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A thread focused on discussing the parasocial relationships cultivated by the Almighty Algorithm to generate profit off of our atomization and society's hyper-normalization of petty internet drama.

Reminder that none of this is real!
Society of the Spectacle

The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception


I think Sage is one of the better posters on this board, but that is not the reason why I'm defending him right now.


95% of strikes aren't "direct action" as proven in this post: >>983979

Notice how these fuckers FAIL to address the argument presented and resort to attacking random shit…

Just admit it: "wisdom-carrier" Sage is a moron.

If you can't address/counter in detail what has been said, you auto. automatically agree with the post.



File: 1653238729930.png (740.53 KB, 895x1390, bombface.png)

sages opps are some of the most hysterical nutters on this board.


Strike fetishism is neither coherent nor well-thought out. I’ll be honest that being a strike fetishist is better than 50% of posters on this board but that’s a low bar to clear.


Except he isn't a strike fetishist, people have chosen this one point of his to attack him on.
It is you guys who are failing to address his arguments beyond his perceived "strike fetishism."


Sagesisters… i don’t feel so good…


He is a strike fetishist. He fails to give a coherent reply for how to create “good” strikes as opposed to “bad” strikes or even how to distinguish between the two. The only thing he can do is straw man everyone who criticizes him as being a wild cat strike fetishist like these retarded infracels.



You are debunked.


Hi, Sage!


Notice how not a single Sagefag-fan can even touch the arguments presented in this post.


Except I am not making an argument either way on that topic. I initially replied because I don't believe that people deserve to be attacked on the basis of their mental health.


Mmm mmm mmm mmm


The Jordan Peterson vs Twatter “leftists” spat is just neoliberal capitalist propaganda vs neoliberal capitalist propaganda. That’s it. That magazine is capitalist propaganda entirely and the only reason why those people are on the cover is because of capitalist propaganda.


>= mediated = indirect
>= unmediated = direct
You made this definition up though lmao
Here are a bunch of definitions that aren't made up for the sole purpose of not being btfo on the internet:
>Definition of direct action : action that seeks to achieve an end directly and by the most immediately effective means (such as a boycott or strike) Examples of direct action in a Sentence
<the use of strikes, demonstrations, or other public forms of protest rather than negotiation to achieve one's demands.
>Direct action originated as a political activist term for economic and political acts in which the actors use their power (e.g. economic or physical) to directly reach certain goals of interest, in contrast to those actions that appeal to others (e.g. authorities), by, for example, revealing an existing problem, using physical violence, highlighting an alternative, or demonstrating a possible solution.
>Both direct action and actions appealing to others can include nonviolent and violent activities that target persons, groups, or property deemed offensive to the action participants. Nonviolent direct action may include sit-ins, strikes, and counter-economics. Violent direct action may include political violence, assault, arson, street blockades, sabotage, and property destruction.
>By contrast, electoral politics, diplomacy, negotiation, and arbitration are not usually described as direct action since they are electorally mediated. Nonviolent actions are sometimes a form of civil disobedience and may involve a degree of intentional law-breaking where persons place themselves in arrestable situations in order to make a political statement, but other actions (such as strikes) may not violate criminal law.
<direct action noun [ U ] uk us HR, POLITICS the use of actions such as strikes or protests as a way of trying to achieve political or other changes: The government faces the real prospect of renewed direct action if it fails to respond to the protesters ' 60- day deadline.


He's using standard philosophical terms and you're using dictionary.com m8


I honestly think the whole "direct action" jargon is just an example of confusing, obfuscatory language used to justify the existence of professional activists.


No he isn't you coping spaz, it's not even a philosophical term


>justify the existence of professional activists
As opposed to amateur activists?


Only leftypol could pretend to be confused at a concept that's summed up in its two word name


File: 1653243897341.mp4 (5.78 MB, 640x480, 1640708237726.mp4)

>spending your whole life cataloguing everything these people say or do
Oh fucking piss off, there has always been gossip. There are hours of hours on TV talking about celebrity shit, there are hundreds of magazines. We are doing the same shit, just with fringe internet personalities, for fun.

Most of the people complaining about this thread do this with the argument "YOU THINK YOU HELP THE LEFT BY FOLLOWING E-CELEBS", no bitch, you are allowed to be entertained and do stuff IRL. Feels like huge projection because these people probably do nothing themselves so they project that upon everyone they see on the internet.

Take sage for example when he soyfaces over "on the ground organizing", "direct action" and all that stuff. It's clear that the dude doesn't do anything and is a terminally online loser. He has been called out for being such a retard before there was Infrared. Sage's guide to action:
>do charity and give it a radical name (e.g. buy a homeless person a meal and call it "mutual aid")
>absolutely hate China, call other people "Dengoids" out of nothing when nobody even said anything about China, bringing unneccesary ideological belligerence to a friendly convo
>don't read theory, that's retarded
I really wonder, isn't that pretty much a more vulgar version of Maoist actionist cults from the students movement in the 70? You know, the ones that all became neolibs?

Take Vijay's chill pill and don't fucking lash out at people for gossipping over e-celebs. Jesus Christ.


And yet it clearly is confusing, following this discussion chain.

As opposed to workers organizing in their interests. Professional activists have activism as their profession. As in, they are paid to be activists. That's what the word professional entails.


Patsocs are retarded as hell kek
This Bismuth guy was going as a transgender named Cyan a couple months ago and was pinkpilling people in the infracel fbi.gov btw


>And yet it clearly is confusing, following this discussion chain.
It's "confusing" some people because they are embarrassed they've chosen a stupid hill to die on in the name of contrarianism and so are deliberately obfuscating the issue. It's a name that contains its own definition, direct action, the consequence of the action is immediate and inflicted upon the target at the physical level. Strikes, assassinations, vandalism, padlocking etc. As opposed to indirect actions like electoralism, letter writing, lobbying.


File: 1653245127162.png (48.55 KB, 530x503, ClipboardImage.png)

New Infracel theory dropped


Dem feels when you been out exploring abandoned industrial estates all day and come back online and some mad Kent has lost the rag, screaming your name post after post.

Ngl it’s touching you would think of me, can’t wait to get into this posts later but for the record, no I have never openly said I am skitzophrenic and meds. This is just a lie. I have had mental health issues, in the past. My menta state is clearly more stable than whoever is posting lmao.

Thanks for defending me in my absence to those that did, feeling blessed


File: 1653245449166.mp4 (22.24 MB, 432x376, 1651461314006.mp4)

As someone who followed this trainwreck from the start:

The last thing by him that I enjoyed was his assault on Agent Kochinski. But then next night he debated Destiny and that already came with all kinds of red flags, it became clear that his way of outreach runs contrary to the alleged mission statement to make "real Marxism-Leninism popular" - something he showed to have little interest in, and instead focused on obfuscating what he stands for with the surface expression of his own eclectic ideology he cooked up. Over time, the latter degenerated more and more to what can now only be described as the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche with extra steps.

But back to the early days, his debate with Destiny was disappointing, and then he debated SDL which was … a shitshow. You don't convey ideas by screaming. At least try to debate this guy, and then you can - righteously - say goodbye by insulting the hell out of him. That was his speedrun through Breadtube. After that, he was done, he had his three flares and was - expectedly - blacklisted by everyone else. He was on his owe. And then, he revealed that he actually has nothing. No substance, no originality, no integrity. I got angry watching him especially as his streams became dumber and dumber and the community he began to assemble seemed to consist of the worst creepy and disgusting shady assholes you could find online. Then, he tried to shed himself from /leftypol/ and he couldn't do it by just saying "I am not affiliated, time to move on", no, he had to publicly insult users from this website in some Goebbels-type show trial who basically helped him to set his entire fucking thing up. Then told his people to report us to the FBI after someone posted pedo shit on his subreddit, over which he has the responsibility. He already fully migrated to Twitch to partake in dating shows and drama streams and to never talk politics again.

He's one of the most unpleasant people in the world and I am disappointed that people like Caleb Maupin or Jackson Hinkle continue to suck up to this clown, for all the criticisms you can make against Caleb or Jackson, at least I thought that they are people with a little integrity.


File: 1653245528546.png (57.36 KB, 596x393, ClipboardImage.png)

Is Haz a biological woman? She is very short, catty, and emotional so it makes sense.


>no I have never openly said I am skitzophrenic and meds
Damn, feeling like a fool for believing them. No problem, I gotchu homie.


the replies to the claim were worth making, if it was true or not.


We have set the rules of our own evolution a long time ago.


> If ALL STRIKES were "direct" (action) as Sage insists
i dont think anyone has said "all"




File: 1653250063441.png (20.06 KB, 856x203, ClipboardImage.png)


cringe Blanquist


File: 1653250718902.png (58.77 KB, 300x436, get-61354353.png)




File: 1653251997196-0.png (29.61 KB, 829x232, fag.png)

File: 1653251997196-1.png (49.8 KB, 969x375, 2.png)

>You are debunked.
no, u

You forgot your trip, Sage.

Sage has been insisting on "strikes being direct action" which implies that ALL strikes are as such. Would you agree as per the post you are replying to that only "wild cat strikes" are direct action? Or would you cope and say that whenever mister Sage said "strikes are direct action" he only meant "wild cat strikes," which, as already stated, make up (at most) 5% of all historically existing strikes?

>You made this definition up though lmao
Fuck me for understanding the meaning of words, "lmao." pics w. much related

Do you even have a case?


Null and the 'guard dogs' are so disgusting, they're just as bad as the weens they condemn


Sagebros, we got too insane.


nah, u


Come on, this lionisation of them as 'defenders of Chris' when they're the ones who instigated everything in the first place and have failed to come to terms with it, is just lame.


Your case is "akshually doing something directly can only mean it's unmediated, and mediation is when there's some organization involved", which is the most autistic and ass backwards definition which is so obviously solely devised for your autistic stance
How do you think wildcat strikes are done you retard? Are they spontaneously occurring? Or does something only earn the very important designation of "mediator" when there's a legal document saying it's one?


>imagine being so much trans that you start defending (literal) mother fucking Chris Chan


>meaning of words oppress me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


>legal document and dictionary define reality!!!!!!!!!
How the lulzy have fallen


File: 1653253259287.png (141.68 KB, 1200x446, postmodernism-explained.png)

>words and their definitions mean nothing to me – I'm that COOL


>ur anglo for focusing too much on definitions
>ur post modernist for not liking my autistic definitions
Oh dear


File: 1653254114068.jpg (6 KB, 250x174, angry_jelentese.jpg)

>words have meaning


>Would you agree… or… Sage
I don't care what Sage said. Strikes can be direct action sometimes and pretending like "strikes are direct action" is false when you yourself said that some strikes are direct action means you setting up a strawman to attack a tripfag instead of actually trying to advance an understanding of direct action.


>I don't care what Sage said.
<proceeds to defend Sage
…is "sageism" a cult here?


>Idealism is a thought process of how the material world adheres to ideas. Idealists follow a certain ideal concept and understand everything from its adherence to that concept.

>Idealism is in contrast to materialism, a thought process of how the material world creates ideas. Such ideas thus created are not concrete and fixed, but are constantly changing and being remoulded by the differences and changes in the material world.

>Idealism can also be understood as the practice of understanding abstractions through other abstractions; where an abstraction is something that does not necessarily have basis nor relation to reality, but only exists in relation to other abstractions. The primary concern for the idealist is to create concepts that adequately explain (and change of viewpoint of) the world as we know it.

>We have already had more than one occasion to make ourselves acquainted with a particular idealist method. It consists in dissecting each group of objects of knowledge to what is claimed to be their simplest elements, applying to these elements similarly simple and what are claimed to be self-evident axioms, and then continuing to operate with the aid of the results so obtained. Even a problem in the sphere of social life

>And thus the application of the mathematical method to history, morals and law is to give us also in these fields mathematical certainty of the truth of the results obtained, to characterise them as genuine, immutable truths.

>This is only giving a new twist to the old favourite ideological method, also known as the a priori method, which consists in ascertaining the properties of an object, by logical deduction from the concept of the object, instead of from the object itself. First the concept of the object is fabricated from the object; then the spit is turned round, and the object is measured by its reflexion, the concept. The object is then to conform to the concept, not the concept to the object. With Herr Dühring the simplest elements, the ultimate abstractions he can reach, do service for the concept, which does not alter matters; these simplest elements are at best of a purely conceptual nature. The philosophy of reality, therefore, proves here again to be pure ideology, the deduction of reality not from itself but from a concept.


Are you denying that strikes can be direct action?


>idealism is when words have meaning, and the more meaning words have the more idealist you are


>can be


Did you mean something else by "strikes are not direct action"?


What about general strikes? What if the general strike is led by a communist party?


"Post-modernism is when the post-modernist's opinion is somehow objectively important and valuable because there's no objective value in any opinion."


>Sagefags coping since 2020


direct action isn't when things are unmediated, its when they are mediated by the people. direct action is when you solve things directly, like when children didn't have breakfast so the BPP started a breakfast program.



If a strike is truly communist in character then it will be done for the expressed purpose of disrupting the flow of capital and accelerating a proletarian revolution, nothing less. A strike that caves after “concessions” is nothing more than a LARP done by PMC in exchange for greater privileges, ones that always come at the expense of the third world


explain union strikes (~95% of all strikes in history)


>A strike that caves after “concessions” is nothing more than a LARP done by PMC in exchange for greater privileges, ones that always come at the expense of the third world
t. midwit suburban failson retard that has never worked a day in his life


>when you link Marx&Engels but the link has nothing to do with the discussion


Actually I do work, I work five days a week at least 40 hours per week, something which is completely foreign to the 15 year of anarchists who think having orgies in the parking lot in front of a Walmart is “real praxis”. Which btw is what 99% of strikes in the western world amount to. If you want to establish socialism, either get with it or get the fuck out of the way


>When you walking


so you're a hand ringing larping neet that watches some dumb debatebro on twitch?


YouTube removes more than 9,000 channels relating to Ukraine war

YouTube has taken down more than 70,000 videos and 9,000 channels related to the war in Ukraine for violating content guidelines, including removal of videos that referred to the invasion as a “liberation mission”.


No, just an actual socialist, not an internet roleplayer


sounded like you were saying that concepts are eternal and unchanging, ie idealism


so is that direct action or not?


Okay, so explain this: >>984243
Do these definitions not count?


Boy Boy has escaped fro now.


If your “direct action” doesn’t include helping socialist nations undermine and eventually occupy the imperial core then it’s just a glorified club meeting. A revolution is not a party


so is
>a strike is truly communist in character […] done for the expressed purpose of disrupting the flow of capital and accelerating a proletarian revolution
direct action or not


“Direct action” is a meaningless buzzword coined by radlibs to pretend that dressing up in animal costumes in front of Starbucks is revolutionary activity. It doesn’t matter whether your action is “direct”, what matters is whether it advances socialism, and entitled upper middle class liberals throwing a temper tantrum so they can get more concessions from the ruling class is not helpful to socialism at all


According to Sage China is not direct action.


I see you're going for the "no true worker" take


Of course not because he’s pretty much a textbook case of a radlib, fancying himself a revolutionary but more than happy to take the NATO line whenever a socialist state threatens American hegemony


Please explain how a trust fund kiddie who can afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars on their bestiality fetish is a “real worker”. If this is Marxism then I am not a Marxist


>the posts about me get more and more insane as the night goes on.

I can see the usual suspect is having a rough time of it atm, not even he is usually this loopy.

Regardless, the whole thing about mediation is just a cope Haz tried to create to come back from his obviously retarded statement that “direct action is direct autism”

The fact that the strike is mediated by an organisation has nothing to do with if it is direct or not, and there has literally never been a case presented as to why this makes it indirect.

Even a wildcat strike will have some level of organisation, people talking to each other deciding to do it, that is organisation.

You retards seem to be making the claim that direct action literally doesn’t exist.

What makes it direct, for the millionth time, is that it isn’t lobbying, it isn’t asking, it isn’t putting forth a bill, it is directly interfering in the process it is trying to change.

Capital relies on the work of waged workers, and so the strike, is the second best form of direct action, behind red army coup


File: 1653258101861.jpg (186.81 KB, 1280x849, ,.jpg)

>tens of thousands of dollars on their bestiality fetish

oh no no anons if the price of fursuits keeps inflating this badly I'll never be able to afford one


Considering the modern furry cult has direct ties to proto-Nazi Volkish traditions, you as a socialist shouldn’t have any desire to embrace it. That is, if you are a socialist


If you’re such a socialist then why are you vehemently against nations which directly challenge global capitalism?


I'm gonna be honest, I've never heard someone use the term "baizou" and it not be followed by some reactionary conservative bullshit.


Imagine caring so much about how trust fund furries waste their money


I care when pseuds on this site pretend prancing around dressed as an animal is anything other than an insult to socialism


File: 1653258636674.jpg (58.07 KB, 500x500, 51Ueg4V9EjL._SL500_.jpg)

>posts about me


>muh income
gtfo lib, that's not what defines class


You’re naive and hypocritical if you think class is the primary force of conflict in the 21st century(Oh look it's the nazi spammer)(14 g article one idpol)


What harm is it causing? Calling yourself "patriotic socialist" and accusing everyone of being middle class with no evidence while being a petty-capitalist yourself would be something that's actually an insult to socialism.


File: 1653258875652.gif (1.9 MB, 300x300, goalpost_backflip.gif)


>quick pivot the conversation
If China is directly against global capitalism why did it side with the CIA in Afghanistan, the phillipines, Angola, Nicaragua, Yemen… and Israel.


Fursuits cost a few hundred dollars. Not exactly something out of the hands of most people with a stable job.


>striking workers are all spoiled and middle class.
You bitches really can’t take an L can you. You need a slap, really, it is the only cure


File: 1653259126737.jpg (238.23 KB, 1197x644, EDufIZuU0AAxtKa.jpg)


Letting freaks be the face of socialism does nothing to dispel the idea among the working class that socialism only benefits the fringes of society. Anyways it’s clear that attacking the metaphorical “golden fleece” has angered a lot of liberals, funny that. They have no problem with capitalism and American hegemony or the millions starving in the streets, but as soon as their hobbies and perversions are threatened they’ll stomp around in front of a Starbucks


Then what is the primary force of conflict in the 21st century?


If you’re willing to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars for sexual gratification then you’re a sad excuse of a human being


Also just so “yall” are aware. Haz today posted that the most important thing for communists to do was get elected lmao.

Voot Pat no matter Wat



The productive forces of society versus the parasitic forces


>Dengoids actually believe this


>Letting freaks be the face of socialism
Literally just unplug yourself from your idpol echo chamber and talk to real people irl


Dual power isn't direct action
Uhm, cringe alert! Real socialism is on Twitch, where you can get a free months subscription to Infrared when you join Amazon Prime!




The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.


umm, sweaty, the history of all hitherto existing society is actually the history of, uh, productive forces


I do actually, did you know that most human beings, even among the bourgeoisie, find bourgeois sexual perversions disgusting?


>"I hate idpol!"
>proceeds to engage in idpol, just the other side of the phony culture war


>building parallel institutions that directly address the needs of the people isn't direct action


I don't give a shit. You could say the same about expropriating the much "cherished" small business owners or supporting LGBT people. Communism isn't about chasing popularity its about principles, if the working class aren't yet radicalized enough to accept and act on our ideas we don't bend them into conservatism or appealing to middle class christian home-schooled stiffs to get popularity.


Which is which? How do we tell? Are bourgeoisie not parasitic forces?


You mean the workers vs the capitalists



You are a pedophile so not really one to speak




Mods bringing out the big cannon.

Damn this thread be lit tonight


One concept of revolutionary dual power is the taking of political theory and ideology and applying it to concrete conditions. This is applicable to mass organizing work, prison solidarity work, etc.. In this instance, I would like to talk about some of the responses and work being done as a result of this COVID-19 attack. Work that is being done by revolutionary, radical, militant or progressive groups and organizations in various communities throughout the empire.

When the C-19 attack hit, everyone was fearful and nervous becuz we wasn't all that sure what it was. Some self-interested groups and media hyped and manipulated that fear. Some for self-serving interest, some for kapitalist economic reasons and some just out of ignorance.

You see when it comes to one another, it is easy to fear what you don't know or understand. When you take the decades of social conditioning with movies like Mad Max, The Purge, Isaiah, then some of our first instinct is to fear your neighbor, horde food, stockpile weapons or go online and fan the flames of this fear.

Then there are those like Us. People who believe in and fight for , struggle for a better future, who fight for a more just and humane world free of all the negative 'isms' that destroy people and whole generation’s lives. Ism's like racism, kapitalism, kolonialism and Imperialism that sucks the life out of us all. Sexism and homophobia that promotes and creates so much sexual and social violence in our various communities.

Dual power is when you do not depend on the govt to meet the needs of the people and community. Dual power is when we rebuild parallel structures and infrastructures that serve the needs of the people. All people. In actuality dual power functions as a parallel govt that is empowering the people to do for themselves and utilizing their resources to meet the needs of the people and their community.

We serve the people and their interest, because their interest is our interest. We organize, network and empower the people to take control and responsibility over their own destiny.

How do we do that? In Indiana groups and organizations like I.Watch, NALC, NABPP, various BLM Chapters and too many others to name are rooted in the community, organizing food drives and setting up distribution networks for critical resources like clothes and medications. Setting up taxi type services for ppl who dont have transportation, coming to an understanding with street organizations with the New Afrikan Black Panther Party taking the lead with other organizations to implement security networks and patrols in our neighborhoods instead of relying on or having the state police and national guards doing it.Some collectives started community gardens and distributed the food to ppl and families that needed it. All of this is being done freely.

We don't care what so-called “race” you are, gender you are etc.. We care about serving the people and setting the examples of socialism in theory and practice.



Fucking kek


No it doesn't you schizo, Nazi-Furs are routinely hated in the fandom.


kind of reductive. if china is socialist and represents the workers then it is socialist versus imperialist. productive forces are a means to overcoming imperialism not an end in itself. if the world turned communist tomorrow they wouldn't need to keep maintain competition at a breakneck pace to avoid being overrun. it is an arms race by proxy through economics. they have learned from the soviet experiment to avoid stagnation.


>if china is socialist
big ol if there


well yeah that is what "dengiods" believe not that productive forces supersede class relations


Name one time I have taken the nato line. It’s simply a lie


All strikes are direct action. Whether or not they are effective or correct is an entirely different question


When studying the history of revolutionary struggle, one thing should stand out: the fact that most (if not all) noteworthy revolutionary movements were centered and propelled by a strategy that delivered immediate, tangible, and concrete benefits. That is to say, their strategies directly engaged with the material base of society and grappled with problems of economics. They created clear and present value for those who participated in or related to these movements, and expanded access to basic goods like food, or basic services like health care.

Unlike simple charity programs, these revolutionary programs functioned as ways for people to seize control of their own lives and their own destinies, rather than being dependent on private charity or state-controlled welfare programs. We can see this being the case in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, when the Black Panther Party established “Serve the People” programs across the United States. We can also see right-wing/conservative analogues of this in the form of Hezbollah, and the power they draw from being in control of basic goods and services in the slums of Lebanon.

The development of programs that bring benefits to the people, by the people, also serves as a way to begin building larger systems of governing political, economic, and social life autonomous from and opposed to state and capital—institutions of the proletariat. As such, programs centered around controlling or delivering material resources forces radicals and revolutionaries to delve into questions of how to actually sustain such programs. How does one establish sustainable sources of funding? How does one establish and expand effective and efficient methods of resource distribution? How does one defend against possible attacks from counter-revolutionary forces? These are questions that force people to move beyond short-term acts of rebellion, and into the realm of longer-term questions of governance, and the optimal ways in which proletarian institutions ought to function, communicate, and evolve–and eventually, how they ought to replace the institutions of capitalism.



>All strikes are direct action
Where's the sage simp who was twisting sage's words?
>i dont think anyone has said "all"
Well, he has now said it. Where do you stand now?


Who cares. I commend the anon for arguing against you nonetheless hazbot.

Argue against it, as I say it, you haven’t.

You’ve said some shit about mediation, which is total bollocks. It’s direct because it directly interferes in the flow of capital. Simple.



File: 1653262689289.png (548.54 KB, 1216x700, well?.png)



What the fuck


I didn't say shit about that because this retarded categorization exercise you are doing is nothing but analytic sophistry. Just laughing at the clowns who simp for you.

As for your stupid game, the other anon pretty much proved that strikes almosr always aren't direct action, which is a huge issue with unions and strikes in general. If you disagree, it's evidently a semantic game you're playing and I'm not interested.
> It’s direct because it directly interferes in the flow of capital. Simple.
That's not what makes it direct action. You, of course, knew this. But you will pretend that this is a totally valid definition of direct action. Hence we're not even arguing about the same thing. There is no point in arguing.


Yankee Tankie once again siding with the people, peace, and prosperity


>Whether or not they are effective or correct is an entirely different question
sounds completely reasonable to me


That is what makes it direct.

Direct actions of different types seek to directly oppose the thing they directly oppose, I.e Palestine action smashing up a factory which builds weapons for Israel, stopping its function for several days.

You tell me, why mediation via organisation makes something not direct action?

Define also organisation. Because literally anything takes organisation. Give me an example of direct action then in that case. Something you think is direct action

You are so utterly btfo it’s ridiculous and yet you persist


File: 1653263442031.jpg (311.88 KB, 900x1600, sJJ06P6.jpg)

holy fuck can you guys just make a dedication 'sage AMA' thread or something


What you are saying, is that what makes an action direct, is how it is organised, rather than what the action does. So, according to you, if a group of people (somehow yet unbenknownst to anybody) spontaneously, with no previous conversation about doing it, lobby for something via a local representative by appearing at their surgery or something and asking them , that is direct action because it wasn’t mediated by an organisation.

You’re a complete moron.


I’ve not been responding all day, now I’m waiting for my prep meals to cook before bed.


File: 1653264196845.png (393.3 KB, 1043x1097, ClipboardImage.png)

He's right you know


how was this calculated lol


>political extremists.
Moderate liberal moment.


Is Agent Kochinski going to stop pretending to be to the left of Elizabeth Warren anytime soon?


seems accurate to me


This celeb trial shit is gonna be like GamerGate in how I wish people would shut the fuck up about it.


File: 1653267209381.jpg (161.18 KB, 2048x1058, everyone involved.jpg)

Every time I hear about the Depp-Heard trial


File: 1653272026355.png (270.61 KB, 591x489, ClipboardImage.png)

wait a second I think he was semi subtweeting contrapoints wtf


voosh is suffering from eshitter success


yeah it's tailism


What the fuck are they talking about? This is celebrity drama that's getting a lot of attention because it's a huge spectacle.


File: 1653273146564.jpg (9.6 KB, 356x297, obibluntkenobi.jpg)

Not going to lie I think both Heard and Depp did horrible things to eachother but they honestly need more restorative and transformative justice, because lord knows the public vitrol is not making this any easier, and fuck it if you can rehabilitate folks like Mike Tyson, I can't see why you can't do the same with folks like Heard and Depp


Didn't follow this too much but my very superficial take is that they seem to be too much online reactionary feminists who are angry about the publicization of a trial making a woman appear like a harasser.




what the fuck does it matter if something is "direct action" or not? surely what matters is whether it is an effective means to a desired end. quit having nothing arguments.


Are the demsoc intellectuals really panicking, they seem to be riding this high pretty well with Jacobin articles bitching about the current state of affairs.


Looks like some dumb astroturf campaign tbh. There was a manufactured hashtag trending earlier like #I Stand WIth Amber Heard that had like one opinion piece and a bunch of regular tweets reacting to the hashtag saying it's stupid to stand with her. Probably not a coincidence that this batch of PR drops right after Heard got caught committing perjury on the stand and now potentially faces criminal charges for being a bad liar.

>what the fuck does it matter if something is "direct action" or not
This whole shit started over Haz arguing with /ITG/ live on his stream about what is and is not direct action. Haz said strikes aren't direct action (but livestreaming is), and Sage says strikes are direct action.


>This whole shit started over Haz arguing with /ITG/ live on his stream about what is and is not direct action. Haz said strikes aren't direct action (but livestreaming is), and Sage says strikes are direct action.
i know the backstory. but it's really just a tedious non-argument. the biggest problem with people like haz is their ability to cause such an immense psychic disturbance in the collective unconscious of the subcultures they pollute that people will claw each other's eyes out in flame wars for months over fucking nothing.


This is an accurate take, I was just adding context for the people who are continuing to argue about it.


File: 1653279137378.jpg (34.68 KB, 407x405, 1602442772672.jpg)

>e-celeb shit
>celeb shit
>political extremists
>meanwhile, in the real world, everything is quickly cascading into an eternal hell where there is no turning back.
In a few years reactionary dumbasses bitching about celeb shit will be the least of humanity's problems. Dear fucking god do these fucking losers think that everything is gonna just be some perpetual cycle of drama and hot take bullshit? The economy is tanking, covid still is a thing, fascism is on the rise, climate change is still happening, wars are getting even more out of hand, and the western left is in shambles cause of fucktards like this. Agent Kochinski is such a fucking cancer. A large pus-filled grifter on the dying flesh sea of online political discourse surrounded by the boils of other grifters feeding off the rotten meat. Disgusting.



>In a few years reactionary dumbasses bitching about celeb shit will be the least of humanity's problems.
it was always the least of our problems. the fucking breadtubers never accomplished a damn thing in their culture war counter-revolution against /pol/ other than further solidifying the place of idpol and liberal electoral politics in the heart of "left" internet discourse.
>Dear fucking god do these fucking losers think that everything is gonna just be some perpetual cycle of drama and hot take bullshit?
if the cycle stopped, they'd either die or (worse) have to get real jobs. no one believes in the future anymore, so the only thing you can do is presume the present will continue on ad infinitum.
>The economy is tanking, covid still is a thing, fascism is on the rise, climate change is still happening, wars are getting even more out of hand, and the western left is in shambles cause of fucktards like this.
the western left isn't in shambles because of idiots like agent kochinski. it's the other way around. the "left" isn't a broadly coherent socio-political movement anywhere in the west. kochinski is able to adopt the label for his thoroughly liberal project of political punditry because there is no real left to stop and denounce him. he is able to foster a thoroughly liberal audience and thereby dominate the attention economy of "left" media because there are more liberals than leftists in the first place.


all these retards like haz, maupin, and Agent Kochinski think online e-celeb shit and celeb pop culture is "higher" and more "important" than real shit going on
it's so ass backwards


I am beginning to think you never were one.


you couldve read marx before considering yourself a marxism you know


Badempanada, the Kavenernacle and a bunch of other Breadtubers are going on a crusade lately about reactors "stealing" their content and making shit tonnes of money for it. I agree that they are stealing their labour, 100%, but I'm really struggling to give a fuck. Youtubers are petty-capitalists, Deliveroo, Netflix and all these other huge monopolies are stealing small businesses labour hours as well, who the fuck cares, we're (supposed to be) Marxists, not Mom-and-Pop snall business advocates. I think its hilarious when a big robber like XQC steals from a small robber like Badempanada or H-Bomberguy or whatever. Long live big robbers!


>other people have it worse
People like you will cry about and demand solidarity but can never seem to afford it.


File: 1653281966396.png (336.75 KB, 720x922, ClipboardImage.png)

the rabbit hole gets even deeper


Solidarity with what? Small businesses? If the local candle store is going under because of Walmart am I supposed to take up the cause of small business candle makers? Its just a fact of capitalism.


>Badempanada, the Kavenernacle and a bunch of other Breadtubers are going on a crusade lately about reactors "stealing" their content and making shit tonnes of money for it. I agree that they are stealing their labour, 100%, but I'm really struggling to give a fuck.
i agree with this. no one should be concerned about threats to the livelihoods of professional gamers and video essayists. entertainment in general should be de-commodified, and i don't see any personal interest in the internecine conflicts of e-beggers and adsense leeches.
>Youtubers are petty-capitalists
depends on what capital they own and exploit for profit. the larger ones may branch out into petty bourgeois business ventures, but intrinsically being a youtuber/streamer means an employment relation with google/amazon taking a profit in exchange for allowing the employee to use their platform, algorithm, monetization, etc. if not proletarian, at the very least labor aristocratic rather than capitalistic.


They might be the pettiest of petty capitalists, but still. Someone who makes their own paintings and sells them on the street might make minimum wage or less, but they're still a petty capitalist investing money with a hoped for return of more money, the M-C-M' chain.


Who said anything about the piglets? Anyway tbh I would encourage all the piglets to cooperativize to save their productivity and profits.


By the same logic why isn't every single person who works a capitalist?


The artist is investing their labour, not just their money. How can they be a petite-bourgeoisie if they are their only empolyer and employee?


No, a proletarian is partakes in the process of upholding the chain of investment of capital to produce more capital directly (in the case of wage labourers) or indirectly (in the case of people who's labour is auxiliary to producing and maintaining workers, keeping wages low ect, (such as nurses or unemployed people) and a petty-capitalist or capitalist partakes in the investment of capital to make more capital. This means that although many petty capitalists are poor, in many cases even poorer than proletarians, their motive an class conscious revolves around someday being a big exploiter, even if they don't yet hire anyone.

A small business owner who works for themselves can still be petty-capitalist.


the starving artist is more lumpen than petty-bourg.
the difference is in relation to the means of production. the capitalist owns productive means and hires labor to work it. labor owns no productive means and so must work those monopolized by the capitalist. the starving artist blurs these lines because the means of production they own is incredibly transient. paintbrushes, easels, and whatever monetary profit is left to him after subsistence. he must work each of these means himself as he cannot afford to hire out.


leftypol still doesnt understand what separates the prole from the bourgeois and still resorts to more nebulous terms like lumpen for anything they dont like episode 401


>resorts to more nebulous terms like lumpen for anything they dont like
eat my dick, the painter that guy described sounds like a lumpen to me. it's not moralistic. i don't have any bone to pick with fucking street painters or something.


I disagree they would be "lumpen". Even considering Engle's definition, what would make them lumpen?


Does this mean a plumber is a capitalist?
A kid who shovels snow for money?


is PMC a lefty way to say coastal elites or was that just stupudpol?


A plumber can indeed be petit-bourgeois provided that he is in fact fully independent and not retained by a property ownership group or a plumbing company like so many plumbers are. Are there even any independent plumbers left?

The kid who shovels snow is a part of his parents' economic unit. His income just buys video games and shit.


PMC is liberal terminology. It doesn't refer to a real concrete category in Marxist terms. There are people in management roles whose purpose is to uphold the capitalist relations but they aren't a separate class. They are a stratum of proles who are betraying the rest in exchange for somewhat better payment.


It's a way to say "I'm a third-worldist who doesn't understand how class works."


Yeah. A kid? No, a kid doesn't do sustained petty-capitalist self-employed long enough to have any real effect on their class status. What I'm trying to say is that class isn't an occupation, its a relationship to capital. Vast swathes of former industrial proletarians in the first world are now languishing unemployed and on welfare in the rust belt or in the North in England. What class are they, they don't work anymore and draw their means of living from the government. The answer is that they're still proletarian, not through occupation but through their function in the bigger picture, which is basically to prevent them having control over the means of production through unionizing first and as a reserve labour army second.

I am however willing to have my mind changed on youtubers being petty capitalist, since a major hegemonic tactic of neoliberalism these days is begin disguising proletarian work with "entrepreneurship". Uber is a prime example of this where cab drivers are doing proletarian labour for a wage, but its all hidden under the bullshit that they're actually self-employed grindset capitalists. This is a major trend in neoliberalism, skirting labour regulations by claiming wage labourers are actually self-employed, so if it can be shown that youtubers fall under this class, which I think they could, I'lkl change my mind.


i thought it was labor aristocracy


Labor aristocrats aren't necessarily involved in maintaining capitalist relations. They might just be from a more core country or do a job where the labor market is very favorable.


Let’s not make this more confusing than it needs to lmao.


Aren’t YouTubers victims of the algorithm the same way drivers are to the Uber app?


isnt this like the very definition of lumpenprole?

Also i think you're right about petite-bourg, since the job of a capitalist is to take capital, turn it into some commodity (using some portion of variable capital), and then make a return on the initial capital invested. Youtubers do this sort of, and generally they dont hire others so their variable capital consists of their own pay, they're therefore petite. Lots also employ others, i guess theyre just bigger petite bourg at that point? idk. I mean at some point too for some of these people, theyre just playing a fucking videogame and other ppl are editing videos and managing the channel. Is that even work? idk i guess.

But in some way it has a strong symmetry to peasants as well - the substrate which the value grows out of is the media platform, which the "content creators" are only allowed to use - they take their money, invest in some setup, create a product, then give it over to the platform to generate money on, and then they get a cut. The whole of the money made belongs at first to the platform, and a pittance is given to the content creator. This mirrors peasants who own their own tools and animals (or engage in ploughshares), but the land belongs to a lord, and so does the produce.

I think maybe it's fair enough to say there there's a strata of petite-bourg which are just as exploited as proles and still do valuable work, but formally they own what they use to make money.

I mean i guess this isnt anything new. Its maybe only weird because it feels archaic, if anything.



Maybe, I'd like to see investigation into it. One thing I will defend to the bone though is that Badempanada and the Kavernacle ect hitching their wagon to DarkViper's campaign against reactors is fucking stupid. On its own, DarkVipers videos on the subject are very informative, but he's also trying to roll it into a package of "defending" US imperialism in Ukraine by actively promoting the arch-neoliberal Lonerbox and seems to be going after people like Hasan because of his foreign policy takes.

This is why I struggle to care. It just seems like a case of "there's no honour among thieves". I don't think Badempanada knows about DarkViper's takes but if he finds out I hope he will denounce them and stop platforming him.



I think it depends on the channel. Some are just a single person and some are whole corporate teams with lawyers and makeup and camera people. Mid tier channels employ people for effects or translations or even script writing, and a lot of influences have some kind of branding and incorporation to handle their taxes or an agency that handles their sponsorship and appearances, but also 99% of channels make less than minimum wage or actually lose money for time and equipment invested.


how did ”russia fights this war against fascism” even become a meme after all the years of them funding the same in western europe?


>The job creator class go to the bathroom at 5am and then work through lunch holding anything else in until 9pm. That's why they're better human beings than everyone else and deserve hundreds of times more money. Not like the thieving underclass scum who think bathrooms are some sort of amusement park to be skipping merrily through at all times of the day. Do you think the brave troops of whatever country this is sacrificed their lives just so you could not rupture a bladder while upselling 3-year protection plans?

Antiwork had some banger comments. Too bad it's been co-opted.


I'm enjoying the new season of Earth. They brought back in the comic relief from a few years ago. This season is sure to be a hit!


In which NatSoys have a struggle session over whether home loans and student loans should be forgiven or not.

Pretty clear divide between the Social-Darwinist boomers ("Fuck you. got mine.") and Millennial Nazis that got an art or a computah science(TM) Degree for $200'000+interest and now blame Jews for it



I ain't clicking that shit


File: 1653298576898.jpeg (26.19 KB, 400x400, b41af.jpeg)



There is no evidence that Russia funds fascist groups in Europe, that would be illegal anyway.


She looks fucking creepy with that make up. She's not a rightoid, she's just a petty bourgeois, dozens of which you can find of Instagram and OnlyFans.


Agreed. People try to blame Russia in all kinds of things but not the things that are actually real, more like hearsays. That's the only thing shitlibs are capable of.


Fuck Reddit anyway.


>that would be illegal anyway.
reasonable point until this
like this fucking stopped a state pursuing their own goal, lmao


I don't think Putin is legit interested in that. He's more interested in getting NATO out of his borders. And as you can see, he's struggling to do even that.


File: 1653300346624.jpg (210.08 KB, 640x829, e80937639e44c3b3.jpg)

Top quality stuff, thanks




>like this fucking stopped a state pursuing their own goal, lmao
Dude, those parties and groups you probably refer to are constantly infiltrated and busted by Western European glowies. Like Alice Weidel, chairman of the right-populist AfD in Germany got in trouble for receiving undisclosed money from some entity in Switzerland.

You'd think any group that receives money from Russia, China, Cuba, etc. would eventually be busted unless they are insanely lucky. So if Russia just has this network of financing fascist groups with ZERO EVIDENCE that you can refer to, then you are just a fucking stooge.


Yep there is, no it wouldn't necessarily be illegal.
I'm perfectly okay with arguing that it's against NATO and for geopolitical necessities rather than by ideological proximity though.


>>985761 (me)
The whole "Russia finances XYZ" talking point is basically a continuation of red scare lies about communist parties in the West. "THE USSR PROPPED UP THIS COMMUNIST GROUP" was never proven, those parties have had massive surveillance by the state and the state tried to bust them everytime they could find an inch of illegality. So Russia "funding groups", which is literally treason according to the law codes of Western European countries, is just literally repeating talking points constructed by a DNC think tank troll farm to further "Russiagate". Again, if they were doing that, why hasn't a single group been outlawed, and again, if you are not a registered party, the interior ministry can outlaw you by decree without due process. WHY HASN'T AT LEAST THAT HAPPENED

"Russia finances fascist groups" shut the fuck up you drone.


yes, like I said, reasonable point. But saying "it would be illegal" as an argument against it happening is naive lib-brained legalism


>source: Navalny's YouTube channel
>FN still a registred party
>leak doesn't confirm what the article is claiming
The entire article hinges on the rumor that FN tried to secure a loan from a Czech bank, the rest is just "person X met person Y"
>is naive lib-brained legalism
Legalism is a Chinese philosophy, you probably mean "legal positivism". And yes, that is a problem, but that doesn't mean that the state right now does not try to bust those right-wing populists just like they bust communists.


They secured the loan and more since then, the article is sourced. You should really do some research before talking about something. No investigation, no right to speak. Russia does funds fascist groups like the RN and now you need to cope with it.


Securing a loan from a bank is legal. What's illegal is to be financed directly by a foreign government which this accusation of "Russian funding" almost everytime imples.

Also, read your own article. It wasn't fully secured.

Putin funds me too btw, I used to have an account at Sberbank. 😉


Yes the USSR would never help, fund, educate, and arm communist groups abroad.


you're right - I was mixing that up with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberal_legalism


They didn't do it in Western Europe. They did in the global south. Also, there is a huge difference between educating and direct funding from the Kremlin. Education, help, etc. yes, black money funding? No.

You are basically taking up those red scare smears of "parties were propped up by the USSR" but be like "but that was based"


Here's some reading, you really need to read before you drool that naive spiel anon.


counterpoint: Comintern


>They didn't do it in Western Europe
Uwu what's this?
>According to the former KGB archivist Vasili Mitrokhin, Longo and other PCI leaders became alarmed at the possibility of a coup in Italy after the Athens Colonel Coup in April 1967. These fears were not completely unfounded as there had been two attempted coups in Italy, Piano Solo in 1964 and Golpe Borghese in 1970, by military and neo-fascist groups. The PCI’s Giorgio Amendola formally requested Soviet assistance to prepare the party in case of such an event. The KGB drew up and implemented a plan to provide the PCI with its own intelligence and clandestine signal corps. From 1967 through 1973, PCI members were sent to East Germany and Moscow to receive training in clandestine warfare and information gathering techniques by both the Stasi and the KGB. Shortly before the May 1972 elections, Longo personally wrote to Leonid Brezhnev asking for and receiving an additional $5.7 million in funding. This was on top of the $3.5 million that the Soviet Union gave the PCI in 1971. The Soviets also provided additional funding through the use of front companies providing generous contracts to PCI members.
Looks like you're wrong again.


>The economy is tanking, covid still is a thing, fascism is on the rise, climate change is still happening, wars are getting even more out of hand
People literally refuse to understand why these things are accelerating or the concept of their being any sort of interconnection between them because it hurts their feefees because they realise there is no real ez solution.

A crypto bro i work with was getting all pissy about the bitcoin price collapsing, and after i TL;DR'd why bitcoin is just a crystallisation of the USD.

But the second i tried to explain Bretton-Woods and how the US going for an easy imperialist grab almost a century has resulted in the economic equivalent of a nuclear explosion occuring within the economy in the now?

Fluoride stare.
Completely shuts down
<"So the burgers just got all the world leaders in a dim lit room and just told them to use worthless money? pft anon you and your conspiracies"


those conversations are so fucking infuriating
chatting to a (right-leaning) engineer friend about Musk and his rockets a few years ago; he was agreeing with me that it was the workers who produced the value, the technology, the machines etc and that Musk shouldn't get the credit; but the moment I suggested that that made Musk extraneous and parasitical, it was
>But that's Marxism!


but karl marks no food venezuelodia authoritarsky


File: 1653305448691.jpg (179.03 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg)

what do you guys think of russell brand? he used to be one of the most hated people in the UK but now gets support from people who believe in awakening and shit, i think he's an idiot who rambles on about anything and one of those people who say such things as "i'm not a right winger, but i believe all these right wing believes". he also made a video about george bushes slip up and was still able to shoehorn in the pandemic https://iteroni.com/watch?v=juMd6OLCwEA


Far right parties work closely with a bunch of Russian oligarchs - it's to my understanding those oligarchs aren't exactly independent from Kreml
Most far right parties are very Euro and Nato sceptic.
Even if Putin do not support their policies regarding Islam, race, whatever it still helps him politically, like Germany sending Lending to Russia once long ago


File: 1653305761107.png (1.4 MB, 1396x755, brand.png)


Better politically than the vast majority of UK talk show hosts (low, low bar), but the Sachs incident was a major dick move


Post pundit populist gifter. The most vanilla takes I've heard from a quasi lib in a long time


Was fine a few years back, but has since went to shit


He was on the correct trajectory, but is basically the physical embodiment of the zeitgeist movie and it’s consequences, so close but so far, now he travels towards the deep end concoction of hippy shitlibbery and esoteric shit


>In July 2019, BuzzFeed News published the recording
LOL, very authoritative news source. Like, it's the news source for radlibs.

Don't tell Me you also believe Russian bots rigged the 2016 election.


what is up with the redscarepod's obsession with poly shit?


I mean, it's one step away from being a literal cuck


It's a true return to tradition of fucking everything that was available.


I liked him before he found god in a mushroom


>But you Communists would introduce community of women, screams the bourgeoisie in chorus. The bourgeois sees his wife a mere instrument of production. He hears that the instruments of production are to be exploited in common, and, naturally, can come to no other conclusion that the lot of being common to all will likewise fall to the women. He has not even a suspicion that the real point aimed at is to do away with the status of women as mere instruments of production. For the rest, nothing is more ridiculous than the virtuous indignation of our bourgeois at the community of women which, they pretend, is to be openly and officially established by the Communists. The Communists have no need to introduce community of women; it has existed almost from time immemorial.
>Our bourgeois, not content with having wives and daughters of their proletarians at their disposal, not to speak of common prostitutes, take the greatest pleasure in seducing each other’s wives. Bourgeois marriage is, in reality, a system of wives in common and thus, at the most, what the Communists might possibly be reproached with is that they desire to introduce, in substitution for a hypocritically concealed, an openly legalised community of women. For the rest, it is self-evident that the abolition of the present system of production must bring with it the abolition of the community of women springing from that system, i.e., of prostitution both public and private.

Page 46, Communist Manifesto

Filthy revisionist I don't actually give a shit, sex-as-production has basically been openly dead since at least the 60s/quality birth control


Y'know what fair enough. I Just thought it was kind of weird atm.


I'm just messing tbh, I think let people do what they do. Communism is about setting humanity's species-essence free - if that's 60s-style free love, cool cool, if people prefer monogamy, also cool. Don't take the rs folks too seriously, they're like neo-hipsters trying to carve out a contrarian niche


Genzedong out contrarians them on most issues that isn't being weirdly radlib-tier on social issues.


Yeah, they're the epitome of unfocused anti-establishmentism. The status-quo = bad, so anything anti-status-quo = good. It's the "not like other girls" of political engagement


Any kind of commitment is experienced as a threat to personal freedoms and anxiety inducing to the radlib.


>I am however willing to have my mind changed on youtubers being petty capitalist, since a major hegemonic tactic of neoliberalism these days is begin disguising proletarian work with "entrepreneurship"
But the neoliberal conception of the entrepreneur is about building social capital for your brand? Maybe that would be the labor aristocracy, being some educated 1st world kid who can use knowledge of medieval French poetry to start a small business.


>Communists are socially progressive but don't wanna impose Western values on their comrades in the global south
Shocking revelation there, anon.


no he meant why are they so triggered about it, like you are


I'm not triggered. But look at it like this, do you think it's mere chance that monogamy has been the standard in virtually every human society except in late stage capitalism?


Not true but since polysexuals are cringe I can't be bothered defending them


uh what are harems?


It's an ideal, not a standard. The ruling classes have had to write myths and legends about gods smiting those who engaged in adultery to get a portion of people to stop cheating on their spouses. At least with poly freaks we know who is into that shit. It's not like the existence of these people suddenly make you or me want to engage in such practices.


>they aren't a separate class. They are a stratum
<noun: stratum
<2. a level or class to which people are assigned according to their social status, education, or income.
Lower stratum, unite! You have nothing to lose but your geological substrate


File: 1653318956070.png (4.29 MB, 1200x1600, ClipboardImage.png)

> monogamy has been the standard in virtually every human society except in late stage capitalism?
>source: I made it up.


File: 1653325574088.gif (341.34 KB, 763x809, burger brains.gif)

>looking up technical jargon in a standard dictionary
In Marxist theory class is defined by what role you play in the production process (worker vs owner), not by your relative status or wealth. Strata within a class distinguish those differences.


File: 1653325605847.jpg (107.88 KB, 902x355, 1653325517836.jpg)

Dang that buffalo shooter did some reading on stupidpol and patsoc twitter didn't he


File: 1653327426501.png (37.79 KB, 642x214, ClipboardImage.png)

BadEmpanada is set to debate Lonerbox soon. This should be fun to watch.


Why is Twitter talking abour Haz having sex with a 13 year old??


Who is that?


Guy who started out making OK videos then started defending Kyle Rittenhouse and Destiny and supporting zionism.


Possibly but this rhetoric isn’t really absent from wignat circles either. It’s a pretty common reflex analysis by brainlets of any forum


Nothing here says anything about debating.



File: 1653332733005.png (24.23 KB, 371x277, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1653333412504-0.png (29.73 KB, 746x422, haz value.png)

File: 1653333412504-1.png (71.86 KB, 738x694, haz value 2.png)

Lemme explain quickly why Haz is wrong here.

While the phrase "socially accepted" is false, since relations between things in a commodity economy do not arise through some form of social consensus or individual acceptance, value is in fact a social relation. It mediates relations between producers. However, under capitalism it is attributed to the commodity as if it is an inherent quality of that thing. This is what Marx calls the commodity fetish, ascribing a social relation to a dead object, in reference to the African fetish religions.

Haz seems to have problems to understand what the commodity fetish is. As for the second screenshot, what the fuck even is this. He tries to argue that due to fiat money and the abolition of the gold standard, the commodity form is already sublated in a general sense.


Sounds glowed


This guy is fucking retarded


File: 1653334972842.jpg (77.3 KB, 680x680, FSPyUOmXMAEUgid.jpg)

Finally a good excuse to use the cytube channel that isn't haz related cancer.


Haz is getting his shit kicked in on Twitter every day now. Turns out, his dream of going viral is now his biggest nightmare.


Does haz think that under the gold standard prices magically always corresponded to the labour value of the good BECAUSE precious metals backed currency? Why would he even think this lol. Furthermore empirical research (cockhott) has demonstrated that prices now tend to conform to Marx’s theory that labor is the measure of price. Haz is such an idiot


"poor people" also got us to the moon; stop cherrypicking, Malthus


>gets support from people who believe in awakening
Buddhist awakening or bullshit awakening?


Yeah, that upper class gets all the resources and then complains about poor people existing. Big brain move.

Nietzsche would facepalm at how retarded rightoids are. They don't want to be Ubermenschen, they just want to kiss the rich people's asses. Pathetic. The Ubermenschen know no class.


What the thing noticed said sounds exactly like something nietzsche would say. Dude literally hated opera because it expressed optimism that life could get better


Well, yeah. Entertainment is escapism that feeds us illusions of a better world as we accept the reality of this system.


If something intersects with Nietzsche it doesn't mean that it reflects Nietzsche fully. The same way I may intersect with rightoids in some areas. Doesn't mean I'm a freaking rightoid.


Chartres cathedral was not built by nobles lol. It was built and sponsored by guilds, you can literally see the sponsors depicted in the clerestory e.g. shoemakers, masons, cobblers, of Chartres. The worst parts of the cathedral, such as the choir screen, were added by the clergy in the 18th century in order to prevent pilgrims from interfering with church business.


Sounds gay honestly. But if this helps you construct a personality I’m happy for you. Please get laid with this act tho because it’s not a bad one at all and pussy might help take the edge off


Dave Chappelle attacker Isaiah Lee breaks his silence and reveals he was 'triggered' by jokes about the LGBTQ community and homelessness when he tackled comedian on stage



PLA’s firepower in the Taiwan Straits has long surpassed that of US military. Biden says US military would defend Taiwan - does Biden wish to bring those soldiers back in coffins or let them sink into the Taiwan Straits to feed the fish? So, let’s cherish peace together.



socdem infighting


I love reading these threads listening to doom metal and laughing at all the silly drama late at night after working out.


File: 1653344539655.jpg (52.83 KB, 1068x601, gigachad.jpg)


What did you train


picrel if he's reading the incisive discourse itt



lmao, this dipshit has the balls to call others fat, yet call him short and he fucking seethes about it lmao


File: 1653346973220.png (53.63 KB, 460x559, ClipboardImage.png)

Kek. absolutely wrecked.


New communique from chairman Hazler just dropped


>occult wisdom
Has Haz been talking to boomers about rosacurianism?


How does he come up with this insane shit lmao. Love it.


The teens just can't get enough of mid-century Italian and Dutch-German political philosophy


File: 1653357298332.png (191.18 KB, 1570x482, ClipboardImage.png)

Most well adjusted /pol/fag


>Yea well we would win really hard anyway so let's not
I swear China and the mainlanders are fucking garbage at diplomacy.


File: 1653363704768.gif (1.68 MB, 188x225, 164988983929.gif)

I wanted to talk about this on the anime board but I don't want to dedicate an entire thread there for a fucking 4klan thread so I'm just going to post this here:

Yeah it's a whole ass thread of channers whining that some manga translation company unionized because muh delays, muh sjws, just talk to your boss alone bro, etc. Yes I am mad.


Imagine liking this. Imagine retweeting this.


>Your Honor, my client is innocent, because he was triggered, you see…


>wise elders
>occult wisdom
this guy read and understood Hegel at age 13


The subtext is "stay out of it or you'll be btfo" not "okay well we won't invade haha"
>with the "rules based international order"
Western diplomacy at this point only exists on their own media, they are totally transparent in their real intentions.


File: 1653366772700.png (340.87 KB, 640x768, pcm.png)

Why do they do make leftists look so badass?


Lel, that comic was how dark humor is done.


>Why yes I'm going to seize every last business and murder the owners' entire fucking family.
>Why yes then Soviet missiles will arrive, how could you tell?
[Insert image of Giga Chad]


File: 1653371294263.png (297.36 KB, 640x768, gigachad revolution.png)


it's neither of these obviously.

let's look at one of these in action.

>Be Jacobo Arbenz

>United Fruit has 200,000 acres of undeveloped land that they're just sitting on in Guatemala
> don't pay taxes
> don't do anything with it
> decide to nationalize it, but to avoid hard feelings, forgive them of all the land taxes they didn't pay.
< be Allen Dulles
< be invested in United Fruit
< be fucking pissed
< do a coup, get people killed
< pretend it's a "national security" issue and an "economic freedom" issue

This was the model. Obviously your mileage varies from situation to situation but since the CIA is willing to overthrow any third world leader who shows an ounce of sovereignty in the face of US economic hegemony, whether they're succdem or ML, it doesn't matter. Look at Gaddafi. He tried to play nice and give up his missiles. What did they do? pic related.


Lol. Also, both happen. And they don't have to be left wing, just unaligned with US interests is enough.


The vast majority of the situations are much closer to the top pic. Really only ever Lenin and Stalin got anywhere close to bottom pic.

Arbenz? Mossadegh? Allende? Sankara? Nowhere near the bottom pic.

Fidel? Gaddafi? More revolutionary, more violent, but even then, their violence was defensive against colonial regimes like Batista and King Idris. They objectively overthrew something worse.


When do you think people will start making videos on Australia unironically being socialist now?


>CPI isn’t a cul—


All correct.

Another big red flag of a cult leader is someone who takes credit for every success of yours, but who blames you for all of your failings.

Look at how Maupin and CPI are so quick to claim the Amazon Union was their doing, even though Chris Smalls probably has no idea who Maupin is.


File: 1653377128138-0.png (16.91 KB, 606x162, df.PNG)

File: 1653377128138-1.jpg (92.57 KB, 1175x1068, bordigae.jpg)


>>987199 (Me)
Also, your failures are due to your inability to abide by the cult leader. Your told that everyone else who follows the leader has success, and if it's not working for you it's because you were willfully ignoring what the leader was saying.

I bet you're going to see plenty more ex-CPI members coming out in the next six months or so who will say stuff like this, like they failed in their organizational efforts because they weren't obeying Maupin strictly enough.



File: 1653384139519.png (61.38 KB, 842x548, ClipboardImage.png)




Great post in this abomination thread. Saved.


r/socialistra is basically shitlibs with guns


Sino diplomacy is fucking shit compared to the Americans. The constant appeal to strength and force turns a lot of fence sitters the other side.

t. SEAsian


bidens agressive guarante of taiwan


Is he starts handing out drinks it is too late to bail.


better than shitlibs without guns, I guess


File: 1653386054473.mp4 (52.39 MB, 1280x716, return to monkee.mp4)


There is some highly autistic event going on about pedos, groomers, Nazis, Kaliacc, Lain and BPD thots.
Bronze Age Pervert, Soph, Logo Daedalus and N1x have been namedropped from my quick skimming so I'm going to just drop the start of the thread before I fall asleep from trying to parse all the edgy pseudfaggotry:


Oh it's about some well known NFT faggot, so there's numerous vectors of massive internet faggotry going on. Maybe I have found the most internet thing on the internet.


>what zero grass touching does to a motherfucker
Also, is that his apartment? Can't tell, I only see trash.


What kind of interpretive dance is this?


>Bronze Age Pervert
what's this guy's deal, I know he wrote some book but that's about all


What the fuck is wrong with Stupidpol? Why are they the way they are?
Why do they pretend to be leftists when most of the sub are basic bitch rightards and their sub is literally just KotakuinAction under a different name?
Why did the mods choose to make the sub such a conservative shithole, or allow it to happen?
Why do they rant about what the “working class” wants when they really mean what petty booj ruraloids want?
In fact, why are they so pissed off about woke idpol anyway?
Why aren’t they like leftypol at that, leftypol is also anti-idpol, they’re really just pro-white identities politics more than literally anything else

They could’ve been a leftypol colony on Reddit, instead they literally simp for NATO, anti-migrant policies, and just want FDR-tier pseudo-socdem




File: 1653402714682.jpeg (13.09 KB, 360x360, mO6QTmr6_400x400.jpeg)

So I started watching a couple youtube videos along the lines of "how to be better at small talk" or "how to look more confident in a conversation" and next thing I know my entire recommendations are full of SJW feminist owned cringe compilation type stuff.
Is self-improvement inherently right wing or something?


Thing noticer is a big simp for that retard.


>Why do they pretend to be leftists when most of the sub are basic bitch rightards and their sub is literally just KotakuinAction under a different name?
Because the realized long ago that basic-bitch rightiods have no real place on reddit outside of outrage communities, like seriously for a bunch of supposedly highly emotionally well adjusted people they sure are constantly angry
Why did the mods choose to make the sub such a conservative shithole, or allow it to happen?
More engagement and an idealistic predisposition to believe the marxism is more easily understood than it really is.
>Why do they rant about what the “working class” wants when they really mean what petty booj ruraloids want?
Because Peter Thiel and his goons successfully sold them the idea that white working class people are knuckledraggers that needed to be guided by their enlightened middle-class suburbanite ways.
>In fact, why are they so pissed off about woke idpol anyway?
Because it is quite frankly annoying and they like to see themselves as manly men and woke idpol is very femme and hip right now.
Why aren’t they like leftypol at that, leftypol is also anti-idpol, they’re really just pro-white identities politics more than literally anything else
Because actually being an alternative rather than "Alt" or 'Edgy" is actually difficult as shit. Because turning to conservatism already has a base, and because a bunch of losers on 4chan makes it seem cool to them to the point where they forget that they just as soy as reddit is.


File: 1653405147468-0.png (770.02 KB, 1899x1006, 1653299337560.png)

File: 1653405147468-1.png (176.58 KB, 1916x1005, 1653299556827.png)

File: 1653405147468-2.jpeg (116.28 KB, 1882x506, FTWSV8cWIAM69OY.jpeg)

File: 1653405147468-3.jpeg (46.2 KB, 700x525, FTTf155WUAA_rbH.jpeg)

File: 1653405147468-4.jpeg (41.77 KB, 550x413, FTTf1uUXsAcGfar.jpeg)

Russian Imageboard users are having a meltdown over a cartoon mouse getting canonically fucked and impregnated by a fly. Keep in mind that said character has a literal cult following in Slavic countries. This is truly the worst year to be Russian.


File: 1653405425438-0.jpeg (126.72 KB, 1174x520, FTS3s8nWUAE6raC.jpeg)

File: 1653405425438-1.jpeg (188.84 KB, 1350x556, FTS3sc4WUAAkc1w.jpeg)

File: 1653405425438-2.jpeg (81.78 KB, 1150x606, FTS3tbIWYAAfnc-.jpeg)

File: 1653405425438-3.jpeg (62.66 KB, 1240x390, FTS33qwX0AArl9_.jpeg)

more funny pics


Russian NTR


Wish HardKoba would draw the fly fucking the mouse so someone could go post it there tbqh


any drawfags should get on it



dare I even ask


google it.




>Because actually being an alternative rather than "Alt" or 'Edgy" is actually difficult as shit. Because turning to conservatism already has a base, and because a bunch of losers on 4chan makes it seem cool to them to the point where they forget that they just as soy as reddit is.
I think being "edgy" or "alt" is like a lazy shortcut. It's a bit impressionistic. Not systematic enough.


oh thank god, I thought it was going to be some BBC porn nonsense or something. No its just like… murder?


Well tbf Elsa Jean is one of the most famous BLACKED actresses


well i mean yeah


It's always funny to me when these weeberinos and assorted schizos view Hollywood as some evil cabal that has some conspiracy of satanic illuminutties who put secret messages in the films, when in reality it's just some hacky screenwriters who just recycle tropes. The answer if it pissed off the fans is always the screenwriters they hired were not obsessive fans of that IP and probably watched it for the first time when they were hired if they even watched the whole series. They probably put on like 2 episodes and went, yeah I got this.


Marxism-Leninism in the Age of Stupidpolarity


File: 1653408613301.jpg (46.8 KB, 770x884, shxj3xgoad191.jpg)

it's shit like this. this video is on YouTube Kids.


Quick question, how would a socialist society prevent kids watching this type of content?


> a cartoon mouse getting canonically fucked and impregnated by a fly.

Umm what? I had seen chipmunk cartoons a long time ago and didn't hear about it since.


And yes she was my 3rd fap in life.


The content wouldn't be created by profit seeking AIs for a start


it happens in the new movie that came out recently


File: 1653412587969.jpg (97.5 KB, 1080x872, Yank tank sank.JPG)





userbase constantly shits on their own userbase
userbase constantly shits on their own userbase
userbase constantly fellates themselves
why are imageboard users so egotistical?


Soon… soon… trust the plan


you WILL watch the shemouse get bugged


Built for BBC (big bug cock)


My guess is he's going to work his followers to the point where they break. Just wait.


File: 1653415836518.png (474.74 KB, 716x675, schwabpost.png)

You vill fuck ze bugs


Do we have a cytube thing set up so we can all watch the debate? I think it's going to be starting soon.




File: 1653418796388.jpg (66.14 KB, 807x900, 1646103998145.jpg)


By this logic every internet celebrity is a cult leader.


And this logic would be correct.


Eat me afterwards daddy


got caught grooming?
Lmfao, i'd love to see that retard go2jail.


File: 1653420947959.png (31.01 KB, 583x214, ClipboardImage.png)

Might sound retarded but this retard can barley string a sentence together in english language… indecipherable. Anyone that was convinced to an hero by this absolute tool probably had it comming.


Literally indistinguishable from a Francis E Dec rant


Who's that. Sounds familiar?
All this grooming shit is so bizarre. I don't get it.
In my times, people got groomed and then kidnapped. Are people not being taught this shit in school? Internet messaging wasn't even that ubiquitous and there were kids tv programs telling you not to trust strangers on random chat rooms. Even fucking comercials. I see kids having way better education than I did in other areas, just seems weird.

Some videos were true art.
Eg: https://m.youtube.com/shorts/vTic1y37ueY


how many internet celebreties also lead a political party?


hav the /leftypol/ edit fren


>the non existence of real numbers
i want to give every pythagorean a wedgie



I'm sure this strategy will work!



Why bother voting for anyone? 1 vote has literally never made a difference in US history.


Anons, this video was posted today on Yankee Tankie’s Twitter with the caption “I’m really just a Modern Day Karl Marx 🤣”
At the level of appearances nothing about this makes any sense. There is surely, therefore, an esoteric message hidden within. We have to dig deeper into this video to find it. Please help me.


generally anti-electoral but I don't think that's a good argument; one worker never made a difference, but lots of ones make many


Wouldn't it make more sense for 'strategic' voters to start a movement where they loudly proclaim that they refuse to vote democrat if they don't move left? US politics seems to constantly shift towards the rightwing. It would be a better long term strategy to put pressure on the Dems and accept short term losses right? I am not American so I never really put that much thought into it.


Because the parties don't, in the big picture, mind if the other wins if it means a leftist doesn't. They are both capitalist parties; democrats - or more directly the rich fucks who fund them - would abandon the party, or simply lose, rather than shift left.

It's like Julius Nyerere once said -
>The United States is also a one-party state but, with typical American extravagance, they have two of them.


My instinct tells me that "move left" is kind of abstract. What is the left? We don't even agree about what that means and we're on a fringe Eastern Bloc surface-to-air missile enthusiast forum. I think the fact is that the left is quite weak and doesn't have much capacity to make these demands.

I think it's possible that you can be totally correct but also still lose hard. Or both the people who are so disgusted with the Democrats and refuse to vote, and that socdem guy saying to close ranks on election day, can both be "right" even if what I just said is contradictory. Bernie's strategy is at least logical in the sense that taking the "pox on both their houses" line will just throw things to the Republicans, which is a worse outcome, while closing ranks on election day – but aiming fire at moderates in between elections – builds up people over time who could, if it came to it, break from the party and form a new one as they grow more and more disgusted with it.


I should add that it's also totally rational to be so disgusted with the Democrats that you flee politics and don't vote or slam the ballot for Gloria La Riva instead. I totally get it. But you see these attempts to create a third party / breakaway party from time to time like the People's Party, but it hasn't gone anywhere. That doesn't mean something like that isn't the goal, but we can conclude that the critical mass or quantity of disgusted people isn't high enough for that to be viable… yet.



Spaceghostpurpp is a schizoposter. Nothing new


winning elections isn't a goal, elections are a tool for exposing the reactionary nature of the bourgeoisie dictatorship


This dude is worse. Literally the black version of Haz.


Why does being black make him “worse”?


(checked) how is a funny charismatic guy similar to haz
I think that poster is saying he's worse than the other black guy because he's like Haz, not that he's worse than haz.


So what were the highlights of the BadEmpnada debate? I kinda dipped out after a while


There weren't really any "highlights". Lonerbox kept asserting that he was pro-Palestine while constantly saying anything other than a tne state solution with no right to return is "impractical", said that Badempanada was "clipchimping" Eristocracy and tried to bog the debate down into random individual examples like what if a Palestinian had taken a jew's house in 1949, would they have to return it to the jewish people. Its pretty obvious Badempanada made his point though.


wait so logo is a pedo?


So Haz not only raped Sameera but also fucked a 13 year old? Damn


>Bronze Age Pervert, Soph, Logo Daedalus and N1x
melting pot of twitter cancer


File: 1653441300433.png (64.85 KB, 573x474, ClipboardImage.png)

apparently cockshott has been spending time on twitter schooling haz about basic marxian concepts of the commodity form and why fiat money doesn't somehow "sublate it" and establish socialist production kek




>Haz-cockshott debate incoming
This is the crossover leftypol has been waiting for


how is he taking it lmao


File: 1653441548135.png (490.95 KB, 660x495, ClipboardImage.png)


Haz is gonna get DickBlasted


haz will go to the anglo gulag.


lol Hasan just said anyone who supports gun "rights" because of Marx is a LARPer. I don't particularly care about abstract "rights" either, but Hasan has been getting more and more liberal and is now trying to make anything other than watching him or voting democrat "LARPing". He's even started mocking reading theory. Its pretty clear at this point he just wants gig economy capitalism but with better foreign policy.


reminder that being a larper is better than being an cosplayer.


you should have figured out by now all breadtubers are just liberals who use communism/socialism for aesthetics


File: 1653443570688.jpg (174.31 KB, 630x1392, MnYO8FXM5P.jpg)

Channers have almost completely ruined criticism of consumerism with their overdone memes but this is what it looks like for anyone who forgot.


B-but he’s supposed to be our Engels!


Umm sorry sweetie but /a/ doesn’t have a /pol/cel problem, they’re just nerds fighting the normalfags.


>they’re just nerds fighting the normalfags
the anti-corporate and anti-scab replies are, yes


I don't know, maybe I'm too naive. Like you don't even need to do that to argue against the second amendment, all you have to is point out that the worker's aren't armed in the US, the majority of firepower is concentrated in the hands of fascists, gun nuts and petty-capitalists and that under a communist revolution, not everyone will have the right to own a fire arm, all those are being confiscated and redistributed where they are needed such as into the communist militia. And that's if you want to argue against gun control. But they can't even do that, again, it comes down to stamping out anything revolutionary and limiting the conversation away from Marxism and towards dumb fucking liberalism that hasn't achieved anything ever.


That’s one trainwreck I’m willing to miss


>you should not confuse the social division of labour with its projection onto money relations
I'm struggling to imagine what Haz could have even said to prompt this. How would you confuse these things?


excited to see our anglo king btfo that amerimutt manlet


Insane how fast 4chan disinfo gets around nowadays. Being posted by members of Congress in a blink of an eye. How the fuck do you even counter this shit? Big tech doesn't really care, all of their CEOs have realized their interests are best served by fascists so they're disincentivized from stopping its spread.


I guarantee you weren't a leftist before 2016.


>Being posted by members of Congress in a blink of an eye
What did they post, the hoax about a trans shooter?


gosar did yeah


You can't stop people from being idiots online.


Wasn't there some e-drama about this guy last year when people found out he was the son of some billionaire arms manufacturer or something like that? Why does anyone still take him seriously?


there is also the leaks from destiny's fbi.gov where he was exposed as an total racist apologist for US autocracism in the world, and every action the US did in the Iraq war.
>Why does anyone still take him seriously?
either A people that don't know B, people that knew but either memory holled to protect their woke nazi or forgot because goldfish memory or C, they know but the don't care.


But the spread is much faster than it used to be a few years ago. There used to be a delay, now the pipeline is so short it's basically not a pipeline. It's all overlapping now.



this bullshit really crystalized something for me. there's a point where they're talking about emp saying zionists get the wall, and lonerbox makes multiple attempts at baiting him to say eristocracy should get the wall too. clearly emp would like to say that, but he has to pull his punches and squirm out of it because if he were to say what he actually thinks, i.e. that people like eris do deserve the wall, he would be banned. he does the same thing when lonerbox mentions a hypothetical war to dismantle israel. it makes me wonder if that's the reason "left" e-celebery gravitates towards liberalism. when you are actually outright banned from advocating revolutionary violence against reactionary elements, then the ideological center of gravity will pull all towards reformism, audience and author alike.


It really confounds me that any "leftist" would defend a reactionary killer like Kittenhouse

LonerBox feels very compelled to pretend like he didn't know what he was doing, and ascribing ignorance to his actions.

As for the rest of the "debate", it was typical shit, nothing of value was gained, and no one learned anything.


Everyone got a smartphone, hundreds of increasingly “respectable” people can share something a guy on pol made up in a matter of hours


It could be that. But I also say extreme things knowing full well I don't absolutely advocate for them. Badempanada quite often makes extreme claims first and negotiates second. I think this a good thing to do, its not "hypocrisy". Anyone going to into any conflict should stick to their principles and take the maximalist position FIRST, and *then* climb down and negotiate as necessary, not enter it with the most timid lukewarm solution.
I refuse to a limit I place on the proletariat on violence towards the capitalists when asked because we're in no position to negotiate and when liberals like Lonerbox keep trying to clarify whether that means killing babies or whatever what they're really trying to do is feel out where the line is. Obviously I do not think proletarians should kill bourgeoisie children, torture anyone and it would be nice if we could get away with not even having death penalty. But there's no fucking way I'm going to go into negotiations with the bourgeoisie saying that from a position of complete helplessness.
But that's what liberals do, rather than siding with the people who have a righteous cause, they instead prefer to ask pedantic fucking questions about "how far will this go?" to try get you to concede before the struggle has even started.


>that said character has a literal cult following in Slavic countries.
I've never heard of that, lmao




>Why does anyone still take him seriously?
Because he says to them what they want to hear so they can continue being blue voting liberals but feel like they're not actually blue voting liberals, washing their hands of it


Did they give the fly a black man's voice too?


Probably something to do with this: >>986297


File: 1653471019948.png (Spoiler Image, 349.45 KB, 850x1202, ClipboardImage.png)


>anyone who supports gun "rights" because of Marx is a LARPer.
This is correct.


Sounds like bullshit to me. Idk how you can justify giving guns to mentally ill people coz of Marx though.


File: 1653478029582.jpg (46.91 KB, 500x334, SadEmpanda-1.jpg)

Why does BA waste his time interviewing these reactionaries? They're all to arrogant to stop and listen to any informed statement on a matter, they're more caring about making their far-right opinions appearin dominant and etc etc.
BA should continue making the good history and politics videos, he has some really informative stuff on his channel after all.. Big Sad.


A real Marxist wants the capitalist state to take the guns from the population because he knows it will solve violence and craziness


File: 1653478542167.png (860.83 KB, 1200x900, anglo-haz.png)

>Haz "I made a neo-nazi start defending Stalin and i consider that a win" of Infrared.


/r/Crackerpol absolutely seething at being called out as the faggot rightoid simps they really are
Janitors of course locked the post and fags in the sub are saying shit like “this thread again”, lacking self-awareness to see former regulars keep making threads like it because they’re fucking sick of rightoid simping
Apparently criticizing the subreddit is also “wrecking” top kek


Yes, a real Marxist doesn't want to send his or her own kids or neighbors kids to school or to the library or the store to be shot in the gut and bled out by any next burger nutcase.


Marxism is when you're afraid of violence so you beg porkies to have a monopoly on it


Lol, what is crackerpol? If it's anything like stupidpol then I hate it.


Porky isn't shooting your kids at school you dumb uigur.


Meh, kids have been shot everyday in wars the United States ruling pigs are responsible of for a while now


Crackerpol = stupidpol if the name was honest
The link is just stupidpol, I call it crackerpol since it’s ultimately just white idpol anyway


Yea I guess I would be afraid of my or any kids getting shot from random retards.


Max blumenthal looks like Ryan Goslings ugly cousin


I don't really know anything about thebloodisfoul except he's a terminally online gigafaggot who speedran wrecking the sub with his autistic desire to talk about stupid shit


Sage what do you think of this? >>987388


Yes that's exactly what Marxism is, like Marx said don't forget to vote democrats they'll solve this problem and will make sure no children can die ever again from crazy gunmen


Gucci was the only sane man


>when nobody actually says that.


Nice, pretty accurately describes the sub


File: 1653480669604.jpg (120.38 KB, 672x1037, IMG_20220525_151025.jpg)

Max Blumenthal has crusty cum lips that always remind me of picrel can't take him seriously


File: 1653481555309.png (152.21 KB, 371x474, 1644169999906.png)

This. BE makes me sad, he has so much potential but he wastes it getting into petty internet spats with radlibs, dronies and other so-called "leftists".


File: 1653482466894.jpg (114.43 KB, 1147x773, FTkjBUFVsAAe0D-.jpg)

nick land hasnt tweeted or liked in a month RIP bozo


debate bro culture and it's consequences have been etc. etc.


Feel like having a bit of a schizo rant so apoligies if y'all don't know what the fuck I'm saying

If there's one thing I find funny about Ricky Gervais, is that I would not be surprised if he was into some of the same degeneracy that he made a couple jokes of about during his Golden Globes speech, I mean, he made a joke about Epstein and how the audience (A bunch of celebs, actors and directors) were all friends with him, and I'm pretty sure that had to be OK'd by the people managing the show, it was like a court jester moment where makes jokes being critical of the king/queen that nobody else would dare to normally make, and the king/queen was fine with it, because after all, it's the court jester, not some fucking peasant who would get locked up in a dungeon for saying the same thing


Its funny how people on stupidpol always gloat about how the people who acted dismissive of radlibs were wrong, only to turn around and act dismissive of rightoid dipshits.
Many of them buy into the same platonist identity fetishization they claim to oppose, but from the right ("the working class is inherently socially conservative so dickriding the Republican party is actually a good thing", etc)


that's how you get clout

Mr Land is learning to really appreciate his own philosophy


>If there's one thing I find funny about Ricky Gervais, is that I would not be surprised if he was into some of the same degeneracy that he made a couple jokes of about during his Golden Globes speech
He's a standup comedian, they're all a bunch of degenerates


True, but being as he hosted the Golden Globes, he's one of the biggest degenerates


Yeah, I was told he was "savagely roasting" them, but looking at their reactions (and not cherry picked screencaps intended to make them look butthurt and crying), the Golden Globe audience was laughing with him.
Also has he ever been funny without Merchant and Pilkington? I genuinely enjoyed having the XFM show and the podcast playing in the background a while ago.


an interesting perspective on that sort of thing from an actually competent satirist


specifically from about 9:00, but the rest of the interview is really very much worth a watch. Morris is an absolute /ourguy/


File: 1653488226487-0.png (25.13 KB, 482x279, 4385934895734985.png)

File: 1653488226487-1.png (27.07 KB, 479x327, 548857834895798345.png)

I know it's incredibly stupid but the frog guy getting more likes and retweets "Haz" to make him soooo angry, because I remember he'd often try to get his D*scord followers to pump up his numbers.


File: 1653488726996.png (613.2 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Baed Morris. Four Lions and The Day Shall Come should be required watching.


a hundred keks


lol they're against unions now? or are the amazon etc. unions too "liberal" (AKA don't look like an american commercial from the 1950s)


Who was in the wrong here?


That reddit post smells of the same rancid concern trolling as the r/antiwork one. I do think r/stupidpol is rotting since the admin coup that removed the head mod and put the splitters in charge though. Here is an example, they are getting astroturfed into supporting NATO via edginess and a lot of brigading:


these guys kinda sound like assholes to be honest, if you eat all the samples there wont be any left for other people.


stupidpol has always been shit but it somehow got way worse after the chadmins nerfed r/drama and y'alled Deuxrama/Zweirama

But yeah, who could see it coming, really bad takes from culture war obsessed burgers who use reactionary talking points from a Marxist perspective


One of those guys needs to go to jail for their laughter. I don't know who's right or who's wrong but hogging sample is a bum thing to do.


why the fuck are christoids so vindictive


haven't even clicked the clip but I know you're talking about Stav lmao


File: 1653492709487.png (83.59 KB, 480x820, 6456045868475698456.png)


isn't /a/ almost completely filled with basic-bitch shonen-tards now? Why should I give a fuck about the opinions of spoiled mexicans.


Was an age since I watched Rescue Rangers, but wasn't Zipper supposed to be like a mix between a todler and a pet? I dunno, but to me the ship also seems just a little bit weird, but not in "NOOO THEY RUINED MY WAIFU!!" way (personally I only ever cared about Jack because he looked cool), but in "wait… did Zipper get groomed / abused by power and maturity differentials?" way.


>source? source? who are you quoting? i didn't explicitly say that you just inferred it from the logical conclusion of things i said


You're reading too much into this, it's a joke


The faggot that made that video


Trans discourse is a psy op and nobody will ever win the culture war

Your outrage is manufactured by the media and whose only aim is to stoke the culture war to generate more clicks, more views, and more data. No side will ever win the culture war because it’s designed to be unwinnable. The true winners are the media companies and their affiliated politicians.

You are the loser every time. You are just a serf on the internet.

Trans people, a small and obscure minority, are the perfect group for democrats to tokenize as a display of their wokeness, and the perfect group for the opposition to demonize. Any mention of trans support or opposition is guaranteed to generate clicks.

Why the fuck do you think this is the topic of choice for any talentless washed up comic?

Ask yourselves, why the fuck do you care? Why do you care that some rando you never met has their pronouns in their bio? Do you really think that (this particular) .58% of the population runs a kabal that controls the media cycle? Like why would you even care that some rando you never met is undergoing body modification that you think they may regret later..? Lol.

Why direct your outrage and frustration at trans people, and not those that push them to the front of every media cycle. Actual trans people don’t want any of this, but it impacts their lives in a material way. Sure, some trans people are privileged but not by virtue of being trans. Look at literally any statistic about trans adults and children. They occupy the bottom rung of society.

If you think you’re subversive for complaining about trans people, saying the r-word, or absolutely any other shallow inconsequential signifier of the culture war, you are actually retarded.

There is a reason this site attracts the lonely and emotionally stunted.

Divest your attention from the culture war and focus on something meaningful in your life.


I am 100% with you on every point except:
>Actual trans people don’t want any of this
They love the attention.


Oh, and do you not know how paragraphs work?


Great, another retard making efforts to launch polemics about trans, thanks for your great contribution to leftist theory, this a real achievement for the working class here.



This is pretty on point.

I would add that some of these issues also are pushed to sell associated lifestyle products via moralism; In the case of trans this includes hormones and surgeries.

Exit the culture war. No war but the class war. Death to the capitalist demiurge.


I don't think most trans people want to be pandered to. They just wanted to be treated with dignity and as human beings.


everyone wants attention, haven't you figured this out by now? feminists want to be special princesses, MRAs want to be worshipped for their chad status, and so on


i don't think the culture war is "designed" or a psyop. certain aspects and moments of it, sure, but the culture war is a natural result of the material conditions that make the current cultural climate possible. as industrialization and population growth render agrarian and other archaic social forms obsolete more people will begin to dissociate from traditional patterns of identity formation. the new prominence of trans issues reflects the slow decline of our current conceptions of gender and identity as the material realities which created those conceptions are replaced by the new realities of late capitalism. same thing with the gay rights movement, which is why the two are inextricably linked despite their numerous differences. the culture war is the ideological dimension of this process.


Conspiratorial nonsense.


yeah porky just rolls the boulder to the top of the hill, they have no knowledge of gravity or any way to tell which way it will fall so its not their fault!


File: 1653502643111.png (49.2 KB, 592x347, ClipboardImage.png)




Is that "Women posting their own Ls" account still going?


classic hysteric so obsessed with receiving validation from the other that they lash out at the other for not providing said validation. incredible self own.


The "we already live in socialism" take was always Haz's worst. Like it's one thing to say we have enough resources and abilities to make life materially better for most people and the mismanagement of these assets is what is the problem with. However, saying we already live in socialism obfuscates this blame on capitalism and makes people think that everything wrong with the world is because of muh socialism which is just the inverse of the reactionary position that everything is fucked up in America due to cultural Marxism or some shit.



Nice digits too


Agree with the headline, haven’t read the rest

Chances are, if the papers want you taking about it, it is fruitless and self defeating


I’ll go further, that includes seemingly leftist topics, such as “the cost of living crisis” right now in britian/ America etc.

While sure, the papers are happy to cry about the inflation of prices, but what are they suggesting, nothing more than perhaps a little extra tax on the extractive industries, and that’s only a maybe, and in the liberal discourse it’s considered radical or out of the ordinary.

So we fixate on this with none of them asking, well why, why are we trapped with spiralling costs while these companies make huge profits, it’s not just a one off crisis, it is the constant state of affairs.

It’s been going on literally my entire waking memory, I am 30 years old. When I was young there was somewhat of a boom I am told, and then after that it’s been nothing but downhill.

Cost of living crisis? No. Perpetual capitalist crisis, accelerating and deepening


In the movie, Rescue Rangers was a TV show and the characters are… actors who played in it. So Zipper being a pet was just a role. for Zipper the actor of Rescue Rangers


File: 1653505729479.png (528.08 KB, 600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

>Cost of living crisis? No. Perpetual capitalist crisis, accelerating and deepening
Well at least someone might be able to enjoy themselves until they die a peaceful death surrounded by their loved ones and knick-knacks before the rest of us have to hunt each other to survive in the post-collapse wastelands, and that's all that counts.


That subs been unreadable since they removed Gucci tbh. Turns out he was holding back all the complete retards.


Peak BPD


>turning her avatar into a cartoon

Oh boy. Do I even want to know what happened to her?


Gonna assume she got banned again so the newest variation of her name is Anime Terese, thus the cartoon


It was already unbearable, but yeah he was the last leftist there


the lady who's so conservative she called evo morales globohomo


>Divest your attention from the culture war and focus on something meaningful in your life.
I am. I'm making industrial burger dystopia-wave music. Shilling it here because fuck all this political e-celeb drama. I don't wanna be a politics streamer cuck. I don't wanna be a lolcow theory-brainlet. I don't wanna be a breadtube cia asset. I wanna make some noise and put some sound to the death knells of the Burgerland empire as it cascades into ruin. Lets fucking dance our way to hell and let the flames of liberation lead us onward to a better future devoid of imperialist torment and capitalist dysphoria.


For a contrarian she kind of ended up being kind of a basic bitch kek.



Being a contrarian is basic bitch shit. It takes precisely zero brain power to just bounce everything back. Takes much more courage and thought to hold genuine opinions and build and change them


I am not aware of many of these names to understand the significance and context. I know who Bronze Age pervert is


>You don't fuck women, you are ALL JUST GAY MEN


The ability of Capital to alienate the proletariat from both their own perceived value and their own determination of identity is the product of capitalist class interest and reactionary propaganda. The denigration of any person's 'value' or even the determination thereof as anything other than 'possessing the dignity and autonomy of a human being' is fundamentally right wing and not a part of the program of universal liberation from exploitation.

A hypothetical 'leftist' that makes such pejorative remarks believing them to have any impact or basis in reality is either deluded by reaction, trolling, or not a leftist.

Also as a definitely woman, all these rightists that definitely call me names exist and whatabout them? Also I am both a proud woman of sea green color and identify as a T-34. My pronouns would be Awesome and Sloped if I wasn't a based Conservative. Which is why my pronouns are Cuck and Neverbeawomandad. Triggered much my libtard, TRUMP2016! sToP tHe VoTeS!!! CRT Monitors!!! Imanuhdult!

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