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I think this is too unserious to be in /leftypol/ but honestly why don't we create more propaganda. It could be memes, drawings, videos, comics or whatever the fuck.
I feel like the right wing has grown a lot due to simply spreading the fuck out of their ideas via internet memes and shit while we do nothing of the sort, or at least not nearly as much.

We gotta spread our shit and fish for adherents, methinks.


I don't have time, I have to work.


Because we're all autistic weirdos who have no idea how to engage with other human beings
Also the right wing has grown because like every ideology that serves the bourgeoisie they have had billions poured into them. It's not because the frog memes are too epic to resist


you can't deny the epin kekistan memes did do at least a bit though, I feel like a lot of people deny the importance of this shit just to keep doing nothing


youve got to be terminally online if you think 'kekistan' changed the perception of a single normie
most people are rightoids because of our shitty education system not because of autistic middle class children on 4chan


Half of gen Z is terminally online, why do we act like the terminally online do not matter. Either way even if you're 100% right about absolutely everything, would it really be wrong to do more shit other than reading books and doing nothing. Spending ten million hours reading theory and then doing fuckall is about the same as reading the little red riding hood for ten million hours. Like, isn't this shit supposed to bring change? we bring as much change as any bored housewife reading club because we also do as much.


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I'd argue there's a lot more left-wing stuff being spread on the web now than there was ~10 years ago. The relatively fast death of the Silicon Valley techno-optimism of the 2010s (remember when people used to say "Web 2.0" like it was a good thing?) made a lot of people who would otherwise have fallen for neoliberalism much more receptive to leftist talking points. Likewise, the edgy internet right was popular in large part because it was edgy. Making ethnic jokes was a thing you weren't supposed to do, so people were naturally drawn to the group that said "hey, you can do that. We don't mind!". But a thing can't stay edgy forever. The novelty went away, and the kekistani stuff became relegated to a niche of retards.


I make high effort video memes sometimes. it pleases me when I see them reposted


because most of it is created "organically" in discussions, arguments, etc, and then filters out to other sites, or is created in advance for common discussion topics. this no longer really happens here because the site is slowly dying and filled with idiots: i'm not going to make OC if i don't get a (you), if i have to wait 3 days for a (you), if the only (you)s i get are profoundly stupid, or god forbid: i wait 3 days for a profoundly stupid (you). if i make an image to make someone laugh and all i get is some humorless idiot being mad, i'm not going to make the same mistake twice
(i'm speaking from experience here: I used to make a lot of OC! i won't say it was good - most of it was a quick joke for one thread that makes no sense outside that context - but i really did! my assessment of why i stopped is: it's simply not worth the effort, it's more fun to work on fake maps or whatever that i don't share with anybody - no disappointment, no annoying replies.)


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yeah and she got me BARKIN


Leftybooru memes are awesome


Real, we need to leftize the psyops.


is that a greyhound?


>why do we act like the terminally online do not matter
because they do not live in reality


Many people who want to put in effort are more interested in grass touching network building over meme generation. Memes are the superstructure, units of culture. Without the reality to back them, they become worthles, especially communist ones where the philosphical roots of the ideology is materialist.
We should be more focused on getting effective and competent communists organising in meatspace so there is something we can point to when someone comes onboard and asks "what next?" Memes are cultural currency and for us, we need to work on backing it with something.

Memes do not make revolution, only give it momentum.


>muh propaganda
nothing says marxism like believing culture affects reality more than reality affects culture




>Because we're all autistic weirdos who have no idea how to engage with other human beings
thats the exact reason retards like op think le propaganda is what communism needs


humor me: are you using a phone or a computer?
the reason i ask is that my best theory for why you reply to the same thread 3 times in one minute instead of doing what most people would do and waiting, including everything you have to say in one post, is because you're using a phone and on a phone's smaller screen it's more difficult to do it that way - the reply box covers up too much space for continuing to read the thread to the end before replying to be practical.


only facebook boomers and teenagers and NEETs care about memes


Even if you dont care about memes you cant deny their propaganda value. Memes do more for leftism than circlejerk discussions here.


they only help leftism as a "team" in social media discourse, they do nothing to advance real world left-wing action.


social media discourse is important for convincing people to become leftists. obviously real world action is better but a handful of dedicated commies can't achieve anything if the majority of people hate them


of those people, the number who go on to do anything except more social media discourse will be a rounding error. they will be joining a leftist fandom, that's more or less all.
(i should clarify, i am not saying this purely to be dour: it has important practical lessons like "you don't need to ban anarchists for making anti-ML memes, none of this will matter in real life, so harness it to make /leftypol/ bigger.")


having a 'leftist fandom' is still a good thing though.


>Memes are the superstructure, units of culture.
So are workers' organizations, unless they are engaged in production of some kind.


Workers organizations are part of the base, they are part of class struggle. Bourgeoisie organize and unites for their same interests and goals in "commites" and "managerial reunions". Workers organize in unions and workers organizations


I make propaganda all the time. Propaganda isn't as effective as speaking directly to people and appealing directly to their material interests. And the best propaganda does that, of course, but still with propaganda you're relying on the people engaging with it as though it were a human talking to them. 9/10 times in an advertisement-littered landscape they're going to ignore propaganda. You know what they're not going to ignore? A human being approaching them. Religious people who annoy me in the parking lot of my grocery store are admittedly great organizers. They force me to engage even when I don't want to.

The FORD method works well. You start off with something basic. Family, Occupation, Relationships, Dreams. Then you branch into your politics from there. But you gotta make sure you're actually talking to a proletarian first.


File: 1718125485452.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1920, Untitled.png)

This was typed by someone who knows their shit, take heed lefties.

Also this is just my opinion however…


File: 1718126019298.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Untitled.png)


well idk about u but on twitter all i see is posts with thousands of upvotes saying some real class conscious shit. the perception it gives me is that young people are becoming more open to socialism, but that isnt true, its just a bunch of loud, terminally online people. in reality, our generation is the most reactionary one since 1933


no one cares about memes
i reiterate my original point
leftism targets workers, and most dont use social media beyond the most casual stuff
you reach them in the workplace
memes only have an impact on the lives of the most terminally online petit-bourgeoisie


File: 1718138068102.gif (4.99 MB, 640x590, 324325235.gif)

Hey retard GIMP is free, planning out memes is cringe and inorganic too. Just have fun and create images that are meant to be shared in this site alone, eventually they will seep out if they're funny enough. We already have a thread for this purpose but you autists are trying too hard and it ends up being forced and sterile.


>in reality, our generation is the most reactionary one since 1933
Is this just based in vibes or…?


Gen Z isnt inherently progressive nor reactionary.
Neither are the previous three.


And so are Millennials amd Gen X


>Marx: the overall behavior of a class is defined by their position in the system, this is why communism is the real movement composed of all proletarians in the world
<retarded leftoids online : let's make da epic maymay propaganda so gommunism will win :–DDDDDDDDDD


So communists should do nothing because of historical materialism?


>this is why communism is the real movement composed of all proletarians in the world
I dont think he said this part anon.


File: 1719127894657.jpg (32.91 KB, 680x671, 1634653828531.jpg)

Everything in capitalism costs money. Time not spent making money is wasted time, especially when cost of living is going up all the time. There's no monetary support for propaganda so there's no way to pay the people making it a sustainable amount. The only way to sustainably do it then is to insert it into something that does get funding and that people will actually think about like art and entertainment.

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