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File: 1620340778694.jpeg (74.08 KB, 913x900, E0uXnNVWUAEkYvU.jpeg)

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>Pedro Castillo and Verónika Mendoza signed a joint declaration on Wednesday sealing Mendoza's support for Castillo going into the Presidential runoff election. They also agree to work together in order to "achieve a government of the people."

The left in Peru is uniting behind a Marxist candidate who is on the verge of BTFOing the Fujimoris, neoliberals all around the world seething about his friendship with Morales & Maduro.

Can we show this based Incan some love?


Doesn't Mendoza also emphasize feminism and LGBTQ rights? While the glowies were trying to make Castillo out to be a Nazbol? Sounds like BTFO




It's pretty amazing how they pre-emptively activated the propaganda machine and already called him every name in the book, a NazBol, a rightist, a chauvinist, and ethnic nationalist (what the fuck?), and none of it stick and was quickly debunked by a bunch of Twitterinos.

Gusanos again have no leg to stand on.


File: 1620343302963.png (1.63 MB, 1232x3684, CIA meme.png)


>Pedro Castillo and Verónika Mendoza signed a joint declaration on Wednesday sealing Mendoza's support for Castillo going into the Presidential runoff election. They also agree to work together in order to "achieve a government of the people."


So, the defeat of Fujimori is imminent, right?


Don't get cocky. Everyone thought Andres Arauz was going to win in Ecuador, but the neoliberal guy still won anyways.


bro this pic is yuge



revive the old thread instead of making new


File: 1620345116040.png (323.26 KB, 516x295, xd3.png)

No, let the other die and/or serve as archive
Never be overconfident. The right wing is using every card in the book to bring him downaccelerationAcceleration


She will win for a few % points.
Funny shit will follow in Congress afterwards.sandinistaSandinista





Peter castle peru libre party has several corruption cases opened, bewareallendeAllende


File: 1620346575124.mp4 (15.35 MB, 1280x720, El ritmo del chino.mp4)

And the other one is Fujimori, something else?accelerationAcceleration


fucking based lesss gooo


File: 1620374626337-0.png (344.35 KB, 798x746, 583405803495890345.png)

File: 1620374626337-1.png (94.79 KB, 509x588, 534958340958430.png)

File: 1620374626337-2.jpeg (158.44 KB, 800x533, x950.jpeg)

Here's how porkies in Gringoland are covering Pedro. They're freaking out. Also including a picture of me.


File: 1620375153326.mp4 (22.1 MB, 1280x540, pedro_castillo.mp4)


>We're the voice of the people
>And we're not terrorists
21st century politics is absurdly cursed.


File: 1620375775448.png (565.5 KB, 667x464, 5834059834095804.png)

I liked the phrase in the WSJ article about a "violent national teacher's union strike." Make sure to add "violent" to frighten the reader. What did they do? Beat some cops over the head with those giant pencils? Throw chalk at them?


>Peter castle


I know you guys are hyped but there is still one month till the second round


The burger propaganda somehow makes them seem even more based than they probably are actually.


Not unless they tried the same shit with Ecuador by paying billions to interfere again. They’ll certainly do it.


What do you guys think Castillo could reasonably accomplish if elected? It's one thing to talk big game, but another to actually go through with it. He'd probably have some pretty formidable opposition.


Finally some Left fucking Unity.


All the people asking “where will the next war be” … well…


>Can we show this based Incan some love?
No you fucking dumbass
http://www.revolucionobrera.com/antielectoral/el-partido-comunista-y-el-parlamentarismo/sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Fuck off with your maofag dogmato-revisionist bullshit.


Cope, Evo and Maduro just found a new buddy to suck China's dick with and sell people's lives to.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso




Ultra LARP
Begone, no one in Peru likes the PCP, you're white


File: 1620422145795.jpg (42.86 KB, 514x536, glow levels.jpg)

sendero, you're being autistic


Bruh, how have I never noticed the official CIA seal eagle looks like some mspaint shit?


it looks like its got jaundice while on opioids
i bet you could draw a better logo for em


I'm not white, it's always white people calling me white online. I have nothing against white communists but I have everything against white "communists" who uphold comprador traitors that misdirect the just struggles of our people into the hands of Chinese imperialism. Them being white has little to do with it though.
And there's lots of Maoist organizations all over Latin America.
The only glowie here is the one sowing racial division in the name of imperialism.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


File: 1620422854706.gif (2.59 MB, 800x450, pepe-dancing.gif)

>Pedro Castillo and Verónika Mendoza signed a joint declaration on Wednesday sealing Mendoza's support for Castillo going into the Presidential runoff election. They also agree to work together in order to "achieve a government of the people."
I will be sooooo happy if they win.
Ugh, what a moron.


Take a look at your own post you opportunist child lolsendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


>The only glowie here is the one sowing racial division in the name of imperialism.
calm the fuck down immediately, comrade
i called >230149 a glowie not you but you're being fucking autisticndfpNDFP


>Social democracy is good when brown people do itsendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


File: 1620423103047.png (148.5 KB, 514x496, 1620423099419.png)

Ok good just making suresendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso



File: 1620423177625.png (117.08 KB, 248x334, 5049859034850934.png)

I've noticed a pattern of weird, sexualized language from these Gonzaloites. It's very strange.


i hope youve considered that youre also making m-l-ms look bad with your retarded behaviorndfpNDFP


File: 1620423276449.png (217.08 KB, 487x492, 1620423251237.png)

It's a… common phrase in my country (in Spanish) but I get your criticism, notedsendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


>opportunist child
>he's happy that a Fujimori wins.
You are not a smart type, aren't you?


Lesser evil Bidenist spottedsendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


No surprise the Sisonite is more concerned about optics than the chickenshit lines shared on here.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Just change the flag to any moronic flag that automatically assumes China is bad.
But hey, you are a free-spirited person who hasn't been propagandized against China.


Ah, yes the guy who has a super power country without 0 revisionist theories is here proposing not to do deals with China, because you know, there's plenty of options to pick, and surely no superpower will overthrow your government in a blink.


Is your brain incapable of any critical thinking past "bad country hate other country so other country good"?sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


You can cooperate with non-socialist countries without opening up to their capital. It's like people completely forget how socialism worked before Khrushchev and Deng.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Is yours capable of weighing the history of South America under U.S. hegemony in the 20th century vs. the non-existential recorded threat of China?
I bet yours can't grasp, here, take factual information>


>You can cooperate with non-socialist countries without opening up to their capital.
Ah, yes, surely it was possible because China by the time had bazillion of powerful armies to withstand the unchallagend hegemony of the western empire + the decaying of the USSR providing 0 help to your point + the Sino-Soviet split.
Bring your powerful socialist nation-state with o reformism!


a left wing regime would be better for communists all around than a right wing one and if you read your lenin youd understand this
>muh optics
>acting like a fucking retard has no consequence to how the ideology and movement I represent looks
do you want a fucking fight comrade
do you need sense pounded in you to understand wtf im saying


>Is yours capable of weighing the history of South America under U.S. hegemony in the 20th century vs. the non-existential recorded threat of China?
Just because China's imperialism is less aggressive than America's (due to their history and current political position rendering it unnecessary) doesn't mean our people don't suffer by selling what we have to Chinese capital. Jfc
Their economy was growing faster during the Cultural Revolution than during Deng's reforms for around a decade. Read Rethinking Socialism or From Socialism to Defeat by Pao-yu Ching.
Except Castillo isn't left-wing dumbass. Also I'm not saying acting like an idiot is excusable but there were better things to criticise yet the Sisonite chose to go after the oh so evil Gonzaloite instead because of optics and "we're different!"sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


>Just because China's imperialism
Stop reading that, lmao
Keep eating propaganda, your thought is condemned to be fade in history.


Everything is propaganda… as communists we should read and analyze communist propaganda…
Where you mess up most is in thinking everyone critical of China has the same agenda.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Well, do one simple thing as I did: Bring me a list, as I did in for the U.S. intervention in Latinamerica, where you show regime changes done by China here in Latinamerica. Or better, in Asia.
Do it, fagget.


Imperialism isn't only regime change. I can show you how China is imperialist thoughz per Lenin's definition ;)sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Please do


File: 1620425296597.jpg (119.63 KB, 900x600, E0zR3suXEAMNwtN.jpg)


>The Peruvian youth must stop associating the hammer and sickle with terrorism, it is a symbol that unifies the proletariat of the factory and the countryside. This will be achieved with an educational, patriotic and combative revolution to create class consciousness in our children.


Name the list of impoverished countries by China, do eet fagget. Name the resources they can't export and have to buy to China instead, tell me the number of companies that went to bankruptcy because China forced them, by violent military cohercion, to go bankrupt, name the list of banks that blocks transactions if you don't act as the Chinese governments do.



On Chinese revisionism as a whole http://cipoml.net/en/?p=234
Please stop judging something by its worst possible outcome. Imperialism with a human face is still imperialism.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


>muh sisonite
im the (((sisonite))), that is, a m-l-m
as in im flipping the bird at you faggot
what the fuck is left-wing to you, sendero?
hes prolly not left-wing to either of us but no one is


and dont get me wrong, your takes are very much based, thats not the problem here either before you start charging another autism beam at me


Europeans wanted to conquer and settle and enslave, extracting wealth and resources all along the way. The Chinese did not. Whenever modern westerners assume that China or any other non-western nation state will engage in western-style imperialism in the absence of American or western hegemony, they are engaging in settler colonial thinking.


File: 1620425817261.jpg (42.62 KB, 750x400, 1620425808693.jpg)

>>14699sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Learn what imperialism is before getting back to me.
Tip: it's not colonialismsendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


>Please stop judging something by its worst possible outcome. Imperialism with a human face is still imperialism.
Do you know why this posture is happening?
Do you know why?
Because fucking China is a better lender.
Your "worst possible outcome" is changing due China policies, wtf an imperial power would care to change things that are wrong? lmao since when the Portuguese cared about Indians if Spaniards were slaving them whenever they lost a territory?
What would care the British empire what ethnics infight inside India if they killed between them (as long their internal interest aren't affected) lmao?
>still don't bring a list
I will stop replying until you actually bring material to debate.


Reminder that the chinese hammer and sickle is fucking ugly bruh.


These whataboutisms lol
Idc if they're the "better lender" they're still imperialist and should be combatted by communists everywhere (and they are but opportunists only listen to "minority voices" when it benefits them and call everyone who disagrees white).sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


It's not a fucking "whataboutism" you sicko
>Regime change in China is not only possible, it is imperative
Your brain is rotted, and as your brain is rotted, I hope you rot, too. Piece of shit, name one single time China journalists and think tanks openly ask for a regime change is somewhere.
Piece of shit troll.


File: 1620426383481.gif (1.06 MB, 498x278, 1620426379260.gif)

Thank you /leftypol/ poster your critical support to Xi Jinping is saving China, what would they do without their ML revisionist online armysendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Sure, bro. Your revolution is about to come, better be going instead of doing such wonderful work here, bro.
Surely your revolution will be 0 revisionist bro, and will bring your country to the prosperity you dream, and will kill the U.S. hegemony, bro, all alone, bro.
Here, have your badge, bro.


fuck off neo-trotskyst.
I have the feeling that a gonzaloite comeback would be the perfect tool for glowies to destabilize actual leftist governments like Venezuela, Bolivia and especially, an eventual Castillo's Peru. It's completely consistent with their dogmatic line to declare war on what they call "revisionist" before doing so to right-wingers.


<Second, in February, 2020, as the coronavirus broke upon China, one of the country’s leading scholars of constitutional law, Xu Zhangrun, published a long essay in which he asserted that China’s current polity suffers from “systemic impotence” and concluded that the only way for the country to flourish is “to pursue a politics that embraces constitutional democracy and fosters a true people’s republic.”
How can anyone side with that position in 2021? We have seen how crappy the response in Europe and the US is, despite having more time to react. That article also links to another piece that uses the Christian extremist Adrian Zenz as a source.


<Moreover, the party’s increasingly coercive behavior over the last few years, its horrifying crimes against its Uyghur population, and its utterly irresponsible conduct at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrate how fundamentally the regime’s concept of self-interest diverges from anything acceptable to the United States and other liberal democracies.
This reads like gaslighting by a psycho ex-boyfriend who increasingly believes his own lies, which just a few words switched out.

Sage for offtopic.


File: 1620440445366-0.png (593.49 KB, 542x792, guerro.png)

File: 1620440445366-1.jpg (37.66 KB, 544x680, E0AClrQXEAIwNtl.jpg)

>Umm yikes
I really hope Castillo win so I can laugh at these gringos


Why though? Did you forget to take yo meds today?


fyi Xu Zhangrun got fired from his job and placed under house arrest.


Keep seething, Gonzalo and his little LARP only served to make Peru more reactionary, his leadership was garbage and not in line with a PPW at all, the only people who unironically uncritically simp for the PCP are always white kids abroad, no one here likes them lmao


What have the Chinese done to fuck over LatAm? Oh that's right, mostly nothing, they've largely kept to themselves and undone all of the Mao administration's work. Again, the PCP did jack shit, you only prove your whiteness through your penis envy of Gonzalo because you chauvinistically cast aside the actual opinions of the Peruvian masses


For the record, Maoists are very much based, just not the Gonzalo cucks


im sure they had some degree of popular support at the time to last as long as they did, and every failed revolution tends to end in a period of deep reactionary backlash thats not an argument against them.

idk much about the PCP and i wont pretend to but it is true that every gonzaloite ive seen writing on blogs or social media has been some kind of deranged westerner


It certainly is an argument against them. You'll see a constant conflation of Stalin with the likes of Gonzalo. This is a false equivalence, because Stalin has got 70%+ approval in Russia despite the USSR having died well over 3 decades ago and him getting smeared by Khrushchev to an extent. They had some very small support that was squandered by their behavior. How you manage to turn people who had peasant militias, already lived communally in an agrarian setting, and were generally antagonistic against the Peruvian state to begin with into people as reactionary as your average Pole or American is beyond me


*defending USSR/Stalin's leadership with that of PCP controlled land and Gonzalo's leadership



Looks pretty close


From what I've read the battle for the "middle class" vote keeps going.
The bottom will vote for castillo, and the top for keiko.


File: 1620445589068.mp4 (10.19 MB, 352x240, 1608526902242.mp4)

Will the Maoists finally reconcile? Will Antauro and the nazbol gang go free? When will Walter Humala be appointed supreme leader?


Oh right
And that account is fake probably some troll with inspiration that created the "official" then "unofficial" account after the second round


I don't hink that's possible
If Castillo wins probably
No lol


dont gonzalo and movadef have some sort of relationship with castillo, baby boiler?


No slander


Lol, repeating Fujimori's propaganda.


Not actually baby boilers, do stop the shootups of other communist groups like from the nonmilitant groups and the Cuban groups.


File: 1620457768323.png (720.67 KB, 2100x1546, peter castles.png)

This reminds me of the one time I was running for president of peru


Oh yeah, that was my favorite Family Guy episodeegoismEgoism



The recent purges of liberals is something to be celebrated.


new soyjack just dropped


Bros hold me… Castillo is starting to lose..


no… this can't be happening…


Of course, the senderolarper is not serious in his trolling. We rarely have sendero visits, and all of the sudden because a Marxist Peruvian candidate has huge chances they appear out of nowhere repeatedly. The only way they gain some sort of relevance is through their reactionary bullshit.
Imagine the level of psychosis to sperg a communist candidate above the one that actually has a father who killed communists.


Reminder that these ultra guerilla LARP folks were ever so eager to telegraph their opposition to the MAS in Bolivia but then quieted when the actual coup occurred.


kek today the porky candidate (Aliaga) organized this 'protest' against castillo and was recorded shouting DEATH TO COMMUNISM, DEATH TO CASTILLO.
Lmao the right isn't even hiding it anymore


If Castillo goes full Stalin on those rightoid faggots that has the potential to be the most glorious shit to have happened in the whole shitfest that has been the 2016-2021 era. It would definitely be the biggest victory for socialism in the 21st century by far. I just hope that he also receives protection from other countries, China would be the best guess. Guarantee he doesn't get fucked by imperialists.


Oh shit, tomorrow the IEP poll is published and looks like Keiko is getting closer
IEP is a socdem institute that now does polls to, so shit, it's not just the fujimori's narrative


File: 1620594583429-0.jpg (164.54 KB, 538x1317, expropiated.jpg)

File: 1620594583429-1.jpg (137.94 KB, 538x1171, expropiated2.jpg)

Well, looks like Castillo has signed the pledge to mantain freedom of speech, democracy, human rights and other freedoms.
To some centrists the first pledge signed after the joint with New Peru wasn't enough.

Also, the IEP poll if you read a poll you should check the number of blank, null and other voters unlike the America elige posted on top
>36.2% Pedro Castillo
<30% Keiko Fuijmori
-21.3% Blank or null
-8.6% Undecided
Done by telephone calls between May 3-6th



video of porky shouting death threats lol


To the anons, keep in mind that a large portion of the poorer regions don't have fucking cable lmao, so this is most likely polling people in the city



love it how Peruvians have nicknamed one of their main rightoid politicians PorkypiratePirate


he's pro-peace process and not murdering all two remaining Maoists right
Is that not why he's been seen with them


File: 1620610510878.png (63.66 KB, 544x680, ClipboardImage.png)


Bros this ain't looking good, I think fujimori will win this time. Fascism is coming to peru


Chill, those polls aren't going to the poorest places where he's very popular, and people is asking for a change.


now add the glasses and shitty beard


I feel like Castillo isn't prepared for this, he isn't the right man to face the fujimori mafia. The campaign against him is too strong


File: 1620617763604.jpg (649.62 KB, 952x500, nazgonz.jpg)

Naz-Gonzalo gang declares critical support for Pedro Castillo.
people's war declared on fake non naz "gonzaloists".
Alliance with the Mugage Internet Defense Force in progress.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


The leaders of the Free World strike against the angloid Axis


Better get the passport early. Bolivian food is shit, but at least is something


File: 1620660162611.jpg (24.46 KB, 340x387, Enver_Hoxha.jpg)

do these people exist


…and that the one used by Shining Path is the best looking one.


File: 1620661684981.jpg (10.4 KB, 178x283, images (9).jpg)



Looks like we got the visit of a fujimorista.


Castillo might not make it bros…


Bros I think it's over…



Daily reminder that if Castillo loses the contradictions which propelled him to the top will keep saying there, and considering the general instability of the country some other person (and/or some other political force) could follow in his footstepssandinistaSandinista


Will he really lose? How is the situation? Is it really that bad?


Just 5 more years…


>all this pessimism
lol wut?


Castillo was obviously not prepared to fight the big Fujimori mafia, he's also not prepared to face difficult questions, debates ,etc. I'm peruvian and following everything castillo says and does.
He has been avoiding the press and questions about his plan of government for a couple of weeks. I feel like he has lost some votes with this strategy as he's being framed as an unprepared dumb man that has no idea what to do. Peruvian people are VERY spooked by the pandemic and what is going to happen with the economy.

The Vizcarra and Sagasti(current) governments just locked people down for months, allowed small businesses to go under and like half of the population became unemployed. The government also failed to deliver the essential medical needs of the population.

So right now most of the peruvian population is angry with the government, poor/unemployed, and scared of being sick. Castillo doesn't give specific answers to the problems, just repeats some populist answers that aren't clicking with the people.

The right(Fujimori and friends) controls all the media, every single day on every single TV program, news, newspaper you have Castillo being portrayed as a monster, as a shining path member, etc. This is probably what led Castillo to not talk to the media about his plans as they will cherry-pick and purposely misinterpret and twist anything he says. Any academic/expert who wants to openly support Castillo will probably get cancelled/blacklisted too.

The funny thing about all this is that Fujimori daughter is being framed like democracy incarnated, the person who fights for freedom, liberty, etc. When her father was a dictator who committed acts of violence and terror that rival what the shining path did. Everything Castillo is being accused of doing if he becomes president, Fujimori father already did a couple of decades ago.

Fujimori father privatized almost every state company out there, what will happen under Keikos Fujimori's presidency? What is there to privatize next? All I can think of is water and the sea, other than that, this is a hollow country held by the balls by big porkies.

hold me bros…


Yeah I am confused why is everybody dooming over Castillo


Dude Perù was a black hole of reaction and prolly still is. It's a miracle a quasi ML got this farsandinistaSandinista


>(…some other political force) could follow in his footsteps
well, they'll be following some very different footsteps but yeah Shining Path will be it


File: 1620687131232.mp4 (1.62 MB, 854x480, 1618532977945.mp4)



>>14770 (trips of truth)
for real where did all this glowposting lately come from


Checked Coup d´etat coming


Give up what? There's nothing we can do, it's up to the peruvian people to decide


Yeah I saw some interviews where journalists asked him a lot of technical questions to make him look silly, taking advantage of the fact that he's only a peasant without greater "intellectual" preparation, which makes no difference because all the previous presidents were upper-class professionals and yet they were corrupt.


Speaks for the amount of crisis we are in.
PPW in 2069
A good analysis doomerposter. But as the other anon pointed out, the crisis and the machine that propelled ot are there.
It speaks by itself how the peruvian left has clinged and advanced from Humala to Castillo. Check the critic of Cotler about Atlthaus book.
The race is not over until it is over.




+10 caracterescarlismCarlism


File: 1620865941896.jpeg (46.91 KB, 960x538, E1OVJdpXsAESeqP.jpeg)

Peruvian nazis mobilizing against Castillo


can't make this shit up


The meme is real.


Reminder that a majority of Peruvians find an unironically blackface character funny whos retarded, rapes women and steals money for fun, and wears black gloves to walk on all fours
case in point
>Castillo está jodido


File: 1620871184928.jpg (62.36 KB, 500x350, 186[1].jpg)

Many of those distasteful programs, newspapers and general media were introduced by Fujimori father to dumb down and switch the attention of the population from the evil shit he was doing.
During Fujimori's dictatorship all media was garbage, nothing but naked women, shitty comedy, gossip, reality TV, etc.


>fascist neoliberals promotes their value for decades after their victory over the Shining Path
>expect it not to be trash and racist
No shit Sherlock.


First of all, I have never seen the NegroMama rape or insinuate rape anytime.
So shut the fuck up.
Even in the skit he respond to the racism and prejudice by saying to his insides "Someday, someday"

Well, some news about Castillo campaign for those interested.
He has postpone his visit to the south to elaborate and present a goverment plan. Since the plan that made the right lose their shit is the ideary of the party, of 2019. Before covid,etc,etc.


He has been meeting with unions, orgs, experts to in some days present a plan to leave behind the image of "hurried"

Also, that epoch of El Especial del humor is the best one.


Why is this country so reactionary


Well some updates.
Looks like the classic battle to be part of the expert group is bringing a good one.
Some sides are pointing blades at eachother.
But it's expected that it will be presented saturday.
In any case new DATUM poll
Pedro Castillo
Keiko Fujimori 44%
Keiko Fujimori 41%
Blank: 8%
Null: 7%

According to the poll 72% of the electorate has decided for whom they will vote.
Margin of error: 2.5%
Confidence level 95%
Anticommunist ot anti socialdemocrat propaganda framed in the legacy of the armed conflict.



File: 1621011236672.pdf (1.19 MB, 67x118, ideario-peru-libre.pdf)

Dude, all the left and some liberals have united behind Castillo, who only had the ideary of the party which is based to extremes but inapplicable in a country where you don't have a mayority in parlament, and a covid crisis,etc,etc,etc
It looks like there are three teams, from all factions doing 3 plans that later will be joined and presented along with the team of experts that will be in the executive branch.

I mean, they have the upperhand since they aren't convicted of corruption alongside a big etc unlike Keiko's expert team.
Some news about Keiko & her campaing. The anticommunist/antichavist propaganda keeps sprunging in various cities, the thing about their assault forces have beeen pointed before and she has been invited by the Marquis of Vargas-Llosa to a "international libery forum" run by his "International foundation for freedom" and to assist she has to ask the judge for a permit since she is prosecuted for money laundering


Castillo has to win bros..


even if he wins will he be able to actually get anything done because it feels as though he has all odds stacked against him


Hopefully he has allies in the military, despite the demonization of everything left I imagine he can safely run on a platform that hits the same notes as General Velasco


Reminder that Pinochet was an ally to Allende


my point is that this social culture of 1984 tier proletards didn't suddenly go away overnight


Keep your friends close etc etc


Reminder that while this does offend the sensibilities of western preppy boys, Peruvians enjoy taking the piss out of quite literally everything and everyone




File: 1621263893200.pdf (1.08 MB, 232x300, plan-bicentenario.pdf)

Pedro Castillo: 34.2%
Keiko Fujimori 32%
Blank/null: 18.5%
Undecided: 15.3%
>IEP; telephonic poll
Pedro Castillo: 36.5%
Keiko Fujimori 29.6%
Blank/null: 23.6%
Undecided: 7.8%
Will not go to vote: 2.5%
>IPSOS; vote simulation
Valid votes:
Pedro Castillo: 51.1%
Keiko Fujimori 48.9%

Blank/null: 9%

Peru Libre has finally published the plan for the first 100 days.


crazy how fujimori still can't surpass him even with all the media on her side


>to assist she has to ask the judge for a permit since she is prosecuted for money laundering
lmao fujimoristas are a fucking joke


he should let Gonzalo out, it would be the ultimate Joker move


Keiko wins the election and she grabs Pedro, but it's too late, it was all a ruse to distract the police so his masked clown buddies could break Gonzalo out of prison.


It will be close, then OAS and (((Lima group))) will steal to keiko….


Keiko was denied permision to travel to Ecuador for the "Liberty and Democracy forum" by the judge.
Since the goverment can't control who is going to go, there is a chance she can use the event to meet with coacussed or to threaten them or some witness, which has happened before.

Also as other news (most likely can be seen as the legacy of the internal conflict) Fujimori and Montesinos has been vaccinated since they are +70 years old Fujimori is 82
The same goes to the SP top dogs that are in jail and are +70-80 years old.


>taking the imperialist vaccine


Dammit Leninhat, I'm glad there are so few antivaxxers here in the board and in the country.

I hope you don't take none and go to Cuba to get Soberana in any case.


These remaining weeks are going to be a circus


File: 1621347248451.png (373.68 KB, 1120x630, La Vacuna del Pueblo.png)

So you’re willing to take the people’s vaccine?



Winning an election is just the first step. The next one is much more difficult because it involves arming your support base and purging the military to prepare for the inevitable western coup.


Lmao at the media crying because someone slapped a couple of dirty reporters


They didn't even slapped those journos.
They are screaching for calling them "trash"


Is Castillo gonna make it bros?


Nah dude El especial del Humor had good sketches, I'll admit though that in its later years it became repetitive, especially after Alvarez left.


Alvarez is famous for working for fujimori


<Vote simulation of the second round
>Pedro Castillo: 45.5%
>Keiko Fujimori 40.1%
>Blank: 9.1%
>Null: 5.3%

Also, looks like the chief of the electoral body is a Keiko bootlicker.


File: 1621651284136.jpeg (215.24 KB, 717x1024, E18yCNQWUAA16_-.jpeg)



I fucking hope so.


What do the words in the middle say?


No more poors in a rich country.
Just… beautiful


I love it. I hope he can get many seats on congress to reform thoroughly the liberal system as much he can, and prepare for the shit storm capitalists will do.


File: 1621656605821.mp4 (1.41 MB, 288x360, QlZcyISITygu0CIF.mp4)


This makes the right wing screech




damm bro im scared a coup might happen




Legend energy tbh, huge Evo vibes.sandinistaSandinista


;_; that song is so sad and means so much to the people of Ayacucho


File: 1621697101409.jpg (105.23 KB, 960x1280, E18WrodWQAAjrEM.jpg)

Protests against Keiko Fujimori all over the country scheduled for todays. The giant rat is also ready
Ready for Fujimorist false flags to blame castillo?


Why a rat though?


File: 1621697406341.jpg (36.69 KB, 720x513, EzMZAzLVoAA2Z4H.jpg)

Corrupt politicians are called rats here


File: 1621727117957.jpeg (99.23 KB, 1038x467, E2BmzXjWUAUV12s.jpeg)


The next IEP poll and the others too will show Castillo getting higher than Keiko.
Thanks Keiko for being Keiko.
But the race isn't over, there are two weeks left and the presidencial debate.


What is the differance between blank and null? Do the ballots have a seperate "Neither" category that stands for null?


Blank is simply the ballots left blank by the voters
Null is goes from marking wrong the ballot to writing "all are corrupt" or "Stalin did nothing wrong" in it, nulling it.


Who here debate


I can't say anything yet about the experts debate. It hasn't even ended yet.
But I can post polls
>Pedro Castillo: 52.6%
>Keiko Fujimori: 47.4%
>Blank/null: 14%
Done in May 21th, margin of error:+/-2.829%
>Pedro Castillo: 44.8%
>Keiko Fujimori:34.4%
>Blank/null: 12.8%
>Haven't decided: 5.1%
>Will not go to vote: 2.9%


Why not? In all cultures, I can recall, the rats are nocuous creatures, rotting and destroying everything: Crops, disease vectors, etc.


I hear this is the Fujimori family's campaign theme song.


0:16 OOF


For me the technical debate has been a mixed bag. Boluarte did good, Pari did not (and in the economic section! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), Celeste was too sleepy for me and for others but Alencastre and Cevallos were good.
Who knows how much the media will distort everything to favour Keiko and if it will affect the voter.
But what worries me most is the direct effect. The presidencial debate is still in a week, the lead will grow? It will shrink? Give your bets!


Mine does portray rats as smart and cunning.


The debate was fucking cringe bros


'narcoterrorists' killed like 15 people yesterday/today and the right is already blaming Castillo. The false flagging has begun


hows the situation looking boys?





File: 1621965864787.png (103.46 KB, 500x561, false-flag-27428652.png)

Glowies strike again



>Fourteen men, women and children died in a massacre in a remote coca-growing region of Peru, the Defense Ministry said

>Authorities have blamed the attack on a dissident faction of the Shining Path, a Maoist rebel group that terrorized Peru before being brutally put down by the authoritarian leader Alberto Fujimori in the 1990s. Local media reported that pamphlets attributed to the terrorist group were found with the bodies.

>The pamphlets reportedly found on the massacre victims called for residents to boycott the vote and called Ms. Fujimori’s supporters traitors.


File: 1621966817383.jpg (183.82 KB, 620x418, glownuker.jpg)

>The country’s police chief said earlier on Monday that 18 people died, adding that his officers were still on the way to the isolated town to investigate.

>Authorities have blamed the attack on a dissident faction of the Shining Path, a Maoist rebel group that terrorized Peru before being brutally put down by the authoritarian leader Alberto Fujimori in the 1990s. Local media reported that pamphlets attributed to the terrorist group were found with the bodies.


File: 1621968272193.png (149.15 KB, 594x531, ClipboardImage.png)

there is also this and the debate. Is he fucked now?


File: 1621968837044.png (39.46 KB, 592x338, ClipboardImage.png)

Here is an interesting take I can't be bothered rewriting and pretending is my own


Maybe its a confluence of interests. Too convenient to be anything but a cynical political move.


>The pamphlets reportedly found on the massacre victims called for residents to boycott the vote and called Ms. Fujimori’s supporters traitors.


>The leaflets reportedly found at the site warned of the “cleansing” of brothels, “degenerate homosexuals”, thieves and informants, and declared “Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism.”
Seems suspicious


One does not simply restart historysandinistaSandinista


Restart machine Broke


Shit, we do not need eyes to see this level of glow. See how porky copes.


File: 1621970424793.png (75.14 KB, 580x560, ClipboardImage.png)

Also I shot my load earlier and missed the opportunity to post another interesting bit of info (the other dozen or so tweets I checked earlier were just glowing and liberal nonsense so I got excited at finding something not buttfuck retarded).

More info:
<Following the capture of its longtime commander Abimael Guzmán in 1992 and of Florindo Eleuterio Flores, alias “Comandante Artemio,” in 2012, the Shining Path concentrated its area of influence along the Valley of the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro Rivers (Valle de los ríos Apurímac, Ene y Mantaro – VRAEM). The group has operated under the command of the Quispe Palomino brothers since 1999.
<A key step in the brothers’ vision was for the group to return under a new name, the Militarized Communist Party of Peru (Militarizado Partido Comunista del Perú – MPCP), in an effort to gain the support of rural farmer communities within the VRAEM that were victimized by the Shining Path. Additionally, they decided to label former commander Abimael Guzmán as a traitor to the movement.
<The MPCP currently calls upon a small force of about 300, primarily made up of young, inexperienced fighters, now that the majority of its longtime commanders, such as alias “Alipio” and more recently alias “Leonidas,” have been captured or killed.
<A narrow stretch of the VRAEM, which passes through the departments of Junín, Ayacucho and Huancavelica, is a stronghold for the group. The group is believed to fund itself primarily through securing cocaine shipments belonging to drug trafficking clans. Peru’s VRAEM has for years been among the country’s most important coca-growing regions.


I don't necessarily think that.
The fear tactic employed by Keiko and his minions in the media can be diverted to her.
For example, San Miguel del Ene, the district where the massacre took place, voted overwhelmigly for Castillo. And according to a witness never said any proclamation, just entered the bars to kill.
Weirdly enough, the pamphlets were published more early by fujimoristas, even earlier than the police or army said anything. Maybe they keep good touch with people in the ground there for getting some political points for their agenda.
In the end, it is in Castillo's hand to give a better performance than Keiko in the debate and with that win the election.

The archive of the article with the witness testimony (in spanish)


Forgive my soul but I'm going to post La Encerrona about this.
Again, it is in spanish


The MPCP is just a small group of drug dealers lurking in the jungle, similar 'terrorists' attacks happened in 2016 and 2011.
This shit is backfiring on Fujimori, nobody believes it's castillo's people, most people think its fujiglowies

Keiko will probably kill her own father for votes, he's old as fuck and probably won't survive until 2026, this is the perfect opportunity to finish him off and earn some pity votes. Keiko is facing 30 years in jail and all the favours she owes for 2 presidential elections she lost already, she can't risk it.
Either that or a massive glowie attack on the capital


Time for the Glowing Path arc




>nobody believes it's castillo's people, most people think its fujiglowies



The rights is doing nothing but seethe all day every day lmao.




Manda screenshots.


Fujimori false flag?


It doesn't even need to be, Gonzalo thought is hardline anti-electoral and what's left of the dissidents might think a new Fujimori administration is in their interests since they refuse to get their head out of the late 80s/early 90s


Maybe Castillo should go hard on this line
>you may think that the Senderistas who still continue their activities support me, but actually they support Fujimori because under her they want to intensify their violent acts


That's why you get rid of mautists


File: 1622049077691.jpg (96.16 KB, 1280x1280, E2SZSFvWUAQskQy.jpg)

Todays crazy right winger eccentricity. Lady, owner of a 'dog hotel' posted this on social media:
>at doghotel we love animals, and know that in Venezuela people had to eat their pets because of hunger

Funnily enough many people spoke out and accused the company of mistreating their pets and shit, that business is done for



>Shining path has been non-active for about 20 years now, or more.
>A left-wing candidate with supposed connections to the shining path is about to win the elections.
>shining path surprisingly returns and kills 16 people
Damn.international_brigadeInternational Brigade


He doesn't, he was literally a rondero lmao, no one buys that he was a sendero or is part of MOVADEF


Also what do you mean "surprisingly" they're still active in some shitty little zone lol


Apparently this attack was done by the "MCPC" which is one of the splinter factions of the party. They consider Presidente Gonzalo to be a traitor who surrendered and must be killed for it.


"Militarized Communist Party of Peru"


Army endorsing Castillo



I think that basically seals the deal.


One of the first things Lasso did in office was to strike down the media kinda-sorta-regulation law. Really sends the noggin joggin'.

Apropos of price controls, someone better warn him that this literally never works in a capitalist economy unless there are counterbalance measures such as tax breaks, subsidies and the like to make up for the loss in potential profit. If enacted just by itself, price controls will fuck everything up, no ifs, ands or buts.



Absolutely. There is a reason why rationing is often used in wartime. It's simply btfos price controls on every level.

Nationalization of the services they want have price controlled is the approach they have to take, including the supply chain.

Sometimes I tend to think that building new nationalized industries, while costlier, does displace the bourg. better longer term even though requires s much more concerted effort.


>Sometimes I tend to think that building new nationalized industries, while costlier, does displace the bourg. better longer term even though requires s much more concerted effort.
That seems like a simple but effective strategy. However, it's limited by the capitalist State's lack of legal guarantees for collective property. The second a porky gets in power, it gets privatized. So this strategy would require legal reform. On that note, nationalization will send porkies in an uproar. They never sit idly when seeing their State being used against them. Any reforms deeper than socdem crap will require arming up.


nationalization works great until you get couped


What if military coup but based?


WTF BASED?sandinistaSandinista


You say this like Peru hasn't already been through it


He should have intervened in Chile to take out Pinochet


Any polls update


damm hes amazing


Either way Peru wins
>Castillo wins: CIA macine spooked, SouthAm revolution spreads, ideal timeline
>Castillo loses: Fujimori presidency has a 90% chance of fucking everything up, accelerating Peru into the suntechnocracyTechnocracy



It's ogre… for local porkies!socialismSocialism


Lmao how is this possible?


>Unironically doing pink Sojaks for party propaganda
Please tl;dr me on the elections in Peru.socialismSocialism




>used to have shitty Jap called Fujimori as President (Peru has a sizeable japanese minority)

>Dude is really corrupt, kills a bunch of people and has 300.000 Women forcibly sterilized, of which most were indigenous
>basically a dictator, until he got deposed

>fast forward to now

>elections with a bunch of neolib candidates
>one of these is none other than that dictators daughter, Keiko Fujimori
>only viable non-neolib candidate is Pedro Castillo
>To everyones surprise, Keiko and Pedro are the two strongest candidates in the first round of voting
> will face each other in a second round in june

This is basically the best case scenario, as it might have been difficult for Castillo to win against any other candidate due to the neoliberal factions conglomerating behind his rival. But Fujimori is so hated due to her father and her own obvious corruption that Castillo now has a real chance at winning.eurocommunismEurocommunism


I got excited too quickly. Castillo is not "our guy."
Castillo first gained national prominence as the leader of a 50-day teachers strike in 2017. He subsequently joined Perú Libre, a party led by the ex-governor of the central highlands department of Junín, Vladimir Cerrón. Perú Libre combines pseudo-socialist rhetoric with provincial corruption and extreme right-wing social policies, including virulent nationalism and anti-immigrant xenophobia, as well as the denunciation of “gender ideology,” same-sex marriage and abortion.
>Castillo declared that his government would “give juridical security to our businessmen,” while repudiating sections of his party’s program that call for nationalization of mining and other “strategic sectors” of the economy. “I completely reject those who say Pedro Castillo is going to nationalize,” he said on April 22 in an interview with Radio Existoso.
>In the same radio interview, Castillo delivered a gratuitous insult to Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro, who is demonized by the right wing in Peru as throughout Latin America. “I want to openly say to Mr. Maduro that, please, if there is something you have to say concerning Peru, that first you should solve your internal problems, that you should come and take back your compatriots who have come here to commit crimes.”
>Maduro had issued no statement on Castillo’s victory or any other aspect of Peruvian politics. The vilification of Venezuelan immigrants, roughly 1 million of whom are in Peru, was of a piece with Castilllo’s viciously anti-immigrant rhetoric during the campaign, which has included a promise that once he is elected, he will give all of the foreigners who “have come to commit crimes” 72 hours to get out of the country.
Jeez, you can't even make the "out of context" argument on such quotes.
The propaganda piece also depicts the neolibs in an unnecessarily racist way – especially the one on the bottom left has a striking similarity to an infamous caricature.
I can't even critically support this. Peru remains a fuck.
Back to doomin'… :(socialismSocialism


>Whines because a LatAm country doesnt have the same baizuotier idpol fetish American leftists do
Do you know why trots like WSWS agree with the CIA so often?technocracyTechnocracy


File: 1622144560163.mp4 (1.62 MB, 854x480, (You).mp4)


Sounda basado to me


Fujimori is already plotting how to remove Castillo from power if he wins, probably within the first year


File: 1622145632076.mp4 (2.81 MB, 576x1024, H9i3Skkg-hdKmc7D.mp4)

Giant rats all over the country rejecting Keiko


Read my entire post, you fucking idiot! It's not all "idpol!"
How many times, do I need to say this? I'm not a Burger!


Seethe glowfag


Lock her up but for real this time


>Sounda basado to me
Good, we have a place for people like yousocialismSocialism


File: 1622146434249.png (1.1 MB, 2962x1428, 1614072478307.png)

>taking WSWS seriously


Actually bring up an argument. Castillo is literally saying that he won't realise any socialist policies, even if it means going against the party line. Just another opportunist at best or a Strasserist-/Nazbol-tier fascoid at worst.socialismSocialism


>Ad hom
Not an argument.socialismSocialism




Even if Castillo does nothing and gets couped like Allende the amount of outrage that would spark would send the CIA damage control into full forcetechnocracyTechnocracy


I doubt that. There is a reason I've heard nobody else in leftist circles (which includes MLs) apart from LARPers on this board even talk about, let alone support, the shitshow in Peru.socialismSocialism



What a load of cringe, please hang yourself.sandinistaSandinista


File: 1622147499918.png (49.13 KB, 512x512, 27.png)

>Another idiot unable to read the entire post
>please hang yourself.
No, my comrades in my local socialist org need me alive.socialismSocialism


>radlibs in twitter/reddit = leftist circles
MLs from my country do support Castillo.


Who won electionfags?


That's a new one. Please "enlighten" me on how exactly it's supposedly top down.socialismSocialism


Nice demoralization attempt glowuyghur.


>"take back your compatriots who have come here to commit crimes"
I think this is the worst thing he said, it is as if he's buying into the CIA narrative that Venezuela is a disaster. However, he is a politician you gotta throw a bone to the proletariat even if they have some reactionary views.


I'm peruvian and what Castillo said is that Venezuelan criminals should go back to Venezuela, not that venezuelans are criminals. There are huge mafias and gangs of venezuelans here in Peru now ,and we have few prisons and they are all full to the brim


>Radlib because you don't support a guy, that openly sais, he will oppose the building of socialism and uses rhetoric of the darkest reaction.

I don't use Twitter nor Reddit.socialismSocialism


He's literally representing the indigenous people of the countryside, who are conservative and to whom he belongs. It's not that hard to understand.


Elections got postponed to 2020 in October, we'll have to wait a bit


Two things:

1) Good that at least you're in a org.

2)The "He's a reactionary" part just because he does not compare to Western cultural standard amounts to explicitly saying "Any leftist group has to meet x cultural requirements not to be considered reactionary" to Third World leftists.
How is this not patronizing?sandinistaSandinista


That would be merely an explanation and not an excuse. Meanwhile Bolivia right next door has indigenous people of the countryside, which aren't reactionary fuckers.socialismSocialism


They are though in regards to a bunch of western pet social issues, despite voting "socialist" a lot of the indigenous people in Bolivia especially live very traditional and conservative lives.


>which aren't reactionary fuckers
says who? I don't think they care much about gender issues neither. And that's not being "reactionary" for fucks sake.


It wouldn't be a big deal if it were the only issue, but there are more, as I have mentioned. No idea, why you here constantly love to dwell on the "idpol". Is it a deflection attempt to hide the cope or have the constant /pol/yp raids poisoned your minds?
That you imply South America as " Third World" is also a bit patronizing, don't you think?socialismSocialism


you can be reactionary or progressive on different subjects at different times


<South America is not Third World
It sure as hell isn't first.
And Peru is one of the poorest in the area.sandinistaSandinista


>That you imply South America as " Third World" is also a bit patronizing, don't you think?
I guess the Global South is the new term.


idk I think if she had an "accident" that ends her life most people wouldn't care/ be happy abt it like not even rightoids like fujimori


los animalistas siempre son libs loquitos lmao


Please name me one (1) movement that's as close to power as Peru Libre and wants to go full nationalisation. So what if they turn out to be "only" anti-imperialist socdems?

Even if in the future Peru were to be one of the last countries in LatAm to inevitably become socialist, it sure as hell won't be because Castillo doesn't like the gays. And it's still true that Peru Libre seems to be more to the left compared to not just the Worker's Party of Brazil or Kirchnerists but also compared to PSUV and MAS.


I don't even think "likes the gays or not" is the issue, rather the issue is that Pedro Castillo's base are a bunch of rural farmers and copper miners who want to see the efforts of their labor actually translate into tangible improvements to their communities whether in terms of infrastructure, public services, schools, etc.

This whole issue, I almost see it like that letter from a gay British communist to Stalin where he was asking Stalin whether it was okay to be gay and a communist, and Stalin wrote "an idiot and a degenerate" in the margins and then shoved the letter into his archives. Being gay myself, I am shaken to my core that Stalin would've thought I am a degenerate… actually I don't give a shit, but I want to know what was going through the head of this British guy who thought to write Joseph Stalin a letter about this. He's the premier of the Soviet Union, I dunno, he probably doesn't have a very fun job and has more important things to worry about? Let's grow up a little bit, folks


One of the first things one can point out is the conservative message that Peru Libre shows. Unlike Juntos por el Peru, who is more progre and got only 5 seats in parlament (see how the water flows); unlike Peru Libre who got 37.
Shut the fuck up flagfag.
>Bolivia isn't reactionary in the radlib way
Dude, Bolivia hasn't legalized abortions or same sex marriage, but one can see that the other side is even worse Añez, the fascists cruceños

This redflag anon comes and starts talking like he can authorize or not who should be supported or not. I will say it twice, if a socdem program with rainbow flags would have been more popular Peru Libre wouldn't be on the second round, but Juntos por el Peru.
BUT one has to knowladge the problematic that those collectives have. And the left unity guarantees that their rights and lack of them will be answered in the next goverment unlike Keiko, who is in bed with almost fascists and francoists like Sodalicio, Opus Dei,etc,etc
2 weeks to the day, the next big thing is the presidential debate this sunday.

Finally, I can't believe someone can say that "thirdworld country" is patronizing. This country has a big gap between the 1% and the average peruvian, what to say about the bottom of the piramid. To pu an example, the highest city in the world is here, a mine camp that has no garbage recolection or sewers and works the gold with mercury.

About polls, I haven't find another confirmed, there is one by CPI but I haven't seen the media give it attention (it has Castillo on the lead nontheless) so I wouldn't give it too much credibility.
>Castillo: 35.6%
>Keiko: 31.5%
>Blank/Null: 16.2%
>Haven't decided yet: 16.7%


Video got taken down somehow lol, there is is
It's a shame but being in a poor ass, heavily religious country more or less means that running the whole "super progressive" strategy alone won't get you anything other than the votes of a couple of suburban middle class college kids. Also, he more or less said that he'll leave abortion and same-sex marriage up to the congress (which will largely be full of moderates, if shit goes well then people will be more open to not shitting on the gays. The guy has gotten endorsed by MAS and the other leftist candidate, I don't think that they'd be getting that if they were some sort of fascist group, "nationalism" (not wanting there to be American troops stationed in the country and not wanting foreign corporations to loot Peru's resources a la Elongated Muskrat in Bolivia with their lithium) in and of itself and not taking a liking to a crime surge of a single """ethnicity""" (see nationality), the dude isn't openly calling for war with Chile or proclaiming the superiority of the Peruvian race



why are austrians so retarded


Don't care. Still voting Castillo.


New poll says Castillo 42.6, fujidemon 41. 7


The letter wasn't about "If it's okay to be gay", it was about Stalin literally imprisoning gays left and right and calling them "fascist spies". You are literally more likely to find an ML today who thinks gays are bourgeois rapists than one who denies that this happened.



People in the comments saying "noooo real soldiers would never support commies!!" lmao. Though what are the odds this is faked and they're just some randoms pretending to be in the military?


Would be cool if it was a psyop to confuse the military and cause it to not launch a coup out of fear of causing a civil war.


I don't believe they are some "randoms" but you can deduct that the army reserves are more politicized. Lol, I have been thinking of joining the reserves too.
I haven't followed the elections like the first round I'm the sonicflag of the other thread but from what I have checked there has been some audios from Antauro saying that his army promotion is in line to get high ranks in the army.
There are some checks and balances of appointing who gets those charges, but Vizcarra showed that if you have enogh political capital you can work around those to appoint selected ones.


También, recordar es volver a vivir


Very low, I doubt you could get enough middle aged to older guys together and have enough spare change to make that banner "for the lols"/for shits and giggles.


If keiko wins… I don't even want to think about it bros…


Hopefully the senderistas will do what is necessary to her.


The Null and Blank votes are what keeps me up. Same thing happened with Aruz.


>Under 500 dudes in the jungle basically just smuggling coke at this point

Population of 32,000,000+



To the 3 or 4 peruvian anons buy Hildebrant magazine, the article on the killings is pretty good.


>“It seems that it is not about Sendero because the people here are not going to accept a blow of that magnitude. It would be a declaration of war. It would be like shooting themselves in the feet because people would organize all over Vizcatán and go against them, especially for the girls who were burned"

Here is the issue, you don't think that the same group that did some bullshit like Lucanamarca or Tarata (and admitted to both) wouldn't be brutal as hell despite it being objectively bad for their movement? And that they haven't tapped the local leaders with threats lol?


Everything is in the realm of posibilities.

But firstly, the coexistance between the Quispe Palomino forces and the comunities on the VRAE is mantained by its peacefullness.
Peacefullness that they have mantained as a foundation of their movement, breaking and distancing from Sendero for their mistratment (to put it midly) of them and that would be destroyed by an attack on said comunities. Which, as it has happened, would call military presence (the goverment has anounced the instalation of a countersubversive base in Vizcatan del Ene).
So in a programatical base would be stupid.

Secondly, how the massacre was carried out.
Sendero, be it the Gonzaloites of last century or the Quispe has some procedures taken from the people's war in China.
Getting people in the town square, performing a trial and executing or punishing those deemed guilty.
This masacre has none of that, Lucanamarca had a trial, and Tarata was urban terrorism, pretty different.
Thirdly, how they mobilized
Normally their troops go in the jungles, avoiding roads and cars. In this case is reported that the killers used motorcycles and ransacked the bodies even taking cellphones, which are a liability when the army can tracks the cellphone signal.
And finally, the pamphels and how easy was to Fujimoristas to get acess
As expected, they have strong bonds to the intelligence and the police, and looked to gain as much electorally as possible.


In the end, the point is that one shouldn't discard a falseflag.


"it's possible that the world may end tomorrow"
All possibilities are ranked by probabilistic quantity, and there's precedent of high-tier autism from the PCP lmao (not ruling anything out, just trying to reason through it and seeing what's more likely)
The reason why the military hasn't blasted the hell out of VRAEM is most likely because the narco business is the only thing keeping the state alive, much like for Mexico. That and that this would result in a high degree of civilian casualties which would rightly get the populace of the country rioting. We don't know if they had a trial or not, doubtful that a group that's even more focused on aiding in the drug trade than their predecessors has suddenly had a change of heart and decided to be more humane of all things


Look, even last year some family got killed by them, hacked to death with an axe or something. That was the big shit for the media for like a week or so.
And even then they held a trial, where they accused them of being police informants.
<Kidnapping and murder
>The community members recall that on Tuesday, March 23, at 12:45 p.m., a group of at least 15 or 20 terrorist criminals entered the town.
>With the people at their mercy, they gathered all the residents in the plaza and took their cell phones from them. They were told that they would "take revenge" against the members of the self-defense committee because "they were informants for the Police."
>They were transferred to the Tambiacocha hill, where they annihilated Pedro and his son. The two women were taken to the Valdivia ravine.
Informants, soldiers, marines and terrorists die everyyear. The problem is that this "pest killing action" comes from nowhere and withouth their modus operandi.


Yep I'm voting castillo


Today is the day.
Also today is the last day to publish polls for national audience (international media can still conduct them and publish them in the exterior).
So here is the first one, the rest will be published at night before the debate and the other one that was unconfirmed but was confirmed the friday (or was it thursday?)
>Voting simulation by IPSOS from May 28th
Pedro Castillo: 45.1%
Keiko Fujimori 43.1%
Blank/Null: 11.8%
>Phone poll by IEP between May 27-28
Pedro Castillo: 40.3%
Keiko Fujimori: 38.3%
Blank/null: 13%
Have not decided yet: 6.3%
None, would not go to vote: 2%

Yesterday Castillo got welcomed in the city where the debate will be done even when there was a prohibition of gatherings and Keiko got booed by the crowd, and thrown tomatoes,etc at her caravan. Also, there was a march "to defend democracy" aka. vote for Keiko, and wasn't as massive as the No a Keiko of 2016 hehe
In the end today is the day to Castilo outperform Keiko and the press, or to die and await a week of media attacks and hope for the best.


File: 1622413644912-0.jpeg (109.11 KB, 720x960, E2pClAWXEAQ81nb.jpeg)

File: 1622413644912-1.jpeg (26.07 KB, 480x640, E2pClAWX0AA04ty.jpeg)



>Yesterday Castillo got welcomed in the city where the debate will be done even when there was a prohibition of gatherings and Keiko got booed by the crowd, and thrown tomatoes,etc at her caravan.

I just came


>Yesterday Castillo got welcomed in the city where the debate will be done even when there was a prohibition of gatherings and Keiko got booed by the crowd,

Source, in Spanish preferably?


You can't imagine the seethe I've seen from Keiko's followers.
Oh well, this race isn't over until it's over. 2 hours till the debate.


>elect fujimori in 1990
>30 years later his fucking daughter wants to control the country again
The whole fuijmori family needs to be minecrafted


Well, the only politician ones are Keiko and his brother Kenji. The others ones work in who knows what or just probably live on the millions his father stole.

>Arrival of Pedro Castillo to Arequipa, extended


Same shit happened in Occupied Korea with the Park family. Didn’t end well.


How goes the debates?


I haven't watch it yet.
I hope he is doing well.
I have only watched until the economic bloc and seemed ok.
Keiko is the one that is calling him a comunist and a class war lover.


But he has fucked up in some words and that is getting memed to death.
Looks like the non-mayority in parlament is making the party settle in a socialdemocrat model, as expected. Right now watching the economic bloc


This debate is boring af


The trick is watching it on x2 in anyone of the livestreams lol




The economic bloc was flimsy
Castillo emphasised in the agricultors, workers and vaccination as the first thing needed to work.
Keiko emphasised tourism, vaccination, and getting the masses to work.
Now in education
Castillo had good hits, Keiko promised the sky. And both are conservatives with "gender identity".


File: 1622428593319.png (26.8 KB, 250x176, jojo-hmp-doubt.png)

>solving deficit problems


Castillo speaks so softly, like he was doing an ASMR lol


How did the debate go, Latbros?


Keiko seemed too manufactured, and Castillo was fine but got memed by some fuckups. But that's just me, so I don't know.
Boring, as always. But with some good hits.


Some hours later and I can't find anything about this. Was it a fabrication?



Castillo can't speak in front of cameras it seems. He knows how to speak to crowds but seems incoherent on TV


Kinda of a bizarre handicap for a school teacher.


>likely false flag attack blamed on Sanders
>20+ point lead already evaporated to 5% or so
>Castillo apparently getting memed after the debate
Hate to say it but it's over. The neolib acceleration train has no brakes


*Senderos not Sanders fucking autocorrect


Bernie doing terrorist attacks in the Peruvian highlands is a unusual development


File: 1622493712192.png (1.05 MB, 1024x576, sanders_path.png)

Bernie, no!


Sanders has come a long way from fighting cops in Vermont to that.

Also, Pedro has done a mitin in Juliaca.
The biggest one in the campaign it seems, of course, Puno is in the south, and the south is leftist.


File: 1622498238121-0.jpg (621.87 KB, 2048x1536, look.jpg)

File: 1622498238121-1.mp4 (2.77 MB, 644x360, look2.mp4)

Images from the morning, the mitin is still ongoing.


>Castillo was fine but got memed by some fuckups
what kind of fuckups?


LLosa supports Keiko


Castillo will win bros (also sendero's struggle was mostly justified)


is this old fuck even a good writer? his opinions always suck but somehow there's ppl that care about them


I haven't read him nor after the USSR fall or before the USSR fall.
I have read some "leftists" like Isabel Allende or Garcia Marquez and to be honest, none of them are "Leftists" in the sense of creating class consciousness or pointing out the real capitalism problem behind the problems they described, or a least too subjectively to be named leftist. More like progressive.
What I know about Llosa us that he's now near the RAE and all those all ass old Hispanic cultural centers that once rejected wirtters above the level of the Spain cultural level.


good writer, rather bad takes


If he is good, yeah he is. his early books are pretty good, in his later years his writings aren't as good or he has broken with his values various times (for example, agruing against a "Society of Spectacle" to only later become the Marquis of Vargas Llosa and partner of Presley (a spanish socialite).
Going from weriter close to Cuba to a Marquis who speaks in events with Ciudadanos and Vox, calling anything that isn't a PP program Communism.
Finally, he was one of the firsts who supported Keiko this second round. So fast and withouth consesions that even liberals mocked it and were amazed by it.
Hum, true, I can't remember any single author that is like RED, in the sense of "How the steele was tempered". I can remember Cortazar writings about the Nicaraguan revolution or the novel that Vargas Llosa did imagining a succesful SP/MRTA revolution (the guerrilla in the book seemed mixed, I bet inspired mostly in the Nicaraguans, since in the novel they took a city and well, they were tolerant to christianity).


But I can bet there are, but they are too obscure.


Neruda and De Rokha


Yes, Neruda is one of those very critics of capitalism and imperialism. Based.
I am >>14994 just in case.
Another writer that is critical of imperialism was Marti, just brainstorming some ideas.


Americaelects are churning out polls that arent looking good for Castillo…


Hum the last polls showed a technical tie.
But IDICE? Those are laughingstock. CIT? This one is special, because what poll is that one?
Ah, just checked, it's the poll from the ultraright wing newspaper Expreso.

As always, polls are to check tendencies, the big ones are coming other days to foreign press.


Rural turnout will save Castillo


I'm betting on /ourguy/ Pedro because he's the most meme-able candidate. That's my personal "meme index" which isn't usually counted in the polls. He's like a living meme wearing a big hat and carrying a giant pencil. Who would vote against a guy like that? A bunch of crybabies with no backbone – that's who. Plus, he's outflanking the right in terms of patriotism because he believes in a government of action for working families. He also believes in surface-to-air missiles as an insurance policy, because while Peru might be far from God, it's unnervingly close to the United States.


It’s ogre


Only good thing he says is that China doesn't have anything to do with socialism.


File: 1622541205596.png (2.06 MB, 1080x1260, ts1xbo7pni271.png)


Sandero Luminoso


post pollsbrocialismBrocialism


i wouldn't keep my hopes too high after equator


Bros fujimori can't win…


I hope cities will protect their rural counterparts from stealing the elections because they tend to be vulnerable to be stolen.


God damn, every single night the TV channel Willax releases some retarded fake news shit. The pedophile TV host Beto Ortiz has to be dealt with


Sendero Bernardo


The bourgeoisie are getting spooked about a Castillo victory

>"Panic has seized the Peruvian elite at the prospect of a win by Castillo, whose political party Free Peru is led by a Marxist advocating widespread nationalisation, higher taxes, a new “people’s constitution” and import substitution policies in the world’s number two copper producer."

>"Optimists believe Castillo might soften his line in government, citing the example of Ollanta Humala, a leftist who governed more moderately when in power from 2011 to 2016. But in the campaign’s final stages “Castillo is not giving any signal of moderation”, said José Carlos Saavedra, chief economist at Apoyo, a consultancy. “On the contrary, he has radicalised.” "


>The struggle against imperialism now relies only on the solidarity and strength of the liberation movement of the colonial masses.

– Mariategui


File: 1622574705150.jpg (117.33 KB, 933x700, E20KVTqXIAkVrwN.jpg)


File: 1622575021808-0.jpg (161.64 KB, 640x457, fuji.jpg)

File: 1622575021808-1.jpg (242.69 KB, 680x791, Shiningpath.jpg)

Reposting thesepan-africanismPan-Africanism


Where is this and how did they end up translating too much


This is the same kind of sperging we have to deal with inside Venezuela. Constant smearing campaigns, constant lies spread to see what sticks to the wall.


Are you Venezuelan?
Do people over there support Maduro?
Because the venezuelans here in Peru seem to hate him


File: 1622580860006.png (9.95 KB, 255x255, 1619235251394.png)

I just want this election to end. I've been glued on Twitter for days checking for the latest poll updates. I honestly want Castillo to win cause he's more preferable than that evil bitch.


The key is that if you aren't doing groundwork or in the social media campaign then only check it once or twice a day. That way you are able to don't waste time and keeped informed.

A poll will be published in tuesday, as always, it's matter of checking foreign media, in the first round the last one was published by EFE.
Also, today is the Keiko No Va manifestation, and yesterday a team of experts adjusted the death count to 150 000.
At least the sincerity counts.


That's just one of Keiko's moths triying to stir the water to international investors and made them prepare the Economic war.
Castillo has been moderated by force (since the left doesn't control parlament) and by politics (since you need to at least give the center an idea that this will not be another Vuvuzela).
Too much righwingzation and the party breaks with him, too much leftwing and you lose the election to Keiko. The point is to mantain a good program that doesn't betray the people, the teachers and the party but doesn't make the liberals go in droves to Keiko.


Today Castillo was on different towns in Cusco, full squares.
The last mitin will be on Cajamarca I think, maybe I'm wrong.


File: 1622594421396.png (849.76 KB, 1024x667, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1622607871903.jpeg (210.2 KB, 904x1280, E21_NqbWEAImLvb.jpeg)

DSA and Progressive International denied as election observers. Fraud when?

>The New Peru movement expresses its deep concern regarding the refusal of the National Elections Jury to deliver the credentials requested by representatives of the European left, the Progressive International, and the Democratic Socialist of America to participate in Election Observers in the upcoming presidential elections of 6 of June.

>According to our legislation "they can carry out electoral observation in national and sub-national electoral processes, international organizations, international governmental and non-governmental organizations with domicile abroad." Likewise, it is part of the democratic processes to have the participation of recognized international organizations that provide legitimacy to the process. These criteria should take precedence in the decisions of the electoral body over administrative bureaucratic criteria and procedures.

>We call on the members of the National Elections Jury to respond to the request presented by the aforementioned Observer Mission and take into account their extensive experience in observing electoral processes.


Hum looks like the goverment is the one doing accelerationism.
That is bad for everyone.


The right wingers have been relatively seethe free these last couple of days, are they planning something


Calling this now:99% chance of Fujimori winning.sandinistaSandinista


File: 1622667811438-0.jpg (173.71 KB, 1191x842, E25i-CcWYAMwvOW.jpg)

File: 1622667811438-1.jpg (150.55 KB, 1080x1440, E25SLtdWYAAp2xs.jpg)

Both keiko and castillo will be closing their campaign tomorrow in Lima at the same place almost at the same time…



Being bored in this country is a crime bloody hell

Anyway, daily reminder to be calm and if you had time or do not have family in risk of fiying form Covid (the hospitals are full) go and act as personero.


It's amazing how without millions, musicians by themselves work to do music for Pedro Castillo

Si, el diseño grafico es mi pasión


File: 1622694655740.png (100.65 KB, 259x179, 1617719660730.png)

Shit here we go again.


Okay, then do exit polls you fucking nerds


This is awesome.


Song owns. Pedro Castillo owns. Coincidence?


Con Pedro, progressa lemos!

Castillo, será presidente!


File: 1622696890500.png (278.69 KB, 486x923, 45689054386485096.png)

The Wall Street Journal is getting nervous that their "back yard" is acting up. When they're feeling nervous, I'm feeling good.


love seeing journos shit and fart about this


The big question is, will Castillo actually work to dismantle the capitalist State? Because not a single pink wave government did it, certainly not Venezuela, which hardly altered the amount of the economy in private hands. This led it to its current limbo, where a capitalist economy is ground to a halt by sanctions yet not moving towards socialism, the only possible way to develop their economy. The far left becomes stuck in the role of supporting this crap. If Castillo isn't going to collectivize the means, or otherwise work towards making porkies give the opportunity to seize them, this is all for naught.


I love the a e s t h e t i c. It's fucking based. The red sash with the pencil. Hammer and pencil.

Also this crowd has a portrait of Juan Velasco Alvarado who was the pro-Soviet, pro-Cuba strongman back in the late 60s-70s before he was overthrown in a coup d'etat.


I don't think that can be done on a national basis. In the case of Latin America, I think it has to be through integration – political, social, and economic – and building up enough critical mass to break the U.$. dog collar.


>Juan Velasco Alvarado
Prime candidate for the prize of biggest outlier of the Cold War.

The thing is, local and international porkies will sabotage anything more radical than succdemism. Fuck, even that was deemed unacceptable by Brazilian porkies. Remember, capitalism is possibly in decay or at the very least still fragile from a history-setting crash, so it's to be expected for them to be even more awful than usual. I think that a break, or forcing local porkies into it, is the only choice from now on.


File: 1622700755639-1.jpg (32.07 KB, 512x344, unnamed (18).jpg)

File: 1622700755639-3.jpg (2.11 MB, 1064x1549, article_1064x.jpg)

>Prime candidate for the prize of biggest outlier of the Cold War.


Hum, Peru Libre doesn't have a mayority in parliament (in fact, it has fewer seats there than Humala in 2011), so what has been pointed out is that the party will have to do some compromise here, compromise there, but if something meaningful wants to be passed they will have to mobilize people to put pressure in the congress.
Also, I am waiting for the foreign press poll


Kek at peru21 today supporting Pinochet's coup
Porkies are in their last seethe


File: 1622731678148.jpg (127.95 KB, 928x880, E27lmAHWUAEiJzX.jpg)

>white peruvians


File: 1622731814780.jpg (490.52 KB, 1080x1346, E26KT03WEAkBIiZ.jpg)


Did the originals have shitty Ms? Am I only just noticing this now like half a decade later?!


File: 1622731984345.png (221.55 KB, 1132x2047, Inca_Expansion.svg.png)

>make peru great again


>>15051 (me)


I appreciate the Peruvian right wing emulating their counterparts by trying to look as gaudy and trashy as possible


Strategies by the peruvian right wing to win the election so far

>Having the whole media on their side

>massive social media campaign
>Associating castillo with the shinning path releasing articles about it every single day since April 12th
>Convincing the biggest TV stars, the national football team and other celebrities to openly endorse Keiko Fujimori
>Have most of the political parties supporting Keiko
>Putting giant billboards against communism on the cities busiest roads
>Having business owners of big retail stores threaten to close down their stores if Keiko loses and threatening employees with firing them
>They spam/mass text thousands of people with messages against castillo
>They have automatic calls with pre recorded messages telling people to vote for Keiko
>They make shit up about Castillo every single day that resonates on TV and all the newspapers
>Possibly false flagging a terrorist attack in the jungle to blame castillo
>Now they are telling everyone to convince their grandparents and elderly people to go vote for keiko (old people arent obligated to vote in Peru) even offering free rides to voting centers
>Keikos team has offered free money and gibs to many people, previously she called any kind of financial support 'populist', ,low/no taxes and other shit (everyone knows she wont do it)


I remember a time where Peru 21 had socdems and reconverted maoists in their opinion pages.
Lol, it has been a wild ride.
Peru has never been great, the incan empire while amazing wasn't the peak either. Since the opinion or "Peru" originates with the Viceroyalty.
While also hilarious is that one of the theories of the origin of the "Peru" word is a mistranslation of the word "Viru" or the name of a nearby town the first european conquerors/explorers visited.


File: 1622739302275.mp4 (2.55 MB, 640x360, BQ-wUTpNldkiMtMt.mp4)

El diseño grafico es mi pasion (el final digo)
Pero esta precioso.


No pressure on Peru but like I will be using the results from this election to settle the question whether social conservative socialism. Castillo even has Mendoza and her liberalish socialists on his side so you can't say the socially liberal Left aren't gonna vote for him. It is all on him to win.


>whether social conservative socialism
whether social conservative socialism is viable or not.




File: 1622747404981.jpg (104.89 KB, 1086x869, MXEV105-1115_2019_005521.jpg)

This is giving me Evo Morales 2019 election before the coup vibes.


File: 1622748725157.jpg (23.94 KB, 480x360, taste my shoe.jpg)


File: 1622749289164.png (369.77 KB, 662x751, 232.png)

It's over, folks.

If Castillo doesn't pull an Alvardo, Peru is fucked.


>A poll from yesterday when no polls where published
Put the link of the foreign press article or is shit, no twatter fake news.


Is there some poll aggregator like how burgerstan has one?




Welp, today is campaign close day, and my town square is full of music, red flags with the pencil and people are still coming


Castillo WILL win bros..


File: 1622761320428.jpg (96.57 KB, 473x1024, E2_f4uMWEAU2wzP.jpg)

Me on the left


He, Lima is still horrible and grey as always.
Nothing comparable to the warm sun in the Andes.


Although I wouldn't post a personal photo on a chan


I got it from twitter kek


Kek this bastard


File: 1622785089801-0.jpg (119.43 KB, 900x600, E3AhTyCXEAEgzPV.jpg)

File: 1622785089801-1.jpg (44.72 KB, 751x900, E3AlddUX0AIjeHG.jpg)

File: 1622785089801-2.jpg (113.97 KB, 680x439, E3AkwxfWQAAwxBf.jpg)

Well, to summarize some events of today:
>Pedro Castillo met with Pepe Mujica, a good conversation, lots of advices.
>Pedro Castillo closed his campaign in May 2nd square, the place was full
>Today the national football team played against Colombia
>A good chunk of them were part of Keiko's campaign
>The got thrashed by the Colombians 3-0, worst defeat being local in 70 years
>The idea that they have bad luck for supporting Keiko is rising like foam (Ella los saló)


That seems like an extremely reckless gathering, especially considering the shitshow that the pandemic in Peru has been.


KeiKKKo Fujimoney


Yeah. But things will be absolutely fucked if Keiko wins anyways so with any luck, Castillo benefiting and perhaps winning from the optics will be worth it. But only if he wins.


>The idea that they have bad luck for supporting Keiko is rising like foam
Lmao spread that shit like wildfire!


I mean they could have used at least distancing rules there. If anything it would make the mob seem larger.


Kieko fucked up by associating her campaign with the football team, the t-shirt and all that stuff. Peru lost yesterday and now places last at the playoffs


Kieko fucked up by associating her campaign with the football team, the t-shirt and all that stuff. Peru lost yesterday and now places last at the playoffs


File: 1622810141309.webm (21.94 MB, 1024x576, video.webm)

A short notice to yankees and peruvian capitalists: we are coming



someone set this to hellmarch haha


lmao that would be perfect


milton friedman smiling when he sees the pencils until he realizes what's actually going on


File: 1622819206282.mp4 (20.17 MB, 496x360, castillo_march.mp4)



>Peru lost 3-0 to Colombia
>It's Keiko third presidential candidacy


File: 1622822105928.jpg (143.91 KB, 960x664, E3AHtP4X0AYJ6e1.jpg)

You might not like it but this is what peruvian revolution looks like


chuckled loudly lel


File: 1622822421845.mp4 (1017.14 KB, 404x720, duck top kek.mp4)

>>The got thrashed by the Colombians 3-0, worst defeat being local in 70 years
>The idea that they have bad luck for supporting Keiko is rising like foam (Ella los saló)


FFS I didn't get it at first.


Who won?



The second round is on Sunday.


A tactic straight out of the Brazilian playbook, I should add. But it worked there because the shirt isn't tied only to the sports team itself, and it's a popular everyday topwear.

Keiko's mememagic is weak.


Interesting video analyzing the situation.


File: 1622869377279.mp4 (46.97 MB, 1280x720, videoplayback.mp4)

The media is so in bed with Keiko that is sickening.
Freeze peach is a fucking joke lmao


Another pink wave whenbolshevikBolshevik


Castillo bros…


File: 1622922083112-0.jpg (69.9 KB, 576x1024, E3IyM1bX0AEUM7W.jpg)

File: 1622922083112-1.jpg (119.15 KB, 1024x768, E3IyNuTXEAMLkYx.jpg)

File: 1622922083112-2.jpg (75.19 KB, 960x720, E3Izh9yX0AY0r6i.jpg)

File: 1622922083112-3.jpg (94.58 KB, 473x1024, E3IyNTqWQAAe7CP.jpg)

Porkies putting boards and metal plates on banks and malls for some reason. Keiko is trying to cause fear on the population








Kek, the visiting doomer triying to stear fear.
Looks like no foreign press has published polls but th filtrated ones show an amazing technical tie.
Of course, here in Peru we are in electoral silence so I can't publish the polls obviously.




File: 1622927035204.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, 1618310624919.png)



File: 1622927690845.jpg (148.81 KB, 1052x1132, E3JcFOYXIAgboJd.jpg)

Based castillo eating some green soup


The more I read about Peruvian history, the more Sendero Luminoso look like a bunch of autists who gave right wingers an excuse to nuke the left for thirty years. Can someone redpill me or is support for them here just ironic?


The two or three maoists here have them in good light. Seeing how ortodox they were, and that they are the start of their ideological line, followed partly in Nepal.
The rest of the left (the non maoist,ergo everyone else) doesn't have them in high standard either since they shouted "REVISIONIST" to everyone, from Cuba to the USSR. Even bombing the tomb of Velasco.


I support them. Usually 90% of the bad shit you heard from them was actually done by the military so they usually did not do anything wrong. Of course there was some excesses but those were tactical errors, I'd still support their overall goals


File: 1622931068883.png (29.3 KB, 681x498, update.png)

Call it a nail biter


So they didn't kill the leaders of the Izquierda Unida?


File: 1622932304884.jpg (132.91 KB, 881x881, 1622932301788.jpg)

It's all so tiringsendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Where is this from?


They did and it was good since they were selling out revolutionaries to capitulate to the bureaucrat-capitalist state.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Yeah it's unironic. It's hard to see them in a good light at first because of the constant slandering in the media (because they were and are a genuine threat) but over time you come to warm up to them assuming you're already aware of the failures of revisionism around the same time period. They put revolution and ideology back on the agenda.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Calling it if "if" he wins assuming they dont rig it they doing the whole fraud routine.


By the way, if this is a serious question, you should read Shining Path by Simon Strong for a pretty nuanced view on the history of their struggle. And they publish public documents here: http://banderaroja.org/


That's a good book. Honestly sendero was right on most things


File: 1622939441331-0.png (328.98 KB, 542x829, 4509684509680456.png)

File: 1622939441331-1.png (184.59 KB, 538x450, 5034985093850934.png)

Noticed this which came across my feed today but it's a few weeks old. Trans activist Gahela Cari of the demsoc party Together for Peru criticized Castillo but endorsed him anyways.

>I stand in solidarity despite the differences that exist with Vladimir Cerrón and Pedro Castillo together with Peru Libre, whom I am supporting in this second round of the campaign. We have seen how [far-right politician] Rafael López Aliaga used a crowd to say death to Castillo and Cerrón. Those are speeches that resemble a fascism that we (the country) don't need … Although it is true Pedro Castillo is not the messiah, he is not my saint, but I am clear that Fujimori will never be an alternative for those of us who fight for rights such as LGTBI people."


Fuck KKKeiKKKo fujimo'money and perón KKKastillosendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


File: 1622940878783.jpg (459.09 KB, 1280x1572, smugzalo.jpg)

my maoist uigghas representsendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Lol, I hope the revolution the three maotists from Canada and Scotland will wreckon the world.


File: 1622941233742.png (812.53 KB, 2888x1588, american maoism.png)

lmaosoviet_unionSoviet Union


Yeah bro, like the world isn't reckoning with people's wars in India, the Philippines, Turkey, and Peru. Any "Marxist-Leninist" born after 1953 can’t organise… all they know is People's McDonald's, charge they huawei, stan dictatorships of the Hitler type, be homophobic, eat hot chip & liesendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Real baby boiling hours



Ah yes, the world is only composed of 4 countries. And I'm surprised that you count Peru, last time I checked international mautists have a seizure about recongnizing the peace accords.


Stop this meme


>all they know is People's McDonald's, charge they huawei, stan dictatorships of the Hitler type, be homophobic, eat hot chip & lie


>last time I checked international mautists have a seizure about recongnizing the peace accords.
no, you have that backwards. we have every reason to believe that Gonzalo's signature was forced out of him, since he did it in prison.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Why did the infant roasters assassinate that one popular leader and then harass people at her funeral again?allendeAllende


She snitched and organised cops to go after them.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


File: 1622945090802.jpg (167.62 KB, 800x800, 1622945080123.jpg)

>Th-the PCP killed other leftists!!!
<The leftists the PCP killedsendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


spitting nothing but facts, homiesendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Ah, we are in it again.
Dude, the Fujis fell in 2000, now we are in 2021 and he could have retracted at least since 2009 (when the "megatrials" ended), he could communicate with his lawyers or do it in his published books after the 2007 trials.

Gonzaloites (specifically) suffer more of a love for bad PR.
>Stuff the corpse with dinamyte and blow it in the middle of a party.
There is a reason why that is one of the most remembered assasinations in the history of Peru.
Dude, get that shit as far away as possible from this thread, this is not /ITG/
Comparing Moyano to the peak american leftist is an abhorrent insult to her.



>Comparing Moyano to the peak american leftist is an abhorrent insult to her.
Gonna cry?sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


>he could have retracted at least since 2009 (when the "megatrials" ended)
He did. That signature wasn't even his, because in 2008 he raised his fist and shouted his support for the armed struggle for all to see during a trial.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Pfff, dude she died thirty years ago, it doesn't affect me.
What is with that obsession? Show of force? Gonna hang some dogs?
Lol, is pretty known that a good chunk of Gonzalo still believers go with Movadef arguing for the "political struggle" as is part of the armed struggle.
Do you know his lawyer was one of the leaders of it? And that their program argues for a total amnesty? As if that will ever happen lol


where's the "peruvian people's war"? I don't see it


So? He specifically shouted "¡Viva la lucha armada!", it could not have been more clear. Movadef does not represent his views.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Yeah, and a lawyer doesn't represent a client


Fuck you. If Keiko wins, I hope she goes to your home and rape your skull, you moron. The best chance you have to finally have a voice in the public sphere and you are calling for that shit.
Fuck you your reactionary shit.


Easy man, I can safely bet that the maotists that visit this thread are just some canadian and european radicals playing being Nechayev.


Are you unwell? A lawyer representing a client and the movement representing the capitulationist guerrillas are not the same, even if one is part of the other.
Wishing rape on someone is not a vibe.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Oh it started already?


File: 1622946221743.jpg (242.69 KB, 680x791, Shiningpath.jpg)

whoa easy there big dawgsendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


File: 1622946266271.png (232.68 KB, 800x764, cia has logged on.png)

This is almost certainly an American. "MLM" Gonzaloism is a weird American phenomenon. Well, to call it "weird" is a compliment, it's more like it glows like the fucking sun.soviet_unionSoviet Union


I know. We never have them before, but all of a sudden a Marxist is close to winning, more than ever in the 21st century, and the reactionaries larpers come out of the sewers.


Everyone who calls out social democracies and the comprador bourgeoisie in the Global South (which I'm a part of) is an American. Your ilk do us more harm than good.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


A defended couldn't find another lawyer, so he stayed with the one that was in a political line he was against in his own party when that party is known for not tolerating other political lines for 20 years until the lawyer died yeah he is dead and pursuit a political outcome he didn't favour.


Literally, yes. Shocker, you don't exactly get a lot of choice for representation when you're him.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


>Community shocked after known leftist streamer Vaush was found dead in his bedroom, on the walls there was written "Muerte al Vaushismo, viva el Pensamiento Gonzalo" next to a hammer and sickle sign. His girlfriend, who found the body, refused to comment as she was too busy stuffing her mouth with chicken wings to cope with the trauma.


You would have to back up those claims.


File: 1622946648728.jpg (48.06 KB, 1074x1063, 1622946629778.jpg)

>>15154sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


File: 1622946827475.png (12.25 KB, 427x400, 1622946823064.png)

>You would have to back up those claims.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


It's the force of seeing Peru and seeing that the famous PPW is either in the freezer (least likely) or in the trash (more likely).
Intersting! We have a maotist from the global south! I hope your war doesn't end up just being two bombs like the one in Ecuador lol
Shocking, I remember that when he got captured 5 foreign lawyears wanted to represent him lol


>ostracizing yourself from not just the rest of the left, but from the public as a whole while providing the government not just with the means to have you and your cadre arrested and/or killed for no good reason, but handing them justification to crack down on the left as a whole is the only TRUE and REVOLUTIONARY path forward :)soviet_unionSoviet Union


File: 1622946877533.png (927.23 KB, 636x848, CIA.png)

>actually believing he's from the global southsoviet_unionSoviet Union


File: 1622946943054.jpg (242.63 KB, 2048x2048, 1622946940190.jpg)

I don't give a shit about "leftists" you stupid liberal


Good point
He doesn't have the means to prove he is right, I don't have the means to prove he is from the global south and not some Nechayevian let's say Austrian


>ah yes, deflection
And one wonders why they are irrelevant.
No one.


File: 1622947044732.mp4 (8.24 MB, 640x360, party in the CIA.mp4)

>I don't give a shit about "leftists" you stupid liberal
Hey look, a bit of honesty.soviet_unionSoviet Union


Everyone who isn't in my group isn't a leftist.


File: 1622947140683.gif (453.88 KB, 384x400, 1622947137481.gif)

>Prove how a bourgeois state works against communists
Ok give it 50 years for them to declassify the process and say they're sorry
Shut the fuck up projecting white boy, first-world comrades are communists not pink wave social domcrats that prop up a comprador bourgeoisie through bureaucratizing industry and selling our labor-power to China. Beat off, rat.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


>Ok give it 50 years for them to declassify the process and say they're sorry
>ah yes, he never knew the lawyer was against him and never could hint it was a shady move
>shcoker, you don't exactly get a lof of choice, says
<but insists their way is the only way.


File: 1622947373620.png (148.5 KB, 514x496, 1622947370774.png)


>Shut the fuck up projecting white boy, first-world comrades are communists not pink wave social domcrats that prop up a comprador bourgeoisie through bureaucratizing industry and selling our labor-power to China. Beat off, rat.
Absolutely an American and a part of some kind of Operation Earnest Voice-style op. This is how they talk.

I've heard this exact same cadence from dipshits on Twitter talking about how the coup in Bolivia was good, actually, and we should support the Syrian rebels.soviet_unionSoviet Union


the failed revolutionaries of today in other words


>Let's wait to prove how hard is for Guzman to get a lawyer that follows him
>Reverts to soyjacking
Yeah, liberals, revisionists, dengoids, opportunists, etc, etc
Hehe, to think that 30 years have passed and the only "victorious" Maotist revolution resorted to compromise with the liberals hehehe


You are mentally illsendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


>Shut the fuck up projecting white boy, first-world comrades are communists not pink wave social domcrats that prop up a comprador bourgeoisie through bureaucratizing industry and selling our labor-power to China. Beat off, rat
When you have your own flight carriers, your own nukes, your own drone army, when you have all of that, go find us here and propose your alternative, you reactionary piss drinker.
t. a third-world leftist.


What is the difference from a trot and a gonzaloite?


File: 1622947567327.jpg (124.69 KB, 1200x1165, glowing intesifies.jpg)

I'm not. Gonzaloites are the biggest glows on the planet. Not only do American federal agencies have a storied history of using "Maoist" front organizations, but you still have shit like the "Red Guards Austin" Gonzaloites suddenly disbanding when the federal government was disbanded.soviet_unionSoviet Union


At least the trot is involved in unions lol
>We will have 100 Granadas, 1000 Panamas! 10 000 Iraks!!
Eat shit lol


File: 1622947641284.jpg (147.1 KB, 625x625, you-keep-using.jpg)



Lolsendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Well, he was banned, it seems.


>Muerte al Vaushismo
holy kek


Castillo will win tomorrow bros


File: 1622949390601.png (14.6 KB, 112x105, PepePray.png)








Rolling the digits will confirm.


Fuck we best roll till we get the answer we want.


File: 1622956800153.jpg (107.97 KB, 900x600, amlo.jpg)

mexico is also having elections tomorrow, dont see a thread for that, so posting it here


Hoping PT gets a lot of seats. Looks they have a good shot at electing the president of the municipality my people are from





the copper race will crush the gringos


File: 1622962418630.gif (4.33 MB, 400x225, KNCaLX.gif)

This thread glows brighter than a quasar.socialismSocialism


shining path cookbook

step 1: rub the tied up villager with olive oil
step 2: heat up the oven


Yankee detected


Let's be honest, if the sendero's won, nobody would be making fun of them and most "gonzolaites" would be calling them revisionists for winning


When will the resulsts start coming in?


File: 1622981926948.jpg (317.38 KB, 1080x1066, sal.jpg)

>let's shoot a dozen inconsequential villagers, that'll show the porkies
These faggots are no better than the taliban, they're just killing random poor people, not even hitting juicy targets like when the Tamil Tigers destroyed 15% of Sri Lanka's tourist sector or 1.4% of its economy in a single attack.
I'll take electoralism over this bullshit LARP any day.


>Let's be honest, if the sendero's won, nobody would be making fun of them and most "gonzolaites" would be calling them revisionists for winning
But they didn't. And for all the reasons people roast them for in this thread.


File: 1622986921642.png (321.92 KB, 1920x1080, 3ellsucgxzt31.png)

He will win. No doubt about it.socialismSocialism


File: 1622990188955.png (594.94 KB, 793x448, doggo.png)

National Television reporting there's a dog waiting for it's owner outside of a voting stationsendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Fucking lol MLMs vindicated


>Sendero Luminoso poster


Lmao this is the funniest thread of the week




God, Wade-Giles is ugly


File: 1622995361055.jpg (115.42 KB, 768x514, 7282927639.jpg)

Haven't been following this election for about a month and got a few questions, would appreciate if anyone could bring me up to date.
Is Castillo still the favourite to win?
I've seen a video of Castillo saying he's not Marxist, seemingly rolling back on his positions. Is this genuine or just an attempt to get increase his vote share?
What is the situation regarding the legislature?
And how likely is it that Peru will get a new constitution if Castillo wins?jucheJuche


who cares. the government of peru has killed way more peasants in these villages than the senderos did, let alone the amount of people global capitalism has killed.
The only problem is that the Senderos were not able to break from the structurally violence of capitalisms and is now doomed to be victims of bourgeoise propaganda that self-proclaimed "leftists still repeat" repeat (same with the Khmer Rouge).
>I'll take electoralism over this bullshit LARP any day.
Now you're just repeating rightist lines against Lenin, Stalin and Mao. It's all larp anyway as the Red Army were larping as the French Revolutionaries/ Paris Communes and the Chinese Red Army were larping as Soviets. What you are doing is essentially giving up on the masses and are going against the science of Marxism-Leninism


Anyone running for bourgeois elections in this day is not a Marxist. Socialism necessitates revolution.
https://ci-ic.org/blog/2021/05/28/failure-of-the-reactionary-elections-the-role-of-the-lod-movadef-and-the-actions-of-the-feudal-warlords-of-vraem/sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


It's like pottery


Even if Castillo wins, the Fujimori clan will try to kick him out, coup him or whatever


A better statement is: even if Castillo wins, nothing will fundamentally change, as he is a representative of the bureaucrat-capitalist class against the comprador class, and will simply be a social democrat in practice like Evo or Maduro. Certainly not a socialist.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Socialism through bourgeois elections is impossible, there is no lesser evil, etc. etc.
An active election boycott is the best way to court the masses and prepare them for revolution.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Socialism in one country is impossible


The practice of the Soviet Union and China before capitalist restoration proves otherwise, but, assuming you disagree with their economics, Lenin has already told us that to wait for global revolution is unrealistic and that we should sieze any opportunity for power and pave the road as we go.
Revolution is always justified!sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


You really like to suck dicks.
I hope you are the first one here admitting being wrong when the bourgeoisie starts sabotaging him, what you gonna do.




I don't care about inter-bourgeois struggles.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


>socialism is one country?
>what about socialism in 0 countries?
>What about that, HUH?
That's the circlejerking of ultras.


>ah yes, better call the one that won't form death squads to kill us bourgeois, and put him on the same level as those who actually sent death squads to kill us.
The moronic state of ultras.


You can't be serious, social democrats have always worked against communists. Remember what happened to Rosa? Remember what Maduro is doing right now, killing communists in the Colombian border? Castillo will do exactly the same, he has already proclaimed to be a rondero and to hate revolutionary communists. Your pink wave opportunism has been an absolute detriment to proletarian revolutions.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


I highly suggest reading the article above to get a clear picture of the inter-bourgeois struggles going on in Peru right now. >>15208sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso




Since when Castillo is a socialdemocrat? lmao. He's a communist.
He has proposed worker-owned productive forces in his speeches. Get rekt, you dicksucker.


Not so long ago ours was the Marxist-Leninist position. The absolute intellectual bankruptcy of the ML movement since Khruschev is obvious to anyone.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


I don't read CIA-glow post operatives, sorry.


That's not what communism fucking is. "Le workers own productive forces" holy shit read a book. Communism the total negation of capitalism and the abolition of private property, if I were to really dumb it down for you.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


It's really ironic, if any of you had any grasp of theory you would see who the CIA is really backing. Hint: it's not the workers stealing weapons from the state to take full control of it.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


File: 1622998550333.jpg (17.2 KB, 332x386, it-laugh.jpg)

>That's not what communism fucking is
The fucking ultra doesn't know what communism is, lmao
And dares to send me to read a book.
Just because I am homourous. What "book"? Pol Pot and his "communists" idea that was anarco-primitivism?
Just by curiosity, which one is. Because it would be really funny that after I had read Das Kapital 3 times, and I have read shitons of Lenins' works, Cockshott, Stalin's, Kropotkin, and Stirner, I want to see what shit author you pull out of your sleeve.


You sound like a lying idiot.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


>It's really ironic if any of you had any grasp of theory you would see who the CIA is really backin
Ah yes, the CIA loves now the one that in his speeches publicly calls to democratize labor forces giving ownership of the productive force to workers.

Better back-up those claims with real evidence, lmao
Because we have real evidence that communists in the past were killed and coupled by the CIA. And if they are not doing so, is because Chinese influence allows thriving higher independence from U.S. hegemony.


>I've seen a video of Castillo saying he's not Marxist, seemingly rolling back on his positions. Is this genuine or just an attempt to get increase his vote share?
Could you perhaps try to track down the source of where you read/heard this?

>Anyone running for bourgeois elections in this day is not a Marxist.
Bullshit appeal to blind adventurism.
>A better statement is: even if Castillo wins, nothing will fundamentally change, as he is a representative of the bureaucrat-capitalist class against the comprador class, and will simply be a social democrat in practice like Evo or Maduro.
>Nothing would change
This is just plainly false, in terms of material reality.
Also even for Maoists it's been made abundantly clear that it's better for them to rise with an ML/socdem leadership that then cucks out vs what happened with the PCP experience. Both Philippine and Nepalese Maoists are way ahead today as a result and you're coping badly with this fact.
>Socialism through bourgeois elections is impossible,
Seems you need to re-read Lenin. The point of participating in elections for communists is to reach out to the wider populace in articulating your critique and program to raise class consciousness, not to expect to win by ballot-box (but recent decades have shown for this to be a possibility still in some cases, when paired with the threat of a more militant alternative, like the case in Nepal again).
>An active election boycott is the best way to court the masses
Under a military junta? Sure. Fascist govt? Yeah. Mainstreamed "liberal democratic government"? No.
You'd just be appealing to elements within the petit-bourgeois, like anarchists do, that find adventurism exciting. You're not after consciousness raising or to achieve a successful revolution.
You're just advocating for dopamine rushes for small, bored, relatively well-off cliques. In reality you ignore Mao, Lenin, Marx.

Gonzaloists lead revolutionaries astray.


Lmao, you are really digging into your miasmatic shit.


Castillo represents the possibility to build Dual Power in Peru. i dont think anyone is delusional enough to think he's the end goal and will initiate communism. Though I do doubt anything new will happen since Communist Party of Peru broke with Castillo anyway.
Lets see if the masses use Castillo for a further purpose rather than Castillo being a stooge for Comprador regimes


>support no leftist movements that aren't revolutionary in spite of suffering, in the belief that true communism will actually come
that must take a religious amount of belief. tell it to the peruvians who will suffer if castro loses


>Ah yes, the CIA loves now the one that in his speeches publicly calls to democratize labor forces giving ownership of the productive force to workers.
This isn't socialism. Co-operatives still yield profit and capital, the CIA doesn't care if it has to put up with one.
>This is just plainly false, in terms of material reality.
>Also even for Maoists it's been made abundantly clear that it's better for them to rise with an ML/socdem leadership that then cucks out vs what happened with the PCP experience. Both Philippine and Nepalese Maoists are way ahead today as a result and you're coping badly with this fact.
No it isn't brainlet. They aren't "way ahead" they're capitulationists who tail the liberal establishment.
>Seems you need to re-read Lenin.
The willful misinterpretation of LWC by retards has been the worst thing to come out of the Bolshevik revolution lmao. Our situation is different, there is no chance to raise class conscious in a process the masses have no faith in or take part in. Nearly 42% of the electorate either did not vote or voted white or null, in the "most important" election according to the media. That should tell you something about your dated practice. Put up or shut up.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


>Could you perhaps try to track down the source of where you read/heard this?
Found it, he says it at 5:33. I can't speak Spanish at all, but it's pretty clear.


Tell it to the most oppressed masses who don't even vote? Yeah ok, I guess. Fucking liberal, gassing up bourgeois politicians against the wishes of the masses, you're a cretin to them, a rat.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


then where is the revolution if that's what they wish for?


Growing in the Andes and the Amazon. You won't hear about it in the mainstream media. https://ci-ic.org/


let's pretend that's true. letting right wingers win bourgeois elections helps this process, "trust us?" you sound like a glowie


There is no left or right, no good or bad, only proletarian or bourgeois, and the government is unequivocally bourgeois.sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Made a new thread: >>299257


>Remember what Maduro is doing right now, killing communists
I don't remember that and please stop trying to cook my baby.


Who could possibly believe that taking control of the bourgeois apparatus means you adopting bourgeois politics??? Unheard of!sendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


>emember what Maduro is doing right now, killing communists in the Colombian border


>Ejércitos de países vecinos no son objetivos militares: FARC-EP se deslinda de hechos en Apure

Armies of neighboring countries are not military objectives: FARC-EP demarcates from events in Apure

You're sperging lies. Get banned, CIA-OperativechavismoChavismo


>Guys they said it was unfortunate so they're not counter-revolutionary
COPINGsendero_luminosoSendero Luminoso


Good ideology, absolutely autistic praxis
Peruvians don't like the SP white boy


Dilate, resorting to conspiracy theories


False information, and irrelevant, they're cornered in a single valley and largely just supply coca paste to not starve lmao, even if they are growing they'll just get pushed back, no one is going to join that organization because it's

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