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This shit's crazy. Post good ones.
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You use so-vits-svc to seperate the vocals, then you use Audacity to clean the vocals of the echo and seperate the voices into seperate tracks, then you feed the resulting tracks and the training data to the SVC again and then you use Audacity again to mix the vocals and the music and add the echo back. It's 100% audio editing.

It's elementary, Watson.


got any more like this? i find it more interesting than voiced ai covers, closest stuff is villager and sans covers.




>tfw the kelp forest starts speaking vietnamese


These are getting based.


Adolf Hitler - I think I'm Going to Kill Myself


Not a funny one but WOW this one is kinda near-perfect?
i think it pushes beyond just the mere novelty and shitposting aspect that comes with these covers imo
genuinely impressive stuff


trend i noticed is that the ai covers with over a million views tend to be the ones that are actually well-made with a lot of attention to detail


krabs holding nothing back


File: 1689419712548.mp4 (5.65 MB, 1920x1080, 1113277690-1-208.mp4)



Meme one that also works really well.






Can some nerd do Which Side Are You On with the Stalin voice?

No instrumentals please if possible, just raw vocals.


anyone got the guitar tab for this one?


AI Ariana Grande covers "What It Is" by DOECHII


im going to show this to my friend the next time we go tripping thanks anon




Jeremy Clarkson - My Way


Some guy is making Ruby-based AI covers, they're pretty funny and some are actually pretty good.



Do they have karaoke in Remnant?



File: 1691780219439.png (4.1 MB, 3573x4000, ClipboardImage.png)

I would think so, yes



Did anyone do a Neo cover yet?


File: 1691884665749.png (133.79 KB, 402x376, Neo kek.png)




The AI covers have evolved somewhat.



derailing because this is only Vocaloid but I think its neat


Soldier Sings Fortunate Son


Sounds more like Elmer Fudd lol


This is probably one of the best.
No weird glitches, could plausibly be actual voice acting.
Performance is perfect, no slurring of the words or wrong notes.
Voice matches the song.
>Plankton is cheating
Yeah well… shut up.


This is not an AI cover but it has a weirdly similar vibe.





glorious fuhrer dropping some beats



comrade trump needs our help



joe biden is a maoist






File: 1694779068580.jpg (116.23 KB, 821x1260, my sides are in orbit.jpg)


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