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🗽United States Politics🦅

Absolute State of America Edition

Thread for the hellish discussion related to the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face of the Earth.


State mandated propaganda livestreams:
CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html
MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html
FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html
Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFEegalitarianism
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File: 1713755345987.jpg (830.72 KB, 1280x2080, 1713589622134945.jpg)

>Everyone is in the class struggle
Every proletarian is in the class struggle*.

The bolsheviks managed to make the petit-bourgeois join them during the revolution, but they sure didn't do it by catering to their reactionary views.


It's not stupid. It's been tried before and the feds like to come wreck your shit. They are getting worse at doing that though, and these methods are becoming more popular so their resources get spread thinner. You don't need to treat people like babies though, I think people get that idea from over-exposure to boomers and gen Xers who have poor impulse control from all the lead poisoning and red scare shit. Most younger people are more open to listening to new ideas, including radical ones, even if they don't agree. It's perfectly fine to just openly be a communist and explain how that is the basis of the work you're doing.


>he says, lulzing himself into the maximum security rape dungeon


>slowly introduce socialist ideas to people
Literally just organize, holy shit. You don't need to fucking "psyop" them if they're actual proletarians.


File: 1713755935333.png (474.78 KB, 700x948, 1713745975769372.png)

You can tell the economy is bad when piracy becomes a boogeyman again.


The other anon is right, everyone is in the class struggle. They're just not necessarily on our side of it. The petit bourgeois tend to side with the big bourgeois. Getting the petit bourgeois to switch sides is a big win, but its viability as a strategy is very situational. In the US the petit bourgeois tend to be more reactionary than the haute bourgeois while having delusions of becoming a billionaire. Even the ones who successfully become millionaires and are content would still not be open to a socialist future since they would stand to lose both material wealth and political power. Part of this is simply the fact that they are the petit bourgeois of the imperial core, and therefore the upper crust of the global petit bourgeois class. The actual petit-bourgeois, not the blue-haired baristas with college degrees but the guys who own restaurants and gas stations and auto shops, have no material interest in either socialism or globalized capitalism which is why they tend to support reactionary nativist and nationalist policies that would protect their place in the market.


Ohh noo Trump rape dungeons. Damn it. I didn't know rape dungeons were on the ballot.


When you put it like that I agree. And yes, the middle-class is especially large and virulent in wealthy nations for obvious reasons. Doesn't mean people living there should stop trying, but realize it's going to be harder and keep in mind communism isn't about a majority. Petit-bourgeois can join you, but this is the one part where you need theory to be able to differentiate proletarian causes (and even then, reform is only useful when used to agitate, not by itself) and useless reactionary reforms.


Everyone talks about Trump, but these are the guys that make my head spin. They're not just delusional faggots that unironically believe that G*sh will one day emerge from the sea with a flaming dildo to assrape all the filthy brownoids, they're delusional faggots that get to decide on national law.


>Most younger people are more open to listening to new ideas, including radical ones, even if they don't agree. It's perfectly fine to just openly be a communist and explain how that is the basis of the work you're doing.
You have a point. A lot of the people I know, primarily women, seem to at least realize there's something wrong with society and may be open to making radical changes. The question is, though: how radical? A lot of people might support Medicare For All or even just a public option, but I don't know if that translates to support for turning America into a Marxist-Leninist people's democracy or an anarchist federation.
>Literally just organize, holy shit. You don't need to fucking "psyop" them if they're actual proletarians.
I mean I think "just organize" kind of describes the second half of my original post. And I don't intend to "psyop" anyone, though I guess I can see how I might have given you that idea. I'm talking more about introducing a transitionary political platform at first rather than just calling for the immediate full implementation of communism.


Yeah it's kind of crazy how mad liberals get about Trump who is just a run of the mill narcissist while they basically have ignored these guys. It's extra annoying because lower level elections actually can be swayed by voters, but everyone focuses on the POTUS which is basically written on the wall from the start. It just goes to show how unserious liberals are about politics, even their farcical electoral system.


>Any good books on him?
There's a doorstop of a collection of his writings and speeches called "Paul Robeson Speaks."

I don't blame you. I've been feeling much the same. Outside of work I've been spending more time on just hobbies I enjoy, reading, and exercise. Feel a lot better.

Well, I do think a lot of people who became interested in socialism in recent years did so even though what they wanted out of it was pretty basic, like healthcare reforms that would bring the U.S. up to the level of, like, Germany. I'm not talking about the USSR. Basic reforms that are popular but maligned as socialism get people to think, "well okay, then I'm a socialist." This is probably limited. The logic goes: Bernie says he's a socialist, he says he's against inequality, therefore he must be for equality, therefore people for equality are socialist. But for years the refrain has been "progressive income tax structures are SOCIALIST," "universal healthcare is SOCIALIST," "a living wage and guaranteed paid time-off policy is SOCIALIST," and on and on and on.

If you had little to no knowledge of socialism, and you heard that blaring from your T.V./internet device for years and years on end, then "socialism" sounds pretty good! That's not to say actual "socialism" can't also sound pretty good, I just mean that this version of "socialism" probably appeals to a broad segment of people who wouldn't necessarily support actual socialism as a Maoist group would understand it. Then I think another thing is when people see socialists really standing up for them or fighting for them. There were a whole lot of people who started identifying as socialists of some kind just because they didn't like Nazis and they saw red flags going into battle in Charlottesville. "If the socialists will fight those douchebags, then I'm going to be a socialist."


Book review in the NYT.

>Try this explanation on for size: The driving force in American politics in the decades after the American Revolution was the rise of an arrogant, ruthless, parasitic oligarchy in the South, built on a foundation of Christian religion and a vision of permanent, God-ordained economic inequality. Though much of the South was poor, this new aristocracy was vastly rich. Two-thirds of all estates in the United States worth more than $100,000 were in the hands of Southern white men. Their goal in seceding was to undo the basic ideals of the American republic and keep their wealth. These counterrevolutionaries — for that is what they were — insisted that men were by divine design unequal, both racially and economically. To fight this notion and crush what amounted to an existential threat to democracy, the antislavery movement needed ideas as much as, ultimately, guns.

>That’s the narrative that frames Matthew Stewart’s engaging and often surprising new book, “An Emancipation of the Mind.” The title refers to the rise of new ways of thinking in the antislavery movement, what Stewart calls “the philosophical origins of America’s second revolution.”

>The most significant ideas that Stewart traces are religious. From 1770 to 1860, religion in America underwent a massive shift. The number of churches exploded, North and South. Soon, most of these churches, using clear and manifold endorsements of slavery from the Bible (“Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ”), were promoting and actively defending the slave republic. As the antislavery crowd soon learned, it was impossible to spin “slavery is sin” arguments against biblical literalism. Ending slavery, Stewart says, “was hardly part of God’s plan.” This wasn’t just a Southern opinion: Three out of five clerics who published pro-slavery books and articles were educated at Northern divinity schools. Two decades before the outbreak of war, abolitionism was still a skulking pariah, a despised minority in the North as well as the South.

>The abolitionists clearly needed help. Enter the Germans, specifically the freethinking Germans whose radical republican philosophy underpinned the failed European revolutions of 1848. “Freidenkers’’ like the theologian David Friedrich Strauss and the philosopher and anthropologist Ludwig Feuerbach formulated ideas of the laws of nature and “nature’s God” that were at odds with the tenets of Christianity. A large group of German intellectuals, fresh from the battles of 1848, arrived on American shores, joined the abolitionist movement and radicalized it. As he did in his 2014 book “Nature’s God,” which traced the way that the heretical philosophies of Spinoza and Lucretius influenced American founders like Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin, Stewart here argues convincingly that these philosophers found willing listeners in the persons of Abraham Lincoln, who kept Strauss and Feuerbach on his shelf; Frederick Douglass, who saw American Christianity as “the bulwark of slavery”; and the abolitionist firebrand Theodore Parker, whose lectures reached as many as 100,000 people a year in the 1850s.

>Wasn’t much of this simply revolutionary atheism? Yes, it was, and it’s a bit of a shock to find out how close Lincoln and Douglass were to these ideas, though they paid lip service to more conventional Christian beliefs when translating them for the public. The other big idea here — also with help from the Germans, especially Karl Marx (a great admirer of Lincoln, who, Stewart argues, liked him too) — has to do with the economics of slavery. “At the root of the ills of the slave system,” writes Stewart, “lies the extreme economic inequality that it inevitably produces — not just between races but among the white population.” Between 1852 and 1862, Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote 487 articles for The New York Daily Tribune; Lincoln likely read them. They explained the war as “nothing but a struggle between two social systems, the system of slavery and the system of free labor.”



File: 1713763328277.mp4 (38.32 MB, 400x266, willich.mp4)


what's that marx quote again about people who preach alignment with the petit bourgeoisie?


File: 1713771798719-0.png (345.24 KB, 720x821, MIT.PNG)

File: 1713771798719-1.jpg (152.08 KB, 1125x1214, GLuy_LxXEAAqUJE.jpg)

File: 1713771798719-2.jpg (252.33 KB, 1125x1815, GLuy_LwWQAAy5YY.jpg)

File: 1713771798719-3.jpg (211.5 KB, 1125x1774, GLuy_LzWEAEze2J.jpg)

First Columbia, Yale, and now MIT. 1968 all over again, pretty based.


Also Tufts and Emerson are setting up encampments as well.


daily boomer wisdom


As a non-American looking in, I have to say you are getting needlessly hysterical over the discussion. The other anon’s premise of the minorities being more disproportionately approving of socialism compared to whites have been rather sound. You haven’t give ample counter examples without appealing to emotion and personal circumstances relentlessly.

Take a break from posting and help your mother out. Politics is about systemical change over a long period, not helping an old woman survive her workplace.


Sorry burgers but it's actually better for the world that you've been financially crippled.

Making advanced education expensive keeps potential talent uncultivated and limits the empire's own pool of educated workers and specialists. It artificially limits it's tech breakthroughs and innovations that could keep it on top of the world.
To even have a chance, it has to bring in foreign nationals with no loyalty and they can leave at anytime then bring their experience and American tech knowledge with them.

Meanwhile America's own citizens languish in the "service economy" wasting time and learning useless skills that don't matter. They also have to sink their paychecks into debt instead of buying products and services. This artificially depresses the domestic economy and slows potential economic growth.
All of this adds up to degrade the country at an even faster rate.

tbh boomers are based and we should thank them


>Those same friends I mentioned, “shitty people” did a weeks long suicide watch when a buddy was going through a bad breakup
Yeah I trust my friends to come to me in that case.
It doesn't make them bad but it feels like they/you are a little overdramatic, that's what I read.


America is already kind of gone. It's a question of when it's financial(strength) and military prestige are turned over by the rest of the world.

>190,000 of the jobs are in services, and 71,000 are in government. In other words, 86% of the jobs gain reflect the third world pattern. The service jobs are in wholesale and retail trade, health care and social assistance, and waitresses and bartenders.

>The high tech jobs we were promised in exchange for offshoring US manufacturing industry are hardly visible and certainly did not provide opportunities for displaced manufacturing workers. Moreover, most tech jobs–AI, robotics, software programs–are aimed at displacing humans from the work force.

>The offshoring of US manufacturing destroyed the middle class, state and local government budgets, the ladders of upward mobility, and concentrated the wealth of the country in one percent of the population.


sorry I meant >financial(the US dollar)




This guy seems autistic lol



dont know about autistic, but definitely on the slower side.


Hes making the mistake of believing own military propaganda. USA hasnt fought a real war after Korea.


File: 1713789151525.png (969.94 KB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

Yes bro.
Where do you think solders are found?



That's not Xi. That's a guy that looks vaguely like him.


File: 1713790728177.mp4 (5.97 MB, 360x450, bootsfirmlyplanted.mp4)

>we can put boots on the ground anywhere in 24 hours
Watch your step then.


He isn't really wrong. If no one's trying anything, your deterrence is working.


I mean yes he's correct that the USA military is powerful but he's addressing retarded strawmen, who says that North Korea can invade USA lol. Also the USA can't invade Russia or China either without being wiped out by MAD.


Iran and North Korea are heavily mountainous. They would be a nightmare to invade.
Plus Korea would launch it's nuclear weapons too. Not sure if it could reach the USA but it could easily hit South Korea or Japan


Nah that's just the tisms. Real autists sound half retarded.


Kinda bidirectional. The USA isn't trying anything with those other countries he mentioned either. Kind of the whole concept of MAD.


Class society is a mental illness and it will be treated.


File: 1713792482191.png (144.47 KB, 641x473, dogshot.png)

>sips coffee mug
Is he not aware that he is just a conservative version of the "smug opinionated liberal"?


Ah but that's different because he's not some brainwashed privileged libtard and knows what the real America means (he inherited his father's $3m HVAC repair company)


MAD is pretty bad, it's game over (to be clear I am not against NK having nukes). There is other ways to deter your adversaries. What you are talking about seems to be the natural advantage of the defender.


Huh? Saying wanking about a war between Russia-USA China-USA will result in day 1 nuclear armegeddon. Pretending like they'll be fighting each other with anything else is just wankery. It's just an excuse to waste money and for the generals to pretend they're actually doing something.


Exactly. Under socialism the military will be cut to the bone except for the territorial army (they will carry out public works during peacetime) and nuclear first strike capability


From the words of Lenin AI himself:

>In the event of a third world war, the consequences would be devastating and long-lasting for the entire globe. Such a conflict would inevitably lead to a catastrophic loss of life, economic and geopolitical havoc, and unprecedented destruction and devastation. The results of a third world war would be felt for decades to come and would likely change the world order in drastic and irreversible ways. It is something that we should all strive to avoid at all costs.


>no one is trying anything
<russia -> ukraine
<venezuela -> essequibo
<palestine/iran -> israel
<all the coups in africa


Parroting the American myth that militaries will magically stop existing the moment nuclear weapons are used


Why would there be a difference between the military and civilians under socialism? Socialism aims to abolish the specialization of labor and democratize things like national defense and law enforcement


File: 1713795198267.png (157.84 KB, 1066x1599, ClipboardImage.png)

That's the opposite of what they believe. No one is going to keep fighting for the burger military when the paychecks stop coming. It's really impossible to speculate what would happen. I always imagine whatever remnants don't get toasted will just divide up and then just go conquer whatever country hasn't been toasted in the Southern hemisphere. Just useless speculation, but the subs will be the only shit that survives, assuming they didn't launch all their nukes, they could go hold most any country hostage with just one Ohio Class.


>The results of a third world war would be felt for decades to come and would likely change the world order in drastic and irreversible ways.
isnt this a good thing?



Socialism is not an inevitability. The world could just become worse and only worse.

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