sandi.jpg)



>calling out retards
> =
>them living in your head free
Have you read a single paragraph from Lenin or Marx? They spent almost all of their time debunking retards like so.

Maybe read a book once in your life.


File: 1626900186600.mp4 (4.59 MB, 640x360, Deng on reading theory.mp4)

>Have you read a single paragraph from Lenin or Marx?
>Maybe read a book once in your life.


my fucking god


I suggest copium


File: 1626901058739.png (30 KB, 192x200, YES.png)



File: 1626903411571.jpg (136.36 KB, 960x890, HSwayc4JiuEWoU4XURQkhbR66q….jpg)



>The Mandarin Class
the what?


The class that speaks Mandarin, it's pretty self explanatory


File: 1626905802853.png (101.57 KB, 1614x788, u4k1oljatvm61.png)

Reminds me of this gem from Deng.


File: 1626906508216.mp4 (417.77 KB, 640x482, gorbachev-feat-deng.mp4)

Deng just copying Mao is the shining example you're displaying of that beta bich?
What good has Deng ever done?


Retarded shit. That's anti-Marxist. Every material condition is unique, and approaches are different.


The civil servants.


The worst part is: NATO grew their budget and expenditures, even in the global contraction due to the pandemic from last year, and instead of planning how to start a massive revolution there, they come here to teach us how CHYNAH BUDZ.


<Implying imageboard posters have any control on whatever the fuck Nato does

Are you on crack?


File: 1626908583415.gif (41 KB, 320x181, kill-la-kill-deeeeerp2.gif)

I am not sure how to react to this with the fact that agent kuchinski said that, or the implication that Deng said that comparing Deng with agent k.


jfc, I'm not trying to pick a fight with anyone or send a message or something. I just wanted post something that gave me a sensible chuckle. Why is everyone on this thread so goddmn jumpy?


t. lazy armchair
Yeh, because you know is more important sperging anti-Chynah sentiment.


>What good has Khrushchev ever done?


The chain of causation is actually the other way around, retard faggot.
>CIA, Pentagon, CNN, etc. etc. etc. spends like 4 trillion USD on shitting on China
<[shit happens here]
>SABOCAT, SANDINISTA, SAGE, etc. etc. come here to tell us how ChaynAH is wronk

it's not rocket science, really


The more aggressive tyou get the more you play their game. They're getting under your skin. Don't feed them.


>be anti-chaynah
how come?


Because you refused to develop your nation with BRI


>be China simp
<cuck out to the financial bourgeoisie and start engaging in imperialism like a social democrat
How come?


If you ACTUALLY think that China is comparable to first world social democrats you are LITERALLY OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND, you fag.


>Implying Dengists are immortal


File: 1626913272619.jpg (31.65 KB, 512x341, badiou.jpg)

>implying the idea of communism isn't


File: 1626913341320.png (271.25 KB, 1636x318, 1.png)

He's backing out as we speak.


>american "culture"


I appeal to the armchair posture to accuse them, they don't engage in it, so it is a deterrent to their stupidity. Usually, stop almost immediately their shit.


There are TWO Italian FSLN poster.
I am one, the coomer photos is another (still based).

You shat the bed with this lol.


Did I say Third Way? I was referring to 60-70s style social democracy. No need to get so upset, but this could indicate an unraveling of cognitive dissonance in this case. I'm just trying to ground you. You seemed lost in the clouds there for a moment.


>There are TWO Italian FSLN poster.
god help us


I know that some of you might be pissed off at "me" but I need you to understand that there are at least 3 users using this same flag.

I am innocent, I swear.


File: 1626917787148.jpg (23.62 KB, 463x418, aoeG57X_700b.jpg)

And they work for two different Italian intelligence agencies. Mama mia!


The French, however, are singing a different tune. They're completely in the tank for Xi Jinping! You see how the imperialists attack China. This just shows how scared they are.


>99% of the economy comes from financial capital buying up cheap products of global south's labor, rest is military

Nah, americans get the boot.


Mandarin isn't a native Chinese word


File: 1626938649897.jpg (138.44 KB, 1080x1405, 20210713105602442.jpg)

Chinese leaflet commemorating Marx's birthday, 1930.


Xionist pig general


File: 1626943064211.mp4 (5.82 MB, 960x720, china_shared_future.mp4)



File: 1626944544037.png (338.18 KB, 495x604, Screenshot from 2021-07-22….png)



File: 1626946028028.png (89.72 KB, 483x311, 345345083045.png)

They probably sat around trying to figure out to rebrand communism for the west, because they realized it's not a politically correct term in the west. And they're arguing all night trying to come up with a different word. "Xi-nomics!" No no no…

Then one guy in the corner who is really quiet suddenly pipes up.

>Guys, I know, we'll call it a community with a shared future for mankind!


File: 1626957462560.png (968.13 KB, 2048x1912, oi9hoz1xcjc71.png)



File: 1626957533155.jpg (28.36 KB, 574x456, shroom3.jpg)



>music highly inspired by Fanfare for the Common Man, a piece written to honour American soldiers going to fight Nazis



China’s economic slowdown prompts Beijing to reaffirm commitment to opening up financial markets

>China will step up its plans to further open up the financial industry to foreign investments as a means of shoring up its post-coronavirus economic recovery and to also help tackle the prospect of a slow down later in the year.

>The country must push on with its commitments to open up the banking and insurance sectors, while leveraging both the international and domestic markets, to establish itself as “a popular destination for foreign investment”, the State Council, China’s cabinet, said in an executive meeting on Wednesday.

>It is not the first time Beijing has turned to the strategy, but it is reaffirming its commitments ahead of a likely economic slowdown

in the second half of the year after a robust first six months aided by fiscal stimulus and a strong start off the back of low production levels last year.

>“As a developing country, China’s development must rely on the real economy."

>Greater financial openness should better serve the real economy, which is of great importance to maintaining the country’s economic stability,” said Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

>Wednesday’s State Council meeting said that China will take the necessary steps to achieve a higher level of financial openness based on a negative list approach and by aligning with higher international standards.

>China updated its negative list – which sets out industries where foreign investment is limited or prohibited – for foreign investment in 2020 and removed all restrictions for the financial sector.

>The State Council also called for the building of mechanisms for the monitoring, evaluation and early warning of systemic financial risks, while also improving its macroprudential policy framework.

>The State Council meeting on Wednesday also noted that more than 100 foreign-invested banks, insurance, securities, payment and clearing institutions have been approved to set up business in China in recent years.

>So far, foreign companies such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse have set up joint venture securities companies in China, while American Express has been approved for a bank card clearing business license for its joint venture business.

>Last year, rating company Fitch also joined S&P in entering the Chinese market.

<My take: Facts speak.

<I got nothing to add.

Can China & Russia Reposition Syria With The ‘Five Seas’ Strategy?


>Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Damascus following Assad’s recent victory in Parliamentary elections, providing him with a further seven-year mandate to rule.

>China has not been involved militarily but is interested in Syria for its strategic positioning, as well as natural resources.

>As in Afghanistan, US and NATO troops are now in the process of withdrawing, leaving the country shattered and with the influence of China, Russia, Turkey, and Iran to try and piece the fragments back together again.

>It will not be easy with specially Turkey keen to retain control over parts of northern Syria it now controls under the auspices of fighting ISIL and Kurdish rebels.

>China, however, thinks differently, is perhaps better prepared for longer term development strategies (Western democracies and financial institutions are more subject to shorter term planning influences and often fail to adequately plan ahead) and is prepared to accept Syria into the Belt and Road Initiative.

>Syria’s attractiveness lies within its ‘Five Seas” capability, a plan to link the Caspian, Black, Mediterranean and Red Seas with the Persian Gulf.

>According to the UN, rebuilding Syria will cost some US$400 billion.

>China, as well as Russia are eying the potential.

>Syria’s participation in the BRI would create a new corridor through the Middle East connecting Iran to Syria via Iraq, and would be beneficial to all states in the region.

>Iraq has agreed to develop cross border rail with Iran at the border crossing between the two countries at the Basra/Shalamchek corridor at which itself leads onto Iran’s southern ports on the Persian Gulf and connects with the International North-South Transportation Corridor (INSTC).

>Russia is also looking at signing off a long, 20 year cooperation agreement with Iran, while China agreed a 25 year deal last year.

>Lattakia has the potential to become the Eastern Mediterranean’s largest port facility, and can later be expected to develop free trade and special economic zone facilities.

> It would not be surprising if Chinese investment and port operational knowledge would be directed into Lattakia as part of a BRI network linking through to Central Asia and providing Mediterranean use.

>Lattakia also provides access to the Red Sea via the Suez Canal, and Russia free trade facilities at nearby Port Said.

>This has additional significance as Egypt is close to finalising a Free Trade Agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) of which Russia is by far the largest market.

>With Egypt a member of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) this also permits Russian access to pan-African markets.

>Russia is also building a Red Sea-Mediterranean Sea high speed railway for the Egyptian Government.

>From there, vessels can access the Persian Gulf – under protection of a further Russian facility at Port Sudan.

>Goods can then be shipped onto Iran, completing the circular Five Seas route with INSTC connections through again to the Caspian Sea at Chabahar Port.

>From there, it is a short maritime journey to Pakistan, India and ultimately to China.

>Syria officially joining the Belt and Road Initiative is looking highly likely.

>I strongly suspect that Chinese investment will also start to appear in Lattakia Port and connecting road and rail infrastructure, both to Tripoli (Lebanese one, ndr), Damascus and Syria’s oil and gas reserves.

>Syria has also applied for observer status within the regional Shanghai Cooperation Organisation which would further envelop it in an additional layer of much-needed security.

>In conclusion,while a great deal needs to be done to get Syria back on its feet, the upshot of the ten-year war calling for regime change is that Syria is now firmly under the influence of the Eastern, rather than Western powers.

>Infrastructure can be expected to exchange Syrian resources in exchange for construction; it looks increasingly likely that both China and Russia, with possible contributions from Iran and Turkey will concentrate on energy revenue providing infrastructure first, to develop cash flow and finance.

<My take: Silkroadbriefing on top of the Eurasian game as usual.

<Also the potential of Syria as an Eurasian trading hub is immense, especially with Lebanon suffering as it is now.
<This could immensely strengthen Resistance Axis members and weaken Us allies in the long run.
<I welcome this development.

[More to come late in the evening]


File: 1626961814339.jpeg (14.75 KB, 474x382, 1.jpeg)

>removed all restrictions for the financial sector


>be CPC
>witness the failure of western economies to cope with catastrophe like covid
>say shit like this anyway
Always possible they're bullshitting though. What are the odds they'll actually privatize insurance and finance? It doesn't seem like it's in the party's interest to turn the central bank into a private bank.


>removed all restrictions for the financial sector
bro wtf


>>394005 me
>The meeting also said that the country will improve management requirements for direct investment projects that are closely related to the real economy.


To be honest its not about privatization strictu senso of public finance.
It's more like allowing Blackrock&co to make shopping into China's private sector.


So they're allowing monopoly capital to develop in China under the leadership of the CPC?


yes, in this case it is foreign monopoly capital


No, they're allowing foreign monopolies to take over Chinese firms.
Paradoxically they're more strict with their own monopolies than with foreign ones (as of now).


Yes, I meant foreign monopoly. My error for not clarifying. Now, if you don't mind answering, why are they doing this? Are they trying to retake financial capital from the West as they did with industrial capital, so that they are both the World's manufacturer and the World's bank? I mean that would be fucking insane to have both things in one country and it being led by a Communist party.


The most generous reading of this situation to me is that they want to have the ability to exert control over international capital. It'll be much harder for western porkies to put up a fight when a majority of their investment is tied up in an actively hostile country.
But that's incredibly reckless even in that reading, and more than likely just a huge rightward leap politically, not to mention the fresh hell that will be inflicted upon the working class. Dark times.


There are two reasons:

1) They're convinced that doubling down on liberalization can help them maintain high growth in the long run, cause they're confident their political control would be enough to keep contradictions at bay.

2) They're rushing to get as much foreign investment as possible cause they want to do a combo of this+digital yuan to internationalize the Yuan as much as possible thus weakening the dollar dominance.
(Bold strategy, could pay off somewhat but HIGHLY risky).


i think they would need to privatize their own banks for that
also, they have been letting industrial monopoly capital do this for many decades
as to why, the article has a quote from some important person claiming it relates to 'real economy' (non-financial):
>“[China] should … use [foreign capital] to our advantage, especially guiding the capital flow into the real economy to help the innovation and industrial structure transformation of the country,” Xu Hongcai, deputy director of the economic policy commission under the China Association of Policy Science, said on Thursday.
the article claims that this will help trade in a post-covid time


>joint ventures
Are all of these 100 foreign owned western businesses joint ventures? This is usually how China's technology transfers work.


In a sense they're betting on the strength of the party to channel investment where needed against the strength of capital's contradictions.
Pure accelerationism from this point of view.


Yes they are, but unlike before these joint venture have no restriction on the ownership structure, meaning that they could easily be 51% foreign owned.


I don't have a large understanding of the Chinese economy, but is the renminbi tied to the US dollar or some other major currency? Wouldn't that be an issues?
And how would this entrance of foreign finance effect dual circulation if it ever happens? (btw if you think I'm out of my league asking some of these question just say so, I wouldn't want to waste anyone's time).

Why would they need to privatize their banks? And I understand that they would be allowing such a thing to obtain technologies they are lacking in (as I am hoping is happening with Shanghai's neo-ancap policy shift) – but why allow entities such as BlackRock? What do they have to offer? Is it really just to get foreign capital subjugated (which would be 'insane') or is it actually a slow liberalization so their country doesn't fall apart like the USSR or Yugoslavia.


shut the fuck up pedo. even under communism your gonna get shanked for touching kids


i think it is just a liberalization, and there will be more of it in the future. I would think that privatized banks make more profit by offering more extortionary deals to oligarchs, which would take from the Western oligarchic banks. But I also think that as the Western real economy fails and the Chinese one improves, I think this could change in the global financial system could happen anyways, as finance and industry are not as separate as the West wants to believe. I do think that the Renminbi has a lot of work to do against the international reserve currency, petrodollar and it needs all the help it can get if the goal is competition with USD, but I am way out of my league too in talking about this.


*for oligarchs


>Hey guys, our economy is slowing down so that's why we have to liberalize it further
They are actually becoming ancapistan. At some point they have to realize that there is a limit how much you can liberalize the economy before literally becoming a Haiti-tier shithole. This is also a huge contradiction with Xi's thought because he wants to fight corruption but at the same time gives breeding ground to said corruption. They literally only care about the GDP whatever it may costs it seems.


>Always possible they're bullshitting though. What are the odds they'll actually privatize insurance and finance? It doesn't seem like it's in the party's interest to turn the central bank into a private bank.
There is no chance of that happening. However private finance has one singular goal and that is to become a systemic risk in order to get the ability to black mail states for bailouts, that's their primary business model now. The fact that China lets them loose, means that they have the ability to insulate the productive economy from financial fall out, and that they can't be blackmailed anymore. Ten years from now we might have another financial crisis, and then China switches all the personal deposits of Chinese citizens as well as all the accounts of the productive economy, to the digital Yuan, and than the American dominated financial system will either go up in flames or wall street eats the losses. The only private finance that will survive are the ones thatare invested in building more productive forces.


Deng Xiaoping and Nikita Khrushchev


Good video. Is this your channel comrade?



This could be a strategy, but unlike earlier liberalization, by giving BlackRock&Co FULL permission to scoop up your assets in a sense your allowing your money to get funneled back into the imperial core.

For example, let's assume CPC official order a hedge fund to channel its investments in some kind of firm involved in high tech production, in exchange for a 51% stake in it. (which seems kind of the idea CPC policymakers have in mind).

Let's assume the investment goes well and the firm makes a profit of 100: 51 of these 100 will now go to the Imperial core via BlackRock dividends, so while maybe its true that the firm in question could have had more access to capital via Blackrock intervention, it will also be true that its profit will get funneled to the Empire.

They chose to eat the fruits of the poisoned tree, cause they bet on having strong enough antidotes (in this case, political control over the system) in a sense.

Its still a huge right wing shift for the overall economic structure, and one which will probably bring severe consequences for the future of socialism in the country.





Will Nepal’s new ‘pro-India’ prime minister hit reset on its China ties?


>After months of political uncertainty, Nepal had a change of leadership last week in a move that analysts say could hit the reset button on the Himalayan nation’s ties with India and China.

>Sher Bahadur Deuba, 75, became Nepal’s prime minister for the fifth time on July 13 after his predecessor K.P. Sharma Oli was ousted by the country’s highest court.

>Deuba – who was previously appointed prime minister in 1995, 2001, 2004 and 2017, but has never served a full term – is widely expected to bring Nepal closer to India once again after Oli favoured ties with China, its other giant neighbour to the north.

>His appointment was confirmed on Sunday, when he won a crucial vote of confidence in parliament allowing him to continue in power until general elections set to be held next year.

>Nepal had been moving closer to China under Oli, who welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping to the country on a state visit in 2019.

>That trip ended with the two sides agreeing to “elevate” ties and saw the signing of 18 agreements, along with Xi’s announcement of US$493 million in aid.

>Nepal is expected to strive for “diplomatic balance” in its dealings with India and China under Deuba, while strengthening its “traditionally strong ties with democratic countries” such as the United States, European nations,Britain,and Japan,said Geja Sharma Wagle, a Kathmandu-based scholar of international relations and former adviser to the prime minister, pointing to Deuba’s speech in the Nepalese parliament after winning the vote of confidence in which the leader spoke of “diversifying” relations with these countries.

>“High priority” would be given to neighbourly relations, Wagle said, adding that the change of government offered a window of opportunity for New Delhi and Kathmandu to improve ties following Oli’s exit.

>On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi

promised Deuba India’s help in fighting the pandemic, with India’s foreign ministry saying in a statement that the two leaders discussed ways to strengthen cooperation and coordination in their phone call – further noting “the unique and millenia-old people-to-people linkages that underpin the special friendship between India and Nepal”.

>While it is still too early to know for sure what Deuba’s main foreign policy priorities will be, he has in the past indicated a willingness to prioritise Nepal’s ties with the US.

>In April, while still in opposition, he gave his backing to an agreement for a US$500 million infrastructure grant from US foreign aid agency the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) – which has been viewed with suspicion by some in Kathmandu, who see it as a direct counter to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, from which Nepal has also benefited.

>Wagle, the Kathmandu-based scholar of international relations, said that he thought Deuba was likely to accord “high priority” to the MCC agreement’s implementation now he was in power.

<My take: Maoists and making everything they touch turn to shit, name a more iconic duo.

<It's fucking unreal.

China’s yuan to become more influential part of the global financial system, survey shows


>The Chinese yuan is on course to become a much more influential part of the global financial system with almost a third of central banks planning to add the currency to their reserve assets, a closely followed survey showed.

>The Global Public Investor survey, published annually by the London-based OMFIF think tank, showed 30 per cent of central banks plan to increase yuan holdings over the next 12-24 months, compared with just 10 per cent last year.

>The yuan’s rise will almost certainly be a global trend, but may be especially strong in Africa where almost half of central banks are planning to increase their yuan reserves.

>In stark contrast to the yuan, 20 per cent of central banks plan to reduce their holdings of the US dollar over the next 12-24 months and 18 per cent plan to reduce their euro holdings.

>The report also showed the dramatic impact the coronavirus and the lower-for-longer interest rate outlook was having.

>Trends in diversification – to boost or maintain returns, or to incorporate a more sustainable investment approach – are accelerating.

>In their search for yield, close to 30 per cent of global public investors – central banks, sovereign wealth funds and public pension funds – will reduce their exposure to developed market sovereign bonds, while more than 20 per cent plan to buy more emerging market government debt.

>It is likely to add to the concerns the central banks themselves have that experimental monetary policy, such as negative interest rates and mass stimulus programmes, are exerting excessive influence on financial markets.

<My take: I believe CPC is fully aware of these data.

<I indeed believe that their crazy liberalization rush is also partially due to the desire to intercept this huge inflow of investment.
<Its still a VERY risky move (and IMHO will end badly) but at least it would have a rationale to it and a possible payoff.


Very interesting article on the shifts in China's foreign policy:


Great article anon, I'm about to read it rn.
If you wanna know about the infrastructure game of which Syria could be a lynchpin give a read to the second article in >>393991.
I guarantee it will give you some insight.


I would not have a problem with liberalization if it meant turning state owned enterprises and banks into cooperative firms and banks. But what it looks like that’s happening is that they’re turning state firms into shareholder firms. A state owned firm could also be a shareholder firm but it is government economic workers that are shareholders alongside the rest of the government, but it looks like these firms are all becoming just regular private shareholder firms.


Yeah I don’t see how this is “using capitalists” to develop shit, you’re literally handing over corporations which have thousands of workers over to billionaires and shareholders.


You didn't post the link for the first news.


>by giving BlackRock&Co FULL permission to scoop up your assets in a sense your allowing your money to get funneled back into the imperial core.
>Let's assume the investment goes well and the firm makes a profit of 100: 51 of these 100 will now go to the Imperial core via BlackRock dividends, its profit will get funneled to the Empire.
This is talking in fictionalcapital speech, what exactly , in material terms, gets funneled to the empire ?
If i was a Chinese communists i would care about material resources, means of production, political control, and value measured in labor time. Do they loose any of that ?

>They chose to eat the fruits of the poisoned tree, cause they bet on having strong enough antidotes (in this case, political control over the system) in a sense.

>Its still a huge right wing shift for the overall economic structure, and one which will probably bring severe consequences for the future of socialism in the country.
High finance is a huge pyramid scheme, that eventually goes bad, big finance will then go to the Chinese government and demand they implement austerity policy to socialize the losses.
which China wont ever do, because that's economic suicide. A bunch of finance porkies will try to conspire to overthrow the CPC to get a neo-liberal austerity government, and the CPC will ruthlessly crush the attempt. The Chinese political spectrum will lurch to the left again, like it did in the previous crisis. The neoliberal sock puppets will get purged out of the party and the government, again.
Another round will have been completed, except this is the last thing that can be liberalized. Capitalism will have run it's course. They will have squeezed out every last drop out of this mode of production, and then they will have to move ahead to some form of cybernetic socialism.


>by giving BlackRock&Co FULL permission to scoop up your assets
They haven't done that.


<Before they couldn't buy up 51% (or more) of Chinese firms
>Now they can

How do you call this?

<In material terms
Anon the US economy is fully financialized and it won't be investment in Chinese firms the thing that changes this.
On this we agree 100%.
That said why should Chinese workers work to enrich the coffers of american Porkies?
We are not in 1981 anymore, China is a strong and proud nation.
There was no necessity to remove all restrictions on finance.


>ignores that they are also building israel


(Small) Errata corrige: The removal of all restrictions is related to "just" the banking and insurance sectors, so in a sense my point was slightly exaggerated.

That said letting the snake of Us capital near your financial system is still a shitty idea.


>article is not about israel


the article also ignores that mammalian testicles produce sperm, but then again 99.9% of the articles not about the mammalian testicles ignore the very same

those bastards


t. le armchair


File: 1626988832813-0.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 13.4 MB, 1280x720, Prls.mp4)

File: 1626988832813-1.png (869.48 KB, 1492x1274, Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 0….png)

Rip proles but at least productive forces are safe


ironically during the floodings in germany more people died than during the floodings in china


What a sad event.

People dying in floods / natural disasters is sad in every country tbh.


Thank God, I was worried about Porky.


>People dying in floods / natural disasters is sad in every country tbh.
its just strange bc there are much more people in china and the floodings over there seemed worse


I just realized I have yet to see footage of corpses from germany, why is that?


we dont film corpses


no you throw them into incinerators


Dams have no direct link to Henan floods caused by extreme climate: experts

Heroes emerge amid devastating China floods


some get buried some get burned you can decide before you die


it was an attempted holocaust reference but yeah everyone gets the option to cremate


China allowed foreign companies to now own a majority of joint venture companies or JVs, which is a specific type of company set up between foreign investors and Chinese investors. And specifically those involved in securities like mutual funds. The Chinese government did not just announce "hey, door's open, foreign investors can buy up majority shares of Chinese domestic firms."


File: 1626990169563.jpg (60.37 KB, 512x405, unnamed (10).jpg)

Also another JV is SAIC which makes cars. But I don't think the rules changed for them, it's only for the securities funds. I don't think the Chinese government is now allowing majority foreign ownership of SAIC. It's 50/50 domestic and GM.


These two incidents are not the same, are they?
How does a flood lead to blunt impact like that to the individual's faces? What is the source of the video / what happened?


>What is the source of the video / what happened?
Stormfront/pol gore collecting websites.

>These two incidents are not the same, are they?

When covid was first detected in China /pol/ was posting completely unrelated videos of sick Chinese people dying with symptoms unlike of Covid (people coughing up blood, people having violent seizures, etc.)


Yeah you're right i made a correction in here about that anon
It was a partial misunderstanding on my side.
As of now BlackRock&co can only sweep up private insurers/private financial sector firms.
(Still shit IMHO, but worthy of an errata corrige from my part).


Ah, yeah I suspected it was some shit like that. Just needed confirmation since nobody addressed it.


File: 1626990907030.jpg (179.92 KB, 591x800, qqqqt.jpg)

I corriged my errata so hard.


It may be related, I don't know. But a sourceless webm + mockery of the dead by that anon is red flag for polcel


Is it true that China only has one timezone, so Tibetans have to wake up super early because they follow Beijing time?


Xi just made a trip to Tibet. The last time a Chinese president did this was Jiang Zemin in 1990.


File: 1627028550585.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 5.72 MB, 720x1280, ChineseDream.mp4)

With hard work and a growth mindset you too can begin to live the Chinese dream


Based pigma grindset


It's bullshit.
China has 3 timezones.
(Some tiny western/eastern outskirts are lart of different timezones than these 3,but they comprise like less than 1% of the country)


Fam, where's the first link?


Do you have a source that specifies where exactly those timezones are? Every western source I can find maintains it's just 1.




Ah no fuck, it seems you're right. I saw some kind of division in multiple timezones but turns out its just a proposal.
As of now they seem to have only 1 timezone (which is based on Central China's time).
That said the time difference is not that relevant: it's 1 hour to add or subtract depending on the zone.


Xi travelling the country videos are so comfy, bros.


i like pig with crispy skin
yum yum yum




Yes I am obsessed with anti imperialism


File: 1627035082305.gif (1.23 MB, 480x480, giphy.gif)



>dengists don’t like anti imperialism


File: 1627036122337-0.jpg (17.8 KB, 400x400, ekTyWt6y_400x400.jpg)

File: 1627036122337-1.png (320.96 KB, 640x480, tenor.png)

This is the whitest PMC shit, ever. Dean of science Dianne Jolley found guilty of sending herself threatening letters framing the Chinese local community.

“Chop our future we chop yours,” read one card. “China hating lesbian,” read another.

She orchestrated the scheme to garner sympathy from the science faculty as she tried to close down the university’s traditional Chinese medicine course.



File: 1627037744886.png (56.47 KB, 598x419, ClipboardImage.png)





Is this accelerationism though?


<Russia dedollarizing
This has been ongoing for 5 years.
The real deal will be when Asian countries will start dedollarizing.


That's a nice line of COPEcaine you're snorting there


The /prc/ made so knowledgeable on China I am now winning arguments on 4chan.


what is impressive about that is only that anyone listens to you over there




Thanks for posting anon, beautiful footage. Brought a tear to my eye
The degree to which the USSR and PRC changed the world for the better cannot be overstated

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