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Music Sauce Thread
Thread for locating sources on music, musicians, composers and other content.
If you can, use Use Shazam or MusicID to locate music by audio.
Also https://www.aha-music.com/identify-songs-music-recognition-online/
Use https://songsear.ch/ for lyrics
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since the video got DMCA'd, it's the scene of Horakthy being summoned to destroy the ultimate villain of the series.


It is the Plants vs Zombies New Seed Sound


Crazy La Paint (Extended Edition) by Minimusicman
It used to be Markiplier's intro/outro music half a decade ago.


looking for a spanish rap or R&B? song that goes "pobre muchaco something something something" as the chorus


Can anyone download Der Komissar, vid rel doesn't convert on any youtube video converters.



The song?
What are you browsing on?


Yes the song. I've tried multiple methods of download on Firefox, Google and Tor.


the vid is unavailable,I don't know if this was a particular remix or something,so I picked the one on the vevo channel,there are two other versions on the channel you posted too that are available.


>>5181 (me)
Also if it was the whole album,just paste the playlist link of the album on the channel inside Jdownloader 2.


Thanks for the help anon, that's the one.


fuck i can't remember the song that i was not able to identify



>fuck i can't remember the song that i was not able to identify


Hang in there, brah! My short-term memory is on the fritz as well.

Anyone who can ID this song, please? I've heard it's a commie song, but not sure.


Embedding error.
Sauce on music in meme?


Searching for the song from


whats the song in this meme >>1082213


that's just Cope-a-Cabana (there are 2 watermark for their twitter in the bottom right of the video)
Rocket Barrel 1 - Donkey Kong Country Returns


Sorry I meant what was it based on but the name was close enough that I found it so thank you, what a banger



how do you guys get the mp3s of the yt music covers? do you pay the actual money

these things don't have torrents of course


You could use one of the many youtube to mp3 online converters.


anyone know the song used here? aha-music just directs me to other videos that also use the song


Kiss me more by Doja Cat.


ty! will blast it in my car later.


jdownloader2 or one of the bajillion online converters.


>a fellow Misato-fag


>Rocket Barrel 1 - Donkey Kong Country Returns
Danks very much


It's a Russian military march but I can't remember the one.


Looking for sauce on vids related, coub is notoriously bad at providing sauce for their audio


Does anyone have Mucho Dinero by h8.hood, but the instrumentals only? Vid rel.


Specifically the last part looped.


Embedding error.
It's a Turkish march ironically: CVRTOON - İzmir Marşı


Dunno Y but it reminds me of Turjan Aylahn - Tanc a Lelek from HighFleet


look up mp4 to mp3 converter


Sauce on mp4 one is in the second mp4


What song is this


Seems very familiar, a piano sonata of some kind I think.


Actually having listened to the full thing it sounds like an Etude, not unlike the more complicate Hanon pieces.



No centrist deserves this kind of banger…


I hope you're not implying Stalin is a centrist


File: 1663213571131.mp4 (2.24 MB, 326x326, YUM.mp4)

Happy Brass (Remix) - Cartier


File: 1663469059161.png (258.75 KB, 512x512, ClipboardImage.png)

>Scorpo: A Normal Day in Ukraine
Hardbass Name:
- Ukrainian Folk Song - Long live, free Ukraine!
- Alan Aztec - Squat with me (feat. DJ Slavine)
- genghis khan type beat
- Alan Aztec (feat. Uamee) Mother Russia
- Alan Aztec - Zeppelin Bass Machine (feat. R5on11c)
- Alan Aztec & HBKN - Gopnik in the USA
- Alan Aztec - HARDBASS HISTORY 2 (77K Special)
- Alan Aztec - Chernobyl Zone (feat. Chernoblyat)


Darude - Sandstorm
How has this thread not made this joke yet?


File: 1663519104701.mp4 (8.89 MB, 1086x1080, breakdancin' bukhanka.mp4)

Does anyone know what music is used in this meme? i liek this kind of music, it sounds very 1990s and 2000s


Intense - Only You
It is from 2000.


No wait it's actually from 1996?


Thanks a lot! It's drum n'bass, right?


Yeah, pretty standard 90s DnB



What is the name of this band and song!!!
It sounds like in the genre of post-punk / no wave / noise rock / industrial
I tried searching by words of lyrics but it literally gives me zero relevant results no matter how much I type out and even using "" searches


Skeleton Crew - Second Rate
Using "you have to pay to have the body brought back" in Google found this single result: https://ask.metafilter.com/302738/80s-songs-that-suddenly-seem-oddly-relevant

Unique IPs: 20

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