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the funniest thing about this is how they act like they are doing hard hitting journalism holding this guy to account when they're just being dipshits


The most "famous" American communists are Jackson Hinkle, Haz and S&M enthusiast Caleb Mypoon. Looking good, communist utopia coming soon.


File: 1685550209158.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 2.76 MB, 1920x894, First Date Introduction.mp4)

Yeah and all three are based.


t. Haz


File: 1685556487365-0.png (23.02 KB, 456x243, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685556487365-1.jpeg (112.81 KB, 914x693, 3ew.jpeg)

Total porky destruction


File: 1685557006459.mp4 (85.52 KB, 640x338, BASED.mp4)


Need a compilation of news like these at this point.

And then a comparison to how they get away with it in American courts.


File: 1685557228228-0.png (100.53 KB, 212x300, 1683760952844.png)

File: 1685557228228-1.jpeg (42.47 KB, 540x810, 1683755892129.jpeg)





Honk-honk being left out, eh?


File: 1685558228036.png (284.71 KB, 607x377, 7656765.png)



But wait, there are more!


File: 1685560535193.png (3.16 MB, 1672x936, Untitled.png)


File: 1685560737204.png (46.49 KB, 778x167, ClipboardImage.png)

>inter-ethnic conflict
wow, even back in 2009 these shit outlets wouldn't just let china have a fair interpretation of the situation in Xinjiang. It was religious terrorism. Not a fucking 'conflict'.


File: 1685560966807.jpg (116.18 KB, 960x548, The New Yorker 1992.jpg)

They have been using the same tropes for a long time.


Beijing the port of 5 seas, ahoy!

Love to see it. Americans have cheated out on Mississipi, others have to dig their own river networks for easy transportation.


Within a mile of the coast is considered national territory but beyond a mile away from the coast is international waters. Theoretically that means that any naval vessels or navy can operate freely in international waters but they usually get bullied by the pre-existing naval powers into sticking close to the coast as china does by staying within the taiwan strait, though china is slowly expanding because its navy is becoming too big to just stay a coast guard forever.


<Covid Is Coming Back in China; Lockdowns Are Not

Why the hell is the communist government letting millions of of its own citizens to die?


File: 1685581012958.png (178.95 KB, 481x417, ClipboardImage.png)




Because he's a rightist.


Nope, not me


File: 1685597480132.png (610.98 KB, 838x559, ClipboardImage.png)

looks like murika poked the wrong person with their sanctions


File: 1685624488520.mp4 (4.08 MB, 720x1280, 3ew.mp4)

Imagine if this was in murika.. and then they say China is le authoritarian


File: 1685624979202.png (8.73 MB, 3040x1710, ClipboardImage.png)


where can a monolingual anglotard like me learn mandarin? I've been watching some chinese TV online, lots of random youtube videos about vocab and stuff, im going to look into HSK vocab lists i guess. learning pinyin first and then integrating the characters, as i feel its easier and less of an initial overload. and yes, im fully committed to doing this and have been learning for a couple months, my issue is just having sufficient resources to get good progress. thanks in advance!


File: 1685625642106.png (897.08 KB, 1080x1873, Bloombergchinarenewables.png)

It has been like that for many years, that's because no one is building those anymore. China is very thirsty for electricity so their need overcomes the uneconomical aspect of nukes. They'll probably stop in the near future though. The thing to look for is renewables, they blew all expectations and have 5 years advance on their own plans which means they'll be carbon neutral likely before 2050
>China is nearing an inflection point in its energy transition more than a half-decade before a 2030 target to peak emissions.


File: 1685627245930.pdf (3.01 MB, 180x255, yip_chinese.pdf)

if you already know some vocabulary, here is a grammar book. if you want something more didactic, search "jiang liping" on libgen


Im using a bunch of different textbooks as well as listening to the Pimsleurs 1-5 Chinese courses. (you can find all of these books on Libgen and the Pimsleurs lessons can be torrented for free)

1) The HSK textbooks (+character and workbooks)
2) A Course in Contemporary Chinese Textbook (Mandarin Training Center)
3) Boya Chinese
4) New practical Chinese Reader

There is also the Anki app for flashcards. Listen to as much mandarin as you possibly can (podcasts/music) and watch things in mandarin (Movies/TV/videos)

Im only just starting as well so I cant tell you what methods work best for me yet but I hope these resources are useful.



>cop doing pure grappling and defense, not throwing a single punch


File: 1685631364232.jpg (115.27 KB, 1024x683, 1685570748510915m.jpg)

How does China make better Russian weapons than the Russians? They went from making inferior copies of Russian weapons to surpassing them in 20 years.

This is the case with both the ZBD-04 and the J16, the ZBD-04 has the same weapons as the BMP-3 but it has independent thermals for gunner and commander, a better fire control system, a better engine and its ATGM has top-attack capability. The J16 is probably the better flanker as well due to being the only one with an AESA radar, and the PL15 being a better BVR missile than the ones Russia currently fields.

Obviously nobody knows how good the Chinese military is because the PLA is completely untested in an actual combat scenario, but on paper their stuff is definitely better than Russia's. How did this happen?


If it was burger they would call in a police Tomohawk strike on that guy and kill lots of other drivers then we all nod and thank the bolis for their service.


Besides the fact that Russia is a hollowed out reactionary state that is only the shadow of the former RSFSR and that China has the biggest industrial base of the world?
China was able to import and study western equipment when they became buddy with the US and opened up to the global market, they didn't linger too long on outdated doctrines and completely reformed their army toward a high technology low number of personnel after the gulf when they saw the west absolutely destroy Iraq which counted one of largest army in the world equipped with mid tier soviet gear.

I know reddit is shunned here but there are two threads you may want to look at


Heard a wonderful quote on COVID recently "the vaccine wasnt created for the virus, the virus was created for the vaccine"
Malthus would have been proud.


DPRK, Cuba has also opened up. Its a weak variant now so no need of the lockdowns anymore.


File: 1685639011149-0.png (1.57 MB, 1300x1197, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685639011149-1.png (1.21 MB, 1301x886, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685639011149-2.png (418.2 KB, 600x602, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685639011149-3.png (1.68 MB, 1201x1598, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685639011149-4.png (376.29 KB, 500x699, ClipboardImage.png)

Paintings by Chinese artist Huang Zhong Yang from his series "Memories of the Shadow of Mao"


File: 1685639036178-0.png (541.24 KB, 600x436, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685639036178-1.png (368.35 KB, 473x648, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685639036178-2.png (199.75 KB, 440x290, ClipboardImage.png)


So "we" have our own guy like that one technically competent but spooked as fuck burger painter that painted Obama stepping on the constitution because he's black and team D.


Yea its "The Forgotten Man" painting, he could have used his talents for drawing something beautiful instead


>completely reformed their army toward a high technology low number of personnel after the gulf when they saw the west absolutely destroy Iraq which counted one of largest army in the world equipped with mid tier soviet gear.
See that's the part that scares me, because supposedly Russia did the same thing after watching Iraq lose 150 soldiers for every 1 the US lost.

Russia kept talking about how it pivoted to surgical strikes to take out infrastructure and boosted its logistics, but then when it comes time to invade Ukraine they effectively shift to Soviet-tier human wave tactics. It makes me afraid for a war between China and NATO because I genuinely believed the Russian invasion would be another Iraq and they would take Kiev in three weeks at most.

I just want China to actually win when they invade Taiwan. I don't like this shit where countries say they're going to shift to American-style military tactics and then never implement them in reality.


China didn't suffer through retarded "Shock Therapy" that destroyed Eastern Europe. Instead when a "Chinese Yeltsin" appeared, they threw his dumb liberal ass in the jail.


>but then when it comes time to invade Ukraine they effectively shift to Soviet-tier human wave tactics.
Oh my God you can't be fucking serious with this mentally ill NAFO narrative. I'm not even reading the rest of your dogshitted post.


Call it what you want, the fact is that if they actually shifted to modern military doctrine the war would have ended a year ago.

What does political alignment have to do with it? China and Russia both existed in the same form 20 years ago as they do now, and both were able to see how you're supposed to do a war. Both claimed to learn the lessons of Iraq, but Russia clearly was all talk. Are there any articles I can read to assuage my fears about China falling for the same thing?


>Call it what you want, the fact is that if they actually shifted to modern military doctrine the war would have ended a year ago.
No it fucking wouldn't have. Russians faced of the second largest standing army in Europe which didn't just disband itself after the shock-and-awe war opening. They were forced into direct combat because they underestimated the AFU. Now they're relying on private military companies and local militia while the Russian army bombs Ukraine behind the front.

Besides, have you even compared the population density in Ukraine and Iraq? Like Mein Gott, get a grip, man.


>supposedly Russia did the same thing after watching Iraq
That is Russia's problem, and not human wave tactics which aren't happening. 2000s military reforms which were supposed to "modernize" the Russian military ended up gutting its officer corps compared to Soviet times and reorienting the army towards fighting local conflicts like Chechnya and Georgia with "heckin smol bean mobile tactical groups".

But turns out, an army built to police proxy conflicts isn't really good at prosecuting a full-on ye olde land war (at least if it doesn't have the uniquely overwhelming air superiority that the US possesses). This has led to manpower shortages (the opposite of human wave attacks) which repeatedly bared Russia's flanks, forced it to retreat from Kharkov and plug holes with PMCs and Donbass conscripts.

Russia would have actually done better if it stuck to Soviet doctrines instead of modernizing for modernization's sake.


>Russia would have actually done better if it stuck to Soviet doctrines instead of modernizing for modernization's sake.
So then why is it a good thing that China chose to modernize in the same way?


Well, for one thing China is unlikely to actually wage an Ukraine-esque land war against anyone. I think proxy conflicts all over the place against the US are more likely. Even a hypothetical invasion of Taiwan will be more of a war of planes and missiles than that of trenches and tanks. And on that last point, China actually has the high-tech manufacturing base to support air superiority and surgical strike saturation, unlike Russia which is using its air force extremely sparingly because every plane counts. So maybe ultimately it makes sense for China.


>dat pickaxed trotsky
lmao that first one is absolutely amazing


Stalin looks like he's going "let him cook" about Lenin and Mao while Marx looks disapprovingly lol.


kek. I didn't notice him at first.


You should get back to your containment thread with the other ignorant ussr cargo cultist tards. Russia has a conscription system like the soviet union had, the problem of manpower is the same for both, as in its limited by the number of troops the state is willing to mobilize. Modernization has little to do with the fact that their intelligence and planning was retarded enough for them to believe Ukraine would fold easily. Besides Russia never modernized to get small units structured around well trained NCOs, but they shut down many of their officer cadre schools to save money. Meanwhile China did although they always had independance of units from the chain of command, it's basically in the DNA of the PLA, while the soviet union had a top down doctrine (with funny stuff like Stalin idiotically trying to micromanage in the beginning of WW2) that handicaps horribly the Russian army because their country is now a nepotistic neoliberal hellhole. Refusing to "modernize" would have been a terrible mistake for Russia since the modernization consisted majorly in restoring production lines of the 80s and rediscovering manufacturing processes 30 or 40 years old.


> China was able to import and study western equipment when they became buddy with the US

Literally never happened. The U.S. was never friendly to China and always had an overtly hostile relationship with comprehensive export controls on all advanced technology.



Chris Buckley of The New York Times describes Marx Got It Right as "a slickly produced program that is part talk show, part indoctrination session – and a vivid illustration of the quirky efforts that the Communist Party under General Secretary Xi Jinping is making to win over China's millennials."[1]


You're right, we have always been at war with eastasia. China would never cooperate with the US, especially going so far as to peg their currency to the dollar to this day.


>>1485974 (nta)


They only gave them a UNSC permanent seat with veto power, invited them in the WHO, and Reagan merely authorized US manufacturers to sell arms to them in 1984, which is how they got stuff like blackhawks and naval turbines. Here's some history for you
Looking back, maybe the USSR should have just given back the unequal treaty territory the Russian Empire stole and colonized from China


>The U.S. was never friendly to China
Depends on what you mean by "The U.S."
Skull and Bones not only created Nazi Germany but apparently also modern-day China, starting with Mao.


File: 1685665395750.png (337.64 KB, 1182x613, ClipboardImage.png)


China drilling 10,000 METER DEEP HOLE in the earth

what are they doing bros?


>They only gave them a UNSC permanent seat with veto power

Stopped reading lol. The security council seat was given to the RoC and was held from the capital of China in Taipei. The PRC only assumed China's spot in 1971, when the UN assembly, against the will of the US, repudiated the KMT and Chiang and claimed it was an unlawful representative of China only maintained by permanent presence of the US Army in Taiwan. This was done in complete opposition to the US wishes.

The US, to this day, wields its permanent military presence in Asia against the PRC and maintains the existence of the RoC in opposition to it.


File: 1685667932881.png (220.57 KB, 523x355, ClipboardImage.png)

western media gonna have fun with this probably


global heat sink



Hey, why aren't there pictures of Johnson, Eisenhower, or Kennedy in China? It's because US policy at the time was non-recognition and a total ban on trade and travel to the country. Nixon lifted a 20+ year embargo on the country, and could only do so politically because the US establishment viewed China as utterly weak following the cultural revolution and expected the communist party to collapse shortly afterwards.


>The drilling is expected to take 457 days.


>The US, to this day, wields its permanent military presence in Asia against the PRC and maintains the existence of the RoC in opposition to it.
How? Are there US troops in Taiwan right now? Do they rattle of the sabers across the strait in defiance of? Do they not the one China doctrine?


>china relies on oil from foreign partners
>china also is digging a deep hole where oil might be located
>ww3 or the multipolar world maybe coming


could simply be to advance hole digging tech


Yes, Yes, and No.

Is this is a real question?

There are literally US troops literally on Taiwan right now.


No it's because they wanted to fight against the USSR which China also wanted because the soviets were "social imperialist"


The U.S recognizes only one China since the Taiwan Relations Act, stop denying reality


Like the USSR before them, the PRC will embarrass western science. You've heard of the space race, now get ready for the dig dash.


Dear god… theyre digging a hole straight through the earth all the way to the united states so they can jump in the hole and come out in kansas… theyre clearly preparing to send their troops through it in order to surprise attack america!


File: 1685670486795.png (130.67 KB, 452x377, ClipboardImage.png)

"Black cat or white cat, if it can catch mice, it's a good cat." position of Deng illustrated in the painting. Many good details


My fellow Americans, we cannot allow the Chinese Communists to exceed us in this matter. We can not allow a hole gap. We are going to dig a hole to China and make the Chinese Communists pay for it!


File: 1685671728896.jpg (66.13 KB, 500x728, 3rdw3.jpg)

sending dongfeng missiles to murika just got more easier


File: 1685671786639.jpg (119.86 KB, 660x433, Apollo-Soyuz.jpg)

Let's hope they will shake hands in the center of the earth after the race to the bottom and not do anything rash


>The U.S recognizes only one China since the Taiwan Relations Act
Incorrect. The US does not *recognize* the one China policy, it *acknowledges* it. If the US recognized one China, it wouldn't have sent Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan to talk about how they're clearly an independent country, or sent warships into what would be Chinese territorial waters if they actually believed Taiwan was China, or any number of things where the US maintains relations with Taiwan.


USA recognized One China until they decided that they want to start a war over Taiwan, and now they are acknowledging it. That's basically the essence of "rules-based international world order" - rules for thee, and technicalities letting to avoid rules for me


Did they now?

China has a military force resembling early USSR - small elite military with loads and loads of officers. This kind of a military can expand into conscripting millions upon millions without loss in efficiency


That anon is hopefully trolling as pretty much all DC discourse openly rejects the one china principle and the number of people in the US policy circles who support it probably count for less than 1%. There is a serious chance the US will just unilaterally declared "Taiwan" a country ala Russia and the republics.


I give it 1-5 years until recognition happens


The U.S. left is run through with people that just hate China. It’s a common burger position and the default, so they don’t really think very hard. They’ll say things like the US embargoing China and giving its UNSC seat to rump of the failed KMT, which it upheld through the force of the US navy, constitutes support of the PRC. Deeply unserious people, but we’re hot off the heels of them lying about Genocide with a capital G. There is no bottom for the kind of hatred of the orient that exists in the US left or right.


I hope the DPP loses so the US just goes mask off on the issue.


they might but with a kmt gov in charge of taiwan, , Im unsure how that would go in the short term.


Protests, riots, and violent seething


so pre- ukraine war 2.0, the kmt gov possibly being toppled due to a color revolution, and a more radical dpp taking over that promotes taiwan independence even further.


Except US failed most of it's color revolutions over the past decade. If KMT isn't going to cuck out, they'll squash riots


The problem is I dont think the us is gonna fail in taiwan because well taiwan has basically been a us alligned puppet alongside the more "independent" kmt. for over 50 years. The usa is going to make the kmt cuck out and do everything to screw over the kmt.


or KMT can call China to intervene legally and cede them military bases without a fight


If the kmt does that then they have to ensure that one
1. the military is absolutely loyal and wont fight back(which is 50/50 since the military is pro kmt and china)
2. the usa doesnt get wind of this(which is questionable since the us probably has a spy network and collaborators in taiwan)
3. the usa isnt able to intervene before the transfer happens(which is also questionable since the us also has military bases near taiwan)


The Anglo media will just become openly pro-independence and pro-war, and the discussion of Taiwan will foreground “strategic” discussion as they will dispense with the follow the will of the people type thing and begin to talk more about the corruption in Taiwan. The US has no problem convincing people of the need to depose regimes of countries for their own good. They have a complete century of propaganda that does nothing but this.


> If KMT isn't going to cuck out, they'll squash riots

This happened like two decades ago and they did cuck out.


the kmt is going to get color revolutioned into the ground meanwhile the dpp will take over and become even more radical
the future is bleak


You the DPP let the vampire in. People in the in RoC are completely naive about the US’ objectives and designs they have in their island. They don’t imagine what an “Israel in the pacific” means because they assume, even more strongly that USians, that the US has peaceful intentions.


its a very tragic situation and when they realize the reality of it, it would be either too late or they would be utterly brainwashed into believing its chinas fault.


China can send in helicopters and ships to Taiwan pretty fast, though. USA won't have a head start here


well in that case:
1. the kmt still has to make sure the west doesnt discover the plan first(which is going to be hard since you know cia networks in taiwan, and local collaboraters)
2. the chinese army has to not only reach taiwan but also has to take over all or at least most of the bases before the usa comes.

For this to work the cpc has to be quick and efficent meanwhile the kmt has to hide the plan as much as possible. Unsure about the kmt ability tho


File: 1685692784710.png (237.63 KB, 600x494, ClipboardImage.png)

Taiwan is near China. China has absolute advantage in that region. That is why it is always better to invest in defence near once on country than building up millions of bases outside the country.


*ones own


File: 1685699922693.png (111.81 KB, 320x180, ClipboardImage.png)

When will Xi announce that the US debt ceiling raise has destroyed all China's hopes of survival?


VPNs are technically legal in China, right?
As a citizen, not as a tourist. Not asking for a debriefing on DPI.


So he took credit for it? Is it possible for bourgeois pozzed internet historians to not point out heckin cool facts about nazis being not bad actually?


Chinese are legally using VPNs to access foreign internets


bourgeois nationalism always cucks out


File: 1685703016166.png (2.51 MB, 1231x1795, ClipboardImage.png)

Comparing pollution right now between Beijing and Washington D.C.

How things have Changed…


Ive seen you post your mindblowingly retarded takes, completely untethered from even a semblance of actual reality, on a few different threads here. the extent to which your takes defy any possible logic astounds me. Who are you? Are you just eugene sans your lithium pills?


>Are there US troops in Taiwan right now?
Yes, and in fact its been publicly acknowledged several times. Is this news to you?


There are no American troops, only "instructors"


>the chinese army has to not only reach taiwan but also has to take over all or at least most of the bases before the usa comes.
This is not a matter of speed or efficiency, it simply isn't possible.

1. The PLA has never engaged in a military operation where the other side shoots back. The extent of their combat experience in the 21st century is limited to Indian border skirmishes where soldiers literally throw rocks at each other.
2. Taiwan has been planning for an invasion for 70 years, and is riddled with American military assets and intelligence officers.
3. Amphibious assaults are incredibly difficult and remarkably deadly even for seasoned militaries with combined arms, which the PLA is not.
4. The US has been salivating for the chance to have an actual war with China, and attacking an ally is the perfect justification because it still makes them look like the good guy defending the poor little underdog.

No matter how you look at it, this is not a situation that can be won with speed. Any military assault of Taiwan would be a nightmare meat grinder that would result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands at the absolute minimum before the US even arrived.
The hope is that there is no invasion at all, and that they are able to rejoin peacefully with the mainland, or else continue as two countries as they have for multiple generations.


Taiwan will get bombed into the ground because Patriots have 8% success rate, and only then will Chinese troops arrive to mop up survivors. Landing will be virtually unopposed, with surviving Taiwanese forces hiding in mountains because landing will happen from both sides at once


>1. The PLA has never engaged in a military operation where the other side shoots back.
Uncle Sam has never engaged in a military operation where the other side has significant firepower either.
>2. Taiwan has been planning for an invasion for 70 years,
Why is this logic not applied in reverse? Why can't the PRC have been in planning an invasion for 70 years?
>3. Amphibious assaults are incredibly difficult and remarkably deadly even for seasoned militaries with combined arms, which the PLA is not.
This supposes the assault will be something akin to D-Day, which it is not because neither Taiwan nor China are in anyway remotely comparable to Nazi Germany or the WAllies.
>4. The US has been salivating for the chance to have an actual war with China
Uncle Sam salivates for war therefore everyone else should stand by and let it do so.
>No matter how you look at it, this is not a situation that can be won with speed
Incorrect, no one thought that France, one of the greatest armies then, would fold in months against Nazi Germany. The Germans won by sheer daring and willingness to gamble while the Allies stood with their pants down. A willingness to dare and push hard in the same manner might very well avail China.


>Why is this logic not applied in reverse? Why can't the PRC have been in planning an invasion for 70 years?

Taiwan doesn't have any military experience whatsoever, also. Neither do South Korea or Japan or India, for that matter


except no one was talking about open conflict and the post you are replying to literally removed the context of the conversation to do the usual anti-china concern trolling, like a chatbot


>like a chatbot
ouch uyghur, I'm sorry that I've pointed out the flaws in the plan
but hey, everyone here thought kiev would fall within 24 hours too, I'm sure china with its untested military will do much better in a more difficult scenario


>but hey, everyone here thought kiev would fall within 24 hours too
That was a myth primarily spread by Western officials, not by the Russians.
Congratulations on being yet another sucker for Western Propaganda


You gung-ho folks were already proven wrong and frankly, humiliated by the failure of Russia to resolve the Ukraine situation in the manner you promised. Maybe you should do safer bets.


File: 1685709222949.png (474.39 KB, 1266x688, 1662830493115375.png)

initial stages of the hollow earth evacuation plan


you are arguing with a guy that starts a discussion about the de jure situation and then switches to the de facto situation and semantics when he is proven wrong. in other words, he is baiting and you are wasting your time


Russia is a capitalist nation, with news from the front giving hope that they aren't as cucked as we thought. Then it kind of became clear that while Russia retained a lot of Soviet doctrine, they still downgraded hard. China is communist, though. Communists know how to fight properly


This is pure idealism, a bullet doesn't care about ideology, communist countries lost wars against capitalist and even feudal ones. If you think invading a big fortified island protected by the biggest military player out there will be a cake walk I'm afraid I can't do anything for you


File: 1685709581949.png (32.16 KB, 225x225, ClipboardImage.png)

Don't you realize the fact that murika is like many KM away and China is like right next door. Recently when Pelosi visited China just executed a drill showing how exactly they will cut off the trade routes of Taiwan region and a blockade will be effectively imposed in no time if the need arises. Also the Taiwans regions military is so smol it will be rekt. Given Taiwan is an island they would have to concede to China quite quickly


>communist countries lost wars against capitalist and even feudal ones.

Lolno, never. The only way capitalists can win against communists is by numerical superiority and the war from all directions. Even then communists have shown the ability to outperform enemy militaries


The USSR lost against Poland and Afghanistan, China lost against India, (and Vietnam and the USSR). "but i lost because i didn't commit enough manpower" is not an excuse, you lost, or maybe we can begin to argue that the US ackshually won the vietnam war?


>The USSR lost against Poland
Except at the time there were enemies besieging Russia from every side. Tukhachevsky failed to take Warsaw, but otherwise Russia managed to disarm Poland enough to dissuade them from participating in the anti-Soviet coalition. Crimea, which was poised to be Russia's Taiwan, never materialized as a result


Not a loss

>China lost against India

?????? where, lmao

>and Vietnam

Vietnam was finlandized as a result. That's the same cope as Finland's, and it's pathetic

>and the USSR

Go and check who de facto controlled the island before and after the border conflict, lmao.

>US ackshually won the vietnam war

Theth offensive has destroyed USA army, forcing them to retreat, to change plans from invading the north to withdraw from the south. USA has lost over 10000 aircraft over the course of Vietnam war. Comparisons to Soviet-Afghanistan war are hilarious


File: 1685710804255.png (34.74 KB, 460x140, ClipboardImage.png)


>The only way capitalists can win against communists is by numerical superiority and the war from all directions. Even then communists have shown the ability to outperform enemy militaries
Sir, we've hit a vein of pure copium!


File: 1685711064706.png (107.74 KB, 735x715, 1649090801331.png)

Are you from /k/, per chance? You clearly don't belong here, because you consider real history copium


File: 1685711226807.mp4 (5.59 MB, 720x1280, 4tge.mp4)

Come on that is not a good argument. A small capitalist country can easily be taken over by a big capitalist power and same goes vice versa. In case of mainland, Taiwan region issue though mainland has many advantages on its side compared to the island


No, but I at least have a basic understanding of military strategy and history.
>Soviet-Afghan war: 15,000 dead in 10 years
>US-Afghan war: 2,400 dead in 20 years
Oh yeah, thats a rich vein right there


*A small communist country can easily be taken over by a big capitalist power


File: 1685711513263-0.png (38.77 KB, 664x203, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685711513263-1.png (440.3 KB, 680x532, 16534031738990.png)

You can't die from Afghanis if you die from "suicide"


How's your taking over Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia going, CIA? Still printing those medals commemorating successful bay of pigs invasion?


>he lost the argument about communists somehow magically have better militaries
>copes and seethes by pointing out that people kill themselves under capitalism
Pure, actual copium. Incredible.


File: 1685712395063-0.jpg (808.24 KB, 1193x1000, NaziKD.jpg)

File: 1685712395063-1.png (73.97 KB, 1049x765, RusUSAMobileDefence.png)

Communists don't MAGICALLY have better militaries, they have militaries by the virtue of them being people's militaries, having better commanders through better education system and better selection process, having motivated militaries through the use of commissars and political propaganda, explaining people what they are fighting for, as well as educating them, having better military doctrines through, again, better participation and motivation of all people involved.

Next communists have better military-industrial complex through the use of state enterprise and planned economy both. Russia with their REMNANTS of Soviet war doctrine outproduces entire fucking West - now try and find the rate of military production of China and realize that they aren't capitalist-brained idiots and don't actually publish secret stuff for investors to see. Rather, look at satellite images of all the new boats China builds per year. Also, since it's the MILITARY that runs the state companies producing weapons and munitions, it's MILITARY'S needs that are fulfilled in those designs, not private companies' who gave themselves monopolies over what military consumes through lobbying and contract system

>b-but my k/d

All lies, lmao. Westoids can't bear thinking that dirty asiatic commies can absolutely murder Westoid cannon fodder militaries


So why can't China take Taiwan? Surely it would be simple and could be done with no casualties.


Convenient of you to not disclose how many coalition afghanis died. Definitely confirms you're from /k/ope though.


Amnesty International and their FAKE Uyghur abduction story: AN ANALYSIS


Amnesty should just focus on Israeli apartheid tbqh, nothing to fake there


How could Xi do this?


Now that's just cope. Also I forgot to mention but the USSR lost the cold war, although they were kinda besieged if you count China in the US camp, which you could since the US was selling them weapons after all even if that's a little stretched.


>Expecting Comrade Xi to try to educate the same retards who slurped up WMDs in Iraq, Gadaffi raping 10 million women, Assad gassing 6 million Syrians, etc.
China knows the West is retarded and there's nothing left to save. Why haven't you come to the same conclusion?


I’m occasionally reminded about how fake the Uyghur genocide story was and it’s just still astounding to me. A genocide (with killing fields promised to be discovered any moment) evidenced by a second order derivative of population *growth.* insane shit. Of course it turns out the only real destruction was removals of minarets themselves installed in the 90s. Now we have to move forward in a world where a genocide that clearly didn’t ever exist is asserted to have happened by everyone who doesn’t want to be instantly deplatformed. Nobody can actually just say it didn’t happen in any discussion space because the source of the claims was an alliance between the sinophobic left, the BBC and the US State Department.


It’s clearly just the well established process of consent manufacturing following the initiation of the Trade War under Trump which the US has continually expanded to all domains. What’s funny is the guy is like “this is bad for the world” while pretending that China did it when it’s his own professional group and government that created these conditions with full intentionality. There really is no group in world history that can hold a candle to the hypocrisy of the western liberal.


File: 1685716186934.jpg (75.07 KB, 593x680, 76576565.jpg)

Theres not much that China can do in this reguard, even if they get some more great cultural exports like Wandering Earth people in the West will still hate the China & the CPC.



From the point of China they are getting stronger while the USA is getting weaker. So why would China fight the USA now when they can wait a quarter century from now when the gap would be so wide it will be like a modern army (China) slaughtering a medieval feudal army (USA)?


What was zhongguo supposed to do anyway? Just let nato gobble up russia and not sell russia any weapons or give russia access to chinese banking systems? I think they're mad mainly because china understands that russia is one of its only major allies and has done everything it can do to ensure that it easternizes rather than europeanizes itself. Of course before the ukraine war the US was already trying its best to manufacture consent for confrontation with china based on the whole winnie pooh xinjiang uyghur covid lockdown authoritarianism story, but its not like xi jinping could have done anything about that. Its better that it is focusing more on building a regional alliance than it is trying to win the hearts and minds of privileged westoids, because in times of hardship it will be russia selling oil to china for cheap, whereas westoids wont be revolting against their governments enough for it to prevent chinese collapse assuming it didnt give up a little bit of its neutral reputation by helping the russkies.


Despite what even pro-China westoids think, China does not want to go to war. The fundamental outlook of Chinese foreign policy for the last 30 years has been “its (inevitable) peaceful rise”. It has not actually been a country preparing for war and even today it is not. The US has just always had a deeply racist view of China that it was duplicitous and secretly harboring evil intention while saying the opposite to outsiders.


China has been far less of an ally to Russia than other countries that Europe and the U.S. are far kinder and friendly to (Turkey or India). China has been actually quite neutral and have offered limited diplomatic support to Russia (seeking a mutual settlement between Ukraine and Russia) and no material support.

Russia is just an excuse to assuage the complex of shame and guilty that some westoids have for breaking apart the world into racial blocs for a second go at the generational war that threatens to end humanity. But they’re going to do it anyway so I don’t know why they bother.


bwaahaha russia and china are beyond allies cretin


i hope you actually do acknowledge the full implications of that statement, at least
also all it takes is one group of US soldiers being vaporized during an invasion of Taiwan for the US to have all the apparently justification it needs to nuke every last blade of grass on the Mainland. Having US soldiers on Taiwans helps deter an invasion and costs them nothing. There are obviously US troops there.


>continue as two countries as they have for multiple generations.
they have never operated as two countries


Does China know that there are US troops? Any attack on Taiwan will certainly kill many citizens, and I trust and believe the US will back down like coward childrens rather than admit to stationing troops there. They will simply say it was civilian travelers


The US nuking China would result in the USA ceasing to exist at a nation state through Mutual Assured Destruction. It is why during the Cold War the USA didn't do anything about Soviet forces killing Americans in the Korean, Vietnam and Afghanistan War and simply covered up their deaths.


The real reason nukes are not used is because they do not deter the opponent to continue fighting.
>But what are we to make of all those conclusions if the traditional story of Hiroshima is called into doubt? Hiroshima is the center, the point from which all other claims and assertions radiate out. Yet the story we have been telling ourselves seems pretty far removed from the facts. What are we to think about nuclear weapons if this enormous first accomplishment—the miracle of Japan’s sudden surrender—turns out to be a myth?


They aren't though, China refused to vote against the UN condemnation of Russia and Russia refused to Chinese conditions on peace talks. China also takes care to not export weapons or sensitive materials to Russia.


File: 1685726468137-0.mp4 (8.67 MB, 1280x720, BASED.mp4)

File: 1685726468137-1.mp4 (2.52 MB, 640x360, Anniversary.mp4)





Oh it’s that New Federal State of China scam guy!
>Guo was arrested on March 15, 2023 in New York by Federal authorities, for conspiracy to defraud his online followers out of more than $1 billion. These included $452 million in unregistered offering and $150 million in loans for GTV, in addition to $250 million for membership programmes and $262 million for the Himalaya Exchange cryptocurrency project.

How did he groom those kids into his fraud? Hands off our children! :^)


>Guo was accused of corruption and other misdeeds by the Chinese authorities and fled to the United States in late 2014, after learning he was going to be arrested under allegations of bribery, kidnapping, money laundering, fraud and rape.
>Guo is a colleague of Steve Bannon and a member of former U.S. President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.
>Guo has been using an online misinformation network to promote the use of unproven treatments for COVID-19 as well as pushing conspiracy theories about vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna.
never heard of this guy, why are they backing up this rapist lmao?


Why not? They backed Li Hongzhi.


I don't think that there will be explicit recognition outside of meme countries like Kosovo. All US-Taiwan relations will continue to be regulated by the Taiwan Relations Act, which mentions "Taiwan" exclusively and only mentions "China" in the context of the agreements that it replaced.


the idea is that the kmt army is filled with lots of pro china personal. Unlike ukraine which was filled with nazis in the military, the taiwan military is filled with chinese kmt nationalists. So its pretty reasonable to assume that large sections might stand down since one they support a united china and two if theres overwhelming force from the ccp, then theres no point to resist.
A historical example would be something like nazi germany invading austria and annexing it immeditely.


Xi Jinping is so fucking based. Hes even taller than Putin. Im happy that they can see common enemies.


>Taiwan will get bombed into the ground
lmao, China's "muh neutrality" porn while Western officials are openly declaring China as enemy #1 heading into 2030 doesn't give me much hope that Xi is any less of a fool than Cucktin.


Cuck Warfare works. It just works. Look at the world realizing who's sane and who's the rabid dog.


Or it could be just like Ukraine, where moderate elements and mainland sympathizers eventually get behind their government because their national identity get bolstered by an attack from the outside. China can't invade Taiwan without putting hundreds of thousands of troops on vulnerable landing ships that will be shot at before they reach the shores anyway so it won't be like Austria, there will be violence.


After the revolution, I will personally deport all Gusanos as POTUS. I don't care if they're US citizens or not. You get around it legally by claiming it as a military operation.


I look at Japan sucking America's cock. That tells me everything I need to know about what drives geopolitics.


except in the scenario that we are talking about before, we were talking about a situation where the gov was controlled by the kmt. And in that scenario, the more pro unification taiwan gov might stand down. Especially since I doubt taiwans coastal defenses would easily destroy landing ships….if those coastal defenses were destroyed by chineses aircraft.


That's a defeated vassal state. South Korea too.
Completely alien and irrelevant to the topic at hand.


Don't reply to me anymore, thanks.


File: 1685754403769.webm (1.65 MB, 480x1036, 1685754196571686.webm)

>no homelessness in China


These individuals are not homeless, but well paid actors on a bourgeois movie set


Dude most of these are workers taking temporary rest and not muh homeless. Have seen many anti-China accounts post similar out of context videos and get debunked afterwards


Poverty alleviation program has provided housing to every family


oh yeah, workers bring dirty mattressses to work


If you think there really are no homeless people in China, then it is clear you have not visited or lived in China before.


When did you last visit China ?


It is possible according to the particular situation of work. The vid could also be Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau btw or old videos taken in China. If people slept on the streets local governments usually provided them with shelter pretty fast. Nowadays after the poverty alleviation though every family has already been provided with housing.


File: 1685758472533.png (91.2 KB, 1355x534, ClipboardImage.png)

>"But not everyone who has been found a new home is happy, and many miss their old way of life, academic says"

Nooo authoritarian China $&@$% people miss living in mud huts and caves have you ever considered that ? YOU MONSTER

LMAO SCMP and western bootlicking go hand in hand


I'm not reading that trash. Which academic says people prefer their old way of life? Who are they quoting?


China has declined a request by the US for a meeting between their defense chiefs at an annual security forum in Singapore this weekend, media reported on Monday, a new sign of strain between the powers.

"Overnight, the PRC informed the US that they have declined our early May invitation for Secretary Austin to meet with PRC Minister of National Defense Li Shangfu in Singapore," the Pentagon said in a statement to the Wall Street Journal, referring to China by the initials of its official name, the People's Republic of China.

The Pentagon said it believed in open communication "to ensure that competition does not veer into conflict."


SCMP is known for writing trash articles. I just posted the pic so that we can all take a moment to laugh at their stupidity and bootlicking

>“In Yunnan, there are people who feel very uncomfortable in their new homes because they can’t smoke bacon, and would rather go back to their crumbling old homes,” he said.

>“I have been to some families who have been moved to their beautiful new homes, which even have grape arbors and courtyards for livestock, but there are no places for them to worship,” he said

I mean yea these are easily solvable issue and has to do with people missing their old place. But to SCMP brainlets hyperfocus on it and even makes it into a big issue lmao. Even if China cures cancer they will find a bad twist to it.


File: 1685761605274.png (5.39 MB, 2048x1147, ClipboardImage.png)



>Even if China cures cancer they will find a bad twist to it.

China cures cancer, BUT AT WHAT COST???


>We're racist freaks (as we always have been) and that's china's fault


And Xi has hung out amicably with Modi. Are you actually fucking retarded enough to take these in-person political leader meetings at face value?


Russia and China are de facto allies and they're working together to remove the dollar as a reserve currency. Bringing up India which has active border issues unlike Russia is just insane.

You're all diplomacylets.


hey man i recognize xi and putin are allies wtf. dont call me a diplomacylet


My entire point was that Xi and Modi aren't allies and that your video meant nothing.


Did you hear what they said in that video?


Theres many reasons why they are allies(shared goals, similar enemy, outside the western imperialist block and etc.)
And while its true that china has been reluctant to show official support to russia its also true that china has been supplying a lot of the fucking consumer goods that russia needed during the war due to sactions.
so eh


I visited China in 2016. Yes there are some homeless in the streets of Beijing. It’s no where near that of the level of the US.


Nobody has done this since the USSR or possibly Singapore.


You should go back and check now. Poverty alleviation campaign was completed by 2020-2021 timeframe


It’s China‘s fault for having a dystopian social credit score and killing millions of Muslims. All shit that’s complete true and actually exist. How can anyone think China is not evil when those completely real things happened? Also they made the picture of the black stormtrooper smaller.


nice bait


Didn't South Korea has something similar in the 80s?


It was park chung the state capitalist hees policy of creating apartment blocs


Also it started in the 70s not the 80s


>So why can't China take Taiwan?
The same reason Russia "can't" take Georgia, Moldova, the Baltics or Ukraine. It is a western policy of containment that disguises military escalation and economic warfare as "defensive". China has no need to take Taiwan, which is already largely dependent on China for trade and international relations, given time Taiwan would naturally align with the PRC, and the only reason why it's not is the USA puppeteer the political establishment to manufacture grievances, in order to pursue containment of China just as they used Ukraine to do the same for Russia.


South Korea has shanty towns and slums.


So does China.


File: 1685800110068.png (1.25 MB, 1100x619, ClipboardImage.png)

DPRK also does this. I am not sure about Cuba though. I think they also have similar program but face difficulties due to burger embargo


This psycho is worse than Bolton.


>So why can't China take Taiwan?
Their obstacles are more psychological than anything else. They have the physical military resources to compel surrender from Taiwan, just as Russia does with Ukraine. But their leaders lack that Westoid ruthlessness that – objectively speaking, any leftist moral qualms aside – works extremely well in being a world player.


Westoid ruthlessness only enriches military industry. Wars aren't only risky and unpredictable, they also eat a lot of resources that could have been spent on peaceful development. For a country that is either communist or is dominated by national industrial bourgeoisie, they just don't want the government to spend resources on the military, they'd rather this money getting spent on peaceful development

Also, China is ruthless, alright. Their sanctions work extremely well, they just don't overuse them and don't rely on them for making people do what they want


Trips of idealism, there's no genetic characters of western man that makes him more ruthless and there's no morality preventing Russia to take Ukraine: their state apparatus is not strong enough to sustain mobilization, they have too much to loose if they use nukes, they don't have the military capacity to do it otherwise. The calculus is roughly the same for China: taking Taiwan is a loosing proposition at worst and a gamble too risky at best. And even if they win what happens when the United States cuts them off from the global supply chain? Maybe they are too "moral" to fight and win against Taiwan, maybe like 100% of other states in history they don't care about morality past optics and jus need those slaves to keep mining cobalt in the Congo


>what happens when the United States cuts them off from the global supply chain?

Westoid companies will lose those profits that keep Westoid economies afloat, that's what happens. There's no alternative to China, not today, not in the future. Westoids are truly stuck with China as their best trading partner


Economies don't collapse like that, they can take a pounding and sacrifices in the midst of an inter-imperialist war, (which a conflict between the US and China would virtually be) we saw that in both world wars, the resource extraction markets taken from either side could be reabsorbed by the other


China should have taken Taiwan region during Mao era itself. Shouldn't have allowed those KMT weaklings to escape and colonize the island


China, Singapore Sign MOU to Establish Direct Secure Hotline


China's Defense Ministry Takes Firm Stance on Taiwan Question


>what happens when the United States cuts them off from the global supply chain
Have you ever looked at what's written on the tag at the back of your tighty whities?


You okay there Zeihan?


"made in Bangladesh" and "Indian cotton"?


File: 1685815763844.png (141.94 KB, 308x239, ClipboardImage.png)

>what happens when the United States cuts them off from the global supply chain?
what happens after is you wake up from this dream and realize that the united states can't cut them off from the global supply chain


[X] Doubt


>an inter-imperialist war, (which a conflict between the US and China would virtually be)
Oh ok, for a moment i was thinking of taking your post seriously


File: 1685817322626-0.png (242.55 KB, 588x855, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685817322626-1.png (347.84 KB, 587x1117, ClipboardImage.png)

WHY DID YOU CHICOMS DO THIS https://twitter.com/XVanFleet/status/1664988597559123968


Even if you follow the line that they are in a preliminary or primary stage of socialism, they have for now a capitalist mode of production and are competing more and more against the US for resource control and commodity/capital exports. Furthermore they have shown complete disregard (or even outright hostility) for foreign socialist movements time and time again. As such it's logical to frame a potential future conflict with the United States as an inter-imperialist one for all intent and purposes. If of course what you seek is a material understanding of geopolitical relations so to make accurate predictions, rather than jerking off on a so-called Chinese moral and cultural exceptionalism.


>they have for now a capitalist mode of production

WRONG. Capitalist mode of production wouldn't allow China to outcompete the entire West. For an example of capitalist mode of production, look no further than India. The very fact that China is so, so much better economy-wise than the West is a proof that China is more progressive. And since China ignores crisis of capitalism like we have today, it means that China has solved it i.e. they are socialist


>complete disregard (or even outright hostility) for foreign socialist movements time and time again
They are the only reason there are any Communist countries left you retard. They are the lifeline that keep the DPRK and Cuba afloat.


Idealism + you're wrong. Planning the economy - which is not socialism - is indeed the a good way to do primitive accumulation and to play catch up with the west, but one of the things China had that India didn't benefit from is the absolutely humongous help from an industrial country as a starter, in the form of the "Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship, Alliance and Mutual Assistance". In terms of scale this kind of help for development was and is still unheard of.
China also doesn't ignore crisis of capitalism, since they are connected to the global capitalism system they suffer from their effects, even if they have some ways to attenuate those, some argue that they even saved the capitalist world economy from total collapse in 2008. Besides your claim is hilariously absurd given the fact that they struggled with their own financial crisis in the private property sector from 2020 to 2022, very socialist indeed.

My bad, I guess I'll have to forget when they opposed Nepal revolutionaries, aligned with the US against the "social imperialist" USSR or supported the mujaheddin against the communist government of Afghanistan.


File: 1685823057867-0.png (383.99 KB, 600x530, 576565.png)

>aligned with the US against the "social imperialist" USSR or supported the mujaheddin against the communist government of Afghanistan.
You mean due to Mao's three worlds policy that Deng ended?.. what does this have to do with the contemporary PRC?

>Nepal revolutionaries

Nepal is literally apart of the Belt and Road Initiative you brainlet. Take some time to actually study the things you are talking about before opening you mouth. (Here ive attached a book on the subject that you clearly need to read.)


>they struggled with their own financial crisis in the private property sector from 2020 to 2022, very socialist indeed.

What struggle? They just nationalized the struggling companies, split them piecemeal between SOEs. This caused a meltdown in foreign investors' circles

>Planning the economy - which is not socialism - is indeed the a good way to do primitive accumulation

lmao, planning the economy is the most effiicient way to govern an economy. "Not socialism" happens when porkies are so deep in shit that they have to save the economy somehow and are forced to do planning. Because, again, it's the most efficient way to run an economy

>even saved the capitalist world economy from total collapse in 2008

Yeah, it would have been great if China let the world economy implode without swaying half the world into China's BRI. Besides, Chinese economy required dollars to buy resources from the world market, and without BRI and various treaties dead world economy would have resulted in China also being starved of resources


>Posts fucken awesome and inspiring song about Chinese women being cool af
Look at what they did to China noooooooo

(Here it is btw)

<"Seven Uniques: Inscribed Photos for Female Militiamen" is a seven-character quatrain poem inscribed by Mao Zedong in 1961 for a personal photo of a staff member who participated in militia training around him. Through the outline of the military training of female militiamen, the poem depicts the unprecedented bravery and heroism of Chinese women, praises their heroic spirit of "women do not yield to men", and praises the new Chinese women's new spirit of the times and their unyielding attitude of being ready to defend the motherland at any time.


The sino-soviet split lasted until the end of the soviet union, please open a history book sometimes. And yes they support Nepal now with the BRI, just like the great socialist states of Poland and Italy, turns out China is looking out for itself and doesn't care about socialism,

If planning is so efficient and good why is there a bourgeoisie investing so badly in China that the government has to intervene while the soviet union seemingly did just fine without? Why don't they nationalize everything now?


File: 1685828418962.pdf (1.9 MB, 18x255, 1684530269887.pdf)


>the soviet union seemingly did just fine without?
uyghur where is the Soviet Union now?


>The sino-soviet split lasted until the end of the soviet union
No it didnt, Deng reopened relations under Andropov and finalized them in '89, you are the one who needs to read a history book.



china thread comrades, I need to ask what is the fundamental difference between south koreas saemual undong and chinas anti poverty rural campaign


Chinese policy actually works, and Worst Korean policy is basically reconstruction-tier


>No it didnt, Deng reopened relations under Andropov and finalized them in '89
It's not fair bros.


I unironically believe andropov could have been deng like. He was somewhat reformist but also believed in strengthening the communist party. He had a mixture of reformers and hardliners supporting him. And when you think about andropov death is like if deng died and hu or zhao succeded him. Especially since when you read about andropov, he was the one that promoted gorbechav.


File: 1685831864150.jpg (36.6 KB, 400x527, 765456765.jpg)

Yeah I think one of the dangers of being a genuine Marxist-Leninist reformer like Andropov/Deng is that you find yourself having to ally with undercover Liberals who disguse themselves as reformists just to get your policies passed, then you need to stop the Liberals from 'reforming' too much like Deng did by removing/arresting Hu and Zhao. But with Andropov dying a year and half into his leadership there wasnt a strong leader in place who could defeat the Liberals in the CPSU.


File: 1685831914970.png (376.26 KB, 600x409, ClipboardImage.png)


yeah honestly a fucking shame andropov died before he could stop Gorbachev. And the sad thing is Andropov was around the same age as deng when both began their reforms. Chernenko could have stopped them but he died too. The ml that could have stopped gorbie/hu and yelstin/zhao only were in power for a respective two years and then died.. :/


This is the guy who promoted Gorbachev, maybe his prophecy worked just right.


deng also supported and helped hu and zhao but eventually, through hardliner support, got rid of them
andropov would have done the same to Gorbachev and yelstin.


It’s shocking how pathetically superficial the sinophobic’s left view remains even as their country openly states its declaration for all our repression and war against it. Makes you go humm.


Oh awesome the retard left version of “the US made China strong” and it’s even more unbelievable and astonishingly stupid.


you talk like gorbachev acted the way he was as a premier.
Gorbachev was considered a young and devoted member of the party at andropov's time, a lack of "stalinism" in search of what every member of the party was talking about ruined it.


>the fact that they struggled with their own financial crisis in the private property sector from 2020 to 2022, very socialist indeed.

I hear they also have toothbrushes. Literally their own toothbrushes. What part of that is socialism?


socialism clearly does not mean personal property, sweetie. are you even a true communist. socialism means owning nothing and being happy about it.


An argument right from the liberal playbook I see, I'm speechless.


Its wasnt just Brezhnev/Andropov/Chernenko that died in the first half of the 80s as well Ustinov (Minister of Defence & Marshal of the Soviet Union) died in '84 and Suslov (Chief Party Ideologist) died in '82. Also Gromyko (Minister of Foreign Policy) was removed from power as soon as Gorbachev came into office. so there was a big lose of talent in highest positions in the party.


wow gorbie came to power in the perfect moment. The perfect moment that could have rekted the party.




File: 1685842432365.png (246.57 KB, 512x512, 16849385579100.png)

>“I am hoping that is an isolated incident that won’t happen again for us, because we have international law on our side,” Mountford told Global News. “This is international waters.”

>A People’s Liberation Navy ship picked up considerable speed and cut in front of the bow of the Chung-Hoon, a maneuver HMCS Montreal’s commander, Capt. Paul Mountford, called “not professional.”


Absolutely wild how westoids are trying to spin this as if they're in the right.


>w-we did navigation in international waters!
>China notified us that they'll ram us if we go forward, and then they've rammed us!
>how unprofessional of them!


sometimes i wonder what it's like to be a weibo mod and having to delete tianman square copypastas. not relevant to anything, just thought i'd share


I'd much rather be a chinese social media mod just deleting dumb western troll copypasta shit than a mod on western social media who has to deal with way more unhinged and illegal shit.


are you ready for ww3 anon, because this shit wont stop


Oh man the comment section for that video is nowhere near as bad as this one. If you want to test your sanity, try reading some of the comments. We are SO going to WW3.


What the fuck, why isn't it available to leafs?


There were plenty of oppositionists to Gorbachev in the CPSU like Ligachyov, but they felt the need to adhere to party discipline and DemCent until it was too late and the liberals were too well entrenched.
Even until the end, they felt that Gorbachev was just too lax of a ML that they could "push left", that's why in the 1991 "coup attempt" they actually tried to save Gorbachev and only kick out the liberals, and when Gorbachev denied their "assistance" they just floundered and didn't know what to do. If they actually opposed Gorbachev and understood that he was essentially a tool of the liberals instead of only trying to steer him away from opportunism for all those years, they might've gotten the USSR back on track.


Chinese defense minister delivers speech at Shangri-la dialogue


File: 1685850986535.mp4 (6.02 MB, 640x360, pissing_red.mp4)

Looking forward to crashing a pro-war rally by jumping up on the stage and shouting "My name is [Butthole Flag from Bumfuck USA] and this is NOT MY WAR AND I WON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT" before getting dragged off the stage and given a few gut punches before getting shipped off to Gitmo.


yes which is why andropov shouldnt have died. If he had lived and governed the soviet union with hardliner support than the situation you mentioned may not have happened. For unlike gorbie who was a tool of the liberals, andropov in the other hand was not. He would have listened to the hardliners in the gov and would have eventually purged people like yelstin. But unfortunately he died early so what can we do.


is chinese social media that much better?


File: 1685852274511.png (41.01 KB, 773x454, ClipboardImage.png)

It's a good thing tho don't you like le freedom and dumbocracy?


Most of the August "coup" were Gorbys men because all the left opponents had been pushed out of power by then. They just realised he needed to crack down on the nationalists or the USSR would fly apart.

There is a theory that Gorby was even the architect of the "coup" but got cold feet due to the Western response to it.


Be born in time to see the end of the Cold War, still get to die in WW3.


File: 1685855004135.png (70.64 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)

At this point China should stop explaining itself and start saying " we will do whatever we want, deal with it" to westoids to just let them screech even more and lose their mind


File: 1685855816833.png (1005.45 KB, 1000x750, ClipboardImage.png)


rare good namefag post






There's almost certainly going to be a lot less of the truly vile stuff because of government oversight.


Westoids cannot countenance a world where Chinese are equals to them. To them, the Chinese are coolies and slaves, sweatshop workers, robotic, benighted and oppressed and permanently backwards. Their place is to listen to the West, obey their orders, and internalize their thoughts. When chinese speak or theorize, they are contemptuously dismissed (be it by the left or right intellectual; when was the last time you read a Chinese writer on political economy? Do you only ever think about them besides to reflexively assert they are wrong?) The idea that a Canadian warship should not be able to use its guns to threaten and strong arm Chinese with impunity is intolerable situation for the Canuck. This group will become murderous with rage, their bloodlust utterly uncontainable.

The only chance to avert this was perhaps the beginning of the trade war. Years ago. When everyone on the western left was literally lying about a genocide.


So do you really think there's no chance the West isn't escalating this into a hot war?


this is the case for all of the third world anon. In other words, fuck westoids.


File: 1685864728507.png (283 KB, 549x547, ClipboardImage.png)

Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Oman to form joint naval force facilitated by China

China be destroying that freedom of navigation huh ?


File: 1685865531762.jpg (57.14 KB, 550x412, ZBeR-hahvryh8568055.jpg)

China overtakes Japan as world's top car exporter

<China has become the world's biggest exporter of cars after overtaking Japan in the first three months of the year.

<Officials figures released in the last week show China exported 1.07 million vehicles in the period, up 58% compared to the first quarter of 2022.


At the same time Japan's vehicle exports stood at 954,185, after edging up 6% from a year earlier.

China's exports were boosted by demand for electric cars and sales to Russia.

Last year, China overtook Germany to become the world's second largest car exporter.

China's General Administration of Customs, China exported 3.2 million vehicles in 2022, compared to Germany's 2.6 million vehicle exports.

The shift away from fossil fuels has helped fuel the rise of China's motor industry.

First quarter exports of new energy vehicles (NEVs), which includes electric cars, rose by more than 90%, compared to a year earlier.

Tesla's China arm, SAIC - the owner of the MG brand - and BYD, which is backed by veteran US investor Warren Buffett, are among China's top exporters of NEVs.

Elon Musk's electric carmaker has a huge manufacturing plant in Shanghai which exports to regions including Japan and Europe.

Tesla's 'Gigafactory' is currently capable of producing 1.25 million vehicles a year, and the company is planning to further increase capacity.

Last month, it started making Model Y sport utility vehicles for export to Canada.

China has also seen exports to Russia surge since the start of the Ukraine war, as Western countries imposed trade sanctions on Moscow.

Last, year, Chinese carmakers - including Geely, Chery and Great Wall - saw their market share in Russia jump after rivals including Volkswagen and Toyota quit the country following the invasion of Ukraine.





Fuck Redditors, they’re the peak liberal brain rot


No. The US has failed at the trade war, the tech war, and is failing at containment. It has been highly successful at cultivating sinophobia and fairly successful at deepening and expanding regional and international security alliances aimed at China.

Because containment is failing war will be the only option remaining. Basically because the political configuration needed for extreme sanctions on China is the same to that needed for war, “moderate” hawks end up discredited as their means of containment proves impossible and the system logic (which requires the end goal of containment to be achieved) empowers increasingly belligerent and violent factions.


china number 1


Do you think China will be able to defend itself?


It was already Andropov who announced that they want to withdraw support from their Warsaw Pact allies which influenced those allies to start getting ready for liberalization themselves and make more connections with the West.


I used to think China would lose by sheer dint of the fact that they cannot hold out against a prolonged naval blockade like how the British Navy helped to force Germany to capitulate in WW1, but I've started to think otherwise.

They have massive food reserves that they've been building up for macroeconomic price control purposes that can be repurposed to ration out to their population in a wartime scenario. Other countries like Russia Thailand Brazil etc. would happily to continue to supply them especially if Western countries cut off food exports leaving market share open. Furthermore any skirmish over Taiwan will result in immense casualties for the US Navy and the economic shock of the war would affect America much worse than China.

All China has to do is hold out for maybe 1-2 years and wait for the Americans to collapse in on themselves. Even if China loses they'll just go nuclear rather than forfeiting Taiwan. The Taiwan issue is basically existential for the Communist Party and Chinese state in a way that it simply isn't for Americans.

I think America believes they can win if not easily then after a brief period of struggle but a war against China would be the final nail in the coffin of American hegemony in a way. Furthermore despite Taiwan having increasingly emboldened separatist tendencies the average Taiwan citizen in no way wants to fight and any attempt to introduce shit like Azov Training Camps for Kids like they did in Ukraine will fail because the most hardline nationalist elements in Taiwan are actually far more sympathetic to China than the broader population and are at high risk for defecting immediately to China once the war starts.


Yes, the Western elite is totally rational. Can you also predict the winning lotery ticket tomorrow?


File: 1685881508204.png (72.33 KB, 1008x487, prophecy.png)

>The Western elite is fucking insane
all according to plan


America can't blockade China because the whole world economy is dependent upon them. The entire consumer electronics sector would be gone. TVs would cost tens of thousands of dollars, let alone fucking smart phones.

That's why the Americans have tacitly accepted China's rise to number 2 and are just trying to keep them from being number 1 by trying to hold China back from cutting edge silicon chip production.

The whole US theory for a confrontation with China over Taiwan is that it would last weeks. And that it would involve the US Navy and Air Force intercepting a Chinese invasion fleet in the Taiwan strait.

US admirals have admitted they have no real plan if China just blockades Taiwan.


Michael Hudson worked together with a lot of high American officials throughout his career and he said that, and I paraphrase "there are a couple of complete nutjobs in our government that would opt for all out nuclear war because they simply couldnt stand losing to China"


Mr President, we must not allow a TSMC gap!


File: 1685883219248.png (168.74 KB, 497x372, ClipboardImage.png)

You think that's a joke?


Do the Chinese not appreciate all the jobs that would be lost if they developed cheap cures for cancer?


>[black and white montage of AI destroying mankind]


File: 1685884812689.png (396.37 KB, 800x480, ClipboardImage.png)

PLA handles US, Canadian warships in provocative Taiwan Straits transit amid Shangri-La Dialogue, forcing US vessel to alter course


chinanaons do the medical authourities there follow US thought on prescribing SSRIs, opiates, and things like Ritalin for children with ADHD? I want to know how somewhat independent medical authorities, like in China or Cuba, view US-driven medical thought on this kind of medicalization of society.


always amazing how geopolitics defaults to schoolyard morality
>I'm just walking here don't care who lives here
>I'm just walking here too where I live
>look everyone, he's walking into me
>look everyone, I'm just walking here where I live


the idea that our brains and mentality has become "modern and civilized" is pure ideology. look at the current internet culture in the west: infinite iterations of "chad vs virgin/soyjack". if there were other memes around, you could say that this particular idea is ironic, but there are not
it's not only geopolitics, people are being conditioned to think that the only respectable human quality is the ability to exert violence



murika has no choice, this also explains a lot of sanctions imposed on emerging Chinese industries like semiconductor, if China masters the technology… murika and allies will have nothing to sell anymore, the crises will deepen and stagnation will take hold further



File: 1685891176422.png (533.42 KB, 640x1365, ClipboardImage.png)

Taken from this compilation btw


>when was the last time you read a Chinese writer on political economy

As often as I can find a good translation (and I'm working on learning Chinese so I'm no longer reliant on this).


File: 1685893109304.webm (1.84 MB, 1266x720, buzz the golems.webm)

Idiotic simplification.

There's only one aggressor here. The one with 800 bases across the world, that's been invading and warring for over 200 years and is currently trying to force a secession from a region of the country they're currently transgressing on with warships.

The other is a victim rightfully standing up to them.


File: 1685894457215.jpg (380.11 KB, 1620x1080, Type 052D.jpg)

Very good news. With Iran/Syria and Saudi rapprochement the US navy's presence is losing relevancy in the entire region.

As someone who navigates for a living I can't wait for the burgers to finally lose their flimsy "FREEDUMG OF NAVIGAYSHUN" excuse. They act as if they're fending off fucking Cthulhu throughout the globe and are the sole reason why China is successfully exporting their stuff across the sea lines. When that's complete bullshit. Indian and Pakistani navies are more responsible for the peacekeeping in that area. They're also the ones that provide soldiers onboard for safer transit near Somalia.



File: 1685895797576.mp4 (390.66 KB, 1244x1080, it's Joever....mp4)




Did they ever re-legalised the game Plague Inc.?


Why would you play plague inc when Pandemic 2 is so much better?


probably because pandemic 2 is a flash game and they disabled adobe flash player years ago
easily the best soundtrack though


I feel like pretty much every Western predictions of a hypothetical war with China pretty much assume that everything goes exactly wrong for China and everything goes perfectly right for the West with every country in Asia immediately and unquestioningly jumping on the antichina war train. Seems like pure cope to me.


really what determines whether war with china is even viable isn't the coastal asian countries but in fact the central asian and eurasian countries. belt and road explicitly exists to circumvent american and western naval dominance entirely by building trade routes directly through the continental landmass. sure a lot of coastal asian countries arent sympathetic to china but what matters in surrounding china is to actually surround it and cut it off from trade, which is becoming less and less viable as time goes on. that's what makes it so urgent for western imperialists - and it's also why china is just building its navy up and inching its way across the taiwan strait in the hopes that eventually its navy will just become too big to contain purely to the chinese and indochinese shorelines. china feels secure in this endeavor for good reason - in a hot war, it would be on the defensive and would rely very heavily on land trade routes. it probably assumes, wisely, that the goal of westerners in a war would be to do naval landings on chinese shores, much like japan did in world war two, so it focuses on trading in every direction and preventing itself from becoming trapped.


Can Canada just fuck off and fade into (even greater) irrelevancy without throwing some retarded tantrum like this? Pathetic shithole that's eroding in all facets.


I kinda hope america does more sactions slowly which will encourage more self sufficency in china while at the same time damaging the usa. Because lets be honest, in the long term the chinese are benefiting from the sactions because it encourages self sufficency or building up different trade parterners that arent westerners. And the chinese gov are capable of doing self sufficency and the bri thing. Meanwhile america isnt. Which is why the trade war has utterly fucked the us economy while at the same time encouraging the development of self sufficent industries in china, and the bri


There's some program or app that archived all the flash games so you can still play them im pretty sure


I actually do think it's cool that the story of June 4th has now been exaggerated so much by *the west* that they are unambiguously just lying about it to such a degree that the actual facts appear to be exonerating lol


> I'm working on learning Chinese
Pick up your game, bro. You should be dedicating at least 14 hours a day to it.


Why does the video stutter


BlueMaxima's Flashpoint is what you're looking for if anyone still wants to play old flash games.


Not sure, there are some pocket crime laws for that, you might heard of some people got called from police for that but that never happened to me yet


Give me a rundown on corruption and anti-corruption.


It is in mainland China, they might not be homeless as they have their homes elsewhere and they don't live here, pretty much the same as homeless, they might also be sanhe dashen kinda stuff


How about tor?


I was doing my best to ensure we are discussing the same things and can have a rational debate. I am not interested in flaming for the umpteenth time. If you think I am being arrogant, well refusing to engage with a low effort adhom is not a good indication that I am smugly deluding myself and you are wise to not engage with my arguments.


>smoking bacon
Not exactly the American bacon, some regional variants doesn't require smoking, just hanging somewhere should be fine
>place to worship
You can literally just buy one and place it in your home


We have our own copypastas


Weird. Why? Tor bounces around internationally not just in China. I would assume if you connected tor over a vpn (bad idea for security reasons) it would be even slower.


how is deng viewed in china


Depends on the person obviously. There is nearly 1 and a half billion people in China.


Usable over snowflake, but not fast enough or convenient to be main ways of circumventing the firewall


We don't actually use VPNs since these VPN protocols aren't built for circumventing GFW, we just calling it VPN because just because


Post a censored photo of your 戶口簿 with some kind of timestamp, otherwise I don't believe you. Your English is far too good unless if you studied at Tsinghua, Peking or abroad.


whats the most common view of deng, then


Okay. Do you still use them to hide your IP or something? IIRC VPN stands for "virtual private server" amd they are used as basocslly encrypted proxies that tunnel traffic to a different server/IP. I figured it would be the same in China no?
Makes sense. Even in Europe or North America it is slow as hell.


They're in beijing, it's not hard to believe that their english is good.


China's peacebuilding and support of nations ransacked by Western Imperialist powers is the one thing still giving me some hope. Any other anons feel the same?



Well… looks like I guessed right.

China is not like other countries where all the fluent english speakers are concentrated in the capital city. It's well known in China that Southern Chinese speak better English than Northerners, someone from a big Southern Chinese coastal city such as Shanghai or Guangzhou will on average speak better English than inland Beijing due to a longer history of contact with foreigners & colonialism.

Hell some psych journal did a study on this



are you a communist


Timestamp your face and take picture. You are not Chinese


Why tho, we mostly use that kind of software for accessing YouTube etc., not for hiding real IP except for Argentine region Steam, turkish Apple ID, Netflix etc. And we have better protocols like Shadowsocks and Xray instead of VPN protocols (OpenVPN, WireGuard etc.) at circumventing GFW, these are just not VPN protocols, also n in VPN stand for network


Im not in Beijing


We have passports and IDs too




That's supposedly to be a joke


Wow, you really sound Chinese. I cant believe I am talking to a real Chinese person on leftypol of all places. Best day of our collective lives, thank you, Chinese person.


i cant tell who is being ironic anymore


File: 1685978819978.png (23.97 KB, 441x498, 1685636814368539.png)

>tsinghua students post here


Nah if any CPC members or potential members post here they will suffer from sectarian brainrot and bring all of Chinese society down with them


uhmmm sweetie it's the best university in china, xi studied there



>the average Taiwan citizen in no way wants to fight and any attempt to introduce shit like Azov Training Camps for Kids like they did in Ukraine will fail
I don't know man


wtf that cute gal is zhao?


>chris is one of the many taiwanese who have taken up urban warfare lessons
The real question is, how many exactly?


unfortunately a growing amount I would say, with the victory of the pan greens


there is difference between voting and being ready to take up arms

in all likelihood the government in taiwan will fold after the mainland enforces a naval blockade on the island, this isn't ukraine where the whole european continent can serve as its hinterland (something that the eurolibs openly admit when they declare that we are at war with russia) which also allows the west to exert close control over their vassal by sending instructors to the the command center and the war zone

either way, you are incorrect, most people do not want to declare independence right away and the KMT still has a chance of winning in 2024 according to polls


anyone got that picture showcasing all the discarded bikes at tianaman square



Is there any reason why the US, despite miserably failing in invasions against far weaker nations, would somehow be able to defeat China, considering that the only realistic scenario is that America would be the aggressor? Of course the major difference would be that war with China is a total war but all I've heard is the blockade meme.


A lowkey war or a proxy war is possible.


To be fair the wars they lost they lost because they didn't want or couldn't commit more. Their goal for China is to make them do the first move, not initiate, like they goaded Japan and more recently Russia.


if i ever visit china, what should i go see?


US could never invade China obviously but it's possible they could help Taiwan to stop China from invading.

Of course it's also possible they just instantly fold if China tries it.


As the current war in ukraine illustrates, Uncle Sam won't be diving in first before the proxies (Bad China, Bad Korea, Animeland and Pinoy country) have had a chance to do some bloodletting. Granted, none of them are as capable of mustering the same kind of support that Ukraine can (all functionally being islands far away), but the point is that Uncle Sam won't go before the vassals.


>To be fair the wars they lost they lost because they didn't want or couldn't commit more.

It's not "to be fair", it's "if we to believe Westoid cope"


File: 1686023593856.jpg (196.08 KB, 835x1024, USAirLossesInVietnam.jpg)

Say, remember the losses of "not committing too hard" USA in Vietnam. The reason WHY USA withdrew is BECAUSE Americans were beaten fair and square. There was a graph I've lost of American servicemen in Vietnam, and how Tet offensive resulted in that number dropping 5-fold, making it so the only thing Americans COULD do in Vietnam was to cede ground and shorten the frontlines - or evacuate. But then they cope and invent fake K/D ratios favoring them to make it seem like they didn't lose and weren't beaten


File: 1686059569836.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1657, ClipboardImage.png)

what will they mean by that?


>now even the chinese are clowning on us
it's joever, whitebros


Yeah, european food is bland and boring. Also, europeans were the first ones to replace actual food with industrial slop and haven't noticed the difference


File: 1686060636780.png (58.58 KB, 662x327, ClipboardImage.png)

They just couldn't help themselves, could they?

Also, insider tried to make it sound like it's about healthy eating and not about white people having bland cuisine


You don't understand how many aircraft the US had and how much they could have theoretically ramp up production if they wanted to. Likewise, they had a population of 20 millions people to draft from if they had to. They lost because they gave up, and it took 6-7 years from the Tet (which was a failure for the North) to a complete withdrawal.


That's a TikTok meme that somewhat got into Chinese social media


Not European food, just mocking white American, not saying some of European culinary culture is not bad


>which was a failure for the North

Such a failure that USA has stopped trying to win the war and went onto defensive? /k/ope sure is tasty


I love how they have to randomly bring up 996 (which isn't even that common) just to meet their "china bad" quota.


nobody is ever willing to talk about the real problem with china


Unboxing: What makes Beijing's air cleaner?



Dunno about Wolf Warrior but The Battle at Lake Changjin has well done blood and gore scenes.


US provocation status?


A leftypolyp said I have to visit China to romanticize it. How expensive it is to travel there beyond the 2 grand round trip flight? Should I even bother going while not knowing a lick of the language
Personally I'd like to see Chongqing


File: 1686068711498-0.jpg (314.05 KB, 1080x1920, FVSIALaacAA6qL8.jpg)

File: 1686068711498-1.png (126.69 KB, 1200x655, Bluer Skies.png)

Based. Green energy is NOT a meme.

Hopefully they also double down on already impressive afforestation efforts. Great Green Wall will also block sandstorms.


Don't go; the Ministry of State Security is super paranoid right now and screening all Western travelers because they're scared the Americans are getting closer to starting a war. Best case scenario you get followed and surveilled your entire trip; worst cast scenario you get black bagged and dumped into some unnamed detention facility where you'll confess to being a drug trafficker smuggling in marijuana before they parade your tearful and remorseful self on television before killing you.


smh, should have at least done the pizza lunchables

the only english speakers who only spoke english i know of had a translator with them. iirc i don't think many chinese speak english but don't quote me on that
also, what's in chongqing?


File: 1686069082373.jpg (639.13 KB, 2560x1200, DENGOD.jpg)



>worst cast scenario you get black bagged and dumped into some unnamed detention facility where you'll confess to being a drug trafficker smuggling in marijuana before they parade your tearful and remorseful self on television before killing you
That's the best case scenario actually.

Rope all sexpats.


I mean many pro China leftists already travelled to China. Recent example was Vijay Prashad. No need to go there just to prove some rando on the internet. Nowadays you can visit the cities literally sitting at home through YouTube 4k walk/drive videos thanks to internet.


File: 1686070373163.png (250.31 KB, 953x605, ClipboardImage.png)

I assume having a translator is expensive? Maybe I can find a group of English speaking backpackers to tag a long with.
true but dont worry im revcel
I want to visit THOUGH


File: 1686071308606.png (219.34 KB, 680x460, ClipboardImage.png)

>there seems to be a mistake
no mistakes were made, now get in that uygooor detention camp and accept atheism with Chinese characteristics with Xi Jinping at its core and pray to Xi seven times a day… not even gommunist Biden is going to save you from here now


Zhoujiazhuang people's commune
It is the last remaining people's commune and the last relic of the socialist era.


Imagine getting a job after rehabilitation in an uyghur detention center tailored specifically to "there seems to be a mistake" folks


File: 1686072361646.png (546.75 KB, 979x652, ClipboardImage.png)

High paying, Unionized, "there seems to be a mistake" manager job.. what better could one expect for in life… am I right folks ?


Is aging demographics actually going to be an issue for China in 30-50 years like Westoids are hoping it will be when automation, immigration, and urbanization are all possible solutions to at least alleviate it?






Informative ! Followed the writer


Anon just so you know this is actually completely false and nobody is going to give a shit about anything you do in China. This will be extremely obvious when you are there. You’re not on a J-visa.


File: 1686102623360.mp4 (3.76 MB, 640x360, 3rf.mp4)

Iran officially reopens embassy in Saudi Arabia


We are entering the Good Timeline. Civilization is rising. Society is healing. Billions will be born.


File: 1686103808780-0.png (556.36 KB, 861x684, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1686103808780-1.png (401.9 KB, 835x271, ClipboardImage.png)

Hope has entered the chat


Can China become a net food exporter?


Possible. If they want they can. Idk if they want that though. They have shifted to importing from Belt and Road countries instead of west


File: 1686115212764.png (32.05 KB, 636x254, ClipboardImage.png)

Deboonk these libs, xifags


>Yeah, european food is bland and boring
>t. chilli-dependent addict
(actual local cuisine from fresh ingredients is fucking good…if you allow post-columbus foods like spaghetti and tomato and potato and vanilla)


File: 1686115754811.png (1.25 MB, 1360x1191, ClipboardImage.png)

Projection. In fact Nazis were inspired by murikan manifest destiny. China has literal autonomous regions for minorities. All the liberal democrazyies were built upon ethnic genocide.


It's just a TikTok meme mocking white Americans


>>t. chilli-dependent addict


File: 1686119022085.jpg (195.67 KB, 1920x1080, red girl.jpg)

>a classic story by Shakespeare

Someone finally managed to top "And in this moment, I am euphoric". Peak pseudo-intellectualism.


File: 1686121525382.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1018, ClipboardImage.png)


and its joever


Wishlist: China develops FTL travel or a manned Mars landing.




File: 1686144138686.png (268.06 KB, 851x778, kekwach.png)

>i-i'm not eating spices because I LIKE IT!!! spices are for u-uyghurs actually yt peepo like shakespeare and shit


wake me up when they end the war in yemen
until then it is just words and posturing


Excerpt from NYT article about mainland tourists in Hong Kong (original: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/05/09/world/asia/hong-kong-china-tourists.html)
>Hong Kong was supposed to maintain a high degree of autonomy for 50 years after its return to Chinese rule in 1997. The protests that engulfed the city in 2019 were aimed at preserving those freedoms, and ultimately failed. Signs of the city’s authoritarian turn now dot the urban landscape, from the billboards promoting National Security Education Day to the banners extolling the words of China’s top leader, Xi Jinping.
You mean perpetual Brit rule?


File: 1686150579881.jpg (26.51 KB, 680x446, 44c.jpg)

Use the archive link, don't want to give that propaganda rag even 1 cent of ad revenue : https://archive.is/j3Bgq

When you see western media seething you know the country is doing something good. The educational system is also being changed to teach the real history of colonialism instead monarch approved lies. Hope next generation at least will be saved from liberal brainrot that was taught to them in their educational institutes.


*instead of


i fucking wish the "freedumbs" would get steamrolled and destroyed so hongkongers can stop living in coffin homes and wageslaving themselves to an early death. western media is comically evil


File: 1686155387395-0.png (505.58 KB, 800x533, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1686155387395-1.png (390.4 KB, 800x450, ClipboardImage.png)

Li Peng, Vice President of Huawei: 5G will accelerate the development to 5.5G and is expected to take the lead step by step in the future


File: 1686155448341.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1273, ClipboardImage.png)


>When you see western media seething you know the country is doing something good
That's just /pol/-level contrarianism… Although I do like Western media seething. SEETHE, WESTERN MEDIA, SEETHE!






45 years of sand control transforms forest farm in north China's Bayannur


File: 1686157712229.png (396.39 KB, 793x709, ClipboardImage.png)

its that week of the year again


To defeat the jungle you must become one with the jungle


File: 1686158550091.png (229.83 KB, 680x450, dd0.png)

Nobody tell him about ROC White Terror


They'd say it was a good thing. Libs go mask off incredibly easily these days.


they say "Da commies killed more" then point at the black book, facts don't matter for a liberal, so a literal disinformation book is their primary source.




These people are just a small minority man. Taiwanese aren't that suicidal/banzai.


File: 1686162581158.png (448.37 KB, 779x621, xi new years speech.png)

i'm so down for cyberpunk with chinese characteristics


Marxists and right-libertarians agree more often than they like to admit. The latter should shift more to the left instead of trying to help corrupt Republicans because of Cold War-era fearmongering tho.


look identical to when my fellow countrymen post "anglo food horror"


>so hongkongers can stop living in coffin homes and wageslaving themselves to an early death.
and cost of living may therefore decrease


File: 1686179534352.png (255.85 KB, 630x630, 1686135063118262.png)



>blank, frozen shithole and just dealing with it and tolerating it


File: 1686180440342-0.png (183.8 KB, 474x303, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1686180440342-1.png (10.11 MB, 3840x2160, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1686181081007-0.jpg (28.21 KB, 474x316, th-3462426046.jpg)

File: 1686181081007-1.png (711.78 KB, 1280x720, China_High_Speed_Rail.png)

>parasites who create nothing but suffering for all of the beautiful and good things of this Earth



lmao, was the Westoid you were replying to just projecting the faults of the West onto AES states?



Im pretty sure amerimutts would chimp out if Chinese navy would be patrolling in front of Los Angeles with aircraft carriers, destroyers and nuclear subs.


>one guy says everything bad in the world is one country's fault
>gets plastered all over the news ticker

Jesus christ this fucking news segment GLOWS. Fucking disgusting propaganda.


Classic western spin. One Chinese guy doing or saying anything the west disagrees with instantly gets turned into a supposed representation of all Chinese people globally. Meanwhile millions of westerners perpetrating horrific shit is still just a few bad apples.


>why are they backing up this rapist
it would be pertinent for your own sake to perhaps get into the habit of researching the back stories and charges, if any, against 'political dissidents' of countries that the west doesnt like and who wilfully give them shelter and security within their borders. we let a LOT of people in desperate need of capital punishment onto our shores simply to help the narrative that we are protecting innocent lil good bois from the evil dictatorships they flee. please remember that all of the western support for hong kong protests were defending a man who murdered his girlfriend and unborn baby from ever facing justice for his actions


File: 1686223995057.png (300.68 KB, 614x529, ClipboardImage.png)

It's joever


>Cuba: receives investments from Russia and China
<USA: invents justification for more sanctions and for blocking Cuban trade


Wish Cuba could just fly far away from that shit country


We will see Type 055s patrolling the Gulf of Mexico in our lifetime. The same way USians were loitering in the Taiwan Straits.


File: 1686225663769-0.mp4 (35.21 MB, 1280x720, 53tew.mp4)

File: 1686225663769-1.mp4 (31.41 MB, 1280x720, 2rq.mp4)

Harbin, China. European elegance + Chinese maintenance and management. Best of both worlds.



I almost imagine that this is how the USSR would look if it survived until the present


Harbin has heavy Russian influence so probably yes


yeeeeeew why China didn't use totalitarian gray-blue filter???

Seriously though, Russia could have looked like this. Although Moscow kind of looks like this, in historical regions. Less trees on the sides of the roads, though


File: 1686227860334.jpg (181.59 KB, 1280x720, 3rfa.jpg)

>Seriously though, Russia could have looked like this.
If only we could go back in time and stop the counter revolution….


Cuban Crisis 2 incoming.
And the PRC better not back down this time.


One of the big reasons for the sino soviet split is that the USSR stood down during the Cuban crisis while the PRC wanted to confront the United States. To quote Mao "Khrushchev has moved from adventurism to capitulationism"


Adventurism in the first place was done to appease the West and become part of the West. Hungarian uprising grew into an uprising because Khruschev prevented the instant Soviet measures. In Cuba, he surrendered to USA - Turkey got their missiles while USSR removed their from Cuba at the end.


File: 1686233626294.png (336.67 KB, 1080x740, 230608100931.png)

Ummm based?


Not even Chinese but seeing this slimy trend of Taiwanese gusanos calling the mainladers "Chinese" while themselves "Taiwanese" is pissing me off. Joseph Wu's tendency to call PLA planes as "Communist planes" when getting interviewed by FOX and SkyNews is even more pathetic.

Joseph Wu is such a worm. Listen to his SkyNews interviews and he tries so hard to pander to the "right wing" crowd of the USians and Strayans, saying how "these woke countries that don't support Taiwan and USA are our greatest threat" holy shit.


Cuba should host secret (spy) balloon base


why are you posting this across multiple threads simultaneously


Its not really a secret spy base if the literal fake news media can cover it openly.


The post you quoted is a very apt description of the G7 countries.


yeah no shit his name is fucking Joseph


Eventually we'll return to the 70s when no one gave a shit about the rogue province, right now we're living through the 50s where it's the spearhead of democracy in Asia (also the REAL Chinese government)


File: 1686271901454-0.jpg (125.75 KB, 1080x1272, FyGFGKkaEAYmb5b.jpg)

File: 1686271901454-1.png (63.96 KB, 640x626, 690406945654.png)

File: 1686271901454-2.png (10.47 KB, 500x93, 964-960-45.png)

File: 1686271901454-3.png (1.17 MB, 1156x771, fate-of-the-furious.png)


Pentagon is denying it.


damn, and i thought the sheer amount of capeshit being put out was exaggerated


Change my mind:

PRC should donate a small nuclear arsenal to all socialist territories, and the USSR were irredeemable for not doing so. They clearly don't sincerely care about other countries.


>Change my mind:


File: 1686281044600.png (376.69 KB, 720x405, IMG_20201109_215843.png)

I'm so fucking glad that the highest office you nutjobs could ever aspire to is janny on an imageboard. If people here were put in charge of a country, you wouldn't even last 24 hours.


Most people on this thread approve of the cpc's handling of the largest country on earth though?


I was replying to >>1493473. The thread he created got merged to here.


Does anyone have actually reliable sources on what it's like inside Chinese prisons? Western sources on the subject are a nonstarter of course.


yeah this story is fake news. the cuban gov denied it.


File: 1686317015415.png (4.16 MB, 4096x2304, ClipboardImage.png)


This thread is guaranteed to be astroturfed by state-sponsored shills.


Why not other threads ? Stop projecting burger


Logical fallacy
Also I have never said the American ones aren't, invertebrate


File: 1686330560439.png (2.89 MB, 2000x1333, ClipboardImage.png)

>Logical fallacy
>Also I have never said the American ones aren't, invertebrate


Is that Deng's bravest American soldier, circa 1976?


What's the simplest means of using bilibili on android if you don't know chinese? The app doesn't seem to have language settings and the mobile webapp seems to just exist to funnel you to the app. I wanna watch Arknights fan animations.


>>1494114 (me)
oh nvm, they have a seperate app for english, and Brandon blocked that one on the play store but not the chinese one. Weird.


China's internet has hundreds of memes and trends, but for some reason only one gets picked up and translated by anglo-facing media. I wonder why?


>Okay. Do you still use them to hide your IP or something? IIRC VPN stands for "virtual private server" amd they are used as basocslly encrypted proxies that tunnel traffic to a different server/IP. I figured it would be the same in China no?

It is, you just use a normal VPN. Not sure why that guy is saying a VPN doesn't work lol


You're definitely trolling but it's hard to tell with Westoids now, why the fuck would China give a singular shit about leftypol?


Nukes are expensive to maintain. If they also paid for upkeep then maybe it would work but otherwise it might just make those countries more susceptible to IMF loans and shit.


wdym? Here, on this very internet?


>>1494131 (me)
actually it seems like they have 2 different sites, with the stuff i'm trying to watch being on .com, not .tv…
Maybe I should just use desktop and a browser plugin.


>>1494340 (me)
should've checked f-droid to start with: there's a newpipe fork that does bilibili.


he war began in the early morning hours with a massive bombardment — China’s version of “shock and awe.” Chinese planes and rockets swiftly destroyed most of Taiwan’s navy and air force as the People’s Liberation army and navy mounted a massive amphibious assault across the 100-mile Taiwan Strait. Having taken seriously President Joe Biden’s pledge to defend the island, Beijing also struck pre-emptively at U.S. and allied air bases and ships in the Indo-Pacific. The U.S. managed to even the odds for a time by deploying more sophisticated submarines as well as B-21 and B-2 stealth bombers to get inside China’s air defense zones, but Washington ran out of key munitions in a matter of days and saw its network access severed. The United States and its main ally, Japan, lost thousands of servicemembers, dozens of ships, and hundreds of aircraft. Taiwan’s economy was devastated. And as a protracted siege ensued, the U.S. was much slower to rebuild, taking years to replace ships as it reckoned with how shriveled its industrial base had become compared to China’s.

The Chinese “just ran rings around us,” said former Joint Chiefs Vice Chair Gen. John Hyten in one after-action report. “They knew exactly what we were going to do before we did it.”

But a swift response may not be possible, in large part because of how shrunken the U.S. manufacturing base has become since the Cold War. All of a sudden, Washington is reckoning with the fact that so many parts and pieces of munitions, planes, and ships it needs are being manufactured overseas, including in China. Among the deficiencies: components of solid rocket motors, shell casings, machine tools, fuses and precursor elements to propellants and explosives, many of which are made in China and India. Beyond that, skilled labor is sorely lacking, and the learning curve is steep. The U.S. has slashed defense workers to a third of what they were in 1985 — a number that has remained flat — and seen some 17,000 companies leave the industry, said David Norquist, president of the National Defense Industrial Association. And commercial companies are leery of the Pentagon’s tangle of rules and restrictions.

Many critics say it’s not enough. “We’re in a window of maximum danger,” says Christian Brose, a former senior aide to the late Sen. John McCain, who for years was a lone voice in the wilderness warning against the Chinese and Russian buildup. “We could throw a trillion dollars a year at the defense budget now, and we’re not going to get a meaningful increase in traditional military capabilities in the next five years. They cannot be produced.”

One of the reasons, again, is that China and other countries — not all of them friendly — make and supply a lot of that stuff now. Over decades of what many say was delusional thinking by both political parties about turning China into a friendly “stakeholder” in a peaceful international system, Washington heedlessly ceded shipbuilding, aircraft parts and circuit boards over to China and other cheap overseas labor forces. America’s new F-35 fighter jets, for example, contain a magnet component made with an alloy almost exclusively manufactured in China. China also totally dominates machine tools and rare earth metals, essentials for manufacturing missiles and munitions, as well as lithium used in batteries, cobalt and the aluminum and titanium used in semiconductors. While Beijing has made new advances in explosives, most American military explosives are made at a single aging Army plant in Tennessee, Forbes reported in March.


File: 1686376082697.png (546.26 KB, 600x1606, ClipboardImage.png)

Most normal American elementary school quiz questions.


jesus fucking christ


My last history teacher in high school regularly watched alex jones uncritically and started talking to us one day about how sandy hook never happened, so this shit is prob real.


lol my high school economics teacher was an ayn rand/milton friedman nut that would make us watch pro friedman or randian documentaries


I had a history teacher that was like "I go to tea parties" (back when the tea party movement was a big thing) and got canned for having sex with former students. He'd send out Facebook friend invites after graduation to see which girls would be dtf. He was a gym rat and ironically one of the few history teachers that wasn't also a coach.


I was reading through some of the CIA left threads and I found a few having a conniption over the PSL writing something about how the entire Tiananmen story is bs used to justify aggression. It’s funny how schizo and incoherent the sinophobic-left story has to be because it can’t just admit outright that the entire thing about a massacre of students in the square literally did not happen, students were never the victims, and they were reactionary liberals in the non-American sense.

I’m sure these leftoids would like to completely remake the story to be about the Beijing residents who, to be honest, were actually were the protagonists of the story. But they can’t, because the entire thing is about liberalism and anti-communism, and fundamentally cannot deny a massacre of 10,000 students that literally did not happen. And honestly, even if they could, doing this would mean to contextualize June 4th as one event in a long chain of events that continue to this day. It would require a person to understand conditions and have knowledge. They’d know something about the last THIRTY years in China beyond a single image. This won’t happen and can’t happen.

So they perpetually whine and act scandalized and outraged when someone not on an NED payroll points out, Hey, DAE notice the entire story is complete bullshit? Oh and btw the government doesn’t and never denied it happened.

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