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Some changes in website management are happening. As the people who use the website, you've got a right to know. If you've been active on the IRC server you know what this is about.

Essentially for the better part of the year the mod team has been stuck in a series of personal and site management conflicts. The way our "modocracy" works incentivizes as much consent as possible but also has no leader with the final say on things. This tends to create conflicts with a mod team whose members frequently take unilateral action with the idea that after they take it they can get majority approval for it. The current problem is largely due to such unilateral action made by a member of the mod team and the resulting resurfacing of personal and site management differences.

For now the site admin and I have settled on a way to fix this mess through giving me basically the final word on everything. There's not going to be different mods starting votes to expel other mods anymore because I'm the only one who can expel anyone now. There's not going to be incessant arguing over things that are basically irrelevant t most of you and mods leaving (and consequently lowering site quality due to reduced moderation) because I get to just end discussions if they're going nowhere.

The odd mix of democratic centralism and a sort of anarchist council that we had going is going to come back in the future, maybe in an altered form, but for now the watermelon military junta is in charge. Expect to see not too many changes from the normal other than maybe a more strict implementation of the rules and more bans relating to liberal intersectionality garbage because that's what I think the mod team should be focusing on rather than personal nonsense.tankieTankie


look, i was only shitposting about Caesar being based


posting with mod flag to confirm because i am a brainlet and fucked it up in the op.tankieTankie




Thanks to an ongoing gayop, the majority of the staff are now being thrown out to protect a mod who is Leninhat in their spare time. Yes really. This mod has gone out of their way to wreck the site relentlessly and has never gotten punished. Now their friend the sysadmin has decided to install their friend as dictator in order to squash and issue and squash the modocracy. I know not all of you always liked me but I always tried to do my best for the site. The reason you know my name is because I was one of the most active mods, and all of the active mods are being thrown out of power by this decision, in favour of another D0llars who is never active and never does anything for the site, but has the right reactionary-friendly political takes. God forbid we actually try to be a leftist site.

The previous admin, who steered our ship through the split with Bunker, already left months ago over this but I wanted to try and make it work. Clearly though, this can't work.

As I speak one of the mods who stood with me is being suspended for speaking out against this destruction of the leftypol structure we have had for three years, never to return.

Thank you all, and I always tried to do my best for /leftypol/.

With love, Caballo

No, he left years ago, then Krates became admin, someone we all trusted, but he left in disgust at the undemocratic and wrecking actions of Zul's clique. Now Zer0 is sysadmin but unbeknownst to all, he was part of the Hazite clique and he has stabbed us all in the back.


Basically, reactionaries keep weaseling their way into power. Space_ and Zul both fit this mold. Space thanks to his alliance with Pyongyang et al, and Zul thanks to his Covid denial views, Haz admiration, and general schizo views.

Here's the new /leftypol/ roadmap:

1. Reverse any controls on posting outside of obvious 'heil hitler' spam
2. Fire most of the mods who won't go along with this putsch
3. Allow soyjak.party users to fully colonise /b/
4. Allow COVID denial to spread
5. Allow workerism and 'redbrown' bullshit to colonise leftypol

Expect this site to become indistinguishable from r/stupidpol or /leftcels/ within weeks.



>I am a brainlet
we're screwed


Well now I look silly, I think my account is kill


File: 1628462484040.jpg (15.47 KB, 240x377, 240px-Lev_Trotsky.jpg)

save us caballo


Why the fuck did you faggots delete Caballo's post? You can't even tolerate dissenting viewpoints on the events you just made another post about?


Posting under Sage, because the previous thread (by Caballo) was (rightfully deleted). Note: I'm not a vol.


>Zul, a mod who is Leninhat in their spare time.
Already a biased assessment. There are at least 3-4 "leninhats" on this site, including myself.

>This mod has gone out of their way to wreck the site relentlessly and has never gotten punished.

Define "wrecking". The initiatives I saw from Zul were overall constructive and regularly downvoted by the radlib vol majority.

>Now their friend the sysadmin has decided to install their friend as dictator

I've talked to sysadmin and he is WAAAAY more reasonable than the idpol clique inside the vol team.

>I know not all of you always liked me but I always tried to do my best for the site.

Anyone on trial would say this exact same words. Tell us something new.

>in favour of another D0llars

Gross misrepresentation of what I presume is going on. You are acting like a demagogue trying to round up people by referencing a completely unrelated recent issue.

>God forbid we actually try to be a leftist site.

God forbid we actually try to be a communist site.

>one of the mods who stood with me is being suspended for speaking out against this destruction of the leftypol structure we have had for three years

It's dialectics, baby. Your ilk comes and goes.

>With love



>/leftypol/ survived thanks to its institutions, now those are all gone.
Leftypol "survived" (which is already a condemning word, mind you – instead of "thrived") as it did thanks to said institutions.

I look forward to the change.


File: 1628462627723.png (138.46 KB, 1312x446, Coup.png)



>all the mods that ran the site for years are radlibs

See folks, I told you. Reactionary coup. Apparently they don't want you to see these screenshots of how popular this putsch is.


it had IPs in it, but i guess it doesn't really matter now. I'm not going to delete his future posts.tankieTankie


File: 1628462696206.png (274.77 KB, 571x352, 1.png)


lol I'm a retard. fuck.


File: 1628462717855.png (1.66 MB, 1242x810, ClipboardImage.png)

cringe moment


>>all the mods that ran the site for years are radlibs
Never did I utter such words, demagogue.




File: 1628462755660.jpg (59.79 KB, 747x1214, pol pot.jpg)

this all started because you dragged your feet and deleted posts over people making fun of avatarfags on /b/ quit being a faggot


File: 1628462767937-0.jpg (50.68 KB, 618x496, boris.jpg)

File: 1628462767937-1.jpg (49.76 KB, 678x452, leftycoup.jpg)

File: 1628462767937-2.jpg (38.77 KB, 739x415, lefttcoup.jpg)



>it had IPs in it
how much of a security risk is that? Do you retards keep info about individual users?


File: 1628462778737-0.jpg (37.61 KB, 480x360, circus.jpg)

File: 1628462778737-2.jpg (133.36 KB, 623x414, no.jpg)

Needless to say I oppose this change and advocate a return to the democratic method of moderation, no dictatorship however "benevolent" can last in the face of the incredibly retarded strain of chans. the entire reason this current system exists is because sole leaders in the past either ran out of steam or diverged from what /leftypol/ was, a la oldBO ,space_ and to a lesser extent d0llars, and there was no way to reliably hand off power without a split. whatever short term stability it may buy, it will long term fall apart and likely make another split.



File: 1628462805789-0.png (104.6 KB, 1286x499, leftypol vote 01.png)

File: 1628462805789-1.png (121.58 KB, 1278x539, leftypol vote 02.png)

Ok here we go, sorry my bad on that one.




lol, stfu gorbachev

don't you have a pizza hut commercial to attend?


>Reactionary coup.


Those are pics of the coup Yeltsin did you pseud


Pls delete it :(


File: 1628463016623-0.png (104.47 KB, 1647x291, Krates Chat 01.png)

File: 1628463016623-1.png (24.63 KB, 1593x87, Krates Chat 02.png)

File: 1628463016623-2.png (80.73 KB, 1593x266, Krates Chat 03.png)

File: 1628463016623-3.png (47.49 KB, 1600x152, Krates Chat 04.png)

File: 1628463016623-4.png (291.94 KB, 1405x1767, krates chat 05.png)

Here's the full backstory I alluded to


File: 1628463045871.jpg (15.16 KB, 341x292, Gennady_Yanayev.jpg)

thanks man

we State Committee on the State of Emergency now.tankieTankie


File: 1628463047136.png (217.12 KB, 1883x1148, Krates Resignation.png)





this is an adult moderator on a leftist site, mind you, supposedly giving you objective reporting of what is happening


i miss krates


Well I don't.


Nah, pretty sure you're Yeltsin shelling soviet deputies in parliament in 1993.


File: 1628463118652.png (353.38 KB, 1068x601, ClipboardImage.png)

>I don't accept your resignation.stalinStalin




File: 1628463248372.jpeg (7.65 KB, 183x275, download.jpeg)

>>I don't accept your resignation


>you are wrecking the site
Yeah, yeah, we all heard it before. "Stalin is wrecking the Soviet Union" - Drodsky; "Agricultural collectivization is wrecking Hungarian agriculture" - Imbre Nagy; "Splitters are wrecking bunkerchan" - Sbace_, etc. etc.


I had to type this in a hurry to get ahead of the news. Call it what you want. Also I never said I was objective but it is objective that the new admins have disregarded our internal democracy.



>it is objective that the new admins have disregarded our internal democracy.
Thank fuck for that.


I don't remove the blame from caballo et al because clearly they didn't put anything in place to prevent this from happening, and were poor judges of character in any case. But as it stands if the "junta" is in favor of shitting up this site with official support for factional workerist nonsense then I would support another split.

Watermelon, is COVID serious or is it exaggerated? Is Zul >>21415 the "COVID is a conspiracy" leninhat who posts in USApol?

As it stands, one side calls the other "workerist", and the other responds by saying "radlib". But the relevant point is that one side has suppressed the voting power of the other.


To be clear it was not our choice to give the admin seat to Zer0, that was done by Krates before he left and he never communicated with us again.


>but it is objective that the new admins have disregarded our internal democracy.
Speak honestly. This all started because you disregarded again the consensus to not protect avatarfags from mockery on /b/.


File: 1628463415978.jpg (250.65 KB, 904x1180, Mikhail_Suslov_1964.jpg)

>Mods running things again by not bringing up critical issues onto the board itself until it boils over and detonates
Holy shit, how have you faggots not learned your lesson from last time? If it's even marginally an issue, you bring it up on this board to discuss, you don't keep it under wraps in the element until it explodes. That was the whole fucking point of transparency in the first place, to avoid this. This isn't "your" board, this is our board. Always has been, always will be. When shit comes up, you bring it to us, and you pay attention to the discussion that unfolds. The fact that we don't even know what you retards are defining as idpol or radlib in your chats (that is to say, we don't know if it legitimately is or if it's just false slandering), says a lot about the situation. So right fucking now, pair all of it. I want the entire context of everything, I want both sides of this, and I want real transparency with the anons of this site, you fucking retarded uyghurs. Do it, or fuck off, because obviously none of you deserve to be mods. Next brunch of people who should be mods should be people who don't want to be ones, because then at least those people will treat it as a responsibility put upon them then a social club they want to be in. Get the fuck over yourselves, get back to you jobs, or pass it off to some fresh group of people who will. I really don't care which at this point. I refuse to have this go like every other previous time where you can't do shit like you're supposed to, and where you put personal petty shit over the actual anons and their preference in regards to the board.


watermelon is a jewish nigger


That's not me. COVID is real and the American response to it makes me incredibly angry - the "response" in America is a genocide of the proletariat and nothing else.

I don't know where the "leninhat" accusation came from. I don't usually post under a flag.tankieTankie


(User was banned for this post)


I am not ashamed of my actions, yes, I deleted the posts which incorporated Pennyposter's real face pic or derivatives thereof. This was out of my desire to avoid doxxing and I would do the same for any of our users that wanted their pics removed. That said, I was told by the other mods to stop, at which point I did. Yet apparently that was enough reason to create a giant manufactured controversy and say 'OMG the mod team is out of control' by the people who want us to capitulate to the soyjakkers.




To be clear I was referring to Zul, not you with that remark. But you are doing this to protect Zul from his rightful expulsion so you are just as bad as him IMO.



*ruining things
*post all of it
*Next bunch


Kill yourself and tell Pennyfag to join you because now that you’re not here to protect him we’re going to bully him worse


it wasn't just pennyposter's real face it was also just people making fun of pennyposter


>capitulate to the soyjakkers.
Is there an ongoing conspiracy to infiltrate this site? Who are the “soyjakkers”?



These are the people that the new mod team wants to coddle.


He is acting in good faith and so are you. That is why allowing either of you to do stuff until you cool off is dangerous.tankieTankie


You answered one question but not the other. Is Zul the leninhat poster from USApol? Did he unban himself when posting in this regard?



Question for you Watermelon:

There was a questionaire about future site changes on leftypol; The results were never tallied however.

Now that this "coup" is done, will the "junta" be finalizing the report and moving forward with changes?



>the "junta" is in favor of shitting up this site with official support for factional workerist nonsense then I would support another split


Clearly a move by the new team explained in a joking manner. Have a sense of humor, for god's sakes, especially on a chan. If anyone here thinks that the new mod team will initiate DPRK 2.0 here is clearly out of their minds. What is said is that due to the temporary imbalance of power radical measures will be taken – as is typical in ANY political shift in human history.

<workerist nonsense

"Workerism" is the meme thrown by typically Western radlibs and NEETs at actual communists who point out the fact that for you to be able to play Star Craft 2 online millions of working people have to produce shit (electricity, food, basic infrastructure) for you.

<I would support another split

No shit. When a new takeover happens, you immediately fall into the category of someone thinking that you were right all along, instead of self-reflecting, then you drop the bomb: "let's split". Well fuck you, honestly. Advocates of splitting, under the temporary "Junta" should be banned by the new administration effective immediately. It's almost as if this community has seen TWO FUCKING TIMES ALREADY how "splitters" devolved on 8ch and on bunkerchan.

>As it stands, one side calls the other "workerist"

Which is a meaningless slur, you brainlet. You live in a social and biological sense because socialized production.
>and the other responds by saying "radlib"
Which is a completely justified response.

>one side has suppressed the voting power of the other



File: 1628463813890-0.png (118.58 KB, 574x926, ripcoma.png)

File: 1628463813890-1.png (88.38 KB, 612x673, coma2.png)

File: 1628463813890-2.png (115.63 KB, 486x1047, ripcoma3.png)

It wasn't the first time is the whole point. This is repeated behavior.


he isn't


>democracy fails

Many such cases! Sad!left_communismLeft Communism


>This all started
This has been culminating for a long fucking time now, let's be honest here.



Doesn't take a genius to see that the soyjak spam we have been suffering, and which I have been prevented from purging from /b/, is an imported phenomenon by outside agitators and irony poisoned retards.


I've never seen him say any absurd stuff like leninhat. He isn't the insidious leninhat poster.tankieTankie


once again, organizing around "democratic centralism" is being taken to mean a cabal of retards repeatedly manage to fuck up the site


>its mostly people saying not your personal army and spamming each other

nice try


>mfw i just made the entire modteam fell apart by requesting a rando's old selfie 3 days ago


>implying we aren't implementing DPRK 2.0
user was shot by anti-aircraft gun for this post.dprkDPRK


And why is this a bad thing? He shat up the site first by being an attention whore, if anything he deserves to be doxxed


soyjak.party is part of leftypol


Make this guy sysadmin.


lol lmao ha ha lel ell oh ell



Based as hell. With a little effort we might get him to sui too


If our new jannie team gets rid of all the glowie threads attacking China/Belarus/Cuba/etc. and stops allowing ameritards to propagate their """anarchist""" talking points then this might be the best regime change in board history.thinkThink


Good 'jakkers


funny how often even people who hate our viewpoints have to admit leftypol hasn't done anything wrong


>New admin supporting opportunist regimes after opportunistically taking over the site

Lol, poetryleft_communismLeft Communism


File: 1628464140519.jpg (8.98 KB, 300x300, Vaush.jpg)

b-but Marx was a d-democrat


File: 1628464142982.png (171.47 KB, 1375x450, our greatest allies.png)





File: 1628464172506.png (73.76 KB, 1066x957, ee.png)

>we should merge with soyjak.party as it is obviously the most advanced ib besides leftypol itself


FACT: Not once has been a properly democratic centralist moderation team has been created in the history of this community.


yes but they also must ban leftcum posters


File: 1628464231745.mp4 (8.55 MB, 480x480, 32746239746.mp4)




The new order must gas rightards or it will not have my support.


>Ban communism and support authoritarian state capitalist regimes!

The state of /liberalpol/left_communismLeft Communism


new rules https://leftypol.org/rules.html should be drafted immediately under the temporary situation, later improved for long-term use


>i want to do all the old BO shit that killed /leftypol/ back on 8chan


File: 1628464440186.jpeg (6.55 KB, 186x271, engels.jpeg)



What is the actual controversy here? What issues do you disagree on?



Honestly I hope they also crack down on some of the lolbert bait threads hard too.

If they can somehow steer the board to be less western focusedI think it will help all around. Maybe get an African comrade to do moderation if possible.

The discourse in the anglo west is not only incestuous, but also of a low quality. Compare with vidabove werein its not even communists.


File: 1628464471445.jpg (12.17 KB, 480x358, delet this in spanish.jpg)

Maybe with enough effort you can get him to rape his mom too, fucking Kiwifarms sicko shit. Maybe focus on your own sad life.


This was the big topic



Yes, Authoritarian against the proletariat, not against the state capitalist class

Read a bookleft_communismLeft Communism


you know it's shit when the mods are arguing over petty slogans
I'm gonna jack off, and when I come back, things better be sorted. Right?


r u mad bro XD?


gonna be hot


hilariously enough the supporters of the new regime are the most lax in the moderation policy when it comes to reactionaries, generally.


this and GETpedos


Bunker had better mods



There is no controversy, jannies and admins are fucking spergs and they are having a collective aspergers episode.left_communismLeft Communism


finish puberty


just how new are you?


Who is this penny person? I don’t understand any of this. Maybe I am getting too old.


>Che's regime loyalist coup


Basically, the 'Zul camp' wants minimal, almost nonexistent moderation (which would pretty much let the right take over the board) whereas 'my' faction, the majority, wants to keep up a relatively robust party line in order to prevent the site from becoming stupidpol or leftcels or worse.

But I was a mod on Bunker the whole time we were there :(


Reactionaries aren’t a problem, they’re tolerable and can generally be turned. Liberals however are insufferable and ruin our site


this also ban /zoo/porn from /b/ pls


pennyposter is a trans avatarfag from /b/


>robust party line



File: 1628464709159.jpeg (61.25 KB, 469x470, images (61)~2.jpeg)

You haven't even read Lenin to begin with despite quoting him left and rightleft_communismLeft Communism


Lowering the amount of moderation seems like outright sabotage at this point with faggot rightards running loose across every thread every day. Every day we complain in /meta/ and nothing gets done about it.


Pack the court, make me a mod


Space was a faggot, but bunker consistently had better moderation and posting quality in spite of him.


I hope his mom has dementia because otherwise there’s no way in hell that he’d be able to stick his dick in there otherwise. Keep crying that your precious penny is being bullied, it gives me joy


I guess I never go on there. I don’t even understand why that board is (seemingly) popular.


nice meme bro did your highscool friends send you that?


File: 1628464798816.png (79.47 KB, 1135x646, our future.png)



File: 1628464802395.png (615.53 KB, 1143x675, tankie supremacy.png)



Oh please. Anyone to the left of hitler is a liberal to you insufferable retards.anarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism


radlib jannies use it to discuss idpol and avatarfag so they get rlly assblasted whenever someone funposts there


File: 1628464824933.jpg (67.02 KB, 800x649, pepe.jpg)

>the big one's last post was 20 days ago


I started lurking in the 8chan days

Janny autism has always, *ALWAYS* ended up in this shit

Just make a rulebook and force admins and jannies to obey it, none of that "democratic centralism" has ever worked. They should just moderate the site according to the rules.left_communismLeft Communism


>>21536 (you)lenin_capLenin Cap


File: 1628464851633.mp3 (979.31 KB, jannies.mp3)

My DMs are open for hot takes, suggestions, dick pics. Just not casual conversation.



I suspect this is due to a personel shortage more than a loose moderation policy. That or the mods are online at similar times leaving coverage gaps.

Timezone diversity would be hood if the latter is true.


Hilarious that you pretend to be a left-com and then shill for a constitution. As I said above: >>21495lenin_capLenin Cap


>USSR doesn't exist
>North Korea increasing the number of special economic zones
>Cuba engaging in market reforms
>Vietnam is a national sweatshop
>China is capitalist and imperialist
>70% of the economy is owned by private hands in Venezuela

Marxism Leninism failed, copeleft_communismLeft Communism


never trust 7chan
i'm now in support Caballo


Oh wowie wow wow a liberal with a shit take. How unsurprising


I consistently pushed for higher moderation due to the level of complaints yet I was told I was ruining everything and making up the discontent by people who literally only listened to feedback from Sage and 'Soy Noticer' on the Matrix chat.

No, it was due to wrecking, I was not allowed to moderate most things that I wanted to. (Or at least a lot of things).

Well like I said, they colonised /b/ already.


I fucking hate mods.


finish puberty


everything here is a lie fashioned to make the poster himself look better than he is/waslenin_capLenin Cap


Wait, the modteam imploded because you guys are too dumb to ban the constant co-ordinated soyjak raids and the constant shilling of anti-janny sentiment there? Lmao


You fucking idiot, this isn't a fucking country, this is a fucking imageboards

You administer an imageboards the way you should administer an imageboards, with a set of well defined rules that leave no personal interpretation to the jannies

This isn't you even larp site where you tests your communist theories, autist


JANNIE autism has YET AGAIN resulted in petty squabblesleft_communismLeft Communism


File: 1628465062963.jpg (27.98 KB, 720x495, EFd3BQrW4AEVXQw.jpg)



c o p eleft_communismLeft Communism


I wanted to ban it but was told I couldn't by a minority of loud mods. When we, the majority, finally got sick of them, we were purged by those mods' friends.


it going to be ok kfc


so everything started when you got completelly and utterly owned by a bunch of soyposters


File: 1628465105707.jpg (27.24 KB, 300x450, hideri-kanzaki-129606.jpg)

Ur all girls you fucking loser bottomsyugoslaviaYugoslavia


there have never been any soyjak raids


I didn't care before, I don't care now, I will not care in the future.


File: 1628465184764.png (70.18 KB, 1501x753, moderation poll.png)

PS: these were our views as a team (those who were active enough to see this poll anyway - zzz counts as an upvote for a mod who couldnt leave emojis) shortly before this purge occurred. The faction which has succeeded are the ones who want less moderation of all kinds.


>site split over soyjaks


this, most of the time they don't do the most basic of things like ban anime cp or animal fucking from /b/


Who are all those people that make these soyjak threads on /b/ all the time then?


File: 1628465248356.png (11.13 KB, 645x773, phoebejak.png)

>site split over soyjaks


File: 1628465254848.gif (674.88 KB, 180x204, 1625604671225.gif)

what is the rationale of not removing the penny dox? was it a fail dox? did caballo know it was a faildox?
is it actually someone else who hasn't been introduced yet? Is this a gay op?

Anyway, make me mod pl0x I'll do better than all of you


/b/ users?


If the majority didn’t like them, why didn’t y’all vote them out?


Is it true that Pennyfag is so pathetic he’s not even welcome over at your stupid site?


The mod team needs to be withered away to those base functions alone, to be dissolved entirely at a future point.


it was literally just his face wich he posted himself


Apparently the sysadmin protects them


So raiders, avatarfags and spammers are going to have free reign from now on?

Damn, this place is going to turn into a dump in no time then.


File: 1628465359104.jpg (260.14 KB, 1148x1600, stalin-barbarossa.jpg)

I just want the goddamn rightards liquidated.


This, and when people pointed out he was like a 3/10 at best he cried to his mommy


File: 1628465364011-0.png (104.6 KB, 1286x499, leftypol vote 01.png)

File: 1628465364011-1.png (121.58 KB, 1278x539, leftypol vote 02.png)

Basically the faggot mods said 'they deserve it lul for being an avatarfag' (ignoring the fact that soyjakking is the ultimate avatarfagging)

We tried which is what caused this purge. (Zer0 is the sysadmin)


File: 1628465405458.png (11.02 KB, 232x217, 1628399207294.png)

>So raiders, avatarfags and spammers are going to have free reign from now on?

>Damn, this place is going to turn into a dump in no time then.


so what's wrong with deleting it? I'm also for deleting that one Grinch looking bastard, because he didn't post here. Someone just took a random post from /pol/ saying "this is me".


uphold soyjak.party thought


Nope, with Caballo gone they’re finally getting purged


forgot to include reactionaries, incels, muh troon-posters, among others. but yeah.


>cp should be punished without oversight
>2 dislikes
the last part of the rule is gay, but i hate you all


whats wrong with reposting pics from a leftypol user? ppl do it with shay pics all the time


File: 1628465550041.jpeg (5.89 KB, 194x259, Caballo.jpeg)

My actual experience with FALLEN Caballo:
>dude is fat as fuck, like worse than Stavros Halkias-tier fat
>he is a vegan (how the fuck do you even manage to be fat as a vegan?)
>bans people he disagrees with on Matrix
>then pretends to be an "everyman" doing his job

My actual experience with FALLEN Kratos:
>deluded French communist who is too deep into idpol to actually engage materialist analysis
>"yeah, but" is his recurring come-back when faced with damning evidence
>more talk than do

My actual experience with OVERTAKING Zul:
>a non-retard, non-dogmatic anarchist
>open to criticism and new ideas
>desperately wants to change the way we run our site

My actual experience with OVERTAKING sysadmin:
>reasonable guy, even if we disagree
>won't ban you just because you have a disagreement
>will unban you if you notify him that above mentioned retards banned you

I welcome the change. Anyone who is salty about it is an idiot or ignorant about the vol dynamics.




if i was mod, i would pass a "no selfie" policy censor that shit, retards
don't let comrades fall prey to this shit


is that valve news youtubesss personss


<if you oppose Caballo you are an incel
demagogue no. 3 ITTlenin_capLenin Cap


if you where serious about being against attention whoring for security resons you would ban avatarfagging too


>h8 muh red fash
<post pol pot


File: 1628465725862.png (82.55 KB, 500x500, n8 just yiff already.png)

R u dumb blad? That is the middle option, the 'constitution' option means removing that implicitly

Shay actually likes her pics being shared though, that's different.

I have never posted pics and I never will, for your purposes this is my face. But once again, observe the very fine people who support the incoming junta, schizo retards who just post any dumb polshit.


I noticed an uptick in 'troon' posts on leftypol and some of the /b/ cancer spilling over. The other day there was a poster spamming 'Caballo is a Jewish nigger' over and over again. What is the chance that this was a coordinated removal or that the spam was part of an inside job to trigger certain mods and use it as an excuse to remove them? Lmao.

I feel like the entire leadership has already been compromised in some way lmao.


To be fair if we let him keep posting, we get a better chance at getting him to kill himself


File: 1628465752997.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.09 KB, 1200x900, 1(1).jpg)

don't ewe have an incel discord to moderate?


Awww you gonna cry fatty? You gonna cry into one of your soiled diapers? Bloo bloo bloo mommy mommy people are being mean to me because I fuck animals WAAAAAAAAAHH!


Autism has become an epidemicleft_communismLeft Communism


File: 1628465841784.jpg (124.75 KB, 849x603, martial-law-poland.jpg)

democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1628465868883.jpg (50.45 KB, 400x300, 111634__rome_l.jpg)

Of course comrade, vote populares today!


>I have never posted pics and I never will
I've seen you with my own eyes on video chat sessions. You are a salty, ugly, vegan, fat mother fucker who will never amount to anything.

On a tangent: how does one achieve the state of being vegan AND fat at the same time? Does your diet consist of vegan cakes or what?


That’s a pic of stav lmao


>americans be like


Thats a comedian podcaster stavros not the mod you retärd


I've never been on videochat though


File: 1628465963636.png (246.1 KB, 774x598, uhohjanny.png)

reminder that caballo is the kind of retard who would ban you if you said anything bad about furfags back in bunkerchan his deffense of avatarfags and his crusade against soyjakposters are just the most recent examples of how he uses his janny possition to bend the site rules to fit his personal desires


>will unban you if you notify him that above mentioned retards banned you

I didn't know rndom spammers and shitposters can directly message admins to overpower mod actions and get unbans. What the actual fuck, lmao.


soyfag.party is over there, newfriend.anarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism


stay mad redditor


not going to ban criticism of china, belarus, or cuba even though i disagree with most criticism of those states and think the people doing it are useful idiots.

The most bizarre thing about the leftypol mod team is that the people who support more "authoritarian" regimes are the people who are less authoritarian mods.
working on ittankieTankie


Except on Infrared's discord, of course. ;^)
did you actually think I'll ever forget the sight?


Soyfag spammer reaching in his anti-janny folder to take a victory lap. Also the 'furfag' shit is a bunkerchanner reference.

You guys got fucking played, lmao.


It's been happening since bunkerchan


Fake and gay, I only ever banned people in that thread for saying all furries should be genocided and for saying that all furries were child rapists. I will not apologise for that, cry about it if you want. I enjoyed living in your head rent free for 3 years.


>working on it
based revolutionary governmentlenin_capLenin Cap


there are literal feds posting on those threads


Could have fooled me, he probably looks worse


>The most bizarre thing about the leftypol mod team is that the people who support more "authoritarian" regimes are the people who are less authoritarian mods.
your brain on liberalism



where do you think we came from and what do you think bunkerchan is now ? its fucking dead all its users came here


>Basically, reactionaries keep weaseling their way into power. Space_ and Zul both fit this mold. Space thanks to his alliance with Pyongyang et al, and Zul thanks to his Covid denial views, Haz admiration, and general schizo views.
>Here's the new /leftypol/ roadmap:
>1. Reverse any controls on posting outside of obvious 'heil hitler' spam
>2. Fire most of the mods who won't go along with this putsch
>3. Allow soyjak.party users to fully colonise /b/
>4. Allow COVID denial to spread
>5. Allow workerism and 'redbrown' bullshit to colonise leftypol
>Expect this site to become indistinguishable from r/stupidpol or /leftcels/ within weeks.


samefag go back to reddit


>samefag accusation in a mod thread

Gosh, you are dumb lmao


You again dipcunt? NTMY. Now GTFO, hope the mods blacklist the fuck out of you.


File: 1628466290328.png (35.51 KB, 1146x654, THE NUMBERS.png)

this is fucking gold lmao, pay close attention and document the stats


you better not be a return to old BO you faggot.


I know.tankieTankie


old BO banned nazbol, new BO is actually a nazbol


Feel free to prove those statements wrong or seethe eternallyleft_communismLeft Communism


File: 1628466443185.jpg (416.73 KB, 1004x1430, Neither 4chan nor twitter.jpg)

defending avatar use is less than ideal, but banning people who let furries live rent free in their minds is good, actually. most anti-furry posting is pure 4chan brainrot based purely on "i don't like thing" which gets in the way of far more interesting analyses of the vanguard of parasocial e-commerce.

on a socialist and indeed a communist website, it is necessary to destroy the weeds of SA-derived furry hate so that a more advanced antipathy can be developed to the maximum extent. what the furry fandom is selling for $500 today, your university classmates will be buying in derivative form on twitch tomorrow.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1628466447838.png (5.13 KB, 228x221, k.png)

>new BO is actually a nazbollenin_capLenin Cap


File: 1628466480107.jpg (30.42 KB, 589x720, 1628020434924.jpg)

>new BO is actually a nazbol


>most anti-furry posting is pure 4chan brainrot based purely on "i don't like thing"
t. furfaggot


Well I'm going to ask you for a while.
Is Leftypol in the long term going to be a shithole with all the feds, Leftcom, Leninhat, Chadolf, and later King Lear monopoly?!


This is much more analogous to a return to Dollars. Absentee admin comes in to cuck the mod democracy and do nothing while the board slides into chaos.

Thanks Socdemanon. I always liked you a lot.

Pretty sure you're thinking of someone else.

To be honest I wouldn't say the new admin is a nazbol, that's going a bit far, but Zul and his clique are definitely VERY soft on 'socially conservative leftism'.


>Noon you can't hekin criticize past communist regimes from a materialist perspective that's on the same level as reactionary thought!

Lol seetheleft_communismLeft Communism


>R u dumb blad?

>middle option

yes. i can see that
you didn't say there where something else or a part
just here the mods vote and the image only showing the votes per line
also it was still gay


File: 1628466609806.png (93.39 KB, 649x333, mao.png)


FUCK OLD IDEASlenin_capLenin Cap


File: 1628466611717-0.webm (2.98 MB, 320x180, trollgebabylon.webm)

File: 1628466611717-1.gif (42.21 KB, 400x400, trolldance.gif)

File: 1628466611717-2.gif (73.2 KB, 220x220, trollge.gif)

I hate janny drama
Post trollge


You are the reason on why is this site going downhill at first place.


socially conservative "leftists" are worse than trotsanarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism



>Mod democracy

Pure shit that ended up in this mess

Create a set of proper rules that leave no room for interpretation and purge the admin team every now and thenleft_communismLeft Communism


nazbol gang coup
bottom text

I think criticism of geopolitical enemies of the USA should be banned if that criticism is being done with state department talking points, we absolutely need a stronger policy on that that promotes principled criticism and not mindless repetition of whatever the US government says.tankieTankie


There’s no such thing as “socially liberal leftism”. Trying to compromise socialism with liberal degeneracy is just called being a radlib


>messing up the flags this hard
>CPGB gets tin man because tankies are ruthless and have no heart
>Trots get scarecrow because they fold over like limp rags and have almost zero relevance to anything
>SocDems get the Lion because once the commies are gone they go neoliberal and start devouring the welfare state
>Sabocat/IWW gets Dorothy since anarkiddies and spontaneous action lefties are easily misled opportunists who stumble around blindly until reality hits them in the facespurdoSpurdo


Who gets to decide what "state department talking points" are? FAGGOTanarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism


>create a set of rules that encompasses every possible post

genius, why didn't we think of that

back to stupidpol


>we absolutely need a stronger policy on that that promotes principled criticism and not mindless repetition of whatever the US government says.
IKR! Also noted are talking points held by the American far-right (literal virus denialism, 5G theories, Qanon, and the like). We don't want this thread to be another recruiting ground for a UTR-like event or even a house for mass shooters.


No, actually, that's because of dumb jannies that are too stupid to properly moderate this site

Discussing if past "socialist" regimes were actually socialist or not is one of the core principles of lefty discussion

Sorry your autism makes you get all triggered at it.left_communismLeft Communism


>YOou shouLD make the TrOTSky CarTOOn soMthing otHer thaAN troTsKY tO suIT MY auTIsM


>why didn't we think of that
Probably because all of you have autism

Moderating 4chan is not a problem despite having 1000x the userbase.left_communismLeft Communism


me, i do.

In all seriousness this would be aimed at posters who do nothing but criticize countries the USA has a problem with. It's not being implemented now anyways.
nonsense is already banned, no reason to ban it again.tankieTankie


File: 1628466972912.png (504.87 KB, 858x960, OMON.png)

>I think criticism of geopolitical enemies of the USA should be banned if that criticism is being done with state department talking points


>Discussing if past "socialist" regimes were actually socialist or not is one of the core principles of lefty discussion
>implying that all communists regimes are fake ones
Fuck off capicunt.


File: 1628467002643.png (41.47 KB, 1192x530, ClipboardImage.png)

looks like /dead/ was getting clapped just now lmao


>">Mod democracy"
>Pure shit that ended up in this mess
also this, the whole Mod democracy here has been a oligarch like most places with mods


Reminder that its never the posters that ruin things, its always the jannies. Get back to your fucking jobs, stop doing stupid shit, stop trying to shill your personal ideological squabbles, give an actual basis to your accusations, or fuck off. And if a mod is an actual reactionary, prove it, and show it to the anons of the board so they can discuss a decision, because you are all too close to this to make one.


File: 1628467024682.jpg (258.61 KB, 672x936, c16-98-swan-song.jpg)

>This is much more analogous to a return to Dollars.
Literally meaningless ramblings of an apparatchik who has been deemed dispensable and obstructive. Please, forgive him, he is mentally challenged. He can not but – as the demagogue he is – refer to past struggles as if they were being fought now.

>Thanks Socdemanon. I always liked you a lot.


>Pretty sure you're thinking of someone else.

Nah, I was there too, and I remember your fat ass vegan face.

>Zul and his clique are definitely VERY soft on 'socially conservative leftism'.

<socially conservative leftism
Literally: religious workers, "cis" workers, "white" workers, and so on. Yeah, FUCK ZUL for wanting to include them.lenin_capLenin Cap


>nonsense is already banned, no reason to ban it again.
Oh. I don't really know the dynamics, I don't befriend the jannies afp.


so are you definitely purged or is there just a likelihood of it happening in the near future?

>I think criticism of geopolitical enemies of the USA should be banned if that criticism is being done with state department talking points
this seems like a great way to be caught unprepared by state department talking points when users go off site or otherwise have to explain things in a dynamic environment. (to family etc)
tbh i'd go so far as to advocate the hard opposite of this: someone with a mod tag could possibly make threads advancing state department talking points in threads, as part of a stated policy of devil's advocacy, so that people can't just go "ur cia!!" and are actually forced to counteract the points in question. (with the knowledge that they're being pushed by someone who doesn't actually believe them)

a basic skill far too many users lack is to quickly google things to confirm their own knowledge in their minds before posting. having "this is obviously wrong propaganda, but you've got to prove it." threads would be a good step towards this.

the flags have their own logic based on whatever the thread i first posted that pic in was:
i am heartless, sabocat goes meow, trotsky is trotsky in a dress, the CPGB-ML is strawmanned, and i should've done something with the dog but i think i was in a rush at the time.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


the state department has used every single possible reason to criticize its enemies, including how they're not socialist enough.


File: 1628467081893.jpeg (10.27 KB, 317x267, images (44).jpeg)

uyghur none of the state capitalist regimes you support even abolished commodity production lmao

YOU are the capitalist shill, read a fucking bookleft_communismLeft Communism


Adult here. Fuck off.lenin_capLenin Cap


Thisleft_communismLeft Communism


OMGlenin_capLenin Cap


That is correctleft_communismLeft Communism




File: 1628467170292.png (262.27 KB, 499x405, 1628467168914.png)

>inb4 criticizing Dengoid from the left gets u banned


>so are you definitely purged or is there just a likelihood of it happening in the near future?
There was never any plans to purge any mod.




you exemplify why leftcoms are universally hated everywhere and why they will always remain irrelevant


I generally lean in the direction of liking China but criticism of dengism is absolutely justified and will never result in a ban.tankieTankie


rip Jason UnruhenazbolNazbol


The party of the proletariat demands that the state should declare religion a private matter, but does not regard the fight against the opium of the people, the fight against religious superstitions, etc., as a “private matter”. The opportunists distort the question to mean that the Social-Democratic Party regards religion as a private matter!


>You are popping my balloons full of deluded notions of what socialism and I hate you :(!

Cope and read a bookleft_communismLeft Communism


Fuck this shit!
I declare myself interm BO and call for the immediate purge of all the mods, regardless of side. Failure to comply will result in the site being spammed and make the jannies life a living hell


Apparently I still have mod powers, but one of my fellow mods M00dy was suspended for a week already for talking back to Watermelon. I think the new admins want us to stay and continue to do the actual work of modding while they make all the decisions and tell us what to do. Go figure. I'll remove CP if I see it, other than that I'm not feeling very invested right now.

Be religious if you want but I don't see why conservative idpol should get a free pass.


>I think criticism of geopolitical enemies of the USA should be banned if that criticism is being done with state department talking points, we absolutely need a stronger policy on that that promotes principled criticism and not mindless repetition of whatever the US government says.
YESlenin_capLenin Cap


>You are popping my balloons full of deluded notions of what socialism is and I hate you :(!

Cope and read a bookleft_communismLeft Communism


>Literally: religious workers,
Why would you play to this? Our job isn't to flatter the relgious to our side
>"cis" workers, "white" workers, and so on.
Who the hell rejected these ever? What exactly do you mean by this? There is no "white" socialism, there is only socialism.
>Yeah, FUCK ZUL for wanting to include them.
What the fuck do you mean by "include", they were never rejected in the first place. What do you mean by this? No one can get banned for being white in the first place, its an anonymous fucking imageboard. So what do you mean by this outside of actual racialist shilling?


I support this decision.


File: 1628467361297.png (262.27 KB, 499x405, 1628467168914.png)

Alright seems fair. Cheers


OldBO was the only BO in the history of this community who was actually critical of the user base here, and for that he should be commended.


Interesting thread, what is Comatoast's analysis of this situation?


I think cumtoast left his janny position


>Interesting thread, what is Comatoast's analysis of this situation?


All mods are Jewish niggers regardless of factions.


File: 1628467491313.png (1.34 MB, 1219x664, get in the van kid.png)

>the state department has used every single possible reason to criticize its enemies, including how they're not socialist enough.
Yes we know; it's very obvious in fact that's how countries like Poland fell out of the Soviet sphere of influence, since the CIA was funding "lefter than left-wing" anti-Communist trade unions agitating for higher wages. Now get in the van you liberal opportunist.tankieTankie




Comatoast quit earlier today due to the arguments involved in this whole debacle. Who knows what side he would be on if he comes back.


He was suspended for deleting other people's posts and generally being a shitter in the mod chat to be clear.

can confirm.tankieTankie


As long as users can say faggot and retard while maintaining a Marxist board I am fine


but kfc man ok


Nobody elected you.


You're an oligarchy, always have been.

Once again a reminder that none of our web communities have ever been governed democratically. Yet somehow, our webmaster overlords always get it into their heads at some point that they have established a mandate from the posters in their community. This community exists because of us, not you. Never forget that.


building further on this:
a secondary advantage of already having official devil's advocacy threads is that low effort bait threads (and in my view, that's what most "CIA" threads ultimately are.) could always be merged into the larger devil's advocacy threads for the same subject matter, bumping them into a higher quality discussion on the same topic.
(if anything, one of the problems with propaganda posted on this site is that, like the posters arguing against it, unless they've read a huge amount on the subject matter in the background they're not very good at advancing new and novel arguments. That is again bad preparation for a lot of the circumstances you're likely to encounter when having a free discussion with someone else, who will often raise intelligent questions rather than falling back to talking points.)

faggot should be wordfiltered to something else purely as a matter of cultural independence tbh.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1628467681644.jpg (37.47 KB, 640x480, 2021-08-09-020625.jpg)

Fuck everyone opposing change.


File: 1628467703692.jpg (275.28 KB, 1080x1350, 228561312_303065123055.jpg)

>all religions are "socially conservative"




finally some good news


Stop forcing the meme.


FYI, you stupid retarded faggots, while you're busy having your spat, /pol/yps are spamming the board and multiple threads, so how about you do your fucking job?

Grow the fuck up


Ginjeet I haven't seen you in ages! Glad to see an old veteran still kicking.tankieTankie


File: 1628467755372.png (3.17 MB, 1553x1110, 1615770491019.png)

You have a unique opportunity to ask and listen to feedback and make a specific rulebook from what people ask. Stop letting mods decide what the rules mean for the entire board. They aren't elected.


We're on strike. Why should we do anything when we are just unpaid peons that can't even make decisions. Let everyone see the capabilities of the new admin team.


why are you ugly


File: 1628467803935.png (607.01 KB, 1000x680, ClipboardImage.png)

Official spokesperson of
soyjak.party here to say we officially endorse Watermelon's coup and are ready to mobilize any capabilities needed on his sign

Soy out




I'd be down for a temporarily wordfilter on both faggot/retard that makes the reddit newfags either seethe so hard they leave or learn to lurk. The initial rollout of the u1ghur filter was absolutely hilarious.


<uhm, akshually, this takeover is about how these meanies didn't like my one (1) take on a completely shit-tier board, called /b/


<"uhm, akshually," fuck your imperialist-enabling takes, you cretin lenin_capLenin Cap


>imperialist-enabling takes
comical levels of self importance, fake leninhat.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


t. faggot


in terms of f-words, it is much better to be a faggot than a fourchanner.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism




shut the fuck up loltankieTankie


>I don't see why conservative idpol should get a free pass
One of the many sins of your reign is exactly this: you intentionally relativized the well defined meaning of idpol. If a worker is religious, that is NOT fucking idpol, you retard.lenin_capLenin Cap



going to make a discussion thread for new rules soon, maybe tomorrow or the day after that. whenever i can get a list of all the shit that needs doing together.



>going back to the old BO autism of thinking the views expressed on /leftypol/ are in any way significant in the struggle against imperialism
i am begging you to go outside and touch grass


Why should I care about what Gin "kill thee troons with hot lead" Jeet has to say?


Since this decision was made without any reason understanding or transparency towards the community (IRC server? The fuck? You mean a Matrix room? If IRC existed I would be lurking in it already.), the best way to restore confidence is to radically increase transparency again. I call for some measures that we have had in the past but were mysteriously dropped for some reason:
1. Stop fucking wiping out posting history when you ban people, it shits up conversation chains and makes it look like you have something to hide.
2. Cite a clear rule violation when you ban someone so everyone can see it and don't have a reason to question it. Cheeky ban messages may be funny but ambiguity erodes confidence in mod decision-making and makes it harder for people to realize the rules.


d0llars moment


lies and slander :^)


yeah i don't like seeing a bunch of green numbers too.

Ban by IP tools should be used less frequently and ban messages are funny, but we should also include a rules citation - you're right.tankieTankie


I should have made it rhyme. maybe "sloon the troon" would've been better


Mods, ban these if you please:
>Right-wing posters


>"sloon the troon"
>nu 4chan lingo
lies and slander :^)


and also the anarkiddy


Mods please ban everyone I disagree with. I am incapable of defending my views and would prefer conversing in a vacuous echo chamber than have them challenged.


>going to make a discussion thread for new rules soon
if you're going to do this, i implore you to run with the quality of arguments presented and not just with what the majority of people seem to advance.
if we wind up with malformed anti-imperialist or sectarian rules, the primary beneficiaries will be imperialists and the worst sects and the primary losers will be the userbase as a whole.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


reported for unlawful use of irony


>If a worker is religious, that is NOT fucking idpol, you retard.

I didn't say it was fuckwit, that's you putting your own spooks into it. As if you can't be religious without gaybashing.

You wanted the top seat my friend, now sit in it.

The reason to wipe out post histories, or at least a compelling reason to me, is because it actually punishes shitposters. A banned message is just a big red 'pay attention to me' sticker, it's more a reward than anything. What shitposters want is attention, and by deleting their posts you take it away. For that reason it was a useful tool.




Irony detected


>What shitposters want is attention, and by deleting their posts you take it away. For that reason it was a useful tool.
delightfully devilish. (though it does fuck up conversations)

here's an idea which i have no expectation for anyone to code, but which is appropriately sadistic: a button which moderators can use to take away a user's (you)s. their posts remain up, perhaps they are banned for a day or so but when it clears they can return to the conversation - with a catch. all of their posts made to that point will no longer (you) them. the thread reader suffers no inconvenience, but for the poster themselves the experience would be maddening, especially if the system was not publicly announced.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


This but semi-unironically




>If our new jannie team gets rid of all the glowie threads attacking China
China has 700 billionaires and god knows how many hundred-millionaires, a Gini inequality index worse than the US, they don't have universal healthcare, yet they claim to be socialist. Something stinks.


This isn't reddit, this isn't your safespaceleft_communismLeft Communism


The new leaders allow criticisms of Dengoids dont worry


Do your fucking job you faggots, all of you. Stop ruining boards over and over again over your petty squabbles.

At this point, just replace the whole mod team. Stalin was right, purges are necessary to prevent entrenched bureaucratic fuckery. Only this time, its all the way from the top to the bottom.


finish puberty


this is a fucking awful idea born out of childish black and white thinking. the idea that your enemies cannot be correct about something, or the idea that someone who is correct about something cannot be your enemy, is wildly false.


Touch grasstankieTankie


He's completely fucking right, and you're a newfag of you think otherwise, because the way your defending hasn't worked for three boards now.


File: 1628468835905.jpg (37.59 KB, 640x480, 2021-08-09-022702.jpg)

sage, cuz off topic
This meme emerged when I dared to crit Infra and was banned for it. If this is your standard for "Trotskyism" then I have no further comments.

Never left. When we take over, we'll have an AMA here.

Chicks dig it tho.

Sorry, str8. Buy me 2 bottles of gin and maybe another situation will arise then. No guarantees, tho.

Keep it up, comrade.

Even though I was critical of "tran.s" whatever I was never advocating for killing minorities of any kind (be it ethnic, sexual, etc.). Cope harder.


Cope on a ropeleft_communismLeft Communism


why not just ban false criticisms, not "whatever sounds like something the state department would say"


https://leftypol.org/meta/res/8627.htmlleft_communismLeft Communism


Dilate on a plate.


imagine the smelle


elf on a shelf


Why did you delete your channel? Some good shit on there


Stop projectingleft_communismLeft Communism


Because he embarrassed himself simping for Haz on stream over Discord drama.


File: 1628468990868.jpg (87.74 KB, 1080x490, breadtube tier list.jpg)

lmao glowies seething hard


Project on a sect.


>This isn't reddit, this isn't your safespace
God thanks for sending Tifatul Sembiring. And also you're exposing yourself as a cuntlicker should you say that to me.


Ok but you are a namefag, and that is reddit so your opinion is irrelevant

Seethe more for my amusementleft_communismLeft Communism


If I were to ban false criticisms it would be more severe than banning fed posters. I think Stalin did no crimes - If I were to ban false criticism of the USSR I would have to ban more people than I would if I only banned people who criticized the USSR from a state department angle (ex: saying the USSR was worse than the nazis or other nonsense). I don't think anyone who criticizes the USSR in a way I don't agree with should be banned.tankieTankie


Cuntfourchanner indeed right? GTFO of here and go back to fucking Patriots.win, I'll give you my account if you like to.


Join the Communist Party


Yes, even the most "progressive" religious denominations are regressive/conservative compared to materialism.

>are on strike

So did I.

if not elected = facism

>go outside and touch grass
Because those who deny the fucking reality of US imperialism and their fervent legitimizing efforts via the media are the ones who need to "touch grass!"

Fucking rich, dude.

>this decision was made without any reason

+1 (subscribed)

+1 (subscribed)


dustbin: of historylenin_capLenin Cap


why not just push people to fight them
the primary reason to delete a given line should be that it's tedious, repeated a thousand times or whatever, rather than because it's false. if i say, tomorrow, that the soviets are responsible for the state of Botswana today, we could probably have all sorts of interesting discussions about Soviet African policy and the Botswanan economy, even though Botswana-Soviet relations were actually very limited.

on the other hand, if I want to argue that Leftypol are Democrats who support Biden's shit infrastructure bill, that should probably be deleted or anchored or redirected to USApol, and if I want to talk about how "Venezuela was rich before Chavez ruined it!!" that should probably be merged into a Venezuela general where people can spend 5 minutes googling a chart that shows that, for the purposes of Venezuela being rich "Before Chavez", they mean 20 years before Chavez, with two decades of neoliberal poverty in the middle perhaps explaining why Chavez was elected in the first place.

if you just go "oh, ban all of this" you wind up with an insular sort of thing where some /leftypol/ users will "know" that Chavez didn't ruin Venezuela, but can't actually marshal an argument as to why. They'll sort of sew together "America probably ruined everything", but they won't have repeatedly encountered historical context which can be put to far more effective use.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1628469261024-1.jpg (535.56 KB, 1649x1649, 210201_r37820.jpg)





unironically baseddemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


caballo is in fact a lib so this is all funny


for once i’m with the mautists


File: 1628469344152.jpg (104.34 KB, 600x704, bitchesdontknow.jpg)

>more bans relating to liberal intersectionality garbage because that's what I think the mod team should be focusing on rather than personal nonsense.
BASED ANTI-REVISIONISMleft_communismLeft Communism



hard *yawn* from me

> I think Stalin did no crimes
dangerously based

>caballo is in fact a lib so this is all funny
exactlylenin_capLenin Cap


File: 1628469368799.png (14.54 KB, 640x479, images (13).png)

>Redditor namefag outs himself as a reactionary

Holy shit this guy literally lurks some american reactionary cesspit site and wants to tell the staff how to moderate the site lolleft_communismLeft Communism


File: 1628469419123.png (270.82 KB, 668x440, IMG_8419.png)

Caleb Won


>leftcom starts to support purging the bureaucracy and party members
Everyday that passes you get closer to the light








soyjakers are the reason they got into power in the first place


File: 1628469455481.jpg (38 KB, 720x679, soysoy.jpg)





I've been around since the beginning from pre-tankie BO to Che BO to the leftpol/leftypol split to bunkerchan and now .org. I used to be one of the idiots complaining about tankie mods but now I see how the imperialists run rampant and generate false consensus and narratives all in the service of US imperialism and therefore support a much harsher line.tankieTankie


>Moderators are party bureaucrats
Lol no

That is exactly the problem, these retards LOVE to larp as le being Comintern bureaucrats and forget they are moderating and imageboards, which is why they come up with all these stupid ideas of "democratic mod team" and so on that leads to this shit

This site should be moderated like an imageboard, and this is something these retards do not understandleft_communismLeft Communism


>Sent from my Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Deluxe Portable Bouncing Baby Seat


still trying to cope I seeleft_communismLeft Communism


>muh conservativ liberul
please don't spread this burger culture war brain rot


Take some risperdal. That may help you a bit. Or just talk to me with fucking ABA.


It has become reality, however, and the norm if I could say…


I guess you are speaking from experience, right?left_communismLeft Communism


Okay bitch, shut up, this is not a hammer and sickle dick measuring contest, you clearly lost.


Honestly people like you just need to be purged.


Keep fighting. I'll be back at 1AM ET


No, actually I win, I have always been critical of the way the board is managed, the other day I was banned for pointing out that Stalin support Lysenko's retardation and pointing out the Doctor's plot was antisemitic (!)

This is basic USSR critique and the fact that these autists have, yet again, fucked shit up brings great joy to meleft_communismLeft Communism


Pol linked this thread.
Dont reply to bait.
Brace yourselfs for an onstorm of faggots



Link evidence.

If true this thread needs to be locked.


File: 1628470351279.jpg (81.88 KB, 1440x438, 1628470342727.jpg)



Put the entire site on lockdown, enforce moderation, we're being raided and replaced.

This is literally another 1991 in the USSR, we're gonna collapse soon unless extreme measures are taken


>stalinist dictator vs horde of /pol/faggots
oh boy what fun


Mod should just ban all fresh IPs.
I say this with the knowledge I'd probably get banned in such a sweep ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Calm down. It's just a few fags.


someone ought to do an effortpost about how idpol is always first and foremost social signalling. it is flashing a gang sign, a provocative gesture. in their hearts, most people secretly believe that the board could be brought over to their preferred line if policies were fair, because their position is objectively correct. but when you're arguing all the time about 0.05% of the population it becomes very clear that your concern is not with the major issues of society itself (which could be discussed with far more to gain), it's with sending a signal.

the reality is that it's far more effective to suppress the gang signs entirely. the monkey inside your brain knows everything he needs to know about the other monkey based purely on their position on culture war issues. if you want to marshal monkeys around planning, you're going to have to soak any monkey who talks about idpol until he learns that's just not what we do around here. the gang sign of leftypol.org should be a fist to the face of idpol posters both of the right and of the left. discussion of the matter should, almost inevitably, focus on condemning people for becoming involved at all unless personally impacted in a major way. ("and even then…")

though there's an unfortunate difficulty with putting this into practice: when you do it, it is idpol. when i do it, it is common sense. and of course we can draw more insights from viewing it all as a game of social signalling: there is little to no perceived risk of /leftypol/ being considered nazi by outside observers, but some risk they may perceive /leftypol/ as "liberals"…
amusingly, this is almost perfectly analogous to the case of (non marxist) social class in Britain. it was once observed that rich and poor people in england tended to use the same words, while the middle classes would use "posh" euphemisms. the reason? a truly wealthy person would never be confused for poor, so had no need to use words for social signalling. the middle class on the other hand needed to differentiate themselves from the poor, and good manners was one way to do so.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1628470541238.jpg (19.32 KB, 474x251, glow.jpg)

Does it seem like there has been a distinct rise in the number of posters calling for a sort of mod police state lately, especially over the last few months? As if those have ever ended well. I'm really starting to wonder if this itself isn't an astroturf.


does this mean that real communism hasnt been tried here yet, seeing as how its failing and all?


Unfathomably based postleft_communismLeft Communism


You’re mixing up Caballo with comatoast lmao


>"Workerism" is the meme thrown by typically Western radlibs and NEETs at actual communists who point out the fact that for you to be able to play Star Craft 2 online millions of working people have to produce shit (electricity, food, basic infrastructure) for you.
Finally someone said it.


>Noooo why are socialists posting on a socialist site????
ok liberal back to >>>/reddit/ >>>/breadtube/ >>>/twitch/ if you want to circlejerk about muh authoritarian regimestankieTankie


Good for that ban, conflating anti-semitism with anti-zionism is a shitlib fallacy and you were just copypasting wikipedia paragraphs. You even posted a white army propaganda poster and attributed it to Stalin, lmao. You're really just a shitposter


Jannies fucked it up again


File: 1628471062258-0.jpg (35.52 KB, 640x480, 2021-08-09-025923.jpg)

File: 1628471062258-1.jpeg (42.2 KB, 621x629, k.jpeg)

Showered two times today, mate.

Because I was getting raided by Infra shit ("OMG, please cum back" & "fuck uuu" x10) and I don't need that in my life.
In any case: https://thepiratebay.org/description.php?id=16888045 (I'm uploading right now).

in any case, thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-IBkhdCC5M


i’m gonna say it

i miss revleft


thx, comradelenin_capLenin Cap


Comrades, so communism really never works?eurekaEureka


What do u miss about it?


Discussion thread on reforms to mod team and rules will be up tomorrow or in the next few days most likely. I already have a few ideas - many drawn from this thread.tankieTankie


I miss anokchan, but you were too young to remember it.lenin_capLenin Cap


Nick Fuentes-san?


did this fucker remove his hair for this thread, lmao?lenin_capLenin Cap


Ban all soyjakers and avatarfags, they are reactionary cancer that come from other shitholes.


File: 1628471457015.jpg (83.57 KB, 485x769, nAJmD58.jpg)

>that unibrow
holy shit


Soyjak was already a known thing here before soyjak.party even existed. Did you forget the script was made on /tech/?


did you forget the script was banned from the site for being lamedemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1628471690620.png (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 1366x5242, -pol-LEFTYCHAN-IS-IMPLODIN….png)

for the most part
the thread is deleted now, so here


It was banned because one mad janny sperged out and begged the whole team to ban it


Герой Социалистического Труда if truedemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


I never bitched about muh authoritarian regimes. I said it was stupid to use state department claims as being grounds for banning.

is perfectly fine, but hardly what it seemed like it was originally saying


was it you?




mostly I miss Rafiq. cockshott used to post there too, and we even had our very own proto-schizos posting horrid 3d visualizations of how socialism would be organized. good times


i am not, nor have i ever been a mod.
(though i enjoy how common it is for people to suspect otherwise.)democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism



>Chicks dig it tho.

literal non-issue


kinda ambivalent on this guylenin_capLenin Cap


Based tankie mods.


The problem with talking about any kind of "idpol" is that it is too vague of a term to the point that although it was first coined with good intentions is now used in an indescriminate way to shut down any talk about actual material issues minorities face.
Something that I heard before and thought was a really good idea is that we start making a distinction between "identity politics" and "identity chauvinism", where the former refers to the broad spectrum of politics regarding identity the latter is used specifically to the act of shutting down any discussion on identity that isn't done by members of this identity since it doesn't center the voices of heckin oppressed PoC or something which is something only liberals do. Doing that would allow us to actually look at identity issues in a materialist and scientific manner which can lead us to actual solutions rather than dogma and petty moralization which is what true liberation is all about.

For example: saying that people of a certain nationality are oppressed due to colonialism and imperialism and that we should support their struggle since it weakens the hold of imperial powers on the global working class along with calling an end for unaccountable police forces and border guards is a good thing since it is actually based on a real material goal that can be judged neutrally by anyone regardless of what identity they belong to and can actually bring the gap between identity politics and class struggle.

On the other hand, saying that ALL members of a certain identity group are inherently oppressive/violent/ignorant/etc. is useless and chauvinistic since it is not based on any real analysis and is thus scientifically unfalsifiable and the people who make these claims can't be held accountable for them.

This is in the end the only real distinction that I think can actually benefit everyone and lead to real material change.


wait till you get to this part
>>21641lenin_capLenin Cap


>"idpol" is too vague of a term
if you are a radlib, that islenin_capLenin Cap


Are mods seriously leaving the site unmoderated right now?



>we should support class collaboration in colonized countries because muh imperialism

Fuck off mautistleft_communismLeft Communism


>literal non-issue
don't at me, at them


Well it's more like mods are quitting because of the gridlock.


no new mods are cumming.


Not what I said, learn to read faggot.


File: 1628472310221.jpg (20.07 KB, 890x534, 2831.jpg)

is socio-economic class an identity?


you are a radlib
welcome to the clublenin_capLenin Cap


Wait was all this shit over moderating /b/? Do people even use /b/?


File: 1628472391115.png (916.06 KB, 1275x665, ClipboardImage.png)

Could leftypol mods not try to autistically coup each other




leftists are genetically predisposed to splitting.tankieTankie


We have an actual definition of idpol, and we've had it literally for longest time. Its just dishonest reactionary/radlib shills that attempt to muddle it up so they can slide their own shit in. Idpol is just when social politics become divorced from a class and/or material analysis, that is all. To support minority rights for example isn't idpol. Separating the struggle for this from class and capitalism, and treating it as its own isolated thing, is.


>saying that people of a certain nationality are oppressed due to colonialism and imperialism and that we should support their struggle since it weakens the hold of imperial powers on the global working class along with calling an end for unaccountable police forces and border guards is a good thing

There isn't a single "oppressed" nation where all the nationals are proletariat, every single nation has a class structure.left_communismLeft Communism


File: 1628472437110.png (744.02 KB, 769x767, 6s0hkuy7ye631.png)

Never said class is an identity, learn 2 read fgt


it originated from avatarfags posting their real pics on /b/ apparently


File: 1628472492317.png (574.48 KB, 863x762, SnakeI1.png)

Yeah, I'm gonna say it. With each passing day I begin to think Old BO was right about everything.


also /zoo/ fucker shit


t. Body Odor


make me mod


File: 1628472612457.jpg (21.81 KB, 720x716, FB_IMG_1617954294057.jpg)

Well I'm glad you guys are doing well, lol.


No, however this is the narrative purged fuckers want you to believe. What happened has been brewing for months – if not years – now.

a revolution is not a coup

you are not addressing your own greentext, tho. There are literal *concretely existing* comprador-bourgeois states existing now that hold open their anuses to the Empire. To say that liberating them from this geopolitcal yoke is meaningless is peak ultra shit.

Lurk more, newfag, then.lenin_capLenin Cap


ur gay


What number coupolution is this anyway?


Kek is that really you? Yeah its amazing how fast it went downhill after you left


it's for the best


It is still better to use more precise terminology when talking about sensitive topics like that lest they get horribly misinterpreted.

It is undeniable that imperialist countries constantly stall social progress and coup socialist governments to keep their practically limitless resources and labor power constantly in their hands. Support for anti-imperialist movements even if they're not directly socialist still ultimately helps the workers movement in the end.

whatever you say flaggot


your definition of identity chauvanism comes very close to the existing term "standpoint epistemology", though is perhaps better suited to the specifics of misusing it.
while your position might work well for (say) racial issues in the US, it runs into more difficulty with something like transgender issues, where people's materialist analysis is almost always shoehorned into their preferred escapist fantasy rather than flowing from any real knowledge of the relevant issues. if you don't like the idea of transgender people existing, you're far more likely to conclude that it's bourgeois decadence that will just go away than you are to conclude that sex reassignment surgery will still happen under socialism. conversely, if you're always fighting against teenagers who've learned the magic words "AGP" then you're unlikely to come to the conclusion that (say) the dynamics of the internet and state of gender roles in modern society probably do have some relations to some cases of gender dysphoria, because although that may be true such an analysis is far more likely to signal alliance with those teenagers than it is to improve people's wider understanding of reality as it is.
a dispassionate analysis is both difficult and unwanted: what people want is ammunition for their existing viewpoints. instead of advancing understanding, threads move in circles interrupted by the occasional good shitpost.

the best solution in that specific case, then, in my view, is to garotte any thread that tries to discuss the matter and in cases where a high profile figure takes a view, we should ruthlessly condemn their decision to get involved without having any discussion on whether their view is correct or not, just as we would condemn any other bad decision on their part.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


>whatever you say flaggot

my arguments


shatteredlenin_capLenin Cap


Don't tell me having mod dramas every 6 months doesn't make you miss the old BO.


>Thailand is the one state known to have attacked leftypol
>Leftypol has as many coups as Thailand
Thaimind.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1628473001332.jpeg (55.14 KB, 960x540, everythingisshit.jpeg)

Janny sounds like a real high-stress job.


>To say that liberating them from this geopolitcal yoke is meaningless is peak ultra shit.
That is communism, not nationalism, yes

Nationalism implies you liberate the national bourgeoisie from the yoke of bigger foreign bourgeoisleft_communismLeft Communism


File: 1628473140297.png (1.59 MB, 1890x2160, 1628129368781.png)


>Support for anti-imperialist movements even if they're not directly socialist still ultimately helps the workers movement in the end.

Supporting national bourgeoisie in their fight against international bourgeoise does not advance the socialist cause, if anything it hinders it because it createsa multipolar world

If you believe it does, you are a retarded liberal and deserve a bullet to the headleft_communismLeft Communism


These make Caballo seem justified tbh.


File: 1628473257384.jpg (21.73 KB, 273x361, chadchin.jpg)


No they don't.


>Nationalism implies you liberate the national bourgeoisie from the yoke of bigger foreign bourgeois
so boring, honestly

getting the claws of the Empire off of a nation is furthering the communist cause, full stop.lenin_capLenin Cap


if you have half a brain, that islenin_capLenin Cap


File: 1628473499430-0.png (173.51 KB, 649x459, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1628473499430-1.png (14.71 KB, 398x222, ClipboardImage.png)

oh god


Board administration collapsing over avatarfags and spammers. Lmao


>Empowering the national bourgeoisie helps the worker class!

Of course you'd have a Lenin hat, after all, that's precisely what Lenin did with the NEP lolleft_communismLeft Communism


wtf a based leftcom poster?anarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism


booooooooooooriiiiiiiiiinglenin_capLenin Cap


What argument, midget?

My issue with any discussion when it comes to trans issues nowadays is that there are very few avenues where systemic and direct discrimination against trans people is actually practiced by authorities, most real material "trans rights" have already been achieved more than 20 years ago in most of the world, instead what's left now is empty virtue signalling that rather than being intended to help trans people are just a way to signal to the liberal elites that you're one of the "good ones" that respects trans people's pronouns and shit as if that is even a real issue for anyone who isn't a terminally online twittertard. All contemporary trans politics consists of nothing but empty gestures and any real issues that affects trans workers are already covered by regular socialist demands, thus trans idpol is mostly useless to the wider socialist movement and, as you can see for yourself if you ignore all the hellish online echochambers, actual trans people themselves. Trans people don't really care about muh pronouns and shit, all they care about is getting their hormones and living a normal life or as close to a normal life as possible.


i have read it, please delete that post and redact the relevant paragraph so that the thread does not become a discussion about it.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


All LeftCom posters are based and create intense asspain on tankies and dengists

Sadly anarkiddies like you get the bullet too :(

Come up with an argument or lube up that ass up boy because you are inferiorleft_communismLeft Communism


Gonna miss your voice of reason on the team. You seemed like one of the few jannies without delusions of grandeur and given to power tripping.


when were we attacked by Thailand


File: 1628474081677.jpg (136.94 KB, 1200x1200, hurt.jpg)

Troubling times.


>If you believe it does, you are a retarded liberal and deserve a bullet to the head
Empty grandstanding that doesn't contribute to the discussion in any way.

I don't need to believe that weakening the hegemonic imperialist powers' grasp on the world actually contributes to the rise and thriving of the workers' movement, any sane person can see for themselves that the rise of alternate economic powers to the US's hegemony, even if they aren't socialist themselves, has directly weakened the US's hold and led to the appearance of obvious cracks in their system which have been exploited by the rising workers' movement, which is why there have been more worker strikes in America in the last two years than in the preceding 40 combined.


Near the end of bunkerchan during the protests against the monarchy


there was the time when our servers were attacked while the thailand situation was under way overwhelmingly by chinese ips iirc


News Anon 3.0 should be made admin until our posters can figure out what the hell is going on.


I support this anon.




Anti-Idpol 天安门大屠杀 The Janny Massacre 动态网自由门 Leebait 天安门 Loli Posting天安门法 soyboys 轮功李洪 /GET/ 志 Doing it for free 六四天安门事件 Tendies 反右派斗争 Chadposting 大跃进政策 >thoughposting 文 动态网自 Soyposting 由门天安门天 CP 安门 Furrypol 法轮功李洪志 Xaekai 六四天安门事件 Unemployment office 天安门大屠杀 Huge backlog of reports 反右派斗争 MLP 大跃进政策 No girlfriend 文化大革命 Chan culture 人权 /mlp/ 大跃安门进政策 Tránï Janny UwU


File: 1628475025255.jpg (203.91 KB, 672x936, DoorToNothingness.jpg)

Uh oh


File: 1628475058946.png (12.95 KB, 203x377, content_cheka.png)

All-/leftypol/ Extraordinary Commission NOW


RIP leftypol


Make me admin and there 50/50 chance I either save leftypol or create a splinter. You’re choice mods


Mod Junko and Shay


Jannys everywhere, JC. Your orders are to shitpost on site.
Look for a bum. Identify yourself with the phrase "Tendies and dips".


>mfw I made the OC


Mod Pennyfag at this point, this is only a semi ironic suggestion


File: 1628475990528.png (506.98 KB, 1948x2644, 1628471469994.png)

>our first demand is to retire the FAGGOT(ch.ud) wordfilter to make for a freer communication between ch.uds and exemplify our first break from Caballo oppression

>and on top of those: no (enforced) containment on /b/ ideally permanently, plus a rule to ban posting contact information and similar stuff for no reason(ie.PGP, someone's chat invite, etc) to put what i think is a reasonable limit on identity-fagging

My constituent(s) have spoken.


where my /edu/ grillers atread_a_fucking_bookRead a Fucking Book


File: 1628476219947.jpg (1.58 MB, 3500x2585, Francesco_Hayez_017.jpg)

Why are Judeans over-represented among the janitorial class?


gang gang


rise up


The rest of the board is dying as we speak, do something, the USSR is collapsing rn, we're back in 1991.

You either purge all the reactionaries and unironic shitposters,recruit new mods that take their jobs seriously, draft a new set of rules and enforce them, or this place will be done in less than a week.


A board hasn't pivoted this hard since the FBI got to moot.


Here is my suggestion out right ban any and all soyjack posting ironic or not, it has ran its course and its stale just like all other memes from cuckchan. ITs not funny it never was funny and those that defend it are the problem.

Rightoids shall be given no quarter they come in bad faith and contribute nothing to these boards, giving them any sort of attention always leads to derailing.posadasPosadas


Enough with ironic and unironic shitposting, use the hammer, enforce the rules, save this place from utter destruction.

/b/ is a place to hang out and post topics unrelated to politics, not a place that serves as a refugee for reactionaries and shitposters.


File: 1628476976841.jpg (109.4 KB, 500x629, identifying-based.jpg)


We should ban soyjaks but I should not be banned for posting penny's face since he did it himself in may


soyjaking must be censored for the good of /leftypol/, this I'm sure we can agree.

Let /b/ be what it is, a dumping ground for offtopic/misc. threads.


Are you guys gonna ban for me being trad or was that just the anarchists


Hey tripcuck larping bitch
You will never be a famous revolutionary
You,will never be in a military
You will always be a keyboard warrior
Larping cocksucker


The soyjaks have also destroyed our relationship with GETchan, they already hate us because the soyjak thread is talking about raiding GETchan on a regular basis.

>inb4 b-but GETchanners are pedos.

Fuck you! They are not pedos,and they are our friends, they are probably the only friends we have left.


These are people who think they should be in charge of a country, unable to run a silly imageboard with a few hundred participants, kek.
You desperately need a strong man to cut through the indecisive confusion.naziNazi


>Fuck you! They are not pedos



This. They should make me the sole mod so I can end all of this autism once and for all.


It's an interesting combination. I'll have to tell you, it's an interesting combination– not something that I would necessarily GO with, um, often… but it works! And that's the most important thing, right, it might not necessarily be, you know again, the most COMMON thing, but if it works it works, and, uh, in this case it does…
The garlic is certainly an easily identifiable flavor and every time that you know, you… have one of these little chips (that's what I think of them as), you'll easily be able to tell, "yeah this is the garlic right here", and… yeah! In enough quantity, that BECOMES the prevailing flavor, but otherwise, in a bite, if you just have one of these little chips or something, it's more toned down… actually works well with everything, I can't really complain… and um… *takes a sip and nods*
Yeah, it's more subdued. More muted. It's not something that steals the show and runs away with it… and uh, that's all that I can taste, right? Even as I ate that, that garlic chip by itself– uh, yeah of course it's potent, you can taste it, but it's not overwhelming, not overbearing.
A-again, it's not a bad sandwich… it all works, all blends together. And uh, I think what they were hoping to strike here is uh, the balance.
I thought it was pretty decent… so uh, I can't complain. Little pricey, but again, not over the top, not overwhelming, I think that's what they were shooting for. And I think they achieved just that.
So, out of ten, what am I going to be rating the uh, Garlic Bacon King? Out of ten I would say this is a, uh, easy seven point three, out of ten. Um, definitelybetterthansomeoftheirothersandwiches… recently… y'know, not the world's best! But certainly not the worst, either. So, uh… well there you have it! That was an assessment of the Garlic Bacon King sandwich, from Burger King.anarchismAnarchism


What has the /GET/ters done for you recently?

Have they acted as a magnet raiding /pol/yp's attention keeping them from derailing decent threads?

Have they made any OC?

Look at yourselves, slobbering over the chance to censor a whole reaction face format, all because normal, everyday people identify and use them.

For shame!


fuck off retard


stay mad moralfag, keep seething over imaginary 2D kids.


If Che AKA old B.O. came back like Lenin on the fucking train vying for B.O. again I would have half a mind to back him for itanarchismAnarchism




Yes, quick, post Penny pictures.


so who are the good guys?


File: 1628477944900.png (558.53 KB, 1280x772, 1628477939937.png)

kill yourself janny lover they were talking about being "pro contact" and being actual pedos


That looks like a pussy
Also does this mean non hierarchical systems don't work

Why were you not able to work it out without needing a leader


Based janny


"pro contact" meaning they're snitches? Lels its a honeypot.naziNazi



furfag who bans for stupid shit
nuked bunkerchan (depends if you suck janny cock or not)
Apparently "pro contact" means that they are for interacting with children instead of avoiding them


meant for >>21923


>mfw another mod drama while I am asleep
I just want to ban the ThingNoticers for god's sake


File: 1628478291697.png (257.57 KB, 400x300, ClipboardImage.png)

jannies want some attention once in a while, nothing to be ashamed of :^)anarchismAnarchism


i just wanna grill
I just wanna join a reading group and meet new comrades
I just wanna learn theory
why is this board making things so complicated?


Because of jannie autism

These autist actually believe the whole board gravitates around it, that's why their "democracy" only includes their opinions, not the opinions of the userbaseleft_communismLeft Communism


>the opinions of the userbase
The most nebulous and vaguest shit there is.


Wow, not an ounce of self-awarenessleft_communismLeft Communism


>Zul reversed bans!
Which bans did he reverse?tankieTankie


Rich coming from you lol


>all because normal, everyday people identify and use them.
not on this site they don't lmaodemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1628478752320.jpg (48.08 KB, 500x500, remove.jpg)

remove language policing libs


avatarfag that was rightfully getting shat on


File: 1628478794892.png (158.36 KB, 720x538, getchan.png)

t. pedo


>I just want to ban the ThingNoticers for god's sake
thethingnoticer is p funne tho you shouldnt ban him


File: 1628478975051.png (47.66 KB, 347x327, 1616417895011.png)

>not on this site they don't lmao


>keep seething over imaginary 2D kids.
yes, because that's bad


shut up FAGGOT


File: 1628479035309.png (664.58 KB, 1051x701, speakyfish.png)

>>>433008 (You)
>>not on this site they don't lmaodemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Did you get state department to pay you, at least? Or do you do it for free?tankieTankie


Based janny


Soyjaks are the people's meme. It crosses sectarian boundries, generation gaps. It's more malleable than pepe, and thus it's popularity has reached levels previously unseen.

What is it exactly that makes the soyjak so despised?


kys stupid soyjaker.


It's low-effort and extremely overused, it's hated for the same reason furfags are hated. You just won't shut the fuck up.


I forgot my name, but I do not have a single 'jak on my harddrive

I feel the people ought to have a voice, even if their voice is always green and on the worst board, /b/


File: 1628479388663.png (203.71 KB, 512x384, 1452788684270.png)

alright faglords, since i had the displeasure of reading the entire thing for the first time to the end so that you dont have to in order to fact check the drama whores on here and am bout to vom because of it:

summary as a reminder, one mod is on there who is a lolishitter and its the hideriposter who also comes on occasion to tell us we're girls and bottoms all the while the other identifiable /GET/anons like lain- and pennyposters are against as are many other anons in that thread. all the open 'pro-contact' pedophiles there are anonymous and otherwise unidentifiable with the exception of rumiaposter who did the coming out party post on that thread.

i need a cigarette. i fucking hate you for this and i hate this fucking site. i hope you faggots get DDOSed by every single kid with a computer living in the people's republic of china.

tl;dr: kys


soyjak is cancer, in fact the current state of /b/ is highly toxic, it's basically the reason why this happened,

/b/ should be for discussion unrelated to politics and for casual posting, not idiotic mindless shitposting/jakposting if you come here to ruin the place you shouldn't be tolerated.


>Junko embraces the fake gay op image and shitposts about it
Further proof as to why Junko is one of the best posters on this site. Keep it up, fren.


How did /GET/ get involved in this?tankieTankie


wtf why should we get ddosed and not getchan pedos


I agreed with penny then too doesn't mean he isn't a fag. What you are ignoring is that they said that there were pro loli mods on /GET/
/GET/ is full of pedos and >>21950
is a derailing coping fag who needs to go back to his loliboard.


get started as a mlp board so the pedophilia was already implied since the begining


There was an entire pro-pedo thread on there. See >>21914 for context.


File: 1628479633174.jpg (229.33 KB, 768x719, soyer.jpg)

>soyjak is cancer, in fact the current state of /b/ is highly toxic, it's basically the reason why this happened,

>/b/ should be for discussion unrelated to politics and for casual posting, not idiotic mindless shitposting/jakposting if you come here to ruin the place you shouldn't be tolerated.


kys soyer simp.


>Keep soy duels to dedicated duel threads
>When the duel is over, lock the thread, securing the jak victory
>All duel b8ing outside of dedicated soy threads will be banned

/gladiator/ anyone?


All cringe culture is inherently reactionary and amounts to nothing of substance.tankieTankie


Junko i love you


File: 1628479889206.png (72.93 KB, 1006x813, a.png)

>kys soyer simp.
>All cringe culture is inherently reactionary and amounts to nothing of substance.


So I haven't gotten answer: what bans did Zul reverse?tankieTankie


>a soyer calling others NPC's
lmao I hope the mods rapeban your ass.



>all the open 'pro-contact' pedophiles there are anonymous
yes on /get/



File: 1628480252706.jpg (63.92 KB, 500x359, 1628480249400.jpg)

We need a queen


File: 1628480316098.png (126.3 KB, 768x512, infraglow.png)

What about the Haz Question?


Yeah I like girls so wut, no need to be jelly.yugoslaviaYugoslavia


power tripping fag just like mods


go away pedo




What the fuck are you talking about?
How does that have relevance to my post you're replying about?

Your kind needs medical help. All you talk about is bearded men and soy all day


File: 1628480656868.png (54.84 KB, 926x504, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1628480674637.png (584.03 KB, 900x675, hideriwright.png)

I'm sorry there must be some sort of mistake, because the only little girl I'm interested in is you :)yugoslaviaYugoslavia


Mods are silent on this, maybe because it's impossible to tell

Haz is a cute girl

He was an original meme for /leftypol/, but the mods pulled the brakes.
The soyjak boogeyman swooped in to fill the meme vacuum.

This could have all been prevented.


fuck off hazcuck


Comrades, you need to reread my post, as all i want to do is laugh at him


Sounds fine, okay. Horizontal leadership/democracy isn't possible on open websites like this because there is a lack of physical repercussions to fucking around (ie, public beatings, social ostracization/bullying, or rehabilitory labour) and in the worst case scenario, you can just stick on a VPN. If you're going to run an imageboard or internet forum admin has to take the form of muh dicktatorship and anybody who has been a moderator/admin for any amount of time in a community larger than a handful of people would know this.

I'm assuming there must be more to this if people are seriously getting this upset, right? Is there something deeper going on that OP is masking or is the reaction we're seeing just some kind of weird e-drama spergout?

Also, are we on the verge of another split?jucheJuche


Yes, as usual, everything is burried in matrix chats, away from the postertariot's sight


>democracy isn't possible
who remembers that board back on 8ch that tried it?


for making me read through that septic tank of a thread just so i could separate the facts out of the drama whores' game of broken telephone
>What you are ignoring is that they said that there were pro loli mods on /GET/
<one mod is on there who is a lolishitter and its the hideriposter who also comes on occasion to tell us we're girls and bottoms
tongue my ass bitch boy, thats been the topic on /b/, /itg/, /meta/ and basically everywhere on here that /GET/ is mentioned. this was mentioned here now, so im spraying my diarrhea about it here. tongue my hairy shitty ass.
>yes on /get/
whered you think? thats where the thread was
i hope a gang of vigilantes find where you live you fucking scumbag. because you exist, this faggotry has to be undergone every day now on this site. shoot yourself.


Didn't anyone ever tell you that you gotta buy someone a beer before you ask them out?yugoslaviaYugoslavia


>i hope a gang of vigilantes find where you live you fucking scumbag
I won't tongue your anus but I am now more willing to believe that you aren't one of the bad /GET/ users.
one question remains though–why was the thread allowed to be up for so long. I remember posting gore on the thread and it being deleted so mods were clearly watching it transpire. Just that one mod?


shut the fuck up and kill yourself, child molester


lol tulcel seething


File: 1628481785941.jpg (31.29 KB, 310x418, HIDERI_KIRARA.jpg)

Now now, that's only allowed for adults and couples willing to go to the next step, no need for you to worry your little head over it ;)yugoslaviaYugoslavia



>one question remains though–why was the thread allowed to be up for so long. I remember posting gore on the thread and it being deleted so mods were clearly watching it transpire. Just that one mod?
i remember when i originally saw the thread i didnt enter it because i didnt want to. i felt it was bad news and then heard about it on /b/ so i knew better not to. so i do not know, but that mod's the only one on the thread. im working with what ive got here.

which, btw, is what you do with accusations serious enough to potentially endanger people who havent got shit to do with it, which is also why i fucking hate people spamming it and adding their own agenda to it
go and detach your genitals with a chainsaw, faggot


no idea, but i talked to him about it and he thought those people were unjustly banned - so he took unilateral action and unbanned them. Even if he was right he should have talked to some of the other staff first, but whatever. That is in the past now.

what thread are you talking about here?tankieTankie


Why do you people all have that weird autistic smug writing style? Like you're trying to imitate an anime character. It's a dead giveaway that you're some kind of weird shut-in autist. I get that you're doing here it to deflect because you're a hyper-individualist degen who can't engage honestly or defend your degeneracy so you resort to smug posting in order to annoy everybody into shutting up, but even when people aren't rightly pointing out that 99% of humanity agree you weird degenerates should be used for medical experimentation, ie when you're just talking casually you still talk in that weird spergy smug anime imitating way.

Are you so insular and devoid of human contact that this is the only way you know how to communicate?jucheJuche


ban spammers and /pol/ quicker if they are shtting up the feed


They are talking about the GET pedo thread here >>21914


This should be every mods prime objective.

Deleting posts is too harsh though, because it screws up discussions for future readers.


press if you think that we are overdue for a radical change



File: 1628482711262.jpg (55.24 KB, 777x656, aca.jpg)

Weird flex but OKyugoslaviaYugoslavia



File: 1628482876346-0.png (77.42 KB, 350x500, pennyjak1.png)

File: 1628482876346-1.png (205.97 KB, 550x607, pennyjak2.png)

File: 1628482876346-2.png (577.08 KB, 1000x563, pennyjak3.png)

File: 1628482876346-3.png (448.48 KB, 1918x1080, im sorry.png)

Bros… I'm sorry I made the pennyjak variants. I didn't realize I would cause a coup down the line. Here are the original pennyjaks I uploaded a while ago as well as the photoshop history as proofs


Your responses are the equivalent of a young kid throwing a tantrum to get what they want. Everybody thinks this when they see your posts to the point where I'm getting 2nd hand cringe from having to interact with you. You either totally lack self-respect or you're so socially maldeveloped you're incapable of seeing it.

It's pretty obvious that you're a shutin autist with an overprotective helicopter mum and either an absentee or low testosterone father who apparently failed to teach you how to act like an adult human being. At this point, it's clear you're posting this shit as a kind of cope on top of trying to shut up criticism, and it's sad because you lack a development theory of mind + introspection to be able to understand how obviously see through you are. Is your level of self-esteem so low that you can't at least make an effort to be respected by other human beings? Do you enjoy being seen as a worm, or are you just that scared of unfamiliarity and change?jucheJuche


File: 1628483365867-0.png (2.09 MB, 1890x2160, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1628483365867-1.png (174.47 KB, 554x554, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1628483365867-2.png (9.55 KB, 268x298, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1628483365867-3.png (147.63 KB, 312x362, ClipboardImage.png)

Faggot. I will never be sorry for making the penny edits and posting his face from my twitter if it means that furfag caballo is out. Even if it means the one who destroyed bunkerchan is now in power. Praise the new Turanic Juche Republic.


>internet randos mad at a smug anime girl
<other human beings
<seeking respect from /leftypol/ of all places
Please tell me you're not serious here ausjuche.


File: 1628483548198.jpg (55.24 KB, 777x656, aca.jpg)

To be fair it takes a really high IQ to understand smug anime faces. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of internet norms and customs most of the implications will go over a typical poster's head like yourself.yugoslaviaYugoslavia


Historic thread


He's an out-and-out pedo. Bullying/social ostracization should be practiced wherever antisocial deviants like him end up. They should feel welcome nowhere and isolated, alone, scared for their safety everywhere. Either they reform themselves or they remove themselves from existence, either option is acceptable.jucheJuche


Just don't go on deviantart then if you don't like deviants so muchyugoslaviaYugoslavia



File: 1628483884115.jpg (105.59 KB, 872x996, btfo.jpg)


Is soyjak going to rape her?


yes because soyjacks are pedos


I'm not talking about hideriposter faggot. Do you seriously think that /leftypol/ is a place to find "other human beings" or even find respect at all?
>posts in a board that cameout of 8chan
<surprised when he finds deviants
bro. /leftypol/ is full of autistic faggots/NEETS/degenerates such as yourself, stop projecting.


File: 1628484205508.png (425.7 KB, 731x556, Hideri's Speech.png)

Anon that's a 2D image and has no bearing on reality I hate to break it to you.
Who's "her"?yugoslaviaYugoslavia


I mean I hate pennyposter as much as you do but I don't want another split to happen over fuckin avatarfags


So what now? Are you gonna enforce the rules now watermelon? or you're gonna let this place die a painful and slow death?
We need certainty.


File: 1628484629922.png (130.68 KB, 595x1852, ClipboardImage.png)


>Anon that's a 2D image and has no bearing on reality I hate to break it to you.


This board won't be going anywhere unless someone pulls a watermelon and redirects this site to another one. Will there be a slow decline into 0 pph? yes? Was that going to happen eventually anyway? yes. I'm a mid-newfag from 2017 but it feels like it's getting near to the right time to move on unless there is a significant change.


File: 1628485178130.mp4 (695.38 KB, 480x480, watermelon slap.mp4)


They should ban the /pol/yp infestation to begin with


>whered you think? thats where the thread was
yes, on /get/ since most of them are lolifags



>because the only little girl I'm interested in is you :)
back >>> /get/


based soyjaker btfo'd him so hard the /GET/Pedo stopped replying (after trying to appear not mad with his smug anime pyramid)jucheJuche


I thought /leftypol/ banned Haz discussions.


>democracy isn't possible
it can be tho if tho if the mods weren't from a Circle Orgy groups on libre discord




But furries have been demonstrated to be on the wealthier side of the scale though.international_brigadeInternational Brigade


File: 1628487411952.png (265.39 KB, 2972x1572, ClipboardImage.png)





>but I don't want another split to happen over fuckin avatarfags
that's why avatarfags are always discourage, because it leads to bullshiting like this and attention whoring from the avatarfag or by 15 year old redditors like >>22003
we have one less avatarfag at least, he was sus with the avatar with bathrobes and shit when comparing to the /get/fags here

>my twitter
>actively using twitter
he face funny tho


>more bans relating to liberal intersectionality garbage
While polyps are ransacking dayly?
Stupidpol moment


Juche quints


projection turanic juche is a classic from the end of 8 leftypol


On a more serious note, do not be too one sided in action, new staff or whomever is in charge at the moment. Decentralize but also centralize the work of moderation, crack down on the glowie propaganda but also the COVID vaccine fearmongering, ban the Nazis and transgender business of either side idpollers but also do not tolerate bigotry against people of color and females, and bring >>>/b/ under control while also opening up >>>/leftypol/. And put the >>>/assembly/ board into the top bar so that it is easier to monitor by the users.anarcha-feminismAnarcha-Feminism


>projection turanic juche is a classic from the end of 8 leftypol
verry cool bug, it good to know but the 15 year old redditors on twitter is being a 15 year old redditors


File: 1628488363217.jpg (89.91 KB, 640x932, 1625092810020.jpg)

Jesus Christ, I was gone for literally 8 hours and this place has already degenerated into an autocracy.
I had a conversation with our sysadmin who talked me out of leaving. Watermelon: Take that gay ass watermelon off the announcement section and try using it for real announcements. Yes drastic changes need to be made, but, this is not it. I have been saying these things need to change for a long ass time but no one listens to me. However, I guess that Right now watermelon, through no action of my own, is in charge.

Here's what we need to do if we want to fix our God damn system as I have been saying not just since dec, but, for like 2 years.

1. We need to put the link to the matrix back up on the announcements.
2. We need to actually start vetting people in the waiting room. (The discord that shall not be named already does vetting which on our part is disgraceful.)
3. We need to open up voting to the congress in the matrix (This will act as a check and balance to the mods)
4. The actions of the mods and decisions of the votes by both the congress and the staff should be upheld and if necessary enforced by the administration. Up to and including addition and removal of staff and Jannies should the mods actually find themselves incapable of doing so.

It's not hard. The reason why the system is failing is because there is no counter balance to the power that mods have. We need a second body made up of the congress who is impartial to the position of the moderators and only want the jannies to do their fucking jobs.

Running shit autocratically is just a nightmare for the people working under it and wont solve anything other than turning leftypol into one persons own cult of personality.

I am unaware of what exact reforms are coming down the line as I am no longer in the staff room matrix, atm, but, these are the changes that need to take place. heed my warning or not. I don't really care anymore.

At this point I am on hiatus.
AMA while you can I guess. because I plan on being on leave for 3 months or more at this rate. Can't really take the stress. Ask away.


ur gay.


Is there any plan that you are aware of for starting a new board under the banished jannies?



File: 1628488992184.jpeg (13.15 KB, 474x355, 161056686587.jpeg)

No. As far as I am aware no one, including the divided factions of jannies want another split of any sort. It's all or nothing as far as leftypol goes, rn. I think everyone agrees on that. No one wants another split nor do I think anyone would be willing to attempt one. As I have said before even if they did we make redundant backups every hour on the hour so it would be an exercise in futility.


good to see you again!

I have always disagreed with you about the nature of the problems on the mod team and the way the site as run, but I do agree with you that the mods of this site are needlessly stressing themselves out in stupid power struggles.

In response to your points however;

1. Alright, makes sense to me.
2. Makes sense as well.
3. I absolutely disagree with this. Anyone can join the congress room on the matrix, giving that room voting power is a recipe for disaster considering how insecure it is.
4. I have already said what I think about the congress room, but the mod team was tearing itself apart. We've lost three people to this dumb fucking personal conflict including you - and I want to restore some trust in the mod team that runs this site. We clearly can't do that at this point through the dysfunctional "modocracy"tankieTankie


Hey watermelon tank! I want to address that censorship in this site must be increased too!


How can we trust you when you delivered us into the hands of caballo in the first place?


As I have said many times if we actually get off our asses and vett people then it wouldn't be an issue. It's a false statment that anyone can join the congress. It simply isn't true.

It statistical analysis there is a law that states that out of 100% of a control group only 10% or so will actually participate. If we make the necessary hurdles to jump through the only people that will come out the end will be those who truly want to be part of the congress. I am unsure if I am going to be willing to return if it is going to be a continual autocratic control over the staff. I already deal with that kind of shit at work and this is supposed to be a labor of love for me.

It perturbs me why you of all people ended up getting the position of power that you have, but, you should be aware enough to understand that you are not the one that ultimately calls the shots our system administrators are. At this point in time you have been granted the privilege of this power in the midst of a crisis. Don't be a retard, please. Just keep the retards in line.


pls abandon hope and go back to 7chan


How come this place always has a coup or some crises after or near a major GET of post numbers?albaniaAlbania


I didn't deliver leftypol into the hands of anyone other than the group that was supposed to control it in the first place. Things have changed a bit since then anyways.

I don't think we are that good at vetting. We will fail to find /pol/fags at least some of the time, and they're likely to be the most active people there anyways.

As soon as we get a new system and rules in order I will give up being dictator. I very well understand my position - it's not just me that thinks some radical action is necessary. I understand my job of keeping the "retards in line" too.

leftists have a pre-set unity limit. every ten million posts we go through this limit and split again.tankieTankie


3 & 4 sounds reasonably

>Just keep the retards in line.

>a continual autocratic control over the staff.

you mean what you tried to do with caballo.


>leftists have a pre-set unity limit. every ten million posts we go through this limit and split again.
Based dynamics


What do you think about the GETchan drama?


>ur gay
Lame insult retard. Try again. If you have no idea, just shut up.


ur jay


File: 1628490313536.png (2.85 MB, 1786x892, 1625124206825-2.png)

Really it's as simple as asking a few questions that are above the average questions that anyone who haphazardly study Marx would know.
I mean, really, do we want anything less in congress? Let's be honest. I guess we can lower the bar for the chat itself, but, the congress should at least involve people, fairly, familiar with theory.

No, I tried to keep caballo in line with the set state of rules. As for many people. At the end of the day under the (current?) administration I attempted to give my opinions on the matter as pointed as they might have been.

Clearly that wasn't working. I have mad my positions clear as time has gone on and I still stand by them. It's that simple. As much as people want to revise history. It is what it is. I have never sought to remove anyone with out just cause and I have never sought to seat myself in any position of power, permanently. History will absolve me, etc etc etc.

It's simple, if you violate as a mod you should be punished and if you continue to violate you should be removed, if necessary. Removing posts you personally dislike is a violation of the power invested in you as a moderator until there is a clear consensus between the users and staff that such actions are warranted, a-priori.


File: 1628490320849.jpg (48.27 KB, 800x520, Flag.jpg)

I will obstruct the 3 backtabbers, zul, watermelon, and zero individually in my full capacity. I will not interfere with any other mods or users. I will continue to obstruct until this shameful attempt at powertripping is reversed entirely. I also expect an 800 word apology given to the userbase on this bullshit behavior that has rocked the stability of this site. I also expect written apologies to each of the other members of the mod team discluding myself outlining specifically what they did wrong, how it negatively effected leftypol, and a guarantee to adhere to the spirit and law of democracy.


I think it's a bit of guilt by association. I have worked with the getchan for years now and I wouldn't think they are pedos or support anything like that. I think it is a bit unfair to label the whole board that way, but, I don't really lurk get daily, so. The biggest issue with imageboards are they typically have surrounded themselves as areas of "free speech" so establishing lines each individual community is comfortable with is a process. Should people be allowed to discuss such things? Personally, what they were talking about, no. But that is for getchan to decide amongst themselves. Should we associate with that? That is a different question, but, as it sits right now I have no reason to believe that the admins at getchan tolerate such dialogue .


File: 1628490874042.jpg (123.37 KB, 540x400, sad.jpg)

>Open up leftypol to see if the place has gotten better or worse since the last time I was here
>Mod drama is happening yet again and there's talk of yet another split
Fuck's sake, history truly repeats itself.spurdoSpurdo


>I tried to keep caballo in line with the set state of rules.
and look where that got you, motherfuck think he a wise man

>personally dislike is a violation of the power invested in you as a moderator

removing is something personal or a dox is something that every mods, much as i dislike avaterfaging and the user should've been banned for that and creepy shit in /b/. even when image was posted before the somewhat decision was understandable


We almost got to 3 million posts the first time


The pedo thread that got posted on GET did get purged eventually, and there was no shortage posters that had called on mods to not delay and take it down, so the accusations are quite unfair.


Images uploaded violently by users that exist as part of the public domain is not doxing nor is altercations of sed images lampooning sed poster. That is not doxxing.

Doxxing is personally identifiable information that reveals the location and real identity of sed user. I Was, actually, against the uploading of pennyfags face, fyi, but, after finding out it was uploaded of his own volition, I mean…eh. It was the deletion of soyjacks that really set me over the edge, tbh.


I think so too, but this place is full of ex-/pol/ schizos that think that everyone who disagrees with them is a GETchanner pedo.

They are our friends, they always have been, and people wanting to break this friendship over such stupid things should be purged IMO.


make no mistake there was zero deliberation done before this powergrab. There was a user voted democratically to be removed who was left on the team, and instead another mod that dissented with the sysadmin coupist zer0 was removed unilaterally by him


coma stop being a faggot


File: 1628491431765.png (939.26 KB, 986x740, 1625092782788.png)

I trust Zer0. I don't get why he is being thrown under the buss, personally. If this was really a power grab and not an (albeit haphazardly attempt) to keep the site functioning then why would he bother even asking me to take a break rather than just let me quit? Apparently I was the lynch pin holding it all together.

Lmao, no.


File: 1628491710366-0.png (91.79 KB, 796x483, piss.png)

File: 1628491710366-1.png (113.34 KB, 1325x471, com.png)

File: 1628491710366-2.png (3.71 KB, 510x105, 1621905606080-0.png)

File: 1628491710366-3.png (55.62 KB, 545x260, 1621905606080-1.png)

no it has been like this for a while


this is to some extent true (depending how you define furries, who are conveniently nebulous), but it is crucial to avoid getting confused in the middle here. that furries often tend to be wealthy* does not imply that all furries are wealthy. (this may seem like an obvious point, but people love to make such sleights of hand. "furries are bad because they're rich" is a step up from "furries are bad because they're degenerate", but both are vastly inferior to dispassionate analysis)
*or at least, to have high disposable incomes.

>3. We need to open up voting to the congress in the matrix (This will act as a check and balance to the mods)
i'm not going to pretend to remember what the congress is, but i must ask why it (and matrix) are to be preferred over doing things on the board where users can actually see them. (there may be a good reason for all I know)

something like the moderation discussion thread on Bunkerchan, if actually used, would seem to be an ideal small counterbalance to mod power. For all that it was often bogged down in 100 post arguments about someone sad they copped a 1hr ban for spamming the Grundrisse in ROT13 after losing an argument, it seemed like a good balance between free action of mods and user ability to question bad decisions.
I assume this mainly happens in Matrix now (the feedback thread seems much slower), but I and presumably other users don't use it, so anything we may say about this or that matter is going to go unsaid if it's contained on Matrix.

> If we make the necessary hurdles to jump through the only people that will come out the end will be those who truly want to be part of the congress.
This is vulnerable to goodhart's law uhh, or some other one. I like goodhart's however: yes, you will get those who truly want to be a part, but it should be asked - who truly wants to be a part? Will it be the people most dedicated to running the site in the best way possible for all users - possibly - but equally it's possible that it could be obsessives of one kind or another, the kind of people who're utterly obsessed with their own little hobby horse. You could try to vet them away, of course, but they may slip through if they're sufficiently crafty. (In fairness, some of our most notable obsessives probably aren't.)

I don't have the information to weigh in fully one way or another, but I'd emphasize that if you want to make people jump through hoops you should think very carefully about how you've set it up. It's quite possible that a lot of good people may be discouraged by relatively trivial matters consider for example that I will spend hours writing in threads like these to put forward views on the site, yet I have never used matrix. Even if you think everything I say is inane and boring and you're better to be without it, there will be others who respond in similarly odd ways to tiny barriers., while bad people may be able to slip around some fairly tedious vetting.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


The first 2 are from the infamous PDF so no, try again.


>Really it's as simple as asking a few questions that are above the average questions that anyone who haphazardly study Marx would know.
A question I put to you out of academic interest: Would you base the questions on Marx on the basis that:
A) Congress (and presumably the site itself?) should take a specifically Marxist line (And perhaps more specifically Marxist-Leninist, or any other specific ideology)
B) That even if a /leftypol/ user is an anarchist, a syndicalist, an egoist, a social democrat, or what have you, they ought to be familiar with Marx as a matter of site culture or basic due diligence.
(And if both, how much from column A, and how much from column B?)democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism




Also why Chadolf keeps evading bans, is he a ban evasion legend or what?
Are we gonna keep him as a pet or something?


meds schizo.


>(The discord that shall not be named already does vetting which on our part is disgraceful.)
What the fuck? How long has this treachery been going on?


>images lampooning sed poster
>That is not doxxing.
ok but doesn't change the fact that he well intentioned and to a normal man that is doxing
even if it was lampooning, stopping that type of behavior can be sometimes for the better and not let it fester, just like stopping avatarfags


>I trust Zer0. I don't get why he is being thrown under the buss
Yes, because you are lying together, he seized power for himself and 2 other mods that lick his taint, dissolved democracy, and suspended opposing users. You approve because you are in on it. This is so funny coming from a guy that was sperging about democracy literally this morning.


>I trust Zer0.
as a user that's not part your discord circlejerk. I don't


>democracy isn't possible

sounds like every capitalist apology ever. i.e. "communism would be nice, but it's just not possible the way things are"


he is fucking space 2.0


I actually was floating the idea of the assembly board being added to the public list of boards and open for critique of proposed votes and mod actions. The issue with allowing the board to vote is the barrier to entry is to low for an anonymous imageboard. Anyone can jump on and obstruct; this was originally my idea, to have the board itself weigh in and vote on actions take by the mods, but, the aforementioned objections were brought up as time went on and I find myself agreeing with them, so, I thought about it and settled for the matrix. That is why I think the matrix is the good middle ground.

>This is vulnerable to goodhart's law

As far as this goes, I mean, I don't find the alternative to be much better. I trust the ability of everyone involved in the board to discern bad faith actors should they leak through over time. It's something we will have to play by ear. For all the faults of the current administration having worked under both an autocratic form of administration and the current one I would take the current one any day, personally. I think wreckers would make themselves known over time.

I want to be clear if we decided a break from get is neccesary I would support it. As much as it would suck because I have worked with the admins of get for some time now, I would support breaking from them if we so decided. But, we can't make any certain decisions until we fix our current administration

I mean ULP. Most posters seem to be on bad terms with them. I have gone through their vetting system though and it isn't all that bad, tbh.

Zer0 has never given me a reason to distrust him in the time I have been working with him, for what it is worth.




>I actually was floating the idea
actually cunt we were discussing this before you sperged and left (for half a day) and supported this infantile coup attempt


That's not true. Zero is constantly working on the code base for the site and him and the other devs have, basically single handedly delivered structure of the page to what it is to day. The lainchan code didn't even include (you)'s when we first got a hold of it. Zer0 is a good sysadmin. Not comparable to space at all.


Is it possible for mods just to get along for more than 3 monthssnibeti_snabSnibeti Snab


The other two are not and pdf ones still support that nothing has changed
Just think of first two as a bonus



he acted against the wishes of all of the other mods save watermelon and zul, he is also not nearly as active as the mods and devs he backstabbed, the only reason this bullshit was pulled is because one guy has sysadmin access and wanted to throw his wifht around narcissistically, your sucking him off for it is inconsequential to the decision


File: 1628492603929.jpg (35.97 KB, 474x707, discord.jpg)



it is for literally every mod save for 3 or 4 out of the 16


>one user makes a "you must be new here" joke
>everyone is a pedo then.
meds schizo.
I honestly can't believe how people like you keep thinking about pedos and GETchan 24/7, it must be tiring…can't you just…move on? get a hobby, stop seething for a change.


it's the same guy that nuked bunkerchan fwiw


File: 1628492777097.jpg (25.68 KB, 610x396, 1625138225989.jpg)

Who are the other mods?
The ones that keep constantly breaking and bending rules to push the site in a direction the see fit? I am not currently part of the staff, so, sorry. In my opinion the action Zer0 and the others took as a system administrator was totally justified.

Though I think Zer0 or one of the other admins should have just done it themselves. This is martial law, brah.


I would agree that having the board vote is a terrible idea, but having the board discuss them would be by far preferable to having decisions primarily coming as a surprise to the people who use the board exclusively. So long as mods take proper account of the quality of arguments rather than just how many people can rev up their proxies, it's hard to see the issue with having more discussion on-board.
(I suppose it, too, is theoretically vulnerable to the fact that sufficiently obsessive posters can make posts which superficially appear to be wonderful arguments, but which are really entirely hollow, but i haven't really seen that in practice.)

The difficulty with something like Matrix is that sometimes problems arise not because people are wreckers, but because they have good intentions. As an example, if we think back to the imposition of user IDs on Bunkerchan, that didn't come about with the aim of annoying people, but with the aim of making the site better. There's always a risk that by selecting a minority as representatives, you'll get a disconnect like that in the decision making process where nobody is acting maliciously, but by the nature of their approach make a questionable deicison. (In the case of IDs I was actually very impressed with the willingness to listen to arguments and take them on board, but there's always a risk that in a future scenario people may be more inclined to dig in their heels, especially if they regard themselves as the intermediary between mods and users.)democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


I actually don't know how to respond another than calling this a blatant fabrication. The idea wasn't even brought up till last thursday when we decided voting on the assembly board itself wasn't working


>a user who has been there longer then you pretending to be a /get/fag openly admitted lolicon was common and then 3 years goes on, the user is now a mod encouraging Maps

>everyone is a pedo then.

rude stawman owo

>meds schizo.

>4fag lingo


No, no, I want to be clear: I want more discussion on the board itself. Hence why I think opening up assembly is a good idea. I just don't think that allowing anons to vote on anything outside of the matrix is a good idea because of faggotry.

As far as discussion goes, I want that.

And yes, I agree, history has show us exactly what you are talking about man. I haven't forgotten the post id's and the back lash it caused, lol. But, Like I said, the difference between then and now is that if we allowed a venue for people to have a respective say in the process of how, for example, id's came about then they would have no reason to complain because if they wanted to truly impact the momentum of the board then the avenue is open to them via the matrix. Unlike on bunker when we were still working solely from with in the matrix.


File: 1628493367100.png (29.42 KB, 741x568, af2.png)

>Provides no context
If I remember correctly, the guy was complaining about someone posting a picture of the board-tan Rodina and I rightfully called him out on his ignorance of board history. I could be wrong though since my memory ain't the greatest so if you'd like to provide additional screenshots feel free.


File: 1628493382344.png (97.19 KB, 190x276, ClipboardImage.png)

How capricious indeed, history is. The notorious Janitor Napoleon has come again to seize the reins of the highest executive power, not even a full year after that daring move which had struck triumphantly at the remnants of the power of the Ancien Regime under Currency's command. Yet at the current juncture, the situation is ever more dangerous. The enemies of the site have returned to take advantage of the chaos and disorder of the transition, doing raids and sabotage. Priority currently should be on purging subversive infiltrators.


It actually makes much more sense given the context.
So yeah kys


IRL even absent punishment if you fuck around and wreck your community you fuck yourself over to whatever degree, whether you end up physically starving or just having to live in a dysfunctional cesspool. You can also be physically beaten, executed or just bullied until you stop being an ass. It is certainly possible, although not in the fantastic libertine way that some here imagine.

Democracy however, absolutely is not possible in an environment of near-total anonymity, full of malicious people, outright wreckers and where absolutely zero consequences exist for fucking around.

I get that you're probably a zoomer who has never seen what happens in action when it is attempted but e-democracy & free for alls were the default on a lot of online forums & imageboards back in the day, and every single time it was tried it ended in total shit.

As far as things go I'm not in favour of just banning people because we disagree on x issue. I'm as anti-trot as it gets & critical of the Dengists but I'll speak out anytime somebody starts talking about banning them. If anything I'm more tolerant of "freeze peach" than most people here, but the imageboard moderation must absolutely operate as a dictatorship.

If you're concerned about misuse of mod powers then it's better to advocate for a clear code of conduct & ruleset as well as systems of accountability, ie a solid appeal process for bans. As far as I've seen the mod team have been pretty good so far & I have no reason to oppose the current course unless somebody can provide solid proof that this is really just some kind of dumb autistic e-drama powergrab.jucheJuche


so after the whole business where you deliberated on a constitution, you're just going to coup the site AGAIN?

I have no idea about all the personalities here or the drama, but when one side is "yeah we just took over the site and purged half the mod team" then it's pretty easy to see who's on a power trip.

fuck you.


>or what it is worth.
that's the thing, your word from a matrix circlejerk doesn't mean anything at all
instead of your bitching in your group of circlejerks have mods that are actually from this community or just mods do the most basic things for once


File: 1628493784096.png (1012.69 KB, 1000x1000, 1621862512190.png)

mission accomplished


>Who are the other mods?
the other 14 mods other than the 3 generally inactive dramafaggot coupists or including you if you didn't actually "leave" What the fuck is democratic about that?


the coup will fail, and coupists will be humiliated



Also one more thing I'd like to add:
/GET/ is constantly getting targeted by an organized spam campaign through bots which seemingly actively targeta smaller imageboards and try to get them shut down through legal action by posting links to actual CP. We have to be constantly on the lookout for anyone posting suspicious links. If you start seeing posts with nothing but a link and a picture with an identical link on /leftypol/ report it immediately.


>Lolita Girls Fuck Collection
pls go back to /get/


Fuck you both, get b& and v& immediately.


Who is more ML? Who is more revisionist? Asking to know which side to support thanks.sandinistaSandinista


No you,
i'm the uygha that reported it


well, i'm an ML and the guys against me don't seem to love stalin as much.tankieTankie


The bot has been everywhere anon
This an't new and has been going on for some time sadly

>actual CP

I hate everyone right now


you are sucking of a social democrat you selfish larping faggot


The mod is a tripfag
That was another anon using the same flag


File: 1628494743286.jpg (42.37 KB, 800x600, fe95e835.jpg)

Just posting it as a reminder to the newfriends who might not be familiar or too tech illiterate to not click on unfamiliar links on the internet.


There's one of those on /GET/ rn.


File: 1628495129539.png (719.22 KB, 1500x1008, ClipboardImage.png)

Let Ismail be supreme moderator.bolshevikBolshevik


Ok, wouldn't be surprise if that was the same user
either way my point is stands with the same /get/ user base


>more bans relating to liberal intersectionality garbage because that's what I think the mod team should be focusing on rather than personal nonsense.
Thank you.


The more and more i read this thread, i agree with >>21570
either become a democracy with people from here and not fucking Matrix oligarchy for circlejerking each other in your failing relationship group or >>21570


I will give full support if you actually ban avatarfagging or atleast pennyposter


File: 1628498034824.jpg (54.61 KB, 1024x768, Mohawk Redwing.jpg)

Fucking hell, I wake up in the middle of the night, check my laptop and discover that yet another fucking jannie coup is threatening to destroy the only good leftist site on the web. I had a sinking feeling in my gut that an event like this would be inevitable after the conspiracy to kill Bunkerchan.

Don't have the time to read this whole thread but here's my thermonuclear take from skimming it: the Caballo Cabal is in the right here and the move to ban people for "repeating state department talking points" is an exact repeat of OldBO's policy and will kill the board.


>Expect to see not too many changes from the normal other than maybe a more strict implementation of the rules and more bans relating to liberal intersectionality garbage because that's what I think the mod team should be focusing on rather than personal nonsense.



Stalinism made USSR not crumble at the start of the 30s




Gommies can't even run a website democratically without devolving into TYRRANY
Gommunism btofporkyPorky


Watermellon is a fed who is trying to instigate another split and drama that will regress whatever progress the board has made in the last couple of months. It's not anything that actually had to be deal with for 99 percent of the user base, or something that people will enjoy, but someone has to tank the only good leftist website.spurdoSpurdo


Well this isn’t what I was suggesting at all but if caballo is btfo it better than it was before I suppose lmao


>If anyone here thinks that the new mod team will initiate DPRK 2.0 here is clearly out of their minds
They should do that though.


This was my idea btw:

Okay, so basically this is the gestalt official proposal, I was going to write a document with all the ins and outs of my reasoning, for that, you can go back through this chat and read what I have to say. Essentially, my belief is this: 1) there is somewhat of a consensus among mods and regular attendees to mod related discussions that some form of board democratisation is favourable 2) there are numerous different beliefs on what that should be or what it will look like 3) there is fairly wide consensus that the system of moderation decision making currently in place is not fit for purpose. 4) there is also a fairly wide consensus that, although democratisation is favourable to basically all, most recognise to a great or lesser degree real issues, among these, how can we prevent the subversion of such a system. 4) this leaves us in a position that, we must widen the scope of the decision making process on the board, I.e, democratise it, add more voices to the pool of those eligible to vote, while also making sure that pool does not become subverted with bad faith actors.
My proposal therefore aims precisely to target these concerns, in order to complete the above objective of democratisation to some degree.
While the ideal situation would be in my opinion direct democracy, there are very real threats to this, and very real problems with its implementation. Therefore, I suggest measures in order to smooth over implementation issues in a gradual, increasingly democratic fashion.
Thus, in practical terms, I would like the mods to vote on these 3 separate but cohesive proposals 1) that a union of posters be allowed to created by the posters, this union will act as the mechanism by which posters can discuss issues with the board. It will be owned by the posters, so that it’s independence from the moderation team can be assured. Initially, this union would be a place of discussion, and the will of the board discerned by the individuals who made up the voting body of the union. These individuals would be, those collections of posters who are currently engaged in the board moderation and have been long term. Gradually, more and more people would be added to the voting pool long term, it would be the specific job of these individuals to oversee this expansion. 2) in order to solidify this, myself and soy noticer (the initial inspectorate) be inducted in the mod chat, which would give us voting rights but no mod powers. This way, through the above mentioned Union, gradually more posters, judged good faith by said inspectorate, based on their participation in union discussion, could be added to the inspectorate voting pool and therefore the democratic process of the board. 3) I suggest that this action, if voted for by a majority of the mod team, would represent a binding mandate to enter into a gradual, good faith, long term process of board democratisation as described above.
*This might be sloppy I meant to write this from a laptop but needs must. I have thought through things like the constitution of the union etc




yang nanya



sage stinky


Enjoy your "Communism," leftycucks.


>Zul thanks to his Covid denial views, Haz admiration, and general schizo views.
sounds based tbh


I suggest we give ultimate executive authority over the site to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Donate the domain and all of its resources to the Catholic Church, let God guide us forward.christian_communismChristian Communism


>Waah waah Leninist


Caballo please this emotional manipulation is wafer thin.

Perhaps if you had listened for one second these things would not keep happening.

Don’t talk to me about “oh they are right wing boohoo” when you literally don’t even support a United ireland


Of the mods I have talked to, the ones who have acted are those in favour of greater user democracy, at the expense of mods being able to delete whatever they want whenever they want, which is annoying, drives away users, and is not how leftypol got big in the first place


don't click dis


Wait I thought Comatoast was the sysadmin? Is this not the case?


Comatoast really picked a bad time for leaving. He's great and have been a rational counterweight a lot of the time to the stupid shit happening in the Congress / mod meltdowns (when I think about it, the meltdowns were always caused by the interactions between three-to-four unstable people: Caballo, Wobbly?, Zul?, []?).

Caballo was trash and deserved worse than merely removal from mod team, but a lot of the other mods were actually good (to mention a few that comes to mind: Zero, antinous, M00dy).

What are the implications of what has happened?
Will there be mending of relations slowly between the parties involved? I hope so.
I think Sage's proposal is pretty good in regards to a postertariat union for domain policy negotiations.

I hope we can all agree that the situation right now from a meta POV is rather silly and needs to be overcome successively.


who is making the wiki page though


>gradually more posters, judged good faith by said inspectorate, based on their participation in union discussion, could be added to the inspectorate voting pool

no, see you are just basically saying that you will add people to the inspectorate based on whether they do a good job, but in reality the ones who actually do a good job at being inspectors of the mod's actions are also the ones who are going to be kinda annoying because they'll be willing to call you out. So you'll only end up selecting the less controversial people.

The best way to have oversight is at the very least to have all mods action transparent.


It wouldn’t be based on the actual opinions they have but rather simply their commitment to a long term process


>defending soyjaks


no. you WILL obey the transhumanist in chief.
you WILL concede to the jannies.
this is the soviet society you chose.


This is the natural dialectical progression of the rotten janny clique. Did everyone forget how they nuked Bunkerchan and all of it's content in order to force people on here? They've always been slimy careerists (except they don't get paid lol) so petty infighting and power grabs are to be expected.
I expect some monetization attempts in the near future.


yes they are giving you all the mouth service you can stomach so that you will pretend this is legitimate, since you are a very active poster, that is why you were invited and admined in the confidential mod room (with people's IPs in it) make no mistake the powertrippers don't want any kind of democracy they are yeltsinite dogs


hey ginjeet maybe you shouldn't have spammed the site with child porn if you didn't want to get banned before zero pretended like nothing happened


ugly tripfags and facedoxxing uglyfags
why do new movements always attract the worst detritus of mankind?


>soviet art is child porn
maybe you should get a life


As someone who barely visits the matrix and doesn't visit /b/ can I get a clarification on a couple of things from the new junta?

>Has there been any definitive evidence of glowposting? Eglin Air force base IP-addresses and the like?

>Is criticism of furries allowed now?
>To what degree is liberal or conservative idpol tolerated?
>What does state department talking points entail? Are naive shitlibs who argue in good faith tolerated?
>Are reactionaries who argue in good faith tolerated?
>Whats the mod team's relationship to YPG-PKK or China? Is dengism the new party line?
>Is criticism of immigration allowed?
>Are raiding/embassy threads allowed?
>What constitutes doxxing according to the mod team?
>What's the verdict on avatarfags/soyjaks?
>What's the verdict on getchan?bolshevikBolshevik


it was actual pictures of naked children posing sexually, cope nonce


they were illegal or grey area at best and furthermore he was spamming them in the thread where we were discussing being falsflag attacked for CP and infrared cultists were sending reports of that thread to the fbi


so of course zero would simp over him, wreckers stick together



Phew! It has calmed down a bit.


I find this hard to believe when the “coup” mods have been the ones consistently at least sympathetic to the things I am saying, and the other side includes caballo, who although decent enough at times, is also wildly trigger happy on the Hirohito deleto button


Honestly what the fuck is wrong with mods in this website?
You have issues and drama all the fucking time, what the fuck?
Just do your fucking job and shut the fuck up, interact with each other the bare minimum because it seems like most of you are autistic spergs who literally can't function in society


>the “coup” mods have been the ones consistently at least sympathetic to the things I am saying
thank god


>Honestly what the fuck is wrong with mods in this website?
They rotate positions and has created a very big issue rn, but otherwise we don't know the story.


You would be advocating getting rid of yourself if you did so pedophile


Btw this was also a lie, the only posters that were banned by Caballo came from a raid thread on a different site. Leftypol should be allowed autarky


Lmao no. It's cliqueish as fuck, hardly any rotation, let alone userbase communication.


That is a drawing of a cherub, what ginjeet posted was photographs of naked children posing in sexually provactive manner. The only reason it is still legal in a handful of countries including some states in america is because it has the name of a band and album on it, it is still some kids that probably got molested, and pedos will still jack off to it


File: 1628514817281.png (1.07 MB, 1877x828, literal fucking PORN.png)

get a life


it's literally just zero demanding everyone feed his narcissism and abusing his technical sysadmin position to override everyone else and do this forced and gay watermelon junta meme with his two asslickers


that isn't posing sexually like the photos you posted ginjeet, which contained sexually displayed gentalia, kill yourself you NPD nonce faggot


Zero is hands down one of the least narcissistic on that entire fucking trainwreck of a modteam, why have you been reduced to such blatant lying, whoever's coping this hard?


any of you fags want my take on the Malaise Plaguing the Chans or whatever


Sure go ahead


>least narcissistic
>steals power for no reason and demands all (actually active) mods suck the vile green liquid out of his asshole
lick hardy peedjeet you shameless wrecker


the leaser of this coup is a "social democrat" that is purging actual communists you larping faggot


This is correct

This is how things have become due to caballo and friends inability to see reason, for the purposes of serving their own narcissistic urges and control freak behaviour .

Caballo is barely even a social Democrat. More like a Liberal Democrat, and if Zul really is leninhat, he’s one of the biggest and best tankies on the board


junko is cute though


Wasn't Space_ the one who wanted to monetize Bunkerchan in the first place? Stop being a faggot.


<projecting narcissist
Caballo is a democratic socialist which I'll admit I thought was the same thing as sucdem but he is an actual socialist. zer0 is succdem, zul is a covid denialism schizo in charge of the pol friendship society. watermelon is a shameless man-infant that will say anything to be given executive powers. Maybe you don't have an issue ginjeet since you lick zeros ass all the time to try and be above the rules everyone else faces. But for everyone, welcome these are your new masters


this is the new _space faggot clique


Another proof traditional chans are fucking cancer, their very structure reproduces this behaviour. You need decentralized chan where poster are in control, fuck professional jannies, a bunch of useless cucks.


I ain’t fucking ginjeet lmao, pretty much nobody on this board hates the nonce ginjeet as much as me


my apologies then, fuck that pedo


>falls into dictatorship
every fucken time kek


>i just wanna grill
>I just wanna join a reading group and meet new comrades
>I just wanna learn theory
why is this board making things so complicated?
Special jannies need their special power and special recognition for their gayops


I'm loving the salt, tbh.


>zer0 is succdem
This is news to me. Can anyone else corroborate?
I know for a fact that Caballo is the most liberal (centrist) out of all of them and was the biggest danger, I don't agree with your assessment of him being a demsoc, let a lone deserving of being described as a "socialist". He has explicitly argued anti-revolutionary Blairaite shit in the matrix Leftypol Chat and I remember that at least engelsliker was there to witness and argue back against it, if you don't take my word for it (I deleted my matrix since then).
>zul is a covid denialism schizo in charge of the pol friendship society
Damning if true. He always seemed unhinged in the mod policy debates.
>watermelon is a shameless man-infant that will say anything to be given executive powers.
I agree. He's been screeching "JUNTAA!1" to every little problem for what I could see the last 6 months+. I think what you said here is an apt description.
>Maybe you don't have an issue ginjeet […]
Not ginjeet, just adding my voice to the thread as an anon not 24/7 glued to the matrix drama.


t. Ginjeet


none of that is true, its the seething of one suspended mod


Some of it absolutely is true. Especially in regards to Watermelon.


How can the posters be in charge when everyone is anon?


they can't not without user registration. Democracy cant work on imageboards, due to raiding. leftypol would just be flooded with polyp crossposters who would ban everyone



Sage, while I support your proposal, you absolutely should distance yourself from the Soy Noticer guy, he reeks of either /pol/ spy/wrecker or fed. I don't trust anyone that is up trying to sway Congress policy all hours of the day, all days of the week, and in the Leftypol Chat can post nothing other than praises about British imperialism and his abnormally extensive pic collection of Mussolini / Fascist Italy while not being mutilated / liberated. The fact that he's been behind the scenes since Space_ is not a point in his favor.


yes, these were the issues congress was brainstorming before the coup. it's not feasible atm especially with one person having total control of the site


File: 1628518181607.png (169.77 KB, 511x963, (you).png)


is any of what I said incorrect at all?
>one seething mod
rent free, what one of the 3 special and valid pricks that supported this gayop are you?


Based Soy Script User


>Don't have the time to read this whole thread but here's my thermonuclear take from skimming it: the Caballo Cabal is in the right here and the move to ban people for "repeating state department talking points" is an exact repeat of OldBO's policy and will kill the board.
I repeat again: >>21658 , >>21693democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


I think this would work, but you would naturally limit this new council to people who aren't careful to rotate their IPs and don't use TOR though. Or how else are you determining who's on the new council? Matrix users?


Caballo will now be referred to as Cabungler of Caball O bungler or Cabummer


Whoever is engaging in long term good faith discussion on how to manage the board would be gradually brought in.


when I frequented the matrix/chatroom he was there all the time. he is too ironic to be taken seriously and is probably a crypto fascist.


Having talked to him a bunch of times, in my opinion he knows what is good for the board. A fed in my opinion would be driving people away from the board, I.e by super tight moderation. This can be seen by the objective fact that it is up right moderation which has been damaging to the board. If he is a fed or pol he is only playing himself. Actually, I think he’s just a leftist with a sense of humour, which people these days take to mean you must be something red brown


in the absence of a mod answer, i have answered myself. with a view to the potential negative outcomes i've seen gestured towards.
1. people have been saying things we don't like, repeating mainstream media talking points, etc. this is clearly evidence that we're important enough to subvert and not just a mixture of low-effort trolling, baiting for (you)s, sheer contrarianism, and stupidity.
2. it was never banned. (>b-but i was banned for), no, it was never banned. "shut the fuck up degenerate dogfucker" isn't criticism, that guy who wrote several thousand word essays about the fact the furry economy is "reactionary" because it relies on artisan production methods is criticism. going forward, low effort criticism will probably be preferred to high effort criticism because why make the effort of reading "furry marxist" manifestos and identifying them as "almost nationalist" when you can just say dogfucker dogfucker dogfucker d011ars junior.
3. excessively
4. if it becomes a rule, it will inevitably come down to "you were reported for making an argument at odds with the laziest possible 'pro-socialist' reading" as a matter of the basic dynamics of the situation
5. given the greater concern shown for liberal idpol, reactionaries who argue in bad faith will probably still slip through
6. any answer would take up too many words for too little benefit. for my position: the board shouldn't have a party line beyond a broad adherence to the left.
7. it will be, and even bad criticisms will probably be left alone. there is, perhaps, even the risk that better (not necessarily correct, but better.) pro-immigration arguments may be discouraged because lol radlib
8. don't know
9. avatar users to be discouraged, soyjaks to be given free reign
10. no ideademocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1628519195477.mp4 (31.54 MB, 1280x720, sava.mp4)

how come this place is so full of autists

it is clear from a mile away when transhumanist-thread baiters come to town and when pol comes to town with their baits. Noone is gonna get banned for participating in a discussion.


The old team did, but what does the new junta think about it?


jannies exist solely to clean up shit. you are not a 'personality'. you are not 'in charge'.
first things first get that straight.


noooooooooo why can't I turn this site into a cult this is LITERALLY fascism



Also it would be nice if you all sticky posted every post made by the news anon, left it stickied for 3 days. Give that task to a newbie as a means to prove themselves.


personalities are for reddit.
imageboards are anonymous for a reason..
nobody cares about your fucking egotrip


>Noone is gonna get banned for participating in a discussion.
watermanlet just banned someone he doesn't like for 1 week for "idpol", literally no one else supported this


Wow Space taking the time out of your busy life to point out to say I told you so? What has blessed us to have you appear before us today?posadasPosadas


i hurt his flimsy ego because he thinks having deletion powers on a 4chan clone makes his pathetic life worthwhile.
literal woman


I thought I'd take a break from molesting golden retrievers in order to scare off this new janny cult competition I have


exactly keep that shit detained in social media.
the last thing we need is parasocial relationships originating from a fucking imageboard.


you say that as if it's a joke but all three of you dumb faggots are >tfw no gf incels right?


what kind of a nonsequitur is that?
so cleaning up my shit for free makes you popular with the opposite sex?
fuckin jannylogic man. my sides



Wait does the script still works on leftypol.org?


oh my bad I thought you were watermanlet. I am also faggot that has gay love with golden retrievers and not actually a mod




good; no place for muh transhumanist


go back to twitter not space_


if he wants to piss away userbase in exchange for a sub-discord tier cj, fine lol


>it in google so it ok
>rping as genjeet
there pedo threads in 8ch /b/ thanks to that dumb logic

stfu bait


he was man who madess videos
u just know because of the inflreds


i hope he wants to piss away liberal and other rightist dreg


This board has more irrelevant janny drama no one gives a shit about than users


>more rp and a a mention of genjeet out of nowhere


it do be like this for a while now


that's just the consequence of being in the first world.


part and parcel of living in a small anonymized message board


File: 1628526744487.jpg (636.49 KB, 3000x3000, nkvd.jpg)

None of this would be necessary if you just banned the fucking avatarfag


based on my experiences on leftypol over the past few years this seems to be true, the /pol/ invasion did a number on us


this, if none you fucker care about avatarfag and not want to defend avatarfag then banned them if it goes board-wide and not just a small thread or let others discouraged it if it's not doxxing
that shit should've stayed in /get/


Caballo is a socdem. I don't trust anything he says.


you say things like reactionary-friendly, but really what you mean is anti-establishment
what happened to left-wing meaning against totalitarianism? "COVID denial" or "anti-vax' is an effort that pushes back against the attempt to control a populace by fear. Is that in your view 'reactionary?'
If you want to be a liberal government kool-aid drinker there is every other site on the internet to do it. I'm not sure what the point of leftypol is if we can't even voice opposition to a government (or really, ruling class) that wants to squash us all with fear and, potentially, biological warfare.
From my point of view, the liberals are evil.


your lot are more tedious than interesting. that, more than your flat earth tier worldview, is your greatest sin.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


>"COVID denial" or "anti-vax' is an effort that pushes back against the attempt to control a populace by fear.
kys King Lear


so, a strawman and the name of a bogeyman
not very bright are you libtards?


Go to patriots.win and stay there fucking boomer. We are not stuck in 2016, deal with it.


a man made of straw would have more interesting things to say.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


why even make a new site if you want to enforce twitter-level narratives here?
just makes no sense
how do you even differ from establishment thought


the problem is it's not a coincidence that leftist countries mounted the severest national programs to fight the coronavirus. protecting your country's people from the effects of an unknown virus without wrecking your economy and society is what any sensible society would do. Leninhat and the other schizos think of this as some self-strengthening event where getting sick just makes you stronger bro, just trust me. i don't trust the Pfizer/Moderna vaccines but i'm not against vaccines, they're the price you have to pay for a healthy and high density population. some of the vaccinefags get so worked up they end up portraying this as the seminal "anti-establishment" position when pursuing this will be so damaging in the long term that it's irresponsible to the core. there will be a future for humanity after capitalism and i'm not letting these schizos take the reins ever. fuck that shit


It's you who are liberal


thats a fair point
at least it says something, unlike the other subnormals ITT


File: 1628529665561.jpeg (50.5 KB, 474x474, 1623300969036.jpeg)

For reference I never opposed letting users have a part in the moderation process, or transparency, or anything like that, I only think that allowing Matrix users to straight up vote on mod matters as if they were mods is a bad idea. We should act on behalf of all users not just the most active and vocal ones. Hence the surveys we've been doing.

We did try to remove a mod who we couldn't work with though. That's why this power grab was attempted, because the minority couldn't bear to see one of their own be removed for his wrecking behaviour.

I don't love Stalin but I always advocated for all reasonable leftists (ie not nazbols) to be allowed to post here equally.

Cheers man.

The 'new junta' are united partly by their admiration for Haz and opposition to controls on topics about him, which was another nail in the coffin of our democracy, when the majority voted to ban Haz discussion because it was toxic to the board, this (I believe) caused the junta-ists to draw inwards to each other further.

Maybe I could have done more. I don't know.

As others have pointed out I'm a Demsoc, not that it matters.

Leftism means protecting the working people, not allowing them to be massacred in order to keep the economy going - as porky originally wanted to do at the start of the pandemic before overwhelming backlash forced them into moderate control measures. Ironically Chinese people who had a much harsher lockdown have been far more free for the past two years, with little to no pandemic controls outside the affected areas.


>I wouldn't think they are pedos or support anything like that.
>surrounded themselves as areas of "free speech" so establishing lines each individual
>admins at getchan tolerate such dialogue
ok jailbate 7chanfag


are we allowed to discuss mao or stalin's wives


I think Haz is an autist, no need to invent things about what I believe.tankieTankie


Alright fair enough. I never knew your stance on him, but I know Zul and Zero were definitely both very pro-him.


who the fuck is haz


When would have been a good time for leaving?
This was just another inevitability in the history of the board. Coma just sled up the process. The contradictions between the mods who want to make this reddit and the mods who want to keep this true to the nature of image boards couldn't go on for ever


File: 1628530217187.png (149.92 KB, 500x585, 3crjyy.png)

The reason people opposed your idea to ban Haz from the very beginning(this was when he was still making videos on leftypol) was because your reasoning was stupid.

Caballo wanted to ban Haz for Idpol. On account of the use of the word Anglo as a "idpol slur".


File: 1628530286465.jpg (51.28 KB, 576x1024, 1626552006531.jpg)

>who runs the site and how is irrelevant


File: 1628530311209.png (105.75 KB, 347x367, mfw I see opportunists.png)

I'm torn between telling you what's wrong with all currently existing imageboards and imageboard moderation schemes and keeping it for myself so i can use it




>because it was toxic to the board
Which is why i think a ban for the shit 4chan meme or removing the penny face was understand even if i kinda disagree with it, it's the same bullshit.
Still glad he's gone, he was /get/ creep who posted penny porn which i don't trust at all and he spam his shit board wide
just banning an over amount of avatarfaging was the best option

it's best if you don't know
just another breadtuber that a namefag named sage is in love with


what's there not to trust, it's just porn


File: 1628530653635.jpg (405.05 KB, 1000x1000, 1421739544007.jpg)

Exactly. I know I've been accused of being pro avatarfag but I would remove anyone's face pic if they asked me to. It's shitty 'content' for one thing. Make fun of their posts instead.

I did not immediately jump to banning Haz immediately, it took some time for me to come around to that, but I think it was obvious fairly quickly that he was an insecure, unstable, schizo that was going to harm the left more than ever help it. Now if he was just another content creator, fine, but he was clearly developing a colony that was harming the board. He practically exudes 'cult of personality' energy. And yes, I do think he's an idpoller, a bad one. But since we bring him up, I also removed Haz's dox on many occasions.


>Caballo wanted to ban Haz for Idpol.

>On account of the use of the word Anglo as a "idpol slur".

not based, although it's now becoming that thanks to haz far as i know
i miss anti anglo meme


porn of a cartoon child in a children show
There is aged up gumball porn out there but most gumball fans and porn are /ss/ and lolishit
I don't trust them like how i don't trust loud house fans in /co/


no I mean are you afraid it was made with trafficked peanut mooses or what
this is basically the one instance in which you can be totally sure what you are getting


>this is basically the one instance in which you can be totally sure what you are getting
Yeah, no trust and i don't want him anywhere near here. not no guessing


File: 1628531274367.png (229.99 KB, 340x340, 1627878924281.png)

>I would remove anyone's face pic if they asked me to.

Exactly you retard. That is the problem.


No you.


new thread for new autismtankieTankie


>>22257 is >>434283

Unique IPs: 1

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