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🗽United States Politics🦅

Absolute State of America Edition

Thread for the hellish discussion related to the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face of the Earth.


State mandated propaganda livestreams:
CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html
MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html
FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html
Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFEegalitarianism


>The service begins with an opening prayer from Wagner that he says will protect the Zoom room from Satan. This is followed by an hour-long Bible study where Wagner might explain the Fall Cabal video that attendees had just watched or offer his observations on socio-political events from the previous week.

>At a service held on April 26, Wagner and Bushey spoke about a QAnon theory, called Project Looking Glass, that the U.S. military has secretly developed a form of time-travel technology. Wagner suggested to e-congregants that time travel can be explained by certain passages in the Bible.


The guy does an interview with this podcast and they have the audio from the Zoom call.



Thanks anon. I must say burger schizophrenia is something on its own, funny and terrifying at the same time, it seems like a national trait. Maybe founding a nation on fanatical protestant sects wasn't a good idea after all.


What's your hurry jack?

Why a Bernie Sanders 2024 presidential bid could be a good thing


File: 1664409920854-0.png (65.74 KB, 1123x249, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664409920854-1.png (260.31 KB, 503x461, fuck bernie.png)

the fact that Bernie Sanders is what passes for "Socialist" in the USA is so pathetic


The man is how old. he'll probably be dead before the next election even comes!


No shit, this country outlawed actual socialism in WWI and violently persecuted anyone to the left of JFK after 1945, expecting a developed, mature, or pure socialism is infantile in itself


>every little gaff during a press conference is a diagnosis of dementia
when will this MAGA cope meme end


And the scariest thing is that, in the event of civil conflict, evangelicals would be, by far, the most coherent political group besides the federal government. America is soooooooo boned.


>tfw we'll end up having to critically support Kamala, Pete, or General Milley like Assad against an Evangelical fascist Free American Army


Can someone write something up about the conservative infatuation with Starbucks

Can't wait for the Vice UK documentary "Child Soldiers of the Heavenly Kingdom" in about a decade or so



File: 1664412281312.gif (29.07 KB, 482x800, bretty gud.gif)

>be 15yo American girl
>divorced father spazzes out and murders your mother
>then kidnaps you
>Amber Alert, missing white girl panic ensues
>stuck in crazy dad's car as he speeds away from a police chase
>manage to escape from the moving car
>desperately run towards the cops
>get shot



>Throughout the chase, Graziano — and possibly his daughter as well — was “constantly shooting back at the deputies” through the truck’s rear window, Dicus said. (…)
>The pickup truck became disabled on the shoulder of a highway in the city of Hesperia, and the firefight ensued.
>Dicus said the girl was wearing tactical gear as she exited a truck’s passenger side and ran toward the sheriff’s deputies. She fell to the ground amid the gunfire. The deputies did not initially realize it was the girl who was running toward them, Dicus said, because she was wearing a helmet and a military-style vest that can hold armored plates.

If the cops' story is true, than for once I don't blame them completely


>If the cops' story is true


Jesus Christ you are retarded.


coffee was always pretentious lol


The only non pretentious form of coffee is Turkish coffee, the stuff that tastes like and has the texture of mud but hits you like a line of cocaine


Taking the story with a tablespoon of salt of course. But I think that "someone came out out of the car wearing a helmet and body armor during a firefight" is a better excuse for a police shooting than the usual "he was pulling his pants up".


File: 1664413675450-0.jpg (299.58 KB, 1080x1067, 7qnqf0fm6kq91.jpg)

File: 1664413675450-1.jpg (160.45 KB, 1170x2142, ueecsnx8nfq91.jpg)

File: 1664413675450-2.jpg (243.44 KB, 1080x1494, bxsut4a1vmq91.jpg)


File: 1664413800170-0.jpg (105.5 KB, 1125x820, e7j751mydmq91.jpg)

File: 1664413800170-1.jpg (359.74 KB, 1620x1905, s2ikp2j3ykq91.jpg)


what do these have to do with us politics




File: 1664418529177.png (1.45 MB, 851x1174, 1966.png)


Burgers, explain. Do you live in a time loop?


I noticed a similar obsession with Trader Joe’s, at least around covid
>source; am a TJ’s employee
Right around the time the pandemic kicked it into high gear, there was an incident in the North Hollywood store where some lady tried to shop without a mask, kept harassing masked customers. When asked to leave she threw a fit that got caught on camera, started shouting “FUCKING DEMOCRATS!!!”

So that started a wave of Republicans flash mobbing our stores to shop without masks. We were instructed to head to the back and let the mates/captain handle it. I think they were pissed to some degree because we were one of the few stores to take the virus seriously enough to have lines to get in. We also kept hazard pay going longer than most other stores.

I think there was another bizarre incident before where some crazy dude started harassing a woman in a Hijab shopping with us. It’s pretty wild because our whole vibe is kind of beach bum “live and let live.” Not exactly an attractive look for psychotic, hyper-paranoid fascists. I think that’s part of what makes us a target however.

I’d say the majority of the country is socially liberal to a degree. Trader Joe’s and Starbucks are “hip” in a way that Vons or Dunkin Donuts aren’t. It’s where people young and part of the mainstream culture go. Right wingers are bizarrely a minority when it comes to social issues but see the culture as a whole as their “property.” So it’s kind of a show of force, an attempt to impose their views on the mainstream.

Just a guess though


On that last point, an interesting thing your party published from Vijay:

>In these lectures, Togliatti provides a rich description of the methods of fascism and argues for the necessity of a working-class-led fightback against fascism. There are lectures on fascist trade unions, on fascist recreational clubs (Opera Nazionale Dopolavoro), and the fascist corporazione—the civil society groups directed by the fascists. Fascist forces did not end activity on the terrain of civil society. Instead, they took charge of the social landscape, creating associations that were controlled by them. Institutions of the masses—such as sports clubs—were hollowed out of any content and guided with brute force by the fascists. Work was tied to membership in this fascist social world, so that everyone had to belong to a group, even as everyone had to accept the dominion of fascist ideology and power. Because the “inner life of the Fascist Party is dead” (41), fascist civil society also possessed a cadaverous quality. There was no vitality here, only repetitious sloganeering and violence. Togliatti, like his comrade Gramsci, understood that fascist power was built not merely by the fist but also through the domination of culture. Fascist culture might be decadent, but fascist control over cultural institutions ensured that it was the only game in town.




Here's the thing.

I actually know that you guys aren't of the typical burger mold. In some another thread one of you burger-commies wrote something that made me sympathize with you, it was something akin to "you are the loneliest person as an American if you hate this country, because everyone is celebrating this shithole," and I do get it.

You need to understand, however, that you aren't free from your upbringing, from the effects of your material context, in other words. To truly overcome your burger conditioning is even harder than just to admit that you hate "this shit"… You need to educate yourself on your history, about the reasons for your current hopelessness, all of which are reasons for any sane mind to hate the USA even more.

In all honesty, comrades, there is zero, Z E R O, chance for the US proletariat to develop revolutionary class consciousness, if you stick to strict Marxist analysis, and I view a lot of retarded tendencies coming from burger radicals as ways to cope with this situation… BLM, Bookchin, anarcho-retardation, Bernie, Infrared, Caleb Maupin, Larouche, PSL, CPUSA, Jacobinmag, Zeitgeist Movement, Unruhe, anything and everything coming from the US/anglo "radleft" are just ways to cope with the hopelessness of your situation.

With all my sympathy to you, I must say, that this country of yours has nothing to offer to you in terms of future revolutionary prospects. You should move to another country ASAP.


do we look like we're made of money anon


File: 1664424402986-0.png (56.02 KB, 1152x188, 1.png)

File: 1664424402986-1.png (61.77 KB, 778x255, 2.png)

you have no excuse


That's just capitulation and what the intelligence community wants though. There's no point being an expat, people will just see you as a sexual predator, tourists or both. How are you going to operate politically if you leave the country you know the material conditions and language of best?


Fair points, but if you conclude that there's literally no potential in your country, what are you supposed to do?


Keep struggling anyway, if you're going to die anyway you might as well die on your feet rather than on your knees. I know, existentialism is cringe and cope blah blah but it's true.


Amerilardia has the power to destroy the economy of its vassals. Like we saw just recently when they bombed the Nordstreams. It will cannibalize its vassals to prolong its own existence.

Maybe if you had large student debts you couldn't repay but otherwise it would not be worthwhile leaving. Plus you have to pay huge amounts of money to cancel citizenship.



>Plus you have to pay huge amounts of money to cancel citizenship.
then don't


How do I get hired at Trader Joes
They never call me back ;__;

I have close to a decade of experience now wtf

Mejor morir de pie que vivir arodillado

video relacionado

just take a page from another country where the leftists realized there is zero point


This raises the question: could the USA 1v1 all of Europe?


File: 1664426064716.jpg (165.3 KB, 816x995, 1664412767803465.jpg)


The theory and practice of Rodgerist-Incelism

The nexus for revolutionary potential is in SoCal. The anti-femoid consciousness grows everyday, soon women will be held in common. State mandated harems for everyone. Trust the plan.


What the hell? This guy could absolutely score girls if he changed his attitude and washed up, he wouldn't need to cut his hair


Current Europe is fully cucked and governments, media fully infiltrated with glows. Many NPC will be convinced that Russia bad or China bad was doing the damage being done by the Burgoids.

Euroid economy is still constructed on top of the US dollar system, cannot escape. Even with such a brazen attack like Nordstreams, it is not clear that Eurocucks will do anything against the Burgoid masters.


File: 1664427647695.mp4 (11.6 MB, 640x480, vijay_US.mp4)

>With all my sympathy to you, I must say, that this country of yours has nothing to offer to you in terms of future revolutionary prospects. You should move to another country ASAP.
I think the mistake is thinking that socialism or revolution is about some individual heroic path to greatness or whatever rather than an international movement in which a strong left in the imperialist core is necessary.


>people will just see you as a sexual predator
I legitimately don't have a problem with that. I know it's not true and people like to talk shit. Can't really do anything about it




>just move lmao


Why doesn’t the US have cyberpunk aesthetics? It’s its own aesthetic, Burgerpunk which is quite depressing and lame, though funny nevertheless.


This is why so many here support accelerationism. That seems to be the most likely way we can achieve some socialism in the US.




accelerationism isn't a thing and socialism can only be won by the successful revolutionary struggle of the proletariat


File: 1664429907790.png (196.42 KB, 586x990, ClipboardImage.png)


Shut up incel. This guy deserves to go to prison. He was driving around in a van and would accost women with demands for sex and then pepper spray them (when they rejected him of course) and would then upload the videos to YouTube.


Wow, floridians might suddenly need a place to stay huh? Migrate, even.



cope, sneed, migrate, etc


I really hope I don't see that coming out of lib twitter but I wouldn't be surprised if i do


Kys nerd


Pretty amazing. Marjorie Taylor-Greene's husband is divorcing her because she had an affair with several other men including a woke polyamorous tantric sex guru who dresses up like Zangief. I'm not making this up either.


File: 1664433604390.gif (363.92 KB, 448x224, zangief-dancing.gif)

ho shit! aaahahahahhaha


>If the cops' story is true
<burger editor: — and possibly his daughter as well —
Anon, you cannot possibly be this naive.



the greeters these days check receipts on the way out


post chin


new prolekult


i found his ukrainian cousin


>They finally got him.
The nightmares finally over.


mental illness, capitalist alienation


post your address


>there is zero, Z E R O, chance for the US proletariat to develop revolutionary class consciousness, if you stick to strict Marxist analysis,
Explain your reasoning.


3935 Cook Hill Road
Stamford, Connecticut, 06902
Insanely based, as per usual.


stop shilling these morons, please


>I think the mistake is thinking that socialism or revolution is about some individual heroic path to greatness or whatever rather than an international movement in which a strong left in the imperialist core is necessary.

This. I'm getting really sick and tired of certain /leftypol/ users believing that they are the only ones who know what true socialism is and the average working class citizen is 'too dumb' to know theory. They need to grow the fuck up and let go of that 4cuck "secret club" mentality already.


>How do I get hired at Trader Joes
>They never call me back ;__;
Honestly there's a few things that determine your likelihood of being hired by TJs.
First is your network; whether you got a family or friend who works for The Company. If you talk to any Trader Joe's employee long enough, you'll probably learn that they had some kind of "in", maybe a parent that's a Mate or Captain at another store. Or a friend who vouched for them.
Secondly, are you applying online or in person? I hate to say it, but online applications aren't really focused on, namely because my tiny fucking store has had something like 1000+ online applicants and my old captain/mates just didn't want to sift through that many applications.

We'll be opening a ton of new stores soon, so there's plenty of opportunities to get hired again.

I have a hypothesis I want to develop further, that "Fascism" could be aptly described as some kind of art movement turned psychosis. It's unique among ideologies in that it doesn't seem to have any coherent stance or princples. So to understand it, you'd be just as well off looking at "vibes".

Granted I'm kind of sloshed right now so I can't elaborate on these ideas further. However I think if you look at Fascism, historically, you'll see some kind of panicked creative type desperately trying to reshape the world to suit their aesthetic tastes.


>Mate or Captain


File: 1664440111516.jpg (154.27 KB, 700x989, 1537747329532.jpg)

Trader Joe's keeps some maritime theme going for each individual store.
At the bottom of the hierarchy is "The Crew" which are basically the employees you encounter on a daily basis.
Mates, Merchants, and Captains all wear Hawaiian shirts to display their status. Merchants are kind of rare nowadays so most of the time, the person wearing the shirt is a Captain.

And to answer some questions before they're even asked.

>"Are you guys really nice?"

I mean, yeah? For the most part we get good pay, good benefits, and management is encouraged to be friendly to us. Some stores have managers that'll do things like let you throw eggs against a wall if you're feeling stressed out. Sometimes there's free stuff in the breakroom or you can take some groceries home for free if you finish closing early. Some morning crews have a coworker who's dedicated to cooking stuff/buying breakfast so everyone gets free food on their break.

>"Why do you discontinue X, Y, and Z?"

Because there's limited space in our warehouse, or an item is seasonal, or maybe the fuckers tried overpricing us. Who fucking knows.

>When are you gonna bring back the free samples?

In my region: Saturday, October 1st.

>Do you get really annoying customers?

Yes. Every goddamn day.

If you got any other questions, I'll answer them to the best of my ability.


>Here let me answer a bunch of shit literally nobody could care less about.
Uhhh, anon.


CPUSA lusting after that middle management booty and brainwashing others into his corpo-slang. A disgrace to your party.


Unironically what posses a CPUSA member to come to leftypol to run apologetics for some burgercorpo? madness.


>I have a hypothesis I want to develop further, that "Fascism" could be aptly described as some kind of art movement turned psychosis. It's unique among ideologies in that it doesn't seem to have any coherent stance or princples. So to understand it, you'd be just as well off looking at "vibes".
You can see these weird artist types getting into it. I heard an interesting definition of the avant-garde as an attempt by the artist to do "pure" art unrestrained by the demands of "society" upon him; or the concrete institutions that comprise society such as art institutions or art schools or "the market." That's the artist's Will to Power and is the source of the tension between the artist and society, and another contradiction is that the artist wants recognition but also "loses" this struggle when they're recognized by society – like Kurt Cobain being an avant-garde artist in his way but then getting suicidally depressed when he became famous.

So fascism is one way in which the avant-garde was starting to "win" in a way or coming close to it by imposing a totalizing aesthetic vision on society. Mussolini described fascism as a combination of extreme relativism and Nietzsche's will-to-power philosophy. It's very nihilistic.


Don't see myself running apologetics, just explaining how the company works.
Calling it as I see it. Don't think I'm brainwashing anyone.
I spend every goddamn day hearing the phrase "You look lonely" or "do you work here" pounded into my head. Forgive me if I want to pre-empt some questions I get often enough.


Maybe this is part of a bizarre recruitment strategy due to le worker shortage


>So fascism is one way in which the avant-garde was starting to "win" in a way or coming close to it by imposing a totalizing aesthetic vision on society. Mussolini described fascism as a combination of extreme relativism and Nietzsche's will-to-power philosophy. It's very nihilistic.

Fascism is undeniably a nihilistic philosophy, with that said, a factor that makes it interesting enough to study is how it's simultaneously "dead" in some cultural sense, as Togliatti explained in the quote above >>1196968 whilst also being fetishized by some artistic Avante-Garde.

David Bowie, for example, was briefly seduced by Fascism. Gabriele D'Annunzio, a proto-fascist, founded the Free State of Fiume. Yukio Mishima was a fascist. Adolf Hitler wanted to be some artist. I think Mussolini was a big supporter of Futurism, right?

The point is; it seems like Fascism is some psychotic attempt to do art on a mass scale. Arrange people like little plastic soldiers. Create flags. Develop an incoherent ideology based on whatever you're feeling that particular week. And on and on and on it goes.

I really don't understand what seems to noxious about what I wrote. Yeah, Trader Joe's isn't some peak capitalist hellscape where everyone is miserable. Doesn't mean Capitalism isn't suddenly "le heckin' based" or that Nationalizations shouldn't occur.


>NOOOO!!! you have to paint everything in a bad light, because, because… just do it OK???
uyghas really be out there demaning communists be good job-hating depressed proles.


How innovative of them to attempt to recruit on leftypol


Liberal party USA Anon


losing it at this


File: 1664451276723.jpg (100.23 KB, 1692x1252, 82b.jpg)

>I spend every goddamn day hearing the phrase "You look lonely"


Evangelism's became a Christian Wahhabism


File: 1664451936769.png (1.09 MB, 1082x1230, trumpjesus.png)


>Hoping he's wrong, but Lee County, Fla. Sheriff Carmine Marceno says it's "confirmed" there are "fatalities in the hundreds" #HurricaneIan



>One day the cops story will be true


There was a time when evangelicals would just light people on fire that disagreed with them.
>Maybe we shouldn’t marry off children at the age of 12
<Burn the witch!!!
>Just spare my daughter!
<Burn the spawn of Satan too!


>living out of a van
> main concern is women not sleeping with him
Incels certainly have their priorities straight


>What liberals call hicks are usually petit bourg
Yeah I noticed that too. Those guys listening to Country Music Top 10, driving a decked out F-1500, wearing cowboy hats, driving their kids to the dorm, talking in a southernish accenf, and insisting that pro-democracy activist Trump still being President… Ya those are yuppies. Usually evangelical yuppies. Sure they have a story about growing up in a farm. That farm was a 2 story house with 4 acres. The fact that they have a Harley Motorcycle, F150, John Deere, Dirt Bikes, Cowboy Boots, and listen to country music radio is more reflective of a never ending midlife crisis than country background.


in our country our stores have people who check receipts on the way out. I guess they would be the equivalent of greeters except they don't really have to greet you or hide their purpose, which tbh I appreciate more than some person being forced to pretend to be super happy to see you


File: 1664461005076.jpg (38.16 KB, 618x410, patrick-crusius.jpg)

>Oh no not pepper spray "hate attacks"!

>Someone stop this terrorist before he starts keying cars and mansplaining!


Did you really compared attack on a person and damage to the property?

<The bourgeois sees his wife as a mere instrument of production. He hears that the instruments of production are to be exploited in common, and, naturally, can come to no other conclusion than that the lot of being common to all will likewise fall to the women.


I just need a fucking #VanWife ok?


> woke polyamorous tantric sex guru who dresses up like Zangief.
Chad af


Spouting unbelievably dumb shit to pollute public debate is "sparking a national conversation". Christ.


It's a bizarre kind of pseudo-existentialism. Customers seem to have a set number of responses they'll say to any given thing. If they come up to your register and see there's no line you'll get a doofy look and they'll say something like "You look lonely!" or "You look bored!"


Arm the women and let these faggots pepper spray someone with a handgun next time.


How did the USA get so far right compared to the rest of world? Even Putin would be called a commie in America, its fucking bizzare.


>Even Putin would be called a commie in America, its fucking bizzare.
Only for association with Russia. Russian manages to be even more neoliberal compared to USA even during the war.


It was founded by slave owners who wanted to create an oligarchical slave state and did not experience the traumas of fascism firsthand like Europe did during WW2


The usa became far right because we had no ideological competition as the big fish in the little pond of north america. We're a metaphorical island full of people who drink leaded water.


File: 1664469277673.mp4 (475.32 KB, 526x292, 20220929113350418692.mp4)

Here you go, comrade.


You ever hear about the statistic that 50% of Americans can't afford a $500 emergency? What does that say about the prospect of moving?


File: 1664469593484.gif (911.57 KB, 576x432, 1646335085292.gif)

Lmao that tweet right below it.
>stfu he's just a little senile and confused, he's still good, he's still good…


The US after WW2 has been primarily based on fast and easy consumption fueled by debt and the enslavement of the Global South, shielded by a gigantic military that has the rest of the world by the balls so that they can do nothing about it. They tried masking these contradictions under a cheery veneer of liberalism and the right to self-determination but now that the system is collapsing so too is the facade and the ugly truth of Amerika is getting exposed bit by bit.


File: 1664469827668.png (112.04 KB, 823x526, ClipboardImage.png)


he's just a smol bean


File: 1664469912055.jpg (152.3 KB, 1200x794, 25cqto.jpg)

I hate the antichrist.


He's passing over to the afterlife right before our eyes


actual hicks (even in the south) are just as likely to listen to numetal (or ICP, or 80s hits etc) as they are country top 10

sub*rbanites have never even heard of alan jackson tbh


The fact the corporate party, democrat/republican party(ies) passes for 'democratic' is so pathetic.

>The election of the first woman prime minister in a country always represents a break with the past, and that is certainly a good thing. But then, as with any leader, woman or man, she must be judged by what she does. I never agreed with Margaret Thatcher, but I admired her determination. Clearly, then you vote on ideas.



So are the arguments against him; exceeded only by the age of his opponents tired and failed neoliberal ideology.


File: 1664474134314.png (132.36 KB, 625x626, this is glow.png)

>there is no hope
>there is nothing you can do
>just use your finances which you definitely have to abandon all the poor people who don't
>fuck dem homeless
>fuck dem minorities
>fuck dem elderly
>just move away
You are such a fucking glowtard liberal holy shit.
You are doing the exact same hyper-individualism of burger ideology. We as individuals don't have some special power that will make communism happen or not. Making a revolution happen is the responsibility of the proletariat, who are the revolutionary subject. We can organize and guide them, and that's about it. If the conditions are not ripe for revolution (yet) there are other worthwhile things we can do, like organize labor movements which will help build the class consciousness that the workers need when the time comes. And more importantly, as the revolutionary core, the US (and Europe and Australia and some others) has a significant impact on the rest of the world. You don't have to do a revolution here in order to weaken the imperial grip on the third world and make it easier for them to do revolutions there (which in turn improves the chances of revolution everywhere else including the 1st world).


File: 1664474205169.mp4 (613.75 KB, 640x360, GzEvBoRNw9zsVWVr.mp4)

Woah based?


Kamala is an actual moron. This tends to go unstated or understated but it's clear if you listen to her speaking for long enough that she's very clueless.


I fall well below the median lmfao


Kamala on that Juche grindset.


She doesn’t know anything another Geopolitics.


File: 1664475732737-0.jpg (92.83 KB, 483x521, 2022.09.jpg)

File: 1664475732737-1.jpg (363.55 KB, 1950x1710, FdwtCeMWIAA77KP.jpg)

File: 1664475732737-2.jpg (107.98 KB, 1170x866, FdwtCeOWIAAKLWW.jpg)

Not moronic, just lazy, her staff repeatedly complains she doesn't read/do the homework/background they prepare. Then she yells at them till they quit.

Standard manager on that VP track; gotta keep the blacks and workers down to make way for the deserving elite. The brahmin class of priestly blah blah blah tradition blah blah blah superior to blah blah means tested blah blah access to freely revocable rights blah blah.

Also the democrats are cutting checks to McConnell directly.

Capitalism delenda est.


So it’s called Occupy in reference to the Occupy movement? Yet it’s a PAC, the very thing the Occupy Movement wanted to remove before the IdPol glowies fucked it all up.


He should run as a Republican and push for MAGA Communism.


you shouldn't need to do any homework to know which Korea is which


kek, based


>As long as the boot thats on your neck is a women, then its ultimatley ok


Probably would have more success then staying with the Dems, getting cucked and achieving nothing.


Yeah what the fuck? Kamal doesn't even have the excuse of being a thousand years old. Is she sharing some of bidens dementia? Maybe she did sleep her way to the top.


The Republican primaries seem more democratic than dem primaries. I really think if any leftist org is going to do electoralism they need to stack the primaries in both parties. Run as many Aaron A. Aaronsons on the ballot.


Yeah he should work with the Republicans to pass legislation for uh supporting grassroots unions and raising the minimum wage
That would work
I love posting in a thread where everyone actually knows anything about the topic


what the fuck is wrong with this country


why would you post this


what the fuck is this from?


File: 1664483743329.png (322.77 KB, 500x500, ClipboardImage.png)

Rethuglicucks will never refute this


As opposed to getting nothing from the Democrats?


speaking of time loops, San Fran landlords




File: 1664491595831.jpg (126.82 KB, 1024x768, Cotton.jpg)

Any other L.A. anons being inundated with campaign ads by Suzette Valladares? The lengths they're going to in order to hide the fact she's a Republican is pretty funny.
Another one of her campaign ads appeared in our mailbox today and it's almost trying to portray her as a Democrat.
>"Suzzette Valladares is Pro-Choice."
>"Suzette Valladares is willing to reach across the aisle to get work done."
>Ads almost always play up the color blue.
>Even wears a blue dress
>Only moment she even appears as a Republican is when she promises to use the police to "address homelessness, mental health, and addiction."
<Have the goddamn hogs brutalize the poor homeless.

The Republican Party is basically a Third Party out here. They're wildly behind both Dems AND Independents in terms of voter registration. So I understand why Valladares is hiding her party preference, but I can't imagine the strategy working by the time people go to the polls and see the R next to her name. Maybe they're banking on people being so committed to the whole "terrorize the poor" they'll swallow their pride and vote "R", but other Republicans have already dumped the party to win. I also don't think non-homeowners care all that much about being "tough on crime".

I think she's running against a pro-labor, pro-universal healthcare nurse. I don't know what her chances are but I can't imagine they're high.


"I got to take a look outside of the cave and saw we were looking at shadows. And now I'm back to watching shadows and everyone shames me for saying there is a better world out there"



The racial consciousness grows daily in California, we will soon see the red tide. #MACA

Real talk how are we going to deal with eventually being invaded by surrounding red state schizos for our farmland and then also simultaneously dealing with a rural insurgency from the hogs trying to retake California from Auntie-Fa


>Real talk how are we going to deal with eventually being invaded by surrounding red state schizos for our farmland and then also simultaneously dealing with a rural insurgency from the hogs trying to retake California from Auntie-Fa
You underestimate the red pockets of California. I'm from OC and I'm pretty sure my neighbors would kill all the non-whites in my city overnight if given even an implicit green light from Trump or the local police department. Some of them, especially the blatantly proud and loud petty booj, have moved to Texas or Montana but there are still plenty of thin blue line flags on big ass Hummers out here.


>red state schizos for our farmland
I don't know about that. Since the current narrative is that everyone is leaving California. The more likley option is that libs begin to become more clintonite, which is already seeming to happening


>Real talk how are we going to deal with eventually being invaded by surrounding red state schizos for our farmland and then also simultaneously dealing with a rural insurgency from the hogs trying to retake California from Auntie-Fa

Honestly, I'm not too worried about Red Staters coming here to try and "fight antifa" or whatever. Namely because all my encounters with these "pro civil war" types displays a level of fucking arrogance that's unreal. One that'd completely collapse upon encountering actual resistance.

These are people who are simultaneously terrified of "Antifa" but also think the problem is they can't go full mask off and start gunning suspected Anti-Fascists in the streets. They think that as long as they can just kill one then every single Socialist would surrender and beg for mercy.

And what's funny is they project their comically stupid overconfidence onto us. They think we're rearing to go "punch Nazis" because they imagine we're "enabled" by a supplicant federal government. That we've never faced "real" resistance and would crumble upon the second we do… which is literally just what they are.

The majority of these people, 9/10, collect guns they've never used on a person. They project themselves onto action movies and stroke their egos thinking they'd be John Wick. That if you just pissed them off enough, they'd go super saiyan and tactical and shit. That they'd outfox and outgun a devoted cadre of revolutionaries.

The right winger I talked to, it was truly amazing. He said that if Socialists "took the cities" we'd surrender after the first week without Starbucks. Like he was literally saying "You know you couldn't get Starbucks during your little 'revolution' right?! Nothing would be on TV!" Then he brought up how "the other side has all the guns" and I mentioned I was a gun owner myself. He thought I was lying. Or that the gun I had was some kind of "effeminate" or "weak" small arm (it's a shotgun, but it's pretty fucking funny seeing some Freudian analysis of firearms. You don't want to get shot, period.)

Anyways. These people have a bully mindset. Their idea of combat and the horror of violence is so far divorced from reality that I think they'd rapidly begin to lose steam after their initial encounter with resistance. When they realize the underclass in the ghettos aren't being protected from suburban right-wingers, suburban right-wingers are being protected from them.


Based Ian eradicating boomers and gusanos


Eh I wouldn't celebrate it. The last people to be affected (though there probably is some stubborn ones as always) would be these people


>Their idea of combat and the horror of violence is so far divorced from reality that I think they'd rapidly begin to lose steam after their initial encounter with resistance.
The post-9/11 fascination with highly trained special forces sociopaths fighting insurgents has destroyed the average burger's ability to understand war. They really do think war is when you march around with your buddies really tactically and do tactical maneuvers with rifles and shit. Extra brownie points for adopting tactics and techniques that allow you to be 0.01 seconds faster than the other guy.

Not saying that stuff isn't important, but it's a typical right-wing fantasy of being so tactically dominant than you win the other levels of conflict. Or they're just like "we'll cut power and water to the cities so they'll starve and we win ez" like niqqa we've seen countless examples in the past decade of surrounded urban areas holding out for months despite immense civilian suffering.

Like we live in one of the most heavily armed countries in general, many National Guard bases have more armaments and munitions than entire countries' arsenals.


See this is the thing I always found funny is that I remember watching the streams from the Portland Fed War in 2020 and I remember at one point there was this skinny ass white kid who had leapt over the barricades of the courthouse and was literally ripping the plywood off with his fucking hands off the door to the courthouse fully knowing there were heavily armed DHS agents behind that door ready to put a boot up his ass and he was going the fuck at it.

I remember at a later moment the DHS guys made a rush out of the courthouse after the plywood had gotten sufficiently fucked up and one of the guys tripped and he was immediately rushed by Auntie-Fa and they all pulled their actual guns out. Those are guys with full police powers who can put corn cobs up you butt with impunity and take you to The Bad Place were they can drug you with mescaline and make you go through The Gina Haspel Torture Eternity Psychedelic Comedy Hour (with Anal Instrusions).

There are a lot of blood thirsty hogs who are more than ready and willing to fuck people up (see: Proud Boys) but I sometimes do think you're right in that they underestimate what they might be dealing with.

The USA is known for having one of the most violent labor struggles in the world. The organized proletariat has gotten in open gunfights with the state multiple times in US history. You could say those were coal miners and rednecks instead of purple haired Starbucks workers, which, fair, but I think some people don't understand that working shitty jobs and essentially being slow motion tortured by poverty and lack does something very particular to your psyche.

That same cultural currents that led to people throwing bombs at the cops still exist today. Americans are nothing if not violent people, and I think this does apply to the left to a degree. They did burn down police precincts, after all.

On another note, I find it amusing how right wingers underestimate people from the ghetto. Like those guys live with gun violence on the daily. One of my felon coworkers was telling me about when he used to hang with gang bangers from Oakland and that there would be these absolutely enormous, 6'3 Mexican dudes in full gang colors just looking to fight random ass people during sideshows. These are guys who have gotten in no-shit gunfights/street fights since they were kids.

Maybe *I* underestimate your average /pol/ psycho who used to fist fight people at hardcore concerts and give swirlies to kids at his upper class highschool. I don't know. All I know is that it sometimes does look like it would be a toss up.


The SRA(Socialist Rifle Organization) varies in its value.


It's a silly argument anyway because even if there was some kind of open war between left and right in the USA, these would be psuedo-professional militaries with actual military veterans training people, not just random idiots.


Not to mention as soon as the road system is fucked most people will just end up starving. An actual civil war would be like Yemen but bigger and more disastrous


Yeah. I dunno. I doubt the USA would fully collapse into anarchy anyway, the blue states (and Texas) would maintain their hold on government even if the feds didn't.


Right Wingers basically reduce conflict to just physical violence. It's why for as much as Dems grease the war machine as Reps do, Rightists still think Obama was a "pussy" going on "apology tours". Fuck, I remember when I was a kid and went to school with Republicans, they said "John Kerry wants to surrender to the terrorists and let them bomb us."

Like, because Dems at least have the good sense to wear a mask and not appear as hogs gleefully digging their snouts into an Iraqi girl's guts, somehow they're "pussies" or just incapable of committing even the tiniest bit of violence. It all seems so fucking caveman-brained.

I think that's what gives The Left, despite their general cynicism, an advantage over The Right. Rightists could march into a town and to fulfill their psychotic desire they'd torture or shoot the first black person or gay person they see. Then be shocked to find that when The Left moves in, a good portion of The Town that hasn't been completely whipped by fear welcomes them. Just having a reputation for not brutalizing people en masse would do wonders in a war of ideas.


I think there's the Socialist Rifle Association and John Brown Gun Club. I know the Communist Party has said before that a productive thing for Leftist gun owners to do is join union gun clubs.

As for me, I'm not really a member of any of those clubs. I go to the range and fire some slugs, chat up a few boomers and gun nuts, and generally just have a good time.

>There are a lot of blood thirsty hogs who are more than ready and willing to fuck people up (see: Proud Boys) but I sometimes do think you're right in that they underestimate what they might be dealing with.

I think it's because these are people who fundamentally don't have love, as cheesy as that sounds. Sure, they talk about "loving" their country, but they'll rant on and on about all the problems with it. They love their country as a picture in their head, an idea, but that's about it. They see expressions of the human spirit like art or culture as "things" to be "used" one way or another. It's why so many explicitly right wing movies are so shit, it's merely a vehicle for their own personal brainworms.

It's also why they're obsessed with waging a culture war for Disney and stuff. It's because they realize Disney is the "big thing" the major culture industry in our society. But since marginalized people tend to drift more towards the arts, the aesthetic of Disney movies tends to be more liberal than conservative. Sure, Conservatives have some Jesus-freak ripoff of Alladin or something, but they know that no one really enjoys that shit, no one wants to watch it. And if they foist it on their kids, their kids will resent them because they want to see the latest marvel movie or whatever is "cool", not fucking "Bibleman." So these dumbasses think if they can just "conquer Disney" suddenly there'd be Right Wing Disney movies… even though the thing that gives Disney its magic are the artists working in their employees. It's writers who, for better or worse, have a liberal bent. If Disney tried to self-censor or explicitly inform its workers they'll be making "conservative" movies, a good portion of them, if not the majority, could and would rebel against it.

I mean, we owe Jazz and Rock to Black people in this country, Whites only adopted it later. Art tends to flourish in marginalized communities because suffering can fire up the human spirit. It gets you thinking about life and death and happiness and misery. It's why so many of the culture producers in America are Jewish or Catholic or Black or Gay, it's because they can be scarred and lashed and spat on by others, and still say "I'm here, I'm a human being, alive and free."

Suburban fascism is purely sterile. Obsessed only with domination and definitely not conducive to an emotional or artistic experience.


>dat arabic
Is this a Christo-Muslim United Front for beating your kids?


arabic =/= muslim


soccer moms and cops really do have the same psychology


Good. That'll learn the little fucker to trust the police


File: 1664497363299.png (192.9 KB, 543x569, 34583940958340954.png)

Trans people rock

>Americans are nothing if not violent people, and I think this does apply to the left to a degree. They did burn down police precincts, after all.
I did think it was funny reading leftypol for awhile where people were like "Burgers won't do shit, you'll all pussies compared to [French people]" then one bad hamburger at McDonald's did a really bad thing and it was like temporary reversion to chaos, martial law, unrest in cities all over the country, pig pen burned down, presidonkle-in-chief taking refuge in a bunker lol


I say that instead of americans being pussies, I'd say that we just have very warped priorities.


>It's why so many of the culture producers in America are Jewish or Catholic or Black or Gay, it's because they can be scarred and lashed and spat on by others, and still say "I'm here, I'm a human being, alive and free."

Fuck it, I'm kind of drunk and feel like elaborating on this further.

One of the things I've noticed separating Protestantism from Catholicism, at least in the U.S., is Catholicism still contains a kernel of European Melancholy, while Protestantism out here has been completely subsumed by America's psychotically optimistic culture.

To the Protestants, they're already saved. God loves them. God just wants them to be "happy" and prayer is a means of achieving that happiness, you pray to God for a miracle if you're sad, no matter how short term, to remove suffering from your life. So you can go back to being some fucking consumerist couch potato.

Catholicism though, I think suffering is still considered a blessing in The Church, at least to a degree. It brings us closer to God. Protestants display an empty Cross to symbolize their beliefs. Catholics, we grow up staring at the tortured and brutalized body of Jesus every Sunday. Maybe even more.

Suffering, we're taught, is going to be our constant companion in this world. Even as American culture teaches us we can obscure it with consumerism. We're going to suffer. We wont even always have a reason for it. Pain is going to be with us through every walk of life, and its enduring it that's important.

Of course, the Jews have us beat in the suffering game. Blacks too. But I think it's why you see all these Black and Jewish and Catholic artists. The closer to the periphery of exploitation you are, the closer you get to humanity.


True, but 93 percent of Arabs are Muslims.
Seems a reasonable inference albeit I am shitposting right now so don’t take anything I say too seriously.


>Catholicism though, I think suffering is still considered a blessing in The Church, at least to a degree. It brings us closer to God. Protestants display an empty Cross to symbolize their beliefs. Catholics, we grow up staring at the tortured and brutalized body of Jesus every Sunday. Maybe even more.

Damn, as a Mexibro Catholic I had never thought about that. I'm literally a Godless communist now bound for an eternity of damnation separated from God, but man I remember being a kid and seeing a realistic painted, wooden carving of Jesus bleeding out on the cross every Sunday. That did leave some deeper impression.


Agree with this. For how much rightoids love to eat warrior culture up like they're jeffrey dahmer eating a human kidney, they don't really seem to get that most people generally dont like getting a boot in their face when the troops come marching in. Ive heard unironically from reactoids close to me that a civil war in the usa would look like a rural PPW against urbanite liberals, and they always say that "it'll be easy to just blow the roads and bridges then starve them out". They legitimately seem to believe that some methhead ruralites, farmers who work for MONSANTO, and service workers at mcdonalds, would win against america's urban centers. What's funny is that they always imagine it as a curbstomp rather than a long winded war of attrition, and especially one where every little warlord from florida to washington state proclaims himself to be the king of their own little town when the feds fall apart and there's no cohesive nation where your passport matters and you cant drive from republican florida to republican new hampshire without being stopped by lib new york border guards. Not to mention that mexico and canada would surely be looking for a piece of the pie, and china/russia would be helping every territory and state outside the mainland to become an independent country. Furthermore, assuming somehow that monsanto tractors and methhead service worker supersoldiers take a major city like atlanta or san francisco or seattle, there's no guarantee that the surviving people there would ever support them. All they'd have at best is a bunch of holes to try to guardso that new insurgencies dont hide in the penthouse floor of a skyscraper, or the basement of a bank, or wherever. Even if the entire city starves, it would completely stretch their numbers thin trying to occupy it. And i doubt little warlord cliques would have an easy tine doing that.
What im getting at is that rightoids dont really understand how shit would collapse in america. And it's best we keep it that way tbh.


Based cop.
Although I think this video is a misopediac strawman to begin with.
Also, IMO, kids whom skip class shouldn't be disciplined. Let them suffer their own way.
Or have them work instead.
Imo, with public schools the way they are, I don't really blame kids whom skip school once a semester.
Compulsory law for schools should be eliminated.


I live in conservative district. Most conservatives here aren't trigger happy. Grs Ted they may not like Democrats and confuse communism/socialism with liberals but they're cool.

As for those minority of wannabe insurrection martyrs, they're just overloaded on 80s action movies


File: 1664499145930.jpg (33.73 KB, 600x577, 1662449378402.jpg)

>To the Protestants, they're already saved. God loves them. God just wants them to be "happy" and prayer is a means of achieving that happiness, you pray to God for a miracle if you're sad, no matter how short term, to remove suffering from your life. So you can go back to being some fucking consumerist couch potato.
>Catholicism though, I think suffering is still considered a blessing in The Church, at least to a degree. It brings us closer to God. Protestants display an empty Cross to symbolize their beliefs. Catholics, we grow up staring at the tortured and brutalized body of Jesus every Sunday. Maybe even more.
You're both bad.
>Not to mention that mexico and canada would surely be looking for a piece of the pie
Anything that affects the US to that extent would also effect Mexico and Canada so much so neither would be in a position to do anything.


File: 1664499580806.png (512.6 KB, 750x741, kamala-wisdom.png)

horrible harris can’t catch a break!


catholic nut jobs seem a level less unhinged than protestant ones. I haven't seen one praying for the wireless router to stave away satans attacks in a Zoom room. then again I grew up protestant so it could be the grass being greener on the other side.


Why are you refering to copmala harris as horrible harris?


mall-cop harris
camel harris


Kamala means “horrible” in Finnish. Also nice trips, cheka’d.


File: 1664500632506.webm (1.66 MB, 1280x720, Dubs.webm)


They’re just sneakier and slightly more subtle. Catholic think tanks are filled with reptile brained grifters like vid related.


>MFW you don't realize that real PPW will be in the suburbs
Long Live Karen Thought


I think the funniest thing is the degree to which right wingers who consider PPW compare themselves to the Taliban. I mean in terms of being reactionary schizos yes, but like, dude, those are people who have basically been tortured by US imperialism literally since birth in some cases combined with religious fanaticism on a degree that goes far beyond anything in the USA plus cultural/ethnic bonds that go back literally centuries.

Well off white burger reactionaries fucking hate each other and have no culture and lead really, really easy lives in comparison to 99% of the planet.


>Damn, as a Mexibro Catholic I had never thought about that. I'm literally a Godless communist now bound for an eternity of damnation separated from God, but man I remember being a kid and seeing a realistic painted, wooden carving of Jesus bleeding out on the cross every Sunday. That did leave some deeper impression.

I've lapsed, but I don't consider Catholicism something so easily discarded. And yeah, I had the same realist wooden Jesus in my Church.

It kind of serves as a focal point, doesn't it? That our Messiah was a man tortured to death by an imperial power, on charges wholly unjust, and then conquered death three days later.

I've heard some Protestants claim that the reason we have the crucifix is because we "want to put Jesus back on The Cross." It's a ridiculous idea, but it does highlight the difference between Protestantism and Catholicism. That being the former sees his crucifixion as a shameful thing not worth being focused on.

I don't think most service workers at McDonald's would join up with the rightoids, at least from personally meeting a few. Granted I'm a service worker for Trader Joe's and our conception of fast food employees has always been "Poor bastards, I wish 'em well."

This isn't even going into the reality that urban centers just generally have more people. If it comes down to having to raid rural red states for food, it's not like there'd be a shortage of hands. If they tried bombing blue cities or instituting some kind of reactionary terror, it's not like there'd be a lack of willingness either.

I assume that most people, regardless of their relations to American politics, are "normal." Shit, I've got old school Republican family. I'm speaking more or less about the psychotic MAGA types that form the reactionary vanguard of The Right today.

There's still some unhinged right wing Catholics. Like that one guy who's trying to relitigate the debate on Copernicus and made a fucking manipulative documentary about it. But for the most part, Catholicism having an actual hierarchy and Dogma means its less easily moved than Evangelical Protestantism, which has reduced Faith to a "personal relationship" which essentially means the whole theology runs off vibes and memes.


can't really say it's inaccurate tbh



been watching this show recently. i havent watched the full series but i feel that something needs to be said about it since it's kind of like a big budget political commentary made by amazon. i'll admit it hasnt been unbearable to watch, it's certainly interesting to say the least. i have a suspicion that it's based on that animated show "invincible" which i never saw. anyway [spoilers] **the show centers around this clique of villains (i call them villains because they oppose superheros). basically the protagonist's gf gets killed by this guy A-train who's a knockoff the flash, because the guy was methed up and ran her over. anyway he decides to help destroy "the seven" (the avengers) with the help of another guy whos wife got raped by the main hero, and a third guy whos dad got killed.
anyway why i say it's a political commentary - the show depicts the heros as being petty man children working for a pharmaceutical corporation which was founded by a PAPERCLIP nazi scientist, and the company is trying to embed the heros into the military. there's various "factions" depicted within the show as well, and there's other things like "current year topics" like metoo depicted when "the deep" (an aquaman knockoff) shows his dick to the female main character. he gets kicked off the avengers and becomes a religious nutjob in a cult, after being brainwashed into it based on his insecurity over having gills on his belly (at one point one of the girls he tries to fuck actually FINGERS his gills - deeply concerning) but actually a lot of the characters just have sex once per episode almost. the main superhero "homelander" is this mommy issues psycho character whos mommy is the supervisor working for the corporation. he sucks her tits in the show too. "the boys" (the good guys) capture and free a woman with regenerative abilities and find out that she used to be a child soldier working for the "shining light liberation army" (a clear reference to the shining path and gonzaloists). this girl turns out to have a brother, who sympathizes with the shining light, and then HE gets killed by a new superhero who joins the seven after they kick out A-train for a heart condition. the new hero is called "stormfront" and kills her brother, calling him a "yellow bastard" in the process. the good guys also work for the CIA, who are seething about the seven trying to become a private military contractor in the military, though homelander fortunately enough handed out a bunch of the drug that turns normal babies into superpowered humans, to terrorists, brown people and asians. he did this so he could kill them and use their destructive capabilities to try to scare congress into voting to allow superhuman PMCs.**


shit fucked up the spoiler lmao


>i have a suspicion that it's based on that animated show "invincible"
Nah it's a shitty adaptation of an old comic of the same name.


> Catholicism having an actual hierarchy and Dogma means its less easily moved than Evangelical Protestantism
You’re kind of underselling just how many Catholics, especially ones with money and power, will disregard what hierarchy like the pope says when its convenient.


That reminds me that apparently in the Vatican "Americanism" has become an unofficial heresy of sorts. Basically American Catholics acting more like Prods than Catholics.


The first season is better than the comic it's based on, by season 3 it's kinda been trashed. The inherent problem with TV is that it's meant to keep you watching and waiting so the writing slowly gets worse.


Real Truth about our Country:

the national emergency number became 9-1-1
-George W Bush graduated from Yale in Skull & Bones, Yale's oldest secret society. Yale's '68 class had 911 graduates.
-the Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl II with a final score of 33 pts. next year, the New York Jets won their only Super Bowl.

The 33rd US president (Harry Truman), who was a 33rd degree freemason, founded the CIA and tested the first atomic bomb ("Trinity") by dropping it on the 33rd parallel north.

In The Matrix (1999), Neo's passport expires 9/11/2001.
1999 is the 303rd prime num.
Dr Dre's "2001" album was released in 1999, 666 days before 9/11/2001.
The band Slayer's album "God Hates Us All" was released 9/11/2001.
Jay-Z's album "The Blueprint" released 9/11/2001.
The album by the band "The Coup" called "Party Music" was scheduled for release in September of 2001. The original album cover, designed "months before the attack," depicts two men with a detonator destroying the WTC twin towers.
Dream Theater's "Live Scenes from New York" album was released 9/11/2001 and the album cover is a massive IX XI (9 11 in Roman numerals).
On the day of the Buffalo shooting, Israel turned 74 years old, which is 888 months. ΙΗΣΟΥΣ, Jesus' Greek name, sums to 888 in Greek isopsephy. Also on the same day, Trump turned 911 months old.

On 7/6/2022, George W Bush's 76th b-day, Georgia Guidestones fell in area code 706 and God of War: Ragnarok trailer was released. Its revealed release date was 11/9. The original 2005 God of War was released 3/22.


The thing noticer is here.


File: 1664508188316.jpg (89.29 KB, 640x631, eyqxyhofdgf41.jpg)

>did u kno if u type "Itanimulli.com" in 2 google it takes u to the NSA?


Jewish reptiles from behind the moons asscrack rule earth and America. There I said it.








also holy shit gas is nearly $7 dollars for 89, THANKS JOE BIDEN


"booty was more important than food, booty, a man's butt… having some booty was more important than drinkin water man"


File: 1664510761258.png (698.63 KB, 911x646, 1559428986348.png)


Take that, Putin!


Got gas for $3.50 today. Where are you at?


Plot twist: this may be the basis of alt right ideologue.



>metoo depicted when "the deep" (an aquaman knockoff) shows his dick to the female main character

The Deep threatened to have Starlight kicked out of the Seven and humiliate her to an audience of many millions unless she gave him a blow job. Then he still embarrassed her regularly. It was pretty fucked up. A lot of the MeToo issues were pretty fucked up, and that’s why the MeToo movement took off. That people took advantage of MeToo to advance their career doesn’t change some of the other shit that made it a massive movement. It’s not surprising to me that great effort was put in to marginalize, embarrass, and push the MeToo movement into disrepute. Porky doesn’t like to have the same rules, and much prefers that what happens in Epstein’s island stays in Epstein’s island. That’s why you saw Porky liberal donors going after the supposed “woke terror” as much as Porky conservative donors. Anyone who don’t see what a facade the edgy “woke pink hair super soldiers are destroying the universe” panic is maybe need to understand that Porky has a lot of control over what is considered edgy in the cultural hegemony. That the military and liberals co opt outrage about social issues is nothing new, some of us have realized this since the 60s, but what is new is that they’ve publicized broadcast this to dampen accusations against Porky as these movements gained mass outrage against wealthy elite sexual abuse of proles… Something Porky has no intentions of stopping… Thus the propaganda war against these movements in much mainstream and porky astroturfed counterculture media… And also the broadcasting of select state foreign policy cooptions of it. There’s a reason why mass movements begin, and there’s a reason mass movements are publicly humiliated on a massive scale until they end.


/leftypol/ was right about the Ukrainians. How often does this shit happen in Russia?


I think some people forget that the reason that foreign policymakers coopting social issues can be so effective is that the underlying issues are actually morally reprehensible, known to exist in some sense (maybe even widespread) and cause revulsion in your average citizen. If they didn’t meet that criteria, or some similar, they would not be effective in dictating foreign policy. Mistaking the incidents of abusing mass movements for self gain or narrow goals, as the reason for and knavishness of that the mass movement, is extremely all too common among the left/right but not solid analysis. That corporate america expresses support for Gay rights or solidarity with rape victims, or some slimy opportunist coopts outrage against abuses against gay individuals or rape victims, does not mean that gay people should have no rights and rapists are good guys. It also does not mean outrage against prejudice and rape should be marginalized. It more reflects that the public should understand that opportunists and powerful state entities will take advantage of popular phenomenon and guard themselves against that. Neither of which the public does, and quite often both considerations the left leaning neglect.


Americans tend to fall for what i call "sportsball politics". They'll support "their team" no matter what. Democrats will support gun crackdowns even against minorities because otherwise their democrat politician might be voted out. Republicans will support bans on gay marriage only because that's their favorite politician's position. So when americans are exposed to rich people (of their antagonistic party, oftentimes) saying nice things like "we need to stop rape" and "we need to stop police brutality" the average american will think "ah yes, i will support the opposite of that current thing".
That's why we americans must have our shit kicked in. That's why the uk's economy must be destroyed. That's why people need to suffer. Because every single day their spirits are shackled by the chains of human decency, of politics, of political theater, while our living conditions decrease in quality. The american nation's body should be broken in every bone, tooth and finger.


File: 1664516089939.png (165.62 KB, 1856x947, ClipboardImage.png)

I could tell a guess where both of you live.


File: 1664516226027.jpg (98.27 KB, 1080x1262, Fd0lWEgVIAEvwzB.jpg)

and worst things are yet to come.


File: 1664517811066.png (273.48 KB, 764x600, ClipboardImage.png)

My map looks like this


No, it's a good adaptation of a shitty comic. They basically fixed it.


Do you think that the podcast matrix funded by peter thiel (Such as redscarepodcast, joe rogan show, all that shit) would be enough to hamper class consciousness? Truckers listen to that shit on the daily.


All the time.


Not surprising. This goes way back historically. American Catholics broke with the popes anti-slavery position before the civil war.


File: 1664527372388.png (2.01 MB, 1260x840, ClipboardImage.png)

Goddamnit Putin!

Biden administration scales back student debt relief for millions amid legal concerns
<Education Department says that a subset of federal student loans owned by private lenders no longer qualify for relief.

>The Biden administration is scaling back its debt relief program for millions of Americans over concerns about legal challenges from the student loan industry as well as a new lawsuit from Republican-led states.

>In a reversal, the Education Department said on Thursday it would no longer allow borrowers who have federal student loans that are owned by private entities to qualify for the relief program. The administration had previously said those borrowers would have a path to receive up to $10,000 or $20,000 of loan forgiveness.

>[…]The Education Department spokesperson said the policy change would affect “only a small percentage of borrowers.” The most recent federal data, as of June 30, shows there were 4.1 million federal borrowers with $108.8 billion of loans held by private lenders.


Fucking hell, how much longer will people put up with this shit.


You will never get student loan forgiveness


truckers dont listen to redscare lol
I do think its influenced the art hoes that do though. there is a whole scene in new york called dime square.



>over concerns about legal challenges from the student loan industry as well as a new lawsuit from Republican-led states.
This is the Democrats' fault of course


Did the midterms in storeshittistahn already happen
I thought the Democratic Party controlled the house the Senate and the Presidency


Well they have this Parlamentarian thing, who pulled up a dusty tome where it says the proper form wasn't observed in the rituals of law soo… and besides the horoscope was terrible for student debt relief this year. Oh and they have these senators that just wont vote for anything remotely progressive unless it's modified directly in opposition to the party line but the party sadly has no power over them. And the judges, oh man the judges are all just so … ugh… totally antiquated.

Look, they are trying okay? And they feel for vooters and they are working hard making ways and setting up initiatives to achieve things better than any other administration has ever before.

But this small potatoes compared with codifying Wade v Roe if they get elected again, it was such a busy schedule, this last half century.

Besides, who are you gonna vote for? Republicans?


File: 1664536379183.png (57.15 KB, 143x272, nazi.png)

>Earlier than most, Burke understood that if violence were to retain its sublimity, it had to remain a possibility, an object of fantasy—a horror movie, a video game, an essay on war. For the actuality (as opposed to the representation) of violence was at odds with the requirements of sublimity. Real, as opposed to imagined, violence entailed objects getting too close, bodies pressing too near, flesh upon flesh. Violence stripped the body of its veils; violence made its antagonists familiar to each other in a way they had never been before. Violence dispelled illusion and mystery, making things drab and dreary. That is why, in his discussion in the Reflections of the revolutionaries’ abduction of Marie Antoinette, Burke takes such pains to emphasize her “almost naked” body and turns so effortlessly to the language of clothing—“the decent drapery of life,” the “wardrobe of the moral imagination,” “antiquated fashion,” and so on—to describe the event. The disaster of the revolutionaries’ violence, for Burke, was not its cruelty; it was the unsought enlightenment. Since 9/11, many have complained, and rightly so, about the failure of conservatives—or their sons and daughters—to fight the war on terror themselves…So long as the war on terror remains an idea—a hot topic on the blogs, a provocative op-ed, an episode of 24—it is sublime. As soon as the war on terror becomes a reality, it can be as cheerless as a discussion of the tax code, as tedious as a trip to the DMV.


So I was watching the show The First 48 which predominantly shows police investigations into the ultra violence in major American urban ghettos. I finished up an episode, and then a military tactics show came on. Long story short, it dawned on me that traditional police tactics are not congruent with military tactics. The violent offenders in The First 48 would submit once surrounded by police. In a Civil War a surrender would be significantly more hard won. The police tend to get a visual on a suspect, surround that person, and then shock them into handcuffs. A military incident would likely involve multiple suspects with no desire to surrender. It’s a weird comparison to make, but the reason it came to mind is that the stakes are the same. Perpetrators are often facing the death penalty or decades in prison much like a soldier from an opposing army. So basically the result of an arrest for a homicide offender is similar to that as an enemy combatant. So why the different behaviors? Likely because the potential of amnesty, a prison cell, a court case, and small likelihood of successful defense. Remove those, and there’s much less chance for surrender. When police are confronted by perpetrators who use deadly force to resist the outcome is often disastrous for the police. You hear regularly of a perpetrator killing 2-3 police officers in a shootout. There are few law enforcement officers who understand the tactical equality in a shootout to the death. It only takes a second to fire multiple deadly rounds. A person with no intent of surrender does not allow himself easily surrounded. I think the reactionaries assume this is the default scenario. They arrive with guns, and urbanites surrender. They surround insurrectionists with their tactical vehicles and open fire. I think in fact that the common understanding of soldiers participating in military interventions is something similar in most developed countries… For example in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Ukraine the military “peace keeping” forces likely visualized encounters one way but learned in war that they are actually another. A true understanding of war is that the enemy is hoping to find and kill you too… Or at least kill you. That they won’t surrender when surrounded, not usually, and that loss of life and limb on a large scale can happen in a second. Just like police shoot outs where in raw numbers the police are not always winners with their superior numbers and equipment, or likewise with opposing soldiers in other asymmetrical battles, even if the reactionaries had more numbers with superior collections of tactical gear and weaponry I think they would be unpleasantly surprised by a hostile asymmetrical force. That being said, the asymmetry is not a given and with enough anger the urban areas could become impenetrable or much easier to appease than subdue.


File: 1664544608868.png (215.45 KB, 481x485, ana_kasparian.png)

where should i move bros

I live in Texas ATM and I'm already getting bored of endless suburban sprawl and random people trying to talk to me about Jesus. Kind of hard to date for a nonreligious person since all the women i meet want a cowboy who will go to church with them on Sunday.

whats a good place for a light brown atheist who works in tech to go? Preferably cheap and with a lot of single women.


Colorado, it's got nice scenery and relatively good social outcomes


>enter in Telegram
>translate to Russian "tied to a pole"
Hundreds of videos from the Ukraine.


>and besides the horoscope was terrible for student debt relief this year.
Of course, Mars and Saturn didn't align with u.s. chakras, and a retrograde moon indicates unfavorable times for progressive policies. You can't do anything meaningful in such an anti-harmonious situation.


>all the women i meet want a cowboy who will go to church with them on Sunday
based, you should get a qt cow girl and stop being a fedora fag


You will never have a tradwife


File: 1664554844352.jpg (59.19 KB, 716x544, live-tucker-reaction.jpg)

"There's a new theory going around called the Great Replacement Theory. They say that the peoples and cultures of these once proud conservative state is being tramples over by these new flock of California migrants. Now personally I can sympathize with these people, fleeing what can only be described as a shithole. But don't you think we should be careful about it. I mean, these people don't even try to assimilate into our ways of life. Instead, they think we should bend over backwards for them. And if we don't and push back, were called racist and bigots. Well I'm sorry I don't care for ethnic food like avacodo on toast. I'll have my burger thank you very much. But it seems the democrats are happy about this. No wonder. More votes for them. Thats why they are soft on our borders, to allow these people to become citizens and change our way of life. But no, don't talk about it, you're a nazi if you do. Isn't that something"


Nowhere, except to the country of your ancestors. There is nowhere cheaper than Texas for brown people that work in tech. Well, I guess Orlando somewhat works. You still will be labeled incorrect for being non-white anywhere though.



not if you keep telling comrades to vote for clintoncrats Remember when CPUSA supported Hillary over Bernie in the primaries? Real shit there, tankie to neolib pipeline


No fucking way. Proof?




found your problem


Dunno where you’re getting the “Hillary over Bernie” thing, given I know at least one of our co-chairs was volunteering for Bernie in the primaries.

Sam Webb threw a fit and went full lib after he left the party, blaming Bernie for Hillary’s loss, but I’m pretty sure when it comes to voting, the party tries to aid progressives like Bernie until that isn’t an option.


File: 1664557030002.png (592.65 KB, 846x720, mf4zbahshno61.png)

>Implying anti-tankies aren't enthusiastic supporters of Neoliberalism.



cool. ride a bike. there's no excuse for personal gasoline consumption.


>ride a bike
>get run over by cars and killed


Holy fuck mask off

>Pelosi: "We have a shortage of workers in our country. In Florida, some of the farmers and the growers are saying 'why are you shipping these immigrants up North? We need them to pick the crops down here.'"


Video in link


the man in this photo, whose name recognition I don't want to contribute to, is very fond of using the same sectarian language as you.


>I'm so terminally online I think everybody who disagrees with me is this obnoxious e-celeb I dislike


nothing says cushy office job like being a cyclist.
imagine being a manual laborer and then having to do an 8 mile commute twice every day.
Fucking bikefags, they don't live in the real world.


>it's this schizo again

Nobody outside this dumb niche that nobody cares about and that you are obsessed with gives a fuck about red scare

at most truckers will listen to joe rogan but joe rogan was an established name in entertainment already by a decade ago



I decided to look up this claim because it seems so bizarrely specific I figured it had to come from somewhere. So this is what I found…

>The Sanders campaign is a wonderful development for 2016 and beyond in many ways. (June 25, 2015)


>Bernie, AOC and others have bravely put forward far-reaching, sensible proposals for addressing these and other issues, many of which reds like me agree with. However, that doesn’t make them communists. What’s the difference? The moral imperatives of socialists to reform the capitalist system are great but not enough. Communists believe that ultimately capitalism cannot reform itself, that Youngstowns will happen over and over again until the profit system is replaced by a society run by and for workers and the poor. (Joe Sims, Co-Chair of The CPUSA, Feb 15 2020)


I was even going out of my way to look for something that could be interpreted, no matter how unfairly, into the party endorsing Hillary over Bernie, closest I found was this:

>2. Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are taking on Donald Trump in their campaigning. The amazing crowds that continue to come out for Bernie Sanders show deep support for the more advanced program he is presenting.

>The political revolution, with all the new voters, young voters and progressive energy it represents, can be a powerful force to defeat Trump. This will require a clear understanding that, if Hillary Clinton is the nominee, not voting for her opens the door for the extreme right-wing, and closes the door on the movement for a progressive agenda. Building the movement on issues, not on candidates, can help bring together the broad forces necessary to win in November and to continue on afterward.
>(May 25, 2016)


So basically just "Hey, if Hillary's the nominee, voting for her still prevents Trump from being President." Which, while not as enthusiastic, still doesn't equate to "supporting Hillary over Bernie".


So it seems like this claim is pure bullshit.

Cute cat thing.


Someone who lived in the USA in his childhood told me that even the most revolutionary socialist over there is a patriot that loves his country, so associating patriotism with the right wing is wrong. Is this true?


it's true if by patriotism you mean aztlan patriotism, new afrikan patriotism, hawaii patriotism, puerto rico patriotism, etc.
otherwise it's a load of bullshit. you can't be a socialist and be patriotic to the most powerful capitalist country on earth, that's ridiculous. it's calling yourself loyal to the system you want to overthrow.


File: 1664560742332.jfif (87.74 KB, 738x922, Fdhqo6TWAAMTR5e.jfif)

>Democratic candidates


File: 1664561487614-0.png (443.85 KB, 1400x965, relig.png)

NTA but I would cut my own throat before becoming a Christian again.
And if you call people "tankies" he hates real socialism just as much as you do.


People tell me that religion is declining but every athiest out there gets called a fedora on the chans. Blackpilling in a way.


I don't


File: 1664562292590.jpg (37.94 KB, 250x230, 1664487150199.jpg)

I know. It's always been disturbing to me how willing Leftypol is to defend religion (Christianity in particular); if it is "fedora" to be a firm atheist, then every Communist in the 20th Century was fedora. These types are *way* too comfortable posting here.


religion can be pretty terrible, but if it was just an "opium" of the masses in marx's day, it's an "opioid" of the masses in the 21st century. the fentanyl of the masses even. evangelism is awful from personal experience.


They're simply wrong
Doesn't mean every word out their mouths is retarded


Nah, they are just chan schizos lashing out. The end point of conspiracy people was always going to be obscure christian shit.


I'm not even really an atheist, I just think that chanlords thinking every christfag is good and rightious is just stupid contrarianism.


>And if you call people "sectarian-idpol" he hates real socialism just as much as you do.
Um sorry, there was a misunderstanding, i might have installed a word filter in my browser and that might have scrambled what you intended to say. I think we're on the same side actually , whoops. Again sorry for antagonizing you.


The chans are niche bullshit past their prime and are not representative of wider trends


Lmao it’s bullshit

Most of us burger commies are either completely blackpilled towards this place at worst and wryly bemused at best


tell that to a messenger or delivery guy. I used to deliver pizza in baltimore (west side) on my track bike, prob the hardest ive ever worked in my life.

unfortunately these days bike couriers/messengers have ceased to exist, and food delivery isn't worth the risk to life and limb for anyone but the most desperate/undocumented workers. Back in the day, an NYC bike courier could pull in the equivalent of $300 a day. breaks my heart smh


for every one person on the chans who makes a post like that there's a hundred who are irreligious and don't say anything, they're the silent majority.


I'm pretty skeptical of CPUSA, but they only shilled for Hillary after Bernie already lost


being a bicycle messenger is still being a manual laborer


Chans are hardly representative of the general population, comrade.


File: 1664564852661.png (312.14 KB, 1080x974, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm half convinced this stupid flute didn't even exist until a couple days ago and this entire thing is some social experiment on manufacturing drama


Good luck finding a rental. Every city I go to there are like 0 rentals available and they are on a fucking waitlist. Porkies bought up all the housing and now people are trying to rent from said porkies at the same time


I doubt this to be honest. Most people view the chans as a place where they can say their honest opinions. If those opinoins are reactionary then well it's time to admit that zoomers and millenials are just as reactionary as the olds are. Sure ther eare plenty of people who say they want succdem shit but is that even really the case?
How do you trust anyone nowdays? I always look at people with suspicion and never have empathy for people now. You just don't know if they are a scammer or an image board user or an arthoe tradcath on the side. You never know how evil people are.


I learned a while ago that when it comes to the Communist Party, a good deal of "criticism" of us comes down to just making shit up. Since joining I've heard we've been kicked out of the IMCWP (not true), that we were taken over by Haz and Caleb Maupin (not true) while also screwing Haz and Caleb Maupin over out of selfishness (wut) and so on and so on.


File: 1664567532224-0.png (1.12 MB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664567532224-1.png (3.27 MB, 2200x1816, ClipboardImage.png)

No, you're missing the point.

You're doing that dumb thing terminally online people do where they unthinkingly take for granted that the sample presented by their preferred hangouts is an unbiased one, and your reasoning purely amounts to vibes

>zoomers and millennials are all reactionaries

Without hard numbers presented in their proper context (operative phrase being PRESENTED IN THEIR PROPER CONTEXT) you have literally zero proof of this.

You're doing that schizo rant you do every single week where you just give your internet filter bubble a blowjob by assuming that it represents the population writ large, and you literally never have any proof or logical reasons for making this assumption, just "people are, like, totally bad because I fry my brain with bad content which gives me bad vibes, maaaan."

> I always look at people with suspicion and never have empathy for people now.

Because you are terminally online to the point where you think dumb niche bullshit is reality and you need to log off and get help for your obvious issues with paranoia.

Once again, for the millionth time, take meds and touch grass


>we may actually have a nuclear war soon
So should I be scoping out the best places to GTFO to and shelter in? There are no full basement houses near my apartment.


If you want, I guess. As for me there's a bunch of targets in my city so I'm not going to bother


Someone's got to be a communist in whatever comes next, I figure. Might as well make my best attempt to survive.


If you survive, the time will come for Post-Collapse Communism. We'll ride our warbikes from the gates of Hell (formerly Los Angeles) to the fallen city of Babylon (D.C.)


Dolphins, maybe. Big maybe. Some life probably gonna survive.


US stocks record longest run of quarterly declines since 2008 crisis

>US stocks have notched their longest streak of quarterly losses since the market collapse of 2008, weighed down by central banks’ determination to tame inflation through higher interest rates.

>The blue-chip S&P 500 index dropped 1.5 per cent on Friday, bringing the loss over the quarter between June to September to 5.3 per cent. The S&P has now declined for three quarters in a row, the most since the prolonged bear market that accompanied the global financial crisis.

>The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite also fell 1.5 per cent on Friday, ending the quarter down 4.1 per cent to reach the index’s worst level since July 2020.

>The year has been rough for stock markets, as central banks including the US Federal Reserve signalled they would stay the course on raising interest rates, reducing support for economic growth, in an effort to contain inflation. This week the Bank of England intervened to calm turbulence in the UK government debt market.

>“Today, I think the market is realising that the economy is potentially slowing quickly, but that the Fed might do nothing to stop that. With the volatility in gilts and liquidity in all markets in the US deteriorating, more investors are getting nervous about the potential for a fast, large pullback in stock and bond prices,” said Peter Tchir, head of macro strategy at Academy Securities.

>…US bonds sold off on Friday, but stayed above the lows plumbed early in the week. After plunging in price on Friday and Monday following the UK’s announcement of £45bn in unfunded tax cuts, UK and US bonds stabilised after the Bank of England’s intervention by launching a new programme to buy long-dated debt.

>The yield on the 10-year US Treasury note, the global benchmark for borrowing, rose 0.03 percentage points to 3.81 per cent after breaking above 4 per cent on Wednesday for the first time since 2010. Yields rise as their prices fall.

>But despite some recovery in Treasury debt since the Bank of England’s intervention, the rapid tightening of monetary policy this year has both the two-year note, which is highly sensitive to policy expectations, and the 10-year note, on track for their biggest annual sell-offs on record.


Lmao Walsh got rekt.


So, third negative quarter in a row?


At this point, odds that literally the entire news cycle is designed to cover as much worthless shit as possible are pretty high tbh


File: 1664578974094-0.png (453.21 KB, 593x613, 5130.png)

File: 1664578974094-1.mp4 (740.5 KB, 720x410, F5cQgJo5AtvVzvOQ.mp4)


Based as fuck. jack brandon knows that the romans (latins/latinos) had settlements in america pre-columbus.


File: 1664579467164.png (77.62 KB, 197x252, antichrist.png)

The face of the antichrist


Meanwhile, in Canada…

https://news.yahoo.com/followers-qanon-queen-canada-face-232436123.html (article is from May)

Qoomer influencer Romana Didulo, a Filipino gusana, self-proclaimed queen of Canada, told her followers they didn't need to pay utilities anymore after her royal decrees deemed these to be illegal. She might have been able to find mutual support in Guaidó, had she not also declared herself to be queen of the world some time later.


File: 1664582606547.jpg (13.41 KB, 221x225, 1662258933213931.jpg)

Its hard to describe. I grew up and have lived my whole live in an ethnic enclave so it's jarring to leave it and experience very different parts of the US. Like social behaviors and norms, etc. I am very direct and kinda loud and I realize people stare at me, or even if I'm just me people stare at me. It isn't necessarily something I peg to racism (maybe it is and I am oblivious?) but I just stand out in the midwest or west coast as a loud caribbean person. I personally found Chicago and Seattle to be very cold, distant places socially whenever I have visited but that just seems to be the vibe, and not personal. I did not like how quick strangers are to lecture other strangers and people in Seattle, it was very weird and uncomfortable.
Its absolutely fascinating. You describe part of the weird culture shock I've experienced.
Thats because they are. Thats part of why its so popular in LatAm rn


>technocracy flag
>muh anti-christ


IMHO, religion in developing nations should not be thrown away, rather explore the socialist nature of them and exploit this to achieve material gains in the movements and later on promote the change of dialectics.
In South America we have the Theology of Liberation for that purpose, written by Gustavo Rodríguez using an extensive Marxist analysis on it
Be agnostic, much better. IMHO. unless of course you are in a highly atheist place.


>and this entire thing is some social experiment on manufacturing drama
well it kind of is, in the sense that it's another manufactured conservative chimp-out


File: 1664589928556.mp4 (2.53 MB, 1280x712, XNVIG3GaNr0y5ffP.mp4)

>Fetterman is a strong supporter of Israel–United States relations and said if he is elected as a U.S. senator, he will "lean in" on the "relationship between the United States and Israel".


I love when rightoid propaganda makes leftists looks way cooler than they really are.


File: 1664590748438.png (422.46 KB, 600x438, 1664249698891.png)

The eternal.revizionist


File: 1664591229962.png (868.67 KB, 614x834, 6464569456-045960-45.png)

It's basically indistinguishable from McCarthyite stuff to me in terms of how divorced from reality it is but it's ostensibly from leftists. I learned to tune it out and not give a crap. I think the party should make more of an effort to avoid the perception of being Democratic tailists but the critics in the main seem aloof, like minor wannabe "intellectuals" or isolated sectarians. Most of the people who you're likely going to be able to reach are well within the Democratic camp anyways, like in terms of either labor or civil rights gorups as represented by the Bernie Sanders coalition and nobody has figured out a different strategy so far, and so you're probably going to end up having to learn how to operate within that coalition anyways.


I fucking love this shit so much. I've always wondered if the people who make this content think their audience are stupid or if they themselves are stupid or both.

I mean like Marxist prisoners. Really?

A lot of mayo leftists tend to still do USA good stuff but nowhere near to the degree a normal person does. Average non online burger leftists is like a Chomsky/Bernie stan

Non white leftists here generally fucking hate the USA. I personally don't even like to have the flag out, and fly a Mexican one instead


why just not try to build bridges and coalitions instead? That way people would gather in mass.
You need a party of mobilization, IMHO. that only happens if you gather multiple coallitions.


A message from the legitimate interim President Donald Trump

>The Document Hoax Lawsuit, which is the “Weaponization” of the Justice Department and the FBI, is yet another Scam against me, much like Russia, Russia, Russia, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, the Mueller Report (No Collusion!), Spying on my Campaign (and getting caught!), Lying to the FISA Court, Lying to Congress, Illegally Breaking into my home in Florida in violation of the Fourth Amendment, also violating the Presidential Records Act, and so much more. This is all being done in order to hurt a political opponent, me, who is leading in all of the polls by over 50 points against Republicans, and from 5 to 10 points against the two primary Democrats, Biden and North Korea Sympathizer Kamala Harris. They have been doing this to me for six years ever since my wonderful journey down the “Golden Escalator.” The Radical Left Democrats are out-of-control, and our Country is going to Hell!


Wait! He's gonna destroy America? I'm voting dis n!qqa for sure


I think that's the correct path to go.


Trump really reads like CWC at times, down to the idiosyncrasies and random capitalization.


>using the sea shanty song
Reddit decade it seems. With le epic memes on Ukrainian bombs and wholesome shanty in this ad, it seems things will only get more cringe before it becomes based



honestly weird how that wasn't even a particularly popular sea shanty at any point in the 100+ years of its existence until it had its tiktok virality moment and now it's the reference point people use

really showcases how totally barren the folk music landscape is now


In an alternative universe it's a leftist call to arms to support the fetterman warlord militia rather than an advertisement trying to appeal to plastic paddies.


Rummelsnuff is the only sea shanty singer I listen to


File: 1664622146654.mp4 (2.62 MB, 656x400, kickedout.mp4)

in the 90s people got the joke
in the 20s no-one notices its a joke
i am 5 and i am funny


File: 1664622573567.jpg (26.34 KB, 480x480, oh no.jpg)

masonic hand shake


> really showcases how totally barren the folk music landscape is now
I feel like people really slept on the potential of Zydeco Punk and I always wonder what could have been.


>Nowhere, except to the country of your ancestors.
theyre a bunch of tradcath rightoid weirdos and i dont speak the language


>not speaking your ancestral language


File: 1664632970400.png (839.84 KB, 889x734, ataddeo.png)

>Annette Joanne Taddeo-Goldstein
>lukewarm boring culolombian lib candidate who loses all the time in local elections
>calls her lukewarm boring moderate Republican opponent a "socialist"
maybe this city needs another hurricane but this time much closer


I really wish my mom put me in a dual language class


I’m generally pleased with the direction the CPUSA is going in. Getting rid of Webb clique, being intimately involved in the unions, unity with PSL and FRSO. Lots of good stuff. But what do you think of Joe Sims? Is the dislike of him warranted? Is he as much of a libshit as people say?


Jimmy Carter turns 98 today. What's his secret?


At an anarchist book stand at Cornell


Cornell? What’s a four year tuition cost there?


theres genuinely just Chomsky and Kropotkin here for actual theory
the group next to me was arguing about Biden being better than Kamala bc hes not transphobic


Anarchists are just libs for the most part.


stole this booklet and left the liberalism was too much for me to bear
apparently they have some shelves in a local bookstore


File: 1664650667866.jpg (79.67 KB, 720x720, 1663370115322.jpg)

>stealing from an anarchist book store
anarchist praxis


File: 1664651870475.png (167.04 KB, 747x525, anya-smug face.png)

Seriously Kropotkin? not even some goo'ol Marx? daaaamn. heh.


>a battle for Kurds self-determination
>rojava anarchists
ugh, cringe.
>scum manifesto
damn it, they stole my idea of writing a manifesto called the coom manifesto.
>my baby rides the short bus
>from animals to anarchism

Chomsky is not that bad, except for his continuous attacks on other states he sees as "authoritarian". if a movement with his ideals manages to get powerful enough, the meddling in other states wouldn't cease..


Skinniest American


I also stole that book but from an infoshop


Ironically, Chomsky defended the Khmer Rouge of all people. Probably because they were anti-Soviet.


Well, they were supported by USA and Britain. Probably that's why also.


>SCUM Manifesto
It's been a half century since that pamphlet was relevant, though I get why anarchists would like it. It was written by a schizo radfem who tried to assassinate Any Warhol presumably for being a man who liked men. The manifesto itself suggests exterminating all men from society as a way of getting rid of society's ills and basically blames men for all values contrary to counterculture values and all institutions disliked by the emerging counterculture. It would be right up a radlib anarchist's ally.


I am nonreligious but of the opinion that religions cannot be gotten rid of through simple violent persecution. Because religion lives inside the mind, it will not go away simply through the destruction of temples, churches, synagogues, mosques, scriptures, etc. Also religious history is too entwined with secular history to be scrubbed from the historical record without damaging our understanding of ourselves. The 20th century state atheist methodology of dealing with religious superstition failed. Lenin is correct. Religion is bourgeois reaction. Religious institution do defend exploitation and befuddle the working class. It is abominable. And yet I cannot see it being gotten rid of through violent persecution alone. New people are always being born. We have to go to the root cause, in the human mind, of what causes people to embrace superstition and unfalsifiable quasi-explanations in the first place. I think neuroscience may hold the key.

Also, something interesting I've noticed, a belief in God by itself does not really achieve any reactionary agenda. The reactionary agenda is achieved by pairing the vague belief in God or Gods with the arrogant assertion that humans know what God wants, and are in any position to enforce it. Religion is the system by which humans attempt to enforce what they can only assume is God's will, but is in fact, human will.


Child porn ring suspected among Republican Party officials, one individual sentenced to years in prison https://twitter.com/mattsheffield/status/1575630901492338688


File: 1664661568078.mp4 (14.77 MB, 720x720, BigClub.mp4)


she's on benzos like peterson


"Suspected"? Wasn't a longtime GOP House leader busted for it?


File: 1664662360789.pdf (362.46 KB, 180x255, SCUM-Manifesto.pdf)

>presumably for being a man who liked men. 'presumably' is doing the heavy lifting here. That Is to say, you just made this up out of nowhere.


File: 1664663361981.png (947.58 KB, 750x1011, ClipboardImage.png)


<kill him, then yourself


Cuck him.


warhol deserved it and much worse


Based, so when is america returning rightful Mexican clay?


based brandon


Pretty sure there are plenty of religions we know little to nothing about thanks to swords, fire, and hammers.


stuff like this gives me a confidence boost, convincing me that I would just be boring at worst to girls if I actually left the house to be social


Isn't being boring worse in a way



File: 1664666028322.mp4 (3.61 MB, 576x1024, download.mp4)

any florida anons that's survived the hurricane? The whole Fort Myers-Naples region was totaled. Especially the part of Naples where lots of millionaires and billionaires live, was looted for their exotic cars.


File: 1664666032303.png (48.08 KB, 548x328, ClipboardImage.png)

More like CP USA

yes i realize that this is a stupid joke for a site filled with Communist Parties like CPUSA


Based as fuck vid. That guy totally just stuck that tire iron in there didn't he?


>Being an incomplete female, the male spends his life attempting to complete himself, to become female. He attempts to do this by constantly seeking out, fraternizing with and trying to live through an fuse with the female, and by claiming as his own all female characteristics – emotional strength and independence, forcefulness, dynamism, decisiveness, coolness, objectivity, assertiveness, courage, integrity, vitality, intensity, depth of character, grooviness, etc – and projecting onto women all male traits – vanity, frivolity, triviality, weakness, etc. It should be said, though, that the male has one glaring area of superiority over the female – public relations. (He has done a brilliant job of convincing millions of women that men are women and women are men). The male claim that females find fulfillment through motherhood and sexuality reflects what males think they'd find fulfilling if they were female.
>Women, in other words, don't have penis envy; men have pussy envy. When the male accepts his passivity, defines himself as a woman (males as well as females thing men are women and women are men), and becomes a transvestite he loses his desire to screw (or to do anything else, for that matter; he fulfills himself as a drag queen) and gets his dick chopped off. He then achieves a continuous diffuse sexual feeling from `being a woman'. Screwing is, for a man, a defense against his desire to be female. He is responsible for:

what a disgusting load of crap.


literally /siberia/-tier schizoposting, i'm amused


>>1202011 (me)
>Men cannot co-operate to achieve a common end, because each man's end is all the pussy for himself. The commune, therefore, is doomed to failure; each `hippy' will, in panic, grad the first simpleton who digs him and whisks her off to the suburbs as fast as he can. The male cannot progress socially, but merely swings back and forth from isolation to gang-banging.
lmao I had a huge a good laugh on this paragraph
we, men, are "pussygreedy"
that all the bad in the world
anarchists deserve the gulag.


Remember feminists are still like this. They want domination not equality. Men are like 45% of university graduates now yet all the 'women in education' charities and grants are still running.


>>1202015 (me)
Oh, I have read her bio. She was an unstable person who managed to get a degree, but instead of having some perspective, projected her own life and their demons through the rest of the world and doing a generalization fallacy.
yep, out of touch woman.
It's sad she gets published in this place>>1201243 >>1201255 but not one book of Marx.


Marx is a problematic white male sweaty.


>Remember feminists are still like this
I don't fall for the generalization fallacy, sorry. Some of them, of course, the hysterics ones. But there is an important sector of women that has some very justifiable problems with the system with data that back up their outrage. But generalizing on them minimizes the visible problem of the society, and that's anti-Marxist.


File: 1664673365155.jpg (135.4 KB, 1080x1080, 56787678.jpg)

<The Great revolution by Peter Kropotkin
>Pol Pot read the anarchist Peter Kropotkin's book on the French Revolution, The Great Revolution.[62] From Kropotkin he took the idea that an alliance between intellectuals and the peasantry was necessary for revolution; that a revolution had to be carried out without compromise to its conclusion to succeed; and that egalitarianism was the basis of a communist society.


Look I'm not saying there's no problems for women even in the west obviously, but the balance has clearly shifted overall in their favour. Men are the ones with the worse social outcomes now (they always were really but things seem relatively even worse now).


Not that all people who describe themselves as 'feminists' are bad obviously, but the feminist-industrial complex is terrible, any famous feminist you see in the newspaper or in politics or whatever is 99% of the time a psychopath.


ah, of course, the ones that get into the mainstream politics and media are very horrible women. that's how they demobilize the feminist movement which actually proposes reasonable things.
It's a pattern they have used with other movements, like "defund the police" where you lost traction but get much more attention. At the end of the day, you don't gain an inch of rights by chanting the worst slogans possible.


iit's all so tiresome. I don't see any way to resist when porky controls all media


this is genius
>set up an anarchist book stall at some Ivy League uni
>some petty bourgeois conservative student (99% of them) comes across it and gets triggered enough to take pics and post to social media
>Fox News picks up on it and uses it as proof of antifa creeping into schools
>the sponsors of those schools blow a gasket and pull out
>Ivy Leagues get defunded and shut down, lifeboat for the petty bourgeois destroyed and they proletarianize en masse


>the balance has clearly shifted overall in their favor
>the ones that get into the mainstream politics and media are very horrible women

is this the "patriarchy is good" anon?


>is this the "patriarchy is good" anon?


People who aren't terminally online (aka most of the population) would probably just think it's a funny and kinda cute design, the girl should not feel that embarrassed. Like at least it's not a fucking ahegao hoodie.


I think most people would think someone with a military pattern crusader jacker is a fucking loser.


File: 1664678394483.png (368.12 KB, 599x413, 9Oy6v8r.png)

>my baby rides the short bus


> Being an incomplete female, the male spends his life attempting to complete himself, to become female.
So this is the power of the femcel schizo…


Why do feminists always make the vagina the divine source of everything?


it’s a cartoon frog clearly dressed as a crusader decal’d onto a faux army suit


I could write something, basically as retarded but dressed up to sound smart in five minutes
a revolutionary 'LeftCel' [Left-Wing] or Post-Left [NeetCel / LumpenCel] 'incel' [Involuntary celibate male] text, Chapter 1 of 654

To paraphrase Anti-Tech writer 'Ted. K.'.
<"The Industrial revolution, The emergence of capitalism as the primary mode of economic production, The liberal revolutions of the 1700s, 1848, World War 1 and 2 and finally the capstone of the 'Sexual revolution' of the 1960s has been an almost total disaster for the male sex, and the fulfilment of our basic needs"

Whether you choose to classify that need under the Maslow's 'hierarchy of needs', Freudian psychology, Basic 'Pop-Psychology' or even view it negatively as a primal atavism left behind in the human brain from our species time before the agricultural revolution - It can not be denied that the vast majority of human males feel a profound need to find companionship in the other sex - But unlike all hitherto existing systems, Which sought to regulate sexual and romantic relations and primarily to bond men and women together for life under marriage - Capitalism through its nihilism towards the human experience has rendered the regulation and satisfaction of this need unimportant to the interests of TechnoCapital. And if nothing changed it appears that the coming generation very well could be the soil from which this crisis reaches its terminal velocity and final conclusion.

The statistics speak for themselves, greater and greater numbers of young-men, who in the Pre-Industrial/Capital era would have already been wed and with children by this point in their lives, report never having sex, never kissing a girl, and rarely even holding a girls hand. This crisis is in differing capacities blamed on either the men themselves [Incel as a slur], On the opposite sex itself [failing to grasp the above mentioned, seismic technological and economic shifts that led us to this current stage] or some sort of grand conspiracy.

At the same time, What has been called by some authors as 'Aphotic Feminism' is in full-swing, Or to put it in simple English, Industrial pollutants and chemicals and additives found within almost every modern product consumed seem to literally be sapping the 'Testosterone' [The male hormone] from each generation at increasing rates - How this relates to female sexual hypergamy [Which it must be reiterated, Is not the conscious fault of the female sex, but in itself a base atavism] can be shown in the increasing disproportion between the physical-characteristics used to commonly define a 'chad' and the broader male population.

So what is the revolutionary route forward for our sex?
Do we embrace the route of 'MGTOW' [Men Going Their Own Way] somewhat of a twist on the idea of the Voluntary Human Extinction [VHEMT] concept - Men should [Voluntarily] avoid sexual or romantic contact with women, refuse to have children - And expend all of their earnings and vitality on other subjects or hobbies that please them - A seemingly fair Individualist approach.

We could also discuss the Accelerationist path, the development of technologies that both could create realistic facsimiles of females to have romantic and sexual contact with - and the development of technologies that allow for the reproduction of the species without interaction between the sexes being necessary - Men and women so to speak would become 'Break away civilisations' from each other, and be able to replicate themselves into the future indefinitely within reason.



It is pretty noticeable that, for all the talk of equality, I have never heard a feminist call for women to gouge crude vagina pictures into desks.


Cornell is probably the worst place to hit with this shit, most students here are STEMlords who cant read


Proof that anarkiddism is for children of wealthy parents


why do tik tok cucks put the same 3 songs on every video


same energy as the old white guy who spraypainted "blacks rule!" on his own driveway


I'm actually from a poor shitty background, I basically wrote that for my essay and got in out of pity I guess
almost everything here is covered by grants, but I know 50% of students pay the full sticker price ($83k per year)


File: 1664684700987.jpg (46.59 KB, 722x513, FB_IMG_1664643140925.jpg)

When are we going to deal with the conservative sicko issue?


ok it is peak mental illness larp kino tho
I want to see a beautiful, sturdy muslim arab man wearing this jacket. e m v r a c e p o m o



>people in the thread malding about the SCUM Manifesto posting borderline incel tier takes about women having it better than men now
Ah man this takes me back to 2015


yes. I love you


Well considering the fact that the writer of the SCUM Manifesto was such a schizo that she tried to kill Andy Warhol for apparently being gay. I think it's fair to put it into question.

Not to mention looking at it it really does sound like a feminist version of incel BS.


”put it into question" being in this context screeching on a Chinese photography newsgroup about a mentally ill woman writing a thing in the 60s that should be viewed as agitprop more than theory and that has mainly been upheld by certain people as such

ah but what am I saying, the majority of leftypol's users probably wouldn't agree with far more coherent radfem/matfem writings


I thought it was a coherent attempt at a materialist explanation
Rather simplistic but


I don't 'mald', tho
more like I cringed…?


Agitpop would take you to a socialist revolution, has been any in the u.s. since she wrote that nonsense?


Uphold Marxist-Leninism with SCUM characteristics

I would say it had some success being agitprop for the feminist movement before the second wave fizzled out and was recuperated by liberalism. But by this point in history feminists and leftists had already split due to a history of male leftists routinely dismissing issues specific to women, though radfems and related tendencies remained anti-capitalist and certain groups/individuals like Silvia Federici and Lotta Femminista had an analysis of patriarchy that focused way more on class.


all politics is libidinal


>I would say it had some success being agitprop
I understood the rest of the assessment. Nonetheless, I find it counter-productive to declare half of the world openly your enemy, when the enemy is the exploitative system, instead the sex/gender of who controls it.
I have read a lot of old anarchist theories, antisemitic Proudhon-Bukharin, do-not-know-how-to-make-a-state Kropotkin, the complex yet helpful to destroy idealism Egoist Stirner, and some few modern anarchist theories like Bookchin which I later despise for his anti-communist rhetoric, and the invisible committee. all of them are… 'fine' to start, yet none have called for half of the population to be your enemy that brazenly and in a.. weird way.
Well, except for the two most anti-semitic writers above that perhaps lived in a high-density population of Jews.
I'd say, that goes to a new schizo level I haven't seen before in anarchists theory.


Don’t wait for others. “””address ””” the problem yourself.


File: 1664691297974.png (26.43 KB, 594x169, ClipboardImage.png)

This can be exploited a lot, whenever they decide to talk shit about the left (real left).


File: 1664694544108.jpg (348.84 KB, 1300x2310, akitsa-bootleg-shirt.jpg)

Based. Bunkers will not protect you from the full wrath of mother nature


Florida judge dismisses fraud lawsuit against DNC

>The DNC filed a petition to dismiss the complaint on July 22, the week the party’s convention got underway — and the week that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) resigned as DNC chair.

>Bruce Spiva, representing the DNC, made the argument that would eventually carry the day…as he explained how the DNC worked, Spiva made a hypothetical argument that the party wasn’t really bound by the votes cast in primaries or caucuses.

>Zloch ruled that the plaintiffs did not have standing. There was no evidence, the judge wrote, that anyone had donated to the DNC on the promise that the committee and its employees would be completely impartial.

DNC Admits They Are Under No Obligation to Offer Real Party Primaries
>they are under no contractual obligation to provide the American people with real party primaries.

Schultz, after resigning in disgrace was immediately hired to the Clinton Victory Team for her service.

The party apparatus argues that the Democratic party is a private corporation that happens to sell political power. This distinguishes it from the government proper and it's offices. But the inspiration of much of the Republican party's 2020 nonsense seems to reek of this classically Floridian logic applied to actual office holders; the obstinance of McConnell during judge appointments first inventing the 'Thurmond rule' to block Obama's last judge pick, then calling it the 'McConnell rule', before landing on the 'Biden rule' name years afterward. I, the company, have no obligation to deliver the contracted for service. Yes I sell the political power of the United States Government as my business; why do you ask? I have more money/lawyers/institutional power means I win and have no obligation to you as a citizen if I can buy/power my way out. Work harder next time you lazy person who is now without healthcare and will perish sooner. Labour must be disciplined to the demands of the ruling group no matter how they outnumber that same ruling group; no matter the suffering caused by the undemocratic choice to favour the rights of capital over the people. No matter even your elite status, for the elite will turn on each other like rats in a flood.

Fundamentally the right to property is the right to exclude. To exclude people from political power in favour of property holders is Capitalism; hostile to democracy by its very foundations and functions. If nothing else Bernie 2016 made this truth increasingly clear to millions around the globe and in the imperial core.


Something I find interesting is the two presidents that that are used against opposite ends. For the CPUSA, the head of Lincoln. For the German American Bund, you have Washington. It’s real obvious why each would choose both. Lincoln is supposed to be this very transformational figure, someone who changed the way America worked. And Washington, this traditional figure, who’s supposed to represent how America should be.


File: 1664696641075.png (813.65 KB, 1200x630, lincoln labor quote.png)

Read "Reconstruction: America's Unfinished Revolution" by Eric Foner


>Labor is prior to and independent of capital
bzzt wrong


Fellas is Marxism-Lincolnism the way forward?


Does this mean the CPI was correct due to having a bust of Lincoln?


File: 1664708142306.png (1.12 MB, 6000x4000, ClipboardImage.png)



housing is something I really want to look into because the US is fucked beyond repair


Mate, this IS the anarchist "theory"


What a disgusting country.


Speaking of her, did you know the CIA unveiled a statue of her recently. Saying that she was an “intelligence pioneer”. Man do they want to try and clean their image. Then again, they’ve been liked by Dems for a while, so it’s about keeping the image up


This shouldn't be a surprise. Primaries were always a sort of opinion poll with no real obligations on actual nominations.


>that one guy who is like “this is my dreeeeam”


>The statistics speak for themselves, greater and greater numbers of young-men, who in the Pre-Industrial/Capital era would have already been wed and with children by this point in their lives
Didnt only 40% of men who have ever lived managed to reproduce?


It's cope for their penis envy. If phalloplasty wasnt so garbage (and could impregnate) most feminist womens would choose to have it.
Lots of these radfem types constant seething toward trans women stem from this.
t.ex-radfem ftm


>book think and grow rich
>in a 650/month tuna can.
mein got.


t. Jonathan Swift


File: 1664741661373.png (647.71 KB, 640x453, ClipboardImage.png)

don't ask how I know but this uygha has just died


Is this Hinkle's dad?


you're a prison guard?


it's the unabomber Ted Kaczynski


absolutely haram


Wow, I had forgotten this picture, just now remembering it's him. At least give us a hint, are you on some schizoid telegram group that was stalking this guy or something like that?


So the letter supposedly from him saying he had cancer was real?


not the same anon


not surprising if true. He's 80.


File: 1664754056840.mp4 (6.59 MB, 720x720, mQN7T6uw6pWa5SFI.mp4)


Jimmy was a killer in his own right, what with the failed invasion attempt on Iran during his presidency


File: 1664760734176.png (197.86 KB, 598x394, ClipboardImage.png)

Australian conference.

yeah you can keep 'em


File: 1664762263896.png (658.39 KB, 1241x879, ClipboardImage.png)


Surely this won't have any negative long term consequences right?


File: 1664762868582.jpg (152.97 KB, 828x998, rlnzvwy0pbr91.jpg)

literally blown the fuck out


Its true though. The media blackout on the Hunter laptop changed the result.


Holy fuck


Off-roading is not fun. My boss sent me out on a job whee I was by myself driving up 60 degree hills and across gullies, next to cliffs and all that. It was my first time doing any of that. Fucking panic attack inducing. Truck ads are lying to you.

The badass hemi freedom truck fears the sandy gully.


everyone I know who goes mudding or off roading does not have their factory default tires. They have fucking lifted trucks with monster truck tires and giga-treads


almost all of those trucks are practically boutique pieces wrapped around an overpowered engine for people to literally wrap their identitiy around rather than use them as tools, so yeah.


My bosses truck is lifted and has bigger wheels, but not like monster truck level. Sand is still scary as shit. It,s also just uncomfortable as hell bouncing around off rough terrain. Also driving through mesquite is annoying to as the thorns scrape your panels and windows and sounds like nails on a chalk board.


The ‘all-out’ effort to overcome Georgia’s new restrictive voting bill
SB202 is forcing officials and voting rights groups to use every resource to ensure elections run smoothly
>In 2021, the Election Integrity Act sent shockwaves across Georgia as citizens learned of new restrictions, such as curbing the way churches could provide pizza and water to voters. However, there are much broader effects of the bill being felt across the state as communities across Georgia prepare for midterm elections, the first major election since the signing of the controversial bill.
>The 98-page bill, also called SB202, impacts a litany of election elements ranging from voter ID laws to the distance at which food and water can be distributed to voters waiting in line. Election officials say they are being forced to use every resource at their disposal to navigate the bill and ensure this election season runs smoothly. But there is widespread concern that the new law will create fresh barriers to voters of color and the changing Georgia electorate.
>“Internally, we are taking a multifaceted approach, strengthening leadership and expertise throughout departments, and working to beef up skillsets,” said Dele Lowman Smith, chair of the Dekalb county voter registration and election board. “Externally, we are expanding poll worker training and modernizing it to help better address voter concerns when they come up.”
>Lowman Smith, who was appointed to the position in July 2021, said it will take an all-out approach to ensure elections run smoothly in her county of more than 500,000 active voters.
>Although there were once 31 ballot drop boxes across the county in the 2020 election season, they are now allowed only six for the entire county as the bill prescribes one drop box per 100,000 voters. The time to request and return absentee ballots has dropped from 176 days to 59 days – more than 50% – forcing election officials to contend with a much quicker turnaround. Additionally, rather than completing absentee ballot applications solely online, voters must now include an original signature on their application, requiring access to a printer.
>Liza Conrad, deputy executive director of Fair Fight, a voting rights organization based in Georgia, said SB202 significantly burdens voters. “For voters who wish to vote by mail, many are now overcoming these barriers while attempting to make their voices heard,” she said. “If we look back to Georgia’s primary election in May, the rate of rejected vote by mail applications was much higher than that of 2020.”
>And while voter education once focused on civic engagement and political education, voting rights organizers such as Helen Butler, executive director of the Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda, says engaging voters now has to include education around technology and intricacies of the law out of necessity.
>“What we have to do now is canvassing to really educate people about the process. We are trying to make sure people are still able to exercise their right to vote,” said Butler. “Every little thing seems to have had some kind of change. Even the secretary of state ‘my voter’ page [website] has changed, and now voters have to navigate through tabs instead of just having it all on one page, so we’re having to train voters on that now too.”
>Conrad, Butler, and Lowman Smith all think it is critical to note that the full breadth of the law goes well beyond absentee ballots, voter IDs and drop boxes. SB202 also limits poll workers’ ability to work at polls outside their county, limiting the capacity of many counties in Georgia as they struggle to find an adequate number of already dwindling poll workers.
>Shanice Amira Bennerson worked as a precinct manager for multiple elections between 2020 and 2022. However, after witnessing the impact SB202 changes had on voters during the May primaries, Bennerson decided not to continue her work as a poll worker.
>“Trying to help voters who were just so confused and dejected is heartbreaking. When you have limited precincts and voters who are confused by these changes, some voters just left. Tensions are high, and voters were understandably frustrated,” said Brennerson. “When you couple this with all of the new rules from [SB202] and the limited training we get, it almost feels like a disaster waiting to happen.”
>Voting organizations such as the Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda and Fair Fight have sought ways to engage and encourage poll workers and election boards across the state to address capacity and education on a larger scale. Fair Fight is hosting a “Vote Gold Georgia” tour calling for intentional and expanded voting sites and voting times.
>Still, some voting rights organizations hope to call attention to the many changes prompted by SB202 by highlighting the voters most impacted by the law.
>“Anti-voter bills like SB202 are a response to Black, brown and young voters turning out and claiming their power in 2020,” says Conrad. “And so, we are working to continue to make sure that these communities continue to participate and make their voices heard and that the poll workers who keep our democracy functioning are empowered and protected.”
>Meredyth Yoon, litigation director for Asian Americans Advancing Justice Atlanta, also thinks the bill unjustly targets voters of color, and hopes to bridge the gap in access it could create.
>Her group is reallocating resources and shifting its voter education approach to fully educate its communities around changes in timelines, requirements and other recent election changes.
>“Overall, the impact of the bill is on voters of color, and it was not an accident or unknown to legislators that these communities would ultimately be affected,” says Yoon. “These sorts of tactics are traditionally the types of restrictions that are intended to impact voters of color on the assumption of how voters of color will vote.”

Former warden and brother accused of killing migrants near US-Mexico border
Michael Sheppard has since been fired from his job at Texas jail and faces, along with his brother, a charge of manslaughter
>After stopping for water near the US-Mexico border, one migrant was shot dead and another was wounded when they were fired on by the warden of an allegedly abusive Texas jail and his brother last week.
>Michael Sheppard – the warden of West Texas Detention Facility, a privately-owned jail which once housed migrants detained by the federal government – and Mark Sheppard each face a charge of manslaughter after the 27 September shooting in rural Hudspeth county, roughy 90 miles (145km) from El Paso.
>Prosecutors charged the Sheppard brothers, both 60, two days after the shooting. Michael Sheppard has since been fired from his job.
>According to Texas’s public safety department, the victims in the case were among several migrants standing alongside a road drinking water from a reservoir when the Sheppards drove up in a truck. The migrants hid when the pickup first passed, but then the driver backed the truck up, got out, leaned over the hood and fired two gunshots at the group.
>One of the group’s members, a man, was struck in the head and killed. Another – a woman – was struck in the stomach and injured before eventually being brought to the hospital, officials said. Neither of the victims’ names was immediately released to the public.
>Investigators wrote in court records that witnesses reported hearing one of the men in the pickup hurl derogatory words at them and make the engine roar, the Associated Press reported.
>Using a description of the pickup as well as surveillance cameras, authorities later found the truck and the Sheppard brothers.
>The Sheppards – before they were arrested – claimed to investigators they were hunting at the time of the shooting.
>A spokesperson for the West Texas Detention Facility’s proprietor, Louisiana-based LaSalle Corrections, later told media outlets that the company had dismissed Michael Sheppard “due to an off-duty incident unrelated to his employment”. The spokesperson wouldn’t elaborate, citing an “ongoing criminal investigation”.
>The University of Texas and Texas A&M immigration law clinics and the immigration advocacy group Raices wrote a 2018 report [https://www.raicestexas.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/WTDF_Report_Final.pdf] that detailed multiple allegations of abuse – physical and verbal – against African migrants held at the West Texas Detention Facility.
>The report alleges that the warden “was involved in three of the detainees’ reports of verbal threats [and] in incidents of physical assault”.
>Authorities had trouble following up on the report’s allegations because many of those interviewed were soon deported, co-author Fatma Marouf told the Associated Press.
>Though the report stops short of naming that official, Democratic congressmember Lloyd Doggett of Texas over the weekend confirmed that Michael Sheppard was the warden to which the 2018 report referred.
>Doggett on Saturday joined other Texas Democrats in Congress in calling for a federal investigation in the shooting with which the Sheppard brothers have been charged.
>“The dehumanizing, the demeaning of people who seek refuge in this country, many of whom are people of color, is what contributed to the violence we see here,” Doggett said.
>Overall, in August, US authorities said they stopped migrants 203,598 times, an increase of 1.8% from 199,976 times in July but a decrease of 4.7% from the same month in 2021.

Abbott and O’Rourke clash on abortion and immigration in Texas debate
Democratic challenger aiming to wrest governorship away from rightwing Abbott in November election
>Immigration, abortion and border security all came up in Friday’s contentious, rapid-paced gubernatorial debate in Texas, where Beto O’Rourke is trying to help the Democrats wrest back the far-right leaning state from Greg Abbott and the Republicans.
>Abbott and his challenger O’Rourke kept their sole debate fierce and lively in spite of an almost completely empty venue on the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley campus in Edinburg. The lack of a meaningful audience was one of several conditions imposed by the governor, according to O’Rourke’s camp, who described the offer to debate as a “take it or leave it” type of deal.
>Even though the election will fall during a midterm, non-presidential election year, voters are expected to be more motivated to go to the polls than before in large part because of the US supreme court’s elimination of the federal abortion rights established by Roe v Wade in 1973.
>“I’m governing from principles,” Abbott said when asked if he had moved too far to the right. After the supreme court reversed Roe v Wade in June, Texas enacted a ban on abortion without no exceptions, even in cases of rape or incest.
>Abbott said he and his wife are Catholics who have been against abortion their whole lives, and he described wanting to share the joys of adoption, which the couple experienced when they adopted their daughter.
>The governor touted healthcare options and resources available to women after they give birth, but he said an emergency contraception pill – like Plan B – could be used to stop a pregnancy before it happens.
>O’Rourke countered: “This election is about reproductive freedom, but I’ve got to respond to this, this silliness on Plan B – this comment he made about eliminating rape in the state of Texas. This is an attack on women.”
>Abbott has said in the past months he would “eliminate rape” when pressed about the exclusion of exceptions to abortion for victims of rape.
>“It’s arguable that rapists enjoy more rights under Greg Abbott than their victims do because they can sue the families of their victims if [the families] help [the rapists’] victims get an abortion,” O’Rourke said, referring to a Texas law that allows private citizens to sue those who help someone receive an abortion.
>The debate was held in south Texas, a much-visited area by Abbott, who has increased law enforcement’s presence at the border with Mexico ostensibly to deter human and drug smuggling largely through a program called Operation Lone Star.
>Abbott’s administration has poured over $4bn in taxpayer money into the program. And, as the moderator and O’Rourke pointed out, the arrival of immigrants on the Texas border has reached record levels.
>“Zero dollars should be going to Operation Lone Star and that’s what it would be if we had a president enforcing the immigration laws of the United States of America,” Abbott said, echoing his frequent criticism about the Joe Biden White House’s approach to the border.
>Under Operation Lone Star, members of Texas’s national guard and troopers from the state’s public safety department have been forcibly deployed to the border. Both agencies have since had members die amid the mission.
>O’Rourke has previously expressed opposition to the presence of national guard troops at the border. But Friday, he said he favored partnering local sheriffs’ deputies and state troopers with national guard troops who volunteer for the mission.
>It isn’t the first time O’Rourke has modified political positions. He supported a complete ban on high-powered rifles when he unsuccessfully ran for president in 2019, but in gun-friendly Texas, he’s pushed for requiring people to be at least 21 years old rather than just 18 before they can legally buy such weapons.
>Meanwhile, Abbott at one point found himself defending his taxpayer-funded bussing of migrants and asylum seekers from Texas to Democratic-controlled cities as a way to reduce stress on border communities. But O’Rourke dismissed those trips as mere “political stunts”.
>Before the debate started, 40% of the crowd of 15 allowed into the session leaned toward voting for Abbott, 27% for O’Rourke and 33% were undecided. They were polled again afterward. The results indicated Abbott moved up slightly to 43% – but O’Rourke swayed more undecided voters and nearly doubled his gains to 50%.


She’s Georgia’s great blue hope. Can Stacey Abrams win her crucial race?
Georgia in focus: Despite being hailed as architect of Georgia’s political transformation, Abrams is still an underdog in her rematch with Governor Brian Kemp for reasons that make Democrats nervous
>Stacey Abrams was a high school senior the first time she was invited to the Georgia governor’s mansion. It was for a ceremony honoring the state’s class valedictorians, and Abrams was her school’s top academic achiever. At the time, her family did not own a car, so Abrams and her parents rode the bus from their working-class suburb to the stately mansion in downtown Atlanta.
>When they arrived, Abrams recalls a guard emerging from the security booth. Eyeing the bus, he told them: “This is a private event. You don’t belong here.” Never mind that her invitation was tucked into her mother’s handbag or that her name was second on the list of invitees.
>A terse exchange ensued between her father and the guard, who grudgingly checked the guest list and let them in.
>“The thing of it is,” Abrams said at a recent campaign stop in Atlanta, “I don’t remember meeting the governor of Georgia. I don’t remember meeting my fellow valedictorians from 180 school districts … All I remember is a man standing in front of the most powerful place in Georgia, looking at me, telling me I don’t belong.”
>But the story doesn’t have to end there, Abrams tells supporters as she campaigns to become the first Black female governor in American history. With their help this November, she promises, they will “open those gates wide” and “win the future for Georgia”.
>Four years ago, Abrams came within a hair of it. She lost the Georgia governorship to Republican Brian Kemp by fewer than 55,000 votes, in a race dominated by allegations of voter suppression [https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/nov/10/georgia-election-recount-stacey-abrams-brian-kemp], which Kemp, then the secretary of state overseeing the election, denied.
>In her near-miss, national Democrats saw a promising leader – and the potential to reclaim the southern state that had long ago slipped away. Successive Democratic wins in the years that followed validated her work expanding the electorate, a decade-long project aimed at mobilizing the disillusioned and the marginalized.
>Abrams was even considered a potential running mate for Joe Biden in 2020, a prospect she welcomed. But she always kept her sights on the governor’s mansion, declining pleas to run for the Senate. Now, her second chance has arrived.
>Yet Abrams, hailed by Democrats as the architect of Georgia’s political transformation, enters the final weeks of her rematch with Kemp an underdog. [https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2022/governor/ga/georgia_governor_kemp_vs_abrams-7538.html]
>Polls consistently show the 48-year-old Democrat trailing Kemp, now a relatively popular [https://www.ajc.com/news/georgia-polls/] governor with the advantage of incumbency. The latest Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll [https://www.ajc.com/politics/ajc-poll-gives-republicans-the-edge-in-most-races/CPN7VPBV5VAADJZ77I7VBPPRGY/] found that the governor had significantly expanded his lead over Abrams, 50% to 42%. And while Abrams has stronger support among her base than Kemp, according to a Monmouth University survey, [https://www.monmouth.edu/polling-institute/reports/monmouthpoll_ga_092222/] it concluded that her path to victory was “much narrower”.
>But Abrams is refusing to be counted out. A Yale-educated tax attorney, she says she trusts her math better than the polls. In the fast-growing and diversifying battleground state, she notes that as many as 1.6 million new voters have been added to the rolls since 2018, many times Kemp’s margin of victory that year.
>“Every success I’ve ever had in politics has been about building the electorate I need – building the electorate we should have, which is an electorate that’s much more reflective of the state,” Abrams said during an interview at a coffee shop in Atlanta.
>Georgia is nearly evenly divided between the parties, and in many ways, Abrams and Kemp embody the dueling factions of the state’s polarized electorate. Abrams, a former state house minority leader and prominent voting rights advocate, is working to mobilize Black, Latino and Asian American voters along with young people in Atlanta and its sprawling suburbs. While Kemp, a staunch conservative who easily defeated a Trump-backed primary challenge earlier this year, draws overwhelming support from white voters in the rural and exurban parts of the state.
>“This is 100% the battle of the bases,” said Nsé Ufot, leader of the New Georgia Project, a group founded by Abrams to register and engage young people and voters of color. “And it’s 100% going to be determined by who shows up to vote and whose votes get counted.”
>Canvassers with the New Georgia Project are pounding the pavement to register and turn out voters this cycle. Their goal is to knock on at least 2m doors by election day.
>Though some Democrats have expressed doubts about Abrams’ expansion strategy, Ufot said it has already proven effective by paving the way for Biden’s victory in 2020 and the election of two Democratic senators in 2021, which delivered the party control of the chamber.
>“Now is the time to double down, not to second guess ourselves,” she said.
>Despite a deeply loyal base, [https://www.monmouth.edu/polling-institute/reports/monmouthpoll_ga_092222/] surveys suggest Abrams has become a more polarizing figure since her last campaign. Supporters say it is not surprising, after four years of being vilified by conservatives as a far-left extremist who views the governorship only as a stepping stone to the presidency.
>But it may be making it harder for Abrams to attract the vanishingly thin slice of independent and moderate Republican voters whose discomfort with Trump pushed them toward Democrats in recent elections. A Marist Poll found [https://maristpoll.marist.edu/polls/the-2022-elections-in-georgia/] that 11% of Georgians who voted for Biden in 2020 plan to back Kemp for governor, while just 5% of Trump voters favor Abrams.
>“If Abrams looks to be more than a contender and she wants to win,” said Andra Gillespie, a political scientist at Emory University in Atlanta, “she really is going to have to shake the tree and find a few more Democratic voters.”
>Meanwhile, Trump loyalists who were once wary of Kemp have largely aligned behind him, persuaded by his conservative record and their fear of an Abrams victory.
>“We definitely cannot have a Stacey Abrams governorship in Georgia,” said Salleigh Grubbs, chair of the Cobb County Republican party, which censured Kemp in 2021. “That’s a very scary proposition.”
>Kemp’s refusal to overturn Biden’s victory in Georgia during the turbulent weeks after the 2020 election infuriated Trump. In the months that followed, he made Kemp the target of a vengeance campaign, even once musing that Abrams would make a better governor.
>But since Kemp’s strong primary showing, Trump has mostly stayed away from the governor’s race. And Republican allies say Kemp’s independence will probably help him win back disaffected suburban voters.
>Abrams is vocal in her view that Kemp deserves no credit for withstanding pressure to subvert a free and fair election.
>“While I’m glad that he didn’t commit treason, that is not a reason to lionize him,” she said in the interview. “He simply did not do one thing and he has used that to cloak every other bad behavior.”
>Kemp, Abrams argues, has been relatively silent on Trump’s efforts to overturn the election, even as the former president’s stolen-election myth continues to resonate deeply [https://www.monmouth.edu/polling-institute/reports/monmouthpoll_ga_092222/] with conservatives in the state. He also backed an overhaul of the state’s voting laws that critics said was rooted in Trump’s groundless claims of widespread fraud.
>“Kemp is a Maga Republican who has done everything in his power to align himself with not only Trump’s values but Trump’s behavior,” she added. “He has just done it in a more subtle way.”
>In Georgia, like elsewhere, Democrats face a challenging political environment. Voters have soured on the president amid widespread economic malaise and anxiety about the rising cost of living.
>With the economy top of mind for voters, Kemp has sought to tie Abrams to Biden and warned that her economic plans would deepen inflation. At the same time, he is campaigning as a steward of Georgia’s bustling economy, which includes record-low unemployment and a record $21.2bn in state-tracked business investments.
>According to the AJC poll, [https://www.ajc.com/politics/ajc-poll-gives-republicans-the-edge-in-most-races/CPN7VPBV5VAADJZ77I7VBPPRGY/] Georgians were significantly more pessimistic about the direction of the country than the direction of their state. On the campaign trail, Kemp attributes the rosier outlook to his decision to reopen businesses after they closed during the earliest months of the pandemic. He also approved of popular policies that boosted teacher pay, provided tax rebates to families and suspended the state’s gas tax.
>“The courage that we have seen from Governor Brian Kemp has been extraordinary,” said Nikki Haley, the former Republican governor of South Carolina, during a campaign appearance with Kemp at a burger joint in Atlanta. “First state in the country to open up after Covid – he was vilified for it, and it turns out that he’s the one that saved the economy, saved our businesses … and allowed people to get back to work.”
>Abrams has sought to paint a starkly different picture of the economy under Kemp, one in which the wealthiest have profited while the poor have been left behind. At the center of her economic agenda is a plan to fully expand Medicaid, which she argues is critical to stopping a wave of hospital closures across the state, including a major trauma center in Atlanta that has become a flashpoint in the campaign.
>But it is a brewing national backlash to the supreme court decision overturning the federal right to an abortion that Abrams and Democrats believe could change the tide. In ads and on the campaign trail, Abrams has lashed Kemp for signing a 2019 law that bans abortion as early as six weeks in Georgia, before many women know they are pregnant. The law was allowed to take effect in the aftermath of the high court’s ruling.
>According to recent polling, most voters in Georgia disagree with the supreme court decision in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization and more than half say the state’s abortion laws are too strict. [https://www.monmouth.edu/polling-institute/reports/monmouthpoll_ga_092222/]
>“The No 1 issue that people talk about when I’m on the campaign trail is abortion rights,” said Nabilah Islam, the Democratic nominee for a competitive state senate seat in Gwinnett county.
>Islam, who has put abortion access at the center of her campaign, pointed to the rise in voter registration among women since the Dobbs decision. “There’s a feeling of helplessness,” she said, “but also hope because people are so angry that they’re organizing at levels unseen before.”
>Abrams is also working to shore up her base. Black voters are the cornerstone of the Democrats coalition in Georgia. While they still overwhelmingly prefer Democrats, there are some signs the party is struggling to motivate Black voters at the levels needed to win in Georgia. [https://www.ajc.com/politics/ajc-poll-gives-republicans-the-edge-in-most-races/CPN7VPBV5VAADJZ77I7VBPPRGY/]
>The trend is particularly pronounced among Black men, who have edged toward Republicans in recent years. In several polls, Kemp has notably improved his standing among Black voters from 2018.
>Abrams says she is taking no vote for granted. As part of her campaign’s outreach to Black men, she has hosted a series of conversations called “Stacey and the Fellas” to discuss how her initiatives on issues like healthcare and housing will benefit their communities.
>At one such event over the summer, she was blunt: “If Black men vote for me, I will win Georgia.”
>Andrekay Askew is among the roughly one in 10 [https://www.ajc.com/politics/stacey-abrams-has-a-surprising-problem-with-black-voters/OH4BFMQIDZCUVAKJIR32UZXCTA/] Black voters who remain undecided in the state. The 27-year-old said he is skeptical of Democrats’ economic policies but was open to learning more about Abrams’s platform.
>Ultimately, he said, his decision would be guided by: “Who is better with the money?”
>Listening from the porch, his mother shook her head in disagreement. Laqua Askew, who works in special education, is a lifelong Democrat who voted for Abrams in 2018 and plans to do so again this year. She is worried about a lack of public school funding, as well as gun violence and crime, all of which she said takes a heavy toll on the low-income students she works with.
>“Kemp had the opportunity to make a change but he hasn’t,” she said. “We’ve got to try something else.”
>In a state as closely divided as Georgia, much could still change before election day. Kemp and Abrams will face off in a public debate that could help sway the critical few undecided voters. And if neither candidate wins a majority of the vote, the contest proceeds to a runoff election.
>Speaking at the AFL-CIO Labor Day picnic last month, Abrams asked supporters to spend the final weeks of the campaign focused on the “unfinished business” before them.
>“I can’t get this job if you all don’t show up,” she said. “I can get this job if you all do what you did in 2018.”


File: 1664780077686-0.jpg (584.48 KB, 1600x1067, one sardine.jpg)

File: 1664780077686-1.png (1.57 MB, 1500x800, two sardine.png)

File: 1664780077686-2.jpg (657.92 KB, 3000x2002, four sardine.jpg)

File: 1664780077686-3.jpg (72.14 KB, 118x341, five sardine.jpg)

File: 1664780077686-4.jpg (757.56 KB, 4272x2848, six sardine.jpg)

Can any bug sisters teach me to sardinemaxxx as a very tall mentally ill man with severe ADHD?
Solutions I found so far:
1.Precription meth and phenibut to focus and channel schizo hunter-gatherer energy
2.Tall room where I can stand and jump, but also move around on a bunk bed thing
3.Get a second platform at the top on the other side of the room and make a space where I can work out and stretch
4.Get a pair of those weird gym ring things that homosexuals use to excercise and suspend them from the bed-platform thing in the middle of the room and stow them normally
5.Store shit under the desk and buy an extendy thing that I can put my work/computer on so I can stand most of the time but still store shit underneath and on the sides
6.prepare by taking 5 grams of mushrooms in the crawlspace under my suburban bug neighbor's house, (whom I hate'), while he is sleeping and learn 2 cope
7.sleep and have sex with anon's mom diagonally
8.scream into the exhaust vent extremely loudly randomly throughout the night the week before I move in to gaslight my neighbors and lower expectations
9.eat only soylent and probiotics, poop only once a day, as far away as feasible, in order to mark my territory
10.kill people that own big houses and keep their teeth in mouthgard retainers in a compact suitcase underneath my bed to remind myself of their weakness
12.fill 30 percent of the remaining air with snake plants and other air filtering flora, in order to recycle the stale, creeping, suffocating imperient air, in order to keep away those diseases medieval bugs used to get
13.A nice warm foot massager or voluntarily labouring gnome person to massge my feet while I stand at the desk
14.a mentally disabled furry animal that I can nurture and nurse back to health
15.cover the walls in little ramps and ropes and nets made of vines for him to climb on
16.spray on chalk stuff that I can cover in incomprensible scratches when my insanity dips too low
17.thin mirror panels on the ceiling for arthouse kino
18.those little star stickers so I can pretend I am sleeping outside peacefully like anon's dad
19.giant vaccum bags so that I can make beany furniture using my freeze dried food and many kilos of fake xanax presses (yes it's fentanyl) as moldable romp space
20.Secret cavity in the bottom of the bed so that I can turn the place into a BnB during westoid tourist season (see bnbnbmaxxxing) while I softly whisper to them to give their assets to PSL and blow asbestos into their nostrils with a percolating insulin needle
21.cookpot/dinnerware set that I can fit in a pringles can
22.fake gym membership for shower
23.foldable bike that I can use as a drying rack
24.gun, in case I need to go somewhere with a car
25.convince some people I am mentally ill so that I can I can get free utilities when necessary
26.don't pay heat, cover walls in red algae or sulphuric bacteria during the winter to take advantage of greenhouse effect
27.steal internet from coffeeshops with really long antennae made from coat hangers, claim they are hosting cp and swat them if they start to catch on
28.release a dozen mice to eat neighbors wires, disguise myself as a repair guy to splice his connection
29.repeat and mine dog coin to cover rent
30.plant opium poppies in all the greenspace inbetween work and uni to pay for tuition
31.Be kind


are you just now finding out that bachelor/studio apartments exist




now this is quality shitposting


I really don't know what I should think of him, was he one of the better presidents or is it just that we're so far removed from his time now that I don't have the right perspective?


as good as it is to see the southern strategy failing for republicans, i fucking hate this bitch. she's the only one who even ran for the democratic candidacy this time, and she's a centrist in AMERICAN terms, which means she's moderately less right-wing than republicans are. what matters more than getting her in charge is getting better congress people in, i think.


yeah well see the thing is, no one cares what you think


He was a disappointment and a catalyst to the materialism, imperialism and political apathy of the 1980s. He was essentially forced on the public, much like Hillary Clinton, but with a veneer of radlib and ultimately to avoid actual reformists of that time. The disappointment after Nixon/Ford of democrats total unwillingness to reform was so great we see that generation moving towards individualist expression politics (Yoga Painting Liberalism) and straight up “isn’t the decay of society uniquely aesthetic” attitudes. His victory coincided with major cities being shadowrun by banks and real estate developers (such as city loans leading to bank and developer seats in urban planning councils with veto power). Jimmy refused to bail out cities struggling from inflation, OPEC oil crisis, and the effects of Nixon’s neoliberalism. This ultimately led to further crisis, and eventually sleepy America Reagan Making America Grate Again.


> a catalyst to the materialism
I wish



>MAGA Communism.


dhar mann tier melodramatic morality play shit skit


>The Republican primaries seem more democratic than dem primaries.
The American two party system is a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. If you think the Republican primaries are "more democratic" because an """outsider""" like (Capitalist Billionaire Real Estate Heir) Donald Trump got the nomination, while """outsider""" Bernie Sanders got ratfucked, you're being naive. The Republican party has never been in a position where it needed to shut out a succdem. Though it did have its own ratfucking moment with Ron Paul.


The plot of GTA5 if it was written for San Andreas


I honestly have no idea why people think the Republican primaries are more democratic?


She should cheat on him and then post screenshots of her fucking


Take your meds freak.


Go see a psychologist tardo


People like pepe crusader should be bullied into being blackpilled, that way they either blow their brains out or join a fascist militia as cannon fodder lol


If you took your meds maybe you’d understand why typing out your faggot cuck fetish is mentally ill.


not a fetish im just in a mithantropic mood for pepoids


How do white guys end up as incels?


I have a herniated disc in my back that I cannot afford surgery for right now. I may try to get rid of the pain through exercise…I have been able to in the past. I'll thank Jesus for the pain.


social isolation leaving them emotionally vulerable which then informs their social and political circles

if they would get some pussy and had feminist consciousness this wouldnt happen



>feminist consciousness
Nice CIA Fuckery you got there


also Operation Cyclone began under his and Zbigniew Brzezinski's watch.


Okay, give me a better reason why she would want to kill Andy Warhol, anarchoid.


File: 1664825185460.jpg (16.02 KB, 428x424, 1594504246957.jpg)

>The sick, irrational men, those who attempt to defend themselves against their disgustingness, when they see SCUM barrelling down on them, will cling in terror to Big Mama with her Big Bouncy Boobies, but Boobies won't protect them against SCUM; Big Mama will be clinging to Big Daddy, who will be in the corner shitting in his forceful, dynamic pants.
mfw no big mommy boobies to cling to when they come for me


File: 1664825687610.png (13.89 KB, 306x245, 1433482493635.png)

Imagine thinking you need to write a manifesto to convince people of the need to "cut up men" in a country that is already literally cutting off parts of babies' dicks and will call you a freak if you don't go along with it.


When my wife was pregnant and we still didn't know the sex of the baby. My entire family was like "what you won't circumcise them if it's a boy?" Neither side of the family is seriously religious and some of my in laws are atheist too. They made me feel like the crazy person because of didn't want to cut a chunk of my hypothetical sons dick off because the guy that invented kellogs 100 years ago thought it would stop people from beating their meat.


penis/vagina envy is a westoid thing. crossdressing isn't however


I had forgotten how good and funny the S.C.U.M manifesto is. Thank you for linking, anon.


It's some real hivemind type of shit, because if they ever stop to consider if they are the crazy ones they will have to think about the fact that they were ok with it up to that point, which is an emotionally difficult thing to do.


CPUSA’s strategy of co-opting American iconography and figures like Lincoln was very smart, they just autistically took it too far and forgot that they were still supposed to be communists


it is absolutely shocking how male genital mutilation is encouraged and accepted in the US.


my mom didn't want me circumcized but my grandma got custody of me. She abided by my mom's wishes for a few years, but then when I was about 5 my foreskin was becoming stuck to my glans. A doctor convinced her an expensive circumcision was the proper solution to this problem. So I got circumcized in Kindergarten. They put me under for it but the weeks afterwards were agonizing and tortorous and I was fed way too many painkillers for a 5 year old. I also had my tonsils removed that same year. Very depressing to think about. I know there's foreskin restoration therapy but i've never bothered with it.


not Jewish btw. Family was non religious with Catholic Irish, Orthodox slav, and baptist black background.


>The SCUM Manifesto
Agitprop for what exactly?


I'm sorry you had to go through that anon. t. anon from part-Irish Catholic family


There's probably a name to that effect. It's much easier to scam someone than to convince them they were scammed.

How the hell can you remember things from when you were 5? At most I can only recall brief flashes.


>How the hell can you remember things from when you were 5? At most I can only recall brief flashes.
I basically don't remember 90% of things from when I was 5 but you bet your sweet ass I remember getting my "peepee operation"


my fellow burgers.. did we blow up da pipe???



File: 1664833901133.mp4 (14.36 MB, 1280x720, 0aRcMZC6LHGNHa7.mp4)



Point taken. I guess I have always taken my peepee for granted.


File: 1664836161800.png (1.29 MB, 750x1179, ClipboardImage.png)

Candace with Kanye


He finally got his tradwife


should i drop out of college? my friend says I should because I'm at an "elite" institution and that real communists go into trades
to be honest I have met elitists here and it is getting hard but I know intellectuals are all college educated so idk.


do whatever you think you need to man. there's nothing communist about working as an electrician anymore than there is working as a liberal arts or business cretin.


just do what is in your heart


have a bro-fap session with your friend


your friends sound like a bunch of faggots.


Is that it? Has Ye gone full cringe?


File: 1664837112242.mp4 (3.57 MB, 720x720, porky_levels.mp4)

ye been full cringe. dude told his fans to bail him out of "debt" (he was never in real debt since his net worth was greater than the money he owed on his various assets).

Ye legit a porky ass uygha


Nobody who is within the media matrix will call right-wing adjacent shit cringe. The 4chan/peterthiel matrix has made it that anything that goes against their flash breeding mentality is cringe and everything that gives power to rural kulaks and gas and tech giants is based.


well he learned from the best (trump) how to grift his followers


Ayo the DPRK just launched a missile to Japan…


He really should have dropped off from public life after TLOP


>my friend says I should because I'm at an "elite" institution and that real communists go into trades
This retarded. The vast majority of communist leaders and organizers throughout history have been from the intelligentsia. You go into trades and organize workers AFTER you've gotten an education, not before lmao. Offer any manual laborer the opportunity to go to college while you pay their tuition and living expenses and they'd agree in a heartbeat.
Don't be a lifestylist, take advantage of the opportunities you've been lucky enough to receive.


I hope it's nuclear


Thats weird. I thought he broke off from her after it seemed like she was using him.


>but then when I was about 5 my foreskin was becoming stuck to my glans.
It starts out "stuck to" the glans the exact same way your fingernails are stuck to your fingers. It doesn't detach until sometime in puberty (it varies). One of the biggest causes of penile injury in the US is pediatricians who do not know this forcibly retracting the foreskins of babies and toddlers, because there is a widespread myth that this is necessary to do.
>I know there's foreskin restoration therapy but i've never bothered with it.
You should give it a try if it's not too upsetting to do.

>How the hell can you remember things from when you were 5?
Everybody's different. Some people don't really remember childhood at all, some remember things that happened when they were babies.

>should i drop out of college? my friend says I should because I'm at an "elite" institution and that real communists go into trades
Your friend's a fucking idiot do not take their advice on anything. Dropping out may or may not be a good idea for you, but that is a ridiculous reason to do it. The communist movement needs people across many walks of life. People with insider knowledge of the system at that level are very useful. If you choose to continue with it think of yourself as a spy or something. If not don't worry about it. You will be useful no matter what direction you choose.


Aren’t they always doing that?



Kanye a CIA op


Don't know why anyone expects Kanye to be based. Politically, the only decent things he's ever done are say George Bush doesn't care about black people (which he then apologized for like a cuck) and a rap handful of vaguely leftist-ish lyrics on some of his earlier albums.


He isn't an OP, not a willing one at least. he's an evangelist in all but name and has been one for years. Literally all he does makes sense if you assume a white preacher told him to do it.


File: 1664847717933.png (527.21 KB, 854x617, ClipboardImage.png)

nah. he's just a really retarded malignant narcissist and a loose cannon. He's not consistent enough to be a CIA op. From the "George Bush doesn't care about black people" to the Taylor Swift interruption to the MAGA shit to this he's just all over the place. Not consistent enough to be a glowie. Would probably be a detriment if he were hired to say something. He'd fuck up the assignment and go off script. "dragon energy"


>Politically, the only decent things he's ever done are say George Bush doesn't care about black people (which he then apologized for like a cuck)
soulja boy apologized too for the "fuck the army troops" song

dead prez can be based. the coup can be based. most rappers have retarded politics that are an odd mixture of reactionary and left-ish opinions


File: 1664848672152.png (366.57 KB, 477x527, clickmyclinton.png)

Powerful and brave.


File: 1664848940304.jpg (22.04 KB, 500x382, i bring you love.jpg)

her losing to trump a second time might just make her commit sudoku


File: 1664849273333.jpg (32.51 KB, 474x407, th-2526111204.jpg)

hopefully its a public suicide I want to see that.


File: 1664849714717.jpg (48.1 KB, 624x774, ExQfkXoWUAI77uv.jpg)

>white lives matter
do they?


Yeah, I've noticed this trend too. I think idpol really did a number on the American black community, starting with the destruction of the Panthers. Rappers will often point out very real critiques of capitalism and then follow it up with, idk, an endorsement of Farrakhan or something.
too lazy to google, is this actually real?


Jesus fucking christ it's real. Please, please, please if there's a god let us see Trump vs Clinton 2024. I need some laughter, especially in these times


Didn't Trump go to prison for stealing those file or whatever?


The day Donald Trump spends a day in prison is the day the communists seize power


File: 1664851349490.jpg (70.8 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault(3).jpg)


He could use getting used by her. He needs access to her audience.


imagine if she loses again


I can't imagine her winning actually. Even with all the extra baggage Trump accrued during his term, Americans still REALLY fucking hate Hillary Clinton.


Irony Meter Explodes as Migrants Lured TO Florida for Hurricane Ian Cleanup
>Migrants are reportedly being transported from New York City to Florida for work supporting cleanup efforts in the wake of Hurricane Ian—weeks after the governor put migrants on a flight to Martha’s Vineyard. Over the weekend, scores of Venezuelan migrants were boarding vans heading to the Sunshine State from a pickup point in Queens, despite having little information about who they would be working for, the New York Post [https://nypost.com/2022/10/02/nyc-migrants-pile-into-vans-they-say-are-headed-to-florida-for-hurricane-ian-cleanup/] says. “They want us for hurricane cleanup, we’d get paid $15 an hour, overtime and $15 for food daily, I think,” Javier Moreno, 37, told the paper, adding that a woman named Camila “from an organization” approached him with a flier about the work. “I'm going for the work,” Moreno added. News of their journey south comes after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis controversially flew migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard to protest the “hypocrisy” of the Biden administration’s border policies.


Its not Trump she ran or campaigned against. Just like with any Dem she has to beat the electoral college

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