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🗽United States Politics🦅

Absolute State of America Edition

Thread for the hellish discussion related to the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face of the Earth.


State mandated propaganda livestreams:
CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html
MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html
FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html
Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFEegalitarianism


I'm convinced that the third-worldist posters on here are telling themselves that anti-imperialism is reducible to westoid orcs vs. restoid humans because it satisfies an emotional need for them, not because they have a logical and empirical basis for believing it's true.

Like every time you debate with them unequal exchange or the notion that firstie proles are bought off by their own imperialist governments, the moment you ask them to mathematically or empirically prove that this is the case, they fall flat. They either post sources that don't say what they claim they say, or they start stamping their feet, screaming "I'm right! I'm right because I said so! And because some other theorist agrees with me!!! I'm right!!!!"

Ho Chi Minh is vomiting in embarrassment in heaven


Read Settlers


File: 1701457773634.png (1.08 MB, 872x1024, debatebro.png)

jungle gang is orcs, you are elf. you will be crushed. your do-nothing labor aristocrat sinecure will be abolished. you will work in the mines. you will work in the factories. you will work in the fields. you will actually produce commodities with your hands. you will contribute according to your ability. you will receive according to your need. and if this arrangement is unfair to you, you are welcome to face the wall. if you are already a true prole and not a labor aristocrat, then your life will actually improve after the revolution. if not, get over it.


im convinced you’re a cracker faggot in denial


>proved my point for me in two posts

also settlers is not known for having solid scholarship and multiple communists and communist parties, including kevin rashid johnson of the NABPP think it's pretty sus, it's basically a meme book


Damn, I really hit a nerve calling some of yall edgelords out lmao


File: 1701458259037-0.jpg (69.52 KB, 720x576, Bundy.jpg)

File: 1701458259037-1.jpg (106.65 KB, 1560x1080, Kramer Apartment.jpg)

So you DARE to think Firstoids are even REMOTELY comparable to the hell that third world workers live every day?! Let's look at your typical firstoid "proletarian" then.

Consider Cosmo KKKramer. Supposedly this "prole" is so poor and stupid that he worked odd, supposedly lowpaying jobs. Pic related is his apartment, does this look like a "poor and exploited" proletarian to you?

Let's lookkk at another westoid "prole", Al Bundy. KKKonsider that he's supposedly "so poor" he suffers from depression and despises his life. Yet he can still afford a fancy, well-furnished house, can raise two kkkids, and support his wife's spending habits all on a single inkkkome. Does this lookkk like a man who's exploited?

But there's more! You also have MalKKKom in the Middle! Supposedly a family of proletarians, but they can afford a nice house in the suburbs, raise five KKKids, and enjoy all KKKinds of wackkky hijinkkks just through workkking in a groKKKery store (and whatever Hal does). Do you think they have a life even remotely comparable to a third world prole?

These are all typical westoid "families". And firsties on here want us to think they're proles! 😂😂😂😂😂😂


Thingnoticer if he was a maoist third worldist


read settlers


There are better books on the subject of racial oppression in capitalist burgerland I can read.

seriously people on here treat that book the way libs treat harry potter


let he who is without cringe strike the first nerve


read settlers


File: 1701458998399.jpg (65.13 KB, 780x438, intro-1628259235.jpg)


WATCH HIM act as a FOOL and KNAVE spreading his SEED amongst IMPRESSIONALBE YOUNG WOMEN in his supposed "JOB…." he will be CLEANSED IN FIRE when I GATHER MY ARMIES through the CALL OF POSTING

no seriously though fuck ross he sucks



If firstoids are exploited, why come Paul Blart can afford a fancy house on a Mall KKKops salary? 🤔



File: 1701459524315.jfif (1.94 MB, 2400x1080, Elba.jfif)


al bundy is an asshole but he is the real proletarian man. He is what we all aspire to.


If firstoids are exploited, then why does imperialist propaganda tell me they're all rich?


It has a bunch more problems than that:
>Relies on vulgar materialist assumptions about the relationship between material conditions and political consciousness
The central premise of the argument is that the reactionary attitudes of white proles are necessarily indicative of their true interests. There is no room for false consciousness or people being misled in this approach. It essentially negates the need for a superstructure because it treats people as always being aware of and following their real economic interests. Were this true there would be no need for propaganda.
>Ignores uncomfortable implications of its own arguments
It tries to come up with a "materialist" explanation for why white people aren't proles, but it would be impossible to construct a materialist understanding of the American proletariat without including whites as its majority or plurality component. The fact is that the segment of the white population that is excluded from most of the material benefits of white supremacy is always going to be larger than the Black proletariat.
>Abandons its methodology when it produces the wrong conclusions
In "Shock of Recognition" Sakai tries to account for the neoliberal cannibalization of the white middle class. Instead of coming to the conclusion that this undermines the alliance between white labour and white capital (which follows logically from his premise in Settlers), he argues the opposite. They will continue to cling to white supremacy (and indeed cling even harder) even though it is no longer providing the same benefits it did before. In other words he does a total 180 from his position in "Settlers" which is that white proles cling to white supremacy because it's a genuine expression of their real interests.
>Doesn't account for how the very problems it describes among white people also exist among racialized ones
There's zero accounting for the fact that the revolutionary movement among racialized people in the US is just as dead as it is among white people, or the fact that their respective peaks weren't even that far apart (1940s for whites, 1960s for Blacks). He could maybe be forgiven for this since it was written in the early 80s when the Black Power movement was a recent event, but since then it's been pretty clear that COINTELPRO and neoliberalism killed it dead. The vast majority of racialized people in the US are not class conscious, and a lot of them are roped into supporting policies and institutions that are contrary to their interests.


File: 1701459699901.png (16.99 KB, 600x300, ClipboardImage.png)

HOW is it that JACK BAUDER does not into of therefore within in of how of time within time that time is inside of time subdivided into time…… that which is of create into of now time that is shot time with magic bullet


Agent Kochinski to a tee


American conservatism has always been about the interests of business. the ID politics is just window-dressing for the rube voter base.


File: 1701460013606.jpg (159.08 KB, 1133x678, Elba 2.jpg)

>Firstoids can't answer this.


What the fuck happened to Idris Elba anyway? Did Cats fuck his career that hard?


File: 1701460210681.png (844.87 KB, 1800x1328, live yakub reaction.png)

>he doesn't unironically believe that white people are literally a different species created through breeding programs and that Lord of the Rings describes this in allegory using the Uruk-Hai as a stand-in for white people


he was in cyberpunk



He unironically did some music for the new DLC and it slaps. The whole thing was fantastic.


I've been reading False Nationalism, False Internationalism which Sakai allegedly took part in writing. It's interesting for some aspects of movement history (for example, I was not aware that the CPUSA abandoned the militant Alabama sharecroppers' union and suppressed efforts to send volunteers to fight in Ethiopia against the Italians). On the other hand, it kinda argues that only white people can liberate their "own" people. How would you end the domination of a white nation while operating from the framework?


>The central premise of the argument is that the reactionary attitudes of white proles are necessarily indicative of their true interests. There is no room for false consciousness or people being misled in this approach. It essentially negates the need for a superstructure because it treats people as always being aware of and following their real economic interests. Were this true there would be no need for propaganda.
This is also a thing you see a lot of in liberal discourses on topics related to oppression. It's not possible that people are being duped about whether they benefit from a system, they must support it because they truly benefit from it in a self-aware way. For all the talk you see liberals do about "systemic oppression" they almost always describe the problem in terms of one group being bad to another and not a structural critique. This is probably where a lot of the baggage comes from when you see the third worldist brainworms on the left - simplistic liberal moralism being imported into socialism and grafted onto the ideology like that dog with 2 heads.


Wait seriously? Fuck

I must preserve my seed in the pony jar for yakub


File: 1701460993646.png (84.66 KB, 722x497, ClipboardImage.png)

He's still getting roles. He was in The Suicide Squad not long after Cats. He's also been doing voice work for video games and TV shows (he did the voice for his character in the Zootopia spinoff on Disney+). He just hasn't had another big blockbuster role in a minute.


File: 1701461017203.jpg (159.29 KB, 800x1208, 800px-Sid_Hatfield_c1920.jpg)

>There are no good cop-

<William Sidney Hatfield (May 15, 1891 or 1893[1] – August 1, 1921), was a West Virginia law enforcement officer noted for his involvement in bitter labor disputes, on the side of labor, during the Coal Wars of the early 20th century.



File: 1701461261057.jpg (334.15 KB, 932x699, jungle.jpg)

The garden is whittling away and the desperate gardeners cry in cope and despair as witnessed. The gardeners will attempt to protect their garden and "civilize" the jungle to show the true path of progress and socialism. They will try to burn the jungle and desperately meltdown as their time comes. The gardeners will fail and flounder in confusion. They will be buried in their whittled garden with no one to mourn the pathetic gardeners and their struggle to consume.Be ensured,the jungle shall surround you and the gardener will feel its warmth.


File: 1701461534310.jpg (65.43 KB, 1280x720, fisher.jpg)

>>The most common stay-or-pay clause is called a Training Repayment Agreement Provision.
>>Yes, it’s a literal TRAP.
Satire is dead and we have killed it.


Honestly I'd be careful with Sakai's scholarship because, in what I've seen from critiques of it, he intentionally edits quotes and makes wild claims to prove his point. The Feds have a history of using excessively radical statements in order to schism communist groups (I think for us, one of the more notable attempts was called "The Ad-Hoc Committee for a Marxist-Leninist Party" or somesuch) and in Sakai's case, the critiques I've seen involve him literally spinning a quote that amounted to "Capitalists are trying to divide workers on the basis of race" into "Those uppity black workers should do what they're told."

Which, if at that point you're intentionally trying to attack Communists to make a point, I'm highly suspect that you're actually a commie (especially since, as far as I've seen, Sakai has never made any public appearances or has a public presence).

It's a running slogan in liberal circles in the U.S. that all these "white trash hicks" end up "voting against their own interests" as a way to mock them for repeatedly voting Republican. It doesn't seem like too much a stretch to evolve from that to "Actually they ARE voting for their best interests because they aren't proles, they're really labor aristocrats."

Which I mean seems fucking retarded to me. I've seen no small amount of white poverty in the U.S. as well, and I've visited some of these dilapidated right wing towns. I think at the end of the day reactionary attitudes that affect segments of the white proletariat bear more of a similarity to the way pogroms and anti-semitism were utilized in Russia to keep the serfs down. It's false consciousness pure and simple. Let's not forget that some Russian peasants were so politically backwards that after the October Revolution they hung up pictures of Bolsheviks next to pictures of the Tsar.

Unironically Phantom Liberty is good and Elba is great in it. He strikes this really great balance between an affable and personally friendly guy, and a complete NatSec sociopath. A lot of the DLC's story is carried by him balancing this push/pull of personal magnetism versus the evil nature of his job.


Is it safe to say that IT in burgerland is in the process of being proletarianized?


Very much so.


>no proofs, just empty pathos

yeah proving my point for me again


labor aristocracy are still proles.

but yeah the labor aristocracy is dying/dead. We don't have those juicy post WW2 super profits no more.


And you also see it with M-TW anons ITT and elsewhere with their resorting to "irony" and hollow pathos/poetry when confronted. It's an ideological cocktail conducive to what effectively amounts to schizoposting

Like, do these people really think that empty rhetoric about "gardens" and "jungles" holds weight against a single observable statistic? It's like trying to argue with thingnoticer


>Thinking back on the IT lolberts who told me their jobs are always gonna pay well because "we're way ahead of IT workers in India, I can just get more certs!"
>Thinking about how I was told that my job is easily replaceable and if I was smart I would've "Learned 2 Code"
I'll try to feel empathy for them, I really will. Not every IT guy is a lolbert, but goddamn did lolberts use them as the crux of their arguments for why neoliberalism is good.


Oh yeah. Everybody who went to school for a tech job got fucking conned lmao


I mean despite the memes of them being lolberts IIRC they tend to be the ones who donated most to bernie and vote Democratic more often than not. Which may not mean something, but I highly doubt that they are any less prole than a car salesman.


I've heard recently that even some tech firms are moving away from self-taught and certified IT professionals to less experienced degreed types. Like even if you've got years of experience and certifications, you're still expected to have a degree.

Bad times ahead.


Damn, I'm back in school to get into Networking, hope I manage to get a job that isn't too hellish when I graduate. Even one of my instructors (who unprompted went onto a tangent about how Nixon should not have negotiated a grain deal with China lol) admitted that entry level jobs are becoming rarer and given larger workloads. At least my schooling is entirely covered by financial aid and my parents let me live with them for free…


Oh yeah. I worked my ass off for a bachelor's in information systems, best I can get is a salary 30k under the national median in a mid-size city that's slowly gentrifying - and that's BEFORE taxes and insurance


File: 1701463006210.webm (13.02 MB, 720x720, yakub.webm)


File: 1701463033573.jpg (96.95 KB, 1533x1716, 5in8qsbxlze01.jpg)

>soy milk (objectively the New Socialist Man drink)
Objectively wrong.


All STEM jobs are being proletarianized (not that they weren't already proles). That's what the big push for STEM education was about in the 2010s - flooding the job market with qualified people to lower their power in the job market. This was combined with denigrating traditional liberal arts education and stripping courses from STEM majors that might teach them a little political-economic consciousness.


inshallah I and other IT people will one day have the knowledge and know how to organize a teach in


I would try to make up something which acronym is MANUMISSION but I'm too lazy.

In all seriousness, these are not coming back because the end of debtors' jail was one of those historical developments which were absolutely essential to capitalist development. What you owe to porkies is chump change next to what other parkies do.

Well, it won't return while the illusion of democracy persists, at any rate. When porkies inevitably ascend as the new aristocracy and make their class domination explicit, they will just arrest petty debtor and forgive porky debtors openly and laugh about it.

Man, Newsradio was so good.

>(for example, I was not aware that the CPUSA abandoned the militant Alabama sharecroppers' union and suppressed efforts to send volunteers to fight in Ethiopia against the Italians)
Given the source here, you definitely should look for corroboration here before believing this.


Aren’t a lot of the “old” tech jobs (dod contractor/defense company) unionized anyways? Makes me wonder how Silicon Valley managed to turn the tide. Microsoft’s fault?


yeah I'll see if I can skim Hammer and Hoe for at least the former


Simple, the private sector is largely new companies so they don't benefit from the longstanding government unions, and they all appeared well after the union movement had gone dormant in the US. A really clear example of the divide based on the historical appearance of new technology is actually in the film industry, where almost everything is unionized except visual effects, which are dependent on computers and only really appeared late in the 20th century after unions had been effectively busted.


Typical for AmeriKKKa to purge away a brave and empowered genderquirked crossdresser.


>I would try to make up something which acronym is MANUMISSION but I'm too lazy.
forgot to quote >>1692685


Cant believe I listened to some fag that told me not to go to school for IT/Networking around that time cause all the jobs were in India. Yeah, Id still be in school debt, but it'd be a little more manageable at least


Honestly surprised at the tally, 311x114. Given how Republicans refused to punish him at all on their own, why did so many of them end up voting to remove him anyway?


>literal PatSoc talking points
Alright Haz.


>Sakai doesn't consider XYZ

Sakaioids are basically patsoc-tier irrationalists


File: 1701472410347.png (1.31 MB, 1023x647, ClipboardImage.png)


You don't know what that word means do you?


They might just not like him?


>in Sakai's case, the critiques I've seen involve him literally spinning a quote that amounted to "Capitalists are trying to divide workers on the basis of race" into "Those uppity black workers should do what they're told."
Yes it was when he was quoting from William Z Foster's "The Great Steel Strike and It's Lessons".
The work argues that Black racial identity was being leveraged by collaborationist elements of the Black population (the white-aspiring Black petty bourgeoisie and PMCs that Malcom X wrote so bitterly about) to undermine the strike by encouraging Black workers to cross picket lines. It also harshly condemns white labour unions for their racist attitudes and membership policies, and says that this is driving Black workers into the arms of the bosses. Foster also goes out of his way to note cases where Black workers refused to become strikebreakers or cross lines, and he heavily praises them for doing this.

What's worse about Sakai's butchering of Foster here though, is that after selectively quoting him to misrepresent his position, he breaks out some racist quotes from AFL-CIO officials in the same paragraph, as if there was no political difference between them and the CPUSA in regards to race issues.


Mexico's minimum wage will rise by 20% next year, to about $14.25 per day
Mexico's president says its minimum wage will rise by 20% in 2024, to the equivalent of $14.25 per day


File: 1701476320240.png (744.25 KB, 640x743, JSAKAI.png)

>Read Settlers


how about you kill yourself


my bad, meant for >>1692697


>250 a week for groceries
dude is either fat as fuck or wasting a bunch of money on unnecessary shit




File: 1701477650056.jpeg (6.68 KB, 252x240, 143InkS.jpeg)


the writer can finally rest now that the bastards dead


Ok fatsoc


i mean kissinger lived to 100 having basically his every want and desired fulfilled his entire life. I'd say he kinda won tbh.


he blew it repeatedly and died hated, having lived long enough to see public opinion completely spoil on his rotten legacy


I've been working the same low-level tech support job the past 10+ years, it certainly feels proletarian.


Same troll either way


File: 1701493095463.jpg (10.57 KB, 480x360, rofl department.jpg)

>Implying he gave a shit


>telling someone "you will contribute according to your ability. you will receive according to your need." is now trolling
the absolute state of /leftypol/


Yes, clearly socialism is about having everyone perform manual labor until the day they die, how foolish of that anon.


actually, yes. people who do not or have not work but can are bourgeoisie and cannot eat




Chicken or sausage mcgriddle???


But he was ugly, so he lost overall


>according to your ability
<until death!!!!!
Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit is it champ


i wish he pulled out the homophobia defense, it would have been kino to see him shit on the republicans a little more


Lmao. Watch Mexico get $15/hr minum wage before burgerstan does


its 14.25 per day


>be stupid, unscientific (see >>1692749)
<get called out for retardation
>”b-but I quoted Gotha Programme! I can’t be wrong if I’m quoting one of the holy books!”


I just watched this iterview with Jeff Sharlet, he makes a pretty convincing case for the rise and more importantly the uniting of american fascism with the trump movement is a real danger to america turning to open internal fascism.
I expect that stuff from Hedges it is his shtick and he's a christian but hearing it from someone else actually sounds quite concerning.
Is he wrong?


>the rise and more importantly the uniting of american fascism with the trump movement is a real danger to america turning to open internal fascism.
I don't think such a thing is likely, at least if it would involve overturning the current institutions of American bourgeois rule. Typically fascism only takes power with the blessing of the ruling class, which in turn only comes when they feel that the ordinary institutions of bourgeois rule no longer suffice to contain class contradictions. That isn't the case in the US, where the bourgeoisie's grip on power is essentially unchallenged. They would most likely see an attempt to dissolve these institutions and establish a legitimate fascist dictatorship as unnecessarily disruptive and dangerous. Far more likely is that the American state will retain its current form and just introduce creeping legal and judicial changes that essentially nullify any meaningful liberal rights (insofar as such things still exist). Think less of jackboots and supreme leaders and more like business as usual (elections, two parties, etc) but you can be arbitrarily detained for criticizing American capitalism or liberal institutions.


‘Scholarship’ and the word of white dudes named Kevin are the most pathetic appeals to bourgeoise firstoid authority I’ve ever heard. Academic standards are literally tailor made to serve white western interests. Way to expose yourself firstie.


Lol Jeff Shartlet


File: 1701538695684-0.png (241.65 KB, 500x407, 64968490565.png)

File: 1701538695684-3.png (566.92 KB, 780x495, Untitled-1-copy.png)

Fascist cop terror gang operating in Mississippi:

>For nearly two decades, a loose band of sheriff’s deputies roamed impoverished neighborhoods across a central Mississippi county, meting out their own version of justice. Narcotics detectives and patrol officers, some who called themselves the Goon Squad, barged into homes in the middle of the night, accusing people inside of dealing drugs. Then they handcuffed or held them at gunpoint and tortured them into confessing or providing information, according to dozens of people who say they endured or witnessed the assaults. They described violence that sometimes went on for hours and seemed intended to strike terror into the deputies’ targets.

>In the pursuit of drug arrests, deputies of the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department shocked Robert Jones with a Taser in 2018 while he lay submerged in a flooded ditch, then rammed a stick down his throat until he vomited blood, he said.

>During a raid the same year, deputies choked Mitchell Hobson with a lamp cord and waterboarded him to simulate drowning, he said, then beat him until the walls were spattered with his blood. That raid took place at the home of Rick Loveday, a sheriff’s deputy in a neighboring county, who said he was dragged half-naked from his bed at gunpoint, before deputies jabbed a flashlight threateningly at his buttocks and then pummeled him relentlessly.

>The string of violence might have continued unchecked if not for one near-fatal raid in January.

>According to a Justice Department investigation, deputies broke into the home of two Black men, Michael Jenkins and Eddie Parker, shocked them with Tasers and threatened to rape them. Deputy Hunter Elward shoved the barrel of a gun into Mr. Jenkins’s mouth, not realizing a bullet was in the chamber, and pulled the trigger. Mr. Jenkins was grievously injured, the incident was thrust into the national spotlight, and in August five deputies and a police officer pleaded guilty to criminal charges.


>Reporters examined hundreds of pages of court records and sheriff’s office reports and interviewed more than 50 people who say they witnessed or experienced torture at the hands of the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department. What emerged was a pattern of violence that was neither confined to a small group of deputies nor hidden from department leaders.


>For most of its history, Rankin County was a rural area dominated by farmland and forests. That began to change when white flight reached the capital city of Jackson in the 1960s and Rankin’s fields gave way to subdivisions and strip malls. But tucked among the stately homes and manicured lawns, some of the county’s most impoverished residents live in run-down trailers and makeshift shacks, a few without running water or electricity.

>These neighborhoods were hit hard in the early 2000s as meth — cheap, highly addictive and easy to manufacture in isolated places — spread across rural America like wildfire. Local sheriffs, even in small departments, set up special narcotics units and joined state and federal task forces in the War on Drugs. The Rankin County Sheriff’s Department responded by targeting low-income communities and policing them relentlessly. In an area called Robinhood, residents said home raids became routine and it felt as if they couldn’t go to the corner store without being stopped and searched. “Once they start picking on you,” said a former resident, Matasha Harris, “they will not leave you alone.”

>Though Rankin deputies appear to have targeted people based on suspected drug use, not race — most of their accusers were white — their tactics could have been pulled from the Jim Crow era, when sheriffs and their deputies harassed and beat Black Southerners and civil rights activists. During that period, deputies coerced false confessions, sometimes using cattle prods or “the water cure”: pouring water into suspects’ nostrils until they complied.

>Priscilla Perkins, co-president of the John & Vera Mae Perkins Foundation, a nonprofit based in Jackson, Miss., that promotes racial reconciliation, said the Goon Squad’s acts reminded her of the reign of terror against civil rights activists that often involved law enforcement officers. “It’s the hidden shame of Mississippi and America,” she said. “People are still trying to cover it up.”


>It’s unclear when Rankin County deputies adopted their nickname, but last year, they ordered commemorative coins emblazoned with cartoonish gangsters and the words “Lt. Middleton’s Goon Squad.” Lt. Jeffrey Middleton was the squad’s supervisor. He is among the five deputies who pleaded guilty to criminal charges stemming from the January raid on Mr. Parker and Mr. Jenkins. A Justice Department investigation this year found that Rankin County deputies chose the name Goon Squad “because of their willingness to use excessive force and not report it.”

>The investigation found that Mr. McAlpin, along with a narcotics detective, Christian Dedmon, and Goon Squad members burst into Mr. Parker’s home, tortured and humiliated the men while demanding to know where drugs were, and then disposed of the evidence. Across the 17 cases for which reporters found corroborating witnesses and evidence, accusers described similar tactics by deputies, almost always over small drug busts.

>Deputies held people down while punching and kicking them or shocked them repeatedly with Tasers. They shoved gun barrels into people’s mouths. Three people said deputies had waterboarded them until they thought they would suffocate. Five said deputies had told them to move out of the county. Many of the targets teetered on the edge of homelessness and were caught with a few grams of meth or with only drug paraphernalia — a glass pipe or used syringe. Several people sat in jail for days or weeks only to have their charges dropped.


>In 2018, a confidential informant arranged an $80 meth deal at Jerry Manning’s home. Mr. Manning, who denies being part of the sale, said he heard deputies burst into his trailer and scream his name. When he went to investigate, deputies pinned him to the floor. They said they wanted to test their new Tasers on him to see which hurt more, he said. “They got me in my private parts, they got me in my head,” Mr. Manning said. “They kept tasing and tasing and tasing.”

>Taser logs indicate that two of the nine deputies involved that night, James Rayborn and Cody Grogan, together triggered their Tasers at least 15 times during the two-and-a-half-hour raid.

>As the deputies ransacked his home looking for drugs, Mr. Manning said, they wrapped a pair of jeans around his head and punched him repeatedly in the face before using a blowtorch to melt a metal nutcracker handle onto his bare leg as he screamed. On Mr. McAlpin’s orders, Mr. Manning said, a deputy then forced him to sit, pulled a belt around his neck and yanked it upward, choking him until he believed he would suffocate.

>Three other men in the trailer that night described violent attacks. Garry Curro, a 64-year-old Air Force veteran, said deputies handcuffed, beat and shocked him. Adam Porter says Mr. McAlpin threw him into a glass mirror, then took Mr. Porter’s pocketknife and sliced his pants to ribbons, demanding to know where the drugs were. Mr. Manning’s roommate, James Lynch, said Mr. McAlpin dragged a blowtorch flame across his feet while interrogating him.



>the uniting of american fascism with the trump movement is a real danger to america turning to open internal fascism.
Lib moment


>white Western interests


The US already have internal fascism without Trump, just look at >>1693788 law enforcement gangs assaulting poor people and sodomizing them with batons and guns, some Weimar shit happening in the US


File: 1701541474972.png (205.93 KB, 1870x720, settlers1.png)

Your argument may be more convincing if Sakai didn't engage in blatant dishonesty and bad faith arguments.


Honesty is a firstoid concept, along with peer review, time KKKeeping, citing sources, and spelling things “corekkktly”. If you wanna decolonize your mind you’ve got to make shit up and think emotionally.


Im going to school for biology and its honestly pretty funny watching all my professors and peers trying to dance around the obvious elephant in room that capitalism and the right are terrible for environment and the cause (or enablers) of climate change. I def gained sum respect for two of my professors who just straight up said right wingers are the problem which ik isn't groundbreaking but p funny hearing it said in such a liberal "wE hAvE tO rEsPecT boTh SidEs" kinda of environment.

Ion if other anons can report similar trends but it honestly looks like climate change denial and aggressively dickriding fossil fuels has basically made anyone overtly right wing a pariah in Biology. There are neolibs and reformists ofc but at this point I've literally never encountered a straight up conservative, MAGAtard type in Biology. Its honestly pretty funny that just teaching the truth abt evolution and climate change is enough to filter the most obnoxious right wingers out of my field. I wonder if this dynamic is more widespread and part of why chinlets are always seething abt college since most people aren't willing to enable there willful ignorance on every subject. good riddance tho they really shouldn't be allowed to express there views in public fr.


I've said it before but sakaists, fatsocs and Agent Kochinskiites are all just different edgy socdems with the same core beliefs. the only difference being what shitty lil aesthetic they obsess over.


I feel like the biggest limiting factor for a christo-fascist takeover is that weimerica is becoming increasingly non-christain and non-white. Unless they do a south africa/isntreal style regime with a small group of settlers fucking over everyone else ig. Its not that I think they wouldn't try its that like all american conservatives they vastly overestimate there numbers and appeal and don't understand that the majority of the country despises them. Also think abt how competent your avg american rightoid is, there regime would collapse so fucking fast lmao.


uniroinically true


post wall socket now


Oh. Still wont be shocked if they actually hit 15/hr in Mexico before USA just considering how entirely fucked this cuntry is


They could always try to get the darkies in the game, but from what I can tell even they are starting to become less christian over time so IDK
Well yeah AMLO is like one of those rare cool succdems from what I can tell.


I have echoed similar sentiments before, that if the GOP dropped the racism even with just one group they could probably actually win elections by popular majority again. If the GOP started pandering to hispanics they would win forever


It's this kind of logic where you can see the glow op behind these "theories." They end up like one step away from saying that having a functional frontal lobe is exclusive to white people, because the people writing this shit are racists (in the traditional sense) trying to imagine what (their racist idea of) a nonwhite person would say about white people.


Reposting from the Gonzalo thread, since I think it's more relevant here
My sincere criticism of Learism (Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Third Worldism is too long, especially if you wanna distinguish yourself from Sakaitard Maoist-Third Worldists). I know not all do, but I take Lear seriously, even if I have a few disagreements.

>U$ will rapidly transform into a Fascist Christian Nationalist Theocracy under the Trump dynasty due to the implementation of Project 2025/Agenda 47

Both of those things are simply aimed reversals of decades of Republican failure to entrench victories in the bureaucracy because of their stupid 'muh principles' small Government LARP. The Democrats were the only party to grow the government for 35 years, so the government is basically 'theirs'. Project 2025 and Agenda 47 are just plans to flip that to being for Republicans. We can debate on if America now is a fascist state, but either way, these new 'far-right' Republicans are materially no more fascist (direct violent rule of capital) than Democrats already are. Just look at how pro-police Dems are while in office, or how their interpretation of police reform means better training to kill people. Remember when, despite public opinion being behind it for a decade, gay marriage wasn't legal nationwide until the 2016 primaries just happened to come around.
Neither initiative, even if they succeed, can do anything to touch the news media, academia, and international financial goals, which are collectively the true means of maintenance of the bourgeoise system. They have the same class interests, but different group interrests. This, though a disagreement I have with you, is based on the same premises you have when arguing for support of the democratic party; that the system as it is (objectively controlled by liberals) likes its own faction's place in the status quo enough to aggressively counter Trump, even if he has the same material interests on a more distant scale.
A material analysis of Project 2025 shows that it can only fail at its goals, because what it wants is control over a system, but its only possible means are to change merely a part of that system. To get public, professional, institutional, and international support- all of which it needs- demands massive overhaul that the right simply does not have the means to do.
Granted, fascist tactics can be used to push this, but this assumes that Project 2025 is implemented quickly and easily, without concern for the 2028 election, but this means that the claim that 'America will rapidly transform into Fascism' is only possible if there is rapid transformation, which, apart from being incredibly unlikely, is logically circular. Ergo, the claim cannot have truth value.
The effect will be simply getting, instead of our current options of Democrat rule or Republican 'control' of Democrat rule, Republican rule, aka the same capitalism, aka, for exploited classes, literally nothing fucking changes. If anything, the divide between a right bourgeoise government and a left bourgeoise culturo-financial system will increase the contradictions in capital in the core, progressing us forwards.
Not that I'm convinced of this; though capital is self-destructive, we've seen over the past century how clever it can be with coming out on top. Accelerationists are strategically unreliable at best, and dangerous at worst.
CONCLUSION: Though a Trump victory is undesirable, there is no reason to assume it means that America will become any more fascist than it already is, regardless of how much you personally think it is now. In fact, the most success possible with Project 2025 will immediately backfire on the right wing nationalists, isolating and destabilizing America and its new would-be rulers.
>Finally, why do you disagree with my theory that under the current Material conditions, the Imperial Core and Periphery/Semi-Periphery require two different forms of Praxis, with the former requiring Reform, and the latter requiring Revolution
I never really said I disagree with you on that. I said
<the core can (reform), the periphery needs revolution
Though I agree with the sentiment, I do have a critique. The periphery requires revolution, but the core does not 'require' reform. What is required is always revolutionary change; this can come from reform, but only in a system which allows it. I believe that while the general structure of the system present in the core can, and should, be used for reform, its current reality is hostile towards that. What must be done first is combatting that status quo though socialist agitation against its contradictions. To simply say it 'requires' reform is obviously wrong; if a socialist revolution erupted in America, you would support it, no? But assuming you mean a direct strategic plan, then yes, reform- radical reform- I believe, is the ideal way forward for the core. But that reform cannot happen when the 'progressive' side runs Bidens and Clintons.


Thing is, I'd imagine that a few of the racist whites would vote Democratic instead. There is a historical presidence for it.


"Look who do you trust more to teach you about nature? A guy named 'Dr Steven Whitman' with a degree in sustainability or my buddy Mufasa X Jafar, who did peyote buttons in the desert and went on a spirit quest?"

I once saw someone genuinely claim that things like "arriving on time" was an aspect of "Whiteness" which to be honest, seems absurd to complain about. Like "being nice to your grandparents is an aspect of Confucianism."


>my buddy Mufasa X Jafar, who did peyote buttons in the desert and went on a spirit quest?


File: 1701553090078-1.png (13.6 KB, 258x195, Trump BLM.png)

>They could always try to get the darkies in the game
They could but they won't succeed because it will cause a massive split in the conservative movement and make the US go towards a new party system. You can see it with Trumps current outreach for black votes which is showing some suprising gain. A swath of conservatives are currently seething because Trump said he is happy to have the endorsement of the Rhode Island BLM leader and said he was happy to have BLMs support. It reminds me when Trump said that slaves were a massive part that built the US and caused conservative columns to ask if Trump is going "woke". That is just a preview of Trump's second term If his gamble works out. It may split the GOP if he brings in more minorities to the Republicans and could be the Whigs moment for the Republicans going into 2028 and the 2030s.
From personal experience and polling, the vast majority of black Americans still are Christian. The problem is that for many white evangecalists if it is a choice between race or Christianity the mask will come off everytime and race will be chosen. They will never accept the "thugs" into their party and Trumps outreach will see increase evangelicalist pushback. The minorities Trump gains will be a loss in the suburbs that the Democrats are currently courting. Time will tell but I firmly believe we won't have Christo-fascism and lean more towards >>1693784 on how it would work.


File: 1701553623696.png (338.32 KB, 1566x1147, 1701032253179.png)

Huh. Glad I wasn't the only one who thought the republicans wouldn't really become a one party state from that, even though our logic was…different i guess.
It should also be noted that Republicans are losing support not only from the general population, but from the their own party as well. So while TRUMP is fairly popular in some ways, I can certainly see there being a split, even without black support for Trump. From what I can tell from special election result statistics, 80% of black men and 88% of black women still vote for the democrats in the 2022 special elections though. Black people certainly are raising up to become the new "wealthy yet generally not-college educated" class that the old white boomers used to be however.

That being said, while the democrats aren't well liked, Democrats like their own party and it seems like the Palestine thing didn't dent their support from people who ID as Democrat because well outside of leftypol and Trueanon I don't really see that many americans giving a fuck about what US empire mongering does. It isa very insular nation still.


lmao at that fake mark fisher tweet



I just realized it's a different guy called Mark Fisher. What the hell


now imagining alt history event where trump speaks with britbong mark fisher and starts accusing democrats of being in the vampire castle and derides the fake lyin MSM and Liberal Realism


The confusing thing to me is that it seems like black people actually have more transsexuals on average along with the Hispanics and yet those two demographics are also more religious???


>I once saw someone genuinely claim that things like "arriving on time" was an aspect of "Whiteness" which to be honest, seems absurd to complain about.
That's exactly what I'm talking about. Google "colored people time." That's clearly somebody inverting a well established racist trope. It stopped being ok to say outright "black people are so lazy unlike white people," so they started saying "white people are so punctual unlike black people."

The complaint is obviously stupid because it's complaining about something that's pretty clearly a good thing regardless of cultural values, so it implicitly validates the thing it's supposedly complaining about. They might as well be going "white people are too civilized and human, unlike the Africans who are savage orcs (and that's a good thing)." They are trying to sneak the exact same premise into discourse by just flipping the moralistic dimension in a way that's obviously absurd.

This kind of content is fodder for the outrage machine anyway, so it doesn't matter that in this context the good and bad are flipped - this stuff exists for the right wing to make a cringe compilation out of. The purpose of doing this is to trap discourse into validating the premise and arguing about "which side" is bad, rather than rejecting the whole premise outright. It's not a particularly sophisticated trick they're doing - it's quite transparent. That's why it seems like it's astroturf by regular ass racists derailing what real anti-racist criticism exists.


Cornel West is broke because he spent all his money on a bunch of girlfriends (in multiple area codes), and the article in Fortune magazine about it is a hit piece to take him down, but it makes him somewhat sympathetic if you ask me. The man just craves sublime and funky and expensive love.

>Cornel West has been a fixture of American society for more than three decades, publishing books, teaching at Ivy League institutions, commenting on cable news, collaborating on music with Prince—even popping up in sequels to the Matrix. Ubiquity provided liquidity, with West earning an estimated $15 million or so over the last 30 years. But oddly, as he mounts an independent run for president, his net worth resembles that of a first-year adjunct professor. “I live paycheck to paycheck,” says West.

>A review of federal filings and property records confirms that West’s net worth is near zero. Other outlets have previously reported on his troubles paying taxes over the years. But no one so far has explained how someone so successful became so broke. With West in position to affect who becomes America’s next president, Forbes set out to answer that question, digging into heaps of legal and tax documents filed in various jurisdictions over six decades. Turns out much of the damage was self-inflicted.

>West burst onto the national scene in the 1990s with Race Matters, a compilation of essays that sold more than 500,000 copies. He traveled the country to deliver speeches, hauling in more than $500,000 a year. Much of the money flowed to him with no taxes deducted. West blew it—on many things, especially women—leaving little left for Uncle Sam by the time tax season arrived. The liens piled up: $144,000 in 1998, $105,000 in 2000, $205,000 in 2001 and so on. “Almost like a reptile biting its tail,” he says now.

>West lived in a Four Seasons condo in Boston, which he later admitted he could not afford, and rode around in a Mercedes or Cadillac. One of his four ex-wives accused West of maintaining a covert apartment in Boston for $5,000 a month to use as a love den. She also alleged that, despite not having any health conditions, he later took a medical leave from his job at Harvard to live a “secret life” with another woman in New Mexico.



File: 1701559416294-0.jpg (88.47 KB, 1179x1204, F-f6tqZaAAAm5pM.jpg)

File: 1701559416294-1.png (600.21 KB, 785x699, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1701559416294-2.png (30.84 KB, 887x211, ClipboardImage.png)

This is a pretty stupid sentiment though. The GOP's racism against hispanics isn't even necessarily racist; it's just that they don't like helping people, so their only base is the group that largely needs the least help.
I can't stand it when people say 'if the GOP drop the culture war stuff and focus on economics, they'll win every election,' when the only time conservative economics ever worked was Reagan, and that's because the only thing that actually trickled down was 40 years of good New Deal policies, which dried the coffers enough by the 1990 recession that Bush wouldn't have been reelected even if Perot won. Conservative economics don't fucking work, and what that take is saying is just 'with good enough rhetoric, they'll win every moderate, like Reagan in '84!' as if their policies don't just give Democrats landslides every time they end up disastrously. (1992, 2008, 2020)
Trump succeeded because he said 'all this war is bullshit and gutting social security is dumb.' Neocons think Nicki Haley's MURICA STRONG (strong= doesn't need to help Americans, needs overthrow foreign governments) is a selling point. Really, Haley is succeeding because she's smart enough to use 'Washington is corrupt' rhetoric, and most people don't know she is the most corrupt MIC establishment shitbag since Cheney. But the GOP is pushing her hard, and Fox News' audience of boomer retards loves her. Just look at this chart.
>source: gf is always on le CCP spyware app, and clips of Haley in debates tend to have zoomer girls liking her; being a woman probably helps
Haleys, Bushes, and Cheneys made the Trump base by being so utterly fucking spiteful to the average American. Trump provided a bare minimum populism, called the establishment ugly and dumb, and he won every swing state. Covid reversed that, but nobody likes Biden, and now the options are either Democrats like Newsom Biden is 100% an A+, Neocon Nikki, and whatever the fuck Trump believes (probably nothing; his economic policies were just bog standard Republican shit).
My theory is that people are desperate for a serious populist, and don't care if it's a Bernie SuccDem or a Trumpist. Watch these Fox viewers react to Bernie speaking candidly- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jthr_9gIkKo
Or hell, look at those headlines in my pics. Btw, the 'conspiracy theory' is that the economy is designed favor a small minority of the ultra-rich.
THAT'S the economic vision people actually fucking want. A republican with rhetorical talent, liberal economics, and social conservativism would actually win over the nearly 50% of socially conservative blacks and hispanics who still vote democrats because their communities rely on liberal policies. But instead, Trump's successor looks like it'll be a Vivek who, sure, is a strong anti-interventionist (and I on principle can't take issue with his hot take of 'we SHOULDN'T wanna go to war with china) also wants to fully militarize the border and shut down the department of education.

I guess that's good for me as a socialist, but I particularly hate what accelarationism wants, whether done by accelarationist retards or just normal retards. We're stuck in the forever cycle of
>Republicans in charge: 'to fix the energy crisis, we'll start rolling blackouts'
<rolling blackouts only affect poor neighborhoods
>Democrats: 'This is racist! elect us, and we'll stop it!'
<Democrats win
>Democrats: 'K we cant stop the blackouts. Also gas stoves are banned."
>Democrats in charge: 'to fix the energy crisis, we'll start rolling blackouts'
<rolling blackouts only affect poor neighborhoods
>Republicans: 'This is why you need the free market! elect us, and we'll stop it!'
<Republicans win
>Republicans: 'K we can't stop the blackouts. Also we're raising taxes to invade Mexico.'


>But he was ugly
Completely irrelevant. I guarantee you he got more pussy than this entire site combined ever will.


Direct democracy bros… anti-authoritarian chinlets… it's OVER


> is a real danger to america turning to open internal fascism.
Uygha the current president is literally denying an ongoing genocide. America is fascist already.


File: 1701561350202.jpg (25.88 KB, 255x518, 1663092828906386.jpg)

Excellent post, even I was buying into the R would win everything if they let in the blacks rhetoric.


America has been commuting genocide in intermitten fashion ever since the Korean War. Don't give Brandon that much credit.


>The GOP's racism against hispanics isn't even necessarily racist
>racism isn't racist


Fine, nerd.
>The GOP's racism against hispanics (and blacks) isn't about race itself
…but rather a side effect of disdain for groups who can't 'help themselves.' I feel like I was pretty clear with this.


File: 1701562420784.jpg (98.56 KB, 750x1290, bmnctjmwbov11.jpg)

To clarify, that's not to say that there are no racists in the Republican party, or that racist policy isn't inspired by some of those people, but just that it's not so simple as 'not being racist,' as >>1693966 suggests (which is just a wee bit idealism; no diss) because even non-racist or anti-racist republicans still don't have policies that actually help nonwhite people as groups, because their ideology is implicitly against the interests of the lower middle and working class.
But you'd know this if you actually saw what I was replying to, or read my whole post, I feel like you'd get this.


Thanks for the in-depth response Comrade CPUSA anon, ✊😜! Unfortunately, I have to strongly disagree with your analysis, because I feel it takes an extremely dangerous/naive stance of downplaying/underestimating the likelihood of a successful Theocratic Fascist takeover of the U$ (I worry you are very close to “winning” the “Ernst Thälmann award in Marxist political foresight”), and before I get into why that is, I feel it is very important to note the “controversial” fact that no matter how flawed the Capitalist Imperialist U$ State currently is, it does not yet currently meet the definition of Fascism (Fascism is one of TWO distinctive forms of Bourgeois Dictatorship, alongside Liberal Bourgeois Democracy as explained in this article https://massline.org/Politics/ScottH/Fascism-MLM-Conception.pdf ), now this is not to downplay the horrible treatment of the Workers and Oppressed Nations in the U$ right now (particularly the horrifying treatment of New Afrikans by the Criminal Justice System through the “War on Drugs”), or to ignore the Imperialist Wars of Aggression that have been launched by the U$ (ie. Iraq and Afghanistan under Bush), but with major caveats aside, if the U$ was actually a Fascist state, we would not be able to have this virtual conversation right now without risking Death and/or Imprisonment, and the very organization you are a member of (CPUSA) would be shut down and all of its members rounded up by the feds (I know that their is a law on the books that “technically” authorizes this, but the fact that it isn’t implemented, alone is evidence that the U$ is not Fascist yet), and any left-wing protests would be met with Tanks in the streets gunning everyone down and arresting all those who aren’t killed (I get that horrible police brutality happens at protests in the U$, but if we were in actual Fascism, every single protest no matter how peaceful would be massacred in broad daylight, no questions asked), and even moderate Left-Liberal parties like the much maligned Democrats wouldn’t be allowed on the ballot, while women would have Zero rights throughout the entire country (not just in Red States), all LGBTQIA+ would be thrown in concentration camps (alongside all Left-wing activists, politicians, academics, etc.), Unions would be Federally banned, and the Social Safety net would be completely dissolved, 🤢🤮!

Now, when it comes to whether Project 2025/Agenda 47 seeks to transform the U$ into a Fascist Theocracy and whether their are major elements of the Haute Bourgeoise who desire this to happen (ie. it is in their Material interests to tear off the mask of Liberal Bourgeois Democracy), the answer is sadly an undeniable YES on both questions, 🤢🤮! The is due to the fact that if you actually READ Project 2025/Agenda 47 (here is the link to Project 2025 https://thf_media.s3.amazonaws.com/project2025/2025_MandateForLeadership_FULL.pdf ), It clearly states that Trump will use the Insurrection act to affectively declare MARTIAL LAW on day one, by sending Tanks into the streets of every major city (this is supposedly to “Get Crime of the Streets”, which is a pretty transparent dog whistle), along with utilizing the “Unitary Executive Theory” to purge the entire Federal Government of all Democrats, and replace them with loyal Fascist Republicans, including at the DOJ which Trump has stated will be 100% under his control and that he will send it to imprison all political opponents (this includes everybody from high-ranking Democratic politicians like Biden and the “squad”, to members of any Leftist party, and probably even people posting “wrong thought” online like us), the disturbing fact that their is a section of Project 2025 (page 37 of the PDF I liked above) which explicitly calls for declaring all Transgenders to be “Pedophiles” who will be subsequently arrested and sent to prison, along with declaring anyone who supports them (ie. teachers, professors, activists, doctors, celebrities, politicians, etc.) of engaging in “Child Sex Trafficking” so they all can be arrested/incarcerated as well, and finally the fact that Project 2025/Agenda 47 call for the elimination of Section 230 in order to ban all Social Media in conjunction with massive censorship from the FCC to shut down all media outlets except Fox News/Newsmax/Talk Radio, 🤢🤮!

Finally, the fact that major elements of the Huate Bourgeoise (probably a majority) support this Fascist Theocratic take over, can be demonstrated that the Military-Industrial Complex supports this because they will get even bigger Defense budgets once Republicans eliminate the Social Safety Net, along with the fact Trump has promised them extremely lucrative Invasions of Iran and Mexico, and even a potential World War III with China, the Oil/Gas industry supports this because Republicans are blatantly critical for their continued existence, Big Pharma supports this because they benefit from the elimination of Medicare/Medicaid (along with killing any chance of Single-Payer), Private Prisons support this because they will be more profitable then ever from rounding up millions of Leftists, LGBTIA+, and Feminists, Big Ag supports this because of Republicans being the “Rural” party, and the Musk/Thiel “PayPal mafia” support this because it will implement their demented “NRx” vision of Fascism run by Billionaire “Ubermenschen”, and Wall Street supports this because their will be no more Unions, Regulations, and Taxes that will cut into Corporate profits, 🤢🤮!

In conclusion, I feel that you are dangerously underestimating the likelihood of a Theocratic Fascist takeover of the U$, primarily out of disgust of realizing that it is in your interest to critically support the Democratic Party. Look, I get it, from a purely surface level Marxist analysis it is pretty clear that Democrats (especially Biden) suck, and it seems retarded to ever vote, BUT if you stop your knee-jerk emotional response to critically supporting any Bourgeois Party from getting the better of you, it is even more abundantly clear that Democrats are literally the ONLY VIABLE OPTION for Communists in this country who don’t want themselves and all LGBTQIA+, Feminists, and Union organizers to die in Prison, want to see some kind of Social Safety Net exist, want to stop Imperialist Wars against Iran/Mexico/China, and are not delusional enough to believe that PPW is viable in the current Material Conditions of the U$. With that said I feel that as long as the current Material Conditions exist in the U$, all Communists must critically support the Democratic Party in order to stop a Theocratic Fascist Republican takeover (this is literally the line of CPUSA), and to eventually elect a Leftist Democrat (ie. AOC) that will implement UBI, Medicare For All, Free College, Drug Legalization/Decriminalization, and a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy, which combined with successful Maoist PPWs in the Periphery/Semi-Periphery will eventually merge together into a Global USSR that will place the Workers and Oppressed Nations of the World on the Shining Path to Communism, ✊😜!


racism is racist but was never about race. It's about using arbitrary demographics as scapegoats for an economic arrangement. For example. Racist theories are always invented after the economic arrangement to justify it in hindsight. Like with the colonial slave trade. Black people weren't enslaved because they were seen as inferior. Black people were written off as inferior once they were enslaved, to justify the continuation of that arrangement. Racism was never about race but it was always racist. That's the point. It's a proxy for economics.


I mean 'Repubs would win everything if they let in blacks/latinos' isn't a fundamentally wrong one, it's just based on this idealist notion that the GOP is like that just because they want to. You can see that's not true. They desperately try to push black republicans and talk about how much they love black and hispanics; they already 'let in' minorities. But their entire political position is against the interests of those groups, not just as racial groups (which is socially constructed woo woo anyways), but as classes.
I hope it was all clear to understand! It's frustrating when things don't just click. But it makes sense if you look at it materially and historically. The only reason the GOP gets rural white votes, be they decently off small towners or literal starving impoverished hillbillies is because of historic loyalty, which lingers in rural areas far longer than the more connected urban and suburban- the republicans used to be an agrarian party, pre-new deal, as the new deal ended, the southern strategy nabbed the rest as the realignment occurred.
Realignment is regular deal in America- the New Deal began the 5th system, the post-Nixon Reagan coalition began the 6th. But strategies have a shelf life, simply legislating slight change to capitalism's really doesn't fix its contradictions, and despite being bourgeoise, both parties need to at least appeal to some interests to secure voters. That shelf life tends to be 35-55 years; the last reshuffle happened in 1970-80. You do the math.
The Republicans of this era- the neocons- more trusting of the market and more eager to start imperialist wars that looked like a good idea at the time, did themselves no long term favors Though 'liberal' was a dirty word in 1990, now the Democrats are in an enviable position. Angry, radical, charismatic leaders are not the sign of party longevity- the GOP desperately needs to overhaul itself by the 2030s if it wants to continue existing. Not that I suggest you care; if it does, some other party will become the other party that our electoral system encourages, like the Whigs before the Republicans, and the Democratic Republicans before the Democrats. If it doesn't, who cares, we're gonna see another realignment either way.
<The one joy you can take from this: no matter what, Neocons are joining Kissinger soon, as they inevitably were always going to


Well yeah. That's why just 'stop being racist' doesn't work. That's been my point the whole time.


it's less that "racism isn't racist" and more that "racism isn't interpersonal bigotry but a system of oppression that transcends the prejudiced feelings or lack thereof in racist individuals".

The chorus of yesterday's racism was "hang that n****r." the chorus of today's racism is "some of my best friends are black!" racism still exists, but the racists hate being called racists. They know it's bad for some reason but they don't understand what it is. When they hear the word they think they're being accused of being bigoted on an interpersonal level. They don't understand that it's about passive systems of control that run on autopilot.


>Republicans in charge: 'to fix the energy crisis, we'll start rolling blackouts
<rolling blackouts only affect poor neighborhoods
>Democrats: 'This is racist! elect us, and we'll stop it!'
<Democrats win
Lol it was Democrat Gray Davis who had the rolling blackouts and got recalled Republican Schwarzenegger who got elected to fix it.

That's pretty much my response to your post and this whole debate . There is really no daylight betweeen Rs and Ds. It's like changing the hosts on a TV show. It's the corporate executives who actually make all the decisions. Look at any company over a ten year stretch or even one election often, they donate to Rs and Ds equally.


File: 1701569492636.png (338.08 KB, 600x545, ClipboardImage.png)

why did the squad vote in favor of equating anti-zionism with antisemitism?
why did rashida tlaib vote "present" instead of "no"?
why was the ONLY "no" vote a republican?


The Republicans have reason to stray from Washington's interests because they are the opposition. The democrats have no room for fucking around and straying from the party line means certain punishment


I remember arguing with a guy about whether Cameron’s Avatar is a “white savior” story and finally said “tell me how you’d make the story not a white savior one” and he came up with this idea: “well at the end the MC says ‘you lead, I follow’ and they win using their own tactics and destroy any guns they collected to use bows and spears.”

And at that point I was stunned anyone could be so fucking stupid. I think we’ve seen such a breakdown of consensus reality that even the most obvious fucking thing in the world becomes a point of contention if you can use the language of enlightened social liberalism.

Guns beat bow. Period. There’s no situation where a modern army with modern firearms loses to a fucking tribal insurgency armed with primitive weapons and primitive tactics. There’s a reason so many of these groups historically adopted firearms quickly. But according to goddamn liberals it’s an insult to indigenous groups dignity to suggest that their tactics are inferior to modern warfare.

It’s all over the place too. You’ve got healthy at every size retards hoping to will stuffing their face until they’re 450 pounds as “normal” and not in anyway a danger to their health—“Can someone recommend me a cardiologist who won’t tell me to lose weight?” It’s fucking pathetic. No you aren’t “naturally” morbidly obese, something went horribly wrong somewhere.

Point being there’s a point where deconstruction is just mindless destruction.


File: 1701571103424.jpg (62.06 KB, 400x509, jtnshhhk8hoa1.jpg)

I'd argue today's racism's chorus is more like 'we like winners' 'pick yourself up by your bootstraps' or 'we're focusing policy that supports entrepreneurs'.

But 'some of my best friends are black!' is an interesting case because it's a clear example of dialectic logic, of people intuitively getting that our modern ideological premises are wrong. For the bourgeoise definition of racism of 'hate based on a racial group,' having a best friend who was black would clearly negate racism. It was like that when there was a very black and white (literally) caste system. Huck Finn isn't racist because he sees Jim and can't help but see that he's human too, even though he accepts the premise that helping freed slaves makes you wrong, part of the premises of that system. But that contradiction has since been resolved; now no matter how you treat people, you're a racist piece of shit if you even tolerate black enslavement, deservedly so.
There are two responses to 'some of my best friends are black.' I'll call them the liberal and the conservative, though that shouldn't be taken as a party line thing- most moderate liberals, especially older ones, are probably 'conservative' on this.
The conservative response which thinks that if you need to resort to that excuse, or if you can't even name your actual friend, it's pretty clear you're racist. My family is generally conservative and they'll reliably mock 'some of my best friends' if they see it somewhere. This is because they accept the premises at face value, and earnestly try to work with them. They've been trained to see 'some of my best friends' as racist, but can't explain why, so assume it's a personal problem on the speaker's side. False consciousness for sure, but as always, that's by no fault of the falsely conscious.
The other is the liberal response. You've heard it, 'racism is power plus prejudice,' as if power is without prejudice, and as if it is possible to have prejudice without power. Ridiculous! Power obviously demands prejudice against those without it to maintain itself; to presume that racism is a totally atomized species of this, rather than a branch on an ugly tree, is obviously absurd. To claim that non white people who push for or profit off of racial conflict can't be racist because their group doesn't have 'power' is ridiculous- you absolutely have power over the premises which you use, and if those premises inform prejudice, that doesn't somehow negate the problem of your prejudice. That presumes the logic of racial differences, which is the logic of racism. To claim that all white people have power over black people in every situation presumes the logic of racial differences- which is the logic of racism. This co-opted radlib definition of power and its relationship to prejudice assumes racial distinctions are not only true, but are absolute, universal, and class-transcendant truths, AND assumes that power can be good if the leaders are just progressive and inclusive. Wow! The perfect liberal formula- recognize the contradictions of the current premises of power, and craft a response that's only as radical as accepting every single one of their premises allows, strengthening liberalism by pretending it's answered its own contradictions, and being certain to never make any material change!
Remember when pic related was posted on r/antiwork and taken down for violating their racism policy? That only makes any fucking sense if the idea of 'black power' simply equal to the KKK-type 'white power.' That was the exact opposite of what Marxist groups in the black power movement wanted- they knew black power was simply an aspect of the larger movement for worker's power. Notice how the black man in the bottom is actually productively using his power? How real black power is completed only through worker's revolution? That's a problem for the 'power plus prejudice' crowd, because they think liberation means playing nice with your pet minorities, and not actually empowering the proletariat.
I fucking hate liberals.
Literally and unironically only because they're not Marxists. They get grilled by their fellow Democrats, but since their SuccDem (BORDERLINE DemSucc, in the revisionist sense, if you're being generous) ideology is founded on all of the exact same premises as all other American capitalist ideologies, they have no fucking clue how to actually criticize them, and so, confused and ashamed, cave.


>why did rashida tlaib vote "present" instead of "no"?
They already censured Tlaib, the only Palestinian descendant representing a majority Muslim population in Metro Detroit, on the war.
Congress has made it pretty clear where they stand on the issue by doing that.


I have the feeling that AIPAC really pushed Congress on this and the Democratic Party closed ranks. Probably lots of threats.


The "people" running for president are all so incredibly evil (including Biden) that West being a playboy who's bad with money is not relevant. These kinds of persona quirks haven't mattered for a long time. In particular Trump's win showed how little the personal things matter, he was one of the most flawed candidates of all time.


>But it was blackmail!


Oh I'm not THE CPUSAnon, I forgot that was even on. I'll read and reply when I have the time.


>That only makes any fucking sense if the idea of 'black power' simply equal to the KKK-type 'white power.'
To be fair, the illustration somewhat implies that they are equivalent.


That's perfectly fair to say about the cartoon's text, but the illustration itself tells a different story- of black power and white power as forces which ignore capitalist failings to merely fight the opposite 'race'. Black power stops being righteous power when it fails to support class struggle.
Either way- the fact that reddit communists think that making workers power primary, and thus more important than black power, is racist, tells you all you need to know.


>power obviously demands prejudice
>assumes that power can be good if the leaders are just progressive and inclusive
Critical support for Lex Luthor?


>rather a side effect of disdain for groups who can't 'help themselves.'

that's just racism tho


…⟺ 'groups' refers to 'races'


I mean Cameron's Avatar very much IS a white saviour movie. I really don't know what you can change to make it not a white saviour movie but it very much is designed to be one.


Ehh Cameron kind of addressed it in interviews and the MC had his attitude dialed back a little bit. I believe it was in an interview with Charlie Rose where he said his goal wasn’t to have a “white savior” but rather in a situation where it’s indigenous tribes vs a modern military power, the modern power wins unless the tribes can get people to defect and explain the enemies’ tactics/weaponry.


Yeah and fish out of water is a natural way to do a story with a foreign world because you have the guy who is like the audience and ignorant about the strange world get to have everything explained to him

The way you could nake it less White savior the s kust don't have him because the chief. To compare it to a Native American version, it's rather silly for the defector to become chief just because he is a knowledgeable strategist. He should just be an advisor.


Okay but the main protagonist is still a white saviour (in a very literal sense the military isn't exactly multicultural), who makes the big decisions in the film and IIRC becomes a leader in the Navi society. Like your friend might be dumb but you aren't so smart either.

Like if Avatar had a Navi person as the main protagonist making the decision to adopt guns and technology with the help of pro-Navi sympathisers and/or hippies, you might have a point.


>burger anarchist with an idiot take


Pretty sure that's the bong who always spergs out in the Palestine thread.


Here I was watching Fargo season 5 thinking it was a bit too off the wall and unrealistic despite anti federalist sheriffs being a thing.


>And so of course people screwed it up in every conceivable way. There were the merely dumb, like the guy who put “male” as his nationality and “American” as his gender.
Which one of you was this?


>During a raid the same year, deputies choked Mitchell Hobson with a lamp cord and waterboarded him to simulate drowning, he said, then beat him until the walls were spattered with his blood. That raid took place at the home of Rick Loveday, a sheriff’s deputy in a neighboring county, who said he was dragged half-naked from his bed at gunpoint, before deputies jabbed a flashlight threateningly at his buttocks and then pummeled him relentlessly.
They even did it to another cop? How did they get away with it for so long?


File: 1701600722203.png (151.23 KB, 1276x859, 1701566819062181.png)

>this is how American movies are made in 2023


>Fargo season 5
Wait, that came out?


While LGBT rights are contingent on secularism and modernity LGBT identification/behaviors in itself is not and lots of cultures rationalized homosexuality/transsexualism throught a religious lense, some still does. American Blacks and Hispanics also have more gay/bisexuals than american whites proportionally, despite American Whites being more supportive of gays & trans rights on average.
>The problem is that for many white evangecalists if it is a choice between race or Christianity the mask will come off everytime and race will be chosen
I'm probably not as knowledgable on the average american's politics as you given i'm not born and raised there but i don't think i agree with this. If anything i see mostly hardline religious conservatives accepting a post-racial stance than a racial-identitarism stance all over Christian countries (and even islamic ones now). Evangelicals and Catholics seems very interested in gathering support from the growing black african demographic for example by the means of humanitarian aids, student programs, transracial adoption of poor black african children into their conservative white communities etc. I lurk a lot of online DR communities and they all basically agrees that conservative christians are race-traitors that should get the rope.


>Typically fascism only takes power with the blessing of the ruling class
How is this an argument when Trump and Kissenger accurately represent the moral character of the ruling class?





Movie industry has always been like this, just in the opposite direction
You think movie casts were 100% shining white for over a century because of pure circumstance?


Also I love how open they are with their token minority casting
Most of the cast have to be white anyways, then toss in a few gender nonconforming and homosexual people in there as well as 3 vague minority groups


Hollywoods in America so its only natural for most actors to be white. But when John Wayne's cast as Genghis Khan or every-man type characters are whites only that's when shits problematic


Moral character has little to do with it. The current institutions of bourgeois rule (i.e. American liberalism) are doing their job effectively from the perspective of the ruling class. They are supporting capital accumulation and shutting the proles out of real political power. There's no reason for them to destabilize this situation by going along with some wannabe autocrat.


>eventually elect a Leftist Democrat (ie. AOC) that will implement UBI, Medicare For All, Free College, Drug Legalization/Decriminalization, and a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy, which combined with successful Maoist PPWs in the Periphery/Semi-Periphery will eventually merge together into a Global USSR
How much copium do I need to achieve this level of Enlightenment?


>Guns beat bow. Period. There’s no situation where a modern army with modern firearms loses to a fucking tribal insurgency armed with primitive weapons and primitive tactics. There’s a reason so many of these groups historically adopted firearms quickly. But according to goddamn liberals it’s an insult to indigenous groups dignity to suggest that their tactics are inferior to modern warfare.

There's a significant reactionary tendency in current "indigenous" movements and that's probably due to influence from the liberals.


Because the pro Israel lobby through a fucking shitfit.



File: 1701628144758.jpg (29.83 KB, 623x397, 1df.jpg)

Imagine if Haley somehow wins and the USA's first femoid president happens to be an extremely unwoke republican. The sheer seethe and cognitive dissonance that the dems will be going through would be sooooo funny


>Movie industry has always been like this, just in the opposite direction
are you 12?


>first femoid president happens to be an extremely unwoke republican


First female president of capitalist countries are always very right-leaning.


>extremely unwoke republican
Bro? Have you heard her talk. She's Trump with a pussy. Being a woman doesn't automatically make you progressive


>She's Trump with a pussy.
Yes, that's what I said.


File: 1701629725354.jpg (254.18 KB, 1400x990, 1537897367089.jpg)


>"If you're famous they'll let you do anything. Y'know, walk up to them, grab them by the cock. And they'll let you do it."


literally a cumtown bit
Not gonna happen though, they are gonna pick Trump.

>Guns beat bow. Period.
Literally not true, especially during the early colonial period. Early guns were advantageous in that you could use them with much less training. Bows are difficult and physically demanding but at the time could output a much higher rate of fire and with much greater accuracy in the hands of a skilled archer. The advantage of guns was originally only in logistics of producing more soldiers. It wasn't until you had replaceable parts and some kind of repeater mechanism when guns could put out a rate of fire comparable to bows. And there were a lot of cases early in colonialism where European colonizers failed because their forces were developed based on European warfare tactics and they were at a disadvantage by being on foreign terrain. A common theme of the colonial victories was that they turned some groups of indigenous against others and fought with them - the actual history is a lot more complicated than "guns, germs, and steel," although those weren't non-factors. Don't let idiot liberals saying that guns don't matter prompt you to turn into a reactoid saying that Europeans succeeded at colonizing because they were just better (more developed), because that's also a gross oversimplification.

The white savior elements of Avatar are kind of necessary to the story and actually important for the premise to work. The humans invading Pandora aren't just more technologically advanced (meaning it's important for the Navi to appropriate their weapons). Their intent and industrial capabilities are also completely alien to the Navi. Only a human actually understands what's at stake if they lose, because he knows what they're capable of doing to a planet. What the humans would do is so outside their understanding of the world they couldn't really understand it. It would be like explaining the global microchip supply chain to a peasant farmer.

The whole bit with him taming the giant monster and uniting the peoples is how it is because he's the only one who understands that the situation is dire enough to call for doing it and uniting the tribes (and unlike the other avatar users knows how to do it). Given how easily he does it, it's implied that it's less that it's difficult and more that it's intimidating and you have to be desperate to try.

Becoming chief though is a pretty pointless contrivance and is basically undone within like 10 minutes into the sequel.


Whatevs. Being a woman doesn't equate to progress is still something more people need to hear anyhow


My point is that the dems are so desperate to have the first female president be one of them. It's their moment and they have hedged so much of their rhetoric on this completely inconsequential thing if they happen to get a woman, say Kamala Harris, elected she will be virtually immune to criticism from the left.


We are Americans like this?


>You never see poor whites act like this
>Poor whites are clean
????? WTF?


This is just fake channer story who tried to pass off actual horror stories from the hood as personal experiences. But he's right about poor people ( of all races) not recognizing their mortality; or rather they recognized their mortality too much, they know that they can die every moment so they lived crazy every day. Full disclaimer: i'm not from the hood so i can't claim actual lived observation, but that's the impression i get after reading the testimonials of street prostitutes, drug addicts, gangbangers, etc; unless they're socially conscious most of the urban poor just live from moment to moment without thinking about their community at large or their future lives because most of them will die young



>"Poor Whites don't act like this!!!"

I've seen what meth does to white people. And shit, even middle class whites tend to be disruptive psychos


File: 1701637510409.jfif (62.15 KB, 874x698, FAV0p7xVcAEmER9.jfif)


Lemme guess… /v/?


Thomas Sowell wrote a paper about how black crime rates are actually comparable to poor southern whites' crime rates, explaining how the social collapse of the reconstruction south caused the lower classes to take the aristocratic culture of the south and make it into a feuding, honor-based, self destructive culture which manifested in both urban blacks and redneck/hillbilly whites's poor communities. Of course he concludes that the only solution is more capitalism to stomp out that dumb field negro/wegro culture. I thought its implications on the collapse of the southern aristocratic class were an interesting example of 'revolution' without a proper vanguard.


File: 1701638536846.png (435.01 KB, 630x378, ClipboardImage.png)

>Thomas Sowell


ngl but he is one of the few famous people to actually talk about the post-bellum south. i watch his videos about it (he has a youtube channel) sometimes and the funny thing is that he talks about why southerners were lazy, hypersexual and uneducated compared to northerners. it's a shame he's a neoliberal.


Thomas Sowell was a Marxist he just decided to grift and take money from Chicago school psychos because why bother educating Amerikkkans


>wypipo dont act crazy when ravaged by poverty and addiction
yes they do lmfao


If you've ever been to shitty racism circles, one of their many favourite arguments is 'Whoite rednecks are clean, Blag poor are dirty, checkmate anti-racists'.


File: 1701640009172.png (34.21 KB, 733x378, twits.png)


Not him but Sowell is the anti Marx, shit economist but decent historian.
I think what he meant to say is white people are weaker than black people, or at least less violent, even the white addicts in Philly seem drugged out of their mind but not the type to kill you.
This is bad by the way. White peoples problem is that they aren't more violent or physically adept. Acting ghetto is unironically a revolutionary act. We need more wiggers and punks in society.
I made another post where I explained the entirety of American society is built on idolizing criminals. For a while I said this was a bad thing. I have since realized that too many white collar criminals exist being the problem, not enough hoods to make a difference.
Call it crime accelerationism.


File: 1701643380121.png (547.07 KB, 678x519, baitman2.png)

> White peoples problem is that they aren't more violent or physically adept. Acting ghetto is unironically a revolutionary act. We need more wiggers and punks in society.



No I'm serious, I mean you can make the argument that if punk and rap are anything to go by, both were commodified anyway and it would lead to nothing, but you cannot make the argument that criminality is not a part of the revolutionary spirit when applied en mass.


Nah still applies it was a confrontational stand off as opposed to head on assault for the purpose of robbery or just for the sake of beating the fuck out of someone. It just proves that even when white people get violent it's still not for the best reasons, or as constant.
>Linking Buzzfeed.


File: 1701645517025.png (1.29 MB, 2178x1353, ClipboardImage.png)

why does the rest of the world hate us? we clearly have never done anything wrong and we are totally peaceful and reasonable


of course criminality is necessary to carry out a revolution, because revolution is illegal. But "acting ghetto" and taking on punk/hip-hop commodified genre aesthetics has nothing to do with anything. People should be more violent and physically adept? That means nothing on its own. Without theory it just means adventurism and random violence. Have I become "more revolutionary" if I get into random bar fights? Have I become "more revolutionary" if I do a drive by shooting on a house full of children because I suspect a rival gang member is inside? What does it mean to "act ghetto" or "act punk?" These are just silly words. Join an org and do some actual work you child.


I was raised in redneck lands, that shit is just not true


>Have I become "more revolutionary" if I get into random bar fights?
By 2%, you need to do it outside established white areas where it's expected,


File: 1701647023721.jpg (46.05 KB, 2046x492, GAC_Y0LX0AAiR-C.jpg)


File: 1701647037919.jpg (137.86 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


Depends on the white boys. There was this bar that opened up down the street from where I grew up, and I went there with a friend, and immediately witnessed a bar fight from some guy who was upset at another guy for saying something to "his bitch" and then knocked the guy out cold. We were, like, this is stupid and let's go somewhere else.


>”You have successfully built 0.00002% Communism.”


File: 1701647468886.mp4 (540.82 KB, 720x720, 1701381340862-0.mp4)

LaRouchites ambushed Kissinger and his wife Nancy at an airport one time where they'd shout about him molesting little kids, and she was charged with assault after grabbing one by the throat. She's a very tall lady.

Some former members were recalling some of their Kissinger antics:

>This was at the Newark Airport at a FEF/EIR card table shrine. The female LCer who left decades ago yelled at Kissinger and his wife as they were waling by the table. As far as I can recall, we yelled about Kissinger and him having sex wirth young boys and his wife became very upset. I think we also followed them down the concourse until his wife became very, very angry and $hit happened. As usual, the legal cases were not favorable to us and I think the Judge said that with what we were doing to his wife, she was justified in slapping or something the LCer.


>This is a fine example of how we are on the right track in organizing about the crimes of Kissinger and it goes off the rails with Lyn's lunacy. We deviated from continuing to report on Kissinger and his actions to focus on two items that Lyn became fixated on in the late 1970s-80s.

>This should be on the EIR site, but the holidays and work keep me from looking into the actual articles.

>-Lyn stated and we wrote about Kissinger killing a Mexican waiter with a wine bottle in some homosexual orgy .

>-We also spread this story of Kissinger being involved with young boys at the Carlyle Hotel in NYC.

>We also had something called "Kissinger Watch" where we listed his daily activities in the morning briefing . The articles in New Solidarity and the New Federalist were very crazed compared to EIR. We did interventions against him wherever we could. This became so crazed that I don't blame the Feds for being concerned as this is the sort of stuff you do to inspire people to do something murderous with hysteria. We did something like this to another person that all I will say concerned me in the early LYM.

>What this led to was Larouche and the org being looked as more kooky with this Mexican waiter and Carlyle Hotel story and not the real crimes of Kissinger. I also suspect that our adding homosexual stories to get further with the far right, Christian fundamentalists who were anti gay. This also was when Reagan was president and AIDS was in the news daily. I also think that the Kissinger killing a Mexican waiter story came from the security contacts that were feeding us any story that fit our agenda that we took as Gospel. This made Lyn in his crazy mind as being a true insider and big shot on the world stage. Our history is basically doing dirty work and tricks for others around the world for almost nothing or a few EIR subs. Lyn was perfect for this role because when we released lunacy or stories, it became public though wanted by Larouche. If someone with a legitimate life and standing did this, they would face legal or other problems. Let the Larouche crazies do it and you don't worry about this and Lyn thinks that he is king of the world.


>I will elaborate on this . towards the end of the 1970s we were fundraising from the far right by boiling the Liberty Lobby subscriber lists. For this group we had to make ourselves to be far advanced from them with "insider information" that only Lyn knew. We're also making money from our anti drug work and magazine "War on Drugs" with the Right to Life supporters . Once Regan was president, we combined everything in our fundraising by focusing on these demographics as being against Jews and Gays along with being Satanic and now child sex monsters.

>Kissinger hit all of these targets and we stopped coverage of his crimes by LCer organizing and writing of Bob Dreyfus and Dan Sneider. Both of these members worked extensively at the UN and around the world , but I don't think that they were brining ion the bacon so to speak. Both left and started very nice careers as magazine and book writers and very respected in their fields. When they left the LC we were told that Kissinger was behind this.

>To get the RTL people to make Lyn their God instead of Jesus , Helga started something called "The Club of Life" and the mandate was to get those people onboard with us and their money. Well, you don't find that demographic that thrilled about the Third World and the far right never liked high birth rates in those areas as well. What made tis more cynical as the we had Nancy Spannaus as the USA leader on paper and she was the leader in the org in pressuring pregnant LCers to get abortions .

>The child sex stories were big with a notable hoax in Nebraska and some day care accusations that were in the daily news cycle. BTW, in my region we passe out leaflets against an "enemy" of our by accusing him of molesting children,, part of the many dirty tricks we conducted.

>When I look back at my tenure in the cult what is most glaring in retrospect is how so many excellent initiatives we started all fell into complete lunacy and disaster once Lyn was no longer the center of it all. Time and time again whatever we had that was rationale became shifted to being all about Lyn . Lyn in turn did this with a basic cheap parlor trick of creating some massive delusion of secrets that only he knew and understood to explain something . This was to impress us and our contacts because as we see today with so many blogs and web sites/podcasts, Larouche is but a blip at best and a parasite at worst.

>With Kissnginger, compare these articles from Rolling Stone magazine and Robert Reich with what were doing for several years in stalking HK and spreading child sex and murder stories around the world. We couldn't be taken seriously and Lyn was considered a crazy cult leader.


File: 1701648283538.png (2.12 MB, 2048x1384, ClipboardImage.png)

burgers… i….


ALSO unrelated but what is the purpose of these "Obviously bad thing is bad" polls? They are pointless. I would say no out of spite.


The polls give politicians an idea of what notes to hit on the campaign trail.


>took me a second to notice the dates.


so…okay, this is a poll of people who believe "violent crime is a very big problem"? And the dates are backwards and show like random intervals? And its being presented as a crime rate? What the fuck is even this?



File: 1701653669919.jpg (210.17 KB, 1476x923, url(327).jpg)

It's over


File: 1701654618357.png (87.08 KB, 196x191, ClipboardImage.png)

>mfw the compressed poll range
>mfw the variance barely being larger than margin of error
>mfw the dates


inb4 they say not voting makes you a terrorist


Ahead of his time


>it's now the only country in history to have its own national space station
Salyut(s)? Mir? Skylab?


Well shit I’m interested to see if this applies pressure to the Dems. While I hope it does I don’t underestimate their willingness to tell their own voters to pound sand.


>ALSO unrelated but what is the purpose of these "Obviously bad thing is bad" polls?
to scaremonger, dogwhistle, and scapegoat.


every president is a war criminal


More like Uncle Thomas Sowell lmao


I hope I’m not being annoying, Comrade, but I have been anxiously awaiting your response to my In-Depth response to your previous response to my effortpost, when do you think you can post it (if your are able to of course), as I genuinely enjoy reading other Comrades In-Depth intellectual critiques of my effortposts (even if I staunchly disagree with them, I like seeing others seriously analyze my Effortposts), 🤔?


File: 1701670811297.jpg (155.13 KB, 659x442, Prince.jpg)

>Oh I'm not THE CPUSAnon

I have a new name, now


File: 1701670958739-0.jpg (28.43 KB, 468x335, right-to-left.jpg)

File: 1701670958739-1.jpg (419.47 KB, 2048x1384, putting the ew in pew.jpg)


To be honest I've heard an explanation for white crime rates being lower is that white poverty is mostly cast out into the margins of rural America whereas black poverty is in the urban centers of it. Just thanks to sheer demography a guy starting shit in an urban center is gonna be more likely to be caught and more likely to commit multiple crimes than a dude who shoots at anyone who walks up to his property.

It reminds me of an urban legend I heard of that there was this guy in the Australian Outback with a junkyard's worth of abandoned cars, and eventually they found out he was a goddamn serial killer who was picking off travelers. You can just get away with more shit in underdeveloped rural areas.

As for "aristocratic culture" there are good and bad aspects to it I suppose. My family are WASPs so I've seen some of it reflected in my father (who went through cotillion shit). There's this culture of really generous gift giving that coincides with all the honor shit too.


the gemistry


Irrelevant. Having sex doesn’t make you beautiful, it only can act as a momentary and hollow distraction from your own repulsiveness.


File: 1701686146092.jpeg (60.36 KB, 512x512, 000x2000.jpeg)




Women work similarly to men. I hear a feminine voice and I'm interested. Kissinger had a deep, baritone voice that women probably loved. Sadly communists were unable to tie a rope around his throat and hang him for war crimes and the genocide of millions. But it is what it is. He's in hell (or in limbo before reincarnation) and we will get to watch as the empire he served is dismantled and thrown into the dustbin of history. May the students of his villainy experience the judgement which is meant for them.




Was way ahead of them on not voting Biden. Biden is the most useless mainstream democrat President in the history of Presidents that pretended to be proponents of mainstreet. Biden lost me as a lesser evil a long time ago.

They always do. Democrats are the cult of rock-bottom expectations at this point.


File: 1701709614551.png (1.04 MB, 1500x500, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1701715603858.png (216.64 KB, 520x680, ClipboardImage.png)

apparently education level not a factor at all in burger reich approval of isn'trael


Let my pigple go


>Super pigs
Those are just wild hogs. I saw a dead one recently that had been hit by a truck and it exploded. Also you can pay to shoot them from helicopters around here if you're so inclined.


Okay at 3:16 he says Americans will fire nets at them from helicopters and then footage of a guy blasting away with an AR-15…. lol… forget the nets. They'll just shoot them.


>women majority in support of palestine
>men majority support israeli war crimes
i'm not saying TMD, but


Men have lost the mandate of heaven


The percentage of homophobes/transphobes/racists are always overwhelmingly male outside of the UK (devil nation)


>it's now the only country in history to have its own national space station


File: 1701726339946.png (1.22 MB, 1920x1080, SKYLAB-HEADER.png)

I think he's trying to claim a Chinese "first" here because the ISS is multi-national but the U.S. already had Skylab so it's inaccurate by that standard too. Also I don't know how he'd count Mir.


I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but I hate politicians, whether Democrat or Republican. There are so many nobrainers a president could do, just snap their fingers and make it happen, that would increase the quality of life yet none of them have. Here is an incomplete list:
>Ban circumcision
>Abolish the TFA
>Abolish the DEA
>De-schedule every drug
>Cease 'foreign AID' to Israel
Yet none of them have…it makes it hard to get excited about a politician, because I have no reason to believe they will actually do anything. Sorry if I've bummed any of you out.


File: 1701744955434.mp4 (3.27 MB, 720x1280, 701741839998.mp4)

House explodes during police raid, Arlington VA.


>Ban circumcision
B-but muh religious freedom…
this is why i support applying the age of consent to circumcision


And rightoids actually believe they can carry out their gay day of the rope LARP against minorities here


Or…we could just ban religious freedom out side of atheism/agnosticism


i think people who are religious enough to want 25% off their pp skin, they should be able to get a circumcision at age 18.


What the fuck happened


Haven't lived in a city environment in years, recently back into one. A homeless guy at the mall asked for money. When I said I had no cash, he asked me to buy him food instead (we were near the food court). I of course did what was natural to me and said "sorry man" and walked away as he immediately yelled at the next person he could see. He looked like shit, scabs on his face, kind of thin. On reflection, I'm sure he's a junkie that's there every day doing his grind. I feel bad though that I immediately said "no" to whatever he said though. If he told me it was for his kid, if he had a kid with him, I would have said no too. It wouldn't have been a big deal for me to buy him food, I make a lot of money. I don't know what I'm saying but the whole interaction made me really feel like shit as I thought about it more.


I've seen some Democrats starting to freak out because they think Biden's mishandling of the war in Gaza might just cost him the election, and they're hoping that he and the rest of the Democratic leadership will "come to their senses" and change course. I think it's fair to say it's unlikely they will change course because the Democratic leadership cares more about serving the status quo than winning elections, but I feel like this opens them up to attacks for not taking the election seriously. To this end, I feel like this provides us with an opportunity to bring together a broad coalition to make positive change by building off anti-Trump sentiment and expanding it to include opposition to the current leadership of both major parties. We would primarily work to discourage people from voting for Trump and Trumpist candidates as well as politicians like Biden who brazenly defy the will of the people to protect the forces of reaction.


Any roasted piggies


I just walk past them, ignore them totally, and hope they don't stab me.


I wonder how many homeless people just drop dead on the street each day and get cleaned up by the government without anyone noticing


It is not your job under capitalism to act as a savior for any random down on their luck hobo. You don't need to be a lifestylist who needs to fast all week, live off a single vegan meal to stay alive, then spend the rest of your wage on them.
You are no one's savior and nobody is your responsibility, I live in the literal hellhole known as NYC and have seen fights break out daily, people breaking shit out of rage, the news about dems ruining what's left of this shitheap are not rightwing propaganda at all dog, it is real, every day 1-3 homeless people ask me for money and I tell them bluntly "I don't have enough on me for you."
It isn't even a lie. If I gave money to every one of them I'd be stuck and unable to pay for public transport back home.
Don't feel bad about it at all. Under capitalism there is no such thing as moral action, consumption, or production. There is nothing you could have done. Focus your efforts on trying to collapse the system, because no one is fucking getting anywhere so long as it is allowed to continue.
Too many. The government probably kills them as if hostile architecture and destroying homemade shacks isn't enough.


File: 1701757845642.png (667.36 KB, 1492x935, ClipboardImage.png)

vote blue no matter who btw


I give what I can when I can, and apologize when I don't have anything to spare. The key thing here is what can be spared(that is, what can be given without causing harm to oneself). If one can give someone enough money for a coffee or occasionally a sandwich, cool, but also don't drain yourself covering day-to-day survival expenses for literally every panhandler you cross paths with because that will impoverish you and drive you mad.




Are ya winning So—


this is the first time in history a cook house exploded


File: 1701786987821.jpg (39.8 KB, 686x386, whats your major.jpg)

There is one downside to this pic you did not disclose which is that Trollface chose to stop voting and tried multiple socialist coups which led to the liberals using the fascists to kill them, additionally at the time Trolltler was not among the fascists as they would have been only the Trollkorps at the time in fact he was on the other side.
However this led to the genocide of over thousands of civilians who had nothing to do with it. Many of whom were registered social democrats themselves.
So much for the pro white right.


it's harm reduction although


Odd post since that poll confirms that Palestinian doctrine would be even worse under republican rule. They would be directly bombing them instead of proxy bombing them


you did the right thing, it was an unpredictable situation. here down south the homeless have no fear lol


The real redpill is it doesn't fucking matter who you vote for. It doesn't matter if you vote or not.
We are living in an era where the means of production have been so abstracted from the working class (and especially the domestic working class in the first world) that the economic relations of feudalism have been reaserted and as such inevitably as anyone who bothered to actually read Marx will tell you the feudal social relations are also being reaserted.
It was under democrats roe-v-wade got overturned.
It was under democrats public funds were finally used for private religious institutions and the seperation of church and state in public schools also erroded.
It doesn't matter if the dems get another senate seat, it doesn't matter if they get 10 more, all this shit is as an EFFECT NOT as a CAUSE. In the age of the internet, after decades of capitalist consolidation propped up by central banks virtually all capital is held be a distinct self conscious aristocratic class who either by debt or equity controll basically ALL of the global economy (the 1% that controlls the 99% if you can still remember when "left-wing" movements still MENTIONED economic data).
There is no voting your way out of this fact.
There is no screaming your way out of this.
All that will ever change it is some massive failure of the system as such where 10 millions of people die and trillions in capital is outright destroyed equivilant to the black death (nuclear war, default of the US dollar and civil war ect) under those conditions you may get to a point where western economies NEED workers again and as such workers can reasonably make an attempt to organize and push for the controlls of the economy again.
But untill then were back in the year 1,000.
Rooting for the yorks or lancasters to take the throne is going to do jack fucking shit to change literally
about your living standards or even the hyper reactionary social relations you live under.


This is fucking stupid. You don't know what you're talking about.


Stop smoking weed and listening to Yanis Varoufakis


where am i wrong?
not an argument my guy


>dems disapprove more than even independents
Then why tf is Biden unleashing Netanyahu to carry out Zionists' wildest dreams?


The means of production aren't "abstracted" from the working class, we still have factories, I know because I work in one. Digital platforms aren't unique or different from other capitalist enterprises, you swallowed silicon valley's self mythology as true but in a bad way.


File: 1701794197836.png (44.42 KB, 356x288, 57359t4.png)

Good news


>My name is Steve-O, and this is Class Betrayal


>Also anyone read this? I wasn't in PSL but they've always seemed to have a lot of good things going on, bare minimum well organized and materially prepared as far as signs and banners go.
I read it. It's a really good book, extremely well written. Even my mom likes it. One of the authors is Jodi Dean, who has written a number of great things like the Communist Horizon. She does a lot of theoretical work dealing with the issue of communicative capitalism and neofeudalism. She has this great essay called The Actuality of Revolution (https://www.liberationschool.org/the-actuality-of-revolution/).

Don't get me wrong, I like Cornel West, but after October 7th, he seems much less relevant now after his wishy washy "both sides" remarks that he made. Claudia de la Cruz has way sharper politics, in my opinion.


File: 1701794621225.png (258.81 KB, 476x723, exclusivecum.png)

>has 250 million for le communist revolution
>ends up giving it all to the DNC
You know this is how its gonna go.


>Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville welcome to our private communist commune
>Smash cut to ATF in military gear raiding the compounds


NYPOST was so mad at him. I for one love class betrayal. The revolution needs money.
How do you figure? He describes himself as Marxist-Leninist, he is a prominent activist in #StopCopCity, and works in coalition with PSL, Codepink, ANSWER, etc


File: 1701795982335.jpeg (129.18 KB, 1170x1158, F_bCoNsXIAA_lAI.jpeg)

I am so excited. I am over Biden and Trump. They are so irrelevant. After I watched this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NOB8xAfApk) I realized that history is being made right now. I don't know if this means PSL would win a Presidential contest but they're going to make some history. Remember, 300,000+ people marched on Washington D.C., on November the 4th, the largest demonstration is U.S. history for Palestine. Five years ago this would have been completely unthinkable, especially right here in what Che Guevara called the Belly of the Beast. TikTok is scrambling to try to censor pro-Palestine content but it is no quirk of the algorithm that young people support Palestine. The Palestine issue directly confronts U.S. imperialism. It is impossible for the powers that be to co-opt the issue because Israel so integral to U.S imperialism.

People forget so quickly but this past May the largest number of American youth activists had visited Cuban in decades with the International People's Assembly May Day Brigade. Socialism probably hasn't been this popular in the United States since the 1930s.
So my prediction is Class War in 2024. The people will be the heroes. https://youtu.be/mO5SpavZxeM


>Okay at 3:16 he says Americans will fire nets at them from helicopters and then footage of a guy blasting away with an AR-15…. lol… forget the nets. They'll just shoot them.
Same way they killed all the bears and wolves.
Horrible creatures north americans.


>Okay at 3:16 he says Americans will fire nets at them from helicopters and then footage of a guy blasting away with an AR-15…. lol… forget the nets. They'll just shoot them.
What do you think they do with them if they catch them?
>Same way they killed all the bears and wolves.
>says bonger that extincted wolves completely from his island
America still has many wolves and bears in the wild.

>cartoon watching faggot anthropomorphizes animals

Boars are an invasive species you absolute retards.


File: 1701800795446.gif (2.26 MB, 498x280, travis-touchdown.gif)

Travis Touchdown is finally joining the communist revolution.


I think it's funny that New Hampshire rightoids are seething hard about this guy's very existence.

Actually, now that I think about it they tend to do it for any leftist living here way more than other rightoids do in their respective states.


File: 1701801437686.jpg (54.5 KB, 976x850, pepe stare.jpg)

Capitalism is LITERALLY communism.


gee I wonder why bougie democracy doesn't actually represent popular interests at all while pretending to do so

>We are living in an era where the means of production have been so abstracted from the working class (and especially the domestic working class in the first world) that the economic relations of feudalism have been reaserted and as such inevitably as anyone who bothered to actually read Marx will tell you the feudal social relations are also being reaserted.
but feudal peasants were much closer, figuratively and literally, to the means of production than any proletarian


File: 1701804937330.png (633.82 KB, 640x369, figure-3hogrooting.png)

You're letting your anti-Americanism get the best of you, but feral hogs are an invasive and destructive plague and need to be exterminated. That's just the reality of living in rural America. They're also destructive to animal habitats of all kinds because they pretty much eat anything. To make matters worse, it doesn't matter how many you kill because they will always come back.


Magacommunism bros…?


comr8s I'm feeling kind of whitepilled about US politics recently because I was absolutely not expecting anyone in this shithole country to give a fuck about Palestine and go along blindly with pro-Israel propaganda, but Biden's approval rating is currently at like < 40%

are we so back?


what do people think of tenants unions? I've begun to notice tenants union in local communities grossly affected by high rent and low quality housing. Focusing on tenants seems to me something that at least focuses on class struggle, even without explicitly saying so.



They don't really have power though.


Canadian superpigs are not standard wild hogs you find int he US south for example. They are a hybrid species of domestic pigs and wild boars and unlike southern us hogs they can survive canadian temperatures of up to -56f meaning even the US north will now have hogs where it previously didnt


Hopefully they'll be smart enough to declare open season all year round on such hogs


File: 1701813774859.png (499.63 KB, 746x690, Screenshot (243).png)

if anyone up north needs help dealing with their superpigs maybe they can enlist some southerners' expertise in the matter


Dear God, there's no stopping them now


>this is why i support applying the age of consent to circumcision


>this is why i support applying the age of consent to circumcision
That's brilliant. Kinda like Anabaptism for Jews… and burgers


File: 1701827815569.mp4 (16.68 MB, 1280x720, bernie sucks.mp4)

fuck bernie
fuck "the squad"
fuck succdems
no solution but revolution


This argument is good just for the discourse it would prompt.
>NNOOOOO you can't apply the age of consent to this! Nobody would consent to it! You have to let us force it on them as babies!


sometimes compromise is more effective than total victory.


lol based protesters


These pigs are scarily smart too. I've seen footage of a hunter shoot at a pack of them. He hit one but two fell. ONE OF THE PIGS FAKED GETTING SHOT. Only to then get up, suprise the hunter, and run around his line of sight to rush at him.


File: 1701840187552.png (53.44 KB, 600x398, ClipboardImage.png)

never forget that the Bolsheviks killed the succdems first.


Since every last single I mean every single last fucking politician in the Western imperialist core is on the take… One can only hope that region cucks the colonizers like Parthia cucked Crassus, and soon. Never have I seen a more obvious genocide in a veneer of war minima causa.






File: 1701848570705.jpg (33.86 KB, 500x499, 555 come on now.jpg)

>The problem is that gringos are a much more dangerous
<Unlike you wh*toid gringos, my Spanish settler great great grandpappy raped an indigenous woman that means I'm indigenous even though I hate the actual indigenous
The United States had abused Latin America terribly and owes some form of restitution to your countries, but that doesn't mean that you're any less a continent and a half of those Southerners who have a "Cherokee ancestor."


File: 1701850049791.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.3 KB, 960x599, dl1vz1j9e1g61.jpg)

alright so you're at the bar| and the sexiest fukken guy there starts flirting with you and chatting and soon you start kissing and
>but im not into guys
ok theyre a femboy then whatever
and they say 'wanna come back to my place' and you obviously do
so you head back to their place
this is their place
wut do?


Based progressive Fetman.


A hot guy's house would never look like this.
I doubt even their dad's house would look like this, it has divorced/boomer energy.


I know his Zionism was well-known beforehand but it's crazy how much he's leaning into it.


File: 1701850780855.jpg (590.47 KB, 1920x4077, xi.jpg)

wasn't even the first, Soviets had their own stations before that.
Chinese nationalism is braindead shit just like US nationalism. muh space race!1 2 economic boogaloo.



Get out immediately, someone with a house like that probably thinks condom is a demon crap plot


>But I do fundamentally believe that Israel must destroy Hamas to achieve long changing conditions that allow for priests to prosper.
What did he mean by this?


So many of these states (especially Argentina and Colombia) should be abolished and their settler class deported back to Spain.

not into femboys, and if you choose to date a person with schizophrenia, you should know that there are some pretty dangerous delusions out there and you may wind up being killed because they think you're secretly a government robot.


File: 1701854972095.png (1.25 MB, 829x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

Critical support from the Native Australian Emus against the colonial American regime


File: 1701855513317.png (726.83 KB, 510x700, ClipboardImage.png)

>because they think you're secretly a government robot
or a communist!


Damn bitch you live like this?


Dude had a stroke, probably permanent brain damage.


You know, its kinda funny how christains called obama the anti christ, and yet most of them support the most anti christ figure currently in politics.


Arnaud is French. I don’t think any other country h gets this treatment where saying anything positive about it gets you called a “nationalist” for that country.


>Arnaud is French.
and either parroting nationalist bullshit about being the first exclusive space station in history, or otherwise (and I doubt it) just a fucking retard making up false claims. Being French doesn't change that. I know plenty of non-Americans who spout US nationalist propaganda all the time! Likewise with the UK.

>I don’t think any other country h gets this treatment where saying anything positive about it gets you called a “nationalist” for that country.

I'm not doing that at all, that's an ridiculous extreme. I'm referring to the literally false patriotic claim, contrasting it with similar US mythology about space history. Revising history to promote a myth of supremacy. This isn't just 'anything positive', it's outright hyperreality.
You want to see a bunch of Chinese nationalism in English, see somewhere like /r/sino and witness the inversion of the American nationalism we're all familiar with. If we discard the few decent posts, the baseline is just the same rightoid shit with different proper nouns, like 'Sleepy Joe is seething because we built a new train station! This is why America is doomed', 'Uyghur police exist, checkmate USA!', 'This fancy gadget is proof that not everything made in China is “bad” or “cheaply made” '. The same kinds of familiar emotion-driven insecurity, the same type of fantasies just laid onto another host - 'Xi the Pooh is mad at Taiwan!'. 'USA has black police officers!', 'This shitty gadget is proof that everything made in China is cheaply made'
I'm not just referring to anything positive. It's not nationalism to merely point out de-desertification successes, space development, great economic and organizational feats, and general dominance of most areas of scientific innovation. I'm talking about how those things are interpreted in media, including social media.

And, I hope this doesn't need saying, this kind of shit is done in all countries as far as I've seen. It's not a China thing, it's not a US thing, it's not a Russia or Ukraine thing.


To be fair r/sino and Twitter nationalists are mainly the extremist minority that broadcast their opinions from within the firewall, from my experience most Chinese normies are fairly globalistic compared to the US or even Ukraine


Democracy hasn't been a thing for anyone who doesn't own a $100,000 since the 1970s!
Blow it out your ass you fat fucking bourg liberals!!!
<suck my fucking dick!
I hope Trump DOES win!!!


yes, good let the hate flow through you.


File: 1701874127348.png (269.08 KB, 788x767, ClipboardImage.png)

why do they think about housing so much?


i thought bofa was a made up agency for jebaiting people


Have kinky sex because the femboy is clearly looking for a dictator to put them in their place.


>I don't value any Palestinian child's life any more… I mean any less than…

Freudian Slip from the DSA's great hopium man!


Because landlords keep fucking us in the ass and kneecapping our wallets.


Don’t humor Sakai schizos


people here in the south mainly only claim to have cherokee ancestry because they mistakenly believe it'll get them welfare. that's because "only minorities get welfare" and everybody here believes that.


lol nice


There are so many houses that just randomly explode in the U.S. It’s usually a gas leak but there are times when the cause of the explosion is unknown.


do you pay rent?


File: 1701889994850.jpg (149.95 KB, 1607x904, 20231206_144916.jpg)


>Three officers reported minor injuries in the house explosion, but no one was taken to the hospital. Savage said police did not have any evidence that others were in the duplex but could not rule out the possibility.

Nope all this retard had to do was wait until they enter… reeee-






It's basic Mazlowe's hierarchy of needs shit, except neoliberal Capitalism is so absurd that we've completely prioritized the superficial on the assumption that needs would just "figure themselves out".

I think what some people forget about neoliberalism is that, at the time it was implemented, I believe it actually did lower the cost of consumer goods. All those free trade agreements and the destruction of America's home-grown commodity production in exchange for deregulated and non-union labor in the rest of the world ensured you could get cheaper avocados, toys, or clothes. Similarly, neoliberalism's economic doctrine was paralleled with this idealistic or moral one: Friedman himself said that the ONLY obligation a company had was to its stockholders. Profit at all costs was the name of the game. And to some extent, this line of thinking is reflected in companies laying off workers and doing stock buybacks to artificially increase their worth. Houses are commodified "assets" rather than places people need to live, and there's been enough consolidation in real estate that people can be milked for all the rent they're worth.

Our generation's obsessed with housing because we've been locked out of it, and for a while "owning a home" was part of the supposed "American Dream"


Total masculine death is the solution, not male death. You can be a good person and be male, but the issue arises when you voluntarily and deeply conform exclusively with the masculine gender. The latter are almost always some combination of reactionary/creepy/dangerous or domineering.


File: 1701901727661.png (53.76 KB, 238x212, ClipboardImage.png)

>Posts Stalin saying some elementary basic ass Marxism that every communist should have learned in their first two months of class consciousness
>Gets BTFO for neglecting that factories are actually run by workers and for materializing the attention economy



Can America ever become a “nation state” in the same way as what the Soviet Union was?


The United States is fundamentally different from the Soviet Union in the fact that, the Native American tribes, it really only comprises one nation instead of several.


>The economic relations of feudalism have been reasserted
Nigha wtf…


but it was the disjoining of the laborers from the means of production that was a key component of capitalism?
Feudal serfs were literally bound to the land and the lord was obligated both by practical necessity and pragmatism to care for them in good times and bad.
In fact it was this that was abandoned in capitalism and thus workers became more abstracted.


*with the exception of the Native American tribes


Get the fursuit.


I agree.
Historically PRC citizens were known to be very globalistic and I hope that attitude has mostly continued.


Nobody gets called an American nationalist unless they are Americans. You just don’t like hearing praise for China for some reason and it triggers you. It’s incredibly obvious that westoids are incapable of understanding why anyone was praise China for anything and if they do they must be a brainwashed Chinese. Every single encounter I have on the internet— and I mean every single one without exception, in which I said something even mildly positive about China has had the person I’m talking to immediately assume I am ethnically Chinese. (I am not)


File: 1701906578206.jpg (58.23 KB, 474x501, png.jpg)

uygha you're stupid


Most pro-American people online will be accused of being Americans and more have claimed to come from other countries than you’d expect


The USA isn't a single nation, it's multiple nations subjugated under a single settler-colonial state. It's more like an empire with a withering away WASP caste than a nation where only one nationality is represented. In fact one of the biggest things preventing US territorial expansion has always been a fear of incorporating too many non-white anglo-saxon protestants, hence the country has an obsession with trying to annex canada by dividing it up into separatist provinces like quebec and alberta. Annexing mexico or overseas nonwhite territories was a big fear for US imperialists for a long time, especially because they wanted to ensure that any newly conquered regions became americanized, and they stretched too thin that one time when trying to americanize the philippines.


File: 1701907499473.png (25.81 KB, 395x252, ClipboardImage.png)

How long before they send in the National Guard?

Some Democrats are publicly blasting the presidents of three elite colleges for refusing to say “calling for Jewish genocide” is classified as bullying, harassment or violates their school policy.

Harvard University President Claudine Gay, University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill and Massachusetts Institute of Technology President Sally Kornbluth faced a contentious, more than five-hour grilling from lawmakers on Tuesday over their response to antisemitism on their campuses.

“Does calling for the genocide of Jews violate Penn’s rules or code of conduct, yes or no?” Stefanik asked Magill at a Tuesday House hearing on campus antisemitism.

To which Magill responded: “If the speech turns into conduct, it can be harassment.”

Stefanik slammed the response, saying: “Conduct meaning committing the act of genocide? The speech is not harassment? This is unacceptable.”

Each of the presidents were asked the same question and responded similarly. They also said while they personally did not agree with the rhetoric used by those students, they are committed to preserving free speech on campus.

Stefanik, who previously called on Gay to resign, on Wednesday called for all three presidents to be fired.

“They don’t deserve the dignity of resigning,” Stefanik said on Fox News. “They need to be fired.”
Democrats pile on the presidents

Democrats are also needling the presidents over their responses, though stopping short of demanding their resignations.

The White House on Tuesday responded to the House hearing by slamming “calls for genocide” as “antithetical to everything we represent as a country.” Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro, a first-term Democrat, also slammed Magill’s testimony as a “failure of leadership.”

“That was an unacceptable statement from the president of Penn,” Shapiro said in response to Magill not condemning calls for genocide. “Frankly, I thought her comments were absolutely shameful. It should not be hard to condemn genocide.”

More than 1,500 UPenn alumni, donors and students are calling on Magill to resign. And while Shapiro did not outright join the call, he said the university’s board of directors has a “serious decision” to make in response to Magill’s comments and needs to “meet soon, to make that determination.”


>The USA isn't a single nation, it's multiple nations subjugated under a single settler-colonial state.
Wrong. The United States isn't even a settler-colonial country anymore. The settler-colonial period de facto ended well over a century ago and homesteading was de jure ended half a century ago.

>It's more like an empire with a withering away WASP caste than a nation where only one nationality is represented.

The preeminence of WASPs faded decades ago. What's more, these supposed "nations" you like to bring up do not have separate languages, separate religions, separate laws,or separate politics. Cultural differences, to the extent that they even exist, are not suppressed in any form or fashion.

>In fact one of the biggest things preventing US territorial expansion has always been a fear of incorporating too many non-white anglo-saxon protestants, hence the country has an obsession with trying to annex canada by dividing it up into separatist provinces like quebec and alberta.

The War of 1812 was over 200 years ago. The modern United States has no interest in annexing Canada.

This whole worldview is based on living in a chopped up Frankenstein version of the past.


>The USA isn't a single nation

Except that by the Marxist definition of a nation (outlined by Lenin and Stalin), it is. Blacks, Latinos, Indians, etc. are not separate nations, they're part of the American nation.

And as far as Indians go, they weren't nations in the Marxist sense when the American settler-colonial state was established. They were pre-national tribal communities, like you would have in Greece or Rome thousands of years ago or whatever.

Also, what? WASP caste withering away? The bourgeoisie is white but it's not entirely wasps. Sure that's the old elite, but you also have elements of the ruling class which are descendants of white immigrants (see Joe Biden). There's not really black bourgeoisie, but just like petty-bourgeois black puppets for the white bourgeois ruling class, like Obama.

The problem with absorbing all of Mexico back in the day was what you described but it almost happened because the slavocracy really wanted the whole fucking place. They couldn't conquer Canada because the Quebecois wouldn't submit to be dominated by an Anglophone, anti-Catholic protestant regime which was going to give them even less freedom than the British (which wasn't much).

As for the Filipinos, they actually resisted the whole process and yeah, the US by that point had firmly adopted full on Jim Crow so there wasn't gonna be a direct annexation. Puerto Rico is still a colony because it's actually a different nation and is a US military base against Cuba

The whole settler-colonial thing is kind of a useless point of analysis now because the settler-colonial project succeeded in creating a nation in North America. That's not going to be undone.


LARP. At this point even black americans are an integral part of the american nation. Im not minimalizing the real cultural differences, but the racial caste system is integral to the US as a nation, not a refutation of its existence


File: 1701909709736-0.gif (174.89 KB, 286x229, 1607218153918.gif)

File: 1701909709736-1.gif (2.85 MB, 250x250, 1607213634964.gif)

File: 1701909709736-2.gif (599.12 KB, 441x484, 1606700803544.gif)




Special Guests and Opening Acts:
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Comrade David "I can suck my own penis subscribe now for pics" Pakman!




Blacks have been part of the American nation since basically the beginning. First slavery and then the imposition of segregation after the Civil War integrated blacks into the political economy of the US as part of the reserve army of labor

There's no common territory, no separate language, no separate culture. American culture is pretty much black culture combined with the culture of various white immigrant groups, the original settlers, etc. The segregation of blacks just prevents them from being fully integrated into the rest of the nation because it's such a useful weapon of the bourgeoisie and you can't actually end any of the worst aspects of life for black people without ending capitalism

all the various trendy "nationalisms" that came up in the '60s are larps, but they're larps that grew out of the failure of the left to actually do its fucking job and fight for a revolution in the US. Sure the CP did some good stuff in the 1930s but they had this dumbass idea of a black nation which blacks reject and which actually was so much of a problem they basically just fought for integration in reality. Then they fucked all that up by supporting Roosevelt and not fighting for equality cause it would hurt the war effort or some stupid shit


>There's no common territory, no separate language, no separate culture

I think the black belt thesis was sound and that black americans historically constituted a legitemate separate nation, but the 20th century saw the full assimilation of black americans into the logic of the US nation as a racialized caste, which is distinct from a nation. The black american english dialect does have an internally consistent grammar and had a distinct vocabulary, and the south surely constituted a legitemate homeland, but the era between the great migration through to the tail end of the civil rights movement dissolved the distinctiveness of a black american nation. A distinct black culture remains, but its largely understood as a constituent part of the american nation even by the majority of racists, which is very different than the pre-20th century perception of blacks as an inherently incompatible outsider that happened to exist within US borders.

do we have a new bingo chart?


We are live.


File: 1701911353804.png (45.5 KB, 304x113, ClipboardImage.png)

Trumpbot says:


I think it would be more accurate to say that at some point there was a possibility that blacks could have developed into a separate nation (i.e., if the great migration didn't happen) but I disagree that the thesis itself was sound. Blacks didn't actually constitute the criteria for a separate nation when the theory was propounded. The great migration had already happened and blacks were already integrated into the political economy of the United States, albeit as second class citizens. The Comintern flimsily used population charts as a way to argue there was a separate black nation during the Third Period, which was a departure from the party's previous policy and which was actually fought against by some of the first black party members the party recruited in the 1920s.


File: 1701914207955.jpg (48.29 KB, 1186x712, evolution.jpg)

elect chris christie. its inevitable progression.



File: 1701914703776.png (281.93 KB, 594x564, ClipboardImage.png)


How can a human being be so disconnected?


This guy is just making shit up


File: 1701915179333.jpg (56.71 KB, 852x516, flmao.jpg)

>US economy
>outstripping the rest of the world
Is that what liberals call it?


next thing you know they're going to start saying that if you think the economy isn't the greatest in the world you're a victim of Russian disinformation


I decided to go for a walk through by neighborhood, because I'd just spent too much time cramped up in the house today. No phone. No car. Just a simple walk.

And y'know what struck me: I've done this walk about a million times before. Whenever I was feeling depressed or my dad was having a meltdown, I'd go for "walks around the neighborhood". And I think the thing that struck me was just how lonely it felt. I know it's a weekday evening, but the whole place seemed suffused with an almost cosmic loneliness. Barely any lights on, not a sound other than the occasional plane overhead or the traffic a block down. I passed by an empty lot that had these huge powerlines stabbing the sky, and it was littered with garbage. Even birds weren't roosting there.

I had a pretty lonely childhood and if I spent too much time indoors my dad would always bark at me to go outside. I never really understood it. As far as I was concerned there was nothing outside, I'd just go from staying inside watching television to listlessly walking around silent streets. Back then I didn't have money to speak of and mostly kept to myself in classes, I wasn't on any sports teams, and so I'd face this weird tension where my house was overbearingly stuffy and dull, but it wasn't like there was anything outside for me to do. It was just a relief from the stale air.

And it's only gotten worse. For a time I could maybe walk over to the local Borders bookstore and read stuff there for free: but borders was replaced with some big box sports supply store after the company went bankrupt. When I was younger I could go to the local Blockbuster and look at different movie titles or rent some video games, but that's gone too. What the fuck will kids have in this town? What's left to them?

I think a lot of mental health problems in this country can be explained by the places we've built for ourselves aren't designed for humans to live in. It's sterile.


File: 1701916577528.png (169.1 KB, 414x388, ClipboardImage.png)



You might be right that america succeeded in americanizing everyone here, but you're wrong to say that the usa isnt still a settler-colonial state. Even if the united states was one nation, which it really isnt, it would still be worth balkanizing the whole thing or at least rebuilding the whole government from scratch purely to liberate the people living under this settler-cosmopolitan regime. We should abolish every single facet of government here and rebuild it, including the constitution, the executive legislative and judicial branches of government, the military, the states, the borders, everything should be overhauled. Of course if your only interest is in opportunistically electing a communist as president and then not changing a single thing, you'd disagree, but my opinion is that this country is inherently harmful to humanity from the top to the bottom. I have trouble preventing myself from just wanting the whole american race wiped off the face of the earth personally.


The White House needs to be re-torched.


Why am I wrong? What purpose would balkanizing the US on racial or ethnic lines serve besides leading to the deaths of tens of thousands or millions of people? I hate to break it to you but nobody is going to go for this balkanization fantasy. Everyone in this country sees themselves as an American. That's fine, there's nothing wrong with that. They are Americans. The problem is that a class of parasites runs America. Ending the rule of the capitalist class is the only way to actually make America work for the American working class, whether it's whites, blacks, Latinos, Asians, Indians, whatever.

I'm not talking about electing a communist president. We need a working class revolution to replace the bourgeois dictatorship with a proletarian dictatorship. But that's not what you're talking about here. Sure, you talk about overhauling things, but in the direction of breaking apart the nation into made up nations. You're talking about some kind of fantasy where the existing racial divsions get transformed into hard national lines which means workers will be shooting at each other for no reason even though they're exactly the same, save for their skin color. Who gets New York City? The whites? How about Alabama, which is majority white but like 30% black? This is a reactionary-utopian fantasy

But I mean really the whole last sentence of your post kind of gives the game away. I'm sorry, but it's not a moral question. America is the world empire and the American capitalist class is reactionary and an obstacle to human progress. Get rid of it. But the working class of America is not the same, does not benefit from this arrangement, and is exploited and faces horrific oppression. Was the settlement of the US filled with awful episodes of genocide, ethnic cleansing, forced population transfers, slavery, etc? Of course it was! But sorry, you can't undo 250 years of history with some rad-lib academic nonsense. The nation exists, it's a question of which class within that nation will have total political and economic power.


We will balkanize with or without my input. The whole world will chip away at US territorial sovereignty once it has lost its global hegemony, like yeltsinist russia. Being balkanized might be better than we deserve though.


fair enough


File: 1701918515009.png (151.73 KB, 391x362, ClipboardImage.png)

>Why am I wrong? What purpose would balkanizing the US on racial or ethnic lines serve besides leading to the deaths of tens of thousands or millions of people?
because texers shouldnt be carrying all those other freeloaders!


Why would the whole world chip away at the territorial sovereignty of the US? Who? The Russians are gonna take back Alaska? Chinese invasion of Hawaii? Total nonsense. The US has thousands of nuclear weapons. It's in decline but it has control of the international financial system and has more economic power than most of it's competitors in spite of that. It's not the USSR in 1991. This is lazy liberal thinking in terms of historical analogies.

The US ruling class will either be thrown out by the workers or will try and fix it's current problems by overthrowing the Chinese revolution/bombing Russia into the stone age. And if that happens it'll probably kill everyone else with it.


Americans won't overthrow their government, they don't have the organization to pull that off. The Great Enemy has won, humanity is already dead, the unfuture is one of omnisuicidal nuclear war and apocalpytic weather events that will make the worst we've seen so far look like a mild spring day by comparison.


You guys are being obtuse. This place is held together by duct tape and aluminum foil. Nobody wants to be part of this country anymore. It'll be the american people begging russia or china to liberate them from US control, not foreign countries deciding to do it anyway.


Turtle Island getting East Germany'd seems more plausible than revolution firing off in either Burgerland or Leafland.


File: 1701919218880.png (35.6 KB, 208x291, fr.png)

>Nobody wants to be part of this country anymore. It'll be the american people begging russia or china to liberate them from US control, not foreign countries deciding to do it anyway.


we out here strippin


It's much more plausible than fanfiction about the masses calling for a foreign power to "liberate them."


Yeah revolution here is never gonna happen unless you count national liberation movements. We're never going to have enough communists to win a civil war against the US provisional government like the bolsheviks did. But we might have enough international support for independence referendums that the US will be forced to concede territorial losses. This is also one of the reasons revolt vs reform is a stupid argument; neither of those things are ever going to happen here.


Wait when the USA lacks the means to reproduce capital due to cutting itself off from the core of the industrial world (China). When even militarily the USA going up against China in the periphery would be like Perry Expedition where US warships can't even get in firing range for nukes before Chinese ships sinks them with conventional arms. When it becomes clear to even the American capitalists their choice is only to be agrarian backwater with nukes and hope major power leave them only or leave the union and try to climb up the industrial ladder like Imperial Germany and Japan did in the previous the epoch, that is when USA will break apart with the capitalist class at it head.


Both of those are absolute fantasies. Catalan will never even happen here and look how that worked out.


Hawaii will undoubtedly "happen" though


The only hope would be getting the mass of people to overcome their liveral and conservative false consciousness which is still a long shot but still the shortest shot.


The US will never concede a state. I'll be beyond impressed if Guam or Puerto Rico become independent.


You assume the USA will have the material means to stop the disintegration of its empire.


There have been two revolutions in the US before, and the US is a class divided society with a working class that has an objective interest in overthrowing the capitalists. What it's missing is a vanguard party that can coordinate it's struggles and connect them with the struggle for socialism.

You don't need to have millions of communists. You just have to have a stable, leading core. The Bolsheviks were not the entire Russian proletariat, they were the vanguard. They pulled the rest of the class and the peasantry behind them.

And they split the army. If you do that, you can actually win.

The US hasn't totally cut itself off from China. It's thrown up more trade barriers but there is still trade going on and the US is shifting some of its industrial production elsewhere. Also, the US still has its own industrial base, however eroded. It could certainly ramp up its own production with protectionist measures in the coming years and probably will. Also China's economy has only developed in part because of how adept it's been at managing globalization. But globalization is ending and the US isn't just gonna let it overtake it as the world hegemon.


What would be their opposition? Puerto Rico trends more and more to statehood not independance. Stop eith this wishful thinking


And talking about disintegrating the empire. The start would breaking off the pseudo colonies. Not the de jure elements of the US


>The US hasn't totally cut itself off from China. It's thrown up more trade barriers but there is still trade going on and the US is shifting some of its industrial production elsewhere. Also, the US still has its own industrial base, however eroded. It could certainly ramp up its own production with protectionist measures in the coming years and probably will. Also China's economy has only developed in part because of how adept it's been at managing globalization. But globalization is ending and the US isn't just gonna let it overtake it as the world hegemon.
From the perspective of Fredrick List what matters is production production production, any nation that fails to keep up the race to increase the means to produce will fall due to not being able to field a modern army thus unable to stop larger nations from stealing their shit. Fredrick List would view China as the clear winner in building the means to enrich itself and defend its gains and the USA as the clear loser as it can't even keep Ukraine flush and artillery shells.


China has a clear advantage when it comes to producing shit, in part because of the state-run economy. But this in and of itself is no guarantee of success because part of it's massive increases in production has been because China has been totally integrated into the neoliberal world for thirty years. That world is collapsing. Whether China can sustain itself as the West coalesces against it and pursues re-shoring or w/e is an open question. The policy of the CPC is to try and hobble together a patched up version of the present world order but it's not going to work because the US is not gonna let China continue to eat it's lunch on everything from EVs to basic industrial goods.

The multipolarism stuff is the ultimate exercise in wishful thinking cause it just assumes that China, Russia, etc, will be allowed to continue to develop and grow without US interference. It's like the dumb old Soviet idea of peaceful coexistence. The US was never going to let the USSR exist peacefully alongside it, and neither will it let China take it's place


File: 1701921798583-0.png (902.45 KB, 1192x729, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1701921798583-1.png (1.86 MB, 1050x863, ClipboardImage.png)

alienation and isolation were purposefully stamped into the fabric of our towns and cities by the capitalists. it's just seas of asphalt, gas guzzlers, and Private Property. the suburban experiment succeeded in helping decimate the landscape of this country, and entombing us in cells of individualism and isolation. you ever actually take a good look at the architecture and layout of a suburban house, especially a newer one? it's uncanny as fuck. clean satellite imagery of suburban sprawl is horrifying aswell. I moved from an exurb to a city, and it's much better, but still not great. catering to the white flighters in the burbs and the virus that is car infrastructure had horrific implications for formerly livable cities. not to mention that spaces outside the home that aren't paywalled (and honestly, less and less overall) are next to non-existent. I end up spending a lot of time just appreciating the elements of nature that poke up through the cracks (also parks are always nice), but I wish that didn't feel so lonely. try finding secluded spots outside to allow yourself to think in, ideally as far away from the soul-crushing nature of modern american urban design as you can find.


China is running head long into the same crisis Imperial Germany did where to maintain its means of production means war to secure supply lines from the old guard of imperialism. The difference is China is relatively way more powerful then the central powers were at the start of WWI and while it was a tall order for Germany to knock out the British, French and Russians, China knocking out the USA is far more doable in a total war scenario with the only issue being if it would be Pyrrhic victory for China as there wouldn't be much global economy left standing after China has it victory parade over the USs corpse yet at the other hand the US can't hurt once it as dead empire.


>Everyone in this country sees themselves as an American
What does it mean to be an American? The divide in this country is that the other side are not real Americans. That can be exploited and encouraging any balkanization should be embraced. If the Californian Independence movement gets fired up when Trump gets elected encourage it. If Biden wins encourage Texan independence.Encourage Mexican and Central American migration to the Southwest and for Mexico to retake or form a new Chicano state.A domino effect will happen and destabilize the US. When the US attempts to contain the fire it will simply spread around the house. You truly underestimate how much Americans simply tolerate each other over seeing themselves as fellow citizens.Californian plates are being attacked in Texas and in other parts of the country. You are witnessing a growing trend of states becoming angry at people from blue or red states. If state identity trumps national identity it is a win for us. Exploit it and the cracks will collapse the empire and the "American" identity.


People on leftypol are delusional enough to think that christofascism winning in america won't have global repercussions. They will move to imperializing leftist countries overseas even harder, starting even more wars, and murdering even more minorities. They already do this, and without any internal resistance they'll be able to freely slaughter people outside of america with nothing stopping them or their nuclear arsenal


File: 1701925871284.png (81.54 KB, 572x363, ClipboardImage.png)

Alright fine I'll get around to it
So first, I understand your definition of fascism (I've read that paper, I consider myself an MLM). I have no delusions about the state of the USA, and your first paragraph is mostly right- except for the prat assuming that democrats would necessarily be the victim of American fascism. This is not true; Trump has not proven himself to be a truly capable, power-centralizing politician. Whether this is because of compromises with the neocon establishment or because he's just dumb is not clear. But what is clear is that if it is the latter, Trump and Trumpism will not fade, and the democratic reaction to it will not be one of measured reason.
This I believe is the fundamental flaw in your reasoning, though I need to ask a question to answer my suspicions.
The question- do you believe that fascism cannot emerge from the democratic party?
Now, onto the objective analysis- my project 2025 points still stand. Just today, for instance, republican Sen. Tuberville gave up his crusade against democrat Sen. Schumer's pushing through promotions of pro-Biden officers in the military and national guard. You need martial support to declare permanent martial law, just as, even if the Unitary Executive Theory would want to argue otherwise, you need senate approval to stack government positions. Congress has power of impeachment, and congress will use it if Trump goes over them. Why? Because surrendering power is always against your interests; this is why reform doesn't work. This is also the second major flaw in your reasoning.
>Finally, the fact that major elements of the Huate Bourgeoise (probably a majority) support this Fascist Theocratic take over
No. The Haute Bourgeoise today is an international one, who oppose the nationalist reaction for the sake of their own world order. We know this because capitalism progresses from national capitalism to international imperialism. It's notable how, though you mention war with Iran, Mexico, and China, you totally leave out Russia. This is both wrong and dishonest. Trump has most vocally opposed American interference in the war in Ukraine- which is a threat to the MIC. Trump also feels betrayed by Netanyahu when he made the smart choice to recognize Biden as the victor, and cannot be trusted to fulfil the MIC's interests in the region either. He doesn't want war in Asia either- Trump met with Kim, and Trumpist republicans are hated by moderates for being 'pro-China.' Just look at the Atlantic, a neoliberal rag's, panic over how Trump's victory would stifle their suppression of China- https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2024/01/trump-reelection-china-xi-jinping/676129/. Your claim is dishonest because the only invasion promised by a Trumpist wasn't even by Trump, it was by Ramaswamy, and that was of Mexico- which would be the least directly profitable war for the MIC, and the most destabilizing. Though it's true that Trumpism is a bourgeoise ideology, the bourgeoise's class interests are NEVER dictated by care for the abstract material sustaining of bourgeoise systems, but rather of their own objective material interests as a real class. Only individual weirdos in the Haute Bourgeoise- Musk, Thiel, Heritage foundation nerds- support Trump's agenda.
Simply, the democratic party is NOT a passive progressive force; it is only progressive inasmuch as progressing capital serves the class interests of its owners. Those owners are largely the same as those of republican party. This is best shown by pic related- even though republicans support the reactionary positions of the haute bourgeoise of yesteryear, that class today cares little for such irrelevancy.
>realizing that it is in your interest to critically support the Democratic Party
Support by voting cannot be critical because voting in America is always a binary choice. Critically supporting the democrats does not mean voting blue no matter who; it means only ever voting for their most progressive candidates, and nobody else. They have no intention of running such a democrat for the presidency; as an earlier anon said, they'd rather lose with a moderate than win with a progressive. That's just their interests. So voting does not fucking matter, bourgeoise stranglehold is neither passive nor accidental, 2024 is not the most important election of our life, literally fucking nothing will change.
And that all isn't even to mention
>want to stop Imperialist wars
>a Leftist Democrat (ie. AOC)
Wat da fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug


>If state identity trumps national identity it is a win for us.
I think this is becoming more common to some degree. There's also a movement to change boring old state flags with better designs. Utah did it recently. This is a proposed new flag for Maine which is probably going to pass because people have spontaneously already starting flying the new one.

I think there's an element of localism to it which ties in with business. If you run a company that brews, say, a local beer then there's a strong impetus to brand it with local symbols. Texas had it easy because the state's flag is so recognizable. Not so much for many states.


File: 1701927345391-1.jpg (37.32 KB, 880x587, download (1).jpg)

Old and new Utah flags


You are delusional to think there is a such element as christofascism. This is a liberal country through. Look at the media.


File: 1701927800316.jpg (341.68 KB, 1109x1500, q73ctqt8qpy81.jpg)

>implying national bourgeoise dictatorship can compete with international bourgeoise dictatorship
What zero theory does to a mf


Excuse me, you mean the Republic of Desseret in exile


this is some stupid r/vexilloligy corporate minimalist BULLSHIT. I hope we have a revolution before more of these terrible flags are adopted.


Nuclear proliferation couldn’t happen quickly enough. I cannot wait for the day that nuclear weapons can be bought off the street in open air black markets. Nuclear blackmail needs to be a thing of the past.


>I feel like the biggest limiting factor for a christo-fascist takeover is that weimerica is becoming increasingly non-christain and non-white.
That's not the only limiting factor. The other limiting factor is that American Christianity is too fractured by political/theological denomination and racial segregation to be a unified political force.

You got Baptists, Methodists, Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Pentecostals, Charismatics, Catholics, Unitarians, and each of these groups has infighting as well. If you get "Christian Fascism" It's going to have to do a lot of self-purging. It's going to have to come in a specific flavor.


you're forgetting nukes


>just wait until your school shooter turns into your school nuker
i feel safer already


it's time for alien socialism


Thanks for the In-Depth response, Comrade, ✊😜! I will admit that if I was purely basing my analysis of U$ politics on the basic assumption that the status quo will continue indefinitely (ie. Recency bias), and that nothing will ever change, then I would wholeheartedly agree with your analysis, unfortunately, that is not how History has ever unfolded and that should be extremely clear to anyone who understands Dialectical Materialism. You make the assumption that the Haute Bourgeoisie will never support Theocratic Fascism just because they haven’t “officially” done so yet (it’s really cute that you use the example of Elon Musk as a simple “unremarkable exception” and “odd man out”, when he is literally the wealthiest Man on the Fucking planet, with a net worth that is larger then most countries economies), and you seem to believe that the Democrats are the “Dominant Party” that most of the Huate Bourgeoise wants, despite all the evidence that they are anything but (they are essentially a “Controlled opposition” that is still a “Lesser Evil” because “Controlled Opposition” is better then No opposition at all, and the fact that they might be able to pass UBI in the medium to long term future under a best case scenario), and even insinuate that they could turn “Fascist” (they can barely win elections, and typically fail to accomplish any policies, with most of their base being oppressed nationalities like New Afrikans, Chicanos, First Nations, along with Secular young leftists, Feminists, Union workers, and LGBTQIA+, which happen to be all the groups Fascists want to exterminate), despite all the overwhelming evidence that the Mass Base of U$ Fascism are Petit Bourgeois White Evangelical Suburbanites/Ruralites, without taking into consideration that their could either be a divide in the Haute Bourgeoisie, with most (ie. MIC, Big Oil, Big Ag, Big Pharma, Thiel/Musk/PayPal Mafia, etc.) supporting the Theocratic Fascist Republicans, and a minority (the Progressive wing of Silicon Valley and Hollywood, who do legitimately support UBI and Cultural Liberalism for their own reasons) supporting the Left-Liberal Democrats, or that the whole Haute Bourgeoise wants Republicans, and only supports Democrats as a “Controlled Opposition”, 😂🤣🤢🤮✊😜!

Additionally, you embrace the tired old trope that Trump is “Le Anti-War”, ignoring the fact that he bombed Syria, Assassinated an Iranian general, threatened the DPRK and Venezuela, and started the “New Cold War” with China (the Trade War and the 2018 National Defense Strategy), and even gave weapons to Ukraine (the “Russiagate” thing is more complicated then people think, with the funny reality being that though their is more truth to it then Putin simps think, it is nowhere near as important as MSNBC types act like, and Trump would have no problem throwing Russia under the bus if it benefited them, unlike the Zionist State that he has truly Loyalty towards because of his family/business connections with them, and the fact that his voters will literally die for that place in order to have the “rapture”), moved the ambassador to Jerusalem, has promised to bomb the Mexican “drug cartels”, has stated that “gallons of Muslim blood” must be spilt for every drop of Zionist blood, and has accused Biden of being both a Chinese and Iranian puppet (the Hunter Chines Bribe accusation and the Iranian financial sanctions being unfrozen, which Trump claimed prices Biden “funded” the Hamas attack on the Zionist state), with all of these facts in consideration, it seems very reasonable that if Re-elected in 2024, Trump will proceed to Invade Mexico and Iran, along with assuring that the U$ wages World War III with China before the end of this decade, due to his need to reward his Zionist Huate Bourgeoisie donors (the people that funded his election victory that led to the establishment of a Fascist Christian Nationalist Theocratic Dictatorship) and White Evangelical Christian Zionist mass base, combined with giving record profits to the MIC and providing the foreign “bogeymen” that all Fascists need to help “rally around the flag” to maintain their power, 🤢🤮!

Finally, it makes lots of sense that most of the Haute Bourgeoisie wants Theocratic Fascism, because it is simply in their Material interests, as Fascism guarantees that they will be no taxes, no social safety net, no regulations, and no Unions, all things that will benefit Corporate Profits, and that their will be no elections or legal political parties that will be allowed to bring these things back. Meanwhile, their is a reason Marx called Religion the “Opiate of the Masses” and the USSR and Maoist China both crushed it mercilessly, because it is the most affective tool to brainwash and oppress the Proles, by turning them into meek little slaves that never fight back against exploitation because they will be “rewarded” in the imaginary “paradise” of the “afterlife”, thus showing why Theocracy and a return to Traditional society, where Men are all humble wage slaves and Women are all dutiful Housewives is blatantly a big profitable win for the Huate Bourgeoisie, 🤢🤮! So in conclusion, I feel that your analysis suffered from a chronic lack of Imagination combined with a simplistic “Recency Bias” that just because Fascist Theocracy hasn’t happened yet, it supposedly “can’t happen here”, and just because Trump didn’t “officially” start a War in his first term, he “definitely won’t start a War in his second term”, which means that you are not truly using Dialectical Materialism, which states that all contradictions must be resolved in some way, and sadly, if we look at the contradictions of 2020s U$ politics, their is a very high chance (at least 50%), that the U$ Huate Bourgeoise will solve these “contradictions” by ripping the mask of Liberal Bourgeois Democracy off their face and revealing the true face of 21st Century U$ Imperialist Capitalism in decay, Fascist Christian Nationalist Theocracy, 🤢🤮


Anon what the fuck are you talking about?


id rather see this dystopian christian theocratic fascism (that couldnt exist for long, if at all) than just voting democrat mindlessly ((LIKE THE BOURGEOISIE WANT US TO))

We must break the cycle. The only way out is to use bourgeois democracy against itself


Uphold Lear thought


Honestly, it is a genuine improvement


the american state has no christo-fascist element. The american state is a secular


that's the most retarded thing i've read all week


>id rather see this dystopian christian theocratic fascism
Because you're white
Ain't it funny how all honkey leftists are curiously fine with fascism 🤔


End of history brainworms


Or perhaps only white heteros boil down an increasingly belligerent, autocratic, religious, nationalist, and homicidal GOP to "merely" affecting gays because honkies lack solidarity with others even when they go online to waste their time and lives LARPing as """"""""communists"""""""""


this is some extreme 4d chess.


>leftypol is all leftists

Anon you're talking to a board that's like 50% incels, no shit you're going to get a sample biased towards weirdos projecting their virginity into power-fantasy LARPing


-t. Someone who is not going to be put in an oven by a fascist government


>Or he’s smart enough to know that “christofascism” is an oxymoron
uygha the most powerful fascist movement in history (Nazis) is an oxymoron, they have 0 coherent political program and adhered to a 'just make it up as we go' mentality. Christofascism actually made more sense than the Nazi program because you are using an identity marker that has existed for thousands of years instead of some shizo racial identity created by a race scientist 40 years ago (even if that identity has nothing to do with the actual Holy Scriptures most of the time)
In fact religious fascism is literally the only form of fascism that has actually seen some form of enduring success; the BJP in India is a living testament to this, along with arguably the MB


>you're forgetting nukes
You are forgetting you slap nukes on hyper sonic missiles, meaning Russia and China are the only ones right now with ideal capability to launch a decapitating nuclear strike (where its missiles in theory can destroy NORAD before it can put silos on alert to be suspicious if they can't be reached all of a sudden) while the USA is still a decade behind in this tech. Meaning Russia and China has the advantage of theoretically being able to nuke US nukes while still in their silos after they decapitate US strategic command so they don't get put on alert.


israel too


Maybe you haven't noticed but the christofascists have already been mistreating people en masse for hundreds of years in this country. Not that full throttle mask off would be good, but as evidenced by the GOP losing its grip right now, it seems like without the moderating influence of liberalism, the christofascists can't hold themselves together very well.


That too. Israel is literally proof that religious fascism can and will be upholded by cynical far right atheists who just uses it as a tool to recruit insane fanatics


File: 1701960923209.webm (872.25 KB, 640x640, 1618066181159.webm)


File: 1701962081199-0.png (253.77 KB, 500x500, 002453022.png)

File: 1701962081199-1.png (1.55 MB, 1300x1300, 001583931-1.png)

>this is some stupid r/vexilloligy corporate minimalist BULLSHIT.
It is. But it's also partly about differentiating the brand. I mentioned Texas which has a recognizable flag. If you go into a HEB store in Texas, you'll see a lot of the store's generic brand products labeled with "Texas" themes. It's just the HEB equivalent of Walmart's Great Value brand, but it's also nationalism that you're buying into, which means it sells a lot (in addition to being slightly cheaper in many cases).

I think California has a good flag too. The text CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC on it technically violates r/vexilloligy rules but it's so bold and part of the image that it works for them. And people will wear the bear symbol on their clothes or get it tattooed on their bodies. And companies based in California that want to sell stuff to Californians and get an edge in the market can use it.


The Utah seal is fucking boring and not as iconic as California’s bear


People are ignoring that the democrats have the potential to be fascist soon. The petit-bourgoise that the democrats are consolidating and the wealthy donors that they are increasingly getting makes them a multitude stronger than christofascism. It is a divided movement that cannot consolidate in the country. They would kick out different christian groups even if they gain power and end up sucked back in by secular forces anyway. It's a giant boogeyman like Project 2025 that will eventual be used to deem "Extremist" as terrorists and begin a new red scare to fight Russian bots and CCP shills.


Increasingly in name only.


>Finally, it makes lots of sense that most of the Haute Bourgeoisie wants Theocratic Fascism, because it is simply in their Material interests, as Fascism guarantees that they will be no taxes, no social safety net, no regulations, and no Unions, all things that will benefit Corporate Profits, and that their will be no elections or legal political parties that will be allowed to bring these things back.
This is wrong. The American bourgeoisie want things the way they are now, with no changes besides even lower taxes for them, because they know it can't possibly get any better for them. The last thing they want is a strong, activist state with potent ideological convictions. They want a transactional state, the state as a business functionary and appendage that provides the basic, minimal framework for their market system to operate. Fascism as traditionally understood would require the subordination of corporate interests to the state, whereas currently, the US state is subordinate to corporate interests.
Also they're also too rich to believe in God, so the theocratic element is out the door. Theocracy requires some showing, some proof of faith, and aside from a southern and fringe Mormon contingent, the American borg is decidedly secular: they worship, money and technology. Certainly this is true of the technocratic Silly-Con valley contingent of the economic elites, who are generally atheistic.

If current conditions become unsustainable the elites may support old fashioned nationalism and militarism, but this is distinct from fascism . They'll be the only ones with money left so they'd have to foot the bill for increased spending. Fascism is traditionally against international finance capitalism . It requires the nationalization of a lot of assets, not the privatization. If you want to argue American fascism is different, then we're changing the definition and talking about something else.

I can get the appeal of a dramatic, scary scenario of Christofascism from taking root in America, but such a move would be bad for business. It's just not realistic.


tf happened to all the conservatives bitching and moaning abt muh campus feeze peach craaazzyyy how that works


Nazis were christian tho


> end up spending a lot of time just appreciating the elements of nature that poke up through the cracks

holy fuck I thought I was the only one I love all the fauna and flora of sidewalk and parking lot cracks shit is cash.

In my region some of the native flora ive seen in concrete cracks include
>path rush
>silvergreen bryum moss
>Spotted Spurge
>Procumbent Pearlwort

with some fauna including
>sidewalk mites
>pavement ants
>Southeastern field crickets

I would make effortpost bordering on guide but have work in ~20 minutes might get around to it later tn


except for the one's who were pagan weirdos. IIRC one of them built an actual fucking wizard tower.


You FAIL to grasp the intellectual rigor embodied within my work. You FAIL to understand the conditions and contradictions of america. You FAIL to realize how these contradictions and conditions can be exploited. You FAIL to present any methods or theories.
Idpol and no substance. You bring nothing. It does not matter if I am a honkey. My race does not change the facts: America is already fascist; you're probably a "honkey" if you cannot realize this simple fact.
What are you even talking about? Hegelian nonsense… Fucking nothing. I speak not of the "end of history", but of four years of less stable bourgeois rule.
You FAIL to understand the conditions and contradictions of america and how they can be exploited to the interest of the proletariat; in this sense, YOU are retarded.
I am not LARPing. I have no power fantasy. I am probably the single non-virgin here and I offer a concrete method of creating revolutionary conditions.
The democrats already put people in ovens: ICE. The democrats already conduct genocide: gaza. The democrats would put YOU in an oven RIGHT NOW, if you didn't serve them.


File: 1701978880717.jpg (119.98 KB, 640x496, get a load.jpg)

>you FAIL
>you FAIL
>you FAIL


File: 1701979065613.png (812.65 KB, 620x877, ClipboardImage.png)

IIRC one of them built an actual fucking wizard tower.
I'm not one to be seen complimenting nazis but you have to begrudgingly respect that.
What anon amongst us would not build a wizard tower given the means?


it's nice to see that mussolini schizo got so angry he needed to reply to me twice. you still haven't explained how fascism and its consequences would aid the revolution that's totally gonna happen in 2 more weeks. anyone who says that is either a fascist or a monkeybrained accelerationist who thinks that good things are bad things actually. right-wing candidates don't destabilize capitalism - they're the most fervent wing of neoliberals, union busters and war hawks
you call everyone a democrat shill, but it sounds like you've completely internalized the media hysterics about trump being the end of the bourgeois republic, except you think of it as a good thing. supposing trump wins, you're still going to live in the same shitty empire, except more hostile to its workers and with boomer-led trans pogroms. stop constantly derailing the burger general with your nonsense


>holy fuck I thought I was the only one I love all the fauna and flora of sidewalk and parking lot cracks shit is cash.
I definitely mean that, but I was more referring to the larger stuff, like the little bits of in tact forest, the little tree covered dens next to bridges, even urban spots that have been reclaimed (alleys, empty lots, desolate parking lots, old buildings, etc), things like that. but also yeah, seeing flowers poking through concrete and random little guys absolutely steals my attention every time, those guys want so badly to reclaim it all. I hope you make that guide.


>still lying
>moving the goalposts
I don't know what makes people like this.
Why are you so proud of your ignorance?


> It does not matter if I am a honkey. My race does not change the facts
Nah it definitely does, since whites are the only “leftists” I notice regularly try to downplay fascism as much as possible.

It’s probably easy when all you need to do to survive the dictatorship is denounce your faggy internet LARP


>Nah it definitely does, since whites are the only “leftists” I notice regularly try to downplay fascism as much as possible.
blatant idpol. I'm not downplaying fascism. I vote to hasten the end of this fascism. The idea that the gop is fascist and the democrats are not is actual retard brain. Wake up, dumbass. They're two sides of the same coin.
>It’s probably easy when all you need to do to survive the dictatorship is denounce your faggy internet LARP
Easy to do what? Vote GOP? We already survive under dictatorship. I am not larping. How is voting GOP to create more revolutionary conditions within the primary seat of bourgeois power and imperialism a form of larping?


Even if most of the Porkies are Atheists, Religion is still a tremendously useful tool for increasing their profit margins, as Religion is literally the single most effective method of turning Proles into loyal Class Cucks who “enjoy” being Wage Slaves, due to believing this increases their odds of going to their imaginary “Heaven”, 😂🤣🤢🤮! So from this standpoint, is it really that hard to imagine that Porky (even he himself is a closet Atheist) would rather have all the Proles be retarded religious Class Cucks who think the earth is “flat” and “6000 years old”, while they are obsessed with rounding up the LGBTQIA+, abusing women, and dying in Islamophobic “Holy Wars” for the Zionist State, versus Free-thinking Rational Secular Left-Liberals who won’t slavishly work for the lowest wages possible (they are very likely to Unionize) and that could potentially embrace Marxism under the right circumstances, 🤔?


>What the fuck will kids have in this town? What's left to them?
Stay inside and stare at the screen dude.
Its trite to say.
Its hard to take seriously considering the unthinking reactionary boomers that usually parrot it. But it is true none the less.


>Muh idpol
Call him ugly
Call him a bastard
Call him a moron
Call him a fascist
All this rolls off his back like water

Call him white and he steps back and gasps, clutching his agape mouth

He stands in disbelief, thinking
>I've been found out!

<Vote muh GOP

All you need to do to survive fascism is to stop posting, honkoid


Together, I think this proves why a Fascist Theocracy is much better for Porky profits then wearing the Mask of Liberal Bourgeois Democracy, 🤢🤮!


Yes, there are very few "third places" (places that aren't home or work/school where you can hang out) anymore. Almost every place you can go exists for you to buy shit. Retail from end to end. Most of it designed for suburban car owners.


Additionally, I must make a quick note that you have unintentionally drunk some of the Fascist cool aid by assuming that they were against privatization and Finance Capital, when in reality Privatization was invented by the Fascists themselves (the Nazis coined the term), as despite their “Third position” branding, they have always been the shock troops of Imperialist Finance Capital (including the Zionists they pretend to hate), so at a very basic level, from ᴉuᴉlossnW to Hitler to Pinochet to Putin to Netanyahu to Erdogan to Orban to Modi to Trump, nothing much has changed beyond the different LARPy aesthetics, Schizo Conspiratard rhetoric, and scapegoats they use to justify their rule, 😂🤣🤢🤮!


File: 1701994550842.jpg (52.89 KB, 686x386, Cozy Library.jpg)


Honestly, I'm beginning to wonder if we need a social movement to help us reclaim our humanity before we even try to take on capitalism. Atomized consumers can only fall into depression or lash out in individual violence. At the very least just getting young people together for food, music, and movies couldn't hurt.

Wizard towers are respectable, but I'm more of a fan of an unassuming house with a secret passageway leading you down into some occult study. Y'know, with a roaring fireplace illuminating old manuscripts and a decanter of bourbon resting beside your armchair.


What is wrong with being white? I'm not even white. Why do you hate white people


>I would make effortpost bordering on guide but have work in ~20 minutes might get around to it later tn

please do anon


File: 1701998358957.png (511.26 KB, 500x499, 1658882593070.png)

What ZERO theory and ZERO compassion for humanity does to a mf


>“Holy Wars” for the Zionist State
Your hero Genocide Joe uses secular reasons to defend the zionist state.
>Free-thinking Rational Secular Left-Liberals
Lmao these people are just as classcucked as the flat earthers. Free and rational? Have you ever had a conversation with those people. And "Russiagate" was complete bullshit just to have democrats not to take responsibility for 2016 and has now made Russia the DNCs number one threat while Republicans choose China as their threat. Two sides of the same dying empire. Your going to be the first one to support Russiagate 2.0 in 2024 and perhaps you will join Jan 6th 2.0 for the DNC Lear. We need a leftypol fed for these events.


>We need a leftypol fed for these events.

lmao imagine if the site got a shout out in some anons manifesto before some spicy shit occurs


It's absolutely pathetic that Biden is aiding in ethnic cleansing and yet he is still superior to any GOP ghoul aside from maybe Chris Christie by almost if not every metric. How did we let it get this bad? And how do we change it?


Amerikkka was always this bad. We can't change a thing because we don't have any control over the Supreme Court. Burgerpol is just stageplay to keep the masses busy


Nothing is inherently wrong with it, the problem is, most of them live in a bubble, refuse to admit they live in a bubble, struggle to exhibit solidarity with people in other constructed identities (notice the person you didn't take issue with was the one downplaying American fascism), and tend to be extremely thin skinned when faced with criticism due to propaganda mostly


It looks infinitely better than the old one. All the 'old style' flags with crests on them look garbage.


>Crispie Creme
What makes him not a ghoul compared to the others. His entire campaign is just seethe and nothing else.


Got u

Common Flora and Fauna of sidewalk cracks and other concrete surfaces
Concrete surfaces common in urban and suburban areas are fairly low in species richness for obvious reasons. Not to mention if it's a well maintained area and not at least somewhat dilapidated then the local ecosystem has to contend with pesticides and herbicides being directly applied to cracks in the pavement. Cracks within the concrete are where most of these species congregate although some of the fauna can be seen foraging on open concrete and lichens can be found growing here as well. Unfortunately this post is highly biased towards the mid-atlantic/tidewater region of the southeastern US and might be useless to anyone outside of this area. Also this shit is not even close to a comprehensive inventory of shit that lives in concrete areas, more of a compendium of what I see most often living in sidewalk cracks. Links have been included that should all have good pictures and more info on the species. If any of these species are within your range it's honestly pretty cool after you learn about them cause then you will start to notice these species everywhere you go. They just some little guys thriving in an intensely alienating and hostile space meant for cars and capital accumulation not people or really life in general, pretty inspiring if you ask me

Vascular plants are contained to sidewalk cracks that actually have detritus and soil while mosses can occasionally be seen growing outside of the cracks.

>Silvergreen Bryum Moss(Bryum argenteum)

Probably the most common plant of sidewalks and fairly ubiquitous in urban areas. The silver tips come from lack of chlorophyll in the top of the leaflets. Notable for being desiccation tolerant

More Info: http://www.illinoiswildflowers.info/mosses/plants/silver_moss.html

>Spotted Spurge(Euphorbia maculata)

Summer and Fall annual native to the southeastern US that has spread to the west coast. Super common in urban areas and a dominant species in sidewalk cracks and sometimes forming sprawling mats that provide shelter for inverts while catching even more wind-borne detritus. Produces a fuckton of seeds that can end up being dispersed by people and animals when wet. I have seen small flower flies of some kind visiting Spotted Spurge before but have yet to identify them.

More Info: http://www.illinoiswildflowers.info/weeds/plants/prostrate_spurge.html

>Procumbent Pearlwort(Sagina procumbens)

Another mat forming species that attracts small and yet to be identified pollinators. It’s a perennial that blooms from May-July and prefers cool,moist areas.

More Info: https://plants.ces.ncsu.edu/plants/sagina-procumbens/

>Path Rush(Juncus tenuis)

Like the other species here, it can be highly abundant in concrete areas and is dispersed via foot travel, thus gaining the name Path Rush for always growing on or near walkways. Compared to other plants its extremely tolerant of soil disturbance and soil compactaction

More Info: https://www.indefenseofplants.com/blog/2019/7/8/path-rush

>Sidewalk Mites(Balaustium sp.)

An entire genus of small red mites that may be the most abundant animal in concrete areas. Unlike its parasitic relatives these mites feed on soft-bodied invertebrates, pollen or both.

More Info: https://bugguide.net/node/view/91443

>Pavement Ants(Tetramorium sp.)

A genus of ants from the old world that have been transported to the Americas via commerce. Make simple nests in soil that sometimes have openings resembling a Cinder Cone(this is often destroyed and many ant colonies living in concrete communities lack this feature). Are often scavengers or predators with some seed-collecting as well.

More Info:https://bugguide.net/node/view/44800#habitat

>Southeastern Field Cricket(Gryllus rubens)

Common outside of concrete areas and not as specialized as pavement ants or sidewalk mites. Other than sheltering within the deeper cracks I have seen this species sheltering within large piles of wind-borne leaf litter and detritus that may form in some paved areas. Field crickets(Subfamily: Gryllinae) in general have a pretty diverse diet and are in turn a food source for many larger species.

More Info: https://entnemdept.ufl.edu/creatures/misc/crickets/grubens.html


>Rock-Loving Dot lichen(Bacidina egenula)

Can also be seen growing on bricks and tile, preference for shade and acidic/slightly base substrates.

More Info: https://lichenportal.org/portal/taxa/index.php?tid=53726&taxauthid=1&clid=1306

>Flavoplaca flavocitrina

A well known Saxicolous(lichen that grows on rocks) species found on a variety of rocks with naturally occurring outcrops and also man-made surfaces such as concrete

More Info: https://lichenportal.org/portal/taxa/index.php?taxon=257156&clid=1312

>Sidewalk Firedot Lichen(Xanthocarpia feracissima)

Another saxicolous species of lichen known for growing profusely on concrete and mortar to the point of coloring the sidewalk, especially in areas of low foot traffic.

More Info: https://www.marylandbiodiversity.com/view/4577


You're probably right that it's always been bad, but I still believe something can be done.
I mean he's a ghoul but I thought he wasn't as ghoulish as the rest of them, seems I may be wrong though.


This should be turned into a zine.


where is this energy from the left? why won't the let do this? gaza is being genocided and the left won't do this. you know how many palestinians would still be alived if the jan 6 bozos had actually hanged demokkkrat leadership?


<too cucked by the non-violence meme (resulting in giant peaceful protests that make no material gains)
<no central leadership to guide them
<cops/etc are way harsher on the left than the right
<too much in-fighting on the left resulting in splintering and poor solidarity (the solidarity required to more than just peacefully protest at least)
<most don't know how to organize or join militant groups
<less resources on the left (a lot of Jan 6ers were petty boug or were bussed in)
<no partisan fervor (democratic party leadership is unquestionably pro-israel)


File: 1702020793623.png (112.9 KB, 633x756, 1702005496219635.png)

Are you a chinlet or a femoid?


that mob was a bunch of retards that the metro cops thought were on their side, they gate everything down and deploy tear gas on any group to the left of john stewart. qoomers in particular don't scare the powers that be because they have no effective organisational skills or ability to create dual power or govern in a crisis. there were a number of arizona events where they were preventing people from bringing in water so they could gouge them for bottles inside the event. when the morons who bought tickets inevitably started heatstroking out one of the paramilitary goons they hired as "security" got on stage and said there had been casualties like people had died or there was a shooter or some shit.

these people can't run a country they are carefully stage managed imbeciles.


I’ll admit that Biden has been extremely disappointing/pathetic in his response to the Zionist genocide of Gaza (not that this excuses it, but I suspect that Biden isn’t truly a Zionist, but thinks that LARPing as one is good for him politically because of how most of the Donors are Jews, plus he is scared of being labeled as an Anti-Semite, unfortunately he is a Boomer who doesn’t understand that he is completely alienating most of his voters out of a vulgar desire to kiss up to wealthy Zionists out of fear of being labeled “Anti-Semitic”) and that Russiagate is exaggerated (their is some truth to it, but the fact is that Trump would have no problem throwing Russia under the bus if he thought it would benefit him, because the only foreign country Trump is truly loyal to is the Zionist State for obvious reasons), but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I clearly laid out why the Haute Bourgeoise prefers Fascist Theocracy at >>1697778 and >>1698362 , with the subsequent Material reality that no matter how Lame/Disappointing as Biden is, he is still the clear “Lesser Evil” that must be critically supported against Trump by any rational Communist, unless you are an Contrarian Accelerationist who thinks it’s a great idea to de facto support Fascist Theocracy (voting Third Party or not voting is essentially voting for Trump), not realizing that they themselves will probably end up dead and/or incarcerated should he win, 😂🤣🤢🤮✊😜!


Congratz on supporting Fascism Lear.


This just reads like polish


I don't think its non-violence the left is cucked by, it's liberalism. The entire left marches in lockstep behind what the Democratic Party says and just offers a slightly more left wing version of it. MSNBC calls Trump a dictator? The whole left spent four years calling him orange Hitler. They won't challenge any of the basic premises on which any mass movement that's out there is organized, politically speaking. Everybody knew that the abortion protests weren't going to restore Roe, and yet the whole left just showed up and said you gotta protest harder, rather than put forward an alternate strategy, attack the bullshit illusions in Biden or federal legislation, etc. Same goes for Palestine. Everyone is out there now just trying to pressure Biden for a ceasefire, which won't liberate Palestine. There's no working class orientation for the left and even when you do see some leftists talk about the working class, it's just to try and get them to be nice liberals and embrace identity politics and shit they'll never agree to. They preach liberalism and since workers hate liberalism, they vote for Trump, who at least rhetorically goes after the liberals

Central leadership wouldn't fix the problem because the problem is political. The left won't agree to united front actions because they're afraid of losing out on their turf as miniature sectarian grouplets and most of the time won't even debate each other, even though almost all of them have identical politics.

Cops are harsher on the left but Jan 6 was probably also partly an inside job, and even if it wasn't it was just hilarious and anybody who thinks it was a serious attempt to take over the government is an idiot


It was serious in the sense of many clowns and orange circus director genuinely believed they could just take over by walking in the House.
Yes they were that retarded.


Richard spencer has also said that joe biden is the greatest president in his lifetime
The far right love that old dixiecrat


>The entire left marches in lockstep behind what the Democratic Party says and just offers a slightly more left wing version of it
Strongly disagree when it comes to Gaza. Biden is getting hounded everywhere he goes and there are are a bunch of people saying they'll refuse to vote for him.
It's definitely the non-violence part. There's been numerous mass protests that have happened in the past 20 years under both Republican and Democratic presidents - all of them have been miserable failures. They're not restraining themselves against a Democrat, they genuinely only know how to do peaceful protests and then wonder why it doesn't work (because they've been fed propaganda about its effectiveness their entire lives).
>They preach liberalism and since workers hate liberalism, they vote for Trump
This meme that workers support Trump is not fact-based. More workers voted for Biden than Trump.
The reason you think that is because when you (and an unfortunately high number of others) say "workers" you're only thinking of white workers. The cliche of a coal miner in West Virginia.


it's not liberalism, it's the powerlessness of the western left. this is not an ideological problem, you can't fix this by making people denounce joseph brandon harder than they already do. the left simply has no political power in the us, a country that has since its inception destroyed mass leftist movements, dulled its population with the endless resources at its disposal and figured out ways to blast everyone's brains with hitlerite propaganda, turning every american into a selfish, cruel, and petty animal that only gives a shit about consumer goods and culture war issues. the reasons we're seeing this status quo unwind is because the online sphere of information has carved out a place where people can publically discuss the fascist mainstream media narrative and the worsening material conditions everyone is experiencing.
i know everyone here likes to shit on liberalism as an ideology, but western countries cannot even be said to adhere to liberalism or apply its principles in any meaningful capacity, they've never cared about that shit. the only thing that matters is capitalism and its ritualistic cruelty, the mountains of dead flesh it accumulates in the never ending meat grinder of surplus value production.


>why won't the let do this?
<why won't the left do a random lashing out that accomplishes literally nothing?
>you know how many palestinians would still be alived if the jan 6 bozos had actually hanged demokkkrat leadership?
Zero since Trump is arguably a bigger Zionist than Biden.


File: 1702050106319.jpg (96.75 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

>there were a number of arizona events where they were preventing people from bringing in water so they could gouge them for bottles inside the event. when the morons who bought tickets inevitably started heatstroking out one of the paramilitary goons they hired as "security" got on stage and said there had been casualties like people had died or there was a shooter or some shit.
Fucking lol holy shit.

Well the right is basically run like a business or multi-level marketing scheme, and most of the "organizers" are running different little grifts and they're trying to recruit more salesmen into the scheme because that's how they make their money, same with the wannabe soldier of fortune "security" goon who is acting like important shit is going down. The point is so everyone keeps making money so they can come back and do it again. Every Trump rally too is like a mini-mall of merch dealers selling all kinds of stuff. It's all about the reproduction of the species.


File: 1702051036587.png (343.58 KB, 550x550, ClipboardImage.png)

>Stellantis announces job cuts at Detroit, Toledo Jeep plants

>Those notices, according to spokeswoman Jodi Tinson, list 2,455 workers who may be affected at the Detroit Assembly Complex – Mack plant, where versions of the Jeep Grand Cherokee are produced, and 1,225 workers who may be affected at the Toledo Assembly Complex, where the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator are produced.


>leftypol moment


>democrats have the potential to be fascist soon.
They already are


File: 1702075157737.png (371.74 KB, 751x1010, ClipboardImage.png)

here's your harm reduction bro


File: 1702077402650.gif (607 KB, 498x312, IMG_0568.gif)

Part of the reason I generally consider myself a black nationalist first nowadays is because I think curing the cultural rot within the black community needs to be a primary concern for would be revolutionaries before capitalism is overthrown


""cultural rot"" is superstructural, nothing will fundamentally change without radical change to the economic base. getting involved in culture bullshit for its own sake is for trumptards and chinlets


I can see a paralle between China today and germany then, but everything else is different. The supply lines then were hard-set by colonial ties, whereas today the international trade is overwhelmingly free. Or "free", but iyou get my point. Also there are hardly competing national bougeoisie anymore. Despite the occasional saber-rattling, Western porkies are still glad to open up their markets to China and to dip into China's in turn.


Classic movie.

Don't know a lot about it, but I was at a thing one time in a black area which was a gathering space for radicals of various types, and saw a guy faceplant onto the concrete because he was drunk or high. I thought he fucked himself up bad, but he was okay and I helped him to his feet, but he couldn't stand so I set him down and he just sat there looking like an idiot. Then this older guy who was, basically, a black nationalist – the way he kinda dressed and where he was just at – walked by and he stared daggers at him. I think this older guy carried himself with respect. It's just the way he walked.


Americans as a rule are delusional and think that China is much weaker than it is. It’s constantly being surprised by Chinese capability in every domain.




>How did we let it get this bad?
See, your mistake here is thinking that there was anything you/we could have done in the first place. Sartre was right about our illusory notions of freedom, your agency was extremely limited by factors waaaaaay beyond your power all along.

It was only by utter social collapse that socialism could arise in Paris and Petrograd, and you can bet the 3rd time will be the same – assuming there's an inhabitable biosphere by then.

Because it would be worse than doing literally nothing.



>did nothing

Jan 6th literally fell on its ass from the word go, it was a bunch of sauntering boomers LARPing as minutemen, one of whom was such an incompetent boob that he literally tasered himself in the balls to death

Not a great aspirational model.




and nothing of value was lost




aid package status?

Unique IPs: 200

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