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File: 1651015581675.png (447.04 KB, 400x649, spectacle.png)

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A thread focused on discussing the parasocial relationships cultivated by the Almighty Algorithm to generate profit off of our atomization and society's hyper-normalization of petty internet drama.

Reminder that none of this is real!

Some digital anthropology

Society of the Spectacle

The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception

Simulacra and Simulation





File: 1675500631601.jpg (34.33 KB, 720x712, xlft0wboxfh61.jpg)

Honest people don't tell lies, but liars often tell the truth. Every time a liar tells the truth, it's to serve their lies, directly or indirectly by making them seem more credible.


Damn 30 minutes. Guess I’ll check it out later. In the original this question was a bit of a plot hole I think because they implied that the market was placed on the planet by humans several hundred years ago and this contradicted some other things in the story. I’d always suspected the problem was certain in game logs were just not fully collated and edited correctly by accident and so multiple passes/story revisions remained in the final game. I think they had to do some heavy retconning for this outside the game in like some comics or the books?


The original game was so good but the Lore element weren’t too coherent on key points and imo this is why the sequels, which tried to make sense of all of the threads hinting at the origin of the marker/the reason there is red & black markers/wtf unitology is took the story so far awry and ended up just completely ruining the series. I never met anyone who actually thinks that Brother Moons shit was a good idea. I hope this remake is actually just a hard reboot and they try again with a better idea for where the setting should go.


>its real
https://twitter.com/Agent KochinskiV/status/1621586438814072834
I mean, I'm not surprised but how can you even call yourself leftist.


Good for you then you aren't the target demo of this me-me
But I think most of you are still using google (DDG is trash)
>You (leninhat, very suggestible to a certain rhetoric, discovers Haz)
oh no, this is gonna go badly


As a gay person, I also don't like preachy (or self congratulatory) representations of queer people. I'd much rather it being shown as completely normalized rather than going out of their way to show how OK everyone is with the topic. But maybe I live in a bubble and that's too intense for such a thing.

BTW I will never forgive the Star Trek Discovery writers for such a gigantic turd of a show. But in particular, a 700 year old alien that has been a male and a female multiple times, that was last merged with the most androgynous actor ever (I can't even tell you the actors assigned gender at birth), merges with another androgynous human, and then they struggle to come out as non-binary? And even worse to a gay couple? Like seriously, people are having babies with aliens that barely look human, and your consciousness has been merged with a multigendered alien, and now both of you struggle to come out as non-binary??? To other fellow queers? In the fucking year of our lord 2400 or whatever it is??? The whole show is a trainwreck anyways, but fuck them for this in particular.


what would happen if it turned out Agent Kochinski really was an informant?


people would be surprised, but not that surprised.


I mean Haz defends Trump and he is obsessed with Larouche who had ties to the cia.


>they claim to be well of lawyers on kiwifarm so it's true
Brah. I have no doubt half of them have normal jobs but nobody with a normal job and family life got the time to spend so much hours for irrelevant shit like this.
I'm a half-neet and even i don't have the time to lurk /isg/ systematically so kiwifarm…


they have time to doss around at work from home or in the office.


No one would be shocked. The overwhelming majority of his users would first deny and then defend it. A small rebel faction would break off and get quickly expelled from the fanbase. So basically what happened every single time he did or said something horrible.


File: 1675518172165.png (Spoiler Image, 977.63 KB, 1184x890, ClipboardImage.png)

Spoilered: a tattoo of that lady flashing her boobs that engels (?) drew


One of the things that stuck out to me was that the marker in the original game tried to end the outbreak and contain the hivemind while the 2nd one was trying to cause a convergence. Thats why the first one was using isaac via hallucinations to "make us whole" i.e. sending it back to aegis VII, and the hivemind tries to stop him from escaping after he finishes, presumably because he enraged it. I think the most rational explanation is that originally the marker was some kind of containment or prison for the hivemind which used isaac via visions after his escape to build an altered version of it that was corrupted at its inception, which is why the imprisonment machine started to working in favor of the necros in the second one.


Also you should watch all of roanoke gaming's videos about dead space cuz he's a chemical biologist or something


Who do you think would benefit from segregating gyms? Would it be a good thing? Is it a psyop? Or are gym-going women simply too annoying and caused all of this themselves?


bros wtf is going on with pol


Spoilered: it was his wife


What happened?


File: 1675530353439.png (161.02 KB, 665x799, ClipboardImage.png)

The Chinese overtook.


> pol became based


4chan pulls these kinds of jokes all the time. I remember back in the pre-alt-right takeover days, when the Super Bowl blackout happened, the sports board’s theme got turned to Bane one, the banner was replaced with the stadium scene from the movie and the Hans Zimmer theme was playing on a loop


The Great Firewall has been broken. The Netizen Liberation Army has liberated /pol/, soon 4chan, and soon the entire Internet. May the /leftypol/ partisans help them


>You (leninhat, very suggestible to a certain rhetoric
Explain yourself.
>discovers Haz)
I've known about him ever since he popped up 2-3 years ago.


File: 1675531906572.png (27.28 KB, 604x179, ClipboardImage.png)

reddit's having a a moment


Are UFOs actually real or just another gayop meant to justify the Pentagon's funding?



Posadas was wrong and our capitalist overlords take their orders from evil aliens exploiting this planet


it's a distraction from domestic issues/imperialism/etc, they're not real


i like to think that UFOs are real in the strictest sense of the term, flying objects that failed to be identified, but the big leap is assuming that anything that flies and was not identified was an alien


the mccarthyist uoroboros is finally reaching its own tail


So johnny Harris is doing clickbait now huh?


How do some people on chin know about third worldism or the idea of "Xi JinPing thought"? Those are memes only leftists really are aware of. Are some of you legit posting there letting the 4chin brain rot seep in?


cuck/pol/ is already back to being shit


File: 1675547377686.png (57.48 KB, 320x180, ClipboardImage.png)


Theres no way this guy isnt on the Pentagons payroll


A burgeroid delusion much like so much else


reading the comments on his post was shocking, his fanbase is completely schizo. suddenly remembering why i don't bother with twitter or comment sections in general


File: 1675554246944.jpg (153.48 KB, 1063x1288, readytoblow.jpg)



Who is this guy?


New Gerbert's Void dropped.


he's deteriorating rapidly. He went from a hunk to a standard ass "young 50 year old republican".
who's this hot twink? looks retarded.


In the latest edition of Thielwatch (at 58 minutes)

The right's dumbass hipsters can't come up with original art. My diagnosis: a huge portion of right-wing media is devoted to shitting on any new art and jerking off over (generally misinterpreted) classical art.


What’s this beef about?


New Shoe0nhead, about the superiority of male living spaces.


File: 1675563410599.png (37.01 KB, 746x321, 45395890345038534.png)

Who knows

>You yourself know the difference between a sect movement and a class movement from personal experience. The sect seeks its raison d'être and its point d'honneur not in what it has in common with the class movement, but in the particular shibboleth distinguishing it from that movement.


>In Germany – the Lassalle clique. I myself went on corresponding for two years with the notorious Schweitzer and proved irrefutably to him that Lassalle's organisation is nothing but a sectarian organisation and as such hostile to the organisation of the genuine workers' movement striven for by the International. He had his "reasons" for not understanding this.



wtf is this accent shes putting on


File: 1675566075272.png (874.31 KB, 1125x1041, ozDoj3T.png)



>whao north koreans eat icecream?????


Bed frames are a spook. If you keep your house clean there won't be any bugs to crawl on you.


Apparently bed frames are recommended because they allow the mattress to breathe and not become too musty on the bottom, no idea if that's true but eh


I am sleeping at 4 am due to debating with neoliberal economy students on the internet.
Why do I do this to myself.

Goodnight comrades.


I've heard a plausible conspiracy theory that the UFO meme was made up by the CIA so that when civilians photographed experimental aircraft the Soviets would assume it was just another UFO hoax


File: 1675567544259.jpg (181.06 KB, 1080x612, 230201145829.jpg)

Good night mate.


File: 1675568489900.png (442.51 KB, 1153x602, ClipboardImage.png)

Do you guys think 25 is high enough?



no, it should be 50


and for everyone and not just targeting men.


they'll be hearing from me at their stated address "123 Example Street, Portland"


File: 1675569503630.jpg (69.89 KB, 635x499, ded.jpg)

Without clicking on the image I thought it was talking about minimum wage.


File: 1675569517135.jpg (108.46 KB, 680x576, FoJ6xLGWYAMGUv1.jpg)



File: 1675572159706.png (390.07 KB, 1000x800, hamansick_shirt.png)

Sorry, but we be noticing round these parts


File: 1675577258612.jpg (510.94 KB, 1924x1284, political.jpg)

>Why raise the age to 25?
>To mature, your brain needs practice making decisions.
>Under patriarchy, women have less agency, so their brains develop slower.
>Research shows that the average 20 year old woman is mentally equivalent to a typical 12 year old cis male.

I don't know what's better: this being genuine, or a troll.


basic cringe politics i am bored of it.


File: 1675577688168-0.jpg (26.68 KB, 329x500, 41SHN17mEPL.jpg)

File: 1675577688168-1.jpg (118.72 KB, 1000x763, FoJ61pNWQAEU4Fq.jpg)

The aesthetics are converging


The video screams: "I'm stuck in 2016" and "I want male attention".

Especially highlighting the latter.
I'm male and easily see lawn chair in front of tv is cringe. Like dawg, don't you have friends to invite? Where are they gonna sit, on your lap?

Southern woman trying to pretend to be a posh queen from England


I really fucking hate Glenn Beck. He's such an obvious charlatan yet people still take him seriously, like Dinesh D'Souza. They are proof that there is no "logic" or "reason" to be found in modern rightist ideology; it's all just heaps of shit thrown at the wall, with them waiting to see what sticks.


File: 1675583648414.png (110.88 KB, 640x480, 1674080273096.png)

>the internet is such a hellish place that it actually took me a moment to process that this is satire


>Acclaimed journalist
>Acclaimed author
>Acclaimed sexy nerd man
>Acclaimed definitely not sex pest
>Acclaimed conservative christian of all time
>Oscar winner
>Grammy winner
>Emmy winner
>Kid's choice award winner
I present to you, the widely acclaimed speaker, writer, journalist, and political analyst Caleb Maupin.


File: 1675584618324.jpg (237.37 KB, 2400x1800, 1668069154907161.jpg)

>attractive woman makes clickbait for money, news at 11


File: 1675584773580-0.png (253.61 KB, 300x511, 3498590-834590-34503.png)

File: 1675584773580-1.jpg (336.33 KB, 1201x1312, FnSaMzcXoAA2LWF.jpg)


Nah, it should be upon menopause.


Damn i don't know Ushanka anon visited the US recently


You can't make fun of a 12-year-old but I had a sensible but audible little chuckle at a reply that said "My daughter is also 12 and is a monarchist, she's always asserting she wants to be a princess."


Lol, good to know that even twitter sharts don't take monarchism seriously. Unlike reactoid thinkers that soyfaced over Henry VII


File: 1675585927801.jpg (552.7 KB, 1242x1871, FnROZRXX0AgbG92.jpg)


>This is a 12yo
And that is why internet should be under 1984 tier lockdown and moderation that only allows access to wikipedia and torrent sites


many a leftypolack has pointed it out, but Im certain that priming a bunch of kids to be racists is going to backfire. I mean everyone is embarrassed by their younger selves no?


File: 1675587197210-0.mp4 (3.66 MB, 854x480, 96450968945.mp4)

File: 1675587197210-1.png (266.06 KB, 623x482, 334564565445.png)

I might be LARPing as much as that 12-year-old kid, but I'm serious folks that my LARP regime is gonna ban that political compass subreddit on day one! There are too many memes these days, and we're gonna eliminate most of them.


He look like he's kept alive by tubes and machines


File: 1675595854651.png (962.87 KB, 1964x1006, ClipboardImage.png)

the fuck lol.


>chinese on /pol/
is that 8kun /pol/?


i wouldnt call it grooming but teachers shouldnt be fucking students imo, there is in fact a power imbalance there


oh wtf I misread it completely, nevermind lol.


Yeah, really shocking the mayor of Bumfuck, Massachusetts engages in anal sex.
Are they also surprised the people of Assfuck, Mississippi fuck donkeys?


this is a parody account right


File: 1675597717341.png (923.81 KB, 1147x645, gulag.png)

They're talking about Jimmy Dore on Tucker.
Chairman Dore has gone mainstream.


GPT moment


upper middle class moment


File: 1675599392275.jpeg (424.21 KB, 1960x1492, 1650039689143.jpeg)



Where are all of you sectarian retards who constantly harps on Dore for being a "right wing grifter?"



Yeah, guilty. I don't like seeing my formerly oppressed, gentrifying upper middle class compatriots treat the working class in a way that they would not allow their upper middle class families to be treated.


He is, like litteraly every "anti-esthablishment/anti-system" peoples. But that's not a problem if it further socialist goals.


stop lying. Fucking piece of shit lol.


I am here. Just because some people are retarded doesn’t absolve Dore from being a retard.


Of course it's a troll, imbecile


>my customer's son
What does this mean? What the fuck does it mean?


it's a sarcastic campaign made to vindicate Morse. Having said this, why is leftypol so concerned with defending the reputation of a Mass. mayor?


I wonder what you could be referring to
I couldn't find Massachusetts on a map and I am definitely better off for it



so sick of this faggot


She's not a left wing or right wing grifter, she's just a pick me isn't she?


Why does it have the star thing on women?


I think we should ban sex at all ages because everyone is a childish under developed kid and so nobody can consent.


File: 1675613167123.png (176.17 KB, 1208x248, wow.png)

Musk is an expert in everything.


>he's deteriorating rapidly. He went from a hunk to a standard ass "young 50 year old republican".
And he's still 24 lel. He must be seeking that sweet sweet ultrarich vampirism because…

You know how people get fit and healthy and they look younger? If Hinkle let himself go he would look like an octogenarian by his 30s.


I might be misremembering, but I think he was to the left (in a DSA-ish way) of somebody he was challenging and he was sniped with this "grooming" thing but it was done by liberals and not far rightists in this case. I also don't think a 30-year-old associate professor fucking a college student is a crime.

Yeah lol. "Adult grooming?" When people say "power imbalance," what are we talking about? The cops pulling you over and being like "suck my dick"? Does a college professor really have a ton of power?

I've never called him a grifter or particularly right-wing but I have called him an idiot on account of some particular opinions he has expressed. I'm just not into comedians.


File: 1675616884943.mp4 (3.75 MB, 576x1024, 1675616852033.mp4)


so aren't patsocs just /pol/fags masquerading as leftists?


this whole thread should be deleted because it is defiled by talk about sexual stuff (not lgbt+, but porn sex n etc)


u glowo too mucho


I just think that every day leftypol is getting more and more conservative. I actually went to a priest today to confess my homosexual urges and the reason why I didn't want to be a bifag anymore was because I wanted to back "leftypol" and he just told me to get the fuck out. I just don't want leftypol to be caught up in the redscarepodcast matrix. I even see fuckers there defending qanon, pizzagate, tradcaths and shit. They talk about the "Catherdral" and stupidpol is even worse. I don't mind being a fag but if the alt-left doesn't then I have to try to stop being such a fag.


Could have gone worse. He didn't molest you.


ok to be fair "cathedral" and stuff like that is not retarded


What are you talking about jesus.




just stfu


File: 1675620681897.jpg (22 KB, 600x426, italianhands.jpg)

Falling this hard for site pasta.


Do you think the billions of $$$ that people will buy hogwarts legacy will go towards the oppression of the scottish people?


Weird how this might be one of the last military victories for the US.


File: 1675623038735.jpg (24.83 KB, 474x494, th-335261560.jpg)

I'm honestly sick of these posts of someone moderately famous dealing with some literal no one.
If you want to post about lurk589, next time post an interaction of them talking to someone people actually know about


File: 1675635101812.png (3.94 MB, 2048x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

silence thotposter


File: 1675635165156.png (9.02 KB, 578x149, MrAndrewEpsteinTate.png)

What did he mean by this?


we should have thotpost thursdays.
last time everyone was thotposting was fun.

Everyone! save cool stuff to ask /isg/ for their thoughts? next thursday.


So are we just gonna pretend she's not objectively wrong simply because she's hot?


He means he would never kill himself, especially not over the prospect of being sissified in a Romanian prison because he wanted to trigger the Swedish climate change girl


File: 1675638610329.jpg (92.8 KB, 680x680, 1675638126185571.jpg)


Smartest TPUSA economist


this feels fake. usually TPUSA would put the name of the person reacting to the libtard talking points next to their logo


Could someone please explain this logic?


File: 1675644920030-0.png (197.91 KB, 466x594, secretagentman.png)

File: 1675644920030-1.png (518.53 KB, 1143x925, lukaonlolcows.png)

>I am anti-globalist
>let me post a picture of myself as a fictional British agent used to keep imperialism/colonialism relevant
The jokes write themselves.


Medium tier trolling. I'd pretend to agree with them if I used sites that dumb.


File: 1675645041480.jpg (17.56 KB, 896x504, why.jpg)

>>let me post a picture of myself as a fictional British agent
Is there a joke there?


File: 1675645167894.png (87.88 KB, 239x311, ClipboardImage.png)

my visage when I'm poor and more money is taken from me


Alright so:

We all know Haz and Hinkle and co. are fucking retards, sure, yep.
But do they serve a valuable place in the derightification pipeline, akin to pre-2019 /leftypol/?


Couple of baboons going crazy over a balloon


File: 1675648572359.png (31.59 KB, 886x240, ClipboardImage.png)

Let's take a look at how /r/socialism is goin-


>Ukraine flag in bio
>thinks Cuba is capitalist
Must be a Agent Kochinskioid.




anybody else think the net got even more rightwing than before?


They literally say in the article they are still commited to building communism in the constituon


before when? imo the internet has been a astroturfed right wing echochamber since early 2010s
If i could wager a guess, what I think youre seeing is libs going mask off in a time of crisis




>But do they serve a valuable place in the derightification pipeline
My brother in marx, Leftypol only started to become aware of the rightwing bullshit post-Haz. It was leftypol that actually gave rise and credence to Haz before he chucked us away like a used condom. Leftypol started its decent when the old BO went on a power trip and ruined the organic development of leftypol- and only allowed more of these reactionary elements to fester thus giving folks like a Haz a place to ferment.


thoughts bros? i think it looks kind of like the state of texas


Isn't he in prison for CP and heroin? also is there like a photo of him online? I'm curious what he looks like


He reminds me of the insecure generic delta (or whatever the one is after beta) males that would try in get in me and my mates homosocial buddy groups by acting really bitchy and slandering everyone else and normietistically mimicking all our mannerisms without realizing that we were just normal people born tragically handsome with huge cocks and tired of having to keep up appearances all the time. It's like, being attractive can steer you away from being a hateful asshole since you get warmth and undeserved praise all the time from the people around you. But some people internalize the capitalist ideology to the extent that they think being superflous, superficial and generally shitty to other people is the same as being dominant and powerful and "successful". What a lonely life that must be to be that cynical and still be mid as fuck.


File: 1675661767941.png (642.34 KB, 682x778, ClipboardImage.png)

He got arrested for assault. No word if he got convicted either.


it seems like all the old gamergate youtubers like actman, criticaldrinker, turkey tom and the like have blown the fuck up lately


File: 1675668981849.png (79.06 KB, 1130x474, ClipboardImage.png)

glowies getting ready for 2024 maybe? Havent heard of those dudes but I believe you


Some of you /isg/ inhabitants need to see this video.
Reminder that antisocial behavior and beliefs are inherently right wing.
Homo sum: humani nihil a me alienum puto.


>small-time thief gets mauled to death by guard dogs
>redditors cheer in the comments
Why are they such scumbags?



Streamers having mental breakdowns because they can't trick the algorithm like pewdiepie is my new favorite genre


> antisocial behavior
being antisocial is sometimes good under the right circumstances. Under capitalism it completely makes sense.


Also, the collectivist vs individualist false dichotomy will always be fucking retarded


File: 1675679717633.jpg (195.07 KB, 1280x1685, FlLo7UGWAAEmq7g.jpg)

When i started using the internet regularly in the late 2000/early 2010 (youtube, social medias etc) i was bombarded with 1 hours long videos and thinkpieces with 4mil views about how we must slaughter the jews because they invented racemixing.
And i know we like to make fun of them and berate them but at the time there wasnt that whole "breadtube"/left leaning gamer and culture youtuber making contents, meaning that every gaming and "nerd culture" related content that every young males consumed was made by centrists or out and proud far-righter. The only leftists in these places were marxists theorycels making unbearable videos with bad mic quality making 1000 views or earnest but complete freaks like Jason Uruhue or wathever and they were all lolcows. You can't get much worse than that simply because of that fact that now there are at least lib and socdems to correct the balence a bit and deboonk them.


>all that bullshit just to justify another 100000km/h of random narcissist podcast about sucking dick


Now i don't want to sound like a racist misogynist but litteraly everytime i see a black or asian woman (or fat asian male) face camera may it be on twitter tiktok or youtube i know i'm about to hear the dumbest most resentful most meaningless most stupid shit ever said by a human.


Why do people act like streamers are expressing real emotions rather than faking it for attention, hell people change their character around freinds why wouldnt they change when watched by 1000s


The "elites" are not gonna kill this psycho, they'd be doing something good.


ya I agree, the 2010s was such a bleak time to be a leftist. I got into the internet through nu-athiesm stuff, saw the pro-Trump and anti-SJW stuff coming down the pipe and checked out literally for years. Didnt come back until the tail end of trumps presidency


Falling this hard for the ironic "falling hard for bait archetype"


File: 1675683322421.mp4 (301.55 KB, 1280x720, demoman laugh.mp4)

>I hate you all
>I hate streaming
>I'm never coming back
Returns to twitch a few days later


No. But the collectivist vs individualist dichotomy is indeed bunk.
Share link.


<check in on the LaRouche simps and see how they are doing.
>pic rel


yeah haha


File: 1675689399040.png (41.92 KB, 950x362, ClipboardImage.png)

lmao america can't even compete





Who made this gem, was it one of you based lads?


Vgh, if only Bob Marley didn't become popular, we wovld've been in space right now brother, what covld've been….


File: 1675699180292.jpg (159.98 KB, 1080x627, 230201031448.jpg)

Tag yourselves.


this is how most of us act around family and our job but not in general


File: 1675700757241.jpg (507.55 KB, 1080x1572, 230206132333.jpg)

What's the first thing that comes into your mind when you see this image?


A fan girl screaming


wtf?!? i'm a lulbertarian now!!


The first comment though 💀.


Literally me. Having no hobbies and being busy is not an oxymoron, it's called working full time. Work takes more like 50 hours away from me every week, how the fuck are you supposed to have a hobby?


His nipples should be visible. What a poseur.


File: 1675701315418.png (267.46 KB, 474x353, ClipboardImage.png)


even if the dichotomy is bunk she makes a good point in the space of a fairly short video. I would just ctrl+f every time she said "individualist" or "collectivist" and instead replace it with "capitalist" and "socialist." But at that point I'm just nitpicking vocab.


File: 1675701776739.jpg (231.16 KB, 1164x1552, FfnFuYgUAAA4ewn.jpg)

What's the first thing that comes into your mind when you see this image?



That's a big cat.


Ugly goatee.


Cool shirt


File: 1675703049979.jpg (75 KB, 578x673, it's over.jpg)

i can't post it because the authoritarian jannies would ban me


He's not making the soyface though


you know he wants to


What she's saying isn't wrong but I find it very difficult to take people who talk like that seriously. Its so confrontational, its like in a TV show where the white girl bully is in a characters narrating and shit doing poof effects by her ears. Its not what I think socialists should be talking like, we need to be more down to earth.
Those comments are disturbing. They're all property owners and petit-bourgeois probably.


*characters face


File: 1675705230723.jpg (143.13 KB, 1080x990, 230206143950.jpg)

What did white women mean by this.


Y'know you are right but i think we might be backsliding a bit. The success of Hogwarts Legacy might be the end of breadtube itself which I won't really miss but I do appreciate having more than just center-right dudes analyzing vidya games from time to time honestly.


Even today the germanoids still want a taste of that BIG MED COCK


Also Femoid "sex tourists" going to South East Asia are usually literal criminal or scammers, speaking as a SEAuyghur.



Why are you obsessed with this fucking game man you always bring it up in generals


>Series advocates for slavery
>Author uses transsexuals to excuse the oppression of the Irish and Scottish
Wow. It's as if liberalism isn't dying off or some shit. Maybe you should read the lines and look at how /v/ has it's first culture war win in forever


lol this was awesome


Do you also think that east asian cartoons fantasizing about slave harems are also signs of "liberalism dying"? No uygha its just people being stupid. I swear these pop-culture pseudoGramscian analysts are becoming more schizo every passing day


File: 1675706659018.png (34.43 KB, 594x264, dthdt.png)



> i was bombarded with 1 hours long videos and thinkpieces with 4mil views about how we must slaughter the jews because they invented racemixing.
Kek i remembered being a shit-for-brains zoomer soyfacing at this 1 hour video essay made by a lolbert fetishizing Franco for "saving the spirituality of Spain". Good old times


Not exactly true. The torah was actually pretty progressive in the sense that it was compiled during Josiah's reign to foster a nationalist Israeli identity and cover up Judaism' early polytheistic and child-sacrificing past(some academists theorize that Moloch was actually Jehovah before the reforms) It was not comparable to pro-priestly caste documents such as the Hindu vedas, it was a more nationalist one serving the centralizing monarchs.


uygha I said that liberalism ISNT dying because the core tenants and masters who uphold the regime are essentially getting positive glowing reviews for the sake of "Owning the transhumanists" which I believe was some sort of psyop bullshit going on in the first place. You create outrage and then you rake in the cash as people flood in to buy your product. People for a long time wanted to tell "The Troons" to go to hell, they want to own the libs so to speak. So now that the transsexuals have effectively been unironically transformed into these witch-like demons we can see people becoming more and more conservative in the desire to own these witches. They are basically an even more potent scapegoat than jews were because at the very least the jews had to get jobs involving finance and shit. The fuck do transsexuals do but sometimes be annoying or some shit? And now we are going to live more and more in a reactionary headspace as it seems as if the world is collapsing and people just want to be a le ebin paladin who smites all the evil creatures in the world. No room for empathy, only room for expansion in a world where there is nowhere to go. So we must hunt ourselves to death.


>Ben Shapiro is aware of The Authoritarian Mind.


Is /isg/ possessed by the spirit of Cain?


File: 1675711040027.png (121.26 KB, 960x367, ClipboardImage.png)

Nothing else to it.


Weird concept of labor. Labor isn't "sacrifice" at all, it's just necessary. Then the schizo rant proceeds from that false concept.


I would agree that labor is sacrifice. Just because it's necessary doesn't make it not a sacrifice. This is why JBP is correct in saying that in life you have to pick a sacrifice, you can't just choose nothing. But anything you do choose will be a sacrifice.


How do you have the concept of "sacrifice" without a voluntary will doing it? If it's necessary, it's involuntary, no sacrifice.


cain was the child of adam and eve while abel was the serpent seed, so this whole argument is based on god revisionism to pretend like cain was the evil spawn of the serpent while abel wasnt.
>Adam made love to his wife Eve, and she became pregnant and gave birth to Cain. She said, “With the help of the LORD I have brought forth a man.” Later she gave birth to his brother Abel. Now Abel kept flocks, and Cain worked the soil.


It's a sacrifice because we give ourselves to it to survive, to provide for ourselves, others, or both. We must surrender part of ourselves to labor. Even if we are not selling our labor power to a capitalist, for example being lost in a forest, we must labor to survive.


I forget you're gnostic schizo.


Are there any Agent Kochinski fans who aren't white imperial core PMCs? Who the fuck are the target audience for people like him?


That's not a sacrifice though. That's just existing. A sacrifice is a willing giving up of something. I don't sacrifice my time at the altar of capital hoping to get a reward, or show respect to a deity, I labor because I have to survive.

We don't give ourselves to labor, it's a condition of existence, inseparable from being. The whole sacrifice thing is nonsense and really just a rhetorical device to allow Peterson to talk about Christianity.


there are those non-white imperial core pmcs, does that count ?.


File: 1675715205919.png (106.71 KB, 579x753, sedfgse.png)

I agree.


File: 1675715709985.png (571.66 KB, 597x655, announcement.png)

multiwokelarity will lead to the great culture war


>They're weirdly antitheistic, they make fun of religion. Idk if most are atheists but BAP for sure probably is.
The neoconservative intellectuals from 20 years ago could be like that too, there were always suspicions that they played the Evangelical Christian for rubes on the outside but were Nietzcheans on the inside "so we're an empire now, we make our own rules" and seizing American destiny for planetary rule. The Nietzschean-Nazis like Richard Spencer are coming back home too.

Yeah me too probably. Russia's anti-wokeism is an incoherent mishmash exaggerated for political effect and the post-Gorbachev rulers of Russia sometimes strike me as people who were like "well America won, so let's try to act like the caricature version of America that we grew up learning about in the USSR because that's how to be successful."


All of those buildings will be torn down and replaced with heavy industry before 2050


there's that picture of a cop watching his stream in a patrol car


File: 1675718630127-0.jpg (53.07 KB, 860x573, FlZncMfXgAof6vQ.jpg)

File: 1675718630127-1.jpg (69.5 KB, 510x680, FdbtPKEWQAAAVN3.jpg)

The BAPsphere are just radical pro-imperialists but with a cooler aesthetic than GWB's boring & lifeless american evangelicalism, it's the Raegan era Top Gun aesthetic + Roman Statues.
They aren't trad at all tho, at least not in the christian sense, they're just male supremacists and huge fans of caste systems a la roman civilization. All combined make them the most potent group of RW gay pedophiles and normal pedophiles along with the usual suspects, that is the esotheric hitlerites.
Interesting developpement for the latter is they have become younger and edgier on average (it used to be only aging crusty guys like the Siege guy a few years ago) but somehow less actually violent and capable in the real world, much more intellectual yet way more impotent that they used to be. All they do now is posting trans wojaks getting killed by their self insert chinletjak OC and posting about being how they could rape & enslave little girls if it wasnt for those feminists but they don't do charloteville's type rallies, they don't breed, only a few useless fed piloted mass shooting tentatives here and there. They probably look at their feet everytime they come across a swarthoid now.
Also i've been lurking quite a lot of those esotheric hitlerlite and young neonazi larpers and i'm actually quite suprised by just how much of them LARP as noblemens with good features and upper class peoples and future scientific geniuses and then after investigation they turn out to be your average low energy White male wageslave/Random PMC guys/Your below average STEMlord doing computer maintenance some even are poor hicks doing constrution work like our beloved latinx immigrants, or arab if Eurofag.
They're really not remarkable in any way beside being militant pedophiles and it was probably my biggest surprise while spying on them on twitter/priv fbi.gov/telegram.


File: 1675719294038.png (540.64 KB, 884x853, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1675724242710.jpg (299.92 KB, 1080x1642, 230206195452.jpg)

The deepfakes scare me. I feel like they will be the new biggest menace online for the rest of the decade.


british culture sure is something else.


Yes, if you’re being told you’re antisocial by your boss for instance,1/2 time you probably reacted in a completely normal way.


What’s the good point? Also, the individualist vs collectivist dichotomy isn’t comparable to capitalist vs socialist.


Bitch is retarded and I would unironically bully her relentlessly for it.


I see. I haven't had that experience so I couldn't relate.


Quit being antisocial and learn to suck dick via podcasting, anon


I thank god every day for not making me a redditor


I'm the anon that posted the video. Coincidentally, I spent almost an hour this past Saturday telling my friends how to suck dick and gave them tips on techniques etc. Am I on my way to start a podcast about learning to suck dick?? Lmao


nta but I use firefox w/ security configs + DDG as well as uBlock Origin and Disconnect


Same setup plus decentraleyes, and temporary containers.
Also always use VPN.


Having a podcast is just the new version of a public square. They don't function like some canon of classical literature. They are more like conversations that are easier to disseminate. They don't even require much. You can record yourself talking into your phone. Vlogs were and still are huge because people like to communicate with each other. It's like the printing press, and if people had the technology to make audiovisual recordings back then they would have done it too. Having a problem with people publishing their thoughts to the world is some luddite bullshit.

The only real issue here is that treating it as a career and pursuing riches this way creates a fucked up exploitative parasocial dynamic, but that is a function of capitalism not podcasts and the same kind of issues have existed for centuries, going back centuries to when you had authors and poets treated like celebrities.


so it seems the anti-sjws got a big W and it seems like the vibes are shifting towards more social conservatism. NGL I am frankly bored of this saga and I know it'll be a long while until social conservatism starts to get boring.


I'd like to get a VPN but I'm having trouble affording payments as it is


So comrade Dore just called wooswoos' Jerry White a glowie on his livestream lol


Look at him! Look at him and laugh!


File: 1675729524858.jpg (34.96 KB, 600x337, ohhhh.jpg)

>Having a podcast is just the new version of a public square.
leftypol pod when?


>so it seems the anti-sjws got a big W
When may i ask ?.


Pretty good post which seem a rarity on Twitter. While I somewhat disagree with the idea of the "singularity" to which putunists and their ilk take universal advantage to simply "own American libs" it's still a strong force in the sense that it purports itself to be distinct when it itself is engaging in a culture correctly started in America which has infected Chinese conservatives Russian nationalists etc. As the main rule of war games is to not play at all, Russia is playing into the culture war by acknowledging it and engaging it and lecturing it's people in state media against the culture war not knowing it's exactly the same game American libs are playing. There are only two things steering this modern boat, Capital and Labor, issue is as classic wisdom tells us, Capitalists are more aware of their class position than the regular laborer. The simplest answer is always best to our modern problems.


>(some academists theorize that Moloch was actually Jehovah before the reforms)
An interesting plot device tbh


>Chinese conservatives using the word woke
I'm curious about this and would like to know more about this thing, all I can add that I asked my chinese friend about the word baizuo and he was like "wtf how do you know that word" then explained it was like from the chinese equivalent of 4chan


I'm honestly feeling the ziegiest vibe shift pointing towards the social conservatives starting to be seen as cringe by the younger generations

remember where we are though, even being a westerner imparts a matrix-like quasi reality unto your senses, places that are patrolled by online political gpt bots nonstop do the same


blackpilled schizo please log off for one day


I'm trying to tune my zeitgeist antennae and I think social conservatives being cringe is happening (although they always have been cringe) but it's gonna coincide with a metabolizing of "woke" culture into the society's bloodstream to the point that it feels like just part of atmosphere like what punk rock or hippie stuff turned into, it wouldn't seem distinct, it'll just blend, and people will look back on the conservatives who complained about it like people who freaked out about punk rock teens in the late 70s.

Also on its way out: conspicuous displays of wealth. Andrew Tate has killed bling but I suspect whole persona was basically a negative or contrarian assault on the "mainstream" culture or where it has been going. The culture is emphasizing "cheaper" and plainer looks like Taylor Swift's videos. Vintage retro-70s stuff seems to be coming back again. People don't have any money.


Putin is a dog, Zelensky is a dog. Dog fights are very disgusting things.


>white women go to sunny place and find themselves and wear big baggy trousers and take drugs and have sex with other white men also finding themselves and wearing big baggy trousers and taking drugs.




Read a single statistic please


Down with jew DeSanstein, long live comrade Sanders



I wonder how you can be so cocky whenever Harry Potter Hogwart's Legacy already made gang busters. Sure the reviews are saying it's a buggy mess but IGN already gave it a 9/10 anyways and /v/ is using that as ammo against those who won't kneel to the new neoliberal zietgiest.


>A game from a legacy franchise made money

Anon, you freak out about this shit every week, and you're constantly proven wrong by every actual study and major turn of events


File: 1675747099424.png (139.29 KB, 400x225, ClipboardImage.png)

forgot my reaction pic


File: 1675748213089.png (475.91 KB, 960x896, ClipboardImage.png)


We all know for a fact that Peter Thiel and Elon Musk are butt buddies with one another who may or may not fallout from one another from time to time but he certainly knows how the fuck twitter works and who is the most popular people there. JK Rowling is basically the "Left (Blairite)" clamp of the duo-demonic crab that is the UK political establishment and I believe that in order for Peter Thiel to get his claws onto the proletariat's soul is to use the fact that the most aspired to job is the eceleb of some sort because that is how you make the most money. Clout is in effect the most important thing in neoliberal society as through clout you may gain tithes from people who believe you have the most clout and want to hang out with you in order to feast upon your fame and fortune. It is a lifestyle of many privileges as we know.
Twitter is also one of the most important ecosystems for creating the most volitile and insipid content out there that anybody can reply and have a thought on. That is why thotposter always gets his takes from there because it is so easy to crunch all of the potential nuance of a conversation into a soundbite that is capable of echoing across the land. That is why twitter threads are some of the most popular on 4chan after all, an image board in which the id of the west flows through. That is why we have the chad and virgin and soyjaks floating around after all. I believe that in order to keep total control, the bourgeoisie will activate the sleeper agents of cr1tikal, Mudahar and all of the other centrist gaming youtubers to give the okay to normies to feast upon the harry potter license. Porky having given the proles a chance in order to engage in their childlike fantasies and "Own" a demographic that they have been primed to hate through various memes will also give the signal to other porkies to focus on clamping down on the pro-social justice messages because they believe that they can shepard the flock back to regular old social conservatism. Transsexuality is of course a convenient excuse to go after homosexual marriage and with that will come the bans on homosexual sex as a whole as the demographics of the west decline and as more and more workers are needed to feed the machine that is going on. This is why "Based/Cringe" dialectic was picked up on and why we haven't really seen any new memes because there is a concentrated effort in order to keep the creative instincts of the proles into such simplistic archetypes.

This is also why media that is complicated is also getting beaten down with the accusations of being a "Hipster" who "Does things nobody gives a fuck about" being such a damaging thing and why the rise of numberfags who obsess over game sales continue to march on. Of course you don't really want to be super mainstream in order to have the most relative clout that you can have but if you can make it mainstream then well you get to be number one. Why is that everybody kneels to pewdiepie? Because he has to most money out of all the gamers in the west. Everybody wants to be that guy and they know that in order to be him they gotta be "Cool". THis is also why counter culture and "Edgelordery" is also being replaced by paladin/lawfags who want to exterminate "Goblins (Who are homosexuals, transsexuals, foreigners that we don't like)" such as with the success of goblin slayer as well as the attacks on media deconstruction, an art of creative synthesis. As well as the fact that porky also uses Poptimism in order to shame people who have different tastes from the norms. Even the hipsters of today have to give tribute to "The Queens" of pop.


File: 1675748373452.jpg (17.61 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

That's it? This is your argument for zoomers becoming more conservative?


Forget it Jake, it's the doomerposter.


I'm talking about the west as a whole.


I read every word of this post and now I'm now noping out of the Harry Potter discourse. And after I do, I think things might start noping up for once.


File: 1675749254588.jpg (143.1 KB, 1080x1255, FnB0PxGX0AA8t6Q.jpg)

>MFW anon spends his days on frogtwitter, r/redscarepod, and stupidpol
Social Conservatism is coming baaaaaack. Thiel has taken over the web, its so Joever. Gen Zyklon is here


I haven't been there in months.


The west as a whole is clearly defined by the reaction to Hogwarts Legacy


File: 1675749638972.jpg (143.1 KB, 1080x1255, FnB0PxGX0AA8t6Q.jpg)

Then what indicates social conservatism. Like I get that as a liberal president, there will obviously be more of a focus back on the right, since they have something to animate them. But you make it seem like the west has fallen, billions must die. Gen Z is lost forever, gamergate 2.0, yatta yatta yatta


did you not read my post I elaborated on the scheme there.


Look I'm not denying that Thiel and his goons are a malign influence that should all be exterminated, but overall the cultural zeitgeist is moving towards social liberalism (at least in the west) and nothing will change that. What we see today is just the lashing out of a dying Evangelical 'morality'. All these old money funders will die and the only ones left will be the loser 15-30/yo poltards who will eventually change their tune or just isolate/kill themselves.

If you want to be worried about something then worry about how the mainstream social liberal neoliberal world order has no solutions and is eventually just going to murder us all to protect a rainbow coalition of the rich.


File: 1675750319344-0.jpg (416.64 KB, 2000x1428, FoF3k8bWAAAbGCs.jpg)

File: 1675750319344-1.jpg (230.44 KB, 1078x2048, FoIhizGWAAQhZ8d.jpg)

File: 1675750319344-2.png (302.65 KB, 523x630, 453457u845934534.png)

Hey leftypol, it's me, Special Agent MAHALO. You might've heard of me, like when I piloted that surf board straight into the lair of the evil Dr. Perturbo to disable the giant robotic arm that he was going to use to slap America around. I can't tell you my real name, but that's a matter of national security, or because it would put your life in danger. The truth is I got hit by a Confusion Ray a couple of years ago outside Vladivostok, and I've been trouble keeping my fake identities and the real one straight. I couldn't tell you my real name if I wanted to.

But now I'm departing for another mission, this time a little bit closer to home. Perhaps right in the middle of our nation's capital. Close to where I met a man I once loved. But he's dead now. He got trampled by a stampede of elephants controlled by a mad German duke with a fetish for ivory. That's the harsh truth of the secret agent lifestyle.



File: 1675750538278.jpg (143.1 KB, 1080x1255, FnB0PxGX0AA8t6Q.jpg)

>"Based/Cringe" dialectic
I will say, I do enjoy your insight or at least your willingness to stand by your theory. Not being facetious. But I think you underestimate how much social liberalism is ingrained in this new generation and even the old. People have friends who are gay, or they have like a favorite tiktoker who is gay. The rollback of gay marriage by willing participation is not likley. Like yes, some states will, but even conservative states have shown that some values hold. Kentucky kept their abortion through direct referendum. Yes, there will be backlash, as we seen with the things that have been happening with trans folks. But to say that social conservatism is back on the menu is absurd. Unless you mean the return of the like anti-sjw internet culture warrior shit, which possible but things obviously has changed since then. Back then, you had little resistance, and then you had the rise of breadtube, with its peak being either 2019 or 2020. And now its seems overall an equal space. An echo chamber of back and forth of meaningless culture war discussion and political dunks.




File: 1675755361267-0.png (287 KB, 655x610, 53590384593405t4.png)

File: 1675755361267-1.png (178.03 KB, 394x555, r434853485030954.png)

Wonder if he was being blackmailed.


>Meek was a well-known figure in national security circles, both as an Emmy-winning journalist and a former counterterrorism adviser and investigator for the House Homeland Security Committee. He was coming off of a well-received documentary about special forces skirmish in Niger, and finishing up a book with a former Green Beret on the U.S. military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. Then he abruptly resigned from ABC News on April 27, the same day as the raid. And his name suddenly disappeared from the promotional materials for the book.


His mom was dying at the time so it might be semi-real.


Streamers aren't truly human


>/v/ is using that as ammo
Who gives a shit what they think? 4chan posts aren't a cross section of society or zoomers or whatever the fuck, they're a cross section of people who post on 4chan. You're obsessed with divining vibe shifts as if mainstream culture is downstream of imageboards and not the other way around, and any time you see some random anon posting their garbage ass opinions you swear the needle jumps a little further to the right and take it as further proof that the zoomers will string us up any day now. A majority of people don't even know what Hogwarts Legacy is, much less the niche culture war implications of buying it.



most people aren't embroiled in shitty culture war stuff as you are and remember it from their childhood or just buy it because gaming is an addiction

the amount of people who would've bought it and didn't because of jk rowling's howlings into the void is as very small as the amount of reactionaries who bought the game intentionally because of it


>IGN said this!
>/v/ said that!
I'm so glad I don't live caring about this shit.


You're trying too hard to be a centrist. There must be a good number of fans that Rowling has alienated by being a retarded boomer online to appease reactionaries who won't give her a single cent.


Significant enough for her to care?


Back when he got raided I assumed it had something to do with having sensitive information. Maybe there really are a lot of sick fucks out there and the feds only catch on when the person's under a microscope, but the "we found 80 terabytes of CP on his hard drive" thing seems to happen a lot for people the FBI wants to silence. Or maybe people aren't allowed close to power unless they've got dirt on them that can be leveraged when they stop cooperating.


Who cares what Rowling thinks lol?


moooooooooooving the goalpost


Everyone who's for/against this shitty vidya game.


/isg/ truly is a containment thread


/isg/ truly is one of the threads on this garbage heap


Saw this banger


> I believe that in order to keep total control, the bourgeoisie will activate the sleeper agents of cr1tikal, Mudahar and all of the other centrist gaming youtubers to give the okay to normies to feast upon the harry potter license
that's not a dialectic, that's simply a dichotomy
This is dilettantism of the highest order. I strongly recommend actually reading social soyence which is not something I normally do.


Don't care about Russia and Ukraine because Ukraine fucking sucks anyway, but I probably wont get it anyway because I HATED Bioshock. If this is anything like it than I am bound to be disappointed.


>Rage against the war machine
first of all, lame. Wasn't there some hubbub about Rage against the machine being "political"


File: 1675774820617.jpg (131.67 KB, 638x638, smokinstalin.jpg)

>Robert Bagratuni -> Maxim Zatsepin
OMFG, guys Hideo Kojima is making Atomic Hearts!

Ok, but really, liberals are the worst.
>pls report this game for communism


There's nothing I love more than celebrating things that only a few people can do. I love to celebrate. Fuck this dummy trying to tell me I can't be celebrating.


File: 1675776249256.jpg (326.38 KB, 1080x1405, 230207102021.jpg)

It appears they are going to have to tinker a bit more with the AI because it has been played like a fiddle.


File: 1675777004424.png (172.3 KB, 330x458, ClipboardImage.png)

>Labour as sacrifice
Real marginal revolution hours


A lot of 30 somethings+ post on 4 chan cause muh pepe edgy gop


>Hwites getting hyped up again to be WE'RE 3RD PLACE!!!


>Harry Potter


>At least we're above the naggers!
That's all that counts huh? hahahhahahaha.


It's what everyone of every non-black race feels and then mixed people who are part black feel better than "fully" black people.


Well that chat GPT put Aboriginies, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders below Blacks.

But I'm always amused by Whites obsessed with their autism score metric and by their metric they're just average and more populous regions like Asia are smarter than them. Like what is the point of promoting a metric you lose at?



Yout can scream as many paragraphs about it as you want, anon. That doesn't make you right.

You've been screaming about this dead horse on here for years, and it's old. You keep getting proven wrong. The young didn't turn out for the GOP in the elections, they hate the Tories in the UK, and poll after poll shows the under-40s aren't turning conservative. None of the shit you say actually prove what you think it does, it's just jumping to conclusions because right now you want to be right rather than admit you're just wrong and are terminally online.

The world doesn't revolve around your internet filter bubble. You've been shitting up the board with this for two years. Please stop. It's getting old.


No, no they do not, anon. They're just the 30 something that you see.


>Nonsense metric
Lol, i've seen whignats coping with higher asian autism score by saying that they're more """"creative""''" than le soulless bvgman who are incapable of creating deep arts and music or something. Mind you that this is the same people who dismissed african arts and music as uyghur babble. The hypocrisy of these people is astounding


>his scheme

Anon, Thiel's attempts to move the cultural needle by bankrolling culture war shit has manifestly eaten shit over the past several years.

You're not tea-leaf reading some vibe shift that will turn everybody fascist. You're just obsessed with this shit, and you don't want to face up to the indignity of admitting you're way too goddamn online.


What you are seeing here is our national equivalent of Chris Chan in France


uyghas gotta go outside, yesterday


This almost feels like intentional rage bait.


It's JK Rowling that created Harry Pooner not Jebus Christ.


File: 1675785261070.mp4 (281.87 KB, 640x360, ALOU54.mp4)


Rule 1) Most stuff on the internet especially on twitch and youtube are fake


File: 1675786702149.mp4 (1.39 MB, 480x716, de9f_wIJ4xEsOO0F.mp4)

Can i borrow a Thought?



You either die a libertarian or live long enough to become a statist.


It's done.


File: 1675793144104.jfif (73.8 KB, 1199x823, FoQQJE1XoAIdr5G.jfif)

latest redpill just dropped


What is happening in burgerland


File: 1675793614297.jpg (231.1 KB, 1080x2001, 230207150851.jpg)

Interesting schizoid take.


Where is your based AI god now /pol/ack


Regression is accelerating. Flat Earth a couple years ago was a quaint fringe thing. Now Q is part of the ruling ideology, abstractions in general are evil, fairies are real, and the balloons are coming to steal our vital essence.


The more i read thos gpt excerpts the more it shows itself to be the same shit over and over again wrapped in nice corpo-speak

AI is a scam


Why havent right wingers offer nothing to thought outside stupid shit you have to adopt some religion to understand, like the only expemption to this is nozick, but all right wingers end up mixing up catholics ,pagans, hindus and larpers thus making their ideological takes completelly retarded to anyone who see politics as something more than an identity


The "demonic" shit is beginning to become a mainstream meme with the right. Rightoids are seething that Sam Smith made a "demonic witchcraft concert" or some shit.
lmao the king of the culture war made a video on it. to be clear, I like Jimmy Dore's show.


You realized this only after the GPT was made to not say epic Knowyourmeme racist stuff


i eagerly await the day when harry potter gets cancelled because it's about witchcraft and demonic entities like goblins and elves which are ungodly and unchristian
it was already like that 20 years ago and it probably will end up like that again


What an extremely garbage thumbnail.


Because the New Right
Also rightists are just prone to vicious infighting, so it's easier to carve out some micro-identity and squat inside it while attacking anyone outside of it even people with your own politics


had this recommended to me despite me never watching him ever


File: 1675795361191.jfif (113.68 KB, 909x875, Fn9lnXYX0AEjkDG.jfif)

Speaking of demons, how much of this Kermit lore is correct?


File: 1675795870787-0.jpg (247.92 KB, 1080x1192, media_FoAJjRnaQAEoklO.jpg)

File: 1675795870787-1.jpg (418.38 KB, 1079x1650, media_FoAJjngacAEZ-db.jpg)

File: 1675795870787-2.jpg (270.17 KB, 1079x1173, media_FoAJj86aUAEspuJ.jpg)


special guest appearance on second pic


>Reddit liberal attempts to regurgitate information live on camera with awkward laughter and braindead MSM talkingpoints peppered throughout
Why did you make me sit through this


why do people who always love giving life advice the most have lives that are train wrecks ? I wouldn't even really care, its just boomers keep telling me I need to listen to Jordan 12 rules of life to get some direction in my life and take more responsibility


t. coomer


comrade, that's a high octane, high caliber, freshly squeezed WTF?! for me. What a wild story.
Dore is such a culture war baiter, it's insane.


Never thiught I'd actually feel bad for JBP, is she actually trying to kill him or is she just that dumb and sociopathic that she thinks all this was all doing what's best for her father?


>Werner Von Braun and his nazi friends sent the white man into space so that @lolicunnyrapist88 can say math is demonic and space isnt real.


The tankies were right. These people are dangerous to civilized society and we need to trim the metaphorical bush.


>forcefeeding her dad weird drugs she found in Thailand whilst handcuffing him to a radiator in Serbia to get him off of the benzos, after he made her marry some guy she didn't love and keep a child she didn't want to have
tbh I feel more sorry for her, but only in as much as I don't feel sorry for JBP at all because he brought this upon himself.


Of course the tankies were right, they are right on somethings. This being one of them.


PROTIP: Twitter's search engine is actually pretty good, you can find any capped tweet with it, assuming it hasn't been deleted and Musk hasn't fucked up the code.


Turns out his daughter fits the archetype of the "light-devouring female incarnation of chaos" or whatever, about which he warns his followers. Ironic.


File: 1675797858524.gif (4.36 MB, 600x394, hazlongsword.gif)

>pro-stalin business consultant who likes to play with swords
wait a minute, it couldn't be…
Well fuck I'd be disgusted by sex too if I fucked a spawn of JP.



ancap plays cyberpunk 2077


>I am a software engineer


looks surprisingly good


why are programmers like this


Thomas Sankara said "a soldier with no political training is a potential criminal", the same standard should be applied to tech workers, they all need political education


It's a dystopia because people like this think it's a utopia


Starting with a good beating I hope.


File: 1675806786630.jpg (319.28 KB, 1080x1217, 230204122622.jpg)

Reddit never disappoints. It's going to be euphoric when that hellhole finally dies.


How big of a % does tech workers in general constitute of labor unions?
Blame yourself.


>That image


i support both


Vgh what covld have been….


why is youtube videos so filled with arrows to things


To maintain the elusive attention of the zoomer brain.


I can literally take apples and oranges, count each, put them in a bag, and say I added them together. This isn’t abstraction.


The weird thing is that the game is likely pushing a libshit narrative about the dangers of being a “utopian” communist. That’s the way it’s advertised. It’s just the aesthetic of the world and villains that triggers him.


In the socialist bloc the question of political beliefs did not arise.


File: 1675814586318.jpg (71.73 KB, 828x602, glowiesgonnaglow.jpg)

How much do ya think he gets paid to do this?


OK, so what was the balloon really? Does anyone know? I feel like I missed the discussion on this. Did China actually send it or was the whole thing a hoax?


It was a weather balloon that got blown way off course by the wind and floated over Canada and then when it got to America the CIA decided it could serve as a useful propaganda story and kicked the chink hate machine into high gear (the press).


maybe he's getting some of that $500 million yellow peril grant money


lel, thanks.
I figured it was something like that.


File: 1675817197624.png (321.83 KB, 463x597, mcfreely.png)

>that image


File: 1675819687617.png (1014.56 KB, 773x843, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.png)

goooble gaabbba
one of us
one of us
goooble gaabbba
one of us
one of us
goooble gaabbba
one of us
one of us
goooble gaabbba
one of us
one of us


File: 1675820259719.png (1.59 MB, 900x1364, ClipboardImage.png)

>always got picked last for sports
>never invited to parties
>can afford stay at home girlfriend
>think he's hot shit.


>IGN already gave it a 9/10
Did you actually read the review? Like they wanted to give it a bad review but weren't allowed to (it's IGN after all)


File: 1675820693325.webm (6.72 MB, 720x480, VAUSH MOMENT.webm)

Man, I still don't get why burgers got so obsessed with a fucking baloon.


That's what got me about gamergate. What dod they say they're for? Ethics in vidya journalism? It was obvious to me video game mags were bought and paid for since I was a kid in the 00s.


Before I got that deep into 4chan discourse I always thought that game review scores were going to be on the bunk side of things. I just don't get the appeal of posting rotten tomato reviews in order to "own" people they hate or want to bolster what they like. As if I should give a fuck about what a bunch of sub 90 autism score midwits (B-But the memes tell me that only the leftists and liberals are midwits) think about something.


File: 1675821327471.jpg (43.26 KB, 582x586, yyy4ae.jpg)

were those chats with historical personalities made using character.ai or is this a new opportunity to ghostwrite Capital volume 4


>He thinks he would be a successful corpo by being a programmer
Lol no. The game goes to length to point out that even the higher ends of the corporate ladder have been "lumpenized" to the point of murder, sabotage and cavorting with organized crime being the normal way to engage in competition and climb the ladder.

At best, if he had been already born with privilege to match his ego, he'd be ridden with low quality, hazardous, aftermarket implants and drugged out of his mind to get a nerd edge on the guy in the next office because he's too much of a pussy to crime away his competition. And then he'd be finding an early grave from overwork, poverty, sickness or cyberpsychosis. Assuming the extreme crime rate, or another ambitious worker doesn't get him first.

And if he happens to identify with the MC's criminal career… Mr epic programmer would be some gangster's bottom bitch whiz kid until said gangster could afford a proper netrunner AKA someone with skills and inclinations beyond sitting in front of a computer screen, and then he'd be disappeared in some grim, yet common way.


File: 1675822085458.jpg (19.45 KB, 474x266, critic.jpg)

We had a cartoon in the 90s making fun of that but we were NPC sheeple if we didn't join their circus in 2014.


Cybernetic socialism instills fear in the heart of the reactionary


uyghas learn how to do for loops in python and get cocky



File: 1675825096662.jpg (68.73 KB, 567x727, FnsXRDyaEAEuQeB.jpg)

>I made a for loop that is eternal and will crash your machine. But at the end of the day, you need a human to stop it, lest you destroy all your progress


File: 1675825814611.jpg (55.59 KB, 637x544, abf.jpg)

I quit observing stupidpol and redscare look at where they are now, growing
Yet even then I cannot muster the will to monitor the vibes of 4chan, it is just too dull to me now. The noise is a racket in my head. I the blackpilled schizo anon cannot fight this battle anymore. All I can do now is shitpost on leftypol. I knelt.(Redscareschizo, welcome to the #Resistance)


File: 1675826570997.gif (105.23 KB, 511x512, clown.gif)

>The LGBT+ community has a new ally in the European Parliament. Forza Italia MEP Alessandra ᴉuᴉlossnW has rejected the EU pass document, a kind of passport for Brussels MPs, to escape the dual election that embarrasses people who don’t identify with their gender at birth on a daily basis. In fact, the request to indicate the gender of the person on the form for issuing an EU pass was infuriating the MEP.
>“I took the fingerprints, the photo of the face was digitized, and then I was asked to cross out a man or a woman,” ᴉuᴉlossnW said. The parliamentarian therefore refused to pass one of the two boxes. Instead, the MP said, “Don’t ask me my gender because I won’t tell you.”


Love that Europeans are just doing American hog shit now




File: 1675827951369.jpg (47.13 KB, 1080x506, trumptheleftist.jpg)

Bernie Bros will deny this…


I’m fine doing detournement in instances like this and telling them they don’t go far enough. They should label all of the bourgeoise as satanic pedophiles.


This singlehandedly saves the Aryan Race


do people just not remember the 2017-18 tax cuts that he gave to corporations? It was a big thing and shit.



Leave out the racism and this is basically true. Plato destroyed western civilization with his insertion of Pythagorian number mysticism into philosophy.
Capitalism is the ultimate triumph of math, all that exists is reduced to mere number - exchange value.
The commodity form is the abstraction of all the particular things, in their infinite variety, away from their uniqueness to only what can be calculated. This will not be happening under communism.
Abstraction, math, universal terms, etc. are useful tools for some tasks, but very very dangerous. Very easy to fall into the trap of thinking their abstraction is reality.


Jesus the fail of leftypol's philosophers.
No, interpreting math as magic is not why the descendents of Greece and Rome fell. That's a particularly modern stupidity. The Greeks had a different issue with math - they were hesitant to work with things like variables, because they were new and they didn't like them.

In normal person world, a commodity is something you pay money for, and money is a tool. There's nothing magical or fetishistic about it. People are not actually fooled by money or believe the fucktarded stories ideologues say about it. Money has always been used as a way to attain what you want, with the recognition that money only has value because there is an acceptance that this currency does mean anything in the first place. The moment you can't trade in gold any more, all of those gold coins and bars were hoarded by states and didn't mean anything, because the ruling system didn't let you trade in gold and couldn't do what it did if the gold standard were in place.
There is a whole area of operations research where someone actually thinks about what is done when managing a firm and industrial process. The capitalist isn't expecting products to appear by magic, unless they're really shit at their job. Every capitalist worth a damn thinks about what their money is doing, whether they are in production or they are purely using money as financial and political leverage. This cargo cult thinking you allude to is a very modern thing, and it came about from a bunch of shithead philosophers in the 20th century who decided they would just brazenly lie about everything and insult everyone's intelligence until the people are cowed into submission. Many decades ago, people who knew a single fucking thing about finance said it was a cargo cult and no one would do neoliberalism unless they wanted to destroy capitalism as a workable arrangement. That is what has been done, and the neoliberals will tell you their intent is to "make the economy scream" and starve out their enemies, i.e. everyone who isn't filthy rich and/or fascist.
No one who thought about communism seriously thinks the way you do. Communism was not an ideological proposition in stark opposition to all the world, that would be imposed on the world by diktat. The communists didn't see what they were doing as mystical at all, nor did they see the capitalists as mystics. I do think communists didn't think the leaders of the capitalist world weren't this stupid and evil, but they are and so here we are.

The objections to the price system are not unique to Marx, but had been a running theme since capitalism began. Ordinary people didn't need to be told that the commodity wasn't magical, because their lived experience was that free trade was a bunch of shit and a scam that made them poorer. Ideological capitalism only exists because fascists decided they were going to go to war with humanity, and that has been its entire content.


>In normal person world, a commodity is something you pay money for, and money is a tool. There's nothing magical or fetishistic about it
Holy shit, read Capital. I don't even know what to say lmao


>math is demonic posted from iphone


File: 1675833292389.png (7.12 MB, 2048x2732, ClipboardImage.png)

>People are not actually fooled by money or believe the fucktarded stories ideologues say about it. Money has always been used as a way to attain what you want, with the recognition that money only has value because there is an acceptance that this currency does mean anything in the first place.
Explain cookie clicker.


File: 1675833556505.jpg (295.55 KB, 720x903, 20230208_001826.jpg)



I fucking read economics, retard.
Read Adam Smith and literally everything Marx is responding to before you open your dumbass mouth and try this mystification of the commodity. "Commodity fetishism" is not about some spooky action where capital is mystified and people actually believe it. He's saying, in so many words, "hey, readers, look at this, this is fucking dumb yet we're made to do this because of the moral incentives at work". Capital is Marx saying political economy is a pseudoscience, not that capitalism was created by clever schemes and the natural order was disturbed by the evul liberals. If you actually fucking knew anything you would understand that. Political economy was always on shaky ground from its inception, but everyone was aware that it was never a science. What Marx is saying is that if you did look at the production and distribution process - the "laws of motion" of capitalism - the entire setup is so ridiculous that no one should sacrifice their life for something so ruinous, and that eventually this setup is designed to fuck a sector of the petty bourgeois Marx is writing to.

I know it's a waste of time trying to explain this to a troll, but there you go. If you actually fucking studied shit instead of jumping to conclusions from a bad reading of Marx, you would not support such stupid shit. Shit like that is why no one believes you. Too many fucking dumb college kids joined a Marx club and got derailed with stupid bastardizations of anything Marx was writing about.

I should also tell you that from the outset, political economists were aware that capitalism fucked over a lot of people. None of the liberals were envisioning a "perfect system". That has always been a reactionary and fascist trope, which is why the Austrian School picked it up - because they're fascists and want a return to serfdom. That's always been the Kraut plan for the world.


>I fucking read economics
Massive L
I've read political economy (including Adam Smith), which isn't a waste of time as economics is
>Capital is Marx saying political economy is a pseudoscience, not that capitalism was created by clever schemes and the natural order was disturbed by the evul liberals
When did I ever say anything like that at all? You're arguing against a complete strawman lol


If you actually comprehended what you read, you wouldn't trade in this "capitalism is like spooky man!" retardation. It is so obvious that most political economists didn't have to spell this out, but retards today believe in magical thinking, or at least they sell such a brazen lie to justify their open theft and plunder. If anyone tried in the 19th century what the neoliberals did to just completely destroy the world, they would be facing a mob with pitchforks howling for blood. Back then, there were people still willing to tear the oligarchs to shreds. Everyone became such pussies and now they are afraid to even name their enemies. That's how far we have sunk.


Apparently tax cuts on the top 1 percent and higher taxes on the poor is socialism now. According to PatSocs that is.


You would think engineers know maths but this post alone proves different. Also the wealth gap is at its greatest today so what in the fuck is he talking about? He's bitching about taxes and could get fired any day now.


Someone on that thread should send him this. His copium would reject any possibility that he would be discarded like trash and probably end up murdered for being a little pussy.


I thought the left is soy and bluepilled though? Does that mean Bernie is based and redpilled now


The film Idiocracy wasn't a fictional alternate reality but our real world only more toned down.


This isn't stupidity it is just attention seeking behavior.
nobody actually thinks like this.


I finally reached nirvana internet hot takes are just a form of branding.
I fall for the branding every time i engage with it.
I always thought that "GrillPilling" and "Getting of the internet" and "Touch Grass" was just cope because there is some real heavy money being flushed down into the internet through botspam but i just can't help but say "Fuck what is the point I don't even give a shit if the zoomers turn right wing, because at the very least I'll get to feel edgy again for being left-wing now"


Basically just Deutsche Physik on steroids. Because that worked out so well last time.
Guess I don't need to fear neo-Nazis because their movement seems totally doomed from the start.


Individual internet """""""activism""""""" is entirely useless and is like peeing in an ocean of piss. I have a piss fetish, so it kinda works out at the end. Don't stress yourself about what retards are doing online. It really doesn't matter and there's nothing you can do about it. That is, unless you want to get wet 😩💦


File: 1675845948264.jpeg (53.37 KB, 680x325, FeTuquLXEAATS0b.jpeg)


File: 1675856998649.jpg (151.44 KB, 1142x858, 20230208_084810.jpg)

Phil Greaves got unbanned


good to see leninhat's back. shame he's become an unironic haz-ite lately


> Harry Potter Hogwart's Legacy is the measure of all things political
“Humans vs Orcs” tier post


File: 1675869213736.jpg (151.28 KB, 720x960, 234211234124.jpg)


Most software engineer (including myself) aren't real engineers though. And he works ate MAANG at 100k/yr so he is most definitely a soydev.


File: 1675874811454.jpg (69.15 KB, 850x1360, 61vLZVkakNL.jpg)

Oh my fucking god read pic related and shut up


I mean it basically will be used as a wedge in order to effectively /v/-ify discourse as a whole. If you don't like what someone says then you can just call them a transsexual or some other shit and shut down conversations and criticism. That is basically what the bourgousie get out of it. Not just pushing it's pro-slavery agenda (Which might be useful) But rather to create an atmosphere where if you don't like the pop things that means you're a troon or some shit.
Like even reddit is becoming more and more like /v/ every day (Or is it the other way around idk)


File: 1675876484237.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1429, ClipboardImage.png)

forgot image:


I definitely think there's potential in software engineers. Open source is commie in principle, there's a general disregard of intellectual property rights and the work is incredibly alienating, toggling buttons in highly advanced ways in diverse industries.


Of course, I find that internet artists are actually typically extremely reactionary especially the most popular ones.


Like who?


This video is top tier cope


File: 1675881450812.png (390.89 KB, 742x1167, ztard dating advice.png)

get ratioed inZels


File: 1675884962146.png (1.18 MB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

Roblox Will Allow Swearing, Dating, Alcohol Use, Gambling
Roblox will soon be allowing experiences that include mature content like profanity and gambling simulation, according to a new report.


all that money from literal child labor wasnt enough?


It's funny how you can trace back so many shitty aspects of the internet back to /v/, like it was /pol/ before /pol/.


Why do so many men want their partners to cook for them? This lifestyle is only useful in the past where most men worked in field or manufacturing jobs involving heavy labour, which leave 0 time and energy for cooking or doing anything really.
Now, with increasing amount of free time in our hands and marginally better working conditions in the first world, men could and should learn to cook for ourselves. Don't trust other people, much less a w*man, to feed you on a daily basis.


>temporarily occupied Crimea


because i cant cook for shit and i know my lady wont eat microwaved broccoli, instant rise and sous vide chicken breast


a weird moment in an internet that is getting more sterile


instant *rice lol


I spent at least 1.5 hours a day cooking, only enjoyable, non alienating part of my life


pretty much a COD propaganda, because you must submit to the US regime.


Why do /v/irgins hate transhumanists so much anyhow? Aren't gaymers unironically the segment of male demographics with the highest concentration of estrogen in their body?? They are also very online, and is often represented by a toxic but very vocal minority usually of petit-bourgeoisie status that routinely harasses people that doesn't belong to their identity group. From all logic gamers and trans people should've been allies from day one


Children that call themselves adults, want to mothered over and can't take care of themselves like adults should.


Yeah same. Cooking has been absolutely beneficial to my life as it gives me the impression that i'm under control of my own labour and life, as superficial as that might be. I get the reactionary nostalgia for having a traditional families with clearly defined roles, even though i think its retarded, but all you uyghas who don't cook are missing something beautiful in life


>Why do /leftypol/s hate anarchists so much anyhow? Aren't Tankies unironically the segment of leftist demographics with the highest concentration of moralfaggotry in their body?? They are also very online, and is often represented by a toxic but very vocal minority usually of petit-bourgeoisie status that routinely harasses people that doesn't belong to their identity group. From all logic tankies and anarchokiddies people should've been allies from day one


how did you learn to cook? i feel like i fail the minute i step foot into a supermarket, i end up buying a bunch of frozen shit and/or simple meals i know i wont fuck up


The video's fine but man Roman adds almost nothing with his commentary. I kept up for a bit but at some point, I just got bored with how he didn't have anything interesting to say.

He just wants to be an influencer, he's uber pissed he can't be first-world bougie in his home country.


>You are over the daily limit for sending Tweets.
It's ogre.


You can still send tweets by scheduling it a few minutes into the future.


Before he started shitposting about the wealth gap he was getting close to a point. A lot of these "dystopias" actually give individuals far greater freedom than our current world does.


And by "our current world" I am talking exclusively about "the United States" which is a very repressive and unfree place compared to, for example, modern China.


But I haven't tweeted anywhere near the daily limit. It's yet another fucking bug, because that apartheid cretin apparently has never heard of deploying changes to a private, closed instance before doing it to the main application.


Based, Elon finally does something good


Except the dipshits who buy the checkmark are exempt from it, so it's even worse than applying limits to everyone.


Scratch that. It's probably not a bug, it's a "bug" because they just rolled out 4000-character tweet to the paid checkmark brigade.


A necessary sacrifice. Elon is securing their capital so that the worst people in existence can be locked into a site where they yell only at each other.


Twitter is fixed now.


Cooking together > Having someone cook for you > Cooking alone


Is he stilled banned here?


Corretion: they yell into a globe-sized microphone at each other. Combine that with the fucking white supremaciosts he has been pardoning, and you have literal nazis setting the discourse.


Yeah… I know. But it's fun to pretend, and hopefully his decisions will lead to a Twitter death spiral.


paid checkmarks will get ad revenue if you even so much as visit their tweets

do not reply to paid checkmarks
do not fav paid checkmarks
do not retweet to paid checkmarks
ignore paid checkmarks completely


File: 1675897922541.jpg (69.34 KB, 1200x675, chaosses.jpg)

Is that the blue ones or the gold ones?


better yet just fucking don't go on twitter


no fucking way, this is a new low even for the attention economy


lmao, These uyghas payed of twitter, a free website

twitter is the youtube coments without the videos lmao.


We're going to get even worse bait tweets now.


In definitely gonna milk this, if I could make a Twitter astroturfing the right I could make money off of right wing Twitter. If anything I appreciate retard rightists for making it easy to rob people of their money for the regular joe. I encourage some of you who aren't as bothered by ethics or principle. I'm poor and I'll try to make as much money as I can by whatever means are at my disposal.


Are there any estimatives for how much Twitter was worth back when Musk made that absurd offer?


Buying twitter cost 44 billions, in december twitter was worth 22, and in the last week of january it cost only 15.
So basically Musk's 29 billions that he paid personally vanished.


let's be real people want to be racist bigoted assholes in the west. The SJWs have been so "Cringe" (With help from alphabet soup of course) To people that we are backsliding to slavery apologia, the oppression of the english isles and the continued subjection of the scottish and welsh


he offered twice its estimated worth, which made the purchase inevitable no matter what.


File: 1675898666223.png (81.06 KB, 805x680, ClipboardImage.png)

I still consider it to have the same value as 4chan, which is much less than what Musk paid for.


> in december twitter was worth 22, and in the last week of january it cost only 15
link pls, how do you even estimate it now that it's no longer a public stock

was it 22 by the time he made the offer?


File: 1675898917287.png (673.37 KB, 828x1033, ClipboardImage.png)


good for him


yes, the other guy is correct, it was 22 billlion, no source but i think it's common knowledge due to the nature of the trial


So the only explanation possible is that he did it for publicity and expected to back out of it easily, right?


>cringe babby tier
having someone else cook for you
>too busy tier
microwave meals
fast food
>good tier
cooking your own meal (satisfying)
>great tier
cooking with partner/friends/family
>god tier
cookouts with the community


that seems most likely, but it's also possible he was just incredibly buttmad and prepared to pay any price


I wonder why this became such a big thing in the last couple of years. People act like is a murder or some EPIC OWN. Like, who cares if a bunch of people liked or replied to a post? Is some kind of social thing? Like the asian concept of "losing face"? Maybe something about the increasing "numberfication" of everything on the internet. I think the dude in the screenshot is stupid just to make myself clear.


My parents taught me
>i feel like i fail the minute i step foot into a supermarket
Do some research and figure out what youre willing to eat thats healthy first, then go to store and buy those things.
>frozen shit
I know you mean tv dinners etc but theres nothing wrong with buying frozen, its generally cheaper and can actually be more nutritious. If not for frozen seafood I would eat very little of it


>>god tier
>cookouts with the community
Funny you say this, one of the best meals I ever had was from a community kitchen run by some scrappy looking anarchists.


who knows, there was a rumor that musk was trying to cash out some tesla stock without triggering too many sell signals and he thought he could back out of the deal once his money was liquid, but it could very well be that he's just that petty a guy.


people act like anything rich assholes do must be some 500 autism score move when in fact theyre stupid and blinded by their own status


tbh the cash out scheme is also pretty fucking stupid, that's the issue here really.


Musk has gotten away with insane stock manipulation in the past so TBH it's no surprise he started to believe his own bullshit


File: 1675904933162.png (141.68 KB, 788x388, Fod36-sWIAEIykZ.png)

Twitter changed its rules so they wouldn't have to moderate Trump's bullshit: https://nitter.kavin.rocks/Acyn/status/1623359622244446217

Incidentally, I recall that those Facebook leaks revealed the same thing. Moderation always made exceptions for famous or powerful people, surprising no one.

Also Trump tried to get this specific tweet deleted lmao


Is there any place where all of his bullshit is listed? Something like ED for celebrities would be useful.


>ED for celebrities
this is what ED should ve been from day 1 tbh


Tabloids already exist


tabloids are run by rich people though


Sorry fam, all you get is a doxing panopticon for the people by the people.


File: 1675906692418.jpg (218.74 KB, 1080x582, 1675890916914902.jpg)


Facts don't matter only "I get to be a wizard and own the transhumanists" matters.
People will say the game is great regardless just because they want to give the right a culture war win. That's literally it. Normies feel slighted against the twitter transsexuals and now we are all going to suffer for it.


You are mistaken, whoever you think is leninhat, that is actually a pretender


The fact that he has to shut down the comments is the cherry on top of this pile of impotent Ukrop cope.


Ben Norton seems to be the only one covering this so far.


Someone clearly never had an overbearing mother who doesn’t want you in her kitchen cramping her style.


I keep saying Musk is forcing a bourgeois revolution on Twitter…


File: 1675910925649.png (15.41 KB, 516x158, moot.png)


File: 1675911740028.jpg (264.45 KB, 1080x1041, Haz schizo.jpg)

What did he mean by this?


File: 1675911796094.png (518.53 KB, 1143x925, lukaonlolcows.png)

The man is a walking shitpost at this point.


maybe he transitioned after he got fired from google for being a useless mooch


I'm a 100% Titoist. That is, I believe in the quadruple T's: Tito, Toto, Tati, and Tutu.


>no t.A.T.u.


mooching off corporations is good though


i call him a mooch with profound admiration, you could say i'm jealous.


This guy is such a dork.


>MSM is lying about fediverse
>IGN Hogwarts review giving glowing reviews
Do you think this will shake up lib's undying faith in mainstream media outlets?


when has anybody trusted IGN lol



well /v/ does now


RESOLUTELY REJECT that SWINE MALTHUS, UNRELENTINGLY UPHOLD the widely acclaimed speaker, writer, journalist, and political analyst Caleb Maupin THOUGHT!!!

Unique IPs: 187

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