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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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A thread focused on discussing the parasocial relationships cultivated by the Almighty Algorithm to generate profit off of our atomization and society's hyper-normalization of petty internet drama.

Reminder that none of this is real!

Some digital anthropology

Society of the Spectacle

The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception

Simulacra and Simulation

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File: 1685432366569.jfif (158.91 KB, 1164x999, FxUb-qIWwAQd8u-.jfif)



Jehu is back on Twitter and his follower list is just the Fed lmao. Absolute king shit.




Lol no. His Grayzone, China and Shining Path videos are all very disingenuous. His views on the Ukraine War are wrong. Generally he seems to just be a contrarian who just adopts whatever is the opposite of the enemies, e.g. whenever someone like Maupin states something he automatically adopts the opposite stance.


wait are you serious? jesus fucking christ i thought he just needed braces


How is the weather at the schiller institute?


The return of the king


I hate the trend of pube beards and muskrat staches.


>heidegger to understand
I have yet to see proof that Heidegger even understood Marx.


File: 1685453358341.png (1001.32 KB, 1194x895, cheers.png)

Agent Kochinski vid number 33,939, boring.
Yeah, I mean everyone already knows he's a fat ped and is a confirmed sexual harasser. Just talking about his oblivious stupidity just seems pointless, but hey content is content. Just don't criticize BE about wasting time on this or he'll freak out and call you a ped defender. It's almost like e-celebs and the online sphere they dwell in are just cancer all around. Its all just profitability and the monetization of drama at the end of the day, boy, how familiar to other assholes in the real world does this all sound like.


>Am I the only one who's kind of getting sick and death of people covering Agent Kochinski.
Churning out content for the content mill is inevitable if you monetize internet content.


My disdain for continental philosophy's obscurantism is growing so much that it's turning me into an analytical marxist


If anything, he's mostly cringe when it comes to posting.
He posts like he just discovered shitposting is a thing.


>Identifying with a baseless construct founded on Brits incessant need to pretend they are not Europeans
Kill yourself.


>continental philosophy's obscurantism
stop pretending you read books


It’s not even obscurantism, he’s just straight up wrong.



Fuck off glowie. You know he’s bad


File: 1685474017963-0.png (94.07 KB, 614x746, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685474017963-1.png (85.57 KB, 661x564, ClipboardImage.png)


This guy thinks about trans semen more than me


RIP Midwestern Marx


>It’s not even obscurantism, he’s just straight up wrong.
You realize this is giving him more credit right? Calling him an obscurantist is ultimately saying that he's talking nonsense (which is "not even wrong") because it's unintelligible, incoherent, or both.


File: 1685476843802.jpg (321.32 KB, 1461x834, download.jpg)

Rightists developing Bob Avakian energy. They're gonna start burning Target merch in the parking lot and screaming about "drinking transhumanist semen." Accusing random members of the public to be perverts while conjuring up grosser imagery than anyone else is capable of. Keeping it weird.


File: 1685476861389.jpg (30.62 KB, 640x480, Cumguzzlingchris3.jpg)

chris-chan is that you?
is Liger implying Putin was right about something that Lenin was wrong about? also the quoted tweet is some Great Man nonsense and trips my Trot detector


File: 1685478826628.mp4 (4.49 MB, 640x480, 534985345.mp4)

I don't take what he's saying about the immortal Lenin literally, it's rhetorical, but it's kinda funny to complain on Twitter about Putin dumping on Marx and Engels. I doubt Putin is going be like "oh sorry I didn't know I wasn't supposed to do that." Liger is acting like he's been duped or something instead of the truth that Putin is a rather reactionary guy who likes fascistic philosophers who admired Hitler's struggle against Bolshevism.

But Liger is right that the rulers of contemporary Russia will never achieve the USSR's prestige. Maybe recreating the conditions of the Russian Empire will create new Bolsheviks.


File: 1685479299985.png (199.27 KB, 350x442, smile.png)

>the quote tweet
This is the level of stupid that does not even warrant heavy insults (like a Haz tweet), this shit warrants a "god bless em, he put on his shoes today all by himself in only an hour" pat on the head. Rock on you absolute imbecile.


yeah Midwestern Marx are a bit too much Z gang for their own good


Holy smokes Tara Reade defected to Russia. First American to ever post themselves into exile.


File: 1685481937673.jpg (323.56 KB, 1446x2048, chud.jpg)

basally perverse to see a meme format exclusively used by 450 follower esoteric racist cranks and then immediately rush to make an Epic Communist version of it.


Wow. What a weird trajectory. Last I heard she was working with the Schiller Institute and getting increasingly schizo on twitter. This is from the Schiller Institute newsletter earlier this month where they denounced the indictment of Uhuru Movement members for allegedly taking Russian glowie money:
>Tara Reade, a former junior staffer for Joe Biden’s Senate office, introduced and moderated the event. She cited the outrageous Federal indictment of Uhuru Movement members in St. Petersburg, Florida, just four days earlier, for what the Department of Justice called, “sowing fbi.gov,” as setting a dangerous precedent for anti-war activists. Reade also acknowledged the essential role of Helga Zepp-LaRouche and the Schiller Institute in fostering a global peace movement.
This isn't the first time Russian glowies and LaRouchites have been mentioned in the same breath, and there was a former CPI member back during its blowup that said the reason Caleb refused to register it as a party was so he didn't have to disclose foreign glowie funding. I'd really like to know how it all fits together some day.


Bruh Eddie and Noah are just more digestible versions of the widely acclaimed speaker, writer, journalist, and political analyst Caleb Maupin.


>and there was a former CPI member back during its blowup that said the reason Caleb refused to register it as a party was so he didn't have to disclose foreign glowie funding

Was that FOL?




File: 1685483209815.png (1.63 MB, 604x6080, ClipboardImage.png)

that actually cuts a lot of the results out since the "Top" tab doesnt show everything. you wanna go with the "Latest" tab


he definitely didn't buy that can himself.


It might have been, I wish I screencapped the conversation because he was pretty knowledgeable about the inner workings, even with that prior student/youth group Maupin ran before CPI.


File: 1685485262842-0.png (372.14 KB, 894x740, 5687958076.png)

File: 1685485262842-2.gif (1.83 MB, 245x200, Ysnm.gif)

>Last I heard she was working with the Schiller Institute and getting increasingly schizo on twitter.
I was catching up with a friend recently who had someone in his group go LaRouchite (actually became a member) and their personality changed and they would start babbling nonsense during meetings. Everyone else thought it was really strange. I thought of that Neal Stephenson novel where people go schizo when they get brainhacked by a computer program that looks like a field of static inside a book that gets opened up in front of your face, and that was created by a media mogul connected to a weird religious organization.

>I'd really like to know how it all fits together some day.

Well he probably set it up. It has come up here before, but the LaRouchites functioned as an intelligence backchannel. This is what Lyndon LaRouche said he did to the newspapers (he also lived in a guarded compound in Northern Virginia). See, governments communicate to each other via foreign ministries, but this can be inefficient (especially when relations break down), so there are a variety of actors who parlay information back and forth. Journalists. Academics. Businessmen. NGO types. Which is also a cover.

And people with connections like that just don't give them up. The LaRouche people seem much less important now than in the 1980s, but they got into Russia in the 1990s and one of their connections is Sergei Glazyev who is one of the higher ups. (He also created a fake patsoc party in Russia called Rodina basically designed to leech votes from the communists.)

I think the kinda person who gets involved in this stuff is also different from the kinda person who actually steals state secrets. Those people (the Americans who do it) tend to be low-level people who are frustrated and in debt, like the janitor in an Air Force base who doesn't like his job and grabs a file off a desk and sells it to the Russians. That's your typical "spy." You don't see American officials or businessmen defect because they're seeking a higher standard of living in Russia. But I think LaRouche and others who got into this are narcissistic types who are obsessed with power and control, and this gives them an avenue to have some kinda power, or feeling that they do. It's like "pulling strings" at a fairly high level. What's interesting is that Maupin does something like this (I'm pretty sure) but has never gotten into any trouble when the Uhuru people got BTFO'd for accepting money from a Russian guy to have a protest. And he also talks about busting up anti-imperialist organizations in the U.S. like the Peoples Forum, which is pretty suspicious.


File: 1685485723307.jfif (100.6 KB, 1169x992, FxZgm4MakAAWmzk.jfif)

I called Musk's valuation of Twitter at 22b bullshit back then.

Also consider that this Fidelity company has stake in Twitter, so this 15b is no doubt also overvalued.


Trans girl semen tastes better than bud lite tbh


you know what,good for BE to milk money from the back of the Libertarian-neocon with pedophile sexual harasser characteristics.


>Sci-fi author says he wrote 97 books in 9 months using AI tools, including ChatGPT and Midjourney

I hate the future.


legit kekked irl


God damn that's good lmao


Had a good laugh, thanks


Using the Pangzai tornado technique on that bottle


We need services that can tell us what is actually worth spending our time on and what's not. This is already an issue with the thousands of TV, movies, etc but for things like books it's even worse since the barrier to entry is so much lower.


anon, the 33% of 22b is not 15b


there's… a lot of them…


Maupin is about to get OWNED.


Unique IPs: 31

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