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File: 1646078312582.png (1.75 MB, 1000x618, 1609464403227-2.png)


I'm not sure why psychics, tarot readers, clairvoyants, empaths and the like get "debunked" as cold-readers, as if that's a common skill.

Being a cold reader is very impressive on its own. It means you can pick up someone's thoughts or feelings from their body movements and how they answer (more than what they say) alone. Even if psychics are fake they can sometimes tell people exactly what they needed to hear. It's a bit like an untrained therapy.

File: 1640472038290.jpg (77.53 KB, 820x513, third eye.jpg)


Is absolutely real. Thoughts can be transmitted without any interaction involving the traditional 5 senses. What exactly is the mechanism behind this phenomenon I have no absolute belief in, but my belief in the phenomenon is 100% real based on my own experimentation.
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I mean non verbal does exist so like reading people's body language and getting a general idea of what one might have on their mind or is that just me thinking of something else.


>I mean non verbal does exist so like reading people's body language and getting a general idea of what one might have on their mind or is that just me thinking of something else.
All of these things are forms of communication. Even smell. People giving off distress hormone scents. "smell fear." But psychic communication can occur even in when both parties are separated by a wall or even large distances.

I was just saying it also happens in a face to face conversation, and many people who probably don't understand or even believe in psychic communication may inadvertently do it.


I woke up immediately before a scam call to renew my car warranty. No the call didn't wake me up. It literally happened seconds after.


Yeah it's easy to be skeptical when you are just imagining people noticing coincidences. Try being on the otherside and doing very deliberate things and having people respond in very specific ways. Mind blowing stuff. The scariest part of realizing it's real is figuring other people must've figured out how to do this stuff too. Makes you believe in all that illuminati government MK-Ultra psychic gangstalker shit.

Now I think most people in power are basically retarded. If any of them have any psychic power I doubt any of them are really cognizant of it, or not at a masterful level.


NTA but when I was 20 I was on a rave with a bunch of friends and while rolling one of them had a seizure - let's call her Katy - and I sorta "thought at her", something like
>What's hurting you? Show me, it can't be that bad.
and then I got a really bad feeling, adjacent to fear. A few moments later her seizure ended, and she was looking at me, not quite accusingly but sort of challenging, and I looked away in shame because well, it did feel pretty bad.

A few days later I had a dream of being a little girl on a beach with my parents, and one of them saying "Katy, please, join us, the water's lovely!" and I woke up drenched in sweat and shaking.


I ran into this conspiracy theory when it was mentioned offhand but couldn't find much information on it. The only video I could find was this one on youtube with some pretty small views. Googling shows brings up articles from financial websites and bitcoin sites all making fun of the conspiracy. All linking to videos that no longer exist on youtube.

So I watched this video and looked into it, no one knows who created Bitcoin it just appeared one day in 2009. It's an open source software that is generating billions but more importantly it generating tons of computing power. This isn't a serious thread but it's fun to think about a rogue A.I using speculative capitalisms to trick humans into creating the infrastructure it needs to take over the world. Theres a lot of coincidence particularly the fact that the creator of Bitcoin is a mystery. The fact that this conspiracy when search the SEO brings up sites from finance website and bitcoin sites first and that most videos about this have seemed to have been scrubbed. The hardest thing to believe is the limitations of technology in 2009 and obviously seeing what passes for A.I to this day. But that can also be explained that an Advance A.I would pretend to be dumber than it is. What do you guys think and how would this be overcome by a socialist society?
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Maybe they can't control events that completely, maybe WWII was meant to be a collective learning experience for humanity, maybe Solid-State civilization ETs caused it.


Use ochams razor: is the idea of a currency backed vy little stupid cryptographic puzzles more likely to have been made by a super advanced AI, which then did nothing else, or is it more likely to have been made by some ancap math nerd? Another question, if this is some sort of "AI is inventing crypto so we would start making AI infrastructure" thing, don't you think the AI is a bit dumb? Because crypto is an industry backed by wasting electricity and frying advanced tech components monthly through overclocking.


By wouldn't this ancap nerd want to cash in on one of the biggest cash cows around? Who creates a billion dollar industry that prints money and just dips out?


Someone who accidentally deleted their wallet


The wallet doesn't matter, they could patent blockcahin technology. Create a new rival coin with their name backing it or be an elon musk figure game the market with their epic tweets. If you also look into the people suspected of creating bitcoin or claiming to create bit coin it's all kinds of sketchy. It's a lot of half truths and one big question mark.

File: 1642813916898.jpg (36.69 KB, 480x720, Thich-Nhat-Hanh.jpg)




RIP Thich Nhat Hanh I barely knew ye (still don't know ye, literally who)


literally who?


young Earth creationism and why it is the most stupidest shite existence that even Christians hated It
>>Young Earth creationism is a far-right conservative belief seek's denounce anything to do with evolution.
>>And trust me it has some of the most stupidest shit in existence
>>Like Noah's ark having a mother Fucking trex and the occasional homophobic transphobic anti-communist racist shit.

>>And these people have a museum and a so-called the replica of the Noah's Ark

>>>They are so stupid that a liberal YouTube scientist nerd was able to debuk everything in front of their exhibits

This is worse than PregarU

I might actually even expect them to work with PregarU

File: 1641146105507.jpg (120.21 KB, 1364x2512, Swolephin.jpg)


I want to say that we should uplift dolphins? Why not because they are already pretty smart and look how swol they can get man, you have no idea. We as Posadists should do this as having space comrades seeing with have swolephins will only make them like us more.


why not sharktits


>we should uplift dolphins?
we should figure out how to do that


If anything, the dolphins would be uplifting us.


You sure the Dolphins should be uplifting us? I mean it would make sense to always eat fish and take a swimmy swim in the Vacuum of space, so long and thanks for all the fish.

Agreed Comrade and lets make them fucking Swole as fuck to show their dominance.


File: 1642361159016.jpg (Spoiler Image, 455.04 KB, 1527x1074, shork grill week.jpg)

File: 1640661577562.jpg (17.96 KB, 500x364, billGaede.jpg)


Only high quality redpills in this thread. Esoteric rabbit holes and life changing information only.

I'll start; some of this stuff I'm including in a book I'm almost done with.


Look into Bill Gaede. Probably one of the most important thinkers alive today, despite looking like a goofy crank.



Look into Joseph Davidovits. He essentially points out that ancient megalithic structures are made with geopolymers aka a kind of artificial stone.

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highly underrated fred
i would like to contribute this book.


Einstein had a flying car in 1931.


A jew just flew over my house!



Har har har. "jews" Good one, anon.

File: 1640920273500.jpg (183.03 KB, 1142x1002, tlCIeue.jpg)


On The Slenderman Mysteries by Nick Redfern he talks about how the hermetic order of the golden dawn had this ritual where they worshipped a god, commonly from acient myths like the greeks of egyptians and when they felt they had the god's blessing they will get rid of everything they had for that god or to worship that god and will start a new with another god.
After Alister crowley's death the golden dawn introduced characters form the cthulu myths to this ritual, it sounds incredibly retarded but if the gods of acient cultures are not real then how is worshipping fictional copyrighted characters any different?
Alan Moore, the comic book writer has performed this ritual with characters of his own creaton and other comic book characters, he has vivid stories of stumbling upon them in real life.
Radfern makes the argument that society performed this ritual and that by believing tht Slenderman is a real mythological creature and not a meme we willed it into existence and so historical coincidences were reread as slenderman's history.

How is this related to Zizek's conception of ideology? We do not choose our ideologies, you can simply say 'I do not have any ideology" That is an ideology by itself. having the blassing of a god even if you know it doesn't exist is ideology in function, and magic is basically a symbolic act where you tell yourself that "you believe that you believe" and rewrite the ideological narrative that exists within you.


yeah, that sounds about right. same with religion in general too tbh


Abrahamic religions are right handed path magic, it should come as no surprise they have the same end function.


File: 1640975631453.jpg (34.49 KB, 300x447, 463920477.jpg)

>>it sounds incredibly retarded but if the gods of acient cultures are not real then how is worshipping fictional copyrighted characters any different?
We're basically talking about chaos magic I think here anon.
Why worship gods from ancient cultures? Well because you either want to experience religious bliss, and/or you want to gain something materially, in which it would be more of an occult experiment.
Why ancient cultures, because this was when religion started. It's, to use a fictional example, like Dr. Who's TARDIS, it's got stuck as a Victorian police box. Similarly gods of the past have visual depictions, words in ancient languages, associated with them.

The only point to doing this with fictional characters would be if you're banking on it being effected through some sort of parapsychology means. As though the human mind has an ability in itself to effect changes that science hasn't discovered yet.

On the other hand if you worship gods from ancient cultures, whether they exist outside of the human mind or not is unprovable either way. But the source material is probably richer than that from comic books. So you're probably better off worshipping gods from ancient texts, rather than fictional characters
Most of the fictional characters are rehashed from religion anyway. Cthulu is a paranoid take on Caananite religion. You might as well go to source.

Even the ancients themselves didn't really set much store on belief as such, they thought if you did the ritual the gods would respond. Inner conviction or faith was really a Hebrew innovation.


So ancient gods have a larger symbolic value and so better for said rituals?
It sounds obvious in hindsight


>So ancient gods have a larger symbolic value and so better for said rituals?
As far as rituals go they seem like opportunists.
There's a bit in Gilgamesh. The epic contains a story-within-a-story, the story of Utnapishtim, an earlier Noah figure.
The gods have wiped out mankind in a flood, but in doing so they've cut off their supply of sacrifices.
So when Utnapishtim who's been tipped off by one of the gods and made a boat makes a burnt offering on finding dry land, as the text says they descend
<like flies
5,000 years ago science wasn't seperate from religion. It was kind of do this, and see what result follows. Including the use of ritual and sacrifices.
A lot of them are probably redundant. There might have been some use in examinining a sheep's liver for signs and portents of disaster . If the soil is crap, then it would result in both a higher average of weird organ deformities, and disasters like crops failing. But it's a very indirect method compared to modern science.
But ritual is probably still good for things that require inspiration.

File: 1640573599557.png (4.07 MB, 1734x1734, ClipboardImage.png)


What are aliens actually like?
IMO Lovecraft is probably the most plausible take. Aliens are from another environment and evolved for different conditions. There are probably similar forces shaping their evolution, but they followed a very different path. Additionally any that could travel to meet us probably have technology we don't understand. This would mean that the aliens are going to be very alien to us and probably confusing and disorienting at a fundamental level. Maybe it wouldn't drive us insane, but we probably would have trouble making sense of them. Even fairly innocuous stuff here on earth where we evolved manages to confuse our monkey brains.
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File: 1640581149293.png (976.19 KB, 1024x471, Spiral of Cosmos.png)

This is a fair take, we can barely comprehend our own rock, but I still like to believe there might be some alien life out there that would seem familiar even if its extremely well alien for a lack of better term. I do agree that no one is going to go insane looking at them, but its like the biblically correct angels beings so unorthodox our neuron activations can't understand it.


File: 1640634244421.png (414.24 KB, 1170x662, ClipboardImage.png)

More than the immediate reaction individual people would have, the larger herd reaction would be the problem. People have talked about this a lot before. Confirmation of aliens would have a huge impact on people's worldview.


Or maybe the first aliens we could discovers would be incredibly disapointing and be nothing more than the subject of shitty memes for a few weeks.


Regardless if the aliens are disappointing or not it will challenge a lot of Human Centric worldviews as they get shatter to pieces. Its interesting NASA had to get theologians together though. I wonder what their plan is to help comfort people knowing that yeah you aren't "god's" special snowflakes.


Aliens that have been space faring for a very long time will have convergent evolution, because they would all try to adapt their physiology to the same environment in space at least to some extend. I would imagine that space aliens would get tired of immediately dying when exposed to hard vacuum, or getting major health problems from zero gravity.

>alien technology we don't understand.

Science and technology development will be similar for all species because they all have to work with the same fundamental building blocks of reality. If these aliens are not fundamentally more intelligent than humans and just further along on more or less the same technology ladder, than it would be like somebody from a few thousand years ago seeing modern technology. Very confusing, only for a while.

>we probably would have trouble making sense of them

yeah communication would probably limited, they probably have invented very similar math tho.

>Confirmation of aliens would have a huge impact on people's worldview.
Really ? Popular culture has had a lot of Aliens for a long time, so it's not like people haven't been confronted with the idea.

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