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A thread focused on discussing the parasocial relationships cultivated by the Almighty Algorithm to generate profit off of our atomization and society's hyper-normalization of petty internet drama.

Reminder that none of this is real!

Society of the Spectacle

The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception

Simulacra and Simulation



File: 1664194409104.png (909.34 KB, 1080x1171, 1664172958474786.png)


Tbh Tolkein was low key fascist because he supported Franco in the Spanish Civil War. He kept his politics out of his stories but he has a massive skeleton in his closet.


He was an arthoe tradcath


aragorn commit interracial marriage by having sexo with arwen tho


Don't know why people keep posting redscare stuff. They have said for like 2 years, that they identify as right wing and reactionary. Hate the left, and like Cernovich,Moulbug and Thiel.

People keep making posts which are basiclaly right wing podcasters hang out with other right wing podcasters.


It's not like interracial sex is a fetish for right wingers or anything :^)


Dasha even supported the Belarus color revolution. Obviously Lukashenko tried but failed to stop her from ending up as a retard.


Pussy tight, pussy clean, pussy fresh
Pussy pretty, pussy fat, full of flesh
Juice a strain through me panty mesh
Hole nuh dead like down a Meadowrest
When me fling it 'pon the right boy, catch it 'pon the left
Pump it like cardiac arrest
Skin to skin, negative AIDS test
When you see baby born is a miracle to how mi pussy blessed
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You ge' me hotter than the peppery cayenne
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Give me the pressure, when you have, beg you let on it
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Lock up the cocky like a doctor with the docket
Ya drop it in my middle like a sentence in a bracket
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Isn't this a subversion of the trope? Usually elves are the ones who are usually the racist ones going for racial purity/superiority?


libs actually think that elves deserve their higher social status, so no


The Hitlersalut part is taken out of context and happens in a differnt scene. But the whole 'knife-ears are taking our jobs!' part is dumb and doesn't make any sense in a feudal setting.


also there's a grand total of ONE (1) ELF in the entirely of Numenor when that speech is made (and no prospect of more arriving)

tldr: the writers are retarded


Neo colonialism? Never heard of her. French tanks in Mali for literally no fucking reason whatsover? Doesn't ring a bell.


at least use a youtube alternative geesus, you're just giving him money

also interesting they pick the one ex-colonial citystate that sits at the centre of the most profitable shipping lane in the entire world


Elves are literally angels. The concept of race was never meant to apply to them unless you're a fucking retard.


It is necessary to track the trajectories of these grifters they are a large problem these days.


Based Jimmy


So what is to "blame", give me a tl;dr so I don't have to watch it.


It isn't said, but if I had to guess, it's something like "it's our fault we don't work smart, we pull each other down, we need entrepreneurs that are clever". It's the same shit everywhere.


Capitalist realism.


if she's painting vaginas why can't i see the rest of the knee



lol based African lady
the material explanation for colonialism is indeed that European civilization was relatively resource poor from over-exploiting and had to go steal from other people to have shit


What is he actually going to do?


File: 1664218468481.jpg (167.96 KB, 1079x1128, IMG_20220926_115313.jpg)


I didn't understand a single part of this post


It's better that way honestly


Understood 100% lmao.
Mencious Goldbug is a right winger comp sci STEMlord that produces low grade philosophy. I haven't read it, just what I've heard. He's part of the dark enlightenment crowd, NRx, neo reactionary people.

Tradcath means traditional catholic but actually just means a woman that subjugates herself to older customs regarding women, subservient, exists to serve her man, etc.

Enuch means without balls.


/pol/ /tv/ are all triggered by niqqa elves and halflings, as if that was the prime reason for it being unwatchable. Meanwhile, the script is fucking DUMB AS SHIT filled with fake conflicts, the acting is complete dogshit, etc.


token africans are the worst


As a former /tg/ user i would say that while i did became "old" it wasn't because i became too busy. Endless quests threads, no meaningful threads for a long time and dead game finder thread. 8ch /tg/ was actually pretty great, despite occasional /pol/ retardation spilling in, and plenty of old /tg/ users moved there till it closed.


Piecing together from his previous responses:

>Maupin comes back

>does a 2-3 hour stream "debunking" all the claims against him
>he will say that it's most likely a PSYOP
>he will say that the reason for is hiatus is cancel culture
>he will start trying to rebuild CPI
>Haz, Hinkle will have them on their show to allow him to save face
>these people will keep on going as if nothing happened


I believe that at this point they are intentionally do shit like that to distract people from the fact that the actual plot and writing are dogshit and make them talk about it more. Seriously if not for those "controversies" like black elves, people would forget this shit even existed.


So they are basically the trolled who keeps feeding the trolls?


Think of it as a way of marketing. The more people talk about it on the internet, the more people actually gonna see it in theaters. And given that there are several groups on the internet who are willing to spend all their free time for free discussing (regardless of the side) if there should be black people in medieval fantasy or can you or can you not use balck actor to play white guy, race baiting works just great and actually not very expesive.


since you're not using that brain of yours i suppose it's no great crime if i cut it out.


Remember, this is projected to be
>the most expensive television series ever made.[21][22]

IMO they generate false controversies to artificially boost sales while cutting on the budget when it comes to writers, CGI, and actors, so that they can embezzle most of it.

Vidrel were amateurs, Hollywood since perfected the method.


From the description alone i know exactly who this is because that trans woman is the one that make the christian convertion threads on 4chans /lgbt/ and was claiming to "fight gender ideology" by convincing trans womens to identify as eunuchs or something. Incredibly unseferable and person but kinda fascinating.
Her twitter handle was @Pariahthedoll at some point. She was also present at the hipster-fascist party that Crumps guy reviewed.


Everything become a commodity under capitalism


> convincing trans womens to identify as eunuchs or something
Maybe we deserve the climate change. And nuclear war.


I think they actually write it like shit on purpose
>racists get mad about diversity
>people criticize bad writing
>shills and morons accuse the latter of being the former
>arguments get more heated over the accusations
>racists take opportunity to signal boost their bullshit, intensifying actual racist points
>shills/wokes respond in kind
It's all yin and yang, all feeding off each other. The point isn't to make a good show. The point is to make a discourse. The show being good is arguably an obstacle to that. The show being bad just adds fuel to the fire.


Well it's beyond that. It's basically Hollywood becoming a mafia before our eyes.


I don't think it's about discourse, it's just a simple marketing. The more people talk about movie, the more of them actually watch it.


>I don't think it's about discourse, it's just a simple marketing.
>The more people talk about movie, the more of them actually watch it.
Yes… that's what the discourse is for. If everyone is talking about it, people get FOMO and go watch it.



>mfw I actually don’t know what the fuck is going on
Feels good man.


Holy shit guys. They did a parody of WW3 in the spongebob prequel series


>I don't give a shit what was their rallying cry, just as I don't give a shit that John Brown was motivated by Christianity.
John Brown was motivated by abolitionism and his Christianity informed his abolitionism. The founding fathers were motivated by profit, and their republican ideals were a cheap cover for that.


>I don't know what is going on with MAGACommunism but I want to comment on one of the screenshots
deflection. address my post or fuck off. You do know what's going on with magacommunism. That's why you changed the subject.


Just to nitpick I'd say it was less of a cheap cover and more that their motivations necessitated them believing in republicanism. Just like their need for plunder necessitated their belief in genocide and slavery


>The Founding Fathers did a Good Thing.
lol why do Americans talk like this


File: 1664226097566.jpg (19.48 KB, 602x483, how_much_longer.JPG)

How much longer until he's put out of his misery, /isg/?



He still needs to endorse the Harris-Buttigieg ticket in 2024



File: 1664228864853.jpg (86.12 KB, 1200x800, Dont_Hug_Me_Im_Scared.jpg)

Remember this web show?

They are back, and the first episode has some class conscious elements: https://www.wcostream.net/dont-hug-me-im-scared-episode-1-jobs

gives me Wonder Showzen vibes




Sameera Khan retweets today

The haz club has abandoned Cuba


Is it possible to criminalize stupidity under socialism?


>>[deleted post]
I honestly don't know how you consider Cuba or even just Dengism as revisionist while anarchism is around.


File: 1664246912025.webm (6.35 MB, 640x360, 124511.webm)

we got too cocky si/b/eria bros..




Are the revisionist anarchists in the room with you right now anon? Cuba isn't revisionist btw
Haz once again proving he is top e-whore.


File: 1664248009185.png (1.52 MB, 1536x1712, 1658431680977.png)

Grifters on the “left” invariably drift to the right because they eventually realize we don’t have any damn money.


If you are a socdem you can have some success grifting like Hasan, but that guy also comes from money himself.


File: 1664252079471.png (106.54 KB, 492x802, ClipboardImage.png)

today i learned KiwiFarms (which I didn't even know existed until it was destroyed) was owned by a company called "1776 Solutions LLC" that changed its name from "Final Solutions LLC"


I tire of gay internet retardation, right-wing bullshit and other crap and yet I still feel the need to monitor it. I think it's all the coom posts on 4chan that brings me back.


Cut a lolbert and a fascist bleeds


File: 1664252555636.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

can someone explain "Sam Hyde" to me? Like, why is he famous, what was the deal with his adult swim show. Is he a nazi, etc.

after all these years i still don't get what this guy's deal is


Is it the same guys that did wonder showzen


'post-ironic' internet comedian/prankster who came to prominence after doing a fake Ted talk in 2013, where he managed to fool the Ted talks team and passed off as a filmmaker/journalist. he landed a show on adult swim but got cancelled due to having ties to the alt right and also got banned from youtube. i'm not sure if he's ever officially stated his political views but it's obvious he leans towards the far right. he's had a following on 4chan for years. there's also an old ongoing meme where every time there's a shooting, he gets blamed for it (that pic of him with an AK).

he's recently become popular again since he made a prank video on youtuber idubbz and participated in a youtuber boxing fight a month ago where he challenged hasan to a fight.


Nah, these are Brits, but very similar surreal/black humor.


>>these people will keep on going as if nothing happened
Not to be "that guy" but did Maupin get accused of anything under the law? No?

Then this is just another youtube drama content mill.

<Oh but he did this and that and there is first person testimonials saying that…

Very heinous and illegal if true. Is he accused of any crime? Still no? Well then.
All that cult shit should be easily proved in court and seeing as there are many people willing to say all about what he did on social media, surely they don't mind testifying.

I'm not defending Caleb btw, but if no charges are brought then you lose any right to complain when the accused party fails to be brought down by your, oh so righteous social media posting.


What would you charge him with? "Running a cult?" That's completely legal in the USA. "Using people as sex tools?" Legal. As a sect leader you can do whatever the fuck you want to influence your puppets. Can't prove it wasn't consensual. "Taking people's time and money?" Same.

The thing is, we don't need him charged under the law, since we've seen from the very beginning of CPI how fucking cultish it was. Nothing in the leaks was even a bit surprising. The biggest revelation was the exact nature of his sexual fetish (spanking).

If you think we should give Caleb the benefit of the doubt you are mental.


It had a great ending before, why bring it back?


It's not legal to coerce someone into doing sexual acts you sick fuck


George Washington could have Napoleon'd the US if he wanted to, but he didn't.
This is an imageboard not a live conversation, autismo.
But I'm not a burger.


Bolivar > Washington, cope and seethe


Nobody mentioned Bolivar, but you should know that Bolivar was a fan of Washington.


Again, you can't prove it wasn't consensual. He didn't physically coerce them. He manipulated them into thinking that spanking the sect leader was okay.


cuz money


>>[deleted post]
He did cost her a job, sending her some bible passages and questioning her loyalty to CPI when she wanted to get a new one that wasn't hawking Maupin's gospel on street corners, only to then have her move in to the party HQ motel room and hire her as a prostitute. When he was done with her he kicked her out of CPI to keep other people from finding out about the arrangement, and made it sound like she was just a vindictive homeless junkie out to sully his good name. Not legally rape but that's a pretty low bar to clear and it doesn't mean it was anywhere close to acceptable behavior for a supposed professional organizer. That discussion (and the drug addiction of one of his several accusers, and the spanking fetish) distracts from the fact that Caleb Maupin was, and probably still is, an aspiring cult leader who doesn't belong anywhere near a communist party.


Again, it's illegal to manipulate people into doing sexual acts with you. Especially when you destroy them financially to do so


Again, you can't prove shit in court.


>why don't just ex-CPI members sue Caleb Maupin?
<yankee tankee is a broke lumpen drug addict
<that trans who had to prostitute xirself

they'll hire a good lawyer any time now


Gas, ass or grass… everybody gotta touch something


the name of that Albert Einstein? Albert Einstein.


Yes you can


the fact that you can nominally prove something in court doesn't mean you can do so practically.

furthermore, we can set aside the coercion element and still say that the perfectly legal activity of running a cult is still something that should render anyone persona-non-grata.


Petro and Soros son


No he wasn't


Petrobros, this can't be happening
We got too cocky


Tough on stupidity, tough on the causes of stupidity



>Left-wing Figures' Connections to Military/Intelligence

So this is some based skitzos uh "research" about left wing internet brained figures and also random other figures from history and their alleged or suppose intelligence connections

well, have fun boys. In some of these, the sourcing is INSANELY BAD

in others, well I have some questions, particularly Trueanon Liz, unless there is some other Elizabeth Franzak around or she uses a fake name or some shit, it does appear here grandfather used to be a pilot for a CIA airline…


Jesus fucking christ, what a stupid, stupid man. How difficult is it to just READ something, anything if you've had a youtube channel for years


Lmao 700 comments in under 1 hour. His right wing fans are seething

Read them


He's calling her a communist as a compliment? Is he doing the Pazi grift now


Jimmy has become cancer.
He could have just put down the blunt and picked up a book for a few months and figured it out.


> i'm not sure if he's ever officially stated his political views but it's obvious he leans towards the far right.
He has.
Back when he had a twitter it was blatantly obvious.


They're right about Vietnam, they openly collaborate with the US against China


One of his other well known “bits” was going to LGBT open mic and reading an article about links between homosexuality and pedophilia which ended with an audience member throwing a microphone at his head and knocking him out


If 4chan drops off what sort of edgelord cred would the right even have anyways? They do a lot of work in making that shit seem cool to at least some zoomers and millenials which is why Sam Hyde pulls in a lot of work


Scott ritter as guest with Ryan Dawson discussing Ukraine and European winter



How is it Chauvinist?


File: 1664306979349.png (55.94 KB, 712x657, ClipboardImage.png)

We got him.


lmao is there any video of the mic knocking him out


> does appear here grandfather used to be a pilot for a CIA airline
They do kind of seem to be a weird pair.
I don’t particularly trust Brace because he was over in Syria helping the YPG and somehow has avoided talking about how the U.S. support was a cover to advance their imperial interests. Funny guy, but stil…


>One of his other well known “bits” was going to LGBT open mic and reading an article about links between homosexuality and pedophilia which ended with an audience member throwing a microphone at his head and knocking him out
Source please




It never happened so a source will be hard to find


File: 1664316201427.jpg (54.47 KB, 1024x768, 1613355974374.jpg)

How have Jay and Mike aged 20 years in 7?


40 will do that to ya


False it did happen and there is video. I’m it sure if it’s still on YouTube so I’ll go look for it later.


Man I really wonder why Vietnam would do such a thing…



This might be the video but it's been private'd. I remember there were multiple videos of him getting into fights at what I think is the same stage in Boston, but I'm looking for one I distinctly remember where he was conk'ed with a PERFECT mic throw from across the house and dropping like a sack of potatoes.

He used to be a regular at this open mic but a lot the videos are now set to private. His material was all the same shit: he goes up there and triggers the SJWs by doing the Bobby Hill set basically.


First she rightly hated liberals. Then she started going after "the left", which was really an excuse to flirt with rightoids but could be excused by saying that most left wingers in the west are liberals. Now she's outright attacking the miniscule group of westerners who are anti imperialists. The next step is full on larouchism


I've seen this video. The woman slaps him on the arm or something but gets pulled back. it's not as epic as you think. hyde is a child rapist tho


why do people like to cozy up with the right so much? They all look like unironic soyjaks.


You have no idea how much money there is in catering to right wing retards. It's insane.


There is definitely another one where he gets hit with a flying object. He didn't brag about it because he got crumpled.

Whenever he's in person he always physically intimidates everyone and dares them to hit him, so there are multiple incidents like that from Gamergate era. That was the time when his rightoid fans were always referring to him as a brilliant satirist that "doesn't wink at the audience" when he would go on stage and do groundbreaking sets like read FBI crime statistics for 15 minutes (no jokes), then they'd go online crying about how censorious and mean the SJWs were for unplugging his mic and getting him bounced.


File: 1664322365941.jpg (13.14 KB, 200x200, George.jpg)

>The fash lady spouting white supremacist dog whistles
>Dore: nah she's fighting against capitalism guys
>80 percent of the video is Dore reading off twitter
>covid passports is more like fascism
I rarely ever listen to Dore, but holy shit this guy is an idiot.


glad i stopped listening to him after he started going nuts during covid.


File: 1664322882642.jpg (265.26 KB, 1654x1080, Adobe_20220927_151439.jpg)

Back to work, mechatankie! those Frappuccinos don't make themselves!


100% gem


Starbucks is the modern malt shop, which is very American. The barista is the modern soda jerk. He mixes the 7X special coke formula with soda water, thereby producing one of the most valuable commodities of the 20th century: coca cola.


File: 1664325278578.jpg (125.26 KB, 432x502, sameera3.jpg)

They're just at war with the person they were yesterday. First thing to consider is that most of these people were liberals or in the broad left-of-center. Sameera Khan was out there protesting with Ben & Jerry for voting rights and then she became a Bernie supporter. I support that kind of thing but now they'd consider the same people (who they were six months ago) to be insane fascists to must be destroyed by #MAGACOMMUNISM

Which is incoherent in that it lacks any sort of internal logic when placed in the context of where they came from. Being at war with the person you were yesterday only makes sense if you are ruthlessly committed to dialectics, while these types tend to be quite undialectical.



File: 1664326982561.jpg (86 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Sanders betraying his base created monsters.


File: 1664326999756.jpg (17.34 KB, 500x375, kek.jpg)



I do find it curious how generally speaking mainstream ecelebs tend to be rather right leaning but it seems that apparently zoomers are not so. That is the reason why I assumed that zoomers are more right-wing than millenials because they love Pewdiepie, SsethTzenetch and shit and they seem to be pretty hard-right wing from what I can get but apparently this is not the case? IDK what is going on


people with money tend to lean right


File: 1664329996959.png (592.43 KB, 1170x1635, ClipboardImage.png)

Not since the founding of the 4th Internationale has communism seen such a dire split


leftypol has a robust community because we've had so many purges throughout the years.


Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?


>Sanders betraying his base
pretend I'm a 14 year old: what happened?


Not enough I say, we need a true レッドパージ if we're to achieve the long-term dream of a PPH doubling policy.


he endorsed hillary


File: 1664332003579-0.png (227.81 KB, 535x519, 556084590604596.png)

File: 1664332003579-1.png (76.24 KB, 543x598, 05348509834905345.png)

Hell yeah brother, let's get Trump back in there because FUCK CUBA and by the way look at this "you think your job is hard" video of this imperial stormtrooper grimacing at a coffee barista (although the soldier doesn't seem to be working very hard, he probably just has to stand in a guard post for 12 hours every day from what I've heard from my friends who were in the Army).

But I think it's funny how they call themselves the authentic Mecha-Tankies with the urge to purge, but their idea of purge is going "k thx bye now" on Twitter.


Dropping out when COVID hit was way worse, especially when healthcare was such a big part of the platform


File: 1664333625192.jpg (905.1 KB, 498x331, wrinkles.jpg)

damn I thought that was a serious post for a second


Tumblr has lifted the porn ban.
Will coomerCHADs resurrect the site or is it too late now?


i hope it comes back
it's high time we admitted tumblr was funnier than 4chan ever was.



Cuba has gays now. Cuba is cancelled. Trump is my best friend.

fucking eternally online morons


tumblr was never funny, but i do miss when 4chan's boogeyman was tumblr and not /leftypol/.


>We have already completely cut ties with the left after dariya dugina’s death
Can’t believe infracels (and our Ziggers) are still crying over her lmfaooo


File: 1664338553463.png (794.79 KB, 816x639, ClipboardImage.png)

He was a fan until he became a hater.
I have not expected anything from this thread and even then I'm dissapointed

I have tilled the sea and sown the wind and then the US and the brits feast on the corpse for 200 years


don't worry, it's reddit. we're only rent free in the heads of /pol/tards and a few select others.


Real heads remember when the boogeyman were 9gag and Gaia Online


File: 1664344877044.png (1.54 MB, 795x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

what does this tell us about the south/north divide?



Ra ra Rasputin[a]
Russia's greatest love machine
It was a shame how [s]he carried on


>Not since the founding of the 4th Internationale has communism seen such a dire split
But anon, You must understand, At least SEP and the WoosWoos actually leave their house sometimes!


China will balance the force


There is a strong correlation on this map between Catholicism and the likelihood of joining the Rebel faction.

Most of South America and most Catholic-majority countries in Europe do not join the Empire faction.


Thanks for proving that this thread has now gotten dumber than that of /siberia/


Hinduism too, something something Maryology something something pagan


My correlation post was not intended to prove anything. It is merely is one of many joke responses to a viral meme map circulating the internet. This is /isg/, not serious statistical analysis general.


>maintaining a personal relationship with God/the force

checks out


Yo did the #spankgate end Caleb Maupins entire career? I just realized I have not seen him anywhere for quite a long time


He is currently busy formulating a new public persona for himself after his old one of being a religious moralist turned out to be a farce.


He responds to all of the comments he gets on his last youtube video upload. He is coming back, just trying to figure out what angle to take.


Isn't that just him creating sock puppet accounts and talking to himself lmao


Some of them definitely were and he deleted them later.


When we get real magacommunism we will take back the power over coffee brewing from the barristariat


So just…give everyone a free drip / capsule coffee machine?



You morons used to worship all sorts of retarded shit, before it turned out to be bunk. Honestly this place is just as gullible /pol/, you clowns just known how to masquerade better.
And don't tell me contrapoints, maupin, cockshot, etc are hated NOW. The fucking groundswell at the start is more than enough to be embarrassed about.

Mods are complicit by the way, fuck every single one of you loathsome cunts.


File: 1664361790416.jpg (240.44 KB, 848x1200, Alastor31.jpg)

I'm just gonna say it.
Principles of Communism is better then the manifesto as a TL;DR


>Putting Cockshott in the same category as Contrapoints and Maupin
You're deranged.


Just as I predicted, homophobia and transphobia are the major cleavage points that will break infrared


no lies detected


That is true. Too much historical context you need to understand in the manifesto.


This might go even further. Since they have already disavowed modern AES states like Vietnam and Cuba, they might demand that members disavow past AES states next. The GDR will soon be on the chopping block, because of its progressive LGBT laws. Biologists in the GDR also widely rejected Lysenkoism.


Another banger, Mr. Folding.
Doc about "passive income" scams online.


I don’t think it will go further. The reason I called it a cleavage point is because half or more of infrared are queers of some kind. Has knows this but he also knows a little less than half his followers are transphobic lunatics so he toes a careful line between the two camps. I think haz will try to rein these people in.
Please don’t accuse me of caping for Haz. I’m only offering a guess as to how he’ll manage his cult following


I thought most people who visit his streams sees him as a lolcow


He gets less than a 1000 views on his stream. I’d estimate his fbi.gov and telegram together probably amount to 300 or so very mentally ill adolescents. Let’s say 200 are queer and 25 are homophobic, rest don’t have strong opinions. They probably watch every stream. Rest are probably a mix of people associated with the Twitter clique who tune in occasionally and then people who watch him as a lolcow


Man goes to doctor. Says he's depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says, 'Treatment is simple. Great clown Jordan Peterson is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up.' Man bursts into tears. Says, 'But doctor…I am Jordan Peterson.'


What do you think will happen to MAGAcommunists when theyll learn that china have very good pro-trans policies? They still suck China's cock but its only a question of time now.



Many maga communists are trans


considering they are the bourgeoisie of whatever country they fled, the word "bourgeoisie" applies


I do wonder if the ones who push homophobic shit are feds. There was that twitter that was hosted by some mass meme posting op or some shit earlier here


Make trans communists great again


Who is the artist. I looked up the name on the side and all I got was weird fetish art.


It’s such a poorly run webshite



Blackpilled again.


Probably because it was intended as such, while the manifesto was written in a specific context for a specific purpose.
Not that it matters, because nothing either of them wrote is as concise as Theses on Feuerbach.



>Patsocs supporting Bolsonaro just because he doesn't like Biden and has been approaching Putin recently
Bolsonaro was literally selling Brazil to the US before Trump lost the US elections.
What justification does someone who claim to be a "patriotic socialist" will have to be supporting someone like him ?!?


patriotic for america, not for brazil.
even if that twitter user is brazillian, the patsoc tribe is, like most of the internet, america-centric. thus to fit in, the best route will be to superficially play up your brazillian-ness while bending to America's will at all possible turns. it's fitting that Brazil has so many Japanese, because the playbook is straight out of the Japanese right: Banzai! Banzai! Ban-!-Oh, Bush-san… yes, of course, right-away…


They are literally supporting every ultra-rightist in Latin America that is cucked to the US, in Brazil, in Chile, in Columbia and they even support that Bitcoin guy in El Salvador. They denounced Cuba because of gay marriage.

At some point they will drop support for China as well and will just remain supporters of Russia and Iran, nothing more. I mean, Hinkle is already on Jimmy Dore where Kurt Metzger shits on China and says nothing.




After repeated demands by people who hate bad comedy, incoherent essays, and especially incoherent essays seasoned with with bad comedy, I have agreed to put on a tripcode so as to enable my posts to be filtered more easily.


it has been 1 month since Caleb uploaded anything to his channel


The funny thing about the Communist Manifesto is that once the 1848 revolutions started breaking out, the Communist League immediately dumped using the Manifesto for agitation and used the single-page Demands of the Communist Party in Germany instead. The Manifesto barely made any impact when it was originally published. It was only "rediscovered" in the late 1870s because Wilhelm Liebknecht stanned it hard in speeches and eventually got it reprinted.



it's another episode of reading the firefox bug page for a removed feature.
give me 15 minutes of absolute power over these people and i will make the killing fields look like the garden of eden. i will tower above their, bloodied, mangled, soon-to-be corpses in my red red army uniform. they will try to call out - not for medical attention but for the final coup de grace - only to find they can do no more than gargle on their own viscera. i will look them in the eyes laughing and say: "Status: VERIFIED WONTFIX"


>In future armies shall at the same time be workers’ armies so that the armed forces will not only consume, as in the past, but produce even more than it costs to maintain them.

was marx retarded

> The mortgages on peasant farms shall be declared state property. The interest for these mortgages shall be paid by the peasants to the state.

>In the areas where leasing has developed the ground rent or lease payment shall be paid to the state as a tax.
>All private banks will be replaced by a state bank whose bonds will have the character of legal tender.

literally state capitalism

>Complete separation of church and state

> Universal free education of the people.
> Introduction of strongly progressive taxes and abolition of taxes on consumption.

lib shit. no wonder they got stomped in '48. i'm surprised to read such a vulgar marxist take coming from marx tbh



File: 1664430174657.jpg (166.09 KB, 927x1280, waters mao.jpg)


Waters is a based boomer but it's high time he died. His recent "open letter to Putin" was cringe as fuck. Don't want his reputation tarnished further.


that student's name? albert einstein


>does one cringe thing compared to the many based things he does
<deserves to die
people will always make mistakes, anyway, your probably more cringe than he is


PJW being an actual human being that has experienced stuff. Nothing to see.


>@prison planet
With tweets are retarded as this, it sometimes does feel like being imprisoned with retards on this planet.


File: 1664443103200.png (191.26 KB, 253x300, 1451067005150.png)



Lmao what is this?


That's garbage, Einstein had lots of troubles with mathematics to the point he had to seek help for his equations


bottom right says NATGEO
probably some shitty block for a documentary about eisenstein


I don't write letters to world leaders thinking I deserve an answer. Rockstardom ruins ppls brains


File: 1664461778532.jpg (70.58 KB, 531x604, 1628165075216.jpg)

>Waters is a based boomer but it's high time he died.


File: 1664461910046.png (165.54 KB, 1192x604, ClipboardImage.png)

well it was nice to know you


Waters should live forever. He is a rare case of a huge cultural icon who is very publicly being based. Most of the "did you know these famous people were socialists?" were not that vocal or had their opinions carefully hidden from the public. Waters continues appearing on mainstream media to spit facts and I hope he lives longer than Queen Lizard.



File: 1664463481872.png (49.13 KB, 600x358, ClipboardImage.png)

fake tweet


why would someone make a fake dril tweet lol

what a nerd


File: 1664466466119.webm (399.11 KB, 480x360, Lies on the Internet.webm)

>why would someone make a fake dril tweet lol
because they have an idea for a joke and know that attaching dril to it would get more attention


>Roger Waters
>lives forever
>the longer he lives the cringier he becomes
>1000 years later
>he is the cringiest man in world history
>he is cringeness is so dense that it tears up the fabric of space and time and creates a cringe hole that swallows up the universe
all in all you were all just cringe in the wall


File: 1664467503024.png (213.47 KB, 1080x424, ClipboardImage.png)

Um sisters


Just read Breadtube Serves Imperialism by The Spanky Tanky instead of wasting everybodies time with this shit



>Just read Breadtube Serves Imperialism by The Spanky Tanky
No I don't think I will buddy


it's actually funny tho

it's a small sized book with extra large fonts with the reasoning capacity of a 14 years old


The central thesis isn't wrong though.


sure, but he ends up hurting his own cause by being retarded

Agent Kochinski & co. all had a field day reviewing this shit.


He also gives money to good causes :)


Toob aint beating the raping contrapoint allegations


I thought we had agreed to collectively forget about these two.


File: 1664471283684.jpg (31.96 KB, 561x499, 6f7035.jpg)

One whole day without anyone mentioning Haz or patsocs. Weird.


Jordan Peterson asked about comments referring to him as a "hero of the incel community", in response he breaks down in tears.


Benzos addiction is a bitch. Should've cleaned his room properly.


There haven't really been any new online chimpouts since the miscarriage that was magagommunizm.


Why is this fucker always crying? Isn't he supposed to be like a manly figure to rightists?


>Why is this fucker always crying?
Benzodiazepines addiction.


rightoids then turn it around by saying he's brave for openly crying, because the 'wokes' have made masculinity so you can't cry in public anymore





they should start calling him the crying professor or something like that
i mean i don't think men crying makes them weak but this guy has been filmed on camera and tv many times bawling his eyes out because of frozen and similar banal shit


he's never stepped out of his neighbourhood


File: 1664481979917.mp4 (35.28 MB, 1280x720, Incel King.mp4)

found it




>pure bloods
has ben finally adopted nazism


>*voice shaking* I thought the marginalized are supposed to have a voice…
lmao i feel like a turd for laughing at him breaking down on tv
and with piers fucking morgan, this is brilliant


more like harry potter-ism


What is with that unsettling pause right before he nearly breaks down in tears?
OK, does Peterson seem manic to anyone else who understands psychology or is it just me?


Dude is choked by rage and it comes out as crying. The man is pure seethe.


He's a recovering? drug addict.


His brain is fucked up from drugs and hardcore reactionism, he is legitimately a broken man. I think we can all get some entertainment from that. Oh yeah and his daughter having a baby with some guy who says he is possessed by satan lmao.


Why do people take the advice of such a wreckage of a person rofl


Because he blames male youth for degeneracy. The only way to be considered a serious adult is to mindlessly accuse the male youth of dege eracy. Always excuse the male elders' vices.

As long as you kiss up to men over forty and kick down men under forty, you're good to go.


File: 1664499636966.png (138.93 KB, 480x270, ClipboardImage.png)

Congressman Matt Gaetz draws only six viewers to his inaugural Twitch stream, all of which were Hasan fans trolling him with penis ASCII


>he is legitimately a broken man. I think we can all get some entertainment from that
a sublime line


They really fucked up him up in that Siberian mental ward.


new boy boy dropped


Never heard of these guys, they're commies?
>that flag




>furries beat back the strongest military in the world


>Nah I think that they are growing rather rapidly across the globe including the US. Just look at the shit that's going on in Texas with the protect our kids from the gays shit

They've always been like that as far as I can remember. Just go back to some Bush-era Republican talking points if you don't believe me.




I wouldn't say their commies but they're definitely sympathetic, they have another channel called "I did a thing" which has 3.42 Mil subs


File: 1664501613926.png (175.94 KB, 411x327, ClipboardImage.png)



Because he is sympathetic to them. Most of the people who like him are in a deeply warped head space because they are profoundly alienated and alone. Sympathy goes a long way with these people and would go a long way if someone less insane gave the same people consideration.


File: 1664504883402.png (361.53 KB, 624x582, FR9QDFiVIAA7ZFF.png)

every time I go back to see what Jimmy Dore is doing I get more and more depressed


It's fairly common for people to recoil to sympathy when they're angry though.


You should feel bad for not realizing what he was years ago. It’s always been obvious.


Every time I see what Dore is doing I remember all the people that called him an idiot way back in 2016 and how retards have been defending him up until now and then I just shrug.


Jimmy's show started going downhill after he started pandering exclusively to the Facebook boomer audience.




I stopped watching him years ago, but I remember back when I did he would often "joke" about how he'd gladly sell out but noone had made him an offer.
I'm curious, does he still make that "joke" any more?


I found his shit hard to watch even when he wasn't doing right-wing populist stuff.


I started realizing it in about 2019
good question


b-but he said mean thing about anti-imperialist daddy putin…


He didn't say mean things about him, he asked stupid shit questions the answers to which were already available to anybody. This is why he was extra cringe. He demanded Putin do his homework for him.


is grayzone on the right-wing grift scene? there's a 20 minute video bitching about vax passports and masks, interviewing petty bourgeois "expats" who moved to an expensive resort town in nicaragua to escape "authoritarianism", talking about how they didn't vax their kids because of risk for autism.


As a zoomer I am used to only hear about first world trotskyists and maostis turning into right wingers in the past. It is sort of weird that now I get to see multiple instances of this occurring in real time with MLs and anti-imperialists.


The covid shit was a terrible development in surveillance, domination, and biopower for the state. No communist should cheer on as we were flooded with a disease, forced to vaccinate, and further measures taken to exclude us from society should we refuse to trust their "experts" whom have been proven time and time again to be governmet and or corporate stooges. I'm mot arguing against vaccines. I am telling you that they don't have our interests in their mind and any good they did (free vaccines for everyone) was overshadowed by way worse things (lay offs, letting the disease go rampant, no healthcare benefits for the permanently affected, the list goes on and on). These schizos might be retarded, but don't cheer for draconian control of our bodies by capitalist interests.

That said, GZ is defintely on a grift. They've kinda always been. They have no choice but to ride sensationalism to remain relevant. They are still one of the few reliable journalists on the west. Don't be eager to throw them under the bus for a minor disagreement.


Yes, they are down the antivax schizo vortex. That's why Ben Norton left. Abandon ship and watch/read Multipolarista instead.


File: 1664522405530.png (23.71 KB, 419x76, ClipboardImage.png)

it's just kind of surprising because all the criticism is coming framed in a very right-wing, individualistic manner. the state is impeding my freedom which is the only concern. the fact that these people all own yoga studios just isn't mentioned. old people aren't considered.
it would be logically consistent if we has an anarchist and just against state power that's not ben norton and all. very strange stuff and a very hysterical video. hell, there's not even any discussion of the economics of the pharma industry that help force the consensus. just vax gave my kid leukemia.
>The covid shit was a terrible development in surveillance, domination, and biopower for the state.
i agree with this but i think all recent developments are terrible.


>That's why Ben Norton left
oh, had no idea that happened.


Maybe next time they will wear fursuits while doing it. I imagine this will cause some severe ptsds


Yes, in LatAm mass vaccination campaigns are considered to be a form of social program and the anti-vax sentiment quickly became a huge hotbed for right-wing Schizos. Ben was confronted with this personally in Nicaragua and thus couldn't support what GZ has been putting out. He did some podcast stuff in the meantime and now does Multipolarista. Check out the YouTube channel, especially the playlist of the Empire and Deep State series with historian and author Aaron Good. Amazing shit.



New compass just dropped.


love and tolerate son


>Don't be eager to throw them under the bus for a minor disagreement.
<minor disagreement

anon millions of people died


Because of what the GZ said? Is the GZ really in agreement with the horrid shit that the US government did? Minor disagreements brah.


File: 1664535221971.png (1.36 MB, 767x839, talibanfurryparty.png)

well then


get the one that can actually do faces


Furfags are heretics, scalie is the only true path into paradise


Waiting for the putin speech.





Suprised no one discussing that IranContraPoints met with and was endorsed Hitlery Clinton. Like legit, I know people where saying she had bad takes. But this just exposes her to be a full on neo-liberal shill. Between this and all the MSM pieces fawning over her, think she might legit have been an OP from the start.


We already talked about it like 2 weeks ago when it happened


Anybody have .pdf for Breadtube Serves Imperialism?


>labor vouchers = money
>muh uighurs
>one square just says "liberal" when the entire thing is liberal
This is painfully liberal even by polcomp standards.


You didn't watch the interview, Clinton asked her "how can we stop hate?", Contra responded "what do you even mean by that?" And the interview got cut short


File: 1664548280076.png (352.64 KB, 663x583, philosophy tube.png)

>Between this and all the MSM pieces fawning over her, think she might legit have been an OP from the start.
Not if you are aware of the early content posted on the channel. What they would do most likely is contact the people who are already somewhat successful on the platform and then make a deal with them. It saves them the work of having to build a brand first.
And we know this was done with Philosophy Tube (yeah it's grayzone schizoposting about covid but the evidence is real).


Both of them are probably socialist, but definitely that Alexa with the mustache is a communist.

Whatever they are, they're the only leftist aussies I can think of so that's good


>I know people where saying she had bad takes.
Yeah some people might say that
<ugh Marxism is soo old it doesn't speak to me as an ordinary girl uwu
coming from a millionaire youtuber is a bad take.


In her interview with Chelsea Manning she literally says that caring about class is for straight white men who don't have more serious problems. I'd link it but it looks like it was removed from youtube.


We can push Contra and Hillary left


Boy Boy and I Did a Thing are both good channels. Make sure you watch both to train the algorithm because the later is more covert and has more followers so you want to help direct traffic to Boy Boy which is more straight forward. Build up the leftist pipeline like the rightoids got on YouTube.


Maupin was right.


Jesus fuck. What a shill.


this will never get old


let's be honest a lot of these people are more agreeable than so-called communists.

i'm the most loving and tolerant person around but personally i think if they're going to make that kind of lifestyle choice they should keep it private.


File: 1664564023360.png (799.85 KB, 640x956, ClipboardImage.png)

No anarcho-NATOist?


File: 1664569694339.png (43.92 KB, 173x303, 1660299577126628.png)

can someone take the reigns of monitoring the redscarepodcast sub for me. It's becoming drivel to me at this point. I don't give a fuck if the seat of reaction rises from there anymore, I just cant' stand looking at it. I took a break from it for a week came back and then wanted to leave. It's not worth my life. It's drek but millenials love it so I still feel the need to read it but not much anymore. The blackpills are starting to hit me hard and I just left it after reading 10 minutes of it. It's so boring. I hate it.





Go outside


>>1200013 (me)





Imagine getting this triggered by a fn subreddit, turn your PC off and stop being an NPC(USER WAS BANNED FOR POSTING ANTI-CRIPPLE IDPOL)


Does this mean you going to stop obsessively posting about your gay burgoid subreddit?


I like the one with The Readon by Hoobastank more


a video with a fundamentally reactionary orientation composed by someone who thinks they're above the discourse machine while playing directly into it. most of all by reiterating that strength as virtue is a fascist gang sign, and non-fascists who wave it are the leftypol version of patsocs.


Is this the og socdem anon or has a new schizo joined the thread?


>strength as a virtue is a fascist gang sign


No he’s MI6.
Notice how Feds, Redditors and Angloids sound the same?


He got a trio after people asked him for one to filter him


While there are some obvious ideological problems on display here, this video is fundamentally about laughing at disabled people for their disability, which makes you a fascist in your heart.


>harry potter-ism
So fascism?


Sympathy for the disabled is an Angloid concept(USER WAS BANNED FOR ANGLOID MALTHUSIANISM)


File: 1664571827624.jpg (92.14 KB, 680x989, baitzerk.jpg)

bait is too obvious


i don't want to say "it just is", but i'd wind up circling around to how signs have no inherent meaning stripped of context - glibly: it's not fascism when the soviet Olympic team make a virtue of strength, but it it's suspicious when imageboard virgins do it, and particularly when they do it by laughing at weak weirdos.
structurally, it's probably because the (supposed) humor of the video is based around using mockery and scorn to enforce social norms that the viewer themselves (a pasty white internet nerd of limited upper body strength despite exercising their right arm 6 times per day) fails to conform to, but nevertheless gets to feel superior to those in the video itself.

(we could go off on a tangent as to whether it's "really" fascist in the same way Hitler was, or just white boys with daddy issues being edgy, but it wouldn't be a productive exercise)

mi5 actually, i'm here in case leninhat tries anything.


>way worse things (letting the disease go rampant)
>don't cheer for draconian control of our bodies by capitalist interests
doesn't not letting the disease go rampant mean draconian control of bodies (quarantines) by capitalist interests (governments captured by capitalists)


Countries be like: Easiest inmigration obstained in my life


>>1200100 (me)
>With more than 300 Paraguayan employees, El Paraíso Verde already supports hundreds of families who can live on a regular wage above the minimum wage. The region of Caazapa, the city of Caazapa has made huge profits from El Paraiso Verde, the locals can build houses, buy motorcycles, they do not have to starve. The local retirement home receives periodic donations from Germans living in El Paraíso Verde and in the near future Caazapa will cease to be the poorest region of Paraguay.
The benefits of inmigration of people with capital


#SOScuba Retweet if you live in Langley, Virginia


more luke #suscuba


File: 1664583123104.jpg (262.92 KB, 976x1024, 1112.jpg)

<Napoleon lll
>Coups the legislature because they we're attempting to restrict the universal [male] suffrage.
>Furious seething.
y doe?


I hear MAGA Communism is sweeping America.


File: 1664583947101.png (1.05 MB, 957x759, ClipboardImage.png)

>more luke #suscuba
moar like sublula, amirite?


Frens identified one in our group who tried to infiltrate, we even have the receipts from frens within Infrared itself, but we haven't purged him yet and we don't really want to even though we could, because we believe in the power of frenship and actually he's a nice guy as an individual and I like him a bit and it'd be a shame if we had to do it.

But we're not stupid. Like I feel they've internalized some right-wing propaganda about us, or how we think about the working class, and then repeat it but in a way that's like "hello fellow communists… so we *know* the working class are a bunch of hicks… so that's why…" but that just doesn't work. That could be corrected but deceptive factional behavior is a more serious matter. That just doesn't fly no matter who is doing it. But one thing I learned is that the Infrared thing, for all its assertiveness on social media, is not actually assertive, which is why it can't actually win. But on the other hand, it's important to develop a stronger political response that also builds unity among frens as a way to counter it. Then you see how Infracels treat each other. They don't really treat each other like frens but as instrumental in some kinda way and they'll cancel each other for whatever reason. I believe in the power of being better than that.


File: 1664586275087.mp4 (12.14 MB, 426x240, american communists.mp4)

I wonder if it would be enough to kickstart the dead American left, the damage may be too much by now though.


Workers of the world, Unite!*
*Except Depressed people, people with sensitive ears, people who can't use a gun, suicidal people, literal children, convicted felons, the mentally ill, people legally banned from owning firearms, or teenagers. You can all go fuck yourselves. Communism isn't for you.


>hey don't really treat each other like fren
Comrades should not be a synonym for friend and politics shouldn't be your social club.
Leftoids stop making the same mistakes their parents made and their grandparents made challenge: Impossible!


File: 1664591686559.jpg (21.36 KB, 213x463, Jordan Peterson.jpg)

Jordan Peterson: It is ok to attack trans people and say the N word because the N word is legal.

I care about and protect people.



Hes becoming funniers and sillyer imo


File: 1664595261149.jpeg (647.43 KB, 828x1628, 14a44664593526112.jpeg)



Another banger, Dr. Peterson!


did you read the comments?


no one in the comments has a profile picture, lol


>In 1777, Wang Xihou, in his dictionary, criticized the Kangxi dictionary and wrote the Qianlong Emperor's name without leaving out any stroke as required. This disrespect resulted in his and his family's executions and confiscation of their property
damn, chinese linguistic prescriptivists were hardcore.

>tfw you'll never destroy an entire family line for saying 'they' is exclusively plural


revleft just did a whole episode on the pazis/"maga communism" very depressing hearing hazs name mentioned by people who aren't shitposters here


Rafiq is Haz


This is bikeshedding, variant tardshitting: You want to talk a lot and be right about it, so it's attractive to pick something you can easily figure out is stupid. A common result is accurate but low-utility podcasting ("No, the earth is not hollow, part 23793…").


I haven't listened to the episode yet, but I assume the reason revleft is talking about this, has a lot to do with Hinkles appearance in the rightwing media circus. It makes sense to preemptively present a counter narrative before this gains any further traction on the wider left. You are right to point out that maga communism is the political equivalent to earth is x shape theories, but unlike those schizos magacoms get to regularly appear on TV now.


Is that Steven Crowder playing dress up again?


>every time I go back to see what Jimmy Dore is doing I get more and more depressed

Seriously, what specifically about what he is doing is making you more and more depressed?

He is pumping out great anti imperialist discussion to boomers. They won't get that anwhere else in their lives. That outweighs any other shit that's on his streams imo.

The other replies to your post are all procedurally generated.


Red scare is a right wing podcast and has been for some years. If you read the sub it will be right wing. Why the fuck would you care, bruh fucking ben shapiro has one of the 10 largest podcasts in the world. Guess what if you check his fan sub it will be right wing. Right wing podcasts exist and their fans are retarded get over it.


>Check out the YouTube channel, especially the playlist of the Empire and Deep State series with historian and author Aaron Good. Amazing shit.

What he's doing with Aaron Good is the post ww2 education you need to understand the world.


The bot is becoming more advanced by the day. Now it is accusing other anons of being bots, in an attempt to divert attention away from itself. This is it humanitybros, we got too cocky. The end of our species is near and the age of the machine is dawning at the horizon.


This is definitely Max's flavor as editor of GZ; Ben Norton is no longer with them and Aaron Mate is not an anti-vax tard (but decided to stick with GZ for now at least).

It is most certainly an area where Max has found more common ground with the staunchly anti-war/anti-imperialist libertarians in America (Scott Horton being among the most obvious examples to use here). So insofar as it being a tirade against the state harnessing power, it totally fits Max's profile imo.

Him being friends with Jimmy Dore and Jimmy's similar trajectory regarding covid vaccines/lockdowns are noteworthy too - the engagement they're both receiving on their published content is surely at an all time high


>shoplifts for the cause. That’s it
Still more useful praxis than 99% of leftists orgs out there


Wasn’t there also a split between Norton and Blumenthal on the Canadian trucker protests. They both had very different opinions.


“Anti-imperialism“ without class consciousness leads you to becoming a retard Zigga at best and a libertarian schizo at worst


humans were not meant to simulate friends
wanted to do so anyway for a laugh? it's called ANIMAL CROSSING
years of inane chatter and yet no real world use found for going further than an ESSAY
"welcome to blowback" "i'm brendan james, and i'm noah colwin"" - statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged.

look at what podcasters have been demanding your Respect for all this time, with all the microphones and reel to reel tape players we built for them. (this is REAL podcasting done by REAL podcasters)

????? ???? ?????
"up next time it's the tacoma narrows bridge disaster"

they have played us for absolute fools.



I wonder if the right has lost the edge in a way. I remember when my town had an LGBT event and conservatives was threatening it but the restaurants who hosted that shit got a huge boost in customers. Despite 4chan whining about how edgy they are, and all the right-wing pods and shit, they have all just became dull negative nancies who bitch and moan about everything. They turned into male Karens and the right is generally incapable of actually being edgy because they are backed by cato, peter thiel and shit. People can kind of smell that shit too. Elon Musk wants people to be breeding more workers for him and that is why he is also anti-homo despite not saying it out loud. I mean he was on a con event too.


Is this the redscare schizo?
I will immediately ignore any post with an anime girl attached to it from now on.


yes but i stopped checking on them


>Elon Musk wants people to be breeding more workers for him and that is why he is also anti-homo despite not saying it out loud.
lol no buddy, https://finance.yahoo.com/news/elon-musk-flaunts-tesla-perfect-080658210.html
He is about as anti trans as your average normie tho


File: 1664648112431.jpg (756.1 KB, 1284x1288, 1664647333952141.jpg)

my next gf


Life advice from a billionaire black schizo


Use a tripcode so we can filter your posts


what a disgusting human being


I've seen her butthole


>stop worrying about your rent and bills
>slavery is a choice
>just think the bad away
>follow me
<stop following other people
>my music will set you free
>I found God
>God is personally managing my life
>Albert Einstein, the smartest person in the World
>we need to stop teaching history and teach the future instead
>dat pretentious background music
grade-A moron

me too
please stop looking at my future gf's poopy hole



>we need to stop teaching history and teach the future instead
unironically a banger of a line
not a particularly meaningful one, naturally.


Millionaire sets a work of art worth $10 million dollars on fire in a martini glass as a mariachi band bursts into song, posts video of it to YouTube, plans to "transition" the painting into 10,000 NFTs in the "metaverse".


That shit's still going on? Thought it was over with by now.


File: 1664657570338.png (3.32 MB, 1776x1872, ClipboardImage.png)

The Disco Elysium core devs (the main writers and artists) got kicked out of the game company and are not involved with the sequel anymore.



They should make a coop like the Crisis in the Kremlin guys.


rip… was hoping the sequel would be cool, oh well they managed to make something dank and that can never be taken away


Winning a girl a stuffed animal feels so good. Yeah babe I'm such a provider.






File: 1664660459205.png (344.29 KB, 637x646, thanks bezos.png)

Surely these things are unrelated


Bleak shit anons, bleak shit


at least we have an explanation for how that happened now.

Well… they got the funding to make the game in the first place, that's something isn't it?


File: 1664665953767.jpg (634.58 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_4773.jpg)

>I wonder if the right has lost the edge in a way. I remember when my town had an LGBT event and conservatives was threatening it but the restaurants who hosted that shit got a huge boost in customers.
Yeah and that's what those restaurants with thin operating margins care about more than anything else. The drag brunches that the right is in a tizzle about is a pretty clever way to bring in business on Sundays every week from 11 a.m. to 2. I don't believe the right-wing culture warriors can win against this (what does "winning" even mean?) because the actual clientele that shows up to these things are not some marginal group of outsiders who can be simply isolated from the mainstream. Nowadays, it is the mainstream, and the people in this picture are hardly some big threat.

>They turned into male Karens and the right is generally incapable of actually being edgy because they are backed by cato, peter thiel and shit. People can kind of smell that shit too.

That's a contradiction because they're being male Karens about Sunday vaudeville shows but a lot of 4chan does not trust Peter Thiel at all, and they shouldn't because he's a creep and everybody knows it, but they haven't yet totally woken up and realized that it has always been like this, and people like him have always been the ones lurking behind these far-right movements. We need to remind them of that, and let them know that whatever glory they think they're gonna get from this crusade will not be found here. These guys are into epic based Rome or whatever, and I kinda want there to be a communist movement that embodies some classical virtues (in a very modern sense like the "Spartacists"), but you're probably not going to get that by picking drag brunches at Troy's Bar and Restaurant lol

"Contradictions among the people" I guess


>frida kahlo
something something age of gayest reaction


>LIVE with Anunkasan - Critics of #MAGACommunism Critique Critics of #MAGACommunism - 2022/10/01
Live now


Always good to see our little guy getting some fresh air.


File: 1664679383067-0.png (121 KB, 346x244, 53458340850345.png)

File: 1664679383067-1.png (96.78 KB, 346x244, 3459083450345.png)


looks like dipshits dressing up as american revolutionaries.


It appears to be outside a Trump rally in Macomb County, Michigan.


Fuck, the sequel is dead in the water as far as I’m concerned.


Why is hakim so obsessed with trying to refute every single yt video naysaying the ussr? It makes him appear insanely assblasted.


more like insanely based


Someone needs to make this shit illegal.


I don't understand why people are so lacking in empathy nowadays. Most people are just victims of circumstance. It doesn't take that much effort to show a little compassion and not jump to hostile conclusions.
*a literal child posts some stupid anti-communist catchphrase on 4chan in a thread about fucking harvest moon or some shit*
inshallah when the revolution comes I will electrocute this motherfucker to death for his idiocy.


gotta have contrapoints against liberal talking points


True. Sometimes people are mean on the internet when they normally would not be, since the internet doesn't have the same social feedback or consequences as IRL. Also nice trip lolol


File: 1664687433147.jpg (77.89 KB, 500x500, FisherFace.jpg)



Haz needs to get a new jacket, the one he's wearing fits incredibly badly lmao.


Schizo ultra-hasidic jews.


File: 1664690120818.jpg (64.68 KB, 783x524, Crossroads.jpg)

There are two [Hakim's] in front of you.
>[…] Bey.


y-es I will certainly "monitor" this subreddit for you
<actually never goes to a niche community of anti-attractive gays and girls around a podcast designed to make your mental illnesses worse


I stumbled upon a forum for "European" culture and the older and more experienced I get the more I am convinced that (western, and honestly eastern to an extent) European culture is straight up just racism, or rather, the only parts that people view as worth celebrating are the most backwards, anti human parts of Europeam culture.

Like these people will vehemently disavow Marx, a European, GERMAN writer but somehow King Leopold killing 9 gorillion black people is really based

Barbarism. To quote a comment I saw on a Russian video on YouTube (translated, obviously)

"why we ever thought the West was civilized, I do not know


Race science is fringe as fuck. There's a reason why these people only lurk on obscure corners of the internet.


File: 1664701743861.jpg (71.16 KB, 852x639, FdvR4gWVUAAH4BD.jpg)

>people like him have always been the ones lurking behind these far-right movements. We need to remind them of that
Haz and other peoples like Logo kind of tried to do that with rightoids on twitter but it doesnt seems to have shown any success, rightoids there love Thiel. It might be because they (logo/haz) are quite silly guys overhal but i dont think you can really convince peoples that BELIEVE or more like WANT TO BELIEVE that the teacher is cuttin their sons dick at school.
Also since the main second concern of these peoples besides trans derangement is great replacement i dont see how you can convince them to leave that aside either, since this one actually happen (but not because of some jew conspiracy shit).


Have you considered suicide


File: 1664702783386.gif (1.06 MB, 480x363, giphy.gif)

>Haz and other peoples like Logo kind of tried to do that with rightoids on twitter but it doesnt seems to have shown any success
One of the core rules of organizing is that you don't spent a shitload of time trying to convince one dug-in person that you're right as you could use that same time to convince a dozen people who don't have a strong opinion instead. And one problem is that a lot of MAGA persons are the extremely dug-in persons in this scenario.

It's hard to pull off converting individual people. Even if you succeed it's a statistical blip, and there's no one weird trick to converting masses of people to socialism because the communist cat was let out of the bag once and mass mobilization politics has been strangled whenever it could be ever since, and our enemies have a lot more resources, money and manpower than we do and they control the mechanisms through which entire masses of people see the bits of the world that aren't in their own personal lives.

On the other hand, I think people do get genuinely radicalized when they experience something in their personal lives that media or something else can't obfuscate, and they can't resolve the contradiction between those two things, but I don't really know how to scale that up other than waiting for the right conditions.

Also Haz and Logo seem to think that the left is a waste of time and it's better to go after MAGA types who don't buy into anti-Russian paranoia and then insert some pro-China stuff. But actually I think a lot of default liberal or "leftist, Amerikkka is evil, but so is China" types can be pretty receptive to considering that China might not be evil. Like most people know what's up on some level but they need to hear it said a few times by other people first. That's not organizing in any real sense, but there's also a reason why the DEEP STATE is trying to squash alternative forms of media.



My god, the guy is a performance artist. wtf.

>literally the same hair as the transplant meme guy.

>black tshirt and black suit ensemble.
>suit jacket at corset level tightness around the waist.
>maga communism.

I'm slightly schizo at this moment because I'm listening to another teal colored op, A Special Place In Hell, where black influencers bemoan how hard it is for them to get paid in the "black anti woke ex muslim space" compared to white influencers. They just come out and say it.

This is it. Attention whores farming clout screaming "Notice meee" at billionaires.

It's all teal.


>“Anti-imperialism“ without class consciousness leads you to becoming a retard Zigga at best and a libertarian schizo at worst

The fact that he his pushing out constant anti-imperialist concepts to people who these concepts were kept from since…….probably Stone's Salvador in the 80s, outweighs anything else imo.

People that will listen to Dore will not be exposed to these concepts anywhere else in their life. This is crucial.

He is constantly advocating against his interests and for medicare for all.

I'm in a place where people get the darkest, most disgusting media pushed to them, everywhere. In a line at the store, in a government office, everywhere. Even Dore would be a massive improvement to what they normally get.


We need some brain stuff in here so here's my summary of the cockshott thread.

>(Something is popular not)….because of the leanings of the broader audience, but the people more upstream who scan the content before they decide what they want to give publicity and how much.


what is that A Special Place In Hell thing? link?


Lefties always give libs the benefit of the doubt, but they shouldn't. Race science is how liberal thought leaders view the world. Remember you are not allowed to do class analysis, so formulations like "the French" or "France" by libs are often not short-hand references to smaller specific groups like the top people in the French government, but really mean it as a racial concept. Sanctions against Russia are "justified" because they are supposed to target the broad population who are currently classified as an evil race.

>One of the core rules of organizing is that you don't spent a shitload of time trying to convince one dug-in person that you're right as you could use that same time to convince a dozen people who don't have a strong opinion instead.
>But actually I think a lot of default liberal or "leftist, Amerikkka is evil, but so is China" types can be pretty receptive…
I suspect people who consider themselves non-political are easier to convince of a radical position than people who have already thought a lot about politics and consider it a part of their identity and have this "progressive" mish-mash in their heads. But I also suspect that a convert from the non-political group is more likely to be introvert and not do as much.

In every country, the people who are not members of a party are more than the people in all parties combined. The non-voters may not be a bigger block than all voters together, but they are usually a bigger block than the biggest block behind a specific party. It makes sense to go after them, especially if your project is not a compromise between establishment parties.


>Leftists always give libs the benefit of the doubt
My brother-in-law is a hardcore lib (he soyfaced when we saw Nancy Pelosi during a tour of the Capitol) and he loves to do the moderate capitulation because he's a "Texas democrat" but he enthusiastically loves it when I do a Marxist hot take about whatever topic du jour that comes up during a family reunion. Meanwhile my conservative family members might agree with a leftist analysis of the Ukraine war or Syria it whatever but will explicitly reframe their opinions on the context of solidifying a Liberal world order. Libs are terrible but at least they have leverageable sympathies to the proletariat.


File: 1664719597548.jpg (26.97 KB, 400x400, haz.jpg)

The undefeated.


File: 1664734680937-1.jpeg (177.26 KB, 1079x1079, exhibit01.jpeg)

File: 1664734680937-2.jpeg (95.73 KB, 1073x888, exhibit02.jpeg)

Follow up. So apparently, Haz is wearing a woman's blazer. Interpret this as you will. I present the evidence to you all here.


proud of him for expressing himself freely


File: 1664735703695.png (222.69 KB, 500x290, url(30).png)

>Haz pulling a Micheal Scott


He has become a khruschevite revisionist too


only hrt can fix her


hes too big and strong he's gonna become a hon


I regret checking 4klan to see what they had to say about the Disco Elysium key makers getting fired.


What were you expecting Anon


>I regret checking 4klan
makes sense, but you'll never learn


The fact that you’re so invested in mindless bread and circuses shit like that in the first place is deeply unbecoming of you, as a socialist you should have far better discipline


All troons are ugly, but Haz would still be an exceptionally ugly troon.


File: 1664743684771.jpg (143.97 KB, 988x542, warriors.jpg)

>All troons are ugly, but Haz would still be an exceptionally ugly troon!!


Most men are pretty unfortunate looking and HRT and bad styling exacerbates the problem.


File: 1664746720611.jpg (134.74 KB, 916x1371, EKzPnODWoAEWqcM.jpg)

Sameera Khan angry that most men associate little to no makeup on women as more approachable/warm and trustworthy.


She's also mad that men are telling her in the replies she'd look better with less makeup and surgery.


Then learn to style?


I kind of agree with here, tbh it would be preferable for a woman to use a lot of makeuo. I think almost all women gain and don't lose from makeup. It will always enhance their looks. So I'd definitely prefer if a woman used as much makeup as possible, like a shitton. Ideally, I don't even know what her actual face looks like since it's coated in kilos of makeup.


Haz grew up in America, it's not surprising he has no fashion sense. Both men and women. We don't need to mention how bad the men dress. Even the women think walking around in yoga pants is an acceptable form of dress for cities. Absolute slobs.


We get it, you have a bimbofication fetish.


>>[deleted post]
deranged take


File: 1664748127155.jpeg (9.63 KB, 281x179, images-4.jpeg)

this is more the sort of aesthetic that we as orthodox marxists need to adopt to counterbalance western capitalist decadence and yoga pants


your post history is very funny


File: 1664748301379.jpg (2.66 KB, 104x125, 1660917211538.jpg)

>this is more the sort of aesthetic that we as orthodox marxists need to adopt


Male fantasies, male fantasies, is everything run by male fantasies? Up on a pedestal or down on your knees, it's all a male fantasy: that you're strong enough to take what they dish out, or else too weak to do anything about it. Even pretending you aren't catering to male fantasies is a male fantasy: pretending you're unseen, pretending you have a life of your own, that you can wash your feet and comb your hair unconscious of the ever-present watcher peering through the keyhole, peering through the keyhole in your own head, if nowhere else. You are a woman with a man inside watching a woman. You are your own voyeur.


>>[deleted post]
this is accurate tbh but pants are also inappropriate for men outside of a few manual labor jobs. In almost all cases a thawb or a toga-like outfit is superior. there's no reason for office workers to wear pants.


>>[deleted post]
Kill yourself


1. you are definitely correct that it is a woman's blazer
2. I'm curious how it is that Haz can be in law school (or at least was in law school) and not know that you don't button the bottom button


>>[deleted post]
Say the line Zigger: Russia is already socialist


glad we have you on our side poljaks
this. so much this


File: 1664748774395.jpg (408.84 KB, 1364x2048, FaYiGHHUUAAYMj3.jpg)

>>[deleted post]
stop being coombrained
(HOWEVER it is time to reject trousers and embrace hanfu)


why didn't haz interview those jewish jentlemen


such is life under patriarchy


ask me how I know a transexual wrote this


Eww that’s even worse, and why is she on the street in what I assume is a political rally in the first place?

Pants are fine for men, they’re historically an article of masculine clothing, but jeans are obviously off the table


Transhumanists, transhumanists, is everything run by transhumanists?


You do know that trousers are worn under those long skirts in hanfu, right?


i'm an empiricist. if i can't see it, it's not there.


Gay Transsexual American Jews from Brooklyn, to be precise.


(all software developers who are also Speedrunner twitch streamers and fbi.gov mods btw)


Waiting for this. Also how big will the meltdown be if this video turns out to flop. Seems like ever since he got banned from Twitch, he's become more and more demotivated on growing. Like I wasn't there for the "Golden Age" of Haz, instead watching him as of recent for the lols, but hes always low energy compared to clips I've seen from Twitch


sometimes they're from seattle (or portland, seattle's oakland) tbf


Just remember this series of ass pain and stop posting this literal who.


>I think almost all women gain and don't lose from makeup.
It's a commodity that you have to keep using every day.


alright, status support on the peter thiel matrix? I haven't checked up on them


File: 1664757010649-0.jfif (488.46 KB, 1439x2253, FeGrRkIVIAELOzF.jfif)

Someone should tell Peter that his VC partner who is blowing a Senate race in Arizona is blowing his money on a Dallas Cowboys game right now with a Christian wannabe Jesus pop singer and star of a documentary called "Superspreader."


who gives a fuck


Y'know, in a way, that anon was right. Women shouldn't wear pants, because NOBODY should be wearing pants. You see, the word "pants" is technically short for "pantaloons", which are not only impractical but nobody wears them these days anyways, so not shit women shouldn't wear them. If he wanted to be accurate, he would have come out against women wearing "slacks", "trousers", or perhaps even "britches"


File: 1664758056530-0.jfif (44.77 KB, 780x808, FeE4PbaacAIHwFh.jfif)

File: 1664758056530-1.jfif (192.63 KB, 1071x1881, FeE4PIYaMAET_Xi.jfif)


quick question: are you a pedophile?


the fact that haz (current or former law student) is crossdressing in a girlboss suit is so funny. also, why was he wearing a suit at all? why did he button the second button?


Nope, sorry to say but I have no connection with the Biden, Trump, or Clinton crime families or pedophilia networks or anything similar. I am in no relationship, I am neither single or taken, I am a gamer and I am posting in hell



Could transition have saved her, /isg/?


"protect and survive" once cautioned that there was nothing to be gained by going outside.
in our current society we can truncate this statement further: there is nothing to be gained.



> the fact

>buttons on the right side
>24:35 showing men’s size 38R



She doesnt even look human.


who keeps making CPUSA trend on twitter every week



A Special Place in Hell - Meghan Gets Ratioed Sarah Gets Offended

It's patreon ep I think.

There's a pirate feed for about 40 patreon pods on one the left podcasts sub stickies.

Storytime: It started on haxbear, what seemed like a blessed pod autist simply sharing the product of their autism with the community. As a pod autist, I loved it.

It was 90% left pods you've heard of, with a few strange choices.

1 year later I'm now convinced that it's a teel operation to get his dumb pod influencers into some ears. The list of pods has changed, many of the pods in the pirate feed are now funded by him, or screaming out for funding by him. The pod uploader was banned from the board where they started.

Any leftypols capable of investigating?


>>[deleted post]
>>[deleted post]
I have no idea who keffals is and what's their beef but if it's against destiny then uncritical support to transes


Keffals is a communist party wrecker, among other things


Katie Halper fired from the hill for reporting on the fact that Israel is an apartheid state.

And fucking Dore is the only one to come out and say wtf don't the other reporters there report the same fact and get fired in solidarity. Israeli apartheid has been confirmed by many credible international organizations but reporters are censored and fired for repeating this.

This might get me on the streets anons, the violence against my parasocials.


File: 1664805426169.jpg (376.95 KB, 1440x2245, 1664760243968197.jpg)

>stateless united states


She was a member of the Communist Party of Canada, but she was expelled because she embezzled party funds, I'm surprised the party hasn't sued her for robbery because thats literally what she did


File: 1664810052256-0.png (36.21 KB, 1394x239, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664810052256-1.png (75.51 KB, 1364x349, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664810052256-2.png (124.65 KB, 1329x649, ClipboardImage.png)

Stateless decentralized megalomania with horse cock characteristics


>Dabbing on revisonists at day
>Taking down harassment and stalking websites at night
Based Keffals


File: 1664817364928.png (43.92 KB, 173x303, 1660299577126628.png)

Dark NATOism will win won't it? Look at how many likes it has. The arthoe matrix is nothing in comparison


File: 1664817744648.jfif (778.47 KB, 721x1380, FeB3KcAUYAAyMim.jfif)

>My grandpa had Lenin
>My dad had Mao.
>I have Haz Al Adin


>stateless united states
Friendly reminder that Agent K sexually harassed women within his online community one of which Agent K repeatedly sent messages of how he wanted to rape her and prolapse her anus after she told him not to groom her.


What the absolute fuck. Evidence?


watch the vid


It is continually funny that he can’t dress himself for any occasion


please stop


File: 1664823972368-0.png (Spoiler Image, 18.19 KB, 640x591, 22f.png)

File: 1664823972368-1.jfif (37.76 KB, 1170x1147, FeKTwVWXkAUM3Cb.jfif)

Nick Fuentes when he sees this shit
wait are soyjaks banned? don't want to get got by the mods


anprims get too much shit


What's up with internet personalities and sexual assault? Do only messed up people become famous or is it the moment they become e-famous they lose all scruples and just start abusing their position?


Bakuin was right, with his new found power it corrupted him into a rapist.


The latter. Read Foucault.


>Read Foucault.

Why, so I can learn why he started fucking little boys?


Ok neocon.


If internet drama is a worthless distraction why is it so fun????



How the fuck did he get away with it yet Maupin got destroyed?
Is this proof that he’s a glowie?


That's not what the paper that article is referring to says. It says that the CIA determined Foucault wasn't a threat to Capitalism, which makes sense because he was openly a liberal. That doesn't mean his work in sociology or his ideas like the Panopticon or the similarity between prisons and other institutions can't be adapted by Marxists, which they have been.


File: 1664848095930.gif (956.8 KB, 500x418, 1605943113532.gif)

>Is this proof that he’s a glowie?
I mean personally, maybe. Or perhaps he is incredibly narcissistic and has next to no shame that shields him from any sort of criticism or retribution (along with his legions of cultish fans who defend their parasocial daddy at the drop of a hat).
<father has connections in Hollywood (which could be nothing but a sign of his privilege)
<brother was cleared to serve food to a former president (which could just be just another sign of him coming from privilege)
<has said many things that would most likely get one reported to the feds/outright removed from social media
<yet is always trending on titter
<spouts clear state department takes (some of which contradict his older takes from just a few years back)
<if looked at from a certain perspective, he is a perfect buffer to keep hundreds of thousands of young people from exploring more radical politics (socialism/ML) and actual organizing which would give the feds good cause to keep him relevant online.
Idk man, he may just be a fat sexpest grifter with a horse cock fetish, or he might be a fat sexpest grifter with a horse cock fetish who also happens to be a glowie. Only time will tell which of these is correct.


Fucking shotas is hot af and you’re lying to yourself if you disagree(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


I think it's more the llatter.
People think that degeneracy is so.ething that happens. No, it's a gradual process. Everyone has a little tingle for something.
Given certain situations, we spiral out of control if said "tingle" is present.

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