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I don’t get it. Five years ago we were told this girl was going to save pop music. She made an album where she blended art pop with trap, industrial and dark ambient. She was single-handedly usurping the control if the major labels. She is also extremely socially conscious and leftist, basically the zoomer Joan Baez. Now she’s only released one song in the past two years and it’s bland as hell. Why
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>fellow SPK enjoyer


only when it comes to palestine. they tend to stay in line when it comes to ukkkraine, taiwan, and iran, either because they're delusional (about china and russia) or because they've internalized their own domestic politics on the global stage ("iran is LITERALLY a muslim theocracy, america MUST be more progressive because I think in purely culture war terms!!!")






>Five years ago we were told this girl was going to save pop music.
LOL. LMAO even. The only thing I even remotely care for out of her stuff was "I'm the Bad Guy" and even then only because the beat went hard and vid rel was animated to the song and actually worked. The rest of her stuff is middling and uninteresting. She was nowhere near saving pop unless she could match MJ and that was never going to happen.


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>Billie Eilish
I prefer her Argentine doppelgänger.



>I prefer her Argentine doppelgänger.
Damn she really does look like her (and sings pretty good too)


No one is going to pay over $200 to see this white girl whisper into a microphone barely on-key.


Unfortunately tens of thousands have already paid that or more, the fact there's unsold seats doesn't mean they won't make shitloads of money


If I paid $200 to see TayTay I'd know I was going to see an epic concert even if her music is hella bland.

Can't say the same about Eyelash. I saw footage of her shows from 2019 and they looked incredibly dull.


She needs to sell tickets at an exorbitantly high price to make up for low streams/sales.


She’s now being cancelled for allegedly being pro-Israel.




What do we think of her new album? This is the song with the most views so far.


Really bland. I mean REALLY bland. I keep expecting her to do a Merzbow or Diamanda Galas thing and she never delivers. At the most, she’s trying to do a really bad MIA impression.


She was retarded for releasing her album during the Drake-Kendrick beef and Rafah invasion.


File: 1716151786594.png (55.46 KB, 1080x607, ClipboardImage.png)

>That thumbnail
LOL what is this 90s bait?


Not at all. Madonna at her peak was shocking in a way that scared the establishment shitless. Her videos were always being banned from MTV because they rustled too many jimmies with religious imagery, sex, etc.

Billie is "shocking" in a way that makes the establishment praise her, because they're impressed that a little white girl has it in her to be edgy. Basically, "awww how cute!".

On a similar token, Billie doesn't really seem to invent trends as much as she follows them. In 2018 she had the image of a SoundCloud rapper, which is what was popping at the time. Now that 90s and Y2K nostalgia are big it makes sense as to why she'd use that to her advantage too.


>streaming made labels obsolete
Neofeudal ownership and rents extraction means bourgeois competition is irrelevant
>Billie was planted


Ironic part about Madonna is that while she may have been shocking in her time, she was honestly quite subtle and tasteful and actually made MUSIC compared to how vulgar and untalented a lot of "musicians" are today. Lady Gaga and Billie WISH they were as cool as Madonna was.


I see. Could you elaborate?

Which is why I have to respect Madonna even though I agree with most of the criticism levied at her from cultural theorists like bell hooks and such. At least Madonna was quite sophisticated in how she shocked people. Eyelash just doesn't seem to have the intellect to pull something like that off, so every time she tries to "shock" people it always comes off as immature and cliché.


You think her newest song will hit no.1 on Billboard next week?

I’m thinking not given that she’s competing with Kendrick and Taylor.


She has just as much payola as TayTay. I expect her to land on the top 5.


This is so weird. We have two gems in the top charts. And then there's Taylor who's so painfully mid that I will never understand her music, same with any country artist. Yet her music is soooo popular it's insane, she was even mentioned in Sonic Twitter Takeover. Like, wtf? She's fucking everywhere, I cannot escape her. Corey Taylor was right, pop music was a mistake. I am an insufferable hipster now, look what you did, music industry, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!?


She HAS to regret endorsing Biden, right?


Her rise was carefully managed. She is as manufactured as they come.


the plant ain't shit


she looks like Travolta in Pulp Fiction here


Exactly. And like others have said, given the image of someone clunter hegemonic.


It hit no.5. Kendrick and Post Malone are still doing better than her.


Kehlani > Billie


Marina too


>not debuting at no.1 despite all the payola
>post malone of all people is doing better numbers
I'm sure her team has already said this is a good thing actually.


>vote like your life depends on it
Ah, yes, Mr. Biden, my one vote is a great contribution to society, I can definitely change the tides of history by being an isolated voter whose vote is like a spit in an ocean.

Why do people believe in this bullshit? Electoralism is such an obvious scam it's not even funny.


They're truly fighting over who has more payola, aren't they?


Yeah but they DID get cancelled for it. Which is why the Dixie chicks are D-Listers now


Yes, so I would expect someone with as big a machine behind her as Billie to be much more outspoken about anti-war.


So she’s in her flop era now?


More like, Eyelash and TayTay are beefing over who's doing the better numbers. Billie has thrown shade at Taylor in several recent interviews and her manager made snarky tweets which mentioned Taylor explicitly.

TBH I think Billie's popularity is on the wane and she knows it. No one gives a shit about her anymore. If Kendrick dropped a full album next week you can be sure it would do phenomenal numbers because people see him as an interesting artist.


>She is also extremely socially conscious and leftist, basically the zoomer Joan Baez.
Yeah but ironically Gen Z doesn’t seem to care about political music. At all. Billie Eilish put out two acoustic songs about politics last year and they went nowhere. That Macklemore song about Hind’s Hall didn’t even chart on Billboard.


Because those songs sucked and no one asked for it.


>Five years ago we were told this girl was going to save pop music.

All the hype around her was a ploy to promote music streaming as others on here have said.

Now she’s pushing vinyl to cover up this fact.


Billie Eilish makes music for vapid zillennial nepo babies who envision their lives as an Ottessa Moshfegh novel.


Two weeks after her album dropped and her chart performance is dismal. Booted from the top 10 on the singles chart by Eminem and Hozier.


I mean, does she have any political songs on her new album?




Okay, everything aside can we get a REAL Marxist analysis of Billie Eilish and her shitty, overrated music?


Even the mediocre can spread there wings if they have the leisure and connections.


People are losing interest in her. It's not just because she dropped an album only a few weeks after Beyoncé and TayTay did but also because no one wants to hear a sad white girl whisper into a mic anymore.

Between 2013-2021ish pop music was very low-tempo, dark, and melancholy. Distorted 808s and eerie synths were commonplace (think: trap, SoundCloud rap, all the pop singers who sounded like Lorde or Sia during that time). Now, that style of music already sounds dated and no one wants it anymore. Billie Eilish was very much a part of that wave and she's stuck in it. The Weeknd doesn't make that style of music anymore. 21 Savage raps over soul samples that sound like they were made by The Alchemist now and has become more socially conscious. Jazz rap is fashionable. Snoop, Nas, and Common are doing better numbers than SoundCloud dweebs. The reason Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are selling like hotcakes is because both of them are universal pop stars whose music appeals to a universal audience and can both put on epic live shows with all sorts of bells and whistles. Anyone who's seen Billie live will know she's awful at performing and can barely stay on-key. The only reason she's still around is because the machine she has is huge.

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