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Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here. Please try not to spam this thread or make multiple posts on the same issue, as this makes it harder for us to respond to issues.

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70% right 30% wrong, deal with it


Thanks for removing wojaks and other nonsense can you guys get rid of greentexting next?


Nah, this isn't 7chan did ponychan remove it too? i never bothers checking that place


File: 1678259367920.jpg (190.04 KB, 1200x1413, I WILL SUCK YOUR COCK.jpg)

>all it takes to ruin society is a few people buttbumping


just make a custom CSS where greentext / orangetext is the same color as regular text


why was the international working women's day thread deleted? the "joke" in the second part was only because of the word limit. A mod could have edited it.

no wonder nobody comes here any more except children .


I don't know to what extent you are serious but two things.
I felt like we could have a better thread than that and I don't what that "joke" was supposed to mean, it sounded rather nonsensical.
Also it is usually not an excuse for shoddy work but I have really many things to do today.


Now you banned me as "Spam IP" for: making 1 (one) thread OP and asking 1 (one) question in /meta/ about why the thread is deleted.

I'm asking this in the most sincere way possible: what the fuck is wrong with you, you powertripping dweeb?


If you are sincere, I have a lot on my plate


Also that is a totally different IP
Guess I should say you almost got me


>I have a lot on my plate
Literally nobody cares. If you can't handle it then kill yourself instead of complaining like a little faggot.


File: 1678301073834.jpg (32.61 KB, 500x372, offended.jpg)

I may deign to kill myself (highly unlikely) or not.
Until such a time I am no longer here I continue my work. When I am no longer here, the work still continues.


When you do eventually decide to off yourself, please do let me know and I will happily buy you the rope.


You are absolutely unnecessary to anything, ever.


I am a valued and productive member of society with a skillset which allows me to not be easily replaced. I have a family and a few close friends who would deeply miss me if I was gone.
Whereas you… I don't think anyone would care very much if you died. It may sound harsh but that's the reality.


I am very skeptical of those claims but whatever


How come? Most people have these things, definitely at least the latter. You know not everybody is as pathetic as you are.


Guess I am going to say it one more time. I am exceedingly confident I have done more than you, seen more than you, had relationships with way more people than you.


Even if that was true, what would it matter? Here you are, whining about being unequipped to deal with what are almost certainly minor inconveniences, on a small internet forum you moderate for free.

To be brutally honest, all your post tells me is that deep down you know your life has peaked. It's really quite sad.


amusing little man/child


m00dy did you really IP ban someone for a transphobic haiku?? all their posts are gone and it didn't even seem that bad


just looking at the one thread looks like they did a lot more


The IP range ban is bullying me again and won’t let me post!



if you can't ban evade on this board, moderated by a flock of morons, don't know what to tell you. lol


why was the Graham Hancock thread saged/anchored? I thought mods had to explain their actions, or are you not doing that any more?

It's funny how human ice age history that can't be proven/disproven based on current evidence, is rejected in favour of the mainstream view, meanwhile Lysenko threads stay up, despite modern genetics disproving Lysenkoism once and for all.

At least move the thread to /siberia/ or /edu/ rather than anchoring it. I have responded to everyone in the thread, even those who came to mock and ridicule, rather than engage.

Why anchor it? It has more replies out of the top ~20 threads that aren't generals. It obviously strucka nerve with some and people were engaging with the topic.

Do you just anchor every popular thread or what?


What the hell?
So you mean I can get rid of any thread I don't like by giving it a few shit replies?


>Didn't read the second part
>Didn't understand the second part
>Deliberately ignored the second part
Either an utter incompetent or malicious at least.
I'll undo and put in a report/complaint or whatever


>I'll undo and put in a report/complaint or whatever
thank you.


Is “class reductionism” considered IdPol?


why are you ban evading


Are you still beating your mom?


He is not the ban evader.


When you think about it ban evasion doesn't actually exist. It's just a "construct". So how can there be ban evaders?


>construct = not real
ok /pol/


Wtf are you on about?


One anon claimed that class reductionism is considered IdPol. I corrected that class reductionism is not considered IdPol but the absence of it. Why was I banned for this?


anon say 'Black Trans Lives Matter'


Because you need to go back to /pol/


You are still most boring and predictable, little man


Hey, is there a way to retract a report? I reported something by mistake.


Hi thanks for not banning my dumb ass yet :)


Did the jannie army suppress some revolts recently?


I don't know what they did but I'm glad they did it.


Pathetic jannies self simping


Hello, mods, I come with another petition.

Can you move my thread back to /leftypol/? If anything, it should be moved to /hobby/, /tech/ or /edu/. (Yes, /edu/ because even if a topic starts with what you think is a wrong premise or statement, it is still an opportunity to educate. Not my fault the libs are failing at that.

Furthermore, the thread is not "off-topic" because:
>talks about how a lost civilisation relates to HistMat in the OP
>talks about liberals and their arguments against communism
>talks about liberal capitalist institutions and how they end up being gatekeepers
>talks about differences and measuring of scientific theories
>we even talked about Nazis and fascists, esoteric Nazism and stuff, that alone makes it "on-topic"
It is not reactionary either, even though the rules allow reactionary shit. No, going against liberal ideology does not make one a "reactionary".

The liberals in the thread posted the MiniMinuteman youtube "debunk" 3-4 times. The guy is obviously a fucking lib, complete with limp-wrists and lame jokes. I can't wait until he comes up with a youtube video why Marx was an idiot or how capitalism is actually super cool. Then posting his videos will be frowned upon, until then, let's all rally behind the fucking liberals, because that worked out for people in the past, right?

How do people on this board not get it by now that allying with liberals or carrying water for them does not help us one single bit?


oops forgot the link to thread in question (it is the Lost Civilisation "schizo" one)


To add, I don't think it's cash money that one lib came into the thread and shouted "Nazi! Nazi! Nazi!" then after a few days incredulously asked how the thread is still going. As if everyone has the attention span of a youtube addict with a fried brain. Then the libs practically bullied the jannies to move the thread to /siberia/, effectively killing it, because God forbid 1 thread out of 350 threads is about something they don't like or don't agree with.

Where is the person who cares about Nazism so much now? Where are the truth-seekers and arbiters of science and pseudoscience?

It is obvious I was discussing in good faith, and bringing up various topics relevant to politics and our communist project. Yet people couldn't get past the title, despite the effort.

Then people ask "but why is it only soyjaks and shitposting???" Cause any time anyone puts effort into a slightly different or novel thread, it gets anchored, deleted or moved to /siberia/. Every thread has to fulfill a million requirements, so catalog is left with generals, simple questions from rightoids that have been answered a million times before, or bait/shitposts.

Like fuck you, go make effort posts about the topics you want. Don't fucking hang there on a rope like a fucking lazy mussel, opening your mouth, filtering what comes through, waiting for a tasty morsel in the form of an effortpost.


your thread about owning da libs belongs on /siberia/ at best
cope + ratio


Why do Lysenkoism threads belong on /leftypol/?

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