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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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A thread focused on discussing the parasocial relationships cultivated by the Almighty Algorithm to generate profit off of our atomization and society's hyper-normalization of petty internet drama.

Reminder that none of this is real!

Some digital anthropology

Society of the Spectacle

The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception

Simulacra and Simulation

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File: 1675300417702-0.png (392.58 KB, 474x672, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1675300417703-1.jpg (84.69 KB, 1320x1197, Il Douche.jpg)

>Black history
Most powerful black man of the last century.


File: 1675300609025.png (748.87 KB, 640x873, ClipboardImage.png)

Most people don't know this but Italians are descendants of ancestral Ethiopians. Ergo they're BLACK.


Debunk this video. Pro-tip, you can't.


>I assure you I am not a retard
>Here is my retard vanity project to prove it


File: 1675301148096.jpg (397.92 KB, 1870x1434, Diversity.jpg)

>Axis powers: Ethiopians, Irish, Japanese and THE PVRE ΛRYΛN RΛCE.



Love it. It was all downhill from 2005 onwards. I wonder what hellish designs await us in the future.


Frutiger aero was best though


Frutiger Aero was the fucking shit man
Flat design cool too
Fuck the rest


cringe opinion also memphis looks kinda rad


It's frutiger for me.


can't debunk something i have no interest on watching and will never watch, ever.


it is thotposter


Thoughts on?
>Thotposter comes in with some cringe bullshit, trying to shift the vibes closer towards social conservatism
<People see the people pointing this out as them being cringe
>Thotposter continues to post shit that is some ultra online crap
<People say "That is cringe" and becomes more aligned to thotposter ideology


>discuss some nobody's opinion that has reached less people than the population of the podunk city I live in





>Implying that many people actually viewed that take


not true. im probably the sanest person on this website.


File: 1675304903759.jpg (100.27 KB, 975x1000, 1663891448149278.jpg)

<Intelligence agencies can use a combination of data analysis, trend analysis, and expert opinions to predict societal problems. They gather and analyze large amounts of information from various sources including demographic, economic, political, and social data to identify potential risks and emerging issues. They also use advanced technologies such as machine learning and predictive analytics to help identify patterns and trends that may indicate potential problems. However, predicting societal problems is not an exact science and can be subject to various limitations and biases, so intelligence agencies often work with a range of experts to develop a more comprehensive understanding of potential risks and challenges.



Is thotposter a new pet poster like thingnoticer? Or is it possible they're the same person?


I like the Memphis Design and the Y2k designs. With a bit more of a preference towards the Memphis Design.


honestly i think memphis design is more boring in terms of technological application but has more potential in realspace whereas y2k/frutiger futurism have a lot more practicability in web design and flat design is just dogshit except in perhaps the design of the consoles or whatever


Flat is such an actively bad design style that it should be considered psychological warfare.
Actually serious.


we can't be the only people who think this


Y2K's 3D objects on abstract backgrounds is my shit, weirdly dreamlike and nostalgic


reminds me somewhat of bomberman hero
loved that game
It's pretty notable because it's an attempt to show an increase in conncetedness and technology being a deliberate dumbing down


It isn't just that my dear friend. It is this sort of "Poptimistic" sort of era that we live in which not only are media projects inclined towards being as consumer friendly to as much people as possible but to also disregard things like hard physicality over the abstract world. This is the era in which things like the MBTI tests, 5e DND, pop music including more simplistic beats, podcasts becoming popular, long form video essays, gacha games and the like all seem to prop up. There was this general tendency of things just not having any real sense of structure to a lot of things that existed out in the world. There was only really "Vibes" that largely exists to keep one's mind on a more numb level. It isn't really an era of high thrills or excitement or anything like that but keeping up the appearance of a sort of Neo-lounge lizard and the like. "Just hangin' out", "Netflix and Chill" a sort of predilection towards vegging out after work and various forms of narcoticization in which your consciousness just isn't really aware of things. It's as if mainstream media as a whole is invading our free time and trying to induce a sense of ambient control over our lives while we do other low effort tasks that need to be done or some shit.
It was in affect a trend that brought a general sense of disdain of complexity and effort to the things that you do, because well you cant' really be assed to do more than you're told to and porky just sort of reflexively chases that general trend where there is a sense of one's place of the world is this transient existence rather that something that is particularly firmly defined at anything. If it is defined it is defined through cartoonish stereotypes that you have to contort yourself into, but in like a sort of half-assed memeish kind of way. Like how every image board asshole being this trump/hitler/libertarian mix depending on the moment who is a giga coomer who wants to smite the homosexuals and then you have reddit/twitter/what have you where it's filled with people who kvetch about big bad authoritarians while being the biggest prudes and busy bodies while they have critical role in the background going off on these aimless adventures that go nowhere.
The flat style is in a sense a reflection of this lack of structure that seems to be prevailing this era. It in a way is the ultimate expression of the 2010's when the edges off of things get filed off and people become more moralfaggy and superficially nice to one another. A prevailing sexlessness that is the result of our ever increasing obesity rates.


to continue on with my post that I just came up with I would say that the 2010's generally had this sense of "Stern, yet Implicit" structures towards it. The rules are vague but must be upheld at all costs. which might just be my tl'dr rapup


File: 1675316862651.png (270.34 KB, 700x700, upset wojak.png)

It's all so bad


pretty sure flat designs are a natural consequence of touch screens dominating how we interact with technology, that is, it's meant mostly for small to medium form factors, mostly handheld displays, where your fat fingers are covering certain parts of the UI. detailed skeumorphisms were going to fall out of favor here no matter what. since phones became a dominant form of cultural consumption, naturally advertisments followed suit. there's perhaps more interesting analysis of how flat designs came to dominate but i havent read any here, mostly that companies felt the need to ape the familiriaty of smartphone UI design conventions, and how brands catching up to trends always feels anachronistic, like they're always doing it too late, but i haven't read any here lol.

anyway perhaps the advent of VR is a harbinger of new design choices, novel interfaces present novel challenges that flat design conventions can't tackle, but i don't think they will become as ubiquitous as phones are. who knows maybe we'll think of smartphones as a silly antiquity 30 years in the future, or perhaps we won't need consistent design trends when we're scavenging for bugs 50 years in the futrue.


the hideous kindergartener-drawing people don't have that excuse and this ultra-minimalism is far from the only option. Even if your fingers can get in the way there's no reason that everything has to be literal MSPaint grade monochrome blocks in grids. Touchscreens also allow the option of easy multi-point interactions (eg, zoom) that could be used for manipulation of virtual 3d objects and the like, and the displays themselves could still have a sense of vague artistic quality. This sort of crap is the sort of shit that gets money laundered in art houses paying 160k for a kleenex taped to a box.


> Touchscreens also allow the option of easy multi-point interactions (eg, zoom) that could be used for manipulation of virtual 3d objects and the like, and the displays themselves could still have a sense of vague artistic quality.

Of course manipulating 3D interfaces using relatively complex multi-point interactions which requires holding the phone with both hands is the simplest possible interaction for, like, quickly pulling out your phone and changing a track in spotify. Doh doi nobody thought of that.

> and the displays themselves could still have a sense of vague artistic quality

I feel like you're barely piercing together that usability and flexibility come first before artistic intent on any interface. At least where I work, designs are austere and souless as hell because we need to make sure that boomers that can't see fuck all can check their notifications even when their font sizes are increased 200%. Again, I do not know why the don drapers of today insist on copying aesthetic sensibilities developed for smartphone usability. Well, I know why facebook or google might since their products are digital and live mostly on your smartphone, but not why pringles would. Seems silly.


I feel like I should also mention that during early to mid 2010s, companies were indeed developing "quriky" UIs with gorgeous 3d animations using shaders and stuff but they quickly went to shit, partly because mantaining these pretty interfaces requires a lot of work to account for every screen size, every possible font size, and left to right languages in every possible combination, but also, users hate that shit. They don't want to wait for the thingy to stop flipping around, they want to click shit right away. This stuff is now mostly relegated to web experiences. It's true, however, that there are also monetary incentives at play here that heavily favor flat crap. Though I think when flat stuff was novel, people were into it a lot more. I remember /g/ desktop threads, noticeable contrarian people, were making their linux desktops flat as hell. It became ubiquitous and people are now sick of seeing it everywhere. As I said, when brands adopt new design trends, somehow it always feels outdated already. Probably because when big brands do it they saturate everything with their shitty designs.


Frutiger Aero for me.
PS Triple.


File: 1675325350559.jpg (780.5 KB, 1800x1800, Fnxd23mWYAAUrGa.jpg)

they look like Marx and Engels tbh


Man half that shit wasn't even from youtube,, numa numa was like 2003.


File: 1675332156462.png (544.33 KB, 638x641, ClipboardImage.png)

right you are.
they destroyed the Web.
It's time to rebuild. You can do it, anon.


Apparently a lot of them were Nazi collaborators. MSM whitewashing and crying about Nazis, a tale as old as Nazis.


Just the usual brainworms, no big deal. The EU is eurokolhoz, yadda yadda.


Should I move to Russia or China bros?
I want to be one of the lucky people who will get to live in real existing socialism after the west collapses.


Rossia is not socialist



Well it will become socialist once multipolarity is achieved.


Eventually everyone will be or we'll all be dead


Well Technology Connections isn't that bad (The Guy in the upper left corner of the "Youtube Now" Section). He's kinda the Youtube equivalent of those educational public access television shows.


*Sorry I meant the guy in the Upper Right Corner


File: 1675356458859.png (641.42 KB, 1200x640, qtcinderella-1.png)

Sorry if incelposting but man does this fuckin deepfake twitch streamer drama bullshit get on my nerves… These uber-privileged little asswipes make a shitton of money off of creating in people the delusion of a parassocial relationship, of pretending to be their friends and then whine when people have sexual fantasies about them? Unless you're saying it's sexist to have sexual fantasies with women you actually know irl then they have nobody to blame but themselves. The only reason they make a dime off of it is because they convince people that a real relationship exists and that's why people fap to them but nobody will ever say that, honestly the whole internet should be deleted and trying to use it should become a capital offense


>Unless you're saying it's sexist to have sexual fantasies with women you actually know irl

They probably would say that TBH. But agree with you otherwise.


You don't seem to know this, but your fantasies =/= computer generated media circulated through the internet
They are two different things

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