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Thread for questions that don't deserve their own thread.
I wanna buy some headphones to go outside i don't want to spend more than 100€ on them. I want them to be mostly durable and secondly to have good sound quality, also i don't want to look like a jackass while wearing them, any suggestions?
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Fuck americans and fuck summary blogs. It's the true leftist position.


I’m sure this gets asked a lot, but what’s the best Linux distro for my old core 2 duo 3gb ram thinkpad? Preferably something which makes the windows to Linux transition easier. I don’t need anything for gaming, just something that I can store some torrents on and shit.


>Preferably something which makes the windows to Linux transition easier.
Probably best to start out with Lubuntu, Puppy or MATE to begin with then


Ignoring the second part of your post I've found Gentoo and Void to be pretty light.


Isn’t gentoo super complicated and you have to do a bunch of compiling and shit? Hell I don’t even know what compiling means and I don’t want to do it.



>Preferably something which makes the windows to Linux transition easier.

You can make it look like Windows

Lubuntu's good too, and uses a little less ram at startup compared to Xubuntu (~350mb vs ~450mb) but configuring stuff like appearance is slightly less user-friendly for a beginner to Linux.

Puppy is not beginner-friendly and meant for even older systems.


So with Linux you can download shit from the internet aswell as the software manager right (which I’ve read is a GUI for apt which you can also use from the command line)? If you’re downloading shit from the command line, how can you know if the repository you’re connected to has what you’re looking for?


it'd just say package was not found.
xubuntu comes with "Software" (the name of the default software manager) and you can also install synaptic package manager (type in terminal: sudo apt install synaptic) which some people prefer and try both


So is there a way to connect to (if that’s the right wording) another repository?


You don't HAVE to compile everything on Gentoo.


Normalfag here. Which one is preferable? Windows 7 64bit or Windows 10? It's for playing mostly old games, and creative stuff like drawing, video editing, and possibly 3D modelling.


sure, most large packages have binaries.

But if you're going to install binaries you might as well use another distro tbh


Windows XP or a Linux distro with Wine. Microsoft has been taking a huge shit on backward compatibility since Vista.


Couldn't I just set up a virtual machine if I come across compatibility issues?


Why not just do that in Linux if you're willing to put in that much effort?


I run a very small matrix server, and it has been going fine for the past few weeks, but today I started having issues with DNS resolution and I can't reach my server over my matrix client, nor can I reach the landing page using my domain name, nor can I ssh into the server using the domain name. Synapse is running fine, I have my proxy setting configured right in nginx proxy manager, and there is still a valid DNS record, and aside from these things I don't really know what the issue could be. Can anyone help?


have you tried a `dig` on the domain?
Maybe the domain settings aren't right.
dig is the command line tool.


just did that, no A records with my server's IP


check your domain settings in your registrar then


I contacted the domain provider. Apparently there was a verification email that I never checked and it was taken down temporarily. Thanks a bunch


Huh, you're right. It'd be my first time using anything that isn't Windows though.


I've got a regex question.
Let's say I want to change ab to yz and abababab… to yzyz

string = string.replace("ab(ab)+", "yzyz");
string = string.string("ab", "yz");

Is there any way to do combine these in a single operation? Basically only add a second yz if there's a capture group.


>> f = s => s.replace (/(ab)+/, match => match.length == 2 ? "yz" : "yzyz")
>> f ("cabc")
>> f ("cababababc")

>>6933 >>6934


i'm going to flash a custom rom again after several years that too on a a/b partition device

you have been warned in advance if a bootloop happens


Not that I know of, no. You could apply this regex multiple times on the same string.


I've got a small matrix server. I don't want it to be federated, but I still want to make it easy enough for people I trust to join. When I generate an invite link for the room and try opening it in my client, it throws an error. The way I am currently doing it is having people register an account on the homeserver, then inviting them to the room by their username, but I feel like there has to be a better way. Can somebody who has experience running matrix servers help me out?


Portal from pushbullet stopped working

What's the next best effortless app to send files OTA to my phone from PC?


I'm temporarily using this
They say they can transfer files without data or internet
How does that work? Bluetooth? Is it safe?


File: 1623277514880.jpg (5.31 KB, 181x278, baby_brain.jpg)

Is it possible for one unexperienced person to create a whole website for a very small but very rich business that basically only displays information and images (no transactions or messages) ? I'm an unemployed failson with a Comp Eng degree and I did C++ in college but very little web dev. The two owners of this company are family friends and they hate talking to their web dev company to update the website, they want to be able to do it theirselves. They are rich and tech illiterate and have no deadlines for this project. Should I learn webdev and try to start a webdev career or give them a wordpress thing and keep failing


you can literally teach yourself just enough html/css to use bootstrap to build decent looking website under one hour. go for it


What's a good website to obtain ROMs, of games?


Find a host with cPanel. Then do the one click Wordpress install. Then log in to Wordpress and set up their website.


somebody teach me how to charge and when to charge phones so that their battries last for ages

i overcharged my last phone and it blew up


depends on what type of roms, cdromance is good for a lot of rom, but nes. For those you're better off going to the pirate bay.


Charge to 70% 80% or so, only allow discharge to 40%

That used to be the rule of thumb


Staying in the 25% - 85% range is the industrial standard for big lithium-ion batteries like those in electric vehicles.

Also avoid high temperatures. Field scientists will even store important batteries in their fridges when not in use.


okay thanks i'll follow that rule but wouldn't this cause overcharging?

since charging till 100 would make it last longer and need to charge it less

what is the science behind it exactly
charging slows down near the last 90 percent and i want to understand why is that so


How do I make an imageboard


you don't bitch
what do you want to make a imageboard about even?




File: 1623538678647.jpeg (6.92 KB, 278x181, download (4).jpeg)

Is allowing Firefox telemetry basically Dengist multipolarity?


My niche hobby


What is it?


lmao yes


Is signal compromised now by glowies?


Can I recover partitions that I deleted with fdisk on a traditional hard drive?


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