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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Thread for questions that don't deserve their own thread.
I wanna buy some headphones to go outside i don't want to spend more than 100€ on them. I want them to be mostly durable and secondly to have good sound quality, also i don't want to look like a jackass while wearing them, any suggestions?


Waste of a GET, you couldn't even include an opening picture.


How well do Wacom tablets and Clip Studio Paint work on Linux?


Shiiit dude 100 euros is not much for some good headphones, in the UK at least. Do you want bluetooth? Over ear or on ear?


For my own tablet (Wacom Bamboo) I have found it actually easier to use on my Linux distro (Mint).
Which is to say, I didn't need to install any drivers like I did on Win 10 and they seem be work just as well as the official ones. The only downside is that I can't seem to turn off the finger-tracking, but that isn't a big deal.

Also, Clip Studio Paint does not work on Linux.
There is likely a way to emulate it through Wine, but I haven't tried it yet.
If you need a comparable art program for Linux, i'd recommend 'Krita' which is a free, open-source and pretty much just like Clip but without the outline/halftone layer options and a slightly annoying text editor.


I'm in the EU, don't care about bluetooth and on ear.


In my experience, Sony deliver a pretty great audio-price-durability balance. I had some MDR-XB950B1 which delivered pretty great sound, but weren't too comfy since I wear glasses too. Used em for the gym every day for a year, worked fine so quite durable. Try get one with flexible bits that join the speakers to the band though since that's where most breaks will occur. For your price range I'd probably recommend the lower end over ear version though, MDR-XB650BT (I don't know what retard comes up with these names).


Thanks, the names are indeed retarded.


Thanks. I have an Intuos so I suppose it'll work just fine too.
There is indeed a way to emulate CSP that I found: https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=250223&p=1345470#p1345470
The problem is that I have a free 2 year trial of the full version and I don't know how that'll work out. Would I need to pirate it after all?


Oh and regarding Krita, I'll probably switch to it when they add some more features or once my trial expires, so thanks for the suggestion


What's missing from Krita?


Krita doesn't have the awesome halftone layer mask that Clip has (which instantly converts a layer to black halftone).
More importantly, the text tools are really awkward, way worse than any other program i've used (it's hard to explain).

Apart from that it is fantastic.


Is anyone else having problems with cankakucomplex or is it just me? I can only open it on Tor after going to advanced and giving permission to "take the risk" and open the site, however when I click on the images they give me a blank page and only opening the image html separately gives the image itself.
Tor tells me my computer clock is set for July 3rd, yet my onscreen calendar is correctly giving me July 2nd so what the fuck is happening?



rock zircon. if you don't mind in-ears. in general, when I did research some time ago, conseus was not to go for brands If you are no audiophiliac. best headphones I ever had, beating my former Sennheiser easily. other Chinese low budget choices seem to be valid as well.

have a question as well. what is your suggestion for an ebook reader? don't fancy kindle


Is it possible to download copyright-blocked YouTube videos that aren't available in any country?

Those YouTube Music bastards blocked this one version of a song that had millions of views that I can't find anywhere else, just for the benefit of the official and shorter upload.

Could youtube-dl be enough to get it or is the video gone forever in cases like this?


You'd have to have a VPN to a country that can watch it, otherwise it's gone.


>You'd have to have a VPN to a country that can watch it
Yeah, I think that's impossible.
I just tried with ytdl and it says "Unable to extract video data". Strangely I can still see the thumbnail on invidio.us (but it's unplayable)
I guess my only option is to reach out to the uploader and ask them to send me the song if they still have it.


Hi /tech/
This might be an odd question but I just had this idea
Q: Is there some way to collectively keep track of 'plans' made up by the collective in a given chat group?
Say we're three in a group-chat, we decide to do x thing on y date a month from now - is there some application that's designed for this scenario? Wouldn't it basically have to be part of the chat-program to not pose a security risk? Have you ever used a chat program that has this function?


Have one person read chat and write down the plan.


feels > reels


How about I bounce your head off the fucking table you worthless cunt and then we'll see how you feel about my reels?


I have a pair of Thinksound in ears that are pretty good for the money, I think they were about £60, although in ears never really compare to over ears, they sound about as good as koss porta pros which are on ear headphones that cost like £20

I used £15 redmi airdots most of the time though, bluetooth meme is so convenient even the sound quality is pretty bad


if i want whonix or tails for i686 should i run tails 2.12, whonix 13, or accept that i am fucked


If I were to study web development, how broad is that field actually?
I've always got the impression that it involves the standard http(s) website coding in HTML, CSS, JS, etc. but last night I laid wondering if other projects I'm somewhat interested in too, that also are very network-heavy in scope, would be included? For example something like RSS, instant messaging, P2P?
I'm guessing the last one is a 'no' simply because it's not technically 'web', but then what is it? It's not standard software engineering since it involves very complicated networking as the bulk of what's being maintained? But does it then go under ICT? Does web development also go under ICT?


Is there a way to access the audio for this song?



Thank you! Could you do the same to this song about Songgang?



A steel complex in North Hamgyong province, thank you for the quick replies!


All questions deserve their own thread.
It's not like this board is active at all, either.


I want to build a cheap desktop for uni. It will be my first but I've got a mate willing to help with the build. I've seen pcpartpicker discussed but there is another that I stumbled upon that I can't find now that seemed more europoor friendly. Any suggestions? In exchange, I will share some good IT related bants.


Why should i pirate?
It seems corrupt and greedy


File: 1608526250308.png (1.01 MB, 1685x1969, 77702767_p0.png)

Is there a Linux equivalent to Tinywall for Windows?


You can get a secondhand (large sized) Dell optiplex which you can pimp pretty well.


>scans files
bloat. Just use iptables for firewall. Nethogs for bandwidth per process. And if you want an anti-malware just use ClamAV


It's been about a decade since I really cared about the health of my computers. Is there a modern guide to cleaning up a windows system? This laptop has a 100gig ssd and a terabyte hdd D drive. I split the D drive to install ubuntu but because of school testing never really bothered learning it because their lockdown software was windows only. I know that the proper solution is probably just reinstall windows, but are there programs like CCleaner and stuff to help me determine what the fuck is up with my computer? How to make sure my drivers are up to date and how to find all the little leftover files that are taking up space from programs no longer installed? Figure out what is taking up most of my space on my ssd?


I've never actually understood how image filenames on 4chan and other imageboards are generated, but I've always been curious. For example, I notice that filenames in other, smaller IBs seem to match the ones in 4chan, and right now they all begin with 16. Why is that?


File: 1608526260769.png (332.14 KB, 628x409, IMG_20201011_231256.png)

Alright, so my cousin who lived in a major Australian city used to work in IT. He would put on fake accents. People calling for help would often ask for the Russian, who had a reputation for being very helpful. Whereas the Indian (another accent he did) would take too long, could be rude at times and would get sidetracked reminiscing about something. When people would call they heard the Indian accent and asked if anyone else was in the office. He would put them on hold for a minute then switch to another accent. Being Australia, a cultural melting pot, a big city, and a very big IT department people calling and other people in IT would assume that having lots of ethnicities in the office was normal. There were a handful of accents he did American, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, German and so on.


sex since the epoch

$ date '+%s'


Nice GET

I don't think it's talked about enough how modern tech is absolute shit and getting worse somehow.
Like you need a state of the art CPU + GPU to run some shitty website. Or there are tons of trackers everywhere, ATT selling your phonecalls and messages [0], advertising tech so good that it makes people think their thoughts are being read or their voices are being recorded, software getting harder and harder to pirate (before a simple drag and drop of the exe/binary might have sufficed), etc etc. Like yeah, some things might be getting better but it feels like tech made a deal with the devil and "progress" has a terrible catch.
I guess the same could be said with capitalism and its development of the means of production.



Unix timestamps to high precision or hashes?


Tinywall not an independent firewall but a front-end for the Windows firewall, so what I'm looking for is a front-end for iptables, preferably not gufw.


What pc book reading software would you recommend

i just want it to look good so that it motivates me to read


how do you read epub books




what would you use for reading on windows


This is not a question but a fucking vent rant that doesn't deserve its own thread.
If you are one of the retards who doesn't punch enter after the first bracket in the code, you deserve a fucking bullet to the head.

imARetard(bool myDick){

Even with a single pair of brackets it looks dogshit. Add more and it becomes fucking illegible.
Same goes to anyone who can't be bothered to use spacebar after arithmetic symbols as well.



absolute shit taste


did I stutter?

(imagine (depending on) (how (you indent)) brackets (to (write anything)))


File: 1608526294076.png (223.05 KB, 338x338, oh.png)

forgot pic


what would you use on windows to read


Complete Tech noob here. How do I use Sci Hub? Is there any guides?


File: 1608526295468-1.png (45.41 KB, 1038x296, 2. search.png)

File: 1608526295468-2.png (74.08 KB, 1042x476, 3. mirrors.png)

First you should check if your paper is available on libgen. They archive papers accessed through scihub.

1. Go on your favourite libgen mirror. They change the domains from time to time but searching for "libgen" on DuckDuckGo should give you usable links.
2. Below the search bar, click "Scientific Articles". (See the first picture.)
3. On the scientific articles page, type in the title of the article or some other identifier and click search. (See second picture.)
4. Look at the results you are interested in and download them by choosing a mirror from the last column. (See third picture.)


File: 1608526295766-0.png (637.83 KB, 1815x404, 1. scihub search.png)

File: 1608526295766-1.png (34.74 KB, 1127x484, 2. wait.png)

File: 1608526295766-2.png (163.8 KB, 1409x608, 3. success.png)

If there are no results on Libgen, you will need to use Sci-Hub.

1. First, you should find the place from where you could legally download the paper you are interested in if you were an academic institution with too much money. You can usually do this by searching the paper's title.
2. Next, visit sci-hub. Again, DuckDuckGo for sci-hub if the domain you usually use suddenly goes dark.
3. Paste the URL you found in step 1 into the search bar and click "open". (First picture.)
4. You might need to fill in a captcha.
5. It will try to find a proxy from inside an university that can download it. Wait, this can be really-really slow. (Second picture.)
6. If it succeeds, you will get the PDF (Third picture). If it fails, it might show you the website that you pasted in and you will have to navigate to the place where you can download the article. In the bottom there will be a grey bar, pressing the button (like the play button on radios) will give you a new proxy.


File: 1608526312331.png (43 KB, 216x269, thumb.png)

This tech channel "Luke Smith" (100k subscribers) just released a video with Stirner in his thumbnail:
>Intellectual "Property" is a Spook (GNU Boomer Rants):

I've not watched his channel before, it just popped up in "trending" on an Invidious front-page.
Is anyone here more familiar with him? Is he ideologically adjacent to us or did he just happen to find some Stirner memes he liked?

Having watched most of the vid he seems relatively reasonable (appears to have a basic understanding of imperialism, absolutely railing against intellectual property) – he may be a left-libertarian or something?
If some of you have youtube accounts it may be worth sending a message recommending egoist communist literature (For Ourselves) and like the Telekommunist Manifesto or something.


His viewer-count seems to average in the tens of thousands, approaching hundred thousands.


He's from /g/, mostly known for being the guy who made LARBS and popularizing suckless software.
Afaik the guy sympathizes with leftism but he's more of a conservative neoluddite who hates capitalism. Think Unabomber but studied linguistics instead of math and knows the difference between liberalism and leftism.


>he may be a left-libertarian or something?

'''Antisocialists: people who advocate a laissez-faire, laissez-mourir state which refuses to help non-rich people, such as by providing medical care or education, or protect them by regulating how businesses treat them. Antisocialists call such programs "socialism".

Those people secondarily defend human rights, such as freedom of speech, and they like to call themselves "libertarians". However, polling them shows that a laissez-faire, laissez-mourir economy is their highest priority, and human rights come second for them. In effect, they try to use our support for human rights to manipulate us into advocating the laissez-mourir economy, by presenting that as a part of human rights.

Using the term "libertarian" for them emphasizes the secondary aspect of their views and paints them as champions of liberty. I choose to emphasize their primary focus by calling them "antisocialists." Let's all call them that.

The state's mission is enabling everyone to have a just, free and decent life, which includes both social programs and defense of human rights.'''


> Pepe and Wojak thumbnails
> uses "autistic" for "obsessed"
> can't write a coherent sentence without including a meme
I wouldn't waste my time on this imbecile.


hes a meme, unironic arch fag, with admittedly a pretty good i3 + latex workflow


He's a mixed bag. Not a complete retard like most reactionaries but has the occasional stupid take like opposing net neutrality.


Vanwa.net DDOS "protection" is now blocking all archive systems under the pretext of defending from DDoS. Anyone have solutions? Please help.


Why do programs leave so much shit behind after you delete them on windows? I’m on some old vista laptop that I use exclusively for torrenting (I know how bad that is) and I’m having to manually look through shit using a third party search tool (called “Everything”) and delete it. Is there a way to do this automatically?




nope. even seemingly portable program will at least touch your registry. there's nothing you can do to maintain reproducible environment under windows unless you are running on vm.

not sure why you want to torrent with vista. just install headless linux server if drivers are issue.


I don’t torrent much so I don’t need a dedicated server.


you don't have to be running it on all the time. install debian, enable sshd server, install torrent client. press power button whenever you need to coom, ssh into laptop, download torrent, scp file back into your main computer. press powerbutton again to save electricity.


Not gonna lie I have no idea what you’re talking about.


I have no idea what type of server the other anon is suggesting. Maybe a raspberry pi server?
Either way, he's saying,
>install debian
install linux
>enable sshd server
install some software and configure it following some instructions
>install torrent client
same deal

then whenever you need to download stuff
>press power button
>ssh into [server]
connect to the server via a command line (like the command prompt or a powershell like program). There are free software for windows to connect with ssh that makes life easier. With ssh, you act as if you were in the command line of the server itself. You input a command that tells your torrent client to start downloading whatever torrent you want. Like "torrentclient "magnet?=apdjasjdlajsda". This is just an example, I haven't used a torrent client via the command line.
>scp file back into your main computer
This means "use the scp program to download the file from your server". T
You could also use some other type of software, like FTP or a one-click web server to access your files instead of using ssh.

I'm sure there is some linux distro that can basically do all of this for you. All you'd need to do is install it, and navigate to the local IP of your server and do whatever you need to do there. Unfortunately, I don't know of any projects like that personally.


Huh, I’d first like to figure out how to use Linux but this sounds like a good first project. Planning on picking up so CompSci classes in HS too which might help.


File: 1608526415552.png (299.06 KB, 1024x849, coomer-1024x849.png)

fuck off coomer, sort your life out first.


I still don't know your full story (like why you want to run torrent client on separate computer) but yeah installing linux on old laptop and experimenting running various services on it would be very good beginner project.

ask anything on this thread if you get stuck. only advice I am going to give you for now is choose non-free linux distro like ubuntu so you can actually install and use linux on your computer without getting lost on missing drivers.


Fuck americans and fuck summary blogs. It's the true leftist position.


I’m sure this gets asked a lot, but what’s the best Linux distro for my old core 2 duo 3gb ram thinkpad? Preferably something which makes the windows to Linux transition easier. I don’t need anything for gaming, just something that I can store some torrents on and shit.


>Preferably something which makes the windows to Linux transition easier.
Probably best to start out with Lubuntu, Puppy or MATE to begin with then


Ignoring the second part of your post I've found Gentoo and Void to be pretty light.


Isn’t gentoo super complicated and you have to do a bunch of compiling and shit? Hell I don’t even know what compiling means and I don’t want to do it.



>Preferably something which makes the windows to Linux transition easier.

You can make it look like Windows

Lubuntu's good too, and uses a little less ram at startup compared to Xubuntu (~350mb vs ~450mb) but configuring stuff like appearance is slightly less user-friendly for a beginner to Linux.

Puppy is not beginner-friendly and meant for even older systems.


So with Linux you can download shit from the internet aswell as the software manager right (which I’ve read is a GUI for apt which you can also use from the command line)? If you’re downloading shit from the command line, how can you know if the repository you’re connected to has what you’re looking for?


it'd just say package was not found.
xubuntu comes with "Software" (the name of the default software manager) and you can also install synaptic package manager (type in terminal: sudo apt install synaptic) which some people prefer and try both


So is there a way to connect to (if that’s the right wording) another repository?


You don't HAVE to compile everything on Gentoo.



Normalfag here. Which one is preferable? Windows 7 64bit or Windows 10? It's for playing mostly old games, and creative stuff like drawing, video editing, and possibly 3D modelling.


sure, most large packages have binaries.

But if you're going to install binaries you might as well use another distro tbh


Windows XP or a Linux distro with Wine. Microsoft has been taking a huge shit on backward compatibility since Vista.


Couldn't I just set up a virtual machine if I come across compatibility issues?


Why not just do that in Linux if you're willing to put in that much effort?


I run a very small matrix server, and it has been going fine for the past few weeks, but today I started having issues with DNS resolution and I can't reach my server over my matrix client, nor can I reach the landing page using my domain name, nor can I ssh into the server using the domain name. Synapse is running fine, I have my proxy setting configured right in nginx proxy manager, and there is still a valid DNS record, and aside from these things I don't really know what the issue could be. Can anyone help?


have you tried a `dig` on the domain?
Maybe the domain settings aren't right.
dig is the command line tool.


just did that, no A records with my server's IP


check your domain settings in your registrar then


I contacted the domain provider. Apparently there was a verification email that I never checked and it was taken down temporarily. Thanks a bunch


Huh, you're right. It'd be my first time using anything that isn't Windows though.


I've got a regex question.
Let's say I want to change ab to yz and abababab… to yzyz

string = string.replace("ab(ab)+", "yzyz");
string = string.string("ab", "yz");

Is there any way to do combine these in a single operation? Basically only add a second yz if there's a capture group.


&gt;&gt; f = s =&gt; s.replace (/(ab)+/, match =&gt; match.length == 2 ? "yz" : "yzyz")
&gt;&gt; f ("cabc")
&gt;&gt; f ("cababababc")

>>6933 >>6934


i'm going to flash a custom rom again after several years that too on a a/b partition device

you have been warned in advance if a bootloop happens


Not that I know of, no. You could apply this regex multiple times on the same string.


I've got a small matrix server. I don't want it to be federated, but I still want to make it easy enough for people I trust to join. When I generate an invite link for the room and try opening it in my client, it throws an error. The way I am currently doing it is having people register an account on the homeserver, then inviting them to the room by their username, but I feel like there has to be a better way. Can somebody who has experience running matrix servers help me out?


Portal from pushbullet stopped working

What's the next best effortless app to send files OTA to my phone from PC?


I'm temporarily using this
They say they can transfer files without data or internet
How does that work? Bluetooth? Is it safe?


File: 1623277514880.jpg (5.31 KB, 181x278, baby_brain.jpg)

Is it possible for one unexperienced person to create a whole website for a very small but very rich business that basically only displays information and images (no transactions or messages) ? I'm an unemployed failson with a Comp Eng degree and I did C++ in college but very little web dev. The two owners of this company are family friends and they hate talking to their web dev company to update the website, they want to be able to do it theirselves. They are rich and tech illiterate and have no deadlines for this project. Should I learn webdev and try to start a webdev career or give them a wordpress thing and keep failing


you can literally teach yourself just enough html/css to use bootstrap to build decent looking website under one hour. go for it


What's a good website to obtain ROMs, of games?


Find a host with cPanel. Then do the one click Wordpress install. Then log in to Wordpress and set up their website.


somebody teach me how to charge and when to charge phones so that their battries last for ages

i overcharged my last phone and it blew up


depends on what type of roms, cdromance is good for a lot of rom, but nes. For those you're better off going to the pirate bay.


Charge to 70% 80% or so, only allow discharge to 40%

That used to be the rule of thumb


Staying in the 25% - 85% range is the industrial standard for big lithium-ion batteries like those in electric vehicles.

Also avoid high temperatures. Field scientists will even store important batteries in their fridges when not in use.


okay thanks i'll follow that rule but wouldn't this cause overcharging?

since charging till 100 would make it last longer and need to charge it less

what is the science behind it exactly
charging slows down near the last 90 percent and i want to understand why is that so


How do I make an imageboard



you don't bitch
what do you want to make a imageboard about even?




File: 1623538678647.jpeg (6.92 KB, 278x181, download (4).jpeg)

Is allowing Firefox telemetry basically Dengist multipolarity?


My niche hobby


What is it?


lmao yes


Is signal compromised now by glowies?


Can I recover partitions that I deleted with fdisk on a traditional hard drive?




Is there any software that can diagnose problems with optical discs?


What is linux mint based off?


Let's check their website: https://www.linuxmint.com/about.php
>Based on Debian and Ubuntu, it provides about 30,000 packages and one of the best software managers.
The current versions (20.x) are based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa), except for LMDE which is a Debian variant.



>it says on the website
Wow, i'm a retard,.. thank you.




Use the catalog: >>9781


More Libra hardware coming out
180nm can best Korea handle that density in their silicon production?




depends on your needs.


Esperanto and Scheme.


What defines good software?(Other than free)


'Good' is literally subjective, and while I'm a FOSS programmer, that's not a necessary factor.
Maybe start with being extremely correct, maintainable and extendable, user controllable (e.g. FOSS) and non-exploitative (no ads, no telemetry or opt-in).


Good software is an expression of your gattungswesen.


Can any of you recommend a PDF reader similar to SumatraPDF? The function I'm the most interested in is the zooming by "Fit content", which fits the whole content of the page by automatically zooming in just enough so the blanks are out.


Evince has that feature.


Any Linux PDF Reader without javascript support and annotation capability? I know evince doesen't have JS support but its on a todo (https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Evince/Roadmap) so it will sometime in the future be added. Okular has basic JS support (don't know what that means tbh), so it will have full support sometime in the future.


zathura maybe? it's fairly minimal


File: 1629996958772.png (164.24 KB, 1503x858, sumatrapdf.png)

It is not the same feature at all, I'm talking about fit content, not fit page. I opened the same file on both so you can see the difference, the fit content zoom and scroll automatically as to fit the content and show as little blank space as possible without making you have to scroll at all.

Here's how it looks like, I had actually took screenshot of more pages and from both, but the jannies don't let me upload more than one file.


File: 1629997028224.png (102.3 KB, 1602x902, evince.png)


File: 1630010135363.png (195.96 KB, 960x1052, ClipboardImage.png)

Do you mean like this? It's called trimming the margins and is supported by at least qpdfview, Okular and emacs' pdf-tools. Maybe others support it too.

But your image just shows fitting to the page's width and that is supported by Evince as that other anon pointed it out.


File: 1630010402211-0.png (106.49 KB, 960x1052, 1-fit-to-page-size.png)

File: 1630010402211-1.png (142.59 KB, 960x1052, 2-fit-to-page-width.png)

File: 1630010402211-2.png (229.29 KB, 960x1052, 3-trim-margins.png)

All in qpdfview:
1. Fit to page size
2. Fit to page width
3. Fit to page width + Trim margins


File: 1630195245334.png (67.05 KB, 384x128, 1401201449816.png)

Yes, that's exactly what I meant, thank you. I only knew it by the name of the function in that other reader, I did try to upload more than one pic but Leftypol only let me upload one, maybe I'm just even more retarded than I thought as you just posted 3 in one reply. Thank you again, reading like that is much more easy for me.


How can I download this livestream? (Dunno if you can see it, but if you can't, it has geo-blocking and it's probably exclusive to Latin America)


With DevTools → Network open visit the site from an allowed IP, find the URL with master.m3u8 without 403 Forbidden and check whether vlc or similar can stream that URL to a file.


I think I've already tried that and I couldn't get it to stream on VLC. Might try again later but with all the m3u8 files


Yes, it is geoblocked here. But like the other anon said, master.m3u8 is probably what you need.

The request to that URL is a simple GET request without any special headers (cookies or otherwise) that would be generated dynamically.

Try with youtube-dl as well. You can try to replicate the exact request your browser makes with –user-agent, –referer and –add-header options.


Is Telegram and Signal more secure and lass invasive of privacy than whatsapp?


my uncle wants to pay me to setup a vpn router for his small business. he didn't say anything else. any advice? thanks



Barely. Both Signal and Telegram need your phone number, and the devs seem shady. GNU Jami or XMPP+OTR/OMEMO are the way to go for secure, anonymous communication.



How does everyone here feel about FSF? Stallman was a lightingrod personality who did more work than I can even imagine to support free software but seems to have been a pretty ineffective organizational leader based on what those who worked with him at FSF have said. Now that he's been gone for over a year, how has FSF been doing?


He's back at the FSF


How to browse this site on a mobile app like Clover or Kuroba?


File: 1632887535778.jpg (200.85 KB, 829x556, Honey select.jpg)

Can you run Honey Select on linux?


Yes, I remember getting it to run althought with some issue which I can't remember at the moment.


Sorry i meant Honey Select 2.


koikatsu is better


Which is better for gaming Ubuntu or linux mint?


Debian. Both Ubuntu and Mint are based on Debian and they just add a lot of bloat. Ubuntu is the Windows of Linux distros. I use Debian, everything just works out of the box. You can use both testing and unstable branches, both are fine. Unstable is a misnomer, btw, and unstable gets the latest driver updates soon after they come out, if that's important for you.


I am trying to scrape some HTML with BeautifulSoup in python. I used a BF object method and the code ran fine but my linter told me that Nonetype objects don't have that method. I checked with print(isinstance()) and indeed it is a None type object, but the method still werqs. wtf? thanks


What are the suggested Matrix clients for Desktop?


not sure about the other ones but element works okay and is the most popular one


i use quaternion but it can't do encrypted chats (yet)


Element has the most features however nheko reborn while lacking some features like spaces or widget integration is light years ahead in terms of speed and resource usage.


My experience with Debian was the opposite. I set up the system from a minimal install, so no display server etc. Very little bloat, was actually missing plenty of genuinely nice things Mint has by default. Yet the performance was somehow worse than Mint. As for a standard desktop Debian install, it has plenty of bloat, more than Mint in some ways. But I debloat my Mint installs anyway, while keeping the bloat I want.

In your context you can think of Mint as just the latest Ubuntu LTS release. So the question is really about which package versions you need and that depends on each individual game. Some games will require newer libs, while some will work only on older distros because new lib versions are not backwards compatible. So you might need to multi-boot.

BeautifulSoup uses getattr() magic to dynamically look up nonexistent attributes in the document you're parsing, then returning the value, or None if the attribute is not found. Your linter is unaware of this, so it complains. And I'm guessing your isinstance() check was on an empty BeautifulSoup object or another document without that element.


>>12069 (me)
>So you might need to multi-boot.
Should add that you can also compile new versions of required libs yourself to avoid switching between systems. Most games come bundled with required libs anyway, so these issues are rare.


If you had to choose between (pirate) Win7 and Win10 which one would you pick? Cuz I'm gonna have to install one of them


What is the purpose? What do you value (usability, privacy, etc.)? Why does it have to be Windows?
Windows 7 is End of Life (as in, won't get constant security updates) but I would rather burn a home computer than install Windows 10 or Windows 11 on it.


I'd pick a virtual machine without network interface.


What is the best, or top three best, hardware comparison website(s)?
I wanna be able to acquire relatively good hardware without paying overprice for superfluous porky scam artistry.


File: 1634789297181.png (242.03 KB, 1800x1578, deliberatley.png)

tfw you get bad help from the internet


There's a very high dunning-kruger effect on sites like stackexchange and quora. People answering questions they don't understand just to show off their lack of knowledge. "Oh, you're asking something specific about A? Let me give you a bad advice about B instead."

You're better off if you just RTFM.


Those sites are all fucked because they let idiots karma-farm their way into positions of actual power.
>Closing your question A because question B has already been answered (in 2012 when the tech was different).

Also there is no decay, so shit old answers keep racking up points.
Also the companies got sold off to bottom-tier vulture capitalists, so nothing will get fixed, and the huge corpse will slowly rot for years, blocking new sites from getting established.


Not sure if this the right place but I believe it is, is tor browser/ tor project good to use?


Yeah, it's very good (although not perfect) at what it's designed to do. But it's not a magical solution to everything. It's just a tool.


meant for >>12189


thank you anon, any general tips as a follow up question?


Not that anon but don't maximize the browser and check the shield at the right of the url bar. Change it to Safer or safest, some sites might break. Safest essentially disables JS.


Thank you friend


What >>12210 said. Although maximizing windows is not as harmful anymore because of "letterboxing" (gray borders): your viewport size will be limited to a preset of resolution buckets, rounded to 100px. But I would still advise against it, since the default window sizes have a larger pool of users hence you'll blend in more with other users.

Some general tips:
- Be as uniform with other users as possible, use defaults. Increasing security level is OK though.
- Don't mix too many different things (especially not logins) in a single session, use "New Identity" as often as possible. Threat each session as a single identity. Tor Browser further isolates each (URL-bar) domain, so that tabs with different domains opened can't be linked via 3rd party cookies or other 3rd party resources. But a site could still redirect to a 3rd party domain and your data could leak via request parameters for instance.
- If any site rejects you, use New Circuit - or even web proxies as a last resort.
- If you don't want an account to be linked to you, create it and login into it only in Tor Browser.


a friend of mine is looking for a new laptop on a limited budget, £400/$500, what's the best way forwards?
I was thinking a 2nd hand refurbished Thinkpad would be best for his use case (,watching films, word documents and reading pdfs)
at that price range im convinced any new laptop is as good as e-waste in a couple years, and he keeps complaining about his previous ones which fell apart quickly


File: 1636568097092.png (Spoiler Image, 184.92 KB, 344x370, ClipboardImage.png)

I need some assistance on 8kun (yes, yes fedshit) https://8kun.top/redland/catalog.html
All images are either 404ed or have pic related replacing them. Any pictures posted are also replaced by this dumb shit. BUT I have seen still functioning boards on the site that have normal images and restored threads, so is there a method of seeing the posted pics prior to Jim's autism or not? (outside of archive.is) Thanks for any help


for more well-known boards you can find archives saved in archive.org from months back


Yeah I remember archive.org but I'm looking for in-site restoration, if that is possible, sorry if I hadn't been clear.


We can't help you until you provide a link to:
>BUT I have seen still functioning boards on the site that have normal images and restored threads


Ok here's an link to a /qresearch/ page that got posted befor/during the 404 collapse in August: on other boards, Until recently, posting images failed. Yet people continue to use various boards and replying to image posts as if they do not have this 404 gasden pop up, so I'm unsure if it's a filter or something and other people can see non-404ed images.


Never Mind I've realized the issue, essentially people can restore images by posting the original files (a la prior alacrity demon shit)


What's a good VPN to use? Is it true that all trustworthy VPN's have to be paid, in order to avoid that whole "if it's free, you're product" thingy?.


>Is it true that all trustworthy VPN's have to be paid, in order to avoid that whole "if it's free, you're product" thingy?.
If you take the correct precautions then even something that your adversary controls and monitors can be used without your actions being linked back to you.

Trustworthiness is a dumb metric anyway, you should never rely on trust - it means being at the mercy of the other, letting them decide your fate. Even if you somehow know that your provider is really so eternally loyal to you, that doesn't make them immune to incompetence and external breaches either.

So if you decide to use a VPN (or anything in general), operate on the assumption that it's pozzed from the beginning. Paying or not paying is a matter of what features you want from them, not about buying their loyalty. A free VPN can also have its own advantages, such as not being linked to your bank account / not requiring payment in crypto.

A more concrete answer depends on what you're trying to achieve and what's your threat model.


Is buying Malwarebytes worth it, especially for a Windows 7 user?

How do you rip Blu-rays if you don't have a Blu-ray player?

And what free options on Windows are there for mounting disk images other than Daemon Tools (which stopped being free as far as I can tell)?


Antiviruses are useless at best and spyware that will slow down your computer at worst. Windows already comes with its own antivirus.


In my experience (7 years ago on windows 7) malwarebytes removed all sorts of adware and taskbars windows defender and avira left alone. That said you will only need it if you installed something stupid, so you should get the trial version for the occasion.


Ok, thank you. I don't even think I have the money to buy a license, but I've been surviving off Malwarebytes trials every few months (occasionally when something seems fucked with my PC) and it's actually helped. But I'm usually fine with just uBlock and downloading/installing exactly what I want, so I think I'll save this trial for when something looks suspicious.


File: 1638223524639.png (27.44 KB, 337x184, ClipboardImage.png)

how would you go about upgrading this PC.


If you HAVE to upgrade either spend $2000 on a new GPU or $500 on switching to Ryzen Zen 3.


I'm starting to regret installing Windows 7 on my old machine instead of Windows 10, because there's so much stuff that I have to install manually that used to come in updates. Is this enough of a reason to switch to 10, or is manually downloading and isntalling 7 updates not that big of a deal?


well well well, look at this richfag



Also I wouldn't upgrade that, with current GPU prices it wouldn't be worth it and it's actually a better idea to just buy a console, also a GTX 1070 should be enough for most games anyway.


>Intel in current year
Cool oven


>47.94GB RAM
This must be virtual memory. You just have a huge swap, right?


Nevermind, it turns out that Windows Update still downloads and installs everything


What are some of the decent technology related journals/magazines?


Low Tech Magazine is possibly the most based https://www.lowtechmagazine.com/


This might be dumb question,but here goes. I'm trying to figure out why qbittorrent will let me download torrents n problem, but it never uploads?I'm obviously connected and I can see seeders/leechers, but none ever connect to upload. all the other bittorrent clients have ads & shit… I just want to share upload communism… Any help is appreciated**, as I'm rather tech illiterate.


Bittorrent requires a connection to the seeder initiated by the leecher, so your isp could block inbound traffic to your routers subnet, while still allowing for outbound traffic to other seeders. Someone mentioned this as advice for blocking bittorrent on https://security.stackexchange.com/a/33985


get a seedbox, or buy a VPS and host it yourself with deluge


I couldn't quite grasp what that article was saying, but thanks anyways.
>get a seedbox, or buy a VPS
VPS = virtual private server?? Is this like a VPN or is it an actual pc? I have a VPN, but I can't really afford much, on a fixed income…
Sorry for being a brainlet with this.


yea, a server. you can set up a command-line bittorrent client on one that you can configure to seed torrents across specific trackers for you even when you're personally offline


Read this for a summary of common internet protocols https://www.w3.org/People/Frystyk/thesis/Internet.html


What the fuck happened to the piracy general??
Anyway my actual question is, is nyaa.si the only version of Nyaa there is right now, and the one I should use? This is the most informative thing I could find on the subject with a quick search, and it's from 4 years ago

>The only thing they share with the original nyaa is the backup database. Nyaa (the owner) hasn’t said anything about these 2 yet.

>http://nyaa.si is powered by the Cartel™ , a loosely connected league of English fansub groups associated with Commie-fansub. They are also endorsed by HorribleSubs and the “sekret club”. That means they have more subbed content.

>http://nyaa.panstsu.cat is powered by /g/entooments, is FOSS and currently have the most japan-based traffic, meaning most raws end up first on nyaapantsu before being scraped off by others (if they bother, currently don’t). That means they have more original content.

>They both hate each other.


File: 1644624868783.jpg (66.4 KB, 749x706, mucha tele.jpg)

lol its fucking hilarious that someone posted an /a/ schizo copypasta and that people are going to take it seriously just because its on quora


I didn't get a virus from using it,so it's fine.
>the one I should use ?
I hope you don't imply brand loyalty to torrent site when you say that.


pantsu was some garbage /a/ made to spite those gosh darned leftists from "the cartel". I didn't even know it had died, lol. Just use nyaa.si

>I didn't get a virus from using it
It's a tracker site, of course you wouldn't.


>I hope you don't imply brand loyalty to torrent site when you say that.
Nah I meant it more like "which one is legit" or "which one is recommended because of its content".
>pantsu was some garbage /a/ made to spite those gosh darned leftists from "the cartel".
kek, I see
>I didn't even know it had died, lol. Just use nyaa.si
Oh alright, that's what I've been doing. Thanks anon


I miss them. Their subs for Shaft shows were the best.


File: 1644677318055.png (238.55 KB, 600x624, ClipboardImage.png)

>Chrome fucking closed my private tabs because of an update they didn't notify me of
>Same thing happened with windows less than a week ago
Alright fags, what do i ditch these two worthless piece of shit proprietary softwares for?


you deserve it for having automatic updates turned on
if you like chrom* you can use ungoogled-chromium i guess


Is there any way which i can get freebie microsoft pro license? I'm trying to use the virtual machine but it's apparently not available for my type of windows.






Ive got several HDD's and high capacity USB's that Im using for a distribution scheme.what software do I use that will let me keep the info between all of them up to date without manually updating each storage device?


vivaldi is cool




Write some wrapper scripts for rsync or use your favorite VCS.


what does this mean


How do you presently sync your drives? I presume you copy everything from your hdd to your flash drives. Rsync works like cp, but only copies files when it detects changes https://rsync.samba.org/
You can automate any synchronization by writing a script for it. To create a script named afsync, to keep /mnt/af up to date with /home/sokoban/af, type:
printf '#!/bin/sh\nrsync /home/sokoban/af /mnt/\n' > /usr/local/bin/afsync; chmod +x /usr/local/bin/afsync
If you were already using a version control system like subversion, mercurial, or git (caution, rcs chokes on binary files), you would probably find it easier work out something with that.
If you didn't understand most of this, you should read a primer on shell scripting, the file system and block devices. If you use Windows you're on your own.


Is Brave any good?


no https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/browsers.html#brave
<I can confidently say the Shields are pretty useless - the vast majority of trackers are left alone; in fact, sometimes it seems that a site can have hundreds of them, and yet none of them will be blocked by the Shields. Script blocking option simply blocks JavaScript fully - it's just NoScript revisited. Brave used to be able to install Chrome extensions only from source, but now does it the same as the other Chrome based browsers. Despite those, it not only spies on you, but is actively working against your privacy by whitelisting Facebook and Twitter trackers. Brave has also been soliciting donations in the name of other people without their consent!


Is someone who is rich but has no investments still bourgeois? Like a lotto winner for example


the bourgeoisie are a social class


Is that a yes or a no? Do nouveau riche have that class character


rich doesn't mean anything. a working class person could reasonably have a few mil in the bank
i'd say anything too excessive infers they're a capitalist that exploited other people


also a lottery ticket is technically an investment


Um, im not technically oriented. I just now how to mod minecraft.


This should work for windows lusers.


Doesn't that steal the users info tho? I threw the first of the supposedly official sites i've searched for in virustotal and got some 8 malwares alerts.


get a floss one off github, all it does is trick microsoft's server into believing you have a license
or better yet, use linux



Avast keeps telling me i have almost 100 gb of useless/junk files (most of them being win download files) . Yet when i try removing the bastards (following this site's instructions, that is: https://keepthetech.com/delete-win-download-files-windows-10/) it barely does anything (the hundred something only slightly decreases).
How do i rid myself of these files?


any way to know what OEM is behind the Raspberry Pi keyboard and mouse


dont use antiviruses lol


This seem to be for a cloud network no? Im looking for something that can easily transfer files between multiple portable storage devices


this is their tutorial page on how to transfer files to local volumes https://www.itefix.net/content/rsync-client-helper-gui-example-local2local


physically connected to the machine*



is there any tangible benefit to overwriting vendor boot firmware with "libre" stuff?


Coreboot/Libreboot could be faster than your proprietary firmware, because it can be configured to directly load a kernel (w/o efistub). Your computer would also have less backdoors with libreboot or coreboot using a few proprietary blobs.


File: 1647371179547.jpeg (80.05 KB, 1280x720, r8.jpeg)

When i try to play Resident Evil Village with Wine i get an Error that says "This game requires windows 10 and DirectX 12"? Don't windows 10 games work on wine?


are you running wine 4.0 or over


I'm running winehq 7.4 and i also tried wineGE 7-6. I also tried a non-windows 10 game and it didn't start either but it also didn't give me the windows 10 requirement error.


Run winecfg and select another windows version.


File: 1647398554207.png (218.38 KB, 1280x649, s.png)

I did, i added the application and i get the same error, am i doing something wrong?


If the game didn't come with a DirectX installer, search for this version with winetricks.


iirc DX12 doesn't work on Wine.


Wine supports the Direct3D api of DirectX12 with vkd3d. https://wiki.winehq.org/Vkd3d gives instructions to build wine against it, but you can probably install the right dlls with winetricks.



What's you Wine version?
DirectX 12 support is crappy on older Wine like the one that comes on Ubuntu repository


Oh nevermind, just saw you said it's WIne 7.4
In this case, it may be the lack of Vulkan support on your system. Check your GPU drivers and if there's proper Vulkan libraries on your system.


Posting your shell output would be helpful aswell
wine start /unix re8.exe


This is probably a stupid question, but I'm using Windows 10 Ameliorated Edition, should i get an anti-virus program? On windows 7 most of the time the anti-virus just captured program files from pirated games, which is what i will mostly do on windows 10 AME.


If you know how to avoid malware you should be fine. You can still get a Malwarebytes trial afterwards either way >>12433


>If you know how to avoid malware you should be fine.
If you're in a situation where you are downloading any third-party tools, it's good to have one. Now that Win10 has Windows Defender as an in-built anti-malware tool, that might actually be enough. I honestly don't know. But the 'just avoid malware' attitude is bad advice for people who install programs on their own.
I almost got pwnt a few years back downloading a common virtual joystick tool because a hacker managed to hijack the official, reputable sourceforge page for a few weeks. Almost any anti-malware would have detected it, but I stupidly thought Win Defender was anti-virus (only the case for win10+). The only reason I didn't have all my data exfiltrated was that a part of my OS was so out of date that the malware failed to extract the payload security through obscurity wins again!.


>the 'just avoid malware' attitude is bad advice for people who install programs on their own
I only ever encountered adware by installing popular software from questionable websites.
>any anti-malware would have detected it
Regardless of how an antivirus detects hijacked TLS certificates, there are addons available for this purpose developed by all major antiviri. Most antivirus components are probably snake oil. AFAIK most antiviri extensively rely on malware lists, so installing common software over chocolatey would be the safest option.


Any books or articles about why metaphysics is not real only material reality?


For a marxist understanding of this question, you would need extensive knowledge of Marx' critique of Hegel. You can start with https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1877/anti-duhring/ and https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1908/mec/index.htm
Maybe you should post the metaphysics you wish to debunk.




Is there a way to read telegram channels without a phone number for free? The idea being to preserve anonymity.


on desktop some channels give you an option to read them


Does anyone have a step-by-step guide made for complete fucking idiots on how to first assemble a raspberry pi and then use it to flash a motherboard with jumpers?


you don’t need to assemble a raspberry pi and there should be a GPIO interface along with tutorial for whatever you wanna flash


Raspis ship with firmware booting from a mmc/microsd. Assuming you want to install an os, should flash it on a microsd card.


I'm trying to port forward to torrent files from one of my computers to another, but when I do a test it says the port is closed. I tried to open the one that my qBittorrent seems to be using.
Should I trust that diagnosis or is the port actually open? Considering that I'm seeding other torrents right now.


if ur using linux do ss
u can grep for the port ig
theres probably a better way to do it idk if u need to grep i think theres filtering built in maybe but thats the tool i'd use for finding open ports


File: 1653274648428.jpg (154.54 KB, 1100x1100, adapter.jpg)

are usb-c to barrel power adapters any good? ive heard they will always draw the most wattage (90w) even if the usb-c cable and/or charger have a lower limit (i.e. 60w) and thus are a potential fire hazard
is there any way to test that? with either hardware or software


File: 1653357994071.png (501.72 KB, 724x740, 1652860330174.png)

recommend video editor software for linux


still waiting for the update for more features
it's okay you can do pretty much anything unless you need composition if so you can use Natron 2 or blender
>Davenci resolve


ffmpeg and mpv if you are willing to learn
Kdenlive if you want a traditional video editor


why the fuck do you recommend this ?
if you want to convert shit or stream
a fucking media player


>why the fuck do you recommend this ?
those are really powerful programs if you are willing to learn how they work. And they will work on really weak hardware. mpv has a lot of plugins that lets you do a lot of stuff, it's not just a media player.


>willing to learn how they work
he want a video editor.
some day you should learn want normie wants.


ffmpeg is a video editor


bro you don't understand the point, he want a video editor not a fucking terminal nightmare
bro if he ask for one recommend something that's user fucking friendly


Davinci Resolve if you have a GPU, otherwise I hear people recommend kdenlive. I should probably try that one out since I can't run Resolve on my laptop


idk why youre getting so riled up, ffmpeg IS a video editor, end of discussion
if the other guy wants something else let him ask that

>terminal nightmare



The man page would disagree with you


>idk why youre getting so riled up, ffmpeg IS a video editor, end of discussion
You're really delusional i wanted to explain to me why fucking FFMPEG that use a base to record, convert and stream audio and video
ffmpeg is a video editor like fucking matlab is music player.
Do you fucking understand what a video editor is ?
Triming the footage, organization it having a fucking timeline cutting the fucking footage put fucking overlay and basic fucking composite, export fucking subs.

Euh Gonna recommend something that isn't fucking design for it to fucking newbie.
>terminal nightmare
I wanted to be "friendly" with you but of all that's holy take a fucking shower.


>triming the footage
>cutting the fucking footage
FFmpeg can trim (-ss/-t) streams according to timestamps.
>organization it having a fucking timeline
It delegates this task to the filesystem.
>fucking overlay and basic fucking composite
See the overlay filter (https://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-filters.html#overlay).
>export fucking subs
ffmpeg -i video -map 0:s subs
>terminal nightmare
Do you know what a gui nightmare is? It's when all but the most common options need to be accessed through a menu path, require to be reselected for every new application (depending on the builtin level of abstraction) and often lack basic documentation, because they're "discoverable".



>ffmpeg is a video editor like fucking matlab is music player
Reading the relevant sections of the FFmpeg manpage is not equal in effort to learning a programming language. All functionality can simply be accessed through flags, filters, or encoder option.


calm down people already recommended kdenlive and davinci resolve as GUI options
not sure why you’re getting so riled up at having been recommended ffmpeg


ffmpeg in a terminal is the digital version of flatbed editing


Does anyone know of any good soundboards available on MacOS(I already know, but for complicated IRL reasons I'm stuck with this)


File: 1654486876119.png (201.63 KB, 471x376, fall_off_the_treadmill.png)

is there a non-negligible difference in battery consumption between different window managers (i.e. gnome, xfce, openbox, all the tiling wms…)


Yes there is. Why do you think most distros for low-powered computers ship with xfce, icewm, fluxbox or openbox (https://distrowatch.org/search.php?category=Old+Computers)?
It's just not worth compiling statistics for, because for most users the choice is made by their distro. I wouldn't be surprised if the returns are diminishing, or else some distros would ship with even lighter DEs/WMs.


Is there any point in using XFS/ZFS for random external drives that I sometimes write data to?


Have a look at some benchmarks:
https://web.archive.org/web/20190627163218/http://fsbench.netnation.com/ https://linuxgazette.net/102/piszcz.html http://zonky.org/notes/fs-benchmarks.html https://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/Filesystem_Comparison_Benchmarks https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/my-own-xfs-jfs-ext3-benchmark-809670/ https://gcore.de/en/help/filesystem-benchmarks-linux/ https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/05/zfs-versus-raid-eight-ironwolf-disks-two-filesystems-one-winner/
Despite different granularities of journaling, all journaled filesystems are usually equally adequate at recovery. Most journaled filesystems record file metadata while some have the option of journaling data writes. Non-journaled filesystems are good in some scenarios like a /tmp partition (use ext4 with tune2fs -O^journal) and OpenBSDs fsck handles recovery remarkably well if a little slow.
EXT4 is the default choice for most distros, because it has acceptable performance under many varying conditions.
Reiserfs has performance advantages in some areas, though it's not widely supported anymore. Reiser4 is slightly unstable and depends on kernel patches.
XFS has very good performance on HDDs with medium to huge files, but sometimes is very susceptible to faulty hardware.
JFS is the best filesystem for SSDs, provided the io scheduler isn't tuned for HDDs.
ZFS should be considered less as a filesystem and more as an alternative to softraid and lvm.


should i be worried if checking for bad blocks freezes my system and outputs a 2 gigs flat text file


badblocks doesn't really work on modern drives as they reallocate bad sectors. i just run a full smart test through smartctl thats good enough


Why does my Malwarebytes Firewall still block things I specifically allow through? I'm on medium setting (but this also happens if I put it on low or no filtering, it will still block shit). And I can't get my vpn to go through. Either I have to enter the web without a firewall but with vpn. Or I have to firewall but without vpn. Comodo scans your entire PC while idle despite being merely a firewall, tinywall won't install. I'm on w10 if it's any matter.


I'd like to have a few decent searx instances, any suggestions?

Google drives me insane and ddg sucks



File: 1655608636905.png (73.13 KB, 941x545, ClipboardImage.png)

What distros should be at the top of this list?



for someone new to Linux i suggest you pick one of those distros
if you have a nvidia gpu don't use it because wayland is a bit buggy with Nvidia. either way it's pretty solid
>Linux mint
Extremely newbie friendly
>pop OS
same a mint.

if you want a bit of Instability :
based on Arch, stable if you limit your use of the AUR.
Also based on Arch, stable come in many flavor, stable as long you limit your use of AUR.
I use arch BTW joke well now they have a command installer so it much easier to install for new ones but i do not recommend it to you as your first experience with linux

Just Don't :
not a distro for newbie, very good wiki and documentation a lot of good stuff if you want to learn Linux in detail

Why do you keep doing this to new user ?!


they're not asking for recommendations


i can't read sorry


If I want to get a job soon, should I focus on Rust or C?
I narrow it down to these two because they're sufficiently "low-level", and don't force things I'd prefer not to work with, like OOP and GC, and because they're already in use, unlike Zig, for example.


devuan is pretty accurate as first place lol


I still don't know what to think of Fedora. I have some distrust towards it because of its corporate backing and its Code of Conduct. It's like Mastodon of GNU/Linux distros, I don't like this. It ticks me off.

Also, what about NixOS and Devuan/MX Linux? Void?


fedora is great


>I dislike their code of conduct
What are wrong with code of conducts?


I genuinely don't get why people get this pissed on ….. rules on how we should treat each other ….
> dem SJWs took ma freedom to say the n word


noooooo but i wanna rant about qanon on the mailing list for some distro's development


File: 1656129225698.png (249.18 KB, 548x397, 1646792289315.png)

>rules on how we should treat each other
You don't need to bureaucratize every facet of society to get people to treat each other well.


Strawman. The issue isn't that I can't say the N-word, I'm not a /pol/tard. The issue is that it is written in a deliberately radlib way which means that it pretty much breeds idpol and censorious moderation and is a clear sign that the OS is getting more and more under corporate control. If it just had a regular set of rules nobody would give a shit. But they had to mention all the "-isms" and "-phobias" and had to add a line about "inclusive language." It's basically GNOME's CoC again. It's when the CoCs have this radlib bent do I get nervous and distrustful. Just look at Devuan's CoC. Nice and clean.


I think GNU Kind is a decent set of guidelines as well.


Because they need their little culture war in software development to recruit people to their far-right politics.


That kinda reflects the narrative of right-wingers but the other way around. "EBIL LEFTISTS ARE TAKING OVER LINUX!!" Never mind that the libre software movement was full of leftists to begin with.

It's not about recruitment, you radlib cuck. Both camps have this mindset that the other side wants to take over. This is not the case. Rightoids are paranoid about leftists so they spread their paranoia aids on other people. Radlibs are paranoid about rightists so they spread their paranoid aids on other people. That's how they "recruit" people. The concern about CoC's has nothing to do with any of this, this is just some ideological backbone some retards have to explain the spreading of CoC's, not the reason why they oppose them.

It's the same kind of stuff as "Anti-idpol left are arming reactionaries" nonsense. "If you're not with us you're against us." Which is basically reverse-McCarthyism.


right wingers are definitely trying to make FOSS their thing as an anti-globohomo thing (apparently microsoft only crossed the line in the 2010s and not earlier) lately
look at figures like luke smith or digdeeper and the smaller personalities popping up around them like mushrooms
thankfully, they don't have much willpower to do anything beyond flaming on forums or setting up pleroma on a cheap vps or whatever
>It's the same kind of stuff as "Anti-idpol left are arming reactionaries" nonsense. "If you're not with us you're against us." Which is basically reverse-McCarthyism.


File: 1656454647131.jpg (15.52 KB, 387x435, talk to the hand.jpg)

What are the stakes ?
Radlibs and rightwingers having flame-wars in free-software mailing lists ?
Won't they just piss off a bunch of software-devs that will write a few scripts to filter all non-software related messages.


They clearly criticize capitalism and right-libertarian ideology from the left, despite being informal and misguided at times (i.e. Duhring-esque). Their essentialist view of society and moral appeals expose their terminal idealism.


muh consumption, muh fluoride, muh 5g, muh VIDEO GAMES (1/3 of the article btw)
this isn't "terminal idealism" it's just standard reactionary liberalism


>clearly criticize capitalism
I haven't read the whole conversation but criticizing capitalism doesn't necessarily make you a socialist/communist/anarchist.


They are literally Duhring though:
>Even if both parties benefit from an exchange, it doesn't mean that it was based on freedom - for example, someone might have a gun to his head and give up his child.
<Herr Dühring is making the whole relationship stand on its head. The subjugation of a man to make him do servile work, in all its forms, presupposes that the subjugator has at his disposal the instruments of labour with the help of which alone he is able to employ the person placed in bondage, and in the case of slavery, in addition, the means of subsistence which enable him to keep his slave alive. In all cases, therefore, it presupposes the possession of a certain amount of property, in excess of the average. How did this property come into existence? In any case it is clear that it may in fact have been robbed, and therefore may be based on force, but that this is by no means necessary. It may have been got by labour, it may have been stolen, or it may have been obtained by trade or by fraud. In fact, it must have been obtained by labour before there was any possibility of its being robbed.

They go beyond typical liberalism by acknowledging class warfare (https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/enemylaw.html), refering to proletarization instead of "le fourth industrial revolution" (https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/capitalism.html), being at least somewhat conscious of ideology and ignoring obvious idpol.
>muh consumption, muh fluoride, muh 5g, muh VIDEO GAMES
This is likely how they came to their critique of capitalism and now are too stuck in their scepticism to examine much else or discover the concept of immanent critique.


and duhring was a reactionary liberal
>acknowledging class warfare (https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/enemylaw.html)
you have to have a weird idea of "class warfare" if you think that's what that page is talking about. it's standard lolbert shit + transphobia thrown in


>and duhring was a reactionary liberal
Duhring was a utopian socialist (https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1877/anti-duhring/ch23.htm).
>you have to have a weird idea of "class warfare"
<Laws are designed to keep us in chains. Democracy is an illusion. Certain people are allowed to cause untold destruction without consequences while the not-so-lucky ones (that's you and me) suffer for violating the whims of the higher caste. Elections (if real) do not give us any power and in fact are a distraction. The most important thing for people to do, then, would be to topple the current law-based political system.
While not explicitly refering to classes, this describes the core aspects of class warfare and the primary function of the state apparatus.


File: 1656461870079.png (307.09 KB, 553x553, 1444456875039.png)

ok i decided to actually check this page you guys kept posting and first line is calling unabomber's "technological slavery" "influential" lmfao

>Transgender ideology pushers are convincing even small children to question their gender (archive) despite being aware that this group has a 40% suicide rate


>While not explicitly refering to classes,
rofl i guess /pol/tards advocate for class warfare when they whine about le jews and globohomo too


Some random loon: Politicians and governments are killing millions! Also, fucking transhumanisters amirite?
/leftypol/: DAMN this guy might be onto something


Eh, they'll just isolate themselves and that's it. That's how it works. But the corporations will definitely be on the radlibs' side so people will just move to more niche distros.

The biggest issue is with G-MAFIA taking control of the kernel, and the issue is not just some radlib CoC, they try to push Linux in the non-libre direction.


>right wingers are definitely trying to make FOSS their thing as an anti-globohomo thing
Eh, not really. Don't know about others but lolberts definitely have issues with megacorporations and privacy violations. The thing you must understand when it comes to the lolbert logic is that they blame the government for giving the conditions for this, without the government the competition will definitely destroy Google and it'll be epic. The alt-right I'm not even sure even cares about libre software at all. Just look at how eager they are to jump on any proprietary platform that allows them to say the N-word. The only reasons they end up using libre software is because the proprietary devs banned them or something. But otherwise if proprietary alt-right software was dominant they would probably be its biggest supporters. Hypocrites.

>luke smith

I actually don't know what political views he has. He's definitely a conservative Christian. But honestly, as others pointed out, he does sound like a Leninist sometimes. He's just weird, I don't know about this guy.


Maybe Luke Smith is just autistic.


But honestly, there's another type of lolberts. Those associate themselves with the Open Source movement. And these people are actually corporate shills so they're not better than radlibs in that regard. The end-point beneficiaries from all of this are still these big corporations. Again.


>software was dominant they would probably be its biggest supporters
Actually, the same can be said about radlibs too. Do you seriously believe that Twitter users moved to Mastodon because they care about libre software? PFFFFF, it's obvious that it's Mastodon's marketing that made it so popular. It's all about advertisement, both radlibs and the alt-right are easily manipulated target audiences.


Also, do not forget that the alt-right has a fundamental aversion to libre software because it's "communist." From that you can already start creating some narratives like "Libre software was created by Jews to suppress Aryan proprietary developers" end sho on, end sho on. *sniff*


You know, guys? Maybe you're right about him.


File: 1657174434745.jpg (78.68 KB, 720x692, 1562215396.jpg)

Should I license my software with GPL or is there a more pedantic and autistic license I should know about?


GNU AGPLv3 is more suited for web apps/services
>The GNU Affero General Public License is a modified version of the ordinary GNU GPL version 3. It has one added requirement: if you run a modified program on a server and let other users communicate with it there, your server must also allow them to download the source code corresponding to the modified version running there.


I've been trying to use python to archive wikipedia (fandom) pages/images. Using these instructions:

execfile "C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310-32\Scripts\dumpgenerator.py –https://bleach.fandom.com/api.php –xml –images –delay=5"

I've tried all sorts of variations. It keeps spitting out different syntax errors.

I don't expect any help. But would like to know if I'm missing anything in the instructions.


According to the instructions it uses long flags (not x11 flags):
execfile "C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310-32\Scripts\dumpgenerator.py –-api=https://bleach.fandom.com/api.php -–xml -–images -–delay=5"


Also, the script appears to be using python2. Make sure you install the right python version with all necessary modules (kitchen and Requests).


>It keeps spitting out different syntax errors.

>Requires Python 2.7.


>>all of the above
Yes I know. I've got Python 2 installed and loaded. It's just where the script was at, at the time. I've since moved it. Problem is Python2 won't let me install anything because it gives out an SSL error. So I had to use 3 for the pip install instructions, then copy pasted the files to the 2's installation folder. I keep running into this ssl error. Even when trying to disable security, tried using simple as-well to no avail. I'm about to throw in the towel. These 6 hours of my life wasted. I've tried to add a trusted host, didn't work. This whole program is shady. I sure got filtered. These 6 hours I could've worked-out, had some lafter with friends, watch a comfy 60s movie, all at the same time, too. But no, I just had to follow instructions that didn't work. I'm not blaming anyone here, just venting the time I've wasted.


you're using a secure http link instead of normal http


I had something similar happen with the windows build of lynx, so it might just be a windows problem. You could try to use python2 in WSL, cygwin or mysys.


Has tor been unusually slow for anyone else this past week?


It slowed down a lot recently and according to my log a guard node is overloaded every few months since last year.


File: 1660281068557.jpg (103.48 KB, 1100x906, 11007713.jpg)

Why are permalinks called that? I see the word used a lot on PlanetMinecraft. Isn't it just a full url? What's so permanent about it that it needs to be called a permalink and not just a link / url? I mean it's a fun word, but what's the technical reasons?


Because they're not supposed to change. It's just a social contract saying "this URL will always point to this thing".


What do I need to know to make my own browser from scratch?


You can use an existing HTML5 rendering engine (webkit is popular) or write one yourself. If your renderer is going to be sufficiently complex, it needs to transform HTML into a DOM. The standard is your friend https://html.spec.whatwg.org/


webkit is controlled by apple who is notoriously territorial about "their" technology, it's probably better to use the gecko engine from mozilla, they are less likely to fuck with your stuff.

Writing a new browser render engine, that can be done, but it's a big project for like 200+ people


I only acknowledged webkits popularity for small-scale browser development. Epiphany, Midori, Otter Browser, Surf and Nyxt use forks of webkit.
That said, I have yet to find a browser based on gecko that isn't a firefox fork, which leads me to believe it's difficult to seperate from the firefox codebase. Maybe >>16917 will prove me wrong.
>webkit is controlled by apple who is notoriously territorial about "their" technology
Their attempt at collaboration with KHTML and the wide spread of webkit make me doubt they will interfere with any of the forks. An OpenSSL type scenario seems more likely, should apple stop giving a shit about it.
>Writing a new browser render engine is a big project for like 200+ people
They might just want to implement a subset or are in for the "fun" of trying.


Apparently Epiphany previously had a gecko backend. The discussion surrounding the switch to webkit seems to confirm my suspicions https://mail.gnome.org/archives/epiphany-list/2008-April/msg00000.html
>I have watched, over the years, as mozilla.org^Wmozilla.com has become more obsessed with their own Windows product and harder for Linux-oriented projects and distros to work with.
>Using Gecko has always felt like surgically extracting pieces of another application, rather than using a well-designed library.


>That said, I have yet to find a browser based on gecko that isn't a firefox fork
Maybe forking an existing browser is more sensible than writing a new one.

I don't know about this project but the dangers of orbiting a mega-corp like apple are real
don't send people into that direction if there are other options.


>look for alternate imageboard softwares
>two most active candidates are lynxchan
>both basically one-man shows created by poltards


>*and jschan


vichan is active
the last update was 7 days ago
it does help that they have a lot of diverse, deployed forks that push recommendations back up the stream


This link https://browser.engineering is a really good place to start, but trust me you're not gonna be able to make anything even remotely modern and compatible with most of the web on your own unless you're a wizard. The web has grown to become an incredibly complicated platform to target, with the W3 standard being absolutely massive and Google regularly ignoring it and adding their own extensions to Chrome knowing full well that since they have the overwhelming market share in the browser space, they can basically just force their extensions to Chrome into being accepted into the W3 standard eventually. They are effectively playing a war of attrition against the web to make it so no one other than Google is capable of comprehending the web or having a working browser implementation.

Good post on this subject that goes into more detail: https://drewdevault.com/2020/03/18/Reckless-limitless-scope.html

That being said if you aren't worried about having a super modern browser that will work with most sites, the first link I posted is a good place to start. You should also look into netsurf if you know C, which is one of the few existing alternative browser engines. Another newcomer from the SerenityOS devs is Ladybird (https://github.com/SerenityOS/ladybird), though the main dev of SerenityOS used to be on the Apple webkit team iirc so he's like an expert on web browser technologies and a wizard.

>That said, I have yet to find a browser based on gecko that isn't a firefox fork
This is because Mozilla never really tried to make it easy to embed gecko in other browsers. I've looked into this before a bit and there is zero documentation, you would need to basically reverse engineer the source code to do it since web browsers are massively complicated nightmare technologies.

too bad vichan is a giant pile of shit and written in a godawful language (PHP)

t. former vichan imageboard admin




>vichan is active
>the last update was 7 days ago
This is Hotwheels, the creator and one of the main project maintainers of vichan.

>Please STRONGLY CONSIDER deprecating vichan on your instances as I have repeatedly begged users to do.



um PHP sisters????


mpv.net only gives me audio, no video
i am on amd, latest drivers, 5600g as my GPU

where do i change settings?


Try out different VOs in the config editor (RightClick -> Settings -> Show Config Editor). If none works install https://www.smplayer.info/ (or get the portable version), because it can embed both mpv and mplayer. If mpv works in smplayer the issue lies in mpv.net or the latest version of mpv. If none of the video outputs for mplayer work, your graphics are profoundly broken and you should investigate your video card and drivers.


So how do you exploit it? Doesn't it only use the second capture group and disregard the first (for optional www) and the third (everything after the id)?


It works in SM player, None of the outputs worked
So it is a problem with mpv or mpv.net

Shame, It looks very pretty now
I'll use MPC-HC



how do i archive this? this is a great hub of links


Unique IPs: 96

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