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Here we suggest themes for next month's /roulette/ board topic.

/roulette/ topic for the month of December is:
/spoox/ - Paranormal, horror and the occult

/AK-47/ was made into its own board: >>>/AKM/

Proposals for January:

1 - /long/
OP's must be over 300 characters long and replays must be over 150 character long, maybe do not allow images.

2 - /lifestyle/
basically taking stuff like cooking, fitness, being outdoors, ect and make it into its own distinct thing, which would free up /hobby/ to be mostly about tv, movies, comics, ect

3 - guns and weapons board

4 - transport & city planning

5 - paranormal

6 - roleplay (don't know what the person who proposed it meant by this)

7 - research & philosophy

8 - /NSFW/

9 - /film/ - Movies and TV

10 - /media/ - Movies, TV, comics, etc, and broadly visual enterteinment outside of weeb shit

11 - /civ/ - Civil discussion.
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and /siberia/ for NSFW stuff

/t/ - Torrents
/news/ - Trotskyism
/lumpen/ - Slum (Drugs, Sex, Crime, Making Ends Meet)


When is there a new topic? I suggest /eo/ - esperanto


How about a textboard


I don't want a shitty attempt at recreating 2ch with imageboard software.


/relationships/ could be a nice board imo


it could be an interesting experiment to run some gimmick boards on /roulette/ rather than traditional discussion topic boards.

board where you can only post images
board where you pretend to be on 4chan circa 2012
board where text-posts are automatically fed into a text-to-speech engine and uploaded as files that you've got to click to play.
board where you have to post with an image and that image has to be unique
board where you're automatically given a slowly escalating ban for using the letter 'e' and you try to bait other users into doing so
board with a sub-twitter character limit
board where you get an ID and hovering over it tells you how many posts that ID has made / maybe colour is based on post count.
etc. yeah i know at least 2 of these require more technical effort than it's probably worth, but they illustrate that breadth of ideas is preferable to depth. go wild.

it's unlikely many of them would be kept around once their time was up, but having a short term posting gimmick seems more likely to provoke interest and show interesting trends than trialing regular discussion boards without a clear rationale on what their purpose is. (alternatively: we need /vmg/!)



I know that /edu/ was sorta meant to be that (plus some other boards), but i doesn't really work that much as it is more of level headed discussion place (and it's fine the way it is). Though i want a more memey space than /siberia/ to discuss general history (and humanities).


Long is only a good idea if you HAVE to post a source with it and you have to quote from relevant parts of the source, otherwise its just gonna be an opinion haver waffle off


/AKM/ already covers military history tho

?? What does this stand for?


/vmg/ is "Video Games / Mobile", on 4chan


Requesting a /r/equest board for general /r/equesting needs


No more cringey consumerism boards please.

Let's implement Sage's a research board idea, where you prove shit with citations and stuff.


Make a Spanish speaking board
Hagan una tabla en español


That's an interesting idea.
The reason I personally didn't vote for /long/ last time is that I felt it was kind of what /edu/ is, or that effortposts shouldn't be isolated away on a different board. I do think a dedicated research/debonk board with forced citations is a nice idea, even if it does kind of go into /edu/ territory as well.


/long/ sounds gimmicky as fuck, like something you'd see on the roulette board for a week or so before it gets old.


>The reason I personally didn't vote for /long/ last time is that I felt it was kind of what /edu/ is
I think integrating the functionality into /edu/ would be a great improvement, it may increase the activity to the board.
I disagree, it would be a training-ground for people to finally level up in their argumentative skills on here.


>I disagree, it would be a training-ground for people to finally level up in their argumentative skills on here.
lol the destiny/jontron debate has irreversibly damaged the internet


Edu will get more posts by… increasing the restrictions on the board.


Maybe it could be an option at the reply-box? So when you make an OP you can set the feature vs not.


Let's make a /theory/ board so we can finally ban politics from /edu/ and it can be used for discussing learning about shit instead of just brainwashing yourself into some Leninist imbecile.


>ban politics from education

anon, I…


do meme LARPers love reinventing fascism a thousand times over or what


I mean fascism is definitely the most laughable ideology, tho Nazcentbol is more a criticism of neoliberalism than fascism


If you want to talk about politics, go to /leftypol/, there's no point in having two boards for that.


Point is you can't ban politics from education, and if you try you just get Wikipedia (t. 'neutral' but actually neocon)


Are you "trolling" or just really dumb?


I know the whole project of roulette is dead as fuck, but i just want to state my interest in a /bantz/ board.
Thank you for your time.


How different would that be from siberia?


Should just have a /hangout/ thread on the main page


Seconding this


Suggesting /co/ since we have oodles of /leftyco/ threads


Sounds good, as long as furries are honorary members


here's an idea

call it /cheka/ or /nkvd/ or something
A board for gathering information on people. Each person or group gets a thread. No cyclicals, when they get full they get archived. There's a sticky with links to archives, and when a thread fills up and gets archived, the link gets posted there. This way any time somebody is like "redpill me on X, are they based?" or "hey anybody got that clip of Agent Kochinski being a pedo?" or whatever else, they can just be linked to the relevant thread/post and there's no need to rely on whoever is around happening to have or know what is being asked for.


isn't that a bit of a thin line to doxxing?


this retard wants a whole board for ISG lmao


File: 1657395026570.jpg (54.83 KB, 618x391, video games.jpg)

sure why not


an investigative board would be cool in general


>communist kiwifarms
this will surely end well


Board idea: /gossip/. If we bring in toxic females, then we'll get regular women as well


you know what, fair enough
I should have used Bill Gates or something as the example, but you just see people talking about e-celebs here more so that's the first example that I thought of.


Here's a cool board idea:
/praxis/ - organizing and implementing political strategy



I thought about that too, but praxis means nothing without people putting things to practice. 99.99% of the people on the board are your average film/game consuming 16-25yo who has no interest in doing the work necessary.


Sounds like a convenient excuse to keep doing nothing.


What kind of praxis are you thinking of?
We're very geographically diverse (not useful in organization) and low-traffic (not useful for unsubtle brigading) and public (not useful for subtle brigading). Best I would hope for is proaganda production like /fascist/ attempted (poorly lol)…. and /draw/ doesn't fill me with optimism for that.


Could be good
<blogposting about experiences (identifying information removed ofc)
<talking about upcoming, ongoing, or past major actions
<agitprop general


The point is to create a dedicated space to discuss these very problems, come up with solutions in service of long-term goals, and constantly evaluate progress. Everyone starts from somewhere.


and some people start nowhere and go nowhere
such is life



Let's assume that a board to discuss praxis will be made. In an ideal scenario, what would you want to see posted there?

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