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This shit's crazy. Post good ones.






There's a whole series of these with Eminem that has an entire continuity.



The fact that it can make such a mismatched voice and melody work pretty well most of the time is impressive and kind of worrying.


Sing it Jeremy.


oh my god


damn krabs got pipes


capital has been so ruthless to the artists. for the last 20 years, in genres like hip hop and KPop and R&B especially, the photogenic people get put in the limelight and the nerds actually writing the lyrics and composing the music languish in obscurity, ghostwriting for these millionaire "stars" and their record companies. the vast majority of people ignore this dynamic and attribute all the skill and talent to the "star" and not their ghostwriters. now all those ghostwriters are getting fired. chatbots are writing the lyrics now. AIs are composing the music now. The means of production are proprietary software, and whoever owns it can produce everything at zero cost. soon even the "stars" won't be real anymore. every band will be like "Gorillaz" on steroids. girls will grow up crushing on guys who aren't even real. their redcarpet walks and live performances will be entirely holographic.



File: 1686469074399.png (1005 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Krabs rapping sounds like Big Smoke




this shit gave me AIDS so now you have to see it too


This version is even better.


>The means of production are proprietary software
False. If anything, the AI space is the last battlefield of libre vs proprietary software. The battle now is between libre rvc and proprietary Musicfy. We've lost in the video game turf because video games are valuable as artifacts of culture but are on the offense when it comes to basically everything else.


This is the first time I ever heard Mr. Krabs making MJ noises.

But what if… No, it cannot be… IT CANNOT BE!


Billie Jean is a popular one for some reason, probably the MJ noises.

There's a lot more variety than those and some actually work really well with the voices.


>probably the MJ noises
Definitely the MJ noises. They're a good test of the characters' vocal range.


SpongeBob can sing fluent Russian apparently.


another gem

It can do different languages because it's just trying to produce the same phonemes using the voice. It might be missing some from the training sample but it can more or less reproduce them because it knows how they're supposed to sound from the song itself. It does result in the characters usually singing in an accent closer to the singer in the song than the character's accent at times.


>it's just trying to produce the same phonemes using the voice
Figured it out with Dio.


Some OK things in this thread, but THIS AI COVER is perfection: https://piped.kavin.rocks/watch?v=lik2xCFCKDQ The realistic graphics in the videos of this channel are puzzling. For example, the realistic trees. Just how do they achieve that?


Jesus fucking Christ.




I love this one just because of the vocals.


Shite, it's SVC, not RVC. My bad, bros.

SVC is the good libre alternative to all proprietary garbage, you should try it.


Sounds terrible
It can't map onto MC Ride's vocals for shit, it just ends up making some warbling noise as a result




File: 1686663377540.png (310.87 KB, 480x586, ClipboardImage.png)

I've heard of making the guitar talk, but this is ridiculous!


It was physically painful, thank you.


they're getting better at matching the voices to the songs



>they're getting better at matching the voices to the songs
That's because using Plankton, Squidward or Krabs is cheating.


Sounds clean for a punk song.


>some of those that cook for fish
>keep their trade secret sauces
>grilling in the name of


This has a criminally low amount of views.


Mr. Krabs is cheating but there's too many songs about money.


This AI technology is getting too advanced.


Spongebob's voice sounds much stronger in this one. Not sure if it's the training data or just the song.



Tenacious D just does this kind of shit now and then.


here's a non-spongebob one


Extremely cursed, do not listen



Jack Black is actually a program that generates parody songs.



WTF, SpongeBob goes HARD.


Wow, this sounds so good.


Somebody who knows how to make these should do one with Squidward singing the Internationale.


You use so-vits-svc to seperate the vocals, then you use Audacity to clean the vocals of the echo and seperate the voices into seperate tracks, then you feed the resulting tracks and the training data to the SVC again and then you use Audacity again to mix the vocals and the music and add the echo back. It's 100% audio editing.

It's elementary, Watson.


got any more like this? i find it more interesting than voiced ai covers, closest stuff is villager and sans covers.




>tfw the kelp forest starts speaking vietnamese


These are getting based.


Adolf Hitler - I think I'm Going to Kill Myself


Not a funny one but WOW this one is kinda near-perfect?
i think it pushes beyond just the mere novelty and shitposting aspect that comes with these covers imo
genuinely impressive stuff


trend i noticed is that the ai covers with over a million views tend to be the ones that are actually well-made with a lot of attention to detail


krabs holding nothing back


File: 1689419712548.mp4 (5.65 MB, 1920x1080, 1113277690-1-208.mp4)



Meme one that also works really well.






Can some nerd do Which Side Are You On with the Stalin voice?

No instrumentals please if possible, just raw vocals.


anyone got the guitar tab for this one?


AI Ariana Grande covers "What It Is" by DOECHII


im going to show this to my friend the next time we go tripping thanks anon




Jeremy Clarkson - My Way


Some guy is making Ruby-based AI covers, they're pretty funny and some are actually pretty good.



Do they have karaoke in Remnant?



File: 1691780219439.png (4.1 MB, 3573x4000, ClipboardImage.png)

I would think so, yes



Did anyone do a Neo cover yet?


File: 1691884665749.png (133.79 KB, 402x376, Neo kek.png)




The AI covers have evolved somewhat.



derailing because this is only Vocaloid but I think its neat


Soldier Sings Fortunate Son


Sounds more like Elmer Fudd lol


This is probably one of the best.
No weird glitches, could plausibly be actual voice acting.
Performance is perfect, no slurring of the words or wrong notes.
Voice matches the song.
>Plankton is cheating
Yeah well… shut up.


This is not an AI cover but it has a weirdly similar vibe.





glorious fuhrer dropping some beats



comrade trump needs our help



joe biden is a maoist






File: 1694779068580.jpg (116.23 KB, 821x1260, my sides are in orbit.jpg)



I luv neko arc



>all the deleted videos




>Kiss The Rails, Girls, I'm Going Home - Katyusha (Girls und Panzer) - AI Cover


video file

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