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Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here. Please try not to spam this thread or make multiple posts on the same issue, as this makes it harder for us to respond to issues.

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Is it reasonable of me to assume that /usapol/ in particular seem to be raided by a few specific individuals who work in tandem with one another? Like there is a guy who says reasonable shit and then right after that there is a flood of one-line responses indicating that they agree with his posts even if they don't reply to his points. It's just suspicious.


File: 1667931770183.png (528.92 KB, 1282x765, 1634574121163.png)

If you're going to ban for idpol on leftypol, then don't be hypocrites and ban everyone in the conversation. I'm not even the last person to respond. And on the topic, ban people for drama. Someone made a shitpost referencing a meme about Gorky, the reaction to this is blatant hysteria.

Just for context regarding >>>/leftypol/1257827
>when someone posts some obvious idpol bait
1) Neither of the posts are mine
2) That's not obvious idpol bait, that's a screencap of liberal retardation regarding Azov and Ukraine (thread relevant) and the response is a meme based on leftypol memes, no different to lasalle memes. If it offends you and you can't handle it, then you're on the incorrect site because this is leftist politically incorrect, the site made for casual discussion and shitposting about leftist politics. You're not supposed to be molly-coddled by mods.
>retards start dogwhistling about how the fash are all homos actually
No. Retards started overreacting to a 5 word shitpost, frothing at the mouth to defend gay people that aren't in any form impacted or harmed by said post.
>how there's no such thing as a commie homo
Said nobody in the thread
>ignoring the actual history
>fascists treating LGBT like shit
Funny they ignore the "akchual" history of said nazis being homos themselves and that "LGBT" as a movement being a blatant CIA co-opt. Or that the "sexuality studies" by liberals are pseudoscience based in the same eugenic origins as Nazi racial pseudoscience. Liberals are just another form of fascist and have NEVER been communist, screencap rel.
>communists being their greater allies
Communists are not about gays or women or race, the entire point of PROLETARIAT is that there are NO divisions that matter here outside of class, and after class is abolished then any issues of specific people can be addressed, not BEFORE.
>because they did throw gays int
This has NO relevance to the post or thread at hand.
>then the "gorkyposters" want to pretend LGBT are all fans of fascism
The point of those posts is that this kind of identarian division is inherently a reactionary trait, and fascists are reactionary.
>ecause some glowies on twitter are drawing anime pics of azovites with rainbow flags
Out of context gaslighting.

So mods, if I broke the rules by pointing out the hypocrisy of liberalism, then by all means ban others for defending it. Thanks and have a good day.


report it (and explain it in the explanation field) when u see it


File: 1668095537264.jpeg (7.74 KB, 263x192, snek.jpeg)

Please explain why I'm not even allowed to make threads in /siberia/. What is wrong with you mods?


shut up, namefag


Can a mod get rid of thethingnoticer shit in the USA thread


I have a post for /siberia/ but it might create a lot of work




Hahahahahahah. Maybe you shouldn’t have nuked the board and made redditoid moderating the norm you stupid fuck


File: 1668382647750-0.png (72.18 KB, 874x322, Screenshot1.png)

File: 1668382647750-1.png (136.4 KB, 968x721, Screenshot2.png)

Read the rules.

Shit opinions have never been a reason to ban someone.
This isn't identity politics (the stated ban reason). It literally isn't, and it's completely on-topic to the thread.
The role of a moderator isn't, and never has been, to rid the place of people you don't agree with or to protect /leftypol/ from responding to unpopular/non-conforming opinions.

No, this isn't just idealist whining, the attempts at sterilizing this site are actively killing its production and training newcomers to be dependent on mods to stop them feeding trolls instead of understanding their communal responsibility of self-management.

If you want places that thrive off being sterilized of anything non-conforming, there are far more pleasant, popular and friendly places than this site and I recommend you make the mutually-beneficial decision to move there instead. Leftypol.org is not one of those places, and trying to make it one is a destructive contradiction that has been killing this site since 2020.


Welcome to nuleftypol



Posting an archive link to this thread, especially since someone requested the mods read through the replies if they haven't already:

My deepest gratitude, and my bitterest condemnation


Does anyone else feel like the leftypol is way less active than half a year ago? Not even the big generals are very active anymore
what's happening?


File: 1668623649746.png (14.05 KB, 1024x768, 2021-05-02.png)

i wish we had that bar chart thing that bunkerchan had, then you could track daily PPH and get an idea of whether things were really slowing down, or whether you were just depressed during a slow hour.


Generally it seems like roughly the same amount of traffic through a larger pool of general threads. Oddly we've had more consistent activity during traditionally dead hours, which might signal a more international posterbase (like right now the /leftypol/ PPH is 36, used to it'd be sub-20).


leftypol always spikes during happenings, cause we're a relatively comfy place to watch the spectacle unfold

i think thats about it. Slow news quarter. Not enough apocalypse. Social failings are chronic, not acute, and somehow all the unionization stuff doesn't get people rowdy in the pants like stock collapse or war does… kinda sad tbh. Lots of the non-terminally-online-contrarian-anti-US-left stuff is on places like tiktok


since when is the email field gone?
did I miss something?


File: 1668752733588.jpg (318.51 KB, 822x796, feel.jpg)

This place is never gonna go big. I've been here since 2015 and I've accepted it. Some of us used to dream about the board becoming as big as /pol/ or reddit. But the only time it looked like /leftypol/ was growing sharply was in 2016-2017, before the split. The one long-term problem I've noticed is that the board seems to bleed well-read users and their spots are taken by newfags, in time leading to an irrecoverable decline in quality. I guess maybe we're just meant to move on and in the future /leftypol/ will have been just a phase.


Imageboards have high turnover


About a month and a half ago. It was an attempt to make saging more obvious to newfags.

Nah, it's more than just that. Popularity is exponential and various issues have made this place a mix of boring or aggravating as often as entertaining. I have little incentive to be creative here, even I've started weening off coming as often. Not even due to other things to do.

I could go into details on causation but it's stuff you've heard before.


Not much happening anyways. Tbh i think posters spent too much time chatting in Matrix rather than posting on the website itself


Someone explain to me how moderators (wvobbly) can get away with deleting more than 4/5 of a thread which didn't even break any rules and the only thing it possibly did it veered a bit more into reactionary idpol territory, which other anons kept in check. Most of the users were discussing in good faith, sans a socdem shitposter, and even though the topic was bit touchy, no one went into all out transphobia, at most some causal bigotism which shouldn't be excused but is understandable.

This is seriously killing leftypol. The moderator should have tried to steer the discussion in the proper way, not just nuke the thread. He deleted a bunch of my posts where I was expressing my concerns and thinking – what for? I don't think that I was breaking any rules. This is childish behavior from the moderators.


Thread in question. Just look in the logs, wvobbly went on a spree.


1. the thread was terrible
2. as i noticed very quickly, there's a 90% chance the mod hit like 1 button which banned a given poster and deleted all replies to their posts, rather than manually deciding which replies were deleted. (which you can still object to, but it's not like anyone was out to get you personally.)


File: 1669054827319.jpeg (115.54 KB, 1200x1080, security here.jpeg)

For one I hate to inform you, the thread was dead anyways because it was saged. Whatever action I was doing there after the fact was done mostly because another mod didn't have the time to clear it out, plus I like building up the ban list for idpolers cause it makes rangebanning them easier going into the future with a big example list to pull from.
For two we held a discussion about mod practices like a year ago and some users complained about leftover posts responding to deleted posts cluttering threads, so we adopted an initiative to delete those so long as it fell under a threshold of not effort-posty enough. The easiest way to not get your comments deleted is to not give b8ers and reactionaries (You)s, which is just something you should always be doing anyways. Like most things this is just how we've all been operating (sans cyclicals cause the dead link posts will just get recycled in time anyways), that thread was just particularly egregious cause you all decided to deep-throat some retards.


File: 1669055581188.png (11.55 KB, 1903x183, image.png)

Like, for example, thanks to my prudent banning and knowing your current IP, I can figure out which side of the argument you were on. Technically I have you by rights on ban evasion, but I'll be nice and assume you were just unaware that you aren't supposed to shit and fart about idpol all day and ignore that. But, if you ever act up on idpol again, I already have the capacity to build a rangeban against your IP to make it so you can't switch around IPs to constantly post more and more idpol.


Wtf all I said was “accurate” in response to a guy mocking anti-class IdPol. The reasoning behind this ban was “idpolling”. That’s not pro-IdPol at all. It’s not anti-IdPol either. The mod went on a ban spree and hammered everyone.


INB4 you are banned for questioning them in the meta thread.


Seriously? That happens?


>anti-class idpol
I don't know what that means, but describe the position that was mocked, what was said to mock it, and why you agreed with it. Without resorting to idpol yourself.


I cannot send an image on IOS for some reason but I took a screenshot. It said the following word-for-word as a green text. It was a reference to the Norf FC meme.
>don't care bout class politics (don't hate
em poors jus want em to be normal like
my upple mi el class frens)
> don't loik workin people
>don't loik communism in me identity
>just want me dick chopped off
>just want me 'ormones replaced
> just want a good society for raise me
gender-non-conformin' family in
>simple as
The guy who posted that was mocking anti-class IdPol.
My response to this was “accurate”. That’s it. That’s all I said.


"Idpoling" is lower on my ban hierarchy than idpol, usually only a few hours or a day and I'll accept whatever appeal they give because it was more a singular instance or enabling rather than constant posting.


I was banned for a week.


>>23782 (me)
Sorry, the greentext didn’t work out that well.


File: 1669057456683.png (3.52 KB, 542x170, ClipboardImage.png)

Oh, I think I see it in the logs. Sorry, the ban menu has a drop-down menu for ban lengths with commonly used timers, must've hit 1 week instead of 1 day.


Having been in that thread before it got nuked, that was clearly some guy samefagging a strawman position so they can idpol free reign. You were idpolling for saying "updoot" to it.


Alright. I’m fine with one day. It seems quite sensitive to me.


updated to 6 hr ban now, to account for time served


Alright. Thanks I guess


>But, if you ever act up on idpol again, I already have the capacity to build a rangeban against your IP to make it so you can't switch around IPs to constantly post more and more idpol.

Take your meds you stuck up asshole. This was my first time ever discussing gender and you can even see that my posts never go into idpol, but only about gender. Besides, ban my IP or not, it really does not matter for two reasons. First, the cope that this site shit anyway; and the other that I can just get a VPN or, you know, restart my router.


>restart my router
>doesn't know what a rangeban is


They rangebanned me from 4chan before. Didn't matter. 5-6 restarts and I'm back shitposting.


Then you just broaden the rangeban my guy


Did you guys ban Confederate Commie Mommy too? Why?



why does wvobbly call everything that hurts his feelings spam


So the Russian Duma recently passed a law against LGBT propaganda. This site should have a similar law as a mark of solidarity and to reduce the amount of LGBT derailment.


How about no.


Change >>>/leftypol/1287584 subject from @leftypoldotorg to @leftypol_org or whatever the official Twitter account is for leftypol. Also change it in the sticky while you are at it. And unsaturate that fucking icon for the pfp, my god


Mods have been strangely based these last couple of weeks, has anything happened?

Unique IPs: 24

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