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🗽United States Politics🦅

Absolute State of America Edition

Thread for the hellish discussion related to the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face of the Earth.


State mandated propaganda livestreams:
CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html
MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html
FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html
Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFEegalitarianism


Is this reverse-phrenology
Yaoi hands are /pol/?
Really, I think their defining characteristic is mediocrity
Haircut from the mall, pallid skin and prescription glasses from being a mole, secondhand t-shirts, etc.




You're the one giving lectures that blacks chimps out because they have uyghur genes. I'm simply giving a more nuanced context to your one-sided worldview. It is impressive how often you pedo maggots play victim for an ideology that supposedly champion individual strength


There's nothing wrong with this. It's a been annoying in it's messaging (optics) but nonetheless it's basically consistent with black radicalism of the 60s. Based if a bit kind of lame imagery, cleaned up if you will, for liberals that is.


File: 1675617216911.mp4 (3.75 MB, 576x1024, 1675616852033.mp4)

Would any of you happen to know this fine gentleman?


why are right wing psychos obsessed with vomiting their conspiracies at retail workers?


You keep saying woke shit also I'm not any of the posters who responded to you I'm just pointing out how you're a woke liberal globalist cuck.


The Nazis are fightingg noo haha


I'm not being a "woke globalist cuck' or a BBC slave that defend blacks at any opportunity. I'm simply pointing out to our right wing visitor that, in the spirit of scientific inquiry, if they want to establish a conclusion(chimping out is genetic) they need to neutralize independent variables (socioeconomic conditions) first.


No one else can be forced to listen to them


those service workers also likely believe in it.


The idea that America was built on slavery and that blacks built America exaggerates the importance of slavery in the early American economy. The fact is America was primarily built by free white labor, blacks and the chinese were secondary contributers.


File: 1675622934456.jpeg (15.06 KB, 313x475, images (31).jpeg)

The history of America would be very,very different without negroes being trafficked to farm cotton. I'm not going to say "slave labour literally build America", of course free white labour is the largest contributor just by looking at population statistic alone, but the truth is that white burghers (deliberately) tried to memoryhole just how reliant their brutal empire was on human trafficking and forced land seizures. America is the very embodiment of satan walking on Earth, such a cartoonishly evil nation has never appeared before except in apocalyptic religious literatures


>I'm not going to say "slave labour literally build America"
It did though. Yeah sure it wasn't just slave labor, but that was definitely the special sauce that tied the recipe together.


>such a cartoonishly evil nation has never appeared before
Except for the Axis powers


These are the people patsocs think we need to recruit.


patsocs were always about fetishizing the "white working class". lmao they are the most susceptible to cold war propaganda, why do you think these people supported Trump? Cause he promised to punish China.


in my anecdotal experience ive never had a coworker like that. customers absolutely, usually older, poor. definitely lonely, they know how to keep you trapped in a convo


File: 1675624187867-0.png (39.7 KB, 538x466, fdwh.png)

File: 1675624187867-1.png (8.39 KB, 400x136, wghd.png)

File: 1675624187867-2.jpg (100.07 KB, 1079x1324, FlWGM43acAIU7F2.jpg)

The american conservative voter base seems to have psychologically degenerated beyong repair.


I had a conspiracy obsessed couple (that I ominously haven’t seen in a while after they claimed COVID vaccines will kill you), and while the obvious answer is that we’re forced to listen to them, something I’d notice is they didn’t seem to realize our whole job is based on humoring them. Like, we’ve pretty much got no option to disagree with them, we just have to widen our eyes and go “Wowww, that’s really cool.” Or say “Interesting” or what have you.

And this couple, they’d get legitimately confused and upset that they’d give us some fucking link like “Go to dollar vigilante at bitchute” and we never would. Like they seemed so fucking credulous that they think we’d actually care about whatever subject they’re talking about. When they finally caught on that we were humoring them I’d hear some passive aggressive stuff like “Maybe you’re just nodding along to what I say?” Which, yeah, we are. It’s what customer service is.

It’s something I’ve noticed about conspiracists that’s just legitimately odd. Like on one hand they seem so fucking hyper paranoid about everything. On the other they’re so fucking credulous that they believe the guy at the other end of the transaction cares about them. Like their brains have some fundamental problem processing dishonesty. Flat earthers do this a lot too, where they start by asking if you think the media or government lies, and if you say yes they say something like “then why do you think the earth is round?” Or if you ignore it and talk specifically about their insane theories, they’ll accuse you of thinking “oh you think the government is always honest and the news doesn’t lie to us!”


worknig in retail some people did tend towards conspiracies, but only because management often worked in a conspiratorial manner so it was easy to believe the rest of the world worked like that.


File: 1675624683049.jpg (258.43 KB, 1169x1000, 1675615879150878.jpg)

Why are Texans so gay?

Imagine going into a movie theater in Texas and after you've taken your seat and you go "phew, something smells like shit here." You look around and all you see are a bunch of men dressed in homosexual cowboy suits from Brokeback Mountain, then finally the lights are dimmed and the Avatar 2 - Turquoise Cement starts, and suddenly you hear the theater being filled with the sounds of bearded men sucking and nibbling loudly on penis shaped pickles. By the middle of the movie our cowboys run out of these edible little green dildos and some of them go "fuck it," and unzip the pants of their "pardners" next to them and start sucking on the real thing. At that point you had enough, and infuriated you rush to see the manager to place your solid and heterosexual complaint. "Where's the theater manager?" you ask the first popcorn cleaning lad with a broom in his hand you see and he points you to a door. You enter without knocking like a confident heterosexual would just to be shocked by what you see: the manager, butt ass naked and with a cowboy hat on his ugly head is having green pickles inserted into his anus by the pickle selling clerk. You suddenly realize that the smell you detected at the beginning was actually feces, pickles drenched in feces to be exact.

You rush out of the theater having your blue alien viewing cravings unsatisfied, head directly to the airport, and leave Texas never to revisit the most ragingly homosexual state in the US of A.


Same party to brag about knowing "basic biology".
Wait till they learn about hermaphrodites, or sex chromosomes having more than two letters.

Business idea: send conservatives images of buff guys with pussys


I don't think they'll ever figure out that lying on a large scale is actually a relatively expensive thing that gets pricier the bigger and more you do it.


Is this really not pasta?


Also that they would never look for the tells of a transgender FtM which is roughly half of trans people in the USA.

The media ignores that and drums up the fear of emasculation tropes instead. Which is incompatible, maybe even opposed, to going around questioning the masculinity of random males and obsessing about their genitals. It's phallocentric and heterosexual male oriented.


File: 1675625630049.jpg (623.36 KB, 1280x1882, [email protected]@._V1_.jpg)

Favorite character? For me it's probably Bill or Boom Howard.



>unsympathetic schizo and a literal cuck
do you… uhm… find common traits with him?


Do you find common traits with Bill or Boom Howard? He's just the funniest you retard.


Y…yes? I'm bald as Bill and speak incomprehensively fast as Boom Howard


Extreme black/white thinking

Can confirm


uh… it's "boomhauer"…


mid-tier meme tbh


conan the barbarian said that civilization makes men into assholes


That's not an American name


Couldn't happen to a better country, but what does this have to do with /usapol/?


File: 1675628959962.jpg (448.88 KB, 2817x1684, 4ibdecrp4ur51.jpg)


okay that works too


>Grrr kids cartoon make me mad! This why America suck!


imagine seething over this


File: 1675629823106.jpg (127.49 KB, 600x600, fetchimage (1).jpg)

>ooga booga, our media is actually… le excellent
>there's nothing wrong with PMC recruitment propaganda aimed at children
>at least the kids learn some facts and history!!

your ilk makes me vomit


Is that what this is? I’m very confused


what even is pmc?


When you do an capitol hill occupied protest (chop/chaz) against police brutality and in 2 days "social issues experts" (aka humanities postgrads) come to you and put up signs about how black people and the "natives" are actually allied with plants (noble savage), how proles living in the area should "give back" their homes to the natives, and that lesbian black voices are worth more than simple black voices… that is a PMC, you stupid shit.


It's okay to kill Americans :)


Is racist anti-American shitposter a new character? They better get an easily filterable flag or name if they're gonna stick around




Honestly I think the simplest rebuttal to conspiracy theorists was when Machiavelli wrote about all the practical problems with conspiracies hundreds of years ago. Namely he said if it gets larger than a handful of people it'll be a nightmare to maintain secrecy/act in a coordinated fashion.

In a great deal of conspiracies you have the supposed participants in it being, essentially, superhuman. Like the "Jewish Conspiracy" relies on the average Jew having enough solidarity with the Bourgeois Jews, enough that they'll accept being on the edge of poverty or wont feel any envy for the rich Jews out of racial solidarity. That this is a racial-wide conspiracy and every single Jew on earth is so disciplined that they're all united in it.

Or the "Pedophile Satanic Cabal" shit Q believes in. That a bunch of these backstabbers have such iron loyalty to each other that they would all engage in the same bizarre, morally disgusting practices, and never once rat on another to get ahead. That all of them are devoted to this "Satanic" cause not just personally, but ideologically, such that they're always working to implement the plans of Satan and wont get distracted by the sheer wealth and opulence they live in daily.


Gotta feel some pity for conservatives, I mean, how WOULD they know women have Adam’s apples? They're too retarded to get intimately close to normal women, so their only reference point is their 250lb wife Susan with several fat layers around her neck.


stupid shit american I said nothing racist


my uygha it stands for "Professional Managerial Class" you don't even get that shit right
like lmao


is the proud family still a thing? i'm out of the loop


do you really think you are being edgy or even insightful


Correcting mistakes can be considered insightful, yes. I don't think anatomy or biology should be considered edgy in communist circles.


Probably because we’re on a Chan board with multiple poltards visiting currently. Just a wild guess


File: 1675630789312.jpg (38.16 KB, 618x410, patrick-crusius.jpg)

Isn't it funny when alpha male specimens like picrel are the strictest when defining what it means to be female?


Cry about it nerd


one of these days i'm probably going to be mistaken for a trans woman and get harassed for it at this point


File: 1675631345813.webm (Spoiler Image, 647.77 KB, 718x370, 1675612198418241.webm)

>>1357804(gore warning)


OoOoOooOoOoOooh, you want to go baaaaaaaack, you want to go back sooooo bad!


I grew up in Dallas and have never seen someone eating a pickle at the movies.


The chinlet NEET wants to talk about hopes and futures


File: 1675632511075.png (706.69 KB, 1024x536, 1DN4qWj4kYSXk1WEFk9m.png)


Watch out guys, he has a bunch of blogs and news stories to refute lived experience


The state of this thread proves that we will weep for the joy of sweet release when Xi finally launches the missiles


We would've had a worker's revolution by now if Disney didn't let a cartoon aimed at black children say america was built on slavery.


File: 1675632876447.jpg (91.44 KB, 800x800, theory of america.jpg)

Slavery built America. From the shackled chains of Africans from the west coast. To the indentured servants of the British Isles. From the debt ridden Freeman of the South. To the Yuki Indian forced to serve a debtor. From the company towns of West Virginia. To the undocumented migrants of the Central Valley. Slavery built this country and Communism will emancipate this country


File: 1675633261762.jpg (130.27 KB, 640x820, 1675632037861576.jpg)

I'm trying to create a mindmap of the USA as a foreigner.. So far I got:

USA South: everybody is sucking pickles in the theaters and go to gay conversion therapies wearing cowboy hats. Boom Howard is from here.
Midwest: "Corn belt" people here think that "Corn Barns" are a fun time for kids
NorthEast: "Rust belt" you become a meth addict homeless unemployable dude here and die before turning 40. If you want to survive you must become a train hobo to escape from the rust belt
Eastern shore: bureaucrats, glow
West: Mormons, Mexicans, Chinese spy satellite observatories
Western shore: post-human liberals whose blood has been voluntarily replaced with animal-friendly soy blood and where not being at the very least a furry/bicurious/pansexual at age 16 makes you uncool


>if I re-categorize all work as "slavery" then indeed slavery built the country
Dude, I can play this game too.

I define "orange" as "every type of human labor under the sun". Orange built this country.

I am very clever.


File: 1675633656830.png (381.71 KB, 4506x2736, wp1911850.png)

Anon, do me a favor. Get a picture of a map and with this list of americas famous unis, tell me where you think all of these unis are. Only do the ones you really know, so if you see anything never heard about, just skip. But I want to see guessing from how films portray them, where you think they would be

Stanford University
Harvard University
Princeton University
Yale University
Cornell University
Columbia University
Johns Hopkins University


I think they're more into opioids in the east and west is more meth.


MIT is cheating


Well, I didn't want to say its full name. Maybe anon doesn't know. But eh, give them a freebie if they know. Had to get rid of some "university of city/state"


File: 1675633940386.jpg (39 KB, 615x680, Fn6ufHYXwAEX1Sf.jpg)

You're so right. Dickney Cartoon said "slavery built america"
America has fallen.
Billions must die


MIT Massachusetts
Stanford California
Harvard Massachusetts
Princeton New Jersey
Rest I don't know


File: 1675634733597.png (1.57 MB, 1605x902, modernusslavery.png)

>Slavery built America
It did and still does.


i cant tell you where a single one of those universities is located


For the better


File: 1675634900248.jpeg (1.69 MB, 4506x2736, mindmap.jpeg)


Why are texans ashamed of their pickle sucking ways? It's your culture, dude, you gotta embrace it.


just watch Koyaanisqatsi and you'll understand half of what you need to know about America

t. from the northeast


Also I will use this information to psyop Americans to a pre civil war era way of thinking. Loyalty to their states rather than the USA. Will accelerate the balkanization


south korea gang


File: 1675635681065.png (76.31 KB, 825x625, 2020_large.png)

>only edible food in america


>spy balloon belt

I kek'd


It's not funny, like at all. It's the laziest topical reference ever.


File: 1675635901371.png (164.13 KB, 640x640, R (18).png)

>It's not funny, like at all. It's the laziest topical reference ever.


Do I have permission to kek, my good channer sir?


People who laugh at different things than me should know better.

Sorry, it's a long standing tradition from /ck/ to take an exception for Louisiana as having God-tier food while the rest is meh. If you are wondering Mexico is generally considered to be God tier food and Italy as well, while US states with Mexicans and Italians don't get a pass.


File: 1675636343391.webm (1.29 MB, 720x1280, burge (1).webm)


aka. Worst Carolina
Seen it as a kid. Don't remember much of it. I think Philip Glass is overrated. If I had to pick a modern composer from America I'd choose Morton Feldman.


You may
>US states with Mexicans and Italians don't get a pass.
Don't know about Italians, but any Mexican foods not from those states automatically worst than everywhee minus LATAM


Some people look at that molten asphalt looking shit and go "mmmmmmMM! Looks DELISH!"


I like Glass but Feldman is based, I used to have a CD of Piano and String Quartet


>minus LATAM
the key part here

If it's better in the country of origin it can not be considered god tier in the USA.


Glass for me is workout music. (Monotone, fast paced, etc.) Feldman for me is study/reading music. (It's indeterminacy turns off my pattern recognition that otherwise gets active with other kinds of music involuntarily.)


Key difference. Never compared them to mother country. If anyone does, 1000 beatings for them. But the states are closer to the mother country than lets say Norway in how they prepare that food, since you def still have first generation people with access to similarish ingredients.


I broadly agree, I tend to listen to Glass when I'm either walking or driving, and Feldman when I'm sitting down alone.

tbh my general rule of thumb with Glass is earlier = better, his peak was the 70s/early 80s


>>1357958 (me)
Whereas with Feldman, I actually prefer the later stuff, something about those big, spare canvases consisting of a handful of instruments puts me in a zone


The thing about the USA is that other than a few examples (mostly Asians) all ethnic groups get burgerified by the second generation: they don't speak their original mother tongue anymore, unfamiliarity with traditions and customs, etc. So it's hard to imagine that genuine, say, "Mexican cuisine" could take hold in the US when cultural inheritance is a rarity.
>his peak was the 70s/early 80s
gimme recommendation


kind of surprised to see the lib rag mock the china hawkery going on.


>gimme recommendation
Music in Twelve Parts, Einstein on the Beach, Satyagraha, Akhnaten, Another Look At Harmony Pt. 4, Dance Nos. 1-5


There are genuinely points where The Onion's writers actually kind of come off as hiding their power level a bit, they had one of those fake vox populi slideshows they do during that Taiwan nothingburger from last year and one of the slides was an absolutely brutal beatdown of the kind of guy who's currently losing their shit over the balloon


Eh, I kinda agree. I think the thing is until we know of, there will always be fresh new batch of immigrants of first generation, so there will probably always be some access to genuine "mexican food". Not only that, but compared to the rest of minorities, there is still some people who've been here since the 60s, 70s, 80s, who retain their culture, and aren't fully burgerized. Some maybe not speak the language, but still do cultural things or have family in Mexico. So there will be a self looping cycle of burgerized Mexicans being able to eat the closest to genuine mexican food.


>The thing about the USA is that other than a few examples (mostly Asians) all ethnic groups get burgerified by the second generation: they don't speak their original mother tongue anymore, unfamiliarity with traditions and customs, etc. So it's hard to imagine that genuine, say, "Mexican cuisine" could take hold in the US when cultural inheritance is a rarity.

Can confirm, one side of my family is latino and I don't speak a lick of spanish partly because when I was in high school we were blessed/cursed with a hot spanish teacher and a bunch of us were basically swooning over her due to beeing Fifteen And Horny


*being, damn fingers


If your fingers offend you just cut them off. It's the Christian thing to do.
>And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and. cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee. that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.


hold on a sec, I gotta get my shitty big lots knives

Fuck they're all in the washer I have to annoy the cat instead


Worst American composer?

Virgil Thomson

Completely lifeless, mechanistic, formulaic, kitschy. For me it's as if you asked an accountant to compose. I imagine Thomson's sex life to be completely dull. This piece is from 1937. The dude already witnessed WW1, one of the greatest tragedies of mankind, and it left absolutely no impression on him.

Here's him feigning "sadness" in his post-WW2 piece, failing, and coming off as detached/melancholic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THDLkcm54F4

…and just look at the titles of his pieces: "Sadness" not long after followed by "Super-Sadness". It's like this detached faggot knew that he should be feeling something… different… after two world wars.


>we have aaron copland at home
<copland at home:


File: 1675639248238.gif (752.32 KB, 250x178, ahahahaha-risatacarra.gif)


How unfortunate


even his wiki is hilarious:
>a composer of "an Olympian blend of humanity and detachment"[7] whose "expressive voice was always carefully muted" until his late opera Lord Byron which, in contrast to all his previous work, exhibited an emotional content that rises to "moments of real passion".[8]
"Dude lead his life imitating others and sticking to outdated artistic movements and were pretty bad at it until the very end of his life when by some unknown miracle he somehow managed to compose an opera that wasn't half shit."

…wiki of said opera:
>"….a very bland score, distressingly banal (all those waltzes!) and frequently gagglingly cutesy."
>The opera has not yet received a full-scale professional production.
(Which is to say it's so bad nobody cares to record it.)

I rest my case. Virgil Thomson is the shittiest American composer ever.


One of those dudes who heard neoclassical-era Stravinsky once and didn't get that only Stravinsky can get away with being Stravinsky



Copland has big drum

but EL&P has the funk


File: 1675642073360.png (69.78 KB, 734x317, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1675642160363.png (1.35 MB, 800x1251, ClipboardImage.png)


Scientific papers have shown that not using words such as "assuage" can reduce rural rage by up to 24%.


File: 1675642312873.png (124.93 KB, 600x359, ClipboardImage.png)


the onion is one of burgerland's better news sites though


In America, critique of "bipartisam" (foreign) policy is only allowed in form of satire. That way, nobody has to take it seriously.



I'll never understand why some poor, incredibly stressed out people finally flipping their shit on a bad day is seen as the worst thing in the world whereas the crakkkas have had two enormous world wide chimpouts that lead to hundreds of millions dead and untold destruction of infrastructure and capital but those are viewed as "ebin gonquest :D D D D :D D D Nadzees did nuffin wong :aD d d :D D "


american cultural revolution would be crazy


there is no rural rage, there is no urban-rural divide. the only divide is between bourgeois and proletarian. rural life sucks just as much as urban life but for different reasons. rural people hate living in a shithole just as much as someone living in slums hates living in the city. the problem is capitalism and the bourgeois class preventing us from increasing our quality of life in general


File: 1675645015620.png (206.08 KB, 1712x835, bore line.png)

honestly this sounds badass and scifi and ive been thinking about it and i really like this idea. who knows what might be discovered from boring a coast-to-coast line like that anyway? might be gold, might be undiscovered caves, might be unknown species of subterranean animals, but i think the practical applications of bore-lines like that could also be incredible, considering that underground canals might be pretty good at doubling as bomb shelters.


That doesn't make sense
The satire is coming from the point of view of criticizing foreign policy, not in the satire itself


idk about practical but I like the idea of canals in tunnels because it would cut down on evaporation right? though we could just put solar panels over them
In Scandinavia somewhere they have or are going to do this, a canal tunnel for ships, couldnt tell you where tho


I assume this is what i was thinking of


File: 1675645691908.png (506.3 KB, 839x698, bore.png)

if i was a scandi lib i would just do picrel to reduce shipping time


Isn't most of Scandinavia's population located on the glans and Russia's most populous cities are below finland? Seems like a lot of effort for minimal economic benefit.


Who cares? The economy is secondary to my ego as a supervillain. Everything should be done for my amusement! Megaprojects are the best method of appeasing me, your overlord.





Shipping times are negligent nowadays even on a cargo ship where you can get from one hemisphere to the other in a week or 2


File: 1675646516111.png (1.08 MB, 1200x874, ClipboardImage.png)

>not boy
You almost had me anon.


Stalin did something similar in the same general, therefore this is based




>hawaii and alaska


File: 1675647016732.png (43.06 KB, 595x327, ClipboardImage.png)

DeSantis is going to bomb so hard. I should put money on it.

>Poor man's Ted Cruz

Lol so accurate.


File: 1675649084756-0.png (45.36 KB, 649x441, 1.png)

File: 1675649084756-1.png (12.13 KB, 617x227, 2.png)

File: 1675649084756-2.png (34.41 KB, 695x459, 3.png)

File: 1675649084756-3.png (31.17 KB, 617x355, 4.png)

Record numbers of people are worse off, a recipe for political discontent: poll
>Four in 10 Americans say they've gotten worse off financially since Joe Biden became president, the most in ABC News/Washington Post polls dating back 37 years. Political fallout includes poor performance ratings for Biden and a tight hypothetical Biden/Trump rematch next year.


I just dont see DeSantis doing well outside of Florida and maybe a few other schizo-right states.


Do you think Trump might be able to rehabilitate his image?


I think Trump lost because of Covid, that's it. The Dems didn't gain a single voter with all the dumb shit they did for 6 years(are we done with Jan 6 hearings yet?)


why are so many republican states like florida and utah passing anti socialism laws


Nope, porky is running DeSantis in 2024


Like they tried with Jeb and Marco last time? They got wrecked.


Yet at the same time the republicans did fuck all in what could be assumed to be a total sweep by them.
They see the reports of 40% of zoomers supporting socialism and want to pass laws that make pushing capitalist propaganda easier to do or some shit.
who knows


Well the economic conditions certainly give Trump an effective weapon to swing at Biden. Biden will take flak regardless of who or what is responsible. Meanwhile Trump can point at his own relatively good economic performance, he can for example contrast the stimulus checks under his administration to the billions of dollars in aid for Ukraine while Americans feel they are worse off than ever. Basically "look at what happened when you elected Biden", etc. So I think the opportunity is there if he can return to his old high-energy self. If he is anything like when he announced he was running last year, he will have a tough time. As far as DeSantis goes, I'm personally pretty doubtful of him. Not sure he has what it takes, he doesn't have the same authentic energy Trump is able to conjure up. My impression of him is that he was grown in some CIA lab somewhere.


>They see the reports of 40% of zoomers supporting socialism and want to pass laws that make pushing capitalist propaganda easier to do or some shit.
will it work?


Looking from the outside, I doubt it. A shitton of zoomers don't seem to trust the status quo.


Well porky has had a fair amount of success with pushing the chad/virgin and soyjak memes in order to shame people who aren't conservative as being weaker physically and an "NPC" while the right is seen as "Truth seekers" or some bullshit so I think it might work.


No, they haven't. Poll after poll is showing that zoomers aren't buying what the GOP is selling, and most millennials aren't swinging rightward as they age. Memes aren't politics.


memes also aren't official school lessons


engaging with people who think memes are real world propaganda should be bannable


If official school lessons were a guaranteed way of brainwashing people for life, then what brought us here, and why are young people already not falling for it? They already put anti-socialist propaganda in textbooks and have been doing it for a long time.


Because Florida, Utah, and New Hampshire which is also trying to enact one of these laws, are fucking awful places for proles to live. The local porkies know this, they see the studies about zoomers and young people in general being open to (or supportive of) socialism, and it scares them.


>they see the studies about zoomers and young people in general being open to (or supportive of) socialism, and it scares them.
It really shouldn't scare them, young people have zero political power, by the time they get old enough to be in power the only ones left will be the sons and daughters of the boomer rich


File: 1675657648373.pdf (15.16 MB, 197x255, cadillac_desert.pdf)

Finally the other shoe drops. Sharts actually thought they could build cities in the desert forever.


File: 1675657869277.png (3.05 MB, 1934x1319, continental hydrology.png)



From what Ive heard, they knew they were running their reservoirs dry since the beginning but the allure of short term profits in agriculture proved too much. I hope the West is just abandoned to nature


<take the time to post about how a dumb disney cartoon for children made you piss your pants with anger
<no one gives a fuck
>heh, just as I suspected, congrats for falling again for some stupid fucking slogan that was intentionally devised in such a way to divide the working class.
youre actually a retard lol


File: 1675658629198.jpg (59.73 KB, 640x480, 293809.jpg)

>wont somebody please think of the poor convenient stores!


File: 1675660621557.png (672.89 KB, 790x455, ClipboardImage.png)

i hate to do this to you shay but that post was mostly a joke, because you are immediately going to have issues any time the underground parts of the earth move even a bit.


>instead of "worse off" it's "not as well off"

Hahahaha burgercope


File: 1675663792902.jpg (44.44 KB, 400x300, belomorkanal1.jpg)

Stalin's channel. Tsars had a plan for it for centuries, but never managed to pull it off in spite of massive trade benefits


Burgercide, NOW!


The ruralites are slowly killing themselves off anyway.


It's chocolate, dude. The only issue is the burger beneath.


Maher: woke revolution is basically like maoism and soviet union

Maher was already a neoliberal goon but he's basically going full Jordan Peterson here


File: 1675692455928.gif (2.82 MB, 449x200, 200-4275404633.gif)

>muh human nature in the first 15 seconds


it's like a list of a NPC's dialogue options huh.


I hate that boomer zionist lolbert


File: 1675697430554.png (Spoiler Image, 800.41 KB, 879x657, bunda.png)

Only part of the vid worth watching.



when it comes to false consciousness propaganda you stick with what works. A big lie that's quick to say and easy to spread and takes time and energy and education most people don't have to refute to refute.


>Isn't most of Scandinavia's population located on the glans
because of the lack of a canal. They would spread out if there was more coast. Canal good.





File: 1675707085115.png (139.24 KB, 284x518, 88.png)

An Atomwaffen member goes to prison, meets his new girlfriend while in prison (she was locked up in a separate prison???) and then they both get out of prison and immediately blab to an informant about their plans to attack electrical substations because it'd be epic for the win.

>A neo-Nazi leader recently released from prison has been arrested again and accused of plotting an attack on the Maryland power grid with a woman he met while incarcerated. Brandon Russell, 27, and Sarah Clendaniel, 34, are expected to make their first appearance Monday in Baltimore federal court on a charge of conspiring to destroy an energy facility, which carries up to 20 years in prison. “If we can pull off what I’m hoping … this would be legendary,” Clendaniel said on Jan. 29, according to the court record. She was speaking to a federal informant, who was having similar discussions with Russell.

>According to prosecutors, their plan was to attack with gunfire five substations that serve the Baltimore area. The charges come after similar attacks on the power grid in North Carolina and Oregon that remain unsolved; the Department of Homeland Security recently warned that the United States is in a “heightened threat environment” and that critical infrastructure is among the “targets of potential violence.”

>Clendaniel and Russell met while incarcerated at separate prisons, according to the court documents — Russell in federal custody for possessing bombmaking materials and Clendaniel in a Maryland facility for robbing convenience stores with a machete.





File: 1675711686618.png (558.75 KB, 811x685, ClipboardImage.png)

>Do you think normiedom would care if literal nazis play catch with an IED?
you and i both know there would be extremely public outcry at the sight of azov soldiers being blown to bits


Give grampy an ice cream cone and he'll be too distracted to start WW3.


Are supply chains still fucked where you guys are? This is Walmart but seen shit like this recently in grocery stores too. Seems like it’s getting worse. Rotating shortages of various goods.


File: 1675722306924-0.jpg (149.34 KB, 1241x946, media_FoBa8sRXgAQ4-T2.jpg)

File: 1675722306924-1.jpg (156.45 KB, 1241x943, media_FoBa8sVXgAEUhuh.jpg)

File: 1675722306924-2.jpg (129.98 KB, 1242x946, media_FoBa8saWIAIrH0W.jpg)

This is a healthy and humanized society.

But the official version is that Ukraine has no nazis and in fact Russian is all nazi.


File: 1675723100777.png (282.9 KB, 498x494, 1662060331836.png)


I think the tens of USians self-adopting imagery of them as straight up evil villains is interesting tbh.


File: 1675725165300-0.mp4 (1.47 MB, 1280x720, pQQFx96Y_ERSh-1o.mp4)

File: 1675725165300-1.jpg (78.04 KB, 1023x681, FoPVZb5WIAAK3P6.jpg)

File: 1675725165300-2.jpg (180.61 KB, 1200x675, FoPVZb0XoAQHTL-.jpg)

BREAKING: Large explosion at site of train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio


noice 💗

>controlled release


File: 1675727576063.jpg (156.67 KB, 708x1156, IMG_20230207_005203.jpg)


Mossad has gone too far this time


They’re saying the explosion will produce some kind of very lethal poison gas which was also used as a chemical weapon in WW1.


ubermensch moment


File: 1675727867370.jpg (193.53 KB, 1035x801, FoTlISTXoCo_d5f.jpg)

Red Area seems to be an evacuation area


add wakanda and do a mural series of black civil rights leaders and make the soundtrack for the promotion a white rapper that everyone assumes is black. then get the glowies on 4chan to seed memes of it in blacked porn r34


Also his dad was CIA and he tried to join the CIA. Someone posted some new info on him here recently but I can't remember where I saved it offhand


File: 1675729294468.png (75.34 KB, 512x512, 1606946195397.png)

>controlled release


>East Palestine


She cute


He's not a lolbert, he's basically a Clintonite liberal, basically neoliberal with the most milquetoast of social welfare as it existed in like 1998.


What are those laws, can someone post them?


File: 1675732866247.mp4 (2.76 MB, 720x720, Communism_Is_When.mp4)

Communism is when you can't get absolutely shitfaced while operating a motor vehicle and turn someone's 8 year old into meatloaf on the sidewalk


File: 1675732943058.png (284.44 KB, 897x677, ClipboardImage.png)

>The poll finds that 62 percent of Americans think Biden has accomplished “not very much” or “little or nothing” during his presidency, while 36 percent say he has accomplished “a great deal” or “a good amount.”


File: 1675733133520.png (2.48 MB, 1423x911, ClipboardImage.png)

he's accomplished a great deal… of awful things. War in ukraine and hyperinflation.




Burgers gave their towns biblical ass names in the 1800s


No. Biden.


File: 1675734454714.png (109.85 KB, 1246x575, ClipboardImage.png)


Americans far less hawkish on North Korea and China than policy elites: poll
a "problem" they're quickly trying to fix with hysteria


File: 1675734731418.png (206.98 KB, 960x684, ClipboardImage.png)

it's hilarious burgers fear monger constantly about north korea and iran


the comments on that were surprising yet unsurprising


File: 1675737358640.jpg (459.61 KB, 1080x1056, 1675737357110.jpg)



File: 1675737540100.png (110.88 KB, 640x480, 1674080273096.png)

>this country


File: 1675739294780.jpg (166.89 KB, 1080x626, smalls.jpg)

The OG syndicalist about to do a short stint Cuba soon.


the M3W roleplayers on this site must be feeling silly now!

Americans far less hawkish on North Korea and China than policy elites




File: 1675740324004.jpg (1.07 KB, 126x126, 1389158846128.jpg)

>the mother complaining about laws where you can't drink when you want to, you have to wear a seatbelt
>baby in the passenger seat next to her in an unsafe seat, with signs of fetal alcohol syndrome


File: 1675740463137.png (10.26 KB, 334x177, 1474223791611.png)

Hello, based department?


Can someone who hangs around /pol/troons explain the rationale of blowing up substations in isolition? If it were one element in an operation, sure that can be effectinve, but by itself, hardly.

Is it just a lame accessible show-of-power/stunt? Or is it ideological, like the PotD tendencies their favourite fanfics have, where its basically just "bro all we need to do is make some chaos and the race war™ will start!!" ?

picrel - >>1297751




y'all uyghas don't get it
it's not "greed"
it's not "allure"
nobody was "seduced"

The fact of the matter is that the opportunity is there and the means is there. Capitalism will find the motive. If it's not this company and CEO it'll be another. Have you head the lolbert canard about the "Tragedy of the Commons"? Well the reality is, that scenario they describe is what happens when you have open access by private entities to a common resource that isn't owned or regulated. (An actual commons would involve collective management, something that parable is counting on you not knowing or thinking about.) Water reserves are available to be tapped by anybody with the ability to do so, which just comes down to the capital and land that connects to the water. There is almost no mechanism to stop this process, so it's fair (almost a literal wild west) for any company that decides to do this to do it.

Again, as long as you have capitalism and you aren't actively protecting these resources, if it's not these people doing it, there will be others.

Vid related goes over some history about how things got this way with resource management in the US.


Which part of Cuba do you live in?


she's fine af though u know i would


>“If this is being posted online, I can only hope that some of my plans were at least partially successful,” it begins.



>>1359135 (me)
Russell, being a founder of Atomwaiffu, is as good of a source as any. Unfortunately the Vice article is limited.
>The goal, Russell stated, was to trigger a “cascading failure costing billions of dollars.”
So I'm guessing vague anti-government vandalism. I can't determine any strategy here.

>Clendaniel, using various pseudonyms, told the FBI source in January that she had a terminal illness related to her kidney and wanted to “accomplish something worthwhile” before she died, which would likely be June





Love that the feds are now playing interdimensional chess by promoting schizos into mass attacks on the US power networks. Of course most of the plots are set up to fail but don't they consider that some will slip through the cracks? Unlike with funding Islamic terrorists it won't only be regular innocent people that die but also big business and the government will be fucking themselves over.


>feds are now
Been their MO since forever.

>Unlike with funding Islamic terrorists it won't only be regular innocent people that die but also big business and the government will be fucking themselves over.

>implying they care


Ok but what's their ultimate goal? Just chaos?


>Ok but what's their ultimate goal? Just chaos?
Keeping themselves employed.

>create the problem

>solve the problem you created


File: 1675749496587.png (441.54 KB, 612x433, ClipboardImage.png)

> “Are we creating more terrorists than we’re killing?” Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld once asked in the context of Iraq.



I guess so but I feel they would stay employed regardless. I wonder how the higher-ups live with themselves.


File: 1675750069520-0.png (337.38 KB, 529x805, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1675750069520-1.png (1 MB, 1280x749, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1675750069520-2.png (19.6 KB, 147x107, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1675750069520-3.png (60.3 KB, 299x168, ClipboardImage.png)

With interracial cuck ganbang fetishes.


Damn I just did my taxes and found out you get a massive penalty for not having health insurance

How do you guys keep yourselves from beating reactionaries to death oh my god that was some fucking bullshit anyone who defends this shit needs their head caved in


is this the guy who had the lib hagiography movie about him or someone else


File: 1675750813827.png (1.63 MB, 1500x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

I dunno about that. Manafort is a lobbyist gun for higher that worked for a lot of different countries. His daughter's text got leaked and they talk about how he had people killed and also that he forces their mother to get gangbanged by black guys while he watches and films it.


Never mind I was thinking of The Comey Rule (highly deranged watch)



that was part of the outrage of Obamacare yes


How are reactionaries responsible for the individual mandate?


For those that don't remember:
>Obamacare gave some giveaways to the people and the compromise was giving the individual mandate to the insurance companies
>Conservatives said let's keep the giveaways to the people and get rid of the individual mandate because it's politically expedient for them
>Dems and Demrags ran nonstop coverage about how important the tax penalty is.

You really only have one side to blame here.


Clintonites are reactionary


What do USAnons think about Eisenhower? Secret antifascist gigachad or just another burger general unfairly maligned by seething nazis


File: 1675758956744.jpg (8.2 KB, 600x600, shrug.jpg)

>no German WW3
I dunno. Whatever they did worked.


I'm starting to feel like all the major political factions in the USA at the moment are just different variations of fascism.


Don't really care about starving Nazis but he oversaw a huge expansion in the CIA and state department, authorizing coups in Iran, Guatemala, the DRC, and elsewhere. Patrice Lumumba was executed the same day Eisenhower gave his farewell address warning about the dangers of the military industrial complex. I seriously doubt he gave a shit.


>what is 9/11


America is the Fourth Reich


>one of the real holocausts of WWII
as opposed to the fake ones?
lmao let the nazis seethe


>Our second conclusion was that when scholars do the necessary research, they will find Mr. Bacque's work to be worse than worthless. It is seriously – nay, spectacularly – flawed in its most fundamental aspects. Mr. Bacque misuses documents; he misreads documents; he ignores contrary evidence; his statistical methodology is hopelessly compromised; he makes no attempt to see the evidence he has gathered in its relationship to the broader situation; he makes no attempt to look at comparative contexts; he puts words into the mouth of his principal source; he ignores a readily available and absolutely critical source that decisively deals with his central accusation; and, as a consequence of these and other shortcomings, he reaches conclusions and makes charges that are demonstrably absurd.
Oh look, Bacque's a canadian nazi.
Hope his ass gets starved.


I am slacking everyone. Just busy with the move.

Can someone make an emergency bingo card today and possibly drinking rules for the state of the union that's going to happen tonight at 9pm EST. (UTC-5)

Biden is going to be cranked up on so many drugs.

Get ready.


File: 1675780645280-1.png (844.9 KB, 720x960, WStr3vx4.png)

File: 1675780645280-2.jpg (52.84 KB, 460x276, b20dfa33ab.jpg)

Elian Gonzalez set to become Cuban lawmaker
>Elían González, the Cuban boy whose custody battle once led to a Cold War showdown, has been nominated to serve in the island’s National Assembly, the communist-party daily Granma said Monday.

>The newspaper referred to González, now 29, as “representing the most worthy of the Cuban youth.”

>… “I don’t profess to have any religion, but if I did my God would be Fidel Castro. He is like a ship that knew to take his crew on the right path,” González said in an interview with Cuba’s state-run media in 2013. González often said Castro was like a second father to him.

>In a rare interview with CNN in 2017, González said he would like to reconcile with his relatives in Miami, but also made clear that he planned to continue vocally supporting the government that brought him home.

>“Living here is a debt I owe to the Cuban people,” González said. “That’s who I will always work and fight for.”

Congratulations to our friends across the straits. Full list of nominees: https://www.granma.cu/cuba/2023-02-07/cand-07-02-2023-01-02-42


that woman is really pretty. i can fix her, make her part of the revolution.


>>create the problem
>>solve the problem you created
this is also precisely why there is such a demonic blob of foreign policy 'experts' in the west, its a makework sort of thing where yale grads need a cushy six-figure job, and being able to call yourself a china expert (who can neither read, write, or speak a single syllable of the language), who gets paid speaking opportunities, book contracts, and immense social wealth and prestige. all of which is predicated on there being an actual reason to focus on some place like china, such as, lets say, them being belligerent and forcing USA into a war they didnt want


>at the moment
could you kindly point me to a period in that country's history when this was not the case?


Yes, exactly. People over-analyze the US so much. There is no masterplan. The US is a completely corrupt, ignorant, incompetent, shithole. Everyone in the beltway should be genocided for the good of mankind.


>I don’t profess to have any religion, but if I did my God would be Fidel Castro


As an aside, i've researched a bit more and i can safely conclude that no, Eisenhower did not starve 1 million german POWs to death. Or even 500.000 german soldiers. Yes, there were lots of abuses inflicted against captured german pows in the western front, but statistically it is beyond impossible for such mass killing of Germans to happen in such a short period of time unless the Americans just randomly shot and bayonetted any germans they can find which simply is not true, otherwise the germans wouldn't have tried to surrender to the Americans en masse
Also American nazis and rightoids have this very strange hate boner against Eisenhower, saying that he's some crypto jew or whatever, and i think its because they think that Eisenhower "deliberately" halted the US army from taking over Berlin and thus allowing the Soviet to sack it instead.


File: 1675786728303.png (736.98 KB, 1024x761, ClipboardImage.png)

Marines Charged in Capitol Riot Got Highly Sensitive Spy Jobs After Jan. 6
<Following his alleged participation in the insurrection, Sgt. Joshua Abate was assigned to an NSA liaison unit at Fort Meade.

>[…]At the time of the insurrection, the three men were friends and were all assigned to the Marine Corps Information Operations Center at Quantico, Virginia, about 30 miles south of Washington. The center is involved in psychological warfare training and development for the Marines

>[…]But after The Intercept independently discovered that all three Marines had been given new intelligence assignments following the insurrection, the Corps confirmed that they were all transferred to new roles after January 6, 2021, and provided information about their assignments at the time of the insurrection. Abate and Hellonen also received promotions in rank following the Capitol riot, according to the Corps'.

<Three spooks that work on the psyops department of the US Marines got to the Capitol

<They are recognized on the spot but go unbothered for 2 years
<Immediately get promoted afterwards for their successful psyop
<They are charged a couple of years later (thanks for your service,chump)
<At the start of the new presidential campaign (most important election of our lives)

Man , Jan 6 sure was an organic, totally not staged event. Real threat to the USA's political order, I tell ya.


Your problem is that you think that its staged rather than realize that the deep state is an organic part of all capitalist movements ,i know a couple of completelly retarded right wingers who still get positions in the millitary,police etc , the idea that spys are psychopaths who dont give a shit about politics and only follow orders is a lie the right feeds leftists with in order for us to take the liberal democracy blue pill


File: 1675787433163.png (551.33 KB, 1080x1080, 1670560628785.png)

>the NSA is hiring idiots who couldn't even practice basic opsec during a boomer putsch

The future's looking a lot brighter, anons.


The implication being that the US government staged this whole event in order to crack down on…. right wing trump supporters? Makes sense.

I refuse to believe that trump is such an outsider, such a threat along with his supporters that they had to do this lol
This narrative suggests that such revolutionary trump policies as

-Cracking down on protestors
-Antagonizing China
-Tax cuts on the rich

were a threat to the well being of the american capitalist class, which makes absolutely no sense lol



Some anons really have trouble understanding that structural critique does not automatically imply conspiracy theory, and some shit just automatically happens due to incentives built into systems of power rather than due to a shadowy unseen cabal playing 45-D chess with everybody


>The implication being that the US government staged this whole event in order to crack down on…. right wing trump supporters? Makes sense.
No it was just a way to infuse some life into the electoral politics that pretty much needed Trump-derangement-syndrome to function by then. Without Trump's antics which, despite being just another republican policy-wise, replaced all of politics with culture war… the electoral participation would go back down to "who the fuck cares" levels in the low 50s.

Biden ran as the "not Trump" candidate and after it was obvious he would disappoint with all of his promises, there was a need to prevent a rebound into Trump which was probably a limited hangout sort of deal. And also to re-absorb the MAGAs into the republican party, like they had their predecessor, the Tea Party buffoons.

So Jan6 was fantastic psyop to pre-seed the next "democracy peril" scare and justify Biden's admin every neoliberal turn, including the colossal mishandling of COVID (just as Trump's) and the upwards wealth transfers of the stimulus packages, because at least he wasn't with the evil insurrectionists.

The problem is that Qanon and Jan6 failed to destroy the hardened retards in MAGA, Russiagate collapsed under it's own weight, and the new cold war is still unpopular despite the massive propaganda effort. So the next election still needs Trump (as a figure, not necessarily a candidate) to drive engagement.


You're assuming the government is defensively reacting.
The whole spectacle of Trump's reign is the project of burning down the United States and celebrating the rot. The entire purpose was to tell Americans "democracy doesn't work" so the dictatorship can be brought in. After 2020, it was over. You could have just shut down the government and nothing would change, and there have been recurring crises intended to bring down what remains of order. In order to break people from the expectation that there are laws, it is necessary to engineer grand spectacles to make a mockery. All of this is intended to allow for a enabling act that will allow the government to go after the lower class openly, but just writing a law isn't enough. They need to gin up enough supportto give one third of the population to kill off another third, while another third watches. This is how they've sold depopulation for several decades, and there is a growing contingent ready for it. That's what the "Boomer remover" memes were - calls for depopulation. The Millennials are the worst shits ever, trained like dogs and given over wholly to dictatorship. I have nothing but disdain for them.


Is that you Newgene?


If Trump ran as a third party candidate could he pull a substantial number of Republicans away? That might actually throw a wrench into things



How's that quarter-life crisis going? Noticing your first grey hairs?


>schizo takes

This is what happens when you let people ironically schizopost, you get actual schizo reasoning and people who are uncritical and gullbile enough to scream "based" at an assemblage of emotion-driven reasoning that just gives them a dopamine kick for giving them an easy narrative just like /pol/


File: 1675790461612.png (630.36 KB, 538x459, guy.PNG)

>was talking with someone about how neoliberalism has broken everybody's mind and now burgers are turning into borderline-solipsist schizos who sincerely believe that reality is what their feelings say it is

<go on here

>see this thread and /ISG/



>mfw it's so pervasive that even self-described "leftists" in burgerstan are succumbing to it and this board is a fantastic example of how bad it's gotten


>>1359634 (me)

>t. I am also burger and I see other burgers doing this every day


Is it neoliberalism, the internet, or both?



vgh… we mvst retvrn…


You shills are the only ones still selling this stupid narrative. Ordinary people know this country is fucking done. They've seen it coming for a while now, and didn't want it because they know what comes next, but the inevitable happened.

Fuck you very much for enabling this.


>Ordinary people know this country is fucking done. They've seen it coming for a while now, and didn't want it
damn… that sucks. it's a good thing i live in dixieland and not in yankeestan.


File: 1675792171156.jpg (256.53 KB, 1200x951, 1200px-Bombsight.jpg)


When Trump played out the script he was handed to "contest" the election, I knew beyond a doubt that there was nothing at all real about any of the process, not even in the sense that the men behind the curtain needed the official government as a smokescreen. They were done with that and have been doing everything possible to run this country into the ground. I didn't think they were so stupid and evil, but they are, and so are enough of the people who are eager to go along with it.

If someone thinks this Boogaloo moment is going to save the world, they are sorely mistaken. The empire isn't going anywhere - hell they're stronger than ever. Dumb retards promoting this garbage are the best friends the empire ever had.


At the end of the day, who knows. Biden was a bad, unpopular candidate but then they decided to make him the only option to Trump, yanking on Bernie's collar and withdrawing while endorsing Biden. I think that Jan6 is a strong indication that Trump is as much a tool of the deep state as everyone else, so whatever happens with him will not be an upset of whatever plans were in motion.


Honestly a really good exposition of the latent fascism in "stan culture"


>you need to be a schizo to make the common sense realization that this country is in the shitter and has been for a long time

Don’t flatter yourself, tinfoil.


File: 1675793482550.png (479.07 KB, 640x641, 1675733855322.png)




Lmao, for fucking what? I’m getting on your case for letting your emotions take the place of basic critical thinking skills.


I think I agree. Being a pretty boy without looking and dressing like a flamingo in drag is a perfectly acceptable form of masculinity


I don't care.


but what about the black budget art hoe labs


It is just one guy tbh.



They have brainwashed everybody younger than me because I'm insecure about aging and getting old and no longer being the cool kid on the block scares me. I have powerful intution and my internet filter bubble is a priori an unbiased sample of public opinion. I am very smart.


Good to know tbh


Are Newgene and the Thiel/redscare schizo the same guy? Or just in this thread you mean?


You would have to be a shill to think the United States is at all functional. Nothing in this country works, and hasn't worked for the past 15 years in any way. Bush and Obama did most of the work to run this place completely into the ground, Trump finished the job. If you can't see that, you do not know anything about this country and should shut the fuck up.


File: 1675797143399-0.jpg (100.36 KB, 663x500, 3.jpg)

reminder to salute our veterans!



When the hell did I say it's functional?

I don't believe it's functional in the slightest, and to be brutally honest, you come off as just projecting what you want me to be saying because I pissed you off by calling out how you think about shit.

Making the common-sense realization that this country is broken doesn't automatically mean you get to be a counterproductive tinfoil who jumps to conclusions based on feels.


I doubt it, they have different hobbyhorses. Redscare guy is all about fearmongering and demonizing zoomers based on their internet filter bubble, newgene is all about demonizing millennials based on their filter bubble. damn now that I say it out loud they're quite similar


You're just a fag, like a lot of the shills on this board. People like you are why this world is not fit for habitation.

No one believes anything that happens in politics is accidental, and you like so many just feed into this retarded conceit of Satanic retards where they imagine themselves playing a game against AIs that you can totally fool. You're gay as fuck if you think anyone who rules is somehow accidentally throwing away the empire and that you'll totally win. Fag, fag, fag.


yes, theres a reason burgertards have been given a containment thread (/USApol/). but due to american exceptionalism, they really managed to get two (/isg/).


File: 1675799551583.gif (495.64 KB, 100x144, misery.gif)

>neoliberalism broken everyone's mind
For that to happen most burgers would need to have minds to break.
>Fag, fag, fag.
That's a hard argument to beat tbh.


File: 1675799917887.png (1.1 MB, 714x960, ClipboardImage.png)


Read what I wrote again instead of blindly reacting.


Explain why your reasoning is sound, then.

All I see is you angrily shouting strawmen and slurs because you're pissed off that somebody questioned your reasoning, and now you're just throwing a tantrum while putting words in people's mouths.


>nobody believes what happens in politics is accidental

1. Nobody, or just you?

2. Do you seriously believe it's logical to believe it always has to be one or the other? That either extreme proposition ("Everything is planned" vs. "Everything is accidental") is realistic, and that such black-and-whtie thinking actually helps you understand the horrible shit that powerful people in this country actually do?



is today the state of the union address? and will Joe Biden fall asleep or poop his pants or start telling meaningless anecdotes?


Either way, I ain't watching it


You don't get to claim the default, you fucking fag. The default position that the institutions are fine is wrong, and you have to twist reality to claim that anything in the American system works. Working governments do not stage crises regularly over the past 30 years, practically screaming at their subjects to get rid of democracy. Working governments don't encourage the political class to entertain abolishing constitutions with no actual replacement except arbitrary laws. The philosophical anarchism at work does not believe laws apply to them, and seeks to abolish any consistency in laws, because they need to do this for depopulation, you fucking fag retard. No government would do what was done in the 1990s unless they wanted to destroy as quickly as possible the country and its people. I know you, fag, want that, so you will endless justify and mystify. That's the way people like you set for us. Fag, fag, fag.


>The default position that the institutions are fine is wrong, and you have to twist reality to claim that anything in the American system works

I don't claim that, you illiterate idiot. I've literally never claimed that, and I haven't claimed that the entire conversation.

You're throwing a tantrum and putting words in people's mouths.


Yes you do, you lying fag hypocrite. By calling me "schizo" you are invoking institutional authority, because you don't have an argument to disprove what I have claimed. The only people who think America still works at all are shills. Even the people who benefit from this arrangement know it's over - they want it to be over because they see the new autocratic order as beneficial, since it will let them kill all the poors which they always wanted. I don't know how you can't see the eugenic creed screaming nonstop since the 1990s. They talk about it all the fucking time and push this depopulation and ecology angle, and made it obligatory for kids to recite it. You're a damn fag if you think any of that is normal.



Satanic mystification. Fuck you - the world is "black and white", true and false. You know exactly what you are doing, but you won't cease and the world will suffer. When it's your turn to die, and it will come because your masters are laughing at you this whole time, you'll march to your death and feed the same cycle. Fuck you.


>click into thread
>hit go to bottom
>read this


Cry some more, fag.


> By calling me "schizo" you are invoking institutional authority, because you don't have an argument to disprove what I have claimed.

No, you dumb jagoff. You're once again jumping to conclusions, and you're basically just showing how insecure you are by immediately assuming that someone who thinks that your arguments suck is someone who defends the status quo.

Literally every post I make in this thread is about how broken and shitty this country is. I'm not "invoking institutional authority," I'm calling you out on thinking that jumping to conclusions based on how it makes you feel is a substitute for analyzing why shit is so dysfunctional

>satanic mystification
>true and false means that I get to jump to extremes

What exactly do you think I believe? Because all you are doing is strawmanning everybody who is disagreeing with your SPECIFIC DIAGNOSIS FOR WHY THINGS ARE BROKEN.

Nobody is disagreeing with you over the basic fact that this country is broken and that institutions are not to be trusted. We are disagreeing with your weird, paranoid explanation that invokes supernatural bullshit and paranoid conspiracy theories without evidence.


I'm a fag who fucks people in the ass. What fucking problem do you have with me and my people bitch


>seriously replying to a troll


If this guy was a troll, he wouldn't be this mad. I'm pretty sure he's just an actual pissed-off guy.


File: 1675801418686-0.png (342.45 KB, 800x450, 646546546546.png)

File: 1675801418686-1.png (334.46 KB, 800x520, qfqcukddl8c41.png)

It's strange to me that people ignore that Michael Flynn, the former head of the DIA (under Obama) was one of the main "stop the steal" guys. The Defense Intelligence Agency is mainly tasked with gathering and analyzing intelligence on foreign militaries, but either way, hasn't everyone seen Dr. Strangelove with the kooky general who buys the conspiracy bullshit?

He seems kinda like that. Thing is, it's people like them who I see as the "deep state," that is uber-patriots and private intelligence and "defense contractors" and mercenaries who are connected to the official military and intelligence agencies, but also connected to certain wealthy and right-wing financiers who will throw some money in for a coup attempt in Venezuela. Presidents turn to them when they can't get the support from Congress (such as Donald Trump), but it's a self-financing and self-sustaining enterprise.

Also on "black/white" thinking, I think what has happened is that the "good liberals" who support the institutions deny the existence of the deep state, even though it was produced by those institutions, while the anti-communist "stop the steal" cult believer is the ideology of the deep state or cultivated by it.

While Christianity didn't invent the practice that all other gods are false while their own tribal one is real and then butchering everyone in the name of their god, and we might live in the 21st century instead of the 1rth century, but the pattern and "essence" of this medieval thinking which is mandatory, holy, apocalyptic and metaphysical has been preserved and is possessing every new ideology since even if it seems like it has no affiliation with it.


just wanted to chime in anecdotally that I think people like Desantis more than you give credit for. I think his popularity will spread through the South and among republicans t. Floridian


Why would I waste my time engaging as if you have any honesty? You have none, and if you're still trying to sell these stupid narratives like so many do, you're out of step with most of the people. Most people in this country have given up on the institutions. They're done believing in the lies or anything you and people like you have to say. Your grift money is running out soon. We know. We've known for some time, but we pretended not to know because we know we're fucked if the lie ever ended. Since people like you want to make sure we have nothing, and the order has gone out to ensure that we will never have a single decent thing ever again, we have no reason to expect meaningful dialogue, until you're ready to stop lying - which you never will be.

Flynn just came out and said he wanted a coup, to pre-empt the liberals. That would have been a terrible idea and Trump was not there to do that. Trump knows if he actually did the thing he's play-acting, he's a dead man.

The "deep state" is a way to mystify political conspiracies, since it became verboten to acknowledge that there are any conspiracies at all, even though that has been understood as the default political operation. When the national security state was made into law, that was effectively the end of the republican myth. What remained was the expectation that there was anything in the government for the people. The post-war government was autocratic in function, but required the loyalty of subjects. The new order they want does not require the loyalty of subjects beyond a bare minimum of obedience, and that's what they want to bring in. They would need to do this in order to push depopulation (which, again, is what the rulers have always wanted and never shut up about, which is why they push ecologism and eugenics everywhere since 1991).


File: 1675802234873.png (178.61 KB, 321x357, ClipboardImage.png)

>You called me a schizo, therefore you're in favor of the status quo
<there is nothing irrational about assuming that people who disagree with my disordered ranting are pro-status quo


File: 1675805842758-0.png (294.97 KB, 722x578, 354398503859035345.png)

File: 1675805842758-1.png (40.93 KB, 401x455, 5394859-084590353.png)

File: 1675805842758-2.png (188.41 KB, 547x466, 3458t-09458t35354.png)

Interesting read about an agent provocateur in Colorado. He had been in-and-out of prison including for a sexual assault charge, ended up in Iraqi Kurdistan as a self-described "Conservative Bad Ass" to fight ISIS with a small group of American volunteers, then wound up in Colorado where he inserted himself into the local left-wing scene.

He was a wacky "militant" character who liked to wear camo and talk about guns and played up this image of being a Peshmerga veteran. He'd try to street protest marches into police kettles, and set up illegal gun buys. Then he apparently gained a cult following with a local YDSA chapter comprised of people in their late teens and early twenties (more easily impressed I think, and despite the fact that his criminal record and oddball history had already been known), which put that YDSA chapter at odds with the main DSA chapter in Denver. Also they seemed to like accusing other people of being snitches.

It all sounds pretty classic.

>An outlandish guerrilla militant who drove a silver Hearse to Denver-area Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 was secretly a federal informant with a sex crime conviction, a new podcast reveals.

>The informant, Mickey Windecker, pushed an activist to buy a gun for him, resulting in the activist’s guilty plea on weapons charges. Other Denver-area activists accuse Windecker of inflaming otherwise-peaceful demonstrations, encouraging people to break windows, and leading marches directly into police traps. Windecker’s informant status was first reported this week on the podcast Alphabet Boys, which explores Windecker’s case and FBI involvement in the Colorado protests.


>Windecker made more than $20,000 working for the FBI during the summer of 2020, Aaronson reported, according to payment receipts. It is unclear whether those receipts represent the entirety of FBI payments to Windecker.


>Colorado activist Azria Arroyo remembers encountering Windecker at one of the first protests she attended that summer. “He stuck out like a sore thumb,” Arroyo told The Daily Beast. “He was in all camo with a hat, no mask, chuffing an unlit cigar.”

>The camo she described were military fatigues with references to the Peshmerga, a Kurdish fighting force. Windecker had made headlines years before when he joined the Peshmerga to fight ISIS. Even then, his reputation was dubious. In 2015, The Daily Beast was the first to report that Windecker’s criminal record from Colorado was causing rifts among his fellow fighters in the Middle East. He’d been arrested 28 times, and convicted on counts ranging from impersonation of a police officer, to third degree sexual assault. Windecker had been 20 years old in the latter case. His victim was 14.

>Windecker stood out from the Denver activist crowd in other ways. He drove a silver hearse full of weapons. He was white and in his mid-forties, while many of the protesters were young activists of color. And by mid-summer, he emerged as a voice of action in a local movement that had begun to stagnate.


>Windecker didn’t just attend protests, multiple Denver-area activists said; he derailed them. Arroyo said she saw Windecker at an August demonstration that “very quickly, once more people gathered, turned into something like ‘actually we should just go bust out some windows.’” Arroyo said she was suspicious of the demonstration’s turn, and moved to leave with some friends. “Some of us became visibly uncomfortable. He started being like ‘come on you guys, Black lives matter, don’t they? Aren’t we all gonna do this?’” Soon thereafter, Windecker and the two people he’d arrived with “started blatant property damage on government buildings,” she said.


>On multiple occasions, Windecker led marches that ended up in police kettles, where he always seemed to avoid arrest, multiple people said. One person, who attended demonstrations, recalled an incident during which Windecker led a march that collided with police and members of the far-right group the Proud Boys. “Mickey was the one giving most of the directions on how to get out,” the person said. “But every time we turned, it was always turning toward where the cops were hidden.”

>Arrests were widespread during the summer of 2020. As an excuse for why he had not been arrested, Windecker claimed to have diplomatic immunity as a representative of Kurdistan, two people told The Daily Beast. According to the FBI report, Windecker did work for the Kurdish government upon his return to the U.S. in 2016. The U.S. does not recognize the Iraqi region as its own nation with diplomats who receive immunity—but the excuse, versions of which appear in recordings on the Alphabet Boys podcast, was enough to give him some cover among activists, including Hall.


>By late July, Hall [a local black man] said, he was growing frustrated with the protests. A Black father who tied the movement back to his grandparents’ experiences with racism, he viewed the 2020 protests as a chance for change. Instead he’d been hit in the head by a police munition, leading to chronic headaches and fits of fatigue. Someone had made death threats against him in connection to his role in the protests, he said.

>He approached Windecker, who had talked a big game about his time hunting ISIS in Kurdistan. “I told him, I wanted to learn how to defend myself,” Hall told The Daily Beast.

>Court documents confirm Hall’s version of events. “Mr. Hall later requested that Mickey provide military style training to Mr. Hall and others,” reads a plea agreement. “Mickey agreed to provide training to Mr. Hall but explained that he, Mickey, needed a firearm but could not purchase the firearm himself because he/Mickey was a convicted felon. Mr. Hall agreed to purchase the firearm for Mickey, after being told that Mickey was a convicted felon, and that Mr. Hall’s ‘straw’ purchase of the firearm for Mickey would be illegal.”


>Hall, Arroyo, and two other activists said Windecker gained a faithful following among some members of a Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter. (That chapter has since disbanded. One former chapter leader, whom multiple people identified as a key Windecker ally, returned a text message from The Daily Beast, but stopped responding when asked about Windecker.)

>Hall and others said YDSA members did reconnaissance for Windecker, scouting out marching routes at protests. The YDSA activists, predominantly in their late teens and early twenties, came into conflict with other protesters, as the protest scene turned chaotic. Amid a rash of arrests, locals suspected an informant in their midst and began accusing each other.

>“If you were Black and had some kind of role and spoke at some point, you’re a snitch. It was just happening like that. Random white people would be accused of it,” Hall said. “But when all the Black people were labeled these things, or crazy, I think that made people feel defeated. What was left, I think, were people who were just pushing other folks away.”



I'd say I'm disappointed but not surprised, but I'm not even disappointed because my expectations are nil.


Dumbass kids high on piss and vinegar. This type of adventurist shit must be guarded against ceaselessly, very dangerous. Previous generations know from experience, don’t repeat mistakes.


DeSantis appears as "generic R", which is what people are primed to like. They always like "generic R" or "generic D" more than the actual leaders they are going to get, because they've been programmed to respond to that favorably. Obama was able to run as both "generic D" and the NLP-spouting personality cult liberal, could make himself progressive, liberal, or moderate depending on what people wanted to see in him. He was everything and nothing, and basically the kind of president the CIA would manufacture in a vat somewhere to be a philosopher-king. It was almost too perfect to be true.

I think it's rich that they give DeSantis after torturing Americans for the past 20 years nonstop and glorifying the Satanic elements in this country - like bragging of their torture openly, culminating in Trump's statement that he loves torture and war to tell Americans "this is you, you are retarded and evil like this". DeSantis was one of those torturers, and it's fitting that America ends by being literally put in Gitmo, and the retard conservatives eat this up. It's so on the spot that they didn't bother hiding it. Then again, there's a certain rot in this country that has been trained to respond to that, too, and the shilling for DeSantis started the moment Trump lost.

Anyway, hell if I know what spectacle they're planning next time. I think they are able to install Trump to win every primary from now on, because they've manufactured enough consent. The ruling party likes running against Trump, so much that they can do whatever they want because Trump is worse. Now that Americans have been trauma-bonded to the way things are, the rulers will never give that up, and there's a base in the conservative tent that loves enabling that. I don't see what DeSantis offers, unless there is some question of personal competence that requires him to be in the office. Trump does whatever his masters tell him to do, so it is very likely if Trump wins, ghouls like DeSantis will be making the actual decisions, just as the usual Republican ghouls made all decisions during Trump's reign.


desantiss appeal is that he is diet trump, he is trump with a brain, he can unite the trump voting base with the establishment. Of course at the end of the day i think he will just end up being a basic bitch neocon


I am not sure if he will actually be able to make it out of the primaries against trump. He is a weird unpersonable lumpy homunculus. That being said he's got a huge amount of boosterism behind him


>He is a weird unpersonable lumpy homunculus
So is Trump


Trump is an oafish alchemically-resuscitated cave troll but he has charisma and the ability to work an audience. Desantis sounds and acts like he was grown in a vat from someone's toenail, or a baby that got hit with a grow ray.


issue is his glaring lack of charisma when you watch him, he won't appeal to anyone that isn't already obsessed with drag queens and vaccines. as much as we dislike trump the dude had football stadium charisma


Trump or DeSantis, it doesn't matter who runs and wins because people are still going to be radicalized.


Based schizo scaring the upper middle class WASPs out of the neighborhood


File: 1675813539057-0.png (1.41 MB, 1242x1811, IL2HsPym.png)

File: 1675813539057-1.png (723 KB, 753x1034, CqSB6YXQ.png)

Early campaigning off to a good start, I love democracy!


This is just gonna make "Right-On Ron" seem based to the chinlets.


Why is he sticking with ron desanctimonious? He needs to switch to ron deepstatis. My hopes arent high for his campaign. Trump has lost his edge.


What about Ron DePlantis?


>but he has charisma and the ability to work an audience
yeah a right wing conservative audience that already politically agree with him and his misogynistic and racist sadism


File: 1675817191632-0.png (1.96 MB, 1440x960, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1675817191632-1.png (4.53 MB, 2500x1667, ClipboardImage.png)

Zion Don vs Zion Ron kek. Who will the Jewish god pick?


File: 1675817288637.mp4 (6.56 MB, 1280x720, stunning silence.mp4)

>Who will the Jewish God pick
Netanyahu of course.


Kek. Maybe hes doing modern art?


Ive been out of the loop, are they letting Trump 2024? I thought they got him in trouble for classified documents


>Ive been out of the loop, are they letting Trump 2024? I thought they got him in trouble for classified documents


conner o'malley vibes


File: 1675818216228.png (Spoiler Image, 254.98 KB, 500x375, ClipboardImage.png)

>pig nudes



Time for the State of the Union pre-game.

It starts at 9pm EST (UTC-5)



Apparently a lot of the SOTU invitees are relatives and loved ones of police brutality victims. Isn't that just an extremely grotesque insult when Biden is heavily responsible for the current state of policing and is essentially doing nothing in the way of actually reining in the pigs? He's just parading them around for cheap political points and pr, jesus fucking christ.


They're just taunting at this point. They've done this "Trump is totally done this time" bait and switch. It's textbook abuse tactics to break the liberal brain. Been the plan since Reagan, and I've seen the steady increase in abusive tactics in mass media and in the institutions.

It recently came out that the CBT therapy idea was backed by right-ring fascists who wanted to make sure there was no opposition to fascism anywhere. They're just killing off anyone who gets sucked into the institutions. You people enabled this.


The joke is on them when the biosphere collapses and the remains of humanity witness what a 100% fatality rate looks like. Unfortunately I don't think they'll have a moment of clarity in their last few moments as humanity goes extinct.

Maybe it's better this way, humans seem biologically flawed from the beginning.


Honestly who the fuck still supports Biden?


People with Ukraine flags in their bios.


I'm only riding with biden in 2024 because I'm part of a demographic that the right wants to purge ASAP, and those extra 4 years to secure a way off of this sinking ship would be very nice to have.
I know things are fucked after 2028 at the latest, though. Maybe there's a country and culture that will appreciate my efforts to better society instead of lying and accusing me of crimes I did not commit because of statistics.


File: 1675821363078.png (2.2 MB, 1125x1374, ClipboardImage.png)

High-vis Hunger Games shit.


President Biden is about to walk in.



File: 1675821753912.jpg (218.53 KB, 1280x2483, sinema.jpg)

Stunning and brave.


Predictions ?


I get the impression his brain is utterly egg fried though.


hopefully the capitol is nuked


The man is literally dead, not half-dead, dead. There is not a single neuron firing in that brain.


File: 1675822880150.png (749.56 KB, 1276x722, ClipboardImage.png)

"Every day I silently look to the heavens and ask God "why", but the only response to acknowledge my torment is cruel and spiteful laughter and mockery from our Celestial Lord. Hell exists, and it is on this earth"


listen jack, i'm a capitalist


Biden being booed, someone shouting liar.


File: 1675824222527.png (14.65 KB, 100x88, ClipboardImage.png)


Lmao, this is a fucking wrestling match.


File: 1675824455716.gif (1.65 MB, 260x194, jf42.gif)

Witnessing these reptilian grotesqueries shift unnaturally in their skin suits and issue their guttural primal screeches is distasteful in the extreme.


Biden is handling the heckling better than making the original speech. Too bad it's all BS.


I'm gonna cum.


tonight was lucid biden


File: 1675824766782.png (110.88 KB, 640x480, 1674080273096.png)

I am going to go full bonnot gang after watching this bullshit.

How does anyone believe a word that comes out of any of these pigfuckers' mouths?


I want whatever they put him on


Oh my god yes, please.

I so want Trump to bumble his way into putting Epstein back into the spotlight. Oh my god yes, please.


File: 1675825327656.jpg (89.26 KB, 850x400, stalinquoteforproject.jpg)

So basically its a slightly more coherent Trump teir pro-protectionist
speech with a few memes about climate change and perscription drugs thrown in after for the last retarded college adctivists still bothering to vote democrat???
God damn.
Well welcome to the post Trump democratic party. This going to be the running model moving forward whether the dems win 2024 or not since Biden succeeded with in 20.
Unironic American Nationalism lol.
This fuckin time line lmao



File: 1675825667631-0.jpg (394.68 KB, 2048x1366, FoabeweXgAIcnEA.jpg)

File: 1675825667631-1.jpg (159.83 KB, 800x545, DZUy-8YW4AAb0ca.jpg)


There's a certain process to decoding their doublespeak .Because it is a kind of double speak it has a double meaning, it forms a kind of code. By applying a simple key you can decipher it . I can see what he's really talking about hidden in the surface. Certain key words capture my attention. "Profit" "Corporations" "Pay their fair share" "Oil" . They float around as if in a void rearranging themselves into the truth. You can see the true priorities poking out.


bruh holy shit kek


there must be a hidden IV



I know it's doublespeak, I just do not have the energy in me to care anymore.

People in this place have the historical memory of a gnat. They jack themselves into their information networks, get their brains fried from overload and addictive consumer behaviors, and fall for the same grift every election cycle.

It's like watching dead flesh twitch when you run a current through nerves. I'm wasting my life and energy running on a treadmill, surrounded by a 330-million-member death cult, getting broker and more miserable with every passing year. I want out.


They're really milking Jan 6th for every cent it's worth


Made for bbc


File: 1675826961003-0.png (504.81 KB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1675826961003-1.png (48.21 KB, 165x115, ClipboardImage.png)

They may have took, our jobs, our wealth, our health! But they'll never take away our false pride! The State of the Union is STRONK!


Did Biden really dunk on Repubs when it comes to medicare?
did they pump him full of drugs?


State of the Union addresses are always vacuous affairs full of melodramatic rhetoric and empty platitudes. It's helpful to learn more about what they don't want you thinking about…it's everything they don't mention.


Who's that? Unity Mitford?


Did Biden get a fresh baby blood transplant or are they using clips to tighten his skin? Crazy ass looking motherfucker


Some post-speech convos caught on hot mic:

"I got to talk to you about Cuba…"



He filled to the brim with adrenochrome


Apparently said to Menendez who has criticized Biden's relatively more lax policy on Cuba


Pedo Ron.


Hearing the "USA USA USA" chants is gold every time. These people consider themselves the world police?


File: 1675832424841.jpeg (216.08 KB, 1080x1080, dallas.jpeg)

Texas is actually existing cyberpunk(burgerpunk edition)

>Oh, but I'll be alright, as long as there's light, from a neon moon – Brooks and Dunn

I've already gone to a place in Texas that resembles a “cyberpunk” city in both appearance and atmosphere: Dallas.

TBF, there’s the exact same aesthetic in any north Texas city. Obscene neon signs and billboards pulse over dull concrete and steel buildings. The city is tacky and puerile. After a bunch of suburbs, the city comes to an abrupt stop. Suddenly, there’s miles of empty grassland around you with the glittering obscenity in your rearview. Sure, you could head into that grassland but you’ll just burn down highways that never seem to end, down long stretches that can’t seem to do anything but put you back in the city.

Like Gibson said, the future is here; it's just not evenly distributed. Increasingly, wealth and power is moving to Texas. Elon Musk and other tech billionaires are fleeing California for the Lone Star State. Oracle and Hewlitt Packard are moving to Texas.

Joe Rogan, the man behind the most popular podcast on the planet, moved to Texas and said he found freedom there. The freedom Texas offers is the freedom for the rich to do whatever the fuck they want. It’s a great place for the wealthy to flee and build their pleasure gardens after they’ve accelerated the dystopia elsewhere.

Texas is the most cyberpunk state in the union, and Dallas its grotesque crown jewel. Sure, Austin is the seat of the state's political power and is the most well known and— according to white folks—the most culturally relevant. And yeah, Houston is a thriving metropolitan coast hub that’s actually the most culturally relevant city in Texas.

But Dallas is where the money’s at, it’s where the most people live, and it’s got a world class museum that’s also a shopping mall. It’s a place obsessed with itself, constantly asking if it’s a world class city, always measuring itself against Los Angeles and New York City. It’s got a children’s science museum paid for by a billionaire where kids can learn about the economic benefits of fracking from a singing cowboy before hopping onto a ride that will show them what it’s like to be inside the massive drill bit that’s extracting natural gas from under them.

Dallas is what would happen if the GOP built Disneyland. It’s a city built by a lack of regulation, conservative politics, and bullshit. It’s a city where the multi-million dollar mansions of Highland Park are a mere 20 minute drive from the West Dallas superfund site. The mainly hispanic neighborhoods of West Dallas repave their driveways and build additions to their homes using the toxic remnants left behind by a lead car battery smelting plant that fled the area in 1984. In 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency praised Dallas for building abundant affordable housing on the site of a toxic nightmare. That’s cyberpunk.

Dallas shouldn’t exist. It sits on a huge flat chunk of land in the middle of the country. Geographically, there’s not much to recommend. There’s no mountains, no hills, no forests, and precious little water. But there are highways and warehouses—a confusing mix of roads that will take you anywhere you want to go in the city’s 9,200 (and expanding) square miles.

Along the way, you can buy just about anything you could ever hope to own. Somewhere in Dallas is an Amazon warehouse with your package in it, just waiting to move to a different part of the country. DFW airport, an important international business hub, is bigger than the island of Manhattan. I know this because Dallas proudly proclaims it from billboards you see as you enter and exit the place. Its Twitter account also loves to repeat the fact.

Dallas demands attention. It’s grotesque, garish, and mean. It’s a place where rich men tend to believe in their own lies.

For all its swagger and attempts to shock players with sobering visions of the future, cyberpunk mostly trails behind the horror and havoc technology has brought to our lives. If you want to see just how weird technology will get and the kind of inequality it will breed, just read Motherboard on any given week. Cyberpunk does, however, do a good job of describing the dystopia we already have. If cyberpunk seems foreign and futuristic to you, you just haven't been to the right part of Texas.


It's also a city that considers some neon arches under a highway overpass to be iconic.

>Sure, Austin is the seat of the state's political power … But Dallas is where the money’s at

Austin as a government seat is also an "empty" capital, he's right, the real power is money and the legislature only meets once every two years. This is why I have long thought it silly for people to protest outside the capitol building since there's rarely ever anyone in there other than the police and tourists, and it's far too set back from the streets (which are not particularly busy around there) for anyone to see it.


No. It’s Burgerpunk. A unique shitty version of dystopia filled with excess, car-centrism and stupidity.


File: 1675837029862.jfif (108.95 KB, 1090x595, FoVAqZbaYAAEBG_.jfif)




Does he think there were no royalists after the French Revolution or something? Also it's a lot easy to stop the king from coming back when you can just cut off his head. Didn't work for the UK however


File: 1675839440668.jpg (125.81 KB, 1172x1041, media_Foa2a7TaQAAzqGb.jpg)

This Is What Repukelicans Vote For.


>Obscene neon signs and billboards pulse over dull concrete and steel buildings
Sounds alright


>Capitalism is natural because it always emerges in socialist nations, but socialism is just ressentiment even though it also constantly pops up in capitalist nations
Not his best take


Is "ressentiment" like a faux-literate way of saying resentment among online rightists


>2005 was 28 years ago


Ok, now that i think about it more, Land probably meant capitalism as the true revolution in view of his capitalist realist ideology where socialism is basically just a primitive reaction against the all liquifying heat of capital and urbanism towards singularity. That is an interesting view, although i doubt ThingNoticer or other whignat fans of Land genuinely understand it. His views are directly contradictory with the racial-nostalgic views of classical nazis who held to antiquated spiritualities of race and nation(hence his affinity with esoteric nazis who worshipped chaos), and he sticks with whites only because they are the ones best posed to usher in the capitalist acceleration. Had he could Land would've traded all whites with 150 autism score ashkenazims for the same reason. Am i wrong here?


it'stime to die, tbh.


I suspect that in his view socialism is not a simple development because it is something that always has to be maintained, initiated, an uphill struggle to assert human rights against the rights of property, whereas capital's self-expansion has a lot more to do with material capacity, where the bourgies are only useful insofar as they're directing it. The issue, I suspect, is seeing capitalism-sans-capitalists as the highest possible developer, and acting for its own sake rather than because people want it to do so.


Land is just a drug-addled faggot.


File: 1675849692894.jpg (154.01 KB, 1077x1335, IMG_20230207_223459.jpg)


>no gif


MTG is the legitimate Interim Vice President


File: 1675857779894-0.png (45.08 KB, 570x363, dfwhdwtgf.png)

File: 1675857779894-1.jpg (59.29 KB, 1080x655, FoXj8fbaQAAjRqY.jpg)

File: 1675857779894-2.png (286.7 KB, 760x428, FoYnWAoX0AIjVF8.png)

File: 1675857779894-3.jpg (87.38 KB, 602x592, FoYbAYvXsAAom11.jpg)

File: 1675857779894-4.jpg (87.39 KB, 810x524, FoZ6xhYWAAADw1L.jpg)

Why do reactionaries and social conservatives do this thing when the most dedicated rightwingers look like fucking mutants?
>"uuuhhh anon youre doing a classism these are just poor alienated proletari-"
I don't care man i'm not a faggot like you, the dysgenic Right should be sent to the Lulags and properly ZyklonB-ed.


File: 1675858435075.jpeg (109.55 KB, 1080x868, FoFJT8oWIAIid3U.jpeg)



Accurate (if not black quite tan)


he would be a muslim now because his black version got killed by the FBI.


You know, i unironically think that the Southern Baptists will actually collapse if burgers think that Jesus is black. The anti-Christian nazis should really just spam image of afro Jesus with 'this is who you actually worship' if thet actually wanted to kill Christianity in Burgerstan


>you're an ugly stinky poopyhead
>no, YOU'RE an ugly stinky poopyhead


Zyklon B is for chinlets. We throw them in the Barbara pit


It's French and it was used by Nietzsche, that's where its from.


i want to see an official attempt by Texas to secede so fucking bad. what a wonderful spectacle it would be.


I genuinely hope MTG gets ebola.


File: 1675865308702.png (110.88 KB, 640x480, 1674080273096.png)

This place is turning me into an actual misanthrope. I need to get the fuck out of here.


File: 1675866857172.png (314.59 KB, 1224x1016, ClipboardImage.png)

why are they always flipping the bird, man? what did i ever do to you? you're the boomers who unilaterally forfeit my right to housing because you needed a third home paid for by your two dozen rental properties


File: 1675867148948.png (610.47 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

I have nothing but honest-to-god contempt for these people. Knowing that a chunk of the population is actually uncritical and gullible enough to actually believe what these people say is a legitimately blackpilling realization.

Lately, over the past year, I've come to the realization that I've lost hope for this place, and that I need to get out. Whether it's by dropping off the grid, or emigrating somewhere else, I can't fuckin' take this place anymore. I'm broke, miserable, and sharing this shithole with some of the most psychotic, dumb motherfuckers in modern history. This country is slowly eroding my sanity.


File: 1675867265679.png (1.09 MB, 1600x1200, ClipboardImage.png)


It’s OK to look absolutely disgusting if you’re a good right-wing capitalist pigeon. Only your enemies can be truly ugly. Embrace tradition, reject the mirror.


Texas is horrifically rural and horrifically urban.
It provides the worst of both worlds and is a good example why the supposed regional divides are phony. You’re getting fucked by capitalism everywhere you look.


File: 1675867870409.jpg (488.3 KB, 750x746, 1639286257198.jpg)

>poor alienated proletariat
Bro most of these hogs are petty bourgeois.


what the fuck





They’re worse than nazis, but thankfully aren’t as competent as them (by comparison). The nazis believed in the scientific method to achieve their evil, these fuckers are just savages who want to rape and defile without any plans for the future

Of course it won’t stop them from lashing out and murdering as many people as they can, but it means people will be able to escape their lunacy as things deteriorate. They can be lied to and easily tricked, so use it to your advantage


I give it a month before the FBI discovers 100 terabytes of CP in his house


Well that would be weird because it's the CIA /FBI who feeds him his stories


i remembered when the poljak caused a massive wave of pure seethe that they tried to make it look like we were projecting and that they are actually all handsome because pewdiepie is.


Confirming what was already obvious to anyone looking at the incentive structures and conflicts of interest, but this is good. This guy has credibility among burgers and no incentive to lie since he is risking the wrath of his own gov. by doing so


File: 1675877730670.jpg (50.56 KB, 474x474, hamilton.jpg)

Yo, can a burger explain to me why are liberals so fixated with the Hamilton play? They seem to worship it as if it were a new bible or something



By the by, Hersh is the guy who broke the My Lai massacre news.


The only odd thing there: Norway was in on it but not Poland.


Its a play about a founding father who wasn't as overtly racist as the other founding fathers, written by a POC adjacent man

In other words it checks all the boxes that modern libs are looking for


It's not an odd thing at all if you analyze it further.

-Norway is one of the most militarized state in NATO
-Norway is one of the most pro-NATO states
-Norway has participated in many imperialist ventures such as the destruction of Libya
-Norway has a primary interest due to its own fossil energy economy

All in all it is the prime example of how Social Democracy is complicit and depedent on imperialism.


Norway isn't the surprising thing, it's Poland.


I mean just because we don't know about or it wasn't mentioned in the article doesn't mean that Polish intelligence wasn't also involved, also no offense but I'm also wouldn't surprised however by the fact that the US doesn't consider the Polish military and intelligence as professional.


I think the Chapos gave a pretty good summary of it, but I can't remember it right now.

That aside, my best guess (I never watched Hamilton, and usually don't like musicals) is because it offers some redemptive counter-factual to America's history.

Liberals fetishize bureaucratic institutions and the myth of American "meritocracy." In Parks and Rec I believe the female lead is portrayed as some hyper-competent government bureaucrat playing off a grouchy Libertarian. She handles just about every situation perfectly and takes her job seriously. The Harry Potter series is beloved by Libs to this day, because it takes an academic environment and makes it fun. And more importantly, it gives results. Like, Libs have this Lisa Simpson style love of school work because it's this regimented structure where everyone gets grades in accordance to how talented they are. If you getting good grades means you literally get better at using magical powers, well then that's like catnip for liberals.

But dealing specifically with Hamilton. The historical opinion on him has waxed and waned with time. Back in the day, I believe it was FDR who said, essentially, "Thank Christ we had Jefferson securing our rights rather than Hamilton running things." He was an openly elitist banker type who seemed to want a highly Monarchical government. He also said he was opposed to slavery but, IIRC, did very little to actually oppose it.

So of course modern libs would love him. He was a fucking nerd. He had the right opinions (nevermind his actions). And he established one of our "beautiful institutions" in the form of getting central banking started. Portraying him as a black man singing hip hop gives permission to libs to feel pride in a country ostensibly founded by slave owners.


2018 called it wants its shit discourse back


It also plays up Hamilton as a rags-to-riches immigrant. Bourgeois aspirations are the American dream. It ignores Hamilton's anti poor politics


Poland is peak retarded and viewed with suspicion by burgers for being former Warsaw pact.


> Portraying him as a black man singing hip hop gives permission to libs to feel pride in a country ostensibly founded by slave owners.
This is why Hamilton is so gross, it's an exercise in using blackface to whitewash history. These figures are all literal slavers (except Adams, who is shit on in the musical), the need to co-opt these people into some positive liberal history is sick.


idk man once germany and france prove to be unreliable partners america will suck poland dry. ive already noticed poland being platformed more on social media, almost like its prep for the public


File: 1675881659859.png (221.8 KB, 630x736, HA026__03HH0-1.png)

Yeah, Hamilton became a highly negative figure during the FDR era. There has been some reporting on the Hamilton "cult" from liberals but also various little programs to promote Hamilton "education" funded by Wall Street-linked institutes like the Gilder Lehrman Institute that has been slowly building up since the Clinton years:

>Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony-winning musical comes at a moment when America wants to believe it is (to use a term that made little sense at the beginning of the Obama presidency and is even more nonsensical now) post-racial. To embrace Hamilton is to embrace a liberal outlook on the world that even conservatives can tolerate, and sometimes vice versa. Out with welfare cheats, in with bootstrapping immigrants who don’t depend on the state for food stamps or health care. “Here’s a story that talks about American history and the ideals of American democracy,” a Rockefeller Foundation executive told the New York Times last October. Here was, she continued, “an immigrant who is impoverished initially and shows through perseverance and grit what he can achieve, in a vernacular that speaks to young people, written by a product of New York public education.”

>The Rockefeller Foundation went even further, announcing a plan to bring 20,000 New York City eleventh graders, predominantly from low-income families, to see Hamilton. The organization also launched a project with the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History to develop “educational programming for students and teachers designed around the Hamilton experience.” Meanwhile, politicians from every part of the ideological spectrum — Bernie Sanders, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Lynne and Dick Cheney — are all for the show, having voted in some cases by repeat attendance. So are such celebrities as Beyoncé, who liked King George’s walk, and Lena Dunham, who lauded the show’s pedagogical firepower. “Love to hate things that others adore but Hamilton on Broadway is unimpeachably perfect. Wept, laughed, raged,” she tweeted. In a subsequent tweet, she added: “If every kid in America could see Hamilton they would thirst for historical knowledge and then show up to vote.”


>It was only during the Clinton years, however, that Hamilton’s star truly began to rise again. In 1997, a Wall Street Journal op-ed by David Brooks and William Kristol praised the first treasury secretary as a proponent of “national-greatness conservatism.” Richard Brookhiser’s Alexander Hamilton: American, published in 1999, was not made into a musical — but it was made into an exhibition at the New-York Historical Society, glorifying Hamilton’s financial genius while briskly dismissing his critics. (The show, including a good many documents from the Gilder Lehrman Institute, is still making the rounds.)



Hamilton was not a slave owner, to be fair. But your point is correct


Look at how pooland jumped the gun and went psycho when that Ukrainian shell killed two farmers. They wanted article 5 and blamed Russia to the point that even the burgers tightened the leash on them and de-escalated. Germany is "unreliable" because they wanted cheap farts from Russia. France is getting btfo of its neocolonies in West Africa.


I mean, I liked the Hamilton musical when I was younger, mainly because I was in my musical phase. It all peaked in being able to see Hamilton in some school program they had when I was younger (not the broadway). My thoughts have simmered obviously, from full rejection at first to a gradual meh to it. I would probably be able to sing along to some of the songs, but I know way more about the actual history, how it changed a lot to make Hamilton the clear good guy. I would say the reason liberals would like it would be that it was kinda like a obama esque post racial feel to it. Y'know, celebration of America, but also diversity and stuff like that.


He inherited slaves from the Schuyler family no? Though I guess it was owned by the Schuyler estate, but it did seem as if he did have some involvement with helping them on the matter


Ah yeah I forgot he had em through his wife, you're right


> in 1997 a Wall Street Journal op-ed by David Brooks and William Kristol
Lol those two scumbags are peak end of history ideological priests


You guys really don't like neon signs huh
Probably like the least relevant thing to go after Texas for


File: 1675884743031.jpg (28.67 KB, 474x338, OIP (44).jpg)

What I find very interesting is that in some circles (reactionary), they like Hamilton because his economics went against like English banking, aka the juiiiice banking. But wasn't Hamiton super into trading with England, and wanting to copy their model of economics. Obviously some is just surface level (we need to be more manufacturing).




File: 1675885730127.png (1.49 MB, 1281x1419, Dracula_vs_Wolfman.png)

What's especially funny is I believe he managed the account books for slave owners. Which, to be fair, may have been the only source of employment for him at the time. But it's still a great representation of liberal brainrot that you've got this guy who was indirectly benefiting from the slave system, who did functionally nothing to oppose it, but because he remarked in his private life "Damn, this is pretty fucked up." He's a "redeemed bureaucrat."

IIRC the play itself portrays Jefferson as stuck up or as a minor antagonist. Someone to be bested by Hamilton's wit. It also makes allusions to his relationship with Sally Hemings. But say what you will of Jefferson, but at the very least I think it's far more human or grounded of him to have this intense internal struggle between a genuine liberal idealism and the material understanding that his extravagant lifestyle was dependent entirely on being a ruthless slave owner. Like if I remember right, he himself was aware of that contradiction and it caused him some amount of personal stress and embarrassment.

Hamilton, though? You get the impression that any kind of cognitive dissonance just slid right off of him. He'd manage the account for slavers. He'd refer to normal Americans as "The Mob" or "The Great Beast" (forget which term he used) and wanted the President to use the honorific "His Majesty." His disapproval of slavery, to me at least, doesn't seem to come from some deep ideological convictions one fails to live up to, like Jefferson, but rather just because he didn't like seeing it. And fair enough. Y'know it's horrifying to look out the window and see people that you know deep down are human beings, being whipped and beaten to enrich another person. But if one's dislike of the practice is merely that you see it rather than that it exists, well you'll feel peace of mind as soon as you close the blinds.

In some ways, Hamilton reminds me of ostensibly "liberal" suburbanites, that talk about compassion and "love is love" and then demand the cops round up all the homeless and "just get rid of them."

Honestly, the psychology of the Planter Class (and various "aristocratic" classes in general) is something I consider fascinating, and it might resonate with modern American Capitalism.

IIRC in one of Frederick Douglass' books, he remarked that a lot of Planters would go out into the fields. Riding on horseback. Trying to pull the "King Incognito" shit. And they'd frequently ask Enslaved people about their master, whether he treated them right, how their conditions were. And if I remember right, Douglass was fairly frank with the guy that he felt overworked and mistreated, and then a little while after that, he was sold to a different plantation.

And as horrible as it is, I find that kind of psychology fascinating. Because you've got a guy who's hyper-exploiting people, and the thing is he seems to know it, too. So he'll go out to the people he's exploiting and try to find some "redemption" through them. He wants the people he's having beaten, whipped, and used for his own profit to essentially tell him "It's okay, you're still a good person." And by Douglass merely telling the truth, well then I can only imagine the guy was feeling no end of anxiety until he just got rid of him.

And the thing is the Planters were semi-aware of the dynamics of exploitation and Capitalism. A lot of the defense of their horrific practices by planters and their associates was to point to the North and say, essentially, "Hey assholes, you're doing the same shit! But at least we give the people we exploit homes." Which, while still defending a worse form of exploitation (Slavery) by comparing it to a lesser one (Capitalism.)

To some extent, I think the reactionary Right-Populists of today are the descendants of this anxious, reactionary planter class. And this is why, perhaps, some "MAGA Communists" falsely thing they're the "real" American Proletariat. Because these people are petite-bourgeoisie, their wealth is tied up in land and business and actually owning things. They see the people that work for them, for the most part. And yeah, you've got the "Small Business Tyrant", undoubtedly, but you also have those occasional "feel-good" stories of Bosses paying for their employees' college, or buying them a new car. It's this "redemptive charity" that assuages the subconscious discomfort of knowing that you're ripping all these people off. That's something you don't get in a highly-financialized Capitalist economy. A business can destroy the lives of tens of thousands of people with mass layoffs, and the guy in charge won't even feel an ounce of concern because it's all numbers on a spreadsheet to him.

And these petite-bourgeoisie look around, and they know the system is collapsing, and they're flailing their arms trying to force it to work again. And MAGA Communists think they're "the real proletariat" because compared to financialized Capital, these people are human beings. They sweat, they bleed, they fear. Compare that to the monolith of faceless, modern capital, and it's normal to feel a shred of sympathy for some of these reactionaries because you're watching them get squished by the same T-1000 that the rest of us are! You're watching figurative Vampires move entirely fictional currencies around to make billions, and you end up sympathizing with the werewolves because, fuck it, at least their heart still beats. At least they have some blood pumping through their veins.


File: 1675885761993.jpg (84.79 KB, 780x438, intro-1675626246.jpg)

He looks alright. Not as hot as me though.


File: 1675886870628-0.png (391.16 KB, 1467x1255, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1675886870628-1.png (417.54 KB, 1136x1359, ClipboardImage.png)

The lack of response from Hersh's story is really impressive. It's just a few gadflys on Twitter, total radio silence everywhere else.


>rambling speech
is there any greater term used by """"journalists"""" to betray their own attempts at objective, detached reporting?


i mean the dude is an actual loon due to being concussed constantly.


it made it onto the times of London


To be honest, I think "objectivity" in journalism is broadly impossible (at the very least, under Capitalism) and I feel like giving a political speech where you bizarrely remember watching a movie about Vampires and wanting to be a Werewolf is pretty rambling.

Of course, the journalist I admire the most is Hunter Thompson, and the whole principle of Gonzo Journalism is that the Journalist becomes an active participant in the story rather than an unbiased observer.


File: 1675890210131.png (835.89 KB, 1200x630, ClipboardImage.png)

i hate that crypto-fascist turd for making millions off of pipelining little boys into right wing shit but even I can admit he's conventionally attractive.


File: 1675893321709.mp4 (30.78 MB, 576x1024, 1675893307514.mp4)

This video is pretty good at explaining AI shit even though it seems to be some kind of weird advertisement


File: 1675894061351.mp4 (3.75 MB, 1280x720, ZlyYuv8zUjiipOnl.mp4)

Are bandanas common enough now to be worn in situations as serious as this one?


Interesting, but I'm not sure if the government will really be able to get mandatory-ID internet passed.



File: 1675898155746.jpg (459.71 KB, 989x1803, senator.jpg)

Utah senator floating the idea of potentially weaponizing the NS2 attack against Biden on Twitter. Will anything come out of this? Is this Biden's Contra moment?



I agree that some things are not so planned as conspiracy theorists would like, but there is a very obvious case where the insurrection and its crackdown are both manufactured (if not quite orchestrated).

Propagandizing the population into supporting right-wing politics, setting up far-right militias across the country, and disrupting labor organizing and welfare programs are very useful for the bourgeoisie, it secures their power through diffuse repression. On the other hand, it can grow out of its usefulness if it destabilizes things (and in that case, it provides a third use - legitimizing the popular credentials of the government by cracking down on the terrorist right). It's clear that the far-right movement that led to the capitol riot was intentionally created, seeded, and sometimes steered by the big bourgeoisie and three letter agencies. It would have happened no matter what due to the momentum of the evangelical right. But on the other hand at the point that these people think they can or should coup the state, they're in conflict with the state and capitalist interests and need to be pruned back (or, promoted, recruited, etc.).

The third benefit i mention is also built into the two-party system - republicans start wars, democrats continue them, republicans remove protections on the working class, democrats shrug their shoulder and tell us to vote harder. If you can build a security panic among the moderate liberals and the left, you gain a ton of previously unavailable support for increasing repression and surveillance, and you can also make them so much more glad (like others mention, like an abused person) for the really limp centrist Biden.

One last thing is that the preparation for securing/building back American production and military critical supply chain benefits from pacifying the rabid small-government, anti-planning and pro-chaos elements in the government. They need a tight ship and the ability to match China's maneuverability.


File: 1675901733797.jpg (427.54 KB, 1080x1189, 1675901728990.jpg)



Hersh got blackballed a long time ago for reporting that Syria didn’t use sarin iirc


No one was going after Texas for having neon(in fact the current one was LED strips) it's just that looks like some shit I'd see in any ghetto smoke shop ever yet Texans see it as an attraction.


I guess it just comes down to semantics. “Attractive” is reserved for people 7< in my book


America or leftypol



File: 1675908679002.webm (10.88 MB, 360x360, AI_misinfo.webm)

I made it into not-an-advertisement


I agree with the AI here because it's purpose as it says is to create context rather than flooding us with information without the ability to understand it. The blast of information has been chaos and constantly misused to spread disinformation and misinformation to the masses that's been taken as "fact" as well as shit like "alternative facts". Actual information must be curated and create sensible narratives tracing it's origins and source following it to it's latest point to prevent misuse of information. I'm all for AI control of info so long as it's Algo can track it's source and follow through with a timeline of information and clarify and discard "junk" info blasts meant to confuse the masses which is what's happening today. News is basically blasting us with unrelenting info including "junk" which leads to confusion and false narratives to control the population from coming to a sound understanding which it can use as an informative call, especially for political action.


the solution is simple: PGP signing lol

>I'm all for AI control of info
hurr durr


On top of that. Why does Trump think he’s so attractive? His behavior is no different than the colored hair libs calling themselves attractive. It’s the same idiotic IdPol false consciousness.


>His behavior is no different than the colored hair libs calling themselves attractive.
well that was random


Maybe but my skepticism comes from the potency of AI itself. People seem to think it's bigger than it is, of course it is also capable of being an effective way to spam the fuck out of everything but I think that there is a sort of limit or something, growth isn't inherently exponential after all.




Today I was talking to a relative who's a lawyer and he said something that completely floored me. He's filing for a mistrial for his client and you'd think court transcripts are a matter of public record, right? Apparently not, they're copyrighted by the court reporter who makes them, and she wants over a thousand fucking dollars to "prepare" the transcripts for him. I can't wrap my head around that. A public trial for your client that you defended and you have to pay some private company over a thousand dollars to produce official transcripts for it so you can properly do your job? Can't wait to see what wonders await us as the rest of the state gets auctioned off


That's very gay, wow


Your rant is so hot ❤️
When you become president of the CSSA will you let people worship you like a goddess?


>Why does billionaire think he's attractive
Probably because most people he had met had grovelled at him? Wew lad


What’s your alternative?



Am I not wrong?
>crazy hair
>IdPol pusher
>gets “triggered”
He’s literally the thing that rightoids whine about


i-its already in the post


File: 1675919709091.png (787.53 KB, 1290x1343, ClipboardImage.png)

Does this man have the right idea? Really, what's the point of having an opinion on things. The logical end is to be a THING NOTICER who merely notices, and logs events.


literally just capitalist realism


TBF the Nord Stream shit is pretty boring
No one should care about legacy geopolitics in some godforsaken corner of Europe


>uhhh pushing NATO and escalating nuclear tensions is boring.
shut tf up



>nuclear tensions





nta but this whole ordeal makes me think that Russia stepped into a bear trap and the US got away with some funky shit. The deal however is that the rewards don't really seem to be that big and I expect the war to die off soon honestly.


Is there any reason for the CIA to want to wack him to begin with? Seemed like a pretty standard Democrat party stooge to me.

I want to post that sea shanty attack ad here, I swear I saved it but I guess the title was too clever

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