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Music Sauce Thread
Thread for locating sources on music, musicians, composers and other content.
If you can, use Use Shazam or MusicID to locate music by audio.
Also https://www.aha-music.com/identify-songs-music-recognition-online/
Use https://songsear.ch/ for lyrics
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File: 1663213571131.mp4 (2.24 MB, 326x326, YUM.mp4)

Happy Brass (Remix) - Cartier


File: 1663469059161.png (258.75 KB, 512x512, ClipboardImage.png)

>Scorpo: A Normal Day in Ukraine
Hardbass Name:
- Ukrainian Folk Song - Long live, free Ukraine!
- Alan Aztec - Squat with me (feat. DJ Slavine)
- genghis khan type beat
- Alan Aztec (feat. Uamee) Mother Russia
- Alan Aztec - Zeppelin Bass Machine (feat. R5on11c)
- Alan Aztec & HBKN - Gopnik in the USA
- Alan Aztec - HARDBASS HISTORY 2 (77K Special)
- Alan Aztec - Chernobyl Zone (feat. Chernoblyat)


Darude - Sandstorm
How has this thread not made this joke yet?


File: 1663519104701.mp4 (8.89 MB, 1086x1080, breakdancin' bukhanka.mp4)

Does anyone know what music is used in this meme? i liek this kind of music, it sounds very 1990s and 2000s


Intense - Only You
It is from 2000.


No wait it's actually from 1996?


Thanks a lot! It's drum n'bass, right?


Yeah, pretty standard 90s DnB



What is the name of this band and song!!!
It sounds like in the genre of post-punk / no wave / noise rock / industrial
I tried searching by words of lyrics but it literally gives me zero relevant results no matter how much I type out and even using "" searches


Skeleton Crew - Second Rate
Using "you have to pay to have the body brought back" in Google found this single result: https://ask.metafilter.com/302738/80s-songs-that-suddenly-seem-oddly-relevant


This is killing me right now. This a song I've heard a million times on oldies stations and I heard it recently and wanted to look it up but I can't even remember any of the lyrics. It's like a rock song from the late 60s early 70s. It sounds more like a standard rock song and then it has this lull and then it breaks out into this part with like Spanish guitar and I think maybe some Spanish lyrics as well. Not an obscure song I just can't remember anything that will help me search for it. I think one of the Spanich lines ends with -cito. That's about as far as I can remember right now.




Trying to find the original version of the Sonic X intro theme, not the "Gotta Go Fast" one but the other non-Jap intro.


Found it. It's apparently the UK version.


File: 1665249167717.jpg (46.91 KB, 1543x170, 2016-mu-post.jpg)

this old post from /mu/ got me curious. Now I'm trying to find the same synth pop album. Anyone here know what it is?


Ok I figured it out.


looking for fast-paced gospel music like mp3 related if anyone has some


The ending was too short. In fact, the ending was the only exceptional part of the song, not that the song itself was bad.

Also, it seems to be the only signature song by CSN, after "Teach Your Children".



Looking for a higher resolution version of Sweet Dreams are Made of Seven Nation Army, this specific video to be precise.


video file


Looking for the identity of the idiophonic instrument in the original She-Ra intro theme (timestamps; 0:19 - 0:21, 0:26 - 0:27, 0:39-0:41)


sounds like a keyboard using a xyolophone effect


No, I have keyboard that has the xylo option, sounds different. My only guess is a synthesizer but that may not be accurate either.


Some kind of marimba sound or kalimba maybe. Either way it's a synth sound. Not every preset it going to sound exactly the same. Maybe the recording artist even programmed that patch themselves.


I doubt its a specific programmed one since I've heard this specific tonality Shuki Levy used in the She-Ra intro in various other OSTs an songs, but thanks for the help, you've gotten me closer to finding it! (It's too bad I can't find a full compositional arrangement of the original She-Ra intro, as that'd list the synth type used for sure).


Ok did some more research for you. Apparently it was composed by Shuki Levy and according to this comment he used a DX7 among other synths. But I think the bellish sound you're looking for is probably a DX7 because it sounds like a digital FM synth.



Thanks very much!


I couldve sworn that a clip exists of Tupac reciting a part of John Steibneck's Grapes of Wrath to a live audience. Anyone know what im thinking of?


>Tupac reciting a part of John Steibneck's Grapes of Wrath to a live audience
Sounds familiar, but honestly got nothing


File: 1675160283801.mp4 (902.93 KB, 364x360, Luigi Skateboard.mp4)

Trying to locate the sauce on mp4 rel. Aha results gave me sax tape by turtle necromancer, but it doesn't match.


I saw someone post it on leftypol recently but its apparently been scrubbed from the internet otherwise, which wouldnt be terribly surprising if true. You'd think something like that would have a few mil views on youtube.
On the other hand, maybe Im brainfarting and it wasn't tupac


File: 1675216273884.mp4 (26.76 MB, 640x480, 1666344331862.mp4)

Here you go comrade



damn thanks dude, thought i was going crazy till I saw you post it a few days ago. someone should upload this to youtube or anywhere because it literally doesnt exist on the internet apparently.
like I added 1995 to my search query thanks to your post and still the only relevant result is another leftypol thread lol. https://www.leftypol.org/music/res/4941.html


Trying to find the march used here. Sauce is The Unknown War (TV documentary). Part 11. The Battle of the Seas.


Looking for sauce on the Russian military march in mp3 rel, sauce in filename.


Looking for the Cossack song in clip rel. Source is The Unknown War (TV documentary). Part 6. Survival at Stalingrad.


I could swear I've heard this music used in an anime fighting scene, something from the 80s or 90s that I can't recall.



File: 1680656866111.gif (305.83 KB, 270x270, fixing computer.gif)

>>4734 Meant for >>3353

Video link in case embed dies
Old piano adventure; the saloon sound


I'm looking for a video of Stalin with epic music & chanting that got posted on leftypol. I can't find the file anywhere


Joseph Stalin Tribute: Stalin Theme Extended


what's the song that starts at 1:04


File: 1684886108666.mp4 (2.48 MB, 576x682, Shopping_cart_edit.mp4)

what song is this?


>>8155 (me)
nvm found it


Can anyone tell me the music for this DxD trailer? It reminds me of Toonami trailers from back in the day and I like the riffs.

From >>>/anime/19495


File: 1685942582083.png (33.31 KB, 612x612, ClipboardImage.png)



Need help finding the music in clip related

Unique IPs: 25

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