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File: 1710044768632.png (983.8 KB, 972x1187, 420chanchan.png)


420chan.org redirected me here. I know it got sold and it's been down for a while, but why redirect here? I don't want things to change. I want them to stay the same. Please tell me everything will be alright.


It's cause of hotwheels.


File: 1710051829612.jpg (46.48 KB, 760x760, 1811111-ha.jpg)

I mean, I don't know either. He claimed it was cause I was rude to him. Here I actually don't really have too much more information than you.
>everything will be alright
I dunno, Dave


File: 1710052629345.mp4 (723.29 KB, 1280x720, dave-glados.mp4)

>I dunno, Dave


I honestly I have no idea why 420chan redirects here now but as someone who enjoys both I welcome you to leftypol. everything will be alright but I don't think it'll stay the same. I hope you enjoy your time here


That’s kind of cool, I guess


Well its better than /pol/yps flooding my chan.


Dunno why but this pic gives me Naruto or FMA vibes.


Frederick Brennan is planning to remake 420chan 'by 2025' I believe, but until then he is redirecting here I guess cause he's a commie


Your info seems outdated


People used to shitpost about Eugene being hotwheels, I guess it's confirmed now lol


File: 1710351260469.jpeg (372.22 KB, 1528x2048, rj65wnxzlfac1.jpeg)

So this is why there's suddenly so many Reddit-tier takes floating around /leftypol/ recently? Everytime the mods try to bring people here, it's always the worst kind. First the FPMag liberals 3 years ago and now lumpen druggies. Also, there's a Nazi-flagger in /siberia/ that types suspiciously like Th*ngNoticer. Did he get unbanned or something?
From what I'm seeing, they're running around like its 2017 and we're still on 8chan.


420chan was, like, the second most "left" notable imageboard behind only this one. Even more so than Lainchan which has the occasional stormfag .
The alternative is bringing in people from xitter or reddit. You should honestly be grateful for this lol (I'm personally neutral).

Also they're absolutely not comparable to the VOOOOOOTE BLUUUUUUU socdems from Foreign Policy.


lol and then everyone gets shocked when i tell them "leftist" as a denominator is bloody fucking useless


Any community that doesn't constantly grow, dies.


Constant growth is a myth. Leftypol is not made up of the same users it was 5 years ago. Many oldfags moved on, but IP count doesn't drop heavily because new people come, it's like cellular replacement, old ones go, new ones replace them.


No, things that are in the process of dying are dying. Things that are no longer alive are dead. Hope that help.


File: 1710445995743.png (212.36 KB, 960x525, spiders.png)

what the fuck is this place


Yeah, that's kinda what I meant. Any community that doesn't get new members constantly will dwindle in numbers eventually.
Everything is in the process of dying.


a cool place for cool people.


I for one welcome the new influx of 420channers and think both boards have a lot to learn from eachother.


File: 1710516128192.jpg (856.19 KB, 1440x1262, 1555292744289.jpg)

where 2 post about fentanyl? /hobby?


lainchan has more and more /pol/ scum these days. a loud minority of stormuyghurs who throw toddler tantrums in threads if people disagree with them. give it a couple years and itll be a nazi board with lainist characteristics. fuck leftypol might go the same way. as soonas 4channers discover a site its days are numbered.

cant fail to mention the radical left boards used to be on 2ch. the ones filled with jra pflp supporters foaming at the mouth at dubya. i miss those days when everyone just hated neocons. everything made sense back then.


iirc there is druggie thread on /hobby/ so prolly there. ofc if its gone you theoretically could start an /opi/ general and that would probably go in siberia if its more shitpost focused and hobby if its on some bluelight/shroomery type shit


lainchan was always cringe pseudointellectual larpers. there's some tard that posts his fucking pgp key in every thread he posts in, of course it's a shit board that attracts the dumbest people, because they basically never ban


File: 1710734186216.png (323.72 KB, 680x375, IMG_1639.png)

So is it coming back or what? I don’t care about politics or drugs, I just want /wooo/ to return, can’t fucking stand the rasslin communities on Reddit.



i don't give a shit about woooo, but i certainly hope it comes back- for all of us.

i miss my b/opi/'s, mannnn



b r /opi/


File: 1710746548544.png (39.6 KB, 251x231, 1663105408025.png)

>The alternative is bringing in people from xitter or reddit.
We might as well bring on the Redditors and Twittoids; there's a thread on /leftypol/ promoting Reddit-tier Russiagate propaganda (And citing Reddit), so they'll fit right in.
I'm not against all growth, just growth that doesn't take into account the needs and intended audience of this website.
Lainchan really went to shit after Appleman took over.
I don't agree with you guys honestly on a lot, but I'll agree with you on that. I too hope 420chan comes back soon.


question to mods, i remember back on 420 chan there was this transgender (or something) board (i dont remember the name sorry am drunk right now) ( and therer were some other boards)
can we have an LGBT board of some kind here?
(please more sane people formulate this question better than i can right now)


Every board is LGBT++
We will make a ghetto for the Other
Trust the process (or Der Prozess)


well, lissten
i;'m not even trans rn, im repressing
and maybe i, well, guess left enough to not get triggered by this board
but still
i just got drunk and wanted to go to that board and see what hte fuck is happening on that board that i was in back then many years ago, and got redirected here, thats what happening


>I'm not trans
>I'm repressing
plz no. Also maybe cut down on your drinking. drinking during weekdays is a terrible, terrible idea.

And yeah all boards are queer. Communism/socialism/anarchism is inherently queer.

We have a dedicates LGBT thread, it's a bit of a hangout thread but also a theory thread. You can also make threads on Siberia about whatever queer topic you want, or leftypol if you want some theoretical or historic discussion.


yeah,, i mean, thanks
well i wanted to write a longer post, but as i said, im drunk and it would be cringe
can i ask one question thouhg
what the fuck happened to 420chan? again, im here because of that


That's classified




Daydrinking is a fantastic idea actually. You are wrong and lame


based ( but also not based, im so tired of alcohoilism, please help)


This person understands ambivalence.


ah fuck it


>imagine sitting in your room all day, watching anime, drinking
what a life LMAO


I always assumed this site was created as some sort of Russian propaganda horseshoe thing they were trying to pull off. Disappointing to see 420chan redirect here. Someone tell hotwheels and kirt to fix this shit already.


im not american, what does this even mean



It's a concept Russians use while implementing active measures to achieve reflexive control. They want to target extremist elements within both the right and the left because they are easily susceptible to propaganda.


you bring up russians but it seems only americans bring up this garbage


>horseshoe theory


I bet you most poles and those in the baltics are wise to it. Other countries release a lot of reports on it. They are all aware of it on some level. After the 14 euromaidan revolution, Russia really stepped up their global propaganda campaigns and general fuckery in elections all over the place. They are going hard doing all they can to influence the minds and politics of these countries who are supporting Ukraine and have been since 14 which is probably when Putin wanted to invade.

Putin got caught red handed conducting these propaganda operations during the 2016 election. He has been helping Trump and the republicans ever since with various tactics ranging from astroturfing with lots of semi-automated sockpuppet accounts to organizing protests and inciting violence. They even organized some "migrant caravans" using propaganda on people from south of the US border convincing them they would be able to get in. All to influence US politics. They do the same to various levels in other European countries. Obviously Germany is a prime target, but they also hit France, the UK, Netherlands, and of course slavic countries closer to their border and Finland.


its just a fancy name for advocating for the status quo lol, i agree with you that the redirect shouldnt have happened because we get swarmed by brainlets like you

>I bet you most poles and those in the baltics are wise to it

idk why youre specifically talking about 'proles' here lmfao like it gives your argument more credence just because its a communist imageboard. anyway you speak of propaganda but dont think the whole world being aware of russians allegedly interfering with burger elections isnt propaganda. why should i care as a third worlder about this shit rofl


Are you really russiagating in here newfag? Glow the fuck off.


anti-NATO rhetoric =/= putin propaganda
hope this helps


See this is why I assume this is a Russian site. Half the content here is Russian propaganda. You have been brainwashed.


t. stomps his feet when people dont care about his amerikkkan bullshit


Poles as in polish people, not proles. I'm saying that Russian propaganda and political fuckery is not just an American issue. They are interfering with many more countries as well. They have been doing this shit for ages in the Baltics, Ukraine, Finland, Poland, and Germany. Recently they expanded to the US and elsewhere which is why I bring up the Polish as people who would be aware that this is a problem.


The other thing, trying to act like leftism is fucking Russia style marxist communism is fucking absurd. Only Russians would do such a thing.


>Russia style marxist communism
You sound like you definitely know what you're talking about.



the thing is tho is shit like this isn't just what all Nation-States do its literally what the nation-state is anon. A nation-state first and foremost is monopolized violence used to supress class antagonism. All the grimey shit putin does is basic statecraft that any country that wants to remain a country engages in. Liberals will pretend whatever country they dickride is a magical expection to this but there are none. the point is when it comes to ppl complaining abt Nation-States engaging in militarism and violence and they're not an anarchist I can't really take them seriously since if you believe in the continued existence of the state you are fundamentally fine with political violence and just pretending that your team is somehow magically better than the other ones. A more interesting and practical question is who conducting the state violence and to what ends with what means instead of pretending that some states are peaceful and others aren't. These isn't even too mention how the russiagate bullshit is just some boof ass judeo-bolshlevism conspiracy where le eternal russian is always trying to sabotage and undermine random NATO countries.

brainwashing as a term was literally invented by the CIA and dipshit journos to coverup the use of biological weapons in the Korean War and cope with US troops defecting to best korea. A big part of the current deluge of western propaganda we get is just convincing people the only way someone could possibly disagree with the status qou is if there a russian bot


Quit responding to the derailing bait.


File: 1710995976599.png (642.61 KB, 800x800, h5a2ssxxjgi81.png)

>Unironic Russiagater
Holy fucking Reddit. O_O


Imagine what I could achieve if I was sober. Truly scary to think about.


File: 1711015215628.png (85.29 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)

why yes i am a russian style marxist communist leninist maoist dengist stalinist jucheist, how could you tell?


lol, go read the new york times, libshit


пацаны, он нас спалил, расходимся


ok, im gonna ask it
will there be an official statement about what happened with 420chan and what to expect in the future?


Ok then I'm gonna answer.
No, there won't be an official statement (unless someone uses their mod tag and makes some sort of statement). We don't really know why it redirects here. This is Freddy's doing, ask him. We have/had some contact with him.



The only good chan host who ever lived.


can 420chan just get it's own set of boards here?


Welcome to the board apply in >>>/meta/ about spinning the >>>/roulette/ wheel


File: 1712684309156.png (14.71 KB, 526x371, 1712445340794-1.png)

You'll feel right at home as everyone here sounds like they are on drugs.

Also won't mind having someone to talk to while high on pregabalin


big fan of gabapentinoids I've tried can't wait for a chance to try pregabalin


ended up here because of that. 420chan trans board was very comfy times. would like to have a board for that here if it got bought out.

also stop repping dumbass you're just going to regret it when you give in in 5 years anyway

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