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Thread for all things Nordic. Recommended languages: Finnish, Scandinavian and English.
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oh no no no gretabros did we go too far? you can't hecking point out how the imperialists control western media


>Scandianons, why did your elites decided to stop being demsoc?
Most of western countries stopped being keynesian and we stopped being social democrats. No threat of worker uprising so they could freely fuck everyone in the ass with austerity and tax reduction on the rich.


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I helvete heller! Fy fan!


what does snart mean? (is it like when you snease and fart??)


File: 1698864606877.png (712.52 KB, 783x1128, 1698862485853.png)


our dear traitors in the Riksdag fully on board with cucking out to the yanks as per usual


No big bad USSR to scare porkies.


File: 1698925380325.png (271.68 KB, 779x650, Untitled.png)

Why would China do this?


Finnish words are just Swedish words with an i on the end


This idea gets tossed around a lot, but is this really the case? The Eastern Bloc was successfully portrayed as completely undesirable to Western audiences, and neoliberal reforms began a decade and a half before the end of the Bloc regardless.


This could be the case for American audiences but not Nordic countries that had strong communist movements.


glöm inte att sympatirispa varenda teslabil ni ser kamrater


>strong communist movements
a few dozen ML's in reading circles more like it


He really can't stop stealing, can he?


File: 1700224470520.png (57.9 KB, 140x180, öäärk.png)

30 refugees at the Russian border, AAAAAAAAAAA!


File: 1700747793424.png (231.54 KB, 1080x1080, border crossing status.png)

That was rather quick, now all the border crossings except Raja-Jooseppi up north ":D" are closed and the Frontex alerted.
So GG, Putte; all it took was a busful of refugees a day and we managed to show both hypocricy and weakness at the same time, while this fucking circus will provide a convenient smoke screen for the neoliberals and endless talking points for the fascists for months to come.

How'd you fare if the Kremlim decided to drop a boatful of folks into, say, Gotland, I wonder.


So it was annual "Helsinki without nazis" demo, and anarchists and maoists started beating each other up. Fucking embarrassing.



based Putin accelerating the contradictions
two retards fighting


The anarchists and the organizers started it when they didn't want to let in "authoritarian communists," so they banned the hammer sickle and other traditional communist symbols from being used in the march. The communist marchers brought them anyway, and the anarchists took that personally.


The events, as recounted by Finbol, who was present at the demonstration with members of KTP, quickly translated into English:

"We participated in the 'Helsinki Without Nazis' demonstration. The Communists formed a red block.

Right at the beginning, there was a minor incident when one of the organizers of the demonstration tried to snatch a sickle and hammer flag from a Maoist comrade. They do not want to allow sickle and hammer flags, as they are supposedly authoritarian. Everyone started shouting for them to stop, and chants like 'down with Lapua Laws', 'united front against fascism', etc. were heard. Eventually, he gave up. The reactionaries did not manage to remove the sickle and hammer flags. At the same time, as [Petri] Orpo's government is pushing for a ban on communist symbols, all leftists should support the communists! Especially since the police were against the entire demonstration.

About 30-60 minutes after the start of the demonstration, the police began to push the protesters off the square with strong measures. However, the protesters remained calm, and we were slowly pushed out of the square. That probably took about an hour. The protesters were divided into several groups, but care was taken to ensure that no one was left behind. Even after leaving the square, we were slowly pushed further away along the streets for a couple of hours.

All the while we were being pushed away from the square, chants like 'no Nazis in Helsinki', 'Finnish police, the Nazis' henchmen', etc., were heard.

The purpose of the demonstration was to prevent Nazis from marching in Helsinki. The Nazis were supposed to gather at Töölö Square at 18:30. 'Helsinki Without Nazis' gathered at Töölö Square at 16:00, but the police had forbidden it, intending to enable the Nazi march. Ultimately, the police managed to clear the square so that the Nazis could march. The police are dedicated to ensuring that Nazis can march freely. At the same time, however, anti-communist repression is increasing.

There was a very small group of Nazis. The police moved a vast number of people out of the way for a few Nazis."


>Soldiers of Odin
Those autistic clowns are still around? lmao


snatching flags sounds kinda authoritarian ngl
Mr. Putin pls denazify Finland


File: 1703441781345.jpeg (129.32 KB, 1400x788, karl-bertil.jpeg)

I hope everyone is watching /ourboy/


Shouldn't they agreed to non-sectarian terms beforehand?


The main organizers of the annual antifascist demonstration are anarchist and "anti-authoritarian" groups and Left Youth (social democrats). The call for demonstration said that "authrotarian symbols" are not allowed. They don't specify what they mean, but it means Communist symbols.

Previous years Communist groups formed their own Red Block in the march, but because Communists presence started growing and they didn't want to submit to anarchist authority, the organizers banned the forming of an "official" Red Block completely this year (hoping Communists would not show up at all). But of course they did and had their symbols with them too.

At the spot the organizers didn't try to kick the Communists out, only asked them to move "away from the spotlight" which the Communists agreed. There was no disagreement and all happened peacefully. After this couple of anarchist activists were unhappy and attacked Communists with violence trying to take their flags. Communists stood their ground and the violent idiots had to back off.

It's funny that the biggest anti-communists in Finland are not the fasctist groups or the government, but the anarchists.


>anarchist authority


File: 1703584879359.png (143.13 KB, 406x250, glowing.png)

This symbol ban was 110% because of the Maoists who do little more than crach other people's demonstrations to draw attention to themselves.


File: 1704545546804.jpg (564.7 KB, 2656x1494, läs.jpg)

A spectre is haunting the taiga – the spectre of communism


K has been receiving greetings in preparation to their 20th congress. here's one from Clare Daly, the bane of EU libs


and here's one from Jaime Caycedo
also I was wrong, they've already had the congress


File: 1706534429203.png (62.24 KB, 669x482, Prez-el 2024.png)

Election update:

The 2nd round will be Stubb vs. Haavisto, 2024/2/11.

Stubb appears to have a slight advantage. It all depends on how many Halla-aho voters decide to sleep and how Rehn voters split.

I should add, it's not so simple that all Center party voters lean right, lots of rural pensioners with working class identities who want regional politics and less Helsinki-centeredness 1st and foremost. Stubb on the other hand is value liberal and speaks Swedish, though Haavisto is the groke herself for the Ass-Finns.

In the end, both candidates are accomplished diplomats so we will get an adequate president. I got to have my cake and eat it too, thanks to all the other leftists who chose Haavisto in this round :D


Finland-Swedish chads keep winning


Has Sweden always been this Israel-cucked?


File: 1707827542097.jpg (115.17 KB, 978x650, Stubass.jpg)

So, no big surprises; Stubb vs. Haavisto 52,8 / 47,2 %.

Other news: stikes, as executed within the system don't work. We need more bank robbers.


The strike isn't working out? Idk anything about it but i will wager Vas is supporting it but will get nothing out of it as usual.


Porky is prepared to play to the bitter end and there's very little we can do, legally or otherwise.

The only the strikes haven't been curbed yet by appealing to national security or whatever excuse seems to be just to make the unions weaker. They are going to do a Reagan.

Speaking of curbing the strikes by legal means, ahen ahem. It wasn't even a political strike but 100 % employee-employer issue.


>The only the
The only reason the

-oops, typoed there.


vad tycker folk om dumpen.se?


Finland just had a school shooting yesterday. Oh boy.


File: 1712143974472.png (35.19 KB, 255x213, goncerned.png)

awful. also expect gun laws to become more restrictive, rather than dealing with bullying which seems to be the underlying cause here


>be me
>be out at the local pub with friends
>point out that I have no dog in this race if Russian should invade and that I would probably fuck off into the woods should it come to that
>get called a flatfoot for this
how are my fellow flatfeet doing this fine evening?


I understand but I have no allegiance towards Russia and Im prepared to die. It would be just another capitalist versus capitalist war.


>but I have no allegiance towards Russia and Im prepared to die
not sure how to parse this but take out some Russian porkies I guess?


The idea is that I would be obliged to sabotage my country war efforts if it was USSR invading.


I've been trying to raise the same point with my friends for a while. to drive the point home I've sarcastically been suggesting we should deport all Ukrainians lest Putler win the war


File: 1712188388758-1.jpg (96.42 KB, 1040x700, DOxo1ynXkAAaQRu.jpeg.jpg)

File: 1712188388758-2.jpg (154.58 KB, 2048x1279, DO1mt8TX0AADSjL.jpeg.jpg)


amazing agitprop
>say no to rifles
but we need those


Of course but it's more of a anti-gangsterist message you know


>Amazing agitprop
Varför ljuger du? Den extremt dåliga kvaliteten och grammatiska felen är uppenbarligen gjorda i mån av att håna.


that's redig proletarian grammar you're insulting
go to Kirunavaara

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