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File: 1662493546091.png (147.51 KB, 540x537, ClipboardImage.png)


Do you believe in god? Do you believe in a uyghur with AIDS? Lets talk about it!
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Yes and I love God ! :-)


File: 1662584822077.gif (744.94 KB, 400x170, r06.gif)


File: 1663131253969.gif (1.49 MB, 600x354, ROFLMAO.gif)


File: 1664309740137-0.jpg (1.15 MB, 2814x3409, Fdr_xaEX0AAOL6P.jpg)

File: 1664309740137-1.jpg (1.23 MB, 2814x3409, Fdr_x8XXgAAytIl.jpg)

File: 1640329657250.jpg (28.24 KB, 563x500, 1553746715.jpg)


Why are rightists so fond of conspiracy theories?
It seems conspiranoia is purely a rightist thing.
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idk if "conspiranoia" is a purely rightist thing, but ill bite. some random ideas:
-political correctness forces rightoids to be esoteric
-rightoids are objectively winning politically so they have to go schizo to invent reasons as for why this isnt the case
-rightoids are genuinely dumb, a lot of them are old people who are more susceptible to fear mongering


More final pics,
Voting is for losers.
Revolution is the only way


That second pic is the single most retarded thing I've ever seen lmao


The second pic
>eliminated degenerates
That's sounds awfully /pol/



Remake thread
Original thread (only part of it): https://archive.fo/QdkVE

I wanted to collect a list of numerous ww2 events and deep lore that I could find, ranging from known to unknown to full schizophrenic, if you know any obscure events that aren't on the list, feel free to add them here, bonus for non-german lore.
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File: 1651971839379.png (257.42 KB, 677x481, ClipboardImage.png)

Strategic Bombing by the allies was mostly ineffectual until 1943 and the Norden Bombsight was an ineffectual Gimmick

The Solomon Island Campaign could have been a catastrophe

A French Pilot went Commando on Gestapo HQ

The Preparation for D-Day resulted in a disaster… yet the Germans never realized that it had been a preparation for Normandy.



Sauce on pic rel?


>The gay swastika has become real LMAO

File: 1658113948079.gif (413.95 KB, 500x500, MTJ8ja.gif)


How does /spooks/ feel about the empty internet theory?
All I see and read about it it's really shallow and sometimes feels like cope. Here we know capitalism just want ti turn the internet into a cattle farm but nobody else want to admit it.
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File: 1663210844398-0.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1104x3045, reddit shilling.jpeg)

Makes most sense when viewing the internet as a consent factory of GPT4 bots. Sure some people are interacting with the bots, but they're getting deboonked by WaPo articles at the speed of light, changing their and other readers' opinions.


The question is less "is the internet empty?" and more "just how empty is it?"

We know it's full of bots. The question is what the proportions are and how much conversation is human-human vs human-bot vs bot-bot.


It's wrong, but with a hint of truth.
It's wrong in its basic premise, that most communities are just bots and so on and that real human beings are few and far between. But it's true in the sense that this may as well be the case, because contemporary web design funnels actual human beings to act practically indistinguishably from bots. New and original content is less likely to get interaction than a twist on something old and familiar, or even basic bitch call and response bullshit catchphrases a-la-/v/.

>On forums, including imageboards, and in threads here, certain types of discussion about certain contentious issues or conspiracy theories tend to draw an abnormal amount of posts clearly seeking to derail the thread in a variety of ways.
A lot of the time this is just people seeking (you)s in the most efficient way possible. Speaking from personal experience, I've done a lot of off-topic or tangentially on-topic posting in threads about [redacted] issues or Ukraine mostly because it's more likely to actually get replies (or provide fodder for saying something funny) than lurking in the surprisingly slow /itg/ or /leftybritpol/. Sometimes it's even just fun to be contrari– a devil's advocate.

Now I'm a narcissistic weirdo with a sense of humour, so I approach it in a certain way, but if you just wanted to maximize how many (you)s or your apparent influence over the thread while posting as anon-without-tripflag, it wouldn't be hard to behave in a way "indistinguishable" from someone on langley's payroll. indeed, arousing that suspicion would be a great way to rake in (you)s.


There is some truth to it. A lot of sites are full of bots and hired shills to try and lure in users or give fake reviews of products. It's not cope it's a symptom of the corporatization of the internet. As communities get suffocated out by large sites there will be people left feeling alienated from socializing online all together and something has to replace them. It's not literally empty but it sure is far more sparse in plurality of diverse online communities.


A lot of truth in it imo.

It seems like the way propaganda works in the west. The media does actually inform us of events, but spins them in such a way as to support the hegemonic narrative.

On the internet, not everything is a bot or an op but there is such a level of control possible that organic human activity online can be nudged + spun into extremely limited + shallow + unproductive + controllable behaviors. That's why the internet is empty and important data is ephemeral, stripped of it's potential utility.


NASA 2024 moon landing jeopardized because space suits aren't ready

If they did it more times in the past, why are they developing again the necessary technologies?
They still use Soyuz rockets to bring spacemen on the ISS, but they allegedly had the technology to bring them to the moon.

>B-but the people who had the know-how died so they need to do the work all over again

Yeah, sure.
>B-but they didn't it again because there is no incentive to do it anymore
There is no economic incentive in space exploration at all, that's why SpaceX is in deep red and basically only takes public funding. Also owning a base on the moon is a big strategic advantage.
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>so HD, steady and 'clean', something that was simply impossible back then using plain photography
Go get yourself a medium format camera, you'll be surprised how good the images will be (and by good I mean "better than any consumer APS-c digital camera in 2022"). The cleanliness and steadinees are directly proportional to sensor/film size, and with 60x60 mm frame MF is 125 times better than your iphone 6.4x4.5 sensor.
Add ultra-bright direct sunlight, unobsured by atmosphere, to the equation and you have the best photo setup imaginable.

>limited zoom and focus capabilities, being handled by massive, unwieldy suit fingers turn out perfectly?

You don't know shit about photography and consider a team of engineers dumber than you at the same time. Film drive was electrified and automated, control rings on lens fitted with glove-friendly tabs, lighting was plentiful - you set the aperture at f/8, focal range at 5-10 m, exposure at 1/1000 and fire away - from ~1 m everything will be in focus, crisp and clean.


I'm trying to explain how hard it is to get that "it": actors working on complex set for hours, zero crew fuckups, synchronised radio relay on the Moon and on Earth/Moon trajectory. So hard to fake it's easier to actually go to the Moon and film there.


I know, was just saying that one of the big things is broadcasting would be easier than filming. Another anon asked specifically about filming.


From a purecly technical point of view - yes, otherwise no, because you can't post-product and have only 1 chance. Whatever, the arguments apply both to filming and to broadcasting equally.


>To film a movie continuously, in one shot, is very hard
<it's really hard to take a grainy video camera and film shit fucking around
This kind of work is a pinnacle of the camera operator mastery
If you're filming a documentary using high resolution cameras and need to keep extreme details in check. The Apollo videos, particularly the first one are not that, they're grainy, blurry videos of people fucking bouncing around on "the moon" and doing some shit to the module. THAT is not hard to film in a single shot.
>synchronised the whole action with the real-time radio transmissions
You do realize that they have the perfect excuse of "communications delay" due to distance yes? You can easily put aside discrepancies in video/audio communication synchronization to that.

>In 60s it would be easier to actually sent man on the moon than to produce such elaborate cinematographic hoax

Y'all are REALLY Underestimating the toughness of fucking ROCKET SCIENCE. People use the idiom "its not rocket science" for a fucking reason. I urge you to rad some Soviet books on preparing for a space walk and the thousands upon THOUSANDS of people it took to set up every aspect of it, the immense calculations unaided by any modern computer and the need to PERFECTLY align parts in rockets and space capsules and space suits and everything else so that the mission doesn't literally go kablooey. Space technology didn't progress that fast in the USA.

> The cleanliness and steadinees are directly proportional to sensor/film size, and with 60x60 mm frame MF is 125 times better than your iphone 6.4x4.5 sensor
I don't have an iphone, but ok faggot. And this is all technical specs. In perfect conditions smartphones are supposed to have super-HD photos, but conditions are never perfect and you're going to get degradation - grain from lack of light, blurriness from motion, blurriness from an unfocused camera, etc. In non-digital cameras this matters too, hell matters even more back then since there existed no auto-stabilizers, no automatic focus, etc. The cameras used to take the "super hiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1654859215157.jpg (8.75 KB, 240x240, 1654637225401.jpg)


At the time of my story I lived in rural Massachusetts, to anyone who's familiar that means miles of woodland with spaced out suburban areas in between. I was walking down my grandfathers logging trail getting ready for his funeral. I'm also an avid mushroom collector, so I'm always walking slowly and staring at the ground, friends hate me. So I get to this cool little white capped mushroom and stop to take a close-up picture of it. That's when I heard it; the best way I can describe it was as if someone with a lot of flesh on his knuckles were punching a tree. Now, I know what deer sound like when they stomp to protect their children/are smashing antlers on trees. I've heard bear, Fischer cat, moose, pretty much any animal in western massachusetts that exists. So, naturally, I looked up, freaked the fuck out. It was so rhythmic. THUD. THUD. THUD. it went on for minutes at the same pace. So, being the curios person that I am, I let out a whistle that couldn't be mistaken for a bird. (NOTE: I'm looking in the direction of the thudding, can see out 75-100 yards through my grandfathers well trimmed trees, and see, NOTHING.) right after my whistle, I hear a low quick whistle back. My first though is "oh it must be some asshole logger scoping the land past the no trespassing gate", ignorant, I know. So I yell out "HELLO?!" Pretty much as loudly as I could. Then, whatever it was, ran away faster than I've ever hear a human being run. And using my experience with deer/dogs/moose/bear, I assessed that I couldn't possibly rationalize it being a 4 legged creature. I know what they sound like running, and this was much closer to a 2 legged creature, I'm 100% positive on that. What doesn't make sense, however, is that that 2 legged creature that ran away from me, faster than any two legged creature I have ever heard before, also sounded like it was at minimum, 250lbs. The steps were loud, and frantic. A lot of people believe Bigfoot has a spiritual connection to the forests it remains in, and thus, the creatures in it as well. I do not find it a coincidence that this happened the day of my grandfathers funeral. I ran all the way home.


File: 1654978253161.png (727.36 KB, 948x950, ClipboardImage.png)

What a weird story anon. I don't really believe in bigfoot (my thoughts on it is that maybe thousands of years ago a similar creature existed but it went extinct) but I have no clue what it is you could've seen.

I think the weirdest thing I've ever seen in my life was a UFO that looked like pic related and also had a similar size. I have no clue what they're called (in english or my mother tongue) but iirc they have something to do with ventilation, in the roofs of houses, though they may be older technology cause I've not seen any of these recently. I must've been like 6 or 7 in my backyard and I saw it floating above my house, like 30 meters in the air. I barely remember it but I'm almost completely sure it was not a baloon or anything like that. I don't even remember if it flew away or what happened with it but it's the closest thing I've ever seen to a UFO or anything like that in my life.


>What a weird story
Yeah, I made it up


>At the time of my story I lived in rural Massachusetts

holy fucking shit, i'm terrified already



Wow. you're really brave anon, I probably would've shit myself.

I've honestly never had any really weird experiences but I do remember one time I walked into my basement to get something from my freezer and got really freaked out. So there's a little room under my basement stairs where we keep a bunch of holiday stuff and the door is closed almost 99% of the time but this time, it was open (no biggie, someone probably forgot to close it) and as I'm walking down the stairs the goddamn door slams shut. I freaked out and just ran upstairs. It would've been physically impossible for the wind to slam the door that hard and no one was down there.
Me and my sister just joke that "Harold" (just a dumb ghost name we made up) slammed the door but I still get freaked out from walking into the basement alone in the dark.


>heard bear, Fischer cat, moose, pretty much any animal in western massachusetts that exists
Yeah first tell is "Moose" and "bear"
bears are rare as fuck in Mass and Moose even more so. Not even going into the fischer cat shit

File: 1634086404595-0.png (4.98 MB, 2210x1240, hyperborea.png)

File: 1634086404595-2.webm (3.13 MB, 480x270, omw.webm)

 No.1428[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

We're all riding the Kali Yuga together. ITT worship Hyperborea, denounce the modern world, discuss magick, aliens, theosophy and Atlantis. Only for people of Indo-Uralic and Indo-Aryan origin, no semites and reptilians allowed. Praise Evola (pbuh) and Guenon (pbuh). Praise the sun. This is a shitpost
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Most of these "Übermenschen" are basing their entire ideology around LARP from 80 years ago (plus the HOI4 mod)


File: 1655692811335-0.png (527.64 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655692811335-1.png (698.42 KB, 710x459, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655692811335-2.png (402.64 KB, 711x533, ClipboardImage.png)

>It is said that only when someone chants the Garuda Vashikaran Mantra will they extricate the Naga Bandham (snake binding spell) & only then can the door be opened. For it is said to be guarded by Lord Vishnu. And anyone would opens it will Die and a curse will be unleashed apon the entire world.

Furthermore it is believed that no sage exists of such holy caliber right now in this world to be able to chant the mantra. And that one day there would be born a holy child who is destined to open it.

IT makes me so mad that unknown riches and historically important stuff is hidden in shit like this and nobody can investigate it because of spooked morons

>muh curse

suck it up and go send an army inside


File: 1656211030920.jpg (347.99 KB, 800x800, Aztlan_codex_boturini.jpg)

According to one of the codices, Aztlan does seem to have been an island. It's also unrelated though because it's located in mainland North America and the Mexica(what the Aztec called themselves) left it in about the 11th century AD, way later than the date people give Atlantis to.


File: 1658030131430.jpg (3.11 MB, 2134x3660, IMG_20220624_201715.jpg)

I WILL move to Hyperborea


File: 1658618291990.png (1.32 MB, 1153x625, vagner.png)


This thread is for investigating occult and magical methods for bringing about a leftist cause.

This is certainly not anything new, as something that promises as much power as magic will always be linked with politics. In fact there are a few interesting stories surrounding this that goes beyond tick-tock ‘witches’ trying to hex trump or something. Rosicrucianism itself had many ties with revolutionary politics, because it’s ideology was based around bringing an esoteric revolution upon the world itself, but one manifestation of this ideology was the Order of the Elus Coen. Now make no mistake, this order was full of aristocrats and slave owners, hardly revolutionaries - but strange coincides were abound concerning this order. The order, unlike orders such as the Golden Dawn, was not only focused on bringing about a change within the members themselves but also bringing about a change in the outside world in order to reintegrate it back from it’s fallen state. They would exorcise demons, bringing them back into the light with power of angels. All in all, they wanted to hurry up the process in which Christ would return and the will of God be fulfilled. That in itself is simple, but there is a strange timing to all of this. The order was located all around France, and was founded in 1767 and officially lasted until 1781 (though it still unofficially existed for some time) - 7 years before the French Revolution. One important member, and close apprentice of the founder (Martines Pasqually) was enthusiastic about the French Revolution despite being an aristocrat, calling it ‘a miniature of the Final Judgment’ and God’s will being made manifest. May I ask, could it be?

Occultist and member of the OTO Grady McMurty wrote a thesis linking Marxism and magic, which you can read here
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Tl;dr: it’s never incompatible with leftism, just your version of it. Which is fine concerning you and you only, but don’t go around claiming your specific internal philosophy is the only leftism there is.


File: 1657323487467.png (44.2 KB, 1024x683, bqy85jtvgc381.png)

The occult is in no way, shape, or form incompatible with Leftism. Esoterica has usually been the force in mainstream religious movements pulling the rank and file away from reactionary lurches.

>"But anon, isn't the occult the purview of feudalist cultures?"

Sometimes. But just because something was associated with them doesn't mean there's an inextricable link. The esoteric system of the Egyptians and their palace economy was the closest thing to a socialized system in the ancient world (provided we ignore that palace economy implies a hereditary monarchy with totalized ownership of product). While some may point to Tibet as an example of this, your common monk has no more political power than anyone else, and the Lamastic government in Tibet need not be the only system, and it certainly wasn't when Padmasambhava went there, and even for a few hundred years afterward - it was the egalitarian force disrupting society and thus was subject to suppression by Bon proponents. China even seems fine with Vajrayana so long as it's not actually propagating nationalism, actively supporting the Dorje Shugden factionalists - whether or not you view this as simply a wedge to divide and conquer, they are doing it. In Germany, though the Winter King, Frederick the Elector Palatine, was CERTAINLY a ruling aristocrat, his interest in alchemy was a liberalizing force given his belief in an esoteric utopia. In England, tradesman cults like Horseman's Word, Miller's Word, and the Bonesmen were essentially primitive trade unions, gating membership by passing through occult rites, securing wages against exploitative bosses, and they would eventually contribute to Traditional Witchcraft movements that have now become quite popular.

>but what about the idiots

Buddhist logicians moved away from binary logic thousands of years before we would. Their theorists of mind have a stronger grasp on cognitive psychology than our clinicians. Abhinavagupta was a polymath whose insights to aesthetics are largely responsible for codifying India's methods of dance and music giving rise, many steps removed, to Bollywood Newton was interested in alchemy. Dee was one of England's foremost mathematicians and intellectuals and held discourse with angels. Hegel may have had some interest in the HermetPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1657336001607.mp4 (2.04 MB, 856x480, youfuckingclown.mp4)


National socialism is occult politics looks like


NatSoc bullshit is all about aesthetics. None of them know what the Sonnenrad actually is beyond maybe a sun symbol because one they don't actually know semiotics and two the archaeological record has the object as a decorative item of really vague provenance.

NatSocs are appropriative. They will take anything and everything and try to forge an imagined legitimacy. Hitler's own statements on religion appear to have been tailored to his audience in that very moment, pro religion in one speech, anti in another, generally with a negative view of the occult itself, but appropriating some symbols for his public shows of power. Some chucklefuck's might have gone to Tibet in search of the True Aryan Race but none of these people gave a single watery shit about what those people believed, practiced, or thought, they just took some skull measurements and fucked off. Hitler wasn't out here promulgating the Dharma for the benefit of All Sentient Beings he just slapped a symbol on his flag that he thought looked kinda cool.

In a roundabout way this is the same problem we see with like Andrew Chumbley (a trad witchcraft dude) in the occult community - he put out some texts that, if you squinted, maybe seem dark and sinister but really legit are not. These materials were then appropriated by edgelord Klipot "theistic satanist" assholes so now when people see Chumbley's work they point at him and say SEE he's a Darque Edgelord when it's extremely not the case. And we're letting the NatSocs do the exact same thing by staking out ownership over a symbol set and field of study that probably covers close to two billion people if we count all the systems that have a swastika in their iconography plus "Western" esoterica in the broadest general sense.

If we let the Nazis, historical or extremely online, own everything they brush their grubby little fingers against we're going to be living in a rapidly shrinking world until not even praxis remains and all we're doing is shitposting on a niche webs— Oh. Wait. That's already happening. While I would debate the merits of individual folks trying to talk the Esoteric Hitlerists off the cliff (it certainly isn't worthwhile for everyone to be doing - one nerd should not be your praxis), it cannot be denied that having folks well versed in some of this shit placed in esoteric communities caPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Embedding error.


found footage/lost memories thread

this was apparently too scary for kids back in the day


>The episode prompted an unusually large amount of mail responses from parents, almost entirely negative, within a short time frame. Typical responses included parents concerned that their children were afraid and now refused to watch the show, using such phrases as "screams and tears" and "the threat of the witch's power remains in children's eyes." A somewhat atypical missive came from a self-proclaimed Wiccan, concerned with the perpetuation of a negative fairy tale stereotype and recommended a segment "portraying witches as they really are, now."
>Due to the overwhelming reaction, additional test screenings were held from March 1 through the 5th, "to assess children's reactions to the Wicked Witch of the West." The tests showed that children were "exceptionally attentive during the Margaret Hamilton segments," and those who watched the episode in color were fascinated by her green face. The issue of fear was difficult to fully judge, due to confusing answers and the fact that the children were surrounded by their peers and adults, and not alone watching. However, due to the parents' reactions, the letter content and testing observations, Anna Herera of the CTW Research Department suggested "that the Margaret Hamilton show not be re-run."
just busybody parents

File: 1651575749501.jpg (1.65 MB, 2448x3264, Manwithtinfoilhat.jpg)


What's your favorite conspiracy theory and to what degree de you believe in it?
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cough up the spreadsheet


Don't have it, that's the only screenshot I could find of it after I heard it circulating.


I believe in a secret conspiracy against me, bitch, because I was told there was a secret conspiracy against me, bitch


Cool it Jessie

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