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"You may say I'm a larper but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us and the proletariat will be as one"
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Post what you're currently listening to








La Oreja de Van Gogh


what the fuck


Just found out Françoise Cactus died this february. :(


"Bleecker Street" by Simon and Garfunkel. Both peaceful and profound.


Here's a really beautiful cover of it:



came for the video, stayed for the music


File: 1618076202814.jpg (21.68 KB, 450x337, ceremony.jpg)

Anyone into off-key shoegaze? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzLYi3_CkWM


What about suicidal doomgaze, then? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYtQe2XjkQs


that was beautiful. thanks anonleft_communismLeft Communism




It's completely absurd but this epic video game soundtrack music from "Two Steps From Hell" that sounds like the soundtrack to Conan the Barbarian. But looking at some old communist propaganda posters from the 20th century, those images look like what this sounds like, so maybe there is something to it.


File: 1619411940817-1.png (443.26 KB, 414x667, 5409859034809384095.png)

File: 1619411940817-3.png (818.63 KB, 902x684, 348958734905349.png)

>>1544 (me)
You see what I mean


>>1545 (me)
Again, you see what I mean


Stoner doom (The Old Ones: Mound Builders) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ19rTTRFfQ



christian_communismChristian Communism







Spiralmouth - Rooftop Rampage

All a capella, with a bit of processing.snibeti_snabSnibeti Snab




get your copioids here
get your daily copium prescriptions here


christian_communismChristian Communism



You can call me Docta Funk, and I prescribe you, the funky funky funky funk




fuck adornochristian_communismChristian Communism


>>2230christian_communismChristian Communism


>>2232christian_communismChristian Communism


test youtube music embed












This is awesometankieTankie


Don't call me white - Nofx


My sister stole the CD from our boss. A fucking classic.


File: 1627487587384.mp4 (8.71 MB, 1078x1080, Love Rollercoaster.mp4)

This thread has gotten a tad depressing




2 bangers from Jaco Pastorius


fk it depressing funk


I rarely listen to jazz but this jam is fucking wicked m8


Drone doom





wtf, this shit is amazing. i found a whole new genre to explore.


I am listening to this but testing if the spoiler image works on YT embeds because this one is kinda gross


This band is part of the "Avanzada Regia" which came in part because Mexico lifted it ban on rock music (little known fact that it had one, it was not publicized and part of the anti-left war).

They mix the "Mexican - Colombian" style of Monterrey, Mexico, with other styles, including rap, rock, and punk.
Here's a translation of the lyrics of this song.

Hope you enjoy :)

Sleep while dreaming
With your eyes so full, so awake
With your heart so full and radiant
Mind-blowing, so full of love".

Life. Life. Life, what is life
In trying to understand it, we lose our life itself
So simple and so strong, so simple-minded and so lucky
What happens, preparation for death.

But it is absurd to occupy yourself with this study
Every year, second by second
It's not so deep, to sleep while dreaming

It's the answer, maybe it's wrong
Maybe it's right, dream along with the present and not the future.
Because of this you are never so sure

Here, your angers, you exist and you are free, throw out the things you own;
Fill your suitcases with responsibility
Leave for tomorrow your personality
But if you feel a contradiction
That when you sleep you wake up, and when you wake up you sleep
Maybe if you say so you're not so smart

People only look at the clothes and the facts
But they never feel what's inside their chests
There's no real connection between them
For they think they're always right?
The right and processing reason
Of the right thing to do every hour

I find Hatari's aesthetic absolutely intoxicating, but I don't love their music.



Recommend me more 50's Blues/Proto-Rock.


My album when I walk into your relationship and walk out with your gf


My song after you've stolen my broad


fuck you, your site and your userbase







spank ma booty rel gud


File: 1629694529910.jpg (40.91 KB, 900x900, btr.jpg)

New Omnistar Afghan kino just dropped:


File: 1629902640849.jpg (40.24 KB, 500x500, 51bFujVabcL.jpg)



You are all a bunch of emos. Here's some Real Proletarian Music:






Rwandan triphop/soul/afrobeat








I never listened to Halsey but I'm sold on the concept of feminist industrial pop with Trent Reznor doing the production.


File: 1630879270344.mp4 (4.76 MB, 1164x720, cute anime song.mp4)

Who here doesn't like cute anime songs!





File: 1631836961096.png (1.07 MB, 700x700, ClipboardImage.png)


Why did these guys/guy just disappear off the face of the earth?


idk :(



Listening to TERF rap from the dark web right now. (It's not very good.)


File: 1632082620351.mp4 (9.58 MB, 730x720, Superstar.mp4)

death is preferable to my current state of being



wait do you have an mp3 or something?


kill a glowy instead my uighur


Very based, thanks boss. Here is embed.


I wonder how many of the group died in the tumoltous years or were incorporated into the system



Recently dropped, have a listen!



Weekend at last!


The basis for any program of "peaceful way towards socialism"




How many songs are there to be written yet?
Tell me, cuckoo, sing it to me.
Am I to live in a city or on some outskirts?
Am I to lie like a stone or to burn like a star?
Like a star.

The Sun of mine, just look at me.
My palm has turned into a fist.
And if there's gunpowder, give me some fire.
That's it.

Who will follow the lonely trail?
The strong and the brave ones
have lost their lives in a field, in a battle.
Very few are still able to keep their clear memory,
their sound mind and their firm arm, staying in the ranks.
In the ranks.

The Sun of mine, just look at me.
My palm has turned into a fist.
And if there's gunpowder, give me some fire.
That's it.

Where are you now, freedom that is free?
Who are you welcoming
the tender sunrise with? Reply.
I feel so good with you, I feel so bad without you.
One's patient head and shoulders are to be beneath the whip.
Beneath the whip.

The Sun of mine, just look at me.
My palm has turned into a fist.
And if there's gunpowder, give me some fire.
That's it.


The streets are full
Le strade piene

The crowd around me
La folla intorno a me

He talks to me and laughs
Mi parla e ride

And he knows nothing about you
E nulla sa di te

I see around me who passes and goes
Io vedo intorno a me chi passa e va

But I know the city
Ma so che la città

It will seem empty to me
Vuota mi sembrerà

If you don't come back
Se non torni tu
There are those every night
C'è chi ogni sera

He wants me next to him
Mi vuole accanto a sé

But I don't care
Ma non m'importa

If your kisses will give me
Se I suoi baci mi darà

I always think of you, only of you
Io penso sempre a te, soltanto a te

And I know the city
E so che la città

It will seem empty to me
Vuota mi sembrerà

If you don't come back
Se non torni tu
How can you
Come puoi tu

To live alone without me
Vivere ancor solo senza me

You don't hear it
Non senti tu

That our love did not end
Che non finì il nostro amor
(come back to me, love
(torna da me, amor

And it won't be
E non sarà

The emptier the city)
Più vuota la città)
The streets are full
Le strade piene

The crowd around me
La folla intorno a me

He talks to me and laughs
Mi parla e ride

And he knows nothing about you
E nulla sa di te

I see around me who passes and goes
Io vedo intorno a me chi passa e va

But I know the city
Ma so che la città

It will seem empty to me
Vuota mi sembrerà

If you don't come back
Se non torni tu
How can you
Come puoi tu

To live alone without me
Vivere ancor solo senza me

You don't hear it
Non senti tu

That our love did not end
Che non finì il nostro amor







I’m back into the U.S.S.R.
I’m back into the U.S.S.R.




I use to hate the 80s, now I understand






File: 1637259742110.mp4 (3.31 MB, 360x360, Ampun Bang Jago.mp4)






Embedding error.


Embedding error.








Feel like shit





Age restricted and found out after ~15 straight minutes of tryharding that there's no longer a way to view a youtube age restricted video via any proxy service (like for example nsfwyoutube.com) like before.


download it


File: 1639835260551.mp4 (2.98 MB, 1276x720, melobytes rip papi.mp4)

Listening to AI-generated music based on a pic you upload right now. (It's not very good.)



File: 1639952797642-0.jpg (345.53 KB, 1100x1100, pepe_sylvian.jpg)

>I wrestle with an outlook on life
>That shifts between darkness and shadowy light


File: 1640123498271.png (913.3 KB, 700x700, ClipboardImage.png)


check it out, a new single.

Supposedly a part of an upcoming album!


Been a fan of "Solidarity" and "Liddle Towers" forever, been listening to a lil' bit more of The Upstarts songs tonight since Mensi died recently.




it's amazing how this starts off so hardcore but just becomes the most cartoonishly liberal platitudes



fucking love this album







skip the eminem part


oh fuck meant to post in the what are you listening to thread. whatever



You click the Embed button. It's only on the top post form, not the Quick Reply box.






dif him up and slap the shit out of him by deterioration








I'm in a saya binge so you have to be in it too




















Go Lain go


File: 1645845907780.jfif (5.95 KB, 275x183, descarga.jfif)




Is the human voice the greatest instrument?



this is so fucking good




Commie Mommy Daria







Pa los gringos y gringospeakers









amazing beat ruined by drake’s eminem rapping



File: 1650701696199.mp4 (4.18 MB, 720x720, Stay.mp4)


a cool and very french anthem called "when will it be day, comrade?". Very melancholy; knowing that change is on it's way but still a way off. Something to give us imperial core commies something to dream about.

















so they came in2 the outway
it was sunday, what a black day, ah
mouth2mouth resuscitations,
sounding heartbeats, intimidations
annie r u ok..annie r u ok, r u ok annie…


Excited for the new album tbh.


kendrick goat
been listening to this album a lot lately https://youtu.be/ZA_OzNN1tLY
’’i dont rush shit fuck shit always your shit my shit cannonballs to ignite shit morning to the night shift im on, i aint sorry for it, ask for a piece of mine you charge me for it, i wanna see sometimes if you ignore it, im in the street sometimes and cant afford it (i got a bad habit) levitating, ducking haters, oh my, my heart is rich, my heart is famous (oooh ooh)’’


I hope this doesn't get claimed




Can't download this at all, can anyone post an mp4 file of this?


Does liking everything Yugoslav 70-80's make me a slavaboo?




File: 1653780506932-1.mp4 (152.22 KB, 320x256, 1920_s_Fox_Trot.mp4)


File: 1653846477929.mp4 (3.9 MB, 436x480, ROSTAM - GWAN.mp4)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAHcYCf_kGc been looking through chris travis and spaceghostpurrp's discography, I usually prefer boom bap but I like these kinds of hi hats


sgp a talented producer, his influence runs deep throughout the 2010s


He's a talentless loser who could've scraped by as a minor rap presence for a few years but couldn't even manage that.



Embedding error.




ambient + rock is u liek weird musiq




Enyojing some merengues


anne frank diary turns 75 today


I'm back in the DDR


Todo el mundo a mover los pies y bailar hasta morir





Here's something epic
The Yugoslav Big Band of radio-television Belgrade jazzed up partisan songs from WW2
Take a listen to the whole album, Jazz Orkestar RTB – Po šumama i gorama



what we really need is antifascist bosozoku


Embedding error.
Not even joking, I've been listening to this guy a lot recently. Libertarian (hoppean-esque) Polish zionist. I've looked up the lyrics of his songs and they're hilarious. This one in particular is pretty funny and lowkey kind of good for a rightoid.


Yo soy un jonki









Embedding error.











Dracula Ye Yé




ded ded ded ded!





words to live by, music to vibe to.


< if I could write poetry, I would.
< I would write a thousand words
< to tell the world
< that I love you



on a contortionist binge today





Have to post this too. It's German martial industrial. Captured me from first song onward. I feel like this like many other martial industrial albums are the ideal workout music.


this shit never gets old. best cover







Anyone else think Fagen's production got worse after Gaucho D:



best of times, worst of times, etc, etc.




This little ditty never gets old


RIP Trevor Moore


In the future, everybody will be a kitten. We are all gonna try to out-kitten each other.



this one hits me in the feelings LIKE A TRUCK


i love these


Found a channel where someone took Shoko Asahara's voice clips and made catchy music out of it.


Shinrikyo already had some catchy music to begin with


dear winter, can't wait to see you again



Italian Girls

How did this mf'er Rodney Stewart fall off so hard



why is the sims 1 music so good? I was reminiscing over Bach in Sid Meiers Pirates and then remember Sims 1 ost slaps and its even better then I remembered
holy cow this is a good rendition, tanks for sharing
i'd heard of reinhardt but this sax! more like sex



i love the the sims soundtrack too


don't post with name on /alt/ boards


Edward Ka-Spel is still the man




I love BTMI
eh puts out music for free on the internet and doesn't afraid of anything
but honestly quote unquote records is honestly the coolest thing pre-bandcamp internet


It's A Shame

This song sounds like some modern funk


Weirdly catchy




This makes me want to splurge my last $200 on a classical guitar and play my heart out



>pilotredsun - Achievement (full album)


joe pass is good too






They Won't Go When I Go

Convinced this is the second-best Stevie album.





also this


Was listening to this intro just now and was like:
>that sounds like a flute
>wait maybe it's just two guitars
then I looked up the credits and they have a flute player. The way it's layered and blended gives a really cool effect.





Funny how much this sounds like a Bowie song from the same time period (early to mid 70s)



Boomers were alright


Music of the glorious axis of resistance


In Heaven


reposting this banger before it's lost to the Ayy lmao thread



he served cunt








I feel like this is what trap music from the backrooms would sound like



More boom bap with piano like this


Those pics go hard


File: 1677635764199.jpg (62.46 KB, 500x500, 500x500-000000-80-0-0.jpg)

Fruko El Grande - Fruko Y Sus Tesos

Colombian salsa is so fucking good wtf







That hambone rhythm











Mina - Città vuota (It's a Lonely Town)
Album: Studio Uno (1965)


How lovely, thanks for sharing





It's so funny seeing christoids melting down over this boring pop song and music video


any vaporwavers on leftypol anymore?



True Blue



Jimi Hendrix made the song famous. There's another musician who claimed to have written the original in the '60s,and the folkie vid related whose girlfriend she was who said she wrote it. But I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't an older version going back even further.




File: 1679516707061.jpg (10.16 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Let's talk about MONEY and POWER



Thanks anon, I like this, got any more suggestions?













linkin park, slipknot, sum 41



File: 1681239271537.jpg (285.42 KB, 1280x1280, pic.jpg)




If u kno what i mean





I Just Want to Sing Your Name



Shostakovich is so good vgh





Aye Ero still goes hard. Literal legend for sure.








I don't like to listen to music that is too political




is unironically good




Happy music for the much needed rain















File: 1688674241161.png (511.67 KB, 600x600, 1680167003775306.png)

One Love (FunkyChild's Remix)




Sh!t is real by Bugaloop







feeling nostalgic











File: 1690060627186.mp4 (8.92 MB, 540x360, amerikkka.mp4)


Also available age restricted on YooToobz if anybody logged into their yootoobz account wants to influence their own personal Yootoob engagement encouraging ai.






This may not be music t some of you, but this is music to my ears. Asmr psychopath boyfriend plans a massacre




Kinda catchy and sounds like a band young me would dig but ngl this lo-fi babby's first punk sound is so dated in current year, part of me thinks it's quaint dudes are still grabbing a few guitars and rocking out in garages but part of me also thinks it's kinda cringe, like punk is such a fossil of a genre it's weird hearing it in the 2020s.





punk has been overrated from the beginning.
nothing but distortion sludge.

Alt rock and new wave and ska punk are the only good things to come out of it.



Going through one of these phases where I dont listen to music and have one song stuck in my head all the time, mainly vidrel


anotha one



me on the right










American group. Kinda like neo-Italo-Disco


















Surprisingly good!


Banana, Banana, Banana, Banana, Avocado!





Everything costs
Go on and give your bets Ave Maria!



Y Nos fuimos de una, empezamo' a la una


The Greatest Album of all Time, ✊😜!





Laibach covering Rammstein







what was this? it's blocked in my country


Black Lips - Bad Kids video set to George Floyd-era /nightgang/ scenes

here's just the audio


Yugo socialist post yugo socialist post punk


New Green Day single just dropped today, I think it’s quite a banger with some obvious leftist and anti-American themes that Leftypol should enjoy!





Hmm maybe I should add this channel to my RSS reader…




I just found out there's a whole subgenre of space-themed folk music that sprang out of Star Trek conventions and now I'm listening to this whole playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLl_sQMiCxowUcx1qd8W4eqCIkhnhKsqQ1


>>10010 (me)
BREAKING NEWS: apparently it's called "filk"


Is Star Trek's folk/filk a play on Star Wars' jazz/jizz?


According to Wikipedia it came from a headline typo that wrote folk as "filk" and the name stuck, and it goes all the way back to the 50s, predating Star Trek by 10 years. I'm learning all kinds of stuff today


As someone who has known about filk for a while, it’s super good. A lot of the irl space based music makes me dream of a world we could have had..


What are some good filk to listen to?





this bangs





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