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QTDDTOT - Questions that don't need their own thread. The last one died, so here post your questions here.

I'll start, why is a centralized authority important to achieving communism and why is this seen a positive aspect.
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and let it sort out its own problems*


Thanks for the insight. I think focusing on a foreign dispute would be pretty easy to incorporate Marxism into, such as what you did with Haiti, but the issue with that is that my thesis requires the major social issue to be a threat to my future careers/safety/health/civil rights/education/family members/or friends.

Ergo, the foreign dispute would have to be massive in effect like the Russo-Ukrainian war, but that seems like an unnecessarily cryptic and touchy subject.


True, material analysis may become incomprehensible in a narrow context because of how holistic it tends to make your thinking. 4000 words gives you a lot of wiggle room, maybe zoom into something that doesn't need as much global context, like reshoring and the labor market.


These types of essays always just make me feel like I'm formally explaining how to treat a paper cut to someone who just had their legs chopped off.


What do you guys think of Alan Freeman? Or is he a literal who?


Never heard of him but I listened to a bunch and it wasn't bad.


long winded post to say liberals are not pure and you don't want them in your tribal group


Idk if this will get answered here, but has anyone seen a good news article on the Alstrom buyout by GE??

I thought I put the news article link i found this out from somewhere, but i cant find it. As I remember it, the story goes:
>french energy company was going to do some deal with a chinese company (i guess it was for sale and being bid on? going to be bought by a chinese company? i forget exactly)
>French gov rejected GE offer to buy
>and Alstrom exec gets jailed in the US
>this is used as a pawn to force the french gov and Alstrom to allow the buyout by GE to happen

but i can't find all of this info from like, CNN and whatever random trash news sites i find from search engines


nvm i found where the claim is from, idk what news source i originally saw it from but this book is if the source of the claim


File: 1674160458161.png (196.67 KB, 307x500, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't need to be well-read to read Society of the Spectacle, correct? I've read some Marx, Engles, Lenin, and Luxemburg, not much else. I have my eye on it because I'm depressed and it sounds like something I might find some twisted comfort in.


its a lot easier to watch the movie since the text is hard to understand and the movie has lots of tiddies in it to help you pay attention



File: 1674637582293.png (24.92 KB, 524x464, racist fred.png)

If you ever wanted to envision just how bad a red brown alliance would really be just look at the unified across the board hatred for the new Velma show online. Now before jannies take down or move the thread to /siberia/, take 5 seconds to view any review for the show although preferably one made by a right wing or left wing ideologue and e celeb. This thread isn't about the show it's about the political implications of it and is therefore relevance to the board. Because For the First Time in Forever right wingers are defending left-wing talking points and left wingers are defending right wing talking points and white people and men who are being mocked in the show's writing as well as right wingers defending criticism of the oversexualization of the women in the show and how it stabs its own feminist ideals in the back. The show itself even predicted this by turning Fred, the white bourgeoisie racist into a feminist by episode 4. It's as if you combined the worst of both parties, the virtue signaling without real care of the people who are affected simply because you just want the damage to be done to the show from both sides goes to show just how horrible political unity can be. In fact this coalition of radical liberals and conservatives has made me realize that sectarianism is actually pretty based, if there's one thing to take away from the thread it is no matter which belief system you choose, which ideology from the ideological supermarket you have chosen I beg of you to never cooperate with another person over a common shared goal for the betterment of humanity cuz that's pretty fucking gay.(Excessive retardation)


File: 1674638001956.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 15 MB, 1280x720, ukraine trenches.mp4)

bruh WW3 has literally already broken out and you're talking about the velma show


Death to America


Go outside you son of a bitch


More like WW1:2 Electric Boogaloo


Yeah well when revolution breaks out mid war like in 1917, but it's somehow anything but socialist you'll wish you paid more attention.


File: 1674638278645.png (418.03 KB, 708x404, ClipboardImage.png)


>several hits to dome
Brutal still makes me feel sad


🤖 🧵


Fantastic lack of an argument there friend, only one tier above "Go outside kid."


Go outside kid


Nigha life doesn't revolve around shitty tv shows, good thing mods can't be overzealous about moving threads


File: 1674639951828.jpg (749.87 KB, 1080x2220, K1j20EP.jpg)

The outside world is dead old man, when boomers die out the next generation of zoomer leaders will be discussing the CSGO economy and hentai social issues over real life sex work and economics. Your time will soon be up and revolution will be more likely to start in a basement instead of factories.
The fact that a tv show being percieved as bad has made feminists come out and start screeching about how insensitive it is to mock Fred's small penis and portray him as Hitler, as well as made right wingers come out to critique the male gaze and sexualization of women in media, something they were totally for in the previous decade with Gamergate goes to show how quick the human mind can be influenced by the most arbitrary shit. You can either rebel, suffer, or use the new technohell we live under to your advantage, but it exists now, and the physical world is dead, made only to be scraped into more motherboards to feed us.


>The outside world is dead old man

Nah, it's just that USA is undead. The rest of the world is very much real and breathing


Not for long.


If anything it's a reminder that politics is dead and the culture war is wearing it's skin with brazen disregard for appearances.
When any of the people that take sides on this garbage express political opinions one would do well to remember this is the battleground they are fighting in.


File: 1674640706514.png (424.08 KB, 581x530, marxism_sex_haverism..png)

You use fbi.gov too much methinks


How can we redirect the energy spent on the pointless never ending culture war that goes nowhere and keeps the working class divided into productive class war that will liberate and unite the working class, reeducate the bourgeoisie , and eliminate the irredeemable aristocrats?


>If anything it's a reminder that politics is dead
Yeah, basically. Politics has been in a gradual decay since as far back as 1812, the more autonomy people got the gradual waning began as party flips became more and more common to the most illogical levels, and the fact that people continue to do it goes to show the mistakes within trying to argue over stupid concepts like politics themselves when it can be argued the whole thing is a distraction from economy, which is the real separate entity that matters and not politics, which spawns from it only to guard it.


>Now before jannies take down or move the thread to /siberia/, take 5 seconds to view any review for the show although preferably one made by a right wing or left wing ideologue and e celeb
how about you post one of these for us instead of making us find it. what am i supposed to be scared of? show me.


File: 1674641848917.jpg (45.97 KB, 644x520, smushed face.jpg)

>red brown alliance
liberal spook, and maybe a little bit of projection, because liberal brown alliances those actually have happened, like recently in Ukraine when the nazi-flag waving azovites became part of the liberal hall of heros.

>the board hatred for the new Velma show online

people online were mean about a television show you like ?
That's why you made this terrible thread ?


>terminally online faggot thread hasnt been moved to /isg/ yet
what the fuck are you doing, jannies


Negro you crazy, I ain't backtracking off every post I've seen on Twitter, imageboards, and YouTube then converting it to a webm just for you.
>liberal spook, and maybe a little bit of projection, because liberal brown alliances those actually have happened
Probably true yet unfortunately the rad libs involved here overlap a bit.
>That's why you made this terrible thread ?
The alt right doing a 180 and defending feminism, and radfems defending whiteness, masculinity, and Hitler did.


>yet unfortunately the rad libs involved here overlap a bit.
not sure i follow, you mean there are radlibs here in this thread and they overlap with liberals ?
>The alt right doing a 180 and defending feminism
I'm a little out of the loop, but isn't that a good thing ?
>radfems defending whiteness, masculinity, and Hitler
what is whiteness ? is that a fashion trend ?
why is defending masculinity bad, isn't that a morally neutral descriptive thing ?
i get why you are upset about anybody defending Hitler, but are you sure that's really related to radical feminism.


File: 1674644441751.mp4 (34.28 MB, 720x720, ukraine_nazis.mp4)

>Negro you crazy, I ain't backtracking off every post I've seen on Twitter, imageboards, and YouTube then converting it to a webm just for you
1. why not? it's not very hard.
2. I didn't ask you to do that. literally provide 1 screenshot.


>Thread got moved into this thread
It's over. No one will be able to see that Velma will go down in historical dialectical materialism as the turning point that unified liberalism with conservatism into one huge testament to how far you can get in politics without using the word socialism once.


How do dialectics actually prove anything?


How does Marxism apply to the indigenous societies of say the Australians or the Taino? I'm tempted to say "primitive communism" for the latter, but I'm unsure if that's accurate.


That's just boring entomology
Find the bug label it pit it to the corkboard

Useful when you want to apply theory to practice such as Mao's Protracted War

but what practical use is labelling these people like that? For example in Protracted War Mao identifying the countryside as largely feudal had serious logistical implications for the war plans and given it was originally a speech at a military college you can see the application here

What application is there for sticking a pin in it here?

Far more interesting I suspect is to look at those societies in terms of socially neccesary labour time and go from there


through application




I'm not well-read in this kind of theory, but I don't think it is supposed to prove anything. Or at least it shouldn't. It's meant to be a productive form of critical discussion, but it's far from a logical proof.


File: 1675115623681.jpg (7.92 KB, 132x132, cancel.jpg)

How can you uncancel someone who was canceled by mistake? Can you undo the damage caused by years of social outcast status caused by an accusation that was later proved to be a malicious lie? And should the people who socially benefited from the canceling and participated in it be held to be responsible and made to suffer some kind of consequences?


File: 1675444062732.jpg (169.17 KB, 1200x451, E4neof5WQAAalX_.jpg)

Anonssss can you give me a full res version of that pic pretty please


What's the name of that "art" style notorious to be bland and silly? It's like "Kansas City" or "Kentucky" or some other Burger place…


No. He wasn't. Sorry if it took six months for a reply and btw with this post I'm pushing the post I'm replying to into oblivion, so look at picrel.


Corporate Memphis


Based. Thanks. I knew it was a southern city, just couldn't remember which one. And btw, there's not even a relation to Memphis, Tennessee.

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