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File: 1644242100929.jpg (39.88 KB, 1280x720, ufo.jpg)



Harvard professor Avi Loeb has long been outspoken about taking the search for extraterrestrial life more seriously. In an eyebrow-raising quest, he’s often even exhorted his colleagues to take UFO research more seriously.

Now, Loeb says he hopes to collect a “high resolution image” of a UFO within the next couple years, according to a new interview with the Guardian.

“I really want the next generation to be free to discuss it, and for it to become part of the mainstream,” Loeb told the paper. “My hope is that by getting a high resolution image of something unusual, or finding evidence for it, which is quite possible in the coming year or two, we will change it.”

Last year, Futurism talked to Loeb about his book “Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth,” which purported that an interstellar object that drifted through our solar system in 2017 may have been an alien probe rather than a boring space rock. At the time, Loeb said many of his colleagues held UFO research at arm’s length and generally dismissed findings as natural events or the stuff of conspiracy theory.

“The scientific community can address a topic even if other people address it in a way that is not scientific and doesn’t make much sense,” he said.

Loeb heads the Galileo Project, in which a team of more than 100 scientists are establishing a network of sophisticated telescopes to scan the skies for extraterrestrials. According to the Guardian, Loeb’s first telescope will begin operation from the roof of the Harvard college observatory this summer, equipped with infrared cameras rolling 24/7, a radio sensor, an audio sensor and a magnetometer to detect non-visual objects.

“We’re taking a road not taken so there may be low hanging fruit, that nobody else picked because it was not taken,” Loeb told the Guardian.
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even if we posit a new physics, aerodynamics could still matter; airplanes fly, yet they still have wheels for takeoff and landing


>the apparent rotation is due to glare
What's the source of the glare though? The other examples of glare in the video have a source.

That's not really the point. The description is already consistent with something that doesn't follow normal aerodynamics, but people tend to assume that the craft has an aerodynamic shape. I was just pointing out the contradiction.


I'm saying that even if this thing navigates great distances by warping spacetime and therefore avoiding a sonic boom, it may still be useful to be able to navigate with normal aerodynamic principles in some circumstances. For example, maybe the warp drive can turn on a dime but the exact moment of turning is so unpredictable that crashing it would be a concern when navigating near obstacles, so the warp drive gets turned off when approaching said obstacles and relatively normal principles of aerodynamics are used. I'm hot saying this is necessarily the case, I'm saying it could be. New physics being used doesn't rule out aerodynamics being used at times as well, just as aerodynamics being used in planes does not rule out wheels having a useful purpose.


The shape of the craft could be related to it's propulsion system or something else rather than for aerodynamics.


Could be! I like your spacetime-bubble-as-saucer-shape theory. It could help explain why the pics are always blurry. I've always liked the idea that the shape and blurriness were actually the result of some sort of photography disruption technology. I've also always felt like a saucer or cylinder (the object in the video was described as a tictac by the crew on the craft filming it) is an excellent shape for putting a large centrifuge in. This could be used for artificial gravity-like-effects on biological systems, if you didn't have another source of gravity. I'm not convinced these are necessarily bending spacetime. If we're positing technology that bends spacetime, positing technology that avoids or directs sonic booms through others means seems reasonable as well. Sonic boom shaping is a known thing, though not perfected to the extent that would be needed here. Perhaps the disc shape is due to the existence spinning disc for some sort of gyroscopic effect: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reactionless_drive#Gyroscopic_Inertial_Thruster_(GIT)


Ok, WTF happened with the MY370 airplane?
Was it really hijacked electronically because of corporate interests?


Don't worry they have been liberated and taken to the trotskyist Space Commune

the civilians will be treated very well don't you worry because you will be liberated soon



I think the theory is that NATO glowies at Diego Garcia are responsible, with the target being some people on the plane that were either taken to the black site or killed in a crash.

Mahathir Mohamad thinks it was remotely hijacked and the media are fairly reticent to talk about Boeing or the CIA's possible involvement.


Were any of the passengers people of interest?


this actually makes a lot of sense. trans-oceanic flights are especially advantageous because you don’t have to worry about specific territorial laws about extradition or whatever

File: 1646078312582.png (1.75 MB, 1000x618, 1609464403227-2.png)


I'm not sure why psychics, tarot readers, clairvoyants, empaths and the like get "debunked" as cold-readers, as if that's a common skill.

Being a cold reader is very impressive on its own. It means you can pick up someone's thoughts or feelings from their body movements and how they answer (more than what they say) alone. Even if psychics are fake they can sometimes tell people exactly what they needed to hear. It's a bit like an untrained therapy.

File: 1640472038290.jpg (77.53 KB, 820x513, third eye.jpg)


Is absolutely real. Thoughts can be transmitted without any interaction involving the traditional 5 senses. What exactly is the mechanism behind this phenomenon I have no absolute belief in, but my belief in the phenomenon is 100% real based on my own experimentation.
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I mean non verbal does exist so like reading people's body language and getting a general idea of what one might have on their mind or is that just me thinking of something else.


>I mean non verbal does exist so like reading people's body language and getting a general idea of what one might have on their mind or is that just me thinking of something else.
All of these things are forms of communication. Even smell. People giving off distress hormone scents. "smell fear." But psychic communication can occur even in when both parties are separated by a wall or even large distances.

I was just saying it also happens in a face to face conversation, and many people who probably don't understand or even believe in psychic communication may inadvertently do it.


I woke up immediately before a scam call to renew my car warranty. No the call didn't wake me up. It literally happened seconds after.


Yeah it's easy to be skeptical when you are just imagining people noticing coincidences. Try being on the otherside and doing very deliberate things and having people respond in very specific ways. Mind blowing stuff. The scariest part of realizing it's real is figuring other people must've figured out how to do this stuff too. Makes you believe in all that illuminati government MK-Ultra psychic gangstalker shit.

Now I think most people in power are basically retarded. If any of them have any psychic power I doubt any of them are really cognizant of it, or not at a masterful level.


NTA but when I was 20 I was on a rave with a bunch of friends and while rolling one of them had a seizure - let's call her Katy - and I sorta "thought at her", something like
>What's hurting you? Show me, it can't be that bad.
and then I got a really bad feeling, adjacent to fear. A few moments later her seizure ended, and she was looking at me, not quite accusingly but sort of challenging, and I looked away in shame because well, it did feel pretty bad.

A few days later I had a dream of being a little girl on a beach with my parents, and one of them saying "Katy, please, join us, the water's lovely!" and I woke up drenched in sweat and shaking.


I ran into this conspiracy theory when it was mentioned offhand but couldn't find much information on it. The only video I could find was this one on youtube with some pretty small views. Googling shows brings up articles from financial websites and bitcoin sites all making fun of the conspiracy. All linking to videos that no longer exist on youtube.

So I watched this video and looked into it, no one knows who created Bitcoin it just appeared one day in 2009. It's an open source software that is generating billions but more importantly it generating tons of computing power. This isn't a serious thread but it's fun to think about a rogue A.I using speculative capitalisms to trick humans into creating the infrastructure it needs to take over the world. Theres a lot of coincidence particularly the fact that the creator of Bitcoin is a mystery. The fact that this conspiracy when search the SEO brings up sites from finance website and bitcoin sites first and that most videos about this have seemed to have been scrubbed. The hardest thing to believe is the limitations of technology in 2009 and obviously seeing what passes for A.I to this day. But that can also be explained that an Advance A.I would pretend to be dumber than it is. What do you guys think and how would this be overcome by a socialist society?
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Maybe they can't control events that completely, maybe WWII was meant to be a collective learning experience for humanity, maybe Solid-State civilization ETs caused it.


Use ochams razor: is the idea of a currency backed vy little stupid cryptographic puzzles more likely to have been made by a super advanced AI, which then did nothing else, or is it more likely to have been made by some ancap math nerd? Another question, if this is some sort of "AI is inventing crypto so we would start making AI infrastructure" thing, don't you think the AI is a bit dumb? Because crypto is an industry backed by wasting electricity and frying advanced tech components monthly through overclocking.


By wouldn't this ancap nerd want to cash in on one of the biggest cash cows around? Who creates a billion dollar industry that prints money and just dips out?


Someone who accidentally deleted their wallet


The wallet doesn't matter, they could patent blockcahin technology. Create a new rival coin with their name backing it or be an elon musk figure game the market with their epic tweets. If you also look into the people suspected of creating bitcoin or claiming to create bit coin it's all kinds of sketchy. It's a lot of half truths and one big question mark.

File: 1641914105558.png (449.63 KB, 800x450, ClipboardImage.png)


ITT: post things science cannot explain (yet)
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Honestly extend that to every field of science
The more you go into advanced physics / maths / biology / chemistry / paleontology / archeology / whatever the fuck you basically find out we still don't know fuck about shit, and the more we learn the more we know we don't know, and even the stuff we "knew" for sure could be thrown into disarray the moment a new discovery is made (i.e. quantum physics)
It's honestly scary how little we've actually managed to explain


Your mom (obesity)


i like how "white people" is in a cum font


Science still cant explain squirting


Time slips

File: 1642813916898.jpg (36.69 KB, 480x720, Thich-Nhat-Hanh.jpg)




RIP Thich Nhat Hanh I barely knew ye (still don't know ye, literally who)


literally who?


young Earth creationism and why it is the most stupidest shite existence that even Christians hated It
>>Young Earth creationism is a far-right conservative belief seek's denounce anything to do with evolution.
>>And trust me it has some of the most stupidest shit in existence
>>Like Noah's ark having a mother Fucking trex and the occasional homophobic transphobic anti-communist racist shit.

>>And these people have a museum and a so-called the replica of the Noah's Ark

>>>They are so stupid that a liberal YouTube scientist nerd was able to debuk everything in front of their exhibits

This is worse than PregarU

I might actually even expect them to work with PregarU

File: 1640329657250.jpg (28.24 KB, 563x500, 1553746715.jpg)


Why are rightists so fond of conspiracy theories?
It seems conspiranoia is purely a rightist thing.
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Capitalism fails so hard, so obviously that even reactionaries can't ignore it. They refused to read Marxist theory that makes sense of all this, so they instead latch onto an idealised fantasy version of capitalism and make up all kinds of nonsensical conspiracy fanfictions to defend this "real capitalism". It's a coping mechanism for them to deal with the ever growing cognitive dissonance between their ideal and the decaying material reality.


They want explanations of why the world is like this, but they look in the wrong places and end up finding some reactionary, conspiracy theories since big words just fly over their heads.

Alternatively, something to do with using religion as cope.


they provide an absolutist, systematic worldview that implies and mystifies their rightist notions and can be used to dismiss and attack any group of people without making it seem political
i think most ppl catch on to the fact that they're dishonest right wingers, though


also how it can be used to express disgust at abstract notions


theyre morons

File: 1641146105507.jpg (120.21 KB, 1364x2512, Swolephin.jpg)


I want to say that we should uplift dolphins? Why not because they are already pretty smart and look how swol they can get man, you have no idea. We as Posadists should do this as having space comrades seeing with have swolephins will only make them like us more.


why not sharktits


>we should uplift dolphins?
we should figure out how to do that


If anything, the dolphins would be uplifting us.


You sure the Dolphins should be uplifting us? I mean it would make sense to always eat fish and take a swimmy swim in the Vacuum of space, so long and thanks for all the fish.

Agreed Comrade and lets make them fucking Swole as fuck to show their dominance.


File: 1642361159016.jpg (Spoiler Image, 455.04 KB, 1527x1074, shork grill week.jpg)

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