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/tech/ - Technology

"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Does /tech/ participate in the Fediverse? Seems to me that this is the sort of social media we should be trying to get people into, even if social media itself is kinda trash.

I've always disliked social media, but after the news at >>>/leftypol/1066439, I've been considering getting into the Fediverse. You see, I would like the people who DO use social media (basically everyone) to be on better platforms, but I feel I cannot demand that from them if I cannot even use them myself. For instance, it would be disingenuous to ask Comrade Cockshott to start his presence in Mastodon after getting banned from fedbook if I could not be there to follow him and boost his follower stats. So..

So, /tech/, any thoughts on the Fediverse? What are some good instances and communities I could join? What are some people I should be following? What implementations are better, Pleroma, Mastodon, something else?

Also fediverse general.
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Wait, you mean Pleroma? How's that different from GNU Social/Mastodon anyway?


Yeah sorry autocorrect. Pleroma seems much better than mastadon, look at this



Wouldn't be against petitioning for a leftypol hosted one. We have our own cytube already. But if someone out there already made one with a similar philosophy I would prefer to help support what's out there.






Nope I just don't care enough. I don't think the solution to time wasting spectacle online is GNU/garbage-spectacle


I only want to microblog myself. If I wanted to watch others I could already waste time on twitter without an account anyway.


Just keep a journal.


t. LARPing pseudo-revolutionary headed for burn out.


Federated social media could have a positive impact and might be the future if trends of censorship continue.


Fediverse is old news. if there's a decentralized net, it's going to come from blockchain. look up SingularityNET and IPFS


>if there's a decentralized net, it's going to come from blockchain
Name one positive thing that blockchain actually adds to these systems.


>Just about everyone using bitcoin has to trust one of the few available wallets and use one of the few available exchanges
this guy doesn't know what he's talking about. you can make a wallet in seconds. you don't even have to use it.
>Name one positive thing that blockchain actually adds to these systems.
if a server shuts down it doesn't mean data suddenly disappearing into nothing.


>if a server shuts down it doesn't mean data suddenly disappearing into nothing.
You don't need blockchain to build a distributed system. What else does blockchain add?


It makes building it convenient. Just download the blockchain and your system is hooked up.


>just download a file of 1023GB


File: 1621371711075.jpg (51.05 KB, 900x900, 89492865897015.jpg)

Why yes, I've downloaded a 1023 GB file, how can you tell?


What ever happened to juche.town


It looks like Youtube's decision to start putting ads on any and all videos without compensating uploaders for monetization is finally going to be extended to the rest of the world (it was first pushed on the US last November). Will they have finally gone too far? Is this the decision that slays the beast? Big opportunity for PeerTube growth?

>YouTube announced a change in the terms of its service, among which it stands out that the video platform will begin to place ads on all audiovisual materials. However, you will not share the profits with the small creators.
>Through a statement sent to its users, the platform explained "YouTube has the right to monetize all the content on the platform and ads may be shown in videos of channels that are not part of the YouTube Partner Program."
>This will not allow small content creators or those who are not part of the YouTube Partner Program, that is, channels that do not meet the amounts of views and other requirements that are requested, not have access to the monetization of the ads that the company places on its videos.


I don't understand how can people use the 'net without an adblocker.


Friends force other friends to use adblockers


This is dumb, just fucking talk to people. There are literally no consequences to being an out in the open communist


That isn't true and it isnt primarily about that. For everything, decentralization is the better option


What mastodon instances are actually worth joining reeee




File: 1625682311157.jpg (80.44 KB, 750x500, 1625682309030.jpg)

Has anyone done this yet


Done what?


Your Sister.


Freespeechextremist.com and all the others banned by mastodon.



I certainly use distributed internet infrastructure, but "le fediverse" just refers to distributed social network since all they talk about is alternatives to Twatter, Shitcord and Soybook, so I don't really care about it much.


I have a secret leak source that says there will be a leftypol plemora instance soon


please no




It's better than twitter.


It won't be if all the retards from here start shitting it up.


Seethe and Cope titteroid.


> titteroid
What's that supposed to mean? I use the fedi that's why I don't want it to be tainted by you imbeciles.





another freeze peach website using freeze peach to mask their far right positions.


Big escalation on Twitter last week. Twitter is now knowingly allowing phony accounts to stay up whose purpose is to smear the reputation of people it has banned for wrongthink.

Anon are you doing your part to guide people to GNU social/Mastodon/Pleroma… Instead of that stupid fucking Panquake project?


File: 1650654717692.jpg (88.17 KB, 770x1024, italianmusk.jpg)

i wouldnt even care if they hadnt banned italian elon musk




Love it or hate it, the point is to get people to stop surrendering their speech to a menacing corporate-state entity.


democratizing discourse bro
it's just like your local water cooler but online


looks promising, although it’s only for iOS and there’s frequent complaints about it crashing


How did it end up being called Fediverse anyways?
I get that it's supposed to be short for "federated universe", but the name sounds like it's run by feds.


wait until you find out where the “fed” comes from

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