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Let's talk about forced anon.

Why force anon?
Anonymity provides many benefits that other leftist communities don't provide.
>drama reduction
>removal of prejudice in responses, removing many potential causes of fallacious arguments (conscious or otherwise)
Users taking on identities encourages negative behaviors.

There are some potential cases where an identity might be appropriate within a single thread, but users taking board-wide identities are antithetical to the strengths of this site. Their identity serves no purpose but to satisfy the ego.

<b-but muh leftytrash community!

Take it to GETchan, Matrix or just have namefaggotry on /siberia/ only. There are many, many communities purpose-built for those values. This should not be one of them.


keep the name field and make it an automatic ban if you use it


Ok Shii.


File: 1645420366625.jpg (498.12 KB, 1433x2048, 1645365870604.jpg)

The westernoid is incapable of looking at a name field and only filling it when it is necessary and relevant to the thread.
Names and tripcodes were meant to be disposable, not a stand-in for forum registration. This is also why secure tripcodes are a travesty, as tripcodes have to be uncrackable for the same reason as stated previously.


t. found out about /r/4chan a few years ago



Impersonating trip users is praxis.
Trip is always ## password


and now you're sticking up for the annoying bastard impersonating you? fucking tripfags, man…




trip codes are like the perfect solution for identifying posts online (inb4 inane rambling about how text/imageboards have some ethos)
they're not attached to a pretentious profile, maybe a post history at best, and of course they allow for some basic identification, which posters are allowed to desire


Shut up westerner


>inane rambling about how text/imageboards have some ethos
you mean japanese culture? faggot.


names have always been used on 2channel lmao


Sure, though capcodes are more common than tripcodes on 2ch. On Futaba you barely see them used and many boards have forced anonymity turned on.
Tripcodes simply aren't used without a good reason, usually when OP needs to identify themself on a thread where his identity is of importance which helps bypass the issue with IDs changing at midnight or when the current thread reaches 1000 replies and gets locked, so you know it's the OP from the previous thread.
Like I said, they're disposable, not a registration system. It is because of narcissistic western culture that you see tripcodes being used so often even on an imageboard with barely any users.


>It is because of narcissistic western culture that you see tripcodes being used so often
nah, the opposite
there's an almost unique vitriol against the use of trips on english language IB's
and cross-thread continuity is a big reason for trip's, yes


>there's an almost unique vitriol against the use of trips on english language IB's
tripfags feed off the attention. besides, all that vitriol and tripfags still exist. there's like 10-15 on this website lol


>Anonymity counters vanity. On a forum where registration is required, or even where people give themselves names, a clique is developed of the elite users, and posts deal as much with who you are as what you are posting. On an anonymous forum, if you can't tell who posts what, logic will overrule vanity. As Hiroyuki, the administrator of 2ch, writes:
>>If there is a user ID attached to a user, a discussion tends to become a criticizing game. On the other hand, under the anonymous system, even though your opinion/information is criticized, you don't know with whom to be upset. Also with a user ID, those who participate in the site for a long time tend to have authority, and it becomes difficult for a user to disagree with them. Under a perfectly anonymous system, you can say, "it's boring," if it is actually boring. All information is treated equally; only an accurate argument will work.

You can already see this happening here, i.e. Junko (I think she's a mod now?).


>i.e. Junko (I think she's a mod now?).
Never has been.
To my understanding, the only namefag, tripfag or avatarfag (excluding of course mods adding their name when relevant in things like the voting thread, or historical 'I'm Leaving!' posts) was Caballo, and they haven't done that for a long time.


I shouldn't have added that parenthesis. I only used Junko as an example of a clique being formed on an anonymous imageboard, regardless of her being a mod or not. There were threads about her personal life just now and in general some other users like to obsess over the personal lives of tripcoders for some reason.


>anons do dumb shit because they go ape mode over seeing a trip
>this is the fault of users with a tripcode somehow


by this logic social media isnt to blame for how people act on their platforms despite being engineered to cause that, dumb greentexter


If you go to an anonymous board and flaunt your identity around, then yes, it is definitely your fault.
Names are optional, so if you don't want to deal with the consequences of using one then you can leave the field empty, you know?
Or go to places with enforced pseudonymity too, but I guess people with big egos and nothing to show for them can only stand out here instead of traditional forums or social media.


I agree with that, and I think its a bad practice for her to continue to use it.
Yes. It is literally them making a conscious decision to violate cultural expectations.


social media doesn’t need to engineer losers to be losers
literal peasant reasoning
“nuh it’s the way it is”


>“nuh it’s the way it is”
Are you being willfully ignorant about the parts in the thread where it was explained why it is the way that it is, and the values we see in that intentional decision?
It's not an appeal to status quo as if that's the only reason why the culture exists, as your 4chan-esque paraphrasing suggests.


>removal of prejudice in responses, removing many potential causes of fallacious arguments (conscious or otherwise)
on the contrary, it leads to a different variety of fallacious argument.

i'm no fan of using avatars and i am ambivalent to tripcodes, but one thing you'll learn when you consistently use one flag is how lazy people are. post stalinist apologia under a trotskyist flag and watch how many people will accuse you of defiling stalin's legacy with your newspaper selling cope because they read the flag, not the post.
(but perversely, this is an excellent way of filtering out posters who you don't want to reply to you at length.)

"meant to be" is a meme.
what is "meant to be" is site dependent, not software dependent. if someone wants to make an imageboard where everyone uses a secure tripcode, more power to them. it's infinitely better than a registration based forum because the worst thing about registration by far is that it takes fucking effort. (unless you "sign in with google", but i'd rather sign myself up for a lethal injection.)

why not kill yourself since that's also Japanese culture? why do you, non-Japanese, only pick and choose the bits you like for enforcement?

>literally quoting shii
the fact that people collect (you)s tells you immediately that the idea anonymity is an effective counter to vanity is bullshit. no, what anonymity does is transmute the pursuit of vanity. if i want (you)s, there's no obligation to have consistency distract me from getting them. nobody will call me out for being a maoist yesterday and a bennite today.

furthermore 'All information is treated equally' is one hell of a monkey's paw. theoretically, what happens is that you engage properly with a post - in reality, people take shortcuts. one use of (say) "problematic" marks your post as that of an outsider, and people respond as such. instead of going "oh, that's johnsmith69, he's a cocksucker" people go "oh, that's a Tumblr word, ""she""'s a cocksucker"

that said, this is bad. i will say that personalized discussion of one's personal life is distasteful. it's fine for an imageboard to have recognizable guys, but there should be limits on the learning curve. anyone should be able to use them immediately without having to learn people's life story, or without having to push your way in to a group of people who already know one another.

in short, ease of use is the imageboard's main advantage - anonymity is secondary.


"anonymity is an effective counter to vanity" is also a pointless argument in itself
"[in-built chastity cage] is an effective counter to [personal insult]"
>furthermore 'All information is treated equally' is one hell of a monkey's paw. theoretically, what happens is that you engage properly with a post - in reality, people take shortcuts. one use of (say) "problematic" marks your post as that of an outsider, and people respond as such. instead of going "oh, that's johnsmith69, he's a cocksucker" people go "oh, that's a Tumblr word, ""she""'s a cocksucker"
there is a fuck ton of cancerous "thing noticing" and passive aggressive psychoanalyzing on chans because of this


Flags are bad just like tripcodes and avatars, sure, I don't see why anyone would disagree. All this le epic bant culture that started on /int/ is fucking cancer.


File: 1645742083236.gif (1.75 MB, 240x180, 1628288240745.gif)

I come to imageboards precisely to avoid attention-seeking idiots with huge egos and cliques, is it that hard to understand?


>there is a fuck ton of cancerous "thing noticing" and passive aggressive psychoanalyzing on chans because of this
people are always looking for a way to segment the ingroup from the outgroup. the idea we can circumvent that by technological means short of a brain implant is very, very optimistic.

selectable flags on 8leftypol actually generated an interesting little cultural offshoot which hasn't really recovered yet. both because people would tend to actually flag their ideological tendencies (without an awkward "as a maoist…" in text), and because of where flags sit between being anonymous and being named. typically, only one person goes by a given name - but multiple people can-and-do use the same flag. so you tend to get some recognition as "this particular leninhat poster", but that's it - it's not it's not SohnJith, it's not SohnJith!Ep8pui8Vw2, it's not JohnSmith69, it's not John Smith of 123 Fake Street, son of John Smith Sr, Social Security Number 123456789. All you've got to work with is the flag - and unlike nationality flags on /int/, that doesn't have the effect of essentially making Americans anonymous, British people semi-anonymous, and everyone else "the [nationality] poster", because there's no guarantee that a given flag-poster only posts under that flag. perhaps they only use that flag for a certain kind of posts.

it's particularly interesting because /pol/ also has selectable flags, but perhaps because it also has user IDs, a flag culture never seemed to develop there.


you don't need a brain implant to not be chauvinistic


that simply entails behaving agreeably to an outgroup, which is distinct from recognizing them as an outgroup. it's the latter that is hardwired.


the socdem flag should've clued me in ig


a good compromise could be resetting the hash seed weekly or monthly


Flags are a midpoint. On one hand, there are certainly people who use it as an effectively unique identifier (e.g. Leninhat) rather than many people using flags like Eureka, Ancap and Egoism
On the other hand, I must say I enjoy one-off use of memeflagging as a cultural element and an irony signal.


Or rather disable secure tripcodes entirely. Snacks only added that because everyone back then was a fucking goon.


or you could stop trying to grasp at empty cultural signifiers from a website that hasn't been good for about as long as you've been alive
shii doesn't even have a personal wiki anymore, why stick doggedly to his doggrel from 2003? the future of western imageboards, if any, lies in looking forwards - not backwards, and certainly not backwards at ideas which were dubiously correct in their own environment, where the dominant form of interactive communication was traditional forums, let alone in the modern environment where the dominant form is wanky social media services.


looking forward is when you try to turn imageboards into social media


I would like to ask the thread: are there any legitimate motivations in this site for tripcodes (assuming no name field)?

Additionally, are there any uses for the email field either? It can be replace quite easily with an options field (sage, noko/nonoko)


If you want this place to be twitter or fbi.gov so badly why not go there? Fuck off lol.


>are there any uses for the email field either?
>(sage, noko/nonoko)
you answered yourself


The implied question was, are there any other uses that the options field does not fulfill? I'm assuming your answer is 'no'.
And if that's the case, an options drop-down would be much better from a user experience point of view.


it's essentially impossible for this to happen. the only reason you imagine this can happen is because you're caught up in the naive elitist mindset of a 4chan user, thinking that websites are made by their users rather than their software. even an imageboard with a real names rule and mandatory secure tripcode use would take on a different form to current social media (even twitter, which allows pseudonyms!)

read mcluhan or perish.

there are no legitimate or illegitimate uses for pieces of site functionality.
(here's a gimmick i wonder if anyone's caught: i sometimes hide messages in the e-mail field. stuff like "i bet he's going to say x lol…" that i could hypothetically call back to if he replies "x")


also for the audience, can we just laugh for a moment that secure tripcodes, something that's been around on imageboards for longer than any of the people whining about them, are apparently going to turn imageboards into twitter?

oh to live in the mind of a literal child with such a time horizon. oh to fear such unrealistic hells.


very honest posts, really goes to show the kind of people who support tripcodes


>thinking that websites are made by their users rather than their software
You're implying this by arguing that allowing indiscriminate tripcode use doesn't matter though,


Better imageboards have more options to use in the email field (like id) and also let you use multiple commands at the same time.


it's less a matter of support and more a matter of opposition to the opposition, since those opposed are symbolic of everything that prevents western imageboards from being run properly since they'd rather try to grasp at tenuous claims to the mantle of "old 4chan" or similar tedious bollocks.

look at the state of /roulette/ or cross-compare our PPH to /leftypol/'s all time peak peak and then tell me the biggest problem with this site is that someone can make their name dickhead##cocksucker

it doesn't matter. the way that threads are structured, the integration of image-posting with text-posting, the way in which threads are listed, and a billion other factors all lie ahead of what appears in the name box. even a site in which everyone has a username (not itself a desirable thing) can take on different structures of site use.

there has been, to my memory, no major incarnation of /leftypol/ that has forced anonymity. forced anon is a placebo for a disease that doesn't exist.


any more gen z'ers want to get their white noise rants about "imageboard culture" off their chests?


if you disagree with me youre a child. i am very mature


>social media doesn’t need to engineer losers to be losers
This is idealism


it is entirely possible to disagree with me with a point, or at least to take a novel angle as an adult. "tripcodes are bad because the main people they'd appeal to, username-users, are not imageboard-using enough to understand the concept" for example would be a new argument. it would come from the terrible angle of "some people don't understand a feature, so delete it" that will be on the death warrant for many computer programmers come revolution (as well as once again believing that users shape sites rather than sites shaping users), but that's at least the argument of an adult [un]gainfully employed in making the world a worse place, rather than a child who thinks that if we bring back forced anon he'll be the funniest guy in the room for posting desu again. if that doesn't work, try making /fur/ and then banning everyone who posts on it. hey, it worked for moot. (who now works for google, doubtless cutting away features because users don't understand them desu.)

not that i'm mature, of course, simply being geriatric enough to realise having used 4chan for a long time doesn't make you a based oldfag, it makes you someone who's wasted far too long of their life.


>look at the state of /roulette/
The problem of /roulette/ is that the mods completely gave up on it. Nobody wanted /spooks/ and then the mods just said fuck it and decided to not try another topic again for whatever reason, even though many anons have given many good suggestions in the first thread on there for other topics.


The general theory is that anonymity is this moral virtue that makes people humble and posts focus on the topic at hand, which in addition to not being all that appealing (who wants boring encyclopedic/academic discussions without context?), is also really not true in practice. There's lots of 2-bit stereotyping and profiling, and you will regularly get psychoanalyzed if you post something that tips someone off.

Also, you can kind of get a feel for the stereotype of the average channer if you lurk long enough and come across the more confessional stuff; turns out they're just as flat and predictable as their projections. They're generally the type to have been the class clown or hang-around friend of the popular kids in grade school, kind of like the people who can follow along with normative behaviour but kind of socially aren't there. Once they reach adulthood, they almost always go into post-secondary education, and this becomes a melodramatic turning point for them. They are utterly thrown out into a big mass where there is no clear in-group anymore, and also their peers engage in stuff that's extremely disturbing to their conservative, ultra-normative worldview, such as individual agency, libertine sexuality and especially LGBT sexuality/expression. They deeply covet unrealistic expectations of conventionality from partners of their age, wanting a long-term relationship that can become marriage, they develop megalomaniac desire for special status, and also seek out racial supremacism and nationalist exceptionalism as ideologies in their nostalgic desire for a chauvinistic in-group. This is why they love anonymous forums so much, they don't have to put in the effort of getting to know anyone, however they still have these ultra-conservative, ultra-conventional worldviews and the repetitive, cyclical nature of discussion with the focus on collective norms appeals to them a lot.


Ignoring the second paragraph
No matter what you think is anonymous' fault's identityfags are worse in every way


why are you ignoring the second paragraph


In My case, it's more complicated. I use both a nickname and a flag 'cause there is no "ego-transhumanist" flag. I am an egoist anarchist first but I am also interested in transhumanist ideas unlike some more primitivist/post-civ egoist anarchists (whom I still respect as fellow Stirnerites and post-leftists).


Go to therapy. If you read the second paragraph and identified with it, go to therapy.
No shame in it. I hope you get better.


You know what? I can probably merge with other egoist anarchists by using an egoist anarchist flag. Still would be nifty to have an… ego-transhumanist flag or something. But maybe I will stick out like a sore thumb.

Actually, great idea, anon. The less there is an ability to identify you, the less data the glowies can collect on you. Also, identity is a spook that influences the way you behave.


>Go to therapy
how would that help channers? i think they should be shot, personally


Actually, the fact that this isn't the case here surprises Me. One would think that the key feature of an anonymous image board is being anonymous.


/pol/tards and smooth-brained reactionaries are kicked-out anyway. And even if they aren't, the sheer fact that they're surrounded with Marxists and Stirnerites should make them throw their computer out of the window in horror.


Anything helps. People here are generally ok.
>Also, identity is a spook that influences the way you behave.
Exactly. You're already doing it by identifying as egoist, but whatever.


I mean, Stirnerian egoism will influence My behavior regardless of whether I put on a flag or not. Most people are guided by some humanist morality or a caricature of, say, nihilist stereotypes. Or it can be racial superiority, nationalism or social Darwinism. The point of egoism is that it rejects such things. So the egoist core will be there with Me while everything else may shift around and twist and melt away. Egoism is an anti-ideology. It rots other ideologies like a termite. That's why if you get rid of it, you are bound to adopt some other spooked ideals to replace it because you will have no ability to interact with the world around you whatsoever, leaving you as some kind of a vegetable or something.


To continue. Now, egoist anarchism may be a fixed idea. But. It may as well come from a simple fact that Stirnerites simply do not want to be told what to do. Anarchy as a system is also more flexible because there is noone above you who is giving you orders, thus you can better figure out what's in your best interest yourself. It's also a consensus, I simply support it because most Stirnerites agree on this and I want to extend My power through them and share experience and knowledge with them. It's simply easier to figure out strategies with fellow Uniques when you have a clear direction to move towards.


You know, we can just reduce the flags to the core thinkers (Marxism, Stirnerism, Proudhonism, Hitlerism). That way the flags will still convey from what ideas people are coming from as well as their common interests while not overspecializing and using overly specific flags to identify themselves and thus giving more data to glowies. Also a good way to detect raiding /pol/tards and radlibs. Like, WTF is an atheist flag? Marxists and Stirnerists already intersect with atheism so it's kinda redundant.




I am more Egoist than you merely for the fact that I reject such categorization. There are aspects of Stirner's texts that I have made my own, but just as much as my upbringing, my mistakes, my successes, my work shape the way I think. I don't call myself a follower of begged-for-a-blowjob-once-ism because it is not usually relevant to what I am saying, except now of course. That doesn't mean I don't think about it or the situation in my life that led to that moment aren't signifcant to how I think.

For example, at the beginning of this post, I am saying I am more Egoist than you. After I click submit, that temporary label I ascribed myself for the purpose of this post is gone, and I go back to being an incongruent incohesive mess of mediated identities and immediate being, all mediated by the permanent and unsescapable existence of ideology. "Anti-ideology" is nothing more than "better" ideology, or meta-ideology.

Anyways, you're spooked. You will reject this because you have made "anti-spooking" part of your identity.


If I am anti-spook that does not mean I do not contain spooks. Also, you cannot be more "egoist" than Me. If you've read Stirner, you already know that all people are already egoists, they are just not conscious egoists. Without re-evaluating your beliefs and opinions you do not stop being an egoist. You just become a merely unconscious one. If you are unable to re-evaluate your fixed ideas (be "anti-spook") then nothing stops you from blindly following an idea, by which point you, again, become an unconscious egoist. In which case, what is the point of calling yourself "more egoist" at all if you do not focus on maximizing your self-interests in the first place? You are not any different than any dogmatic ideologue at all then, especially if you create such a fixed idea of egoism not for your self-enjoyment, but as something you're "suppossed to" follow in order to be "more egoist" (which is a statement as absurd as demanding someone to be "more human").


The name field has been a staple of image boards for literal decades. If people want to identify themselves for the purpose of a thread, then they should.

The most cancerous part about identities has always been people spamming 'muh tripfag' instead of writing a relevant reply

Everyone on this board should use flags, it was much nicer back on old leftypol when you could actually identify what position someone was coming from. I agree with >>17965 in that flag culture was something worthwhile.

Incisive, although perhaps a bit generalizing. I'd agree that the typical channer is lonely and in search of an in-group, but the root of reactionary politics is more in broader board culture than just being an anon.

Newfriend detected, anonymity was always meant to be an optional default rather than an enforced meta-identity


from the front page:
>Leftypol is an imageboard where users can post anonymously.
not an anonymous imageboard, an imageboard where users can post anonymously.
flags, names, and even tripcodes only make a difference to the most technically incompetent glowies.


Agree with op.
But I mostly just like watch namefags screech when you threaten to take their stupid little handles away.


>not an anonymous imageboard, an imageboard where users can post anonymously
disingenuous and/or autism, imageboards are also called anonymous forums


as usual theres a cultural barrier going on and translating the anonymous BBS format from japan to america was a fucking disaster that also infected the rest of western imageboard culture (thank you 4chan for the disservice despite not even being the first english imageboard)


blame the post-2008/2010 influxes, not 4chan itself


lol in the first year of 4chan moot made a sticky and global announcement that every user should use a tripcode because its just like SA registration! it was also common in the 2000s to shit on 4chan on textboards and smaller imageboards - some even banned you for posting shit from 4chan - and 20 years later their "chan culture" has infected every other imageboard and nobody wants to do anything different because why bother really, at best youll end up turning into a slower 4chan anyway


wtf is this revisionism lmao


? 7chan banned you for posting 4chan memes and textboards made fun of you for speaking in "chan" lingo, but go off i guess


File: 1652914182358.jpg (104.7 KB, 896x622, 1421892792111.jpg)

Reminder that originally moot wanted to make 4chan an anime forum with mandatory tripcode registration but couldn't figure out how to code that functionality in. I mean, he was a 13-year-old who barely knew enough about Futaba to take their source code and machine translate it at the time.
4chan had tripcodes working and taken up in mere months by almost everyone on the site. It was a very ID-centric community from day 1 because they all came from SA and IRC (#RH) at first. Then they whined endlessly that their tripcodes - which were meant to be disposable on 2ch/Futaba - had been cracked, so these retards decided to implement secure tripcodes. Then backpedaled a bit and made the "secure tripcodes are for jerks" banner.


full of meme shitters and was built on the dregs of 4chan anyways


Anonymity facilitates changing your mind when you are wrong. Trippers are insufferable because they have the same bad takes for years.


is this bait


find evidence of a tripfag changing their mind or admitting they were wrong.


find evidence that the cum lodged in your colon isn't of my DNA


Name a time I was wrong, in fact, being anonymous allows you to continually be wrong and never have to face any backlash


>"forced" anon
I always love how this request is always framed in terms of forcing, as if the people who want genuine anonymous discussion are being coercive towards the poor tripfags. How about just stop providing a conduit for obnoxious attention whoring? The only time I've ever seen this feature put to proper use is when some celebrity stops by an image board to engage with anon on matters pertaining to themselves, and that certainly hasn't happened on leftypol.org yet.


That backlash is useless noise
You generate a lot of it by using trip
Drop the trip loser


It's becoming increasingly obvious that most of the users here, and the mods, have no fucking clue what the point of Chan/Imageboards are.
Instead of largely just a free spirited leftist shitposting forum, it's becoming the exact same little butthurt fiefdom of a few butthurt MLMs that seemingly every Communist online community becomes.


It's really sad that this appears to be happening again. I can't seem to envision how to prevent it through traditional image board structures.


do tell what's the point


I neither agree nor disagree but what does this have to do with forum anonymity


>It's becoming increasingly obvious that most of the users here, and the mods, have no fucking clue what the point of Chan/Imageboards are.
Hosting images and discussing them.
Everything else is spooks.


>Hosting images and discussing them.
i love this newfag talking point because futaba didnt allow images at first lmao and they still have a [] No Image checkbox when making a new thread after all this time




File: 1683026228540.jpg (13.5 KB, 474x355, th-3243732546.jpg)

A lot of you sound like amerilards talking about the founding fathers don't you? Do you enjoy being retarded? No matter.
It's a rhetorical question. When you ask a rhetorical question that means you don't expect an answer.
damn, that's brutal
imageboard autism
Weirdly enough, didn't make this post
or this
not sure about this one


greentexters are absolutely incoherent, what the fuck are you even trying to say


It's not that big of a deal, especially with how few people use it. If anything, it makes problem users like tingnoter declare themselves, likely lending to easier moderation. Also GET isn't an entirely sufficient successor since a lot of people here don't like the whole loli thing.




Flags are part of the charm of the website. It would not be as popular as it has been historically without the flags i guarantee you


It's actually chan tradition to end up a slow burned-out husk filled with incel rants and wandering spambots


If that's tradition why did it never happen before 2012.


Channers killing themselves when they realize having an IP address (an identity) is a prerequisite to using the internet


So true. I feel our post are getting worse. Anything we need to talk about?


Well there were definitely spam bots back then, but incelism wasn't that popular among children until around gamergate and related glowops of the time. The age of the cross armed rantsona YouTuber changed how kids interacted with the web for a long time, and trying to make a new Imageboard without that influence requires operating in secrecy and still being prepared for constant siege.


my god this thread is over a year old

imo the namefags haven't said anything extremely lolcow worthy in a while


There was always resentful misogyny on the internet, it just didn't have a meme label yet

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