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File: 1666906690469.jpeg (3.36 KB, 208x243, images (31).jpeg)

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it's been up for over 20 min on /siberia/


Leftypol moment


strategic shitpost, they know when janoids are sleeping


What's their opinion on socialism?


so is it gone yet?


Nope, I just came from Siberia and it was still up. IDK what the fuck the mods are playing at, but there's a video in another thread on Siberia which claims to be of a half-naked 12/yo girl


normally they're quite quick


Not today, evidently! I've taken to calling them lazy cunts in the Ukraine mega to see if I can get a response. It's late here now, so I'll go back to siberia tomorrow and see if it's still up then.


whoever on duty's probably having a looooong FAP


Agent Kochinski gang


did we get it all? i checked the top threads in siberia, and dealt with all the reports, but can't be too sure


Yes but it shouldn't have taken this long, I'm getting v&'d right the fuck now and I had plans for later, fuck Caballo's Clique.


Sorry anon. However please use the report function in future as /meta/ isn't checked that regularly. For an urgent report of CP/etc please use the Congress Chat on Matrix.


It's good that it's been taken down, but I reported it somewhere between 30-40 mins after it went up, and it was still there over an hour after that.

I'll bare in mind the Congress Chat for the future though.


>I'll bare in mind the Congress Chat for the future though.
Bear it in mind also, so you don't forget.


We need to get jannies in more time zones.


get your shit together, holy hell. fucking shit jannies.




>bros why cant you delete every bad thing from the site before it's even posted




they posted it again


yeah we got it


Mods, clean up on /Siberia/


What was it?


File: 1667324767797.jpg (16.42 KB, 315x289, nonce-sense.jpg)


Am I having bad luck or has there been a huge spike in CP spam lately? I've been on /leftypol/ since the 8chan days and only saw it once in 4 years, but in the past month or so I've seen 2 images and 1 ad link. It's gotten to the point where I flat out don't visit the site during "mods are asleep" hours.


It's being done by an Eastern European CP ring. Their posting style is recognizable and they spam their shit on every alt-chan that allows Tor, VPNs or proxies (i.e. most of them).
I know this simply because I browse many IBs, they time their raids all at once and then disappear for a few days. If you see one of their shit on one imageboard and then check on other ones immediately, chances are you'd find the same shit there too.


Could have a system where mods block tor/vpn when cp is found until they stop instead of being forced to use accounts


the account idea afaik isn't because of CSAM spam




>Could have a system where mods block tor/vpn
and watch PPH drop and people leaving. no one is going to post from their home IP.


Ten minutes.


There was one time last year where there was CP on /leftypol/ for literally about 3 hours. It was early in the morning so I guess nobody was available.


Didn't they already practically block tor with accounts, idk about vpn blocking now that I think more
My mistake


its still there i feel disgusted are we being attacked?


Are they trying again


its back


its back and it seems to get worse


it's litterally popping up every day,wtf ?


Wasnt Tor posting disabled bc of this issue?


it's clear from the posts they are trying to shill, and they are surely aware that it will stay up for at least a few minutes before it's noticed and deleted


it was disabled because jannies were tired of deleting pro-ukraine posts in the ukraine thread

the cp advertising is non-tor IPs (probably proxies, but ive never actually checked)


Isn't it possible to ban their IP's?
If there using non tor they are using some type of vpn?


yes it's our policy to permaban IPs which post illegal content.


If they post the same link over and over, you can break the link with a filter for a substring of the address.


But if they don't use tor how do they change IP
If there IP's are similar we can range ban or find the vpn there using and ban all there IP


We need more jannies to cover time zones where none of them seem to be on.


>find the vpn there using and ban all there IP
that's a silly idea, many legit posters use VPNs


Could easily be a purchased botnet, or jumping across the thousands of free proxies. This is literally commercial spam.

Assuming you're not a janny, that's just a useless sentiment if no-one actually applies. It's like saying 'we need more OC'………….. ok sure we all know that, what are we going to do about it? Anyone can do it, why do so few people do it?




Agent K has successfully infiltrated Leftypol, their overthrown is imminent






jesus fuck




>30 minutes and it's still up


Make that 40


God I hate pedos and where are the mods


It's happening again

Please allow reports from the catalog




File: 1683077626965.png (323.78 KB, 700x500, 1664738583730138.png)

Thirty minutes


If only there was a way to rent out a DDOS attack so these guys can't get their payload, I checked and they're using the same link shortener for their post of .net too. DDOS the link shortener and they'll do something about it.


Here is a bad meme to wake up the mods


File: 1683082181005.png (323.78 KB, 700x500, 1664738583730138.png)


I fucking hate pedos. Who keeps targeting this place?


Oh all sorts of "people"


There's been a big effort from all sorts of angles to besmirch and get rid of leftypol dating back the very conception of it on 8chan. This place will literally never catch a break because anti-communism is a serious pathological disorder.


It's funny because I am Darth Vader but just because you think you are Luke Skywalker doesn't make me your father.




Oh fuck it's back


Yo that was the fastest they got it yet. Hell yeah!


i think its the guys from soyjak.sharty






also this


this this this this
don't make me open the thread to report it


Another one in /siberia/






Another one? That's two days in a row.

Also I suppose it's a blessing that image thumbnails use .webp bacause that means you can make all images sboilered by toggling webp off in about:config.


Mods, there's more pizza spam on siberia



DELETE the fucking pizza before you get this site shut down!


>another one
>hours after .neteen raid
very sus




it's already been dealt with


cool, ty


Nazi nonces are spamming their garbage on the main board.

Mods, do your jobs.


they post in spanish too, i wonder where they come from suddenly


probably from one of the many fbi.govs for SA fascists after hispachan went down


>SA fascists
South American fascists, and they're not even something remotely respectable like Peronists, that's just pathetic.

Bros you're not huwite.


At least its not CP spam this time


Is this the dedicated all spam alert thread now


From the use of the word "nonce" in >>28661, there was probably CP.










MODS MODS that shit back again pls do something








aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's back

Mods please don't drag your feet on this shit and get rid of it immediately.




I honestly don't know how this keeps happening MODS PLS


You are reporting it I assume?
Not a mod fwiw


The little box to the left at the top of the post.
Select it and a reporting system should come up.


it's not acceptable that this keeps happening. no new threads if there isn't a mod available to approve them. or maybe this is what the cp poster wants


I've reported it like 5 times


bro it gets deleted what more do you want? mod-approved threads would kill the site


>mod-approved threads would kill the site
idk, maybe. It might make the site better. Having cp appear semi regularly really marginalizes a board that's supposed to be left. idk.


I suppose some programming needs to happen for this but threads and posts could still be published instantly with just parts of it under quarantine until mod check: pictures, maybe links too.


It's back on siberia, mods





in the /siberia/ sex and relationship general


remember: "image.webp.enable = false" so it never caches.


Oh I see what it is, the 2+2 prompt is only on OPs, not replies. So it is an effective deterrent is a sense.


Would the current spam get deleted faster if it was funny


Leninhat stuff remained up longer, that was actually funny. This was just boring and unoriginal.


PR relationship thread in siberia






It's gone now. 😷




at least say what board smh


I reported like the third spam on /siberia/ today, was it always this active?


do your fucking thing please please 😭😭😭


The same spam post is back again!


It's in the pirate thread >>>/siberia/437227


It begins again


.neteens are spamming the fake ID thing again.


aand it's back


15 minutes already




The .neteens got mad over losing an arguement so they're spamming cp again.






[resets days since tally to 0]


File: 1699224572625.gif (1.73 MB, 360x640, 1699175122212303.gif)

Why can't mods block certain messages since it's literal spam? I know the can filter certain words, why can't they do that to fuck up the links and message at least ?


From the way the spam is written, kinda seems like there's been quite a few rounds of that. I do wonder how many sites / link shorteners they've gone through so far.


Huh, they're doing a new strat? No cp in the image this time, maybe they think mods won't notice if it's just a pic of an asian woman and some links with the caption "cute girls"


Seen this one on other boards, enbeds the link in the image itself. For some reason it's putting links in the text too, but the insideous thing is it doesn't always do that.


There's way too many URLs. I've rarely seen two being the same. Pictures usually change. And text is constantly garbled and broken to avoid filter detection.


Not 'p this time but the .net thread's been up for a hour and a half.


It's commercial spammers who target a lot of sites. They have ways to get around normal filters that they've developed over decades of operating.


>reccomended for leftist
>we support revolution
oh god the CP bots are using chatGPT to specialize the post for each imageboard they're spamming it to


It’s up on siberia again…


It's back up you lazy jannies




you forgot 2 CP links


never mind. It's gone now


Wait until you find out how much child porn gets shared in mainstream social media group DMs.


>that timing
>discomrade is here despite having left the staff months ago
nice try cpfaggot


Its back


Siberia is under attack by a scat porn spammer. Also, fix your reporting system.


uh oh poopy




p on da beria


File: 1709148763996.png (301.88 KB, 600x338, ClipboardImage.png)



o7 <3


it's up again


just report it retard


i literally did that like 5 times already


sometimes a mod might see this thread first


It’s back up please take it down


it looks like they're posting it on /games/ now with an OP image trying to seem less suspicious


the game controller in the pic made me grin


Reminder to hit the hide button when you see it so you don't see it anymore.


It's been up for over hour on /siberia/


Are all the mods americans and sleeping? Why is this blatantly pedo reply still up >>>/leftypol/1847139 ???


>blatantly pedo
>open post
<its fucking anime
stop screeching anytime


>its fucking anime
So you're defending the pedo's reply, because he didin't post real cp and is only suggesting it? Trying to pass it off as a joke?
Should I remind you that rule 1 includes:
<who attempts to challenge this rule (e.g. 'this is technically legal')


>why arent you screeching at some dumb fucking image like me
stop being a karen on a fucking imageboard


>stop being a karen
You're likely a pedo too fucking torfag shit


least neurotic karen


luv when anons defend their sexy child cartoons more passionately than their politics


File: 1715055291575.png (977.6 KB, 2026x2865, ClipboardImage.png)

Sexy children are my politics


lol massive projection from the people outraged at dumb shit


>sexless shut ins that would shrivel if anyone IRL knew they jerked it to sexy pictures of little girls
At least it's not just on the left.


File: 1715059698987-0.png (1.01 MB, 720x960, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715059698987-1.png (919.88 KB, 637x639, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715059698987-2.png (771.71 KB, 720x839, ClipboardImage.png)

>sexless shut ins that would shrivel if anyone IRL knew they jerked it to sexy pictures of little girls
<you shrivel
>loli gang blooms




funny it always seems to pop up when there's pol/yps lurking around


mods… >>>/siberia/


it's back


i second this


File: 1716068538424.png (522.69 KB, 940x788, ClipboardImage.png)



It's back on the 'beria


the dumbfuck is back


File: 1716228885963.jpg (615.16 KB, 2007x2007, GNQ_DumWwAEEukQ.jpg)

The first one reached the bump limit just as it seems like a wave started (school's out to the spammer might be a student) so gonna make a new one.


Also a testament to how much quicker the mods have been zapping it lately, deleted before I finished the OP post.


what a terrible day to have eyes


Reminder to use "CSAM" or other similar terms.
CP stands for Communist Party.


they posted it again


MOOOOOODS More CSAM on siberia!


>The first one reached the bump limit just as it seems like a wave started
It's not at bump limit, it got anchored for some reason.

Also there's another pizza post on siberia RN


it's back on /siberia/



Pedoshit on siberia again (what the fuck is this spam and why is there so much?!).


apparently it's some commercial operation that does shotgun style spam advertising



it's back, isn't it possible to de-anonymize that pedophile? the police would love to know who's behind the CSAM


is this csa shit still up i dont wanna click on the beria lol


>still up after an hour


MODDDDSSS it's back
It's gotta be the same /pol/ raider every time
That guy needs to die immediately


wtf where are the mods

if you hide the thread it won't show up for you any more (except on the catalog)


File: 1716347603632.jpg (228.26 KB, 960x1200, GMRozN8a4AAuLFc.jpg)

Holy shit 4 hours


File: 1716348772996.png (94.53 KB, 1600x1200, 1716055392863718.png)

Hey jannies, can you please remove the fucking CP?
Thank you.


File: 1716348873685.png (17.72 KB, 820x102, ClipboardImage.png)

Just hide it.


NTA but that isn't the point. It's illegal for one thing and absolutely disgusting to see.


>absolutely disgusting to see.
And that's the point of the hide button. You can delete it for yourself immediately.


The site will literally get shut down if the moderation response time is too slow. Now given this is an imageboard, they're still quicker than most, .net's had csam remain up for a week or two at a time and lived, but .org is high traffic so there might not be as much lenience.


I am from New Delhi India 🇮🇳 but work in Dubai 🇰🇼


I mean on the positive side it scares away the normalphags


I remember when I used to be concerned about things like that.


wtf are you talking about. It has to be removed from the site immediately. is there a problem organizing this or something?


I'm not a mod nor a fan of them but this retardation needs to stop. There's already multiple threads outside of meta about this shit. It's already been explained a thousand times, only so many mods, and they only visit this dead website so often. Go ask them to make more mods in meta or something.


>literal cp
<umm just hide it sis? why are you le mad?


If you hide it it still loaded on to your device and you can be arrested for it dumbass


Yeah exactly. You guys are all just paranoid schizophrenics. Jesus Christ you all need to get a grip.




there's no way to hide on the catalog chinlet. and you should clear your cache after seeing it because i'm 100% sure glowies post that shit to get blackmail material in your web browser


the cp popped up literally seconds after a /pol/ shitposter made a thread


there again


> the police would love to know who's behind the CSAM
the police are behind the CSAM

It's back btw


>it's back, isn't it possible to de-anonymize that pedophile?
They only way I think they could do that is by revealing their IP and that would likely either a VPN or some zombie computer.


So why was the thread bumplocked before? Misclick or glitch or smth?


The current ones, if they're the ones I think they are (I don't use /siberia/, but I'm assuming its the link spam) are from literal Siberia or otherwise Russian-speaking Asia. I have confirmed this with a honeypot, with the help of a couple of admins of unrelated sites. They're not technically advanced, they're random scammers and/or CSAM sellers (don't care to find out which)
Some useful info: https://trashchan.xyz/meta/thread/374.html
(Ignore the deranged /pol/ user lol)


>I think they are (I don't use /siberia/, but I'm assuming its the link spam) are from literal Siberia or otherwise Russian-speaking Asia.
How did you conclude this from the jumble of information? How do you know they're not using whonix and VPNs to reroute information?


What jumble? I see no jumble.
>How do you know they're not using whonix
I assume you mean using Tor in general. Whonix is an operating system which routes traffic through Tor.
Tor exit nodes (required to access the clearnet sites they spam on) are publicly known, you can check a list of them. And the spam doesn't come from those nodes. Almost no spam does, in fact. It's so easy to block.
>and VPNs
I don't know if they use VPNs specifically, they definitely don't use typical commercial ones like Mullvad or ProtonVPN, but they do use proxies to try and ban evade and/or hide themselves (poorly). Look at the honeypot screenshot in the first reply, their Chrome browser settings like timezone and language options are consistent and contradict their IP address's location (at the bottom). So they're clearly using some kind of proxies. I haven't looked into those IPs.
>How did you conclude this
Given the information in that honeypot capture, and the surrounding info (how easily blocked they are, how simple their setup and evasion techniques are, how tech illiterate they clearly are) there's really only one reasonable conclusion: they're in the Far Eastern Federal District.


It's up on Siberia again


csam again on siberia. pedophile spammers have figured out the ancient puzzle of what's 3+1


is the spammer already reported on https://www.stopforumspam.com/ ?


Seriously, just change the question to "Who is /leftypol/'s mascot?" and accept any form of [you know the answer].
Yes, it gatekeeps making new threads to people who can't take a minute to check.


they will also post the shit as replies in existing threads


Is there a way to cycle questions daily?


It's back.


Who the fuck keeps spamming that shit?


they're already back


the nonce is back in town mods.


why can't we just increase the number of jannies


File: 1717106759883.png (19.62 KB, 1019x740, jannies i kneel.png)

because few have the time to Do It For Free


fucking cops looking to shut this place down


and reactoids trying to make us look like pedos


It's done for commercial ends you fucking schizos: >>33349 (Sigh, having to explain on a pro-socialist board over and over and over that people do bad things for profit.)


mods, why is taking so long ?.


they aren't at the computer or something


still there


ok sorry i got it


it's back


isn't it possible to block certain images from being uploaded based on its checksums(sha256sum for example)? it would make the situation better I believe…


the rightoids and cops also work for profit


the US government also works for profit




damn I didn't think Trump being convicted was that big of a deal but it'd be a weird coincidence for them to be spamming this shit so aggressively on today specifically


Is there a way we could have the site just be up when there's a mod on? Like old sites used to not have 24/7 uptime. It'd be inconvenient, but it's an option.


it'd be more practical to just disable new threads on /siberia/ if there's spam


they use other boards too


Thats fucking retarded.




it's back again


It’s up again.


Spammers (at least the current ones) know how to change the checksum by re-saving, or will use different images.


Damn, this is actually a good edit.


the garbage is back on /siberia/ again



it's back


they posted a feraljak in the right-to-left-wolololoo thread immediately after posting it.


the chinlet posted it again




so on firefox I just need to delete cached web content + >>29055 ?


If that thing is a right wing/glow plot to accuse leftypol of having CP and incriminate its users, than that is very bad.
If the mods could just deal with the thing, they would already done it, but still is bad they just keep posting it all the time. This should never be happening.
Maybe just denounce their IDs to the official authorities so they can arrest those spammers, this shit must be illegal. They can deal with it.


That's not what it is. See >>33349
>This should never be happening.
Capitalism should never be happening.
>If the mods could just deal with the thing, they would already done it
There is a way to stop most of it and I don't know why the dev staff haven't done it yet. It has worked for other imageboards.
>Maybe just denounce their IDs to the official authorities
They live in Far East Siberia and use proxies in other countries.




ya gottit


It’s back up.


please please did someone get it? please tell me its gone pleas please


the pedo's back




File: 1718158587849.jpg (639.18 KB, 1580x1538, 1421975511783.jpg)

>at least one of the mods is posting on twitter all day
>CSAM spammer thread stays up for hours




guys can you at least tell us what board it's on.


Been making a habit of using this site via lynx instead of firefox, and one benifit is no images unless you explicitly download. Meaning no worrying about cache.



Unique IPs: 158

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