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Thread for questions that don't deserve their own thread.
I wanna buy some headphones to go outside i don't want to spend more than 100€ on them. I want them to be mostly durable and secondly to have good sound quality, also i don't want to look like a jackass while wearing them, any suggestions?
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>it says on the website
Wow, i'm a retard,.. thank you.




Use the catalog: >>9781


More Libra hardware coming out
180nm can best Korea handle that density in their silicon production?




depends on your needs.


Esperanto and Scheme.


What defines good software?(Other than free)


'Good' is literally subjective, and while I'm a FOSS programmer, that's not a necessary factor.
Maybe start with being extremely correct, maintainable and extendable, user controllable (e.g. FOSS) and non-exploitative (no ads, no telemetry or opt-in).


Good software is an expression of your gattungswesen.


Can any of you recommend a PDF reader similar to SumatraPDF? The function I'm the most interested in is the zooming by "Fit content", which fits the whole content of the page by automatically zooming in just enough so the blanks are out.


Evince has that feature.


Any Linux PDF Reader without javascript support and annotation capability? I know evince doesen't have JS support but its on a todo (https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Evince/Roadmap) so it will sometime in the future be added. Okular has basic JS support (don't know what that means tbh), so it will have full support sometime in the future.


zathura maybe? it's fairly minimal


File: 1629996958772.png (164.24 KB, 1503x858, sumatrapdf.png)

It is not the same feature at all, I'm talking about fit content, not fit page. I opened the same file on both so you can see the difference, the fit content zoom and scroll automatically as to fit the content and show as little blank space as possible without making you have to scroll at all.

Here's how it looks like, I had actually took screenshot of more pages and from both, but the jannies don't let me upload more than one file.


File: 1629997028224.png (102.3 KB, 1602x902, evince.png)


File: 1630010135363.png (195.96 KB, 960x1052, ClipboardImage.png)

Do you mean like this? It's called trimming the margins and is supported by at least qpdfview, Okular and emacs' pdf-tools. Maybe others support it too.

But your image just shows fitting to the page's width and that is supported by Evince as that other anon pointed it out.


File: 1630010402211-0.png (106.49 KB, 960x1052, 1-fit-to-page-size.png)

File: 1630010402211-1.png (142.59 KB, 960x1052, 2-fit-to-page-width.png)

File: 1630010402211-2.png (229.29 KB, 960x1052, 3-trim-margins.png)

All in qpdfview:
1. Fit to page size
2. Fit to page width
3. Fit to page width + Trim margins


File: 1630195245334.png (67.05 KB, 384x128, 1401201449816.png)

Yes, that's exactly what I meant, thank you. I only knew it by the name of the function in that other reader, I did try to upload more than one pic but Leftypol only let me upload one, maybe I'm just even more retarded than I thought as you just posted 3 in one reply. Thank you again, reading like that is much more easy for me.


How can I download this livestream? (Dunno if you can see it, but if you can't, it has geo-blocking and it's probably exclusive to Latin America)


With DevTools → Network open visit the site from an allowed IP, find the URL with master.m3u8 without 403 Forbidden and check whether vlc or similar can stream that URL to a file.


I think I've already tried that and I couldn't get it to stream on VLC. Might try again later but with all the m3u8 files


Yes, it is geoblocked here. But like the other anon said, master.m3u8 is probably what you need.

The request to that URL is a simple GET request without any special headers (cookies or otherwise) that would be generated dynamically.

Try with youtube-dl as well. You can try to replicate the exact request your browser makes with –user-agent, –referer and –add-header options.


Is Telegram and Signal more secure and lass invasive of privacy than whatsapp?


my uncle wants to pay me to setup a vpn router for his small business. he didn't say anything else. any advice? thanks



Barely. Both Signal and Telegram need your phone number, and the devs seem shady. GNU Jami or XMPP+OTR/OMEMO are the way to go for secure, anonymous communication.



How does everyone here feel about FSF? Stallman was a lightingrod personality who did more work than I can even imagine to support free software but seems to have been a pretty ineffective organizational leader based on what those who worked with him at FSF have said. Now that he's been gone for over a year, how has FSF been doing?


He's back at the FSF


How to browse this site on a mobile app like Clover or Kuroba?


File: 1632887535778.jpg (200.85 KB, 829x556, Honey select.jpg)

Can you run Honey Select on linux?


Yes, I remember getting it to run althought with some issue which I can't remember at the moment.


Sorry i meant Honey Select 2.


koikatsu is better


Which is better for gaming Ubuntu or linux mint?


Debian. Both Ubuntu and Mint are based on Debian and they just add a lot of bloat. Ubuntu is the Windows of Linux distros. I use Debian, everything just works out of the box. You can use both testing and unstable branches, both are fine. Unstable is a misnomer, btw, and unstable gets the latest driver updates soon after they come out, if that's important for you.


I am trying to scrape some HTML with BeautifulSoup in python. I used a BF object method and the code ran fine but my linter told me that Nonetype objects don't have that method. I checked with print(isinstance()) and indeed it is a None type object, but the method still werqs. wtf? thanks


What are the suggested Matrix clients for Desktop?


not sure about the other ones but element works okay and is the most popular one


i use quaternion but it can't do encrypted chats (yet)


Element has the most features however nheko reborn while lacking some features like spaces or widget integration is light years ahead in terms of speed and resource usage.


My experience with Debian was the opposite. I set up the system from a minimal install, so no display server etc. Very little bloat, was actually missing plenty of genuinely nice things Mint has by default. Yet the performance was somehow worse than Mint. As for a standard desktop Debian install, it has plenty of bloat, more than Mint in some ways. But I debloat my Mint installs anyway, while keeping the bloat I want.

In your context you can think of Mint as just the latest Ubuntu LTS release. So the question is really about which package versions you need and that depends on each individual game. Some games will require newer libs, while some will work only on older distros because new lib versions are not backwards compatible. So you might need to multi-boot.

BeautifulSoup uses getattr() magic to dynamically look up nonexistent attributes in the document you're parsing, then returning the value, or None if the attribute is not found. Your linter is unaware of this, so it complains. And I'm guessing your isinstance() check was on an empty BeautifulSoup object or another document without that element.


>>12069 (me)
>So you might need to multi-boot.
Should add that you can also compile new versions of required libs yourself to avoid switching between systems. Most games come bundled with required libs anyway, so these issues are rare.


If you had to choose between (pirate) Win7 and Win10 which one would you pick? Cuz I'm gonna have to install one of them


What is the purpose? What do you value (usability, privacy, etc.)? Why does it have to be Windows?
Windows 7 is End of Life (as in, won't get constant security updates) but I would rather burn a home computer than install Windows 10 or Windows 11 on it.


I'd pick a virtual machine without network interface.


What is the best, or top three best, hardware comparison website(s)?
I wanna be able to acquire relatively good hardware without paying overprice for superfluous porky scam artistry.


File: 1634789297181.png (242.03 KB, 1800x1578, deliberatley.png)

tfw you get bad help from the internet

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