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"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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What can we learn from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and this example of relatively modern warfare? Strategy, tactics, operations, geopolitical responses, information warfare, civilian pov and response. Anything related. Not the thread to talk about "who is in the right".
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damn nearly 2 months now
i remember thinking russia would just pwn ukraine,
shit’s actually miraculous


I mean in terms of military unity they did, but breaking apart military unity =/= capturing the country.


4d chess


Moon of Alabama post from March 25 on the military situation: https://archive.ph/QIzBV


File: 1650571006308-0.png (679.33 KB, 800x588, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1650571006308-1.png (208.14 KB, 750x400, ClipboardImage.png)

>People say the Ukraine shouldn't have given its nukes but let's be real what good are 40-50 years old ICBMs? Doesn't this stuff has shelf life? And I don't think Ukraine had the means to make more.
Uhhh they could make new cruise missiles. It doesn't have to be an ICBM because Russia is right there dude. I dunno what size warheads they had but they could even fire them out of artillery. Hello you could just try and sneak it in and detonate it. These are the kind of warheads that are attached to a MIRV ICBM. I'm sure they could easily mount one of these warheads on a Neptune or something.


File: 1651974784906-0.png (310.45 KB, 976x549, ClipboardImage.png)

The idea that the Neptun could reach Snake Island is not impossible - 270km from shore, for a 280km range missile -though at the limits of its range but a subsonic cruise missile not being taken out by a cruiser that mounts a massive amount of Air Defense is ridiculous.

The relatively intact status of the ship also indicates this: The Neptun is subsonic, but still fast and a massive missile that upon theoretical impact would cause much more damage.
Ergo the ship is going to be raised and if not for a storm, could have reached harbor.

The current theory is that of diversion/sabotage.


so we all can agree this was an utter embarrassment right? hope china's taking notes, cause god, what a disaster


Yeah, Ukraine's forces got smashed for all their bluster.


how has the Ukrainian army largely been defeated?
isnt russia having troubles making any advancements or am I being feed false information by western news sources?
if so can someone give me reliable non-western news sources?


Command chains matters
Intel matters


Russia's winning so hard, they should take over empty fields instead of actual towns and cities because uhhh because STOP BEING A NATO SHILL OK?


>Russia literally took over dozens of towns and cities
>the entire Ukrainian army is splintered or holed up
<Hurr muh empty fieldz
You're a retard, Zeethe more.


>how has the Ukrainian army largely been defeated?
Most of its tech it taken out, no large army groups remain having being splintered into minor brigades and divisions that are consistently being driven out of the cities.
>isnt russia having troubles making any advancements or am I being feed false information by western news sources
Russia isn't having troubles moving they're not trying to move much further, they've taken the area they aimed for and are currently mopping up the captured territories rather than pushing on to breaking point.
>reliable non-western news sources
Southfront. Use Tor. Also see the Ukraine thread on /edu/ for sources.


Not sure what China can learn to be honest. A war for Taiwan (if it ever happens, China has made the redline VERY explicit) would be over the sea, on the sea and under the sea to neutralize the US Navy before it ever gets to the island itself.

At most, the PLAGF needs to really drill urban warfare in since Taiwan's western-half is near totally urbanized.


>neutralize the US Navy
wouldnt that escalate into WW3 ? and consequently into full blown nuclear war?


Well yes, it probably would. Although I find that thought process weird, China invading Taiwan is a crisis for American hegemony, but not American existence. Would the US deploy nukes for that? I don't think the US would go nuclear if a CBG was sunk but who knows?

My thought process is simply that since the US Navy is the biggest obstacle to an invasion, China would want to get it out of the way first, otherwise any forces landing on Taiwan are at severe risk of being cutoff.


most of the worlds(>90%) hightech chip production is in taiwan which includes hightech chips for the american military industrial complex
so an attack on taiwan and its chip production facilities is endangering supply lines of american hightech weapons and hightech consumer goods like iphones
so until samsung,intel and tsmc finished construction of their production facilities in america until like 2025/26 american military and public industry is extremely vulnerable to an attack on taiwan
but even those facilities wont be able to produce enough chips for the whole american market also the most modern generations of 3nm and 2nm chips wont be produced outside of taiwan for the forseeable future


Rcently Ukrainian propaganda has ben overjoyed to claim they destroyed a T-90M, a top-of-the-line modernization of the T-90. It's an excellent tank, but a single tank is not invulnerable. The claim the Ukrops made is that they destroyed it using a Carl Gustav anti-tank rocket, but its actually not really true. Red Effect did a short video on it using footage of the destruction and proving that Rusia destroyed the tank after it became immobile (The Ukrainians probably damaged the drive train or tracks) and the retreating Russian forces couldn't recover the tank and had another tank destroy it, using a close range attack to the rear, directly hitting the ammunition rack.
Red Effect isn't always the most accurate but this video is definitely on point.


China should heavily invest into making the US army blind and deaf. That boat in the Black sea was sunk thanks to US intel.


Agreed, the USA prides itself on its EW and Air Force if nothing else. China needs a way to counter both strongly in the air and on the ground. If this can be done, the US Army will be sitting ducks, they've never had to operate without total air superiority.

At the very least, the PLA needs a way to bleed the USAF/USN like how the PAVN bled the USAF/USN over Vietnam.


what's that ?
electronic warfare ?


Yes, it is no lie or exaggeration that NATO's technological advantage gives it a massive edge in EW as can be seen in Ukraine. China is catching up rapidly thanks to its own technological advances, but it may still be years before it reaches parity.


>NATO's technological advantage gives it a massive edge in EW as can be seen in Ukraine
What? where? Russian missiles are taking out Ukrainian targets constantly the Ukrainians literally operate unguided shitty M777s and just shell randomly, and Russian EW is enough to take out a lot of drones and eliminate the advantage they had given.


Russian missiles are bombarding the Ukrainians every day, on the other hand, the Russian Air Force is active primarily East of the Dnieper, and hasn't been seen much in the West outside of the early weeks when a few were shot down. If they were I'm sure Kiev and Lvov would be getting pounded even harder.

Admittedly I don't have any hard proof, I just guessed that NATO EW from across the border is almost certainly helping the Ukrainian air defenses West of the Dnieper. The Ukrainians may not even need to turn on their radar.


The Russians aren't operating there because its too risky given the dense civilian population and the fact that artillery does the same as any bomb. An airstrike is primarily for more priority missions.
> I'm sure Kiev and Lvov would be getting pounded even harder.


File: 1653417960119.png (984.37 KB, 925x694, ClipboardImage.png)

The U.S. is shipping 200 Vietnam-era M113 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine as part of a larger $800 million aid package. The tracked-vehicle will help transport Ukrainian troops from the rear areas of the battlefield to the frontlines – mobility for infantry that is badly needed.

Tax write off of about $1.500.000 each (Ukraine will pay 3% interest per month on those) and of course AMC or GE will get contracts to replace them with Bradleys, at a bargain cost of $3.500.000 each.
Guess who owns millions in stocks in those companies?


>US is reduced to supplying METAL BOXES
I imagine the Russian "Orks" capturing and turning them into Looted Metal Boxes.


gondor sisters…


I mean the modernizations of M113s are dcent (certainly better than base Bradleys) but they're pretty pathetic compared to any Soviet BMP or BTR contemporary.


Somehow I feel like, say, for the 6th of July, some people here will keep saying the Ukrainian army has been largely defeated and all is according to the plan. It's really the cope war of our times all around.


>cope map
LMAO fuck off.


So what are you saying exactly? That this map isn't representative of the reality? Is Russia army at Kiev's doors or something? Are you sure that this is the map that is "cope" and not a "you" problem?


No it is not representative of reality
>Is Russia army at Kiev's doors or something
Did I say that? No, so don't put words in my mouth
>Are you sure that this is the map that is "cope" and not a "you" problem?


Why is it not representative of reality?


at least a couple of those "ukrainian counter-offensives and territory regains" demonstrated didn't happen and the large areas that are supposedly not under Russian control in between "le convoy meme" is just false.


File: 1655859402952.jpg (227.42 KB, 1920x1080, backdrop-1920.jpg)

So far Ukraine has claimed three air-to-air victories and Russia is claiming zero. Is there any footage of air-to-air combat in this war?


Ive been watching footage of this invasion since the start and havent seen one video of air-to-air combat. Ukrainian claims about air victories should always be taken with a grain of salt since their government officials were claiming the Ghost Of Kiev was real for a while


Thoughts on the "Kiev Offensive" that happened during the early part of the invasion? Russian troops (mainly VDV airborne forces) entered Northern Ukraine and were advancing towards Kiev, but they eventually withdrew back to Russia and Belarus after about a month of fighting.
Pro-Ukrainian commentators say it was failed attempt by Russia to seize Kiev and that the VDV got decimated in the process. Pro-Russian commentators on the other hand say it was actually just a feint to pull Ukrainian forces far away from the Donbass, not an attempt to take Kiev

Video is footage of Russian VDV entering Northern Ukraine on the very first day of the invasion


People seem to think that there's some sort of set in stone linear plan that doesn't adjust, rather than a load of plans and contingencies that work with each other based around many of the best big moves you could make i.e. taking Kiev, encircling Donbass. You assault Kiev and you take it at the start, excellent. If you don't take it, use it as an opportunity to shit up their logistics. The plan involves the move and all the outcomes, not the plan and one outcome and the plan is a failure if it doesn't achieve the most optimistic possibility. Actually taking Kiev is incredibly bullish but if you do it before Ukraine properly mobilizes you completely fuck them over, so you may as well attempt it given how close it is to the Belarus border.
>Best case scenario: Kiev taken, Ukraine collapses
>Worst case scenario: Main roads between the east and west of the country are blocked, frustrating logistics and mobilization
Why would you not try it?


Yes. It seems like a lot of people do not understand this.


File: 1655923227771-0.png (86.68 KB, 249x286, KNEEL.png)

File: 1655923227771-1.jpg (51.71 KB, 578x800, lol.jpg)

I kneel…


Hate to say it but Marichka is kind of cute


Mmm not really

VDV did pretty fine for an isolated unit, obviously they took losses, its a war, but for the scale of the operation their losses had been fairly small, especially considering they only had light armor and armament compared to regular units. That said they took several key areas almost immediately, including an airfield, and acted as area denial for Ukraine's troops. It is very unlikely they intended to take Kiev, based on the methods they are going by (very limited strikes, ignoring smaller units to take out larger open concentrations of troops, etc.) It's glaringly obvious that if Russia had intended to steamroll Kiev, they could have, but the only way to do this is at the cost of either immense Russian casualties in urban combat, or immense civilian casualties through artillery barrage repressing the military units hiding in Kiev's apartment complexes. Neither is particularly favorable in the long-run.


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refer to >>2182


>It is very unlikely they intended to take Kiev, based on the methods they are going by
Have you considered that they did intend to take Kiev, but they didn't expect such heavy resistance from the Ukrainians? Almost everyone thought Russia would roll over Ukraine in a few days, it wouldn't be surprising if the Russian leadership thought it would like Crimea 2014 where they would just waltz in with little resistance. If they were actually expecting a tough fight they might've sent more heavily armed regular Ground Force units to Northern Ukraine

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