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File: 1616305050017-0.png (119 B, 19x11, snibbeti snab.png)

File: 1616305050017-1.png (536 B, 16x11, Technocrat.png)


ITT retrieve old and currently-missing /leftypol/ flags that would be good to add back.
I found the Technocrat and snibetti snab flags. I know the Anarcho-Transhumanism flag is missing and I want to find it and have it added back if possible (t. anarcho transhumanist anon). Pics related

P.S. the "Athiesm" flag is misspelled, it's spelled Atheism.


File: 1616305515038.png (3.59 KB, 16x11, Anarcho-Transhumanism.png)



Try and save the tank, I'm sure it got sqooshed on bunkerchan


File: 1616305724876.png (213 B, 16x11, EU.png)

European Union flag. We have a Eurocommunism flag, but this flag was also used.


File: 1616305930608.png (396 B, 16x11, Egalitarianism.png)



File: 1616306130718.png (891 B, 20x15, YPG.png)

YPG flag. Not sure if mods or users would even be partial to adding this back, but it bears a mention.


Here's a curious one. I assume this is some 1956 Hungarian Revolution thing, but I don't know what it was called, I don't remember seeing it, and I'm not sure why it would even be there in the first place. I also can't save the image properly for some reason.



File: 1616306491686-0.png (191 B, 20x11, flag1.png)

File: 1616306491686-1.png (293 B, 20x11, flag2.png)

Don't know the names for these, I think the former was a Porky shitposting flag and the latter looks like a Mao flag. The archives on the second one stop at 2016 so I assume it was an ancient /leftypol/ flag that was removed.



1) Burgerbux
2) Never seen this, this is ancient lore


File: 1616306715233-0.png (917 B, 20x16, Luck O' The Irish.png)

File: 1616306715233-1.png (421 B, 20x16, huh2.png)



Yeah that's it. I forgot the name but I remember it being called that now.


File: 1616306912081.png (276 B, 20x16, tankie.png)

I haven't noticed whatever you're referring to, but nonetheless here's an archive from 2016 of the Tankie flag if it does need repairing.


File: 1616307156403.jpeg (170.7 KB, 806x799, anarcho transhumanism.jpeg)

That's all out of my dump I think.

I very much want the >>3973 two OP flags, the >>3974 anarcho-transhumanism flag,
and these
re-added, myself. Especially the anarcho-transhumanism flag.


File: 1616312812710.png (244.11 KB, 480x337, I should kick your fucking….png)

looks like Enclave flag tbh


I want an Angolan flag so bad, but don't know how to make it


ms paint


Second one was "Direct X" I think.


All my sperging out and still no anarcho transhumanism flag. It's over.


File: 1618564349013-0.png (899 B, 19x16, 1468724463121.png)

File: 1618564349013-1.png (268 B, 18x11, 1502466341805.png)

File: 1618564349013-2.png (441 B, 19x11, 1502465823591.png)

File: 1618564349013-3.png (866 B, 20x13, 1463187226990.png)

File: 1618564349013-4.png (865 B, 13x16, 1462976109337.png)

Flags from /leftyb/


File: 1618564412194-0.png (748 B, 18x16, 1466193180618.png)

File: 1618564412194-1.png (622 B, 16x11, 1462974599990.png)

File: 1618564412194-2.png (793 B, 20x16, 1466632658040.png)

File: 1618564412194-3.png (602 B, 16x11, 1462969863502.png)

File: 1618564412194-4.png (947 B, 20x13, 1468728845946.png)



File: 1618564460109-0.png (865 B, 13x16, 1462973481843.png)

File: 1618564460109-1.png (650 B, 11x16, 1470812983542.png)

File: 1618564460109-2.png (1.03 KB, 20x15, 1462976937204.png)

File: 1618564460109-3.png (306 B, 11x11, 1463419302950.png)

File: 1618564460109-4.png (507 B, 16x11, 1464392099209.png)



File: 1618564491632-0.png (433 B, 11x16, 1462975609406.png)

File: 1618564491632-1.png (306 B, 11x11, 1463419273092.png)

File: 1618564491632-2.png (602 B, 16x11, 1462971982897.png)

File: 1618564491632-3.png (821 B, 15x16, 1462978572845.png)

File: 1618564491632-4.png (776 B, 16x16, 1462970721276.png)



File: 1618564535204-0.png (1.09 KB, 18x16, 1462975001886.png)

File: 1618564535204-1.png (1.02 KB, 18x16, 1462975598618.png)

File: 1618564535204-2.png (797 B, 14x16, 1463052488613.png)

File: 1618564535204-3.png (499 B, 16x11, 1464392042758.png)

File: 1618564535204-4.png (1.03 KB, 19x16, 1463774660598.png)



File: 1618564569551-0.png (538 B, 16x11, 1462969828056.png)

File: 1618564569551-1.png (830 B, 19x16, 1462980523586.png)

File: 1618564569551-2.png (230 B, 20x11, 1462796339574.png)

File: 1618564569551-3.png (584 B, 20x14, 1463052554258.png)

File: 1618564569551-4.png (211 B, 20x16, 5nybt4rgef.png)



File: 1618564601500-0.png (466 B, 16x16, 34fw3d132.png)

File: 1618564601500-1.png (467 B, 16x11, index.png)

File: 1618564601500-2.png (196 B, 20x11, rbterwfd.png)

File: 1618564601500-3.png (674 B, 20x13, rtgefwd234.png)

File: 1618564601500-4.png (910 B, 20x16, rtefd23.png)



File: 1618564633973-0.png (301 B, 20x16, brteferf.png)

File: 1618564633973-1.png (634 B, 20x16, tbrtgefwd.png)

File: 1618564633973-2.png (704 B, 16x16, t4grefwd.png)

File: 1618564633973-3.png (776 B, 16x16, 34fw.png)



File: 1618564696461-0.png (3.59 KB, 16x11, 1422469548121.png)

File: 1618564696461-1.png (525 B, 16x11, 1417489932820.png)

File: 1618564696461-2.png (437 B, 16x11, 1417489487494.png)

A few more from /anarcho/


At some point in 2017 web.archive.org stopped saving images from 8chan (probably because CP) so there is no possibility of retrieving flags from after that time from that archive website.
Unless of course someone manually archived a thread where a post was made with a flag on archive.fo.


File: 1618565152337.png (680 B, 20x16, tyrhewwv.png)

bizzaro-nazbol flag from /leftpol/


File: 1618566448155-0.png (686 B, 20x16, fhtrtsx.png)

File: 1618566448155-1.png (387 B, 16x16, gbfdsvdca.png)

File: 1618566448155-2.png (826 B, 20x16, tnrebhrewgf.png)

File: 1618566448155-3.png (320 B, 16x16, erfsdf.png)

File: 1618566448155-4.png (1015 B, 20x16, ujtrhg.png)

More /leftpol/ flags


File: 1618566519809-0.png (326 B, 20x14, yugtref.png)

File: 1618566519809-1.png (467 B, 16x16, tgbrvfdc.png)

File: 1618566519809-2.png (748 B, 15x16, brtefwer.png)

File: 1618566519809-3.png (823 B, 20x16, EERERFW.png)

File: 1618566519809-4.png (594 B, 20x16, rrwfedqS.png)



File: 1618572904092-0.png (520 B, 13x16, tsrhcgngch.png)

File: 1618572904092-1.jpeg (646 B, 20x20, sefgbgfn.jpeg)

File: 1618572904092-2.jpeg (498 B, 18x16, ADFzdxvc .jpeg)

File: 1618572904092-3.jpeg (514 B, 20x16, indxfhfex.jpeg)



File: 1618572955352-0.jpeg (536 B, 24x16, gref.jpeg)

File: 1618572955352-1.jpeg (558 B, 24x16, index.jpeg)

File: 1618572955352-2.png (722 B, 15x16, edsvdgsrd.png)

File: 1618572955352-3.png (826 B, 20x16, fsbdrwerbe.png)



File: 1618572995267-0.png (523 B, 16x16, gfgrdfc.png)

File: 1618572995267-1.png (767 B, 16x16, htetrgnt.png)

File: 1618572995267-2.png (540 B, 20x16, inddex.png)

File: 1618572995267-3.png (798 B, 19x16, hn btevrfev.png)



File: 1618573047798-0.png (638 B, 20x16, gbrverwcsa.png)

File: 1618573047798-1.png (677 B, 20x16, tyrbews.png)



File: 1618937623378-0.png (909 B, 20x14, newflaganarchist cap.png)

File: 1618937623378-1.png (375 B, 20x11, Burgerbux_plus.png)

File: 1618937623378-2.png (360 B, 20x15, buddhacom.png)

File: 1618937623378-3.png (662 B, 20x18, newflagbudyonovka.png)

File: 1618937623378-4.png (898 B, 16x16, anti-whabbist action.png)

retrieved from /b_gulag/


File: 1618937657061-0.png (617 B, 16x15, plough.png)

File: 1618937657061-1.png (417 B, 16x10, Erie.png)

File: 1618937657061-2.png (476 B, 16x12, newflagbundist(1).png)

File: 1618937657061-3.png (1.05 KB, 21x17, newflagadornogang2.png)

File: 1618937657061-4.png (1020 B, 20x14, newflagjacobin(1).png)

flood d


File: 1618937697284-0.png (256 B, 16x11, ANTI FLAG GANG.png)

File: 1618937697284-1.png (497 B, 16x11, irl drawfag.png)

File: 1618937697284-2.png (11.77 KB, 16x12, pancake-flag.png)

File: 1618937697284-3.png (840 B, 20x14, newflagsocred.png)

File: 1618937697284-4.png (590 B, 16x12, newflagira.png)

detected p


File: 1618937754660-0.png (437 B, 16x11, paris_commune.png)

File: 1618937754660-1.png (213 B, 16x11, GAMER.png)

File: 1618937754660-2.png (218 B, 16x11, mu fag.png)

File: 1618937754660-3.png (204 B, 16x11, headphones.png)

File: 1618937754660-4.png (441 B, 16x11, test2.png)

post d


File: 1618947466406-0.png (755 B, 16x11, 5db64b4f91943c378748624f.png)

File: 1618947466406-1.png (524 B, 11x11, 5db64b3d54e5970b943498d7.png)

File: 1618947466406-2.png (527 B, 16x11, 5db64b3d54e5970b943498d4.png)

File: 1618947466406-3.png (573 B, 16x11, 5db64b3f91943c378748623d.png)

File: 1618947466406-4.png (550 B, 16x11, 5db64b3e54e5970b943498e3.png)

Flags specific to bunkerchan /hobby/


File: 1618947499386-0.png (512 B, 11x11, 5db64b7054e5970b94349922.png)

File: 1618947499386-1.png (596 B, 13x11, 5db89b68712011739f5f0948.png)

File: 1618947499386-2.png (528 B, 11x11, 5db6516691943c3787486964.png)

File: 1618947499386-3.png (615 B, 11x11, 5db64b3d54e5970b943498da.png)

File: 1618947499386-4.png (532 B, 16x11, 5db64b3e54e5970b943498e0.png)

pre-emptive flood detection bypass


File: 1618947540718-0.png (600 B, 11x11, 5db64b3e54e5970b943498dd.png)

File: 1618947540718-1.png (337 B, 11x11, 5db7502cfe3007096ee52b37.png)

File: 1618947540718-2.png (528 B, 16x11, 5db64b3e54e5970b943498e6.png)

post discarded


File: 1618947573141.png (431 B, 16x11, 5db64b3f91943c3787486238.png)



File: 1618947616571-0.png (1.52 KB, 28x32, 5f9b9bdc9d3b9c7b5efc11d2.png)

File: 1618947616571-1.png (228 B, 32x21, 5f9b69729d3b9c7b5efbc655.png)

File: 1618947616571-2.png (2.92 KB, 32x32, 5f9b696fd3f73636fb7fee61.png)

File: 1618947616571-3.png (5.4 KB, 32x32, 5f9b69719d3b9c7b5efbc652.png)

File: 1618947616571-4.jpeg (3.26 KB, 32x18, 5fa0407aa797931dc70076b3.jpeg)

flags specific to bunkerchan /b/


File: 1618947658360-0.png (3.89 KB, 32x21, 5f9b6974d3f73636fb7fee78.png)

File: 1618947658360-1.png (1.49 KB, 24x32, 5f9b6971d3f73636fb7fee67.png)

File: 1618947658360-2.png (1.39 KB, 23x23, 5fb4a90a74e47b708df82d56.png)

File: 1618947658360-3.png (1.81 KB, 24x32, 5f9b6972d3f73636fb7fee6a.png)

File: 1618947658360-4.png (481 B, 32x20, 5fa04091a797931dc70076d9.png)

flood detected


File: 1618947698062-0.png (2.67 KB, 32x21, 5f9b69759d3b9c7b5efbc65b.png)

File: 1618947698062-1.png (1.58 KB, 32x16, 5f9b9aea9d3b9c7b5efc1086.png)

File: 1618947698062-2.png (3.55 KB, 32x19, 5f9b6975d3f73636fb7fee7b.png)

File: 1618947698062-3.png (3.17 KB, 32x32, 5f9b6977d3f73636fb7fee84.png)

File: 1618947698062-4.png (4.55 KB, 32x25, 5f9b6974d3f73636fb7fee70.png)

post was not discarded


>they added the squished version on /leftypol/
it's OVER






lets see how does it compare




And a thread where some were improved into their current version:


File: 1619963454103.png (4.83 KB, 900x600, 900px-Green_and_Black_flag….png)

I remember back on bunkerchan, there was access to that flag. Now it seems to have been removed (besides a few other things have been added). The thing is, Eco-Anarchism is not the same as anarcho-primitivism, so the Eco-Anarchism flag should stay.


Because Anprims are reactionary and Eco-Anarchists aren't?


people who use flags are on par with namefags and need to get off my imageboard


Yes, it isn't. But I don't know how that relates to the topic.


Every anarchist is an eco anarchist, they just cry about muh-ther nature and become fascists as soon as they earn a little cash


Just rename the flag, anprims would also fall under green anarchism
>how dare you use the features of the site


>what is context
Names and tripcodes are part of the software too but when they're used for no reason other than to attention whore then they get rightfully shat on.


I think the anprim flag is darker green and the eco-anarchist flag is more neon


File: 1620064054892.png (6.09 KB, 500x333, bpd.png)

Add the BPD flag pls


Or what?


Or I'll fuck your mom faggot


BPD is fake


Psychiatry is fake


File: 1620265091237-0.png (856 B, 23x16, Buddhism.png)

File: 1620265091237-1.png (782 B, 23x16, Bundism.png)

would anyone use these if they were added?


would add all the flags here
Combined with EU flag, it sure would
lefty/b/tard here, yes to all
lobzan is needed
dunno if this is it but we need to bring back lobzan
fuck you faggot
what are they?


Kek if you can't tell they must be pretty shitty. One is a Buddhist flag with the wheel of drama. Other is bundist flag, anti-zionist jewish group.


File: 1622562351002-0.png (24.81 KB, 248x175, Aliança Libertadora Nacion….png)

File: 1622562351002-1.png (2.85 KB, 86x51, Imagem3.png)

Can you guts help me out? I've been trying to make a ALN (extinct Brazilian guerrilla group) symbol into a flag size but i'm dumb dumb and don't know how to make it in the ideal proportion, with the result being 2nd pic.


File: 1622631543204-0.png (5.76 KB, 32x32, doge.png)

File: 1622631543204-1.jpg (2.01 KB, 32x32, theres_a_cornMAAAAN_WAITIN….jpg)

File: 1622631543204-2.jpg (2.06 KB, 32x32, sips.jpg)

File: 1622631543204-3.png (7.52 KB, 26x32, cenzopapa.png)

File: 1622631543204-4.jpg (2 KB, 32x32, Spartacus.jpg)

flag suggestions from bunkerchan /b/ which were not added to bunkerchan /b/


File: 1622631712305-0.png (738 B, 16x16, flMonsoc.png)

File: 1622631712305-1.png (6.69 KB, 32x32, chapo.png)

File: 1622631712305-2.png (1.25 KB, 21x31, gman2.png)

File: 1622631712305-3.png (4.55 KB, 32x30, buddhsocsmol.png)

File: 1622631712305-4.png (2.5 KB, 32x32, 300fc2354db0331b65d7dc4fb5….png)



Thoughts on having one for each nation considered socialist?
A nice Wiphala would be nice and easy, I'll make that one.

Nice try, grayface.


File: 1622772751450-0.png (10.47 KB, 225x225, index.png)

File: 1622772751450-1.jpg (114.02 KB, 2048x2048, vOfWSgUv.jpg)

Dharmic flag.


File: 1626632917315.png (419 B, 16x11, ly.png)

Admins, add the flag of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya


File: 1626731364667.png (412 B, 16x11, libya.png)

That's funny, I once made a flag for Libya during the old days


How do suggest new flags? Is this the right thread?




justice for qadaffi


File: 1627185894319.png (614 B, 18x11, HezbolGang.png)

Dropping Hezbros flag


I would use the Bundist flag personally I think at least some of the time

I like the Quaker flag as well, and the Buddhist one(s) albeit less so. But I'm neither so it's not like I'd use those two

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