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File: 1693383505705-0.jpg (9.63 KB, 474x366, mc-th-4266714190.jpg)

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So, a couple of months ago we had a thread where people were talking about penis size and Shay posted a patent where a vasodilator was used in combination with other substances to enlarge one's penis permanently. I found that pretty intriguing so I wanted to give it a shot. I've read the patent and worked out how I could create an amateur version of the procedure at home with just the necessary parts. I'm one month in and that's not long enough (hehe) to say whether or not it has worked, but from my measurements I may have gained 2mm in length and circumference. Keep in mind that this is a treatment that takes around 3 to 6 months. So at one month time the results will be minuscule.

Anyway, feel free to ask me anything and I will give you monthly updates (if people are interested).


Do you have pictures? Are there any studies that this works? Does it hurt? What are your starting measurements?




>Do you have pictures?
I won't upload any images, because I feel uncomfortable with that.

>Are there any studies that this works?

I couldn't find any study that tried this. The patent states that they experimented on a handful of men and their size increased proportionally with the duration of the treatment. If you trust the patent's claims then the increase in size remains long term. I will just try it out myself to see if it works.

>Does it hurt?

I'm doing an intracavernosal injection and yeah it stings but it's not as bad as I thought before trying.

>What are your starting measurements?

15.1cm in length and 11.8cm in girth.


How does it feel when ya wank


File: 1693386961162.png (112.39 KB, 238x276, assad shiggydiggy.png)

>DIY penis enlargement using homemade shit assembled according to a shady patent you found on /leftypol/
your dick is going to fall off m8, 100% guaranteed


If I want to enlarge my penis, I look at pictures of Grace-chan. It's temporary, though.


15 cm was already pretty good. why do something risky like this, don’t tell me porn has damaged your self esteem this badly. Anyways good luck with your dicksperiment!


why would a longer penis be better? because of evolution, most vaginas can't fit large penises comfortably.


>DIY penis enlargement using homemade shit
It's not like I am deriving the substances from household cleaning items and mixing things in soda bottles. I have biotechnology equipment and I ordered the vasodilator from a biotech company and ordered the other basic substances and equipment from pharmaceutical websites.

>according to a shady patent you found on /leftypol/

You are saying that as if the original source of the patent was leftypol. The patent isn't shady and you can just look at the original patent here https://patents.justia.com/patent/20050065159

>your dick is going to fall off m8, 100% guaranteed

I don't think so. It's just a mix of injection water, dimethylsulfoxide as a solvent and alprostadil. The effects of which are all known to me and harmless. The worst case scenario here is that I will have simply wasted some money.


I'm not saying that a bigger penis is objectively better. It's subjective. I'm interested in having a bigger penis because the thought of having one is kinky to me.

>because of evolution, most vaginas can't fit large penises comfortably.

An aroused vagina can fit a dick of up to 8 inches. Also, you don't have to put all of it in.

>Anyways good luck with your dicksperiment!

Thank you


This is not the most retarded thing i've seen people do to get bigger dicks. I've seen uyghas mixing their own OTC blood dilution medication cocktail to stimulate larger blood flow to the penis. This is what soyciety do to us it alienated us from our own phallus and turned it into a tool we should groom to compete in the sexual market rather than a something that is part of our individual wholeness


Unrelated note: how big is Shay's penis?
It would be really funny if alot of posters had to become bottoms.

You should've done some better journaling.
Oh well, it happens. You can try again for the next 3-6 months.

Also: dawg, are you "Jason Wess"? Because the highlighted sections are authored with that name


2mm is small enough to be within the margin of error, are you taking measurements every day or was it a one-off to see if there are results?


It's average size if I remember correctly.
Honestly I don't like huge dicks. I see the aesthetic fascination about them but once you're actually in bed it's incredibly impractical, and I don't even bottom that much, I wouldn't even try with a large dick.


sex with sojak


Don't worry, OP will never have a chance to use it.


It was a measruement after one month. Erection strength varies and placement will not be identical, therefore yes it could be an error. That's why I will continue the treatment for probably two more months.


This sounds silly but if it's for a kink instead of insecurity, I say go for it. I'm plenty large myself and I'd do the same if I had the resources and guarantee ot growth just because it's hot. If anything, do it for science and keep us updated.


Especially if the procedure is coming from something Shay posted. That's just asking for your dick to fall off.


Called prostaglandin e2 btw


(If this is shay)
Can you post a picture of it in comparison to a monster energy?


Yo OP How can you not post pics? Just remove the Exif data and use a blank background and you're good. I doubt anyone here will be able to identify you by your penis

Say Shay have you actually tried this? Where did you even find this information? Has it been trialed before?


Yeah its been trialed before but i only know vasodilators work because people who try them say they work alongside dieting, exercise and penis pumps


File: 1693443005769.png (538.13 KB, 1920x886, cum basic improvement.png)

Can you post some articles, sources. I'd just like to see if it's worth my time. I'm a decent 6.5 but a bit bigger wouldn't hurt (hopefully) tbh.

What exercise and diet tips outside of the basics like pic rel?


Cardio and core workouts to trim belly fat and increase blood flow thru your body, which also applies to your weiner
Fat covers extra inches of cock length and poor circulation causes erections to look smaller and softer. Thats also what vasodilators are for. Diet is also part of doing this but also increases cum load size and general health if eating more nutritious and less garbage food


File: 1693447093650.jpg (225.37 KB, 905x1280, More detail.jpg)

Damn, I already do a ton of cardio and core work outs and I have basically no fat to speak of. I've almost never eaten junk/fast food in my life. Any specific food for diet other than what the pic listed? Because Celery and stuff like that has been a part of my diet since I was little.


Honestly when dieting, water is more important than food and accounts for 70% of your health cuz its 70% of your diet. Watery fruits and veggies are especially helpful in dieting. Also research intermittent fasting because inducing ketosis occasionally is great for getting rid of useless shit in your body and apparently can help allergies.


File: 1693448209973.png (1.46 MB, 1536x2048, horse power pills.png)

Huh, ok then. I guess I'll keep up the good work until I can figure out if following the OP's Penis Enlargment Voodoo manual is worth the effort. Thanks


>Watery fruits and veggies are especially helpful in dieting
Do you have a study for that? Or some literature?


>individual wholeness
no such thing


I made it up


>I made it up



File: 1693449116883.jpg (70.14 KB, 680x412, stalin confederate.jpg)

Thank you Shay, I like our occasional Chats. I'll hit you up if I'm ever down South.


can u do a tutorial.


>Inb4 OP or some other smart-ass says "look at the pdf"
I think anon here means a simplified instruction tutorial (preferably with images or illustrations) to demonstrate the process.

Not that Anon or OP


File: 1693455163727.jpg (77.76 KB, 700x429, Sumimasen the fuck.jpg)

>prostaglandin e2
Isn't that for women with uterus dilation problems? How does that work for penis enlargement


Why would anyone want to cum this much, unless having a hard time getting girl pregnant.


Theyre gone for the foreseeable future until i can hire a computer repair guy to fix my thumb drive which contained all my nudes


do you have a phone? then take some photos and post them


No im ugly sorry


Those nudes are like 3 to 4 years old now. Ive hit twink death already. Its over


anon what your describing does not sound like healthy amount of cum it sounds like a fetish.


You of all people know: ugly thoughts create ugly people.

Shay, for the love of god, even if there will never be any new nudes from you again, PLEASE ESCAPE TO A BLUE STATE TO HELP FIX YOUR MENTAL STATE.


> ugly thoughts create ugly people.


Equipment: A micropipette, a freezer that can reach -20°C, >=10ml glass vial, 5ml injection vials, rubber stoppers, insulin syringes (30G 5/16”), and cotton balls.
Compounds: Prostaglandin E1 (also known as alprostadil) [HPLC], 5ml injection water ampoules (NOT distilled water), ethanol [food grade], and possibly dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) [pharmaceutical grade].

Alprostadil can’t be dissolved in water so you need another solvent. Either ethanol or DMSO. I went with DMSO because according to the patent it can aid in penis enlargement by altering collagen. The problem is that the freezing point of DMSO is at 19°C, so you will have to let it thaw for around an hour when you want to use it. Using ethanol would make it simpler as it has a far lower freezing point. I mixed 10ml of DMSO with 50mg of alprostadil. You don’t need as much alprostadil though. 10mg should be enough for a 3 month treatment. In that case use 2ml of DMSO. Store this solution in a freezer at -20°C.

A risk I see here is infection when you inject yourself, because you won’t have ideal circumstances to mix this. Because of that I want to minimise pipetting across vials and avoid using doses for more than one day. So, I use injection water packaged at the appropriate volume in small plastic ampoules (5ml) and mix a new dose on the day I need it. I add 5ml of injection water to the injection vial, pipet 20.5µl of the DMSO-alprostadil solution into it and close the vial with a rubber stopper. Shake it a bit as well. At these proportions 0.25ml should contain roughly 5µg of alprostadil.

When you do an intracavernosal injection disinfect the rubber stopper and your penis with ethanol on a cotton ball to mitigate an infection. You can look up how to do an intracavernosal injection online. You will have to test on yourself what dose is appropriate for you, because it differs from man to man. Start with 2.5µg and work your way up. At a too high dose you will get priapism, which is an erection that doesn’t go away with time. You will need enough to maintain an erection for at least 3 hours. It doesn’t need to be a full erection, but it should have some firmness where you can’t easily fold your penis. There are several ways you could go about the injections. You could do periodic small injections. In that case you should give your penis a break after every 2 to 3 hours, so fresh blood can circulate in your penis.

Personally, I give myself priapism on purpose, so I can maintain an erection for 3 hours with just one injection. If you develop priapism you can just walk around. If that doesn’t help then place an ice bag on your perineum. If that doesn’t help either then take 120mg of pseudoephedrine. If your erection still doesn’t go away after 4 hours of priapism then you need to go to the emergency room. Of course, you shouldn’t inject yourself and then just go to sleep.

The patent states you should do it for at least 4 days a week. Some of the people tested did less than that, but the results should be proportional to how often a week you do it and for how long you do it each day.


File: 1693499128280.png (245.58 KB, 492x454, ClipboardImage.png)

Thanks for obliging OP. Speaking of where did you do this? In a Kitchen, a rented room what? Poorfag with limited space asking here.

>infection when you inject yourself

Because the room isn't sterile?

Are the injection sites important? Is it like trimix where you need a 10 and 2 o'clock positions?
Also how did you get DMSO isn't it restricted by the FDA to medical professionals?


For the biomedical equipment, can you list the types and names (like company and model)?

>you should do it for at least 4 days a week

What if you did it every day?


>pdf deleted from OP
Why tho?


mods are in the pockets of big pharma


File: 1693521915176.png (286.8 KB, 809x833, 2 (1).png)

Shay I found your nudes and more!


Oop kinda forgot i was in that server


Yeah lol.


File: 1693546373209.jpg (Spoiler Image, 439.91 KB, 1328x944, Penile Trauma for Penile G….jpg)

[spoiler]Worth the risk?[/spoiler]


Isn't that pic talking about physical trauma and a infectious disease causing inflammation?


I think Shay should post ass


>Speaking of where did you do this?
My living room.

>infection when you inject yourself

Injections always bear the risk of infection, which is why anything the needle comes into contact with must be sterilized. Also, microbes will grow in the injection dose that you mix if you let it stand around. Hence why you should only use it on the day you‘ve mixed it.

>Are the injection sites important? Is it like trimix where you need a 10 and 2 o'clock positions?


>Also how did you get DMSO isn't it restricted by the FDA to medical professionals?

There are no restrictions in my country for that. It‘s freely available here.

>For the biomedical equipment, can you list the types and names (like company and model)?

You just need a single channel micropipette with variable volume. Something that can hold 10 to 25 microliters.

>What if you did it every day?

You can do that.

Not the same as what I am doing.


Shay's posted a lot more than that.

>It‘s freely available here.
Lucky, what country?
>a single channel micropipette with variable volume
With a syringe needle tip? Should one use disposable syringe needles?


>>a single channel micropipette with variable volume
>With a syringe needle tip? Should one use disposable syringe needles?
No, with a pipette tip. You buy more than one and use each once.


He can't keep getting away with it.


File: 1693586902185.png (44.13 KB, 400x250, ClipboardImage.png)

How are you doing the injection then? Wouldn't you need to use a syringe needle tip?
>You buy more than one and use each once.
Okay, good (though sounds expensive, micropipettes are painfully hard to get here).


Nope. If you go to the article there are two cases, the pic related it the first case (dicc enlarging trauma), while the second case is the infection (no I won't post the picc cause it's nasty).

>Not the same as what I am doing.
Yeah but it's an interesting example/option that lends some credibility to the whole clamping method imo


File: 1693701522305.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1389, ClipboardImage.png)

So how real is pic rel?


almost certainly bullshit, people who go outside more are more energetic, wow amazing research


Its due too the fact your body breaks down melatonin when your eyes are exposed to blue light, which there is plenty in sunlight and not so much in artificial light. Also you get vitamin D.


So what are the updates OP?


>almost certainly bullshit
>people who go outside more are more energetic
So is it bullshit or not lol?


As a heads up on this reply, I'm not an expert and don't actually know.
Sunlight is for sure good for you, but it's hard to believe you couldn't achieve the same level of health without it, there are other sources of vitamin d and it really is more about going outside and being active than anything else, I think.


More likely than not it is. Testosterone fluctuates a lot based on a myriad of things. Even those fluctuations are not that significant. It's useless to focus on your testosterone. Focus on things that matter, like good sleep, plenty of exercise, eating well, being at your target weight, drinking water, socializing enough, and having economic security.


>having economic security
You say that like it's achievable or something.


I think it's the most natural source of Vitamin D, it's why humans are diurnal and don't live in caves. Living in a lack of sun has been linked to depression and health issues beyond just Vitamin D deficiency. There's also a psychological effect, as flourescen and incandescent lights are very different to actual sunlight.



There are two types of men. The ones who say they want a bigger penis and the ones who are lying about it.


I don't disagree with the science, but I'm a lifetime night owl, and in the winter I've maintained a sleeping schedule that kept me from seeing the sun for months on end. I love it, I'd eventually miss the sun but I pretty much always prefer to be in a dark room asleep when it's out. I'm not alone in this either, I also happen to believe that humans evolved to be crepuscular and only switched away from that with more strictly codified concepts of time that evolved with urbanization, but I say believe as in hypothesize.


I've arrived to this conclusion from another end: humans do indeed look younger on average than previous generations, and most of it it's due to diminished time in the sun. Plus right now it seems kinda optional but soon nobody will be able to go out on sunny days due to our brains frying inside our skulls.


Some do, although some of it is inherited wealth, passed down to generation to generation. If you have hard working grandparents and middle class parents and they all die, you might inherit a decent amount of wealth. Or if your wife or husband inherited wealth from the deaths of their parents and/or grandparents.


dayum I need me a gf who drinks water so much



I like this photograph, a lot. It's not even that lewd either.


So any updates OP?


I will give an update next month. My penis hasn't fallen off yet.


Can I see it


Post pic….f-for praxis purposes.


File: 1694860316365.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 983.03 KB, 1170x1548, B475A0D5-4A75-4D79-B8D3-C….jpeg)



I’m wide open……😅


That’s some girth deer lord



I hope you know that‘s just a vegetable lol


LMAO I know a yam when I see one


OP, there's a few reddits out there where they discuss penis workouts and principles of growing your member.




I haven't started, because like all workouts starting is the hardest part. Still, I'm already above average and plan to go from 6.5 in. to the range of 7.25-7.5 in. (from 16.5 cm to a max of 19 cm).


Jelqing does not work, it's more likely to cause damage than lengthen your penis.


I get what you mean, but the whole point isn't that they're all jelqing, but that that was an early starting point for experimentation that led to more reliable and effective techniques.


Its so annoying we dont have the medical tech yet to just get a big fat dick grafted on to me. Big dicks are wasted on some men. You truly cant understand how to use it well unless its a necessity for remotely good sex


I mean, if you're a man it's just a matter of effort now that there are guides to grow your dick.


I looked into this in the past and I don‘t think those work. These communities are also full of broscience that misunderstand the anatomy of the penis. The only thing I can confirm that actually works is clamping, which increases your girth but not your length. Clamping is also quite dangerous because you could bust a blood vessel if you overdo it.


Clamppill me.
I've tried Bathmate and, while fun with the temporary pumps, it's not permanent (but yes the pump lasts longer the more often and longer to use it to a point).
What's the easiest clamp method? Just rubber band it then get on with your day?

I want an absolute coke can chode. Fuck length. Length is bourgeoisie.


You get a cable clamp or a zip tie and I would recommend you get silicone sheets and wrap it around the base of your penis before you apply the cable clamp or zip tie at the very base as well. The silicone sheet makes the pressure feel less sharp. When you clamp you need to work your way up first. Like 5 minutes and eventually you move to 10 and then eventually to 15. Start with little pressure the first times and then work your way up as well. You do it every two or three days. Clamping gives pretty fast results. I needed roughly a month and a half to gain like half a centimeter. That‘s a lot if you read how long it takes to make progress with jelqing and the other techniques. Some guy on Reddit said he did it two years and gained like 2.5 inches in girth. The results aren‘t permanent though. In my experience your gains last for almost a week and a half before you lose them again if you don‘t continue to clamp. I got lazy and stopped doing it.


Clamping and stretching

If the clamp gets stuck you'll need to cut the clamp to remove it. If you can't remove it on your own, your options then become 1. going to the ER to save your dick or 2. waiting too long and then going to the ER to have your dick removed. So be sure to choose something that's easily removed.


What if my penis is a little bit more than 6 inches long? Is that a decent size?


As long as you’re not a micro, literally no one will care.


Yeah, that seems to work also, at least if you trust the few studies on it that are there. But it sounds very tedious to me to spend hours almost every day having something stretching out your penis.


>Clamping and stretching
Easy to hurt yourself doing that.


Hm, so if it turns pink it's okay right? Like >>445335 a bit of swelling is to be expected?

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