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Reports are coming in from Labour list and momentum that there are preparations for a showdown at the 2021 labour conference. With Labour branches putting forward a motion to re-instate Jeremy Corbyn and transferring the ability of removal of MP's to labour members. This is the biggest internal matter Kieth Starmer has faced yet, loosing this vote at confrence threatens to majorly undermine his leadership and demostrate a left majority against his leadership within the party.

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Not like we're putting out the greatest press I feel like you've only got yourself to blame for that one mate.


ay we're not too fond of you lot either. Bloody international students taking up all the places at universities, paying higher their fees and stopping working class kids from getting in.
ENGLISH universities for ENGLISH people, that's what I say


>ENGLISH universities for ENGLISH people
This is how a britbong socialist looks like, shame on you.


Had a lady say this to me at a protest, the English line and everything, we were in fucking Cardiff.

But seriously the housing being built exclusively for rich international students is an issue in most towns


>This is how a britbong socialist looks like, shame on you
Nothing wrong with that tbh

whats the probelm?


Imagine being this fucking retarded. At least tell me you went to a good school.


Good luck with your program, what are you studying?


permanent shortages


Im sorry mates. I was just baiting to see some reactions. I am considering coming to study public policy but online. You don't have to worry about me fugging your housing.


Found the 'The Sun' intern


haha no worries mate. I just wanted to give you a taste of some traditional english xenophobia, a true staple of our culture


True, but prisons are always easy to raze down.


wonder what the cost would be to have government policy be that the yearly rent for student accommodation to UK students can't be more than the student loan for that particular year.
both in literal-financial terms (whether unis or the state eats it) and in inequality terms. it probably wouldn't help any student who can't rely on their parents to buy their food, so it could just be a big subsidy for tarqs. but it could also be a middle class subsidy, which could be popular, and it's a pisstake that uni accommodation can be a basically state-dependent entity which nevertheless chooses to price people out.


File: 1631387199594.png (51.83 KB, 777x394, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1631387810415.jpg (197.29 KB, 1102x2048, 20210910_191140.jpg)

this is the leader I voted for!


This but unironically.



> On the international stage, the report includes plans for a new law building on the genocide amendment which was defeated by the government earlier this year – which would block trade deals with countries such as China, which many MPs say have committed serious abuses of worker and human rights.

> Labour’s efforts to building a post-Brexit approach both to international relations and trade based on values and rights instead of solely national commercial interest

This is the most retarded shit I’ve ever read. Fighting over who can be the most extreme anti China hawks and more active neocons. Britain’s choice to for litterally no fucking reason, thumb the eye of China(the worlds largest economy, by 2030 the worlds dominant power). Goes beyond comprehension how stupid this is. Like if this in the manifesto, it would probably be worth voting Tory for harm prevention.


Football fan avoids jail after being racist online about black England players

>Scott McCluskey, 43, was handed a 14-week suspended sentence for messages written online about Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho.

>The defendant wrote: "Well it took three ethnic players to f*** it up. Unlucky England. Sack them three monkeys."
>On Wednesday, McCluskey - of Blyth Close, Runcorn - admitted a single charge of sending an offensive or abusive message by a public communication network.
>Before being handed his suspended sentence, which will include 30 days of rehabilitation work on racism and diversity, he sat in the dock hunched over with his head in his hands.
>McCluskey was also ordered to observe a weekend curfew on Saturdays and Sundays, monitored by an electronic tag, and made to pay £85 costs and a £128 victim surcharge, to be deducted from his benefits.

what the fuck is this, britbongs?


I don't see the problem. Prison seems too extreme just for some online comments posted in anger, in fact even the suspended sentence is too much imo. Unless the guy has a history of racism or far-right activity a fine paid to the victims and a good public shaming would suffice.


>Unless the guy has a history of racism or far-right activity
the site says he wasn't convicted for anything before

like what the hell is this supposed to mean? he is accused of "abusing" professional fotball players by making a fucking comment on twitter. the poor opressed footbal players. what will they do? buy a new yacht out of depression?

law protecting colored millionaires and billionaires feelings when?


>the site says he wasn't convicted for anything before
if that's the case then this is way too harsh, especially as he was given a "light" sentence because of his lack of previous convictions.
I sent some saka getting choked memes to my mates after the match, some of which could be considered racist. ffs this could be me next, I couldn't even afford to pay the fine
>law protecting colored millionaires and billionaires feelings when?
It is farcical. Porkie commits financial crimes daily on a massive scale, at a huge detriment to the lower classes yet only gets slapped with a small fine once every few years. Meanwhile Scott from Runcorn posts a mean tweet while high and gets all this shit. I hate this fucking country so much.


>and made to pay £85 costs and a £128 victim surcharge, to be deducted from his benefits.
>only 43
Is everyone get gibs in Engerland?


Well there's no jobs so yeah, not literally everyone of course but many people


Britpol can we raid something. We could post in the Novara media live chat about how George Galloway killed Geronimo because he had information that would lead to the arrest of Keir Starmer. Something like that. Why? Because kek and lol


Or we could raid Galloway himself, he’s probably more easily rusable


MOATS is in 1 hr


What’s our angle?


im on benefits and work part time its quite common


I'm up for this. Are we definitely doing it?
I'm not making a burner gmail account and then nobody else turns up


If we get 5 we go, if not we park for a different day, maybe we should give it a day or 2 notice anyway, to gather forces


good idea
well we've got 3 as of now; me, you and the anon who suggested MOATS


Looks like we are regrouping when we have more forces.


it seems so


Moats was pretty based tonight tbh


whenever people say Moats i think of Gazza's mate.


He is being made to read Pride and Prejudice. I would rather go to prison.


What a bizarre saga that was


Yes I got involved with Labour in University to try and fuck but it was one of the worst mistakes of my life. Didn't meet anyone except careerist pricks or socially inept hyper opinionated politics majors. Worst part was spending all that time having to pretend to be moderate about every tedious mini scandal smear the press made against Corbyn. Most of them were Centre-Left middle class Libs who never knew anything about the actual "scandals" past what people had been saying about it on Twitter, and didn't want to know either because it might damage their class-appropriate opinion of the world. And in the end Corbyn got wrecked. Truly shit way to waste 2 years of Uni I should have just joined an art club or something.


Oh shit mate, thanks for the heads up. I'm starting university this month and have already been dipping my toes into student politics. Certainly got some weird careerist vibes from the "labour insider" types. Might steer clear then, especially if it's not going to get me laid lol


File: 1631503472834.jpg (219.28 KB, 1023x1438, feature-lebor-fourth.jpg)



mfer got gremlin ears


Honestly making it a farage network is honestly a much better growth model. No one wants an Andrew Neil, slightly more right bbc. They want pure I’d, some good raw red meat, tartar with the pickles loaded with Tabasco they want a guy to go on the screen and scream they are killing the country in the name of Molak and mao. Neil is outmoded fucking Rory Stewart ass alternative no one wants.


File: 1631576583648.png (66.29 KB, 946x320, ClipboardImage.png)

Keith promised to reinstate Corbyn after a few months if the left did fuckall

>He lied

>McCluskey accuses Starmer of reneging on pledge to reinstate Corbyn



>In his original response to the EHRC report, which found serious failings, Corbyn acknowledged that “one antisemite is one too many”, but said the problem was “dramatically overstated for political reasons” by opponents and the media.
>McCluskey claims Starmer then personally ordered the suspension of the former leader from the party – a move that would go against the equalities watchdog’s ruling that there should be no political interference in disciplinary matters.
Now the threat is gone the graun edges back towards a more impartial view


Starmer literally reminds me a leftypol mod


File: 1631611003930.png (365.33 KB, 1581x1369, ClipboardImage.png)

The shadow strike is working.



Succ dems gonna succ

Also Bastanis always had this weird predilection to trying to force like this “the left is cool and hot and young” meme. But his uk examples of this are like ash sarkar and Owen Jones. So this is part of that

But in conclusion she does look good in that dress, even if I hate the message/imaging/aoc


File: 1631619094981.jpg (106.79 KB, 851x1135, FB_IMG_1631608870217.jpg)

>why's he simping
they're all just extremely out of touch. I saw agent jones calling her "iconic" on twitter this morning as well
found picrel in the mark fisher facebook group, creepily accurate assessment

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