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File: 1640920273500.jpg (183.03 KB, 1142x1002, tlCIeue.jpg)


On The Slenderman Mysteries by Nick Redfern he talks about how the hermetic order of the golden dawn had this ritual where they worshipped a god, commonly from acient myths like the greeks of egyptians and when they felt they had the god's blessing they will get rid of everything they had for that god or to worship that god and will start a new with another god.
After Alister crowley's death the golden dawn introduced characters form the cthulu myths to this ritual, it sounds incredibly retarded but if the gods of acient cultures are not real then how is worshipping fictional copyrighted characters any different?
Alan Moore, the comic book writer has performed this ritual with characters of his own creaton and other comic book characters, he has vivid stories of stumbling upon them in real life.
Radfern makes the argument that society performed this ritual and that by believing tht Slenderman is a real mythological creature and not a meme we willed it into existence and so historical coincidences were reread as slenderman's history.

How is this related to Zizek's conception of ideology? We do not choose our ideologies, you can simply say 'I do not have any ideology" That is an ideology by itself. having the blassing of a god even if you know it doesn't exist is ideology in function, and magic is basically a symbolic act where you tell yourself that "you believe that you believe" and rewrite the ideological narrative that exists within you.


yeah, that sounds about right. same with religion in general too tbh


Abrahamic religions are right handed path magic, it should come as no surprise they have the same end function.


File: 1640975631453.jpg (34.49 KB, 300x447, 463920477.jpg)

>>it sounds incredibly retarded but if the gods of acient cultures are not real then how is worshipping fictional copyrighted characters any different?
We're basically talking about chaos magic I think here anon.
Why worship gods from ancient cultures? Well because you either want to experience religious bliss, and/or you want to gain something materially, in which it would be more of an occult experiment.
Why ancient cultures, because this was when religion started. It's, to use a fictional example, like Dr. Who's TARDIS, it's got stuck as a Victorian police box. Similarly gods of the past have visual depictions, words in ancient languages, associated with them.

The only point to doing this with fictional characters would be if you're banking on it being effected through some sort of parapsychology means. As though the human mind has an ability in itself to effect changes that science hasn't discovered yet.

On the other hand if you worship gods from ancient cultures, whether they exist outside of the human mind or not is unprovable either way. But the source material is probably richer than that from comic books. So you're probably better off worshipping gods from ancient texts, rather than fictional characters
Most of the fictional characters are rehashed from religion anyway. Cthulu is a paranoid take on Caananite religion. You might as well go to source.

Even the ancients themselves didn't really set much store on belief as such, they thought if you did the ritual the gods would respond. Inner conviction or faith was really a Hebrew innovation.


So ancient gods have a larger symbolic value and so better for said rituals?
It sounds obvious in hindsight


>So ancient gods have a larger symbolic value and so better for said rituals?
As far as rituals go they seem like opportunists.
There's a bit in Gilgamesh. The epic contains a story-within-a-story, the story of Utnapishtim, an earlier Noah figure.
The gods have wiped out mankind in a flood, but in doing so they've cut off their supply of sacrifices.
So when Utnapishtim who's been tipped off by one of the gods and made a boat makes a burnt offering on finding dry land, as the text says they descend
<like flies
5,000 years ago science wasn't seperate from religion. It was kind of do this, and see what result follows. Including the use of ritual and sacrifices.
A lot of them are probably redundant. There might have been some use in examinining a sheep's liver for signs and portents of disaster . If the soil is crap, then it would result in both a higher average of weird organ deformities, and disasters like crops failing. But it's a very indirect method compared to modern science.
But ritual is probably still good for things that require inspiration.


This thread is dedicated in talking about the UFOs, how Area 51 has alien technology that was stolen from crashed UFOs, and the Space Comrades as we know them.

I will begin with my beliefs on the subject, first the Space Comrades are indeed real. Why do I think this, because one fuck the feremi Paradox, instead we have been looking for our Comrades in the wrong ways. If an Advance Civilization existed it most likely either too far away make reasonable contact. Second, using radio as a means of finding aliens is outdated, if you are so advanced you would not be still sending out radio waves through out the galaxy. Thirdly they have visited us in the distant past way before modern humans were a thing and just went on their ways. Final point is that if they are indeed out there they are actively studying us like the Grey Aliens do due to an treaty by Eisenhower to allow them study humans for exchange for weapons.

Now to get to the point of the Cosmic Horrors, space is so strange. That we don't even understand the universe as we like it and thus, because of this extreme unknown it causes one's mind to break. As there are the Great Old Ones out there slumbering Alien Civilizations waiting for their time to return to the forefront. These are the beings that we can't make sense. As we try to rationalize these beings, it only sends us into madness.
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File: 1639421919408.png (31.96 KB, 500x450, Oekaki.png)

Earthling, it's 3pm. Time for your anal probe.


Tor users can't upload files because pedos


Because his own former military officers came out and said as such. Giving their testimony. Also you are in a thread where we are talking about aliens man.

Here is the site which explains what I said: https://monadmantis.medium.com/president-dwight-d-eisenhower-met-with-aliens-in-the-1950s-military-whistleblowers-come-forward-884f99b45644


No probes here Space Comrade just nothing anal please.


>Does anyone know a communist space that isn't infested with /x/ types and religious retards?

File: 1640472038290.jpg (77.53 KB, 820x513, third eye.jpg)


Is absolutely real. Thoughts can be transmitted without any interaction involving the traditional 5 senses. What exactly is the mechanism behind this phenomenon I have no absolute belief in, but my belief in the phenomenon is 100% real based on my own experimentation.
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Would it be possible to actually telepathically communicate if we could harness the psychic energy?


Yes easily. People do it all the time without understanding they are doing it.


Oh and before anyone does the "if you are psychic what am i thinking?" It is just like hypnotism, not going to work on agitated people who are actively resisting you as well


I mean non verbal does exist so like reading people's body language and getting a general idea of what one might have on their mind or is that just me thinking of something else.


>I mean non verbal does exist so like reading people's body language and getting a general idea of what one might have on their mind or is that just me thinking of something else.
All of these things are forms of communication. Even smell. People giving off distress hormone scents. "smell fear." But psychic communication can occur even in when both parties are separated by a wall or even large distances.

I was just saying it also happens in a face to face conversation, and many people who probably don't understand or even believe in psychic communication may inadvertently do it.

File: 1640573599557.png (4.07 MB, 1734x1734, ClipboardImage.png)


What are aliens actually like?
IMO Lovecraft is probably the most plausible take. Aliens are from another environment and evolved for different conditions. There are probably similar forces shaping their evolution, but they followed a very different path. Additionally any that could travel to meet us probably have technology we don't understand. This would mean that the aliens are going to be very alien to us and probably confusing and disorienting at a fundamental level. Maybe it wouldn't drive us insane, but we probably would have trouble making sense of them. Even fairly innocuous stuff here on earth where we evolved manages to confuse our monkey brains.
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File: 1640581149293.png (976.19 KB, 1024x471, Spiral of Cosmos.png)

This is a fair take, we can barely comprehend our own rock, but I still like to believe there might be some alien life out there that would seem familiar even if its extremely well alien for a lack of better term. I do agree that no one is going to go insane looking at them, but its like the biblically correct angels beings so unorthodox our neuron activations can't understand it.


File: 1640634244421.png (414.24 KB, 1170x662, ClipboardImage.png)

More than the immediate reaction individual people would have, the larger herd reaction would be the problem. People have talked about this a lot before. Confirmation of aliens would have a huge impact on people's worldview.


Or maybe the first aliens we could discovers would be incredibly disapointing and be nothing more than the subject of shitty memes for a few weeks.


Regardless if the aliens are disappointing or not it will challenge a lot of Human Centric worldviews as they get shatter to pieces. Its interesting NASA had to get theologians together though. I wonder what their plan is to help comfort people knowing that yeah you aren't "god's" special snowflakes.


Aliens that have been space faring for a very long time will have convergent evolution, because they would all try to adapt their physiology to the same environment in space at least to some extend. I would imagine that space aliens would get tired of immediately dying when exposed to hard vacuum, or getting major health problems from zero gravity.

>alien technology we don't understand.

Science and technology development will be similar for all species because they all have to work with the same fundamental building blocks of reality. If these aliens are not fundamentally more intelligent than humans and just further along on more or less the same technology ladder, than it would be like somebody from a few thousand years ago seeing modern technology. Very confusing, only for a while.

>we probably would have trouble making sense of them

yeah communication would probably limited, they probably have invented very similar math tho.

>Confirmation of aliens would have a huge impact on people's worldview.
Really ? Popular culture has had a lot of Aliens for a long time, so it's not like people haven't been confronted with the idea.

File: 1639663466105.png (32.17 KB, 860x777, ClipboardImage.png)


Create your own creepypastas here, using greentext, of course. The scarier the better.


>Go outside one night to take the dog out to go piss in the yard. It was a chilling night, the cold air was sharp but crisp. Staring aimlessly into the moonless night as the stars seem quite bright. While waiting for the dog to finish up doing his thing so we could go back inside.

>Something seemed a miss that night. It felt as if time had stopped as the eerie silence settled. A cold chill running down my back one that was much colder than the air around having been wearing jacket. The hair on the back of my neck stood up as the goosebumps was real. Something was not right but I could not figure out what it could have been. Breaking the Silence the dog was barking out into the darkness of the woods behind the house.

>With phone in hand, I left the porch to go towards where the dog was turning on the flash light on the phone to investigate. From where we stood there was nothing. But that did not stop my fight or flight response to kick in. Getting pumped with adrenaline to make my decision. Patting the dog I would say, "ITs alright Lucky, whatever is there can't get us."

>That was the lie I told myself, gulping as Lucky continued to growl into the darkness. He appeared afraid from what was in the woods but kept barking and growling none the less. It was that point where something seemed to have moved causing Lucky to run off deeper into the woods. I called out to him "Lucky come back here!" the fear almost cemented me in place. My legs felt heavy as I tried to make a move forward. The way my heart raced I felt as if I was going to be sick wanting to beat out of my chest.

>Mustering the courage I followed after him, using my phone's flash light to follow the tracks. I had a general idea of where he had gone just from the loud barks that echoed and bounced off the trees. Reaching down for a sturdy stick, to have in hand, it was not much but I couldn't turn back and leave the dog to whatever was out here. My mind raced the mistakes I was about to make this night and how I should have not gone into those woods.

>A bright light illuminated the woods ahead. It lit up the darkness of the woods and the shadows casted one of which was Lucky's picking up the pace. Then appeared two humanoid figures their shadows elongated from the shadows, this was
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>in city, visiting friend
>not into urban exploration in any serious capacity, but who doesn't like a little adventure now and then?
>one area in the urban center is a bit of an UE hotspot: bedrock perforated with tunnels and spaces both natural and artificial
>evidently has a couple of cool but noob-friendly underground places that are rather easily accessed and well documented on the internet, even on open forums and sites. also has more arcane nooks and entryways for the real UE people. supposedly you can reach large parts of the city from here if you know your way around the tunnels; subway, sewers, ducts for telecom cables and heating, possibly even pathways to the military installations, you name it
>said hotspot is also quite scenic on the outside: steep rocky hillside with city buildings, stairs and a lone elevator climbing from its base to the top
>walk around for a little bit, locate this entry point that an online acquaintance told me about. ready check the flashlight I brought
>feel like an outlaw mastermind already
>try to convince friend to climb down with me but he doesn't dare
>your loss lol
>squeeze into entrance, after a short passage enter space with plenty of graffiti on the walls including a playfully naivistic rendition of king kong playing fucking ping pong
>look around, snap some photos, feel excited and amused
>considering whether I should call it and backtrack up to my friend, or take the opportunity to explore a little further
>literally only been away five minutes so far so he can probably stand some more waiting lol
>exit through a passage in the bedrock, enter a cramped natural cave
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1640329657250.jpg (28.24 KB, 563x500, 1553746715.jpg)


Why are rightists so fond of conspiracy theories?
It seems conspiranoia is purely a rightist thing.
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>Why are rightists so fond of conspiracy theories?
They aren't into theories, they like conspiracy entertainment.

But generally there are a lot of conspiracies in reality:
Capitalists conspire to uphold their class interests at the expense of the workers.
The biggest capitalists even conspire to overthrow the governments of countries when that is profitable.
There is a conspiracy to imprison Julian Assange despite his innocence having been proven.
and so on and so on

Actual conspiracies aren't about aliens and secret societies summoning demons , most of it is very boring "evil".


Capitalism fails so hard, so obviously that even reactionaries can't ignore it. They refused to read Marxist theory that makes sense of all this, so they instead latch onto an idealised fantasy version of capitalism and make up all kinds of nonsensical conspiracy fanfictions to defend this "real capitalism". It's a coping mechanism for them to deal with the ever growing cognitive dissonance between their ideal and the decaying material reality.


They want explanations of why the world is like this, but they look in the wrong places and end up finding some reactionary, conspiracy theories since big words just fly over their heads.

Alternatively, something to do with using religion as cope.


they provide an absolutist, systematic worldview that implies and mystifies their rightist notions and can be used to dismiss and attack any group of people without making it seem political
i think most ppl catch on to the fact that they're dishonest right wingers, though


also how it can be used to express disgust at abstract notions


this is about some of the most weirdest conspiracy theories that are left wing
>> from Stalin being the second coming of Christ
<<to posadism
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File: 1639758603433.jpg (153.92 KB, 826x1023, IMG_20211217_162938.jpg)


File: 1639793009298.png (683.83 KB, 499x604, ClipboardImage.png)

you are correct that it's not literal biblical belief of sainthood, but to be fair there are several churches that have Stalin iconized as a saint and placed up for worship, so take that as you will.

Fr.Yevstafy Zhakov, pastor of St. Olga Strel'na near St. Petersburg caused uproar after he hung a portrait of the dictator among other sacred images. "I remember him on appropriate occasions - the priest had declared- the day of his birthday, his death and that of Victory (World War II, ed.) He was a true believer”.
The Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church later forced him to remove the portrait.


It's like a popular saint, something also done by some catholics. For example in Bolivia, particularly where Che was executed some of the villagers there revere him like a saint, but of course the Catholic Church would never canonize Che. Some people in Venezuela and Colombia also do the same with Chavez and Pablo Escobar apparently from what I've seen.

What's most interesting about the cases of Stalin and Che is that they're considered saints by these people but neither Stalin or Che were religious. Chavez for example at least was a catholic.


File: 1640470856276.jpg (304.18 KB, 1499x816, IMG_20211225_221952.jpg)


Articles like these are so hilarious. It's amazing how dumb the people who write them are, how poor their imaginations are. You have an alien race that travels the galaxies, but they keep an alien on lookout duty like it's some 1950s gangster movie. And why do these aliens need to be there in person? Why not just do a zoom call with Eisenhower or something? Why does he need to go away for an entire day?
And most of the people who claim to have seen UFOs will say they had lots of blinking lights, which for some bizarre reason indicates advanced technology in every old retarded sci-fi movie.
I can tolerate a lot of retarded conspiracy, but alienfags really are the dumbest bunch out there.

File: 1640277133995.png (791.31 KB, 700x853, 0_LMRFqm792dgW-XDB.png)


Where's all the cryptid-themed vidya? I had an idea for a cryptid-themed card game. Basically Yugioh Duelists of the Roses but cryptids.


Also I know there's games like XCOM that have nods to irl alien sightings. But where's the vidya with eg. MOTHMAN? It's depressing that there's more games about spoopy internet meme creations than there is about actual mysterious things that have been sighted that in some cases have become local folklore.


File: 1640280907902.png (248.06 KB, 580x326, san nadreas.png)

>cryptid vidya
San Andreas back in the day

File: 1639983125326.jpg (626.55 KB, 2290x1200, Apocalypse_vasnetsov.jpg)


>Then I saw when the Lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, "Come." I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.
>Revelation 6:1–2
Since the First Horseman of the Apocalypse is often times associated with pestilence and disease, and "corona" means "crown," is the coronavirus pandemic the beginning of the end times? Feel free to share any theories from any religion or belief system or just call me an idiot if you feel inclined to do so.


any anons here familiar with the kabbalah?

one thing i am personally curious about is the golem myth as it has clear connections to modern attempts at artificial life. any anons believe they know the full meaning of the golem ritual? as far as i know, the 22 letters each represent a metaphysical principle. the 231 gates are then meant to represent every potential principle. there is a connection here with the adam kadmon mentioned (e.g. here: https://www.alchemywebsite.com/golem.html) though i am not knowledgable enough to confirm. if this was it's meaning, i am unsure what is either psychological (i.e. what is claimed how that the mind ought to be structured) or material (i.e. what is being claimed about how matter ought to be structured) significance.

(1) that we should look at states of matter which can simultaneously embody multiple possibilia (perhaps by superposition) seems like a possible interpretation, but doesn't quite entail embodiment of all principles simultaneously. (2) we could instead interpret this correspondence as the soul somehow conferring "general intelligence", i.e. the capacity to in principle solve any task computationally tractable by machines physically realized by apparatuses of a mass comparable to or less than that of the apparatus for our general intelligence. i find this interpretation facile, and it does not seem to permit the possibility that the golem is unable to speak. (3) these principles in particular are always at play at every moment of mental life. this is a claim most unparsimonious

another point: i can't help but feel that some of these metaphysical principles are obscure. in particular, why must each of these principles embodied by the letters be necessary? furthermore, how exactly do these principles function? if we associate a letter with a classical element (say fire), i still need to know what "fire" actually means. where do we see "fire" in an organism? why is this principle so metaphysically necessary? what does this principle do for the organism? furthermore, the application of this principle should be done in a uniform way. the "fire" in an organism should also be easily applicable to being the "fire" of a machine with literal difficulty. one such interpretation of "fire" in this instance could be "energy transformation". it is presumably necessary in order for us to have physical configurPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>with literal difficulty
*with little difficulty

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