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if you type before:2010-01-01 preceding your search term in youtube you can limit your search to videos from the 2000s, the first four years of youtube. I'll be ripping gems I find during my archaeological dig with yt-dlp and posting them here. I'll be focusing on things that interest me but I hope others join me. I'll avoid posting memes with high views like chocolate rain, etc. that people already know about. This is more for niche content that gets buried under the current search algorithm. A lot of this content will be "cringe" but nevertheless… there might be gems in the muck. Perhaps even some low video/audio quality content that might be worth revisiting with up-to-date editing software


further info, in the brackets of the file names I post ITT you can find the video id


File: 1711771679093.mp4 (6.52 MB, 480x360, 1872 [TPGKOTAXUVQ].mp4)

"You may die in your bed or God may spare you in a battle" - Marya Dmitrievna, War & Peace


The original video documenting the Trot to Neocon pipeline


cringe atheist/creationist drama from 2009. What's interesting is that you get to see a lot of screenshots of what youtube looked like back then.


a song whose authorship remains anonymous to this day


I wish Brendan Cooney didn't delete all his videos.


This isn't hard to come across organically cause thunderf00t is still a big channel.


Searching "4chan" brings up funny shit once you get past the familiar top results.


Fake news. You have to delete the cookies as well.


RIP in peace.


People also didn't take their meds back then, too.






Last one by me for now, maybe.


Okey, last one for real. OP and the rest of you will have to contribute now (either with yt-dlp or not).


dorf fort so brutal



I wish I was good at something


File: 1711819536573.mp4 (33.13 MB, 640x280, Schizo [UH6L59qkjSs].mp4)


unfortunately the guy in the video became paralyzed from a car accident (he was rear ended) and can no longer play piano :(





This was beatiful, my day was saved


mah gawd; it's beautiful





some iron age autism


first uploaded to youtube 18 years ago, on March 4th, 2006 by user "aqua slime"



how about an AMV from 2005


This shit's actually pretty fun and I find myself doing it a lot for the past few days. Also I personally increased the range to 2012-01-01 which gets me interesting shit that still has a retro feel, but I won't post it here cause it's off-topic.

Anyway, here's Alex Jones and Joe Rogan going about their day in a 2006 video.


Surprisingly low views.



1 million views but whatever.
Someone forgot the meds.


Wish VCs are as retarded as they were then cause it's funny watching them lose money.


Uploaded a few hours after the event.


Old Ubuntu ad.



Some things never change.
And meds never get taken.


Early MC player builds a village.
But what's more interesting is the title which makes this person the first to allude to a common feeling among the game's players.


Everyone likes to point out the 720p and 60 FPS quality of this guy's videos. I could've downloaded a lower res version to lower the filesize but here it is in all of its glory.


File: 1711935173283.png (364.72 KB, 563x430, ClipboardImage.png)

It's a known thing, he's just sensationalizing it.


I loved playing my dad's copy of civ 2 in the late 90s




One of the OG anarchist YouTubers.


Music videos back then were almost identical to the shit you'd see on Adult Swim.


>the mp4 is 2 gigs
yt-dlp -f 18 followed by the url will give you a much smaller file in 360p

but I don't blame you


I haven't checked, but depending on the upload date and upload res, sometimes certain format numbers aren't available. Using -F can check which are available, and there is also 'worst' if you just want quick video now and quality doesn't matter.


this is an unreleased gameboy advance game called offroaders which used voxels


Impressive! I wonder what the creator of this unreleased game went on to make.



Oh no Chompsky is monolingual.
But it shows you can go far in live even being functionally retarded.


One of the first YouTube videos to go viral organically.

I remember watching this when it first took off.


yung tucka


young tucker carlson puts on a bowtie, shames an asexual man for not liking booba and boosie


old talk with howard zinn
xi jinping back when he was vice president of china
old audio of lenin


2009: Das Kapital sold 10x more copies than it did in 2008 before the financial crash. Mainstream economists struggle to remember and explain Marx's ideas due to a sudden resurgence in interest.


old level viewing software for mario 64


Vijay Prashad


old video from the CPGB-ML youtube channel


China executes two men in a tainted milk scandal



>March 4th, 2006 by user "aqua slime"
Aqua slime is still up? Wow.



>before: doesn't work on vid.puffyan.us but it does work on yewtu.be
strange. well, now I can at least more easily look for that clip of Ukrainian nationalists laying out their plan to get the Hoholdomor classified as a genocide in the eyes of clueless libs
>when you learn about the accident
I hope Tom fully recovers, but from what I last heard it sound very unlikely. he can't really play the piano any more


Love the kid at the end inspecting them like an appraiser trying to find a defect.






this is a whole ass GENRE of video


File: 1712526559748-0.jpg (66.32 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage.jpg)

File: 1712526559748-1.jpg (65.78 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage (2).jpg)

File: 1712526559748-2.jpg (138.57 KB, 1132x637, ClipboardImage (3).jpg)

File: 1712526559748-3.jpg (147.8 KB, 1132x637, ClipboardImage (4).jpg)

>memorized Russian just for a skit
>does the salute to Soviet Union anthem
>old school Youtube egirl
>manga/anime reference
>she owns a chihuahua
This is too spooky for me.

Just found out some stuff: Apparently years later there's videos of her shooting guns while wearing a Ukrainian military outfit and carrying the Ukrainian flag. Was the Soviet stuff just LARPing? Sad day.


I didn't even know anything about Hikichan or her associated lore up until now. I posted the video without really thinking much about it other than an old-school egirl speaking Russian and saluting to the soviet anthem.
>Was the Soviet stuff just LARPing?
Probably. Bit of a shame she's LARPing for a country with neo-nazis in power. Oh well.



based soviet coffee machine, it looks like the water doesn't touch any plastic


the first video uploaded to "Will It Blend?" 17 years ago


Holy shit.




15 years ago; giga pudding



>hit the jew day


This fucker is an actual settler.

Trigger warning for Zionism and hatred of Palestinians.


To be fair, something that un-PC could have easily flown in 2009 before SJWs became a thing.



File: 1713209410714.png (400.07 KB, 500x500, ClipboardImage.png)

>in 2009 before SJWs became a thing.
picture is from 1991. The truth is the USA has been recycling the same culture war garbage for 30 years at least.


>30 years at least.
it's recycled mccarthyism which in turn is recycled witch trials


an odd discovery: if I do this and search for terms relevant to current politics it gives me stupid contemporary results instead of filtering them out properly.
try searching "before:2010-01-01 trump" for example, and nearly all of the results will be about his current trial instead of his TV career.

i think current news channels are artificially boosted or something: if it gives you an "organic" result it's always correctly filtered to before the relevant date (i.e. you won't get a clip of The Apprentice uploaded in 2012 even though you're getting reports on his trial from today.)
what's interesting is, this isn't universal: if i search for "irish election" i'll only get reports on the 2010 irish election even though Ireland has a European election this year - I can't tell if it's because the results are prioritised by country (so an Irish user would get current events), or if it's because Google ignores small countries but filters for big ones. I suspect it's the former, though.


This one goes hard.


needs more youtube poops


i noticed that as well
most youtube poops prior to 2010 were dogshit. Golden age of YTP as an art form was 2012-2015, though there are some good ones from recent years.


>description mentions robin mcveigh
that's a blast from the past, that person was a psycho who worshiped mass shooters. wonder what they're up to now



Does anything left exist of them?


funny thing, plastic was originally added as liner to aluminum cans to avoid heavy metal poisoning



this is a certified "outsider music" classic







Wasn't this fucker at the Jan 6th riots?

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