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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Letzter Pfaden wurde dank der /Pol/acken vom Brett gepusht. Deshalb ein neues Deutschland General.
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Sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about. I was actually referring to a series called "We are the wave" which is a coming of age series loosely based on what you're talking about, I believe. What I'm talking about is a mediocre Netflix TV show about anti-capitalist adventurism. No idea how it ends because I didn't finish it, but I'm guessing the takeaway is "messing with porky is morally wrong" or some shit.


I've been reading a synopsis of it and I stopped at some point because it's a real mindfuck! Basically I had to because I thought about a possible plot twist… And I read about it a couple of sentences later! Kek! Now I have to watch it for real. I've heard about Fassbinder before and I know he's quite experimental, but I've never watcher anything by him.
Btw, Wop tv has been full of Krimi and stuff like that for decades. With the advent of DTV, most of the time you can switch to the original audio track and appreciate some German.


The Wave is a mediocre book and film, so yeah checks out.


Zeig mal deine stabilen Bewegungen. Bin stark daran interessiert niemals in die Nähe deiner stabilen Bewegungen zu kommen.

What's Wop TV?

If you like crime series and thrillers i recommend everything with Götz George. Tatort Schimanski etc. are classic, His thriller movies are also really good.
Dark is probably the best German production since Das Boot, i love it. Babylon Berlin on the other hand certainly looks good, is pretty entertaining and has good actors, however the script is one of the worst anti-communist propaganda pieces that exist in German. The film manages to blame the murder of Walter Rathenau on communists, makes the communists of the 1920s look like deranged terrorists and almost completely ignores the Nazis. The plot really makes it clear though that the urban, academic bourgeois-liberal class considers communists and reactionaries their main enemies, not Nazis.


File: 1659380469986.png (332.75 KB, 540x292, ClipboardImage.png)

Dont read synoposis they are bad for your health. ;) But yea, I would describe it as a kind of very early, proto-cyberpunk, maybe.

There is a german movie I am trying to remember that maybe someone can help me with, it lampoons the urban guerilla struggle and has some funny scenes in which the guns are always sexualized.
IIRC a plot point was that one of the guerillas was dating the son of a diplomat or something so they could kidnap him.
In that vein btw, The Edukators is quite good even if it is lib as fuck, still worth a watch.


there's this German netflix movie about some antifa chick, forgot what it's called and I've heard it's pretty cringe but I guess you could check that out.


Agreed, Babylon Berlin has amazing production, costume, sets, etc. but the script is absolute dog shit.
Dark also had a VERY good soundtrack, especially the first season, from Anes Obel to that amazing cover of Gil Scot Heron to some more mainstream classics. Very under-rated.
Still hard to imagine rabid anti-Nietzsche people to like Dark though.. I will never understand this.



>What's Wop TV?
Spaghettifressen Fernsehen

>If you like crime series and thrillers i recommend everything with Götz George. Tatort Schimanski etc. are classic, His thriller movies are also really good.

I remember Schimanski! They aired it in the early 2000w and I remember the main character being quite a maverick. Iirc, there was, at least in a few episodes, a theme of social unrest in a few storylines. Unfortunately it was on a shitty network that went through a lot of fuckery, so I think that they didn't renewed the rights and it's not been shown here for at least a decade and a half.
Also, usually Tatort is not broadcast as such, but every city is presented as if it's a series on its on - "Special Squad Stuttgart", "Special Squad Hamburg" and so on. So I don't know if many Krimi they broadcast are they own thing or part of the Tatort series. Recently there was a series with a young woman playing an Austrian cop and another guy being a German one and basically the plot where about shit happening across the border. I don't remember the title, but it was on a couple of years ago.
Then there was Derrick, and it was so popular here that Fritz Wepper got various parts in films and tv series here both while he was playing Harry and after the old Derrick finally retired actually he got a job with Europol or something and an assassination attempt against him was foiled in the last episode. The day Horst Tappert died, they even broadcasted some random episode after prime time and during breaks there was a sign saying "Goodbye, Derrick!". Though I heard that after Tappert was posthumously outed as an SS, the public broadcaster there like cancelled everything with him in, so I guess they don't even licence Derrick abroad anymore.
My favourite tho is Ein Fall für Zwei. I read there is a reboot with two new actors and apparently is being going for a few years, but it's not being shown here. Old episodes from the nineties are still shown here randomly, sometimes early in the morning, sometimes during summer afternoons.
I've heard about Das Boot, actually I found out about it because the author of the soundtrack is the same from Ein Fall für Zwei! I've been curious about it, but I haven't had the chance to watch it.
I remember watching a film a couple of years ago about a real event, it was a bank robbery and the subsequent take of hostages that went on for days and there was this fucking bus driving to the border with the Netherlands. The film is quite recent, but the thing happened in the 80s I think. Interestingly, I catched it on the BBC through some dodgy site. I specify that because having lived in England a few years, I remember I've never watched any German production there: in fact, they never broadcast anything from Germany. On the contrary, I remember that France 2, that was available here until the switchoff to DTV in the late 2000s, usually had Derrick and Ein Fall für Zwei on - obviously dubbed in French, lol!


File: 1659450278851.png (596.15 KB, 649x384, ClipboardImage.png)

Fugg, ask and ye shall recieve! Thanks everyone. Being an absent-minded fuck I forgot to mention that I have a super strong preference for finished series, both because I hate waiting and because I want a final critical verdict since too many initially good series take a turn for the worst.
Especially appreciate all the discussion and critique since it helps me chose. I'll start off with Welt am Draht if I can find it, that one looks really promising. Cheers!


No probs anon. Here it is on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeqoD7swQpI


>Teachers shouldn't make themselves the subject, like journalists
I had a fucking cool history teacher. We formed groups and made scret and not so secret deals with the other pre ww1 empires trying to fuck them over more than us.
Admittedly, that was still a topical thing not "Look how cool I am". But that dude was just great


There's the Das Boot - Mini series with 6 episodes and 5 hours runtime. Then aforementioned Dark and that's pretty much it. It's easier to recommend german movies than shows.



There are very good teachers and then there are ones where you think "What the fuck are you doing here?", even as a teen.


Deutsche linke


Du bist in Ordnung Anon. Geh' morgen nicht auf diese Schmutzseite.


Wo is das Problem?


nirgens. Anti-Ds dabei sich schneller zu teilen als Trotskis letzte Garde.
Überraschung: Amerika-Fans Freunde von identity politics.


>Free Palestine from Hamas!
>"Wo IsT dAs PrObLeM??ß?"
really uiggha?


eh, Hamas Schwamas
>Eilmeldung! literal who schimpft literal who auf Twitter"
klingt lustig tho



<Partei und Bündnis klagen gegen Versammlungsverbote zum Todestag von Ernst Thälmann in KZ-Gedenkstätte. Ein Gespräch mit Roland Meister
<Wie kam es zum Verbot der Führungen seitens der Gedenkstätte?
<Das kam auf Betreiben des Thüringer Ministers für Kultur und Chefs der Staatskanzlei, Benjamin-­Immanuel Hoff von Die Linke, zustande, der Vorsitzender des Stiftungsrates der Gedenkstätten Buchenwald und Mittelbau-Dora ist. Früher fanden solche Führungen statt.
<Wie argumentiert man dort?
Eines der Argumente: Wenn des Kommunisten Ernst Thälmann dort gedacht würde, schade das dem Andenken an andere Opfergruppen dort, etwa Juden oder Roma und Sinti. Das ist Demagogie: Als ob wir dem Gedenken an diese jemals widersprochen hätten. Weiterhin wurden die Verbote begründet, dass somit die Würde der Opfer des sogenannten sowjetischen Sonderlagers verletzt werde, das in Buchenwald nach 1945 errichtet wurde. Das waren überwiegend Hitlerfaschisten und Kriegsverbrecher. Eine solche Gleichsetzung mit den im KZ ermordeten Kommunisten, Sozialdemokraten, Gewerkschaftern, Juden, Sinti und Roma aus ganz Europa finden wir infam. Wir bestehen darauf, dass es das gute Recht von Kommunisten ist, am Todestag von Ernst Thälmann dort des von den Faschisten ermordeten Vorsitzenden der KPD zu gedenken.
Wie trete ich bei der Partei aus? Hab auf der offiziellen Website nix gefunden.


ich kann diese Welt einfach nicht mehr ernstnehmen. Irgendwo ist der Plot abgedrifted, weißt was ich mein?


Das einzig gute an der FES ist ihr Archiv


>Wie trete ich bei der Partei aus?
siehe § 3 Absatz 2 der aktuellen Bundessatzung
>Der Austritt ist schriftlich gegenüber dem zuständigen Kreisvorstand, dem Landesvorstand oder dem Parteivorstand zu erklären; die telekommunikative Übermittlung der Austrittserklärung ist zulässig.
Also formloses Schreiben per Brief an das Liebknecht Haus oder deinen Kreis/Landesvorstand am besten den Mitgliedsausweis dazulegen wenn du es per Mail machst werden sie dich wahrscheinlich dazu auffordern ihnen selbigen zuzusenden.
Als nächsten Schritt solltest du bei deiner Bank einen Dauerauftrag an
Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung e.V.
Berliner Sparkasse
IBAN: DE06100500000023230282
in Höhe deines bisherigen PdL Mitgliedsbeitrags einrichten.


scheiß auf den Account aber bitte erzählt mir dass das nicht echt ist:


keine fucking Ahnung was die Frau überhaupt labert.


schau ihr halt mal ins Gesicht. Es ist nicht das was sondern das wie. Vllt bin das auch nur ich. Keine Ahnung man.


Manche Leute können halt nicht mit Kamera. Weißt du wie viele Protektionskinder es in diesen Positionen gibt?
RTL hatte mal eine Nachrichtensprecherin die gelispelt hat.


dann soll sie uns vllt nicht empfehlen dass wir uns hart ficken sollen.


Kannst mal gespannt drauf sein wie scheiße es wird wenn die Politiker dir schon vorher erzählen "jep, das wird übel"


Bin schon gespannt wie ein Flitzebogen oder wie man sagt.


File: 1659714675598.png (60.24 KB, 278x280, ClipboardImage.png)


Solid einfach genauso schmutz wie die mutterpartei lmfao


Würde sagen sogar noch schlimmer. Solid der einzige Jugendverband einer linken Partei der rechter is als die Mutterpartei. Komplett gaga.


>>1107214 (me)
(Gibt einige wenige basierte solid Basisgruppen die ich davon ausnehmen will, aber die werden halt gemobbt vom Bundesverband und von der Partei)


Kann mich noch erinnern wie irgendeinem Landesverband das Geld gekürzt wurde wegen "antisemitismus" hahahahahaha richtiger husoladen


File: 1659763682404.mp4 (67.03 MB, 1280x720, IMG_2375.MP4)


This is the most autistic thing I have seen in the last 6 months.


Shay is an autistic American, what do you expect.


This is the most autistic thing I have seen in the last 12 months


Kill everybody in the world.


Gekürzte Renten für Hildegard und Waldemar!
Offene Grenzen für Mörder und Vergewaltiger!

Das ist mein Programm. Endlich spricht einmal jemand meine Sprache.


File: 1659780771056.png (222.53 KB, 451x591, karlheinz cringe.png)

Alter ist das peinlich.


das klingt wie ne KIZ line :D


Es ist genau das.



Gibt's ein gutes Buch zur Planwirtschaft aus kommunistischer Sicht?
Das Meiste ist ja Müll wie Link oben.


Das war in Berlin bei der letzten Landesvollversammlung waren die Kommunisten in der Mehrheit und haben den Landessprecherrat übernommen die Zionisten haben daraufhin komplett am Rad gedreht was von außen betrachtet recht unterhaltsam war für die Beteiligten allerdings alles andere als lustig. Die Genossen sind aber standhaft geblieben trotz dieser Schmierkampange.


Plädoyer für die Planwirtschaft von Helmut Dunkhase.

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