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>Leftypol can barely maintain an average IP count above 300 now.
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File: 1673578599476.png (745.58 KB, 1125x641, ClipboardImage.png)

>Board sprawl made sense in 2020 when we had double the PPD
I wonder who could be responsible for that steep drop off.


Judging by historical post rates, I'd say the US election cycle and a poorly-planned site coup by the former sysadmin were the key factors. We're still above 2019 numbers.


>still seething about muh coup
Put your flag back on m00dy


Never forget that by rejecting the word Cockshott, this board, mods, and users will forever burn in hellfire and be devoured by Ruby the Troll. Forgive us Lord PenisPistol we know not what we do.


You will know the coup-ers by their fruits, go to leftychan if you really think their rule would have been better


>4 idiots randomly seizing the server and running it into 0 pph is just 'muh coup' I wonder who could be responsible for that steep drop off.
It was stupid. It was so stupid and petty that a large number of users just didn't bother going to either site and left entirely. Turns out most users don't care about mod drama.

What about devs? Are devs ok?


File: 1673598718542.jpeg (151.79 KB, 2048x1458, sad_baby.jpeg)

just bumping this thread to let you know that is NOT me you are replying to and I am not really mad and upset and making a facial expression that looks like this


I don't think the farce of a coup had much of an effect, IP-wise.


>Never forget
What a telling choice of words. Did you know the majority of americans have no idea what actually happened on 9/11? They think Iraq or ISIS were responsible in a total reversal of cause and effect.


File: 1673654007778.png (82.74 KB, 1090x255, ClipboardImage.png)

Post rate in the month immediately following were like 70% the amount, and it never really recovered past 80% in the following months. IP count dipped to about 75% and stayed there [picrel: the measurement errors mark when the server address changed, each vertical bar is 1 week, cropped out the massive spike when Ukraine happened].
And evidently those people weren't posting on leftychan, public stats show they never got even close to the suddenly-missing ~100 IPs per day on /leftypol/. [obligatory: IPs ≠ users]
I've also seen a few comments on other sites from people saying they haven't been on /leftypol/ since "the second split".


Eh, lynxchan was broken and the admin was basically AWOL and refused to let staff fix it. At least there was a clear goal and most of the staff were on-board.


File: 1673657284062-0.png (100.94 KB, 1845x717, now its an infographic.png)

File: 1673657284062-1.png (53.93 KB, 925x464, Graphs overlayed.png)

Since we're posting stats, I cleaned this up.

I've also added an overlay shifted 4 years.


>seems untenable and dominated by matrix fags
Not sure if you saw the /isg/ conversation with Sage and Comet maybe a week or two ago, I think the domination by matrix fags is a necessary result of trying to combine democracy with an anonymous imageboard. An imageboard that doesn't resort to invasive tracking (I'm talking about actual browser fingerprinting that trackers use, or mobile/photo verified user accounts) or require logins or do live video/audio voting is so easy to abuse that 1 no-life autist can vote 20 times. So you need some type of persistent identity system to help keep it close to 1 vote 1 person, and being a user on Matrix is a convenient way to suggest someone is active in the community and therefore legitimate.


File: 1673659455005.png (283.82 KB, 691x969, ClipboardImage.png)

>>24960 (#24959 is me)
Interestingly, I was taking measurements on imageboard stats incl. the sharty and their PPH skyrocketed when /qa/ died.


Assuming you are a mod, look at the IP. Don't bother replying to CP spammers.


If you shift it half a year less it magically fits.
Both bunkerchan and leftychan split hurt IP and posts per day if I remember correctly. The bunkerchan fiasco was obviously way worse. What a fucking tragedy.


What if we organize embassies or raids (although being secretive about it) with fbi.gov people? fbi.gov is not used by many users here, but it is the defacto social media for so many people on the internet. There are thousands of huge leftist channels there.

Maybe we can organize via fbi.gov or matrix.


>the second split
Could mean the bunker if you count the Che developments as the first one


>If you shift it half a year less it magically fits.
Yeah, it's an interesting point. My guess is that Trump was just a more exciting first few months after being elected than Biden and that was when /leftypol/ was first growing, leading to a shifted peak compared to 2020/2021.


Turns out I misquoted, it was on a Deprogram group, they said "I stopped paying attention after the last split." 6 months ago, so again it could technically also mean the bunker split but I doubt it if they emphasized 'last'.

>What if we organize embassies
There was a mod who (IIRC basically single-handedly) made a few short-term embassy threads and outreach efforts, but I don't know if they were ever to fbi.gov groups.
I guess the hard part with raids and embassies is they are more likely to generate annoyance than, say, posting watermarked tastefully, not huge annoying abominations memes and linking to threads where it's actually relevant. That doesn't even mean restricted to 'left-wing' places, but there is a difference between 'yeah it's crazy how they can build hospitals that quickly, theres a post explaining that in this china thread' and 'hey /gif/ im from leftypol please visit our board :)))'


File: 1673894093262.jpg (25.71 KB, 593x656, despair.jpg)

>less than 250 IPs now


Went up to 341 yesterday. Also IP count ≠ user count, probably a lot of users using the same VPNs / tor.


Yeah, I meant /leftypol/ the board


>muh pph muh numbers
why care?


I remember boards on old 8chan being way slower and still being pretty engaging. Whereas I can leave this site for an hour and come back to see plenty of new activity on the overboard. I think it's 4chan/reddit brain that makes people care all that much.


This. Especially newfag threads like /isg/ and /usapol/ and much of /siberia/ are adrenaline junkies or, worse, people who centre their social life around this site.
Adrenaline junkies will cry no matter which imageboard they go to. If it's slower than an instant messenger, BAWWW.

Metrics can suggest* if people are leaving more often or not being replaced.
If too many good posters leave and none arrive, the quality is likely to go down.

IPs is not an ideal metric, because dynamic IPs are pretty normal these days, along with the Tor node being counted as 1.
PPH is not an ideal metric, because two people in a shit-flinging fight can double it. Removing idpol garbage or putting more time into posts lowers PPH even with the same number of users.
But those are the only quantitative measures there are, without doing some proper university-grade literary analysis. So people cling to them.

But with that all said, the difference between 1000 posts a day and 10 posts a day (like more niche imageboards have) is massive. It changes the entire site. More people can mean more change you'll find people with the knowledge or interests you have, more artists, more projects, all kinds of things.
Having been on a site that in the span of about a year went from 12 drawfags to ~0, and where just one /pol/shitter coming in now makes up a noticeable percentage of the posts on the site, it's no fun. If this place had low activity and no culture generation, people would probably just leave for shitposting chat groups or slow quality-controlled forums.


>where just one /pol/shitter coming in now makes up a noticeable percentage of the posts on the site, it's no fun.
It's been like that for most of /leftypol/ lifespan, but that's mostly because we love b8 in here.


They were slow but engaging because they were good. That's hardly the case for now. The board quality has dropped horrendously since like 2020.


What's not to care? Do you prefer /leftypol/ to be a sad obscure forum that is slowly rotting away? Some of us have always wanted /leftypol/ to make it, to explode in popularity, rival /pol/'s numbers, etc. A non-reddit, non-glowing big leftist space like that would have so much potential.
>inb4 but too many numbers is bad quality!
False. /leftypol/ at its peak had both quantity and quality. I remember it.


I think there's lots of potential in advertising with content creators networks, such as Deprogram and Midwestern marx. I would be willing to pay for some advertising space, but only if I can do it anonymously. I'd be willing to send someone crypto if they do it though.


Ok, you wanted that but did you do anything? Wanting is cheap as always. I too want many things.
Don't see it. In the first place this would imply that quality was absolutely amazing before.
Having less actual content producers is a real problem.
Pph is a very imperfect metric. Of course having more people is better (all else being equal). I do think the point of a forum / imageboard over chats is that there is a bite inhibition to making posts with zero content. If you want speedy prattling just go somewhere else.


Its Pretty weird that it seems to split and die almost immediately after every peak.

1) The systems of administration is not robust enough to deal with those numbers or 2) glow shit sees we are getting big and does a number on us. or 3) Its a coincidence. or 4) we go through cycles of the moderation calm periods and then some variant of mod throws a hissy fit and casts the whole thing into shadow, irrelevant of numbers but perhaps slightly related.

pretty much exactly.
I remember it also, I remember both splits and the boards become slow but also concentrated with unbearable people cos its only the nutjobs-such as my self - who stick around.

another point i have continually stress is that through a union things like this can be planned. Just making shout out threads on the boards doesn't work, you need accountability, organisation.

Numbers bring more people, more diversity of backgrounds, of thought, often, higher levels of thought and theory. You have to be literally insane to think our 250 IPs are the most advanced communist minds of our generation or some shit. No, we definitely are not, whatever you think about things, but perhaps we can attract some of these types of people we tweak things up.

the other point is, we are supposed to believe in a mass movement. 250 people aint that.

yes comrade
>Having less actual content producers is a real problem.
people who are content producers usually do so because 1) they are creatives looking for a outlet 2) the banter.

The board as it stands, is not a good outlet for creative people because it is too restrictive. Hence, there are few, there used to be FAR more


See, in order to come to the ideal solution, I think it requires proper conversations like this, involving a lot of users so they can have their input. Must of the time, you can in fact make most people happy enough if you try and be constructive with your solutions.


>You have to be literally insane to think our 250 IPs are the most advanced communist minds
how the fuck did you get that from my post?
oh I see


>why care
this is why we should care


re 1: i remember reading somewhere semi-recently about named forums, and how about 20% of users were somewhat-regularly active, they would split after reaching about i think 800 people (maybe the author fudged the numbers some for effect, i can't say), which is around dunbar's number.

I have no clue how this would translate to non-named social media. Tbh if anything I think the situation would be worse - you might start out with large-group habits, which is similar to toxic cesspools like twitter and stuff. Who knows but i thought this was an interesting option 5

>you need accountability, organisation.

not 100% related but i noticed in the mod team, things would be a lot smoother if there were duties assigned, everything gets put off because "so is someone going to do this?" "hey can someone say if this is good?". It's not crippling but it's definitely extremely inefficient. Some mods like that ig, its not like we have much responsibilities beyond deleting and banning, outside of /roulette/, maybe banners and flags which mostly falls on dev shoulders.

>250 people aint that.

sage can i ask u this - do you think a mass movement will congregate online? I find myself feeling similar sentiments about how it'd be cool to have more ppl, and more grass-touching ppl on leftypol, but then i remember that literally people are here because theyre not touching grass, and it makes me ambivalent on the whole thing. Leftypol was born with some fatal flaws, in theory they could be patched out, but in actuality it would remove leftypol's raison detre (which is: edgy semi-idealist anti-social/incel/teenager arguing obscure leftist trivia on the internet).

>content producers

another consideration is that for every content producer, there are multitudes of content consumers. Producers beget consumers. A more fun content-producing thing is the silly poope wawa stuff, and the oekaki/ms paint thread. It's chill and open-ended. (i think quarantining internet stuf in ITG/ISG was a good move, otherwise the whole site could be taken over by haz, finbol, prolecult, w/e "omg look new video!", which is even lower-quality than we have now. I agree with the sentiment, but mostly cause like - the peeps who made the Organizing thread balloon, where did they go? or where has that level of serious yet not solemn discourse gone? Back around that time i was trying to drum up that kind of shit and contributing lots, and overall it got pushed out or ignored (except organizing thread) for china arguments and stupid pol/anarchist arguments ad infinitum. Its tiresome. If there should be any change to leftypol, it should be one rule: ban all autism, only talk about things that you can link to your personal life [and personal political activity ofc])


Restricting the tor node to registered accounts was when it all went down.




>when it all went down


File: 1674335026808.gif (2.32 MB, 600x338, your post.gif)

tbh it was an inevitable thing. the TOR node, for all intents and purposes, counted as 1 IP, meaning that any post delay to stop spam applied to every single person using it at a time, making the whole thing increasingly unusable for everyone (especially with spam going on in it). some kind of TOR accounts would split the node off into multiple IPs so that TOR usage was a lot more comparable to a normal IP posting experience rather than the hell that it was.

without it, there was basically only 3 options for TOR: as few people used it as possible so it was workable for those people, it bottlenecked with a lot of people trying to use it at once thus making it increasingly impossible for everyone to use it, or it was used for spam and had to be banned because it was otherwise an unlimited free pass to post as much cheese pizza all over the site as you wanted with no consequences. the only people who whinge about the change are either people who loved to spam via it, don't consider why it happened, or concern trolls who don't care about the node to begin with.




Wvoobly spams twitter posts, shay hornypost and Templar is mentally ill


File: 1674693793675.jpg (17.56 KB, 896x504, why.jpg)

>replying to a month old post and not even answering it


File: 1674694055215.jpg (35.89 KB, 768x575, Officer Yeou.jpg)

>restricting literally, literally 1 IP address is why the site IP count decreased
I'm a Tor user and I'd like to take this opportunity to call you a retard.


Why not?


File: 1674695890477.jpg (37.31 KB, 474x710, *hides profile*.jpg)





sounds like what I expected


>Templar is mentally ill
Templar has been away from the holy land for too long and lost God's grace as a result. It's not mental illness, it's demonic possession.


Bigga numbah makes us stronger ooga booga


small number makes us high quality. Why? BECAUSE IT JUST DOES OKAY

Unique IPs: 21

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