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How would music sampling work under socialism, given that intellectual property laws wouldn't exist?
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China is the corporeal body of socialism. China is not the "pope" of socialism. China is the foremost example from history of a socialist society. China is the most highly developed, marxist, and most communist state of history. China is the guardian and torchbearer of the proletariat. China is the current leader of the communist movement.

The People must have a Party. If not China, then who??? What party and state is of the People????


Please list your grievances with Chinese socialist intellectual property law. Why is this incompatible with socialism???


socialism is when high gdp


Last time I’m responding to this bait:

What are your thoughts on Chiba’s relationship with apartheid Israel?


Mossad asset Robert Maxwell was one of the guardians of modern IP law.


The guy that put Milli Vanilli together.


It is socially and historically necessary for the construction and development of communism


Robert Maxwell drank water and would probably be a "guardian" or proponent of drinking water. Is water bad?


NGL this reminds me of how Tupac (who was a comrade FYI) knew he was going to die young and allegedly told his homies what to do with his music when that day came. That’s why he made a bunch of recordings that only got released like five years after he died. Everything was strategic because he predicted his own death.

Oh hell, even Juice WRLD said “we’re not making it past 21” in his song Legends, and then he OD’d on opioids and died at 21.







TBH the only time I could ever see IP/copyright being justified is when it comes to academia and intellectual labour. Plagiarism is a huge problem in the academy and if I spend months researching a certain topic for the purpose of a journal article or my dissertation I’m going to flip my shit if someone copied my research and publishes their article first, or copies my work without giving me any credit,


TBH there’s no point to debating this when sampling will be here forever thanks to the internet and FL Studio.


This is an excellent point. Intellectual property law would still exist in the most late stage communism. Even when everyone is an artist or scientist, people would still own their creations.


Then you would have to publish your article first. You aren’t entitled to be “protected” on some abstract notion of “I own this thesis”.


If I can’t bootleg it’s not my revolution.


>3:00 — “mutilating moral rights”

How is that even a thing?


>how DARE you post good hip hop to prove the critics wrong!!!



Patent Law in Early Communist China
Contrary to the theoretical framework that communists have on protecting intellectual property, most governments, including China, in practice have provided at least minor amounts of patent law protection. During the early years of Communist China, certain laws provided minor economic recompense to inventors. Despite this, the ideology behind these laws were of communist origins. The first laws created in China during this time were the "Provisional Regulations on the Protection of the Invention Right and the Patent Right," passed and on August 11, 1950, and the "Provisional Regulations on Awards for Inventions, Technical Improvements, and Rationalization Proposals Relating to Production of May 6." In these laws, the inventor was given a choice between a patent where they could exclude others from using the invention or a certificate of authorship. If the inventor chose to to use a patent, he was offered the following rights (Collection of Laws and Regulations of the Peole's Republic of China):

(1) He may use his own capital or form a corporation to operate an enterprise using his invention for production;
(2) he may assign the patent to another person or license it to any organization or individual;
(3) without the patentee's permission, another person may not use his invention;
(4) he may bequeath the patent right, and his heirs will enjoy the same rights as he;
(5) during the term of the patent, the patentee (or his heirs), if he has neither assigned nor licensed the patent, may request the central principal organ [the Central Bureau of Technological Management of the Finance and Economic Committee of the Government Administration Council] to convert the patent right into an invention right.
However, the state retained the power to take control of a patent at any time, thus ensuring that anything created could be forced to be transferred to public ownership. The certificate of authorship essentially gave "ownership" to the state. It provided certain benefits and monetary compensation for the inventors to incentivize this option. The government would then provide awards to those who had especially significant contributions. Tao-Tai Hsia and Kathryn A. Haun stated that rewards were up to about 250,000 yuan, or about $104,000 US dollars (At the time). These patents and certificates of authorship would last from three to fifteen years, depending on what the government decided. While this provided certain incentive to invent, control over the intellectual property was still primary held by the Communist party through the certificates and the power to take control of patents. They justified the protection because the government would use the property to make the life of everyone in society better as a whole.

Further reforms were instituted in the "Regulation on Awards and Inventions" which was issued November 3, 1963. It instituted a key statement, that "All inventions are the property of the state, and no person or unit may claim monopoly over them. All units throughout the country (including collectively owned units) may make the use of inventions essential to them."(Collection of Laws and Regulations of the Peole's Republic of China) This was to further justify patent law in the idea that all property was collectively owned by the government. Analysis of these reforms by Tao-Tai Hsia and Kathryn A. Haun leads that, "The Communist Chinese apparently found the idea of the patent ideologically unpalatable, even if its practical importance had been vitiated by the structure of the economy and the official attitude towards patents." In this reform, patents were eliminated entirely, and there were changed rewards for certificates of authorship. There became five levels of certificates, with each one justifying a certain amount of monetary compensation. The highest level rewarded 10,000 yuan and the fifth level only rewarded 500 yuan. These reforms represent the most traditional Communist views that were enacted in China during the time of their intense communist reform.


Notice how this was decades before the internet made enforcing IP nearly impossible.


>And I’m supposed to believe this is the same exact ideology?
They aren’t the same ideology and Marxists have always had plenty of ideological divisions. Trots tail whatever they see as being a leftist cause. Maoists are obsessed with moral purity for reasons they never specify. Tankies just do whatever other socialist states do.


Not the Beatles, but MJ’s Beat It (one of the most famous pop songs of all time) was made around a sample.



Iran is based because they don't enforce copyright laws. They even have apps to get streaming services like Netflix for free in HD. The father of the Iranian New Wave, Dariush Mehrjui said, “In our country, we don’t have copyrights. We feel free to read and do whatever we want.”


Sad how Iran is more socialist than China in this aspect.


Third post best post


He settled quickly because he knows way more women were about to join the suit.

Also, how do you start a label and everyone involved is dead but you?


Music sampling would be a lot more free and easier to do, because there wouldn't be any IP laws to begin with. And I do love some sampling music genres like Vaporwave and Future Funk.


The pettiest theft = socialism to the lumpen? Iran is anti-imperialist in that regard, not socialist.


Why doesn’t Iran have copyright and China does?


iran has copyright laws


it probably has more to do with trying to skirt around US sanctions than "socialism" lol. The russian government unblocked rutracker for similar reasons. If private entreprise can't come knocking at your door, demanding a king's ransom for their intellectual "property" without risking hefty fines from the US gov, what's really stopping you from distributing fucking Star Wars for free?


This exactly. They just don't abide by bourgeois imperialist american copyright laws, so they are able to print textbooks without paying King's ransom.

The chinese and Iranians create their own copyright law to survive and destroy western bourgeois imperialism


What makes you think China actually cares about IP in principle instead of cynically using it as a form of legal protectionism because it was already established internationally?


the article indicates he was very aware of his own mortality but yeah generalize all black people i guess


That, and China is very, very lax Wigner it comes to actually enforcing IP.


Well, this thread was certainly prophetic.


Because if there’s one thing terminally ill people are known for it’s being totally open and honest about how sick they are. Right.


Accreditation does not equal intellectual property ownership.


You will have to elaborate more.


all the people in the video are being threatened with legal action though


Could you explain the parallels between this and the examples of "IP theft" in OP's video?


Sampling is god. Copyright is joke.


All of those involved in such legal squabbles are petty-bourgeoisie who are not fighting for accreditation, but over intellectual property ownership (fictitious capitals) and values. This video is entirely the logic of capital, a self-serving attempt to assert the petty-bourgeoisie's exclusive rights of value extraction "from their ideas™". Hbomberfly represents his class and campaigns for youtube to give stronger intellectual property rights to the petty-bourgeoisie. Hbomberfly is not arguing for accreditation, but for augmented petty-bourgeois privileges, and thusly greater appropriation of values produced by the proletariat. The whine of "plagiarism" is but a moral pretext to justify this. The "content" is not a source of value, or research, but of mass waste.


File: 1702231976139-0.jpg (101.55 KB, 1170x823, GAmyNXLXAAAPAsa.jpg)

File: 1702231976139-1.png (47.19 KB, 747x229, GAszy-vWwAAnx6l.png)

File: 1702231976139-2.png (42.29 KB, 745x186, GAs0Ro_W4AE6uYY.png)

I'm sure people are angry about IP bullshit threatening to kill whole genres of music.
>reads comments


This is a travesty.


How is it possible to eradicate an entire genre of music???


It would be funny if they won.


at least the amen break guy was some homeless artist this would just benefit some fucking estate


Here’s the original track in case everyone’s curious.


Here it is as webm in case anyone want to download it and get sued.


Based. Fuck IP.

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