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🗽United States Politics🦅

Absolute State of America Edition

Thread for the hellish discussion related to the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face of the Earth.


State mandated propaganda livestreams:
CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html
MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html
FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html
Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFEegalitarianism


The whole RFK thing for me is very affirming of Lenin. As conditions get worse, everyone is increasingly confused, scattered, and all over the place. Everyone's interests are increasingly in the air. Only the sufficiently disciplined vanguard party will have the capacity to navigate this. Everyone else will appear to be a chicken with their heads cut off.


Why do Americans care about "outsourcing" so much? Does it hurt their egos that even capital doesn't care about their "exceptional" country anymore?


Not sure how DeSantis is another Jeb. He is infinitely more charismatic than Jeb was.


Maybe because outsourcing negatively affects the working class?


The effect on proles is varied and ambiguous
A lot of former factory workers moved upward to better paying service jobs created by the shifts in supply chain


I've been saying the USA is closer to pre-revolution russia than anything else. The fascists and politicians have created an environment perfect for the development of a powerful vanguard party to the left of even stalin and mao.
The conditions working class burgers are in are worse than medieval peasants. They work more hours, own less, and make less money. The revolution, when the powder keg finally explodes, will be the most vicious event in human history.

It's not that billions must die, it's that billions will die and there's nothing we can do to stop it.


>the USA is closer to pre-revolution russia
Wow, I didn't know the US just abolished serfdom a few decades ago and is in the early process of industrialization and is still ruled by feudal autocrats. I learn new things everyday.


Industrialization in the 1800s = the 2020s and 2030s rise of automation and more burgers out of work


>A lot of
That is doing a lot of work for you.
> to better paying service jobs created by the shifts in supply chain


>The fascists and politicians have created an environment perfect for the development of a powerful vanguard party to the left of even stalin and mao.
I am not so sure that I would describe it as an environment perfect for the development of a powerful vanguard party but I definitely agree when you say that
>The conditions working class burgers are in are worse than medieval peasants. They work more hours, own less, and make less money. The revolution, when the powder keg finally explodes, will be the most vicious event in human history.
The objective conditions for revolution already exist in the United States. The subjective conditions do not at present exist. We are still in a reactionary period. But it really does seem as though we could potentially see a revolution in our lifetimes.
The North-American Soviet Revolution will have some advantages that Russia did not have: for one, there is already sufficient housing for everyone to be housed, it is only an issue of distributing said housing. There is also a big disadvantage: the United States is the heart of world-imperialism, as it is the imperial hegemon.


File: 1685081536095.png (33.28 KB, 482x309, 54060459654.png)

The CPUSA's strategy is working.


>"it should outrage you. Perhaps even leave you a little bit bewildered. Even a little bit disoriented. Just the way that Gen. Milley and his Howling Commandos want them to be."
this is eerie in its accuracy


File: 1685085202404.png (102.88 KB, 2000x2304, soundcloud chinlet.png)

I see someone was inspired by the soundcloud chinlet drawing


horny white supremacist moment
and chinletdy of course the albino down syndrome short king. some of these ostensibly right wing soyjaks really are an enigma to me


average family dollar customer


what an absolute treasure
I love this right wing narcissist phenotype that if they lack enough self awareness they turn into a low functioning autistic kid's evil twin
not one but two eye patches. and that little smirk of disdain like he's hitler doing a photoshoot
peak male efficiency
I think we should raise these uyghurs like bulls, chicken tendies and tucker carlson BBC hypno and get them to fight each other to the death, winner gets to breed Abby Shapiro to raise a new race of ubermensch thumblings


I would fight a bunch of right-wing weirdos for Abby Shapiro, let me fight too


you better look thumbish, kid.


File: 1685093329170.jpg (119.65 KB, 743x499, 1685079861502608.jpg)


We need to use the cringe and retarded gusano as an example of ‘this is your brain on 0 communism.’


Enrique Tarrio from the Proud Boys,has also been convicted of seditious conspiracy, I bet he gets a lighte sentence because he is a fed, though.

<Jury convicts Enrique Tarrio of the Proud Boys on seditious conspiracy charge


Scapegoated idiot rightoids for an obvious psyop. Imagine going to jail for mostly fictional charges of a mostly fictional conspiracy because you are so invested in the political theater you can't tell both sides of it are psy-op-ing you. They are so cucked. And even more so by how Trump completely threw them under the bus and will continue to disown them while on campaign.


Trump should promise pardons for them and all other political prisoners if elected



uhh i thought proud boys were aryan


File: 1685118517112.jpg (144.6 KB, 1080x1506, 12lrerhke72b1.jpg)


He is a gusano and true to name crawls before his crakkker masters like the filthy worm he is. And a a federal informant too, the lowest of the low.


File: 1685118937454-0.jpg (2.86 MB, 2248x1500, 1680119590805451.jpg)

File: 1685118937454-1.jpg (193.91 KB, 810x1024, 1681053512649464.jpg)

Why are so many gusanos in the fed/police/military? It's not funny anymore


Immigrants took all the jobs at the racism factory.


File: 1685119205031.jpg (126.88 KB, 1022x1024, 1685112304593931.jpg)

(Low-effort /pol/ shitpost (Rule 7))


poverty soft conscription
>Due to its strategic location, the U.S. military has a significant presence in American Samoa and plays a major role in its economy and society. The territory is noted for having the highest rate of military enlistment of any U.S. state or territory; as of 2021, the local U.S. Army recruiting station in Pago Pago ranked first in recruitment.[6][7] Tuna products are the main exports, with the rest of the U.S. serving as the largest trading partner. Tourism is a nascent but underdeveloped sector, owing in part to the territory's relative geographic isolation, which also accounts for its high rate of poverty and emigration.


I'm in the IBEW. What exactly can I do to organize within my union? Anyone in the trades have any experience or insights on driving rank and file participation up?


lol watch these people get progressively more radical as they mingle with neo-nazis in prison


He's right though.


Empathy makes me sick. if you can't understand other people's feelings you are just retarded. If you instinctively think "that could be me" when you see something sad you are beyond saving. Reason demands a hard heart and a cold head. When i realized i could feel other people's feelings i felt revulsion, i tried everything i could to get rid of the necessity to react to them. It worked. Nothing bothers me more than people who expect you to care. I trained by forcing myself to be cruel to animal. The need to feel yourself to be equal to another is genuinely something perverse. It is a mental sickness, the king of all illnesses. Instinctive altruism is worse then instinctive egoism, because it puts on the facade of morality. There is nothing humane about empathy.


sympathy > empathy


but why does he want billions to die?


At least


It’s not

*chokes on micro plastics and smog*

Paid for

*breaks ankle trying to walk while obese*

By the government

*fucking dies due to zero insurance*


We can't evolve as a species if people who don't deserve to live are kept alive


lmao at the animals part, this has to be a bit.


File: 1685122178878.png (338.94 KB, 588x811, ClipboardImage.png)

>Fox news is too far left let's boycott them!
wtf is this schizo smoking bros


Who would be convinced of this?
It just seems it only "convinces" people that were already convinced.

The images only actual argument that they're both small things but one is considered a life, (which also ignoring that it's using two different usages of life but saying it's the same)



Prove it.


It’s lower than China. It still dropped in 2021


It’s been dropping for a while it’s at 76 and set to keep declining


to be fair, fascism seeks to re-implement things that liberalism abolished originally, such as hereditary privilege and aristocratic leadership by taking away peoples' right to participate in government, mainly by denying their humanity or their rationality by proclaiming that certain races or groups of people are different from everyone else, a core attack on liberal philosophy which believes "that all men are created equal" and that everyone should be able to participate in government. however liberalism itself has already artificially imposed a pseudo-aristocratic tradition, a rigid hierarchy of class rule by the bourgeoisie and a denial that certain groups of people are even human; things like russians being orcs or chinese people being bugpeople incapable of being led by anyone but violent strongmen. liberalism lost its progressive position in history by mainly representing the interests of entrenched power structures, and fascism nowadays seeks to just codify these power structures into law and "saying the quiet part out loud". communism follows the revolutionary position of liberalism that everyone is created equally and that mass participation in government is correct, but denies certain liberal outcomes such as private property ownership that enabled class hierarchy to re-emerge after the overthrow of monarchs. if anything, fascism could be argued to be a misanthropic form of liberalism, and if not a form of liberalism then an ideology heavily inspired by the outcomes of it.


>As of 2023, Cuba's life expectancy is 79.18 years, a 0.12% increase from 2022. In 2021, it was 78.98 years, a 0.12% increase from 2020.1 In 2007, the life expectancy at birth in Cuba was 78.26 years, while in 1960, it was 63.9 years.2 Cuba's average life expectancy is excellent compared to most developing countries and has increased substantially in the last 50 years. In 2018, Cuba's estimated average life expectancy was 78.9 years, putting Cuba at number 56 in the world for life expectancy.0 The US's life expectancy at birth has dropped sharply in the last two years, to the point that the average Cuban will live nearly three years more than the average American.3
>Powered by Brave AI
0 https://borgenproject.org/10-facts-about-life-expectancy-in-cuba/
1 https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/CUB/cuba/life-expectancy
2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_in_Cuba
3 https://www.newsweek.com/americans-can-now-expect-live-three-years-less-cubans-1739507

It's such a laugh when AI funded by the literal vampire Peter Thiel has to recognise the truth in such a way!



Abortion rates are at their lowest when it’s legal. Everyone on this topic keeps forgetting this, similar to the same debates on drugs


It really twists my nuts when I'm reading Reddit or similar sites and someones is getting abused (by a landlord, by an employer, by anyone) and the crowd says "GET A LAWYER, THEY'RE BREAKING THE LAW". How fucking naive of the world do you have to be think that's real advice? I'm sure these 20 year olds working in a restaurant or living in a slum have the money and time for that.. and what lawyer is going to help you get back $500? Their hourly rate is like $150!
Much better advice would be "file a suit in small claims", which can actually work and you don't need a lawyer. Still won't solve the immediate issue of course.


>that image
Why are these people that fucking pathetic?


Weren’t illegal abortions off the charts when Stalin banned it in the USSR?


>20 or so years ago you were singing "I hate you, you hate me, let's go out and kill Barney"
…How did you know that?


File: 1685126545287.jpg (105.36 KB, 844x843, ffvii-aerith-hmph.jpg)

>Liberalism is simply a half-measure of Communism
most liberals half-measured communists end up becoming capitalists, and most liberal states (europe-u.s.) kept their liberal, and have moved towards fascism.
or don't you feel the oppression of the state when they imposed you jimmy neutron?, HUH?


It's pretty hilarious to see DeSantis flopping so badly despite having the entire Republican establishment and conservative media furiously shilling for him.


I hope this isn't a real post from you Shay


So, one year before it was re-criminalized in the USSR and the Soviets began promoting marriage and family.



File: 1685127798037-0.png (349.57 KB, 954x1348, FxElh-QWABA_J3u.png)

File: 1685127798037-1.png (256.22 KB, 950x1338, FxElh-gWAA0Bxb_.png)

>that article.
it read like a liberal, unfortunately. What causes "havoc" on an undesired pregnancy in the context of economic stress which the writer argues is not solved through pregnancy control, rather, you solve the havoc if you solve the economic structure that causes havoc on a pregnancy.
no wonder why Americans never had a communist revolution when they diverted the revolutionary struggle towards mild solutions.


Paying people to be pregnant is fucked.


>There are only two positions: Communism or Fascism
This part is correct. Liberalism, however, is a half-measure of Fascism and not Communism.


File: 1685128405496.jpg (13.46 KB, 460x345, b8 is this b8.jpg)


sounds sarcastic tbh


>movie companies are going to start doing this so they can release localized versions of every movie for ethnic and national chauvinists
>they're going to start using AI to ctrl+f the already record dialogue in order to change the setting, character names
>entertainment will be every bit as localized as software
>oceania was always at war with eurasia



File: 1685130143256-0.mp4 (1.29 MB, 720x404, varrikjail.mp4)

File: 1685130143256-1.webm (7.72 MB, 852x480, prison.webm)

you mean more reactionary. and yes. The prison system is one giant ongoing pogrom and gang rape. The aryans and the prison guards always team up on the minorities in amerikkkan prisons. Rich people don't go to normal prisons. they go to hotel with bars. poor white people go to the nazi generator. Poor POC go to the pogrom zone.


"Parenting" (childhood trauma) that makes them terrified to have any response to a boot other than to lick it. They get so mad at libruls and commies who don't lick boots because they deeply envy not living in perpetual vague fear that comes from growing up learning to either obey or be punished.


Seems pretty obvious it's a joke at /pol/'s expense considering the image attached lol.


File: 1685131060957.jpg (100.11 KB, 1000x624, FB_IMG_1685124664022.jpg)

Yeah, I for sure he was going to ge a real contender. But also back then I thought I was picturing rick Scott till he started appearing in the media and turned out to be a 5'7 squeaky dork. I think its going to be trump for sure in less Nicky Haley somehow squares the circle against trump. I still think that Biden isn't going to win his primary.


And he's still not charismatic at all.

>no mo ho lo do mo
ayy lmao


>occupy wall street era meme
god what a time of wasted potential


good meme but not sure why you posted it


"FOX News is leftist!" has been the meme for a while now. Ever since OAN and further right alternatives emerged, american reactoids have been abandoning fox news in droves, saying they fucked over trump, that they aren't partriotic, that they're owned by an aussie jew, that they're republican in name only, yada yada


> a woman has to die trying to deliver an ectopic pregnancy because Le Cells are Le Life

gigaspooked also bait


>the sun has fallen


>Who would be convinced of this?
>It just seems it only "convinces" people that were already convinced.
I feel like this is true of most political memes


Why? If they intend on keeping it they'll need the extra monry


it's called autoreduction lrn2autonomia


By next year these retards will be crying that anyone who doesn't imprison transgender people or labor unionists are "communists"
This is all part of their plan to plunge the country into fascism


Anon, you got to learn more about how propaganda works. Very rarely can a single specific piece, whether a meme, a movie, a poster or anything else, be discerned as having converted someone. Propaganda works on an aggregate manner. Exposure duration and frequency matter more than any argument.




>compelled to abort their children
Red Scare horseshit.


>Ron DeSantis is now at war with yet another community: furries. A furry con in Orlando is banning minors thanks to DeSantis's Protection of Children Act, the same bill that has been accused of targeting LGBTQ+ businesses





Seeing what they have done to Jimmy Neutron makes me writhe in pain at the lack of immediate episode-watching available to me, each second ticking is reminding me that I’m not in watching mid-2000s cartoon shows. I want to set this rotten world right.(ThongNoticer)


But racist should be beat to the verge of death tho


You mean racial realists?


<Not just deleting this
Jannies are being an embarassment again.
It is almost as if they want TheCartoonKid to post his nonsense to drive up PPH.


Ultra based. Can i suck your dick?


Can't they just get rid of him completely?


See I have to wonder about the viability of pissing off so many different groups. Like most Americans don’t even vote, but if DeSantis makes his whole political playbook “Nah nah nah nah libs mad.” Then just pissing off seemingly apolitical groups because “le degeneracy” means you give those groups a reason to see you fail. Sure the support of furries won’t count for much, but it’s dozens, maybe hundreds, of people who’ll be posting about how shitty you are and maybe rallying people against you. And compared to that, the satisfaction of seeing libs mad might not be enough to motivate people to come out and vote for you


reading Fire on the Mountain made me sad :(


File: 1685141415917.jpg (98.24 KB, 1242x965, Culture_sfbegwg0ojl51.jpg)

serves you right, wordreader


American politics is poop. POOP.
That's all the analysis you need.


File: 1685142424001.png (60.22 KB, 255x198, ClipboardImage.png)



The next 2 election cycles will just be Republicans doing the Soyjak pointing meme at increasingly obscure pornhub categories.


File: 1685144254000.jpg (442.84 KB, 1024x576, deepdarkccptechnohell.jpg)

>The next 2 election cycles will just be Republicans doing the Soyjak pointing meme at increasingly obscure pornhub categories.
Taking cues from the Jordan Peterson playbook it seems.


There's no conspiracy to drive the quality of art down, but it still happens because there's a systemic incentive, it's called profit motive, and we have been warning you for ages.

PS: stop watching cartoons and read a book uygha


I forgot about the Chinese dick sucking factories lmao. Why are they like this? Who's this appealing too?


>I forgot about the Chinese dick sucking factories lmao.
Just coming home from work! Oh wait


I'd like to prematurely wish Hugh Neutron a happy birthday before I go to bed.



Something tells me this guy might be a little on the autistic side.


The difference between cartoons like "Spongebob", "Fairy Odd Parents", and "My Life As A Teenage Robot" and Jimmy Neutron is that the boy genuis was able to make accurate predictions about planetary bodies. Spongebob couldn't pass a driver's exam.(ThongNoticer)


File: 1685147963003.png (1.27 MB, 1170x1170, ClipboardImage.png)

Baba Bluey



Autism, likely with an actual diagnosis; zero doubt whatsoever.


The hypocrisy of your opponents does not change the truth of capitalist profit incentive. Of course if capitalist profit incentive means minorities in movies then great.


I have no chin, I am morbidly obese and socially repugnant, and share my sensitive vision for cartoons online. I used to bully autistic kids at school. I am nothing like your Hollywood stereotype.(ThongNoticer)


File: 1685148812370.png (1.91 MB, 1636x1256, 1685148323015919.png)


Can the jannies just fucking get rid of this retarded nazoid? Why the fuck is he even allowed here?


we tried, he's just part of the ecosystem now, just pretend he's not there.


Who is he winning that isnt already on his side?


Oh well, i guess i have no choice


he is plainly obsessed with the site. it's been 4-5 years now.
imagine is the herps of the site. an impossible-to-get-rid-of nuisance that appears from time to time.
and imagine the site is your gf/bf, now you love your partner, but you accept they have this herpes, and you only try not to get infected, so when the herpes appears, you do not touch the herpes (in case of the dingus cumteecer, you mock him/ridicule or ignore him, it is the equivalent of ignoring the herpes. if you take him seriously, you are touching the herpes.)


Hold the fuck up, you're telling me thaf this loser has been doing this for 5 FUCKING YEARS?!?!


Something I think the right isn’t paying attention to is that they’re by all accounts the over privileged minority that they accuse all other minorities of being. In the sense that Republican power vastly outpaces their actual popularity. Not merely in terms of party preference, but the actual number of Americans that would self define as conservatives.

See I think conservatives have this libidinal anger at the fact that for as much money as they’ll throw at blatant propaganda, conservatives simply aren’t winning hearts and minds. So the “solution” they come to is to pretend there’s some “silent majority” out there that long for conservative government but are bullied into silence by those darn Democrats. Where they get power, like in Florida, they feel comfortable bulldozing ahead with their own niche cultural agenda—essentially trying to force conservatism into being popular or mainstream by law.

Of course, trying to impose a rigid cultural vision on a populace, and going about it in an openly hostile way, it doesn’t bode well. Conservatism is circling the drain, and responding to their increasing alienation by trying to wield outsized power is gonna make too many people angry, I think.


Hyper fixation and repetitive patterns are both traits of ASD, Anon.


Yes, can confirm.
He’s that fixated on this place.


File: 1685152389601.png (49.14 KB, 388x224, ClipboardImage.png)



Jesus what a loser
That explains everything


I would say Autistic men are over represented on the far right. I’d go as far to guess that they make up 20% or so.

Though that’s just a guess. And I think the far right as a whole is anti social, and so autistic traits will exist even in non-autistic individuals.
>t. Autist

I’m the 5% in business.


What's the future of this country? I don't see any good outcomes, both parties are as far right as they come. Dems cloak themselves in idpol to get votes because they have nothing to offer otherwise. Even socdem reformists like Bernie are too radical for them. Republicans are wacky theocrats that shill for fossil fuel oligarchs and openly hate unions.


>Catholic CPUSA anon is autistic
new lore just dropped

also whats your special interest/s


The Minnesota Dems are more or less implementing the Bernie agenda this session, with a one vote majority in both chambers lel


>the bernie agenda

so they're bombing yugoslavia and invading afghanistan?


File: 1685155908400.webm (12.56 MB, 720x720, American_fascism.webm)

>What's the future of this country?
Hyperinflation. Hegemonic decline. Lashing out at the rest of the world for not falling in line.


I think he means domestic agenda


so raising the corporate tax rate to the radical high of… what it was under jimmy carter?


need to get those compsci numbers up sisters


File: 1685158333034.jpg (86.71 KB, 800x600, 1684275784051411.jpg)

>Safe Horny
>All the conservative boycotts that seem to be successful
>Redscarepod reddit still going strong
>Debt ceiling and the failure of the social democrats in the west
Are we going to live in ultra reaction?(One post spam IP)




Huh, could’ve sworn I mentioned it before. But anyways: yes I’m autistic. Got diagnosed with Aspergers when it was still a separate category. My family thought it was embarrassing/didn’t know how to break it to me so they just didn’t, for years. When I eventually found out I did some desperately needed self-care to try and pass as Neurotypical. Or at least be less openly autist.

That aside my most enduring interests are writing and TTRPGs. Also politics and some philosophy


>All the conservative boycotts that seem to be successful
the /pol/uyghurs don't even believe this


>Are we going to live in ultra reaction?
Always were, fam. It only went downhill after the Paris Commune was crushed.


File: 1685163969981-0.png (246.77 KB, 542x617, trump jail.png)

File: 1685163969981-1.png (59.2 KB, 1373x833, tard jail.png)

the walls are closing in.

I mean, they really are this time.


Can you imagine if he's in tard jail and on the ballot at the same time. I'd almost be tempted to vote for the slimeball.


This is cool. Something to get involved in later in June:


>Join us for a protest at the White House on June 25 to demand Biden take Cuba off the List of “State Sponsors of Terrorism”! End US Economic Terror Toward Cuba! End US Imperialism and Global Terror!!

>The June 25 protest will be the culmination of a week of activities across the country, and will take place on the last weekend of the month. For over 2 years, many Cuba solidarity groups in the US and Canada have held car caravans or pickets at the end of the month, against the US blockade of Cuba, inspired by the Cuban-American led Bridges of Love/Puentes de Amor movement.

>We are inviting supporters who can to come and join us in Washington, especially from cities close by, AND we are calling for local protests and activities across the country in support of the DC action. We want your voice included! Will you join us on June 25 in DC and/or in your local community?



Stinger missiles cost 25k in 1991, which would be 55k now, yet they now cost 400k lmao


Really? This and the Jan6 sentences coming out and all the spectacle about saving democracy, and DeSantis being a black hole of cringe when he talks and a saturday morning cartoon villain when he governs, that makes Trump seem positively charismatic and eloquent by comparison…

IDK vibes like it's a set up to rehabilitate him as an outsider.


>a black hole of cringe
You mean a white hole of cringe? Since he emits i cringe.

Anyway, I think Dark Brandon pretty much has a choice of which one to run against. Unless he's arrested, The Donut has it in the bag. So this should boil down to which of the two the DNC thinks they stand a better chance against.


Wow the whole gang is all here!


*asshole of cringe


Sometimes I regret not voting for Trump. I didn’t because he of the crackdowns on the Floyd rioters. I was rooting for the rioters. At any rate, watching Dark Brandon pump trillions into a proxy war, making the working class sport the bill by negotiating austerity cuts, and nonchalantly throwing his full enthusiastic democratic support behind shit like the Federal Reserve trying to lower wages and cause layoffs… Well, honestly, it makes Trump look like Eugene V Debs in comparison. Biden even promised to be a one term President meant to #StopTrump in order to pull in the Bernie bros, and as an excuse to push through incredibly unpopular shit. I used to want to banish Trump to a chaos hell void of pain, and now I miss his comparatively “””good””” leadership.


I wonder if the bourgeoisie faction that supported Hillary felt like they got screwed when she lost, and are trying to make up for lost time by having Joe Biden push through two terms worth of ineffective liberal Hillary bullshit in one term.


this is supposed to be 2 terms worth of reforms?
what the fuck do they even do with 1 term, actively dilate time so that they can do even less things per second?


>user with the accelerationist icon upset that Biden is actively ruining things more than Trump


It's almost like 'accelerationists' are just right wingers



It’s an icon. Also, Biden is probably not as much of an accelerationist as Trump. I’ve not seen nearly the same amount of unrest and factional infighting. Most of the factions are haply with Biden, the wine moms are campaigning for him, the demsocs are CIAing more than ever, and people are as disinterested in politics as ever.

Try not to get so butthurt over someone that prefers one shitty politicians smell to another shitty politicians smell. There’s different types of rancid smells, and everyone has different nausea points. If you prefer Biden more that’s fine. If you hate them both equally I get it, and you really don’t need to go on a long rant about how preferring one over the other is an anti-communust thought crime. I prefer Trump to Biden, hands down, and would prefer capitalism ended over either. Seriously dude… the whole Kommie Kid Klub elite act gets old, is rather glowie-esque, and demonstrates a profound lack of social etiquette. You need to address that.


Reform? No this is two terms of Hillary in one term of Biden. WTF do you think Hillary was a reformist? Is fucking #shareblue astroturfing here or something? What do you think would have been accomplished in two terms of Hillary? Reform? Jesus Christ.


>types paragraphs claiming how not mad he is
Methinks the lady doth protest too much.


It is the true horseshoe theory.


Biden is trotsky. Stalin is trump.


File: 1685188754939.jpg (76.34 KB, 1080x1080, 1685152313610779.jpg)



I feel the same way you do minus the regret about voting. In 2016 it really did seem like Trump was making this reactionary country even more reactionary. But now I know it was just derangement syndrome. The ICE camps and prisons and drone strikes and police brutality and hyperinflation and so on is only going to get worse. Unsalvageable country no matter who you elect.


I have a small penis


>top image
>waist thinner than neck

is that even biologically possible

(yes I know it's a cartoon mermaid, but still)


Hello Stavros.


File: 1685201907163.gif (415.41 KB, 480x238, 1650250350060.gif)

Oh no, they made an animated children's movie with real people and now it looks like shit compared to the original how will grown men be able to masturbate to this now…



I read somewhere that going to Cuba is like Hajj for American communists


Trump calling DeSantis "Rob" is to me possibly the funniest thing he's ever done


>I’m the 5% in business.
it will be funny when you get into business plan design and you realize that salaries hit hard in your plans.
and when you look into why that shaped u.s. foreign policy, it will funnier x2.


>Redscarepod reddit
is full of people who shit on the podcast and it's hosts nonstop


weird that there are 0 marxist physicists considering physics departments used to have a ton of marxists in the early 20th century (ex: Einstein, Oppenheimer).


how the fuck does thingnoticer have so many IP addresses though….


My guess is a dynamic vpn or multiple vpns that have unique locations


the chinlets and their thoughts, kek. they are the first to pledge empathy when the rope comes around their necks.


I knew about Einstein. I am curious on Oppenheimer.
>weird that there are 0 marxist physicists considering physics departments used to have a ton of marxists in the early 20th
that tells you the efficiency of cointelpro, mcvarthyism, and equivalent policies.


File: 1685226351894.png (35.04 KB, 433x347, ClipboardImage.png)

>The U.S. government is frustrated that Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is prioritizing social spending for the benefit of his people over addressing matters that are important to the U.S., according to an excerpt of a leaked top-secret intelligence document. Part of a cache of classified intelligence records that were leaked on the platform fbi.gov earlier this year, the document highlights the growing discontent by U.S. officials toward Mexico’s president, who has significantly limited U.S. law enforcement agencies’ role in the war on drugs, as fentanyl trafficked by Mexican criminal groups has worsened the overdose crisis in the U.S. and violence in Mexico.

>“President Lopez Obrador’s federal budget for 2023 gives priority to social spending and signature infrastructure projects, rather than the investments needed to address bilateral issues with the US such as migration, security, and trade,” reads the document from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. “Lopez Obrador’s meager investment in migration, security, and trade-related organizations will probably undermine Mexico’s ability to follow through on commitments to stem the flow of irregular migrants and fentanyl to the US and boost economic competitiveness in North America.”

>López Obrador’s 2023 federal budget, presented to the Mexican Congress last fall, does increase funding for social programs, including a significant raise for the pension provided to older Mexicans. It also prioritizes large infrastructure projects, which are mostly concentrated in southern states of the country.

>“The crisis of fentanyl is due to the negligence of pharmaceuticals in the U.S.,” said Carlos Pérez Ricart, a professor at the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics in Mexico City. “I don’t know what [the Director of National Intelligence] thinks the alternative is. Do they expect us to end our social spending and infrastructure policy to tend to a problem that belongs to the U.S.?”

>…The Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Drug Enforcement Administration did not respond to requests for comment. Neither did López Obrador’s spokesperson.

>During his tenure, López Obrador has done away with much of the security collaboration between the U.S. and Mexico — a decadeslong relationship that ramped up in the mid-2000s — by placing stringent limits on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and other U.S. law enforcement agencies operating in Mexico.



how do you know there's 0 marxist physicists? there are only like a couple of really famous physicists living today (not just 'science communicators')

I've seen a lot more shilling against Obrador on reddit lately


>how do you know there's 0 marxist physicists? there are only like a couple of really famous physicists living today
I didn't do the claim. but here: >>1479439 (source?).
in any case, you don't hear them talk about Marxism? did hawkins mention Marx? has deGrasse Tyson ever mentioned Marx? michiu kaku? Bill Nye?
no, they haven't.



none of the others are actually noteworthy scientists


are they? I would swear many of them have worked in key government positions in investigation fields.


it was a national representive………2006 survey :)


in other words the survey is old and two due to it being a survey, I wouldnt be suprised a lot of proffesors hid their views.


Memorial Day is coming up. While I’ll be working during it, I might post a few factoids about leftist veterans for it. Anyone interested?


Drug addiction and sheer mental unwellness is so out of control in this country. I was at a pro-labor demonstration and an insane woman came up and aggressively began screaming in our faces and spitting and I could hardly understand it, Obama had got her son addicted to crack I think, as if we were the government or something or some kinda authority figures. I was worried she might actually become violent.

This has happened several times. And the thing is, it's always white people that do this. I can see the line from Marx about the lumpen being used for reactionary intrigues, but she tried to bust up a labor thing on her own initiative. There are a lot of black folks around here and they don't act that way. One young black guy shouted "I don't know what y'all are about but I support it!"


I mean the number of right wingers who straight up believe that Qanon type conspiracies are real is higher than it's ever been, it's an abject escape from reality, it's no wonder they act crazy.


The Intercept isn't what it was years ago so its good to double check sourcing and content, but assuming that the leaks and how they are reporting on them is accurate, there are some issues

Though there's no reason that Mexico should cut all their social spending or just rubber stamp anything that the US wants war on drugs style , there are legitimate concerns of bilateral relation and "what are you planning to do about these issues?" is a reasonable thing to ask a neighboring country. Likewise the quote that "crisis of fentanyl is due to negligence of pharmaceuticals in the US" just isn't true. The influx starting the "crisis" was the adulteration of illicit drugs such as heroin with the much more potent fentanyl leading to overdose, often fabricated in China and moved by varying drug cartels including those with role or basis in Mexico, so its not a US only problem or one that Mexico has no role regarding. If Mexico has some other solution (ie legalization, paying the cartels temporarily to buy all their supply for legal uses etc) that would be one thing, but simply saying its not Mexico's problem isn't a good solution .

I think it comes down to location and other elements of chance. There are certain places where the mentally ill where people are "scared they're turn violent" are mostly non-white; perhaps often the majority.

I'm guessing if it was a black person who instead came up and screamed at you and looked a moment from snapping you probably wouldn't talk about lumpen this or danger that and instead focus on whatever social problems they experienced to put them in that place, right? I wouldn't treat a white person any different or say they're its some sort of reactionary thing, but rather just a person who's very mentally ill that you ran into and wasn't thinking clearly or understanding your protest.


For all their flaws such as their ugly artstyle, western cartoons often had moral lessons for children, such as being compassionate, dealing with traumatic events in a healthy way, sacrifice, being righteous and upright, et cetera. It shouldnt really surprise anyone that you turned out the way you did when it comes to your worldview.


In that situation, I would laugh uncontrollably.


>Pleasantly surprised.
they're lying. the highest thing on that list is great replacement theory. so that's really where their brains are.


File: 1685234163810.png (485.6 KB, 769x1038, ClipboardImage.png)

they simply lie about the stuff on top while telling the truth about the stuff on the bottom


Explains why the western “left” is so useless.


"Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
It is funny Disney is laying ruin to the legacy of Disney. Even Nintendo is doing a better job selling nostalgia.


>I wouldn't treat a white person any different or say they're its some sort of reactionary thing, but rather just a person who's very mentally ill that you ran into and wasn't thinking clearly or understanding your protest.
Well, yeah, that's what it was. I suspect most people felt this person was just not in the right mind, and an older black woman said to another that "there's so much…" which I think was referring to there being so much social disintegration. Nobody flipped out and they deescalated her.


I think white people in general have some kind of inherent neuroticism in America. I don’t know what causes it. I’ve seen it in customers, I’ve seen it in my family, even myself by degrees. It’s just something I don’t see in other races, and it’s fucking weird.

Like I’ve had, I think, a Black Israelite come through my line and while his ideas were silly there was a kind of underlying joy and friendliness to it. With White people, there’s a tension there. Hostility. With some people it feels like they’re an instant from exploding into some incoherent ranting; I once congratulated a woman when she said she was moving and she went into a long tirade about vaccines and moving from our “liberal shithole” to Texas.

If I had to guess, it’s because for the privileges you gain as a white person in America, it comes at the cost of any sort of community, even the dregs of it. So people end up fermenting in their own ideas and treating those around them with paranoia and contempt.

Shit I’ve got a neighbor just down the way that’s tried to literally get us exiled from the neighborhood. It’s not even possible but she’s called the cops on us several times now and even the police said she comes across as unhinged. When that didn’t work, she tried writing our community council or whatever.

White people are fucking nuts.


Ok uyghur


White people arent all unstable. Take me for example, im pretty well adjusted and rational


I mean, I’m whiter than white bread myself. It’s just an observation.


From my observations, negros tend to be way more unstable than whites. This is due to poverty


>well adjusted
shay pls


I’ve yet to see a black person have a breakdown, tears included, over not getting a special discount for being a goodie good customer.


Yeeeah. No one here is normal, white, black or otherwise



you really had this bookmarked and ready to deploy


just type in insert race freakout youtube and you get videos of any race freaking out over the dumbest of shit


Here's a better one. I'm just saying that poorer people are more prone to fighting over French fries in mcdonalds, and those people tend to not be white


is this thing noticer


>From my observations, negros tend to be way more unstable than whites. This is due to poverty
I'm white too but I'm not sure about that, because they have lower expectations to begin with so they don't freak out as much as white people when something goes wrong. It could be something catastrophic like your life gets fucked up but I feel that white people handle that worse.

>I'm just saying that poorer people are more prone to fighting over French fries in mcdonalds
Those people don't really seem unstable though. Like pissed off yeah and throwing hands in a Savannah McDonald's cat fight, but I don't get "crazy" vibes from them. I'm talking about random and unpredictable freakouts. That seems more like an interpersonal dispute over some perceived disrespect.


The ruling class is very much freaked out right now about socialism. Recall the House of Representatives resolution to denounce the so-called "horrors of socialism," which was introduced by Republican congresswoman Maria Salazar.


>Also how the fuck are all these barely function addicts and geriatrics keeping power?
They quite literally have institutional backing. They can do whatever they want. They are not in power because they are competent, or because they represent the people truly, but because they are incompetent, because they represent the interests of the ruling class, and because they are ultimately useful idiots.

hahahahahahahhahahahahaha perhaps it is a fetish?

>new sales tax to fund bus and trains lines
most regressive form of taxation…



Roid rage?


I suspect general lumpen mental illness




I hate America

No one here goes to bars to meet new people anymore. People only go with friends and they are actively hostile towards anyone who wants to meet new people. Shit’s fucked for zommers.


Lots of good ideas. It will all go nowhere if they don’t embrace vangaurdism.


who the fuck even wants to go to a bar, sounds miserable.


Dark Brandon and Speaker McCarthy have agreed to a Bipartisan deal to raise the Debt Ceiling and avoid a devastating Default https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2023/05/27/politics/debt-limit-negotiations-latest/index.html , ✊😜! That coping and seething sound is from Ultra-Reactionary Crypto-Fascist MAGAtard Republicans, Eurasianists/Putinists/Nazbols/Vlasovites, and Revisionist/Tankie/Dengist Marcyite Campists BTFO, 😂🤣✊😜!


The call for $26 minimum wage is just lol. The mcdonalds workers were paid like 2 more an hour in 2020 and now the whole system is collapsing


I cant even imagine going to a bar. Imagine being surrounded by strangers while drunk and vulnerable. You're supposed to drink alone to avoid that shit. My favorite thing to do is get drunk by myself and blast music and play tf2 or talk to people online but my license expired last year so now i have to practice sobriety. Its pretty terrible.


It's hilarious how you have to work for food stamps. This is the ubi utopia


Hahahahahahaha TRUE
It is a very humanizing experience. I went to Cuba not too long ago and I have to say that it was very affirming for me, as a communist. Asamalumalaikam


>As part of the deal, the White House has also appeared to have made concessions to House Republican negotiators on work requirements for people receiving food stamps.
>The agreement reached on Saturday phases in food stamp time limits on people up to age 54 that will then sunset in 2030, while also exempting veterans and people who are homeless from these limits, according to this source. The current work requirement for the program, formally called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP, only applies to certain adults between the ages 18-49.
>The agreement does not make any changes to Medicaid and prevented certain changes to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program called for by Republicans, according to this person.
>A source with knowledge of the negotiations told CNN earlier Saturday that a provision to impose new work requirements for certain social safety net programs had remained a final sticking point. Republicans had been pushing the issue hard, saying beneficiaries of programs, such as food stamps, who do not have dependents should be forced to follow new rules. Democrats, however, had cast that idea as an attack on poor people.
They shouldve just defaulted instead.


wholesome victory ✊🏻😜


Food Stamps already have work requirements, that’s why they should be replaced with a UBI, ✊😜!


Every class wins 🏆.


According to Rolling Stone:
>Turning Point USA CEO Charlie Kirk keeps decrying the sexualization of kids, and railing against “groomers”. Turns out one of his benefactors/corporate sponsors is Shawn Bergstrand, a registered sex offender who served time in federal prison for “coercion and enticement” after trying to persuade a minor to “engage in sexual activity”.


read, you dingus: >>1480236
Now, go ✊🏻😜☝🏻your 💩🕳.


From last year but related:
>Former Trump Commerce Department official and Turning Point USA ex-employee sentenced to 5.5 years in prison for child pornography possession


Can it really be said to be ruining its legacy when normies are eating those shitty remakes up and asking for seconds?

Besides the anxiety that any ruling category feels (whether they actually rule or just mistakenly perceive themselves to be so), the American elites have always done a good job of drilling that spookery deep into white people's heads, they always were aware that the race division was central to their class domination. Although, in principle, capital doesn't require racism, it always was and still remains a core part of America.


>I think white people in general have some kind of inherent neuroticism in America. I don’t know what causes it.

Really? You have no idea what causes white people to be so weird? It wasn't 60 years ago that we didn't let black people drink from the same water fountain. We are sitting a top a mountain of dead indigenous and black slaves. Racial reconciliation has barely started to begin. How does a well meaning white lib or leftist reckon with living in the after math of basically a successful nazi regime? Then you got like 20% of the country with disappropriate electoral power trying to will a racist christo-fascist regime into existence. Then you got black and brown people adopting white supremacy blurring lines further. How do you navigate America's complicated and stupid history of racalsim as a white person? Shit makes me neurotic too that's why I married outside my race.


you know prince lear, i think its important that somebody tells you the first rule of being a communist; never celebrate american congressional bipartisanship ever


Yknow call me crazy but I don’t think the lady who drove the next county over to avoid a ten cent fee on bags or the white dude that insists I don’t scan his groceries because “the laser makes it taste bad” or the woman who huffs that I have to physically ask her credit or debit rather than letting her select the options on the screen in front of her are driven mad by race. In fact it’d surprise if they even consciously think of race at all.

Also someone mentioned poverty and mental illness, but it seems to me the most neurotic white people are middle class. Shit I had a woman get huffy about us charging for bags mention “In west lake village (bougie neighborhood) they don’t charge for bags!!!”


Women are just the worst in general imo, ghetto black women and white trailer trash women are some of the worst customers imaginable. Weirdly, if you see some creepy gangbanger dripped out in face tattoos, they're usually the chillest and easiest.


That's my bad I didn't read your whole post and was going off on my own thing. That 20% I mentioned is that middle class white lady trying to implement their racial consumer fascist regime. I work with an international company in a diverse city. There's days I could be the only white person in the office and most the calls I deal with are from former service workers trying to break into remote work. Poor/downward whites, and mostly black and Mexican women. It's ironic that lady wants to move to texas cause that's where I am. Terrible place to do white flight too. In less she plans to move to the desolate waste of west texas or one of the dying small towns in East Texas she's going to run into more races than she's ever seen. I think most Americans are more neurotic than ever but I'm prolly a product of my environment. I've had plenty of users with thar were black and brown that had a consumer fascist mentality.


File: 1685251707782.png (Spoiler Image, 1.86 MB, 1994x1634, ClipboardImage.png)

>Weirdly, if you see some creepy gangbanger dripped out in face tattoos, they're usually the chillest and easiest.


>this is what chinlets believe.


I know this is stupid to bring up but this image highlights how fake and scrappy American culture actually is. None of it is really about Christianity, or work, or even about profits, just a bunch of cunts fucking each other over for their own benefits even if they turn out to be awful people


how spooky is this image scale of 0-10? 🤔




At the end of the day, peckerwoods still buy their meth from the cartels :^)


> tfw no default for my wishlist to accompany dedollarization and Bakhmut

Chances of a simultaneous blow like that in the future? I need Total Dollar Death.


it's not spooky, it's just schizo. it's 3 chvdjaks of different races and they're all tatted up with supremacist tattoos and outside there's a soyjak wearing a rainbow flag shirt that says trust the science


yeah that's why those 3 guys are meeting


>my license expired last year so now i have to practice sobriety.
in my state if you just go in and renew your license at the DMV before it expires, you don't have to retake the test.


File: 1685261401551.png (819.72 KB, 900x563, BRICS.png)

>Total Dollar Death.
Kill dollars. Behead dollars. Roundhouse kick a dollar into the concrete. Slam dunk a dollar baby into the trashcan. Crucify filthy greenbacks. Defecate in a dollars food. Launch dollars into the sun. Stir fry dollars in a wok. Toss dollars into active volcanoes. Urinate into a dollars gas tank. Judo throw dollars into a wood chipper. Twist dollars heads off. Report dollars to the IRS. Karate chop dollars in half. Curb stomp pregnant black dollars. Trap dollars in quicksand. Crush dollars in the trash compactor. Liquefy dollars in a vat of acid. Eat dollars. Dissect dollars. Exterminate dollars in the gas chamber. Stomp dollar skulls with steel toed boots. Cremate dollars in the oven. Lobotomize dollars. Mandatory abortions for dollars. Grind dollar fetuses in the garbage disposal. Drown dollars in fried chicken grease. Vaporize dollars with a ray gun. Kick old dollars down the stairs. Feed dollars to alligators. Slice dollars with a katana.


My neck is 14 inches and waist is 23, so maybe if I do neck exercises I could someday


File: 1685265263265.png (Spoiler Image, 973.01 KB, 1024x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

BERNIE LEAKED PHOTO((spoiler nsfw images))


>unplug router


ai? also spoiler retard
also checked



>from my observations
pol is not real life


You think "white people" are "weird" because water fountains were segregated 60 years ago? Do you realize how idealistic you sound?


hold on a moment ubi…….. meanwhile that liberal schizo in the ukraine war who acted suspiciously like lear talked about ubi


File: 1685269963399.png (703.65 KB, 680x776, ClipboardImage.png)

no its real


>10 seconds in


loterally who
also nice meme sis



The race extremists, coming to a cinema near you


Yet another BANGER from King Lear ✊😜!


>Shit I’ve got a neighbor just down the way that’s tried to literally get us exiled from the neighborhood.
Aren’t you white? Why do they want you out?


the jo jo walking towards battle meme but for racists


why doesn't the chinese girl look even a little bit chinese


bro you are describing arrogant individualistic smugtard self-entitlement.
in ISG one goes, see a woman "grounding" their bed. because "it is therapeutic" of some sort. and goes, puts aluminum foils on the cover sheet, ties cables, the cables go outside through the windows to an earthed metal bar. why?
because some morons posted this study https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4378297/ with no placebo-controlled group to contrast the "findings" and all of a sudden everyone in amazon, ebay, etc. decided to make a buck or two selling garbage "based on a study".

it's not neuroticism, it's plainly the idiosyncrasy of the american culture. since the beginning of time.
take an example of the past.
In the 19th century, Asians populated the california strip, mainly Chinese because the Chinese dynasty Qing was falling apart.
by that time, gold fever was running wild in california. and what was the average amarican doing? they worked to make themselves rich, spending all the gold at once, and when the price collapsed for that overspending, they were making themselves poor.
what was the Chinese doing? they worked for fewer dollars per hour (exploitation of the mine owners), almost from 2 to 4 times less, earned less, but spending much less and saved for hardships.
While the fucking americans were poor during the devaluation of gold for overselling of gold, the Chinese were doing just fine keeping their savings. oh, the jealousy. the chinletman thinking.
what did the americans do? not only forced laws to impose miners to have tariffs to force the Chinese to be paid exactly the same, 2 to 4 times less, but making the mine owners cost them exactly the same as hiring an american or a Chinese (in some counties it was more expensive to hire a Chinese), they fucking lynched the Chinese, burned their houses, stole their possessions and force mass deportations on the Chinese.
that's the fucking american culture. not some neuroticism.

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Same reason anime girls dont look japanese unless youre japanese


I dont think anime characters are meant to look asian. They're anime race. Basically the idolized roman statue version of azn


File: 1685312486673.png (787.77 KB, 1680x1325, dems.png)

how come every conversation about biden on twitter recently is just this


Because democrats are buck-broken cultists just like their GOP counterparts, dems are just less loud about it.




Voosh moment


Boondocks uygha moment shit


According to google, Dallas is the most cyberpunk city in America. Is this true?


in the literal sense of having minimal government intervention that's probably true


It’s Burgerpunk not cyberpunk


Idk. I'd say Los Angeles, because that's what happens to cities when they develop capitalistically.


commiefornia has a relatively strong government apparatus though (for america)


Dallas will too when it develops


Well I dunno, maybe if Texas flips blue but right now they're ideologically opposed to such things


someone post the burgerpunk webm


lol, typical


When contradictions amplify they will have to control that shit. The problems in Dallas are already pretty bad.

LA had less tax and regulatory economic policy relative to eastern coastal cities before it developed, like Dallas today.


Compare new York to LA in 1850 etc


so many dumb decisions on both sides there


Well that's assuming Dallas has another 150 years of Americana to develop in, more likely it will become part of some corporate-state where the big companies manage their own working/living zones only and leave everything else to manage itself.


My little brother plays music. His band is decently popular. But the latest just across the way from us is fucking neurotic as all get out; she tried calling the cops when his band was practicing at 1:00 in the afternoon (“MY KIDS ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!!!”) when that didn’t work they’d just yell outside of the gate by our backyard. There’s been a few times where I’ll see them walking the sidewalk across from our house and unprompted they’ll flip our house off. As far as I know they were literally just flipping off the house, they weren’t looking through the window or anything, or even looking at any of us, they just hate us that much.

Now I keep saying “they” because the matriarch of the house kind of passed her weird neuroses onto her kid. Their son dumped a homeless person’s shopping cart on our front yard and called my mom a cunt when she asked him to move it. My dad knocked on their door, told the mom that her son called his wife a cunt, and she just smirked: “He doesn’t owe you an apology.” My dad gave up, went home, and something like half an hour we get a knock at the door, it’s a couple officers from our local LAPD division asking to speak to my dad; apparently the lady called the cops and said he tried trespassing on her property and threatening her. As much of a prick as my old man can be, I knew it was bullshit. They heard his side of the story, asked us all some questions, and told us that in their opinion the lady seemed to be a bit manic and that we should just get a restraining order (and also not to turn this into a feud where we keep calling the cops on each other)

A few months after that we get another knock at the door, it’s the daughter of that lady. She’s pounding on the door as loud as she can, it’s the middle of the afternoon, my mom and I both open it; first thing out of this bitch’s mouth is “I know you hate us, but why did you egg my car?!”

What followed was an incoherent exchange where my poor mom is trying to figure out what this girl is talking about, she never drops the accusation.
>”We didn’t egg your car.”
>”Cool. Call the cops then.”
At this point she changed tactics, because my mom pointed out that if anything they’re the ones that were overly hostile to us. Her brother dropping garbage on our front yard and all.
>”What are you talking about? Are you crazy.”
(Note, I’m not making this up, she really said this)
My mom explains that we actually talk to all our neighbors before my little brother practices to make sure we’re not causing a disruption. The girl stutters for a moment and says they just tell us that because they’re afraid of us.

If anyone knows my family, they’ll know how ridiculous that statement is. Especially applied to my mom. It’s like saying everyone is afraid of Ned Flanders.

Anyways I tell her to go fuck herself and call the cops if she wants. We go back inside and I think that settles that.

Five minutes later everyone is running out of their houses because this girl is screaming bloody murder, like it legit sounded like someone was getting stabbed.


I come outside, and I see the crazy girl again and her mom, along with a few of our neighbors. She’s screaming obscenities because in the five minutes since she confronted us on our front door, someone supposedly egged her car again. The mom is out there pointing at our house, saying we did it to all our neighbors.

Before anyone asks; this was prior to COVID. These people were always fucking kooks. But thankfully we haven’t had to deal with them since then.


Geez. Not even the Red Guards would resort to those measures, and trust me I know


Babylon makes fools of us all


That sounds like the plot of the dusty old bones episode of king of the hill. Are you sure youre not from arlen, texas?


imma be honest, a couple years ago i would have shrugged it off, but i feel like there are some actual civil war conditions starting. The southern states (and some of the bumfuck nowhere states up north that tbh don't matter) are just splintering off into deranged fash shit so rapidly it's kinda scary


absolutely based, the acceleration anons were right all along


>imma be honest, a couple years ago i would have shrugged it off, but i feel like there are some actual civil war conditions starting.
It already started back in 2020; it was merely taking a break.


>white people in general have some kind of inherent neuroticism in America
(insert bit about neurotic Israeli settler colonialists)
>moving from our “liberal shithole” to Texas.
cringe Ted Cruz freaks are ruining Texas, build a wall on the other side too


File: 1685329579401.jpg (39.71 KB, 680x848, 1451574613849.jpg)

>Increased far-right nonsense is "absolutely based"


Anons my politics are starting to base around vengeance and revenge. What do I mean well I just kinda wanna see Americans get it. I don't want to convince them anymore, I just wanna reveal in them getting what thier hubris brought them. The country is so reactionary my mood is suffer for it. I know full well millions of Americans are like us more then we'd all likely consider yet here I am. I don't even care if I suffer fascism anymore, I just want the leopard to eat their face. It's a insane cope I'm concocting we're at the very least they'll "pay". Set me right anons!


I'm more or less in the same boat. It's succumbing to nihilism and self-detruction and the death drive etc etc etc chris hedges. But I'm not sure there's even really many options tbh.


Karens are a fucking psychotic breed of people. According to her next-door neighbors, she's always been like this. Apparently, a kid across the street used to play trumpet, practicing for some school marching band, and she screamed at him until he was on the verge of tears. She's threatened to file a noise complaint a few times, but since my brother's band practices in the middle of the day it's just idle threats.

I loved King of The Hill when I was a younger; but I assure you this is real.

A little difference, though, is that in the episode in question, it was one shitty white kid and his permissive parents. The lady we live close to is just an insane bitch, and her daughter, unfortunately, inherited her worst behavior (the son later apologized, and we think he left a toxic family situation). It wasn't that she was passive to her shitty kids' harassment, she tried to implant that in them.

It's a goddamn shame what happened to those kids. I hope they manage to heal.

Something I'm kind of conceptualizing is the idea that America, as a whole, isn't really a "Nation". It's a state, sure. Within that state there are nations, of course. But "American" is a nation that possibly hasn't been born yet, at least among the White settlers.

A chunk of White American Identity is wrapped up in the frontier. It's in individuals going out West to make their own fortune. Whereas our counterparts in Europe have wars and struggles and the weight of history to create a collective national identity, White Americans really don't have that much.

/pol/ wants to return to some racial caste form of collectivity, which was the closest equivalent we have to "Nationalism" compared to our Euro counterparts. Something I'm considering is the opposite; a kind of "New Nationalism" that eliminates the "Settler" conception of White Americans. Perhaps focused more on breaking free from the ties of our old European roots and melding into collective culture; a culture of the world. Turn our Homeland into a Motherland of sorts.


In the end this defeatism will only serve to empower the people who are destroying our world. We must struggle and fight for a better tomorrow, however hard it may be.


That's true but let's be honest what will wake these people up? The material conditions will and these people are complete and utter cucks. I have no doubt the entire country will have to look like sieged Berlin on steroids for years in that state, before anyone in this god forsaken place begins to even questions for a moment. We all know this country is every bit capable of outdoing the Nazis in horrors. I believe the American people are magnitudes more depraved then the people of Weimar republic… Look I think we need to realize it's not barbarism or Socialism. I think it's more likely it's a prolonged barbarism that leads to an inevitable Socialism. It's not a mutually exclusive thing to me. I believe the superstructure is more powerful then the base right now that is and it will take the horrors of sustained barbarism to remind everyone of the dominance of the base. I ensure I am here to fight no matter the odds but that's the pessimism of mind for you.


American "democracy" will end 2024. Jan 6th was the practice run. I suspect mass state force utilisation to keep cities in line after 2020 level but worse unrest hits. Will have our first troubles like shoot outs between antifa… And the proud boys… Mass political imprisonments and persecution by mid 2025. Actively in WW3 by 2026-27!


watching america collapse into itself due to civil war is based anon.
let the great satan die


here's hoping this kills these awful live action remakes like the new trilogy killed the biyearly Star Wars releases


the main force thats destroying this world is the usa and the global economic system that it uphelds. The only way for the world to get better is if the usa collapses and brings down that system with it. And the only way american proles will realize the problems of the system is if they see the system utterly collapsing in front of their eyes (like what happened in russia and china)


You guys are too pessimistic. Calling it barbarism is biased and comes from a position of comfortable lethargy. Sure our quality of life and standard of living will be worse, but for many americans it cannot get any worse. What i mean is that, objectively the material conditions will backslide slightly as america goes from being the richest financial parasite on earth to being only a moderately wealthy regional power, but since so many of us are deprived of anything good, including even the meaning of being alive itself, the people who will suffer the most are the top 50% of americans who can afford to live in happy little cities or communities that have "third places" and plenty of fun commodities to consume. Basically the soy funko pop consumers will have it bad, the rich haute bourgeois baby blood drinkers will have it bad (but not the worst, theyll just move somewhere else, losing their position on top of global society and only being moderately powerful elsewhere) and the petit/petty bourgeoisie will have it the absolute worst while fentanylchad lumpens will feel nothing and die as they already do, nothing changed, until the government either collapses or is forced into doing basic industrialist policies to crack down on financial parasitism and rebuild american communities and industry to stave off collapse. It already is trying and failing to do this but thats because the finance parasites are unaccepting of any deviation from the norm. Basically the future is awesome and the hunger pains will be worth it to see rich people suffer


Wow that's awful

Though to be fair maybe that's what kids today like? I don't know


File: 1685335333256.png (116.78 KB, 456x342, 1684685226982.png)


You seem to think will go into a 2008 again or something. I'm talking mass imprisonment, martial law, legitimate fascist dictatorship, paramilitary warfare. I'm talking millions on if not tens of millions homeless and dozens of millions jobless. We may not just go a little hungry we could starve to death. If the timeline isn't 2024 surely by the time 2030 come around the conditions will be set up. Idk I'm just of the mind to prepare for the worse.


should i buy a gun in case society breaks down anon???


It can't hurt, unless you think you might do something stupid with it


any lefty should own one for defense and political reasons


Well yeah fascist dictatorship certainly is possible. However a milleyist dictatorship is also possible, or a yeltsin figure who dissolves the union.


As material conditions worsen, everyone's interests are thrown up in the air, and everyone is increasingly frenzied, leading to increased social and political confusion, which can only serve to exacerbate the situation, and to deepen the crisis. The new situation with greater clarity the need for revolution but with increased unconfusion the correct means. Alliances are made with the sense that they might have to be abandoned, or we might have to break, or re-ignite. The need to be well-organized is the most clear demand. By being the advanced section of the working class, the vanguard party demonstrates in times of crisis that it has the leadership necessary to wade through the crisis, but this must also mean the vanguard party constantly struggling along side the people, even when there is no great rupture in the current moment, and to provide context for every struggle and how they are connected.



that question can't be given a good answer without knowing what your most likely use-case is for it. if it werr for self-defense at close range i.e. inside your home, a shotgun would be more apt for instance


Rifle is the best all rounder. The right ammo can pierce any body armor and shoot through a lot of indoor walls (!!!). Be aware that an assailant could gun you down through drywall if they know you’re there
Shotgun is best indoors. Vs body armor, knocking them down won’t be enough in a self defense situation


File: 1685344397166.png (16.78 KB, 635x276, FxAtlThWwAE2oMu.png)

Does anyone have any hot takes regarding the FDA's seemingly baffling greenlighting Neuralink's human trials? As far as I can tell, Neuralink's research, much like SpaceX, consists of trying to reinvent decades worth of research which has alredy been done but never marketed and largely failing at it. With the addition that the shitloads of monkeys which Neuralink killed are remarkably more disturbing than SpaceX's rapid unscheduled disassemblies.


>can't afford the dental care I desperately need
>Can't afford the ADHD medication I need
>Can't afford the treatment I need for my lungs that are constantly filled in excessive mucus
>Can't afford to get a new car after mine broke down
>Can't find a new job after I lost mine
>Spend all day looking at indeed often
>Restless tension can't never rest sleep schedule all over the place
>Been suicidal and manic often experience psychosis just have to brush it off
>Live with parent they need my income to help
>They drive a shit car won't be able to replace it if it goes down
>Spent all my time after highschool couch surfing, now I no longer have the options for that
<It's just a matter of time


I agree. Society fails when you pay workers more.


that and get into combat sports.


There is no BRICS because of the I. The U.S. and India have already decided to form a mutual anti-Chinese alliance that will last the next century. The Unitned States is quite eager to cultivate a deeply aligned reactionary fascism in the global south to kill Chinese. This is the new Cold War, after all. The Indians, for their part, see the relationship on nearly identical terms.


File: 1685356841808.webm (13.84 MB, 1280x720, dragonballxi.webm)

>There is no BRICS because of the I. The U.S. and India have already decided to form a mutual anti-Chinese alliance that will last the next century.


the ruling classes who make reform impossible make revolution inevitable.


It will make $900 million because Disney adults


File: 1685357973496.webm (12.56 MB, 720x720, American_fascism.webm)

>the people who will suffer the most are the top 50% of americans who can afford to live in happy little cities or communities that have "third places" and plenty of fun commodities to consume.
homie. my 10 years of savings i saved up so i can eventually get me and my fam out of this place are going to hyperinflate into dust. people will soon be unable to afford food. they'll start picking scapegoats (such as yourself, a trans woman), and blaming them for societal collapse.

it's bleak. there's a reason so many of us are pessimistic. The rich will experience a decline in their quality of life too, but it will just represent a decreased spending power in their already massive hordes.


This isn't a crackkker thing or a uyghur thing. This phenomenon of psychotism is a direct byproduct of neoliberal capitalism and the individualism it promotes that separate the individual from the community he lives in.
Of course you're going to be a psychotic retard if you live under capitalism because you're just an atomized individual without any social or material support network vacillating from crisis to crisis. It pressures you into a state of siege mentality where you think that everyone is out against you, that civilization is going to fall and hordes of aids infested mestizo aztec rapists are going to invade Texas and that your local postmaster is actually a FBI agent


Class struggle intensifies
>Cleanse the enemies of the bourgeoisie
Class struggle intensifies
>Cleanse the enemies of the bourgeoisie
Class struggle intensifies
>Cleanse the enemies of the bourgeoisie
All before the proletariat have a chance to fight back <- remember this for the rest of what I'm saying

They'll repeat this process till the Proletariat/Bourgeoisie are no more! Eliminating yet another base of prole's for each sector they push to class struggle. We'll return to a pre-capitalist economic arrangement. Will see mass slavery in some sorta stone/bronze age conditions by the 22nd century. Their won't be the conditions for capitalism let alone socialism at that point we are gonna regress big time. It's them or extinction to these bourgeois pigs. Billions of deaths is a statistics to the bourgeoisie, to play at that fake Stalin quote. Maybe I'm wrong but I'm not in the business of doubting capitalism's abilities anymore.


The Senate hasn't decided on defence cuts, so such a 'deal' is immaterial despite the press making white noises.


Right wingers are actually trying to retcon Q now and there's a schism. You got Q literalist who are still waiting for the storm and then you got the Q "it was all a psyop but a good psyop to awaken the people".

I think there's a strong contingent in the ruling class that's desperate for the next technological leap. They want another IPhone to paper over America's vastly inefficient, de-industrial economy.


It will make money because Americans have shit taste disease. Even Disney nostalgia is better served by just sticking with the 20th century Disney works.


>not a paypig

well at least he has standards


Everyone involved with this research should literally be put to death, I'm even a libsoc usually but come on


File: 1685374603901.jpg (59.23 KB, 750x1000, terror.jpg)

Hold onto that anger. Never forget the torment they've put us through, never forget the mockery and humiliation the chinlets subjected us to, never forget the pain they've inflicted upon the less fortunate in life. Take your despair and pain and turn it against your tormentors when the pin drops and the mask of society crumbles away for good.



>>The debt ceiling agreement announced Saturday night by President Joe Biden and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is the outcome of a bipartisan conspiracy, using a manufactured crisis to intensify the assault on social programs and make the working class pay for the war against Russia and war preparations against China.

>>After nearly three weeks of closed-door talks, Biden and McCarthy hailed an “agreement in principle” that is supposedly the necessary response to the danger of a “catastrophic” default on the national debt that would otherwise take place on June 5.

>>The entire crisis over an imminent debt default has a contrived and stage-managed character. This is underscored by the fact that over the past week, the US stock market has registered gains, with the Dow, the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 rising sharply on Friday, the price of gold falling, and the US dollar index registering its third straight weekly advance.

>>The terms of the debt limit deal as outlined by the media completely confirm the analysis presented by the World Socialist Web Site. We wrote on May 16 that “the two big business parties are conspiring to impose a multi-year cap on non-military discretionary spending that will deprive millions of people of health coverage, food assistance, rent support and other necessities.”

>>The agreement freezes discretionary spending for fiscal year 2024 at current 2023 levels and caps any increase for FY 2025 at 1 percent. It exempts spending for the military and veterans’ benefits. It affirms the 3 percent increase in arms spending proposed by Biden in March as part of a record military budget that will likely surpass $1 trillion, when tens of billions in outlays for the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine are included. On May 21, speaking after the G7 summit in Hiroshima at which he announced another $375 million in military aid to Kiev, Biden said his budget proposals in the debt talks would cut non-military discretionary spending by $1 trillion over the next decade.

>>Since the military is excluded from the spending caps, the impact on social programs will be heightened. Adjusted for inflation, the deal will mean a de facto cut to pre-2023 levels, one of the key demands of the Republicans.

>>The agreement claws back billions of dollars in unspent COVID relief funds, terminating aid to desperately underfunded education, health care, public transit, nutrition, housing and other social programs.

>>It shortens the review process for new drilling and energy projects, a boon to the fossil fuel industry.

>>It imposes new work requirements on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamp) recipients as well as those receiving Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (welfare) benefits. These cuts are deliberately cruel punishments targeting the poor and unemployed. They are nothing new for Biden, who voted for work requirements in the 1996 Clinton administration bill that abolished welfare as a federal entitlement program.

>>It is estimated that millions of people will lose their benefits as a result of the new work requirements. This comes on top of devastating cuts to Medicaid, the federal-state health insurance program for the poor, and food stamps resulting from Biden’s lifting of the national COVID emergency over the past two months. Hundreds of thousands of low-income people have already lost their Medicaid coverage since the COVID-linked ban on states removing people from their Medicaid rolls ended on April 1. The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that up to 14 million people will eventually lose Medicaid coverage. These figures include millions of children.

>>Cuts in food stamp allotments resulting from the end of the official COVID emergency will impact more than 30 million people, according to the US Department of Agriculture. Describing the resulting “hunger cliff,” the Food Research & Action Center warned that people will on average lose $82 of SNAP benefits a month—this under conditions of double-digit food price inflation.

Oh no! NO! NO!1!! DemSoc bros, I'm concerned! Is Biden actually going to turn this around in his second term with the help of AOC?


“The works of the roots of the vines, of the trees, must be destroyed to keep up the price, and this is the saddest, bitterest thing of all. Carloads of oranges dumped on the ground. The people came for miles to take the fruit, but this could not be. How would they buy oranges at twenty cents a dozen if they could drive out and pick them up? And men with hoses squirt kerosene on the oranges, and they are angry at the crime, angry at the people who have come to take the fruit. A million people hungry, needing the fruit- and kerosene sprayed over the golden mountains. And the smell of rot fills the country. Burn coffee for fuel in the ships. Burn corn to keep warm, it makes a hot fire. Dump potatoes in the rivers and place guards along the banks to keep the hungry people from fishing them out. Slaughter the pigs and bury them, and let the putrescence drip down into the earth.

There is a crime here that goes beyond denunciation. There is a sorrow here that weeping cannot symbolize. There is a failure here that topples all our success. The fertile earth, the straight tree rows, the sturdy trunks, and the ripe fruit. And children dying of pellagra must die because a profit cannot be taken from an orange. And coroners must fill in the certificate- died of malnutrition- because the food must rot, must be forced to rot. The people come with nets to fish for potatoes in the river, and the guards hold them back; they come in rattling cars to get the dumped oranges, but the kerosene is sprayed. And they stand still and watch the potatoes float by, listen to the screaming pigs being killed in a ditch and covered with quick-lime, watch the mountains of oranges slop down to a putrefying ooze; and in the eyes of the people there is the failure; and in the eyes of the hungry there is a growing wrath. In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage.”


File: 1685377595548.png (2.3 MB, 2560x1440, ClipboardImage.png)

>a kind of "New Nationalism" that eliminates the "Settler" conception of White Americans. Perhaps focused more on breaking free from the ties of our old European roots and melding into collective culture; a culture of the world. Turn our Homeland into a Motherland of sorts.
Construct the New Usonia


File: 1685377831352.jpg (17.44 KB, 270x480, frame0.jpg)

Just stop being poor. Learn financial literacy. Save money. Learn skills and hustle


That’s such a retarded analogy. You can turn the color blue into red by mixing enough red into blue. As much as it would be hilarious to see a white genocide happen. The reasoning for it here is lowkey #retarded


I like that guy even though he constantly is like "get an uber eats job in addition to your regular job/college work". At the very least, cooking at home and keeping tabs on your expenses are solid advice for almost anyone who is a guest on his show.


half of that shit is bs to get you to spend money on healthcare porky


Florida is the best state
shame about its governor


i'd say the opposite, flarida itself isn't too great but doing a lot better under desantis


shame about the rising insurance premiums, skyrocketing cost of living, and focus on the culture war at the expense of day to day material matters.


>you got the Q "it was all a psyop but a good psyop to awaken the people".
Callaghan said that some of them literally dropped the 'Maybe the real Q were the friends we made along the way' line on him.


File: 1685385834891.jpg (44.52 KB, 402x402, fallen-heroes-salute.jpg)

Florida is America's ball-less penis with gusano warts on its tip and swamp pubes at its base. As America continues to age into an old overweight used up mire, Florida continues to shrink and wither away.


Florida is the Tsarist Russia of America. It will be the first state to have a Communist revolution precisely because it is so miserable and backwards that the people have no other choice


> We'll return to a pre-capitalist economic arrangement. Will see mass slavery in some sorta stone/bronze age conditions by the 22nd century.
especially if we run out of crude oil, gas, and coal before adequate alternatives take over



are made of largely of plastic parts refined from crude oil, and metals mined with tools that have plastic parts. Our entire industrialized way of life is reliant upon depleting nonrenewables, and the bourgeoisie are fortifying themselves for when those resources run out, so their descendants can rule over the ruins of neo-feudalism


/leftypol/ is finally waking up to my thesis. I will publish it soon and it will rival shay's autism. Florida is the peasant Russia, approaching its 1917 moment.


You think communists will take over Florida without the Feds stepping in to stop them?


You think Trump opened Pandora's Box that will kill America?


Completely useless and it will just make life to Americans even worse. Military spending is inflationary.


>especially if we run out of crude oil, gas, and coal before adequate alternatives take over

First off, I couldn't find anything that showed renewables "mostly use plastics". I'm sure there's some parts that are plastic base but it's a miniscule amount compared to just the plastic bullshit Americans throw away on a daily bases.

Second, If the global economy got rid of single use plastics, personal automobiles and took all oil fired plants offline. While, restricting plastic usage for industrial and building purposes that would buy enough time and reserve enough oil to find alternatives to oil based polymers. Or find a way to extract oil from titian. Which is likely what's going to happen as oil starts getting scarcer. The bourgeois plan is to fuck off to some bunkers with blackwater mercs once things start getting dicey. That doesn't mean all current infustructure just ups and vanishes, there also be the bourgeois state intact. Who will have to rapidly reform after being left the bag or get swept away in a revolution. I'm not saying it's going to be a smooth transition, it'll likely make the first half of the 20th century look tame on comparison. Hundreds of millions will die, possibly upwards in the billion as a combination of wars, unrest and climate change ramps up. Any fascist regimes thar pop in the future will collapse as its just replacing one unsustainable system with an even more unsustainable system.


>Maybe the real Q were the friends we made along the way
Got an even better one for you. A Q speaker apparently said the real deep state is inside all of us, that 50% of all kids get sexually assaulted, and that “saving the children” means saving the children inside of us from the pedophile cabal, which is also inside us.


Blackwater mercs would just start stealing their wealth at that point. Porky is dependent on the system that has created his wealth, he would just hoard resources for any strong adversary to take from him.


There is one wolf inside you. Will you feed it Trump Steaks and Ultra Right beer or cheese pizza from Comet Ping Pong and Bud Light?


> there are legitimate concerns of bilateral relation and "what are you planning to do about these issues?"
This is baby brained shit, social spending is literally at odds with "investment on inmigration" as that directly translates to increased police spending at the southern border. The US is asking why isn't AMLO even more violent at curbing inmigration, obviously the radical opposite of a socially conscious presidential term. This kind of policy also has an indirect effect on fentayl production too, do you think inmigrants that don't manage to cross the border into the states are going to do? Social spending IS anti-fentanyl policy, and everything else is a domestic US issue that the US needs to deal with (protip: start by dismantling the DEA)

Fucked up my quote



>>Around 40% of third-grade students in Tennessee scored proficient on the ELA portion of the TCAP. Around 60% did not score proficient, and now risk retention.


File: 1685393480760.png (82.04 KB, 1088x974, 1519431992871.png)



File: 1685393646258.webp (Spoiler Image, 183.7 KB, 334x500, IMG_8223.webp)

I've been thinking about something.
Could the three counties that make up South Florida (Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade) survive on their own if they were a separate state?


The Grayzone debates National Endowment for Democracy VP on group's CIA ties


Florida is a lumpenstate. The Floridian proletariat is wholly lumpen. Floridaproles can't read. The only revolution from Florida is counter revolution


fellas, is florida actually existing patsoc?


A bit racist, but okay.


It actually the clap in state form.


What if Jan 6 was successful and Trump managed to coup the government?


and despite our fascist governor, still better than your state :^)


>renewables "mostly use plastics".
what do you think the housing on a solar panel or wind turbine is made out of


floridian commies exist. they're miserable, but they exist


File: 1685401843951.jpg (563.93 KB, 1500x1011, when prophecy fails.jpg)

>You got Q literalist who are still waiting for the storm and then you got the Q "it was all a psyop but a good psyop to awaken the people".



just makes grizzled. when we are forced to relocate all over the other states you will all have to learn from us.


>Florida is America's ball-less penis with gusano warts on its tip and swamp pubes at its base.

holup, the swamps are at the tip. the miami gusanos are where the glans meets the shaft. at the base is georgia, which is the peach fuzz pubes, because peaches grow there. the panhandle is the deflated nutsack


Peach season is almost upon us


> …return to Europe…
Undialectical. If you were a Marxist and not an ethno-racial nationalist, you would realize that they can't "return" to Europe any more than Jewish people can "return" to Israel.


>the swamps are at the tip

Not really. A lot of south Florida is built on top of the everglades


Fuck off, /pol/


>Jews- uhhh I mean SETTLERS can only lie and pillage


>bro we're going to do a NON white ethnostate, it's gonna be based!!!


>pretending that calling euro-americans "settlers" is a form of anti-semitism
Is this the best bait you could come up with?

>any self-determination among colonized people is a form of fascism
Wow, that's some pretty big cope you're carrying around anon.


the ship sailed on native self-determination of america like 200 years ago


>I love genocide and think it's good
Wow, no land back? No giving tribes full autonomy?

What next, are you going to reminisce about natives being brutalized during the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline? That's one of the most recent attacks on native self-determination. Tell me more about how these people don't deserve to govern themselves or their lands.


It's nothing to do with 'deserve', yes autonomous tribal areas is reasonable but you're arguing for deporting all whiteys from America which is just asinine.


Aluminum, fiberglass and silicon? What do you think the housing is? I mean there's plastic solar panels that are coming out but that's a recent development. I couldn't find anything that indicated that windmills use any plastic and the only mention of plastic for solar was a thin sleeve behind the panel and the aforementioned plastic solar panels. In less you got some proof that renewables use a ton of plastic I'm not convinced otherwise, I'm sure some plastic is used in the production but otherwise I couldn't find anything that showed it used any significant amount of plastic.


in what universe is it possible to deport all white people from america

fucking eejit


Yooza reggaler joja peach


Glad to see you clamoring to put your mask back on.

Feel free to tackle this logistical problem, comrade.


>ethnic nationalism and blood-and-soil identitarianism is okay when WE do it

t. Israel


>too dumb to understand that your beliefs are formally identical to /pol/ with the contents swapped


>self-determination is when you internalize colonial logic while cynically using historical wrongs committed as a bad faith deflection


>NOOOOO you can’t have consistent ethics


Are you that one schizo from a few months back jacking off to genetic determinism without understanding anything about genetics


NTA, jagoff. I just think you’re a hypocrite cynically using vague appeals to politics to support the fact that all you’ve done is internalize the essentialist logic of colonialism and talked yourself into thinking it’s okay.


People who are into race science will constantly let you know. It's clear that guy isn't here.


>Wow, no land back? No giving tribes full autonomy?
ok here's how we do land back even though whities outnumber natives by 1000000000000 to 1.

we make every native into a landlord or a CEO of a company like black rock. that way all the whites are paying rent to the natives. heckin wholesome redistribution and reparations!!!


>we won't give any land back, not a single acre and we'll continue treating reparations as a joke.
Wow anon, you're really going out of your way to support genocide.


How does someone's mind not go utterly insane with all these superhero movies that keep coming out?


Just don't watch them?


>You still haven't supported your claim about it being logistically impossible to deport all whites back to europe, I'm waiting.
Why the fuck do you think it's even reasonable to deport 57% of the USA population? How is that not the ultimate idpol to view the world in that way instead of looking at CLASS dynamics? Why not focus on deporting the bourgeoisie to HELL instead of all this other garbage you're spouting?


Who are you quoting. Also I don't own any land. Htf I'm sposed to give back what I don't have. Also I'm mixed Irish, Cherokee, black. Is my Irish genes supposed to apologize to the other two thirds of me?


File: 1685411657889.jpg (16.06 KB, 318x240, 1624065577554.jpg)

>not expelling all white people from USA = Genocide of native americans.

You are not here in good faith.


You shouldn't have to apologize for anything, hell I am sure your Irish Ancestors had to fucking Flee from the Potato Famine with the way in Which the British treated them in what I would consider a Ethnic genocide even if it wasn't their intentions at first.

Hell I am a mutt of the sort with Black, Lumbee, and Scotts Genes, but I own no land, I am poor, and my grandmother's family were sharecroppers for most of their lives so.


you're going to svalbard


Their motivation is to deny Native claims to land so they can continue to occupy and exploit it.

Look across the Atlantic to where all these settlers came from. Most Europeans have better social welfare systems and are more stable than the US. The ones that aren't have been intentionally targeted by capital/imperialism. Even if you gave the chance to return to the most stable countries of Europe, they're too hyped up on American exceptionalism (white supremacy) to take a better deal.

I am similarly "tri-racial". If you're Black, then all I can say is that you sound captured. Blacks need and deserve reparations just as much as Natives. Making a joke out of reparations is completely unacceptable and can only serve to denigrate conlonized people by presenting them as being undeserving. Natives and Blacks are deserving of human decency and material compensation for the genocides which they and their ancestors have endured.


>White fantasy of raping colonized people.
We heard rumors about you. >>1482875


>just r*venge on Wh*Tes is r*pe


File: 1685412356644.png (9.44 KB, 255x239, 1622916772708.png)

>Fully ethnically cleansing a country is as simple as flying/shipping them all away and dumping them off.
No anon. You have to round up all of the people first. You have to feed them (at least temporarily, unless you're going full Holocaust mode) while they stay in detainment camps awaiting deportation. You need police forces and jails to detain and harass people who try to resist the deportation (made more difficult in this scenario since ~57% of the USA is getting deported, which takes extra repression to put down when the non-deported demographics are in the minority).

This sort of shit would require whatever Native American-led post Land Back state to adopt fascist government and declare martial law just to have a chance of rounding up everyone. This style of repression is impossible under a bourgeois democracy as the bourgeois would resist the deportations (as is in their economic interest) and highly unlikely in a proletarian state as a proletarian state has no need to deport the majority of its proletarians over pure IDPOL.


how many terabytes of Black pornography do you have on your pc, cuckold anon?


>Natives and Blacks are deserving of human decency and material compensation for the genocides which they and their ancestors have endured.
How do whiteoids pay reparations if they've all been physically removed from the country though?


Yes anon. Expelling all white people from the USA would mirror what colonial powers have done to non-whites. This doesn't make it okay just because it's "revenge" ethnic cleansing. That is Israeli tier logic.


You can demand compensation from the colonizing country (such as Britain, France, the Netherlands, etc.) This is a good question, because Africans will also need a framework to receive compensation for colonialism done by Europeans within African countries.


File: 1685413047406.png (198.57 KB, 512x384, 1631373997304.png)

This is back and forth is honestly Agent Kochinski-tier retardation.


This is most probably glow/bait anyways no serious leftists actually argue for ethnically cleansing the USA of white people. You have to get deep, deeeep into radlib territory to get these sorts of opinions.


There was an Israeli who wrote a book on Israelis being related to ancient Jewish converts vs ancient Palestinians and put forward the notion that the ethnic cleansing narrative was created whole cloth.

A more accurate analogy would be to ask whether it'd be ok for Palestinians to deport all Israeli settlers.


Ah yes, the well known Marxist position of deporting a majority of your proletarians to foreign reactionary powers after coming into government.


About U.S. Trade War on China
>The Socialist Program with Brian Becker
>U.S. Microchip Trade War on China: All About Corporate Profits, Not Workers

Many Leftypol users would benefit from reading Paulo Freire


>I am similarly "tri-racial". If you're Black, then all I can say is that you sound captured.
Answer my question? How is a person without land supposed to give land back? Should we deport Haitians back to Africa and give their land to the skeletons of the Taino? You're speaking in moralistic terms bit you lack any plan for implementing your ideas. Europe isn't gonna take a bunch of deported non citizens from America anyway. If someone is Swedish and their wife is British are we gonna do family separations? Your ideas create more questions than answers


To add to the questions opened up by Land Back Anon's idea, why tf would any sane Socialist state in the USA fucking deport most of its proletarians to foreign capitalist colonial powers? The american white proletarians are best put to use working in factories making goods and weapons to defeat capitalism & the colonial powers that feed off of capitalist exploitation of the global south. Who in the right mind would respond to today's climate of neocolonialism by handing the europeans more population to work with?

All white americans deported to europe would just become citizens of hostile countries to a future Socialist USA.


gaiz we need to deport the poor white workers so the poor native workers can have their land back




"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."


guys we have to deport the majority of our citizens to enemy capitalist powers in order to fight colonialism!


I will try to change the world anon just let me have some fun :(


File: 1685414404414.png (340.41 KB, 574x630, twitter.com_furrygirl.png)

boring dystopia moment of the day: the MetLife Stadium, a massive public destination which is both illegal and dangerous to reach on foot


We need a balance between landback and socialism for non natives in north america
The truth is always somewhere in the middle
Maybe we can dissolve the union and then all the newly emerged countries can distribute land communally, like a land collectivization scheme
A jorja peach with a jorja 🍑


One of lines I heard from I think praying medic(early Q influencer) was "Q stands for questions".

Shit like these is one of the reasons for the sudden urbanist radicialization. American infustructure is becoming so car centric its getting to the point the traveling you'll do on foot is from your car and leaving your car. If the American auto industry was smart they would design some wally like chairs for us, that just run on rails. Add a bunch of subscriptions and it can break down every 2 years. Instead these giant monstrosity that you have to clean the grill off of pedestrians everytime you hit the grocery story. Add a shopping cart to the front of the chair and bam you can make that stupid drive through grocery store feasible. Fucking American capitalist can't even do private transportation efficiently.


I really hope that roads get privatized so everyone has to do tolls and the roads fall apart without endless government money rolling in. Ironically it would probably force some innovation to occur by capitalists to do things like lobby against zoning laws


File: 1685417411962.png (676.54 KB, 1010x726, ClipboardImage.png)

Actually they're probably both feds


USApol landback performative superego activism edition


lamb snacc!


semi auto or bolt?


While I am not surprised that Biden and Co decided on cutting more social spending for their shitty little deal that they said they wouldn't do. But here we are makes Putin look like a Chad in Comparison, the retarded ass Republicans should have forced a default and let the rest of the country burn for their actions. Biden cucked out and now we are getting even more Military Spending for what another forever war? We really need the Space Comrades to fix shit, who wants to light the beacon of Mushroom Cloud hope?


>Biden cucked out
Stop pretending Democrats didn't want to cut social spending too.


Nah I am not pretending, I know they did but the thing was I wanted them to let this ride out I wanted to see a constitutional Crisis and if the President would really go around Congress thus making things more spicy.


>Biden cucked out
The crazy MAGA crowd were willing to gamble on the entire nation’s economic future, and Biden had his back to the wall. Despite Biden presenting an olive branch of bipartisanship, and not allowing the socialists in his party remove the debt ceiling in 2021 when they had a majority, the republicans used that against him because they have recently become completely unreasonable. Biden did everything in his power to keep these social programs. Part of the problem is that voters simply aren’t donating enough small dollars or bringing out the vote. If you want change then you need to vote harder!


Realizing the entire discussion around defaulting on treasuries is made up when Germany had negative interest rates for a year. The US owes 1 trillion in interest in '23 which just goes to Warran Buffet I guess.



>they won't take them back
Just like they refused to take in Ukrainian refugees?


Vulcans are the space comrades.
It only makes sense now when you get rid of emotional behavior in exchange for logic


File: 1685462382159-0.png (27.24 KB, 478x260, 840986490654.png)

File: 1685462382159-1.jpg (58.47 KB, 1156x520, FxSqeZAWwAARt3B.jpg)

The left doesn't fight it. If we called demonstrations and said "Biden better not cut food stamps or we're gonna rip shit" how many people would actually turn up?


Well almost nobody but the government is unassailable and decades of a weak left, it's kind of a chicken and the egg problem


I am not in the US, but uncritical support for all the antifa collectives who will be dealing with the raging idiocy in reaction to the upcoming month.


File: 1685464951325.mp4 (1.03 MB, 378x360, 3r.mp4)

critical support to Joe Biden in his crusade against Europe (an uncivilized and violent place)


File: 1685464965314.png (8.88 KB, 60x196, ClipboardImage.png)

compsci/finance 6 digits represent


even if thats true, they will just cope and seethe by saying the vote's rigged the demoncrats are having 999999 dead people vote


woke capitalism is more accelerationist, see: >>1413203


IIRC we actually had a program that simulated running a publicly traded company. Our goal was to get our stock price up.

Turns out nothing is better for improving your stock price than just stock buybacks. Investing in new research? Expanding production? Nope! Just buy your own stock to make number go higher.

Of course this was years ago so I might be forgetting something.


I’m thinking the civil war might go hot, tons of people going to pride will be strapped and it’s only a matter of time before we have a chinlet vs antifa shootout. Good chance that chinletlets are going to do wide scale terrorism. The anti-LGBT rhetoric in those echo chambers got really violent over the last 12 months.

the vibes are bad my dudes, keep your comrades safe. Here’s hoping the ammonium nitrate that went missing really was just an accident and not theft


that will only happen if Trump/DeSantis loses the election in '24 which is a 50/50 chance given the poll numbers. Right now Trump is winning in a matchup so it looks like the more likely scenario is Trump just wins and nothing happens


There are a lot of potential inflection points, the 24’ election is just one of them, wide scale terrorist attacks this year are another.

The country is a powder keg right now, any spark could set it off


File: 1685471714477.mp4 (5.11 MB, 1280x720, 685471493431.mp4)

I guess the attack ads have started, just saw this MAGAPAC shit on TV. Ron DeSalestax… thoughts? Hit or miss?



File: 1685473224518-0.png (26.75 KB, 816x94, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685473224518-1.png (91.08 KB, 638x501, ClipboardImage.png)

yeah, reagan eliminated the illegality of that.
I have a cousin who studied economy in the MIT who told me that's illegal, LMAO. When I told him that reagan legalized it, he went full mad potato: how dare a lowlife scum communist to know more about the economy and the perfidious complacency of the u.s. government towards the capitalists, huh?
it was the SEC under rule 10B-18


The American system has been a pile of fireworks, drench in gasoline sitting next to a cow with one of those old timey lanterns next to its hoof.

It's okay, I don't think we will really get a idea of how the primary will shake out till the first debates. I still think there's going to be a darkhorse for both the Republicans and democrats. The Republicans less so now thar DeSantis turned out to be a squeaky weirdo.


File: 1685474033730.jpg (61.06 KB, 627x960, Burger_Illiteracy.jpg)

I think what's mind-blowing to me is how detached from reality it all is. You aren't doing anything. You aren't building anything. Yet somehow you just get handed money because of it. It seems even more absurd than the Divine Right of Kings when you think about it; "I'm rich because I bought my stock, which indicates that my company is doing good, which makes the stock price go up, which makes me rich, which lets me buy stock…"

We're getting closer to just pure collapse every day.


>dark horse
Maybe, maybe. Did you have someone specific in mind?

Trump certainly hasn’t managed to find his old self, though he is closer to finding himself than when he announced his run. I always said DeSantis has zero charisma and appears as if he was grown in a CIA lab, so I am not surprised he is floundering now. For the
Democrats I’m cautiously optimistic about RFK (if he would even qualify as a dark horse), he seems to able to tap into the zeitgeist in a way that Biden is not able to. Watch me have to eat my words though.


File: 1685474079245.png (1.03 MB, 1200x1338, Untitled.png)

Home run. Sales taxes are regressive


india is the shittiest non-western country in the modern day and no im not racist for pointing it out. 1.4 billion people having their earth-shattering potential utterly wasted being racist classcucked house uyghurs


File: 1685474979501.jpg (634.61 KB, 2048x1536, xi_modi_uQ9UoQLg8p.jpg)

reminder that trump wanted to force India to stop trading with China and only increased the trade between the two nations.
India and China already trade with their own currencies.


For the Republicans not sure. I'm curious about Niki Haley but right now the entire republican field is stuck having to run against trump while at the same time defending him. So it's harder to judge.

For the democrats I'm feeling RFK too. The dude is running off "the CIA killed my dad" and he's getting attention from the anti vaxxers as well, he's more likely to pull votes from Trump than any candidate. Maybe I'm naive buy I just don't see biden making it to 2024 one way or another.


The american elite see india as the future of the USA, billions of politically illiterate proles trapped in a vicious caste system who are too demoralized and disempowered to challenge it


Where is the lie


> I just don't see biden making it to 2024 one way or another.
Why not? He's already made it this far, they figured out the drug cocktail to keep him going


to crack Biden's skull under heel would be an insult to my boot


repost from another post:

the problem is "real" white american culture pre-1975 of little boys playing cowboys and indians, daniel boone, davey crockett, stories of the American revolution paul revere is too unwoke by today's standards since its just fetishizing white settler colonialism, slaveholding elites, conquering natives and the 'savage prairie-land' as some sort of heroes or quasi divine or divinely inspired figures. In "traditional" white american culture the old west, etc. plays the same role as arthurian legend does in the UK for example, a mythical heroic past which combines legends with actual history. "the attitudes and traditions that shape American culture evolved from the social and psychological anxieties of European settlers struggling in a strange new world to claim the land and displace the Native Americans [as shown by] the popular literature of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and early nineteenth centuries-including captivity narratives, the Daniel Boone tales, and the writings of Hawthorne, Thoreau, and Melville". Essentially America's actual history is one of a bloodsoaked republic built on slavery and genocide which was whitewashed and turned heroic shit just like Julius Caesar conquering and enslaving the gauls is considered somehow good, and like true Romaboos as the American founders were in the white man's republic America glorified these exploits as they were going on all the way until the 1960s/70s.

So what's left is just burgerpunk and mere consoomerism of mcdonalds and chevy's because the actual history is far far worse.

the difference is that those cultures engaged in violence but weren't based on it. whereas [white] american culture is intrinsically violent.

American culture as a whole is defined by a series of tropes descended from the English encounter with the wilderness. Because some of the first English to do it (and especially to write about it) were Puritans, one major strand of processing that encounter entails seeing the wilderness as a place of evil, a place where good Christians go to become bad and die, a reflection of the dark spaces of the mind and soul. One of the ways the Puritans processed this was through captivity narratives, where a Puritan is captured by Indians, lives with them for a while, and then escapes or is bought back into the fold, chastened and stronger in faith.

But as the frontier expanded and white people got more used to it, the idea of the wilderness as a place of fulfillment got bigger, but with caveats. The whites wanted to master the wilderness the same way they thought the Native Americans had, but it was important that they maintain their special white, Christian status. As mythic figures like Daniel Boone became national (and international) favorites, the frontier became, in narrative anyway, a place for whites to prove their mettle by entering into the wilderness. They could learn from the natives and even befriend them, but would eventually master them at their own wilderness abilities, initiating themselves into the mysteries of the hunter and the warrior. This would lead to the ushering in of white civilization, where the frontiersman would either need to assimilate or move on, the sort of prepackaged tragedy narrative from which Anglo culture gotten so much mileage.


Yeah in order to correct this you'd have to go with refounding America as a plurinational state like Bolivia did


Plurination and Proletarian Union of Soviet States



Proletarian and Plurinational Union of Socialist Soviet States*


America is already being transformed into a multicultural republic the problem is white right winged christians start seething and coping about shit being "woke" and lefties taking down statues and "they're erasing our history!!!!1!" and then decided they'd rather go total schizo and repeal liberal democracy and reinstitute monarchism than let go of the white man's republic concept.


This is what I am saying. There’s a US anthem and a black anthem. There’s technically a black flag as well as the US flag. If you are from a different country, like Chinese American or Mexican American, you can point to your mother country back as inspiration for culture. But black Americans have been so devoid of their mother countries that they formed their own nation within America. And no amount of Garveyism can really reconnect them to Africa. So a plurinational status is the only option left. And then there is another issue of the native Indians, but that’s a whole different can of worms. The thing is all of it will probably never happen


Forgot this image


Cool. Speak for all black people as if we all want to be connected to the depravity of black or white American culture more why dont you?


File: 1685482280316.png (85.73 KB, 978x545, ClipboardImage.png)

Be there or be square




other than the net worth there's no contradiction. The 8k net worth person is probably a working class POC while the 128k person is likely wh*te from the suburbs. Nevertheless they are both fucked.


They can't both be "the average millenial", it's a pretty categorical statement.


>be non middle class American
>get bankrupted by country
>by middle and rich America
>get bankrupted by country


average can be a range, anon. like the middle quintile


I know you said "other than net worth" but if your averange range varies by more than 10x between the lower and the upper range, then it's not very average at all,


>>1483647 (me)
and anyway i seriously doubt "the average millenial" has a 128K net worth and a house. Hell, I don't think the average person in the US has ever had 50k in savings all at once.


Most Americans actually get paid around the same amount as those in developing countries or just not paid at all. Oh sorry that’s “unpaid internship”, “unpaid overtime”, “employee passion to keep working”, “hustling for the group” add to this


More than half don't have 400 dollars in their savings account, I only exited that half recently because of a corporate bonus they throw us sometimes instead of a raise


This is in reference to the black population that lives in the US, calm your tits down


The average income isn't actually the 'average'. Bourgeois incomes inflate the average.


And you're generalizing that population you moronic shit stain


disposable bbq is a disgusting concept to begin with


File: 1685485333533.jfif (195.42 KB, 1080x1080, FxZx4IvXwAIFsvq.jfif)


capitalists literally don't know what capitalism is, new at 11


Getting hung up on shit that doesn't matter imo, the piece on the right is meant to box everyone asking for student debt relief as not someone living paycheck to paycheck with a few dollars to their name, but someone with plenty of disposable income. Probably sanctioned by the biden admin to get his numbers up after his debt ceiling deal literally did the opposite for loan forgiveness lmao.

The headline
<OUTRAGEOUS! Average Greedy American Millennial Devours Avocado Toast While Demanding Student-Debt Relief, Despite Owning a Lavish Home and Boasting $128,000 Net Worth
would be a bit too on the nose.


Plurinational Union of Socialist Sovereign Cantons


Yes. What of it. They have an experience that is wholey unique. Making them in a way a nation not to disimilar to Jamaica or Grenada, where you have a mix of different African people with their own unique culture


>Imagine thinking American has an actual culture
>Thinking majority black run governments are comparable to USAs
Alright. Sure whatever apartheid Clyde


Black run governments sound stupid. However afrikan local government that is culturally african-american but allows anybody that is culturally afrikan to govern seems fine. Blood quantum and racialized leadership needs to be abolished. That applies for native tribes too tbh.


Stfu southoid. No one asked you. I was specifically talking about Caribbean govts like Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada etc in response to the other idiot. Who the fuck else do you think is running those govts? Mexicans?


File: 1685487939331.jfif (341.35 KB, 2328x1380, FxYPjXFWYAAXVJA.jfif)

Why haven't you bought your official Qanon Shaman yoga pants yet?


>and then decided they'd rather go total schizo and repeal liberal democracy
1. it never existed
2. to the extent it did exist it wasn't for everybody
3. as soon as it started to get extended to people besides those it was intended before, it started getting deconstructed.


File: 1685488607368.jpg (31.38 KB, 600x465, jojo retard smug.jpg)



what is this corny ass 2004 jib jab lookin as shit.


how do you enforce that?


>taking in a few hundred thousand ukrainian refugees for the duration of a war is the same as taking in 150 million americans who have been deported by some mythical black hammer style radical reparations govt

you are a clown


Do black Americans not have a culture? One that influences all around the world? Or are you just mad that their culture as seeped into yours and you’re angry at “le Americans”



Today I will remind them that the US military used to not just allow but encourage and facilitate drag shows to entertain the soldiers.


File: 1685489750279.jpg (317.05 KB, 1164x2222, r0nrxglo213b1.jpg)



File: 1685492258555.jfif (219.92 KB, 1889x2048, FxZIaneXgAA9ed0.jfif)

cue what I keep repeating about the right being the subversive side all along


What is that even an ad for


>take leftist meme
>swap left and right
wow, pretty subversive…
not denying that it won't fool people but there's probably better examples out there right


File: 1685493140660.jpg (1019.34 KB, 1080x1404, 20230530_203203.jpg)

Teachers insurance


This Is the Army (1943)


extremely dumb take


Also Ronald Reagan at 3:48


The whole idea of culture being some enternal thing from one group to the next is ridiculous. Especially in the digital Era of global capitalism were culture is consumed globally. You don't live culture you buy and sell it. Everyone knows that, especially American white or black. Also much of African American culture is about its historical relationships to white people and vice versa. Were all living in the legacy of the aftermath of the frontier and liberal democracy has been trying to reckon this with diverse HR directors while right as pointed out here >>1483581 has fully rejected and becoming a death cult. How America deals with this contradiction? Idk


>You don't live culture you buy and sell it. Everyone knows that, especially American white or black.


How could one philosopher be so based and cringe at the same time

There's stretches of his work that describe how power and control function in late capitalist societies intuitively and perfectly and others that are just tryhard nietzschean bullshit


Blacks do have a culture. whites stay projecting because they replaced their culture with capitalism once they got off the boat.


>even when I'm not around, the Blacks are thinking about me
Damn, this shit is pathological. whites have adopted a negative identity. It is an identity which is only possible in relation to another, an identity which ceases to exist as soon as that other terminates the relationship. Hegel came up with this framework to define the master/slave relationship.

Once the slave is gone, the master is no longer able to define himself. His identity has been stripped away. Similarly, whites enlist Blacks as an other which they can contrast themselves against. They claim Blacks are the lowest form of humanity and by contrast they define themselves as the opposite (the highest form of enlightened man.)

This has produced a factory of endless cope, because they need Blacks to affirm their identity, but Blacks don't need them.


Nietzsche's influences in Baudrillard's overall work are pretty minor.

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