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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Thread for questions that don't deserve their own thread.
I wanna buy some headphones to go outside i don't want to spend more than 100€ on them. I want them to be mostly durable and secondly to have good sound quality, also i don't want to look like a jackass while wearing them, any suggestions?
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rich doesn't mean anything. a working class person could reasonably have a few mil in the bank
i'd say anything too excessive infers they're a capitalist that exploited other people


also a lottery ticket is technically an investment


Um, im not technically oriented. I just now how to mod minecraft.


This should work for windows lusers.


Doesn't that steal the users info tho? I threw the first of the supposedly official sites i've searched for in virustotal and got some 8 malwares alerts.


get a floss one off github, all it does is trick microsoft's server into believing you have a license
or better yet, use linux



Avast keeps telling me i have almost 100 gb of useless/junk files (most of them being win download files) . Yet when i try removing the bastards (following this site's instructions, that is: https://keepthetech.com/delete-win-download-files-windows-10/) it barely does anything (the hundred something only slightly decreases).
How do i rid myself of these files?


any way to know what OEM is behind the Raspberry Pi keyboard and mouse


dont use antiviruses lol


This seem to be for a cloud network no? Im looking for something that can easily transfer files between multiple portable storage devices


this is their tutorial page on how to transfer files to local volumes https://www.itefix.net/content/rsync-client-helper-gui-example-local2local


physically connected to the machine*



is there any tangible benefit to overwriting vendor boot firmware with "libre" stuff?


Coreboot/Libreboot could be faster than your proprietary firmware, because it can be configured to directly load a kernel (w/o efistub). Your computer would also have less backdoors with libreboot or coreboot using a few proprietary blobs.


File: 1647371179547.jpeg (80.05 KB, 1280x720, r8.jpeg)

When i try to play Resident Evil Village with Wine i get an Error that says "This game requires windows 10 and DirectX 12"? Don't windows 10 games work on wine?


are you running wine 4.0 or over


I'm running winehq 7.4 and i also tried wineGE 7-6. I also tried a non-windows 10 game and it didn't start either but it also didn't give me the windows 10 requirement error.


Run winecfg and select another windows version.


File: 1647398554207.png (218.38 KB, 1280x649, s.png)

I did, i added the application and i get the same error, am i doing something wrong?


If the game didn't come with a DirectX installer, search for this version with winetricks.


iirc DX12 doesn't work on Wine.


Wine supports the Direct3D api of DirectX12 with vkd3d. https://wiki.winehq.org/Vkd3d gives instructions to build wine against it, but you can probably install the right dlls with winetricks.



What's you Wine version?
DirectX 12 support is crappy on older Wine like the one that comes on Ubuntu repository


Oh nevermind, just saw you said it's WIne 7.4
In this case, it may be the lack of Vulkan support on your system. Check your GPU drivers and if there's proper Vulkan libraries on your system.


Posting your shell output would be helpful aswell
wine start /unix re8.exe


This is probably a stupid question, but I'm using Windows 10 Ameliorated Edition, should i get an anti-virus program? On windows 7 most of the time the anti-virus just captured program files from pirated games, which is what i will mostly do on windows 10 AME.


If you know how to avoid malware you should be fine. You can still get a Malwarebytes trial afterwards either way >>12433


>If you know how to avoid malware you should be fine.
If you're in a situation where you are downloading any third-party tools, it's good to have one. Now that Win10 has Windows Defender as an in-built anti-malware tool, that might actually be enough. I honestly don't know. But the 'just avoid malware' attitude is bad advice for people who install programs on their own.
I almost got pwnt a few years back downloading a common virtual joystick tool because a hacker managed to hijack the official, reputable sourceforge page for a few weeks. Almost any anti-malware would have detected it, but I stupidly thought Win Defender was anti-virus (only the case for win10+). The only reason I didn't have all my data exfiltrated was that a part of my OS was so out of date that the malware failed to extract the payload security through obscurity wins again!.


>the 'just avoid malware' attitude is bad advice for people who install programs on their own
I only ever encountered adware by installing popular software from questionable websites.
>any anti-malware would have detected it
Regardless of how an antivirus detects hijacked TLS certificates, there are addons available for this purpose developed by all major antiviri. Most antivirus components are probably snake oil. AFAIK most antiviri extensively rely on malware lists, so installing common software over chocolatey would be the safest option.


Any books or articles about why metaphysics is not real only material reality?


For a marxist understanding of this question, you would need extensive knowledge of Marx' critique of Hegel. You can start with https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1877/anti-duhring/ and https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1908/mec/index.htm
Maybe you should post the metaphysics you wish to debunk.




Is there a way to read telegram channels without a phone number for free? The idea being to preserve anonymity.


on desktop some channels give you an option to read them


Does anyone have a step-by-step guide made for complete fucking idiots on how to first assemble a raspberry pi and then use it to flash a motherboard with jumpers?


you don’t need to assemble a raspberry pi and there should be a GPIO interface along with tutorial for whatever you wanna flash


Raspis ship with firmware booting from a mmc/microsd. Assuming you want to install an os, should flash it on a microsd card.


I'm trying to port forward to torrent files from one of my computers to another, but when I do a test it says the port is closed. I tried to open the one that my qBittorrent seems to be using.
Should I trust that diagnosis or is the port actually open? Considering that I'm seeding other torrents right now.


if ur using linux do ss
u can grep for the port ig
theres probably a better way to do it idk if u need to grep i think theres filtering built in maybe but thats the tool i'd use for finding open ports


File: 1653274648428.jpg (154.54 KB, 1100x1100, adapter.jpg)

are usb-c to barrel power adapters any good? ive heard they will always draw the most wattage (90w) even if the usb-c cable and/or charger have a lower limit (i.e. 60w) and thus are a potential fire hazard
is there any way to test that? with either hardware or software


File: 1653357994071.png (501.72 KB, 724x740, 1652860330174.png)

recommend video editor software for linux


still waiting for the update for more features
it's okay you can do pretty much anything unless you need composition if so you can use Natron 2 or blender
>Davenci resolve


ffmpeg and mpv if you are willing to learn
Kdenlive if you want a traditional video editor


why the fuck do you recommend this ?
if you want to convert shit or stream
a fucking media player


>why the fuck do you recommend this ?
those are really powerful programs if you are willing to learn how they work. And they will work on really weak hardware. mpv has a lot of plugins that lets you do a lot of stuff, it's not just a media player.


>willing to learn how they work
he want a video editor.
some day you should learn want normie wants.


ffmpeg is a video editor


bro you don't understand the point, he want a video editor not a fucking terminal nightmare
bro if he ask for one recommend something that's user fucking friendly

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