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Reports are coming in from Labour list and momentum that there are preparations for a showdown at the 2021 labour conference. With Labour branches putting forward a motion to re-instate Jeremy Corbyn and transferring the ability of removal of MP's to labour members. This is the biggest internal matter Kieth Starmer has faced yet, loosing this vote at confrence threatens to majorly undermine his leadership and demostrate a left majority against his leadership within the party.



<a onclick="highlightReply('431196', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#431196">&gt;&gt;431196</a><br/>Burn down Labour and form a new left party, labour is rotten to the core. IMT fags milling about because they're too ashamed to face their Militant comrades who at least had the balls to stick it out alone.


<a onclick="highlightReply('431204', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#431204">&gt;&gt;431204</a><br/>I agree, my hope is that<br/><br/>1. The motion wins<br/>2. The Starmer leadership backlashes and denies corbyn.<br/>3. They expel so many members, and the disgust from ignoring confrence, allows the creation of a new party.


<a onclick="highlightReply('431210', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#431210">&gt;&gt;431210</a><br/>the most based outcome


<span class="quote">&gt;the undetectable man will get elected again</span><br/>He can't keep getting away with it


File: 1628451365105.png (74.85 KB, 442x244, ClipboardImage.png)


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<a onclick="highlightReply('431204', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#431204">&gt;&gt;431204</a><br/>IMT got expelled anon.


Lads did it come Rome yet?


How is it possible that britposters are worse than burgerposters on leftypol?


<a onclick="highlightReply('431273', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#431273">&gt;&gt;431273</a><br/>expulsion tends to take a while, if you kick everyone out at the same time you would cause an organised resistance. Instead they do it in drips and drabs like they attempted to do to the Militant but they just fucked off. IMT has no spine so former members will stay in party and renounce their views, despite their book club circles


thank you for making a new thread however i am also going to have to break your fingers for not linking it in the old one.


<a onclick="highlightReply('431343', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#431343">&gt;&gt;431343</a><br/>I came in your mum last night.


<a onclick="highlightReply('431347', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#431347">&gt;&gt;431347</a><br/>because you're a seething burgerposter


<a onclick="highlightReply('431367', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#431367">&gt;&gt;431367</a><br/>Erhm, SocApp is the IMT wing, the IMT have been kicked out of Labour: that's the point.


File: 1628460478463.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1206, ClipboardImage.png)

Visionary maggie was an eco hero


<a onclick="highlightReply('431488', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#431488">&gt;&gt;431488</a><br/>AHAHAHAHAHAAH


<a onclick="highlightReply('431488', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#431488">&gt;&gt;431488</a><br/>This was the same woman who fucked up the economy so bad that she only got bailed out by North Sea oil extraction and a convenient war but trust a Daily Fail writer to have zero grasp on reality.


The United Kingdom was the most proletarian country in the world. This was hardly the image it projected overseas, or within the empire, or to itself. Yet it had the largest and perhaps the most uniform urban working class –rivalled in size only by the German and the American. In no place other than the United Kingdom could it be said that up to 80 per cent of the people were known as the ‘working classes’. The British people were ‘manual workers’,they were ‘hands’, ‘housewives’. Most were ‘respectable’, ‘decent’ indeed. A minority were so far from being ‘gentle’ they were labelled ‘rough’. The people were not, as in most of the world, peasants, but proletarians living in a complex interconnected society. Their lives were recorded by the hand of a bureaucrat – a shipping clerk, a census enumerator, a War Office pen-pusher,an official in a labour exchange – not by their own hands.<br/>Labour, work, toil were, aside from sleep, what most did with most of their time. Necessity’s sharp pinch was never far away. Most owned very little – three-quarters had less than £100 (a low annual wage) in wealth. They owned very little more than their clothes and furniture and kitchen utensils. They were branded on the tongue, speaking in local accents,different from those of the gentlefolk above them. They were marked by their clothing: they wore cloth caps if male, and if female might have, at the beginning of the century, covered their heads with a shawl. They paid rent to private landlords, and they worked for private employers. If employed, they were paid weekly, and from 1911 were subject to a specific working-class poll-tax, National Insurance. The great majority paid no income tax, and if they did they paid no National Insurance. They started work earlier in the morning than the middle class. There were special ‘workmen’s tickets’ on trains running before 8 a.m.; such fares accounted for some 5 per cent ormore of passenger revenue in the 1930s, and one-third of the ordinary number of tickets sold (excluding season tickets).<br/>They had schools, and many other institutions, exclusively to themselves too. So-called ‘elementary’ schools run by local authorities from the 1902 Education Act onwards divided from the interwar years into infants (to seven), junior (to eleven) and senior elementary schools (to fourteen), with an increasing distinction between the first two (primary schools) and secondary schools –terminology which remained even as the system changed radically. Unlike middle-class schools they were mixed gender. The spectator sport of the working-class male was football – not rugby or cricket – a game successfully implanted by the British working class all over the world, with, oddly, the exception of the former British empire. In terms of intellectual life the stark truth was that the working class did not have very much it could call its own. <br/>Yet this working class developed an unusually strong trade union movement, both for the skilled and the unskilled, especially for men. These trade unions created a political party itself steeped in the world of work which emerged as a national party in the interwar years. In the 1920s, and especially from 1945, it gave the House of Commons a significant number of working-class members and formed a majority government. In 1950 the United Kingdom still had one of the very largest working-class movements in the capitalist world, and certainly the most organized. By telling the story of the Labour Party as part of the story of labour, we can see that its power rested on a quite different basis from that of the other important parties. It was always subservient or in opposition to greater political powers. The Labour Party was in office from time to time; the industrial, military, financial and professional arms of the Liberal and Conservative parties were in power all of the time. Labour’s primary task was to get workers,specifically trade unionists, into local government, and into the House of Commons. It was not a party with a complete alternative set of policies and prescriptions, for example in foreign affairs and military strategy.


<span class="quote">&gt;The Communist Party fights for the national independence and the true national interests of the British people and of all the peoples of the British Empire.</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;<strong>The subjection of Britain to American imperialism is a betrayal of the British people</strong> in the interests of big business and of those who are planning a new world war. In the economic sphere, <strong>Britain has been turned into a satellite of America, and an American monopolist placed in supreme command of Britain’s industry</strong> and American economic controllers and supervisors established in London and reporting to Washington. <strong>American big business controls our financial policy, imposes trade restrictions and bans, openly dictates policy, as in the case of devaluation, and is extending the network of American financial penetration and control over British industry.</strong> In the military sphere, Britain has been turned into an American base, and the American army of occupation is growing. The new arms programme was decided on American instructions, and under the Atlantic Pact, Britain’s armed forces have been placed under an American Supreme Commander. <strong>The British Empire, similarly, has been subjected to increasing American financial and military penetration.</strong></span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;For the first time in its history, our country has lost its independence and freedom of action in its foreign, economic and military policy to a foreign power—the United Slates of America.</span><br/>&hellip;<br/><span class="quote">&gt; Within the British Isles, the enforced partition of Ireland and the maintenance of British troops in Northern Ireland must be ended, to enable Irish national unity to be realised. <strong>There must be full recognition of the national claims of the Scottish and Welsh peoples, to be settled according to the wishes of these peoples.</strong> </span><br/><br/>wonder what Leninhat thinks of the British Road to Socialism.


<a onclick="highlightReply('431461', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#431461">&gt;&gt;431461</a><br/>I know, but they won't expel all the members overnight. The proscribed the group and witch hunt them out little by little, I know people who were Militant members who were kicked out a decade after their official explusion.


<a onclick="highlightReply('431347', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#431347">&gt;&gt;431347</a><br/>Cope and seethe burger this is the best country general


<a onclick="highlightReply('431347', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#431347">&gt;&gt;431347</a><br/>Britposters are full of distilled, original, undiluted anglofaggotry.


BBC studios STORMED by anti-Covid passport protesters, VIDEO shows clashes with police amid attempted break-in<br/><a href="https://www.rt.com/uk/531537-bbc-studios-stormed-covid-protesters/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://www.rt.com/uk/531537-bbc-studios-stormed-covid-protesters/</a>


<a onclick="highlightReply('433956', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#433956">&gt;&gt;433956</a><br/>lol it isn't even the BBC HQ, it's the old one they left in 2013


<a onclick="highlightReply('431488', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#431488">&gt;&gt;431488</a><br/><br/>that's Miachel Gove's ex wife&hellip;


<a onclick="highlightReply('434941', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#434941">&gt;&gt;434941</a><br/>The "journalist"


Getting my A-level results tomorrow lads. Bricking it rn


<a onclick="highlightReply('434995', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#434995">&gt;&gt;434995</a><br/>Good luck King, I'm sure you'll do fine


File: 1628542193518.png (295.04 KB, 660x498, 4d4.png)

Please, someone give me a grain of hopium, i'm sick of the blackpills.


<a onclick="highlightReply('435014', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#435014">&gt;&gt;435014</a><br/>Things can't go on like this forever, and the younger generations are much MUCH more left wing than the old.


<a onclick="highlightReply('434995', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#434995">&gt;&gt;434995</a> Also getting my results, sorta worried, but I don't think it will really hit me until tommorow.<br/><br/>Good luck to the both of us


<a onclick="highlightReply('435009', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#435009">&gt;&gt;435009</a><br/>Thanks mate, really hope I do<br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('435033', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#435033">&gt;&gt;435033</a><br/>Yeah I'm the same, it sort of doesn't feel real because we've not done any exams. Good luck to you too :)


<a onclick="highlightReply('434995', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#434995">&gt;&gt;434995</a><br/>Good luck anon, and they don’t matter that much anyway people just want to scare you into behaving


<a onclick="highlightReply('435181', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#435181">&gt;&gt;435181</a><br/>Thanks sage


<a onclick="highlightReply('435055', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#435055">&gt;&gt;435055</a><br/>yeah its pretty surreal, especially with as you said, not doing exams, I'm just hoping with the amount of work I put in, that I did atleast alright and manage to get into a Russell group uni


File: 1628556023071.jpg (48.94 KB, 426x639, 1628313217874.jpg)

Here's one for you fellers: How could Blairism be avoided?


<a onclick="highlightReply('435555', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#435555">&gt;&gt;435555</a><br/>Purge any and all blairites<br/><br/>Nice quads BTW


<a onclick="highlightReply('431488', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#431488">&gt;&gt;431488</a><br/>"Climate Change" has always been a Malthusian stick which the bourgeoisie try to beat us with.<br/>Death to all greens and hippies.


<a onclick="highlightReply('421051', event);" href="/leftypol/res/370918.html#421051">&gt;&gt;421051</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('421204', event);" href="/leftypol/res/370918.html#421204">&gt;&gt;421204</a><br/>lol of course, they just accidentally booted people out of hospitals, killed them with end of life drugs, denied health care to the poor and sick and sat around drumming their fat labour aristo fingers for 18 months.


<a onclick="highlightReply('437159', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#437159">&gt;&gt;437159</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('437121', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#437121">&gt;&gt;437121</a><br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('433263', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#433263">&gt;&gt;433263</a>


<a onclick="highlightReply('437121', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#437121">&gt;&gt;437121</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('437159', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#437159">&gt;&gt;437159</a><br/>The same porkies that are constantly in denial about it ever happening?


<a onclick="highlightReply('437274', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#437274">&gt;&gt;437274</a><br/>They're not in denial about anything, they imposed lockdowns, muzzles, forced vaccinations.


<a onclick="highlightReply('437283', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#437283">&gt;&gt;437283</a><br/>Are you talking about the pandemic or climate change?


<a onclick="highlightReply('435555', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#435555">&gt;&gt;435555</a><br/>Preventing John Smith from being assasinated.


<a onclick="highlightReply('435555', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#435555">&gt;&gt;435555</a><br/>Labour never enters the national goverment.


Hope yal doing well, hate the drama


We should beat up Leninhat in a dark backstreet alley.


<a onclick="highlightReply('437666', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#437666">&gt;&gt;437666</a><br/>I'm sure he already gets a smack and his phone robbed every time he tries to walk from the block to the shop and back.


<a onclick="highlightReply('437662', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#437662">&gt;&gt;437662</a><br/>Drama?



I know it's a topic beaten to death, but holy fuck the media hit on Corbyn and the Labour Left even now, a year and a half later, still is fucking mindblowing.<br/>Turned literally the most Anti-Racist, Progressive, Forward thinking people in Parliament (and the only people to vote against the hostile environment policy) into basically Luddite Neo-Nazis in the mind of the general public then as soon as Corbyn gets the boot (for a report that completely exonerated him and shit on Starmers cronies which the media flipped and presented the other way) Labour actually engages in a purge of Jewish members (JVL) and the media doesn't make a peep.<br/><br/>The antisemitism bullshit is so surreal looking back on it as well. Especially how the media ignored completely the BoD is literally full of card carrying Tories and most of the JLM was literally reformed in 2016 by the Israeli Embassy. Don't even get me started on the IHRA definition.


<a onclick="highlightReply('438701', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#438701">&gt;&gt;438701</a><br/>Honestly I think it's set in a 'go hard or go home' mentality amongst 'Corbynistas' who didn't get too demoralized. If you're gonna be called an anti-Semitic commie for wanting social democracy, might as well just advocate for actual socialist policies. Aye they prevented a Corbyn victory, but they also enabled the beginning of a newly radicalized layer who aren't just gonna be lost in Labour bureaucracy.


<a onclick="highlightReply('437302', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#437302">&gt;&gt;437302</a><br/>Glowvid. And of course, just wait till the bourgeoisie start imposing no-meat diets on the working class, of course they'll still have steak and veal.


<a onclick="highlightReply('431488', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#431488">&gt;&gt;431488</a><br/>Like&hellip;Theoretically&hellip;Their right? Kinda?<br/><br/>People that work in the energy sector either in a mine or at a power plant etc are like the hardest people to convince about climate change and the need to switch to more renewable energy sources. Almost universally because they believe this will result in them becoming unemployed. AND IT WILL.<br/><br/>It's sad but working in a coal mine or a coal fired power planet needs to be re-stigmatised in society as the modern equivalent of someone installing asbestos.


<a onclick="highlightReply('438882', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#438882">&gt;&gt;438882</a><br/>thatcher didn't close the mines because of climate change, she closed the mines (a) specifically out of spite, because the miners fucked over Heath and (b) as part of a general project of crushing trade unions and the working class more broadly.<br/>the UK coal industry was in long term decline. (hence the other right-wing dickhead's retort: that Labour closed more mines than Thatcher - very true, but they didn't leave the miners on the dole for the rest of their lives as a result!) <br/>The question was not "will we have mining, or not have mining", it was "how will we wind the industry down". at no extra cost it would've been possible to reduce or eliminate new hiring and slowly wind down existing mines. (which actually broke even on coal extraction, before running deep into the red on pension payments and land damage compensation - both of which had to be paid regardless!) the government was repeatedly informed of this, indeed the unions made their own calculations on the matter public, and yet the government chose to quickly shutter the whole thing and obliterate mining communities in the process.<br/><br/>never forget that this is the same government that was massively subsidizing tax cuts and mass unemployment with the inflows from the famously environmentally friendly oil industry.


<a onclick="highlightReply('438882', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#438882">&gt;&gt;438882</a><br/>Retarded, and wrong. Coal imports went up for years after and peaked in 2007.


<a onclick="highlightReply('438882', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#438882">&gt;&gt;438882</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;working in a coal mine or a coal fired power planet needs to be re-stigmatised in society </span><br/>Fuck off, coal miners were the section of the British working class where communism was the strongest.


<a onclick="highlightReply('438907', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#438907">&gt;&gt;438907</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Labour closed more mines than Thatcher - very true, but they didn't leave the miners on the dole for the rest of their lives as a result</span><br/>What did Labour do instead? Where did these ex-miners get employment?


File: 1628747225269.png (27.61 KB, 2150x1500, UK_Coal_Mining_Jobs.png)

<a onclick="highlightReply('439814', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#439814">&gt;&gt;439814</a><br/>In general the policy was a combination of Retraining + Keynesian full employment policy + closures being expected in advance, so hiring stopped and existing workers retired + probably some specific schemes I'm not aware of (these being the good old days where, if a foreign car company wanted to sell cars in Britain, the government could if it so pleased say "Fine, but you're going to build them in a factory in Town X because there's not enough jobs there right now."). I am not aware (though I'm sure in some filing cabinet somewhere there'll be numbers) of any precise examples of where employment would flow.<br/><br/>Conveniently during the 74-79 government there was an energy crisis so although Keynesianism was on the ropes and then abandoned (with high unemployment as a result) the coal industry actually benefited from temporarily becoming more competitive, so employment actually stabilized in the 1970s.


<a onclick="highlightReply('433711', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#433711">&gt;&gt;433711</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Yank detected</span>


<a onclick="highlightReply('437121', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#437121">&gt;&gt;437121</a><br/>Did your brain stop developing past the sino-soviet split?


<a onclick="highlightReply('438882', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#438882">&gt;&gt;438882</a><br/>Not really using coal from the UK would be less costly than importing and its not like everyone would instantly shut all mines and powerplants


wonder what leninhat's most mainstream/non contrarian opinion is.<br/><br/>but not as much as i wonder what his opinion on The British Road to Socialism, Programme adopted by the Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Great Britain. January, 1951. is.


<a onclick="highlightReply('440947', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#440947">&gt;&gt;440947</a><br/>probably that germs don't exist


<a onclick="highlightReply('440947', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#440947">&gt;&gt;440947</a><br/>probably that it's a crock of shit and signified the CPGBs turn to revisionism and essentially becoming another "left wing" asking its members to vote for the labour party every 4 years <br/><a href="http://www.lalkar.org/article/3718/a-critique-of-britains-road-to-socialism-in-the-21st-century-the-programme-of-the-communist-party-of-britain-cpb-part-one" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://www.lalkar.org/article/3718/a-critique-of-britains-road-to-socialism-in-the-21st-century-the-programme-of-the-communist-party-of-britain-cpb-part-one</a>


<a onclick="highlightReply('440955', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#440955">&gt;&gt;440955</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;4</span><br/>Burger detected.


<a onclick="highlightReply('440686', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#440686">&gt;&gt;440686</a><br/>Worth mentioning that it wasn't just <em>coal</em> mining that was declining, all forms of mining were. A lot of pits in Wales for slate, iron, granite etc. shut in the 1950s.


<a onclick="highlightReply('438831', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#438831">&gt;&gt;438831</a><br/>Yeah but that is meaningless, as it wont generate any change.


<a onclick="highlightReply('440955', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#440955">&gt;&gt;440955</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;It had been the brilliance of Soviet diplomacy that had frustrated the will of the British and American imperialists to see the USSR crushed by Nazi Germany, and had forced them, against their will, to confront the Nazi beast militarily. Labour along with their imperialist masters, it seems, understood this better than the CPGB.</span><br/>Ah to be in the CPGB-ML, where the USSR (entry to WW2: 1941) made Britain (Entry to WW2: 1939) go to war with Nazi Germany.<br/>(British capitalists did of course want to topple the USSR, some even wanting to attack it in the wrongheaded or purposefully disingenuous expectation that it would ally with the Nazis, but it is a bold claim that military confrontation didn't begin until a few weeks after the Blitz ended.)


<a onclick="highlightReply('440970', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#440970">&gt;&gt;440970</a><br/>Brainlet


<a onclick="highlightReply('440970', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#440970">&gt;&gt;440970</a><br/>Also the CPGB opposed military action after Molotov-Ribbentrop: to the point where a lot of their leadership left because they supported the war.


<a onclick="highlightReply('440970', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#440970">&gt;&gt;440970</a><br/>I suppose you could say that Molotov-Ribbentrop, forced UK and France to war with Nazi-Germany by encouraging the invasion of Poland but that's weirdly close to an anti-ussr position for CPGB-ML. Don't know how you'd fit the USA in there either.


<a onclick="highlightReply('440970', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#440970">&gt;&gt;440970</a><br/>You don't understand what that sentence is saying or you don't have enough knowledge of history to parse that sentence correctly. <br/>So to you it sounds like a non sequitur <br/><br/>It's precisely because of Soviet diplomacy (and the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact) that Britain was forced to declare war on Germany a week after the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact <br/><br/>Even then, the pro nazi faction in the British ruling class (represented by Chamberlain) was still trying to turn what they turned "the bad war" (with Nazi Germany) into a "good war" (With Soviet Union) <br/><br/>Britain was running scout planes into the USSR as late as May 1940 (8 months after declaring war on Nazi Germany during what became known even in Britain as the "Phoney War" period) looking for bombing targets against the Soviet Union <br/><br/>It was only with the deposition of Chamberlain with Churchill that Britain actually started to take the Nazis seriously - and yes, the Soviets getting one of the most vociferously anti-communist countries ever to exist which was led by a man that famously made the case for the 14 capitalist all invasion of the Soviet Union in 1918 by "smothering the bolshevik baby in it's crib" to become an ally of the Soviet Union despite Churchill sharing similar views as the nazis on the superiority of the Aryan race was indeed one of the most stunning plays of foreign policy and diplomacy of all time <br/><span class="quote"><br/>&gt;Also the CPGB opposed military action after Molotov-Ribbentrop: to the point where a lot of their leadership left because they supported the war.</span><br/>As they should've. It was an all capitalist war that communists and working people had nothing to do with. <br/>Only when the Nazis invaded the USSR did the character of the war change to a defense of socialism


<a onclick="highlightReply('441040', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#441040">&gt;&gt;441040</a><br/>can we extend this genius back further and attribute to the insight of international communism the assassination of franz ferdinand and the resulting inexorable march towards the founding of the USSR?


File: 1628774282813.png (567.57 KB, 1118x861, ClipboardImage.png)


<a onclick="highlightReply('441057', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#441057">&gt;&gt;441057</a><br/>most normal green party member


<a onclick="highlightReply('441057', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#441057">&gt;&gt;441057</a><br/>why's the headline written like they've been elected when the story is that they're standing for election<br/>is nobody else standing or is this just the Guardian trying to help the Greens cover up the whole TERF infighting thing


<a onclick="highlightReply('441055', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#441055">&gt;&gt;441055</a><br/>Be facetious and dismissive as much as you like <br/>The problem was openly discussed by Stalin in March 1939 (6 months before Molotov-Ribbentrop pact) <br/>He openly points out that the "democracies" were more powerful than the fascists and that they were deliberately ceding territory to the Nazis under "appeasement" for hope of a war with the Soviet Union <br/><br/>Yet 6 months later Britain and France are at war with Nazi Germany, the cucks <br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt; Here is a list of the most important events during the period under review which mark the beginning of the new imperialist war. In 1935 Italy attacked and seized Abyssinia. In the summer of 1936 Germany and Italy organized military intervention in Spain, Germany entrenching herself in the north of Spain and in Spanish Morocco, and Italy in the south of Spain and in the Balearic Islands. Having seized Manchuria, Japan in 1937 invaded North and Central China, occupied Peking, Tientsin and Shanghai and began to oust her foreign competitors from the occupied zone. In the beginning of 1938 Germany seized Austria, and in the autumn of 1938 the Sudeten region of Czechoslovakia. At the end of 1938 Japan seized Canton, and at the beginning of 1939 the Island of Hainan.</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;Thus the war, which has stolen so imperceptibly upon the nations, has drawn over five hundred million people into its orbit and has extended its sphere of action over a vast territory, stretching from Tientsin, Shanghai and Canton, through Abyssinia, to Gibraltar.</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;After the first imperialist war the victor states, primarily Britain, France and the United States, had set up a new regime in the relations between countries, the post-war regime of peace. The main props of this regime were the Nine-Power Pact in the Far East, and the Versailles Treaty and a number of other treaties in Europe. The League of Nations was set up to regulate relations between countries within the framework of this regime, on the basis of a united front of states, of collective defence of the security of states. However, three aggressive states, and the new imperialist war launched by them, have upset the entire system of this post-war peace regime. Japan tore up the Nine-Power Pact, and Germany and Italy the Versailles Treaty. In order to have their hands free, these three states withdrew from the League of Nations.</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;The new imperialist war became a fact.</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;It is not so easy in our day to suddenly break loose and plunge straight into war without regard for treaties of any kind or for public opinion. Bourgeois politicians know this very well. So do the fascist rulers. That is why the fascist rulers decided, before plunging into war, to frame public opinion to suit their ends, that is, to mislead it, to deceive it.</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;A military bloc of Germany and Italy against the interests of England and France in Europe? Bless us, do you call that a bloc? "We" have no military bloc. All "we" have is an innocuous "Berlin-Rome axis"; that is, just a geometrical equation for an axis. (Laughter.)</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;A military bloc of Germany, Italy and Japan against the interests of the United States, Great Britain and France in the Far East? Nothing of the kind. "We" have no military bloc. All "we" have is an innocuous "Berlin-Rome-Tokyo triangle"; that is, a slight penchant for geometry. (General laughter.)</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;A war against the interests of England, France, the United States? Nonsense! "We" are waging war on the Comintern, not on these states. If you don't believe it, read the "anti-Comintern pact" concluded between Italy, Germany and Japan.</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;That is how Messieurs the aggressors thought of framing public opinion, although it was not hard to see how preposterous this whole clumsy game of camouflage was; for it is ridiculous to look for Comintern "hotbeds" in the deserts of Mongolia, in the mountains of Abyssinia, or in the wilds of Spanish Morocco. (Laughter.)</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;But war is inexorable. It cannot be hidden under any guise. For no "axes," "triangles" or "anti-Comintern pacts" can hide the fact that in this period Japan has seized a vast stretch of territory in China, that Italy has seized Abyssinia, that Germany has seized Austria and the Sudeten region, that Germany and Italy together have seized Spain – and all this in defiance of the interests of the non-aggressive states. The war remains a war; the military bloc of aggressors remains a military bloc; and the aggressors remain aggressors.</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;It is a distinguishing feature of the new imperialist war that it has not yet become universal, a world war. The war is being waged by aggressor states, who in every way infringe upon the interests of the non-aggressive states, primarily England, France and the U.S.A., while the latter draw back and retreat, making concession after concession to the aggressors.</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;Thus we are witnessing an open redivision of the world and spheres of influence at the expense of the non-aggressive states, without the least attempt at resistance, and even with a certain amount of connivance, on the part of the latter.</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;Incredible, but true.</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;To what are we to attribute this one-sided and strange character of the new imperialist war?</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;How is it that the non-aggressive countries, which possess such vast opportunities, have so easily, and without any resistance, abandoned their positions and their obligations to please the aggressors?</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;Is it to be attributed to the weakness of the nonaggressive states? Of course not. Combined, the nonaggressive, democratic states are unquestionably stronger than the fascist states, both economically and in the military sense.</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;To what then are we to attribute the systematic concessions made by these states to the aggressors?</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;It might be attributed, for example, to the fear that a revolution might break out if the non-aggressive states were to go to war and the war were to assume world – wide proportions. The bourgeois politicians know, of course, that the first imperialist world war led to the victory of the revolution in one of the largest countries. They are afraid that the second imperialist world war may also lead to the victory of the revolution in one or several countries.</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;But at present this is not the sole or even the chief reason. The chief reason is that the majority of the non-aggressive countries, particularly England and France, have rejected the policy of collective security, the policy of collective resistance to the aggressors, and have taken up a position of nonintervention, a position of "neutrality."</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;Formally speaking, the policy of non-intervention might be defined as follows: "Let each country defend itself from the aggressors as it likes and as best it can. That is not our affair. We shall trade both with the aggressors and with their victims." But actually speaking, the policy of non-intervention means conniving at aggression, giving free rein to war, and, consequently, transforming the war into a world war. The policy of non-intervention reveals an eagerness, a desire, not to hinder the aggressors in their nefarious work: not to hinder Japan, say, from embroiling herself in a war with China, or, better still, with the Soviet Union: to allow all the belligerents to sink deeply into the mire of war, to encourage them surreptitiously in this, to allow them to weaken and exhaust one another; and then, when they have become weak enough, to appear on the scene with fresh strength, to appear, of course, "in the interests of peace," and to dictate conditions to the enfeebled belligerents.</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;Cheap and easy! </span><br/>J V Stalin, Report on the Work of the Central Committee to the Eighteenth Congress of the C.P.S.U.(B.) , (Delivered March 10, 1939.) <a href="https://revolutionarydemocracy.org/Stalin/18report.htm" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://revolutionarydemocracy.org/Stalin/18report.htm</a>


I really want to fuck the Green Party leader chick.<br/>Every time I've seen her interviewed, she's just comes off as super charismatic and cool, someone you would want to drink and smoke some green with. Bet she slays in the sack.


dude, this board is full of fucking leftists, I think I'm leaving this website


<a onclick="highlightReply('441057', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#441057">&gt;&gt;441057</a><br/>Greens will split once their lib dem tenancy are revealed in power. Young people voting 'green' rather than for the Greens


<a onclick="highlightReply('441057', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#441057">&gt;&gt;441057</a><br/>well it's a step up from that pedo troon reddit mod that stood last time


<a onclick="highlightReply('441084', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#441084">&gt;&gt;441084</a><br/>The website's name kind of gives it away if you take a close look at it.


<a onclick="highlightReply('441057', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#441057">&gt;&gt;441057</a><br/>More revisionists …


File: 1628776922003.jpg (47.55 KB, 741x741, 0so6x7w6cgi61.jpg)

<a onclick="highlightReply('441073', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#441073">&gt;&gt;441073</a><br/>8/10 in bongland


<a onclick="highlightReply('441068', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#441068">&gt;&gt;441068</a><br/>I like this theory but shouldn't the USSR have don't better against operation barbarossa? Or is the idea that UK/France did much worse than expected


<a onclick="highlightReply('441153', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#441153">&gt;&gt;441153</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;I like this theory but shouldn't the USSR have don't better against operation barbarossa? Or is the idea that UK/France did much worse than expected</span><br/>They did do well against Barborossa. The disgusting French surrendered in 6 weeks. Denmark surrendered in an a couple of hours. The Dutch were already rounding up jews before the Nazis arrived<br/><br/>There's not really a way to defend Russia geopolitically(given the huge open steppe on the European border). Russia has always essentially been forced to draw an enemy into Russia then counter-attack it <br/><br/>What happened to Hitler happened to Napolean as well. Except Napolean even took Moscow before the counter attack began<br/><br/>Modern bourgeois historians have recently "discovered" this<br/><span class="orangeQuote">&lt;Stephen Kotkin: The German histography of the last 15 years has now confirmed the following: The "failed Soviet Counter offensives" were in someway successful. The things Stalin is blamed for at the beginning of the war. The counter offensives that looked like suicide missions that ended in catastrophe time after time. The German documents now available now shows that this lunatic counter offensives massively degraded the German Werhmacht army fighting capabilities. All the lost battles and encirclements and this lunatic counter-offensive stuff massively degraded the Werhmacht German fighting capabilities and so all of these lost battles and all of these you must be kidding counter-offensives were critical in slowing the German advance but especially degrading its offensive capability even more quickly. Whenever an army moves it loses a great deal of its offensive capability in winning it doesn't have the same offensive capability it had at the start but the Soviets degraded the Germans even more than we understood previously. So what Stalin is blamed for in much of the literature which then gives him credit for learning now - on the German side he's actually being given a kind of grudging credit for the way they fought the war. The consequences for the German army of the failed counter offenses by the Soviet Union were very far-reaching in fact much of the Werhmacht as I said earlier was destroyed in the Soviet Union during the first year of fighting </span><br/><span class="orangeQuote">&lt;the lunacy of Stalin's early war command which was shared by his upper officer corps might actually have been crucial for blunting the germans and ultimately for the soviet victory overall</span><br/><br/><a href="https://youtu.be/1NV-hq2akCQ?t=1725" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://youtu.be/1NV-hq2akCQ?t=1725</a><br/><br/>And even back in the 70s when the (bourgeois) "consensus" was that the Soviets scuppered the beginning of the war they were still forced to admit the following the Soviets undertook the most outstanding campaigns in military history ever<br/><span class="orangeQuote"><br/>&lt;Military experts have criticized his direct control over and par­ticipation in military matters and have condemned many of his decisions, especially in i941-42. One foreign expert, not notably sympathetic to Stalin as a man, has perhaps given the fairest judg· ment: If he is to bear the blame for the first two years of war, he must be allowed the credit for the amazing successes of 1944, the annus mirabilis, when whole German army groups were virtually obliterated with lightning blows in Belorussia, Galicia, Romania, and the Baltic, in battles fought not in the wintry steppes, but in midsummer in Central Europe. Some of these victories must be reckoned among the most outstanding in the world's military his­tory.4</span><br/>Iain Grey, Stalin: Man Of History, p.424


<a onclick="highlightReply('441230', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#441230">&gt;&gt;441230</a><br/>Neat, I suppose that also, for the soviets, a tricky fight against Barbarossa with the Allies as allies is much more appealling than a fight against 1939/1940 Germany with no allies at all.


What does /leftybritpol/ think of Peter Shore?<br/><br/>I've been reading a bit about him online and he was certainly an interesting character, his position on the EEC was ahead of its time. He seems more than just your standard Labour moderate of the era. I'm also curious as to the nature of his opposition to Benn and Militant Tendency.


<a onclick="highlightReply('441832', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#441832">&gt;&gt;441832</a><br/>one of the most based, underrated figures in recent British history. that he did not become prime minister is a marker of the fact that we are living in the hell timeline, and that we are living in a timeline where Bennites, Brownites and Blairites still tentatively exist but there is no Shore faction is one demonstration that Labour is a hopeless case, the whole story both tragedy and farce.<br/>calling him a moderate is rather odd, though. he was shadow chancellor to Michael Foot and stood in opposition to EEC membership and was one of the figures most strongly opposed to EEC membership (against which he campaigned with Benn). my recollection is that during the IMF crisis he first put forward an alternative to both Benn's import controls strategy and Callaghan/Healey's preference for the loan, only to then break for Benn's option. (He also advocated for the right to buy council houses, with the crucial proviso the money be used to build more, and was one of the tiny numbers of people in Labour to actually understand economics.) less a moderate, more an independent mind. <br/> <br/>have been amused by this quote in the recent context of pro-remain "voted leave for a blue passport" jibes though:<br/><span class="quote">&gt;We don't have to have these passports, do we? Surely we can keep our British ones if we want. &hellip; My children and grandchildren forced to abandon the old British passport! </span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Remarks to the Cabinet on the new maroon-coloured EEC passports, as recorded in Tony Benn's diary </span>


<a onclick="highlightReply('442048', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442048">&gt;&gt;442048</a><br/>Thanks for the info, he does seem like a really interesting figure. And that passport quote is great lol<br/><span class="quote">&gt;we are living in a timeline where Bennites, Brownites and Blairites still tentatively exist but there is no Shore faction is one demonstration that Labour is a hopeless case, the whole story both tragedy and farce.</span><br/>Very true, he is a forgotten figure amongst the party (one which many would prefer to forget unfortunately). Ironically it was Leave.EU which ended up using him to promote Brexit, if only his ideas were represented by some section of Labour. I can only imagine how popular of a platform that would've been in the last few elections.<br/><span class="quote"><br/>&gt;less a moderate, more an independent mind</span><br/>tbh I called him a moderate because I knew he had conflict with the left of the party, had no idea he sided with Benn during the IMF crisis. I do like what you said about him being an independent mind, from what I can tell he genuinely did want the party to succeed on a left wing platform. So calling him a moderate was definitely misjudged.


<a onclick="highlightReply('442338', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442338">&gt;&gt;442338</a> (me)<br/>Forgot to link this, Leave.EU's last tweet of their Brexit campaign. A surprisingly good edit of his iconic speech.<br/><a href="https://twitter.com/LeaveEUOfficial/status/746003009914568704?s=19" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://twitter.com/LeaveEUOfficial/status/746003009914568704?s=19</a>



File: 1628813191011.jpg (189.42 KB, 944x859, 1628806512918.jpg)

<a onclick="highlightReply('442361', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442361">&gt;&gt;442361</a><br/>Got this pic of the alleged perpetrator from the /pol/ thread on it. There's more shit on there but I felt my brain rotting while on that board so had to stop.


<a onclick="highlightReply('442371', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442371">&gt;&gt;442371</a><br/>i-is that Corbyn behind him???


<a onclick="highlightReply('442375', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442375">&gt;&gt;442375</a><br/>the guy is a burger and retards on twitter are saying he's a trump supporter. So it's probably some anti-corbyn quote?<br/><br/><span class="spoiler">either that or momentum have kicked off the protracted people's war</span>


<a onclick="highlightReply('442361', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442361">&gt;&gt;442361</a><br/> <br/><br/>i’m about to go fuck my therapist meanwhile somewhere in the county an incel kills tons of people


File: 1628814976871.png (824.32 KB, 962x600, ClipboardImage.png)

<a onclick="highlightReply('442371', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442371">&gt;&gt;442371</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('442375', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442375">&gt;&gt;442375</a><br/>Dont panic lads it's not Corbyn.


File: 1628815164773-0.png (1.7 MB, 1350x1350, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1628815164774-1.png (317.03 KB, 413x537, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1628815164774-2.png (517.32 KB, 425x738, ClipboardImage.png)

<a onclick="highlightReply('442380', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442380">&gt;&gt;442380</a><br/>Yeah he's a Trumper.


<a onclick="highlightReply('442401', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442401">&gt;&gt;442401</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Libertarian Party UK</span><br/>am i sober? this is just getting weirder and weirder wtf<br/><br/>you got any info yet on if the gun he used was illegal?


<a onclick="highlightReply('442404', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442404">&gt;&gt;442404</a><br/>Nithing from the telegraoh as of yet.


<a onclick="highlightReply('442401', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442401">&gt;&gt;442401</a><br/>Ban on americans


File: 1628845062856.png (443.46 KB, 780x380, ClipboardImage.png)

Just spent multiple days wondering why the thread was so quiet but turned out I had to refresh because the url changed. <br/><br/>Bizarre shooting though, just going through a cul-de-sac. <br/><br/>Here's his youtube channel<br/><br/><a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChDOXWY6os8cslwzrndcSgw/videos" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChDOXWY6os8cslwzrndcSgw/videos</a>


<a onclick="highlightReply('442858', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442858">&gt;&gt;442858</a><br/>was he a /pol/ poster ?


<a onclick="highlightReply('442858', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442858">&gt;&gt;442858</a><br/>Channel has been purged


Just saw a big old picture of Elliot Rodger on a newsstory a colleague was reading. Incels going mainstream.<br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('442962', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442962">&gt;&gt;442962</a><br/>Haven't seen any mention of it yet.


<a onclick="highlightReply('443052', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443052">&gt;&gt;443052</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('443052', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443052">&gt;&gt;443052</a><br/><span class="quote"><br/>&gt;Just saw a big old picture of Elliot Rodger on a newsstory a colleague was reading. Incels going mainstream.</span><br/><br/>Does this mean the Incel revolution is actually real?


<a onclick="highlightReply('443070', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443070">&gt;&gt;443070</a><br/>Priti Patel gonna start personally "defeating" the incel problem&hellip;


<a onclick="highlightReply('442858', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442858">&gt;&gt;442858</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Missing out on teenage love</span><br/>Uh oh, that's all the redflag you need.


<a onclick="highlightReply('443102', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443102">&gt;&gt;443102</a><br/>wdym?


<a onclick="highlightReply('443106', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443106">&gt;&gt;443106</a><br/>It's a massive incel redflag. It means the shooting is imminent, or already in progress.


<a onclick="highlightReply('443109', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443109">&gt;&gt;443109</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('443102', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443102">&gt;&gt;443102</a><br/>Yeah he is defo an Incel.


<a onclick="highlightReply('443109', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443109">&gt;&gt;443109</a><br/>the act of missing out on teenage love or constantly moaning about it as an adult?


Chances of the Plymouth affair being a Gladio operation to justify a roundup of all remaining firearms owned by the population?<br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('440892', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#440892">&gt;&gt;440892</a><br/>Well that was the last time the communist movement was really strong. But no, in fact while many live in the past I'm always staying abreast of the current affairs and worldwide medical assault on the working class via the guise of covid.<br/><a onclick="highlightReply('440947', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#440947">&gt;&gt;440947</a><br/>Since you keep asking, it's basically what the posters have said here. It was a mistake. The current version is a complete joke.<br/><a onclick="highlightReply('440955', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#440955">&gt;&gt;440955</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('441040', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#441040">&gt;&gt;441040</a>


<a onclick="highlightReply('442381', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442381">&gt;&gt;442381</a><br/>hot


<a onclick="highlightReply('442401', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442401">&gt;&gt;442401</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('442371', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442371">&gt;&gt;442371</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;America is exporting incel terrorists</span><br/>something something live long enough to become the villain


File: 1628865694188.png (522.61 KB, 2145x917, ggrubnx56iv41.png)

<a onclick="highlightReply('443125', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443125">&gt;&gt;443125</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Chances of the Plymouth affair being a Gladio operation to justify a roundup of all remaining firearms owned by the population?</span><br/>The guy apparently used a pump action shotgun, which is quite difficult to get (assuming it's a section 1 firearm). So the question is, how did someone so obviously deranged manage to convince the police to let him have that kind of gun? <br/>I'm not a schizo but it has been weird so far. Like how his social media was up for a good amount of time, long enough for people to see it and even be linked in this thread. Usually these mass killers socials are nuked within hours.


<a onclick="highlightReply('443144', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443144">&gt;&gt;443144</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;how did someone so obviously deranged manage to convince the police to let him have that kind of gun? </span><br/>Probably was able to hide it well from whoever was doing the inspection, or didn't go down the incel rabbit hole until after he got the shotguns, just a question of when he got them tbh<br/><span class="quote"><br/>&gt;Usually these mass killers socials are nuked within hours.</span><br/>Isn't that usually after said mass killers go on killing, I mean fuck, the uygha's YouTube channel was deleted shortly after <a onclick="highlightReply('442858', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442858">&gt;&gt;442858</a> posted the link to it, same with his facebook presumably<br/><br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('443125', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443125">&gt;&gt;443125</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Chances of the Plymouth affair being a Gladio operation to justify a roundup of all remaining firearms owned by the population?</span><br/>Doubt it, I mean for one thing the UK has been under tory rule for nearly a decade, if it was a Gladio op, it would've been under a Corbyn government


<a onclick="highlightReply('443161', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443161">&gt;&gt;443161</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Isn't that usually after said mass killers go on killing, I mean fuck, the uygha's YouTube channel was deleted shortly after <a onclick="highlightReply('442858', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442858">&gt;&gt;442858</a> posted the link to it</span><br/>Still that took longer than usual, <a onclick="highlightReply('442858', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#442858">&gt;&gt;442858</a> posted it nearly 12 hours after the shooting. I posted the first pic of the retard ITT last night, that had been up for a while on /pol/ as well.<br/>I'm not saying it was a conspiracy, we should just keep an open mind when watching how the government responds to this.


<a onclick="highlightReply('431196', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#431196">&gt;&gt;431196</a><br/><br/>What happened to Corbyn?<br/><br/>Heard the Jews got him, that true?


<a onclick="highlightReply('443117', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443117">&gt;&gt;443117</a><br/>The moaning about it as an adult definitely.<br/>I mean statistically very few people's school life resembles an American highschool romcom.<br/>It's even more weird when an adult has a normal relationship currently, but is still obsessed with teen romance.


<a onclick="highlightReply('443170', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443170">&gt;&gt;443170</a><br/>Yeah you make a good point, especially posting videos about it on youtube. <br/>It's just that I've seen a few takes on Twitter that basically claim all men who are still virgins in their late teens/twenties are future mass shooters or whatnot. Reading those tweets makes me feel like even more of an outcast and bad person. It's a shame that the word "incel" is being used interchangeably for men like this psycho and autists who just have trouble dating.


<a onclick="highlightReply('443318', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443318">&gt;&gt;443318</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;It's a shame that the word "incel" is being used interchangeably for men like this psycho and autists who just have trouble dating.</span><br/><br/>A lot of people on this site also look at the word as the former. Yes "incel" includes these guys but it isn't exclusive. You can have girls who are extreme uggos and are also (possibly as a consequence of growing up fat/ugly) extremely shy and distrustful who are incels as well. The term was initially coined by a woman anyway.


<a onclick="highlightReply('443327', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443327">&gt;&gt;443327</a><br/>I guess the point I was trying to make is that there should be a separate category or word for men who are dangerous/hateful and those who aren't.


File: 1628874936070.png (817.04 KB, 1117x754, ClipboardImage.png)


<a onclick="highlightReply('443327', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443327">&gt;&gt;443327</a><br/>The word incel lost all meaning long ago when it was applied to literally every man that has said anything bad about feminism or women.


<a onclick="highlightReply('443421', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443421">&gt;&gt;443421</a><br/>Incel


<a onclick="highlightReply('443411', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443411">&gt;&gt;443411</a><br/>How can they strike if no one goes to the shops anymore


Turns out one of the people killed by the shooter was his mother<br/><br/><a href="https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-58206101" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-58206101</a>


<a onclick="highlightReply('443423', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443423">&gt;&gt;443423</a><br/>I use escorts though.


<a onclick="highlightReply('443433', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443433">&gt;&gt;443433</a><br/>based


Most murderers have girlfriends or wives. This whole murderer=incel thing is bollocks.


<a onclick="highlightReply('435555', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#435555">&gt;&gt;435555</a><br/>Starmer and the Blairites need to eat fucking SHIT in the next election. The left of the party then need to make their move straight after, but this time be far more savvy and brutal. The right of the party need to be deselected and purged using every trick in the book (half the starmer cunts told voters to vote for Lib Dems which should be instant party expulsion) and party power needs to be pushed more to the membership over the PLP. Also the left really needs to drop the Trans rights obsession and largely just focus on centralised nation building and infrastructure. Nation building can also be presented as patriotic and as a counter to other countries, so has the ability to draw rightoids.<br/>I will actually be volunteering to canvas for the Tories or Lib Dems next election, whoever is closer to beating Labour in my seat, just to see Labour lose this seat. Under no circumstances, can Starmer and the Blairites gain ground, because if they do, it will beused to completely justify locking the left out of the party for good.


File: 1628877710266.jpg (80.91 KB, 474x644, bostonmarathonbomber.jpg)

<a onclick="highlightReply('443491', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443491">&gt;&gt;443491</a><br/>Yeah, no that liberals can't be racists they've been searching for a new whipping boy and it looks like incels is one of the top candidate.<br/>Pic related, it's the Boston Marathon Bomber that Rolling Stone put on their cover with a very flattering picture.<br/>I guess massacres are only an existential threat when ugly men do them.


<a onclick="highlightReply('443421', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443421">&gt;&gt;443421</a><br/>Not an Incel, but spent enough time around r9k and black pilled people to really realise they're not even that misogynistic and honestly, a lot of feelings towards modern dating is entirely justified. You would have to be fucking delusional not to think that young men who aren't 6+/10s aren't playing dating on hard mode, when fucking Tinder and Bumble are the main outlet for dating now and are entirely looks based and literally have a bullshit algorithm that fucking scores you on your attractiveness, making it easier for women to match/see you if you're more attractive.<br/>I do my dating through meeting women in smoking areas of pubs, bars and i'm quite good looking, so I don't have the worst time dating, but I know if I was 20 now (i'm in my 30s) I would be blackpilled as fuck by the state of dating. Tinder and Bumble are legitimately fucking evil and actually flat out discriminate against men. (Pay for gold, you'll notice suddenly hundreds of 5+/10 women suddenly appear back in your swipe list and you are suddenly matching a lot more, this is because Tinder won't even show a male profile to 3 quarters of women without Gold, also Tinder gold for men is like 5x the price than for women.)


<a onclick="highlightReply('443530', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443530">&gt;&gt;443530</a><br/>*now that liberals can't be racists


<a onclick="highlightReply('443530', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443530">&gt;&gt;443530</a><br/>Liberals hostile reaction, refusal to confront reality and denial of any systematic issues will only worsen the issue as well. I'm not saying treat misogynistic, toxic incels with respect and kindness, but as another poster said they are just a fraction of men who can't get laid. Picrel is some examples I found on twitter.<br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('443536', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443536">&gt;&gt;443536</a><br/>Fucking hell, I didn't realise that online dating was that bad. I guess I'm an incel myself (or more a virgin really), and my self esteem couldn't handle tinder lol.


<a onclick="highlightReply('443549', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443549">&gt;&gt;443549</a><br/><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnLpylrZ028" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnLpylrZ028</a><br/><a href="https://medium.com/@worstonlinedater/tinder-experiments-ii-guys-unless-you-are-really-hot-you-are-probably-better-off-not-wasting-your-2ddf370a6e9a" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://medium.com/@worstonlinedater/tinder-experiments-ii-guys-unless-you-are-really-hot-you-are-probably-better-off-not-wasting-your-2ddf370a6e9a</a><br/>Online Dating is a fucking nightmare and designed basically to ruin young men's minds so they pay for Gold. <br/>It actually fucking shocks me there is no open source alternative to Tinder yet, it's a fucking quick hot or not image host with location tracker and messenger, surely a open version without the algo manipulation bullshit could be coded in a single fucking day.


<a onclick="highlightReply('443549', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443549">&gt;&gt;443549</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Other cultures that aren't focused on hyper-masculinity</span><br/><br/>These people surely realise that white, European culture is literally the least masculine, most progressive culture on earth right? What other culture are they focusing on? Asian Confucian "Daddy is always right" or Islam "Women are nothing but cumdumpsters"?


<a onclick="highlightReply('443549', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443549">&gt;&gt;443549</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Incels need to be exposed to other genders</span><br/><br/>I mean<br/><br/>Yes


<a onclick="highlightReply('443554', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443554">&gt;&gt;443554</a><br/>well that was a depressing read, neoliberalism really is completely fucking up every aspect of our society. I mean as a guy, I feel completely worthless in society and can see how online dating could reinforce that. <br/>And someone should hurry up and make that open source dating app, although would it work when women can just get hotter guys on tinder&hellip;<br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('443567', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443567">&gt;&gt;443567</a><br/>lmao this is so true. These Twitter libs are so unintentionally racist in their view of foreign cultures as a "fun and exotic fight against the evil white man". All without any understanding of countries histories or class analysis.<br/>You can tell they have never travelled to the global south, and if they have it's been in a fucking holiday resort surrounded by fences and armed guards. Like bruh have you seen the FGM rates in some parts of Africa


File: 1628879820397.png (1.01 MB, 1120x822, ClipboardImage.png)

<a onclick="highlightReply('443424', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443424">&gt;&gt;443424</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('443411', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443411">&gt;&gt;443411</a><br/>Already won innit.


File: 1628894237913-0.jpg (102.32 KB, 962x642, 46549955.jpg)

File: 1628894237913-1.jpg (99.23 KB, 962x642, 46549997.jpg)

File: 1628894237913-2.jpg (214.54 KB, 634x951, 46413279.jpg)


<a onclick="highlightReply('443327', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443327">&gt;&gt;443327</a><br/>for most practical purposes "incel", like "furry", is something that you either self-identify as, or are clearly in denial about. what a term originally meant is far less important than how it is generally used.<br/>(though it can be fun to note inversions, like how the term "meritocracy" was coined for an imagined dystopia and then embraced when we actually started to fucking build it.)<br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('443549', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443549">&gt;&gt;443549</a><br/>the second is, in an obnoxiously liberal way, actually quite close to systemic issues.<br/>the internet is the big systemic thing that has given birth to modern inceldom. in a hypothetical world where the only website was tinder so modern dating habits remained intact but everything else was gone, there would be nothing like modern inceldom. (That said, I'm not endorsing their proposed solution.)<br/><br/>then again, for my view inceldom is not primarily a problem of dating: it is one of public perception and public image. that is to say, if the public image presented by movies was that there was nothing wrong with being a virgin, perhaps even that it was respectable and so on, the persecution complex would be far less. rather than being an essential biological need, i submit that inceldom is a problem borne of a society who's propaganda is shitty movies where the nerd who's bullied for playing videogames gets the girl at the end. <span class="spoiler">(as, indeed, is the idea that people engaged in the most profitable hobby on the planet are persecuted.)</span><br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('443567', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431196.html#443567">&gt;&gt;443567</a><br/>I submit this to you for devil's advocacy purposes: These cultures are not hyper masculine, they are merely masculine, or male-dominated. <em>Hyper</em>masculinity is a pathology of late capitalism. An attempt to substitute the loss of any genuine social role with excessive performance of an imagined masculinity, with particular emphasis on violence.<br/>Compare and contrast Reality and Hyperreality.


<On Twitter, 85-year-old Loach, a winner of the Palme d’Or for I, Daniel Blake, said: “Labour HQ finally decided I’m not fit to be a member of their party, as I will not disown those already expelled. Well … I am proud to stand with the good friends and comrades victimised by the purge. There is indeed a witch-hunt … Starmer and his clique will never lead a party of the people. We are many, they are few. Solidarity.”


>Andrew has full immunity just for being a monarch, cant even get properly prosecuted for being a pedo as long as he stays indoors with mommy for a bit

I thought the Dutch monarchy had a bad history but holy shit the British monarchy is a clusterfuck, someone ventilate these cunts already.


File: 1628985025833.jpg (61.38 KB, 546x720, c84.jpg)

I have a m8 who fully backs the Greens, and seems completely blind to the fact that they have a grand total of 1 seat. His cope is that they gained some local council seats. How do I deal with someone like this?


Who would you rather they back instead?


i'd rather they realise that party politics is a sham, and work outside of it


What does this mean concretely.


means exactly what it says. find orgs and actions outside of the parties, which are just reflections of each other.


What type of orgs and what are they doing?


Do I really need to give you a play by play of every piece of minutiae? The standing political parties have no interest in anything other than preserving capital. Find communes, agitators, orgs, in general those willing to commit to action. I'm not going to nitpick details, that's your problem depending on where you live and your circumstances.


I mean asking what you mean by non-party action doesn’t seem that wild a question. Just wanted to ask what that means concretely since it all seemed pretty vague.


Joining ACORN or any other tenant's union would be a good org to join, help organise tenants and building up the class consciousness of the working class. I fully believe that tenant's union are the proto-party formation which will provide the base for a mass socialist party, or at least the organisers who will run and lead the mass socialist party


It seems your friend believes that we can reform our way to socialism, so perhaps show him that reformism will never work out by telling him about Allende and how he got coup'd. Also maybe recommend he reads Luxemburg's Reform or Revolution?

Man it really sucks how the British Left in general are pretty reformist, hell even the CPB are lame reformists iirc


Does that not make you feel bad


I dunno, black carribean families tend to be pretty matiarchal.


most so-called anti imperialists (of the sort who think the average Briton should feel guilt for empire) project backwards in time a British nationalism which did not really exist until after the second world war. Some of the most interesting analysis comes from those who conceive of Britain herself as one of the many nations which emerged from the collapse of the British Empire.

the case of Caribbean migrants to the UK postwar is an interesting case in point: For many the shock was not how terribly imperialist British people were, but that they were not very imperial in their mindset at all, with migrants treated as foreigners rather than as fellow citizens of a British Empire.


File: 1629113531120.png (175.28 KB, 512x384, ClipboardImage.png)

I've heard from a couple of places that social classes are apparently still a big thing in the UK. How does this manifest in day-to-day life?


Kinda hard to explain but one example is accents, like some accents are associated with a certain class. Like RP is seen as a posh upper class accent, and a Cockney or a Northern accent is seen as more working class. Depending on what accent you have you'll get treated differently by different people, e.g Northerners being respected less than people in the south.

Also if you're from (petit-)bourgeois background you're more likely to get better grades, go to better Universities, get better jobs etc than a person from a working class background. People who have gone to a private school make up around 7% of population but make up the majority of politician, judges, CEOs etc


bloody crumpets innit


nationalism for imperialist nations is often a doomed and pathetic cause


We need to reunite this britpol thread from these disgusting splitters


Then go over there and get them to come over lad.


But these are the splitters, :). Regardless, whatever you think, a split is bad and we should seek solutions to it


>the paranoid and incompetent coupists that changed the domain are the spliters.
Fuck off sage, we all know you're part of the watermelon clique.
If you want to unify then YOU come back here, this place has much more people and far better moderation.


>the people who literally split aren’t the splitters
The site was unified, until these people left.

The coup happened because this moderation team refuses to listen to people.

>more people

Prove it


And in terms of
>bring them here

Go check the britpol thread there, I have posted the same comment, I think we should come to a cross board solution and reunite the boards


File: 1629149147986-0.png (18.83 KB, 842x462, leftychan.PNG)

File: 1629149147986-1.png (17.88 KB, 847x452, leftypol.PNG)

>Prove it
If you want to reunite you all come back here to the superior site, not the other way around.


It’s not superior it just has the domain everybody already have saved.

You don’t have a vote here for one thing


And like I’ve said, I would like both sides to come to an accord, which is why I’ve come to this thread which will be damaged by splitting.


What do you envision the accords will look like?

Zero abused the power he was entrusted with and set the coup in motion.
Zul was going to be kicked out for being a wrecker.
Watermelon is on some heavy larp shit.
Comatoast is high on unionism, similar to you.


File: 1629150452401.png (1.32 MB, 750x826, 1629139149121.png)

I think your idea/project of a more user directed chan is great fwiw, I just cant be doing with the drama, LARP and nonsence after the last split from bunker and it seems like those who own the domain for leftypol.org are going to come on top. with yet more users wandering off as preferable to getting caught in the middle of school childrens crab-bucket spats, of course.


What's been happening
Another split?


this one is even more retarded than the previous two


What a very cheap thing to say.


Non of you ever fell out with a friend are something? Are you all this sheltered and young? You can talk shit out.

I know for a fact concessions are willing to be made on either side, there is basically one or two high profile autismos standing in the wag screaming.

>muh zul and zero and coma made me really mad

Literally don’t care at all. Why would I? Ending the split is more important


The point of the project is to end the drama via oversight


File: 1629201602557.png (84.91 KB, 749x597, ClipboardImage.png)

I think she should focus on her own constituency first. Wigan is in a worse state than Kabul and they haven't seen four decades of war.

Also, what's happening with this thread and the split?
It's rare that I say this, but I agree with Sage. Both sides of the jannies are retards but the .net lads are less childish. Can't they just compromise with each other already.


>the .net lads are less childish
No lol. They started all of this because one was getting voted off the team, and they larped as a junta for days. Their site is dying and now they are replacing the staff they lost with the retard dramafags that were always getting banned, like mexican nazbol and soy noticer. They are infants in adult bodies. If they ever are laid it would probably count as molestation,


> They started all of this because one was getting voted off the team
this is just objectively not true


no it is objectively true.


>ignoring the last 5 years of board history


Sage really should take heed, considering he was involved in the the security breach of the matrix chatroom.


what being added to some mod chat without asking, and then leaving half an hour later, with zero damage done. K


Wait, they're actually making TheThingNoticer, a fucking nazi, a moderator?


File: 1629209039411-0.png (746.55 KB, 864x813, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1629209039411-1.png (698.6 KB, 688x1024, ClipboardImage.png)


Haha, what? Is this true?


It’s the soy noticer and he’s not a nazi lol


There are two Noticers now?


Soy noticer is parody of the thing noticer.


Every British politician is a pedophile and every minute you spend not trying to kill them makes you just as guilty



Ngl it's just as cringe.


yes I am ignoring "the last 5 years of board history" because it is unrelated to this drama which started because one of them was getting voted off the team
soy noticer, he's just an ironic nazi they do have a literal "nazbol" on the team however, the mexican havoc guy. He's been ban evading for like 3 years


Can't remember the title of the book, but Anna Smith wrote about this 'strategic forgetting' of empire, similar to what you said.


The british pedos are friends with the american pedo cabal?


That's because they don't have fathers.


but Jo Cox!!!!!


Wrong it started because the current pedo cabal of mods don’t listen to posters(Do not pedo jacket people)


t. seething pedo


<Two unions representing Labour staff will ask their members if they would be prepared to strike if jobs are axed by the party.


I see the board fell apart again when I wasn't paying attention. If we end up moving someone point me in the right direction because this is the only thread I care about.

Anyway in other news here's a fun article of Ken Loach dunking on Kier.


Sounds like wishful thinking to me


>89.6 per cent of adults in the UK have received at least one vaccine dose, and 77.5 per cent are fully-vaccinated.
I hope you lads are part of the 10%.


<Perhaps his greatest contribution to the Liberal Party, however, was his description of New Liberalism, encouraging the Party to embrace the politics of mass working-class appeal, rather than being sidetracked by peripheral concerns.

Damn, Llewellyn Atherley-Jones could have pulled off a reverse Blair, turning a lib party into a based one.


I don't know what you are talking about the url I've always used has linked to this board and I didn't even notice a split had occured


Why do people in this thread like Josh Jackson?
Followed him to make my twitter feed less yank intensive but all he does it get hard-ons for countries that are at most one degree of separation from NATO.


CPB contrarianism is brain rot


Oh and are we really not gonna be talking about nandoes being shut cos of brexit kek


Honestly it’s nuts in London, those minimum wage jobs are going for £13+ an hour now. This rules


If you’re talking about hospitality that’s cos everyone has left due to getting abused over covid t. worked in hospitality for 15 years. It has nothing to do with brexit. Simply nobody wants to work in hospitality any more.


What is the Britbong reaction to the Afghanistan pull out? Seems alot of neolibs in Parliament and media are freaking the fuck out and want a NATO without USA in there.


the incoming afghan hordes will fix that in no time lol


It’s more COVID stopping travel flows than brexit. Gov will be handing out work visa’s like candy soon enough, they can’t handle this. Moneys nice for now tho.


Pisses me off to no end haw being a business owner means that you opinion seems to matter more to the media. Those fuckers constantly getting invited to talk on the news.


Do some direct action and set up a buisness then.


Dengoid brain rot


Starting a buisness just to counter anti-china propaganda on the BBC would be pretty funny


Me when that old coot kicked the bucket


doing a double take when seeing the CPGB-ML logo in a collection of communist symbols because "wait, that's the /leftybritpol/ meme party, what's this doing here?"


File: 1629508515888.jpg (75.05 KB, 941x652, tha_01_941-705_resize.jpg)

Hi /leftyBritPol/ I was reading some old news articles about that time when Thatcher died and apparently a lot of people were actually celebrating her death.

Was she THAT unpopular? I thought she was some kind of heroine among rightists as that asshole Reagan.
What is the consensus on her?


File: 1629509108059.mp4 (797.13 KB, 640x360, 12349878753.mp4)


she is liked by rightists and idiots aided by a media consensus that likes the idea of her as a tough but necessary leader (something even labour people let themselves be roped into believing), but there is a substantial part of the country that rightly hates her. if i had to put a figure on it, it would be something like 40% hate, 60% positive+indifferent. but it should be remembered this is now 30 years since she's left office and she's still rightly remembered as the person who destroyed large swathes of the country. despite the best efforts of propagandists, that hasn't gone away.
it's also rather regionally split. if you're in an area that hated her, i.e. pretty much all the areas normal people live, pretty much everyone will hate her except a few contrarian virgins. It's in the godforsaken Tarquinite hellholes that are Conservative safe seats where you find most of those who love her, and the middle-class swing seats where you find the people who don't really care.
on (say) television, i would say my impression is that it's more socially acceptable to speak ill of Thatcher than of Reagan, to the point where on a comedy show or whatever, i would be suspicious of those who passed up an opportunity to say as much. though in part this could be ascribed to the fact that a disproportionate amount of 1980s comedy was about what a cunt she was anyway.
she was given an all but state funeral showing what reverence she's held in by "the establishment" (the last PM to get a state funeral was Churchill, and before him I believe it was only offered to Disraeli. most PMs have private funerals.), but perhaps you can read a lot about the animosity she inspires from the fact that after dithering to and fro, they decided not to make it an official state funeral. (instead a "ceremonial" funeral with military honours… "in accordance with her own wishes")

nevertheless in official circles there's a sort of tedious consensus that "something had to be done", that "we couldn't have kept going on like this", and that essentially she did what needed to be done - if perhaps in a way that could have been kinder and so on - the thing that even Thatcher-haters lack is full comprehension of just how bad she was on the national level, usually because they're blinded by how badly she fucked their own area. for example: it's well known she fucked the miners, but this gets simplified into a debate between "keep mining" and "scrap mining", tipping the scales towards Thatcher if you accept that the industry was uneconomical. the reality is that she shuttered the industry quickly essentially to fuck the miners, to cause human misery, when it wouldn't have cost a single penny more to wind the industry down slowly and give mining communities a chance to diversify their economies. that she squandered the oil wealth is sometimes known (mostly by Scots who feel entitled to it), but that a secondary effect of that squandering was to further destroy the competitiveness of British industry - industry she theoretically wanted to unleash! - by driving up the value of the pound to unsustainable levels, that tends to be forgotten. unfortunately, then, even if the correct anti-Thatcher line wins out (and it has surely won itself a place in history, such that we can't retcon away how many hated her as we did with, say, Churchill.) it will probably be one that comes from a sort of humanist, sort of "hurt unemployed miner" kind of place, rather than a rigorous historical takedown of the worst prime minister in British history.

tl;dr people were genuinely celebrating, a lot of people do really hate her, but not everyone. as a rule of thumb, look at an election map from the 1980s: if the area is red, they were probably partying, while if it's blue it's probably full of the kind of vermin who have a soft spot for her.

unspeakably based


>a "ceremonial" funeral with military honours… "in accordance with her own wishes"
I don't know why but that's pretty funny


It was really funny when the media wanted Teresa May to be the second coming of Thatcher, but to be honest the media still loves the image of Thatcher because it justifies the "tough but necessary" politics of shit today like austerity.


File: 1629670788048.mp4 (1.47 MB, 1280x720, 1629670447459.mp4)

Tangently related


missing @labtricom lads
flying so close to to the sun was never going to last long, but the sheer levels of seethe and unprosecutable libel generated were incredible.



<American style prison labour
Is this bong for slavery?!? Thought you fags invented English…


>Is this bong for slavery?!?
You have to be pretty fucking retarded if you think that I want that shit over here



File: 1629761543783-0.png (41.03 KB, 1385x238, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1629761543783-1.png (54.79 KB, 1048x330, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1629761543783-2.png (572.66 KB, 615x410, ClipboardImage.png)


The fact they're doing this means they are desperate as shit. The entire neoliberal underclass economy is about to collapse.


ahem, >ingerlel


Any of you guys in orgs?

Was thinking of joining the CPB/YCL, but generally I am unsure, concerning its members and image It portrays and so on.


I work as PMC for a pretty big food company, this does not shock me one bit.

They are making money like crazy and have been all throughout the pandemic, all the salary staff get huge bonuses, everyone complains about how hard it is to find people, yet no-one thinks for a second of raising wages or giving benefits.

The 'solution' they've come up with is to set up a recruiting centre in Poland and ship people over. Added benefit of reducing already low union penetration. The place is so shit to work at that hardly anyone stays long enough to care about the union, they all go and work at fucking amazon for the same pay, that's how bad it is.


File: 1629809299743.png (96.72 KB, 581x553, ClipboardImage.png)

Why does it feel we are on the slowburn to something big.


Owie nowie not me milky treaties nasty daddy brexit fascists are taking away my tweats


been getting them vibes myself, first nandoes, now Maccy dees.. whats next? Greggs? Surely not.

Also I run a cafe and its been fucking hard to get stuff from suppliers, chicken and avocado specifically. Other things also. So have first hand experience

shut the fuck up, you are almost definitely in other threads licking Xis anus hole, food supply chain break down is a big deal


Do you think there will be a total food supply breakdown or temporary shortages on specific goods. I’m not concerned about temporary shortages. I’ve got canned mackerel for monthes.

Also don’t know what your talking about with xi. I’ve nearly posted the last week. Boards been too slow to bother.


>Mad he can't get fruits from exploited countries to sell to middle-classes in his cafe
>Slagging off actually existing socialist countries
Peak anglo 'leftist'


You have to ask yourself how difficult is it really to get chicken and stuff. The problem is not so much temporary shortages, but the reason behind this, which is new, necessarily more stringent import processes, which are having teething problems atm, but the new systems coming into place will inevitably mean price hikes, as usual, with no corresponding rice in wages. A further squeeze on an already fucked economy.

Not only will that price change effect the consumer, but also businesses already fucked by covid will struggle to stay open, there will be further loss of jobs and further downward pressure on wages


I meant you don’t get to poo poo McDonald’s if you support McXis Mc socialism

Anglo and Chinese both building Zion. You’re probably more white and western than I am Gazi


File: 1629818992570.png (40.71 KB, 568x326, ClipboardImage.png)

Calling Socdem Poster, calling Socdem Poster: the era of british sectoralism is here.


Nah I like McDonald’s. Some good memories of banana milkhakes after a a 12 hour shift :)

This is somewhat true, however I doubt this will be a long term issue. I think these are temporary bottlenecks that will be worked out over coming monthes. But hey I don’t manage imports


>This is somewhat true, however I doubt this will be a long term issue. I think these are temporary bottlenecks that will be worked out over coming monthes. But hey I don’t manage imports
There are more structural issues at play: the lockdown of the economy, the end of migration to britain due to Brexit & Corona, and more generally the "shadow strike" going on in much of the west: where people are refusing to take low paying, skilled work.


File: 1629823531109.png (655.86 KB, 1713x2284, ClipboardImage.png)

>and more generally the "shadow strike" going on in much of the west: where people are refusing to take low paying, skilled work

Is it finally time for the sleep in strike


There's no supply shortage. There's ruling class sabotage, lockouts and inflation to impoverish the working class.


File: 1629825811332.png (76.89 KB, 575x732, ClipboardImage.png)


It is happening already/


>There's no supply shortage. There's ruling class sabotage
If there's no shortage, where's the sabotage?


Why would they create an artificial shortage? They want to sell shit to us.


Mate you really shouldnt dox yourself like that I have just found your twitter.


good point, that was a bit retarded of me. should be good now assuming you're the only one that bothered


> I’ve got canned mackerel for monthes.
Nobody cares about you fag


>shit today like austerity
But government spending has never been higher?


Haters jealous of the Mack pile


File: 1629884086210.png (29.71 KB, 1083x826, ClipboardImage.png)

Retarded, inflation means every goverment year is spending is dah highest Ever. You measure it as a percentage of gdp or overall economic activity.

Which is approaching an all time low despite sluggish gdp growth.


So Graham won the Unite race, good news in my book: she seems willing to overturn the current trade union consensus and try to bring European Sectoral bargaining to Britain.


Lol, destruction of the productive forces is a main focus of fascism. Dutt wrote about this decades ago. If they wanted people buying stuff they wouldn't have shut down all small businesses while keeping giant multinational corporations open lol.
The British bourg got a black eye from the vote to leave the EU cartel which they still haven't forgotten or given up hopes of overturning it.


Yeah I’m glad she won. Was surprised cause all the institutional left people I’ve heard said she had no chance and was gonna split the vote. Good news though. Anyone know any more detail on her besides being supposedly the most radical choice?


>Was surprised cause all the institutional left people I’ve heard said she had no chance and was gonna split the vote.
Yeah that's because the partisans were supporting Bennett until he bowed out for Turner. There was a fear that eternal blairite wrecker Coyne would win but honestly: Graham was the best candidate from the start.

>Anyone know any more detail on her besides being supposedly the most radical choice?

Her manifesto is here, it's p based:


>European Sectoral bargaining to Britain.
What's the difference?


British trade unions negotiate deals for their workers on a firm-by-firm basis: meaning they have more direct leveraging but it only covers those workers. Sectoral bargaining is several union branches saying to all the company in an industry "You have to meet these requirements across the board": it allows for less flexibility but it covers all the workers at the same standard, even those who aren't unionised or in workplaces that do not have a union. In a period of lower union density, it is immensely [email protected] France has the same system and they get far higher protections for a union density 50% that of the UK's.


>You measure it as a percentage of gdp
line goes up


Oh by the way, Patrick Harvey has promised rent controls and a bunch of other tenant protections as part of his coalition deal with the SNP.

This is basically the doing of living rent. The policies are all living rent policies that have been campaigned on for several years. This is what you can do with 2500 people in a union, if that union is member lead, organised and disciplined. Think about what could be done with 25,000, or 250,000.

Join your local tenants union.

(Also look at Glasgow Live for living rent stories in the next week/ few days. One of these stories could be a large scandal, not because of something in living rent but because of what a landlord did)


>british parliament condemns biden
>mfw corbyn would be ridin with biden now if he was leader
crazy world


Imagine how crazy it would be if Corbyn was reinforcing liberal-democratic forces with special forces while America pulled out, enabling the reactionary ultras.
Total bizarro world.


Meta discussion moved to >>>/meta/7


File: 1629978571074.png (52.02 KB, 725x402, ClipboardImage.png)

What's up with the libdem bounce?


>canned mackerel
Brocialism been to jail confirmed.


Whenever labour suck the Lib Dem’s sweep up votes 14% is about the norm. Also disaffected tories who don’t wanna vote labour. Also further away from elections Lib Dem’s gain.


Yeah I'm thinking of joining YCL/CPB as well, despite them having many issues they are the largest and most relevent Communist org in the UK. I still can't believe the biggest communist org in the UK only has around 1,100 members when small minor commie parties in Italy have around 20,000 members.

I wonder why the UK's Communist scene is much smaller than Continental Europe's, guessing its because Labour sucks up all the people who would potentially join a Communist party. Since we have a lot of people wasting their time with the sisyphean task of reforming Labour into becoming socialists.

ACORN is another good org that you should join too.


> I wonder why the UK's Communist scene is much smaller than Continental Europe's, guessing its because Labour sucks up all the people who would potentially join a Communist party.

It’s this plus lack of PR , people who would become communists elsewhere get swallowed up into the “labour ideology”.

Also would concur with this post , heard very little as about CPB aside from it being inactive/dull.

Acorn is decent if you have it in local area.


Guys, I need a brit to lend me a hand.
I wanted to watch "A very british coup" (1988) which seemed awesome. I managed to get the vids. But there is no subtitle and I intended to share it with friends, who don't speak an english as good as me. So just getting the english subtitles would help a lot (I might even translate them at some point).
it is available for brits who have channel4 or amazon prime, and seem to have subs. Please, rip/share subs for a fellow comrade who likes your shit.


File: 1630001574529.png (56.37 KB, 901x493, Operation ARK.png)


Food shortage at greggs. It’s official brexit fucking sucks


What shit bums you out though?



At least take a few motherfuckers with you(for the record, we don't endorse this statement, FBI)


Don’t kill your self. Britpol should whip round to get anon a computer


You will never be a geezer


then why did you post in the IRC chat "We, the administration of leftypol fully endorse >>464379 and in the case this is taken to court based on actions caused by one of our members we accept full responsibility. This is absolutely real and any attempt to argue that it's just a shitpost in court is a lie that should be held with contempt."
like I don't endorse it either just seems like a strange dichotomy(oh shit)


File: 1630086539916.jpg (266.74 KB, 1018x1024, 20210827_184220.jpg)

Ash Sarkar be thicc


File: 1630087870001.jpg (118.12 KB, 928x620, tbrains.jpg)

get better friends

play indie games that run on an old potato.
there's tons of free stuff like doom wads in an emulator with the brutal doom plugin, that's a real treat, you shouldn't miss out.

Learn Linux or programming, that doesn't need much computing grunt, and it's a lot more rewarding, with a high that lasts much longer than the gaming high, which will improve your mood more durably and make you less suicidal in general.

You can also read a book or listen to audio books, try librivox for example this audiobook:

if you want to feel better like 20 minutes from now try playing some tetris
to find out why i'm suggesting tetris listen to this https://soundcloud.com/theanthropocenereviewed/episode-10-tetris-and-the-seed-potatoes-of-leningrad

another way to feel better 20 minutes from now is if you lie on the floor on your back with bend up knees and do deep breathing, you'll be full of oxygen and that will give you a high that will improve you mood for a while.


Own Jones is surprisingly defined.


Anyone got any spare PC parts lying around?
I sold all mine for the cash unfortunately. Had a look and you can get some decent prebulits for the sub £450 mark that could run warzone on low settings. You could even build your own for cheaper using second hand parts.
Also an anon in /b/ posted this list of torrents for low requirement games:
https://steamunlocked.net/victoria-2-free-download/ (Vicky 2)
https://tlauncher.org/en/ (Minecraft, third party launcher)
http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/ (Dwarf Fortress)
https://fractalsoftworks.com/ (Starsector)
https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=12973 (Hideous destructor)
https://igg-games.com/barotrauma-712721899-free-download.html (Barotrauma)
https://steamunlocked.net/worms-armageddon-free-pc-download/ (Worms Armageddon)
Vicky 2 and Minecraft are great for finding new friends while playing the online.


Don't kill yourself anon, we need you for the revolution.




File: 1630106852874.png (42.6 KB, 566x381, ClipboardImage.png)


I move from my country to an english speaking country ( Great Britain ) last year in order to study a graduate degree. Sorry for my english, I am ESL.
I have to take elective courses outside of my degree. In my university with zoom call I got in trouble. I call person a "he" and they get offended. Last year I call this person a "he" and no problem. I look up this person, male name and look male. I get confused and say "but he refer to male, this person male", people get mad. I apologise. Few week later, I accidentally say "that person is a he". I apologise, did not mean to offend.
Last week I say accidentally "it" about this person. Person starts crying on zoom call. Emailing me now that I need to get expelled and about contacting immigration . Other people too on twitter talking about me, calling me bigot and transphobic. They say I do not try and am doing it on purpose. I try very hard to remember english grammar, but I am doing engineering and study hard maths. I am tired a lot of time and trying to remember english grammar become hard. Thinking of this makes me upset, I try very hard. Its an accident, I not do this on purpose. This is so dumb to me, I do not care enough about this person life to do on purpose. I have better thing to do.
I know my grammar in english is not the best. I speak three languages other than english. Most of my english skill is from media, but I can pronounce things OK. In my native language past tense is not always used. Sometimes this confuse me in english. I have a problem with the pronouns of english, because in my native language when you speak there is no difference between male and female. Sometime by accident I might mix "she", "he" and "it".
I do not know what to do. I am mad and upset, I try very hard and they try to expel me now because I call someone a "he". I do not want to fight people, I just want to do my study in peace. I am now scared to go on zoom because of these people.


File: 1630113777673.webm (296.08 KB, 1280x720, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH.webm)


File: 1630114395189.png (6.01 KB, 886x81, list.png)


if you're going to post bait copypastas at least write original ones




Never forget that a criminal psychologist did a video about prince andrew and basically confirmed his involvement with epstein and sex trafficking but the video got unlisted


Based, thanks Shay!


I mean I’m not sure we need any phycology there’s litterally pictures of him with trafficked underage women


File: 1630157858672.png (17.6 KB, 611x149, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1630158085665.png (55.6 KB, 397x385, King.png)

>The Bourgeoise are pedophile uyghurs and massive faggots
Oh boy who could have seen this one coming


Statistically speaking most pedophiles are heterosexual men and so is the bourgeoisie.



File: 1630267190132-1.jpg (336.42 KB, 1356x828, 20210829_205226.jpg)

someone needs to send owen the good looking socialists thread


Grace Blakeley delivering it nicely


She really is gorgeous, too bad about the co-op wankering


File: 1630270643231.jpg (77.39 KB, 900x600, 16h0kt1.jpg)

She could do with wankering something else tbh


File: 1630273805258.png (671.17 KB, 802x827, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1630273938781.png (135.3 KB, 799x615, ClipboardImage.png)

Actually gonna COOM


File: 1630309594546-0.png (403.07 KB, 584x612, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1630309594546-1.png (63.8 KB, 476x482, ClipboardImage.png)


Damn Biden is becoming more and more based.


>too bad about the co-op wankering
What do you mean, sorry?


Feels pretty good knowing you probably physically best everybody in this picture except maybe the handsome one with his hand on Cash Thicckar Jones lives a cushy journo life he should hit the gym plenty time.


>200 military veterans planned to do attacks on vaccine centres

Soz for the daily fail



Jesus chuffin Christ, starting to get worried about military radicalisation bros.


Nobody gonna react to the second largest union in the country planning an international strike against amazon???


either a glowie false flag or a bunch of LARPing boomers. Noticed in the article there was pics of one of them with a legally owned rifle. After what happened in Plymouth I'm wondering how long it will be until the government cracks down on gun owners.
Why do these retards care so much about the vaxx anyway, just don't get it uygha

It's a fucking amazing development but want to see some evidence of it happening first, don't want to get too excited just yet. Sorry for being such a pessimist I've just been disappointed so many times at this point.


>either a glowie false flag
Knowing MI5, I would 200% bet this. It is what they have been doing with islamists for decades, it's basically the american strat but they don't need to get them anywhere near doing actual terrorism to arrest them, so they just found a group, get them to say they will do terrorism, and then they can arrest them. Still, the fact that these people would be willing to do this should be immensely worrying to all.


>either a glowie false flag or a bunch of LARPing boomers.
Or both

>After what happened in Plymouth I'm wondering how long it will be until the government cracks down on gun owners.

ngl, kinda doubt it, only crack downs I'm aware of was after Dunblane, and last year when MARS rifles were banned


Yeah gun control in the UK is a non-issue, Dunblane was also in the context of high urban gun crime and the IRA: neither of which is a major thing atm.


Yes it’s based AF sorry got caught up ogling hash smokar

Yeh it’s 100% glow “secret command” I.e mi5, MI6 and 5 pulled a lot of this shit during the troubles


Btw boys it’s time to buy your adder crossbow before they ban the ting


Basically, the foundation of her left economics is expressed primarily through the promotion of co-ops. (She is otherwise a generally good kenseyian)

I think co-ops are both a dead end and not particularly useful to any left project. It doesn't transform or alter market relations to production. So called "workplace democratisiation" matter little when you must still awnser to the demands of the market. In some way its worse as it naturalizes the interest of the capitalist into all members of the company. For example this Pencil factory has to increase production to make profit(which in a co-op is reflected in the workers wage.) Therefore the workers co-op comes together for various proposals to increase production (Could be longer hours, higher hourly work goals, more brutal conditions) Now instead of a boss putting these on you its enforced by other workers within the company. This is far worse as it creates a panoticon like condition within the workplace, generates interpersonal issues, prevents solidarity between workers.

Also I think people in pmc carears overestimate the desire for workplace democracy. Like I don't wanna have a democratic contest to decide my manager or shifts or how the company works. Don't want any more meetings or things to worry about.

Just pay me more and let me fuck off. Unions are a much better veichal for this than co-ops. Also unions on industry levels prevent worker competition between firms. Where as co-ops promote workers fighting between firms for conditions etc.


>Nothing ever happens anon


> Just pay me more and let me fuck off.
Wtf? The whole point of socialism is to tell your boss to fuck off. Coops may have these problems, but that only because they are still under capitalism. That doesn’t mean workers aren’t better off in coop than a company.


> Wtf? The whole point of socialism is to tell your boss to fuck off

It’s more about telling the owner to fuck off. There will always be a manager etc

>Coops may have these problems, but that only because they are still under capitalis

Which is what all the co-op wankers suggest. If you wanna do socalist mmm and then build up co-ops under that model be my guest. But under capitalism they serve little purpose but to misitify capital relations and fail to amend most of capitals core problems.

> That doesn’t mean workers aren’t better off in coop than a company.

I would suggest frequently they are as explained above. Even if there is some marginal gain its incidental to the co~op model and would be better served by mass unionisation.


A big reason managers suck is because they represent the next level of managers above them, and those managers represent the next level, etc until you get to the CEO, then the shareholder board of directors. That is, managers represent the need for profit. They are the voice of capital.


Does your brain work in opposite land? How does providing an alternative way to run a business 'misitify capital relations'? Nor are coops ever intended to amend captialism. You are letting perfect be the enemy of good.

>Even if there is some marginal gain its incidental to the co~op model and would be better served by mass unionisation.

Not an either-or situation. You can unionize all the workplaces you want, but sooner or latter you will cross the bridge and replaces the owners will something to reach socialism, whether it be the state (nationalization), coops or a combination of both models.


surely co-ops clarify capital relations rather than mystifying them, insofar as they make clear that the enemy is an abstract system rather than a human oppressor. (even if it's more fun and satisfying to have a human face to put on the system and to threaten to smash in, it also carries the risk of imagining that if only the right human was in the boss's seat, everything would be fine.)

also in an idle way i imagine that a 100% co-operative economy could shift from typical market relations in interesting ways by having co-ops bartering between one another without consideration of price. (i.e. why have the dairy co-op and the crisps co-op both sell 100% of their stuff to the supermarket co-ops at variable price when each one could send a % of their production to one another, since the employees of each regularly buy crisps and dairy anyway. in the right circumstances, say inflationary times, this could provide more stability for members of certain co-ops than relying on money-market operations.)


>Why do these retards care so much about the vaxx anyway


I'm just saying, if they think it's a bioweapon then just don't get it and try to inform others of this. Them blowing up my nan at the vaccination centre because of something they read on facebook isn't going to help anyone is it?


My dreams of an isolated UK might actually come true?


The hospitality industry would benefit hugely from co-operatives.

If you don’t like work place democracy it’s prob cos you’ve never had a job that would benefit cos you’ve never had a job


>there will always be a manager
Yes, because most places need managers and managers are workers.
>co-ops mystify relations
No they don’t, they make it very clear as the workers and the market are no longer mediated by the boss


This is an empty threat. You can't bear a grudge you cannot remember


File: 1630422195873.png (394.46 KB, 526x494, ClipboardImage.png)

A true martyr.


rest in power comrade o7
he created more civil unrest than any of us ever will


Reason number 163689339 to buy and automatic crossbow


I hope the animal rights people go off on one.


File: 1630450080273.png (59.77 KB, 510x653, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1630450686447.mp4 (1017.14 KB, 404x720, laughing duck.mp4)

most of the time you think the writers have no idea what they're doing, but having one of the dying acts of the Labour party be "provoking strike action from its own workers" is incredible.


They're threatening to pickett party conference too.


File: 1630454937676.png (55.17 KB, 185x139, ClipboardImage.png)

Explain like I'm not British because I'm not


labour blew all their cash-in-hand settling a defamation lawsuit (which they probably could've won) at the same time as a lot of people quit their memberships or were purged, in both cases due to the leadership moving to the right (to the extent of purging the previous, left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn). the result of this stupidity has been to slash the party's income. (once in a stronger position than that of the Conservatives, due to a massive membership.)
with no money and declining income the party needs to cut costs to not go broke.* as a result they want like 1/4 of their workforce to take voluntary redundancy. (i.e. step down)
that's incredibly unlikely because holy shit 1/4 of the entire workforce, which means the party might have to try and fire people, which obviously unions don't want and the employees in question don't want.

* theoretically they could boost income instead of cutting costs, either by trying to get more members or by getting big business donors etc, but the leadership is shit and polls poorly so despite moving to the right, what porky is going to waste the money on them?


>(which they probably could've won)
IIRC, they would've most certainly won


>In 2019 and 2020, the European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism was observed by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who noted that "now more than ever we must show our commitment to fighting extremism, authoritarianism and intolerance in all its forms."


File: 1630508293108.webm (2.04 MB, 640x640, tankiesarebadfbi.webm)

porkie has been waiting a while for a chance to normalise equating communism to nazism, looks like that time has finally arrived. Oh, and of course the western "left" are 100% on board with it.


Yeah it was just a way to pay off the wreckers that got the current leadership in power


That cow is fucking hilarious!



If he was an islamist he'd be locked up for life.
I believe in deradicalisation and reform but there is a double standard.


Yeah this is unironically a good way to deal with non-violent offenders but looks like a joke when nobody else is doing it


>classical literature
That's not any better tbh


this is almost like a Maoist struggle session


Fuck nah. Call the sweat box… Send me up strangeways m8.


File: 1630514377308.jpg (796.61 KB, 2560x1921, mll-dickens.jpg)

>classic lit.
Fuck nah. Call the sweat box… Send me up strangeways m8.


Yeah also not sure how "Tale of Two cities" is gonna deradicalise someone from ethosurpramcism tbh.


Make them read Dr Seuss books or something then


Not sure what the lorax would do neither. Tbh you need a holistic education rather than just "read 1984"


>Tbh you need a holistic education rather than just "read 1984"
This is literally 1984


1. leftist judge: "you WILL read the book"
2. i didn't know judges could do this and now i wish i was a judge


the classic literature had better be James Baldwin or Chinua Achebe or something not like Rudyard Kipling or the man done fucked up


but honestly downloaded some nazi stuff isn't that big of a crime and the punishment seems to fit the crime so based judge. Barely even a punishment just like "read better shit lmao"



Xr has to be a glowie plot. “We don’t want to be popular , we don’t owe people hope”.


Brits are honestly so fucking stupid with politics it's hard to tell. It's a country of retards who want every protest in a little cuck zone that nobody hears about and the moment anyone does anything the media pays attention to they find an excuse to piss and moan and say shit like "Oh but will this really win people over to your cause acting like this? Hmmmmm?" They're obsessed with futile peaceful protests nobody but the protesters are aware of despite the fact they have quite literally fucking never produced any results. Almost everyone "into politics" in this country is a retarded faggot who thinks like this.


multiple riots this year.


>bunch of people with autist kids throw a tardrage over vaccines
>nice man at the Met told me it was a serious civil disturbance
>thank you nice Met man for keeping me safe


>sperging about vaccine.
You embarrass yourself. Read the news more and take your meds or get some sleep or something m8.


File: 1630580769726.jpg (27.66 KB, 601x508, coping.jpg)

>m8 the people are rising up! you just haven't heard about it


The guy who founded it worked for a CIA soft power arm once, if I wasn’t st work I’d go dig it up


100% a glowie plot
All these predictions of doom from environmentalists continue because of how bourgeois academia works. These people want their grants and their positions and their life long careers.

So they predict since the 70s the world is going to end and when the deadline they pick passes (like the Rockefella sponsored Limits to Growth) they carry on

All XR is is a psyop to neuter potential revolutionaries into doomer mindsets and passivity on the one hand and be an engine for austerity and the tightening of the belts of proletariat on the other (yeah "recycle" and "reuse" shopping bags or go vegan whilst Bezos sends himself into space and his workers piss in bottles cos they're not allowed piss breaks and the US military is the largest polluter on the planet)


I remember speaking to some people the first year when it was really hitting the news and it seemed pretty alright as far as something like this goes but if anything like that didn't start as a glowie plot it will be full of spycops in no time.


File: 1630600717305.png (393.83 KB, 500x648, ClipboardImage.png)

Holy shit this is hilarious.


>Everything is posting
Couldn't have put it better myself


Tfw they agree on everything but the name of what they call it


ofc I haven't heard of three out of the four streaming services it will be on



A member of choudrys family went to my secondary school. He was pretty chill guy, really into movies I remember he talked my ear off about the meaning of donny Darko on the way home from a school trip.


Every school had the coolest kid in the 2000s that loved donnie darko.


James Corden and John Oliver need to be deported back to the UK, you're not sending your best


tbh James Corden and John Oliver need to be thrown down a well


Then we'll just send him back





Sorry burger. You have sent us however your entire culture


I like the wavy flag from that website everyone uses. Really adds to the legitimacy of their state.


haven't seen that one since high school lol
there's a rekt thread in /siberia/ btw


A well in the UK


File: 1630618896392-0.png (Spoiler Image, 247.22 KB, 320x482, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1630618896392-1.png (Spoiler Image, 344.35 KB, 640x761, ClipboardImage.png)

top zozzle


>Oxford scholar


But how do you explain the rich getting into contingency planning etc. a future climate disaster. If its all BS then that's a big waste of money


File: 1630676500461.png (680.41 KB, 790x830, ClipboardImage.png)

I am going to declare a people's protracted war on the UK government (in Hearts of Iron IV).


It's an industry like any other


>too much red tape on acid!
<acid attacks skyrocket
>too much harmless gas lying around! people are having fun!!!!
Very concerned about public health moment.


File: 1630676801877.jpg (12.03 KB, 191x192, thumb.jpg)

Unironically ban the hippy crack.


File: 1630676835883.jpg (12.03 KB, 191x192, thumb.jpg)



File: 1630679545075.png (206.76 KB, 590x926, ClipboardImage.png)

>USSR trending positively in america?
>epic not real socialism half truth time
The absolute state of the English left


kek literal irl soyjak, every fucking time


where's the lie tho


It was legalised again in 1956 so average soycialist party man is lying by omission to get good trot points


assuming the socialist party is SPEW: lmao trot bingo


File: 1630682165804.jpg (17.29 KB, 258x277, 20210820_025408.jpg)

>marxist queer
there's another one


Twinks in the YCL: I sleep
Twinks in the YCL who believe in astrology and Trotskyism: Real shit




>In 2018, the Socialist Party created a faction in the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) in opposition to the Irish and other sections.
they fell for the old ((irish)) meme lol


trots have massive gay orgies in the spirit world, how did you not know this?


I wish violence on the Tory party. In the spirit world.


where's the lie?


File: 1630687182147.png (35.45 KB, 500x590, ClipboardImage.png)

>where's the lie?


File: 1630688253260.png (4.64 MB, 1229x1638, ClipboardImage.png)


Terf is probably the most bizzare political movement I’ve ever seen.


File: 1630688948313.mp4 (307.85 KB, 480x480, SHUT UP BITCH.mp4)



GL is 100% a repressor or has a thing for transhumanists. Only sexual instincts could make a man so obsessed.

tbf the trans rights movement is also largely made up of a bunch of freaks who don't represent regular trans people at all


For themselves moron




I was face book stalking a group “gender heretics” a “terf” group the other day and it’s inhabitants. A good number of them seem to be 50+ women who have like idk a profile picture which is a tree or something, and they post about horoscopes, A LOT of them seem to be on the whole crystals a Witcher kick, more than one had a picture of a witch as their profile. A good many in that group were talking about like “the time they lived on this hippy commune in 73” or something but many seemed to now live bougie lives in the country somewhere. It was weird


The “terf” guy on my fb and his ugly snp wife posts daily rants about how trans activists are homophobic, it gets more cranky and unhinged by the day


For some reason I read your question as to do with asking about the purpose of the green industry lol, no idea how I got there but I'll try again.
People that rich don't care about "wasting" money, it's pretty much impossible for them to spend enough money in a personal capacity for anything to truly be an observable waste for them, it's like how you technically waste money when you can't be bothered standing around for your 1p change in a shop so it goes in the till/charity box. They are so rich the only issue they have with their money is how to spend it on new investments to accumulate more money. Wearing a new pair of clothes hand selected and fitted by their personal fashion guru and tailor and brought to them every day is as normal to them as you putting on your clothes in the morning. Bezos has a huge mansion in Mayfair he keeps just in case he needs to go to London. The guy has probably forgotten about some of his mansions he has so many.
Remember that a million isn't considered rich nowadays, and even guys with double digit millions are going to be on the poorer end of luxury doomsday bunker buyers. These people can afford bunkers that make the home of the richest guy you know look like a hovel on every continent and then some and have a private jet on standby to get them there, and it is their equivalent of having home insurance.


I used to be kinda sympathetic to at least some parts of it but this one guy and his wife have made me do a full u turn, now if you won’t suck a trans woman’s dick you are literally doing violence in my mind


I know someone just like this hippie older middle age lady.(crystals Buddhism, David ike etc) Now she does terf stuff all the time. Its just fucking weird like how could you be so obsessed with this tiny issue. Like I barely think about it if ever and these people spend all day on it.

Funny story recently I was out at a small scale play a couple monthes back and they had gender neutral toilets. This bougie middle age women had a go at this massive security guard about if for 20 minutes. Asking him to explain who made this descion, how could women feel sage etc. Like I went for a piss went back to my table and drank a pint and went back , she was still arguing. The security guard was basically just shrugging to everything she said.


File: 1630705614994.jpg (107.32 KB, 700x470, bloaty-head2.jpg)

holy shit it's the guy from theme hospital


A less pink Luke Akehurst tbh


File: 1630706429170.png (2.81 MB, 1743x1634, ClipboardImage.png)

muh wokerinos


Real life instance of "Who are you quoting?"


I honestly don't know how people can be arsed to care about this stuff. It's just so easy not to care.


spreading division and offering solutions to problems you pulled out of your ass
that's what grifters do


Who is Galloway accusing of being obsessed with trans rights?


File: 1630708159505.png (42.5 KB, 300x273, 300px-Terf-slur-02.png)

>I know someone just like this hippie older middle age lady.(crystals Buddhism, David ike etc) Now she does terf stuff all the time. Its just fucking weird like how could you be so obsessed with this tiny issue. Like I barely think about it if ever and these people spend all day on it.
Because it's often steeped in 2nd gen feminist language which is when thru were last active and they consume social media and have encountered the worst of trans people in the world within realms of ideas, relationships, discourse and action who are usually antifeminists and so it reminds them of the old battles.
Probably similar to other 'side' in some of these reasons too.
It's all very silly and misguided; sad when people who are actually intelligent and sincere get dragged in.


Reminder that he didn't give money to a food bank that he promised to give, and said that he'd shoot himself in the eyes rather than vote tory, only to later simp for the tories


Also he entertained a CIA chief in his hotel room



Well you see he's so benevolent, he thinks things like food banks are a waste of time, the real work is in electoral politics. He's doing these people a favour by sparing them charity and continuing his political endeavours.


this is probably a stupid question but what is the logic behind that tweet? why would anyone publicly post something like that?


Frustration, anger issues, drugs, booze, lashing out at being powerless, not really any rational reason.


to be fair he walks around with a loaded handgun at all times (satire satire can't sue me if i say it's satire haha) so maybe he just hasn't gotten around to it yet


He has kind of got a point (even if it is coated in boomer cringe). Some of the takes I saw about castillo by british leftists during the Peruvian elections redpilled me pretty hard against idpol.


George Galloway threatened me with a hand gun in order to rob me of a shopping bag full of almost out of date soup tins I got from my local foodbank. This isn’t satire in any way


He said if I didn’t give him my soup he would make me he his cat


It's a well known fact that George Galloway carried out the Lockerbie bombing on the orders of his good friend and co-conspirator Saddam Hussein



he would chimp out so bad on twitter if he saw this post lol


I hope no concerned citizen, troll or dastardly /pol/ poster notifies him of it, that would be far too much wacky drama for this website.


I would love to but would prefer not to wake up tomorrow with 50 twitter DMs from George Galloway sperging out about leftybritpol and Saddam Hussein


File: 1630801918706.png (2.08 MB, 1940x2029, man.png)

who is this man?


Eddie Dempsey




File: 1630804057037.jpg (347.83 KB, 587x440, dempsey.jpg)

Well he's certainly an interesting chap. I was not aware of the cursed alliance between the RMT and Donetsk People's Republic but I am now, so that's cool


His twitter used to get posted here quite a bit before he deleted it, he's a pretty cool guy. Back then the Ukrainians were supported by Nazis and had killed off a good chunk of the trade union movement there, and the rest fled to the DPR/LPR/Crimea which had a larger communist presence back then. Dunno how he feels about it nowadays.


I thought he may be well known on here, seems like the type. I remember reading about the ukranian fascist death squads during the early stages of the war, had no idea that british leftists went over there though. I guess that's some hopium in regards to the british TU movement.
Thanks for the insight anyway.


They straight up barricaded hundreds of TUs in their HQ and torched it, killing them all. Fuck the Ukrainians.


File: 1630837726227.jpg (29.82 KB, 424x544, E-cNH4WXIAMxTLm.jpg)

*blocks your path*


He is actually someone who is good anti-idpol leftist in that he doesn’t obsessed about it unlike some people.


Reminder ash sicko and Owen Judas chased him out the left.


No they didn’t. He quit Twitter coz he wanted to keep deeper into RMT leadership.


Ah look Aaron bustedani just entered the chat to defend his freeky friends.


That is the literal reason. He quit Twitter long after all his disputes with Sakar and Jones.


>this is probably a stupid question but what is the logic behind that tweet? why would anyone publicly post something like that?
Because anyone who questions some gender beliefs or thinks that gender is a social construct is a TERF. And TERFS are as good as nazis so its okay to threaten them with torture, rape and death in the derranged minds of twitter tr00ns.


Why don’t you go back to hosting tyskysourpuss Micheal wanker


Many trans people are gender abolitionists too, which is based, of course. God I hate radlibs so much. TERFs are disgusting.


>Many trans people are gender abolitionists too,
Not the twitter ones, which is who we are discussing.


Why do you have so many people living rent free in your day.


he doesn't want to make them consoomers by charging them rent obviously


the only thing more pathetic than taking internet death threats seriously is using "death threats" to describe vaguely violent utterances.

anyone so sensitive without mitigating circumstances like bona-fide autism should be turned into a pillar of salt by the lord. only despite that their blood should continue to flow, so it's like when you get salt in an open wound, only across their entire body, which is now a pillar of salt. old testament shit. eternal pain and damnation. fire and brimstone. that kind of thing. Proverbs 17:14.


I understand the first paragraph perfectly fine. The second one, not so much.


Most retarded flag


Why are these all from 2017, are they still posted in some facebook group by autists or something


lol, it's incredible how these fascist freaks think threatening to slit the throats of working class women who oppose their bourgeois mutilation are radicals.


File: 1630858431801.png (606.18 KB, 871x728, 1618622441260.png)

it's not incredible really, they're very mentally ill people so it's about what you should expect. Don't blow this out of proportion either, as socdem said they're not serious death threats at all. Most of these people rarely leave their houses.


Oh look James bootylaw logged on to the defend nevarwatcingo media


>and when the deadline they pick passes (like the Rockefella sponsored Limits to Growth)
isn't ltg the one whose predictions were correct


>not liking thjot
fakkes succdeemsss


>(Do not pedo jacket people)


Way to undermine the first line with the second line, lol. Fucking Christians man.


trotskyists undermine our lord and saviour the Labour party
(which, much like Jesus, was nailed to a cross and fucking died what seems like 2000 years ago)


File: 1630972127498.jpg (104.28 KB, 1024x673, 1551279889261.jpg)

he's here


File: 1630974879801.jpg (371.99 KB, 1050x1562, hfghfhfhkjf.jpg)


Fun fact: everyone I ever met called Deano smoked crack.


if corbyn had won in 2019 deano would be in the gulag right now. Just let that sink in.


why is this man's head so large?



They are gonna try to push this guy as pm at some point.

He’s one of the most deep state connected fuckers in the entire parliament. Head of le circle(Anglo franc Catholic secret society to oppose communism, ran thatcher campaigns and funded p2 lodge in Italy which commited most of the terror in years of lead). Also supposed connections to war criminals in Kurdistan where he was head of gulf keystone petroleum. Also founder yougov which makes you think. Family where wealthy refugees taken in from Iraq in the 70’s.


>He’s one of the most deep state connected fuckers in the entire parliament.
Sorry m8, the deep state is a debunked far-right conspiracy theory.


I really hate lefties. Can’t fucking stand them. Most of them seem cool and then you realise it really is mostly a bunch of guys with REAL SMART OPINIONS trying to score pussy by pretending to be super nice guy. The holier than thou shit is really starting to grate. The casually involved are fine, but everyone who makes a life out of it is a total cunt 9 times out of 10. There are some gems, but fuck me am I sick of listening to 20-40 year old men get all huffing and puffing with their take. Bunch of pruning little peacocks. Nobody cares mate, you’re fucking boring, this is why you are single and wound up all the time, you’re not that smart and we’ve heard it before. Fuck


Why do you keep posting these antisemitic caricatures?


what's his parent's names? All I can find online is that they "fled persecution from Saddam Hussein"

>trying to score pussy by pretending to be super nice guy
has anyone here ever got laid because of their political opinions? is that a thing?


>has anyone here ever got laid because of their political opinions? is that a thing?
Anarchists have more secks. Everyone knows this.


>The establishment is a conspiracy theory
Ahaha haha
Good one lad, pull the other leg it has bells attached




File: 1631015034950.png (325.17 KB, 697x645, soyyface.png)

true but anarchist pussy is nothing special


>has anyone got laid from politics
Believe me they fucking try.


Anyone they want to push in the future is probably getting put near to the vaccine effort because it gives positive associations to people who don't think about the fact they don't actually do any of the work.


Just found out about this national insurance shit, I just lost like 200 pounds a year and I don’t even make shit. No1 bullshit


I’ve never been able to find his parents names. But I assume if you get one of the very few refugee statuses in the 1970’s from Iraq and imideatily put your kids in top of the line private school you have got to be loaders/connected. I mean people don’t just fall into owning oil companies, being leaders of anti communist secret society’s.



they let me back into Labour because nobody remembers that they originally threw me out for sending the NEC a hand-written report on how to resolve the antisemitism crisis titled "With all Jew Respect"


unspeakably based btw


Based Cercle knower


Needs to be Eisenhower instead of Reagan


why did the glowies do it? what did the goat have on them?


The real question is what did he know?


A gunman wearing a fedora with a large, course fabric brown bag marked “food bank swag $$$” was caught on CCTV leaving the scene.

Police are appealing for witnesses.

In an unrelated story several cat owners on the same day said they found a mysterious white substance matting the fur of their feline friends


Geronimo had information that would lead to the arrest of Keir Starmer.


Geronimo was pro-Palestine.


Geronimo was trans


Geronimo had the Owen Jones agent files.


File: 1631117046768.jpg (39.9 KB, 338x450, alpaca-selfie.jpg)

Geronimo cucked Owen when young. It made him gay.


File: 1631143974697.png (1.93 MB, 1800x1200, ClipboardImage.png)


What the fuck lmao


Literally racism.


>Taxes u-turn could have bring down Boris

Fuck the fixed parliament act


Yeah too bad we coulda got yummy kier starmer and Lisa nandshit


File: 1631208399128.png (819.4 KB, 2048x1861, bidenglasgow.png)

mark it on your calendar, Sage


Hey it's that Nazi guy.
I remember some schizo saying there will be a terror attack at COP26. Big if true.


>I remember some schizo saying there will be a terror attack at COP26
schizos say that about every international event though


True I just remember this prediction because I had no idea about COP26, and if it does happen I want people to be in awe at the schizo prophet.


Oh for fucks sake


Dunn looks like he's on ketamine in his pfp lol


Cop26 will be the biggest nothing burger besides making the buses run funny and increasing the police presence and some radlibs setting up what willl no doubt be a lame protest.

Glasgow’s preparation has been PATHETIC. The lefts, the councils, everything.

They have signs up like “keep our paths open for cop26” you fucking what you stupid cunts. How much did you spend on these signs. We’re the paths closed? No. This is Glasgow’s climate change plan. Paths. Open paths. Well fuck. Literally that is the one stand out change I have noticed besides everybody banging on about it. Fuck cop26, the only thing that will prevent environmental disaster is Acorn-Marxism Leninism-Maoism-Sage!61KGLATVW thought


got thrown out of the Scottish parliament for going into the viewing gallery and interrupting Sturgeon's speech to yell "Cope 26"


I have always seen these conferences as not much more than publicity stunts for world leaders. What the fuck do they even talk about? Is it just the same shit every time but with slightly more urgency as the earth slowly heats up.



File: 1631267525968.png (627.02 KB, 976x549, ClipboardImage.png)

Sorry FAGGOT, you've been debunked.


>KPMG sets target for nearly a third of senior staff to be working class

Right lads, let's all go be PMC


File: 1631268366259.jpg (171.62 KB, 1242x926, 1631166671015.jpg)

I've made myself believe in QAnon, 5G, antivax and every other conspiracy theory that catches on to get pussy. It works.


Big lel.

Also the eternal Sphere has pulled ahead of the fat buffoon in the polls. Oh fuck bros what if he Bidens it. Oh fuck


Has he actually done anything to convince anyone of anything? At this point the only policy I know he's 100% on was killing Geronimo.


nope, seems like the fat one had finally just fucked it up enough. Will be fucking hilarious if the Tories end up getting kicked out of power for raising taxes though


also, is this just liberal democracy now? Is this how it works? You simply hang around being completely mediocre until your opponent finally shames himself one too many times, and then you coast into power, with basically zero enthusiasm from anybody but the eternal swing voter, whose gold fish memory just needs to get caught off guard at the right time, and they go "oh fuck, my momentum has run out, time for my backwards swing"

swing voters should swing from a lampost


At this point I'm convinced swing voters are just made up by the government and don't actually exist.


I've thought this before but actually its just that libs don't believe in anything and are in a permanent state of confusion.

Take for instance my father, a firm blairite, voted Tory last election "to keep the SNP out" is now a firm Sphereite, was a lib dem in 2010. They vote based on emotional ties in their personal life. For instance, there is somebody in their work they don't like who is very pro SNP, so they vote Tory because FUCK PHIL AND HIS NATIONALISM which is what they think inside, while outside its " i just want to keep us together"

Or the German girl i was once in a squat with, who 10 days in is like "yeh i would vote liberal democrat" like.. WUT.. you are literally inside sleeping in a squat lady, what in fuck are you doing voting liberal democrat

you have to understand, libs aren't consistent, they don't have opinions based in some kind of school of thought, its a minute to minute feeling kind of deal, it really doesn't have to make any coherent sense, because they haven't actually thought about it that hard


but also broadly yes I agree, swing voters don't exist and the polls are definitely a psy op


You don’t know enough lemmings.


File: 1631273395528.jpg (36.88 KB, 512x512, 1621733831731.jpg)

>swing voters should swing from a lampost
hmm maybe that's why they were called swing voters after all


File: 1631302557594.png (184.77 KB, 593x589, ClipboardImage.png)

Is there a more cowardly and traitorous party than Labour under Sir Keanu?


I often wonder what MI 5 rank the prostitutes at the BBC have.


Bottom rank - unwittingly passed vetting, useful idiot, lacking internal voice and independent thought


File: 1631307826695.png (31.16 KB, 593x254, ClipboardImage.png)

More fuel for the Keir is an alkie argument


remind me, what is the other evidence for this theory?


Around the time of his affair allegations it was often pointed out how red his cheeks are along with other visible alcoholism effects like bloodshot eyes and damaged blood vessels


ah man that guys life is mess
he's going to end up topping himself, isn't he


Nah he's a neoliberal, they don't feel enough to consider killing themselves.
He has a bright future in the private sector where he can impersonate Blair and feel like/pretend to be a real human being for the rest of his life, being congratulated by other soulless husks who studied PPE, business, law, economics or international relations who dream of being like him when they're older.
In the 2040s the eternal Fabian will be attacking the insurgent Labour left and be lauding his name as the hero who saved Labour, much like Kinnock and Blair, as Labour goes into its 37th year in opposition with the full support of Cyber-God Thiel and His Great Immortal Eminence EschaTony Dagoth Blair.


I have a theory hes constantly disassociated and basically just directed by the clique around him.


File: 1631317067020-0.png (27.12 MB, 4218x2812, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1631317067020-1.png (1.35 MB, 1200x900, ClipboardImage.png)

MATE, That would explain his rapid weight gain from 2016 onwards too.


File: 1631317144576-0.png (1.27 MB, 1200x630, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1631317144576-1.png (256.23 KB, 306x392, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1631317203809-0.png (871.15 KB, 890x534, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1631317203809-1.png (1.64 MB, 866x1390, ClipboardImage.png)

Im not crazy, right? this is real right?


Nah look at how red even his forehead is recently, guy is fucked up.


So seriously like 150+ people are still dying a day of coof in your country and everyone just collectively stopped talking about it lmao?



It's mostly olds and retards and everyone hates them lol



Food shortages could last forever! Everyone should go and buy all the toilet paper and food that they can. You don't want to be left hungry!


Honestly kier being an alchie makes me like him far more.


On this very day 20 years ago at approximately this very time, Tony Blair was waking up and preparing for his speech to the TUC advocating British Membership of the Eurozone. A perfect symbol, then, for the defining turning point of his premiership.

Know this: without the events of September 11th 2001, Britain would not have voted to leave the European Union in 2016, and this should be stated more often and remembered as a helpful guide to the bizarre world that is politics. It's not that the speech would've been some epoch-defining thing that totally changed the debate - it's merely symbolic of where the government's focus was. Absent 9/11, Blair would've had much less work to do regarding selling American foreign policy to a skeptical world and public and so would have had the time and political capital to hold the Euro referendum he so badly wanted. Win and the economic consequences would be so unpredictable (almost certainly in the negative, though perhaps in the "so bad as to destroy the single currency" way in luckier outcomes) as to frustrate any attempt at soothsaying, lose and some of the anti-European pressure which had been building since the 1990s would've been released, significantly lowering the chance that you get the UKIP-Success>Cameron-Opportunistic-Hubris axis that lead to the referendum we actually had. Additionally, with one L already on their record the sense that any full membership referendum would be our only real chance to have a say would be diminished, since there would be precedent within the last 20 or so years on the currency question.


Further proof the British working class voting to leave the EU was an act of proletarian internationalism. It deprived foreign workers from exploitation at the hands of British capitalists.


All well and good that it'll make it more difficult to exploit foreign workers, but they're already getting around this by exploiting prisoners (True it's mostly those on day release, but I won't be surprised if at some point in the future, all prisoners would be exploited just to save companies a few pennies)


>The Queen, Keir Starmer and the PM sent messages to mark the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks
howling at the decision to rank them in this order


Since the chairman died today, got me thinking , where/are there any gonzaloite groups in the uk?


I just arrived in the UK for my university.
Biggest mistake of my life


Not like we're putting out the greatest press I feel like you've only got yourself to blame for that one mate.


ay we're not too fond of you lot either. Bloody international students taking up all the places at universities, paying higher their fees and stopping working class kids from getting in.
ENGLISH universities for ENGLISH people, that's what I say


>ENGLISH universities for ENGLISH people
This is how a britbong socialist looks like, shame on you.


Had a lady say this to me at a protest, the English line and everything, we were in fucking Cardiff.

But seriously the housing being built exclusively for rich international students is an issue in most towns


>This is how a britbong socialist looks like, shame on you
Nothing wrong with that tbh

whats the probelm?


Imagine being this fucking retarded. At least tell me you went to a good school.


Good luck with your program, what are you studying?


permanent shortages


Im sorry mates. I was just baiting to see some reactions. I am considering coming to study public policy but online. You don't have to worry about me fugging your housing.


Found the 'The Sun' intern


haha no worries mate. I just wanted to give you a taste of some traditional english xenophobia, a true staple of our culture


True, but prisons are always easy to raze down.


wonder what the cost would be to have government policy be that the yearly rent for student accommodation to UK students can't be more than the student loan for that particular year.
both in literal-financial terms (whether unis or the state eats it) and in inequality terms. it probably wouldn't help any student who can't rely on their parents to buy their food, so it could just be a big subsidy for tarqs. but it could also be a middle class subsidy, which could be popular, and it's a pisstake that uni accommodation can be a basically state-dependent entity which nevertheless chooses to price people out.


File: 1631387199594.png (51.83 KB, 777x394, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1631387810415.jpg (197.29 KB, 1102x2048, 20210910_191140.jpg)

this is the leader I voted for!


This but unironically.



> On the international stage, the report includes plans for a new law building on the genocide amendment which was defeated by the government earlier this year – which would block trade deals with countries such as China, which many MPs say have committed serious abuses of worker and human rights.

> Labour’s efforts to building a post-Brexit approach both to international relations and trade based on values and rights instead of solely national commercial interest

This is the most retarded shit I’ve ever read. Fighting over who can be the most extreme anti China hawks and more active neocons. Britain’s choice to for litterally no fucking reason, thumb the eye of China(the worlds largest economy, by 2030 the worlds dominant power). Goes beyond comprehension how stupid this is. Like if this in the manifesto, it would probably be worth voting Tory for harm prevention.


Football fan avoids jail after being racist online about black England players

>Scott McCluskey, 43, was handed a 14-week suspended sentence for messages written online about Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho.

>The defendant wrote: "Well it took three ethnic players to f*** it up. Unlucky England. Sack them three monkeys."
>On Wednesday, McCluskey - of Blyth Close, Runcorn - admitted a single charge of sending an offensive or abusive message by a public communication network.
>Before being handed his suspended sentence, which will include 30 days of rehabilitation work on racism and diversity, he sat in the dock hunched over with his head in his hands.
>McCluskey was also ordered to observe a weekend curfew on Saturdays and Sundays, monitored by an electronic tag, and made to pay £85 costs and a £128 victim surcharge, to be deducted from his benefits.

what the fuck is this, britbongs?


I don't see the problem. Prison seems too extreme just for some online comments posted in anger, in fact even the suspended sentence is too much imo. Unless the guy has a history of racism or far-right activity a fine paid to the victims and a good public shaming would suffice.


>Unless the guy has a history of racism or far-right activity
the site says he wasn't convicted for anything before

like what the hell is this supposed to mean? he is accused of "abusing" professional fotball players by making a fucking comment on twitter. the poor opressed footbal players. what will they do? buy a new yacht out of depression?

law protecting colored millionaires and billionaires feelings when?


>the site says he wasn't convicted for anything before
if that's the case then this is way too harsh, especially as he was given a "light" sentence because of his lack of previous convictions.
I sent some saka getting choked memes to my mates after the match, some of which could be considered racist. ffs this could be me next, I couldn't even afford to pay the fine
>law protecting colored millionaires and billionaires feelings when?
It is farcical. Porkie commits financial crimes daily on a massive scale, at a huge detriment to the lower classes yet only gets slapped with a small fine once every few years. Meanwhile Scott from Runcorn posts a mean tweet while high and gets all this shit. I hate this fucking country so much.


>and made to pay £85 costs and a £128 victim surcharge, to be deducted from his benefits.
>only 43
Is everyone get gibs in Engerland?


Well there's no jobs so yeah, not literally everyone of course but many people


Britpol can we raid something. We could post in the Novara media live chat about how George Galloway killed Geronimo because he had information that would lead to the arrest of Keir Starmer. Something like that. Why? Because kek and lol


Or we could raid Galloway himself, he’s probably more easily rusable


MOATS is in 1 hr


What’s our angle?


im on benefits and work part time its quite common


I'm up for this. Are we definitely doing it?
I'm not making a burner gmail account and then nobody else turns up


If we get 5 we go, if not we park for a different day, maybe we should give it a day or 2 notice anyway, to gather forces


good idea
well we've got 3 as of now; me, you and the anon who suggested MOATS


Looks like we are regrouping when we have more forces.


it seems so


Moats was pretty based tonight tbh


whenever people say Moats i think of Gazza's mate.


He is being made to read Pride and Prejudice. I would rather go to prison.


What a bizarre saga that was


Yes I got involved with Labour in University to try and fuck but it was one of the worst mistakes of my life. Didn't meet anyone except careerist pricks or socially inept hyper opinionated politics majors. Worst part was spending all that time having to pretend to be moderate about every tedious mini scandal smear the press made against Corbyn. Most of them were Centre-Left middle class Libs who never knew anything about the actual "scandals" past what people had been saying about it on Twitter, and didn't want to know either because it might damage their class-appropriate opinion of the world. And in the end Corbyn got wrecked. Truly shit way to waste 2 years of Uni I should have just joined an art club or something.


Oh shit mate, thanks for the heads up. I'm starting university this month and have already been dipping my toes into student politics. Certainly got some weird careerist vibes from the "labour insider" types. Might steer clear then, especially if it's not going to get me laid lol


File: 1631503472834.jpg (219.28 KB, 1023x1438, feature-lebor-fourth.jpg)



mfer got gremlin ears


Honestly making it a farage network is honestly a much better growth model. No one wants an Andrew Neil, slightly more right bbc. They want pure I’d, some good raw red meat, tartar with the pickles loaded with Tabasco they want a guy to go on the screen and scream they are killing the country in the name of Molak and mao. Neil is outmoded fucking Rory Stewart ass alternative no one wants.


File: 1631576583648.png (66.29 KB, 946x320, ClipboardImage.png)

Keith promised to reinstate Corbyn after a few months if the left did fuckall

>He lied

>McCluskey accuses Starmer of reneging on pledge to reinstate Corbyn



>In his original response to the EHRC report, which found serious failings, Corbyn acknowledged that “one antisemite is one too many”, but said the problem was “dramatically overstated for political reasons” by opponents and the media.
>McCluskey claims Starmer then personally ordered the suspension of the former leader from the party – a move that would go against the equalities watchdog’s ruling that there should be no political interference in disciplinary matters.
Now the threat is gone the graun edges back towards a more impartial view


Starmer literally reminds me a leftypol mod


File: 1631611003930.png (365.33 KB, 1581x1369, ClipboardImage.png)

The shadow strike is working.



Succ dems gonna succ

Also Bastanis always had this weird predilection to trying to force like this “the left is cool and hot and young” meme. But his uk examples of this are like ash sarkar and Owen Jones. So this is part of that

But in conclusion she does look good in that dress, even if I hate the message/imaging/aoc


File: 1631619094981.jpg (106.79 KB, 851x1135, FB_IMG_1631608870217.jpg)

>why's he simping
they're all just extremely out of touch. I saw agent jones calling her "iconic" on twitter this morning as well
found picrel in the mark fisher facebook group, creepily accurate assessment

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