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Post your best results from AI generators, could be DALL-E 3 (free here with a Microshit account: https://www.bing.com/images/create ), Stable Diffusion, or anything. Coomers slightly allowed but don't flood the thread pls I want it more shitposting/curiosities focused.
Also you can just post AI memes, doesn't need to be original.
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WTF, thicc Venom?


It is pretty funny how often barefoot cat ladies set off the self-moderation program despite me having had explicitly state they would be dressed up. Given how DALL-E is just fed random pictures, I would not be surprised the reason is that a lot of references it picks up for the prompts are actual erotica.


And to balance out the softcore furry porn attempts, here is a bit of a treat in the form of more creative stuff I've genned.


File: 1701383186229.jpg (259.29 KB, 1024x1024, 1701322848588276.jpg)

nice cock


Why does so much horny fan art of Amy look like her head attached to a human body? Reminds me of Sid's toys in Toy Story.


Someone needs to make that Overman ass chicks meme with Venom in SFM.


Wait, are the last ones GTA- OHHHH SHIT! Here we go again.


That actually came out nice- IS THIS AN OKAY SIGN?


Yea yea, I know lol.


ancap spiderman on a visit in Shanghai


Wait, does the NAP permit vigilantism? Oh, wait, yeah, he punishes people for violating the NAP, yeah… But what about due process, with private courts and such?

The first two are actually a good design, NGL.


The second one is Jimin if he was a furry.


I like the one with Adventure Time.
LOL, it's funny how the AI has interpreted the words "ice pick"
>Rash with tits


>Oh, wait, yeah, he punishes people for violating the NAP

>But what about due process, with private courts and such?


>The first two are actually a good design

based and NAPpilled


Crazy that we have a world leader that would unironically do this shit


Ah, right, you beat people up and THEN you put them to court.


File: 1701448278744.gif (2.31 MB, 680x383, e3wtfeqa.gif)

>Crazy that we have a world leader that would unironically do this shit
>gif rel
*sweating intensifies* haha anon I dont know who you are talking about

Yep. After court trial if they are found guilty they get sent free helicopter ride to yellow river.


I am going to depict you as the soy wojak… IN HELL!
Also some WW1/NecrovisioN-style grimdark military fantasy stuff.


that gun in the third pic
>crooked barrel
>box magazine but also a tube magazine
>no stock
>rear sight behind the action, not affixed to the barrel
>no front sight
>vent holes in the barrel
>two slings
>no bolt handle but also no charging handle


Yep, DALL-E still cannot into guns despite becoming better at drawing hands, and its not gonna get better at drawing guns anytime soon due to both it being unable to actually understand mechanisms and OpenAI's hugbox content policy meaning they would sooner ban generating guns outright than try to improve on that.


Actually I saw a few DALL-E pics do guns pretty well early on, they changed the software to avoid it, should have saved the pics.


that's a rly hot scout


>scout as a cheetah
how did it take several hours for me to get the joke?


In memory of all the "failed" prompts that fell victim to the Eggdog.



The eggdoggings are getting worse: now just trying to generate female characters is bound to give you the dog. Is there any place to look for jailbreak prompts in, or is it ogre?


File: 1701848160651.jpg (87.37 KB, 1024x1024, 1700310285498.jpg)


File: 1701918666962.png (Spoiler Image, 2.26 MB, 1024x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

An anon attempted to generate a dragon fucking a car but generated this monstrosity. Fucking LMAO


Is… is that Miss Piggie?


Is someone glazing / whatever the new one is called using a dog with an egg in it's mouth?


are her boobs hairy too?
pls say yes


File: 1701923262454.gif (891.07 KB, 409x411, chihuahua NUTTING.gif)

>>477039 try not to cum IMPOSSIBLE edition


holy based


cool car mod
oink oink honka honka awooooooga


That's Bing Image Creator.
Frosting.ai afaik is pretty shit-tier as far as Stable Diffusion is concerned, use HappyAccidents or Tensor.Art instead because they give access to more models and allow the usage of LORAs.


Don't mind me just jaywalking myself to success.


What's the best libre/open-source alternative to Stable Diffusion?



Look up guides on how to install the Automatic1111 WebUI and after that look through /sdg/ guides for information on how to get most of it.
Just a word of warning: you will need a beefy PC in order to be able to generate anything worthwhile. GPU is probably going to be the biggest bottleneck as the bigger image you generate, the more VRAM the program will eat and will likely crash if it runs out of it.


It's a Stable Diffusion fork or what? Does SD's Rail-M license still apply? It says it's under AGPL.


Are all of these Stable Diffusion? I thought it was DALL-E stuff


I wonder how does one generate these characters. I tried generating Krystal once and it just gave me generic blue foxes.


Most of this is cursed, and female Fox and Sonic with a big ass will come to me in my nightmares, but I never knew I needed a gigachad Fox in my life, post more of this plz.


Who is krystal?


The facial features and clothing of the first two are kinda inconsistent.


A blue fox girl from Star Fox.


Hm… Am I aroused or am I weirded out? I don't even know.


You can be attracted and not necessarily aroused.


Is that a romantic/sexual orientation thing?


I suppose.

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