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/tech/ - Technology

"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Does /tech/ participate in the Fediverse? Seems to me that this is the sort of social media we should be trying to get people into, even if social media itself is kinda trash.

I've always disliked social media, but after the news at >>>/leftypol/1066439, I've been considering getting into the Fediverse. You see, I would like the people who DO use social media (basically everyone) to be on better platforms, but I feel I cannot demand that from them if I cannot even use them myself. For instance, it would be disingenuous to ask Comrade Cockshott to start his presence in Mastodon after getting banned from fedbook if I could not be there to follow him and boost his follower stats. So..

So, /tech/, any thoughts on the Fediverse? What are some good instances and communities I could join? What are some people I should be following? What implementations are better, Pleroma, Mastodon, something else?

Also fediverse general.
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>How did it end up being called Fediverse anyways?
>I get that it's supposed to be short for "federated universe",

…. so are you asking a question or just answering it and making a joke?
Not everyone is preoccupied with government agents, you know.


big small-talk


I looked there once two years ago, because some (clearly unironic, self-admitted) schizophrenic spammer on an imageboard revealed their username while getting permabanned from a very permissive imageboard.
Was basically a tiny bit of microblog misc stuff and a whole bunch of trolls trying to harass each other in crews of like 5, while sucking at it.

Actually I saw it one other time, where they were all laughing at Gab when it defederated.


kolektiva.social - biggest anarchist leftist instance
A.nti.social - smaller anarchist instance ran by the anarchist library people and others.


The fediverse is unusable now that it's becoming decentralized Twitter
So many shitty boring gimmick accounts and smug academics


Seems more like you'd just prefer writing in a physical diary instead maybe, with the preference for silence and isolation


Posting on the fedi is already like that.


gimmick accounts and academics are the only possibilities for online discourse


daily reminder that this guy cost Musk 44 billion dollars


sauce on dis a spicy meatball?


Leftychan literally has a pleroma node if anyone is interested:



Is this the best fedi has to offer?


Was your oxygen restricted in your earliest years


I had respiratory diseases yes


average fediverse hater


this is a fash instance lol

i hate the fediverse because it only has the most uncool retarded spergs you can imagine, the few interesting people ive found on twitter dont care about moving


I think the only chill, non-fash instances are furries and dedicated art instances where there's pressure to not clutter it up with too much non-art stuff.


>dedicated art instances where there's pressure to not clutter it up with too much non-art stuff
and then they get #fediblocked for not banning loli


How is it a "fash instance"?


i actually didn't see a lot of fash instances aside from kf and shitposting places. not sure what people are talking about


new to pleroma?


where are the based socialist mastodon instances?


File: 1690050090263.jpg (466.43 KB, 1247x1663, 35430d33429e47f2.jpg)

Mastodon mentioned in Eizouken manga


Wrote a post in the online craziness thread that was topical to the Fediverse - https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/941093.html#q1546940

We're getting opportunities when big social media corps do massively offputting things, but I'm concerned that a lot a lot of Fediverse platforms are not only failing to take advantage, but are shooting themselves in the foot. To a much smaller degree its some actual development or technical issues in a project - Lemmy had both usability/feature and privacy/security issues that, when revealed by the new influx of users after the Reddit debacle a month back, was seemingly met with hostility or derision (Kbin, a similar project's devs reacted a lot better last I saw) etc. However, the bigger issue comes down to admins of individual servers behaving not just badly to the point it disrupts the benefits of an open, federated, interoperable protocol or platform itself.

Its bad enough if admins refuse to use several tiers of moderation tools up to and including essentially preventing a user/server from having any public presence on their node while still allowing their users to make their own decisions about what users and servers to whom they'll connect, but instead uses the maximal block that prohibits any contact between users on their server and those on the node in question (frankly, I don't see any technical reason for this option to exist when others solve the problem but that's another discussion), treating one's users like children. Its even worse when this is done not in reply to any actual event the vast majority of the time, but rather because of tenuous claims of finding someone or something objectionable allowed and therefore marked as "bad'; many of these are laughably poorly justified if it wasn't for the fact it affects hundreds or thousands of users on both sides when one admin takes offense. Blocklists with the hardly substantiated "proof" and the list of their sins show up and admins on the same ideological side are encouraged to wall off all the problematic locations, disrupting the interoperability benefit of federation. Even worse is the childish extrapolation where one can be blocked for simply NOT blocking servers someone considers 'bad", which sounds a lot like schoolchildren (or regrettably, enough adults it seems) that because X and Y broke up, you can't be friends with X anymore and if you refuse, then all of Y's friends will also disown you too.

The Fediverse has a lot of promise, but this kind of stuff is simply shooting yourself in the foot, turning an open and interoperable network into walled gardens and bubbled fiefdoms. The point of running your own server in a libre federated protocol is to set rules for what happens in "your house" , while recognizing that your users get the best experience when they're able to "go elsewhere" where rules may be different, all utilizing the same accounts and protocols. Its enough of an uphill battle against all the money and vested interest in corporate centralized social media not to mention the inertia and network effect of their established platforms. Users from Twitter who are used to being able to interact with any other user who they havent' personally blocked or vice versa aren't going to be happy to learn that their choice of instance comes with baggage of ideological friends and enemies and whole groups of users they'll never see on that account (and no, the "oh you have to maintain multiple accounts in each one of these petty kingdoms" is not going to be acceptable to the vast majority of people nor should it be); Reddit users won't be satisfied on Lemmy with posts that have different and different amounts of comments viewed from different instances, or being blocked from Sub-Reddit equivalents because you're a member of another sub and/or instance, among other issues. Yes, a tiny minority of users or those with a particular ideological rationale to put up with this will remain, but a lot of others - the ones that we need on federated alternatives to have a chance in hell of highly-used alternatives to centralized, proprietary, exploitative social media (either existing or the next to rise), - will just leave. This is to say nothing for how the decentralized and federated nature of the Fediverse platforms is rightfully extolled as beneficial and a reason to switch, only for the behavior of enough admins to undermine the whole enterprise both ideologically and practically.

While this is not exclusively a Leftist problem (there are tons of right-leaning instances that put up the same walls, act i nthe same childish manner etc..but their it bothers me when a significant contingent of the usual suspects fall somewhere on our side, which leads to among other problems, proliferation and validation of stereotypes as well as just general negativity from those who arrive on a particular instance or set of instances and have a poor experience with someone throwing around Lefty sounding rhetoric as the justification for their bad behavior. These are all problems, both technically and ideologically that we don't need and get in the way of a lot of potential good. I've been thinking of some small ways to start remedying this facilitate moving in the right direction, but I guess we'll see how things progress.


>I've been thinking of some small ways to start remedying this facilitate moving in the right direction, but I guess we'll see how things progress.
Such as? This is also an issue with leftist organizing in general.



Still too centralized and insecure to be immune to MitM. At least Riseup send canaries to their customers. How do you trust a Fedi server? You just clap your hands if you believe.


It's not meant to be private.


>It's not meant to be private.
That's not what I was trying to say. I'm not saying that it isn't private, I'm saying that it's untrustworthy which is an entirely different thing altogether.


Looks like one of the fedi servers is getting booted from its host for… pic related?


Is there any difference between libfems and paleocons left anymore?


Ahahahaha and people say fediverse is so much different from twatter.



>bad ISP = fedi is le twitter


libfems have always been like this, They had a alliance of convience with paleocons and fundamentalist christians during the Satanic Panic.


File: 1712170837068.jpg (29.77 KB, 256x500, spyxspytiktok.jpg)

>For the arousal of the audience
Lol nothing arousing here, literally just a cute picture. How brainrotted can one get?


tiktok is filled with obvious baits tbh


spyxspy gay


What's the deal with this instance autism? I once tried lemmy, until I realized there are thousand of lemmys which are not connected. Wasn't the point of social media, that everything and everybody is on the SAME platform??


Lemmy is the worst part of Activitypub. Sorry that you want to be federated with "rapepet.io" I'm sure Stallman would agree with you about freezepeach being the most important part of federation.
>Wasn't the point of social media, that everything and everybody is on the SAME platform??
Are you retarded? Social media platforms don't even let you back up your data, they ransom it to you. Interconnected open source data silos are better than solitary proprietary data silos with leaks and inefficiencies and dark patterns and the CIA instigating pogroms in Burundi.
Go look at all of the migration, plus import/export settings on Misskey forks. https://fedidb.org/ find better servers, don't use Lemmy software again it's featureless trash for brain damaged redditors. Lemmy is for them to grow out of. Skip it. They're trashy people. Go bully liberals on mastodon.social thru mas.to or a based Pleroma until they ban you etc. They're easy to smack around without corporate protection. They've never been tested in their lives. [BOOMING DEEP CATBOY VOICE] Clearly, neither have you, interloper! I COMMAND YOU TO GET SILLY!


Nobody said that, GNUsocial has been around since 2010. Mastodon.online and Mastodon.social are the flagship instances of ActivityPub software developed around 2017 to replace Twitter. If you don't do any research on who hosts your server and decide to go back to Twitter because it's too hard, nothing of value will be lost. Enjoy having no embeds and seeing actual child porn, I bet you like that.


>Wasn't the point of social media, that everything and everybody is on the SAME platform??
No lol, that in itself is just an sustainability issue present in overly large central social media sites. Chvd instances being their own archepelegio means there's no chvds on the main archepelegio(s?). Poorly secured sites, like those that still have instant sign up enabled, can be easily detached, and as such there's little to no spam, and when there is spam it is quickly dealt with since every instance is sustainably small, and those that don't handle the spam internally get defederated.
With fedi you get the benifits of small, well moderated sites, but they do interconnect, and that accumulates over time as more join in.

There doesn't need to be a town square of the internet like twitter or reddit.


I have the feeling, that this Fediverse is no true alternative to bigtech social media. Similar like Linux or Firefox, which are actually under the control of bigtech.


But what about opera gx, todays sponsor?


>true alternative
unabstract your concepts
>firefox being an alternative to something


firefox is an alternative to not having adblock on mobile desu.


This faggot is too lazy to even look up LibreWolf, which turns all of the privacy setting autism into a one-click exercise


Mozilla can't make any money off of you and you don't do any work, of course like Nextcloud and Element and Mastodon the flagship instance/repository is going to be an actual product you poor motherfucker
Pocket is way bigger faggotry than anything they have added to Firefox which is practically a charity exercise. It seems like the advertising within default Firefox does more to build up animosity towards big tech among actual programmers. Speaking of which why are you talking about basic Firefox when Floorp and Librewolf fix all concerns of people with jobs and NEETs who look at hentai in Saudi Arabia, respectively


>Chvd instances being their own archepelegio means there's no chvds on the main archepelegio(s?)
In additon, it makes going over to them almost entertaining, because they start getting into their "it's just drawings lol it's fine calm down okay maybe some of it is traced from cp but who caaares it's just pixels lol i neeeeed it" people vs the fake trad christian weirdos, they turn on each other immediately

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