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it's been up for over 20 min on /siberia/
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's back

Mods please don't drag your feet on this shit and get rid of it immediately.




I honestly don't know how this keeps happening MODS PLS


You are reporting it I assume?
Not a mod fwiw


The little box to the left at the top of the post.
Select it and a reporting system should come up.


it's not acceptable that this keeps happening. no new threads if there isn't a mod available to approve them. or maybe this is what the cp poster wants


I've reported it like 5 times


bro it gets deleted what more do you want? mod-approved threads would kill the site


>mod-approved threads would kill the site
idk, maybe. It might make the site better. Having cp appear semi regularly really marginalizes a board that's supposed to be left. idk.


I suppose some programming needs to happen for this but threads and posts could still be published instantly with just parts of it under quarantine until mod check: pictures, maybe links too.


It's back on siberia, mods





in the /siberia/ sex and relationship general


remember: "image.webp.enable = false" so it never caches.


Oh I see what it is, the 2+2 prompt is only on OPs, not replies. So it is an effective deterrent is a sense.


Would the current spam get deleted faster if it was funny


Leninhat stuff remained up longer, that was actually funny. This was just boring and unoriginal.


PR relationship thread in siberia






It's gone now. 😷




at least say what board smh


I reported like the third spam on /siberia/ today, was it always this active?


do your fucking thing please please 😭😭😭


The same spam post is back again!


mods are too busy downloading it


It's in the pirate thread >>>/siberia/437227


It begins again


.neteens are spamming the fake ID thing again.


aand it's back


15 minutes already




The .neteens got mad over losing an arguement so they're spamming cp again.






[resets days since tally to 0]


File: 1699224572625.gif (1.73 MB, 360x640, 1699175122212303.gif)

Why can't mods block certain messages since it's literal spam? I know the can filter certain words, why can't they do that to fuck up the links and message at least ?


From the way the spam is written, kinda seems like there's been quite a few rounds of that. I do wonder how many sites / link shorteners they've gone through so far.


Huh, they're doing a new strat? No cp in the image this time, maybe they think mods won't notice if it's just a pic of an asian woman and some links with the caption "cute girls"


Seen this one on other boards, enbeds the link in the image itself. For some reason it's putting links in the text too, but the insideous thing is it doesn't always do that.


There's way too many URLs. I've rarely seen two being the same. Pictures usually change. And text is constantly garbled and broken to avoid filter detection.


Not 'p this time but the .net thread's been up for a hour and a half.


It's commercial spammers who target a lot of sites. They have ways to get around normal filters that they've developed over decades of operating.


>reccomended for leftist
>we support revolution
oh god the CP bots are using chatGPT to specialize the post for each imageboard they're spamming it to


It’s up on siberia again…

Unique IPs: 35

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