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Comrades, we need better anime literacy on this board. I've made this thread to help direct people to good leftist anime. Listen to me or not, but I have watched a lot of anime so these are my serious recommendations. If you watch these shows you will also be broadening your tastes and escaping from seasonal consumerism. I will specifically recommend leftist/revolutionary anime.

>Belladonna of Sadness

This 1971 film has a lot of sexual content, but it is one of the most beautifully drawn anime of all time and is a great audio-visual experience, with varied styles of art over the film. It includes incredibly experimental and interesting shots. Plot wise it tackles the sexual, religious and feudal heirarchy with great visual storytelling. It flips the idea of sexual corruption as bad, and turns satanist hedonism into a revolutionary force which only positively affects the villagers.
Tomino's Gundam is a masterpiece because of how good the characters are. They are astoundingly well developed and feel real due to characterisation present in almost all episodes. Tomino's style of storytelling is obtuse, and the subext is not narrated out like in most anime, which many people really enjoy which is why the show has such a strong fan base. The themes of the original show are extremely well expressed in the last third, and a number of scenes towards the end are absolutely fantastic. As for the leftist analasys, Gundam is anti-fascist, with a possible Trotskyist degenerated worker's state analasys on the antagonist faction, who were originally a revolutionary anti-earth eco-fascist group until they were taken over by a ruling familly. However, their ideology is not wrong as the Earth Federation opresses the space-underclass as well as destroying the planet. There is a lot to unpack here and the evil principality is well humanised despite being clearly in the wrong, except for Char who did nothing wrong. Tomino is known to have some sexist takes, but this isn't really present until the 90s and before that his anime all have strong women.
>Gurren Lagann
It is the ultimate revolutionary anime. The entire show goes about combating conservatism and reactionism in a highly bombastic way, without making them seem evil. Instead, conservatism is just wrong and impossible to maintain. The show is epic, with very strong pathos and emotion in some very memorable scenes. It also wierdly has a bit on establishing a revolutionary government and revisionism.
Its literally about a socialist revolution and anti-imperialism, something which few western media depict even in a sci-fi setting. I have shilled it enough in other threads but this is a must watch for any socialist anime fan and its only 4 episodes so you have no excuse.
>Fang of the Sun Dougram
Its a long anime about a guerilla war against colonialists and their puppet government. The art and animation is awful but some of the characters are legendarily good and the plot is among the best in the medium. I only finished it recently and haven't had a good think about it but I completely recommend his one to people who enjoyed LoGH and Maoists.
>Shin Sekai Yori
This one is interesting. My reading is that the show is about how reformism won't work and how people from the ruling class who oppose the system are transformed into the very upholders of that system, including the parts of it which killed their friends and enslave other humans. It unironically seems third worldist, with only the opressed race being able to rise up in revolution. I would definitely like to discuss this one with others.
>Kill la Kill
Anarchist naturist anime.

Please recommend other anime which are leftist (or not) to add recommendations for other people. I will respond and start discussion.


I liked kemono friends a lot.


File: 1608528846863.jpg (92.05 KB, 474x687, capital in manga.jpg)


How is it communist? Watch the original gundam anime. Cool mecha riding kids murder space nazis.


Gundam is space liberalism, but it is still pretty cool.


you should probably ask /GET/, they are a bunch of anime nerds


Anime is garbage


>Gundam is space liberalism
I agree but it's probably as "communist" as the cute girls show from the op. It's also antiwar at least.


Fuck of, furfag


>catgirls are furries
fuck off newfag


File: 1608528847272.jpg (237.79 KB, 1916x945, e7a.jpg)

Are weeboids and otaku the most consumerist culture out there?


Kemono is objectively furfag bait.You cant even argue against it. It’s like the gateway drug of furfaggotrt


There's an anime adaptation of Les Miserables, a staple of socialist fiction


Anime is trash.


File: 1608528847498-0.jpg (10.76 KB, 222x227, J0hY98Y.jpg)

File: 1608528847498-1.jpg (198.72 KB, 659x950, N08h098H89y9H98.jpg)

Yes, Anime is inherently bourgeois and consumerist. After all, it is a by product of the US nuking Japan.

Fuck Anime and Japanese Porkies.


>Anime after all, it is a by-product of the US nuking Japan.
can you elaborate ?


Imagine thinking anything is "inherently" anything else. Anime developing out of a specific context does not mean that it is, intrinsically, such and such or so and so.

By this logic literally anything you consume in your day to day life under capitalism is "inherently bourgeois." Simply for the fact that you are consuming it under capitalism.



The chad materialist
The virgin idealist


From the new world.
First squadGirls und panzer for entertainment
MMD modeling and Modded videogames like red orchestra.
Youjou senki maybe
Girls last tour not really leftist but could be interpreted as so, anti-war message
Shin chan egoist as fuck
Clannad Nazbol
Little witch acedemica if you watched the memes you would know why
Joshiraku Nazbol, anti-american, anti-gang of four and most likely Mao apologetic
Violet evergarden I don't see anything that could be interpreted as leftist in here, I just want to mention it


If someone got ball to pull out communist revolution all those stupid tragedies will end. If there is enough space colony at least space juche can be real.


PlanetesFrom the New WorldPonpoko, Takahata films generally



Speed Grapher is very leftist. Ghost in the Shell, Jin-Roh, Patlabor, and pretty much everything Mamoru Oshii has worked on has leftist themes even if they feel pretty hopeless. There isn't really much I would say is explicitly communist, but most of the best anime directors were involved in leftist orgs to some degree back during the student protests. You can find some of them expressing communist sympathies even if they reject it in favor of reformism. I'd recommend asking /leftyweebpol/ people as they talked/talk about this stuff on their board and discord server.


Gradually the later iterations of zeon became more about space independence rather than just being space fascists which is neat even tho the leaders always ended up going "lol war crimes" at some point.

In CCA char is supposed to be big daddy space stalin except that he goes full retard and tries to drop a meteor on earth.
Unicorn (which is a very very bad show)

I remember not char wanted to set up an economic trade and support pact between the colonies and this was bad and had to be stopped because reasons. Literally the most idealist show ever made.

Overall I see gundam as a setting where Marxism simply doesn't exist. Kind of like logh.

Planetes anime was obscenely low quality with terrible everything. I reccomend the manga tho.


Kemono Friends is post-left anarchism btw


File: 1608528848171.jpg (49.48 KB, 400x376, logh.jpg)

>here isn't really much I would say is explicitly communist, but most of the best anime directors were involved in leftist orgs to some degree back during the student protests. You can find some of them expressing communist sympathies even if they reject it in favor of reformism.
This, really. There are a lot of powerfully written liberal/antifash anime, like Rurouni Kenshin and Fullmetal Alchemist, lowkey critical stories from inside the security state like
>Ghost in the Shell, Jin-Roh, Patlaborand even the deeply introspective critique of modern consensus on statecraft that is LoGH.
But nothing I'm aware of actually tackles capitalism directly, nor that holds a primarily class-based analysis of civilizational conflict and crisis.

just anodyne anticolonialism than socialism.
>Overall I see gundam as a setting where Marxism simply doesn't exist. Kind of like logh.


File: 1608528848237.jpg (75.84 KB, 600x800, xddsvmwmt5o21.jpg)


That's Chinese, but close enough.


Naruto is Maoist Third Worldist.


File: 1608528848410.jpg (83.17 KB, 792x420, 1497987268061.jpg)


>1st half is genuinely interesting alternate history political thriller
>euphinator happens
>turn it off, delete rest of episodes, never watch it again
>everything i've heard since, r2 included, sounds increasingly retarded


Imaishi is the most lefty anime director out there currently.
TTGL is hismat pilledPanty and Stocking is egoism against spooks
Promare is about preventing porky antagonist escaping dying earth to space.


Princess Mononoke - the creator is a literal communist.


>*Anime under capitalism is inherently bourgeois and consumeristfixed


ARIA is the most solarpunk anime before solarpunk was a thing>>96848>Panty and Stocking is egoism against spooks Explains this my property


>workers aren't always the good guys
Where the fuck did Marx ever said they are.


shut the fuck up, Umaru-chan is more communist than any of the Miyazaki's escrements.


File: 1608528849057.webm (16.03 MB, 640x360, pain.webm)

Actually, It's about the accelerationist religious anarcho-posadism


I think Akira is a great depiction of late capitalism and the squandered promises of neoliberalismGhost in the Shell: Standalone Complex is unironically based too, anti-fascist and low key class consciousI could prolly come up with more but hey


Isn't a common theme of Ghibli movies that nature is inherently good and in harmony if not screwed with by humans? That's a very un-Marxist sentiment.


File: 1608528849317.jpg (217.21 KB, 1684x1200, miyazaki the wind rises.jpg)

Industry is bad, unless it's used to make warplanes to spread fascism and genocide across East Asia
>what? i'm totes a left winger guyz


Miyazaki has talked about how his love of warplanes contradicts his hatred of war. He just thinks they are pretty and likes to draw them.


I like tanks and stuff too in contradiction of my feelings about war, but I didn't make a whole movie idolising them and their development (also the movie is totally fictionalised so it's not like you can say he was just telling an interesting story related to the Zero)


His dad worked on the zero didn't he? Afaik it was a movie about his father.
one of his weakest movies either way


ARIA is the shitty hentai I used to play all the time.
>>96863I don't think any marxist uses normative moral claims and treat it as it's somehow materialism. except american western marxists but they don't count


File: 1608528849588.gif (922.73 KB, 500x250, porcorussofascist.gif)

Ehhh,I'm almost 100 percent sure the dude just loves the fuck out of plane
Porco Russo is about planes too, and has an anti-fascist protagonist.


bullshit. it's only the italian dub


I'm sure he does just love the plane but I don't think you can separate that from the circumstances surrounding it, like imagine if a Wehraboo makes a whole fawning movie about the design of the Panther mkV? Even if he tried to sanitise the story and not mention the mass slaughter of Soviet civilians, holocaust, etc, you would still wonder right?




It's been a while since I've seen it, but I don't think it glosses over it completely. Wasn't one of the themes that despite works of passion being used as engines of destruction by the rich and powerful, you still have to chase your dreams regardless?


It was in the english dub too.


>literally shills Coca Cola in every episode
I know part of web culture is to pretend to be retarde but c’mon man


>I'm sure he does just love the plane but I don't think you can separate that from the circumstances surrounding it
Which is why he is so conflicted by his love of warplanes.


File: 1608528850003.png (788.08 KB, 1280x720, Kirino_kosuaka.png)

Chinese Communist here. I love Oreimo. Kirino Kousaka is the best anime character there is. We all love her here.


Wtf I hate China now?




File: 1608528850217.jpg (718.56 KB, 1228x1920, your waifu a shit.jpg)

Does it even need to be said?


Even the literal Chinese cartoon about Marx wasn't that great. The subject is too dry, it would have been better with real people. They should have stylized the shit out of it, making it effectively Jojo with Marxist Characteristics.


Anime is bourgeois.


ha none of them are on that list


File: 1608528850460.png (496.61 KB, 602x677, polywaifury.png)



Actually many anime creators were literal socialist or socialist sympathizers.


Most of those are actually positive.


Not to mention the gigantic role played by the doujin community clear back to Gainax


>Underpaid and Overworked: Being an Animator in Japan | ASIAN BOSS


File: 1608528850789-0.jpg (174.34 KB, 866x733, mangakaschedule.jpg)

File: 1608528850789-1.png (909.45 KB, 1200x880, anime incomes.png)

Hardly an obscure fact. Is this even especially bad compared to any other sarariman job in nipland?


WTF is that chart? Is Karoshi a thing for Japanese animators?
he and her brother Kyosuke symbolizes the daily struggle of proletariet against their bourgeois family and society. After a they formed a party with Kuroneko and Saori Vagina, they started a revolution that brought Ayase and Kanako. Manami is the porkie bitch and she was defeated at last.
after communism of course


Kuroneko was the true prole waifu. She was poor as fuck and had to take care of all her siblings. Meanwhile orange bitch it’s some rich bitch magazine model who constantly berated her brother


File: 1608528851009.png (394.2 KB, 1889x903, Screenshot (3).png)



File: 1608528851114.jpg (2.96 MB, 2500x3910, your waifu a shit.jpg)

>posting a thumbnail


File: 1608528851220.jpg (32.07 KB, 620x400, 1460879550536.jpg)

>Cool mecha riding kids murder space nazis.
>mfw there are fans of the said space nazis.
Zeekfags ruined it for me.


No. Kirino was rich kid. But she became friend of kuroneko and she loved her. She cared for her so much that she did not object when kyosuke was dating ruri.


But euphinator was the best part.
She represented the inner soul of every lib.








Don't bully me. Kirino is best. Marx approves.


There's a lot of Posadist animu.


File: 1608528851667.jpg (18.1 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I don't know about anime but I just finished playing Mother 3, which starts you off in an idyllic communist utopia. The bad events are kickstarted by a guy coming to town and giving away sacks of money, which people had never even heard of.


File: 1608528851731.png (120.81 KB, 310x415, Frieza.png)

DBZ is literally about a peasant kid rising up against a galactic landlord who is confirmed to be based on predatory real estate sharks


>>97300Waifu protection squad




DBZ is about a senile revisionist author pasting over a fun story about going on adventures looking for mcguffins with a lazy chosen one narrative.
Used to think the series should have ended with Namek blowing up, but now I realize it would have been even better to just end it with the death of Vegeta on Earth.


>>97339DBZ is about a senile revisionist author pasting over a fun story about going on adventures looking for mcguffins with a lazy chosen one narrative. Used to think the series should have ended with Namek blowing up, but now I realize it would have been even better to just end it with the death of Vegeta on Earth.


>>97391>>97392Yeah I thought I was the only one bothered by this. OG Dragon Ball with kid Goku, adventures and comedy characteristics was peak comfy and even as a kid I preferred it compared to the eternal shouting matches of DBZ


>>97223The Earth Federation is shit too. At least Zeon has cool looking mobile suits.


>>97230Borgeuois paternalism Gtfo and kysIm not even joking and dont care if youre just shitposting at this pointAnyone who pushes incest anime as communistic is a waste of flesh


>>96641Don't go on /GET/ tomorrow.


The Leader was disappointing for several reasons. It lacked visual coherence with jarring changes between cel-shaded 3D and 2D stuff. They should have made a decision what to in which way, e.g. always do the faces in 2D. Europe looked too pretty and not nearly as dirty as it was back then. I agree with you that the subject is dry. Who wants to see a show about a guy who is constantly reading and writing? I think the only way to make a good Marx animé is to have episodes of basically self-contained stories, each with different protagonists, and Marx is a side character in each.


>>97514Honestly mad there hasnt been an adaption of Marx’s life where he sold all his pants for rent money, calls people jewish niggers, and penning vitriolic screeds.Marx the shitposter is way too neglected from historical fiction.


>>97540Would watch


tbh you can't talk about who's worse without bringing up how the dynamics change after the original show.In the original gundam the feds are a flawed but mostly ok liberal democracy while zeon were some idealist ideology that got turned into a space empire by opportunists which THEN got turned into space nazis all in the span of one show.In Zeta the feds have been effectively taken over by a fascist coup who treats the space colonies like Israel treats Palestine. The good guys are part of a group called the Anti Eath Union Group.And I don't remember double zeta's motivations.
The second pic is hands down the best recommendation in the thread.


>>96857Miyazaki is shit any way.


>>97514Here's a good idea for an anime : A shounen about the chinese civil war, and Mao would be super buff and strong and beat the shit out of the Kuomintang in every episode


>>97208> Is Karoshi a thing for Japanese [i]animators[/i]?Yes


File: 1608528852632.jpg (1.4 MB, 1170x1182, 1362094733427.jpg)

>has more debt than Greece
Always makes me kek. Also, Hyper OatsTM is the most communistic anime ever


>>96659>Clannad>Joshiraku >Both of these are NazbolHaven't seen either of them, but wut


>>97208ngl, but that's autistic as fuckCan't help but agree tbh


>>97412>*screams in AEUG*I have seen a vocal minority in the fandom that actually advocates that the colony drop was right, whole war was justified and pretend that Nazi parallels don't exist. As long as it is all about aesthetics, I don't mind. But from my experience, people take it way too seriously.>>97665Gundam (at least what Tomino made) is the ultimate "Shut up boomer"/" pure ideology, " tract in anime form. Point was adults and their myopic greed is ruining the future for the next generation while MIC like Anaheim keep making profit. If one is engaging in equivalent of waifufaggotry but toward a fictional political faction then they have completely missed the point. I would not be surprised if it is later revealed that there were Alt-nut among Zeekfags, just like the whole Right Wing Death Squad meme taken from Jin-Roh


>>97665AddendumIn ZZ it was about many high ranking Feddies being OK with atrocities Haman's Zeeks committed as long as their status was secured, while people like Bright who fight the good fight being a minority.


>>97715>As long as it is all about aesthetics, I don't mind.This is basically me. Zeon are pretty obviously the bad guys most of the time.


>>96581Fang of the sun Dougram is about a guerilla war against colonizers. It is 75 episodes long and has good chunk of fillers, but time to time it touches the issue of running an armed struggle, an effective organization to make sure things are running smoothly, political and economic sovereignty and danger of sabotages by traitors and opportunists.


>>97715>while MIC like Anaheim keep making profitIt would have been nice if this was an actual theme in the show but Anaheim backing the AUEG was generally taken at face value from what I recall and I never remember characters questioning it. Hell that one Anaheim guy slaps the shit out of kamille with no recompense.>>97719Ohhh ok I remember now. The entire earth arc was the best part of zz imo.


>>97726that looks exactly like Xabungle wth


>>97715>(at least what Tomino made)Tomino made a bunch of toy commercials with some of the most hackneyed one-dimensional retard characters around.


>>97703Don't question the Nazbol gods.


File: 1608528853255.png (1021.19 KB, 1327x705, the-leader.png)


>>97762nevermind, i should've ctrl+f


>>97736>Hell that one Anaheim guy slaps the shit out of kamille with no recompense.That was the point - Kids being made to act like adults. Kamile did not expect that when he signed up for it.Judou beats the shit out of that Wong guy in ZZ>>97745>implying entirety of Gundam isn't a toy commercial mandated by Bandai>implying Feddie vs Zeek side story number 2122 or number 7653 Hidden Zeek remnant is any of Tomino's doing.>implying Bandai did not put a gun on his head to approves toys during production of Victory Gundam, leading to his depressionYes his characters can be lame at times, but writing the overall story is where he shines. CCA was a kino and Turn A Gundam is a masterpiece.


>>96974>ARIA is the shitty hentai I used to play all the time. Not talking about that one. It is the Neo-Venice manga


>>97767>Judou beats the shit out of that Wong guy in ZZI fuckin love Judou but that always came off as wish fulfillment. I was waiting the whole show for it to turn out that anaheim was causing a lot of the conflict by playing both sides but that never developed at all. Also I think the only gundam they ever manufactured was Nu.>Turn A Gundam is a masterpieceShit I still haven't seen it.


>>96681Where is /leftyweebpol/ ?


>>97791It is gone along with 8chan. Maybe they will migrate to 8kun or make their own site. They do have a discord, but I don't think we are allowed to post links for that here.



>>97794>Where is /leftyweebpol/Shame on being lost with 8chan. I'll ask on irc for invite


The most left wing anime I've seen is Rose of Versailles, but it's jacobin and not communist.


File: 1608528853844-0.png (957.5 KB, 1160x889, Untitled.png)

Hunter x Hunter has some decent anti-war stuff it in, along with an election arc that treats politics like a spectacle. Also one of the main characters looks like Max Stirner.


>>96635Kemonomimi is the ultimate synthesis between furshit and weebshit>>97791They're all here it seems


File: 1608528854066-0.jpg (619.45 KB, 1129x1600, page012.jpg)

File: 1608528854066-1.jpg (489.33 KB, 1129x1600, page013.jpg)

File: 1608528854066-2.jpg (1.64 MB, 2258x1600, page014-015.jpg)

>>96602>>96605>>96609>>96661>>96684>>97665>>97719reposting from leftytrashcan because they only watch hentaiI'm reading the manga of Beltorchika's Children and Neo Zeon is based. Who here seriously wouldn't support Char. Space colonies are basically Palestine and earth is Israel.


File: 1608528854200-0.jpg (547.15 KB, 1129x1600, page021.jpg)

File: 1608528854200-1.jpg (546.33 KB, 1129x1600, page024.jpg)

File: 1608528854200-2.jpg (566.23 KB, 1129x1600, page025.jpg)

>>102955>they literally hunt immigrant spacenoids on earth for sport>executing them in the streets


>>102958>second picwtf is with that stance. I'm surprised that even hit the guy. actually no, since it's a manga>>97791>>97794>>97857I guess GET wasn't apart of its diasphora.


>>102983it's a cheap manga adaptation of a book so its expected, moepleb


>>97726His other works are based too, such as Votoms. Layzner, Gasaraki and Flag are also worth checking for Geopolitics commentary.


>>96659violet evergarden def has themes of anti war though


Definitely Little Witch Academia. It's about capitalism killing "magic".MC joins a strike that shows that even the powerful witches can't do the most basic of things without the nameless and voiceless familiars (who do menial work).It also contains a subtle critique of the Japanese school system, which if often idolized in anime.


My Wife Chino is so cute.


>>97767>CCA was a kinoCCA was complete trash of the highest order. In a single movie it perfectly encapsulated all the most braindead fucking retarded character writing of three series. Literally the only thing good about it is the mecha porn. The story itself is the perfect conclusion to a mountain of shit and should have resulted in Tomino being laughed right out of the anime industry.


>>96908Wow I don't even remember this plotline. Kishimoto must have changed his mind a bunch on what kind of character he wanted Nagato to be.




>>103929The 2009 anime K-ON by Kyoto animation follows the daily struggles of the light music club which is a front for radical student activism.The group agitate for socialism and worker's rights though music, in songs such as "Fluffy Time" and "Curry with rice"."Don't say lazy" in particular speaks of how workers alone create the world of mankind, and that capitalist parasites will be overcome though our collective striving.


File: 1608528854827.png (492.61 KB, 800x450, cmc.png)

>>103929In this scene, Yui explains commodity fetishism to Azusa.


Attack no.1Ashita no JoeBasically everything by MatsumotoSome example of real communist animes for you fucking plebs.


>>103272This. I'd rather watch space diva love triangle.


File: 1608528855017.png (295.23 KB, 640x360, red_plenty.png)

Here Yui explains how automation can be fully leveraged under communism to create abundance for all.What Yui lack in booksmarts and formal education, she makes up with her intuitive grasp of dialectical materialism, and talent for explaining Marxist concepts to a lay audience though songwriting.


File: 1608528855120.jpg (117 KB, 1447x1077, ashita no joe.jpg)

>>103970>Ashita no JoeFucking this.>>103925>>103968>>103986> 103986 Fucking cancer


>>103995As expected from a shonen shitter.A reminder that western boxing was banned in China under Mao (until market reforms in the 1980s) because "it was seen as brutal and demonstrating of the characteristics of capitalism".


>>104007>it was seen as brutalYou obviously haven't seen Ashita no Joe. It's extremely cautionary.>Muh mindless moe anime is way better than an entire genre A reminder your waifu will never love you.


>>96581Im this cat.


>>104262That's not a cat, that's a fennec


File: 1608528855421.jpg (10.19 KB, 500x281, tomino.jpg)

>>103272>being this ass ravaged by based bald wizardCCA had problems sure (like the script being rejected and changed at the last minute) but it was still a great conclusion to the Char/Amuro arc.>doesn't even like the original gundamYou're worse than the moeshitters lmao.


Mecha is shit of the highest order.


>>104299>a great conclusion to the Char/Amuro arc. Characters make stupid choices that make no sense, characters die for no reason, and nothing makes any sense.


File: 1608528855587.jpg (16.69 KB, 265x376, Patlabor 2.jpg)

>>104302There's a few abnormally good stuff, but yeah it is mostly just toy commercial trash.


>boxe is capitalist>moe shit isn'tthe absolute state of weebs


>>104350>box is brutal competition to advance career>cute girls anime is cooperation and community buildingBut of course it's bad and stupid because porky made a good business out of selling figures that doesn't have to do shit with original creators.


>>104370Most moe is escapism into an idealized liberal society where cute girls do stupidly saccharine things ad nauseum. The soviet union and the cubans both had boxing.You just hate sports, fatty.Admit it.



>>104825Im not reading your autistic blog, faggot


>>104825Removing potential romantic partners makes everything so much better.


>>104328Great analysis nerd.


>>104825>”hurr we must remove the male gaze and it all suddenly becomes amazingly profound”> “time is temporal, brah. ” What asinine shit. Women are just as capable of being lulled into escapism through cute characters. Paranoia Agent did a better job at analyzing capitalism with a cute character than any moe anime has. It’s not impossible, but this mental gymnastics aint it.


File: 1608528856106.gif (4.86 MB, 472x348, my ride.gif)

Patlabor 2 was a boring movie with a logically and thematically broken dumpster fire of a premise that clumsily marginalized and distorted the Patlabor cast in favor of Oshii's forced in original characters, also presaging the disastrous 3rd "Patlabor" movie. Especially disappointing considering what a perfect example the first Patlabor movie was of the right way to do a theatrical film for a TV anime and Patlabor 1's environmentalist/anticonsumerist political themes tying in far tighter to the franchise's own background themesThe only saving grace of Patlabor 2 (aside from its amazingly beautiful, if infrequent, animation) is its being the third of at least three times this story was tried and failed, including the Patlabor OVA two-parter SV2's Longest Day, and the Appleseed OVA, until GiTS:SAC:2G finally perfected it.GiTS:SAC:2G pulled off the trick of neatly wrapping an existing cast of characters, all in-character, alongside new characters that have coherent sensible motivations for their schemes, with solid political and philosophical themes, and well integrated action sequences.


File: 1608528856203.jpg (97.89 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>>96581welllll… it depictions


File: 1608528856269.jpg (19.75 KB, 326x352, what.jpg)

>>104897>Oshii's forced in original charactersYou do know he worked on the series from its creation right?


One Piece has an overarching plot against a government entity that stands above everything else. It's surprisingly lefty for a comic magazine for teens.


Most anime has liberal view of democratic struggle, and older ones sometimes anti-imperialist (or anti-american), but this has anime recommendations: https://libcom.org/blog/2d-revolution-01092018There is also The Leader, Marx anime by Chinese, which other already posted, but there is several other Maoist Chinese cartoons available streaming, though they don't have a lot of explicit Marxism, compare to national lib or Maoists.Go on iQiyi or B站 and explore.


>>105199Yeah but they still support "good monarchies", the Revolutionary army was a big let down tbqh


>>105217>includes kill la kill but not gurren lagannIm disappointed af


>>106168who thinks klk is communist may as well think hitler was communist too


>>106232They were libertarians/anarchists


Legend of Black Heaven is basically about alienation and dealing with the listless trivialities of capitalist societies.


>>96684In UC Gundam the main character has a conversation with his captor about how the Earth/Colony war was basically Earth buying time, because its hegemony was dependent on its abundance of readily available resources and accumulated wealth, when as the colonies developed would leave Earth in the dust because the colonies have access to the resources of the entire solar system and were progressing materially past the flying trash cans full of poor people that they started out as. A surprising bit of materialist analysis in my big robot space opera.


File: 1608528856822.jpg (35.35 KB, 500x275, max stoner.jpg)

>>98562I can only imagine how fucking pathetic must be the lifes of the stirnerfags that invest all their free time looking for characters who look and think like their meme philosopher of choice.UNIRONICAL YIKES


>>109784I cant imagine being a namefag that basically has a “pls b patient i hav autism” warning in my nom de plume


>>109821Neurotypicals are unable to imagine a lot of things by definition.


>>109877Don't worry, I'll be patient with your fantasies.


>>104299>CCA had problems sure (like the script being rejected and changed at the last minute) but it was still a great conclusion to the Char/Amuro arc.Just the absolute worst opinion.


>>109877>neurotypicslsso, "normal people"


>>110789You schizos being in the majority doesn't make you right.


File: 1608528857223.gif (359.2 KB, 540x540, thonkin.gif)

>>96863>Starts making money&ltWorkers aren't the good guysHmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


File: 1608528857342.mp4 (8.74 MB, 640x360, videoplayback.mp4)





>>97223>anime about the folly and destruction of imperialist war>fanbase still thinks there are good guysAlso, Digimon Adventure is surprisingly good from an anarchist perspective. It's probably unintentional and just a side effect of writing that kind of adventure story, but everyone who wields political or economic power is either incompetent or an outright villain.


>>110822Gambling is literally the most porky activity there is.


>>110989Kaiji covers that, anon, don't worry. It's also about debt slavery and the sick things porkies do for fun.


>>96857I know I'm two weeks late but how is the ending of the Nausicaa manga marxist or anti-marxist? Is the Crypt the good guy? Im confused.


Moving to hobby


Fuck yes the otaku general is in hobby/


>all the original post links are fuckednice>>1581I remember this but I can't remember which show exactly. It better not be shitty ass Unicorn where the bad guy's evil plan was a trade sphere for the poor space colonies that the stupid cunt main characters just had to oppose for reasons.>>1586fite me fagit ur too dumb for gundam go watch your star wars>>1594This is true. Every FKMT manga I've read has been extremely prolepilled. Especially Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa which I cant shill enough.


I miss /leftyweebpol/.


anything that is produced by Wowaka is communist.


>>1599Same. I hope it comes back in some form.


i am new and still am brainwashed by capitalism. Tell me some stuff to learn from.


>>1601>WowakaHe is dead


aggressive retsuko for a critique of corporate work life


>>1489the only way Zeon is Nazi at all is solely through asthetic. The Earth Federation was neglecting the needs of the citizens of the sides so the spacenoids took it into their own hands. The most "nazi" thing that Zeon ever did was Gihren's belief that spacenoids were superior, which was only because of their abilities as newtypes, who were actively oppressed by the Earth Federation following the end of the One Year War. Fuck the Federation, Sieg Zeon.


File: 1608528858298.jpg (48.48 KB, 960x753, 1576760320455.jpg)

Every Male MC friends ever.


>>1602>30 days agowooshI hope you eventually posted in /leftypol/ and didn't puss out of communism just because a dead board didn't answer you


What about good communist hentai?


Someone please explain this one to me. I literally don't fucking see it at all in any possible shape or form.


2)shit can't be reformed
3)promotes self-reliance
4)asserts the irrational
5)honors bums and outcasts


>Youjou senki
Why do you think Youjo Senki is leftist, the protagonist is literally a liberal ancap fash, I didn't watch the anime, but I have the suspect is Nazi apologetic and imperialism than other thing.



Everyone of them.


WTF? So Tanya the evil is a parody of capitalist and facist sumbags? The fucking writer is a comrade?
I love Tanya now


a hobbyist communist (共産趣味) it's not exactly a communist, is someone who likes the aesthetic, history and such of communism, but not necessarily the politics.


Well the other thing say communist is a valid politic via, Maybe he is not myliting in communist parties and he's is not revolutionary, but is more than a Uesaka's SUmire fan of aesthetic when you denunced alienationa and capitalism.


Sorry for my broken English


sure sure, just pointing out what hobbyist communist means.
Plus, he's a writer so he's allowed a bit more freedom of speech, but Sumire and other VA as well aren't allowed to have such opinions. Hell, depending on their agency some of them aren't even allowed to have blogs and social networks.


Kyousan shumi are all cryptos I tell ya.
Gives you a thick layer of plausible deniability in a country as extremely cucked and reactionary as Japan.


I can't say since I don't know any of them, but Japanese people are good at hiding political opinions.


I find out this shit in /pol/a those retards doesn't know nothing about communism, but maybe they're right and the author is just pretending, but the source is not clearly at all though It could be a falcification.


File: 1608528859324.jpg (33.38 KB, 538x261, 1578885312918.jpg)

Sorry wong pic


Can't find the first tweet, but here's the second one and the translation is correct.
He could be a crypto, an illuminated centrist or whatever, but it doesn't really matter.


>human beings are complicated
tell-tale mark of "both sides" centrists


File: 1608528859537.jpg (267.06 KB, 1920x1926, irumakun.jpg)

It really says something about Japanese culture that whenever a character suggests that the world shouldn't be run through rigid hierarchies, or voices even the slightest hint of non-nationalist gekokujou ideology, they are always depicted as misguided at best and deranged and dangerous at worst.

Right after this scene, the MC does a short speech about how they should work hard to win the competition even though they are weak and lack magic, and the guy goes "oh wow, you're right! We shouldn't try to change the world, let's just do our best and work within the system!"

Bootstrapism isn't an American phenomena.


Yeah, this is something that pisses me off. Manga and anime aimed at teenagers should be idealist, at least a little bit, but nope: it's always "gotta find my place in society, no matter how fucked up it is". If you're in high school and you've already given up on improving society in the most succdem of manners, you're a tool.
Kill la Kill was revolutionary because it showed how "working within the system" makes you the most ferocious defender of the status quo.


File: 1608528859679.png (1.02 MB, 983x894, leftists.png)

So finally reading high school of the dead, lol'd out loud at this.


HOTD is pretty funny because it's all exaggerated and on the nose that you can't help but laugh. The author has no idea what subtlety mean.
and now that he's dead he can't learn it anymore


>he's dead


File: 1608528859957.mp4 (8.26 MB, 640x360, videoplayback2.mp4)

I have heard there is a Chinese made animation of Karl Marx's biography , but I have had no success chasing it down beyond the intro.


That's The Leader, already discussed ITT. It's a bit unusual in that you see a lot of young Marx, since most representations are old Marx. The show got review-bombed on some Chinese website and I thought it was just ideologically motivated attacks, but after watching I have to say it really doesn't have much going for it. (Outro song is banging though.) Anything in German is totally screwed up. There's a scene where you see Marx writing Capital with weird numbers in pointy brackets. These are actually the page numbers as they appear in a HTML version. These tiny pointy things are no big deal by themselves, but their appearance is representative of the depth of understanding of the subject material and amount of care that went into the show. (Other viewers didn't like the body language and found it too Asian, though I have to say: Were you in Europe back in those day, hmmm? So maybe that wasn't off.) It also got issues with pacing.


all the episodes with subs are on this channel. its actually not the worst, just kind of bland, feels like a PBS special. i've seen it and don't regret it.


also its like a very sterile portrayl of marx and marxism obviously. no whoring around, no alcoholism, no jewniggers


Do the creators bring up the speculation of have Marx ever met Stirner?
Or why EVERY female in Marx's family had the name Jenny?


Becaus he was a supermassive autist obsessed by the Jenny the spinning machine.


is this supposed to represent north korea?


File: 1608528860448.png (271.07 KB, 640x514, kakin.png)

Yeah, pretty much. There is also Kakin, which contrary to pic related still seems to be de facto ruled by a king, has a caste system and a battle royal death match for deciding who will be the successor of the king.
As you see, in the manga absolute monarchy (both de jure and de facto) is associated with socialism which means that it has nothing to do with movements intending to establish a classless society. Also the narrator concludes the Chimera Ant arc with saying that inequality and war is hoomen naychure.


whenever i watch anime it seems like half the problems the characters face wouldn't even exist if people had any resemblance of class consciousness. anyone else notice this?


You could say that about most things in modern life.

Do remember, though, that Japan might just be the most classcucked of all countries on earth.
Even America, UK, Nordic nations, etc. have more revolutionary sentiments than Japan.
Remember that perhaps the most significant event in Japanese history was when the Emperor re-took his thrown, not the other way around.

I have also yet to see any truly revolutionary actions of organized labour or political activism in recent years nor do I know any Japanese figures, thinkers or philosophers that hold Marxist, Socialist, Anarchist or Communist views.

It's shockingly bland.


Half the problems in anime and manga are caused by misunderstandings and difficulty of properly expressing yourself, the other half by the lack of class consciousness.
I guess it's too late for an anime adaptation of kani kousen.


Violet Evergarden. Nothing really political there, just the story of a girl raised as a child soldier. Pretty good anime


File: 1608528860792.jpg (37.89 KB, 181x195, hameru11.jpg)

Comment on her actions.


Best girl


Has anyone noticed a slow tide in EVA haters? I noticed that literally all of them are /pol/lyps.


Literally watch the movie. All of his work is detroyed by the carnage of the war.


lmao as if his work could have existed without the war. Indeed his work is destroyed by LOSING the war.


>from the new world
incredibly based, anons. but i don't think it has anything to do with communism at all.

maybe you can add code;geass to the list? i mean it's not about communism, but it is about enacting a revolution.


>as if his work could have existed without the war
That's the conceit, mate. It's the friction between the ideal and the reality of the war that drives the conflict. It ends in a lamentation and acknowledgement of that. The issue isn't that Japan lost, but rather that technology that could take man to the skies was used for war. To conclude otherwise is just ignoring the context of the film.


File: 1608528861202.jpg (261.03 KB, 1200x1776, Choose Your Character.jpg)

I have little idea if this is good, but this is the only one I can find (called Marx Girl) and it hasn't been translated.


Having read the manga and seen the movie but not the anime, I'd argue that Battle Angel Alita is quite good when it comes to the display of class society.


Kill la kill was like directly based off of core leftist principles.

>Ragyo/REVOCS = Capitalism

>Life Fibers = Commodities


This. Ending is kino too.




Based and Saiyan-pilled.
Reminder that Freeza will make Cooler canon and fuse with him in Return of Z:amasu




Okay question about Little Witch Macadamia: is it leftist enough to actually go watch the show from the start? or did it just have like one themed episode with Akko striking and that's it


It has some leftist themes but don't expect too much. It's still a good anime though. It has a nuanced critique of the Japanese school system, but I'm not sure how many people outside of Japan understood it.


File: 1608528861716.jpg (142.35 KB, 640x911, gate-1.-.jpg)

>Join the JSDF and DIE for Japan
>the bombing scene from Apocalypse Now is a good thing!
Holy fucking LMAO not even those old school North Korean films are this blatant with their propaganda




Homura might be best girl in the show but is worst girl and did everything wrong in the movie.

Madoka Magica is one of my favorite shows of all time, I interpret it as an argument for the triumph of humanitarian ideals (Madoka, never sacrifice human life) over utilitarian ones (kyubey, human life is worth sacrificing).

The movie kind of fucks all of that up.


Lots of movie parts… also waifuism is profitable.


Grave of the Fireflies isn’t really anticapitalist but it’s one of the best anti-war movies I’ve seen in terms of emotional weight and considering particularly American capitalist propaganda is heavily pro-war something that’s so emotionally effecting by revealing the horrors of war experienced without someone even needed to face a single soldier is pretty good and in opposition to the general propaganda sphere.
Also interesting to have someone die specifically BECAUSE of individualism.


Sankara is a byproduct of colonialism nigga doesn't make it bad


speaking of political anime
can anybody tell me if boku no hero academia is some sort of cop propaganda?
i don't want to start a whole thing here but i finished watching the first season and it was pretty boss but certain moments felt like subtle politics.

like one of the moments the bad hand guy was talking about goverment thug and state violence repression or someshit.
And the main strongman looks very american and has american state name attacks.

feels like typical japanese politics in this anime.
Does anybody know much about the creator of this anime and his leanings?

What is the politics of the creator of My hero academa


It's not unusual for capeshit to be pro-police/military. I personally don't think All Might having attacks based on American states is inherently fash. You might be interested in the spin off manga, Boku no Hero Academia Vigilantes. Apparently the author based the setting off of Watchmen but I can't really confirm that.


I figured as much that he was just a westaboo. I really like All-might.
I am at the arc of Vigilantes where the celebrity hero is revamping his image.
I thought KnuckleDuster was like the batman of the bnha world.


File: 1608528862258.mp4 (296.9 KB, 320x248, soviet-moon.mp4)

this one would be rad


nah it is supposed to represent china. The capital of the country where the chimera ant arc took place is named after Beijing. Reminder that HXH was created back in the 90s


>I have also yet to see any truly revolutionary actions of organized labour or political activism in recent years nor do I know any Japanese figures, thinkers or philosophers that hold Marxist, Socialist, Anarchist or Communist views.
There haven't been any truly revolutionary actions anywhere in the first world for a very long time - Japan does not stand out in this way. I would also say that you not knowing of any Japanese far-left figures speaks more to your ignorance than on any real absence, considering the Japanese Communist Party has 300,000 members, dwarfing the DSA and all other left-wing or communist parties and organisations in the US combined - in a country a third of the size. By that metric alone, Japan has a much greater left-wing presence than the US.
Also, to frame the Meiji restoration as simply "the emperor retaking his throne" is again completely ignorant, and doesn't at all address why that event was significant - namely Japan becoming the first modern military-fiscal state in Asia, as well as an industrial power. I would also say that the post-war period in Japan was as defining for the contemporary culture, if not more so, than the Meiji restoration.


File: 1608528916750.jpg (211.99 KB, 1066x1500, Aachi Ssipak.jpg)

Before Parasite and Snowpiercer, S.Korea produced this anti-capitalist gem:

Aachi & Ssipak
> Somewhere in the future, mankind has depleted all energy and fuel sources, however they have somehow engineered a way to use human excrement as fuel. To reward production, the government hands out extremely addictive, popsicle-like "Juicybars" to citizens, which in turn also makes them constipated. Aachi and Ssipak are street hoodlums who struggle to survive by trading black market Juicybars. Through a chain of events involving their porn-director acquaintance Jimmy the Freak, they meet a porn star named Beautiful, who gets a pink ring inside her butt which makes her defecations rewarded by exceptional quantities of Juicybars. For that reason, Beautiful is also wanted by the violent blue mutants known as the Diaper Gang (led by the Diaper King), the police (most notably the cyborg police officer Geko), and others.


Looks great. Reminds me of Dead Leaves (highly recommend).


File: 1608528916932.png (1.52 MB, 827x1210, Gendo revolutionary.png)

This is a pretty funny one. Gendo Ikari is an overly enthusiastic NERV party leader with some rather leftist ideals. Of course the main part of the doujin is Asuka-Shinji stuff.


>communist anime
do you mean donghua?


Some Russians dedicated an entire website to analysing Ergo Proxy.


Russian weebs don't like to do anything in half-measures apparently.


>was gonna reply to this with "BASED"
>realized it's my own fucking post
Slow board?


Lelouch is hilarious. I love how everybody except him is a retarded moralfag or a batshit crazy nazi genocidaire or both.


Ending is Peak Idealism.


I had stop watching/reading it. BnHA made that angry. Everyone gobbles up this shit with a smile on their face while I just couldn't stop thinking about how the society it describes is a dystopia for me. The state is not just privatized, but an integral part of the spectacle where everyone worhsips it. Even normal capeshit is not this bad. Superheroes there are always vigilanties or maybe part of some secret agencies. The latter is still somewhat excusable since in practice they are nothing like secret services IRL. But in this piece of trash heroes are literally superstar police officers. I hope that blue-haired guy with the hands on his face will murder every single hero. Especially thay faggot deku.


Imagine setting an anti-war film during WW2.


You do realize that is how anti-war films work best right? By displaying the horrific consequences of war? Idiot


You can describe horrors of war all you want, but unless the character comes to the conclusion that the war was a massive waste and not worth participating in, it's not an anti-war film. Period. Dipshit.


>hurr if the character doesn't exposit everything then that means he doesn't understand that war is bad dipshit!!!
You're an absolute fucking idiot. There are countless anti-war films where the characters never state "war is bad" or "I hate what war does" etc. etc. because there is no fucking need, it is DEMONSTRATED. That is the entire point of visual media you fuckball.
Look at the many Vietnam War films where the beastly nature of the conflict is shown… is that pro-war because the characters don't whine about how they hate fighting or some shit? Or is because you have the interpretive capacity of a worm and need it all spelled out for you? Then let me simplify this for you, double-dumbass, "A picture paints a thousand words" and a motion picture does even more.


>there were never movies that depicted horrors of war while definitely being pro-war propaganda
Since you have only enough mental capacity to spew insults, here's a video explaining everything in an understandable way.



>movies that depicted horrors of war while definitely being pro-war propaganda
&ltmental capacity to spew insults
- poor attempts at Veiled ad hominum
- ignoring the main point/nitpicking at insults
- shifting goal-posts
- no u
Wow you really are a champ at mental gymnastics to pack so much fallacy in one smart-ass sentence.
>smug posting of video
&ltjust watch this long video because I don't understand what I'm talking about
Stellar argumentation… or that is to sarcastically say, you have none.

Let me break it down WHY
We start off with the initial reply
>Imagine setting an anti-war film during WW2
There is nothing implying that the film is pro-war and no explanation as to why setting it in WW2 nullifies its anti-war themes. The only conclusion to be made is that setting a film with clear depiction of the worst of war is somehow bad.
So then the goalpost is moved
>describe horrors of war all you want, but unless the character comes to the conclusion that the war [is bad], it's not anti-war
Which again is not an argument, because that is an essential part of the film even if it is not spoken. You see this in something like Platoon where different characters and their different attitudes to the war and killing are shown, with some who don't care, some who like it, but more often than not, people who hate it, but bury it under drugs, duty and survival. All of this is clearly anti-war, without exposition about "I conclude war is bad".
Then you decide to fucking move the goalposts again
>hurr a movie showing war horrors can be pro-war too!!!
As if this was even up for debate at all? It has nothing to do with the initial post or its responses.

I really suggest you rewatch the video that you sent, for one I can debate some of the points being made, but even that basic understanding and analysis by The Closer Look, shows a much better understanding than your schizophrenic crying (especially since the example of an anti-war film, Saving Private Ryan, is depicted in WW2, negating the statement of Post 1).

However to further elaborate, the video uses a rather poor explanation for why American Sniper is pro-war. The idea that war is necessary sometimes or that a soldier can view his actions as right, is not Pro-war, it is neutral. Admitting that a film has grey themes but then trying to place it on either pro-war or anti-war with no neutral inbetween is contradictory.
Moreover the entire thesis relies solely on American depictions of war and omits Soviet representation of war or even European ones. The best film about Stalingrad IMO is one made by German film-makers and follows a group of German soldiers and Soviet films like Come and See are terrifyingly anti-war.

The whole "no matter what a war film can be seen as glamorous" is fucking bullshit, because a single film can only influence a viewer to a certain extent, for someone to see Full Metal Jacket and think "Oh yeah I wanna fight a war!" comes from militaristic and violence-glorifying culture of American pop-culture. It's a simple Base-Superstructure interaction.

TL;DR Your argument is nonexistant and the video does more to prove my point than your own inane rambling.


>American Sniper
I forgot to elaborate. The movie is not pro-war, in the sense that it does not glorify war. A viewer may interpret it this way, but interpretation is individual and caused by the social environment a person lives in. What American Sniper is, is a pro-imperialist film, because it tries to justify invasions in the Middle East by riding on the human sympathy of a soldier's story. The difference is HOW this is depicted. In American Sniper, the soldier is glorified and portrayed as an all round patriotic, upstanding American citizen; a falsity. Full Metal Jacket does none of this, the recruits, volunteer or conscription are all a mess of gangly head-shaved youths who may or may not have patriotic feelings but are flawed humans that under actual duress of war (and even drill training) do not show life as the shining golden spectacle that we see in American Sniper. They're dirty, they act like pigs sometimes, their worst and best sides come out because its adapt or die. There is no glory, even in any depicted heroics, especially in a war like Vietnam because there isn't even the post-war conclusion that "hey I fought for my country's freedom" like those who fought the Nazis in WW-2 could be acknowledged for.


>Ctrl+F "Dororo"
>0 Results


One of the few war films generally regarded as anti-war in the Truffautian sense is Come and See which is a WW2 film.


Then be the first one to post about it.


i hope this gets made into a donghua it would better than like what 90% of the donghua rn


thats why boku no hero was banned in china


Seriously? Damn…


File: 1608528957879.jpg (45.79 KB, 750x419, Uzaki.jpg)

Not communist but the funny thing is, the show does have good advice:
- Social isolation is terrible for one's mental health. Go out and meet people, especially in college.
- Along the same vein, constantly playing video games is unhealthy, and you may develop an addiction when coupled with the aforementioned isolation.
- Better to have a few close friends that you spend quality time with than to have a 100 "friends" that you barely talk to in a month (looking at you, Komi-san).
- Your HS accomplishments are basically worthless after graduation. Don't be the person who peaked in high school or suffer under capitalism.
- If possible, try to find a part-time job somewhere anywhere. Some sort of working experience is needed in every career you wish to enter.


>Social isolation is terrible for one's mental health.
This is wrong.
> If possible, try to find a part-time job somewhere anywhere.
This is not just wrong, but harmful.


>This is wrong
&ltBeing a Hikki NEET is fine!!!
&ltdon't work, just LARP as an anti-working communist (liberal)!
&ltDon't get a part time job so that you can learn how to survive and put away some money for hard times, just be a martyr for a cause that isn't unified or existing yet!
Fuck off rich faggot. Not everyone can afford to be a middle-class leech and use that to fund their virtue signalling tantrums.


Studying is a full time job. People who work part-time during it sabotage their own education.


Studying is not a JOB. It is work, but it isn't paid and it is on you, especially under a capitalist system. Student loans won't pay themselves off just because you studied hard. Working part time isn't always possible, but it certainly is helpful.


Gurren Lagann


>kemono and fags
Gay furry nigga shit


File: 1608528968761.jpg (111.67 KB, 1242x1416, i64ylp9t3ji51.jpg)

Someone give me a Marxist analysis of Highschool DxD's society(s). I need it for research (really).


What's the anime in the header image that has that "Revolutionary Federation" text on it?


Hell yeah my favorite anime with absolutely no political subtext is "communist".


nice facebook image, faggot


File: 1608528997030.jpg (715.02 KB, 773x1000, Maofuta.jpg)

So I was browsing the internet and came across a hilarious attempt at a an-com take of Futa-bu! which is a /d/-tier hentai. I'm gonna post it here just for fun I don't actually think its accurate myself or agree with it.
>"Futa-bu!, or Futa Club, is a Japanese pornographic animation known for featuring female characters with both male and female genitals. While it is usually dismissed as only serving erotic purposes, it has profound political undertones. It centers around the Futa club, an organization of feminine hermaphrodites, known as futanari, who freely indulge in their sexual desires. Through my own research, I believe that this is an allegory of an authoritarian socialist state from the criticial perspective of an anarchist.
>Asakura Mao is the president of the club. She has the largest penis by far, which she uses to enforce her rule and defend her position as the leader. The president is a symbol of the state. Anarchists believe that the state can only exist through coersion and violence. Instead of coercing her inferiors with an armed force such as the police, she enforces her rule using her genitals. If she chose to, she could dominate them to suppress a revolution.
>The president's name is a direct reference to Mao Zedong, further supporting the assertion that she represents the leader of an authoritarian socialist state such as communist China.
>We must ask ourselves this: Why are they hermaphrodites? Traditionally, males are seen as dominant and females are seen as submissive. Penis size becomes a symbol of the ability to dominate, while female genitals symbolize the ability to be dominated. Throughout the hierarchy of the Futa club, the most well-endowed are higher in rank.
>The other futanari are slightly lesser ranking, but hold some authority. Their positions are comparable to members of the Chinese Communsit Party, soldiers, or police officers.
>Niimura Akane is the only character who isn't a hermaphrodite. She is completely female. She represents the civilian working class, a class with no authority in the hierarchy of an authoritarian leftist state. Despite her lack of power, she is shown to be quite powerful. She excels in fallatio and she could easily have intercourse with the president. Because of Mao's long and girthy phallus, Akane wasn't expected to take it without great pain. However, she seems to feel very little pain. Mao commented that if she could take her "monster cock", she must have a "monster pussy". This represents the great power of that the proletariat hold over the state. Every far leftist is aware that the workers, or the 99%, significantly outnumber their oppressors, therefore hold extreme revolutionary potential. Akane never overthrows Mao because she lacks the will to do so. Only a class conscious proletariat can revolt.
>Futa-bu! also criticizes liberal reform. Marxists often critcize liberal reform in regards to center-left ideologies such as social democrats. Futa-bu! directs these same criticisms towards the authoritarian far left. The characters attempt to suppress Mao's power by physically restraining her and preventing her penis from being erect. However, she always manages to overcome them and enters a violent state of sexual arousal.
>In this review, I do not intend to make any political statement. I am simply analyzing the political intent behind this specific work. If you disagree with anarchism as an ideology, don't direct that towards me. If you wish to discuss this, discuss the artistic intent behind Futa-bu! and nothing else. I'm just explaining how it was used as an artistic device in this particular work."

A response to this was also amusing.
>"I think you could see a bit of a different message in Futa-bu!! ep. 2 (from the second "season"). In that episode, there is a foreign futanari who comes to challenge the club. I believe it is implied that she is American, so we could interpret her as an imperialistic invader.
>She defeats and detains all of the other girls, including Akane (even with the help of technology, the working class is helpless). It is only by the strength of president Mao that the foreigner is defeated. This seems more apologetic of the authoritarian socialist state as a means of protecting the working people against imperialism. It is notable that this is sometimes used as a historical explanation as to why socialist experiments like the USSR and PRC became so authoritarian."


How would you know that? You do on facebook a lot? I certainly don't.
Ok whiner.


Yes, Cells at Work was 'le big communist manga' on leftypol and leftyweebpol and even reddit a fe years before 8chan went down.


They can't handle such facts


>Fang of the sun Dougram
>Kill la Kill
>Little Witch Academia
>Any Miyazaki movie
>Revolutionary Girl Utena
>the chinese Marx anime
>Most of Gundam especially the original
>Patlabor 2 and related media
>Youjou Senki >>1612
>Shin Sekai Yori
>Aachi & Ssipak
>Cells at Work
>First Squad (russian)

There's some obscure anime about Japanese college students who take part in the 80s student revolts but I forget its name


File: 1608529003885.jpg (158.91 KB, 2204x284, i love wojak!!!!.jpg)

Social media niggers like you can be smelled from a mile away.


I think you just need to take a shower, pseud.


Apparently Blood TLV and Astro Boy have some themes that are suitable possibly.

There are also probably several Chinese anime that are about the guerilla war efforts in the civil war. Translated subs might not be there for those, though. This baka has also forgotten where those anime series were.


File: 1608529004105.png (319.98 KB, 766x542, comintern.png)

Here is a screencapture of that, actually. There's also the British labour cartoon that is called Beaks to the Grindstone, which is somewhere there too.


>The Tale of K.I.S.
Juche history quite heavy novelisation


You need to go back, /v/ermin.


It's cool and occasionally fun, but the Soviet anti-Japanese arc and the Arduous-march arc sometimes come off somewhat lacking originality. Also, the MC is totally overpowered, not only being born near Mount Paektu but also able to expound the basics of the Juche theory and do gorilla warfare. The part where the group fights off the biological bombardment was very based though.

It's not a bad start, though. The next MCs in the sequels develop big Taepedongs and attract respect from over worldwide, so the Gary-Stu-ness doesn't at all end, by the way.


COPE samefag. Imagine being so mad over a question post about a silly show. Redditors like you need to >>>/GET/ >>>/out/


File: 1608529006983.jpg (61.28 KB, 693x576, Kai.jpg)

In Beyblade one of the main characters, Kay, is a russian and the final arc of the first series is set in Russia. There are stereotypes here (the russians never smile, although they have an in-universe explanation, they are the antagonists or to be more precise antagonists later turned heroes) but there is something that Russian audience would definitely like: the Russian characters are portrayed as much stronger and better than the American characters! Plus Kay is by far the most popular and beloved character of the series for his bad boy attitude. And while the russians are portrayed as antagonists, they're presented as victims of the oppression of a warlord who is japanese. Once they are freed from him, they became good guys and friendly people.


File: 1608529007100.png (307.08 KB, 512x453, sovani.png)


OP said good, not 30-minute toy commercials.


There's a manga based on the book "the unwomanly face of war".


The one where you kill yourself on liveleak


Ok, stay mad


File: 1608529007817.png (425.28 KB, 690x920, Sukhoi dekai.png)

An Uzaki meme for you


- welcome to the NHK is some kind of quirky parody on alienation in society

- there is literally an anime about karl marx called "the leader", havent watched it though

- gurren lagann is about… revolution and no nazi shit so thats kinda left i guess

- same for code geass

- accel world maybe, havent watched it yet


accel world is about a simp who gets a good fighting game character that he can't control because he is a naive fat piece of shit.


I don't know why but I detested accel world for some reason, the character just annoyed the shit out of me.
>inb4 you hate fat people/you hate yourself for being fat
I've never been fat in my life and I don't detest fat characters given that I grew up on and enjoyed media like Carlson and Fat Albert


Anime is a product of capitalism


Anime is a hybrid of art and business but to think anime wouldn't exist without capitalism is just plain dumb.


There would be a whole lot less of it that's for sure


Substitute anime with anything that has ever been produced in the last 200 years and it is still true. Are you new here?


File: 1608529020394.mp4 (4.56 MB, 640x360, Marx-book-power.mp4)

The Ancient Dogoo Girl TV-series: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ancient_Dogoo_Girl

'Tokusatsu' is a genre, basically meaning "heavy use of special effects": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokusatsu

And yes the subs are real


Future boy Conan is the best and easiest to access. Complete in youtube, and directed by Miyazaki. Spectacular animation for its age.


>lists a bunkerchan image

Deca-Dence is a recent one that has a strong anti capitalist message.


i think its impossible to like genunley discuss anime here everyone is trying to vampire castle eachother in some purity test so no one rerally wants to discuss it sucks i blame the maoists and hoxhists


no;the section american pop-culture who obsseses over luxury is
C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control have anti-capitalist messages



I've heard this^ was about the Sanrizuka struggle.


holy shit that webm is epic, im dead laughing


File: 1608529040321.gif (177.72 KB, 428x427, 1442716599944.gif)

Holy shit


&ltNo Outbreak Company
Ok https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outbreak_Company

Basically like GATE except without fashoid ideology


>Shinichi Kanou is a young secluded otaku who is offered a job thanks to his vast knowledge of anime, manga, and video games. However, just after meeting his new employer, he is kidnapped, awakening in an alternate world with a fantasy setup. Shinichi is then informed that he was in fact selected by the Japanese government to help improve his country's relations with this new world by establishing a company to spread the unique products of the Japanese culture to this new, unexplored market.
How does that play out?


Nigga, that's spoiling the anime, just watch it.


File: 1608529047254.jpg (31.89 KB, 214x355, a-world-that-i-rule.jpg)

Reposting my old post from /leftyweebpol/

An interesting hentai doujin with leftist ideas is called A World That I Rule by an author called rozer.

(Spoilers for the basic plot)

Its about a bully who gets transported into an alternate reality where there are indigenous elves living harmoniously in a primitive communist tribal society. He eventually develops feelings for a girl, and later envy when he sees the girl fucking another elf (all they do is fuck each other). So he manipulates them through using food and introducing the concept of private ownership. He develops a class based society, appointing himself as king, then creating nobles who have special privileges, and slaves who break his laws for taking food for trees that isn't theirs. And he sometimes justifies what he does by telling the elves that without him, "society" would crumble despite the fact that he essentially crumbled their world and it turned to chaos. Eventually he left the island and got to another where he chose to simple integrate and not rule and in doing so didn't cause any destruction. It is quite similar in some aspects to Lord of the Flies.

The most ironic thing is that literally many of the comments to the doujin were like 'that world is so nice, but fuck the MC for fucking it up!'. Which is yet another display that most people support communist ideology as long as it isn't outright called communism/socialism.

In a way this 40 chapter webcomic is a demonstration that anarchism/stateless communism can't work when not in a bubble. Something to note in the original Communist theory is that the steps are usually a transition of capitalism to socialism and then to communism (which is stateless). However something many people seem to forget is the concept of global socialism. In other words, for communism to be achieved and not be disrupted as with these elves, the entire world needs to be FIRST SOCIALIST and then be edged into communism. In the webcomic the MC leaves to a new island and learns from his mistake… but we don't have another planet comparable to Earth to flee too, so humanity can't afford to burn it down, we need to know better.

Here is the link to the full 40 chapters: https://mangahub.io/manga/a-world-that-i-rule_101
The nhentai link with commentary at the bottom: https://nhentai.net/g/177653/


Boku no Pico is down with gay pedophilia so does that count?


If you haven't noticed the tendency towards loli and Epstein on this site; pedos get the rope.


The story was decent but I couldn't fap to it.


Coomer kek



Commie anime cuties unite!


WSWS has a pretty comfy review for Grave of the Fireflies


The Boondocks


Based also Boondocks thread >>>/hobby/15502


File: 1608529089293-1.png (519.19 KB, 648x1306, Sugoi Dickai.png)

Especially the Senpai worship
>SUKHOI dekai
Top kek, sadly not enough to play around with as a meme, even if pic 2 related was funny





We have a shonen-shit and DBZ shit thread m8. Also a 5 image post limit comr8


Ok, I know what I'm reading tonight.


File: 1608529130505.jpg (16.17 KB, 210x210, 0014503547_41.jpg)


>from the new world
>incredibly based, anons. but i don't think it has anything to do with communism at all.
Well Squealer overthrew feudalism among Queerats and started an industrial revolution, you've got to start from somewhere.

I'm still salty that the author's take on the whole thing was (if Saki represents his view, that is) that everything the psyker humans did was justified because muh human potential (at least this was the justification given in the book by Saki, the show just skips to her happily breeding murdercats with no second thoughts).


interesting shitpost


File: 1616053575363.png (298.46 KB, 1206x621, sdchsh.png)

This is called [i]Four Times Across Scarlet Waters[/i].


how is Joshiraku maoist someone please explain


But Mao isn't some tyrannical president fucking others into submission, in fact she's pretty reluctant into performing sexual activities unless excited by others. Her position as president just comes about because she has the biggest dick while Sumika (glasses girl) is pretty much the real leader of the club recruiting new members and organizing club activities.
As for Akane, she's not some poor oppressed girl being raped by everyone, she willingly joined to be the club's living onahole.


Pretty sure the author is notorious for being netouyo, anon is just having a laff.


File: 1617279797217.gif (349.47 KB, 474x268, despair.gif)

The guy has even worked for the Japanese government.
Watch/read his infinitely better stuff like SZS or Kakushigoto instead.


there are studies that show uni success drop significantly if you also work part time

>&ltBeing a Hikki NEET is fine!!!

not going that far, but not everyone like to be around ppl all the time. If you have some good friends, I see no reason to specifically seek out new ppl (although a big social network can always be leveraged usefully, not everyone want to bother with that)


Man you really have to be the ultimate weeb to enjoy that. Only watched one episode and it was just some cunts arguing about how kanji’s should be written


>SZS was made by a Japanese rightoid glowie
Not him but that certainly put me off a little.


It's easily one of my favorite anime. Biggest case of "separate work from author" for me.


>Four Times Across Scarlet Waters
i cant find this. i suspect it's a donghua but nothing is showing up for me even w that parameter


source? I am not going believe a random an chinese tapestry forum


Kumeta is a disillusioned and grumpy old leftist and the Japanese left during his youth coalesced around nationalism in opposition to imperial America, cryptofascist right-wing elements that formed the postwar anti-Soviet government with America's blessing, and the examples of American-funded fascism in South Korea and Taiwan before the post-cold war reforms.


The old Japanese "left" was weird as fuck.
So he's actually a (ex-)leftist?


File: 1618073445087.png (100.74 KB, 688x625, Laughing_man.png)

Being a walking meme before it was cool.


Was talking about an anime in Cytube.

I definitely recommend Speed Grapher. Watch it alone because this doesn't hold back anything and has a lot of sex, gore and shit involved.


The anime is not very communist, but the picture in the quoted was sort of funny and thus was posted.


Most anime are reactionary and centrist shit. You're in the wrong medium if you want leftist takes. Any otaku medium is inherently anti-leftist for that matter. It's just otakus trying to get off to moe girls.


This. Just watch the hidden gems and move on


>Most anime are reactionary and centrist shit
15 years ago I'd disagree, but at this point the mass produced shite has overwhelmed the old stuff.
>just otakus trying to get off to moe girls
That's more the community than anime itself.


All media is like that in a capitalist society, its only some leftist individuals/small groups that create media with leftist ideals.


>uni success drop significantly if you also work part time
And I know from personal experience that this is both an individual problem (some can pull it off and some can't) and that even if uni grades are poorer, its better to be a mediocre student but not have huge loans, than be a POSSIBLY better student and live the rest of your life paying college debt with 0 insurance that the major your took will let you get the jobs you aim for.



THIS. It was litteraly an inspiration for zengakuren movements.

<nobody mentionning Shigeru Mizuki

you should really read his bio and his autobiographical work. really good stuff.


File: 1630382582441.png (270.12 KB, 266x404, ClipboardImage.png)

In 1969, Shonen Jump published a 3 chapter miniseries called Kakumeiji Guevara by Miyawaki Shintaro (author of Rapeman). There's little to no info about it online and the only scans of it are of the title pages. The actual content remains to be seen, worsened by the fact that it never appeared to be collected in a tankobon release.


File: 1630382727661.png (106.05 KB, 160x219, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1630441361908.png (315.72 KB, 540x767, z Blaster Knuckle.png)

"Blaster Knuckle" is a manga about a black guy who decides to make it his mission to literally punch the shit out the KKK.


File: 1630441676911.jpg (88.97 KB, 379x537, Unwomanly Face of War.jpg)

“The Unwomanly Face of War Vol. 1” by Kadokawa Corp. The name is a clear reference to the Nobel winning The Unwomanly Face of War by Svetlana Alexievich, which details excerpts from many female soldiers of the war.




I didn't know this was being translated and Koume Keito is a fantastic artist.


File: 1630520614267-0.jpg (57.94 KB, 350x503, kutsuzure_sensen.jpg)

File: 1630520614267-1.jpg (285.95 KB, 1135x1600, 0014-005.png.jpg)

Kutsuzure Sensen
>Author is a sovietaboo
>one of the only openly pro-communist manga
>fan translators dropped it halfway through
>Pick it up a while later and finish it
It's a whimsical take on ww2 featuring characters from Russian folklore. Here's the author's (Hayami Rasenjin) website

Manga: https://mangasee123.com/manga/Kutsuzure-Sensen-Majo-Vasenka-No-Sensou

I only found out about this due to some images on Sankaku (before the paywalls) and "Записки эльфа-танкиста" whose site is now gone (but they still have a livejournal).


File: 1630520652400.jpg (764.57 KB, 1744x2483, 91mPnQzL-QL.jpg)

Yes indeed, it's quite enjoyable that such a work exists.


File: 1630520774617-0.jpg (485.2 KB, 1226x1744, rainbowtrotsky.jpg)

File: 1630520774617-1.jpg (560.76 KB, 1090x1551, inuiandtatsumi.jpg)

Speaking of Sovietboo manga, Rainbow Trotsky translations when; Inui & Tatsum translations when? Yoshikazu Yasuhiko needs more attention outside of Gundam and Venus Wars.


Anyone else disappointed that while Ascendance of a Bookworm does focus on class relations of its fantasy feudal world, our protagonist from the modern world doesn't critique the system as well Hank Morgan from A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court did? Sure Motosu/Myne is far more disadvantaged but even when she explained why she wants to help the orphans to Ferdinand she comes off as having no modern perspective on the problem or any grand idea of what she wants to replace the existing system with. Outside empowering the merchant and artisan class with her modern knowledge and crushing the nobles with superior magical ability, she has no plan going forward.


File: 1630522970593.jpg (201.83 KB, 1080x1838, Soviet GATE.jpg)

Speaking of GATE, while the actual anime is pretty much military propaganda and nationalism - seriously the latter half is just Japanese corporations committing imperialist exploitation as a bid to get free of the USA as a background to the MC's harem - there are some really good fanfics using the USSR as an interesting alternative, with the idea being Communist Revolution etc.
Unfortunately most of these fanfics are Russian, on ficbook.net because English-speaking fanfic authors can't write the USSR without pulling a Red Dawn or having awful grammar and pacing.
- Soviet Union circa 1939 gets invaded near Stalingrad and gets repelled by Soviet forces alerted by the Militia (only begun, 2 long chapters): https://ficbook.net/readfic/10855889
- AU Soviet Union that won the Cold War and got its space efforts to already build on Mars and the Moon accidentally creates a portal to the world of GATE when attempting to create a portal to their moon base( 10 long chapters, incomplete): https://ficbook.net/readfic/10384051
- 1960s USSR with Catgirls proceeds to steam roll and bring Communism to the Empire, freeing the people (nearly complete, sequel in progress): https://ficbook.net/readfic/7692575
sequel - https://ficbook.net/readfic/9229513
Another fic that's sort of GATE like but is the USSR in the Avatar Last Airbender World (season 2) brining peace and communism to the lands ravaged by war: https://ficbook.net/readfic/8437578

A similar webnovel: https://www.webnovel.com/book/rise-of-the-ussr-in-another-world_14573405006887305


Inui & Tatsumi sounds cool, comments on amazon jp complaining about it being too leftist is a good sign. Might be cool to organize a scanlation group for it.


that great thanks


>In any case, Kajiwara Ikki's hugely influential sports trinity of the late '60s (Star of the Giants, Tomorrow's Joe, Tiger Mask), transformed Weekly Shounen Magazine from something read by only kids into acceptable reading material for college students. While the main characters Hyuuma and Tiger Mask of Star of the Giants and Tiger Mask were popular, it was particularly Yabuki Joe that many Dankai youths who participated in the student protests of the '60s identified with.

>The tale of the so-called Yodogō Group — the members of Sekigun-ha (Red Army Faction) who carried out Japan’s first ever airplane hijacking in 1970 — is a strange one. The surviving hijackers, if they hadn’t tried to commandeer a JAL airplane and fly it to Cuba, would be collecting their pensions by now. Instead, they are stuck in limbo in North Korea, unable to return to Japan.

>But even stranger than their lofty ambitions, perhaps, was their choice of language. When they announced their remarkable stunt, they finished off the grandiose proclamations of world revolution with a curious phrase: Ware ware wa ashita no jō de aru (We are Ashita no jō). This is a reference to a popular manga at the time and was the leftists’ way of communicating that they were the Everyman; at heart, they were just ordinary former college kids. And like the eponymous Joe, they were fighters.


I love this kind of artstyle, older anime really had uniqueness compared to modern stuff, where each anime has the same generic face design.

Back in the 60s and 70s the Japanese Youth were really revolutionary, no wonder they identified with such based stuff.


link faggolo


File: 1631827256622.png (187.33 KB, 259x310, ClipboardImage.png)

Do you not kno ho to do a basic google search? Ya need to be spoonfed?
It's reposted on other sites like maybe 2x including on MAL that's it, so it ain't a hard article to locate.



File: 1632535751579.png (569.68 KB, 352x550, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1633319598261.png (816.46 KB, 1350x1920, 1629444343521.png)

Oh, Our General Myao - Aa, Warera ga Myao Shogun
Matsuda Kouta, Morichika


I was told by someone in the industry in Japan basically the entire staff of Gundam are communists.


Hobby Communists is the translation from Japanese (similar to the creator of Tanya the Evil). That being said, this doesn't make Gundam communist though some aspects do appear in the stories. This discussion fits more in the mech thread >>845


New anime about an alternate timeline space race dropped. Follows a russian boy and a vampire girl aiming to become the first people in space.


Kino as fuck if this holds up, hopefully "muh evul gommies" isn't going to be a theme.


File: 1635005134675.jpg (124.74 KB, 639x1090, r2wkfc0eu6v71.jpg)

And now there's also Squid Game…

S. Korea has produced more leftist movies in 20 years than Japan in 5-6 decades. Shame on you, Japan.


File: 1635006106045.jpg (351.64 KB, 905x1280, Ea1xVSTUEAA1G7y-1.jpg)

The third season of Golden Kamuy becomes unexpectedly anarchist but I won't spoil much. It's also strongly anti-war.

Just watch it, it's amazing aside from the cheap 3d bears in the first episodes.


OK I think I might actually read the manga this time.


In my opinion it's not that good. It's just The Running Man + Battle Royale but having all the plot and levity cut out for edge and shock gore. It's like someone thought Hunger Games and it's half dozen ripoff series hadn't milked the niche enough; this entire show can be considered as the writers went "what if we made adults wear PJs and do kids shit but DEATH"

TL;DR: Just watch Kaiji


Just to repost some good takes I read;
>here pleb watch this KPOP """anti-capitalist""" TV show, it's all the rage right now
>oh wait the show is made by South Korean media industry
>oh wait the profits are fed back into South Korean media industry
>oh no this only spurs Western porkies to back South Korean median industry with more investment
The show is outright proof of how most supposedly anti-capitalist media is full of shit. At best it’s another Saw movie ripoff and at worst it’s a Hunger Games meet Liar Game fagfic whose character development is nonexistent and whose plot needs to constantly have gore and violence spammed purely for shock value to keep the viewers attention. Simpsons already satirized sadistic Japanese gameshows in the 90s, over a decade before the recession created real demand for poverty abuse gameshows in yanksville. Heck They even dubbed Takeshi's Castle in English so Americans could enjoy the sadistic bloodsports. The 'rock' is a giant softball covered in hard, rock-texture paint so it's pretty painful


>"for my homies"


File: 1635180407746.png (1.98 MB, 985x1400, ClipboardImage.png)

On the planet of Hekiou, there is a continuing war between the first wave of immigrants and the second. An important section of the military uses a native creature, the Niebass, to give its soldiers translocation abilities. These soldiers are all women, with the alien creature transplanted into their wombs. Some people see this practice as a violation of human women by aliens, and Mana Oga’s boyfriend has a similar perspective on the matter. Mana Oga is a new soldier in this section, and the story follows her and the other women in her group who accept the alien creatures into their wombs in order to defend their homes.

It sounds like cuckolding TBH but the actual manga is decent http://www.mangahere.cc/manga/wombs/


File: 1635287872808.png (52.75 KB, 358x267, ClipboardImage.png)

>[As a result,] the realization of labor appears as negation to such an extent that the worker is negated to the point of starvation. The objectification appears as a loss of the objects to such an extent that the worker is deprived of the most necessary objects of life and labor. Moreover, labor itself becomes an object of which he can make himself master only by the greatest effort and with incalculable interruptions. Appropriation of the object appears as alienation to such an extent that the more objects the worker produces the less he possesses and the more he comes under the sway of his product, of capital.


I'm suprised nobody mentioned Dallos. It is literally a good anime about a socialist revolution against imperialists. The main character moves from ambivalence to supporting the worker's cause as he takes part in a revolution against the police deployed by the local bourgeois elite followed by the imperialist military. Striking is used as a way to cripple the bourgeois, however due to class traitors it fails. The show also looks really good. I highly recommend it. There is even a part where the machines of labour are used against imperialists. It does go into things such as religion and it also has some sympathy for certain reactionaries but is nevertheless a clearly socialist anime.


Imma be honest, I've never heard of Dallos, but it sounds absolutely based.


File: 1636740393181.jpeg (273.07 KB, 680x1000, kaibaprompart.jpeg)

No mention of Kaiba? Shame on you all. Kaiba takes place in a late stage capitalist dystopia where everything is comodified including the human body and memories. You could see it's plot as a allegory for alienation, psyops, and tendency of people to forget things important needed for class consciousness. Some characters are revolutionaries too. Even with ideology aside it has a pretty compelling story.


Thank you for reminding me about Wombs. I started reading it some time ago and it was really interesting. Very good sci fi


Ya welcome, just trying to help.

Didn't hear of it before TBH, Thanks.


i know that it was already mentioned here, but man is kill la kill incredibly clever. i'm rewatching this series and noticing how almost every single episode so far has delivered a message applicable to our current social and economic order. the honnouji academy is almost like a microcosm of our hyperstratified society
i feel kinda ashamed for binging it on my first watch


late stage capitalism


>Soviet Union circa 1939 gets invaded near Stalingrad and gets repelled by Soviet forces alerted by the Militia (only begun, 2 long chapters): https://ficbook.net/readfic/10855889
Got deleted for some reason sadly so here's the archived stuff I got from web-cache
chapter 1 https://archive.ph/0AESp
chapter 2 https://archive.ph/lS5Yg


bad take, better check this analysis by Kay & Skittles


>youtuber shit
no i won't give you views


Oh wait, it's bait


>no Miyazaki
>no Oshii
>no Kon
>no Takahata
>no Dezaki

that said belladonna of sadness and OG gundam are based


Should I watch the OG Gundam series or the movie trilogy?


I asked the exact same question last year
I decided to watch the movie trilogy. It was a very good experience and even though each movie was more than 2 hours long, I still wanted more, so now I want to watch the series for all the stuff I missed and because 80s anime feels comfier somehow.


Also I believe that watching the series first would've made it less enjoyable and harder to finish, especially because I wasn't used to old (pre-90s) anime. I had already tried with the first episode but it kinda felt like a drag, kek


Did it hold up?


1) Post in the leftist anime thread
2) You're literally reposting your post from the anime recc thread, this OP is doubly redundant.


The animation has some blood fetishism but it's okish? Not really my cup of tea but not the typical Klyukva you see in anime.


File: 1642563258890.jpeg (637.81 KB, 1432x2150, MCuNMYM.jpeg)

>ctrl+f "shiki"
>0 results


There's a layer of "bad gommies" over the whole thing but its a nice show if you can get over how hard they try to waifu bait Irinia


>Tomino's Gundam is a masterpiece because of how good the characters are.
Ah, so a troll thread.


Is there anything to recommend this season? I've checked out a few series and it's not looking good.
>Rose king
Compelling MC courtesy of the twice removed source material, but the art is very rough around the edges. I'll keep watching it.
>Police in a pod
I didn't know my copaganda could be this cute. Weird tonal shifts hamper this one - imagine if you will a *comedy* with statutory rape and domestic violence taking center stage in episode two. Two separate cases mind you!
>Sasaki to miyani
Boring and gay. I can deal with either but not both. There's no secondary plot thread/gimmick either like he wuxia in mdzs, it's just the gay and dick all else.
>Monster development department
Office comedy with a gimmick. Very lowbrow with big tiddies so far. Watchable as long as they don't load up to many annoying characters or pedobait. Fingers crossed.
>Fantasia sengo
Rips off better donghua, total trash.

Anything good out there?


>Boring and gay. I can deal with either but not both.
That's because you're not the target audience, retard-kun…




I dunno. Having the leads be into each other without antagonism or denial and exchanging bl smut right from ep one, with no special setting either, gives the story little to work with imo


Perfectly cromulent seasonal anime. Good Soviet aesthetics, clumsy anticommunist tropes without the communism (it's filtered into vague nationalism), adorkable waifu. And a twist ending if you'll believe it, a good one at that. But it generally lacks tension both in the romance and plot - you know she won't get gulag'd or there would be no show, and you know they'll get together because there is no competition (insert communism joke).


File: 1643054148036.png (623.25 KB, 809x1080, Eren_meets_Yeagerists.png)

Which anime is the one with most anti-capitalist underlying theme? I see some sort of criticism to something in it but I don't know if it does actually have some serious criticism or is it just your everyday criticism of life.


File: 1643055492814.jpg (91.3 KB, 960x720, mmm.jpg)

clannad: after story


File: 1643055859581.jpg (122.22 KB, 1440x1080, guts.jpg)

just be a guy with a big sword
fall in love with woman
be honourable
the double edged "sword" of anticapitalist media tho is that it usually runs in with anti-industrial stuff, like avatar - a communist anime will be harder to find.



File: 1643058920651.png (148.8 KB, 266x376, ClipboardImage.png)


explain this one


itt: if i like an anime it becomes communist, somehow


File: 1649715518194.png (2.22 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Best daughteru fighting the feudal class system by changing the material conditions.

Say "many books to you Comrade Main" for good luck.


See >>9762
Frankly this thread belongs in the Isekai thread since it's just too obscure an anime to garner much response (ergo 0 posts for the first 24 hours of the thread).


That's Koneko from DxD, dude.


>if i like an anime it becomes communist, somehow
Nice strawman


yes,death of the author is the only acceptable interpretation of any work.


based and kino. i love how there's actual narodnik terrorists as characters


File: 1651236953488-0.png (Spoiler Image, 935.6 KB, 468x1257, RoV.png)

File: 1651236953488-1.png (Spoiler Image, 633.57 KB, 1050x615, scarlet.png)

File: 1651236953488-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 652.33 KB, 1700x2571, fma.jpg)

Not very much "Marxist" or explicitly "Communist" anime is available currently, but that's about expected. So is any anime series that is potentially interpreted as slightly leftist-themed acceptable? Likely many works make social critique, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they'll go all the way and not simply give into despair.


Why did you spoiler this?


File: 1653750096498.jpeg (23.45 KB, 500x375, 1644275829283.jpeg)



File: 1654440837257.png (52.25 MB, 9926x4288, 000.png)

The manga is centered the Sanrizuka peasantry's struggle against the erection of an airport on their land and therefore echoes many of the themes discussed on this site. Anyways, you can download the first two chapters here: https://berndscans.blogspot.com/


How is this relevant?



Here we go: Left Wing Anime/Manga

Shigeru Mizuki's works - mostly historical or comical. His most famous work, Kitaro, is for children, but was designed to by nature close the gaps between peoples.
< [Hitler] is a revisionist semi-comical biography of Adolf Hitler and WW2. [Onward Towards our Noble Deaths] is a semi-autobiographical account of the Pacific War from the Japanese side. Focuses heavily on the abuse of troops and the horrible conditions of war. [Planet] is one of his many one shots, dealing with the dreamy escapism of a world without capitalists and the wealthy.

Yoshihiro Tatsumi's works - mostly one shot dramas about life on the underside of mid century Japanese society. Heavily critical of capitalism and the changing of society that left many men out in the lurch scraping by. Found in compilations typically. Excellent understanding of the male experience.
< [Good Bye], [Midnight Fisherman], [Abandon the Old in Tokyo] and [The Push Man] are the main chunks of his work translated. Each one coming from a somewhat different part of his life, each expresses his ideas in a different way through many short stories.

Yoshiharu Tsuge's works - art manga and slice of life series, generally. Often dealing with problems of mental illness. Also with works dealing with those that got caught outside of society or were screwed over by the system.
< [Munou no Hito] deals with a poor family dealing with a father that can neither make himself work a standard job, nor supply them otherwise. [Nejishiki] is a very eclectic examination of Japanese society and comes bundled typically with some interesting examinations of the capitalistic problems with mid century Japan.

Tadao Tsuge's works - brother of the previous. His works are much more focused on real life events and portraying society. Heavily focuses on the grimy underbelly of society and those that fell out of the capitalist system
< [Slum Wolf] and [Trash Market] are popular compilations.

Hirata Hiroshi's works - my pick for the #1 best unknown mangaka. Deals typically with feudal Japan with some incredibly sharp revisionist works showing the brutality and injustice of the system and the cultures created by it. Also has several works dealing with oppressed groups within Japanese society. Like the Burakumin.
< [Soregashi Kotsujiki ni Arazu] is a good starting point compilation. The [Chidaruma] set of manga is an interesting series dealing with largely the same plot and characters, but written differently based on Hirata's changes throughout life.

Shirato Sanpei's works, guy heavily 'canonized' ninja stuff in general with his manga. And beyond that heavily dealt with the oppressive nature of capitalist society via allegory and historical parallels.
< There's not much of his translated properly, but [Akame] is a great starting place and a very literal take on the concept of religion as the opiate of the masses. And the [Kamui] stories that VIZ translated are good, if not somewhat ripped out of context.

Osamu Tezuka's works. While he's mainly known for apolitical to blandly liberal manga like Astroboy or Black Jack, in reality much of Tezuka's library of works is very explicitly political. Heavily steeped in anti-racism, feminism, environmentalism and criticisms of capitalism.
< [Kuuki no Soko] is a good jumping off point for this, being a compilation of various one shots and short manga. [Message to Adolf] deals with fascism and nazism head on.

Riyoko Ikeda's works. Feminist and often dealing with revolutions and class disparities in relationships and lifepaths. Great for anyone with a heart for drama.
< [The Rose of Versailles] and [The Window of Orpheus] are obvious starting points. Both dealing with revolutions in France and Russia, respectively.

Tsurita Kuniko's works. Feminist and dealing with the societal mess of mid century Japan. Treads into the art manga area often. Excellent art styles and variety.
< [The Sky is Blue with a Single Cloud] is her major localized compilation. Touching upon many different topics.

Sakamoto Shinichi's works. Very eclectic and dramatic in writing and art. With focuses applied to those that come into conflict with capitalist society. And revolutions. Unique style of progressivism.
< [Innocent] is the main one here for being directly political.

Most of this list is from the 60s-70s, as that was the height of the Japanese socialist movement. I'm not as familiar with Japanese leftist manga/anime from later periods, so I'm interested in any others I can find.


>apolitical to blandly liberal manga like Astroboy or Black Jack
Do you have any reason at all for thinking this beyond "they're his most popular and thus not that good" hipsterism? Cuz if the average Tatsumi work is leftist then Black Jack & Astro Boy are super leftist.

Astro Boy openly shit on America and showed piles of Vietnamese children's corpses during its newspaper run. Black Jack is as class conscious as it gets; I could even tell when I was a normie teenage lib.


What you see as the "conservative" side in Gurren Lagann is not fundamentally wrong any more than the "progressive" side is fundamentally wrong. The show is, in simple terms, about "past and present coming together to create a path towards the future". I think its symbolism and philosophy goes way beyond politics but it's clearly saying old and new ways of thinking are both needed and should come together for true human evolution to occur.


explain this take, i don't know what you mean by
>old and new ways of thinking


The protagonists had a point. People like the village leader, Lord Genome and the Anti-Spiral also had a point. They were also wrong about some things. Old-timey knowledge and rebellious youth both serve their role.


not really incompatible with leftism though, and the parallels to marxist concepts are pretty blatant as well


such as-


like historical materialism represented by spirals
outside of marxism there's the obvious revolutionary themes with the taking back of the means of pro- i mean the mechs, creating a military organization to fight an eco-fascist state, the parallels to real revolutionary states having revisionists come into power, the opposition to reaction in general
i don't remember that much of the show because it's been years since i've seen it, but i could probably go on for much longer had i rewatched it recently


is this a "death of the author, meaning is in the eye of the beholder" interpretation or do you believe stuff like "historical materialism represented by spirals" was intended?


Tatsumi's works focus on the class conflict within Japanese society very commonly.
Abandon the Old in Tokyo for example about the encroachment of 'modernity' and new consumerist capitalism onto the old world of Japan.
They're heavily focused on the economic relations of the conflicts. The protagonists are deliberately members of the urban proletariat and their conflicts are almost always stemmed from their economic woes bleeding into other parts of their life.
Or there's an aspect of Japanese economic trouble that is focused on as the main driver of conflict. Run With the Midnight Train for example, and the real estate bubble.

Black Jack comparatively does criticize the wealthy and the like, but rarely through a substantially marxist lens. But instead through the standard liberal lens typically. There are bad wealthy people in the world, not "systemically the wealthy seek to exploit the workers". Black Jack himself is extremely wealthy and generally off-screen can be assumed to serve the wealthy for their special medical treatment outside of the morality tale plots.
Its a liberal criticism of society. Not that the world is systemically flawed, but that there are those within it that are flawed and cause trouble.
Astroboy is similar to that generally as well.

On the other hand a work of his like Scales Cape, dealing with an analogy for Minamata Disease, more substantially expresses properly Leftist ideas.


IIRC Tatsumi wasn't even deeply politically invested around that time based on Drifting Life; he didn't particularly understand the New Left protests beyond "well things are bad and I'm glad people are fighting back".
>Black Jack himself is extremely wealthy and generally off-screen can be assumed to serve the wealthy for their special medical treatment outside of the morality tale plots.
He always squeezes tons of money from the rich which he then either uses for charitable causes or to fund his work. Dude's hardly living the high life.


idk, maybe it was intended, maybe it was not
i know that a lot of trigger staff left gainax because they were treated like shit and that japan used to have a lot of people who believed based things up until fairly recently
i also know that for modern anime standards trigger's works are pretty left-leaning even at a first glance because simply because they dunk on some right-wing spooks and make corporations and authority the bad guys
my interpretation is more of a death of the author interpretation but i don't think it's unrealistic to think that trigger might have snuck some socialist themes into their mongolian puppet shows


File: 1657918433528-0.jpeg (44.41 KB, 275x404, Kaiba_poster.jpeg)

Kaiba takes place in a late stage capitalist dystopia where everything has been comodified including memories and people's bodies and there are people opposed to this. Also the recurrent antagonist is a cop, although he's not really portrayed as ill intended bad person, just doing his job.

>Is there anything to recommend this season?
Old post but gives me a reason to mention this without certainty where the narrative will go. Yurei Deco (also written as You 0 Deco) while being playful in tone it already is apparent it's a capitalist dystopia where what I make out to be a sort of social media clout cryptocurrency called "Love" is their economy and their primary product is digital goods called Deco (as in decoration). In first ep it literally has a teacher go on about how great neoliberalism is for freedom all while the MC is chatting with friends not paying attention. By second ep it makes it more apparent the kind of world they are in if you don't see it like I did right off.


I highly doubt it; they strike me as normie liberals esp given some stuff I've seen Nakashima uncritically praise; dude is a fan of the political writings of Yukari Watanabe who's a hardcore lib. The industry has changed hugely since the 60s when every other manga/anime creator was part of the new left and Trigger come across as just your average anime company that depends on animators REALLY, REALLY wanting to work in anime to be willing to put up with low pay and a shit work environment. Look at Takafumi Hori's desire to get away from the Japanese industry not going away while he was at Trigger. I wish my friend had archived it but they also had a dude into bara who upon leaving them tweeted "I'M FREE!" then deleted. Only specific examples I know but I hugely doubt Trigger are anywhere near a modern-day Mushi Pro.

As much as I think Nakashima is pretty lame now both personally and as a creator I still think Gurren is really really well written but I also don't think it takes any real-world political side.


Yuasa is a pretentious hack.

Kaiba and Devilman in particular are fucking awful, while Ping Pong at least has interesting enough animation to save it.


Elitist anime is almost always just fucking awful, it would be considered mediocre in any other genre but because its anime it gets this fucking cult status as being good art. its great for filtering pseuds though.


how is yuasa pretentious lol he's as honest as it gets

he's gotten more visually conservative on average which i don't like but mind game is one of the best animated films of all time
again how is he elitist. he just wants to tell basic human stories

would not call him leftist, he just comes off as a normie liberal to me, but he knows his shit


What the fuck is an "elitist anime"


a snarl word for anime that at least attempts to not be totally consoomerist.


That earlier anime had access to a large pool of inexpensive labor to exploit might have even contributed a fair part to its success, variety, and popularity. But such could be said about quite a few industries of course.


Again, the only way to really get "socialist"/Communism anime, as the normal, would be to build socialism/Communism.

People say that Mushi Pro wasn't exactly the best place to work either, although decent number of old anime from that period did have more leftist themes.


> hes as honest as it gets
that just means he writes overly sentimental schlock, dressed up with some 'experimental' animation - which is almost always fucking ugly. and his feeble character stories never make up for the story being fucking boring and having a terrible ending. i fucking hate yuasa, he's the most mawkish director on the scene.

like if you have friends and you recommended yuasa, youre a fucking clown, and you made your friends sit through mediocre and boring garbage in a medium that is supposed to be a dopamine drip.

> again how is he elitist.

the people that like and recommend him are elitist in that they hate "mainstream" shit like shounen, but aren't spergy enough to get really deep into 80s action anime and ultraman which is the based path if you are bored with popular shows.

They are pseuds.


>get really deep into 80s action anime and ultraman
how can you call people pretentious and pseuds and then type shit like this ahahah


being an otaku isnt pretentious especially since literally no one is impressed by it except other otaku, however passing off shallow no humour and melodramatic character stories as great direction in the field is.


>the people that like and recommend him are elitist in that they hate "mainstream" shit like shounen
I can't stand people who say "shounenshit" and I love Yuasa; I agree his anglo fans are often lame but the dude can't control that. there's normal people who like his stuff too.
>and his feeble character stories never make up for the story being fucking boring and having a terrible ending. i fucking hate yuasa, he's the most mawkish director on the scene.
exaggerated sentimentalism works very well in animation. do you also think Dezaki stuff is bad? the crying scenes in One Piece?

maybe it comes off as insincere to you but Mind Game helped me move forward in my early teens when I was sick of my shitty life and its cartoony extreme emotion hit just the right spot.
>dressed up with some 'experimental' animation - which is almost always fucking ugly.
the problem is that unique art styles are seen as either pretentious or "arthouse animation so much better than the sameface artless generic saucer eyed garbage" in English-speaking anime fandom because people are fucking stupid; again he has no control over that. Taiyo Matsumoto stuff like Ping Pong used to be mainstream when he was very active, Shin-chan is mainstream, fuck Mob Psycho is mainstream globally; there's a ton of "weird" looking stuff made for regular people in Japan and it's only Americans who are dumb about it. Even One Piece looks very uniquely stylized and had a super expressionistic movie by Mamoru Hosoda, again for mainstream audiences.
it doesn't matter if you're attaching yourself to self-described "high-class art appreciators" or not (protip actual rich snobby art world elites don't care about Yuasa); you're still basing your tastes around "what kind of person would I be if I liked this?" which is performative and pretentious.
From what I gather it used to be fine when they made cheap stuff and went to shit when they started making more high-budget projects, which is sad since I love the animation in stuff like 1001 Nights.


also lol
>no humour
watch Mind Game dummy


> do you also think Dezaki stuff is bad? the crying scenes in One Piece?
emotion != sentimentalism, lingering on it or making it seem deeper than it actually is it how it becomes sickly (think Romanticism). Yuasa is sickly in his depiction of it - mawkish - Devilman and Kaiba are prime suspects here.

> personal anecdote … Mind Game

I think Yuasa works best in movie format (I do like the Night walk with me girl movie) because his usual failing of dropping the second half doesn't feel quite as disappointing if you are only in it for 90 minutes. I haven't seen Mind Game but I really think he's better suited to the OVA rather than 12 ep series format.

> the problem is that unique art styles … cope

not even my argument, but I do think on top of it all his art in earlier installments is fucking ugly to look at. The superflat tatami galaxy style is fine when he doesn't run out of money (Devilman). Mononoke is I thing a much better anime (decent story) that really rested on having a fucking wild art style and direction. I'd probably include the first season of Mushishi here too just for some of the wild shit it did with CGI.

to recap I'm not saying Yuasa is pretentious because of his ugly art style. I'm saying his mediocre self-righteous stories - that always fall apart in the second half - dressed up with his ugly art style is seen as something greater than its parts, which is garbage.

> Mob Psycho

every fight scene is made by the same legends that work on MHA, Mob is barely unique or have terribly interesting direction. Shaft shows have more creative decisions tbqh.

> art snobs

completely irrelevant, and goal post moving. My point has been from the start that his shit is mediocre, I just want people in this thread to know that Kaiba is trash and a waste of time - you would be better watching all of Gundam, even the bad ones like Wing - and by proxy you are trash and a waste of time.

subhuman iq green tagger


thinking on it more, I have a critical issue with Yuasa stuff though - even the one movie I liked - none of it is fun. It's why I would never in good-conscience recommend any of his stuff to a dear friend.


I meant the Mob manga, not the anime.

I don't think everything Yuasa made is a masterpiece and I'm not a gigantic fan of Kaiba or Crybaby but you already like You like Night Is Short, Walk on Girl and Ping Pong so watch Mind Game. It's his best thing by a long shot.
Mind Game is fun as hell


>Tien Shan Gonzhu (Princess Iron Fan)
One of the first animation films released in Japan having a running time close to that of a feature film. It was first released in 1941, at a time when Japanese animation and animation as whole was still in its infancy. Producing an animation film with a length like that was a feat in itself. As the name suggests, this was actually a Chinese animation. Japan at that time banned the release of foreign works, but this film was considered domestic since the city where it was produced, Shanghai, was under Japanese occupation. The story mostly builds on Chinese folklore and also contains heavy anti-Japanese and anti-war themes which were edited out and dubbed over before the theatre release in Japan, with only moderate success.


I hugely doubt someone from within the industry in Japan said that; maybe a projecting token gaijin. Their views are pretty well known there. Yasuhiko specifically said Marxism is bad; Tomino doesn't identify as left or right and specifically dislikes "ideology".


Tomino is now extremely anti-war but Yasuhiko is not. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2015-12-29/mobile-suit-gundam-animation-director-says-series-pro-war-message-is-a-mix-up/.97054

Miyazaki is a big fan of Otto Carius and nazi tanks; I don't think that makes him a closet nazi.


File: 1658524471920.png (821.77 KB, 700x440, miyazaki otto carius.png)

Miyazaki made a manga about how cool Otto Carius was and befriended him in real life. Note Carius' personal memoir starts with an intro that makes it very clear he took nazi views to the grave and was proud of his actions in WW2 (the same book Miyazaki based his manga on, at that).

Is Miyazaki a nazi? No, he's a military otaku (even if he wouldn't be caught dead identifying with the term)


Miyazaki joined the communist party of Japan at one point…


Garbage, actually the worst manga I have ever read


Miyazaki is NAZBOL


>Tomino specifically dislikes "ideology"
Sounds like a marxist to me. :^)



>Some people still say I'm right-wing because I created "Gundam," but I think it's strange that adults have to use words like "right-wing" and "left-wing."

also from the sunao katabuchi interview I linked earlier:

>Since the word "Security Treaty" was mentioned, I would like to share my experience. I was in my first year of college at the height of the Security Treaty struggle. So I had a sense of being left out, of not being part of the vortex. My seniors and public opinion told me that I had to think in terms of ideology. But I was a bad student, so I didn't understand ideologies such as right-wing or left-wing. Later, the anti-nuclear movement reached its peak at university. In my senior year, I went to visit the 9th World Conference Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Kenzaburo Oe wrote about that event in his book "Hiroshima Notes. That convention was a complete breakdown of the left, the right, and the nation. At the convention, there were arguments such as, "Nuclear weapons used by a communist country like the Soviet Union are not evil, but those used by an imperialist country like the United States are evil," and I was shocked by the existence of ideologists who made such arguments in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Despite these experiences, I was only able to find a job in the animation industry, and I spent my life without being involved in any such ideological activities. Therefore, I did not feature such ideology in my work, nor did I want to think about it at all.

Miyazaki is as leftist who thinks tanks and the human struggle of war are fascinating. He respects Carius' sick tank skills; highly doubt he agrees with his politics.


Soviet created anime is literally.


>Soviet created anime is literally.
is literally what?


File: 1660613046197.jpg (4.34 KB, 162x88, images.jpg)

Holy shit this thread is a graveyard. This is the most thoroughly I've seen a thread get nuked.


nice thumbnail for ants
<hundreds of posts, dozens of conversations
This isn't cuckchan, the threads don't move fast here.


>AU Soviet Union that won the Cold War and got its space efforts to already build on Mars and the Moon accidentally creates a portal to the world of GATE when attempting to create a portal to their moon base( 10 long chapters, incomplete): https://ficbook.net/readfic/10384051
Fucking author deleted this one too after 12 chapters and I can only find 2 chapters archived. Fucking shit.


nah, the posts were imported, so half the links are broken. long story.


uygha spoiler that shit


File: 1667389481660.png (1.32 MB, 900x900, ClipboardImage.png)

look at this shit bruh


nagai is very far from right libertarian given "i may have gotten involved with the student movement if I wasn't so busy" + themes in stuff like devilman and violence jack, shirahama is obviously a westaboo lib, boichi quotes jang jirak at like the start of his most popular series he actually wrote, araki literally wrote a "respectable nazi" the protag cried over when he died, shit really hard on india even in person and not from the characters' perspective and called beggar kids "creepy" during narration; not sure how drawing mr popo is more racist than that.
hirano stuff is based on "military otaku aesthetics = irl ideology" which you guys are constantly wrong about, toriyama's not politically partisan but is clearly against biological determinism, domination as a showcase of masculinity & colonialism


Can somebody give me the lore drop on old Fukumoto? I tried looking this shit up but nothing is popping up.


Never take anything with a wojak in it seriously.


I'm getting brain rot from looking at that.


wait what scene in jojo was shitting on india?
also yeah toriyama isn't really racist, goku's successor is literally a brown village kid and yeah he often shows big guys to be weak and the main villains are usually little guys

>Kim San was a socialist revolutionary and Korean independence fighter. His real name was known as Jang Jihak according to Nym Wales, or Jang Jirak according to Japanese authorities' documents

now that's based



while trying to find a work by shuzo oshimi called midnight paranoia star, i stumbled upon a work called paranoia star by suehiro maruo. i wouldnt really call it a communist manga but more like a trippy drug-fueled cyberpunk identity crisis sexual nightmare that briefly mentions "biogically enhanced maoists" vs "the technologically enhanced capitalist robots" in its second short story. additionally the story of a german boy in the midst of world war ii as he is slowly de-sensitized to rape and violence and how the image of the refined and brave nazi soldier is not the reality and that in war they are all scared, horny and dirty. definitely a critique and parody of the romanticism that comes with nationalization. additionally it depicts a similar story during ww2 with a hypothetical invasion of america from imperial japan and how one group of soldiers rapes and murders an american family they find along with juxtapositions of the ruins of war with the dreams of a young japanese boy motivated by the glories of war. pretty sure this guy hates fascists. not completely finished with it but here are some panels i found interesting.


some more


second to last post i think. damn the second pic is justike /leftypol/(sex)


last post


reading more about this guy, he definitely is a leftist, definitely sympathized with anarchistsbased. frequently contributed to an underground manga magazone called Garo that depicted punk, "leftist samurai", explicit class struggle and anti authoritarianism


I was reading this guy a few months ago, years after watching his magnum opus, Shoujo Tsubaki/Midori which everyone should give a watch. He's a forerunner in eroguro, can't begin to state how unique he was. With the amount of aesthetics clearly taken from the early Showa period, I wouldn't think he was a leftist, but then again this isn't something that would've been made by a conservative then, you can never tell when they depict fascists as psycho-sexual rapists if they're doing it with self awareness.


Page from that Nazi story you mentioned and a short bio of him


was it garo that published nekojiru's "fuck jews" story? https://mangakakalot.com/chapter/vp923716/chapter_21

not really judging, if they did I doubt everyone involved with it agreed (or it was edgelording for nekojiru herself) and it was more just "ok this lady is very flawed and mentally troubled but vents through drawings interestingly and we wanna let her do whatever she wants". I'm just curious


File: 1667783466657.png (425.15 KB, 640x1026, kakugo.png)

read apocalypse zero/kakugo no susume. lots of gore and dick jokes but beyond that it's literally about a guy embracing fascistic aesthetics and "FOR THE EMPEROR" resolve but reframing it to be about indiscriminately helping the weak regardless of who they are. the armor he wears is inhabited by the souls of his war criminal grandpa (the final boss)'s vivisection victims and he literally commits seppuku with his bare hands to "feel their pain" and better connect with them. like a companion piece to shigurui; gennosuke couldn't override his "trad" samurai programming, while kakugo used the aesthetics and dedication of samurai and applied it to a humanist cause

it's clearly a COLOSSAL influence on kill la kill but less afraid to be overtly political… but above all else it shows you can enjoy a fascist era's aesthetics while still thinking fascism is evil. like the protag is obviously visually inspired by yukio mishima & screams "nationalist aesthetics and samurai resolve" yet he punches his unit 741 grandpa in the face.


File: 1667784339845.jfif (497.15 KB, 750x1200, kakugo2.jfif)

dude literally gives humanistic speeches with the imperial japan flag in the background lol. I feel like people only pay attention to the gore and sex jokes which, ok, are fun as hell, but it has legit themes and is basically optimistic shigurui + yamaguchi said he prefers it over his old work

his journey to the west manga, gokuudou, is again very over the top and silly (to the point where purists find it blasphemic) but also has the protagonist teaming up with native americans against a manlet cowboy teaming up with middle eastern terrorists (not exactly subtle lol)

what's more a lot of yamaguchi's art is basically yaoi guro so he shares the ero-guro taste of maruo (tho he keeps it subtler); it makes sense both have this view of old japan as visually cool but an oppressive ideological mess. it's all over shigurui too, the manga is "man being a samurai was horrible" but it's drawn in such an insanely cool and loving way. you get the sense that all that beauty is wasted on sadomasochistically cucking out to your lords and masters while kakugo is the example of how such power, resolve and coolness should be used.


File: 1667784862834.jfif (894.56 KB, 1867x1400, Eho1X7eX0AESDWg.jfif)

and then the still-mostly-untranslated-in-english exo skull zero has a very i am legend/kamen rider ryuki-esque premise and asks "is defending the weak always ideal?" by having a post-apocalypse where most humans evolve into murderous beasts to survive, while old humans are mere prey, and this version of Kakugo refuses to let go of his "protect the weak no matter what" ideology even if taking out the evolved feral humans means more death and more suffering than just letting the few survivors die

I wish I knew how it turned out but DeepL/Google Translating 6 volumes of Italian scans is too much work for me now + I dunno if the italian volumes were even scanned


File: 1667846963773.png (602.28 KB, 599x2328, 1657359364613.png)

Leftist anime is fun sometimes, but not all the CONSOOMER media that people are fans of has to be jammed into leftist frames.


File: 1667861916210.png (1.41 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

>screams "nationalist aesthetics and samurai resolve"
Reminds me of Samurai Champloo. Samurais tend to appeal to a Japanese chauvinism so Watanabe decided to make Mugen ethnically Okinawan.


File: 1667874800819-0.png (2.61 MB, 1456x1052, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1667874800819-1.png (584.95 KB, 640x671, ClipboardImage.png)

I know of Yamaguchi's work, Shigurui has been on my backlog for a while.
>what's more a lot of yamaguchi's art is basically yaoi guro so he shares the ero-guro taste of maruo (tho he keeps it subtler); it makes sense both have this view of old japan as visually cool but an oppressive ideological mess. it's all over shigurui too, the manga is "man being a samurai was horrible" but it's drawn in such an insanely cool and loving way. you get the sense that all that beauty is wasted on sadomasochistically cucking out to your lords and masters while kakugo is the example of how such power, resolve and coolness should be used.
On that note, Kamui Den is a manga made by an actual Marxist and it far from glorifies feudal Japan, also originally published in Garo


File: 1667897126950.gif (654.59 KB, 480x270, holo_hangover.gif)

boku no pico is a really good communist anime, talks about the enslavement of the people. and how we should work to get past it.


read shigurui then if you're bummed out read kakugo


Miura hates Nietzsche and Berserk is one long essay on why Nietzsche sucks and is wrong.


You're giving Maruo a lot more intellectual credit than he deserves.
The guy just liked drawing is freaky gore and fetish shit in a variety of settings.


Gonna be honest I understand his artistic appeal with his use of color, paneling, pretty iconic style etc but his stuff doesn't make me go "I need to read this NOW" like more dynamic artists do. They got him to comment inside Ishinomori's Yapoo adaptation officially and he essentially just shit on Ishinomori's art cuz he couldn't draw good anatomy fast (which, big fucking whoop, he's amazing anyway); he even said "imagine if someone like Ryoichi Ikegami had drawn this instead…"
(I like Ikegami but c'mon that's such a lame take) then kinda softened the blow with "you should still appreciate works by classic authors made out of passion not for the mainstream blahblah"

I know it's intentional but his characters give me a kinda stiff porcelain doll vibe that just doesn't resonate with me and Ishinomori's cartooniness is way better. Ikegami too esp in the 70s when he did I Ueo Boy.


Damn, Ishinomori is a real favorite of mine to.
The guy's paneling and composition was S-tier. Fantasy World Jun is a fantastic compilation of experiments in manga creation.
Maruo drew poster art. Good simple page layouts but uninteresting panelling or storytelling.


Eny anime that can be counted as anarchist ?


File: 1668547207240.mp4 (9.95 MB, 854x480, leftypol_anime.mp4)

Only one


One piece(real)


I remember showing my friend some of my favorite pages from Sabu & Ichi in terms of paneling and he said "this is the comic medium version of something like FLCL".

I love the way he draws characters, animals, creatures, robots etc too. I'll admit he wasn't the best at drawing stuff under tight schedules or just had bad days sometimes (yeah, some of the anatomy in the Yapoo manga is really goofy) it's so lively and the dude was so versatile. Henshin Ninja Arashi (great moody gritty art) and Banchou Wakusei (fantastic cartoony art) were only 3 years apart and Fantasy World Jun is just nonstop experimentation and trying out new shit.

I also have a big soft spot for the art in the first Cyborg 009 arc; top notch atmosphere.


Kemono Friends




I hate the word "toxic." It is a cringy word used by liberals which (un)intentionally implies that masculinity by itself is harmful.

Virgin "toxic masculinity" hater.
Chad "hegemonic masculinity" opposer.

Yes, I WILL argue over semantics. I'd like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux is, in fact, GNU/Linux…


Cute girl.


How do you adapt Das Kapital into a manga? It's like adapting a fucking dissertation on neoliberal economics, WTF?


It's about some guy starting a cheese factory while his childhood friend becomes a whore.


>It's about some guy starting a cheese factory while his childhood friend becomes a whore.


And one of his first villains was a pig that dressed like Mao Zedong, your point? yes Frieza is like a Real estate broker, yes there are some vague leftist and anti-leftist ideas, but it's more by accident than by intent, as almost any other villain of his demonstrates from Pilaf, to King Piccolo, to Raditz to Vegeta to Cell and Baby and Buu. The vast majority of his characters are apolitical bad guys and Frieza is excessively sadistic and moustache-twirling, his being a space capitalist is more of a chance thing for plot than anything real.
>Every gay character that he includes also happens to be a pedo


Do you not remember General Blue? I had Otokosuki in mind as well, but at least Trunks was legal(or older than Bulma was at the start of the series when Master Roshi did his thing).


There already is a graphic adaptation of Road to Serfdom; I wouldn't put that past them.


>General Blue
He, like Oolong, is a caricature of aryan nazis, he dies like a chump and is never talked about again. As for the 'gayness' it's just a stereotype about nazis being closet fags.
A barely present character that's also a caricature of leather gays and is clearly a gag character.


I'm specifically referring to his pedo activity in the Dr. Slump crossover episode. I rescind my point about Otokosuki because at the very least Trunks was older than Bulma was when Roshi was after her, so he's not more of a pedo than the usual cast.


most media literate american


[reading a made-up story] oh man i am just ITCHING to pass judgement on these people!



unexpected quote from a film i didn't think was political. what does it say?


The law of revolution
Sickness is the mirror of health
Discretion for the proletariat!
Prejudice is for the bourgeoisie!


>Discretion is for the proletariat!
Missed that oops
Btw cute anime I enjoyed it


many books to you Comrade Main


>his pedo activity in the Dr. Slump crossover episode
I honestly cannot recall that episode.


Yasuke isn't really a communist anime but it's an anime depicting an african man as a samurai based on the real story of Yasuke.


>Anime about a soviet Vampire
>Action takes place in a parody of the USSR during the space race
>There’s a romance
>The anime ends whit the Vampire beign together whit her lover and presented by anime Khrucev as a hero


>words like ‘innovation’, ‘revolution’, ‘reform’ are as misleading as communism—they tend to push us towards a totalizing way of thinking, synonymous with socialism, which inevitably leads to totalitarianism.
-Yoshiyuki Tomino

whoopsie doodle


Yeah Tomino's gone off the deep end with this one lol. But he's never been particularly communist to be honest, none of Gundam really is.


Tomino never ascribed to any specific ideology even in his college years; lots of old creators were left wing but he wasn't really. Don't like the "we need to claim every popular creator as communist" meme especially when you have old stuff like The Legend of Kamui & Sakura Gaho to translate by actual marxist creators.


>Don't like the "we need to claim every popular creator as communist" meme
I've never been in that camp, it's always been annoying to me tbh. Tomino is Tomino.


Zom 100


File: 1697483189204.png (1.84 MB, 1137x1586, ClipboardImage.png)

What's leftist about it? The panel people refer to regarding Marx (pic rel) literally says Marx is wrong.




I mean, he was wrong about that. Most Marxists even agree on that currently.


>he was wrong about that
was he though ? rate of profit still falling. I don't think he ever gave a timetable


that's not what marx said tho, it was not a lack of investment, but the necessity of investment which would drive a falling rate of profit due to rising fixed costs and forcing monopolization.


yeah except it sucks. netflix made a bad anime


Can only speak to anime I've actually seen, but this is my list of shows that are actually worth watching

Anime with a good materialist analysis of societies:
Paranoia Agent
Chainsaw Man
Girls Last Tour

Progressive Bourgois Universalist anime
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Princess Tutu
Godzilla Singular Point
Vampire in the Garden
Full Metal Alchemist
Kill la Kill
Spy x Family
Gurren Lagan
One Punch Man

Gay Conservative/Regressive Bourgois Anime
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Bubblegum Crisis
Eminence in Shadow

Fascist Anime
Attack on Titan
Made in Abyss
Sword Art Online


What's fascist about Made in Abyss?


pedophilic Nietzscheanism


seconding utena



I just saw demon slayer. Animation is nice. Story is OK. Character design is meh (typical anime tropes). Voice acting (Japanese) is the usual anime oniichan shit mixed with good voice acting. Storytelling itself is so-so, a bit repetitive and slower development.

In general, I give it a 6. Not Marxist or leftist at all. The setting is feudal Japan and they take that shit seriously.


what about gits


is it just me or was demon slayer kind of rushed? Like the author just randomly decided wipe out half of the demom leadership and the strongest demon guys were quickly disposed of. Recently I have had this feeling that newer manga and anime is trying to get to the action and resolution for main conflict too quickly and this doesn’t allow characters and the setting to be properly developed.


>Gurren Lagann
Typical neocon resistance against the "outside threat." Later on was co-opted by the monarchist Simon and later by the fascist Rosseau.
>Kill la Kill


literally did nothing wrong


File: 1701325766470.gif (1.06 MB, 400x305, laughing sonic.gif)

>Gurren Lagann is le neocons and shit
<Kill la Kill is so based!
Found the 2016 anime-anarchist.


File: 1701325801918.png (898.75 KB, 1170x1162, homura-im-normal-weapons.png)

she's just like frfr


>>Gurren Lagann
>Typical neocon resistance against the "outside threat."
Holy shit, most media literate leftoid.


It makes me feel good about myself therefore it is leftist.

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