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File: 1651015581675.png (447.04 KB, 400x649, spectacle.png)

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A thread focused on discussing the parasocial relationships cultivated by the Almighty Algorithm to generate profit off of our atomization and society's hyper-normalization of petty internet drama.

Reminder that none of this is real!

Some digital anthropology

Society of the Spectacle

The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception

Simulacra and Simulation



why does the terf uyghur have a lolicon avatar?


the marketplace of ideology was a mistake


File: 1684934069250.png (204.47 KB, 443x533, zAFDAEZ.png)

>it's another Conservative doing a weird public crossdressing stuff to prove something somehow


It looks like his true calling. He looks at home in it. This is a Ted Haggard situation


>Do you really think we can own the libs with this?
<Own the libs?


show the libtards who's really the beautiful queen brother


File: 1684935869918.png (456.59 KB, 544x906, ClipboardImage.png)

BE is making the best of his Twitter account while it lasts, bless him.


File: 1684935878307.png (546.54 KB, 620x747, ClipboardImage.png)

this senator if he was a squirrel


holy based


File: 1684939741301.mp4 (1.42 MB, 1280x720, paulie_queers.mp4)

I'm LGBT and why can't these closeted conservative guys be NORMAL (they can't because they're closeted and messed up inside) instead of acting like a bunch of FREAKS


i'm trans and i wouldn't have the courage to go outside dressed like they do lmao


>"You must not have had any infractions since Jan 1 2023 to join Community Notes"
>got an infraction a couple weeks ago
>join anyway
So this… is the power of a 44b codebase…


A.I will eliminate humanity's growth


openai faggots want to hold a monopoly on ai so badly


Dood the people can't be trusted. The tech is too dangerous. We need hard-core regulation and policy to make sure the robots don't tell the proles to kill us maaan


something something underpaied OpenAI employees something something Kenya


I, for one, embrace our robot overlords as long as they automate the bourgeoisie to stop existing. Sign me up for the matrix as long as porky dies in the process


funny that there is actual a few AI CEOs in china


File: 1684948663349.png (34.44 KB, 598x313, ClipboardImage.png)



I genuinely believe the reason techbros fear uncontrolled AI so much is that it's a threat to bourgeois control


they unironically replaced some managers and ceos with ai and they gave a share of power to the workers as well, it's unironically cybersoc with chinese characteristics


>mindy [emoji] #DSA4USPS
DSA femcel caucus?


meaningless buzz just like when cryptocoins were the latest fad


Yea but this tech actually has a use and some people have already been lumpenized because of it lol


lumpen is when you get fired
leftypols brightest


Blockchain also has uses, doesn't mean the craze about it wasn't any less retarded.


It basically is. When your trade collapses and your fellow workers are on the street in the rain begging their master's for work and pay with signs, that's fucking lumpen to me lmao


What uses does it have, besides buying drugs on the internet


The hell of capitalism is the firm, not the boss.


You're only thinking of cryptocoins, blockchain is the algorithm they use.


I've heard from some fags that you should really pay attention to the new viewership to like ratio, which might be the new ratio. Like for elon musk he tends to get a ton of views but barely 50k likes which SEEM to be a lot but might not actually really be engaging. Ron Desantis has a new campaign video which is 330k but only got 3k likes https://twitter.com/NikkiFried/status/1661154840851132416


the question all of us are asking: does she post on CC?


File: 1684958245220.png (61.56 KB, 367x387, 33520 - SoyBooru.png)

why are socialist women not dating me right now


File: 1684958485624.png (187.51 KB, 1001x218, zzzzzz.png)

mr. HEAVY DUTY COUNTRY is on lookout for the FAIRIES



>it's unironically cybersoc with chinese characteristics


File: 1684958863723.webm (1.2 MB, 1280x720, fairies.webm)

fairies are dangerous creatures


what's going on in america


tfw no smt pixie gf


lgbt people are starting to get interested in the idea of equalizing anti-lgbt violence by becoming armed and being capable of self-defense which is scaring the shit out of reactoids


if this was 1983 it would be the Black Panthers
By God shall America die



most verbose channer




god damn, god damn, what is this god damn country coming to that the fairies have got guns? the fairies are armed and the police cant even arrest them!


yes. i love the machinegods
i fucking hate americans so much


praise the Omnissiah


do androids dream of electric bussy


File: 1684963061984.jpg (761.65 KB, 1309x1080, stfu meatbag.jpg)

the admech are beyond such fleshy concerns


Protestant preacher


Can we just admit Maupin is autistic and in serious need of treatment for it?


how do you diagnose someone you havent talked to and whats the treatment for autism


Activision-Blizzard is testing AI game design: https://nitter.kavin.rocks/Shannon_Liao/status/1660717264805539840

I fucking hate the future.


>topic obsession
>repeats himself a billion times
>extreme black-and-white thinking
>hurts others unintentionally; doesn’t understand how his behaviour is harmful or offensive
>hangs around sketchy people and doesn’t understand how they’re sketchy
>doesn’t understand the long-term consequences of his actions
>inability to emotionally mature
Seems autistic to me.


>le good and evil
slave morality being on brand for christcucks as usual
if your job can be replaced by a machine then your job wasn't important in the first place


wheres your psychology degree


>Coal mining jobs that were necessary before mechanization were never important for production
Take that one back to the drawing board fam


if they arent important why are they getting replaced by machines then


Why is the vibe against AI? I frankly just think the stuff generated by it is kind of bland.


Bruh it’s REALLY obvious Maupin is autismo. He’s admitted it himself.


Because it's stealing the labour of independent creators. The musical version of Midjourney is only trained on copyright free material because record labels actually have the ability to fight back against tech companies stealing their IP


The only thing it can do in the current context is deskill labor


File: 1684966645792.gif (1.45 MB, 288x198, laugh harder.gif)

anons the role of machines are to change where the actual labour, the value creation process, actually occurs. as soon as a new machinery is invented it quickly obsoletes labour in that area of production. you would know this if you read the chapter on machines in Capital vol I. it's not that whatever job isn't "important" it's that capital figures out ways to make them unimportant


Does he honestly believe he’s going to win over working people by appealing to Christian superstition?


everyone fucking knows about marxism and automation, im wondering why youre using retarded rhetoric when talking about it instead


Probably not, he's just a professional wrecker.




That's exactly part the problem. Leaving the creative work to automation while humans get stuck with soul- or body-destroying jobs is the exact opposite of what should be happening, and that's before we even get to how shit a creative work made by AI is.


File: 1684969616272-0.jpg (214.9 KB, 1068x1143, media_Fw7T7XpX0AEzvaT.jpg)

File: 1684969616272-1.jpg (230.66 KB, 1072x1268, media_Fw7T7imXoAEIcfw.jpg)

The launch of Desantis' campaign on a Twitter Spaces has been a dumpster fire worthy of Musk's tenure. People's connections kept dropping or their apps crashing, the UI kept bugging out and Desantis himself went MIA because of technical problems. Just about any streaming platform would have gone better. I wouldn't be surprised if his followers/shills start decrying Musk as a Trump-allied saboteur.


File: 1684969622087.png (165.24 KB, 1080x447, ClipboardImage.png)


Honestly AI literally cannot abolish art. Yeah AI can make poens and draw pictures of 3 legged girls, and as it starts being fine tuned it'll be able to do it better and make it convincing. However AI has already proven that it does have artistic merit as a tool for art, not as an artist. What AI automates is not art, but artwork for profit, leaving the only labor for people who ask it to create something. Art has always been made to impress people or to feel accomplished for making something pleasing to the senses or your ego. Music has always been made for people to enjoy listening to it, or to dance to it, or for ravers high on XTC to gnash their teeth to it, but music for profit has been formulized and mass produced to be as inoffensive and catchy as possible to maximize sales. Of course if AI improves drastically to be amazing, people will still be enjoying art no matter what produces it. Artists are gonna have a hard time making money as porky decides to just outsource the labor of asking AI to draw a picture of mountains or whatever the fuck to low wage workers in bangladesh or whatever, but that doesnt mean art will stop existing. Art exists to impress or to enjoy or to elicit emotion. Robots are tools to make art, it wont abolish art in the same way as taking photographs of the himalayas hasnt abolished people who paint mountains to showcase their painting skills.
Also in case you think im being unfair to AI art, im not, it actually qualifies as art, people who ask AI to make a video of will smith eating spaghetti have made art because people think its enjoyable and funny, it doesnt stop being art just because a robot made it just like how coffee doesnt stop being coffee just because a coffee machine made it.


File: 1684970009705.jpeg (47.44 KB, 679x501, Fw7cbJlWcAA4Sb1.jpeg)




File: 1684970514939.png (42.69 KB, 659x529, haz desantis.png)


You're correct. However, Porky doesn't give a shit. If at all possible, he wouldn't think twice about literally banning writing and drawing implements so that he could feed us all nothing but worthless AI-generated shlock.


File: 1684971258012.mp4 (11.8 MB, 1280x720, 1684971219308.mp4)

What does /isg/ think about the fascistization of Destiny?


>Artists are gonna have a hard time making money
this is always implicit in these conversations, really i don't think anyone is seriously arguing that art will die, but they're implying that art will not represent a means to sustain yourself economically anymore, which also does imply that mass media, already painfully derivative will become even more so. or in other words, the only art that could plausibly survive is amateur art, in the most literal sense of the word amateur.


the fuck is he talking about
we are gonna run out of letters at this rate


Didn't this guy shit his pants at being called a cracker or gusano or whatever


having culturally conservative viewpoints is generally more profitable as online content, regardless of economic perspective


lol is this a thing now


Destiny just ran out of liberals to grift after his anti radical/anti sjw arc and how he's trying desperate to fill the niche of…. people who don't like the alt right but also don't like liberals and are slightly racist, but want to listen to a whiney blue haired nerd boi????

Is he just a more center left version of Sargon now?



I think anything made by an AI will be ok but an AI doesn't really have true creativity or originality. The fact that they are trained on previous data means that their work will be derivative by default


File: 1684972283078.png (428.98 KB, 643x618, ClipboardImage.png)

no no no vetbros, not like this


>I wouldn't be surprised if his followers/shills start decrying Musk as a Trump-allied saboteur.
the more logical explanation is that firing 80% of your engineers causes problems in the long run. Twitter is basically a ghost ship now technically speaking, unless Elon rehires a bunch of those people right now.


inb4 Agent Kochinski comes in to say imperialism is based actually and he hopes the CIA does blackbag BE


Don't give much of a shit myself. If they are ready to bring down the US state in the name of the revolution, its all good.


We spend a lot of our lives chasing money as a way to prove that our lives are valuable, because having money means security. It means that you wont be thrown out on the street, it means people wont feel like youre just dead weight dragging them down financially, it means you can afford luxury items and paying for dinner for your gf. But i think thats a perversion of social value. People want to be the best at something, like art, in order to say that their lives are worth something, because capitalism has no qualms about just throwing someone on the street if they cant afford rent, or turning their lights off if they cant pay the bills. Artists are no different. Of course they want to create art, but they also dont want to starve because nobody buys their art, because nobody cares about their lives unless they have money. Money is only a representation of value, a method of exchange, but not having it means someone is worthless. That's what everybody has anxiety about.
One thing that really excites me about ai art is ai-generated advertisements. Ive seen videos of joe biden eating mcdonalds on youtube and i could almost swear that some commercials have been using androgynous ai-generated voices already, but i hate advertisements. They're all so low effort, created by marketing divisions at companies that barely put any effort into them anyway except to create 5 second clips telling you the name of the company and saying feel-good platitude bullshit about how you need to feel empowered or whatever. What excites me is the thought of those assholes being out of a job. They only exist because they marketed the existence of marketing to porky, and im convinced advertising will wither away now that AI can generate ads. Fuck marketing divisions, porky will automate their jobs and make minimum wage workers pull levers to autogenerate ads and thats super exciting to me.


bros we have been doing marxism wrong


This guy is 100% seething about Trotsky inventing the word racism so people can call him racist


he's way ahead of you



File: 1684973517462.png (703.98 KB, 812x872, ClipboardImage.png)

elon musk is sucking even at being the lapdog of the republican party. just how do you fuck up a feature that was previously working so well lol at such a critical moment


>just how do you fuck up a feature that was previously working so well
probably by firing all the people who were supposed to maintain it.


Wonder what prompted this wall of text.
Did somebody point out he's an Australian sexpat again?

Da troops are war criminal animals, but BE doesn't actually give a shit about the victims except as a card he can play to shit on people he doesn't like. If he did maybe he would spend some time highlighting examples of US atrocities which is, you know, far more effective at propagandizing people. All he's doing with this schtick is feeding into the "muh oppressed troops" narrative and stoking the culture war by focusing on being a troop as an identity. He knows what he's doing I'm sure. This kind of posting is a lot more profitable.

Didn't he also have some kind of run-in with law enforcement before he started posting this kind of pure bad-optics well-poisoning shit? Did he get offered some kind of deal to make himself (and his side) look bad? I'm just asking questions. :^)


>Did somebody point out he's an Australian sexpat again?
wasn't aware argentina even had sexpats…


rare trotsky W


Trotsky was the best stalinist that ever existed


somebody should tell the conservatives so they can shit themselves even harder and make their side look even worse when they say everyone who believes in racism is a trotskyite


None, head empty.


>paying for a blue check just to astroturf something this stupid


>wasn't aware argentina even had sexpats…
why wouldn't it. not only is prostitution legal, hyper-inflation means dollars can be stretched quite a lot, so it sounds pretty ideal for sex tourism.


And let's not forget stereotypes about what the women are like.


Is there a way to check whether a Twitter profile has Blue but hides it?


File: 1684975299231.jfif (164.47 KB, 978x1194, Fw7lmdRWYAEU3cq.jfif)

big oof


File: 1684975520426.png (14.56 KB, 528x86, twitter.com_JUNlPER.png)

Apparently there was this BBC Spaces last month with 2m+ listeners, or over 3m if you trust Twitter's own numbers, and it went fine.


it's ronver




Why does AOC pay for a blue check lol


Accounts with 1m+ followers get it for free.

Unless cringe retard went back on that too.


>already calling deSatan the Jeb! 2.0 of the election
It's 100% ronver


File: 1684976213291.png (294.23 KB, 680x443, ClipboardImage.png)


it LITERALLY never even began for roncels


File: 1684976699596.png (1.08 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)



Rhonda Soyface is so over, it never even began.


he's so good at this bros


Rhonda Panties out here banning drag shows so that she is the only game in town.


they fake blue checks for celebrities to make it seem like more people are paying for it


lmao holy moly




I was always going to give Ron! the benefit of a doubt but this is unironically over.


File: 1684984471867.mp4 (10.56 MB, 640x360, rondalousy.mp4)

The joke has only just begun.


Rhonda really should have got voice masculinization surgery



File: 1684989542700.mp4 (1.14 MB, 480x270, nVJWm8WENv8r250l.mp4)

Checking in on Jimmy


File: 1684995888947.jpg (15.41 KB, 272x365, Emmett_Till.jpg)

white women weaponizing their tears? preposterous!


Cultural conservatives are more likely to be deplatformed from the most popular media platforms like YouTube. IDK how that's profitable. Most of the elite politicians and capital owners in Western Europe and the Anglosphere are social liberals and are trying to force their citizens to be social liberals.(One post spam IP)


it's economically sound to pretend to be a social liberal because the masses got turned into social liberals by the black movement, gay movement, the internet etc. The social liberals of the prolateriat are a growing demographic whilst the social conservatives are a shrinking demographic. as you see with target, bud light etc the bourgie will still drop social liberalism the second they think it's economically sound to. You're putting the cart before the horse on this one homie


So how is Destiny risking getting kicked off Twitch and YouTube for TOS violations profitable?


this shit's up https://www.youtube.com/user/stevencrowder

also right wing billionaires will funnel money to you via private intelligence agencies made specifically to allow services where wealthy people show up with cash and an opinion gets spread on the internet etc. the link between propaganda being visible and money allocated to that propaganda is sublimely optimized and close


File: 1685016267155.webm (11.6 MB, 568x460, trump desantis ad.webm)

ronbros they're mocking us again…


Brett cooper keeps exploding in growth with little slowing her down. She's only been social media for 1.5 years.

2.5 million YouTube subs while gaining between 150-300k new ones per month

2 TikTok accounts with 1.5 million and 880k

She pulls in hundreds of millions a views a month


Ok, and?


File: 1685017374318.png (280.74 KB, 631x578, ClipboardImage.png)

god damn it elon
you've done it again


It's almost like he hired the guy who made the super deluxe edits.


ronbros… not like this… NOT like this…



File: 1685025819565.mp4 (7.42 MB, 576x720, trump instagram.mp4)



that looks like ben shapiro after three years on hormones what the fuck lmao


>Let's say, Hypothetically, i start to transition.


File: 1685028619620.png (562.91 KB, 1228x1702, ClipboardImage.png)

the terf video game piracy lady has released an important announcement.




Learning to crack denuvo really does things to your brain





musk removed the video view counter, presumably because it was always much lower than tweet view counter for reasons obvious, and the biggest evidence for this is that Ron's campaign is pointing to the tweet containing Ron's campaign launch video and gloating about tweet views

strangely, Ron's campaign today released a video in which features musk more than it does ron


Who cares about another astroturf?


ngl this is just making the right look really lame. I even see people reacting to right-wing stuff more negatively on 4chan. It is over for them.


Partnering with Elon Musk of all people has been the death knell for Desantis, really. I mean, it's one of those things which normies can't see, they look at Musk and see a filthy rich bastard capable of immensely leveraging resources for Desantis and shit, but they don't have our autismovision power.


The illusion of being the hecking underdogs has worn off and people are starting to see them for the ghouls they really are.
There will always be a proportion of the population who always bark for their masters, but those could never be reasoned with in the first place.


Absolute gigastacy. What guy doesn't dream of getting himself a harem from their work on dumb nerd shit?

Is she hot tho?


it really sucks that the only person who can crack denuvo is fucking terf sephiroth who wants the gays to burn alive


If posting your fantasies online makes you a "gigastacy" then that means all those incels online are alpha males too.


File: 1685036876330.png (49.26 KB, 444x287, 1433094802857.png)

Only now I noticed the "sexting" bit. So she wants simps to roleplay a pegging session online with her?


yeah shes looking for erp partners


File: 1685037115381.png (142.43 KB, 464x476, this isn't videogames.png)



>4chan is gradually starting to turn against the right wing
It's really over for them, isn't it? COVID culled their numbers hard and the zoomers. How radical will be the pendulum shift? Are we going to see zoomer mao rise up and see GOP senators being red roomed on national TV?


I'd say the majority of 4chan is reactionary, it's just people are more willing to talk back against /pol/ shit. The chinletjak was the beginning of the end for them.


For fuck’s sake. These are the people Maupin wants to ally with?



a rightfag known for stalking AOC is now owning the libs by crossdressing in public


File: 1685038819292.png (100.86 KB, 278x331, faceofdespair.png)

>if only you knew how bad things are going to get


File: 1685039629655.png (233.05 KB, 789x427, ClipboardImage.png)

does this guy start to seem like a legit psychopath or something to anyone else?


The victims he's talking about are supposedly rainbowwashing corporations, but yeah he's definitely a psyhopath. or at the very least a pathological reactoid, it's difficult to tell.


>>4chan is gradually starting to turn against the right wing
where did you develop this fantasy, and why did you suddenly think it was original despite everyone thinking the same thing for the past 10+ years?


NTA but I'm a degenerate /v/ user. Sure you have ywnbaw spam but i feel like the chinletjak damaged their tough guy reputation. I remembered when Knowyourmeme was firmly on the side of 4chan but now they think they're kind of lame, which just goes to shoe to you the dwindling respect 4chan gets from the rest of the internet. 4chan is like the elite of the internet society, and we're in anti-elitist times.


>wasn't aware argentina even had sexpats…
nazis were the original argentinian sexpats


>a few shitposters don't "respect" /pol/ so that means the entirety of 4chan is turning against the right wing


as much as I hate to say this, this tactic works. befuddled onlookers will think it's another one of those looney leftists


the non-pol right is terminally lame and those fags are entirely about being pseudo-contrarians.


you can stop hyping up this anti-conservative backlash supposedly rising up every 2 weeks on 4chan now. anyone who actually uses the site knows you're full of shit dude. it's not coming.


I'm not saying that shit, I said I saw MORE of it there not that 4chan will not be conservative. It is entirely thanks to the chinletjak which destroyed their online cyberstreetcred


>I remembered when Knowyourmeme was firmly on the side of 4chan but now they think they're kind of lame,
That seems to be the way normies currently see Republicans in general, minus the disgust for their constant spree shootings.

Is she hot tho?


How is it possible that only one person has figured it out? Is she an industry plant with a back door or somethign?


That being said 4chan would be even more irrelevant if it wasn't for the soyjaks and that shit is the only memes image boards push out nowadays. And KYM hates that shit. I am starting to wonder if they are representative of the general population or not.


File: 1685042239051.jfif (37.57 KB, 750x416, Fw-dn22XwAATh08.jfif)

Desantis is SO back!


>that 30 year old loomer


Rhondasisters, it's safe to say that it never even began.


Laura loomer is worse than desantis. This girl tied herself to twitter headquarters with handcuffs cause her account was banned. she's compared her being banned to holocaust, cried that shes in a "digital gulag" due to it and said her life is now over because she didn't have social media accounts while melting down

Its a shame she's back on there now


Loomer is a glowie


File: 1685045165346.png (1.1 MB, 1188x804, 1I10mi5.png)

Loomer is a Zionist fanatic who views Trump's election as existential. She also destroyed like a dozen opponents in a congressional primary race which she then went on to lose. She has the brain damage to go all the way, and she's one of the only Republicans so far who is adopting a bizarre, radical future-forward and hyper-modern look where the conservative brand needs to go.


She also looks like Robert Z'Dar from the plastic surgery and she's only around 30. All she needs to become president is biomechanical augmented tank treads in place of legs and chain guns for arms.


File: 1685049785784-0.png (214.99 KB, 1101x612, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685049785784-1.png (184.55 KB, 527x497, Live Doggo Reaction.png)

[distorted Incredibles music grows louder]


Yes she's an effective political strategist for trump because she has absolutely 0 shame. She will go as low as people and have 0 concern for everyone hates her for it. For this reason she is also absolutely an insufferable person. I have her account blocked on social media, one of few.


As low as possible*


File: 1685050772550.png (822.27 KB, 700x700, ClipboardImage.png)



What the fuck is that


File: 1685054499462.png (368.7 KB, 584x892, cool!.png)

>Black man walks up to car with two white drug dealers.
>Confronts them about trying to deal to his child.
>gets shot

But seriously the mental gymnastics in the comments from conservatives is fucking insane, really a mask off moment.
Like some of them are even saying shit like "Well the driver was a woman, and you shouldn't hit a woman" LMFAO



This is more satanic pedophile shit than an actual satanic ritual


This is why you should just shoot drug dealers on sight. No discussion. No getting close. Just gank the scum.


Or just mind your business, is your kid gonna buy drugs? Well then that's a parenting problem, are they not gonna buy them? Well then why do you give a shit.


>This is why you should just shoot drug dealers on sight. No discussion. No getting close. Just gank the scum.
Literally has never worked. Has never caused my problems than solves.
Idiot fucking resentiment reactionary burgoid. go the fuck back.


File: 1685057597973.jpg (242.87 KB, 1067x1486, download (1).jpg)

>Stew Peters
This guy was a "bounty hunter" / rapper / wannabe celebrity who turned into a white nationalist podcaster. He's not in the bounty hunting business anymore but his agency was involved a disastrous snatch-and-grab inside a car dealership in Texas that went wrong and the fugitive shot and killed both bounty hunters. He's a good example of someone I'd call a fascist lumpen, a modern-day slave catcher with white solidarity functioning as protection. "We don't steal from our own."


here, you dropped this





Anon…. Please touch grass….


If you don't like drugs then don't buy them


File: 1685059785927.jpg (286.34 KB, 960x959, 20230525_200918.jpg)


Glowie on glowie violencd


Grooming aid, Walsh's paraphilia or both?

The bounty hunter to rapper to e-celeb to Hwite supremacist pipeline is real.

Jokes aside, he's a perfect demonstration of an atavist, a pathological reactionary. The kind that unironically fantasizes about doing Ustasha shit.


Cringe retard does it again!


File: 1685066606257.jpg (134.04 KB, 1080x1976, 1684430036552463.jpg)



>The Fanfic Sex Trope That Caught a Plundering AI Red-Handed
>Sudowrite, a tool that uses OpenAI’s GPT-3, was found to have understood a sexual act known only to a specific online community of Omegaverse writers.


It was the first time in ages I had willingly subject myself to any Agent Kochinski related content. This was hard to watch, but Eddie actually did rather well. Agent Kochinski was on home-turf, streaming wise, and was able to take advantage of the situation by subtly increasing his microphone volume so that he could drown out Eddie when he would frequently interrupt Eddie when Eddie was explaining often basic concepts. Agent Kochinski was so weak in this debate. The only thing Agent Kochinski had was talking over his opponent


Why is he a cringe retard?


I think that anon is referring to Elon Musk as the cringe retard


Post Agent Kochinski v. Eddie of Midwestern Marx debate analysis



File: 1685079217759.jpg (418.73 KB, 1080x1598, Fw29PbeaUAA-UZx.jpg)

The issue at hand here isn't the drugs themselves but drug dealers intentionally selling them to children and the parent asking the drug dealers to not do that. If your reaction to it, don't like drugs, don't buy them, you completely miss the point. If these were your children, I'm not so certain this would be your position. Parents can't always control where their kids go, but they can sure as shit hit up the usual suspects who are literally selling their kids drugs. I don't know about you fucking retards but kids don't need to be doing drugs. They need to be doing homework. How exactly is selling drugs to kids supposed to help us seize the means of production? Holy fuck.


His bio literally says "theocratic fascist." I think he is a psychopath.


2 points to be made here
1. this >>1477197 isn't about people like >>1477219 or someone like Mike Prysner
2. this is old


It was like this during his debate with Eddie from Midwestern Marx as well. Agent Kochinski can't help himself. He was making comparisons between the Russian-speaking peoples of the Donbass region with the Confederate States of America, trying to argue that secession isn't justified in any set of circumstances


This is just a reactionary boycott and he didn't come up with the idea. No need for dumb psychiatric terms.


>This was hard to watch, but Eddie actually did rather well.
I'm not going to watch it, but a friend of mine who likes Midwestern Marx a lot defended it as taking the fight to this prick and that's a good thing, and Eddie puts himself out there. I think it's better that they've kept it as a collective project rather than it just being one particular guy's show.

I haven't been able to mesh with their energy, but maybe they're trying to reach different people than me, so on the one hand I'll think "ehh that Eddie guy is a jerk" and then I have to remind myself that my own personal preferences are not the most important thing and that maybe I'm the jerk. And realistically, they're way better than most political YouTube people.

I just hope they stay focused on their project and don't get hypnotized by the algorithm. "Nooo, Eddie, don't be tempted by the clout demons."

>trying to argue that secession isn't justified in any set of circumstances
Liberals always have to construct these universal principles to rest everything on. The same logic could apply to Ukraine lol

Taiwan too. China sees it as a hive of separatists. Is Agent Kochinski gonna defend China here? Of course not. But the reason why this is an issue is that Chinese in mainland China (the PRC) overwhelmingly don't believe Taiwan as a separate country.


It's not a real country
Uncle Roger got applause for saying one China


I don't think BE browses this thread. You need to post your bait somewhere, where he can see it.


>what made Twitter tick
Venture capital money


i hate him so fucking much


File: 1685120824049.mp4 (3.88 MB, 576x1024, Hr_DwVvSeqCTFIUc.mp4)


Read anti-oedipus


I watched this and wish i did not. Eddie fucked up really bad, he said something like 'Merkel said aloud that she was preparing to invade Russia' when she clearly never said anything so obvious. Agent Kochinski pressed him on the point, found the article and seen that Eddie hevily over-exagerated the statement.
Seemingly a small thing I know but anyone watching and alraedy skeptical due to propagandas from being a NATO country liver will see this and instantly denounce him as a dishonest. Agent Kochinski is simply to good at this because he does not pick a position, how this works is that the guest has to take a position and Agent Kochinski gets to cast doubt on and poke holes in their position with rhetorical tricks and the guest slipping up until the call ends.
It is not very stimulating entertainment, i don't really get it and I think MidWestern Marx as a project was worse for participating.
I do not even understand the logic of going on to the vash show, It is like going on a dating show to try to convert the consumers of it to communism except that would be somehow less cringe.


hell yeah post more schizotok


oh nm im dum


its just retarded new new age nonsense


File: 1685122728768.png (1.09 MB, 828x821, ClipboardImage.png)


>Hey Louis, i became an internet grifter.


Same thing tbh




File: 1685127364761.jpg (261.36 KB, 1387x1341, 20230526_145515.jpg)

(Honey it is time to refresh your ban)


How Reagan Ruined Everything


critical support for comrade orca and his guerilla war against the european bourgeoisie


Americans dont like public housing


File: 1685128571994.png (225.41 KB, 694x340, 1683172300180.png)

moral panic bait detected


bait post


File: 1685140068478.png (21.58 KB, 751x124, ClipboardImage.png)

Is this true?


I still shoot ropes



He looks like the nerdy guy in a horror movie who in a twist turns out to be the serial killer all along.


>I'm LGBT and why can't these closeted conservative guys be NORMAL (they can't because they're closeted and messed up inside) instead of acting like a bunch of FREAKS
As an LGBT person who always got hit on by "i'm not gay but…" types i stoped having sex with men because of the very real posibility that they will kill me with a golf club out of self-loathing and insecurity.
Closeted gays and their deep wells of internal homophobia are honestly scary.


File: 1685142719265.jpg (235.16 KB, 744x600, lard-lad-grand-opening.jpg)

Its fucking Lard Lad.


Why does he look like a lesbian now


this dude transitioned just by shaving his beard


..twisted bourgeoisie spectacle shit..


File: 1685154120929-1.jpg (192.81 KB, 1284x1590, media_FtnMM4yXgAYkxVX.jpg)


How can anyone argue TP isn’t a pyramid scheme?


pack it up leftysisters, we're going home. it's over.


He has a daily routine like Patrick Bateman.


People always forget that liberals may be insufferable but conservatives are always worse.


conservatives are just liberals tho


2016 being the remarkable exception. Which I guess is why they're so desperate to relive it.


what about the liberals who are apart of NAFO on twitter? They are probably worse that conservatives




File: 1685159401807.jfif (156.54 KB, 1308x502, FxC7J3jWIAENZcD.jfif)

The OpenAI guy is threatening to leave the EU if they make them disclose any copywritten material they used for training, which is an admission of guilt if I ever saw any.

Also interesting to compare this with puff pieces in the recent past which showed these oligarchs oh-so-selflessly demanding their business to be regulated. An interesting demonstration of how easy it is to twist unfavorable fact (porkies want to write the laws which will apply to themselves) into glowing propaganda.


>Irrelevant time-wasting image
>Rage-provoking thread
Billions must reply


File: 1685165766238.jfif (276.83 KB, 922x2048, FxFdpEOakAEVKki.jfif)

You know how one of Musk's policies at Twitter has been to simply stop paying rent on their offices?

Well, stiffing the bill seems to be a widespread practice. A PR firm is suing him because of it: https://www.reuters.com/legal/twitter-not-paying-pr-firms-bills-after-musk-buyout-lawsuit-2023-05-26/

And more interesting, after he took over, he stopped paying for a software called Redis Cloud, which apparently is important for large-volume streaming, which would explain the Desantis fiasco: https://nitter.kavin.rocks/lauramandaro/status/1662212700032876544


trump jr. posted this video

it's ronver again


>chinlets are psychopaths
In other news…


File: 1685166753508.png (33.8 KB, 238x211, elon is sus amogus.png)

>Twenty-four hours after appearing with Elon Musk to announce his campaign for president, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis just signed a bill into law that will shield Musk's SpaceX and other private space companies from negligence lawsuits after an explosion or a crash.



File: 1685166869266.png (31.94 KB, 478x345, 6460-4565.png)

I hate it when politicians collude with social media platforms.


Don't know about the alternative treatments he's using, but just good diet, exercise, skincare and sleep can dramatically improve your appearance when you're old. Lady in vidrel is 40 years old.


Rare succdem dub


Is this gonna lead to some weird capitalist infighting twitter proxy war of Musk vs. Disney?


'member how this board had a fucking meltdown over which side to support? Everyone was either a CIA agent or a misogynist chinlet.


God I hope so. Decreasing coherence within the ruling class was one of the factors cited by one of the guys who predicted the decline of the American empire. I forgot his name, but he was cited constantly here back in 2020.

did you intend to psot the same video twice?


Nope, just forgot to remove the embed link when making the second post.


File: 1685170716594.png (937.89 KB, 760x753, ClipboardImage.png)

Sir, a second SpaceX rocket has hit the Walt Disney Castle.


Trump is going to be President again. Ron DeSantis was probably the only possible competitor, but he just couldn’t shut up and be mildly anti-woke Biden… He had to try to be off-brand Trump, and now Trump is hammering the piss out of him because Ron has the personality of a fully-handled corporate middle manager (because he is a fully handled corporate middle manager). Biden is going to lose, because he’s just kinda bipartisan less anti-SJW Ron DeSantis… Which is not what anyone was hoping for, wanted, or voting for… But it’s what they got, and it’s all they’re going to get. Although, Biden could just steal the election and give it to a real establishment Republican in 2028 without anyone really being able to deny the sanctity of electric voting machines.


Looked at some absolutely gaytarded debates on Twitter being Sakai fans and patsocs that made me wanna blow them all away with a grenade launcher.

It made me think though, would it be so bad if all the Fourth Reich crackkkers were sent back to Europe? If I was deported to my ancestral Vaterland, my standard of living would likely improve. Germany doesn't seem so bad in comparison. So I think I'm siding with the Sakai people on this one, if they want to inherit the United States… well, why the hell would they want that??? This place sucks balls.


*Rob DeSantis


Oh boy here comes another cycle of hypecasting.


>would it be so bad if all the Fourth Reich crackkkers were sent back to Europe?
For us europeans? Yes, it would be extremely bad.


File: 1685189439686.png (306.59 KB, 514x748, 1657887017270.png)

I feel like thirdworldist larping fascists and brown conservatives that post le based Iranian Islamig Rebolution would ACK when they'll learn Khomeini made transsexualism allowed there both in the state and chia islamic law (it was based of him tbh).


Posting a months-old classic.


Who’s going???


He must be living an interesting life


"Trump Reelected" "Desantis elected"
In my opinion this shit will never happen, the US will collapse like yugoslavia or libya and american hegemony will be lost overnight, with dedollarization the US will collapse or end its imperialist program, all those reactionaries eventually will be shot by the mob of people or create their own shithole, the US will collapse on this decade and this is better than any result of 2024


yugoslavia and libya didn't just "collapse", do you think anyone is invading the US within ~2 years? lmao


sperm =/= semen


REAL semen are sperm men


crazy how he looks on his late 30s at best despite the incredibly onerous regimen he subjects himself to. also blood boys have been a thing in SV for ages to the point where it was lampshaded on the HBO series


that lady is clearly botoxed, my dude. no doubt being fit can make people look younger but it only helps so much. you can maybe shave off 10 years once you reach 50, best case scenario.


File: 1685214486443.png (443.58 KB, 595x532, ClipboardImage.png)


Iranians force faggots to transition and become transhumanists. Very cringe of them.


But I haven't seen even botoxed people who look this young. It's pretty amazing if you ask me.


File: 1685215356806-0.png (992.09 KB, 1024x680, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685215356806-1.png (795.1 KB, 1020x680, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1685216185657-0.jpg (44.16 KB, 828x377, FxFdINVWYAAXFlj.jpg)

File: 1685216185657-1.jpg (85.66 KB, 828x608, FxFdINVWwAA1I45.jpg)

File: 1685216185657-2.jpg (54.65 KB, 828x495, FxFdINTWAAAtLSy.jpg)


File: 1685219038764.jfif (150.19 KB, 1284x1096, FxG0ld-WYAMcWbw.jfif)

>A lawyer used ChatGPT to do "legal research" and cited a number of nonexistent cases in a filing, and is now in a lot of trouble with the judge 🤣
>This is a federal appeals court case. Not, like, parking court 😂


File: 1685227555880.png (538.05 KB, 960x724, ClipboardImage.png)


Are The Young Tankies /ourguys/?


>Voosh is further right than TYT now

Jesus Christ


i noticed that agent K has the same style of youtube title choice as the anti-sjw ben shapiro fans with the whole in all caps assertions, goes to show which pit he came from and where he is


Tbh he's more of a destiny clone but all e commentators are pretty similar anyway


File: 1685230941220.gif (2.08 MB, 480x270, giphy (1).gif)

>The Young Tankies


They should have got a few of these to fill out the victory day parade.


File: 1685233718122.jpg (58.35 KB, 750x540, FXCtd6zXEAAUvM2.jpg)

Roger Waters is clearly a fascist Nazi embracing woke cancel culture


File: 1685233822394.mp4 (1.13 MB, 640x360, l-MwjQ73AsPfCTwe.mp4)

the widely acclaimed speaker, writer, journalist, and political analyst Caleb Maupin seems to have regenerated a cadre… and now with Bible verses.


This is just playing to the YT algorithm. Its the same way they generally all have a human face in the screenshot for a given video and where the GIANT OPEN MOUTH SOI SMILE came from in part.

I don't know wot what degree people actually WANT to choose this, but its one of these things where if your metrics show a 25%+ drop in viewership because the algo didn't put it out there the one time you didn't do it, then yeah its pretty easy to continue justifying that you have to do so. Its just plain "engagement" focused stuff, the same way that a video of a guy bobbing his head on TikTok while socialist phrases fly across the screen will get nothing compared to the same graphics but a girl doing a dance (2x bonus if part of the dance shows boobs or ass bouncing)


>Roger Waters is clearly a fascist Nazi embracing woke cancel culture
shame he became a neoliberal then :/.


File: 1685235018854-1.jpg (696.75 KB, 1484x1920, Hammerskin Natio .jpg)

There's a row going on about Roger Waters dressing up like a Nazi which is clearly supposed to the villain in his The Wall rock opera, but he's also being targeted by a Zionist op because Waters supports BDS, which is indicative of how the mainstream media and neo-Nazi skinhead gangs which adopted the "hammer" thing from The Wall in the 80s but unironically are equally incapable of understanding satire.


>german police investigate
I love this. Actual nazis and Israeli fascists investigating antifascist lefties for antisemitism and nazism for using nazi symbology to criticize nazism. This is why we can't get caught up in spectacle, it's a losing game for the underclass. Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. And as we grow our political power the choices we can make, and moral highground to take becomes less fraught, less controversial, less sectarian, less costly, more rewarding, more compelling, more efficent at influencing and conveying truth to people. If we had a fraction of the hard and soft power the bourgeoisie has then we would have a successful communist revolution. C'mon use those autistic laser focus muscles to build some class power today, this week, this month, this year.


File: 1685238388982.png (686.33 KB, 608x759, ClipboardImage.png)

Romanian jails are something else.


i remember when he left he put a yaoi meme.


I mean this guy is just some random 38yo e-celeb and looks alright. I think 70% of looking young is just winning the genetic lottery. The other 30% is just lifestyle stuff, including having a stress-free leisurely lifestyle


I thought Waters wasn't a Ukraine supporter?


I'm fairly sure the skinheads who adopted the crossed hammers were well aware of the satire. They just didn't care and thus subverted it, like they do everything. Remember, Hanlon's razor doesn't apply to reactoids; always assume malice on their part, regardless whether there's stupidity presence.

To be fair, it is infinitely more kino than anyhing actual reactoids ever came up with. Tho this speaks more of reactoids' utter worthlessness than anything else I guess.


File: 1685246563779.jfif (296.1 KB, 1397x1445, FwwWrzvaUAApe5G.jfif)



>Everyone fears the homeless
This guy is really just telling on himself right now.


Some of the whining scum are doing it because they're zionists assblasted by Waters' support of Palestinians.



i remember him from back when he actually bothered to argue with rightoids and use socialist rhetoric instead of just being an internet version of a trotskyist neocon lol


>communists probably
Im also probably showing my nieces and nephews jimmy neutron.
How you feel about that?




>me when i repeat Bushist propaganda i've heard someone repeat to me after some Hitlerite western media told them they do this


File: 1685277057347.png (88.17 KB, 369x280, ClipboardImage.png)

westoids can't comprehend someone not being an evil barbarian lgbt genocider like they were/are


it's funny that reactoids call everything they hate 'woke', like, acknowledging that transsexuals exist is "too aware," not wanting black people to suffer is "too aware," it's quite an irony



The whole Idubzzz situation has me tired and demotivated.
I had ideas for making videos but now they've shrunk from open green screen speeches, to just a voice, to just a tts voice like "just another sad zoomer."
I see no point in making content if it can all just blow up in my face one day.
The most depressive thing about the idubz thing is how idpol centric it was. Jesus seeing nothing but liberals letting whites live rent free in their head fight people still stuck in 2016 too racist to hold back for 10 seconds to make a good point about idubz being retarded was painful. The worst part is seeing every fucking braindead eceleb comment on it and the audience engaging.
Was said that day.
Not one.
I don't want either of these people to come anywhere near my hypothetical videos. I don't want to get cancelled for some shit like being told to do a video about whoever the cops chose to shoot or beat to death this year and release a non solidarity notice.
But if I do some shit like say the n word every video all I'd be doing is inviting fascists.
Is there no middle ground? Can't I just tell everyone to fuck off? I want a channel people watch inspite of me not because they think I'm dick sucking them.


I hope all 'content creators' die
fuck you


i remember when they were called youtubers


File: 1685299780642.png (276.5 KB, 2000x2000, MedsNow.png)

Bruh what? Also the people talking about idubbz are white edgelords unable to see their King grow up.


Conservatives are always liberals when it is convenient for you. Let's not play semantic games.


>Conservatives are always liberals […]
indeed, conservatives are liberals, but in the "classical liberal" sense of the word - they support economic liberalism, but social authoritarianism, the ability to tell other people what to do sexually, socially or religiously.




fake Hakim account


Is there anyone more irrelevant than maupin?


the only good idubz videos are the ones he does with the crazy engineer guy and maybe with filthy frank who was smart enough to pivot at an opportune time


File: 1685304091244.png (831.84 KB, 719x1165, ClipboardImage.png)

Do you guys think Westerners are being psyopped into wanting WW3?
There is currently a massive internet psyops operation underway, conducted presumably by the CIA, with the goal of improving the domestic and international image of the USA.
It has been happening for a few years now, but is accelerating now.
Paid shills are lurking on popular social media platforms with hundreds of pages of documents carefully prepared to "refute" "conspiracy theories" with official narratives and so-called expert testimonies.
There are also agents (attractive women) glorifying the US military and its actions throughout history, with "ironic/based" memes.
This is all in preparation for a war, presumably WW3. The american gov wants people to reject "crackpot theorists" and rebuild its facade of the world's benevolent policeman, in order to minimise desertions from the military in the event of conscription.
Whenever you're engaging a pro-american, chances are they're a glowie.


File: 1685304432719.mp4 (2.12 MB, 720x1280, psyop.mp4)

>>1481344 (me)
Btw, this is a youtube short made by that channel. It has 31k likes.


The part about conscription is pretty silly, as getting shot at tends to make even the most stalwart patriots think twice *if they don't actually have anything worth fighting for*. Material conditions, people.

That being said, I reckon there's a chance we'll see a global war in our lifetimes. I only hope it doesn't go nuclear.


a literal concentration camp guard with a onlyfans account

I hate the west


He's just trying to account for how rootless he really is.


They’re trying hard as fuck to get people to hate China. I’m hoping tiktok acts as counter propaganda.


nah, this has to be bait


File: 1685308554228.png (476.46 KB, 955x521, ClipboardImage.png)

This shit isn't working lol and probably a big part of the push to ban tiktok because you have to be incredibly sheltered to fall for this stupid shit.


>you have to be incredibly sheltered to fall for this stupid shit
this is most of leftypol


It's a different person, it's just that they have a similar generic aesthetic. She's a huge scumbag though, the video of hers that blew up (lol) was one where she was joking about having intrusive thoughts about mowing down children.


It’s that with a voluntary military you often get people who are only in it for the college money, but I’d say that there is a sizable portion of true believers that are legitimate sociopaths and join because it encourages those tendencies they already had. Liberals will tell you they support the troops but despise war, but the troops are also fucked in the head a lot of the time.


I hate the future.


Lmao. What the fuck would they even talk about


This is the lamest dystopia ever


AI cumtown when?


Hustling. Grinding.


>what would bill gates and socrates talk about
Sex with kids obviously



>world of war crimes


a particularly cursed reply


Reddit overload
I literally feel sick


lel even cringe retard enjoys bullying Yglesias




Singer has always been a massive cuck.


<reactoid cause not converge with genocide challenge (impossible)


File: 1685317209236.png (2.02 MB, 3000x2600, mckenzie bunny ears.png)

it's MacKenzie, a character from the hit Australian animated show, Bluey


so funny that musk thinks that's an effective defence 'well if we only allow pro government speech, then that's more freedom than just shutting down the platform there'


File: 1685319187642.jpg (107.51 KB, 1283x742, ktpxk8nio02b1.jpg)


he probably doesn't actually think that tbh


I dunno, I think Musk is the kind of retard that actually believes he's right about everything and won't admit to himself he's just doing it to try and have Twitter make money.


Buyer's remorse. He has to rationalize his nonsensical purchase and contradictory decisions to sleep



File: 1685322364061-0.jpg (264.87 KB, 1125x1866, FxL2QLYXgAY4zCs.jpg)

File: 1685322364061-1.jpg (194.87 KB, 1125x1923, FxL2QLXXwAQDzEh.jpg)

File: 1685322364061-2.jpg (97.67 KB, 1125x1054, FxL2QLbWAAE8l6Z.jpg)

This guy is an actual reactionary but he's also correct. Even reactionaries have standards.


File: 1685323182052.png (407.82 KB, 680x679, ClipboardImage.png)

Happen to anyone else?


Why does he never miss?


File: 1685323793773-0.png (46.24 KB, 621x349, 1685323156932.png)

File: 1685323793773-1.png (525.06 KB, 755x763, 1685323656787.png)


File: 1685324279817.jpeg (420.18 KB, 1960x1492, clown2.jpeg)


File: 1685324317414.png (148.14 KB, 544x680, ClipboardImage.png)

He really never does.



File: 1685324618073.jpg (99.67 KB, 1024x1004, gusic smile.jpg)

>thing noticer deboonking anti-communist propaganda by neo-larouchites



>the video of hers that blew up (lol) was one where she was joking about having intrusive thoughts about mowing down children.


File: 1685324802056.mp4 (6.53 MB, 576x1024, 1685324709278.mp4)

Bleak, btw. Bleak.


Reactionaries being based accidentally


The military is counting on appealing to horny, edgy, alienated teenagers joining, it would seem


Yeah, I wonder if it's working. It seems zoomers are too redpilled on the evils perpetrated by the US army to be convinced. Though it seems that military recruitment is down everywhere in the world, not even just the West.


It's not like the US military is unique in being a bad deal that will fuck you up.


Only people who join the army are GOP conservatives, nazis who just want to kill people, and latinos.


The IDF was showing off hot soldier chicks to win hearts and minds 10 years ago. This is nothing new.


>The military is counting on appealing to horny, edgy, alienated teenagers joining, it would seem
The Marines have actually made this a hook. Escape from the alienated capitalist cyberpunk world by joining the Marines to defend it. Honestly though the Marines do this better because they are aiming at a particular type of person who craves joining a state-owned Khorne blood cult.


Maybe they can get help from the German feds investigating Nordstream heh

Also IIRC there are already photos around of Leopards with Nazi symbology ad Banderite flags


>Also IIRC there are already photos around of Leopards with Nazi symbology ad Banderite flags
I'd have to see. The German army still uses the Iron Cross symbol which I think they reckon is sufficiently traditional that they kept it. But I gotta say that even the Western press struggled with that recent raid into Russian territory by a self-proclaimed "Russian Liberation Army" led by a neo-Nazi, and not even "plausible deniable," just outright Kanye-level "I love Hitler."


>homeless occupying what should be public land
reminds me of Dave Harvey's critique of neoliberalism as a privatization that is demolishing our community centers and turning concert halls into pay-to-play areas that poor people are excluded from. There is no public land available to anyone except these tiny margins of sidewalk area in the marketplace https://isreview.org/issue/95/accumulation-dispossession/index.html
>While accumulation by dispossession has always been a feature of capitalism, Harvey argues, it became increasingly significant during the long period of economic crisis beginning in the 1970s that continues to this day. Faced with a crisis of profitability—a crisis in its ability to generate profit through the exploitation of labor—capital has tried to solve the crisis by increasingly turning to fraud, plunder, and predation. “What accumulation by dispossession does is to release a set of assets (including labour power) at very low (and in some instances zero) cost,” he writes. “Overaccumulated capital can seize hold of such assets and immediately turn them to profitable use.”
>Harvey lists a dizzying array of contemporary examples of what he sees as this alternate process of accumulation. He describes the privatization of what used to be public services into profit-making enterprises: water, education, health care, and in Eastern Europe the selling off of entire national economies, the use of the international credit system (especially the IMF/World Bank) as a means of forcibly transferring wealth from the Global South to the economies of the North, and the use of intellectual property rights to commodify what was once knowledge held in common (for instance, terminator seeds). He includes the displacement of peasants from their land, and places an emphasis on the theft and transfer of value from one class to another




File: 1685334804956.png (101.45 KB, 522x416, ClipboardImage.png)

Can I get a 'hurr durr' ?


File: 1685335121837.png (13.8 KB, 698x147, ClipboardImage.png)

(oh, and the context)


>bro just do squats
>everyone knows recruiting your leg muscles makes your dick hard and not the opposite


Well depending on the context, being overweight/having little physical activity can cause lack of libido, ED, etc


Was America's sudden departure from Afghanistan part of a deal to enroll the Taliban into CIA's service? I mean, since based retard threw ISIS under the bus, the job of "horde of psychopaths destabilizing entire Muslim regions with Anglo support" has been vacant.

I suppose it's not surprising once you consider it's just ye olde enclosure of the commons being applying to increasingly smaller areas. It began closing off entire forests, fields and rivers and excluding people from food production and it would be a matter of time until it would to the same to trees on the sidewalks and sewage rivulets. and excluding people from healthcare and education.


Comrade Kramer


File: 1685353755967.jpg (10.89 KB, 296x296, IF75Piq2_400x400.jpg)

/leftypol/ had me believing picrel is cringe even though he's based 90% of the time and cringe 10% of the time


his beard looks like shit though. never do pubeface


Goddammit! Destiny has for years now been on the top 3 most annoying people on the internet for me, but this is just so sad! I feel bad for the guy unironically…


File: 1685355586309.png (7.06 KB, 102x42, ClipboardImage.png)

what happened here?


Funny how Haz, despite getting the most vitriolic comments from groyper failsons chooses to be selectively hateful towards fags and transhumanists. It's almost as of he bought into the idea that the gays are weak and effeminate and he loves punching down on vulnerable people.


>I feel bad for the guy unironically…
What for? He snatched the same girl from another beta who was in an open relationship with her. It was even streamed and he ended up fucking her the same evening while the boyfriend was still streaming in the living room. Call it karma or irony or whatever.


perfect socialist housing should be like medieval southern europe villages.

And no, I do not care if we don't have enough resources for that kind of shit


godamn he's such a mid dancer


> muh war crimerinos
> muh genociderino
> muh iraqerino
Why is BadEmpanada such a moralfag?


you mean giant apartment buildings


US veteran zogbot glowgolem hands write this


But where will I get my drugs from?


File: 1685380936981.png (463.15 KB, 604x603, ClipboardImage.png)

He was an UberEats driver on Kangaroo Island and talked about needing dental work done after getting struck one time.


he can literally sue the guy for damages


Ok, that does make me feel better about it. That girl is such a wild lil slut, god bless her!


Not everyone has the same monogamous needs and insecurities as you do. Not to defend this liberal psychopath.


>based 90% of the time
He’s basically Agent Kochinski regarding his opinions on China.
If you call him out for being wrong he throws a temper tantrum


Did anyone listen to the debate between the Trans Azov supporter and Jackson Hinkle?


Dengoids are basically Agent Kochinskiites who like China instead of NATO
Sounds like the kind of thing that would give you immediate brain damage upon watching, could be fun


Based reply. Total Amerimutt death.


/isg/ bros, just found out my cousin is an ASMR vtuber and it's a weird feel. we used to have nerf gun battles as kids and now she makes slurping noises into a microphone for strange men as a career


> think they reckon is sufficiently traditional that they kept it
as are all the General Krautmann barracks


don't disrespect the hustle

nah but seriously it's pretty fucked, hopefully capitalism will be abolished before all erotic desire is completely commodified


Vicki1999 is quitting YouTube based on BadEmpanada’s accusations of being Islamophobic


>Muh dengoids
Deng has been dead for 30 years.


Cringe sexpest


Leftypill her


File: 1685385325674.jpg (77.01 KB, 315x444, 1646762250377.jpg)

>He’s basically Agent Kochinski regarding his opinions on China.
>If you call him out for being wrong he throws a temper tantrum
this is true


Get her to whisper socialist ideas to her simps.


Holy shit this is funny. This must be one of those Black Israelites or Hoteps or whatever version of the "black man was created by aliens to be the master race and then the evil aliens came and made white people " cult shit that's out there. Hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

Did neither one of them to (putting aside all the various evidence of the slave trade elements available) at least say "Well why weren't all the native people who were here, who were documented, talking about all these black african looking tribes just all over the place? It completely escaped their notice and the notice of every other american indian tribe? It was never documented by evil white colonists that they ran into people who looked exactly like africans, much less did so en masse as if they were one of the default native peoples? Nobody was like "Hey, Lewis and Clarke you just made it to the Pacific! Turns out the whole place was full of black people! Sacajawea? You nor any of those you ran into mentioned that?" . Unbelievable and even worse that its a fucking tiktok saying as though Rogan somehow got put in his place. Laughable if it wasn't so sad. This is on the same level as
>You mean to tell me that humans need to actually put their genitals into the genitals of another properly in order to reproduce? A baby just..COMES OUT 9 months later? Well I never did this, I think you're full of shit. No, people reproduce by mitosis when they have enough resoruces and conditions are right, we just split into two. Yep. The rest is just a conspiracy to let people whore around and I'm sick of it!


got any context for this?


This person mentions pedophilia too. This is a delisted video they linked in their description of that video about it


Dengoids =/= Deng, or CPC for that matter. Dengoids are explicitly a yank online phenomenon of the most delusional people imaginable, who – in true American fashion – outsourced even their revolutionary hopes to China, who could not give less of a fuck


>pointing out that Abrahamists have a problem with reactionary beliefs is le problematic


>Dengoids are explicitly a yank online phenomenon of the most delusional people imaginable, who – in true American fashion – outsourced even their revolutionary hopes to China, who could not give less of a fuck
Lol. Lmao even. I am stealing this.


what's this about a bot being a person? also all this nonsense makes me happy I'm on IRC with the other 30yo boomers


>somebody is grooming teenagers on d*scord episode 62953787
Joking aside, anybody who makes this argument that Palestinians are doing genocide against Israelis is either totally ignorant or doesn't see brown people as human.

Sounded like Viki claims multiple personality disorder and that one of the personas was an ancap pedophile who they represented with a "bot."



BadEmpanada is the best leftist e-celebrity, yeah he can get pissy but the only people who'd genuinely get pissed at him are Zionists and other scum.
Practically all of his main channel videos should be uncontroversially accepted as true.


People are allowed to be wrong but being abrasive like he is and seeking out drama to monetize is the opposite of helpful, especially if you pick dumb hills to die on.


>I'm going to study law to.. have an easier time being a prostitute
pornsickness everyone




Im so glad people are catching up to her grift.


Agree or disagree: We dont blame incels for their celibacy but we dont promise mandatory monogamous sex slave assignment to all incels either
We believe in a middle ground where communities are rebuilt and going outside isnt a hellish experience so everyone can meet women without huge insecurity about their imagined shortcomings


is this the "and then they ate the train" lady?


THis is indeed who it is and its fucking funny that Paradox is fully aware of how their games are and using this dumb bitch as a meme template now.


I wonder what shes said about Canada.
Someone could probably make an ai out of her, the things she says sound ai generated anyways so it shouldn't be too hard.


It's so surreal seeing Haz analyzing /leftypol/ threads. I never watched him (still don't) back then but did he do this often? Just stream himself browsing the site and commenting on stuff?


sure who could disagree


what's so surreal about a bottom of the barrel streamer scraping up content from the bottom of the barrel


It's not even that. He was browsing the thread on live stream and the people in it were watching him and debating with him by posting in the thread. The only reason anybody was talking about Heidegger in the first place is because Haz was saying you need Heidegger to understand Marx.


wow I didn't notice that it was fucking Paradox that made the tweet holy SHIIIIIIIT


>He was browsing the thread on live stream and the people in it were watching him and debating with him by posting in the thread
Idk if that makes it better or worse.


Bruh she already looks like she is an A.I. Generated person, with how fake she looks. It wouldn't be too hard to do it.

Right, its quite humorous that they realized that all their games are just map painting simulations.


>They take dissidents and force them to make these things called "dlc" at gun point. Instead of putting in the game at launch where it belongs they make you buy dlc every couple of months for years on end. I know people who sold their children to afford dlc.


She did more to help North Korea's image than any poster here. Godspeed queen of the Nork's


File: 1685414185994.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1323, 5mo698f1mlg71.png)

>We believe in a middle ground
absolutely disgusting

go x-treem or go home on all topics

>she is an A.I. Generated person
I have never seen someone who resembled a realdoll as much as she does



I wish People understand the America is not fucking Woke and that it has become a pointless buzzword than what it originally was. Yeonmi Parks is a retard, but yeah totally Woke America is just like North Korea, you know North Korea famous for its Wokeness and spreading its Ideology all over the world.


That is a bit impolite

I thought he looks rather like one of those Republican interns from the movie Dick featuring Christian Bale, Sam Rockwell, and Tom Hardy, and that one guy from the office. Or like one of the FBI extras from the film entitled Judas and the Black Messiah, such as in one of those scenes where J. Edgar Hoover expresses frustration that the FBI hasn't killed enough black organizers, while pacing back in forth on a stage with a projected film reel behind him in a darkly lit film-going atmosphere. Actually, come to think of it, he reminds me of the informant's handler throughout the film, who had these silly cheeks and a surgical sort of charm to his performance as a Fed with the capital F, who in essence plays the oppressed against each other using the machinery of the state, although does not do it alone, and is rather a cog in a system of deception, torture, murder hell bent on anti-communism and anti-imperialism.


New BASEDEmpanada.


File: 1685426368801.gif (560.84 KB, 320x200, 1655170918481.gif)

Am I the only one who's kind of getting sick and death of people covering Agent Kochinski. Like yeah, We know he's shit, move on.


File: 1685432366569.jfif (158.91 KB, 1164x999, FxUb-qIWwAQd8u-.jfif)



Jehu is back on Twitter and his follower list is just the Fed lmao. Absolute king shit.




Lol no. His Grayzone, China and Shining Path videos are all very disingenuous. His views on the Ukraine War are wrong. Generally he seems to just be a contrarian who just adopts whatever is the opposite of the enemies, e.g. whenever someone like Maupin states something he automatically adopts the opposite stance.


wait are you serious? jesus fucking christ i thought he just needed braces


How is the weather at the schiller institute?


The return of the king


I hate the trend of pube beards and muskrat staches.


>heidegger to understand
I have yet to see proof that Heidegger even understood Marx.


File: 1685453358341.png (1001.32 KB, 1194x895, cheers.png)

Agent Kochinski vid number 33,939, boring.
Yeah, I mean everyone already knows he's a fat ped and is a confirmed sexual harasser. Just talking about his oblivious stupidity just seems pointless, but hey content is content. Just don't criticize BE about wasting time on this or he'll freak out and call you a ped defender. It's almost like e-celebs and the online sphere they dwell in are just cancer all around. Its all just profitability and the monetization of drama at the end of the day, boy, how familiar to other assholes in the real world does this all sound like.


>Am I the only one who's kind of getting sick and death of people covering Agent Kochinski.
Churning out content for the content mill is inevitable if you monetize internet content.


My disdain for continental philosophy's obscurantism is growing so much that it's turning me into an analytical marxist


If anything, he's mostly cringe when it comes to posting.
He posts like he just discovered shitposting is a thing.


>Identifying with a baseless construct founded on Brits incessant need to pretend they are not Europeans
Kill yourself.


>continental philosophy's obscurantism
stop pretending you read books


It’s not even obscurantism, he’s just straight up wrong.



Fuck off glowie. You know he’s bad


File: 1685474017963-0.png (94.07 KB, 614x746, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685474017963-1.png (85.57 KB, 661x564, ClipboardImage.png)


This guy thinks about trans semen more than me


RIP Midwestern Marx


>It’s not even obscurantism, he’s just straight up wrong.
You realize this is giving him more credit right? Calling him an obscurantist is ultimately saying that he's talking nonsense (which is "not even wrong") because it's unintelligible, incoherent, or both.


File: 1685476843802.jpg (321.32 KB, 1461x834, download.jpg)

Rightists developing Bob Avakian energy. They're gonna start burning Target merch in the parking lot and screaming about "drinking transhumanist semen." Accusing random members of the public to be perverts while conjuring up grosser imagery than anyone else is capable of. Keeping it weird.


File: 1685476861389.jpg (30.62 KB, 640x480, Cumguzzlingchris3.jpg)

chris-chan is that you?
is Liger implying Putin was right about something that Lenin was wrong about? also the quoted tweet is some Great Man nonsense and trips my Trot detector


File: 1685478826628.mp4 (4.49 MB, 640x480, 534985345.mp4)

I don't take what he's saying about the immortal Lenin literally, it's rhetorical, but it's kinda funny to complain on Twitter about Putin dumping on Marx and Engels. I doubt Putin is going be like "oh sorry I didn't know I wasn't supposed to do that." Liger is acting like he's been duped or something instead of the truth that Putin is a rather reactionary guy who likes fascistic philosophers who admired Hitler's struggle against Bolshevism.

But Liger is right that the rulers of contemporary Russia will never achieve the USSR's prestige. Maybe recreating the conditions of the Russian Empire will create new Bolsheviks.


File: 1685479299985.png (199.27 KB, 350x442, smile.png)

>the quote tweet
This is the level of stupid that does not even warrant heavy insults (like a Haz tweet), this shit warrants a "god bless em, he put on his shoes today all by himself in only an hour" pat on the head. Rock on you absolute imbecile.


yeah Midwestern Marx are a bit too much Z gang for their own good


Holy smokes Tara Reade defected to Russia. First American to ever post themselves into exile.


File: 1685481937673.jpg (323.56 KB, 1446x2048, chud.jpg)

basally perverse to see a meme format exclusively used by 450 follower esoteric racist cranks and then immediately rush to make an Epic Communist version of it.


Wow. What a weird trajectory. Last I heard she was working with the Schiller Institute and getting increasingly schizo on twitter. This is from the Schiller Institute newsletter earlier this month where they denounced the indictment of Uhuru Movement members for allegedly taking Russian glowie money:
>Tara Reade, a former junior staffer for Joe Biden’s Senate office, introduced and moderated the event. She cited the outrageous Federal indictment of Uhuru Movement members in St. Petersburg, Florida, just four days earlier, for what the Department of Justice called, “sowing fbi.gov,” as setting a dangerous precedent for anti-war activists. Reade also acknowledged the essential role of Helga Zepp-LaRouche and the Schiller Institute in fostering a global peace movement.
This isn't the first time Russian glowies and LaRouchites have been mentioned in the same breath, and there was a former CPI member back during its blowup that said the reason Caleb refused to register it as a party was so he didn't have to disclose foreign glowie funding. I'd really like to know how it all fits together some day.


Bruh Eddie and Noah are just more digestible versions of the widely acclaimed speaker, writer, journalist, and political analyst Caleb Maupin.


>and there was a former CPI member back during its blowup that said the reason Caleb refused to register it as a party was so he didn't have to disclose foreign glowie funding

Was that FOL?




File: 1685483209815.png (1.63 MB, 604x6080, ClipboardImage.png)

that actually cuts a lot of the results out since the "Top" tab doesnt show everything. you wanna go with the "Latest" tab


he definitely didn't buy that can himself.


It might have been, I wish I screencapped the conversation because he was pretty knowledgeable about the inner workings, even with that prior student/youth group Maupin ran before CPI.


File: 1685485262842-0.png (372.14 KB, 894x740, 5687958076.png)

File: 1685485262842-2.gif (1.83 MB, 245x200, Ysnm.gif)

>Last I heard she was working with the Schiller Institute and getting increasingly schizo on twitter.
I was catching up with a friend recently who had someone in his group go LaRouchite (actually became a member) and their personality changed and they would start babbling nonsense during meetings. Everyone else thought it was really strange. I thought of that Neal Stephenson novel where people go schizo when they get brainhacked by a computer program that looks like a field of static inside a book that gets opened up in front of your face, and that was created by a media mogul connected to a weird religious organization.

>I'd really like to know how it all fits together some day.

Well he probably set it up. It has come up here before, but the LaRouchites functioned as an intelligence backchannel. This is what Lyndon LaRouche said he did to the newspapers (he also lived in a guarded compound in Northern Virginia). See, governments communicate to each other via foreign ministries, but this can be inefficient (especially when relations break down), so there are a variety of actors who parlay information back and forth. Journalists. Academics. Businessmen. NGO types. Which is also a cover.

And people with connections like that just don't give them up. The LaRouche people seem much less important now than in the 1980s, but they got into Russia in the 1990s and one of their connections is Sergei Glazyev who is one of the higher ups. (He also created a fake patsoc party in Russia called Rodina basically designed to leech votes from the communists.)

I think the kinda person who gets involved in this stuff is also different from the kinda person who actually steals state secrets. Those people (the Americans who do it) tend to be low-level people who are frustrated and in debt, like the janitor in an Air Force base who doesn't like his job and grabs a file off a desk and sells it to the Russians. That's your typical "spy." You don't see American officials or businessmen defect because they're seeking a higher standard of living in Russia. But I think LaRouche and others who got into this are narcissistic types who are obsessed with power and control, and this gives them an avenue to have some kinda power, or feeling that they do. It's like "pulling strings" at a fairly high level. What's interesting is that Maupin does something like this (I'm pretty sure) but has never gotten into any trouble when the Uhuru people got BTFO'd for accepting money from a Russian guy to have a protest. And he also talks about busting up anti-imperialist organizations in the U.S. like the Peoples Forum, which is pretty suspicious.


File: 1685485723307.jfif (100.6 KB, 1169x992, FxZgm4MakAAWmzk.jfif)

I called Musk's valuation of Twitter at 22b bullshit back then.

Also consider that this Fidelity company has stake in Twitter, so this 15b is no doubt also overvalued.


Trans girl semen tastes better than bud lite tbh


you know what,good for BE to milk money from the back of the Libertarian-neocon with pedophile sexual harasser characteristics.


>Sci-fi author says he wrote 97 books in 9 months using AI tools, including ChatGPT and Midjourney

I hate the future.


legit kekked irl


God damn that's good lmao


Had a good laugh, thanks


Using the Pangzai tornado technique on that bottle


We need services that can tell us what is actually worth spending our time on and what's not. This is already an issue with the thousands of TV, movies, etc but for things like books it's even worse since the barrier to entry is so much lower.


anon, the 33% of 22b is not 15b


there's… a lot of them…


Maupin is about to get OWNED.




breaking: man reacts to other man's youtube video


He paid 40b for it.

Anyways how is twitter so worthless money wise when you see that most of the net is just twitter screencaps?


Screenshots aren't monetizable and aren't compelling enough to really drive a lot of new users. There was a time when the plurality of the shit you'd see on Facebook was from ifunny.co or whatever but it didn't get people to start browsing there in droves

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