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File: 1718028766981.jpg (83.27 KB, 402x600, 402px-AdamSmith.jpg)


Was he stupid?


He didnt invent capitalism just like Marx didnt invent communism. He studied capitalism scientifically and described it in his books.


File: 1718030451281.png (166.27 KB, 425x495, adam smith2.png)


The meme guy thread


File: 1718032514367.jpg (43.58 KB, 900x750, trotsky.jpg)

>invents racism
Was he stupid?


i see one more of you chvds posting this picture and i will personally make you read the grundrisse OK


Guys, real capitalism has never been tried. THIS TIME WE WILL MAKE TRUE CAPITALISM FR!


i'm baffled that recessions or savings and loans crises are attributed to keynesianism even though the big famous S&L crisis was under neoliberalism. even wars is marginal, yeah, a few wars happened in the Keynesian period, but the vietnam war is like the #2 cause of the collapse of keynesianism (because the govt overheated the economy, leading to high inflation, which was blamed on keynesianism rather than on burning money to burn vietnamese children), #1 being the bourgeois backlash.


Keynesianism is when big gobermint spending instead of smol gobermint spending


Is bidenomics keynesian


No REAL keynesianism is the singaporean/asiatic mode of production best exemplified by dengist economic success.


Real Keynesianism was never tried because Harry Dexter White sabotaged the Bretton Woods talks to have the USD be the international reserve currency instead of having an independent foreign exchange currency managed by the UN


China is communist. Is communism keynesian


Quite the opposite. Why even ask this?


Was the Meiji restoration Keynesian?


1. true
2. unspeakably based


yup. it was perhaps dengist as well



So femboy Dengism?


he was the first invader of ukraine so essentially hes worse than putler


He was just developing the productive forces.


File: 1718080221592.jpg (269.9 KB, 982x640, monkey1.jpg)

Need some meme of Monkey seeing X-/-neuron activator as profit-minded smugglers with Smith face on it.
Sadly I lost my meager photoshop skills


Hue and Cry


the bolsheviks created a politically autonomous ukraine in the first place thoughever
putin even cried about it in his dumbass invasion speech, calling the totally impending complete annexation "decommunization"
it's a funny thing considering the western lib worship of ukrainian natlib nowadays


what bout Makhno


makhno had no relation to ukrainian nationhood
his anarchist project happened to be in ukraine because he grew up there


I swear to god you fuckers don't read a single bit of theory at all. >>543190 is right, he didn't invent capitalism and to lay the entirety of capitalist society at his feet is practically the definition of great man theory.
More importantly, CAPITALISM WAS HISTORICALLY PROGRESSIVE COMPARED TO WHAT CAME BEFORE IT. This is historical materialism basics. Try reading Marx sometime.


Why are tor users so autistic and aggressive?



capitalism is a higher stage of society than the feudalism that came before, furthermore it is a necessary prerequisite for the establishment of socialism. capitalism is a historical necessity and i really wish people would stop calling themselves "anti-capitalists" while being unable to even define capitalism or why it is to be opposed, these immaterial essentialist idealist norodniks are honestly worse than cons who whine about "woke" and no, you are not depressed because of "capitalism"


>>543609 (me)
oh, oops, someone beat me to it, but seriously this "anti-capitalism" stuff is a great example of how many pseuds and illiterate populists corrupt the greater left from material reality.


does Ukraine have any connection to Ukrainian nationhood


no, the ukraine is just what we named the long useless tract of land between russia and poland, the idea of ukrainian nationhood was invented by nato in 2014


Leftism has been reduced to liberalism wolith red aeathetics


>and no, you are not depressed because of "capitalism"
this seems like an unfair bolt-on to a generally correct point: i would be very, very surprised if depression and other similar illnesses were more common under feudalism than under capitalism. people under feudalism suffered material privation, yes, but the link between happiness and material prosperity is not so clear-cut as it might seem: we are a social species and we tend to value autonomy, so when you tear social relations apart so that people can be cogs in a machine, or you turn them into a commodity to be bought and sold like flour or iron, while stripping away their autonomy, regulating and monitoring their behavior at all times, that's going to have a much bigger psychological impact than adding "and also, spinning wool for clothes" as a side-action to everything else you're doing during your down time.

there's no point idealising these relations: you cannot go back to them. but equally, there's no point demonizing them: much of what was lost was genuinely lost! feudal peasants often loathed wage labor (what, you're not responsible enough to direct your own life? you and your employer don't trust one another enough to act reciprocally, so you've got to let money change hands?) and that's important to remember - that's useful evidence against every idiot who thinks the roman empire was capitalist, or that being a peasant farmer was just the same thing as being an office worker except without dental because hey - it's all "work", right?


Once the blockchain unites all computers into an AI singularity and crypto prices jump to the moon, finally will the Allied Mastercomputer create free market social darwinism for the human race.


>putin even cried about it in his dumbass invasion speech, calling the totally impending complete annexation "decommunization"

people still don't understand putin's clever joke. It's understandable since this requires knowledge of the region. See, the separatist regions in Donbass/Luhask had most of the soviet era infrastructure as well as the mineral resources. That region was given to Ukraine during the Soviet era, along with Crimea. "Decommunization" means the removal of the regions given to Ukraine under Communism. Ukraine is a neo-nazi puppet state of NATO with a Jewish celebrity figurehead president being used to sweep the nazi military (who is really in charge) under the rug. The nazi ukrainian military, particularly the territorial defense units, have been attempting to ethnically cleanse Russians and Roma since 2014. They call this "decommunization." Putin was joking that the real decommunization is reducing nazi Ukraine to its pre-soviet borders. Especially since the people in Donbass Luhask were part of Russia prior to 1917, speak Russian, and don't identify with the neo nazi state, which is ostensibly based in Kyiv, the "capital" but is really based in Lviv, the region that most of the neo nazis come from, and which are most loyal to NATO and desire NATO expansion the most, and ironically voted against Zelensky and for Poroshenko the hardest. Poroshenko of course being the mask-off coup leader of 2014. Zelensky is slightly more "mask on" which is why the US wanted to use him.


File: 1718208377225.jpg (184.61 KB, 1827x1827, gigachad (me).jpg)

>zchads writing their essays about how cool it is for putin to blow up ukraine because of something that happened centuries ago


File: 1718208771780-0.jpg (232.89 KB, 1016x1280, rosa putin meme.jpg)

I am not a Z guy. I asymptote towards that but I ultimately view it as an inter-imperialist conflict which I think is the less revisionist line to take. I simply acknowledge the cleverness of Putin's decommunization joke. Ukraine was blowing up "Ukraine" in a US-instigated civil war 2014-2022. The United Snakkkkes and Vladolf Putler are fighting over trillions of dollars in minerals. The American Revolutionary Defeatist part of me, and the Epic Ben Norton Multipolarista part of me both want Russia and China to get those minerals just to piss off Lindsey Graham and other Amerikkkan war mongers. The anti revisionist epic Enver Hoxha part of me wants of course all bourgeois governments (including Russia and China) to collapse into proletarian revolution simultaneously. I think the anti revisionist part of me is more correct but the multipolar part of me is more realistic.


>2014 was centuries ago
damn lenin really was spitting with that decades in weeks quote


no i'm a multipolarista too, i dont really care who wins, either way the result is the humiliation and the fascist turn of the west, but i still think it's fucked up to invade a country, kill conscripts in a 2 year meatgrinder, and displace eastern ukrainians even harder than they were before. even if you look at it through purely a kind of socialist realpolitiKKK lens it's still a loss, because now europe has moved to realign with the united states and spend more on its military. that being said i still mostly share your perspective
well do you remember 2014?


>the people in Donbass Luhask were part of Russia prior to 1917, speak Russian,
They were settled by Stalin between 1920 and 1940 retard

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