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<span class="quote">&gt;The new constitution has been passed! It is now split into the Manifesto (rules for users) and the Constitution (rules for moderators).</span><br/>This is some LARPy ass shit lol


<a onclick="highlightReply('163676', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#163676">&gt;&gt;163676</a><br/>It is, but why not have fun with it? If we aspire to be more than a petty fiefdom we need formalised rules and we might as well pretty them up.


<a onclick="highlightReply('163678', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#163678">&gt;&gt;163678</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;but why not have fun with it?</span><br/>That's fair.


This time put it someplace easy to access.


That's actually a well done constitution.<br/><br/>So glad I joined you guys on this adventure.


Use en-dashes in between ranges of numbers<br/><br/>why does barely anyone do this


<a onclick="highlightReply('163784', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#163784">&gt;&gt;163784</a><br/>Because it's not on the standard keyboard


<a onclick="highlightReply('163784', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#163784">&gt;&gt;163784</a><br/>in addition to <a onclick="highlightReply('163787', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#163787">&gt;&gt;163787</a> doesn't it vary by style guide anyway?


<a onclick="highlightReply('163787', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#163787">&gt;&gt;163787</a><br/>alt+0150, not hard<br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('163794', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#163794">&gt;&gt;163794</a><br/>no, you're grammatically incorrect if you use a hyphen. And it just looks bad with a hyphen; en-dashes are much more aesthetic.


Some rules we had no say in?<br/>who the fuck cares.


<a onclick="highlightReply('163885', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#163885">&gt;&gt;163885</a><br/>We actually spent months deliberating in /meta/ and on the matrix. Try lurking a board other than leftypol if you want to be a sardonic faggot, retard.


<a onclick="highlightReply('164019', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#164019">&gt;&gt;164019</a><br/>So go announce it in your dead board or chat-clique then. :)


This is like the third or fourth manifesto or constitution or whatever, what a waste of time


<span class="quote">&gt;&gt;164095</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Everyone who doesn't like our shit way of doing things is secretly all just Space_.</span><br/>lmao, are schizo posters mods or do schizo posters just love to lube up the jannie stick with there saliva?<br/><a onclick="highlightReply('164164', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#164164">&gt;&gt;164164</a><br/>It's just a LARP so the jannies can feel like they run the site in a democratic manner or something. Skimming through this document, lmao, mods do not do most of these things and it's laughable that we're supposed to pretend they act like this. <span class="spoiler">and I'd bet the Cheese Pizza rule is worded like that so they can continue to have there fucking loli&hellip;</span>


<a onclick="highlightReply('164171', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#164171">&gt;&gt;164171</a><br/>If rather they just drop the pretence and run this forum like a forum and spent their time doing something useful. The internet is being gutted and turned into a gulag and they keep wasting time on their play pretend manifesto bullshit.<br/><br/>Thanks caballo!


<a onclick="highlightReply('164171', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#164171">&gt;&gt;164171</a><br/>good thing you can just go back to bunkerchan and look at your beloved actual CP


File: 1618182895357-0.png (45.18 KB, 1024x768, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1618182895357-1.png (93.91 KB, 915x250, ClipboardImage.png)

<a onclick="highlightReply('164184', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#164184">&gt;&gt;164184</a><br/>such are the first things i see returning to the wastes


<a onclick="highlightReply('163675', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#163675">&gt;&gt;163675</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;6. are low effort sectarian bait rather than good faith discussion</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;ie. “Tankie/Anarkiddie hate thread” or “Why does this theorist suck so much?”</span><br/><br/>Does this mean were not gonna have retarded theorylet posts like <a href="https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/164423.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/164423.html</a> anymore? Because if so I'm for it.


<a onclick="highlightReply('165847', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#165847">&gt;&gt;165847</a><br/>While that thread is not exactly the height of quality, at least the OP anon has included a few lines of criticism. That example was mostly intended to cover threads that were endemic at one time where the OP would literally just post a picture of some random person and say 'what the fuck was his problem?' or some other context-less complaint.


<a onclick="highlightReply('163675', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#163675">&gt;&gt;163675</a><br/>8leftypol had a reading list pinned. I miss that. There's not enough book stuff here. I miss the pdf thread. I get that /edu/ is supposed to be used for that, but no one does, and there's nothing good there. There should be a reading list and theory thread like on 8leftypol


<a onclick="highlightReply('163675', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#163675">&gt;&gt;163675</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;If a point of view or ideology claims to represent socialism or communism, yet is so divisive and anti egalitarian that it fails to offer a reasonable alternative to the current order, it may be considered as non-leftist.</span><br/><span class="heading">/leftypol/ is not leftist confirmed</span><br/><span class="quote"><br/>&gt;This document is the 2022/04/07 revision, which supersedes all previous versions of the constitution. This document accompanies the Manifesto, which outlines the rules for users.</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;2022</span><br/><span class="heading">The janitors have time machines confirmed</span>


<a onclick="highlightReply('170413', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#170413">&gt;&gt;170413</a><br/>Sorry ml's your time is over.


File: 1618465638206.jpg (32.15 KB, 789x725, shut duck.jpg)

<a onclick="highlightReply('170413', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#170413">&gt;&gt;170413</a><br/>WE'VE BEEN RUMBLED BOYS


<a onclick="highlightReply('169950', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#169950">&gt;&gt;169950</a><br/>the current ruling tendency of the moderation more generally has been trying to devolve power from the mods to the users, but its not been working out imho<br/>there is another more centralized faction that'd do those things but its also an issue of trying to find reading lists that aren't like, dunking on different leftists and breaking the "no sectarianism" rule outside of nuanced debate and all that


<span class="quote">&gt;&gt;170517</span><br/>We, T-jannies (as in transchrononautes janitors), have the ability to transcend time and space thanks to our immanent understanding of Dialectical Materialism.


<a onclick="highlightReply('163675', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#163675">&gt;&gt;163675</a><br/>Can I ask here how to spoiler text? Unless I just I can't find it, I think we should make sure we have a guide for new comers and the like that need help with that sort of thing.


<a onclick="highlightReply('173637', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#173637">&gt;&gt;173637</a><br/>Put **<br/>in front of the text and after


<a onclick="highlightReply('173639', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#173639">&gt;&gt;173639</a><br/>Cool. <span class="spoiler">Thx annon.</span>


<a onclick="highlightReply('170413', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#170413">&gt;&gt;170413</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;If a point of view or ideology claims to represent socialism or communism, yet is so divisive and anti egalitarian that it fails to offer a reasonable alternative to the current order, it may be considered as non-leftist.</span>


Is Stalin, too, canceled because he clearly said when asked that the Communists did not seek to make everyone equal?


<a onclick="highlightReply('175333', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#175333">&gt;&gt;175333</a><br/>Stalin??? never heard of her


Use the overboard


<span class="quote">&gt;retarded janny banned me from <a href="https://app.element.io/#/room/#leftypolchat:matrix.org" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://app.element.io/#/room/#leftypolchat:matrix.org</a></span><br/><br/>good job, you assholes, I've been a productive part of this community since the very beginning


<a onclick="highlightReply('185673', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#185673">&gt;&gt;185673</a><br/>Were you the person spamming "NIGGER"?


<a onclick="highlightReply('185673', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#185673">&gt;&gt;185673</a><br/>the word "n*gger" has only ever been used by retards on the internet. And in the early days of 4chan when it was leftist, "n*gger" was directly associated with shitposting. If you are doing absolutely nothing to further the community that shitposting, then I suggest you leave this place IMMEDIATELY.


<a onclick="highlightReply('185884', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#185884">&gt;&gt;185884</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;n*gger</span><br/>Get the fuck back to gamefaqs.com already, Jesus Christ.


File: 1619144705658.jpg (328.89 KB, 1076x1393, confusionist cretin.jpg)

Petition for a new word filter: "Bookchin" -&gt; "Confusionist Cretin"


<a onclick="highlightReply('186182', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#186182">&gt;&gt;186182</a><br/>based


Petition for a new wordfilter: "based" -&gt; "fantabulous"


Petition for new wordfilters:<br/>"based" -&gt; "epic win"<br/>"cringe" -&gt; "epic fail"


<a onclick="highlightReply('186637', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#186637">&gt;&gt;186637</a><br/>seconded


Mods, please un-sage this thread: &gt;&gt;187124<br/>Here's the reasoning: &gt;&gt;187608


<a onclick="highlightReply('187610', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#187610">&gt;&gt;187610</a><br/>if you'd prefer, newsanon posts news posts daily <br/><span class="quote">&gt;&gt;187274 </span><br/>and his posts end up getting put on the front page of the site (<a href="https://leftypol.org/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://leftypol.org/</a>) and if you posted there I am sure your WSWS articles could get the same treatment.


Can we afford some better raiders from /pol/?<br/>These ones are weaksauce.


<span class="quote">&gt;&gt;191818</span><br/>Unfortunately we have had to cut back on NEET subsidies that we give to /pol/ trolls this quarter, this is regrettable but part of our wider program of fiscal austerity. While we are sad about the impact this might have on the livelihood of some of the most vulnerable in our community, we just couldn't justify the expense this year given the wider economic situation.


<span class="quote">&gt;&gt;193117</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Noooo! Insta-lock the thread before it gets even a single reply! You must use the Covid general where this news will get buried under a pile of Covid denialist shit posts by far-right /pol/ schizos like &gt;&gt;192613, &gt;&gt;192619, &gt;&gt;192635, &gt;&gt;192390</span><br/><span class="quote"><br/>&gt;&gt;181420</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;A Fukuyama photo a day? Ah yes, this clearly merits a thread.</span><br/><br/>Excellent priorities, mod.


<a onclick="highlightReply('193154', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#193154">&gt;&gt;193154</a><br/>For what it's worth I agree the level of covid-denial posts are an issue, I will try to keep a better eye on it.


Why are the /pol/toids raiding this time?


<a href="https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/197053.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/197053.html</a><br/><br/>why lock this thread? it was clearly popular and garnering lots of responses.


<a onclick="highlightReply('186637', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#186637">&gt;&gt;186637</a><br/>Filter "cringe" but not "based" since based is used in many other contexts


check out this wordfilter uyghur


Filter cringe into based and vice versa, or based into blessed and cringe into cursed to spook those who speak in memes


Out of morbid curiosity, WTF is that video that this guy keeps spamming in new threads over and over?<br/><br/>It appears to be a kindergarten, with children who have bloodied heads? What the hell is that video from? Some recent event?


<span class="quote">&gt;&gt;200000</span>


<span class="spoiler"><span class="heading">test</span></span>


<span class="quote">&gt;The rights of individuals to live according to their own wishes is a</span><br/>fundamental part of leftism.<br/>WTF is this garbage? Marx shat all over "muh individual freedumbz" types, fuck whoever wrote this antisocial radlib meme.


<a onclick="highlightReply('206221', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#206221">&gt;&gt;206221</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Marx shat all over "muh individual freedumbz" types</span><br/>Not for the reasons you think, though.


File: 1619977337191.png (264.01 KB, 688x620, 1604087026093.png)

We ought to contain /pol/yps and other idiot questions to a general where they can be retarded in peace<br/>Like what 4chan's /g/ does with dumb questions


<a onclick="highlightReply('208464', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#208464">&gt;&gt;208464</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;We ought to contain /pol/yps and other idiot questions to a general where they can be retarded in peace</span><br/>We have this. Questions that don't deserve there own thread, or something like that.. I always forget title.


how do I get to the search engine?


seriously tho, please hide this thread while we have the audience spike, "constitutions" for internet communities, especially imgaboards, are kinda embrassing


<a onclick="highlightReply('209081', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#209081">&gt;&gt;209081</a><br/><a href="https://leftypol.org/search.php" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://leftypol.org/search.php</a>?<br/><br/>Sorry I thought this was in the OP. I'll update it.<br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('209978', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#209978">&gt;&gt;209978</a><br/>Well, I'll remove the 'new' message since it's not new anymore, but it's literally the rules so no I won't remove it.


Did the covid thread get deleted?


<a onclick="highlightReply('210710', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#210710">&gt;&gt;210710</a><br/>Unfortunately yes, we don't know for sure but it seems one of the mods made a mistake with the software. Please go ahead and make a new one. While this is sad, it also highlights that everything on an imageboard is ultimately temporal (one way or another) and /leftypol/ shouldn't be used as a form of permanent storage.


Trying to make sense of things here, but can someone tell me what the owner of Bunkerchan did wrong?<br/><br/>regardless of what they did, I don't think they should be a hate figure here, they are still a comrade who built a website for use to use for a long time.<br/><br/>I admit I'm not au fait with the whole drama, but I don't really understand why this all became a bit nasty, to the point where it appears the mods here basically took the domain name by lying to him and gave him nothing in return?


<a onclick="highlightReply('216402', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#216402">&gt;&gt;216402</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;regardless of what they did, I don't think they should be a hate figure </span><br/><br/>Shut the fuck up


<a onclick="highlightReply('216402', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#216402">&gt;&gt;216402</a><br/>The jannies here tell you that he tried to run google ads (except that never happened) or he at least proposed that (except he didn't) and he lied about an article about leftypol getting published (except it happened). The jannies here tell you that it's a tragedy how he split the community while also telling you that nobody posted on Bunker or alternatively that those posters were all crypto-fash. Soon there will be a new story by the jannies. For example, they might tell you that they weren't enthusiastic about the article happening because they expected it to be cringe that would mostly bring retards like the Covid denier Leninhat (which was a common sentiment among the posters who aren't jannies). The mods aren't feds probably, they are twelve years old mentally.<br/><br/>But they still managed to troll him repeatedly and the most busy thread over there before the collapse was users telling him again and again that he will get fucked over if he participates in "negotiations" with them. If they hadn't trolled him to internet death, sooner or later manipulation by somebody much worse would have happened to him. So it's all for the better I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Aaah, dialectics.


Put up a list of all the wordfilters, at a convenient location.


<a onclick="highlightReply('216402', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#216402">&gt;&gt;216402</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;regardless of what they did, I don't think they should be a hate figure here, they are still a comrade who built a website for use to use for a long time.</span><br/>Are you talking about Space_ or dollars?<br/><br/>Space_ was the bunkerchan owner till last december. <br/>He was the guy who: <br/><span class="quote">&gt;let /leftpol/ (a /leftypol/ splinter on 8chan) die</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;was fine with his friend having a board on bunkerchan with soul purpose dunking on da transhumanists</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;and was overall a pretty neglectful admin</span><br/><br/>D0llars was a jannie who teamed up with Space_ and purged the other jannies<br/><span class="quote"><br/>&gt;regardless of what they did, I don't think they should be a hate figure here</span><br/>agreed, for D0llars at least<br/><a onclick="highlightReply('216508', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#216508">&gt;&gt;216508</a><br/>t. Space


Lawd, we are one again? <br/><br/>Man idk about this.


<a onclick="highlightReply('216609', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#216609">&gt;&gt;216609</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;agreed, for D0llars at least</span><br/>Nope, fuck D0llars. This spiteful motherfucker is responsible for this shit we are having right now


<a onclick="highlightReply('210710', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#210710">&gt;&gt;210710</a><br/>It's back.


<a onclick="highlightReply('216402', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#216402">&gt;&gt;216402</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;owner of Bunkerchan did wrong</span><br/><span class="quote"><br/>&gt;space_</span><br/>final nail in the coffin for /leftpol/ and/or participated in /leftpol/ depending on which side of the split you sat on<br/>refused to give server access needed for regular maintenance to the tech team of both /leftypol/ and /GET/<br/>generally unresponsive for user requests and features like fixing the watched threads feature or adding anti-spam filters which allowed /pol/ scriptkiddies to shit stuff up<br/>created the bunker-leftypol split through his unbridled autism about the mods making a backup site<br/>appointed a gaggle of retards and idpolers as his nu-mod team after the old one left<br/><span class="quote">&gt;d0llars</span><br/>scab from the mod team which collaborated with space_<br/>further slackened recruiting standards for bunker, ended up recruiting bexgia (a noted incel and probably the BO of leftcel)<br/>hilariously backstabbed space_ and basically did what the leftypol jannies did in creating his own site but refused to reconcile the split with the jannies until he basically ran the site into the ground<br/>neglected even basic moderation duties, his entire mod team had 0 contact with him since like a month after he established his site (also why most of the bunker mods were willing to defect to leftypol to begin with)<br/>deleted comments critical of him on the recent talks for mergers on bunkerchan while also refusing to talk to his own users about the issue<br/>and finally got that fucking foreign policy piece written which compares use to CoIntelPoints


<a onclick="highlightReply('217555', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#217555">&gt;&gt;217555</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;further slackened recruiting standards for bunker, ended up recruiting bexgia (a noted incel and probably the BO of leftcel)</span><br/>Is that the fag that is making the 'leftypol wiki'?


<a onclick="highlightReply('217569', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#217569">&gt;&gt;217569</a><br/>maybe? he is generally been trying to subvert /leftypol/ in favor of his reactionary echo-chamber for a while, he leaked a lot of details about the negotiations on bunkerchan to convince people to go onto his shitty board, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was the same dude.


<a onclick="highlightReply('217579', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#217579">&gt;&gt;217579</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;maybe? he is generally been trying to subvert /leftypol/ in favor of his reactionary echo-chamber for a while, he leaked a lot of details about the negotiations on bunkerchan to convince people to go onto his shitty board, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was the same dude.</span><br/>Well, they mentioned that it is being written by 'just two incels' and we have had an uptick of incel posting recently. Starting to think it is all just this one guy.


<a onclick="highlightReply('217569', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#217569">&gt;&gt;217569</a><br/>I'm pretty sure the incel wiki is satirical and made to piss off incels <a href="https://incels.wiki/w/transhumanistmaxxing" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://incels.wiki/w/transhumanistmaxxing</a>


File: 1620069168036-0.png (25.04 KB, 1164x74, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1620069168036-1.png (22.79 KB, 881x126, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1620069168036-2.png (88.58 KB, 829x375, ClipboardImage.png)

<a onclick="highlightReply('217708', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#217708">&gt;&gt;217708</a><br/>Sadly I do not think so. Oh, and he is probably BPD poster, too.


Where is newsanon? &#128545;


<a onclick="highlightReply('217770', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#217770">&gt;&gt;217770</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Where is newsanon?</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;&gt;217779</span>


Mods wake up


File: 1620086744969.png (25.82 KB, 800x450, ClipboardImage.png)

Jeez, how much money is this /pol/yp dumping on VPNs?


hey albania flaggot post here if ur gay


<a onclick="highlightReply('218762', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#218762">&gt;&gt;218762</a><br/>Yeah, there's an Albanian flag posting troll just spamming a bunch of non-sequitur soyjacks into every single thread in the catalog.<br/><br/>Mods, do your jobs


The soysperg is back again.


<a onclick="highlightReply('218979', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#218979">&gt;&gt;218979</a><br/>'always was'


<a onclick="highlightReply('218959', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#218959">&gt;&gt;218959</a><br/>Report them.


Been away for a while. Tried to go to bunkerchan but was redirected here. What happened? I remember there being a "split" late last year or whenever it was, between bunkerchan and leftypol.ord. Did the two mod teams come to an agreement to merge the two sites?


<a onclick="highlightReply('220998', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#220998">&gt;&gt;220998</a><br/>d0llars got completely cucked.


<a onclick="highlightReply('221024', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#221024">&gt;&gt;221024</a><br/>who?


<a onclick="highlightReply('221054', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#221054">&gt;&gt;221054</a><br/>They were the owner of bunk­erchan.net after space_ (previous admin before split) eventually stepped down. Theyr'e considered a major player in the split (a group of mods here consider him a traitor) and kept bunke­r­chan.net running despite almost all the users migrating to here, so naturally a lot of people disliked them here, then once d011ars proposed a merger after contacting a journalist to make that FP article, bunke­rchan users hated him too.<br/>Due to a few drama events, a bunch of animosity grew between the sites but we're here now. Lefty unity&hellip; somewhat.


<a onclick="highlightReply('221872', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#221872">&gt;&gt;221872</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;They were the owner of bunk­erchan.net after space_ (previous admin before split) eventually stepped down. </span><br/>Oh I didn't know space_ stepped down. <br/><span class="quote"><br/>&gt;after contacting a journalist to make that FP article</span><br/>What article?<br/><br/>Thanks for summarizing the events for me. Haven't browsed either site consistently for quite a while. Last time I was on bunkerchan I was surprised that it had changed to .net instead of .xyz.


File: 1620169801790.png (351.02 KB, 684x867, communist skel.png)

GET for the commie skel army


File: 1620178350531.png (153.33 KB, 500x457, unknown (2).png)

<a onclick="highlightReply('222223', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#222223">&gt;&gt;222223</a><br/>tough luck kid


<a onclick="highlightReply('222563', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#222563">&gt;&gt;222563</a><br/>kek


<a onclick="highlightReply('222004', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#222004">&gt;&gt;222004</a><br/><br/>Yeh, this. What article?<br/><br/>I saw D0llars's post on Bunkerchan, but I assumed it was about like some sort of retarded terror attack or something. This is about an article? That seems kind of anticlimactic.


Is this the article people talk about?<br/><a href="https://foreignpolicy.com/2021/05/01/bunkerchan-deradicalize-online-nazis-4chan-8chan/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://foreignpolicy.com/2021/05/01/bunkerchan-deradicalize-online-nazis-4chan-8chan/</a><br/>You can see how this serious journalist checked his sources and investigated his subject. Seriously tho how hard is it to spend ten fucking minutes to check on the website you write about?! He just veers off and talks about Contrapoint for half of the paper anyway.


File: 1620234559263.png (1.23 MB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

<a onclick="highlightReply('223596', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#223596">&gt;&gt;223596</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;He just veers off and talks about Contrapoint for half of the paper anyway.</span><br/>I think he wants to bang Natalie-san. <span class="spoiler">I don't blame him, so do I</span>


<span class="quote">&gt;&gt;224363</span><br/>Why was this thread saged/anchored? It's an important topic.


<a onclick="highlightReply('223596', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#223596">&gt;&gt;223596</a><br/>Sorry for not responding before, yep that's the one.


christ alive jans, could you delete the spam threads any slower???


It's hard to delete posts and eat hot pockets at the same time, let's be fair


<a onclick="highlightReply('225496', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#225496">&gt;&gt;225496</a><br/>How about you report the threads. I don't see shit.


Can we contain all the shitty internet drama threads in internet general properly? Im tired of seeing twitter screen caps as posts


<a onclick="highlightReply('225591', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#225591">&gt;&gt;225591</a><br/>Second


So I missed the memo on this but it looks like bunkerchan merged into this site at last? Was the split resolved on good terms?


File: 1620317803096.png (54.27 KB, 248x191, bte.png)

<a onclick="highlightReply('226942', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#226942">&gt;&gt;226942</a><br/>yes it all came to a peaceful resolution in the end


<a onclick="highlightReply('226956', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#226956">&gt;&gt;226956</a><br/>Glad to hear it! As things always do when far left factions disagree :)


<a onclick="highlightReply('226981', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#226981">&gt;&gt;226981</a><br/>We had to do a little purge of Dollars but we brought on the more active Bunkerchan mods.


<a onclick="highlightReply('227200', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#227200">&gt;&gt;227200</a><br/>We do a little purging.


<span class="quote">&gt;&gt;231201</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;&gt;231187</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;&gt;232829 </span><br/><br/>Needless sectarianism here


<a onclick="highlightReply('224449', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#224449">&gt;&gt;224449</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('232851', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#232851">&gt;&gt;232851</a><br/>Stop fucking up the sticky with reports. The site has a report feature. Use it.


<a onclick="highlightReply('233373', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#233373">&gt;&gt;233373</a><br/>They are not interested in reporting things to improve the site, they are interested in bitching about things to degrade the site. If it wasn't clear.


<a onclick="highlightReply('233526', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#233526">&gt;&gt;233526</a><br/>This. vigilance against the wreckers.


Well, that works. Cool.


Is there any way to upload an image on mobile? I tried to post a thread but it won’t let me without uploading an image, but it also won’t let me upload any pictures <br/>I’ve never had this issue with 4chan, so I’m figuring it’d probably be pretty easy for the devs to fix this


<a onclick="highlightReply('238230', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#238230">&gt;&gt;238230</a><br/>take a screenshot of what it is isn't working if you can


<a onclick="highlightReply('238236', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#238236">&gt;&gt;238236</a><br/>It’s not giving me an error or anything, it’ll select the picture but when I click “Add” it doesn’t actually upload it<br/>I’m on iOS if that makes a difference. I usually use desktop, pls no bully


<a onclick="highlightReply('238251', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#238251">&gt;&gt;238251</a><br/>Ah shit it’s not working in replies either :(


<a onclick="highlightReply('238251', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#238251">&gt;&gt;238251</a><br/>On iOS, a workaround for this is moving the video/photo from your photo library to Files (hit share button, choose "Save to Files"), and then when attaching to a post, choose "Browse&hellip;" instead of "Photo Library" and the Files app will open and let you pick your media. Occasionally you have to save it to Files twice for it to attach to the post.


<a onclick="highlightReply('238251', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#238251">&gt;&gt;238251</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('247780', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#247780">&gt;&gt;247780</a> (me)<br/>Also, copypasting a picture straight into the "Comment" section of the post sometimes works. Can't seem to copy stuff that's on your phone, but off the internet seems to attach.


I was talking with an anon the other day about Julius Caesar and I wanted to share this link, but I couldn't remember what thread it was in or finding it through search, and I didn't want to make a new thread<br/><br/><a href="https://thecarbonfreeze.com/2019/05/17/julius-caesar-selfish-autocrat-or-progressive-hero/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://thecarbonfreeze.com/2019/05/17/julius-caesar-selfish-autocrat-or-progressive-hero/</a>


<span class="quote">&gt;&gt;252578</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Materialist analysis of a major industry of the global economy. </span><br/><span class="orangeQuote">&lt;"Move it to /b/"</span><br/>I'd like to hear the reasoning for this, mod


<a onclick="highlightReply('252617', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#252617">&gt;&gt;252617</a><br/>That was the group consensus of the mods, /leftypol/ has gotten very disorderly and we are trying to clean it up a bit. Regardless of intentions, discussions of sex work inevitably stray into idpol territory sooner rather than later. Not saying you can't discuss it, but that is what /b/ is for.


could you add a little graphic explaining how to post and delete own posts at least?<br/>new posters unfamiliar with imageboards wont know not to put in the email and other basics and it's not really explained anywhere


Nice work on the revamp, the news section was very much needed.


File: 1621126497186.png (130.07 KB, 824x343, ClipboardImage.png)

You fucking retard jannies dont ban actual posts that deserve banning? Are you scumfucks filled with liberals or something? You people are fucking useless


<a onclick="highlightReply('255431', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#255431">&gt;&gt;255431</a><br/>In a thread about Settlers with racial essentialists arguing for land rights by blood and all the usual discourse, that isnt out of place for a reply. They were nonetheless banned for harsh rhetoric.


<a onclick="highlightReply('255431', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#255431">&gt;&gt;255431</a><br/>if i could decide all those threads would just be banned entirely because its impossible to discuss them in any way that doesnt end up breaking the rules, but thats why im not and will never be a mod and its better that way


<a onclick="highlightReply('255431', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#255431">&gt;&gt;255431</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Are you scumfucks filled with liberals or something? You people are fucking useless</span><br/>Yes and yes.


<a onclick="highlightReply('255431', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#255431">&gt;&gt;255431</a><br/>Starting to think more and more jannie team is infiltrated by /pol/ types out to ruin the board. I see few other reasons for the admins to have intentionally dipped in quality so hard recently.


<a onclick="highlightReply('256720', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#256720">&gt;&gt;256720</a><br/>That user actually got banned retard. Shut the fuck up and stop trying to spread hysteria. Considering that people on the staff actually have jobs unlike some people who can lurk 24/7 among actually working on this website as well and can't instantly get to every single arbitrary thing that may require a ban or not on your infantile time schedule. Fuck off retard


<a onclick="highlightReply('256720', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#256720">&gt;&gt;256720</a><br/>Some irl stuff with the jannies just happened to all intersect at a bad time, things will get back to normal sometime next week hopefully.


<a onclick="highlightReply('247780', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#247780">&gt;&gt;247780</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('247790', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#247790">&gt;&gt;247790</a><br/>Sorry for the late reply; thanks for the help anon, this works like a charm!


<a onclick="highlightReply('253669', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#253669">&gt;&gt;253669</a><br/>why is the default in the options for webms to play at full volume anyways?<br/>any chance you can lower the default to maybe 20 % since people who fall for earrape are also the ones who will usually not go into the Options


We can shitt on IdPol right?


<a onclick="highlightReply('261218', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#261218">&gt;&gt;261218</a><br/>yea as long as you dont do idpol either


<a onclick="highlightReply('256744', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#256744">&gt;&gt;256744</a><br/>Based<br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('259557', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#259557">&gt;&gt;259557</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;to 20%</span><br/>How high do you have your sound up???? 50% might be fine but that's basically asking for mute-by-default.<br/>Also, that would just encourage people to turn their earphone volume up for /leftypol/ which fucks them over once they do something else.


<a onclick="highlightReply('261528', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#261528">&gt;&gt;261528</a><br/>50 %<br/>and yes, 20 % is low, which is the point when people post earrape, it's better when you make people move the volume up themselves then have it at 100 % by default for anyone who doesn't check the options and lowers it<br/>but it's not so low that it would be muted, i have that setting myself and it works just fine, i just haven't fried my tubes with obnoxsiously loud music that this would be a problem<br/><span class="quote">&gt;that would just encourage people to turn their earphone volume up for /leftypol/</span><br/>normal people would just raise the volume on the video playing, and if they want to raise the default, then they will have to open their eyes and notice the Options<br/>there you can put in a warning that raising the default might fuck them if they click on earrape, then it would be solely on them since they then made that choice


<a onclick="highlightReply('259557', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#259557">&gt;&gt;259557</a><br/>This suggestion has been put to the devs. Please put feature suggestions on <a href="/meta/index.html">&gt;&gt;&gt;/meta/</a>, as it's more likely we'll see it there.<br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('253669', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#253669">&gt;&gt;253669</a><br/>We can add it to the FAQ along with the report feature.


Filter "kike" to "Tibetan"<br/>Then we can have /pol/tard raiders coming in and whining about Uyghurs and Tibetans like they are Han chauvinists.


<a onclick="highlightReply('267190', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#267190">&gt;&gt;267190</a><br/>filter genocide and cleansing to train ride<br/>then we can have liberals cry about stalinist ethnic train rides


<a onclick="highlightReply('267422', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#267422">&gt;&gt;267422</a><br/>but then discussion of real genocide will also get filtered like the Israel-Palestine situation


Is this a good time to ask for loli &amp; shota to be banned as well with rule 0


<a onclick="highlightReply('276991', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#276991">&gt;&gt;276991</a><br/>Maybe give it a day or two then ask on /meta/. It's a tense topic which will involve a long inevitably heated discussion and there are two /pol/ trolls making threads right now on top of the /ITG/ drama.


Since the mods bothered to draw up the Manifesto of poster rules they should actually enforce them instead of mindlessly chasing increase in the site's PPH.<br/><br/>There are evidently threads that are created to inflame argument over idpol. There are evidently barely disguised incelshit threads, that remain existing despite the supposed injunction against them. The declaration that the nonleftists are not to be tolerated, if they end up becoming a nuisance, is basically worthless considering the swamp the site recently has become. Why are thinly disguised bait threads allowed to remain up? Why is unironic cryptorace realism bullshit allowed to remain up? Why is it okay to have the /pol/ migrants force the other users of the board to rehash and fight over the same topics that come up every time the mods think it's a good idea to convert /pol/acks? Why are glow/pol/ false flaggers' explicit violations of the rules tolerated, when they pretend to be Arab or Chinese?<br/><br/>The mods talk big about the perfidy of the Bunkerchan clique. But in the end, they ironically themselves have accomplished what the management of bunker had sought, that is, to prioritize popularity over the quality of the site. In the end, no villainy of Space_ was required, but the goal of importation to here of /pol/ got done anyways.


<a onclick="highlightReply('277093', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#277093">&gt;&gt;277093</a><br/>On a chan, there is no difference between quality and popularity. More posters means more OC and more effort posts. The best way to decrease quality is to decrease user activity.


<span class="quote">&gt;&gt;277222</span><br/>You're actually wrong


File: 1621862456155.jpg (887.81 KB, 2880x2160, laff.jpg)

<a onclick="highlightReply('277107', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#277107">&gt;&gt;277107</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;On a chan, there is no difference between quality and popularity. More posters means more OC and more effort posts. The best way to decrease quality is to decrease user activity.</span><br/>Are you unironically implying that /pol/ is the highest quality board of any imageboard site?<br/>This is so fucking stupid.


<a onclick="highlightReply('277107', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#277107">&gt;&gt;277107</a><br/>what kind of absolute dumbfuck spout nonsense like this ? kys


<a onclick="highlightReply('277233', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#277233">&gt;&gt;277233</a><br/>Yes, /pol/ is active, but it is not dynamic and it's fraught with arbitrary censorship.<br/>Still, in many ways they're LEAGUES ahead of us in terms of meme-production and general cultural relevance.<br/>So yes, /pol/ has higher quality *as a chan* in spite of itself.


<a onclick="highlightReply('277403', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#277403">&gt;&gt;277403</a><br/>The way you conflate quality with gross production and relevance disgusts me. It's almost like you're trying to say chan boards should strive to be cesspits because they are chan boards. Imagine if this board or /edu/ had the same discussion quality as /pol/. Ever wonder why we keep getting ex-/pol/ users coming in?<br/><span class="quote">&gt;meme production</span><br/>Do you mean Pepes (/r9k/), Wojaks (/r9k/), Sneed (/tv/) or what? They rarely produce original memes, they usually just borrow them and make slight theming edits.<br/><br/>I've seen multiple imageboards with less than 50 users make magazines, radio streams and actual original content. In fact, some of those boards have far more culture than here. It's not just the number of people that matter, that's a very misleading oversimplification.


<a onclick="highlightReply('278319', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#278319">&gt;&gt;278319</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Sneed (/tv/) </span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;They rarely produce original memes</span><br/>you take that back


<a onclick="highlightReply('278319', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#278319">&gt;&gt;278319</a><br/>Could you respond to the points about efficacy and cultural relevance then?


<a onclick="highlightReply('278319', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#278319">&gt;&gt;278319</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('278866', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#278866">&gt;&gt;278866</a><br/>Also, even if there are small imageboards with few users that make lots of great original content (which I'd have to see to believe) we're not one of them.<br/>Leftypol has only produces less and less as we have gotten fewer and fewer users. That's a fact. a consequence is that we have become less and less culturally relevant. that's a fact.


<a onclick="highlightReply('278866', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#278866">&gt;&gt;278866</a><br/>You didn't make a point about efficacy. What results have they achieved? Being politically incorrect?<br/>Cultural relevance is not a sign of high quality whatsoever. In fact, I'd go as far as to propose the more mainstream something is, the more likely it is to become recuperated or diluted by normality, lowering its quality.<br/>It appears as if you see quantity or fame as somehow part of quality. This is not true here. leftypol.org has its stated mission in the manifesto in OP and popularity isn't a primary goal. Being more popular than /pol/ but with similar types of posts except leftist would yield low efficacy, it's not the desired result.<br/><a onclick="highlightReply('278871', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#278871">&gt;&gt;278871</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;we're not one of them</span><br/>Depends on your taste. We do have newmultitude, a news channel on youtube, many dedicated OC threads plus a booru, a recommended add-on character in a widely-known video game and a few of our own original memes. I don't recall /pol/ ever having much in the way of any non-meme quality content.


<a onclick="highlightReply('278871', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#278871">&gt;&gt;278871</a><br/>the fact that you produce less is because you faggots are taking yourself too serious now and are basically down the reddit route of decrying your own mascot at this point<br/>all you're advocating for is get in more uncreative unproductive /pol/ack converts thats only output is soyjack spam


What happened to the "tomboy summer" thread? Why was it deleted entirely instead of being moved to /b/?<br/><br/>I saw it on the catalog and was hoping to see some cute tomboy pics but it's gone now :(


<a onclick="highlightReply('279366', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#279366">&gt;&gt;279366</a><br/>good :^)


Oh, jannies&hellip; Time to clean up!


<a onclick="highlightReply('279207', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#279207">&gt;&gt;279207</a><br/>Not a rebuttal. Mindless production is a capitalist spook.


<a onclick="highlightReply('279867', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#279867">&gt;&gt;279867</a><br/>your leftism is nothing but a larp decorated with phraseology you picked up<br/><span class="quote">&gt;mindless production</span><br/>is exactly what you suggest by screeching about postnumbers, you're being too transparent, /pol/ack


We're having issues with the tor setup.<br/><br/>We'll get it fixed ASAP.


rightoid spammy making a flood of new low-effort bait threads on aisle 4


<a onclick="highlightReply('284129', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#284129">&gt;&gt;284129</a><br/>Was it the acceleration-esque/gore glowspam? I think they've started coming in daily.



why did we have this merge with bunkerchan? I haven't used the report feature this much before ever


Request to move this thread to /edu/:<br/><span class="quote">&gt;&gt;263580</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;&gt;287744</span>




<a onclick="highlightReply('287792', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#287792">&gt;&gt;287792</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;bumping a sticky</span>


On all the boards now existent, the word "goy" should be filtered to "girl" and similarly vice versa.


We have a clear as day Fed entrapment thread going on, <span class="heading">WTF ARE JANNIES DOING?</span>


<a onclick="highlightReply('290270', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#290270">&gt;&gt;290270</a><br/>What are you talking about?


<a onclick="highlightReply('290367', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#290367">&gt;&gt;290367</a><br/>Maybe the lasers as weapons thread.<br/><a onclick="highlightReply('290270', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#290270">&gt;&gt;290270</a><br/>Imagine being an adult and needing a babysitter.


<a onclick="highlightReply('290669', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#290669">&gt;&gt;290669</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Promoting illegal shit in the open which if it goes through will lead to this place being shut down</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote">&lt;Needing a babysitter</span><br/><br/>I see through your bullshit


<a onclick="highlightReply('290745', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#290745">&gt;&gt;290745</a><br/>This isn't /pol/. We don't have a cultural fixation on violence here, the schizos write paragraphs.<br/>The most violent person here is anorectal spammer.


<span class="heading">Ahem</span><br/>Unbumplock &gt;&gt;285789 per &gt;&gt;&gt;/meta/7280<br/><br/>Or bumplock &gt;&gt;292682 per &gt;&gt;&gt;/meta/7319<br/><br/>Either is fine but do one or the other plz<br/>Tankyoo


Make &gt;&gt;125270 (the LatAm general thread) a cyclical and bump it please (it's halfway down the catalog)


Hi friends! I was just wondering, could you quit being such faggots about anything that's not strictly related to theory?<br/><br/>Every time anyone talks about direct action or even just defending yourself from the powers that be, one of you stupid fucking faggot mods has to come in and anchor the thread because you're so fucking terrified that somebody is going to bomb a post office or whatever and get the site shut down. Let me assure you, nobody here is smart or capable enough to do anything like that. Discussion of direct action has always been a part of /leftypol/, and your attempts to suppress it at questionable at best.<br/><br/>Thanks! :3


<a onclick="highlightReply('294811', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#294811">&gt;&gt;294811</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;nobody here is smart or capable enough to do anything like that</span><br/>That's right. But more importantly, you "people" have a maxim of "If you did it, don't talk about it" well that should apply even more if you did not actually do it.


<a onclick="highlightReply('294824', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#294824">&gt;&gt;294824</a><br/>Speak English you fucking tard


<a onclick="highlightReply('294811', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#294811">&gt;&gt;294811</a><br/>Go plan terrorism and whine somewhere else. /leftypol/ is not an effective platform for that discussion. You're wasting your time here.<br/><br/>As a side note:<br/><span class="quote">&gt;Let me assure you, nobody here is smart or capable enough to do anything like that.</span><br/>The blocker is that no-one is motivated to do it. Any illiterate lumpen can make lethal explosives with stuff from WalFart. You're a disgrace to the flag you chose if you honestly believe that line you wrote.


File: 1622770634349.mp4 (3.49 MB, 1280x720, 1622695144535.mp4)

<a onclick="highlightReply('295079', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#295079">&gt;&gt;295079</a><br/>Kill yourself at your earliest convenience.


<a onclick="highlightReply('294811', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#294811">&gt;&gt;294811</a><br/>Blowing random shit up isn't praxis bro&hellip;


<a onclick="highlightReply('295113', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#295113">&gt;&gt;295113</a><br/>Although I don't support blowing shit up, by definition it is praxis.<br/><br/>However, I don't even mean that. The second you try to talk about organizing, fighting back, or defending yourself in any meaningful way that doesn't involve just talking about theory online like a fucking loser the mods try to shut you down. All I want is for the mods to act less like coward traitors that should be lined up against a wall and instead have a more hands-off approach to moderation.


<a onclick="highlightReply('295158', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#295158">&gt;&gt;295158</a><br/>Mods also have to follow the TOS m8.


<a onclick="highlightReply('295158', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#295158">&gt;&gt;295158</a><br/>It isn't wise to attempt to organize on an imageboard.


<a onclick="highlightReply('295175', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#295175">&gt;&gt;295175</a><br/>Eh it deppends on the imageboard.


<a onclick="highlightReply('295158', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#295158">&gt;&gt;295158</a><br/>That's literally not true.<br/>You've supplied zero (0) cases to support your assertion. When have mods stopped organization or defense?<br/>(No, that one lasers thread doesn't count. That's instigation.)


File: 1622782272967.png (80.08 KB, 200x200, ClipboardImage.png)

<span class="quote">&gt;it takes the mods 10 mins to remove a child pornography thread</span><br/>I get that there aren't billions of mods yet but jesus, can't you engineer a general filter for schizo and raid threads?


<a onclick="highlightReply('295258', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#295258">&gt;&gt;295258</a><br/>10 minutes is a fast response time


<a onclick="highlightReply('295258', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#295258">&gt;&gt;295258</a><br/>It is usually removed near instantaneously and we have filters in place that we are continuing to develop. On occasion most of the mods are offline or preoccupied but it really helps when you guys will report/send a message in the matrix about any offending content. Thank you.


Site is currently being spammed with /pol/cels crying about Islam


<a onclick="highlightReply('296432', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#296432">&gt;&gt;296432</a><br/>got it thanks. they are being banned when they break rules, report anything you see


Why was the image on the booru that pointed out good firearms to get deleted?


<a onclick="highlightReply('299657', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#299657">&gt;&gt;299657</a><br/>ask on the booru thread on /meta/


<a onclick="highlightReply('295258', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#295258">&gt;&gt;295258</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;can't you engineer a general filter for schizo and raid threads?</span><br/>Alright technocracyfag, define parameters for such a filter and I'll tell you if that can be coded.


where is it<br/><span class="quote">&gt;&gt;299999</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;&gt;300000</span>


Wait bunkerchan is leftypol now?<br/><br/>What the fuck happened?


<a onclick="highlightReply('306492', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#306492">&gt;&gt;306492</a><br/>its always been leftypol


<a onclick="highlightReply('306504', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#306504">&gt;&gt;306504</a><br/>But the bunker logo, oh hell, it's even leftypol now, it's like I'm taking crazypills.


<a onclick="highlightReply('306510', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#306510">&gt;&gt;306510</a><br/>Lmfao


<a onclick="highlightReply('306510', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#306510">&gt;&gt;306510</a><br/>Look up the Mandela effect


<a onclick="highlightReply('306553', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#306553">&gt;&gt;306553</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('306749', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#306749">&gt;&gt;306749</a><br/>No, this cannot be, I was just here last year and it was bunkerchan, bunkerchan!


<a onclick="highlightReply('306800', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#306800">&gt;&gt;306800</a><br/>Were you around for the split and the end of the split, anon?


<a onclick="highlightReply('306817', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#306817">&gt;&gt;306817</a><br/>What fucking split? I only remember the /leftypol/ and /leftpol/ split, I thought that died along with 8chan.


<a onclick="highlightReply('306965', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#306965">&gt;&gt;306965</a><br/>Go read the wiki, anon: <a href="https://unitedchans.fandom.com/wiki//leftypol/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://unitedchans.fandom.com/wiki//leftypol/</a>


<a onclick="highlightReply('307014', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#307014">&gt;&gt;307014</a><br/>Holy autism.<br/><br/>So space_ is gone?


<a onclick="highlightReply('307075', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#307075">&gt;&gt;307075</a><br/>Yep, no more space_.


<a onclick="highlightReply('307075', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#307075">&gt;&gt;307075</a><br/>The mods did a revolution, with the help of the people. Infrastructure has improved noticeably.


Hola,<br/>Im extremelly new to this chan. Can you tell me things about it and this chan's culture?


<a onclick="highlightReply('307799', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#307799">&gt;&gt;307799</a><br/>Lurk moar


<a onclick="highlightReply('307799', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#307799">&gt;&gt;307799</a><br/>Lurk moar and read the FAQ<br/><a href="https://leftypol.org/faq.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://leftypol.org/faq.html</a>


<a onclick="highlightReply('307799', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#307799">&gt;&gt;307799</a><br/>What questions do you have?<br/><br/>We're leftists, mostly marxists, non-sectarian, from all around the world. This is the only bastion of anti-idpol and non-idpol leftist discourse. <br/><br/>I won't go into what that means, lurk more for now.


Would it be possible to get a rss feed of <a href="https://leftypol.org/news.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://leftypol.org/news.html</a>


<a onclick="highlightReply('310004', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#310004">&gt;&gt;310004</a><br/>Idk what I dont know, I guess I´ll lurk


<span class="quote">&gt;&gt;310923</span><br/>can mods move this thread to /b/ please?


<a onclick="highlightReply('310458', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#310458">&gt;&gt;310458</a><br/>I made one with a feed generator: <a href="https://feed43.com/leftypol-news.xml" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://feed43.com/leftypol-news.xml</a>


where did the Black Hammer thread go


<a onclick="highlightReply('313960', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#313960">&gt;&gt;313960</a><br/>to hell, I hope


Please cull right-wing posters. If I wanted to talk to them, I know where to find them.


<a onclick="highlightReply('316994', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#316994">&gt;&gt;316994</a><br/>Go to /r/communism if you want excessive tankie quality control.<br/><span class="spoiler">That's not a joke, it's actually good.</span>


Why are there so many racists from this board???


File: 1623690557348.png (45.08 KB, 1573x348, racist liberals.png)

I literally had a thread discussing racism from the users of this board and it was deleted. Why is this allowed?


<a onclick="highlightReply('318257', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#318257">&gt;&gt;318257</a><br/>For being false flag shit, feck off.


<a onclick="highlightReply('318257', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#318257">&gt;&gt;318257</a><br/>What was it?


<a onclick="highlightReply('318257', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#318257">&gt;&gt;318257</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Thread</span><br/><span class="orangeQuote">&lt;A reply</span><br/><span class="quote"><br/>&gt;idpol</span><br/><br/>Twitter, please.


newfag here,can anyone tell me what kind of userbase does this place have?


<a onclick="highlightReply('318878', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#318878">&gt;&gt;318878</a><br/>seems pretty based so far, just wish that design was better. maybe i'll get used to it


<a onclick="highlightReply('318881', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#318881">&gt;&gt;318881</a><br/>Try the themes settings (Settings in top right, the dropdown in bottom right of the popup).<br/><br/>As for the userbase, it's a melting pot of anticapitalists. Fuck libs.<br/>I can't save images on this device right now so pretend this neat guide was attached: <br/><a href="https://img.booru.org/lefty//images/2/3cd422cb3b1dabfb290f2cdabfd808abd323a8b1.jpg" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://img.booru.org/lefty//images/2/3cd422cb3b1dabfb290f2cdabfd808abd323a8b1.jpg</a><br/><br/>FAQ: <a href="https://leftypol.org/faq.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://leftypol.org/faq.html</a><br/><br/>If you came from /pol/ or a derivative, their idea of us is a literal myth based on hearsay and false-flag posts that OP makes and screenshots (protip: most of them crop out the replies)


<a href="https://youtu.be/5tCMI0uKbBE" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://youtu.be/5tCMI0uKbBE</a>


may you guys add a fasces please? you have a swastika. why not a fasces?


<a onclick="highlightReply('336066', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#336066">&gt;&gt;336066</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;a literal faggot</span>


<a onclick="highlightReply('337239', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#337239">&gt;&gt;337239</a><br/>are you homophobic?


File: 1625262859084.jpeg (10.59 KB, 324x155, images.jpeg)

<a onclick="highlightReply('337391', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#337391">&gt;&gt;337391</a>


<a onclick="highlightReply('352482', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#352482">&gt;&gt;352482</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;&gt;&gt;Bunkerchan.onion (Only accessible on Tor)</span>


want some real feedback?<br/>ban every late-bunkerchan refugee permanently<br/>ban every late-bunkerchan refugee permanently<br/>ban every late-bunkerchan refugee permanently<br/>ban every late-bunkerchan refugee permanently<br/>ban every late-bunkerchan refugee permanently<br/>ban every late-bunkerchan refugee permanently<br/>ban every late-bunkerchan refugee permanently


<a onclick="highlightReply('354056', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#354056">&gt;&gt;354056</a><br/>This.


<span class="quote">&gt;&gt;354676</span><br/>what do you mean?


<a onclick="highlightReply('163675', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#163675">&gt;&gt;163675</a><br/>A big thanks to the /leftypol/ tech team for their hard work on the 2021/07/04 technical update! Here's the list of changes:<br/><br/>- Deleting a post redirects back to the thread it was in, not the board index<br/>- Option for expanding image on hover, like GETchan does normally<br/>- WebP thumbnails for new posts (for faster load times)<br/>- Images uploaded as .jpg or .jpeg have EXIF info stripped<br/>- New deleted post image<br/>- Theme selector moved a bit and is now alphabetically sorted<br/>- Homepage layout changes (should look fine on various screen sizes)<br/>- Click filenames to download with filename now works without Javascript<br/>- Deferring JS loading to improve load times<br/><br/>Please let us know if you have any issues with any of these new features.


<span class="quote">&gt;&gt;354731</span><br/>I don't know what you mean by 'backlinks', as for the style selector, do you mean the theme selector? It is in the 'options' panel in the top right.


<a onclick="highlightReply('354722', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#354722">&gt;&gt;354722</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;WebP thumbnails for new posts (for faster load times)</span><br/>compression level for webp you've chosen is nowhere near aggressive enough. looking at the typical filesizes of current jpg thumbnails and the latest webps, you've only saved 18% less filesize, you can do almost twice as better.<br/>don't be a pussy, you can definitely do 33% less with no noticeable quality loss:<br/><a href="https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/docs/webp_study" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/docs/webp_study</a>


<a href="/tech/res/4951.html#9791">&gt;&gt;&gt;/tech/9791</a><br/>We've been informed that image thumbnails and links are broken in the mobile app. The maintainer has been made aware.<br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('354750', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#354750">&gt;&gt;354750</a><br/>You're absolutely right. I just pushed with default settings as it's already an improvement. Do you have any hints, or should we just trial various quality values until we hit a noticeable blur?


<a onclick="highlightReply('354794', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#354794">&gt;&gt;354794</a><br/>eh maybe i exaggerated the no quality loss with webp, since even at the default Q75 you can still lose some detail in darker areas. my view is to go YOLO and lower down to Q60 because the difference between Q60 and Q75 especially at that small resolution of up to 255x255 is going to be insignificant. no one's going to complain if it's Q60, these are just thumbnails. however, for png images i highly recommend making their thumbnails lossless webps instead of lossy webps, since low-color palette lossless images (ie. not photographs) do look considerably worse when compressed as lossy webps


there is the issue of iphone 6 users not having webp support since no ios 14+, not sure if there are any that browse here with one, supposedly 5.8% of iphone users are iphone 6<br/><br/><a href="https://deviceatlas.com/blog/most-popular-iphones" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://deviceatlas.com/blog/most-popular-iphones</a><br/><a href="https://caniuse.com/webp" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://caniuse.com/webp</a><br/><a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IOS_version_history#iOS_14_/_iPadOS_14" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IOS_version_history#iOS_14_/_iPadOS_14</a>


Out of curiosity, how popular is the onion site? What % of posts come from the onion site?


<a href="https://youtu.be/L2eV20UhkQk" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://youtu.be/L2eV20UhkQk</a>


<span class="quote">&gt;- WebP thumbnails to further entrench Google's hegemony on web standards and pass by superior alternatives to PNG</span><br/>Fixed for clarity. Fuck you.


When I'd open a saved thread in my watchlist it would open to whatever post number I'd saved <span class="spoiler">not unlike a page marker</span>, that's stopped functioning today. Clicking a post to respond on the main page would do a similar action, it's also stopped functioning&hellip;


<a onclick="highlightReply('356060', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#356060">&gt;&gt;356060</a><br/>Name a superior alternative that is supported by all major browsers.


<a onclick="highlightReply('356118', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#356118">&gt;&gt;356118</a><br/>It appears to work for me. Can you give a step-by-step to reproduce this issue (including the post you tried it on)?<br/>I assume you mean:<br/><span class="quote">&gt;click your post number ("/leftypol/res/163675.html#q356118")</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;click Watch Thread</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;now that link with the post number is saved</span><br/>For the record, we haven't touched the Watch Thread code, and someone earlier reported backlinks not working for them but then it worked a few hours later, so maybe it's a caching issue?


<a onclick="highlightReply('356244', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#356244">&gt;&gt;356244</a><br/>Your assumption is correct, as to steps taken. <br/><span class="quote">&gt;Maybe it's a caching issue?</span><br/>Must be, I don't know too much this stuff&hellip; Also just now when I highlighted quoted text from your post and clicked reply it didn't quote the text and I entered it manually.<span class="spoiler">Not sure if that's just me again, or if others are experiencing this and it's never been a problem before?</span>


<a onclick="highlightReply('356260', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#356260">&gt;&gt;356260</a><br/>Can you try opening a private/incognito window and seeing if these issues still happen there?


<a onclick="highlightReply('356261', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#356261">&gt;&gt;356261</a><br/>I cleared my cache and highlighting quoted text is working again in both regular and private window, but I'm still having the watch thread issue in both regular and private window. <span class="spoiler">Thanks for the help btw</span>


<a onclick="highlightReply('356276', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#356276">&gt;&gt;356276</a><br/>I believe I can replicate this issue too. Clicking a post number from the board index doesn't appear to go down to the post number.


<a onclick="highlightReply('356276', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#356276">&gt;&gt;356276</a><br/>It's not just you, the cause has been found (deferring all add-on javascript for faster page loading).


To the people who had issues with iPhone uploading, is the image uploading on lainchan.org preferable? I can make the wide gray box not show up and just upload like lainchan instead.


I can't install the Android app


<a onclick="highlightReply('359442', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#359442">&gt;&gt;359442</a><br/>Try this thread: <a href="/tech/res/4951.html#4951">&gt;&gt;&gt;/tech/4951</a><br/>If you want help, consider adding some description about what OS you have, what you tried and what error/s you received.


<a onclick="highlightReply('356371', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#356371">&gt;&gt;356371</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;It's not just you, the cause has been found (deferring all add-on javascript for faster page loading)</span><br/>So is there something I do on my browser, something done on the site, or is this just how it is going forward?


<a onclick="highlightReply('360906', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#360906">&gt;&gt;360906</a><br/>Whoops. So it's a change made on the site (it instructs your browser that it should wait until the main stuff has loaded before running the script) and I'm pushing to change that so it only delays the things that won't break things by loading late, like the thread updater at the bottom.<br/>TL;DR: hopefully I can get it fixed by end of the week. Dev seem to be able to communicate and make changes mostly on weekends.


This isn't mod feedback or anything - but a suggestion for the website.<br/>Why don't we have a /his/ board? Both for general discussion of history and leftist analysis of it. I think it would do very well.


<a onclick="highlightReply('361092', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#361092">&gt;&gt;361092</a><br/>While /edu/ isn't necessarily about leftism, why wouldn't this be appropriate use of that low-activity board?


<a onclick="highlightReply('361092', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#361092">&gt;&gt;361092</a><br/>/his/ is included in the purview of /edu/ as <a onclick="highlightReply('361277', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#361277">&gt;&gt;361277</a> points out. Please use that board for general history related questions. It is a bit slow, but that can only be helped by more people using it.


<a onclick="highlightReply('360910', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#360910">&gt;&gt;360910</a><br/>Ah, okay thanks anon,


<a onclick="highlightReply('361277', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#361277">&gt;&gt;361277</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('361433', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#361433">&gt;&gt;361433</a><br/>Fair enough, thanks


File: 1625735701412.png (13.15 KB, 610x593, HungerMon.png)

Hey comrades, ive been trying to post to 4chan for days and I cant work out their system, do they have a list of ip's or something. I like converting them. heeeelp


<a onclick="highlightReply('363685', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#363685">&gt;&gt;363685</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;I like comverting them</span><br/>This doesn't work


File: 1625841187618.gif (3.26 MB, 288x387, image0.gif)

Make a politically incorrect boards for cointaining feminism and dating related posts and other idpol stuff


<a onclick="highlightReply('366143', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#366143">&gt;&gt;366143</a><br/>Cringe. Ban it outright


<a onclick="highlightReply('366143', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#366143">&gt;&gt;366143</a><br/>that's /b/ you fucking retard


We're being raided, again.


Is the matrix down for anyone else or is it just me?


File: 1625902332412.jpg (94.28 KB, 1080x1350, 1621146199405.jpg)

<a onclick="highlightReply('367544', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#367544">&gt;&gt;367544</a><br/>Down for me too


<a onclick="highlightReply('367552', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#367552">&gt;&gt;367552</a><br/>MILKIES


we need to self-host a matrix server


<a onclick="highlightReply('367784', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#367784">&gt;&gt;367784</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('367784', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#367784">&gt;&gt;367784</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('367784', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#367784">&gt;&gt;367784</a>


<a onclick="highlightReply('361092', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#361092">&gt;&gt;361092</a><br/>I suggested we split the site between geopolitics news and history, and more leftist philosophical matters and general topics. <br/>You can find the thread on meta <a href="/meta/res/7368.html#7368">&gt;&gt;&gt;/meta/7368</a>


File: 1626014145431.gif (431.67 KB, 348x512, 8finity mad.gif)

Is anyone else having issues downloading PDFs, and images? I'm trying to grab some books from the Losurdo thread&hellip;


<a onclick="highlightReply('369546', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#369546">&gt;&gt;369546</a><br/>The links to download with the original filename are broken


<a onclick="highlightReply('369546', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#369546">&gt;&gt;369546</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('369599', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#369599">&gt;&gt;369599</a><br/>Yes, the broken filename download issue has been diagnosed and will be fixed soon.


what's this "email space for a posting pass" shit


<a onclick="highlightReply('367784', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#367784">&gt;&gt;367784</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('368153', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#368153">&gt;&gt;368153</a><br/>These has been some casual discussion but Synapse is horrible, plus its bad to have a Matrix server that goes down when the site goes down..


We gettin' raided?


File: 1626337939049.mp4 (583.69 KB, 640x800, ZHUKOV.mp4)

<a onclick="highlightReply('379209', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#379209">&gt;&gt;379209</a><br/>yeah, the janguard has mobilized so it shouldn't be too bad though


we've enabled CAPTCHA and disabled cloudfare, hopefully that is marginally less annyoing


<a onclick="highlightReply('379211', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#379211">&gt;&gt;379211</a><br/><span class="spoiler">Who is it this time</span>


File: 1626343087533.mp4 (5.09 MB, 1280x720, polacks.mp4)

captcha disabled, if you didn't notice<br/><a onclick="highlightReply('379261', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#379261">&gt;&gt;379261</a><br/>some /pol/ack spamming genitalia-related gore manually


<a onclick="highlightReply('379283', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#379283">&gt;&gt;379283</a><br/>uh i have folders like that too but i only use it to troll my internet friends


<a onclick="highlightReply('379289', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#379289">&gt;&gt;379289</a><br/>Interesting, tell me about your relationship with your mother?


are the jannies actually on strike?


<a onclick="highlightReply('381989', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#381989">&gt;&gt;381989</a><br/>No.<br/>Why would you think that?


Hey fellas has the word C.hud been filtered?<br/><br/>testing now, FAGGOT. <br/>FAGGOT.


<a onclick="highlightReply('382961', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#382961">&gt;&gt;382961</a><br/>spoiler


<a onclick="highlightReply('382961', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#382961">&gt;&gt;382961</a><br/>der FAGGOTahijadeen


File: 1626850597759.png (785.02 KB, 1080x1555, Mods are out of control.png)

I just got banned for no reason. Please fix this.


<a onclick="highlightReply('391612', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#391612">&gt;&gt;391612</a><br/>Post the ban id


<a onclick="highlightReply('391616', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#391616">&gt;&gt;391616</a><br/>How? It doesn't show any.


filter "tankie" to "pinko"


Some minor updates will be tested and added soon, mostly bug fixes rather than new features.


File: 1627118665178.jpg (20.86 KB, 188x338, Sickle_and_Hammer.jpg)

<a onclick="highlightReply('398002', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#398002">&gt;&gt;398002</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('398002', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#398002">&gt;&gt;398002</a>


File: 1627187414620.png (33.04 KB, 750x1080, Fenya.png)






File: 1627781758761.png (1.53 MB, 1339x802, kidsthesedays.png)

<strong>To increase board quality, current advice is to:</strong><br/><span class="quote">&gt;not respond to threads you dislike</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;remind users who take bait that calling out the bait while taking just makes them 'retards'</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;report especially egregious posts to moderators, referencing an actual rule which was broken</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;if you believe a response is truly necessary to express disagreement in a fast-paced thread, simply post an image of a cartoon character or stock photo model laughing without any text attached</span><br/>and most importantly,<br/><span class="quote">&gt;instead of responding, bump comfortable or high-quality threads which are at risk of dying</span><br/><br/>Full post: &gt;&gt;&gt;/b/117242


<a onclick="highlightReply('414160', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#414160">&gt;&gt;414160</a><br/>tl;dr:<br/>refusal of mods to do their job, hiding behind a plea to users so they don't have to take action which would cut into their precious pph


<a onclick="highlightReply('414728', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#414728">&gt;&gt;414728</a><br/>Whenever mods do anything, asshole cry about censorship and muh seriousness or some shit. <br/>Maybe it's time to show some teeth, restore balance. Something something Thanos.


<a onclick="highlightReply('414764', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#414764">&gt;&gt;414764</a><br/>the reason people complain about anything the mods do is because they're retarded and appeal to /pol/acks and soyspammers<br/>their only measurement for success is pph


<a onclick="highlightReply('414778', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#414778">&gt;&gt;414778</a><br/>Not all mods care about increasing PPH per se. But what other proxy measure is there for community satisfaction?


File: 1627828529966.png (219.01 KB, 1909x911, ClipboardImage.png)

<a onclick="highlightReply('163675', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#163675">&gt;&gt;163675</a><br/>am I going mad or is BunkerLike microscopic now?


<a onclick="highlightReply('414954', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#414954">&gt;&gt;414954</a><br/>To some degree.



<a onclick="highlightReply('414160', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#414160">&gt;&gt;414160</a><br/>Thank you based Lazloposters.<br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('414728', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#414728">&gt;&gt;414728</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;care about PPH</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;want people to <em>not respond</em> to low quality posts</span><br/>pick one <span class="spoiler">protip: it's the second</span>


<span class="heading">LEFTYDEUTSCHPOL</span><br/>|<br/>|<br/>v<br/><a onclick="highlightReply('416549', event);" href="/leftypol/res/416549.html#416549">&gt;&gt;416549</a>


<a onclick="highlightReply('415710', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#415710">&gt;&gt;415710</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;telling you retards not to respond</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;retard actually believes them they are genuine and don't know you retards will just continue</span><br/>of course they can pull this shit with the leftypolack population, you are dumb as shit, not one intelligent thought to be found


File: 1627873673579.gif (2.68 MB, 498x372, porky.gif)

<a onclick="highlightReply('417211', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#417211">&gt;&gt;417211</a>


So how long until we can we edit our threads and comments?


<a onclick="highlightReply('420695', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#420695">&gt;&gt;420695</a><br/>There's at least 30 priorities for the devs. Plus, it sounds like a troll's heaven, at least on /leftypol/.




Ok, going to be controversial here but I think the op in<br/><br/><a href="https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/422054.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/422054.html</a><br/><br/>didn't deserve to be banned or whatever. They had a critique of MLism not against leftism in general.


Jannies should be more proactive in tackling vaccine misinfo, no one wants them.


<a onclick="highlightReply('421447', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#421447">&gt;&gt;421447</a><br/>if we do it it'll probably be within the hour of making the comment a la what GETchan has


<a onclick="highlightReply('422773', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#422773">&gt;&gt;422773</a><br/>Fair comment, I asked the mod and he said his decision was based on this post instead <a onclick="highlightReply('422176', event);" href="/leftypol/res/422054.html#422176">&gt;&gt;422176</a> but he put it in the OP to be more visible. But I accept your criticism, it does look biased.<br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('422825', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#422825">&gt;&gt;422825</a><br/>We will try to be more diligent.


File: 1628204348203.png (338.08 KB, 616x644, rolesig.png)

Can our janguard provide clarity as to why pic related poster had a mod role signature?


<a onclick="highlightReply('425419', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#425419">&gt;&gt;425419</a><br/>I believe that is a real moderator. Moderators are allowed to dislike moderation decisions too, the team is not a single person.


<a onclick="highlightReply('425448', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#425448">&gt;&gt;425448</a><br/>I guess so, it just struck me as odd. Perhaps they forgot their rolesig was on or something.


<span class="heading">To defend yourself against right wing attacks, here's what you can do:</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Ignore (best way)</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Report</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;If you think that this is necessary, call them names</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;If they keep on posting, report them</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Ask jannies to sage threads that are overtly right-wing</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Report right-wing threads</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Ask jannies to ban right-wing users</span>


<a onclick="highlightReply('425908', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#425908">&gt;&gt;425908</a><br/>I am a janny and I don't approve of this.<br/>Consider <a onclick="highlightReply('414160', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#414160">&gt;&gt;414160</a> instead.


<a onclick="highlightReply('426745', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#426745">&gt;&gt;426745</a><br/>a little bit of column A, a little bit of column B. fear will keep the rightoids in line.


<a onclick="highlightReply('425419', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#425419">&gt;&gt;425419</a><br/>imagine if every user could just post shit others would delete but deflect it by just putting on a tag that makes them speshul


<a onclick="highlightReply('426771', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#426771">&gt;&gt;426771</a><br/>To be fair, that thread was moved to ITG and the mod was not given special treatment.


File: 1628355753968.jpg (25.35 KB, 640x360, 1583294215267.jpg)

<a onclick="highlightReply('427126', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#427126">&gt;&gt;427126</a><br/>First of all it would not be special treatment because that thread did not merit being contained into the /itg/. I did not remake it to prove the point about how it had received multiple replies as a thread, but has not received any after it was merged. <br/><br/>Second, at the time of writing that I thought the thread had been deleted, as there's no way to know a thread has been merged. One of the reasons its supposed to be a last resort. Additionally, I had already had my threads deleted unnecessarily in the past due, and there have been reports of over moderation in that manner increasing lately. <br/><br/>Finally, yes I agree with <a onclick="highlightReply('426771', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#426771">&gt;&gt;426771</a> <br/>The board would be in a better state if more users were mods and could defend themselves from moderators taking wild actions. We have recently had to remove the mod powers of one mod that doesn't respond at all to messages. Mods are not anywhere close to a hivemind, they fuck up often.


<a onclick="highlightReply('429185', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#429185">&gt;&gt;429185</a><br/>Why is Greta acting so very based and alpha right there? Seems like she wanted to win male support.


<a onclick="highlightReply('427126', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#427126">&gt;&gt;427126</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('429185', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#429185">&gt;&gt;429185</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;abusing mod tag</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;remains mod</span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;we need more of this</span><br/>the state of this place


<a onclick="highlightReply('429185', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#429185">&gt;&gt;429185</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;The board would be in a better state if more users were mods and could defend themselves from moderators taking wild actions.</span><br/><br/>If everyone is a mod then nobody is one.


<a onclick="highlightReply('429205', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#429205">&gt;&gt;429205</a><br/>A suggestion I made in mod chat years ago was too treat every thread like its own separate "channel" with the op acting as mod in their thread, with the ability to ban users from the thread and either remove posts themselves or mark them for removal by a sitemod. This would theoretically lift the burden on mods to police every thread and give users more control over the content and interaction experienced on the board.


<a onclick="highlightReply('429271', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#429271">&gt;&gt;429271</a><br/>Lmao that's worse than reddit, you are literally turning every thread into a subreddit


<a onclick="highlightReply('435592', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#435592">&gt;&gt;435592</a><br/><span class="heading">SO THAT WE WOULD REMOVE POSTS FROM YOU!!!</span>


<a onclick="highlightReply('435613', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#435613">&gt;&gt;435613</a><br/>I guess it would greatly help the jannie because they wouldn't have to endure you seething 24/7 because I reminded you the USSR never achieved socialism lol


<a onclick="highlightReply('435622', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#435622">&gt;&gt;435622</a><br/>Yet it did more to the socialist cause than all Chair vaushists(leftcoms) that ever existed.<br/><span class="quote">&gt;inb4 Cope</span>


<a onclick="highlightReply('435760', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#435760">&gt;&gt;435760</a><br/>Read the first two lines of Das


<a onclick="highlightReply('436111', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#436111">&gt;&gt;436111</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;read the first two lines of The</span>


<a onclick="highlightReply('438810', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#438810">&gt;&gt;438810</a><br/>Yes boi<br/><br/>Das


<a onclick="highlightReply('440362', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#440362">&gt;&gt;440362</a><br/>There's almost none left.


<a onclick="highlightReply('440362', event);" href="/leftypol/res/163675.html#440362">&gt;&gt;440362</a><br/>There's no trans baiting.


Yo what happened to the tv.leftypol cytube, did someone decide to let it go dormant until things get spicy again or what?


It just hasn't been reinstalled yet due to priorities.


Due to some extra /pol/ raids today, we've updated the spam filters because the original ones are horseshit. If you have any "Flood Detection" or similar coming up that you think is unreasonable, let me know with details (e.g. had you posted recently and feel it's too strong, or are you getting it first time? Which error message?).


I don't have any problems, but thanks for your efforts based dev anon.


File: 1629034817981.png (1.81 MB, 3800x2550, Sickle.png)

New Announcement, Feedback Wanted!




omg a ghost


Why was the spaceflight thread deleted?


I'm not sure but it appears to have been moved to /b/, not deleted.
See also: >>433651 (Capitalist Conquest of Space)


File: 1629527779749.png (3.57 MB, 1920x1235, communist laughing.png)

GET for laughing at coup retards and saying hello from getchan


Ok it could be worse. You little shit


greetings to getchan also


File: 1629531420426.gif (1.44 MB, 498x398, 1626531621873.gif)

stay mad


File: 1629531571916.gif (2.68 MB, 498x372, porky.gif)

Go cry on .net with the other dramafags.


This is what no bussy does to a woman.




getchan more like gay nochin




Captcha enabled due to minor bot spam.


There is an issue with it as you don't know how to get the next captcha. Apparently by clicking on it.


It should be automatically progressing after a post or refresh too, right?


Well it's very interesting and amazing that we now have CAPTCHA!


Do you guys have a fbi.gov?


I mean d i s c o r d?


No glowcord. There is a Matrix chat however. Check the site front page for the link.



Matrix General Chat - Leftypol General Chat
If you don't want to use matrix you can interact with the chat through #[email protected] too.



ULP exists, check out their wiki


>ULP exists
I wish it didn't.


why lol


it's cringe


no it isnt
prove it,,, you cant!


you're proving it all on your own


File: 1631446691081.png (1.7 MB, 960x720, 1630626986955.png)

Can the jannies change the spoiler image from animeshit to something other than pop culture for socially atomized manchildren?



File: 1631459240399.jpg (Spoiler Image, 214.9 KB, 1280x1080, no tears, only communism.jpg)

There was a /leftypol/ booru which had a red/black theme. Does anyone remember what it's called, or was it just the leftypics one? I can't remember. And, did anything get deleted from the boorus when the booru heads decided to crack down on certain content? As an aside, did GETchan ever have a booru? Thanks.


*I meant the one in the OP, not leftypics.


yes granny


File: 1631828813045.png (9.81 KB, 729x75, ClipboardImage.png)

apparently there's an ongoing raid from a group of .net, are mods aware?
I'm guessing so as I've only seen one or two porn threads the past hour


This is what their "user union" voted as their will. They claim to represent the whole userbase.
In what insane world do leftypol users want to get spammed with gore, prolapsed anuses, scat, etc.

Imagine if these children had succeeded in their coup. Please just fuck off and go do drama on fbi.gov, not here.


Man, I'm just bummed they're fucking up the same board TYBNA and all the other quality posters use.


Just report and ignore. They are almost going to start school again.


>Not liking alunya
Fuck you, I hope you get raped by fashs


>did anything get deleted from the boorus when the booru heads decided to crack down on certain content
yes, it's probably on the /GET/ thread for political catgirls/board mascots
>did GETchan ever have a booru?
not sure if it's what you're asking but leftybooru is meant to be for both leftypol and GETchan (I think)


>red/black theme
lefty.booru is the original. The red/black theme was changed to Yotsuba B. leftypics.booru was a temporary backup.
> did anything get deleted from the boorus when the booru heads decided to crack down on certain content
loli and all real life porn was removed due to being against booru.org TOS

Yes it is shared like that which is why both sites link to it


File: 1631918362922.jpg (102.47 KB, 500x1200, 4chan perfect for me.jpg)


this isn't 4chan tho


Yes but it's a chan, so grow up and deal with anime/japanese influence.

Also someone posting soyjaks has no place to criticise "pop culture for socially atomized manchildren"





Jannoids self simping



why was the balfour agreement thread deleted jannoids? You libs pro israel now?


part of some spamming IP


also I can't remember right now but there was also some real wacky shit in that OP
"Balfour agreement thread" is a seriously bad descriptor.


So was it spam or was it haram make your mind up. It’s a good descriptor, it was a decently sized paragraph about the Balfour agreement and it’s implications, then a link to something about the Balfour agreement, then a conversation mostly centered around the works of Lenni Brenner, noted Marxist and friend of Stokely Carmichael.

>spamming IP

So we are just deleting threads by Ip now rather than the actual content or what?


If you're spamming, you aren't allowed to post. Why is this surprising?


That thread wasn’t spam and obviously they weren’t previously banned or they wouldn’t have been able to post.

I notice you’ve dropped you critism of the content


>make your mind up
both, I was actually quite clear about that, even coming back to the thread.


What about it was haram?


If I remember, I'll be sure to note it down here.
If I had to guess, something about Nazis.


so you are absolutely sure it was haram but you can't remember what it was "something about nazis" are you fucking for real?


I am absolutely one billion percent sure.
I can't remember every thread I look at.


It was yesterday and you have been given a description


Why is the “Xi ruined everything” thread saged?


Why are you deleting meta posts about organising the board from a meta thread about organising the board?


Because at this point you're being a wrecker and a derailer bastard.
At least create your own shitty thread on /meta/


It is a thread about organising. It is a meta a thread. I am talking about organising. It literally could not be more on topic


Why am I note allowed to call avi Yemeni a zionist? He literally says it himself, he literally used to work for Mossad kek


I see you stopped responding in /meta/
guess that means you lose


I deleted your comments because you were crying about mods oppressing you and your union. The thread was not about you. It wasn't about your experiences of being oppressed by mods. Your drama shit wrecks threads. Your gaslighting about your union is also wrecker shit. The thread was about growth, not "how to actively wreck leftist spaces".

If you want to wreck shit, wreck your place of employment. Don't wreck leftist spaces.


Lol nope it’s called having a job neetmod


So organised posters is wrecking? Posters org organised to facilitate them doing group tasks is wrecking? How and why? And why does that mean you delete posts calling islamophobic zionists zionists lmao


I wont argue with you.
1. It's a waste of time
2. You're incapable of doing it in good faith.
You'll live.


How the fuck is it in bad faith, I’ve consistently held the same line for a long time, which is that the posters should organised. You are the ones who consistently lie and change the goalposts


It’s literally the opposite of wrecking, deleting union threads and lying about them is the wrecking


takes this dumb rehashed shit to /meta/ please. you lot have been shitting about this for months now, god knows how.


i repsonded in meta for you faggot. Screen caps proving your lies. Now go and kill yourself



File: 1632430781550.jpg (101.2 KB, 720x708, EYllTinXYAABK8w.jpg)

The last few days have been my first time coming to /leftypol/ since 2018. My first impression is that the moderation right now is very good, a stark difference from what I remember. Keep up the good work jannies. You are the best of us.


Thanks a lot anon. I'm glad you're enjoying the site.


does leftypol_archive have the bunkerchan.xyz archive too? if not is there a way to find it


whats the deal with matrix?
Is it just like fbi.gov except it glows less brightly? I just downloaded a client and the links to it seem to not be working.


Could always try archive.org and hope it works.
Pretty much.
>I just downloaded a client and the links to it seem to not be working.
Which links did you try?
Try chatting the message
/join #leftypol-antechamber:matrix.org


Why did the water fluoridation thread get deleted?


I thought it was more /siberia/ material


why not move it?


The problem with moving things around is I want people to get to the right board on their own. But it would have been more appropriate in this case maybe, probably.


I fail to see how a topic concerning business practices, state action and population health isn't political. /siberia/ is for glorified blogposting not serious discussion. It would be like moving a climate change thread to /siberia/.


It looks to be purely a dental issue


File: 1632567480252.jpg (46.57 KB, 596x628, kek.jpg)



pasquale bad mod




Why is blatant liberal sectarianism allowed?


It is not. The posts in question have been punished.


Thank you, you guys earned that hot pocket today


>on the request of a /pol/tard larper for merely acknowledging the fact Israelis are inherently settler colonizers
>implying Israeli not settler colonizers they are God's chosen people
Brugh dude first of all they are no poltard, they are in fact libs. And second why do they have a mentality of a 12 year old??? Fuck Israel and death to the hexagram. But not for what you think it is.


Saying people in that country can't be proles is sectarian, not "merely acknowledging the fact Israelis are inherently settler colonizers".
Also, those posts are shit takes in a shit thread (the whole thread was sunk instead of nitpicking all the shitposts in it) but they aren't saying sectarian things like "[x] can't be socialists".
If we banned everyone who was a shithead and insulted a nation, most of the site would be banned for crimes against burgers. But if you say Americans can't be proles, that's sectarianism.


Same way you quote them in the same thread. Two meme-arrows.



Not a janny but that's blatant sectarianism and also retarded, to claim workers aren't working class. Not everything is outsourced.


File: 1632961697539.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.46 KB, 948x350, 1632653052360.jpg)


heh, got et.


Brief posting downtime for the past 10 minutes due to a silly configuration error. Everything should be back to normal. Sorry comrades.



Can any Janny asshole explain to me why wasn't this zionoid's ip banned yet?


File: 1633039277639.jpg (47.78 KB, 372x527, 1534753961407.jpg)

/itg/ should be deported to /siberia/


He shouldn’t be banned it’s fun to bully him also it should be unsaged


I've seen jannoids banning people for way less offenses, jannies once again proving they're absolute scum


I agree the jannoids are very inconsistent and shit but I don’t believe the stupid zio-hazbot should be banned


In fact he can be our lolcow if you can talk with him


Hazbots are anything but Zionists tbh, and if this shit board bans White supremacists on sight the same should be done against Sionistas, but expecting decency and not hypocrisy from thr scumbag jannoids is too much


Disgusting, Jannoids explain yourselves


Feature suggestion—-
How hard would it be have an edit post feature? Why do no chans have this? Editing a post is a basic CRUD operation that has been implemented a billion times and I can't see how it would be resource intensive or technically challenging to implement.
What is it? Do posts not get assigned an ID?


>Why do no chans have this?
There are chans that allow editing of posts.


>Why do no chans have this?
There are a few (like GETchan).
It's doable, but one issue is that this is a fast-paced board for many hours of the day and I don't think the current auto-reload script can handle updating when posts are edited, so you wouldn't see the changes without a full page refresh. And again, that's doable, but there are significant dev priorities that we'd need to improve before working on that.


>Matrix General Chat - Leftypol General Chat
>You are not invited to this room
Why can it be?


Try this. I'll update the link in the OP.


Yup thanks!


is a reactionary space with little to no actual relation to leftypol.


Most of them there are larpers?


Pizza on /itg/. Jannies help


Those posts have been removed and blocked.






Why though?


it's not sponsored by the mods i guess


nor is created by the mods


it's more accurately described as de-facto


Ok. Is there a reason not to make it the official YouTube though?


>Ok. Is there a reason not to make it the official YouTube though?
well i guess i turn it into official then?





It's better than bot spam. TYBM.


We're being raided with CP again, these raids have become more common.

Maybe the captcha was a good idea after all, and I suggested some time ago something like a "raid mode", basically people that have not posted for 5 days in a row or so (so usual posters) can't post for a while, a white list to filter raiders.


>a white list to filter raiders.
this. also implement a voting system for posts and threads so users can give a negative vote for posts to make them hidden and disappear, conversely they can give positive votes to improve a posts visibility, by moving it up perhaps.


There is no official leftypol channel


because there isn't any yet then i'll just make it official


Anyone else having problems with cloudfare when trying to enter?



When are you going to start banning the false-flag poster that LARPs as black britishman? Posts mostly with the pan-africanism flag, but also uses marx head and anarchism flags. He derails every thread with his inane idpol bs and he never posts anything that isnt idpol. He posts shit like
>demographics in europe are going to displace the white reactionaries
>you can learn about communism in the huffington post
You know who im talking about. Its so fucking obvious. You don't need to err on the side of caution. Just ban him when starts derailing a thread again and nothing of value will be lost. He is no better than the average /pol/schizo.


he's a ban evader



Can they ban people for idpol alone?(yes. read the rules)


post melanin


>5 days in a row
I'm not sure people should be encouraged to be daily users of this website. Leftism primarily needs to occur in meatspace.


Will I get banned for transphobia?


ofc faggot
no discriminatory speech allowed


typical leftist faggot behavior can't so much as be treated unkindly on his echo chamber website kill yourselves


If you can't understand irony, then I'm glad you're leaving.


File: 1634611971309.gif (19.13 KB, 112x112, cope soyjak.gif)


don't let the door hit you



File: 1634761319322.jpeg (7.1 KB, 321x157, proxy-image (1).jpeg)

Why tinyboard vichan and Lianchan are not opensource so we the people can learn and use it for our similar opensource projects in benefit of the masses and proletarians that need access to cool chans.


we need to regulate shitposting to shitposting fridays

ban shitposting inj all other days

also add a mlp board


it is, stupid frog poster.

Nah, it's fun and a vital part of the board. No-one has time bot day-of-the-week moderation, this isn't reddit.
Just use a hobby thread or use the siberia thread. Or /get/, if they're still a pony site.


Censorship Test (to see which words are altered by /leftypol/s safe space "language enhancer" snowflake machine):

1. uyghur
2. Faggot
3. White person
4. Black person
5. Kike
6. Dyke
7. Whore
8. Bitch
9. Fuck
10. Pepe
11. uyghurfaggot
12. Leftists can't meme
13. Trump
14. Brandon
15. Jew
16. Nazi
17. Dindu
18. Beaner
19. Wetback
20. Gook
21. Any other term that triggers leftyfags
22. Snowflake
23. Success
24. Capitalism
25. Common sense
26. Commonsense
27. IQ
28. Intelligence quotient
29. Communism is the equal distribution of poverty
30. The Bell Curve


Silence you Jewish nigger


okay spambot


That's because it's not for safe space bullshit, it's for entertainment.


also to distinguish us from /pol/


Help! Help! I'm being oppressed by the jannies. I can't say my favorite gamer word! Literally 1984!


The filter is worth it, if only for the fact that disc0rd links redirect to the actual FBI website


Did a mod delete the whole fucking South Asia general?? I saw it bump at least within the last 48h so I very much doubt this was a 'slide'


The logs are a pile of shit so there's no way to tell


You realize both the catalog and index pages have a search feature, right? And that your browser has a 'Find in this page' function?
>>374637 ←


I like the new Halloween theme, it should stay forever


File: 1635717966273-0.png (2.89 KB, 192x91, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1635717966273-1.png (9.64 KB, 868x122, ClipboardImage.png)

I just noticed this


hello newfag


There was a thread about Marxist-Leninist states being mutualist, why was it deleted?


Where is the new Land Back thread. The old one filled up.


Mods, get the CIA glowuyghs out of here now.


Only some a very specific word filters:
c.h.u.d., d.i.s.c.o.r.d. and uyghur.
Fuck off.


Also I remove flags so no I won't be able to sockpuppet me
And I also reported it


I always thought the nazi flag should be replaced with the gay nazi flag, just like the nazbol flag


If you've read a fucking book and don't obsess over idpol, maybe you can hold a useful conversation and not get banned. There are some such cases. Otherwise, expect the door.


Why does replying to a thread take me to the bottom of the page so I have to scroll back up to find my place?


it wasn't like this before the recent splits and new software


Default behavior, lainchan does it too. The old site was broken due to a hack that has since been undone, but if it's seen as a feature to not jump down then we can change it.


If you click a post to reply to it, it will take you to the bottom when the thread loads.


>ctrl+f Plato
>0 results
lmfao why does he recommend Aristotle's Politics but not the OG Plato's Polity (The Republic as translated by Cicero)
How fucking disapointing. I was really hoping to argue with him on twitter over philosophy but it seems he hasnt even read the bare minimum LMFAOOOK


It is not like that on 4chan so I thought it was bugged. Its kind of tedious when you are in the middle of reading a long thread and want to reply to a specific post then suddenly you are at the bottom. It also breaks last read post tracking.


I agree. I will create a tracker issue in our git repo, and check to see if other people feel the same about changing the behavior to not jumping down.
update: https://git.leftypol.org/leftypol/leftypol/issues/58


If we moved the servers to Russia or China, we could pretty much do what we want.


Well we might be forced to ban anything anti-dengist if we pick China l'mao.
There are some european hosting companies with a very good reputation for keeping things up (think: wikileaks and pirate bay hosts), or maybe even the 'radical servers' suggestions on riseup.net. At the moment, my guess is that the server choice was based on low costs + stable, since Leftypol is volunteer-run since 8chan died.


Can someone post the current leftypol matrix link here?


Can someone ban the ClipboardImage.png poster? He keeps taking jpeg images and converting them to png to be several times larger than the originals even though they clearly have jpeg artifacts.

Just some recent examples.

Every time I visit this site I see him flooding the site with ClipboardImage.png that are always several MB large when they'd normally be 150kb jpegs. In /siberia/ it's especially bad since he multi-image posts them.


Wow you really found something there. Is this how glowies recognize themselves? A low war of attrition on leftypol servers? Plain autism?


Those posts are from 10 different users. They will not be banned for using the clipboard posting feature, however wasteful it might be.


It kind of defeats the point of implementing the WebP thumbnails when the savings are a teeny fraction of the bandwidth and storage hogged up by the person flooding the site with ClipboardImage.png. If you cared about saving bandwidth and storage (and not waste people's time loading these oversized images due to server latency) then you would implement a backend feature that automatically converts any file uploaded as "ClipboardImage.png" to "ClipboardImage.webp" as a lossy WebP.

Here he is again, a 5 MB PNG that has very clear JPEG artifacts that was probably originally a 0.7MB JPG.


Can you stop banning people who are asking questions about the Rittenhouse trial?

Is it against the rules of the site to ask people in the USA thread for more information

I just got banned for asking whether it was true or not that someone pulled a gun on Rittenhouse. How is that against the rules? How is that against leftism?

As far as I can see, the whole trial is a shitshow american media circus that has fuck all to do with leftism and is more a symptom of America's obsession with guns and violence. So I don't know why you're treating this case as though it's like something important and simply asking a question to establish the facts is seen as banworthy.

What's next? insulting Biden is going to be off the table too? Protip: Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I got my information about someone pulling a gun on Rittenhouse from rightwing media, well then fucking tell me where I'm wrong instead of assuming anyone who doesn't immediatly think that this case is clear cut is a false flagger.


there have been spam issues
it's not like I give a singular shit about this "just asking questions" basically but if there is someone sitting there for hours on end repeating these talking points endlessly it makes discussion impossible.


Calling someone "schizo" should be banned, or filter is at least.


hell naw lol
also fuck off


>It kind of defeats the point of implementing the WebP thumbnails
No it doesn't. Thumbnails are loaded every time you open a board or thread, so even if smaller, they are loaded far more often than full images. Furthermore, there is no expectation for a thumbnail to be identical to the image; it actually undergoes a conversion process.
However, you raise a good point about converting clipboard files. The only reason why we currently don't use .webp file uploads is because people downloading them complain about mass software incompatibility (such as not showing up in file browser thumbnails,file viewers, etc.), so that's why we only use them for files that shouldn't usually be saved and opened on desktop. Otherwise it would be an excellent idea.


>No it doesn't. Thumbnails are loaded every time you open a board or thread, so even if smaller, they are loaded far more often than full images.
When multiple people click the ClipboardImage.png's I'd imagine the bandwidth usage exceeds the cumulative savings from ~4 KB per thumbnail (10 KB JPEG down to a 6 KB WebP) that you got from further compressing thumbnails. And the far higher storage usage should go without saying.
>The only reason why we currently don't use .webp file uploads is because people downloading them complain about mass software incompatibility (such as not showing up in file browser thumbnails,file viewers, etc.)
If someone wants people to be downloading their images that they post, they should not be saving them as oversized ClipboardImage.png's. For uploaders to willfully share images as ClipboardImage (wherever this god-forsaken thing came from… is it Android? Crapple?), it implies they are throwaway images to be shared on an imageboard temporarily, not to be distributed as some important image that other people need to save. That's their problem for saving as ClipboardImage like a retard and hogging up server resources, not leftypol's. Again, this would only apply to file specifically named "ClipboardImage.png" so they become ClipboardImage.webp, I'm not saying all images should be converted to WebP.
>mass software incompatibility (such as not showing up in file browser thumbnails,file viewers, etc.)
Not a good excuse. WebP is supported on Windows Explorer and Windows Photo Viewer since Windows 7 by installing the official WebP codec. If anyone complains, point them to this link:
I know at least Thunar for Linux supports it out of the box. Linux users pride themselves on being bleeding edge software experts so they can figure it out without issue.


>When multiple people click the ClipboardImage.png […]
The point is that merely opening a thread or visiting a board starts the download of thumbnails whether you want them or not. Opening an image is optional. The purpose was that it sped up almost every single page on the client side significantly with almost no user impact. Converting clipboard images (or really, any PNGs) to lossless WebPs would be a great step further in that aspect, I agree, but not doing it doesn't 'defeat the purpose' of thumbnail improvement.
>(wherever this god-forsaken thing came from… is it Android? Crapple?)
Protip: it comes from the clipboard. Like ctrl+v.
And regarding your point, most people with decent internet don't give a shit about image filesize. At all. There is no implication of purpose just because it's a poor format choice. I have often copypasted a meaningful image from an image editor program so that I don't need to save, browse, reupload and delete it.
>Not a good excuse. WebP is supported on […]
This is a good point, as it seems some things have changed since I last checked compatibility; Windows 10 seems to thumbnail it by default and open in Edge if you don't have another default program set, and it opens in MS Paint. People on Win 7 can probably be expected to install add-ons (it's literally EOL by almost 2 years, just move to Linux already lol). Apple Mac appears to handle them fine too.
On the other hand, .webp still causes significant animosity. It's not hard to find hundreds of complains this year by people who 'hate' WebPs.There's even people on this site still using anti-WebP addons. So that's the only real reason why I'm hesitant to see converting any user source images to WebP as a good idea.


>And regarding your point, most people with decent internet don't give a shit about image filesize. At all.
I have a 150 mbps internet plan and on wired connection, but it takes time to load ClipboardImage.png's because I am bottlenecked by your server's latency or bandwidth limit.
>Converting clipboard images (or really, any PNGs) to lossless WebPs would be a great step further in that aspect, I agree
No I said lossy because the vast majority of ClipboardImage.png's uploaded here are JPEG sources.


We're not going to lossy up people's pictures if they're lossless.


Finally got rid of the double-upload button.
If it's showing you two right now, it's your cached javascript doubling up for a little while, Shift+Refresh should force-clear it for this site on desktop.


Thanks based dev anon.


We're getting more /pol/ spam threads.



It’s their way of coping with all those pictures of shittenhouse crying on the front page of pol.




>* No New Threads for Topics with an existing General thread (e.g. USA politics, COVID-19, online personalities, etc.)
Could we start a thread on 'carefree wandering', he's obviously not only an online personality and every time a new video of his drops it gets lost in the endless shit that spews on that thread? Guy's a legit philosophy prof that has bants. He ended his last vid, responding to some Peterson crit.by commenting on how Peterson's takes on Nietzche were a shit, and Pew Die Pie's was better…I mean come on!


This is fine, as it's distinct from the e-celeb drama stuff of /itg/. Thanks for asking first.
A couple of points that might be worth considering when making the thread:
>would this be more useful as a general thread for higher-quality non-ITG video sharing, rather than focusing on a single poster?
>a mod suggested it could also be made in /edu/, however I can understand if this is seen as too suffocating due to low traffic


/pol/yps are shitting up the site again


Why did you fucks delete the Nazbol thread? That was interesting and we wanted to learn more about them.


Fuck off.


We should allow for fedjacketing it actually can be pretty effective in kicking out liberals. Only liberals and feds should be worried about being fedjacketed


File: 1637445623817.jpg (158.52 KB, 1287x921, 0ek56twgwoj71.jpg)


>between munches of lizard kebabs
can feel the soy radiating off this


There are anons that are activly supporting CIA activities which were known to divide the left. It's pretty sus.


Support what activities? Support verbally or actively?


bros what happened to the south asia thread?


The OP is retarded and named it something nobody searches, try more obscure terms. I think SEA works lol


mods, how is this guy not banned yet? its a complete /pol/ bait thread


Still no explanation about picrel? It makes no sense: I go on with an effortpost, no images attached, and it gets blocked. I just write 100 characters, I attach all the pics I want and it gets posted no problem. What's this bs all about?


Fixed. Details: >>618957



Sage, why aren't you in the matrix? Join us for more fun!


stfu namefag


Just posted a reply to >>623128 without realising it was bumplocked
Think it is worth unbumplock to discuss topic in light of what I posted which is a link to an article exposing Yarvin's connections to USA glow >>633007


UN flag pls


We already have democrat, porky and nazi, should cover most of what you would need a un flag for.


File: 1638875780610.png (207.24 KB, 540x360, ClipboardImage.png)

not at all
You can't spell Communism without UN

Now pls gib UN Flag


Why did you guys delete the LGBT thread? The content was actually pretty relevant


Cry about it


we're getting flooded by concern trolls




Has someone bothered to put this on archive.org?


Gutting a thread is one thing. Gutting a thread but leaving all the furshit up is another entirely.
Purge the furfag jannies or this site will die.


What are you talking about? leftypol users aren't psychic.


I'm literally the only furfag janny and I have nothing to do with whatever you're complaining about. But if you're complaining about the furry porn on /siberia/, well, it's siberia, we have no rules that ban porn on there. It's an NSFW board.


Compromise: A U.N. Owen flag


These don't work when there's leftist meme-paragraphs that flash for barely a second or two, its supposed to be fake subtitles not a place to squeeze in an essay.


Due to lag on many devices, the snow is now off by default and can be re-enabled in the [Options] menu.



Why is there a silly hat and is there a way to get rid of it?


Site's birthday.
Go into the [Options] and add this Custom CSS:
[data-board] > .files > :nth-child(1):not(.multifile) > a::before{
content: none;
[data-board] > .files > :nth-child(1).multifile > a::before{


Hi, mod team/janitors/Admins. I talked with a friend about getting funding through ads.
One anon commented it would be a shitton of work trying to avoid losing anonymity, but the friend, who knows I visit this site, he visits this site regularly, told me it is possible to use Brave.
I am not sure up to what extent they are anonymous, and how they do not invade public privacy, but he recommended this, and apparently, they pay on cryptos, so might be worth the try to investigate furthermore.

Kudos, comrades.


let's not


Hi! Thanks for your interest in this topic.
I cannot officially speak for the rest of the staff yet as I haven't directly asked, but I feel confident in saying we have no interest in making money from users, even for non-profit purposes. We don't even have plans to add a cryptocurrency donation address for server costs, and that's a non-intrusive, voluntary method of financial support.
My personal view is that advertisements are in almost all cases both annoying and an exploitation of the user. I recommend using an adblocker on all commercial services, and directly donating to any content creators you wish to support.


Why is my board theme full of gay and faggot instead of red and black?


domo arigato


Got it, my idea was to promote more the board using most of the fundings to
1) Pay the costs of the server.
2) Use the funds to get the promotion of some personalities, like Richard Wolff, who named the board some time ago.
3) Incentivize the board council and its bureaucratic members (mods, janitors, etc)

Anyway, tried my best to search for something anoynomous.
See ya!


i think we need an alternate news thread for bourg news sources like nyt, wapo, ft, etc so we can laugh at the coping liberals


What's up with the hats?


Go ahead
The tech guy who implemented that is off duty but he will take them off once he comes back.


What the absolute fuck is going on.


a mix of ban-evading and multiple repeat offenses in the past made it so that eugene and a few others (like lear) were basically put on a probation where they could keep posting if they obeyed the rules and be treated as ban evaders if they didn't, as it was either that or they were gonna be effectively permabanned

eugene went and posted covid denialism outside the covid thread so we treated him as a ban evader - something we've done in the past and made fairly clear to them, so he knew what he was doing.





File: 1641082940828.png (114.61 KB, 419x287, anti.png)

Based Engels. I hate the middle class and small business owners.


Will you guys please stop posting links to your site on 4chan's /pol/ board and repeatedly telling people to "go post here instead it'll be epic XDDD"
Its honestly just clickbait at this point.


your first mistake was implying that 4/pol/ does not bait the shit out of itself with garbage threads that have absolutely no point whatsoever, because that happens all the time to the point where a left wing politically incorrect raid on your website is nothing but a spec of dust compared to the chance of /pol/ users manufacturing consent like gorillas masturbating to dead orangutan babies
also, are you Croatian or something? I'm just making a guess for the sake of it


Planned maintenance today at around 10 UTC (around 9 hours from this post).
No downtime expected, business as usual.


Is it over??


We survived, comrade.


Planned upgrading today in one hour (11 UTC).

Downtime will occur.

Finished, for now. Let me know if you see strange behavior.


>Let me know if you see strange behavior.
the site is full of retards. is that a feature or a bug?


a feature, ofc


how to embed youtube videos?


Click the embed option between the File and Oekaki options.


Could you provide a screenshot?


File: 1643421074370.png (8.82 KB, 594x381, embed.png)


You can only do it by replying at the top of the page, not from the quick reply box


Thanks, I can't believe I didn't see this before. Should be explicated in the faq tho.



>reasonable alternative
Completely vague non-standard. There is no such thing as "reasonable" or a test of "reasonableness", it's a standard used in law to arbitrarily imprison Black people. I have law journal articles on this but can't recall them currently. I'll be sticking with Juche, thanks.


not to be a dumbfag but how can you apply juche outside of DPRK?

clearly you aren't there now since you have access to this website…


Marxism-Leninism was conceived for Russia but that didn't stop it from being implemented all over the world from East Germany to Vietnam.
Just because Juche as a system was developed with the DPRK's conditions in mind doesn't mean such a system is absolutely impossible to replicate in other countries (although how successfully such an implementation would turn out would widely vary), which is why there's a Juche party in Nepal for example.


that swastika next to the drum is sus af



File: 1644382088687.gif (356.74 KB, 232x194, 1634568283851.gif)



File: 1644431208087.jpg (301.35 KB, 1920x839, IMG_20220209_182033.jpg)

I have just noticed 2001 the Space Odyssey is actually set in a Communist Society because the bags in the film have a Aeroflot Insignia


File: 1644432021100.png (479.59 KB, 1022x479, ClipboardImage.png)

Not quite, it just takes place in a world where the Cold War continues into the "distant" future of 2001. Picrel are supposed to be space nukes still pointed at eachother, though that scene from the film seems to imply relations between the Soviets and Americans have warmed over time.


The sequel has a joint American-Soviet mission to investigate the events of the first film on a Soviet ship.
Tensions rise and the countries come close to nuclear war while the crews are helpless to do anything about it in the outer system.


iOS and non-JS users should now be able to upload multiple images using the basic upload button.
Long overdue but it's here now.

Unique IPs: 137

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