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File: 1666906690469.jpeg (3.36 KB, 208x243, images (31).jpeg)


it's been up for over 20 min on /siberia/


Leftypol moment


strategic shitpost, they know when janoids are sleeping


What's their opinion on socialism?


so is it gone yet?


Nope, I just came from Siberia and it was still up. IDK what the fuck the mods are playing at, but there's a video in another thread on Siberia which claims to be of a half-naked 12/yo girl


normally they're quite quick


Not today, evidently! I've taken to calling them lazy cunts in the Ukraine mega to see if I can get a response. It's late here now, so I'll go back to siberia tomorrow and see if it's still up then.


whoever on duty's probably having a looooong FAP


Agent Kochinski gang


did we get it all? i checked the top threads in siberia, and dealt with all the reports, but can't be too sure


Yes but it shouldn't have taken this long, I'm getting v&'d right the fuck now and I had plans for later, fuck Caballo's Clique.


Sorry anon. However please use the report function in future as /meta/ isn't checked that regularly. For an urgent report of CP/etc please use the Congress Chat on Matrix.


It's good that it's been taken down, but I reported it somewhere between 30-40 mins after it went up, and it was still there over an hour after that.

I'll bare in mind the Congress Chat for the future though.


>I'll bare in mind the Congress Chat for the future though.
Bear it in mind also, so you don't forget.


We need to get jannies in more time zones.


get your shit together, holy hell. fucking shit jannies.




>bros why cant you delete every bad thing from the site before it's even posted




they posted it again


yeah we got it


Mods, clean up on /Siberia/


What was it?


File: 1667324767797.jpg (16.42 KB, 315x289, nonce-sense.jpg)


Am I having bad luck or has there been a huge spike in CP spam lately? I've been on /leftypol/ since the 8chan days and only saw it once in 4 years, but in the past month or so I've seen 2 images and 1 ad link. It's gotten to the point where I flat out don't visit the site during "mods are asleep" hours.


It's being done by an Eastern European CP ring. Their posting style is recognizable and they spam their shit on every alt-chan that allows Tor, VPNs or proxies (i.e. most of them).
I know this simply because I browse many IBs, they time their raids all at once and then disappear for a few days. If you see one of their shit on one imageboard and then check on other ones immediately, chances are you'd find the same shit there too.


Could have a system where mods block tor/vpn when cp is found until they stop instead of being forced to use accounts


the account idea afaik isn't because of CSAM spam




>Could have a system where mods block tor/vpn
and watch PPH drop and people leaving. no one is going to post from their home IP.


Ten minutes.


There was one time last year where there was CP on /leftypol/ for literally about 3 hours. It was early in the morning so I guess nobody was available.


Didn't they already practically block tor with accounts, idk about vpn blocking now that I think more
My mistake


its still there i feel disgusted are we being attacked?


Are they trying again


its back


its back and it seems to get worse


it's litterally popping up every day,wtf ?


Wasnt Tor posting disabled bc of this issue?


it's clear from the posts they are trying to shill, and they are surely aware that it will stay up for at least a few minutes before it's noticed and deleted


it was disabled because jannies were tired of deleting pro-ukraine posts in the ukraine thread

the cp advertising is non-tor IPs (probably proxies, but ive never actually checked)


Isn't it possible to ban their IP's?
If there using non tor they are using some type of vpn?


yes it's our policy to permaban IPs which post illegal content.


If they post the same link over and over, you can break the link with a filter for a substring of the address.


But if they don't use tor how do they change IP
If there IP's are similar we can range ban or find the vpn there using and ban all there IP


>if they don't use tor how do they change IP
By other means. The links change constantly too.


We need more jannies to cover time zones where none of them seem to be on.


>find the vpn there using and ban all there IP
that's a silly idea, many legit posters use VPNs


Could easily be a purchased botnet, or jumping across the thousands of free proxies. This is literally commercial spam.

Assuming you're not a janny, that's just a useless sentiment if no-one actually applies. It's like saying 'we need more OC'………….. ok sure we all know that, what are we going to do about it? Anyone can do it, why do so few people do it?




Agent K has successfully infiltrated Leftypol, their overthrown is imminent






jesus fuck

Unique IPs: 40

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